Ojakkyo Brothers E36

Is it just me or was this scene perfect? I mean if you think about it – for this character, it’s his first time being in love. If you add up all his romantic impulsive reactions so far, it doesnt even come close to equaling this one. It’s like you can feel him just welling up with emotion hearing her words – those words he was hoping for all along and to finally hear her admit her feelings for him – can anyone hold it against him for reacting to them in the only way he wants to right now? All his life he just existed but never really lived. This wasn’t just a kiss for him – this was him finally coming to life.

**E37 written preview in comments.


KJ was ADOPTED!!! my friend who is fluent just explained it to me – she watches OB now cuz of me cuz I raved about. it didnt come out yet but KJ’s dad’s words tonight means TH’s mom missed TH so her husband let her adopt a boy to raise so she wouldnt feel so empty. that is why Hong is acting this way towards KJ and saying those things. KJ is not his real son so Hong doesnt think twice about living without KJ from here on since the mother passed away. this means KJ is risking a lot by helping J with the farm contract. His relationship with the only “family” he has in hanging in the balance. Now I get why KJ was so adamant about reaching out to TH. TH is the only blood tie to the woman KJ truly feels was his mother in every way. I feel so bad for KJ now. He must feel so lonely without TH’s mom around.

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Translations by Softy and Joonni, Screenshots and comment on the bottom by Fanderay 🙂


Starts from TB running around outside looking for HR. HR was hiding from him. She watches him running.

SY goes home and gulps down water. She sees a cake with a note. Her mom says she made it herself (rasberry cake) and to enjoy it and eat it with TB. TB comes home and says he is home. TB: I came. let’s sit and talk. SY just throws the cake in his face. TB: what are you doing now? SY: end it – let’s get divorced. She goes into her room

TB’s parents and SY’s parents are drinking and getting along having fun. TB’s mom is telling SY’s mom: at first I didn’t understand at all why you wanted us to take group pics without the groom and bride. SY’s mom: then you should have asked me sooner. It came out really well didn’t it so you couldn’t tell that it was combined later. Dad to SY’s mom: cuz of you the wedding pics came out well. GM says cuz the bride and groom looked so good.  Mom: especially SY came out looking so pretty. SY’s dad says how he is envious of watching how TB parents live whenever he meets them cuz they look like they are enjoying living together. Mom: what are you talking about – compared to how you live the way we live there is nothing else other than working on the farm. SY’s dad says since they get to live with GM and watching them work to make the farm do well is his “wanna be” ideal. Dad thanks him and says let’s drink so SY’s dad asks GM and the mom to join them for another drink. GM says she already drank a lot so SY’s mom says on a day like today it’s ok to drink more. GM says ok and makes a toast. Sy’s mom says if they are pointing out looks that TB doesn’t lack anywhere. Cuz he is about to become IBC’s anchor. His mom says that is a truth that all of korea knows. SY’s mom says the only thing is TB’s personality –as his mother in law she wants to take care of him by doing things for him but he cant accept those gestures as something she is doing out of gratefulness and love and pushes her away. Mom: our TB did that? SY’s mom: you must not know how he acts so brusque and prickly. Mom: our TB? GM mutters that TB doesn’t have an easy personality.

SY’s dad denies it and says TB wasn’t being brusque and that his wife tends to overdo it (exaggerate to the point of lying). SY’s mom says to her husband: if you say it like that the in laws won’t know you are joking and will think it’s true. He replies: I wasn’t joking I was serious. He brings up how people think that he is writing his autobiography every Friday at his office when he isnt writing one and how he has to leave the home and kill time since there isnt an office – does she know how that feels. SY’s mom tries to maintain her composure and says sweetly “honey” but GM asks what he is talking about. SY’s mom: it’s nothing. Her husband explains how his wife told her friends/acquaintances that lie that her husband is writing his autobiography in his publishing office. But what can he do except to go along with his wife’s story and to do that he has to go to an office that doesn’t exist and kill time at banks, libraries, bookstores, and PC rooms. His wife tries again to stop him by sweetly saying “honey” but he goes on and complains how she cares more about what others think a hundred times more than her own husband. He says that’s why her nickname is “makes stuff up” (he used part of the Korean word for making stuff up and her real name) SY’s mom retaliates and says: that’s why you got caught having an affair. He asks what she is saying now. She tells the family that her husband cheated on her. thru emails he began an affair and got caught by her. he even held the woman’s hand. Hwang family is shocked. Her husband says are you really going to be like this. SY’s mom: why? did I say something that didn’t happen. Hwang’s try to stop them but SY’s dad says: that’s true –of course it is. He explains to the family how he exchanged emails a few times –just cuz of one time when I held the woman’s wrist…. SY’s mom makes him put his hand down and screams out: you held hands twice. He mentions how for the past few years he was mistreated by his wife. He was kicked out of his bedroom and had to use his office. Didn’t get to eat food prepared by her and one night when he went to the bathroom he saw her with the toothbrush he uses ….[his wife tries desperately to stop him from talking but he keeps going]…she was swirling it around in the toilet –the toothbrush in the toilet and then she put it back where it belongs and I didn’t even know that –with the toothbrush dunked in the toilet –do you know how many times I brushed with that? His wife cant believe he really told that. He takes a drink and she pretend to clink glasses and makes him spill it all over himself. He asks what she is doing. his wife glares at him. TB’s dad and mom cant stop smiling.

TP and Y are on the boat still (from last episode), mid-conversation.
Y: During high school?
TP: Yes, during second year of high school (Note: Korea has three years of high school). I traveled the entire country. Looking for the answer to life.
Y: Really? Did your parents give you permission?
TP: No, of course not. In other words, I ran away from homeY (smiling): So you were once a runaway.TP: Yes, you’re right. I caused my parents a lot of trouble.Y: So, where did you go?

TP: I really went here and there, everywhere in the country. I rode boats and trains. I finally ended up at Busan, working in the kitchen of a restaurant because I had no money left.

Y: You were really a runaway. So, how did you return home?

TP: Mom and third hyung (TH) came all the way to Busan. I refused to go home. Mom kept on begging me to return home for three days but from the fourth day, she just quiety did the dishes at the restaurant kitchen. For about a month, she kept on washing dishes, without once asking me to return home. So on the 31st day, I said, “Mom, let’s just return home.”

Y: She’s a good mother.

TP: Yes, she’s that type of person. She trusts her children up till the last moment. After I got out of the army, for a long time I was unemployed. Yet, she never pressured me with, “why aren’t you preparing to get a job, what are you going to do for a living.” So I am going to earn a lot of money. There is something I really want to do when I earn a lot of money.

Y: What do you want to do?

TP: I am going to buy a spacious and fertile piece of land. A land which my mom can farm without worries of having to move. My mom farmed her whole life but she farmed her whole life on someone else’s land.

Y: What else?

TP: What else? I need to get my oldest hyung (TS) married. Truthfully, there isn’t anyone who is as nice as my oldest hyung but there also isn’t anyone else who doesn’t have things work out for him like TS. So I get angry sometimes. It should be that people who are nice and diligent live well but my mother, father, and TS, who are nice and diligent…Isn’t that what makes a good and democratic society?

Y smiles.

TP:Did I go off topic too much. Anyway, I am going to succeed and be my oldest hyung’s dependable background. I want to at least be able to give him a house of his own when he gets married.

Y smiles warmly at TS.

*Thanks to Joonni for translating the entire scene 🙂

TP gets up and goes over to the railing and Y follows him. She blows on her hand so he seemed like he was going to take his coat off for her so she says she isnt cold and not to do it but all he was doing was zipping up saying he is cold. He asks if he should lend her his pockets so she puts her hand in his pocket and they look out over the water.

TH arrives home and looks at his watch. 8:50.He remembers how J said she would be home by 9 and to meet later.

J remembers how KJ and TH wouldn’t let go of each other and her threats to TH “if you dont let go I wont speak even a word to you”. She looks at her watch and it’s after 9. She says: see if I go out – even when I said I wouldnt speak one word to him he doesnt let go and hangs on till the end?

TH waits outside the house and it’s 9:44. He remembers how J said she wouldn’t talk to him if he doesn’t let go. TH rubs his face and then hides behind them. TP comes up and looks at the house and then at TH and asks TH:what are you two doing.

J is pacing in the attic. She worries if she doesn’t go out he will keep waiting and it’s cold outside

She goes outside and cant find him. she wonders if he didn’t come home yet. She walks out and sees his car and says it’s ajussi’s car. She wonders if he went inside. It’s only 9:45 and he didn’t even wait an hour. she checks her phone. J: And doesnt call to ask why I am late. She kicks the tire and goes inside

TH is with TP in his room. evidently TH told him the whole story at the zoo. TH: Don’t look at me with those eyes cuz I want to die now. TP: ok keep talking. TH: that’s all of it. she got angry and left and didnt come out a while ago. TP: so in front of J, you did this (he makes a grab collar gesture) with that guy. TH: yes. TP says wait a minute and laughs under the blanket. TH slaps TP on the butt and says: ya you promised you wouldn’t laugh. TP keeps laughing so TH warns he will highkick him. TP takes his head out from under the blanket and says ok ok. I am calmer now. (you can see Joowon was grinning for a second when his back was to the camera) TP: keep talking. TH: J is really mad huh? that’s why she didn’t come out huh? TP wonders aloud where he should start (to make this clear for TH) cuz TH doesnt even have the basics down. TP: Arent you mad hyung? that J didnt come outside. TH: of course I am – cuz she only said that vague “Yes – go.” and didnt say one word (to explain) after that. that’s why I behaved that way a while go.

TP advises: that’s right – you are mad so stop contact with J for 3 days. don’t call or text. I dont think it will happen but say that J calls you tm, but for now dont take her call tm. if a text comes in don’t reply to her texts. TH: Why? TP: cuz J didnt come out today. also cuz there was no reaction from her after she received your confession. at most she is two steps ahead of you hyung. she is wanting to start by pulling you towards her but at this point if you just get pulled along, she wont be able to feel your charm (attractive qualities). you will lose your appeal. If you want to catch J, you must listen to me. tm morning at breakfast dont give her any attention and dont talk to her.  Leave your phone in the drawer for 3 days and lock it. dont come home at all saying you are on a stakeout. got that? TH pouts like he doesnt want to do any of that.

J is upset cuz TH isn’t calling or texting. She keeps looking at her phone so she turns it face down.

At the bottom of the stairs, TH looks up at her room and goes away.

(Looove that shot.  Even though it doesn’t show his face, it perfectly represents how he must be feeling – Fanderay)

The dad and mom are lying down to sleep and keep laughing over what SY’s mom said about how she caught her husband cheating and how SY’s dad held the woman’s hand and how SY’s dad denied it saying he only held the wrist once and SY’s mom snapping and saying he held the woman’s hand twice. and then how SY’s dad told them about what his wife did with his toothbrush. the mom and dad both sit up and laugh really hard

Everyone is gathered at breakfast. J sees TH and smiles. TH smiles back at J but TP makes him stop.

GM is hungover and holds her head saying her head still hurts (from the cognac they drank) and asks if everyone came (if they are all seated to eat). someone says yes GM. the dad explains how the in laws came and they drank a glass of alcohol. TP says they dont look like they only had one drink. GM says they had many shots of alcohol. she says let’s eat so everyone says we will eat well. GM says she didnt know when she was drinking it but the alcohol must have been really strong. mom worries GM’s does not feel well but GM says the alcohol was good so it’s not that.   She is just worried about the in laws. mom agrees and says she is worried about the in laws.  The parents and GM laugh again. they say every time they think about it again they laugh. Mom says she couldn’t sleep cuz she kept laughing so much. TS asks why they are laughing so much – did something happen. but they cant answer cuz they are laughing again.

TH watches J laughing and TH smiles at her too so TP nudges him under the table to stop. (I can sort of read their lips-TH mouthed “why” after TP nudged him and I cant tell what TP mouthed but TH mouthed back “I know too” ) TP says he has to leave to work early and tells TS to get ready quickly.

TS says he has a break so he could take care of N’s school problem and has lots to look into. TS asks the dad: for the time being can I not move out? since you are going to keep living here for the time being, I was wondering if I could push back living apart till then. The mom asks what he is talking about cuz they already assumed TS would do that cuz if TS lives apart who will watch N when TS goes to work.  TS: but I still promised dad. a promise is a promise so dad has to allow it.  The dad says TS can keep living here until the family moves. TS; thank you

SY’s mom comes out to the table and looks like a mess and so does her husband. She glares at him. Mom: do you remember what happened last night? Dad: do you remember. Mom: how could you talk about that in front of the in laws -how could you tell them about dunking the toothbrush in the toilet when SY doesn’t even know about that. Dad: what about the talk that I cheated -how could you go so far as to tell the in laws about that. how can I face them from here on. mom: who started it? if you hadnt talked about the autobiography and office -why would I talk about that other stuff.  He says how when he woke up he regretted saying all that. She says he should have listened to her when she told him to control his alcohol intake better. what kind of humiliation is this. He says sorry. he offers to make her some kind of soothing drink.. she gives him a look that’s part glare and part snarl.

TB made a light breakfast for SY. TB: I know you are mad… SY interrupts him and says let’s tell the people in the office they are married. let’s let them know the truth that we are married cuz pretty soon my stomach will show and I was going to hang in there for a few more months but I cant anymore. just let them know now.  TB: ok let them know – it doesnt matter. SY: it doesnt matter? TB: it doesnt matter. I already told HR the truth that I was married. SY: I wont forgive you for what happened just cuz you did that.  what I felt yesterday (how upsetting it was) I want you to feel a little of that.  TB explains how he loved that woman for ten years and went through “first” things in his life with her. spent ten christmas with her. watched the world cup twice with her. the first one he loved  – first one he hated enough to die. after hearing the truth that I was married, she drank so much that she didnt know anything so wanting to grab a cab for her- cant you understand that. She says she doesn’t want to. I would understand if you were some guy who lived next door but since you are the guy I live with I dont want to. He asks for a little time to cleanly erase HR from his heart. SY: dont expect so much from me. this is something I cant control with just rationale. even if I can understand in my head, even if I die I cant understand with my heart so don’t do again what you did yesterday

SY sits with the head director and TB. The director asks what they need to say. TB says sorry for telling you late when we should have told you sooner. SY: you will be surprised but please understand. The guy says to say it cuz he needs to know what it is to understand or not. Just as TB was going to talk the director gets a call. TB and SY overhear about another team leader who is doing well (SY’s competition). after he hangs up, director says SY should feel nervous and reminds her there will be a team leader evaluation kind of thing next month so SY looks uncomfortable. TB was going to say the truth but SY interrupts TB and says they will make the new show Start together a hit. please keep watch over it

When they come out SY says: dont look at me like that – I am just pushing it back 3 weeks till next month’s evaluation. TB: who said anything – you are the one who pushed this – it wasnt me. SY: I know – did anyone say something. just make sure and tell HR that after a few months you are going to be the father of a baby. he asks how much longer she is going to wear heels in her condition. SY walks away and calls herself petty.

KJ’s dad (Hong) goes with the team leader to KJ’s office. KJ is with J and the director. When Hong walks in, KJ stands and asks “what brings you all the way here president.” Hong asks if KJ stopped the construction for the theme park. KJ: after I tell the other two to leave then you can talk. KJ asks director Yang and the writer (J) but Hong just yells: answer me. Did you stop it. KJ: yes. Hong slaps him. Hong: when did you start becoming so disobedient (acting out of turn). When I ordered this myself, without saying a word consulting me you do what you want? KJ says: I’m sorry. You can talk after I send these two people out. I will send them out. KJ asks J and the director out to go outside for a while.

Hong asks: did you not know how I feel about that farm for you to stop the purchase and hold off construction? KJ: that is why I wanted to put it on hold -I know how you feel about the farm family –do you think mother would want you to do this? Mother wouldn’t want you to behave this way to the farm family. Hong slaps him again. Hong: what do you think you know to talk like that. What do you think you know to dare to lecture me. Do you know how your mother spent all those long years. How your mother suffered in her heart. KJ: father. Hong says: You stopped the construction because of those cheap emotions. no matter how the farm was bought ( for whatever reason), business has already started and if the opening is coming up, no matter what you push ahead. Do you know how much we lost in company expenses cuz of you? what kind of vice president are you doing that. If you are going to work like that step down right now from being vice president and go back to America. That is why I said you couldn’t do it. Finish up the sale of the farm immediately. I will give you 15 days. Within 15 days if you don’t put everything back the way it was, I wont see you again (meaning he will disown KJ) got that (understood)? KJ: father. Hong: I am not just saying that – since your mother isnt around – I am no longer going to see you now. You only have 15 days. Better do as I said. I took you in and raised you and this is what you do.

J knocks and goes inside. KJ says you came. let’s finish what we were doing. where did we leave off. he asks where the director went. J says the director got an urgent call from home so he left and said he was sorry. KJ: of course he did – then let’s finish up just the two of us.  She sits down but KJ cant remember where they  left off talking. KJ looks for a drawing and says: ah yes the wild boar. he stares at it and says: this isnt working – let’s rest for a minute. J says I’m sorry – it’s cuz of me – the president got really angry cuz of the farm problem didn’t he. KJ: he seems like he did huh. the president’s personality is like fire.  don’t worry it and you dont need to have that expression on your face. It’s something I decided to do and it wasnt about you wanting the farm at all.  He asks for some break time to refocus and to go wait in the studio until he goes down there

KJ is alone in his studio and remembers his dad’s words: Since your mom isn’t here – now I wont see you. I took you in and raised you and this is what you do.

When KJ goes to the studio J gives him a surprise movie party and prepared drinks, projector and screen, and dimmed the lights. as soon as he came in, she acted cutesy and said: there is fun in choosing. there is a wide selection from comedy that is dangerous for your tummy (from laughing too hard), (something) human, all the way to melo. he sort of smirks. J walks closer to ask: what would you like to watch- I will provide service from pressing play to serving drinks.

KJ looks at the drinks and chooses one and smiles. J: you smiled. she asks if she was helpful in cheering him up.  KJ smiles and says: yes you were.  J: that’s good. but still you shouldnt work right away. watch one movie at least.  choose one – you can watch two if you want and I will wait. KJ: let’s go watch a movie and have our first date. you cant turn me down. you know I feel depressed today right

TH checks his phone to see if J called so D grins and asks if TH is waiting for a call. TH: no why. D: cuz you have been checking your phone every minute. do you know that you are doing that.  TH tells D not to keep only one eye on the road while driving. D: yes

TB prepares for his show’s poster shooting. He gets his hair and makeup done. He puts folded newspaper in his shoes to make him look a little taller than G.  They both compete with each other to look better in the photos.

KJ is waiting at the café and sees J’s phone ringing so KJ answers it. TH listens to KJ say hello to him. KJ: You can talk officer Hwang. TH: Why are you answering her phone. (TH said “you” as “nee-gah” which is informal and used to address people younger than him)  KJ: why are you speaking so curtly when I am the hyung. TH: why are you answering her phone – put J on the line.  KJ: if I could put her on the line I would have already. we are here to watch a movie. are you busy officer Hwang? TH:what? KJ: oh so you are busy then that mean you won’t interrupt today. then keep being busy. He hangs up on TH. TH: hello -hello? he dials again. KJ rejects the call from TH. TH runs off

J brought over some drinks. KJ stands up so she tells him to sit cuz she told him today it’s full service. KJ: thank you – we should have checked the movie time before we came – there is a lot of time left (until it starts). J: then should we have a meeting here? KJ: you want us to work when we finally came on our date?   She says sorry about what happened at the zoo – it put you in a really difficult situation didnt it . KJ: no- also why should you be-why shoud you be sorry. J: cuz he is the person I like – officer Hwang is the person I like. KJ: I knew. J: you knew? I thought you didnt know. KJ: How could I not know when it’s written all over your facial expression. Dont you know you changed into a whole other person as soon as officer Hwang showed up at the zoo J: I did? No I didn’t – I didn’t think I was obvious about it. KJ: you must not know. J touches her cheeks feeling flushed from embarrassment and asks: did it show that much. KJ: overly.  What do you like so much about officer Hwang J: I’m not sure. my body reacts to him first. This sounds kind of strange out of context so KJ chokes on his  drink and spits up. KJ: your body reacts first? J explains: yes- My heart races by itself first.

J gets a call from TH. J: hello. TH asks where she is now. She says at the movie theater. TH: where is that theater?  She tells him the name of the theater. He says ok and hangs up. he gets in his car

TS goes to his room and N gets up and says hello. TS tells him to sit and asks if he is studying. N says he was practicing writing Korean cuz his mom told him to practice writing every day. TS asks why N suddenly pushed that kid that day at the hospital – I don’t want to punish you I am just curious. tell me.  N says how the kid teased him calling him African and kicked him. TS: so that is what happened- that’s why you pushed him. N: I was wrong – I wasnt going to (I didnt want to). TS: what are you talking about.  what did you do wrong. he was teasing you so how could you just watch that. you did nothing wrong. even dad wouldnt have been able to hold it in. you did well. but using fists (fighting) is not the right way. even if that kid was did something wrong first, if you use your fists or hit, in the end it becomes your fault. In the future if someone teases you again, dont push or hit and say confidently “you must not know well but I am korean and I am my dad hwang TS’s son Hwang Guksoo.” TS: since we arent moving – let’s send you to school first. tm I will do the paperwork for you to go to school so wait just a little while. you will probably go to school with Hanah. N cries and says: yes. TS: dad made you wait too long didnt I? I am sorry. it wasnt cuz I didnt like you – it was cuz I didnt like myself – I didnt like my confidence. (meaning he didnt like his lack of confidence.) you probably dont understand, but know just this one thing – that I didnt do that cuz I didnt like you.  N cries. TS says come here and hugs him. TS: you really are my son cuz you cry a lot. But you shouldn’t cuz you are a boy. Only till today you can cry – only till today I will let it slide. N: yes. TS: don’t worry everything will turn out well. MS watches them through the window. She made them snacks. She says TS is maturing.

SY’s parents goes to SY’s work and meets SY’s coworkers. mom asks if they know Cha team leader (SY). the girl says hello and says she met SY’s mom before. mom: I think I remember you.  Choi: you are team leader’s parents? he says hello to them. dad: yes it’s good to meet you – you are all working hard. mom asks if SY went somewhere cuz she isnt in her office. girl says how SY went out and did they come without calling her first. dad says they were driving by and dropped in. he asks where reporter hwang is (TB ). Choi asks why they are looking for TB. mom confirms it. Choi says TB is in a conference room and asks why the mom is looking for TB. choi gets an idea and asks if TB and SY are really dating? Girl explains to the mom and says please understand – our team is interested in when our team leader will get married. mom asks if TB is still single. choi: of course – would he deceive us about that. he is a really good guy.

SY’s parents wonder why SY and TB are keeping their marriage a secret since SY is pregnant and will be showing soon so why are they doing this

TB is working and HR brings him related documents. He asks if she went home well yesterday. HR: I was really drunk wasnt I – I wasnt like that long ago but I must have gotten weaker. He says he has to finish writing the article. HR: ok i will be going. SY’s parents knock and come in. dad asks if TB was in the middle of working. TB: yes what brings you here suddenly without calling. SY’s dad: we were just passing by and dropped in. SY’s mom stares at HR. TB says to them -then let’s go out – you didnt eat dinner yet right. but SY’s mom stares at HR and remembers where she saw HR – from the picture.

TH goes to the theater and looks for J. he finds her walking with KJ. J: ajusshi. TH takes her hand and says: let’s go. J: wait a second ajussi. TH: I said let’s go -let’s go and talk. J: ajussi. TH: Why don’t you listen to me when I said let’s go. KJ say to TH: dont say “nuh” (means “you” informally) to her cuz even I wouldnt do that to our/my J. TH: what? KJ says to J: go if you want to go – in the mood officer Hwang is in, he looks like he might hit someone (if provoked) so I will give in (politely stand aside). Let’s just end our date up to here for today. Thanks for today. KJ tries to hug J. but TH pulls him off and TH punches KJ. J holds TH back and says ajussi to TH and walks away.

J walks outside and TH follows her. he calls out “let’s talk” but she keeps walking so he catches up to her and holds her arm and says ” I said let’s talk”  J pulls her arm away and says “let go” J: I didn’t know you were this kind of person ajussi. TH: what kind of person am I? J: being this violent- petulant (pouts easily when he doesnt get his way)- petty -childish- doing whatever you want – I didnt know that.

TH: Why do you think I am like this. because of who am I like this (whose fault is it that I am like this)?  What did you mean by those words “yes – go” what does that mean? if a person put his heart on the line and confessed-at most you should have said “yes” or “no” so I could understand.  why drive a person crazy? I only understand clear direct words “yes” or “no” and I dont understand anything that is alien like “huh” or “uh” – that’s why answer me (about how she feels about him) I don’t want to be crazy anymore and I’m prepared (ready for whatever your answer might be) so answer me. I said am prepared so answer me. I said answer me.  J: are you a fool- why do you think I wanted to come back to the farm. the ajumma I couldnt forgive even if I died, why did I want to forgive her. I have to forgive ajumma to see you ajussi. I have to come back to the farm to be able to see you ajussi.  how could I say that with words like “yes” or “no” for you to understand. I missed you so much I thought I would die too ajussi –so many times in a day I wanted to run to you – wanted to hear your voice – wanted to beg you to buy me coffee, but if I hate ajumma I couldn’t do that. if I sell the farm and get rid of it, I couldnt do that so….

TH suddenly kisses her and she is surprised and pushes him away.

TH starts to walk towards her looking right at her. J backs away taking a little step each time as he takes steps closer to her. He says “freeze.”

She stops so he rushes over and kisses her again. She had her eyes open for a second, but closes them. They just keep kissing. camera pans out


No preview

Fanderay is going to go screencap happy tm so you will probably see this kiss from every angle – aerial, side, zoomed, panned out, etc. so I am only going to take a few for those of you who do not have video yet 🙂

(What am I, some sort of miracle worker? There are literally no angles left! For the record people…when Softy says “a few” it actually means that she is in a TH-induced daze that inhibits her ability to count accurately.  I am concerned that she is going to wake up with some sort of  kissing-scene hangover tomorrow.  – Fanderay)

Here is a question that needs to be asked – that kiss was shot from every direction and angle possible. Just how many takes did it take to film this I wonder.

Using the excuse that I had to screencap, I had to replay this kiss a few *cough cough* times  and I noticed that poor Joowon was so out of breath that he had to come up for air in the middle of it. You can see his lips move away from hers so he could inhale for a while. LOL 🙂


This is a guy wanting to do one thing and one thing only – TH is walking towards someone he has needed his entire life. J is a girl who is backing away cuz she just realized the effect her words had on him – she is just now getting there is no turning back. Her declaration is out there. She is afraid about feeling so vulnerable so she slowly backs up, but isn’t really scared enough to turn and run. That’s why when he says “freeze,” she doesn’t ignore him and is probably glad to have an excuse to stay. I said it before and I will say it again, no other character can show just with a look how much he loves the person in front of him. All those weeks when he had to keep his distance from her, he used to look at her like “I wish you could like me back”, but now that he knows she does, it doesn’t matter how far she backs up, he won’t ever stop going after her.

When TP advised TH about the push and pull in love, TP only got one thing right. J is holding the reins to this relationship, but she didn’t know she was holding them till TH confessed he still liked her. All this time, there was a push and pull going on between and TH and J, but they were not the ones pulling the strings. The circumstances tugged them in every direction except to each other. Judging from the looks of it, KJ may have played a part in it too by “tugging” on TH’s side to motivate TH to action. Now that TH and J are on the same page about their feelings for each other, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the family reacts to the two new lovebirds. My bet is with lots of tears of joy and welcoming open arms.

Fanderay’s Comments:

When TH was waiting by the doghouse for J I murmured “poor puppy” at my screen, and for once I wasn’t talking about the dog.  Seriously…look at that face! How is he not a puppy? I swear his eyes grew overnight, just for this episode.

TH is pretty much the most entertaining boy in love ever, largely because he’s so hopefully.  His pleas to TP for help are adorable, particularly because he so obviously incapable of following TP’s advice.  How long did he make it before calling J?  Half a day?  I love how the sides of his personality contradict each other.  He’s always been the calm and level-headed brother with a talent for investigation.  As soon as J is involved, he is ruled 100% by emotion (it’s like the logical part of his brain completely shuts down) and he loses all ability to deduce anything .

I thought it was sort of endearing that he blamed his overtly jealous behavior (I’ve literally never seen such a jealous lead) on J’s vague answer in the shed.  His explanation is that he’s confused…so he beats up KJ constantly?  KJ was right about J being very obvious about her feelings at the zoo, and even though TH was “investigating” he didn’t pick up on it at all.  I find that hilarious, and very cute.  He knows that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, but he does it anyway because he can’t stand to do nothing.  

Even though TH clearly has a jealous personality, I think that KJ is definitely causing it to come out it strength.  KJ already “stole” TH’s mom, so I’m sure that TH can’t stand to watch KJ steal J too.  KJ has been taking everything in surprisingly calmly (I guess he’s probably used to being hit by now) so I’m still not sure how many of his actions have been a purposeful attempt to provoke TH.  My heart actually broke a bit for TH after he punched KJ and looked at J’s face.  He seemed to realize right away that he had done something wrong, but since he doesn’t even really understand his own actions he just looked completely helpless.

I wonder too if this is the end of the love triangle?  I liked how open KJ and J were with each other about her having feelings for TH, but now that it’s all out there, will KJ still pursue her?  And would J let him, after kissing TH?  It seems doubtful, but maybe KJ will keep taking her on those “dates” as friends, if only for the sake of harassing TH.

Otherwise, what will stand between TH and J?  At only episode 36, surely it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for them from here on out?  I kind of hope it is.  My favorite part of Dong Joo and Woo Ri’s relationship in CYHMH was that they were so rock solid, and didn’t care about any adversity that stood in their way.  It would be nice if TH and J were like that too, but it seems a bit less likely since they’re less experienced and confident.

I can’t quite decide if the entire family will be happy about the relationship or not (I can’t wait for them to go public so TP can tease them both openly).  It seems like everyone should be happy, but I’m a bit worried about the grandma.  Will it be an issue that J has no family?  My kdrama experience tells me that orphans aren’t considered good potential wives, but the family does really love J, and she does own the farm. And what’s the deal with her dad anyways?  I still think he’ll show up.

Because I haven’t talked about TH and J enough yet, I’ll talk about the kiss (it’s not because I want to or anything).  I loved that TH told her to “freeze” because he didn’t mean it as an order at all.  He didn’t want to kiss her against her will, and knew that if she listened to him for once, she was essentially giving her approval (btw, it was funny in earlier scenes when TH literally didn’t understand why she wasn’t listening to him).  I also just loved watching TH consider going for that second kiss in the first place.  That must have taken every inch of courage he had, no matter how desperate he was to do it.

Oh right…there were other people in this episode too!  I’ll talk about the whole TB/HR situation first.

I’m going to pass off all SY’s erratic behavior as a hormonal issue (she said she wanted a divorce in a fit of anger and then never brought it up again) but I think that SY’s mother is going to be the real problem.  I think we all know that it is not good when SY’s mom knows anything, so the fact that she knows about them lying at work, and working with HR is going to be a huge disaster (I think).  Hopefully TB and SY enjoyed that cake fight, because it was probably the calm before the storm.

Even though TP and Y haven’t had much screen time lately (I don’t mind at all since we’re getting all this TH/J goodness) I think they’re pretty cute together.  Their faces always light up when they’re together, and they’re getting increasingly awkward as they become increasingly attracted to each other.  Unfortunately it’s another situation for SY’s mom to meddle in, and I don’t think it’ll go smoothly.

TS has gone very quickly from being a terrible father to an incredibly admirable one, so I think his next trial will be the whole job situation.  He lied to the family (like every other character in a kdrama who has ever lost a job) and eventually that’s probably going to bite him in the butt.

Overall, what a great episode!  And not just because of the kiss.  I loved yesterday’s episode too, and I feel like this show just keeps getting better and better.  A few weeks ago I was discussing screenshots with Softy, and I think we decided that around 40 screenshots per episode was a good number.  So much for that.  This recap had 81!  


548 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E36

  1. Lita says:

    OMG..OMG..OMG .OMG..OMG..OMG.. DEABAK>>..another kiss…. im fainted now.. woo hwang tae hee soo hoot..
    i cant wait anymore…..


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    OMOoooooo, i am screaming now…….my heart beating faster..oh my ajusshi you are sooo hooot


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  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m glad that i’m a new ob fan and didn’t have to wait like crazy for this…. except, to catch up i had to read the recaps from the beginning and that pic of kissing couple at the ryt side is quite distracting…


  5. I think i saw the lipstick dropped!!!
    I can totally imagine JaEun putting some on her lips and TaeHee can stop himself from kissing her again!!!
    aigoo TH ah! you need to calm yourself down!!!
    they are so so in LOVEEEEEEE ! ^o^ me to with them!


  6. bab0des says:

    Wowwww that preview was DAEBAKKK!!! I can’t wait to see my COFFEE couple yayy!! I keep pressing replay like 5 timess till I’m satisfied lol ok wait I need to see that kiss again ahahahaha


  7. dp says:

    hi, just got it, hope it won’t be too late, slightly busy end of the year. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      hey dp – it’s never too late for your videos. I added this to E38 recap so more people will see it so I hope you don’t mind. thanks again for making time to share. Love all your videos so much. 🙂


  8. Haha J saved TH’s name with 3 heart shapes in her handphone. It says alot. We usually save names with heartshapes for people who are close to us, or we hold on to dearly.


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