Ojakkyo Brothers E35

This is not the OB we know – they took the show we loved and made it even better. I had no idea that was even possible, but it is as you will see from the screencaps tm morning. There is comedy everywhere. My cheeks ache from all the nonstop grinning. omg this episode is priceless.  I don’t know what to screencap first. There are too many great scenes…


Thanks to Joonni for filling in my blanks 🙂

Translations by Softy and screenshots and comment by Fanderay



Starts from when J said she had to go cuz a guest came and TH telling her not to go and not to meet KJ. After he says “I still like you,” J looks down at her arm where his hand is holding her. he lets go of her arm. She nods her head and says two words “yes – go” as in “let’s go” and leaves.

J walks out and TH follows her a few steps behind. J smiles as she walks along ahead of him. KJ is waiting and J goes over and says: you came – you waited a long time didn’t you. KJ reminds her there is a meeting tm at 1pm with director Yang and to read all this before the meeting. J: at 1? ok I got it. she looks through the paperwork.

KJ says hi to TH – it’s been a long time officer Hwang. TH blinks hello at him.  KJ says he has to brief her on some things so get in the car since the night air is cold. they can talk in the car. J agrees and is about to get in, but TH says to KJ:  it’s late so you should just go now. KJ asks J if it’s late so she says a little. She promises to be at the meeting early tm so KJ can tell her then. KJ agrees: ok since it’s late. Go inside and I will be going. J: yes. go. I will prepare well for the meeting and go before 1 tm.  KJ looks at TH and gets in the car and says he will be going with a smile and a wave at J. After he goes, J says to TH: let’s go in. TH grunts yes. She keeps smiling as she walks along  with TH next to her

* Joonni said “I would translate it as “Yes…(Let’s) go” since the Korean is more formal.” so I am going with her way

SY goes home and TB follows her in. SY: let’s finish what we were talking about. TB: I don’t have anything to say. SY tells him to quit “start together.” I know I am being too forceful and I know that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. TB: if you know step aside. TB tries to walk past her. SY: dont do it – I said dont do it.  HR got divorced. she got divorced. TB: So? SY: You know – you knew and you are saying you are going to keep working. TB: yes I am going to do it. SY: you knew and even tho you know you are saying you will go it. fine so you are saying you have that much confidence. you are saying that han HR is no longer a woman to you but just a scriptwriter – is that what you mean. answer me. if you answer than I will trust you. I said answer me -why cant you answer me? TB: I never thought about it. I also dont want to think about it. the only thing I am thinking about now is how to suceed in this life with you and I am not thinking or having interest in anything else. SY: why are you yelling! what did you do that was right!  TB: Are you really Cha SY team leader? are you really the confident reporter (he lists some other good qualities she has as a reporter)  SY: that’s right i am pitiful/pathetic. She says she knows she is being petty. I know but I cant give up till the end. quit “start together”! TB: fine ok. if you want it that much I will think about it once. what Han HR means to Hwang TB now. SY: what? TB: I didnt want to think about it. I tried so hard to keep it covered. but you keep bothering me about it. you want me to think about if Han HR is a woman to me or not now – I will think about that and then give you an answer.  SY: are you going to be like this till the end? fine then I will meet another guy – you think I am like this cuz I dont have a man-I am going to tell on you to mother and father (his parents) you think I won’t. He says do whatever you want and walks away. She yells at him to “stop right there” and screams “I am not done talking” and throws her bag at him. he just goes in his room

SY’s mom says she just got off the phone with doctor park and that family’s son in law wants a divorce. after hearing that, she wonders if she should treat TB better. the dad says there wasnt a time when wasnt good to TB and she was never too harsh with him. except for fighting with TB’s mom’s once. She asks then should they drop by the in laws tm to talk to them to clear the air so there are no hard feelings

TS looks at the contents of the box – a watch and letter. The letter is for N cuz TS takes it over to N and sits down next to N (N is soundly sleeping)

TS meets with MS. TS tells her that N’s mother passed away 15 days ago from terminal cancer that was inoperable and that’s why she had no choice except to send N away like that. MS looks at the watch and asks: she asked you to give this to N after ten years later? TS: yes. until then, she told me not to tell him that she passed away. she was afraid it would scar the kid so she didnt tell him that she was sick. she must have told him that a situation arose and they couldnt live together. she said to him – if you go to your dad and grow up well behaved, mom will make sure to come for you after ten years later.  MS says she wouldn’t have told her child either if she was sick. how must it feel to leave behind a young kid and go first (meaning die first). MS asks if TS is ok. TS: do you think I can be? MS: yeah I’m dumb for asking. She pours him some soju and he drinks. TS: I guess I will live the rest of my life like this from here on huh? What you said is right no matter what I do there is no point – there is no other place to run. This is how I have to live the rest of my life with nothing special happening and die that way. there is no more spring day for me. MS gives him a disappointed look. TS: I know – even if you didn’t look at me like that- I know how bad a guy I am and how pathetic I am -since Angelica is dead. when I put my life on the line to love her and Angelica is dead. He starts to cry. TS: yes I have to accept – I have to genuinely accept N into my heart so Angelica can close her eyes comfortably in the other world. MS: right now N will seem like a burden (baggage) but soon N will save your life. he will become your reason for living and your hope. Kids are like that to their parents. You aren’t going to raise N, he will raise you. even though i may not know about other things, I can vouch for that. She pours more soju for TS.

TH is in his room and writes down the words J said. “yes – let’s go” then he writes “yes I like you too – let’s go” and then he scratches it off. Then he writes “yes I understand (I get it) – let’s go.” Then he tries “ok – so what do you want me to do? go. He crosses that off too.

TH gets up and goes to TP’s room. TP: what brings you to my room? TH picks up a tie and plays with it as he asks: Are you busy? TP: No do you have something to say. TH: no..well…I have a hoobae (person younger than TH) that works with me and he is struggling with something so much I felt sorry for him …but….about stuff like that –  you have more experience than me. TP: A girl problem? TH: yes. TP: say it then. TH: that hoobae has a girl he likes and confessed.  but after hearing his confession, that girl  just said two words “yes –go”. what does that mean?  TP asks: did J say that? “yes- go”. TH: I said I was talking about my hoobae. why are you bringing up Baek JE’s name here? TP: so you are saying J said only two words “yes- go.” TH: ya – forget it – what was I thinking that I could talk to you about this. As TH is about to leave the room, TP calls out: should I give you a tip about what you should never do? TH stops and listens. TP: don’t ask first what that means no matter what. TH leaves. TP calls out: you got that? no matter how curious you are –you have to be patient and hang in there–love is about push and pull. TP mutters aloud: I was just guessing (taking a stab in the dark) and he got caught.  he can’t even control his expression so what kind of dating can he do.

TH goes back to his room and still looks confused.

* I just got why “mil-dang” means “push and pull.” “mi” is the first half of the korean word for “push” and “dang” is the first half of the korean word for “pull”  🙂 why did I just now get that.

J remembers how TH said he still liked her and she smiles. Then she remembers how he ignored her and she frowns for a second then smiles again. the mom calls up and asks if J is sleeping. J says no and tells her to come in.

The mom brings up some fruit and says: I don’t know what you were thinking suddenly to decide not to sell the farm but you did well. J: I didn’t do it cuz of you ajumma. Mom: I never said that. She puts down the plate and says strawberries came out (as in the strawberries are in season). the mom asks if the heater comes out well and touches the floor. J says it does and asks what brings the mom here. mom: what are you going to do about the money. cuz raising $50,000 is not going to be easy. J shows the mom her plan and says: that’s why last night I calculated it out in detail. Within 6 months how many ducks we could raise and how many we could sell off. Mom looks at the O duck family picture and asks J: are those the characters you created?  J: yes. She tells the mom to look here on the paper she is holding up. But the mom just stares at J’s face. Mom: your face got thinner. J: I’m not thinner. And I am explaining right now. Mom: you try getting older and see how much your attention level drops. J: ajumma. In your situation you should be trying your best to pay attention to see how you can actively take part in this project to raise $50,000. That’s how you will have a conscience. (meaning since the ajumma did the bad thing of stealing the contract she should be doing things to make up for it) mom says she knows that even if J didn’t spell it out for her so keep explaining the idea. J holds up the notebook and says: with each duck, there is $5,000 profit left. And to raise one duck it takes 45 days. So within 6 months, how many times can we raise each brace of ducks (as in how many groups of ducks can they raise within 6 months) the mom repeats what J said.

In the morning, J is with the mom preparing breakfast. TH comes into the kitchen where J is and sort of smiles at her. The mom asks TH: did my 3rd (son) wake up. TH says: yes mom did you sleep well. mom smiles at him and says yes. He says to J she work up early. J: yes. He offers her water the water he just poured. should I give you some water?  J: no. TP comes in and asks if J slept well. J: maknae oppa did you wake up? GM is in the bathroom and calls out that there is no more toilet paper so TP grins and says leaning towards J: yes (I’ll) go. GM: bring me some toilet paper. TP teases TH over and over by calling out to the GM “yes –(I’ll) go.” TH makes an angry face at him. TP stifles giggles and says it again.

After TP leaves, TH smiles at J and quickly leaves the kitchen

Everyone is sitting around the table for breakfast. GM announces for them to eat so everyone says “ I will eat well” J tells N to eat a lot and pets his hair. N smiles at her and says: yes – you eat a lot too noona. J smiles at him and pats his shoulder saying: thank you thank you. TP smiles and says: our N is too comfortable around J noona.  GM tells the mom that the fish cake soup tastes sweet since they haven’t had it in a while. Mom says the beet/radish is sweet so that’s why. J looks around the table and calls out ajussi (the dad) first ajussi (TS), maknae oppa (TP), third ajussi (TH) and says she wanted to bring something up from a while back. Dad: go ahead and say what it is. J: from now on it would be nice to divide up the housework such as cleaning, laundry, and dishes. Mom: what are you talking about suddenly? J: even though you prepare the meals ajumma, for the dishes, ajussi, me, first ajussi, maknae oppa, third ajussi – it would be nice if we took turns and did them. Since there are five people – mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri – it fits perfectly one person for each day and on the weekend we can do a  “bokbulbok” (a 1N2D game) to play for the loser to do the dishes. J says it like she is doing the GM a favor by saying: since you are old GM, I will exclude you. none of the brothers say anything. TS grins. mom: what’s this – who told you to pay attention to stuff like that. J: I didn’t say it cuz I was worried about you. why do all of you not have any reaction? She asks the dad: ajussi – do you not like it? Dad: no I don’t dislike it. It’s a good idea. To be honest ajumma does have too much work. J: it’s not enough to say she has a lot – what the ajumma does in one day is so much that it’s hard to believe but I am not saying this at all for ajumma’s sake –from now on ajumma and I have to focus on developing the duck feed or farm work – all of you don’t have any objections right? Also for the laundry and cleaning. GM interrupts and clears her throat which is an indirect way of saying “cut it out.” TS grins. Mom asks J: why make them do the laundry and cleaning too. Are all our sons just playing? After breakfast they all have to go to work so why make them do dishes too.

J: ajumma cuz you raise your sons by coddling/pampering them so much like that, your sons don’t know that you suffer and don’t know how the world works. If they live like the men in this home not lifting a finger -after they get married if they have the same mindset there is a big danger that they will be in trouble with their wives. TH stops eating and looks concerned. TP: don’t worry J – after I get married I won’t do this. After I get married, I will live helping my wife. J: that’s the problem right there maknae oppa. That you will help. housework is not a problem that can be solved by helping– you should take care of it together. Maknae oppa are you a guest in this home? A guest is someone who helps –an owner takes care of his own home’s work by himself. If you ajussi are thinking of helping even a little, from today on you have to wipe those thoughts clean from your minds. This is not helping at all, it’s taking care of it all together. GM clears her throat again. Dad says those are (wise) good words. TP nods in agreement. TS grinned the whole entire time.

It’s raining outside and TH is about to get in his car. he texts J– “should we leave (for work) together? should I wait for you? TS comes with TP and TS says “let’s go TH, hyung is late”  TP grins at TH. inside the car, TP laughs and repeats “yes – go” to tease TH. TH chokes TP as TP laughs. TS : TH why are you like this in the morning. let go. TP says to TH: let go -are you not going to let go? TH warns TP: try doing it again.  TP can barely choke out the words: you think I wont  “yes – go.” TS hits TH’s hand to let go. TH finally lets him go. TP: ok ok.

TB goes in the room and HR is there. he leaves the room and changes his mind. He turns around to go back in but HR is there. SY watches them from the corner. TB asks HR to talk later.

G, SY, TB, and HR are having a meeting about some victim. SY and TB sort of argue about it. G asks if HR contacted the victims. HR says she did. G asks TB and HR to go interview someone so SY offers to go – saying how she has experience with people like them and she wants to go and encourage them so she will go. G says ok and then tells HR to follow SY around today. SY asks: what? writer HR and me? G: is there a problem. SY says no.

SY tries to walk quickly away from HR. HR calls out for SY to go together and says SY walks really fast. SY:where did you say we were going? HR: chongno. HR tries to ask SY to hold her coat for a second but SY ignores her and gets on the elevator. SY tries to close the the elevator doors so HR gets caught between the doors trying to get in. SY lies and says “sorry-I was trying to press 1st floor.”

HR is on the phone with the person they are meeting and HR asks the person to call when the person arrives. HR explains how the person will be an hour late cuz the preson doesnt feel well and wanted to drop by the hospital first.  SY: an hour late? HR and SY wait in SY’s car. HR asks if SY ate lunch.

HR sets out the utensils for SY with a napkin under it. The restaurant owner knows HR and asks why it’s been so long since HR was here. HR: I was away somewhere – you were well right?  woman says we are always the same and asks if HR’s reporter boyfriend is doing well. HR says yes. woman tells them to enjoy their meal. SY: your boyfriend must have been a reporter. HR says yes it was 3 yrs ago. HR serves SY and tells SY to eat and that it tastes really good. SY tastes it and says it’s ok.  HR gives SY her water. SY says HR must have been good to her boyfriend. HR: no – that person was good to me – I learned everything from him. SY says she is suddenly curious what kind of person he was. HR says: he was like a miracle to me. the time I met him and the time I spent with him it was all a miracle.  for ten years he loved me- it’s that kind of miracle that doesn’t come again in my life. it’s no fun huh? I will stop talking. SY: are you still meeting him? HR: I want to meet him. SY gets upset and says: I will leave first and wait outside. Eat slowly and come out. SY walks out and says: a miracle? She beats up some inflated display and all the air goes out of it from her hitting it so much

TP and Y arrive by the boats. TP says to Y they are on time. TP explains how there are over 1000 people (possible customers for their store) that ride those boats. Y: really – how many does it come out to if it’s just 10%. she is excited and wants to hurry and go there. He reminds her to bring the fliers.

When they go there is no one on board the boat. TP calls and finds out if those people are coming today and they switched locations or something so TP yells the guy should have told him sooner. The boat starts to leave the dock so Y yells out “stop-don’t leave” to the driver

TS hears nurses talking about him and how he has a son so why act like he is a bachelor. they say his boss has not been pleased with TS so TS could get fired over this.

TS goes to his desk and hears some kid crying. TS leans over and see his boss treating a patient.  His boss is impatient with the foreign mom and her crying child. The guy keeps snapping at her and talking rudely like he is annoyed. He says: what are you doing – I told you to hurry and sit. She says sorry. He says: I don’t have time so put the kid down and sit. TS takes the kid and offers to hold the kid for the mom while she gets treated. the other doctor treats the mom curtly. he tells her to get on the bed and roll up her pant leg. He puts pressure and asks if her ankle hurts and she says yes. He asks-how about here, how much does it hurt. She says a lot. He asks: how much is a lot –if you say it like that how am I supposed to understand. She says sorry. Kid cries again. The guy says it’s too noisy. He gets annoyed by the crying kid and tells her to quiet her child. She keeps saying sorry. He walks off and mutters that he should be more selective about his patients from here on. TS heard everything and loses his temper and hits him. The guy asks if TS is crazy. TS: the crazy one is you – instead of being selective about patients, the hospital should be more selective about what kind of therapists they hire (so they don’t hire guys like him). The guy says to TS: you are doing this cuz you are reminded of your son. Your son looks just like his father. TS: of course a son should take after his dad so what’s wrong with that. the other guy says so you don’t even know that you should be ashamed anymore. TS: yes I was ashamed – I was so ashamed I wanted to die but not today you made me open my eyes. TS turns to the gossiping nurses and says: Yes it’s true I have an (interracial? illegitimate? Not sure but it’s between these two words for sure) child. That kid you saw that time he is my son. Hwang TS’s son Hwang GS. Our Guksoo is my son. He is my son

TS gets fired. He walks out of the hospital with a box. He drops his picture frame and it shatters. It’s the one with him and YJ. He throws it away in the trash and takes his box and leaves

Mom explains to GM and dad that they need to make $50,000 in six months. Each duck sells at $5. So she starts calculating how many duck they need to sell to make $50,000. Mom is slow so Grandma solves the math problem faster and says, you need to sell 10,000 ducks in six months. Mom is surprised that GM can solve math problems so fast. GM brags: where do you think TH’s intelligence came from. Mom continues to say that it takes 45 days to raise ducks that will be appropriate to sell on the market. So she starts calculating how many rounds of 45 days are in six months. GM once again solves it faster. They need to sell 4 rounds of ducks in six months. GM once again affirms that TH got his intelligence from her. Mom continues that since it will take them some time to develop the duck feed, they will have to sell 10,000 ducks in three rounds. She is trying to calculate how many ducks need to be sold in each round then. Grandma once again is faster and says that they have to sell at least 3,333 ducks at each round. Mom is stunned by the GM’s computing skill. SY’s dad calls out if anyone is home.

*Joonni summarized this scene for us. 🙂

SY’s parents sit down with TB’s parents and the GM. Mom says they didn’t prepare anything cuz they didn’t know SY’s parents would be coming. She serves them tea. SY’s mom calls it ginger tea so the mom corrects her that is is “saeng gang” tea. SY’s mom replies, “Yes, ginger is “saeng gang.” The mom mutters who SY’s mom has a round tongue. (In Korea, they say that people who try hard to speak English roll their tongue). SY’s dad says sorry for coming without calling first. He shows the cognac he brought for the three of them cuz he wanted to drink with them today. SY’s mom explains that it’s the best cognac and that her husband usually reserves it and doesnt share with most guests but he brought it today. (that stuff is expensive) SY’s dad says how his wife spoke too harshly last time at Y’s store. Dad says how he was there and his wife was too harsh. SY’s dad explains how his wife, as she gets older her temper gets more out of control so please understand. Mom says how she already understands and forgives everything. SY’s mom: forgive? TB’s mom changes the subject and says that she will bring out some alcohol since on a cold autumn night, one should “eun yoo ja juk” (it’s a Sino-Korean idiom that refers to living comfortably without a care in the world. So TB’s mom is trying to say that they should relax and forget everything for the night and just drink. However she said it wrong so SY’s mom corrects her.) SY’s mom says, “It’s ‘yoo yoo ja juk’.” TB’s mom stops smiling.

*Thanks Joonni for clarifying this scene

TH is outside J’s work place. He starts to texts J: should we eat lunch together? But TH sees J and KJ walking out together. KJ says, like director yang  suggested, don’t you think we need an enemy to strengthen the story. J says, “Yes,  I thought that as the story approached the second half, the conflict was getting weaker. KJ  wants to go to the zoo  to research which animal to use as possible enemies for her duck  character story. She agrees and gets in the car with KJ. TH watches them and follows in his car.

* if it wasnt for KJ, this could have been TH and J’s first date if they had lunch together.

KJ says out of all the animals they saw, how he likes snakes the most  for an enemy character. J says she does too -how about a snake that  spits fire. KJ replies, “Ah yes, a snake that spits fire in dangerous or emergency situations. How about for the name, ” Vampire?” (Note: the Korean word for snake is “baem” which sounds like the “vam” part in “vampire.” And “-pire” sounds like how Koreans pronounce “fire.” That is why JE gives KJ a look. The joke is too cheesy. LOL) KJ looks embarrassed and says, “it’s cheesy, right?” When they walk over, KJ spots TH first and then J recognized TH. TH is standing away from them.

KJ says “let’s go and finish looking around.” She says yes and looks over at TH. TH gives her a small smile. J turns around and smiles to herself cuz TH is there.

J and KJ are over by the monkeys and KJ is taking pics of them. J looks over at TH and she keeps smiling to herself. KJ notices that she is looking at TH. KJ says let’s go over there and puts his arm around her shoulder as they walk. TH knocks over some bale of hay in his rush to follow them

KJ asks how about a tiger as an enemy. J: not sure. KJ scares so she says he startled her and she playfully hits him. TH watches her smiling at KJ. She looks over at TH who is sitting off in the distance watching her.

KJ asks if she likes stuffed animals cuz he wants to give her one as a present “so will you accept it”? She looks guilty as she looks back at TH

KJ throws darts and pops some balloons and wins a medium sized one. TH watches and grins cuz KJ missed one. the guy who works there says KJ is impressive.

As KJ hands the stuffed animal he won for her, suddenly TH is there next to him and TH pops every single balloon and wins a bigger one. the guy who works there says TH is really good. KJ grabs some more darts and stands back from the line and throws some more. it’s like an unspoken challenge is going on between them so after KJ finishes, TH picks up his darts and stands really far away from the line and pops all his balloons.

J asks what the two of them are doing. The guy who is in charge of the game asks KJ and TH to stop cuz the guy has to make a living. TH and KJ just look at each other and keep going.

J and KJ have their arms full of stuffed animals. She tells KJ that she will talk to TH for a minute. KJ says he will put the stuffed animals in the car and takes them from her. KJ puts them in his car trunk

J says to TH: ajusshi did you perhaps come here to see me. TH: no I was investigating (something). J: oh so that was it – investigating. then you finished investigating right? that’s why you played that dart game didnt you? TH nods yes. J: But I still have work to do so please go now. he just blinks at her. J: How much longer were you thinking of following me around then. Even if I am late I will be home by 9 so meet out in the front lawn later at night. TH: ok. KJ calls out to her to go now so she tells TH to go and that she will be leaving

When KJ and J walk away from KJ’s car, TH scratched some words on KJ’s hubcap: “Kim PD (is a) fool” or “Kim PD is stupid.”  TH gets up and looks pleased.  J comes over with KJ and calls out ajussi.

TH walks away cuz he was caught red handed and hears KJ says “he is too petty. He couldn’t be more petty than this.” TH walks back and grabs KJ’s collar and KJ grabs Th’s collar. Both guys lock gazes at each other.

J: what are you doing? She tells them to let go. why are you like this? J tells TH to hurry and let go, if you dont let go, I wont say even one word to you. TH doesn’t let go. she says to KJ –let go,  if you don’t let go I wont work with you. let go right now! neither guy moves. J: can you not hear me? ajussi – Kim PDnim. when I count to 3 both of you let go at the same time. 1, 2, 3! no one let’s go and TH tugs harder on KJ.  J: fine – do whatever you want –  whether you spend all night here or not -do whatever you want. J walks off and they are still there holding onto each other’s collars, but they both look over in her direction.

TB meets HR. HR: you came. TB: it’s been a long time – have you been well. She says he seems like TB now cuz the way he looked at her was so cold so she was taken back. TB: Han HR I am married. We are on the same team so I thought I should tell you. HR: is that for real? TB says yes. TB: so that’s what happened. In our circle (of friends) no one said that. you must have been taken back by me cuz I suddenly appeared and told you I was divorced.  I am sorry I did that cuz I didn’t know I’m sorry. also congratulations on your marriage. Should we go now since there is a office dinner gathering. TB: ok. She walks out first.

Everyone is at the office gathering. G makes a speech about some famous saying in Africa. If you want to go fast, go alone.  if you want to go far, go together. for me – instead of “start together” going fast, I hope we can all go far together. let’s all go together as one till the very end. they all cheer and toast and drink.

HR sits next to TB and across from SY. G says to TB: let’s try to do well. HR gulps down her drink quickly. G pours some alcohol for HR and says she drinks alcohol well. SY glares at TB cuz he keeps looking over at HR. other girl tells HR to stop drinking “what’s wrong with you today” G wonders if something bad happened to HR. G asks SY if anything happened today with HR. SY says no. G asks TB a question about the chamwondong incident, but TB is too busy looking over at HR and doesnt listen to G. G calls out TB’s name. TB: yes what did you say? G: where are you directing your attention? G gets a call. HR gets up but is unsteady on her feet as she leaves. TB looks concerned and starts to get up to go after HR. SY says in a bossy tone: “don’t go – I said dont go” but TB stands to go anyway so SY yells out “I said don’t go”. G: what’s wrong SY? SY to G: nothing. SY says to TB:  I clearly warned you – don’t go. TB glares at her.


No preview

Written preview was translated by pickles – thank you 🙂

Sooyoung got angry with Taebum and threatens to reveal the truth that they’re married to their colleagues. Taebum says that he doesn’t care if she says. However, when Sooyoung goes to the director’s office, she heard about shifting of personnel so she could not bring herself to say it.

So sorry, I dont really understand the last sentence of the first para! :(  Something about a policewoman going to the broadcasting station?

Kim Hong, Jae Ha’s father, went to look for Jae Ha at his office after finding out about Jae Ha postponing the purchase of Ojakgyo farm. He was livid at Jae Ha and slapped and hit him. Jaeun saw that scene and got a shock. In order to comfort him, she went to watch a movie together with Jae Ha. Taehee went to the theatres after them and dragged Jaeun out.

수영은 태범에게 분노하며 회사에 결혼 사실을 알리자 얘기하고 태범 역시 상관없다고 얘기한다. 그러나 국장실에서 인사이동 얘기를 듣게 된 수영은 결국 아무말도 하지 못하고 나오게 되고… 그때 방송국으로 현재와 여경이 찾아오게 되는데…

제하가 오작교농원 매입을 보류한 사실을 알게 된 김홍은 사무실로 찾아와 제하의 따귀를 때리고 불같이 화를 낸다. 그 모습을 본 자은은 놀라고 제하를 위로하기 위해 영화를 보러 간다. 뒤늦게 영화관에 찾아온 태희는 거칠게 자은을 끌고 나오는데…

Fanderay’s Comments:

I’ll start with the beginning.  What a brat J is!  An adorable brat, but a brat nonetheless.  I quite enjoy the fact that she’s thrilled by TH’s confession, but is purposely torturing him anyways.  I’m pretty sure we can all agree that it’s pretty fun watching TH be tortured and jealous.

I think it speaks volumes for this show that in the midst of all the TH/J cuteness and SY/TB drama, one of the things I loved most about this episode was TP.  His teasing was priceless just because of the look it put on TH’s face, but it was also one of the first times that he acted like a real younger brother.  In the past all of his conflict with TH was mean-spirited, but his “ka-yo” teasing was light-hearted and bromancey.  I don’t think we would be seeing TP act that way if TH hadn’t poured out his heart about how he’s felt all these year, and I really admire that TP has so quickly changed his ways, rather than protecting his pride.

SY has really gone of the deep end this week. Besides looking miserable TB hasn’t actually done anything with HR yet, and SY hasn’t given him any opportunity to prove himself.  She’s even acting unprofessional towards HR at the workplace, and although I understand fear is making her hysterical (not to mention hormones) she really needs to get herself together.  So far TH has been the mature one.

Speaking of which, I loved that TB told HR he was married, particularly because I wasn’t expecting it.  I thought that the marriage being a secret would be the loophole allowing HR to get close to TB.  Part of me wishes that TB would’ve just explained the situation to SY at the end (I’m sure SYwouldn’t be yelling at him not to go if she knew why HR was upset) but I bet TB just wants SY to show him a little trust without him having to explain every detail (since then it’s not really trust). Now that HR know about them I have no idea what’s going to happen!

Once again I was proud of TS this episode.  I happy plot-wise that N’s mother is out of the picture, so we don’t have to worry about her showing up at some inopportune time.  I’m curious to see what TS does about his job situation, but hopefully in the interim there will be some good father-son bonding.

I’m also loving the new dynamic at the farm.  It’s pretty cute that J as pretty much made herself head of the family, and even though I can’t get enough of the scenes away from the farm (like the zoo!) I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone works together to raise the house deposit money.

So about that zoo.  Was that not the cutest succession of scenes ever?  I had a massive grin on my face the entire time, and loved that instead of going the creepy stalker route (which is the kdrama norm) he just brazenly stalked her out in the open.  Maybe since he’s a cop he’s used to doing such things, because it really didn’t seem to bother him that he was doing something so inherently odd. His expressions throughout were adorable, and he looked smokin’ in that jacket.

I was disappointed that TH wrote on the hubcap like that and agree that it was very petty.  Property damage doesn’t really fit with his personality type, but I suppose we’ve already seen that his brain kind of shuts off when jealously is involved.

J still doesn’t know about the two boys being stepbrothers, and the suspense of that is killing them.  She must think they’re completely insane facing off like that, and I’m dying for her to find out.  No matter what happens between those three, I know it’s going to be fantastic.

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for Sunday’s episode.  I think I may have to wake up early 🙂


Joonni’s thoughts: I love how TH seems like a little kid around JE. He always seem mature and serious but around JE, he seems like a pouty child. So cute! And he doesn’t even bother trying to hide the fact that he is stalking KJ and JE. So cute! I also love TP teasing TH. They finally seem like really close brothers.I also like how JE is a modern woman. That’s right, men are helping out, they are doing what they are supposed to do when they do household chores. It is sharing the workload, not lending a hand. I love Ja Eun. Gosh, I hate how HY looks. She looks like such the typical clingy, sad, “pure” secondary girl. Like tears are going to fall out of her eyes any second. So annoying.
I like how TS was such an unlikeable character but through his son we are seeing how he is a good person and that he will grow to be a better person. This drama is not only dealing with one family but also touching upon the social ills that exist in Korean society, like the prejudice against mixed children, multicultural families, and foreigners. I really appreciate this.


Softy’s comment:

Lovesick puppy TH is like a whole other persona we have never seen before. I love that all that experience he has in staking out criminals is finally paying off cuz he has the patience to stalk J so much, but what about his real job? He hardly seems to go to work anymore. This guy lived for his job, but now suddenly he has a one track mind. He is doing things out of character for him. For the first time in his life, he is going all out and really throwing himself into this relationship. He is confessing, trying to figure out what her words might mean, seeking help from TP of all people, pouring her water and offering it to her, texting her twice, and smiling at her quite often. It took 35 episodes for this persona to emerge and no one should do anything to make this side of him go away. Now that I’ve seen TH being more open and caring, I can’t go back to moody angry TH again. While I was watching this episode, all I could think about was all the great new footage for future music videos we are getting. The OB writer really came through for us tonight. 🙂

About SY and why she isn’t showing yet. If you notice she is wearing really big coats and stuff cinched with a belt most of the time. She is trying to cover up her pregnancy with bigger clothes at work, but you can still tell she wouldn’t normally wear clothes like that so that’s the OB’s writer way of showing she is still pregnant.

About tonight’s finale scene, I think TB has every right to get up and go check on HR to see if she is ok. He just gave her some upsetting news not too long ago so he is feeling guilty. The fact that he blurted out that he was married before HR could say anything speaks volumes about how TB is handling this well. This is the man SY fell in love with, but SY just jumps to conclusions that TB will go right back into his former ten year relationship. By not refusing to give TB the benefit of the doubt, it’s hurting his feelings cuz he thought he was being a better man to SY. Can you imagine his disappointment in knowing that SY thinks so little of him that he would just go running back to HR.

Everyone loves SY when she is her normal cute self so it’s easy to forget that SY takes after her mom. Scenes like tonight are when I get frustrated with SY’s character. I can’t stand when she screams at TB or throws things at him. He is a grown man. You don’t boss him around just cuz you don’t get your own way. Her temper tantrums keep getting attributed to her hormones, but she was like this even before she got pregnant. This isn’t hormones, it’s SY being raised as a spoiled child. When she doesn’t get her way, she throws a hissy fit. Screaming like that is not good for the baby so I wish she would stop it and realize she is going to be a mom soon.

SY is making the classic mistake right now. Her insecurity is pushing TB towards HR when he wasn’t even planning to go there. The more SY orders him not to do it, it’s only going to aggravate the situation and make him want to go against her wishes. Right about now, I bet a quiet sane HR is looking a lot better than this bossy wife of his. Not only is SY digging her own grave, with every command forbidding him, she is making that hole bigger and the only person to blame is herself.


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    KYAAAAAA..2 more hours to go. can’t wait!!


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    today is my birthday n this episode was the best gift i can ever have tanxxx softy


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    yessss i can’t wait for the episode 1 more hour to go! yayyyyy


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    i love this drama but no one translate in english since i see ur blog i ‘m very happy…. thxxxxx


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