Ojakkyo Brothers E30

If all these episodes were used to build a house of cards that was almost complete, tonight’s episode was the lone card that made the house start to topple. It’s going to be raining cards next weekend.

* E31 written and video preview translations
It is the most upsetting video preview ever – the TH we know and love has gone off the freaking deep end

What TH said in the opening scene, I came this close to passing out cuz of how sweet it was. What a great way to start the episode. For a guy who supposedly never dated before in 30 years, he sure is doing a great job of it now. I love how the first thing he ever asks is if she ate. it’s like the most basic considerate thing you ask someone, but his meaning for asking goes so much more than that. he genuinely cares for her welfare above all else. How is it possible that even though these two arent together now, they seem closer than most couples who are looking right at each other. it’s as if that great divide between them is filled with all their longing and concern for each other.


Starts from J wrapping his wound, and TH staring at her. His voice narrates his thought: I wish my hand got hurt every day so you can tend to my injured hand -even in this moment, I can only have childish thoughts like this. that is why I can’t even ask- why have you grown so frail in the past few days, have you been eating well? J says that she will buy a clip for the gauze (to hold it in place) so wait a few minutes. TH:no – that’s ok-  this is more than enough – thank you. J: ok then I will be going. TH: uh. go. J walks away very slowly as if she didnt really want to go. He watches her walk away.

YJ leaves the house. TS calls out: YJ shi- wait a minute. YJ stops and looks at him. MS turns the corner and sees this. TS to YJ: I really wasn’t trying to deceive you/hide it from you. YJ slaps him. MS and the family watch him get slapped. YJ: there are other things you could have hidden, but you hide that? Do I look like someone you can treat like this. She walks away. TS chases after her and says wait a minute. I am sorry YJ shi. I really am sorry but I really wasn’t trying to deceive you. from the beginning, the kid….she doesn’t let him finish and slaps him harder and knocks his glasses off. The family especially the GM and mom are upset. MS is shocked. YJ yells at him to “move aside” in banmal. He let’s her leave.

GM mutters about YJ: once was enough –why hit someone else’s precious grandson twice. TP asks why the dad did that (tell YJ) So does the GM and mom. Dad says he said it without knowing too. TS comes in and yells –dad why are you doing this to me? Why do you do this just to me? I told you I would tell her. asked you just to wait two days. That I really would tell her. dad says he didn’t plan to tell YJ –he was upset to hear TS call N, H’s friend so without him knowing it (truth) came out of his mouth. TS: then in that situation – if it was you dad- would have told the truth? Even if you tell, you have to pick a separate day. How could you say such a shocking thing to her when she wasn’t prepared. Dad: however it happens that person needed to know. TS: dad you are always like that to me. You always don’t trust me – think I’m pathetic- think I’m no good. Dad: before you complain about that – when did you ever give me trust and showed me a side of you that pleased me? TS: I’ve never shown it to you, but you always discouraged me every day. When did you ever once encourage me saying “ok try to do well –you will do well” ever since I was young – the words you always said were “a guy who is the firstborn, you pathetic punk- you cant do much huh” dont you know- even a dog you raise in a home, if the owner mistreats him every day, the dog will sense on its own and not be able to unfurl its tail. I asked you for two days time -for your son’s life’s sake – you cant even wait two days? Dad argues back: I said I didnt do it on purpose. TS: dad would you have done this if it was TH or TB?dad: you pathetic guy – why bring your younger siblings into this suddenly? they wouldnt cause something like this to happen like you, but even if they had, they wouldnt have taken so long to take care of the matter like you. who is the one at fault- why are you blaming me. have you heard TB or TH blame others? you always blame others so that is why you are like this. keep living like that blaming others for the rest of your life. TS: you really are too much. too much. TS leaves the house. TP goes after him

Mom says to the dad: what did I say – even when a cat chases after a mouse (the rest I don’t get – something about making a hole) TS didn’t say anything that was incorrect. She lists all the insulting phrases and names the dad used to call TS when TS did something wrong. Hearing all that negativity – what could the kid do properly? Dad: why are you like that too – I am upset too. Mom: even if he gets rejected (dumped) – you should have let him be rejected after confessing with his own lips, why do you think he pushed back the confession he should have made today – it’s obvious that he will get rejected as soon as he confesses, but that feeling of wanting to delay it even a day longer -cant you understand that at all? even if you didn’t interfere and reveal everything – how do you think he felt. When a parent doesn’t believe in his child then who will believe him. If a parent doesn’t believe in their child then what other person will?

The four brothers are drinking. TB tells TS to drink slower-let’s all drink together. TP pours for TB and TH. TB says the glasses have been filled so let’s make a toast. TB keeps telling TS to drink slower and eat some side dishes so TS can drink longer and says the food looks good.TP asks what is wrong with TH’s hands. TH: it got hurt. TP: of course it’s bandaged cuz you hurt it – would it be bandaged for looks? Why were you hurt? TH: while on the job. Since TH is not forthright and sharing TP gives up trying to be concerned and says sarcastically- never mind– since you are a detective of course you would get hurt while apprehending someone would you get hurt doing anything else. Never mind. TH changes the subject and asks how TS was found out. TP explains how YJ suddenly dropped by the home for a visit and obviously saw N and asked who he was and TS was dumbstruck so dad told everything and said “he is TS’s son.” TB says the dad went too far. TB asks TS: what did YJ say? TS: what do you think she said – if it was you what words would come out? TB: nothing would come out. If it was me – before words my hand would have gone out first (meaning he would hit). TS: that’s right – her hands came out (meaning she slapped him) TB: you really got hit? TP holds out two fingers (to indicate twice) in a way that TS wont see. TS asks: do you guys understand dad? no matter how much I try to understand him, I don’t get him. TB: of course you don’t get him, has it just been once or twice when you didn’t get him. TS: even though there have been lots of times when he went too far –out of all those times – over this incident…as the first born, I know I didn’t show any good effort, made him not believe in me all the time, and only disappointed him –I know that better than anyone, but I …he cries and continues – I really thought YJ was my destiny –I thought she was the best thing in my life. TH pours him another shot and says: hyung if YJ was really your fate, it won’t end over this. TB agrees saying: normally fate is after you overcome everything-that’s when you can call it fate. Hyung didn’t you know that? TS: before and after I met YJ –I thought life is divided. TS stands. TP asks if he is going somewhere. TS says he is going to the bathroom. TB: so that is what happened. hyung’s life was divided from before and after he met YJ.. When was it for me? TP: wasn’t it when you got into IBC? TH: wasn’t it when you got married to hyungsoonim/sister in law (SY)? It was the deciding moment. Wasn’t it? TB: still –the one that had the most impact was the moment I broke up with H. back then my life was divided. TP says it’s depressing to bring that up. TB: I’m just saying my life changed (over that). TB asks TH “when was it for you?” TP: why ask – would he answer. TH: I think it was when I was 6yrs old. If you are talking about when my life changed. (he doesn’t say his birth mother or even a pronoun to refer to her) Got remarried and left home. And I was adopted by mom and dad as their son. TB says something that went right over my head. TH asks TP: how about you? TP: me? I don’t have one yet. From now on, I am going to make one that is going to be the deciding factor in my life. TH: why don’t you have one. When you were in high school and ran away and was at a restaurant and was caught by mom and me. TB says it was cuz TH and the mom discovered TP that it went over well or else TP wouldn’t have easily been let back into the home. If they hadn’t, no one would know what would have become of your life. TP mutters why do they have to bring up a time when he was immature. Compared to TS….suddenly TP wonders why TS isnt coming back. TB says to go check in the bathroom. TH goes to look for TS

Mom goes and sits outside and says again the Hwang men smell. (meaning she can’t stand them right now) those beings who never mature all their lived. She hears J’s voice asking: ajumma what are you so upset about? Mom is startled and looks behind her. mom mumbles “now I am hearing things.” mom asks aloud : “J- how are you doing ? for ajumma – every day is loud and chaotic.” She suddenly gets up and goes to cook porridge and J’s favorite noodles. She makes some other side dishes. Mom asks the dad to drive her to the subway station so she can go somewhere. Dad asks where. She says to go see J. mom: during this time I thought if she saw my face she would be so mad so I was patient, but it’s been too long since I’ve seen her and I am curious how she is doing and I miss her. The mom packs the food up.

When the mom gets there with the dad, the dad points to J’s place and says it’s room number #306 and to go inside. the mom gets a call and answers it. Dad asks what the call was about. Mom says it was the realty office and the movie company person said they wanted to buy the farm. They want to sign a contract this week and set up a time with the dad. Dad says that is good cuz they can tell J the good news while they are here. Go on up. Mom worries cuz that movie company person is going to build a set for TM Park. That means they will clear their farmland. Dad says what can they do -of course they can do whatever they want (since it will belong to them) let’s go.

J comes into her place and the dad knocks. He asks if J was well. Mom asks J: how are you? Have you been well? J: why are you curious about that – please go. J closes the door on them. Mom keeps knocking and asks to talk for a short time. Next door girl tells them to be quiet cuz this place is for people to study. Mom says sorry and knocks softer for J to open the door cuz she has something to say. That girl comes out and says to be quiet again. Mom says sorry and go in and continue studying like she had been. J opens the door. Mom says she has something to say about the farm. Cant we go in for a short time to talk? J says makes it brief and let’s them in

Mom tells J to sit and tells the dad to sit too. J says: I am busy – what about the farm? Mom takes out the food and says: before that – this is the abalone porridge you like and I made a lot of side dishes. I made it before we came so eat it after we leave. Before it gets cold. And this is kimchi and it’s great to eat right now. J: I don’t need it – take it with you. mom: don’t be like that. J says even if they don’t take it with them she will throw it away in the trash anyway. So take it with you. J: is this what you wanted to say? Mom: no it really was about the farm. Before that – just one more thing -is it ok living with your step mom-is she good to you now? J glares at the mom so the mom gets to the point and says a buyer showed up for the farm. Dad: on the way to meet you, we got a call from the realty office. Mom: they say a movie company is buying the farm – they said they are going to build TM park there. then what do you think will happen to all those trees. They will completely tear down (bulldoze) the pear orchard. So J since another prospective buyer for the farm will appear soon, let’s not sell it to that movie company person and wait a little longer. What do you think. J glares at her. mom: we will keep the promise to move by the date you set. It’s just that they are my children and babies that I raised for ten years. When you were harvesting the pears you said that to with your own mouth. Like they seemed like your babies and children. All summer you and I suffered so much treating that plant disease to protect it- isnt it that (kind of ) pear orchard. J: it is – suddenly I remembered. Will you give me your phone. you know the number to the realty office right? Mom takes out the phone and says it’s the last number on the caller list. J calls the office and says hello – I am the real owner of ojakkyo Baek JE. Heard a person showed up who wants to buy the farm. Sell it right away tm. Yes that’s good – I will be there by 1pm to finalize the contract. After J hangs up she says: after you talked about the plant disease I suddenly remembered –the past summer – how much I suffered. I sold the farm. Just imagining those pear trees being bulldozed, I already feel so relieved and happy. Mom looks at her displeased. J hands the phone back and says to leave now. Mom: you shouldn’t do that. Even though you hate me – why take it out on those innocent trees and plants. What did the trees do that was so wrong to do that to them. Instead it would be better if you came after me or had me arrested and put me in the police station and turn me in. how could you behave so badly and do that to trees without any crimes. Dad tries to stop the mom. J: how about you ajumma- did I commit any crimes for you to steal the contract. Mom: that’s why put me in jail so I can pay for my crime and afterwards come out and live being able to say what I want to you. dad says to the mom – why are you like this – let’s go. J just glares at the mom. mom: if I wanted to take that farm from you – I would have burnt that contract in advance – why would I hide it under my dresser drawer and live shaking in fear. Dad says again let’s go – why are you like this. Mom: in that moment of impulse when I did something wrong- even though I am living for the rest of my life like this being thought of as a robber and cant say anything in defense but you shouldn’t do that to the trees –each and every tree has life too –they try their best to live – how could you say that to those trees. Dad says again to the mom let’s go. He explains to J: I am sorry –it’s cuz ajumma is having a hard time mentally these days-she missed you and came and now she is talking about other things. The dad pulls the mom up. Mom: let go of me – why are you like this. He says let’s go home and takes her out. She keeps saying let go of my arm as they leave.

J still has the mom’s phone and goes out with the food. J tells them to take the food back with them. Mom: if you don’t want to eat it then you throw it away – with your own hands. J sets the food down and hands the phone back. Dad: is it ajumma’s? he takes it from J. J: I thought about it and tm at that time I have a class. I don’t need to go right? Dad: ok then – after I get the contract money then I will deposit into your account directly so send me your account number through text. J: ok – then go. She turns to go back inside, leaving the food there. Dad asks what about the side dishes. Mom says to him: let’s just go. J goes inside. Dad: should we just go? Mom says just go and they get in the car. The mom slams the truck door so the dad tells her to close it lightly cuz the door will break. Mom: just go. He stares at the food and then at the mom. he starts the engine and drives away.

J comes back downstairs and takes the food inside. She knocks and gives it to the neighbor to apologize for being loud earlier and tells her to eat it. The girl thanks her.

TS gets in a cab and tells the driver to take him to Kang (river) chon. TS goes and sits by the river and drinks soju alone and cries. He calls out YJ’s name and says I am really sorry. I was wrong. Meet a man better than me. He takes out his wallet, takes off his watch, shoes, and socks. He stands and says: dad- mom- GM- I am sorry. TB,TH,TP -live well. Also, Noo (dles) I am sorry. (TS didn’t say his son’s full name – he stopped at “Noo”) He mumbles Kim MS and takes out his phone.

MS gets a call at night from TS. She asks why he called at this late hour. He keeps saying her name. MS: what is this about. She asks if he is drunk. TS: thank you – for the last time I thought I should make sure to say this to you – for all that I did wrong during that time – forgive me for all that. MS: what do you mean last time. where are you now? TS: tonight, I am going to end this Hwang TS’s life. MS: what? What does that mean? TS: live well Kim MS. I am going. while she grabs her jacket, keys, and wallet MS yells: ya Hwang TS – wait a minute – ok- it’s ok if you die but we have to find your body so just tell me where you are. Where did you say you were? Kangchon? Don’t hang up – wait a minute – do you not have any other things to say for the last time? TS: relay to H that I am sorry for leaving without saying goodbye. MS: ok I will relay that to her. don’t you have anything more to say-don’t hang up – oh yeah Young Ja (their childhood friend)-don’t you have any last words to say to her? TS: sorry for not signing up for an insurance policy (cuz she sells insurance for a living) TS cries and says: all I can think of is I am sorry. She tells him not to hang up. He hung up. MS: Hello? hello? She is heading over in her car towards him and was trying to keep him on the phone by asking who else he wanted to say last words to.

TS walks towards the water. MS finds his shoes and stuff as she calls out his name. she looks and he is sitting by the water’s edge. She calls out his name. TS: Kim MS you came. MS: like a little kid – what is this –hurry and get up you will catch cold. She tugs on his arm but he pulls away. TS: I wont go. MS: what? TS: I am going to die. My life without YJ is the same as death – instead of living for 40 -50 yrs without a purpose – I rather stop my life now. MS: crazy jerk. TS: Since you came, I am going now without any worries. He heads towards the water and she holds him back and says: why are you like this- come to your senses. He pulls away saying “let go-I am not kidding around-I have no more reason to live” He goes in the water. She begs him: if it’s that hard for you then hold onto YJ –use every effort you have to cling to her. TS: it’s all over. Let go. He pulls away and goes in again. MS holds onto him and yells out: what about N? what are you going to do about N? huh? He is a kid who came for you, but if you disappear –how will N live? Don’t you feel sorry for N? after being abandoned by his mom, now you want him to be abandoned by his dad too? TS: why should I take responsibility for that kid? Why should I? TS pulls away and says let go. He heads in again and she shoves him. TS: ya! MS: that’s right – it’s better if you die. She grabs and shoves him in again. TS: what is wrong with you –are you crazy? She yells at him to die and he says it’s cold.

Next morning at breakfast, GM asks where TS is. TP says how TS slept over at a friend’s and will go straight to work from there. GM asks where the mom and dad went last night. Dad says to see J. TH pays attention to that. Dad says how the mom missed J. GM asks if J was receptive (as in if J reacted nicely) dad says J wasn’t receptive. She wouldn’t open the door so we pushed our way in and they fought again (the mom and J) GM: of course she (J) would – would she easily get over her anger. Is the kid healthy? Dad says J didn’t look like she was sick. GM says she misses how that brat walked around the farm calling out “GM! Ajumma! Ajussi!” I also miss how every morning, she called out “H – bring me some tissue” GM says in grandma talk that I don’t get but the gist is when J was around, GM couldn’t believe there could be a girl like that but now that J is gone, it seems empty. Dad tells the GM that he is signing over the contract today for the farm and J already agreed to it so they decided to do it today. GM: that movie company you mentioned before? Dad: they are coming at 1pm today. Dad tells TP and TH: you two should know that as well.

TS opens his eyes and mumbles his head hurts. He looks around and sees that he is only wearing boxers under the blanket. MS comes in with his clothes and asks if he woke up. TS: what are you? Kim MS are you crazy? MS: what? TS: nothing happened right? She makes a horrified expression when she gets his implication. TB: tell me the truth – you really didn’t do anything to me right? MS throws his clothes at him. TS: ya! MS: why did I come down all this way to save a jerk like this. Shouldn’t have bothered whether you died in the river or not. you wouldn’t have had the courage to die anyway. I over reacted. TS: what? Ya! She says if you are over your drunken stupor then put on your clothes and come out cuz I have to go to seoul. she leaves the room. TS: ya tell me straight out – last night what did you…he stops talking. TS suddenly remembers how he tried to drown himself. (*in knee deep water I might add)

Y watches how good TP is at putting advertisement/fliers for their new store into mail boxes and then Y does it too. She gets caught by the security guard and says sorry

Y goes to eat with TP but she sees her ex-husband sitting there with another woman and quickly turns around. TP asks what’s wrong. Y: let’s go somewhere else cuz I don’t like this place. Hurry – let’s go out. She grabbed his jacket sleeve to pull him out. In the elevator, she was gripping his sleeve tightly lost in thought. She looks at TP then looks down at her hand and lets go saying “I’m sorry.” He offers his arm back to her and says “you can use it. I’m ok” She says she is ok now. TP: are you really ok. Y: I’m ok.

At work, TB looks around and was about to ask SY to eat lunch together today via instant message but she already sent him an instant message first to do the same thing. He happily agrees.

They go outside and he says there is place that makes great fried pork at the intersection so should they go there. SY: the one that just opened up not too long ago? Ok. TB: let’s go. As they walk away, Choi and the other girl call down to them so TB whispers for SY not to turn around and just go. TB whispers for her to hurry. At the crosswalk, a car honks and pulls up. TB shield SY from the car. G asks where SY is going. She says to eat lunch. She asks if he ate. G says no he hasn’t eaten yet and asks to be included. SY hesitantly says yes.TB was going to say “next time director” but the other coworkers showed up and suggests they all eat together and asks what they should go eat.

They all get in G’s car. Choi and the girl say it’s an honor to ride G’s car. Choi says how nice the car is but TB says how it eats up gas. Girl says how clean the car is without even any dust and remarks G must have gotten it washed today. G remarks his personality can’t put up with anything messy/dirty. Choi says G is meticulous (likes neatness and cleanliness) TB mutters-he must not know it’s not good to get the car washed often. A biker darts in front of the car so G brakes suddenly and puts his arm across SY to protect her. G asks SY if she is ok. TB looks at G’s arm across SY and is upset. When TB looks down, choi had grabbed his thigh so he uses that as an excuse to yell out “ are you not going to remove that – how dare you put your hand there” loud enough so that it could sound like TB is talking to G about G’s arm across SY. G puts his arm down

At the restaurant, TB and SY are about to sit together, but G calls SY’s name and motions for her to come over to sit next to him. SY goes over there and sits. Choi whispers to TB that this place is really expensive and wonders to TB is they have to pay separately. The headwaiter knows G and greets him. G says he came with precious guests today and asks the waiter to take good care of them. G asks if SY still cant eat shrimp cuz it’s good here. SY: sunbae you still remember stuff like that? Girl asks if SY cant eat shrimp cuz she didn’t know that. Choi says G and SY must have been really close for them to know each other’s eating habits.

G takes care of SY while they eat and TB looks on in jealousy. G places food on her plate and they are all clinking wine glasses but TB motions for her not to drink wine. G brings up something about their past and SY says she remembers and how fun it was back then. Choi guesses that’s how G and SY met- through travel interests and girl says then that means G and SY probably went on a lot of trips together. G replies: we went on enough to get tired of it. G asks SY: Do you still like the ocean during the fall. TB slams his fork down and gulps down water. She says she does but doesn’t have time to go cuz she is busy. G asks if they should go this weekend to see the sea. SY: what? TB slams his water glass down and startles SY. TB glares at G. G asks TB: what is up with your expression ever since a while ago – do you have something that is bothering you. TB says yes –it bothers him that G included himself here. G: is it one where I can’t be included? T: yes you cant. Cha team leader and I had already set up this date. you didn’t ask us if you could in advance and just showed up on your own and abruptly joined so it’s not anything for me to feel good about. G: it sounds like I intruded on a lunch date when you were with your girlfriend. TB: if that is how you heard it then accept it that way. I don’t care. SY is shocked. Choi to TB: what does that mean? Girl asks – you aren’t saying you like team leader right? TB: yes I like Cha SY as a woman. G: then it’s really good that I came today. She is someone I don’t want to lose too. Choi asks the girl – what is this situation – are the two of them fighting over team leader? Girl replies back: that’s ridiculous –why would such an impressive guy do that? (she is talking about G). SY is pleased as punch to have both guys admit that

In the hallway TB tells SY not to take what he said earlier seriously cuz he only did it since he doesn’t like G. she says TB didn’t need to admit it like that. she asks if TB is really that bothered by G. (meaning if TB is bothered by the fact that G likes SY) TB: no not at all – it is just that as the person who is living with you, I just wanted to make sure you watch your actions cuz it doesn’t look good for you to be overly friendly with anyone. She says she doesn’t remember doing that. If you took it that way, then sorry. How can it be helped when my charm overflows. After a few months when it’s revealed that we are married, everything will be resolved naturally. TB mutters that something is poking the sky. (I think he meant she is feeling so good her ego is poking the sky maybe)

KJ goes to the realty office with his assistant. The woman in the office makes the introductions. KJ’s assistant says that KJ is their movie company Good Film’s vice president. KJ bows and says hello and gives his name. Dad says his name and remarks: you are young but already a vice president. KJ says very straightforwardly: without having anything to do with ability, it’s all thanks to my parent. My father is the president. The contracts are sealed/stamped. dad checks his phone and verifies the money was deposited into his account. KJ asks if it’s ok if he can look around the farm. Dad says come by anytime. Mom: I said it awhile ago too but if you come and see the pear orchard and all the trees, they are really nice. If you see all of that –clearing all of that away to build TM park or whatever- your intent to build that will totally go away. Please be sure to come by once. Dad explains how his wife is like this cuz she still has attachment to the farm. Dad looks over the contract and asks if the president’s name is Kim, Hong. KJ: yes it is. Dad looks sort of puzzled. He gets a call from TH. Dad: why?

TH: I was passing by and dropped by for a short time. if you are done with the contract, I was going to take you home. Oh really? Then come out. TH hangs up and then smiles when he sees his parents. He walks over to his mom. mom: you came TH? TH smiles at her but stops when he sees KJ’s face. TH stares at him. Mom says: these are the movie company people who made a contract for our farm. TH: they bought the farm? Dad: yes I told you a movie company was going to purchase it. Dad says to KJ: he is my son. KJ looks from the parents to TH. Parents say goodbye to KJ and walks away with TH. Dad asks TH if he had business around here. TH: yes father. Get in. TH leads his mom away and puts her in the car. TH looks over at KJ before he gets in and then looks again after he is in his car. Then he drives off. KJ stood there the whole time with an upset look on his face.

KJ asks his assistant: did my father order the purchase of the farm? Did he plan to buy Ojakkyo farm from the start? The guy says “yes.” KJ tells him to get in the car first cuz he has a call to make. KJ calls his dad and says: father it’s me – I finished the farm contract just now, but I had no idea this place was that place. You should have told me in advance.

Dad tells GM they are back and they finished the contract well and deposited the money to J right after. GM says he worked hard. It really is all over now. Dad: it is all over. It feels good but at the same time sad. But mother that movie company president’s name is Kim Hong. There is no way he could be THAT Kim Hong right? I keep saying it can’t be but that name isn’t common. Mom asks: who is Kim Hong? Ah that person who remarried with “dong suh” younger sister in law. GM says “dong suh” in a loud way meaning -don’t call her that cuz she doesn’t have the right since TH’s mom ran off to get remarried. Mom says apologetically that she cant hold that grudge like the GM. (In Korea, since the mom and TH’s mom married into the hwang family, it means they would have been close during family get togethers and stuff cuz both of them would be cooking and overworked) GM is in denial and says to the dad: it can’t be (him)– don’t talk nonsense. If they are human beings, would they run over to try to buy our farm. It’s not (him). Also they don’t even live in Korea. Dad: the name was the same so I thought “maybe”-it probably isn’t (him). GM looks worried

SY’s parents drop by SY’s home. Dad says TB probably wont know if we stock the fridge and go but if the leaves the flower vase, TB will know right away that she was here. Mom: so what if he knows – I can confidently say that I came cuz SY asked me to go grocery shopping for her. dropping by my daughter’s home do I have to be so concerned about what my son in law thinks. Dad: is this just your daughter’s home? It’s his home too. Mom mumbles that SY cares too much about what TB thinks. She asks for the groceries and takes it into the kitchen. Dad calls out it’s cuz their daughter SY is nice and being nice makes her strong and good. Dad looks into TB’s room and calls out to the mom that TB must have slept in the study last night cuz the blankets are out. Mom says it’s suspicious cuz it’s like this every time she comes. There are always blankets out in the study every time she comes here.

At work SY calls TB and asks where he is and reminds him not to forget to attend her dad’s birthday gathering tonight. ok see you later. After she hangs up, SY hears H’s name being called out. The guy asks H to talk for a short time. SY recognizes the name and looks as H walks by her. H is a new writer. SY recognizes H has TB’s ex girlfriend in the picture. SY is stunned

KJ is in his car and looks determined. He drives to TH’s precinct. He sees TH getting out of his car and walks over to him. KJ: today I have …(to tell you but TH doesn’t let him finish and TH grabs KJ’s collar and throws KJ against the car) TH asks : what are you planning? why did you buy our farm? KJ: do you want to hear? TH: that’s ok – there is no reason to hear cuz the contract has already been finalized- that’s it – don’t show up in front of me ever again – I hate hitting people. I mean it – I really hate it. dont show up again. TH lets go of KJ. TH turns to walk away, but KJ says: even if it’s not about the farm – there is something you need to hear. TH throws a punch but KJ grabs his hand and stops it. KJ: listen well cuz I didnt come here to see you cuz I wanted to. TH throws another punch, but KJ fights back this time and shoves TH against the car window and yells: I said to listen! mother passed away. I said mother passed away.TH lets the words sink in and cries.  TH: what? KJ: mother… TH: shut your mouth. shut your mouth!


No preview

Looking at that pose on the main screenshot, it just occurred to me how this was a very “hyung” thing to do. All this time KJ allowed TH to throw his punches and KJ just let him. But tonight KJ was determined to tell TH what he needs to hear and stopped TH’s fist with so much ease TH seemed surprised and a little impressed for a split second. Then KJ took control and forced his little brother to listen. It’s just too bad that KJ’s first act as a hyung had to be breaking his brother’s heart with this sad truth, but who better to hear it from then the man TH’s mother raised as her son. I am really terrified of what I will have to translate next week.

* I cant believe I have to start E31 next week with a box of kleenex cuz TH is going to fall apart – it’s one thing to hate the woman who abandoned you, but a total different story when you learn she isn’t alive for any chance of reconciliation. This is going to devastate TH and I sure hope he turns to J. Before the episode ended, I just had a feeling he would go to J and cry. Just like he did when he was drunk, putting aside what he promised J to stay away, I think instinctively he will follow his urge and confide in J again.

The house of cards I was talking about –these are the other major ones that fell today:

KJ’s dad bought that land knowing it belonged to the Hwangs and he did it deliberately using his own son as a pawn to broker the deal. KJ didn’t realize till too late what his dad was up to and I hope later on KJ does the right thing and not let his dad ruin TH’s life even more by hurting the only family TH knows. I really think KJ is going to be a good character.

H is coming back into the picture like everyone guessed from day one to mess up this perfect moment where TB actually said aloud that he sees SY has a woman. He has taken a major step forward into their relationship and just when he was having all these feelings – it will be tested once H comes back into his life.

When Y was falling apart after seeing her ex-husband, TP stepped up and let her lean on him. Finally I see why TP is going to want to continue giving Y support – I think he is at a point in his life where he is able to handle being in a real relationship. By doing so well to help Y run this store, I think it gave him the confidence he needed to tackle other things in his life that he had neglected – specifically a serious relationship.

J didn’t throw away the mom’s food and she looked hesitant as she gave it away. That’s progress in my book. I also wonder if she really did have a class or if she didnt want to be there for the contract signing cuz she might change her mind.


I sort of wish MS dunked TS a bit longer in that cold water – the man deserves to catch a cold for all those selfish things he said and did these past weeks.


E31 written preview translation

my friend translated this over the phone so it’s not word for word but basically this is it:

after hearing the news about his mom, TH walks the streets in a daze and ends up in front of J’s place. as he sits there, J comes along and treats him brusquely (she is cold to him) so he says sorry and walks away.

later on J learns about TH’s birth mom (doesnt say how she heard or who she heard it from though)

during dinner, SY is numb from seeing H earlier

misunderstanding that TB and SY fought, SY’s mom orchestrates a plan to make it so that SY and TB have no choice but to sleep in the same room


265 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E30

  1. Lita says:

    yes, i,m totally agree with u.. so TH must have a reason to do that..cause after J’s rejection when TH try to talk to J about her mom who passed away,GM slaps him, he so much in high emotions, and J comes at bad timing…so ;; everybody dont blame Th to react like that. its just a preview..like puzzle scenes..so we must watching the whole story at E 31 from begining after finish..
    i think i,m the only one who think the posibility Jo woon & Uee can maintain their real relationship during filming OB…i hope so..cause they are very perpect to each other..i never see a couple who had a great chemistry even before they begin to filming a drama..all Jo woon & U ee had to do its just standing to each other…


    • layali05 says:

      even im spooked up by the preview…TH seems to be falling over the edge ..he is unravelling…and losing it…nooooooooooooo..why..why..cant anyone understand him?…as soon as i saw that train scenes with J ..my mind jumped …”is he gonna kiss?”..but then i fell down back on earth…more so the gutter when i saw his expressions…please dont sstart hating again….no..its high time J reaches out and listens to why TH is being this way…..


  2. LadyIgraine says:

    YAY! so excited for tomorrow’s episode. LOTS of exciting things abound for ep.31 and 32 :).


  3. Iviih says:

    So, I have to say this, yes TH is going to the dark side. But I like it! Weee it’s time to the rebelious TH. We had J’s time so now it’s TH. I wonder if J will throw back the same words TH said to her when she was doing that stuff – about getting angry and curse the world. Weeeee.

    Btw… this preview just makes me think Grandma REALLY did something back then. The way she reacts… I think she did kept TH to herself and didn’t let the mom take TH with her.

    WHy would TH be so angry to the Grandma then?


  4. Me says:

    woahh, I just notice this article comments and its over 250, hehee…
    I just happy that this drama is getting more popular now. I watch this drama from the start (1st episode),
    before its really hard to get the recap or subtitle video (I am not korean), but now its easier. thank to you, softy..you are my savior^^


  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah, i´m going towatch it live, hehe:)


  6. Anonymous says:

    yet another frustrating episode 😦


  7. SANDY says:



  8. Laica says:

    Oh God poor Tae-hee… the blows just keep coming. I feel like he’s going to lose it soon. 😦

    Off to watch 31 though I’m a little scared of what I will see.


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