Ojakkyo brothers E29

TH is perfecting the art of gazing and making it intoxicating -how does he manage to convey so much without a single word.

11-15: Updated some scenes

I keep telling myself to stop posting TH as the main picture, but when he is THIS photogenic – what is a girl supposed to do? While I watched the show live, I was going to post TB and SY being so cute together and then at the end, TH came out looking like that and here we are. it’s like gravity – can’t fight it. 🙂

By the way, there was a brand new opening credit today with the whole cast coming out one by one. Way better than the previous one where they just built the farm in quick motion time sequence.

*Translations by Softy and screenshots by Fanderay*

Special thanks to Joonni for doing all the difficult dialogue with KJ tonight. Everything is perfect with your touch. 🙂


TH walks out of the office still in shock and anger. J comes in and walks down the hall. She notices him but he doesn’t even see her and walks right by her. She stops walking cuz he brushed past her like she didn’t exist, but she doesn’t look back at him. TH gets on the elevator. He remembers KJ’s voice saying “did you recognize her?  the woman in the picture – mom -the one who gave birth to you Hwang TH shi” and “so I am your hyung”

KJ puts the picture back and sits there. J sits in her new production office and remembers how TH just walked right by her without a look.

KJ comes in and asks if she likes the studio. She says she does. He says this is her workshop to use until the NE team is formed. He points out that there is a sofa bed too for her to use when she gets sleepy while working late. He says he is selecting the team now and are looking for successful candidates so it will take 2-3 weeks. before then, KJ and J are going to work on preproduction for characters and synopsis. KJ: should we formally say hello? He extends his hand and says: it’s an honor – I waited a long time for this room’s owner to appear. this time she takes it and shakes hands. She says she will work hard

TB asks SY if she gave that $20,000 to his home/family. I asked you – did you? SY: yes. TB: to my dad? answer me. SY: yes. she says how his dad wouldn’t accept but she insisted and practically forced him. TB: why? Did I ask you to help? SY: I am sorry. TB: that’s why. Why did you do something you are going to feel sorry for? I never asked you for help so why did you interfere and go down a path you shouldn’t have gone –use money – get insulted by your mother – and me – make me feel so low. And I left one thing out. In front of your mother – I looked like a guy who is counting on his wife’s back (support) and something about how his home looks pitiful/poor. She says it’s ok for him to be angry but he shouldn’t say stuff like that. SY: I am sorry – I wanted to divide your burden. You keep saying your home problem/matter and my home problem and warned me not to cross the line – I am sorry. TB: no I am sorry. For being a poor guy who doesn’t even have $20,000. SY: it’s better if you get angry. Why do you keep doing that when it’s not like you. TB: how can I get angry? You are a kind considerate wife who is successful and was caught helping her in laws without her husband knowing so how could I get angry over that? If I get mad – people will insult me calling me inconsiderate and crazy cuz I have so much- so how could I get angry over this in this situation? But still – no matter how young a starving kid is, don’t you know that you cant just put a bread in that hand without any thought? If the kid says he doesn’t like it – you aren’t supposed to easily put the bread into his hand cuz it might pain his heart more than being hungry and affect his pride. Don’t you know that? When I said I didn’t want it – asked you to wait – but you forced the issue using your own way/method? When I said it’s ok – in this way/manner did you have to destroy my last pride (it might have been “crush my last remaining pride”)

SY’s mom goes home and calls SY an awful brat for deceiving her. dad says there must be a predicament SY couldn’t talk about cuz SY isn’t the kind of kid to do stuff without a good reason. Mom: what predicament – I can see she gave it (the money) to Hwang (TB). Cuz Hwang couldn’t bring himself to say it so this happened cuz our SY took action first. Dad: you are doing it again – even after we went to the in laws today and were humiliated you are going to jump to conclusions again. Mom: why are you bringing that up again. I told you not to talk about it again. Dad: why did you bring it up again? Even if we hadn’t taken out the medicine and passed them around, it would have been less embarrassing. Mom: am I the only one who passed it around – you said it too and told them to take it. That man (TB’s dad) too – if he knew he should have told us he knew in the middle of it. SY’s dad asks why the mom brought up something else there too so she screams at the dad to stop talking about it.

TP and TS go home. TP mutters how if TH was that lonely he should have shown it -if he keeps his mouth shut tight – how are we supposed to know everything he feels inside. then TP changes the subject and asks what TS is going to do. TS says he needs time to think so go in first. TP: ok think it over well. but you know that if you think too long, your steps will get more twisted/complicated. TS: I know – go in.

TS sits outside. MS and H come over. H says hello to him. She asks if N is doing well. MS says let’s go to H. TS asks to speak to MS for a short time. MS tells H to come home so she can talk to TS. H leaves. MS tells him to say what he wanted quickly. He says he is curious – when she found out she had to raise H as her daughter-  how did she feel? last time you said you knew how I felt better than anyone. Did you have a hard time like me. MS: of course. In one morning I became a mom (meaning became a mom overnight) – so I was overwhelmed and couldnt believe it. I wondered why the world did this to me –why were the heavens so hard on me-  what did I do that was so wrong -hundred times a day I was angry and felt like it was unfair and wanted to die. TS: it’s really the same- that’s exactly how I feel now. MS: but I am telling you this cuz I experienced it – it wont make a difference if you resist – if you hold out, you think some salvation will appear or that maybe the kid’s mom will come back- cuz there is no reason why the heavens would be so hard on you like this-but that will never happen. no matter what you do it wont appear. do you still think life happens the way you want it to?

TH and D are jogging. D says how he was going to run alone. (it’s D’s training time) D: If I don’t pass the physical this time – I know what will happen really well. So I said I would run alone. Trying to match your pace right now hyung, I feel like my heart will burst. Aren’t you even out of breath hyung? TH: keep your mouth shut and run – that’s why you can’t catch your breath. D begs to rest a little but TH keeps going. D stops running and collapses from exhaustion but TH keeps jogging. As he runs, TH remembers how J said not to come see her anymore and act like they don’t know each other when they run into each other on the street. TH runs faster.

TH comes out of the shower and goes to the kitchen to get some soju. He pours a huge glass of it and drinks it all. TP comes over and asks if anything is going on. TP used banmal and said “nuh” but switched to the proper way to address him and calls TH “hyung-that is your problem – you have to talk – say what’s going on” TH ignores him and goes into his room. TP yells out “I said to talk – you said you hated pretending for 20 years or so – fine – for the rest of your life like that keep your mouth shut and live! What hyung. Let’s just live like the way we’ve been, you and me.” TP worries what happened to TH for him to swallow a glass of soju in one shot.

TH goes to his room and turns the lights out and lies down on his bed.

KJ stares at his step mom’s picture. Did you like it? today TH came by for short time in this room. He grew up well didn’t he. He grew up really well, so much that I feel inferior. So that is why I think I will live for 30 more years being jealous. Do I have to tell him for you? I don’t want to relay it to him. ( It is safe to assume from this scene that TH’s mom has already passed away and told KJ to relay a message to TH – why do I get the feeling this is going to be heartbreaking. I really dont think KJ is out to be the bad guy)

N goes in to tell his dad to eat breakfast. TS: ok. N stares at TS so TS asks: why? do you have something to say? N: please send me to school – mom told me to go to school and work hard. TS: when?did your mom contact you? N: please send me to school. TS: i asked if your mom contacted you-why aren’t you answering my question. N: please send me to school. TS mutters N is making him mad this morning – does he want to start a fight.  N starts to walk away so TS asks: where are you going? Don’t you hear your dad…never mind. TS gets up and leaves.  N stands there in shock cuz TS had said “dad.” TS: hurry and come out- Aren’t you going to eat? I said hurry and come out. N smiles cuz TS said “your dad.”

Everyone sits down to eat. They all say “we will eat well” including N. TH compliments N saying “our N speaks more and more now. Eat a lot.” TP pats N’s head. mom tells N to eat a lot too. N replies “ok.” GM asks what TS is going to do. Dad says about TS: there is no point in asking –the way that punk talks has to make sense to be able to ask (meaning TS isnt replying in a way that makes sense) GM tells the dad to ease up on TS and not get mad anymore so they can make a plan. Dad: what is there to plan –just have to let that young lady know the truth that he has a kid. Mom says to TS that what the dad said is the right thing cuz YJ has to know this truth anyway. TH adds: yes big hyung – she must know no matter what. TP also says: of course she needs to know. Dad asks TS: why aren’t you answering. TS: I know that too – it’s just that everyone is saying what obviously needs to be said. Dad tells TS to meet YJ today and tell her. TS: ok. dad: you clearly said you would. TS: but YJ went on a business trip today. Dad: what? The family looks at TS cuz it sounds like he is making this up maybe. TS: she is coming back tm so I will tell her the day after. Mom says make sure to tell her then the day after tm

In the kitchen when it’s just the mom and GM, GM mutters about the way TS replied sounds like he is going to take years to tell YJ. GM sits and says she shouldn’t say this cuz some grandmas don’t get to see their great grandchildren but how did she at this age end up having a dark skinned great grandchild. Even now when she sees his face at night, she gets startled by him. Don’t you? mom: these days there are a lot of kids like him mother. I just feel like as time passes by that I should accept him. That’s why he must have come. GM says that’s why she said that cuz it will be hard on the mom to have a grandchild. Mom: I am thinking of saying that I will raise N mother. Even if I say I will raise him (N), it’s still unclear if YJ will accept TS or not-but something has to be set so TS doesn’t hold it against me. Even though he is my eldest, every since he was young I never did anything special for him so over this matter…(she doesn’t finish her sentence but she meant she wants to make up for her past neglect by offering to raise N now) He (TS) said he couldn’t live without YJ. GM: if you say that you will and YJ suddenly says she will marry him, you wont have a choice (cant do anything about it) and have to raise another kid. GM remarks how old the mom is getting. Mom says since they have to move anyway, she should just think she is starting all over again (raising (N) another child and starting fresh) GM uses the mom’s name “Park Bok Ja and makes a pun out of it saying your lot in life is really “bak Bok” (which I assume means something not so lucky) cuz “bok” in Korean means “luck.” GM remarks this is why people need to be named carefully. “what kind of name is Park Bok Ja” adding “Bok Ja” to a last name “Park.” It’s like adding “Im Shee” to a last name “Shin” – so it comes out “Im Shin Joong” (which makes this name mean “pregnant now”) The mom laughs. [*I sort of laughed during this part cuz I remember in college, I met a Korean girl with the last name Moon. And her first name started with “Yoo” something so if you read it aloud with the last name first, it came out sounding “moon you” so people laughed a lot of over that. She kept getting jokes like “so have you been mooned lately?” She eventually got her first name changed cuz of that so the GM has a point about picking the right names.]

TH goes to work and KJ is there by the entrance of the building. TH tries to ignore him, but KJ blocks him and says “I have something to say.” TH punches him before KJ gets to finish his sentence. TH goes inside.

TH goes to his office and D calls out “Hyungnim you came – I made some coffee-should I make you a cup? KJ followed TH inside. D bows and says “Kim PDnim.” TH turns around and KJ says “I said I have something to say – about mom.” TH punches him. D goes over and asks TH: what’s wrong – what’s going on. TH says to KJ: I warned you. TH tells D to get rid of KJ (but TH said it rudely “get rid of this thing/object”) TH leaves the office. D asks KJ: are you ok Kim PD? KJ: I don’t think I am ok- it feels like it’s bleeding. D looks at it and says KJ’s lips have torn and it’s bleeding. KJ touches his lips and wipes some blood off. KJ: See you next time. he goes out to look for TH, but TH isn’t around

SY offers TB water. He says yes so she pours him a glass and hands it to him saying “I really am sorry.” TB: I am asking you a favor but don’t apologize- whenever you do it hurts my pride more –that’s enough. You can stop. He drinks and says “I will pay back the money – for you to get out from under your mom’s debt- I have to pay you back even a day earlier and I will be comfortable too. but right now I cant ask my dad to give it back, so it will take some time. SY: if it’s cuz of my mom there is no need to do that. SY explains how she didn’t want to break (something) so she borrowed from her mom for a short time but now SY can access her money so she is paying her mom back today. So you don’t have to worry about my mom. TB: then I will pay you back. Just wait until Spring. SY: do you really have to do that? TB: yes I have to do that. SY: last time let’s just say it was cuz I used my mom’s money but my money you should be able to accept it as (coming) from my heart. TB:I don’t want to accept it. She retorts that he tramples on other people’s heart like it’s no big deal. I don’t know if I trampled on your pride, but you are trampling on my heart right now. In response TB shares a story. TB: I wore an undershirt with holes in them to school, but it just so happened on that day – there was an inspection. Back then I was so ashamed and wanted to hide- you don’t know how that feels do you. she says she doesn’t know that feeling. TB: then do as I said. SY: I don’t know but one thing I do know. The Hwang TB I know is rude and selfish (wants things done his way) and brags about himself. But at least he doesn’t pity himself cuz he is poor. On the day you first went to my home to say hello – what did you say about the wine and suit I bought? You said even though you are poor and lack – you are thankful to the parents who did their best to raise you and are proud of them- that Hwang who bragged/showed off about that, that you didn’t want to be ashamed –and without a word you bought the same wine and came back on time-do you know how cool and impressive you were. The Hwang TB I know was that confident Hwang TB –with too much confidence in his abilities overly bragging you are the best –cuz you were that Hwang TB – I was able to cling to you like that and ask you to marry me-you were dependable- not lacking anything and was an impressive guy-the man who was going to be the father of my baby – it was a waste to give him to someone else. I will leave first.

* that was a hard speech – she used adjectives and nouns I wasnt sure of- the gist was : Cuz he is that kind of Hwang TB she wanted to marry him. since he was that Hwang TB and the father of her baby, it was a waste to give that kind of man to someone else

Y asks: you said we could go by car didnt you? where did you say it was? TP: give it to me (the car keys) I will drive. Y: it’s ok though. she hands it over.  She almost falls down the stairs so he catches her and tells her to be careful. Y: thank you. He opens the door for her and tells her to get in. Y suddenly remembers how TP treats those women he wants to impress and swindle so she snaps out of it and speaks brusquely . Y: from now on dont do this to me. TP:what? Y: whether I fall, catching me – opening car doors like this – dont do it. TP: then I should just let you fall? Y: yes leave me alone so I fall – whatever the situation dont help me -and dont give me a hand- as the owner I am warning you about this. she asks for her keys back so she can drive.

J is getting ready to leave, but there is a knock at the door. She asks who it is and opens the door. Those loan sharks come in. bald guy says: who is this? Isnt this Baek JE. You said you didn’t know where Jung YS was so what are you doing here? Did JYS go somewhere? J: she went out. Guy: when does she come back? I asked when she comes back. J: I don’t know. Guy: you think saying “I don’t know” no matter what is going to work this time-it wont. Other guy says call YS. No give me your cell phone. he reaches for her cell phone. I said give it to me. J: you cant! YS shows up and hears them inside. J is saying give me my phone back. The guy says give me your phone and takes it from her by force cuz we hear J yell out. YS runs away and goes around the building and hides. she gets a call from J. YS doesn’t answer. She calls information and asks for TH’s office number. (Dongbu police station)

D takes her call and she asked for detective hwang. so D tells TH : she says she is Baek J’s mom and it’s urgent. TH: who? TH takes the call. TH: hello? YS says that she is J’s step mom and J has been caught by loan sharks. TH yells into the phone: where is that place? where is it?!

TH runs out and he forgot his car keys. D comes out and asks what is going on. TH is so nervous he can only say J’s name in a worried tone so D offers to drive cuz TH cant right now. (D knew right away that it was something urgent about J and knew TH would be too worried and nervous to drive.)

J asks how much the debt is for them to do this. The guy says it’s $80,000 and it has to be paid today to be $80,000 (meaning the amount increases each day)-why? J: ok I will pay it back so please just go back today. He laughs and says J is a fun kid. Guy: of course we like it if someone else pays instead. So when? How are you going to pay it back? J: I don’t have money right this second but I will pay it as soon as I get money. other guy says it seems YS ran off. He has been calling for the past hour and she still doesn’t pick up. Bald guy tells the other one to take J into the car. He leaves and the other one says “let’s go” to J and leads her out. J: why are you doing this – I said I would pay the money back. Guy: I said let’s go. J:why are you like this – let go. He drags her out anyway

TH yells at D to drive faster, the road is blocked so TH gets out and runs for it. He only has to run like a block away

J yells out “let go” and “save me” as YS watches J being dragged into the van. TH comes up and kicks the guys around. TH asks if J is ok and while he is looking at her, TH gets hit by a plank in the back of his head. J screams. YS pulls J away and asks if J is ok and not hurt. They watch as TH fights and gets beat up cuz he is fighting like 3 guys alone. J calls out “ajusshi” to warn TH so he turns and looks and is able to block the crate that was coming at him so it only hits his hand (instead of his head). D shows up and helps fight a guy and TH keeps hitting one guy a lot. Another guy gets away. D has to pull TH away from the guy he beat up.

After the fight is over, D asks TH to go to J. J steps closer to TH. TH says to J: why are you with that woman- are you stupid? come out of the goshiwon right now –come out right now – if you are like this cuz you don’t have a place to go….He stops mid sentence and says: I am sorry- I said I wouldn’t care anymore. He turns to leave and J says “ajussi – your hand” TH looks down at his bloody hand. J asks concerned: are you hurt a lot? You are bleeding. TH doesn’t look at her as he says: I am ok. You shouldn’t care anymore too. TH and D take those men away.

*I wanted to get the exact English translation for what TH said and it sounds the same both ways so I gave you guys two variations: “you shouldnt let it be your business anymore” or “you shouldnt care anymore”

J sits in the office and remembers how TH said “I’m sorry I said I wouldn’t let it be my business anymore – I’m ok – you shouldn’t make it your business anymore too.” She doesn’t hear KJ talking about the four ducks. He says how the main character is the mom duck but he cares more about the brother ducks.First duck, second duck, third duck, and fourth duck. All of them seem realistic. Instead of being confined to the forms of comedy or tragedy, let’s make the characters seem alive like in a storybook, and follow the way the characters reach their potential/renewal.
[*Joonni clarified: This writer writes pretty metaphorically. That korean word for “potential/renewal” is a hard word to translate. Literally means East/dawn so it has the connotation of “brand new day,” “rebirth,” “renewal.” I think the writer wants the four brothers to achieve not just a character growth but a transformation for a brighter, happier future.]
J mumbles “yes.” He knows she isn’t listening or paying any attention so he says suddenly “do you want to date me?” J says without thinking: yes. what? KJ: that you heard? J: I am sorry – I was thinking of something else for a second. KJ: Did something happen? Your expression looks like you got beat up somewhere. J: no that’s not it– I am sorry. KJ mutters while touching his lips, “Yeah, getting beat up, I’m the one that got beat up.” As he speaks, he inserts a DVD. KJ says: Even if you did get beat up somewhere, a person who cant concentrate when they are working with me – I don’t like it as much as I dislike a woman who is two timing while dating me. While we are working, let’s concentrate and give each other due attention – I also don’t give any other creator my attention while working with another. Once I choose a writer, they are the best writer to me and partner to me until the very end. If, they also promise to give me the same amount of attention. J says sorry and promises to concentrate/focus. He tells her to move to the side of the sofa and sit.KJ: As punishment – don’t move and watch it till the end.After you watch this, let’s regroup tomorrow with new focus. J agrees to do that. He puts a box of tissue next to her and turns on the projector. He turns on a Japanese animation (Grave of Fireflies) for her to watch and leaves.

The brother character cries and J cries while watching it and reaches for the tissue. She cries a lot. She remembers how TH smiled at what she said by the tent on her first day there. how he came into her tent drunk. how he brought her coffee. how he got hurt for her. and how he said “not doing anything at all – that it’s all that I should be doing now –I get that now.” “I want to say goodbye while looking at your face. Be well.” She cries nonstop.

* I bawled through this scene like 3 times now. also I seriously want to watch that movie cuz it looks good.

SY calls her mom and says she deposited the money. SY says again TB had nothing to do with it. “mom don’t you know TB? Does he look like that kind of person? If I did give it, I would have given it voluntarily – do you really think TB would have asked for it? Yes so stop saying that. Hang up.” G comes by and asks “who is making our Cha SY upset?” she almost calls him “sunbae” and changes to “director” so he says when they are alone just the two of them she can feel at ease to call him “sunbae.”He asks if there is a problem. SY says there isn’t and says they have to go into the meeting.

TB watches video footage of himself complimenting himself as the best up and coming reporter at IBC news. He remembers how SY said all those complimentary things about him.

SY gets a text from TB. He asks to meet on the roof for a minute

SY: What’s going on. TB: can you lend me $20,000? i cant pay you back right away. I want to try at least to pay you back within the year but I don’t know it might take longer than that. I am the one asking- IBC’s up and coming reporter. Didn’t you say I was pretty ok. Will you trust me and lend it to me? She says she likes the person asking for the loan-until he pays her back – is he caught by her? TB: probably. SY says ok she will give him the loan. He asks if she has dinner plans and asks to get off work together.

They walk in the park. TB sees couples everywhere and he smiles over at SY a lot and so does she. He asks if SY is ok –you should have dressed warmer. SY: I’m ok – I’m warm. but she looks cold so he takes his jacket off telling her to wear it and sort of back hugs her for a split second as he puts it on her. SY: no it’s ok you will catch cold. TB: just wear it – it’s ok. she thanks him. He tries to casually hold her hand. She says it’s been a while since she went for a walk. Even though she ran around here and there for work (reporting) it’s been a while since she could feel at ease like this and observe people and the view. He almost held her hand but she sees a cute kid and goes over to the girl. SY: so cute -how old are you? girl says 4. SY: what is your name? where is your mom? girl points to the ground. SY: you came to play with your mom? so cute. Who tied your hair like this? TB stands there and watches SY. Then he takes her SY’s picture with his cell phone. SY: omo are you taking a picture now? Don’t take a picture of me. If you are going to take a shot – take one together. I don’t like taking just shots of me cuz it’s embarrassing. TB: then take it together. He moves closer and they smile into his phone camera. They take one and he says take one more and gets ready to put his hand on her shoulder but she gets a call and moves away. She says into the phone to G that she already left work. I am taking a walk – why? Did something happen? TB tries to get closer to hear. she moves away to talk to G. SY: yes – oh I thought something had happened. What? Don’t joke around sunbae. See you tm sunbae. after she hangs up, she asks TB why his expression is like that. TB sort of gives her a displeased look. TB: it’s nothing. She thinks he is cold so she tries to take the jacket off to give it back. SY: you are cold aren’t you? should have said sooner. TB: I said I wasn’t. I’m not cold. He walks off so she goes after him calling out “are you really ok?” She gives his jacket back anyway saying it’s cold. He says again it’s not cold.

TH looks in the mirror. He has lots of bruises and a cut on his face and hands. Just when he was about to wash his bleeding hand, D hears how Hong Man Shik is coming into korea so TH asks what time is his flight-let’s go.

They drive to the airport and see Hong waiting for a car to pick him up. They watch Hong get in and TH tells D to get back in their car and they chase the other car. TH’s hand is still bleeding. TH gets close enough to read the plate. D calls it in to find the plate owner. D:what? TH says the name first – Lee ki chul (the police chief) before D says it aloud. TH: isnt it? D says it’s correct-it’s their chief’s car

Chief tells Hong: even if I don’t say a lot you will probably understand it. That night at the Hong Kong restaurant nothing happened – I never received designer watches or the ball pen from Baek Inho. All you have to do is keep your mouth shut. In ho is dead now. Since In ho is not in this world –do you want your family to find out about your involvement? Hong says he has an appointment to meet J and to drop him off.

TS gets a call from YJ. He finds out she is coming to his home.

YJ shows up with a present. She says hello and that she came to visit cuz they invited her to come over at the wedding. You must be surprised cuz I came suddenly. Mom: more than surprised. TS comes upstairs and says YJ should have called ahead. YJ says she didn’t call cuz she didn’t want the mom to pay too much attention cuz women worry about these things (and over prepare and stuff). Mom says YJ is right but she still should have called. Dad invites YJ to sit. TS says they are going out. Dad tells her to sit. YJ says to N- you are that kid I saw – don’t you remember me? I met you wit H’s mom. N bows and says hello. YJ: you speak our language well, but who is this kid. No one answers. She asks TS. He says N is H’s friend. YJ: oh you are H’s friend. Dad: he is TS’s son. YJ: what? What did you say? TS’s son?

TH walks over to Hong and TH gives his job title and name. TH asks Hong: did you have a good meeting with Lee Ki Chul? Hong seems surprised TH knows that. TH: Please reveal the truth. in ‘07 at the Hong Kong restaurant meeting, director Baek In Ho gave Lee Ki Chul some designer watches –didnt he? The only person who can clear up the matter regarding Baek J’s backdoor admittance is you Hong Man Shik shi. Though the investigation was closed due to lack of evidence, ever since a while back Baek J has been accused on the internet of backdoor admittance. Because I wasn’t able to reveal who gave those watches to professor Seo, for the rest of Baek J’s life – she will be suspected of backdoor admittance. I am pleading with you – please let her get out from under that suspicion. (TH is basically asking Hong to help him clear J’s name.) Hong doesn’t say anything, but he looks conflicted.

TH outside and goes to his car and notices his hand is still bleeding. He goes into a pharmacy to get some medical supplies. J is on the phone with Hong and says I’m sorry for being late ajusshi. I am almost there. TH comes out and he has a bag of stuff to clean his wound like antiseptic and gauze to wrap it. J stands and watches him clean the wound and try to wrap his injured hand with his other free hand.

He drops the roll of gauze and J picks it up. Without saying a word, J walks over and takes his hand and wraps it for him. He flinches in pain. J says apologetically: I am sorry just endure a little bit longer. TH: it’s ok.

She continues to wrap his hand and this time he watches her the whole time- never looking away for even a second



YJ leaves the house. TS says he really didn’t mean to deceive her. YJ slaps TS. YJ asks if she looks like someone he shouldn’t take seriously.

TS yells at the dad: why did you do that to me? I said I would tell her.

TS and the brothers drink. TS: do you guys understand dad? (Meaning understand why the dad did that). TS stands up so TP asks: hyung are you going somewhere?

TS wakes up without his shirt on so he asks MS: what are you? are you crazy? MS: what? TS: nothing happened right?

SY to TB: do you want to have lunch together? Coworkers call down to them as they leave work so TB whispers to SY: don’t turn around – just go. Then G pulls up in his car and asks “will you include me too?” over the group meal, G asks SY: should we go see the ocean this weekend. TB looks upset

Dad asks the mom: where are you going? Mom: to J. they take food to J. mom says to J: this is the abalone porridge you like and some side dishes. J: is this what you meant when you said you had something to say?

Mom: a buyer showed up who wants to buy the farm.

J says over the phone: sell it right away tm.

Mom introduces KJ to TH as the person who wants to make a contract to buy their farm.

To sum up – in case you missed it:

KJ did not ask her out – he only said that line to get her attention – he didnt mean it – not yet anyway

TH’s birth mom is deceased – that is what he was trying to tell TH more than likely and maybe give some more explanation about her to TH * I am sure of this cuz in dramas, you only talk to a photo when they are not around anymore – as in passed away

also TH has a cut on his face so I am really hoping she puts a band aid on that one too – they just have to talk to each other – how could she just bandage him up and go meet Hong. I want J to thank TH – she hasnt thanked him yet for saving her.

what worried me earlier was how scared she looked as she watched TH beat that guy to a pulp – she looked like she was a little afraid of TH. maybe cuz he seemed so out of control.

I wonder if J is going to throw away the mom’s food like she did with TH’s.


106 comments on “Ojakkyo brothers E29

  1. mai says:

    thank you so much because you mention the anime she watch..
    now, i watch that episode..ep 29..
    i really wish to see the anime too
    thank you so much for recaps ❤


  2. inn says:

    I think that anime is available online. Just search for it and you can watch it. It is partially base on true story. Prepare a lot of tissues. Apart from anime, it have been made into life action drama series as well. i didn’t watch the life action cuz I don’t have anymore tears to shed. I still have the anime dvd. Watch it once only. I didn’t even dare look at the cover cuz it’ll only made me cry.


  3. MAYA says:

    She had the same reaction as me with the movie…..But I watch the live action version…..Instead of the Anime……DDD: :”””””””””(


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