Impatient for this…

Bear with me cuz this is going to be one of the oddest posts I’ve ever made. Even Fanderay was confused about what I was planning to do with this post. The thing is last night I had this nagging feeling something isn’t adding up. You are going to be shocked I did this kind of research, but like I said – it bugged me so I went through past recaps and found out what I wanted.

So far I have only watched 3 family dramas that I can think of, but finished only two of them from start to finish. I watched all of Smile You and CYHMH, but Highkick season 1 and 2 only sporadically cuz those are like over a 100 episodes each season. I always knew that Smile You had been extended, but I never realized it was supposed to have been only a 30 episode drama originally. No wonder when it ended at E45, there were a few episodes where I was wondering why the story didn’t seem to zip along as much as the earlier ones. I pray that doesn’t happen to OB since it was set to be 50 episodes from the start. Rumors that it may be extended make me nervous.

If you haven’t guessed by now what all this rambling is leading up to – I will just say it. When are scenes like these going to come out already?

If we can’t have any of those, I will settle for this one – minus the eyes open if possible, but not going to hold my breath. Knowing J, her eyes will be wide open I bet. Isn’t there a wager going on about that?

This one is probably out of the question, but it was still a riot to watch. :)

Aside from differences in personality of all these drama characters, does anyone else wonder why OB is taking so long to move their love lines along compared to the couples in CYHMH and SY? Almost 30 episodes seems kind of long to make the audience wait. Not just J and TH, but also TP and Y, MS and TS, and of course SY and TB take one step forward and now they will be taking a step back cuz TB found out SY went behind his back to loan his dad money. I used to say that it was cuz OB revolves around the family and the farm so of course this whole deal with the contract being stolen and then returned had to take precedence, but now that it has, we get more complications at every turn. I went back to my recaps for CYHMH and discovered DJ and W’s first peck happened on E14 and then a proper kiss on E20. On Smile You, after E13, they never really stopped. That family drama had more romantic moments than all of OB, CYHMH, and Highkick put together. At this point, I think even wishing for more than just one peck might be asking too much of J and TH. TB and SY I have complete faith in to have more “lovey dovey” scenes in the future. This is mean, but I sort of hope we are spared any of those moments from MS and TS. I really despise TS for being the worst dad ever and I think MS deserves better. As for TP and Y, I still say it’s never going to happen – just do not see the chemistry there at all.

Even if none of the love lines are going smooth and steady for the next two episodes, I’m not choosy – I will even jump for joy if J and the mom reconcile at this point cuz I love that relationship almost as much as J and TH anyway. None of this rambling means I love OB any less. On the contrary, for someone like me to even post something like this speaks volumes about how much I am enamored with this drama.

After all is said and done, if Joowon sings on the OST for OB, I would be willing to overlook how long it’s taking for the love stories to get going. :)

Additional bit of info:

Right now in Korea, Joowon’s face is everywhere – on the side of buses, billboards on subway stations, side of buildings, and movie theaters cuz his movie comes out soon. There is no getting away from this guy’s face even if you wanted to. Last month it was YAI, but this month it’s Joowon. No complaints at all mind you. :)

*Here is hoping for E29 and E30 to make some strides and bring us one step closer to reconciliation for J and TH. Like you guys, I am dying to know why KJ got that bloody lip from TH and what his motive was for asking her to date.

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95 comments on “Impatient for this…

  1. Esra says:

    I saw Ojakgyo recaps on your blog and I have finally watched it. All of the episodes in 3 days. I watched 10 episodes a day and now waiting is killing me. I am watching fan mv’s and joo won’s videos now. He is really good at singing, I hope his new movie comes out faster. I want to see his other works. I would watch tak goo for him but that drama doesn’t seem my type. Anyway i hope they reconcile soon and we can finally see a kiss. It took really long, not for me though:)

    • Softy says:

      I can’t believe you saw all that in 3 days- did you get any sleep at all? You are going to be so tired for the new eps this weekend. So glad you liked it though – enough to keep going at least. Now you can join the crowd here this weekend and be all caught up for the fun. :)

      • Kisa Yamato says:

        xD I watched it in 2 days :P I couldn’t stop anymore. I got up from bed and watched it till 5-6 in the morning. On the second day I also got back to sleep at 6 in the morning and had to get up to school one hour later. This drama is just damn great :P

        thx for your recaps, you made me addicted to it.

      • esra says:

        I can’t believe myself either! I was going to watch one last episode, but i ended up watching it all. :)

        • Kisa Yamato says:

          I know at that time I thought: damn I am bored let’s watch this drama. at first I was like ohhh, then omg that guy is hot , then omg uee is great and after that I fell in love with the whole drama. I watched many dramas before but there was never a drama that made me watch every episode in 2 days xD

  2. zgznoona says:

    They are dressing too summerlike, could it be from the earlier episodes. Didn;t both ot hem go to the airport in ep1, or is it 2?
    I think TH and J will make us suffer a little more. Particularly now that KJ is in the picture.
    I’m actually more interested in the story between TH and KKJ than between TH and J.
    You know all the having the stepbrother who enjoy all the love your mother never gave you showing infrom of you. I’m intrigue. Wondering if the mom is sick or if she already passed away. Also KJ seems to be such an easy going person that is is a good contrast to TH.
    As ti will be with TB and SY, mostly because TB might misunderstand SY’s interest in G.
    TS is not just a bad example of a father, he is a jerk in general, and a part of me thinks he might actually marry JY and be miserable for a while.
    About TP and Y, I do want them as a couple. I think they a cute together and I see some chemistry. But that might just be me.

    • Ditu3ka says:

      Me too! Me too. I also see some chemistry between TP and Y. They´re similiar in some ways. They´re the youngest of their families, they´re both considered slackers or maybe failures in some aspects of their lives and they´re not taken seriously by anyone. I quess they can connect with each other. They´ve always been taken care of and I think they both feel the need to prove themselves as capable and trustworthy, living on their own. Y is older but she takes everything TP says seriously and seems impressed by his actions and capability. He doesn´t need to impress her or anything, just be himself is enough. Y gives him feeling of being usefull and capable and I thing TP, who has never has taken care of anyone as the youngest, somehow feel the need to protect her. If they don´t end up as a couple they sure will help each other to grow and they will end up as great friends at the end.

      • Ditu3ka says:

        Sorry for my grammar.

      • Softy says:

        Ok now you got me thinking they have a chance -You sure are convincing. :) Wonder when they will start showing their attraction more. I really wanted them to have a happy ending too. :)

      • i saw their chemistry since the first time they met, the photo she took, and there was TP behind.. and i dont know why, it was like something would happen between them.. ^^ and every single fight scene between them is funny too,, then when TP spoke to Y’s sister,, she was like have found someone to take a responsibility for her sister.. :) * sorry.. bad eng?

  3. LadyIgraine says:

    i think those photos are only promotional stills not necessarily about a particular episode (though i could be wrong). or maybe the production shot the final episode first (some directors do that), prior to the actual filming because of the change in season. the show started around the end of summer, and the weather started dropping around episode 16 i believe. maybe this photo was about the two heading to honeymoon somewhere outside korea (?).

  4. Azaly says:

    The photo of TH and J it’s from the teaser of OB, I don’t know if that scene will be part of the drama, but that’s part of the drama teaser with angry birds :P, I’m waiting for this weekend like crazy

    • Softy says:

      holy crap – there was a teaser for this? oh man how did I not know? now i have to change the picture. :)

      • Azaly says:

        Well, like a teaser teaser…it’s not a big teaser, in fact TB-SY couple have a teaser like this with the angry birds

        I guess this teaser doesn’t show in the TV

        Sorry my english :D

        • Softy says:

          The thing is I hardly watch any Korean tv at all – only on drama nights where I have to recap. Never saw any of these angry bird teasers on tv in Korea. Now it makes sense. Saw the one for TB and SY a while back cuz someone posted it in comments. But I still wonder why J called him “Tae Hee” instead of “oppa” or “ajusshi” :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    glad to know that am not the only one buuuuuziiing around waiting for TH to reconcile with J, hit KJ a little bit (lol); for TS to FINALLY get what he deserves; for TB to get his wife feelings for him (i keep saying that maybee it won’t turn out as bad as we think)..
    ah tomorrow just come pleaase! now in Tunisia it’s 19:38 pm ;)

    • rainyrain says:

      heyyyyy me too from tunisia , OMG , someonelse from my country is loving OB and softy’s blog , 3aslama ( this is a tunisian word means Hi ;) ) I’m rainyrain :)
      We will have to wait till tomorrow inchallah at 12h or 13h tunisia time to at least read Softy’s live recap till finishing torrenting the epi :)

      Softy I’m also waiting for the lovy dovy moments between TH-JE and TB-SY but I guess , with all the actual and upcoming problems , seems we will have to wait a little more till we get what we want :(
      and I also wish they will be no extension for this drama , more than 50 epi means more anguish and more problems and I think we had enough of all the anguish and problems we are living now with this drama

  6. Bochra Bsm says:

    yeah and you’re the best for posting this ;) glaad to be a fun!

  7. Bochra Bsm says:

    why do i always notice my mitakes after posting??! lol sorry hope you get what am saying..

  8. Bochra Bsm says:

    waaw! rainyrain “3assléma!!” :D
    very nice to meet you! am the one that posted earlier from Tunisia as anonymous.. lol i forgot to sign first!!
    usually i get to read them at 14h (means 2 pm loling at my mistake hihi)
    untill tomorrow then :)

    • rainyrain says:

      inchallah :)
      I was wondering if you were from an arabic country when I first read your name but didn’t dare asking you :) but then you turned to be a tunisian , I’m sooo happy that we are too many tunisians loving kdrama and softy’s blog , I wish they will shoot some dramas in tunisia like they are doing in china or thailand or other countries , I wanna meet one of the hallyu stars
      I also read softy’s recap around that time if I’m home but most of the time I wait till I watch the episode to post , softy’s recaps are rocking :)

      • Bochra Bsm says:

        :D loolliing! so glad to meet you, and so surprised too! feels like “finally enough with my freinds commenting at me loving korean dramas and obsessing about OB” feels so good ;) but you know what : they ask about the news every monday lool!
        by the way your comments gain my attention everytime (“malla sodfa!!!” i mean “what a coincidence!!!” hihi)
        whenever i see them shooting in other countries i say the same thing hihi :)
        and yeah SOFTY ROCKS; ah when i remember myself watching without getting a word!!!
        but hey i know some words like “kamsahamida softy”!!! :)

  9. Bochra Bsm says:

    i wanna see the love and the drama to never end!!
    what should i choose?? lol!
    but you know what i think that because it got so popular, they won’t stop at 50
    TH is so intense! mad or happy, with friends or loved ones or hated ones (like that kreepy bro): he’s so intense! (when he does the ticking thig with his neck and attack : me going o_o like this lol)
    wanna see them together 4ever soon or am gonna B buzziinng all week loong lool!

  10. nonski says:

    Morning Softy~~~

    Woke up and went to my laptop and saw this post. You made me wonder what will happen this episode to make you post this one. And I was actually looking for the picture you were referring to and get to read thru the comments that you changed the pics.

    I still think or rather wish that J’s anger would have mellowed after this week’s episodes. But reconciliation with mom isn’t gonna come till after 32. I think the next conflict will be TH going back to his “shell” again because of KJ. Uhmmm, I am assuming too much. I am very interested about KJ tho, what will come out with his relationship with TH and what happened to TH mom.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

    Thanks for the post Softy/Fanderay!

    • Softy says:

      Same here – I woke up this morning and realized it was Sat. I should have slept more, but I saw these comments and decided to reply instead. :)

      Why do you think the mom and J will reconcile right at E32? What’s going to happen then? Now I am curious.

      I thought maybe when the mom finds out J is in danger, she will go and speak to J after TH rescues her. At least that is what I was hoping.

      • nonski says:

        mine’s not grounded on anything at all, just wishful thinking… mmmm well, actually after the J’s drunken trip to the farm, it only shows how unconsciously she had been longing to see the mom. i think that after the rescue J would mellow on her anger and it would then be easy for them to recon. your thought of mom talking to J is very realistic actually, knowing how she already considers J as her daughter.

        btw, i really really hope there is no extension for this drama… please.

  11. nik says:

    “On Smile You, after E13, they never really stopped. ”

    OMG. I should really start watching this!

    • Maqluba says:

      You should definitely watch it…I was really hesitant at first b/c I thought it would take forever cuz it was so effin long but I swear its totally worth it!! (it was my first drama with more than 20 eps i’ve seen)
      I love love love Smile You….Everyone was funny, the love stories were perfect and even the enemies were funny… As much as you hate an enemy I swear the next episode you love them (most of them anyways) and THAT’S how I like my family dramas. There are dramas you watch for the melo-ness and some you watch for the heart and some you watch for the funny and this had everything plus chunderella:)
      ALSO it was my first drama where I saw Lee Kyu Han (who plays the bestie in CYHMH) and he was awesome…I swear if the kissing/touching of the OTP doesn’t get you this guy’s hilarious whining and pouty lips will get you:)

      • Softy says:

        That is so true. You really should watch this Nik. Won’t regret it we promise. This was another drama I was going to skip, but my sister kept saying give it a chance and raved about it. She almost threatened me to watch it and I finally did. pretty soon I was 100% hooked. The lead couples are adorable and I loved the grandpa in this drama so much. Everything is in this drama – humor, love, warmth, and some melo. And best of all – so much flirting and cuteness. Your cheeks will either ache from grinning or laughter -depending on how funny you think each scene is.

        • nonski says:

          I had been hearing so much about Smile, You, I haven’t watched this one yet. You know that this is the long drama I ever followed, well Giant is an exception coz watched it on dvd.

        • nik says:

          Alright, alright! I promise I’ll watch it before this year ends! Blame Ojakgyo Brother for giving me skinship cravingness. =.=

          *pushes all other series downloading and put Smile You the first priority.

          I wish I could just snatch softy’s hardisk and watch it. Now I have to wait for the download to finish. T^T

          Thanks softy and Maqluba! :D

  12. YeeKrFan says:

    What a beautiful Sat morning! LUCKY YOU SOFTY! Seeing Joo Won everywhere you’re going… I’m green with envy & am sure many of us as well. Well, hope you can snap some of those photos & post it here so that we can have a real life feel of those moments…if not asking too much…THANK YOU.

    As for the KISS though I’m impatient for that too but I’ve realized lately, I’m enjoying and savouring all their moments together no matter good or bad ones cuz their events are happening on a daily basis. Though we are watching it in a weekly basis but their world is happening day-to-day. To have their relationship starting to bloom in just one season are pretty good and with everyone here enjoying this journey together with them is so amazing…I guess I just don’t want it to end too soon. I think we shouldn’t be too obsessed with the episode number why no kiss yet at almost 30 episodes, comparing with other dramas and stuff. Personally, I’m getting a real feel of their relationship with the writer pragmatic and realism approaches in their courtship which resonates with me and I’m savouring it! ;)

    Looking forward to tonight OB times!

    • Softy says:

      yeah I agree – I am loving every minute too and I never felt anything was wrong with this drama and I still don’t. I just wrote this on a whim cuz it hit me that most 16 or 20 eps dramas would have gone somewhere by now with the love line and it’s not like this is WBDS which I heard had almost zilch kissing. I think J’s crush and all those quizzical stares TH gave her sustained the drama all this way and kept me glued. now that we will finally get that rescue scene we were all hoping for, I bet we will see some progress or at least have J ease up on TH. Which reminds me, I wish he would have spoken up for himself more and said how much he tried to fight for her instead of just accepting the guilt. He should have told her how the dad and some of the brothers wanted to give her half the farm from a long time ago before they even knew about the contract being stolen by the mom, but he just let her rant. I guess defending himself would just make his mom look worse so he kept quiet. what is it about silent brooding types that just get to us every time. :)
      Also the posters I see all over Korea are for his movies so you can see them online. I am keeping a lookout to see when he comes out on entertainment news cuz they usually do interviews to promote their movies right about now. Song joong ki was on one last week doing his promo for his movie too.

  13. D says:

    The best part about that SY kiss was that she was the one pushing him onto the table….I love me some beta males :D…..gaah I do miss that drama…so many wonderful family and romantic moments and yes the extension did kinda kill the momentum of that one…..I will be so mad if they decide to give OB one too….which is why I’m kinda glad we have an idol on the cast..usually they have trouble fitting more drama time onto their schedules with all the other things they are doing…idols are reliable that way :P

  14. teresa n says:

    i never liked” smile you” too much because i did not like the lead guy too much. i love OB tho. even without the skinship it is still so interesting. i am from miami,fl usa! you see softy, you have an international fan base. lol I love your translations, they add to my enjoyment of the drama sooooo much.

  15. My2Girls says:

    Dear Softy and the entire OB fan club –

    It really is so wonderful on the eve of saturday (AKA OB day!), at least it is the eve of saturday here in Seattle, to read all the comments of these wonderfully passionate fans from all over the globe theorizing on where our beloved OB is going. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate that I am not alone in the world in wishing that the day would come sooner and that our beloved Softy could type faster! (But you are AMAZING in your speed and dedication Softy :) ) I have been trying to figure out what makes this show so addicting and this is what I came up with (please humor me):

    Take two strong women and put them through the ringer. A mother raising sons with a husband that keeps getting them in financial trouble. A motherless daughter raised to be a princess in her father’s eye and then having the rug yanked out from under her. Both women need the same piece of land to survive! It is a brilliant set up and the many pairing and love triangles pale in comparison to the need of these two women. The mother who will stoop to stealing a contract and a motherless daughter who will live in a tent!!! They are both breaking our hearts (or at least mine) and are the reason that I tune in every week – that is not to say that I wouldn’t like to see a little lip action between TH and J! I also would like to see TB get bit by the love bug and realize that he impregnated and married the right woman for him AND I really want to see TS learn the importance in life is not that you marry a young, pretty girl but the you man up and take responsibility for your life (and your son!) and stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself. I almost think the MS is too good for him – he would need to do a little groveling.

    Alright I am done getting things off my chest. Thank you for letting me have a forum to do that. The really sad thing is that with a sick toddler and a 9 year old with soccer games and play dates to be driven to I will probably never get a chance to read Softy’s recap until late tomorrow :(


    • Softy says:

      Ha that is so true Amy. Everything you said about the two strong women, TB and SY, and MS deserving better. I must admit before I even got caught up in J and TH, I was more preoccupied with sticking up for the mom in the beginning. I was so worried that without subs, the mom just looks downright evil for stealing the contract and people didn’t like her and wanted to drop the drama. I just knew the mom couldn’t be that awful deep down inside cuz of how she took TH in without a second thought. Like you said, for any woman to be so willing to give TH the extra attention he needs cuz he was abandoned by his own mom – to put him first before the needs of her own sons and to never once let TH feel he wasn’t part of the family – that kind of mom just couldn’t be evil through and through. Also she had to keep telling herself to remain firm cuz J was affecting her every day by just being J – lovable and endearing. When I kept hearing the mom mutter “no I can’t let my heart weaken” I just knew she would crumble soon and she did. In my research for this post I realized how quickly J and the mom bonded. that’s why their separation now is killing me cuz I loved how the mom was always touching J’s hair or holding her hand all the time. Even though she never gave J a verbal answer after that night when J asked the mom to let her be her daughter, the mom hasn’t stopped treating J like one ever since then. The loss the mom is feeling now is just the kind of acute pain you feel for a child you miss. I kind of wonder how TH’s mom was able to get past that for the last 24 years. How do you leave your own child behind and just transfer that feeling to a step son. Oops this reply got sort of long winded. :)

  16. Maqluba says:

    Thank you so much for your recaps/translations. No one was subbing this show at the beginning and I knew it was getting high ratings so I was curious but I couldn’t watch it! So when I saw your posts I was EXTREMELY happy so thank you very much for all your work!
    Also thank you for this reminiscing post to give me something to think about while I wait for the weekend lol it makes me want to go back to watch Smile,You again but maybe just watch the OTP and the chunderella moments oh and of course this:

    • Maqluba says:

      coming in from Detroit, Michigan Btw:)

      • Softy says:

        LOL how did this post turn into a roll call all of a sudden? I wrote it on a whim and now it became an OB forum. It’s like this post has a life of its own. :)

        Part of the reason why I picked it up so late was cuz i just assumed every blogger would be all over this cuz it’s just a great drama from the first episodes. Watching TH sweet talk the grandma over the phone was just priceless. I also laughed so much watching TS keep saying how pretty J is while all the brothers are fixated on the real issue of being homeless soon. When they all yelled at him at the same time, i was hooked. So yeah there was no way i was going to let this drama slip by without wanting to share how great the story was getting each week.
        Btw – Just hearing Chunderella cracks me up again. :)

        • Maqluba says:

          I was jealous that people started giving shout-outs about where they were from so I joined the club lol
          I laughed really hard about the whole TS-crush thing but then when he was looking at her pics on the computer…alone in his room….it got too creepy for me lol
          Also since you seem to be reading comments I wanted to ask you something but I dunno if you addressed it before in your earlier posts so just tell me where and I’ll read my answer if you’ve already talked about this… I was wondering why you do one post for 2 episodes rather than a post for each episode… I usually end up watching the two episodes later on in the week cuz I wait for someone to post it on the websites but I like to read your posts while I watch so I dont have to wait forever for someone to sub it–anyways what I wanted to ask was if you could separate the posts or if you could switch them around so that they’re in order of that weekend rather than the earliest episode at the top of the post only cuz I still seem to mix up your comments/previews sections and i end up reading spoilers lol… I feel like there is a reason for you doing it that way so you can ignore my request if I’m missing something (which I’m sure I am:)…

          • Softy says:

            Thanks for bringing this up – had no idea if this was ok for you guys or if it was a problem cuz no one said anything. Normally I posted the better episode on top or if I liked a certain screencap more. I didnt even realize most recent was on top till now. This is my blog so I can change anything I want so it’s no big deal at all to separate posts. Will start from tonight’s episode. :)

            Here was my original reason – seems kinda lame now, but I wanted to pair them up so that I have 25 posts total for OB. :) The idea of having to click thru all 50 posts just to see the first one bothered me so my organizing instinct kicked in and thought “post them in pairs” :) The other silly reason was since no one was watching this when I started, there were like 15-20 comments per pair and it seemed less sad if they were stuck together. It sort of depresses me when I see posts with like ten comments. I know – see – told you my reasons would be silly. So now you know I not only read comments, I make sure to memorize the names too so I can recognize them when they post again. That is why when I was replying to the birthday post, I didnt need to read that some viewers were with me from the beginning cuz I already knew their names. :)

            • Maqluba says:

              oh I totally get what your saying about the 25 vs 50 posts thing…it makes sense..well keep doing what your doing, its not that big of an issue:) please don’t change your format just cuz of me! keep it how it is cuz I def see your point…

              i just wanna add I’m kinda new to the commenting on posts (I usually just read) but I just read one of your previous posts about watching ‘Pride’ (it was a really old post) and you asked for jdrama recommendations and I just wanted to tell you I’ve seen way too many k/j/t dramas to count so if you ever need a suggestion just give me your mood and I’ll give you your jdrama lol even tho I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty recs by now from others:)

  17. Anonymous says:

    hi Softy and OB drama Fan club,

    thanks Softy above comments. I hope the OB is not more than 50 episodes and wanna see the drama is happy ending. I love Korean family drama. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  18. ck1Oz says:

    Omg softy. do you want to call this post-qualitative evaluations of factors influencing. timeliness for KD kisses in family drama.

    • Softy says:

      LOL – that’s a good one CK :) like I said, after reading all the comments, I sort of forgot what started all this, but it sure is fun. Kinda wonder what else this post will turn out to be – it’s almost like an open forum on DB. :)

      • nonski says:

        yeah sorta like that already, except that it had become more personal and the people here are really talking about dramas, and dramas only, well, actors included like Joo-won only *winks*

        • ck1Oz says:

          Can someone give me the episode or clip where he kissed Eugene? I would take a kiss. Just to see him kiss.

          Not to mention I am totally fangirling softy posted the real ‘ahjussi’ here :-) The Uhm Force. The original man child whom I love in 1N2D. He’s so cute…in a childish way and can’t believe he can even be sexy in movies when he is so dorky.

          • rainyrain says:

            ck1Oz here you go , u can see Joo won kissing eugène in this scene :)

            • Bochra Bsm says:

              OMG OMG OMG!!! O_O
              oh about that second one (kiss): pleaase don’t do it like that, eyes wiide open GOD so bizarre!!
              lol ep29 ep29 ep29 come on lol :D

            • Bochra Bsm says:

              it’ out am dying :(

            • YeeKrFan says:

              This is such a tender kiss from him and with his protective arms around happy at that very moment when she reciprocates his feeling and returns his kiss too…finally a glimpse of happiness for them. The gentleness in his kiss was so different from the first one they have…that one was so *cough* wrong but so hot and manly that stirred up unsavoury desire…*phew*! :)

            • ck1Oz says:

              Rainy thank you :-)
              Now what is this 1st ‘hot’ kiss they’re talking about? Just give me the episode no and I’ll download it myself :-)

              Eeeks….ck deliriously imagining the 1st kiss with JE now.

            • YeeKrFan says:

              Hi CK!

              Oh dear sorry to bust your *bubbles* you are going to be disappointed cuz that kind of *1st kiss* will never going to happen between TH & JE…I only can wish them tender and passionate kisses.

              Here goes it’s in Episode 13 of BK and for fast one here is the link:

              ENJOY! ;)

          • nonski says:

            ck, i have loved Uhm since QSD. :) He has this presence when on screen. :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        Sorry was being silly at work and thinking about research am home now and all ‘ears’ about OB news :-)

        Well Smile You the female was just so honest. She just basically steamrolled into the family even when they objected.Plus she tried to hard to please the mum.Yeah..I watched it too. Uploaded this for viki so watched it endless times trying to synch the subs to the new videos. Swear I watched every episode at least 5 times.

        CYHMH has another heroine who had kind of a traumatic childhood but was fiercely protective towards those she loved. Remember she sang and danced with her dad just to make him feel better and who cares if it was in the day time and in public?

        JE’s character was brought up privileged and thought she was entitled to favours. Then her world crumbled. Both the OTP in Smile, You and CYHMH had strong family support ( brother for the 1st and grandma/dad for the 2nd). JE has no one. The male leads are also so different in characters and family history. TH I think is one of the most scarred of the lot. So we have JE who is alone for the 1st time in her life and not with a family.TH who has a family but thinks he ought to feel grateful to have one-therefore doesn’t ‘grab’ things ( you know like some guys who don’t think they deserve good things happening to them?) like when it should have been obvious when JE kept singling him out.

        With those 2 sort of character how are we going to have a ‘take a giant chance on love and do the love declaration’ sort of moment?

        Sigh. This is me trying to justify why the writer keeps delaying the moment. However looking at the storyline at present-what presents an opportune moment to even initiate skinship between them? They couldn’t even maintain eye contact during the tie tying moment. If it was in Smile, You she would have given him a peck. In CYHMH-hmm…Dong Joo would have flashed his megawatt smile and gone in for a hug.

        JE and TH is there a spontaneous bone in their body? I am NOT criticizing them just making an observation because I think the kiss/hug (not even sure if they’ll do it in ONE scene ) will happen after much thought. Unless it’s the rescue from loan shark relieved you are alright hug scene. However still don’t see it happening together.

        This is SUPER LONG sorry but softy you picked 2 dramas I’ve worked on and I’ve watched every episode several times until I memorized the scenes :-)

        Gimme a hug at least tonight? If there is a kiss…softy what do you want from Australia? My shout :-)

        • nonski says:

          ck, you’re on the dot about JE and TH… i was even thinking that TH might crawl back on his “shell” after things about his mom would resurface after meeting KJ.

    • Maqluba says:

      Can I just say I reeeaalllyy did not like that he said he would back off at the end…. I understand he feels guilty about the whole contract thing but I feel like he gave up too easily– I really love it when the characters are proactive about their love and not hide it “for the sake of the other” like in Smile you and in CYHMH. In OB their love for each other grew together, neither was pining for someone else and both realized their feeling and opened up to each other around the same time (okay she realized before him cuz yeah she’s a girl and that happens lol) so I was hoping we’d get something before TH finds out and then ignores her out of guilt but no…
      I don’t know why but I feel like the rock/paper/scissors game was a great moment for a forehead kiss or something (even tho I really dont like those), but I guess the writers are saving the kiss for something big (or at least I hope!). All I ask for is a strong kiss, preferably in the rain, and preferably without a slap afterwards by J but a return kiss lol. is that too much to ask??!! com’on writers!

      • rainyrain says:

        I don’t think he decided to abondon her just out of guilt , I thnik it’s more related to to the working chance she got , he wants her to focus on something she likes which is drawing cartoon characteres and even have the project with KJ , maybe with that she will be able to forget about her pain and anger and same time she will be able to gain her life since she’s not living with them anymore , that’s why he insists on her to start working with KJ and promissed he won’t embarass her again by meeting her while she’s working ;)

        • Maqluba says:

          oh gotcha…that makes more sense i guess…sorry i havent watched it yet, just read the trans/recap and i think i musta missed that little detail.. oops :P
          either way I hope the separation doesnt last too long:)

  19. Anonymous says:

    im with u softy…
    when is the kiss going to happen!!!
    i just cant wait till we see a kiss preview!!
    even if its just a peck!
    and mind you…JOO WON IS A PRETTY GOOD DAMN KISSER!! LOL (just see how he forced kiss Eugene from Baker King!! kyaaa)
    speaking of that drama, i want that kind of forceful/manly kiss in OB too!!! hahahah
    i kinda doubt though, coz i think they are conservative for this drama,
    i mean, its already been 28 ep. and there’s no romantic scenes yet!!
    not even a kiss!
    well, there was a pretty good kiss with SY/TB, but i’m more looking forward to TH and JE! lol
    don’t tell me PD KIm might stole the 1st kiss??!!! noooooo!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I honestly thought I was too obsessed to check for your blog eventho I know the newest episode hasn’t even aired yet, but seeing you actually post an ‘impatient post’ over the episode I was like, “Yay, I’m not that obsessed then..” and then I read all the comments and like, “maann, I’m totally normal over this..”

    OB is just too good.. Even with the slowest ever romance line in the history of drama, everyone is still hooked (and in my case, slightly deluded to think that TH & J is going to get some everytime a new episode come along, alas it’s still a dream yet to come true)

    and I just want to thank your quick post over OB since I can’t understand korean at all..

    Oh man, I wish it’s time already..

    • Softy says:

      Trust me you are NOT alone …I was so impatient I wrote that post and then didnt get enough sleep so now it’s like 40 mins from starting and I am about to pass out – so sleepy suddenly. Man this show needs to start NOW cuz once it gets going, I will be more alert cuz I wont be waiting around anymore. :)

  21. Mosquito says:

    May I know where to watch Eng sub E27 & E28? I have been watching on Jacinda but it’s only up to E26. Thank you.

    • ck1Oz says:

      Nonski yoo hoo Ms PR person. Do you want to explain about the time delay from DSS?
      I can only explain for mine :-)

      • nonski says:

        the last time i checked it was already lifted. it was initially made to 14 days, reason: users are just coming around leeching for subs and not helping anymore as was originally thought of by the founder. and, the primary reason is to teach users to be patient and wait, some are outright demanding and sometimes get angry when releases gets delayed. you know, people working there are volunteers and have their own life, sometimes they got stuck at work and school and then comes angry users demanding for subs and not even helping. head got angry and issued a 14-day time release delay, later it was cut off to 7 and now it was already lifted.

    • rainyrain says:

      I wonder if there’s any english subs for ep 27 and 28 since darksmurf subbed only till 26 , I don’t know if viki is doing the subs for this drama , ck1Oz is viki subbing this drama ?

  22. ck1Oz says:

    Softy are you changing the name for this post or are we having another post?
    I’ll come back later while I have this satisfied feeling from ep 29. Is this what it means when people say ‘it hurts so good?’

    I felt this indescribable feeling during the scene after the JE/TH 2nd encounter tonight. Will wait for your post to turn up. This drama does not disappoint us-no people not what you think but the fact that the writer writes such great script.

    • Kisa Yamato says:

      did you also watch episode 29? I am relvieved that TH saved her and that j is making a move but sadly the preview doesn’t show any move btw J and Th >_<

    • nonski says:

      ck, is there a link to livestream this drama?

      • ck1Oz says:

        click on 2TV and there will be a pop up screen. It starts 8pm KST and you can only view it on IE on Google chrome.
        Sorry I was back on viki doing Happy Pepero Day cards :-) LOL didn’t expect to receive so many.Haha.

        Oh yeah boy. This episode had SY/TB, JE/TB-not what you think but at least her heart is softening.
        Then the preview was not too bad. I think we all need to be junior writers. We all seemed to be having pretty darn good predictions. There was also a Y and TP moment. Haha. The thing I find hilarious is that the predictions scenarios are pretty darn accurate.

        The ONLY thing people- who is predicting which episode the hug or kiss between TH/JE is happening?

        I am excellent and hinting and not having spoilers right? Not until the recaps comes out from softy :-)

        • nonski says:

          thanks ck, at the very least her heart is softening. :) i’m all for spoilers, you can just pm me on soompi *winks*

          • ck1Oz says:

            I might have to beg off seriously it’s the first time I’m free today after work am actually editing.Popped by quickly. You will have to wait for the translations. Even a short explanation in this episode will end up trying to explain why it was so cute or touching or darn satisfying. Today was more about people opening up to their feelings you see. Not so much actions (darn it) but more their facial expressions.

            Sorry :-(

        • nonski says:

          might not be able to have net later… have to wake up really early to catch up on OB.

    • nonski says:

      ck you got me so excited about this episode. :)

  23. Flo says:

    MAN!!! this drama is soooooo cheap in kiss!!!!

  24. priya says:

    Is TH’s mom no more?
    i’m relieved that at least J tried to bandage him..!

    • Kisa Yamato says:

      haha me too. when TH hurt himself for her sake I was like: come on girl he saved you, hug him, kiss him and marry him. ok you don’t have to marry him but please hug him a least. I felt so bad for him. YAY she bandaged him at least, I wonder how the next episode will start.will she talk normally with him or akward like she does right now?!

  25. uwii says:

    can’t wait for your next post. I’m craving for tonight OB review :)

  26. Ashna says:

    I’m from THE Netherlands, unfortunate for me in THE Netherlands There is no one with whom i can share my love for THE kdrama and pop:( i love this drama, today was THE first time in my three years of watching drama’s that I saw an episode live haha i love OB. Episode 29 is so good! Emotionaliteit Jaeun!

    • Softy says:

      Welcome Ashna – cool name by the way. Congrats on watching your first kdrama live – you picked a great one to start with :) I don’t think there are that many viewers from your country, but this place is getting more global these days so you never know there might be. :)

  27. Mai' says:

    Hmm, I’m was thinking, Softy…
    This program is broadcast on TV at 20 o’clock, and not 22h,right?! Could it be a reason for not happen a real kiss, and just a peck, maybe? I was just wondering…
    thank you

    • Softy says:

      Maybe part of it was for that reason cuz it is a family drama on at 8pm, but mostly I think it’s the script – the focus is on carrying the story along and making everything interesting and these two characters – J and TH- are taking baby steps cuz it fits their story and personality. Also Smile you was on at 9pm, but that didn’t stop them from kissing so much. :)

  28. Bird says:

    Maybe it’s TH first love so he doesn’t know how to express or when to do it? haha just kidding^^

  29. missjb says:

    I want to start watching smile you because the couple alone, hahaha…. I heard many good think about OTP in Smile You, I even start watching their clip in Youtube, so adorable… give some lovey dovey from OTP anyday of the week…

    Family drama is not my thing…. because so many side character usually drive me nuts, because I have to memorize all their names lol…..
    But You have convince me to watching Smile you, and CYHMH…. But what do you prefer? SMile You or CYHMH??? I confuse

    • Softy says:

      On my fav list, CYHMH is higher on the list, but part of that is cuz it’s more recent. To be honest they are too different. Smile You was originally set to be 30eps so if it had stuck to that, then it would compare since CYHMH was also 30eps. CYHMH had more heartbreaking moments, but also uplifting scenes that made me feel like a better person for watching it. Smile you was more humorous and had me laughing LOL a lot in the beginning and pretty much throughout the drama. The OTP were the same age in real life so they had this easy chemistry onscreen. You just totally believed they were in love hook line and sinker. Every look and stare – all those declarations of love was so endearing you fell in love right along with them. There was a scene where the girl (Lee MinJung’s character) pleaded with her older sister “why can’t I like him? Am I not allowed?” she said that cuz in her situation, it would be difficult for any mother in law to accept her as a daughter in law cuz most people would think she was overstepping or being too greedy in wanting to marry him, but at that point she had already fallen in love with him. In that second, they played that heart-renching song my Melo Breeze and I swear it made me bawl cuz you could just feel the desperation in her voice as if she couldn’t think of loving anyone else but him and the idea of not being allowed to love him was making it difficult for her to breathe. Even her sister looked at her and realized how much LMJ’s character was in love.So if I had to answer which drama I prefer, I can’t cuz I love both too much to choose one over the other. If it was a tight race, then CYHMH would have finished just seconds ahead of Smile You. But trust me, you should watch Smile You cuz it’s satisfying. Unlike OB couples, they kiss a lot – enough to make up for OB and CYHMH. :) At one point I even said aloud – man this drama sure does have a lot of skinship and kissing. Never saw one with this much before.

      Fanderay already said Smile You was her fav OTP over CYHMH, but she loves both dramas too. Just to let you know, this is how Fanderay was able to watch Smile You recently: “I streamed most of smile you on hulu/viki.  I also downloaded some episodes at myasiancinema.  I tried torrents initially, but the show is too old and there aren’t enough seeds anymore”

      • missjb says:

        thank you so much for answered my question with such a long comment. I appreciate it alot. <3 I could see a bigger picture, now, so thank you!
        I'm in a romantic mood right now, so Want to watch some lovey dovey moment between OTP… haha.. Your answer help me alot, maybe I will start liking family drama after watching Smile You. ;)

        Don't worry, I have found a website who has all the episode.. Don't worry…

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