Ojakkyo Brothers E27 and E28

I havent stopped crying… TH’s scenes have a way of knocking the wind out of you – his sincerity and his pain just resonates and you can feel how hard it must be for him to say each word. You can actually see how desperately he doesnt want to have to say all that and even asks her to face him one last time. I have a feeling if she had looked up at him, he would never have  finished the rest of his speech and taken every word back. Without a doubt, TH will break your heart tonight. This is the most emotional episode so far…the shock of it will leave you reeling.

*Episode 29 translated video preview is out in comments

E29 Text Preview translated by Joonni at the end of E28 – it might end up being the light at the end of this dark tunnel for TH. 🙂


Thank you Joonni for coming to the rescue and filling in these blanks. Everything flows better with your eloquent touch 🙂


Look what I found …I know – they look so different when they aren’t playing J and TH. 🙂 Notice she is almost as tall as the male model.




Starts from KJ asking J: What color are your clothes? KJ looks over the gate. J is already inside the gate. J: my outerwear is close to khaki and my bag is black. What do you look like PD nim. I think it will be faster if I find you. KJ peeks around the door and looks at J. KJ: me? All you have to do is look for a good-looking sexy guy. J: what? KJ: you will know as soon as you see. Look around well. You cant see? He hangs up and sneaks behind J. She asks if he is wearing glasses. Which side are you at? KJ gets close to her ears and says “I am behind you.” J: what? she turns and is surprised cuz he is so close to her face and she falls back. He catches her and helps her steady herself. KJ asks: are you ok JE shi? J: yes I am ok. Thank you. KJ: What do you think – I am a good looking sexy guy right? J: what? She laughs and just then TH arrives and sees them together. J stops smiling and looks away. KJ turns to TH and says: officer hwang. TH looks at KJ then at J. KJ faces J and says “we finally meet.Let’s start with introductions. Glad to meet you, I am KJ.” He holds out his hand, but she doesn’t shake it. She says hello and her name. J: I must have imposed, I didn’t know you had company (weren’t alone). If you had told me I would have said let’s meet tm. KJ: no- it’s ok. J: no it’s cuz I am uncomfortable – today I will just go back and call you again tm. She bows goodbye and starts to go, but KJ steps in her path and says she cant do that. KJ: it was so hard to meet like this- that’s ridiculous – then let’s go together to the office.” D shows up and says “it’s JE shi –hello JE shi.” J bows to D. KJ asks if they know each other. KJ: “that’s good – then we can talk while eating dinner together.”
*J didn’t shake KJ’s hand on purpose cuz TH was watching.

The four of them sit there and D notes that TH and J are both looking down. TH and J avoid looking at each other. KJ asks how they all know each other and D starts to say “a while back JE shi …..D decides to protect her past and just tells KJ “it’s complicated to explain.” Then to be friendly D asks J “nothing much is going on right?” J: yes. D compliments her and says “our JE shi–the more we see you – you seem to be getting a lot prettier – right hyung?” TH is still looking down and doesn’t answer so J looks at TH. D feels awkward and asks how KJ and J know each other. KJ: we met for the first time today. She hung up on my desperate courtship calls around ten times. I happened to see by chance the characters and story J had made so I kept proposing to her. cuz I wanted to make animation using J’s characters. D: JE shi you are impressive. KJ: should I show you? he quickly asks J if that’s ok and pulls it out before she can protest. KJ: from the first day I laid eyes on it I kept carrying it around. J stammers not to but he already took it out and lays it on the table. KJ: what do you think? D looks at it and says it’s totally cute. TH stares at it and recognizes the ducks. D: what is this – looks like birds. Is it ducks? J looks at TH. KJ: that is correct – it’s ducks – it’s a duck family. The characters themselves are great but the story itself is more interesting because of its realism. KJ asks J: this is based on a true story isnt it? TH looks at J. KJ:With the realism of the characters and the contract disappearance, the story seems like a true story. J looks at TH as she replies: yes it is based on truth. KJ: I knew it – what happens in the story next? Did it find the contract? J says this looking at TH again: It was found but the story ends as a tragedy in which it may have been better to not have found it. KJ: that’s too bad – how was it found? Also who does “OJak In” (J’s duck character) end up liking out of the brothers? J doesn’t want to answer that so she just says: that is why I think as children’s animation it doesn’t seem suitable. PD nim I am grateful for your offer, but now that I think it over, I think it will be hard to work together. She stands up. J: after calling and asking to meet –I am sorry for changing my mind abruptly. (J bows at KJ and TH looks up at her)J: It was an honor to meet you. I know it’s rude but I will be leaving first. KJ: did I ever say that I was going to develop it for children’s animation? J looks back at him. KJ: I don’t think I ever said that. J: that….

TH gets up and says they will leave first. he looks over at J for a second. TH lies that his team leader paged. TH: while having your meal slowly you can talk. he says “let’s go” to D. D also lies their boss paged them suddenly and goes after TH. They leave KJ and J there
D asks TH “what is wrong? there is something going on between you and Baek JE shi isnt there? the two of you didn’t talk to each other or look at each other –by any chance did you two date during all this time? TH doesn’t answer so D smiles and reaches the conclusion “they dated”
KJ asks if J doesn’t feel like eating dinner too. She says she doesn’t. He suggests leaving and going to the office and start talking about the work then. J: I am sorry but could you give me a little time to think it over-whether I am ready to work, I don’t have confidence. He agrees and gives her just one more day to think it over. If you just make up your mind – I will give you the best conditions. She says ok and sorry for going back and forth (changing her mind about working) and inconveniencing him
The mom sits in the tent and remembers how J asked her to say she didn’t steal the contract and how much fun they had at the market. She takes the food back and sees N sitting outside by himself. She goes over to him and asks “why are you sitting here alone. maknae – uncle TP came home and is inside.  N replies: he is working. She asks where he learned Korean and he says his mom taught him. She asks if he knows where his mom is now. do you know or not just answer that. He says he doesn’t know. Mom: do you know who I am? N: yes. Mom: you know?who am I? N takes out a notebook and reads from it and says you are grandmother. mom:  what that is? she asks for it and reads the notes written in Korean inside. She asks if his mom wrote all this down. N: yes. The mom mutters “she planned all this out.” Angelica’s voiceover says “dont cry cuz you miss mom-when tears come out hold your nose tight and hold your breath – if tears still come out– just cry for 3 minutes where no one can see you. then hurry and wash your face” the mom hands back the notebook and says let’s go inside cuz it’s cold outside at night. N walks ahead and she follows him with the tray. he turns to look at her so she tells him to go inside.
YJ is waiting for TS at his work.
They sit and talk. TS: I am sorry for not contacting you – you are really angry aren’t you? YJ: instead of being angry, I wondered if you were mad at me about something. maybe that you found something you didn’t like about me. TS: no that’s not it – how could that happen. That’s not it at all. that is a misunderstanding. YJ: then it’s ok – as long as that’s not it- it’s good. I wasn’t angry. Can you tell me what happened? TS: it’s a family matter. I cant really tell you now but I will tell you later. YJ: ok – if it was something you could talk about you would have. Please tell me later when you want to talk about it. Also after we drink coffee, let’s go eat dinner. TS: yes – tell me whatever you want- I will buy everything you want to eat. YJ: ok. I really worried. Why else would I meet MS. Who is the boy MS had with her? he looked like he was interracial. TS is shocked and spills hot coffee on himself. TS says it’s hot. She asks if he is ok.

* I must admit – sort of wish that coffee was extra hot cuz the man deserves punishment

TS goes to MS’s door and bangs on it. MS asks who it is. He tells her to come out for a minute cuz he has something to say to her. she goes out and asks: what is it? TS: when you met YJ this afternoon, heard you took N out. MS:what? TS: that is what YJ said. She asked who is the interracial kid MS had with her. MS: so? Did you come here now to complain about that? TS: yes I came to complain. Why did you take N out there to that place. If you hadn’t planned on coming between YJ and me and breaking us apart – why take N out there? MS: I didn’t take him out there. N was just standing in the parking lot. TS: do you have to behave so unfairly? Do you still want to insist on interrupting what’s going on between YJ and me? MS: ya you need to be hit to come to your senses don’t you? TS:what? MS looks around and picks up a tub of water and throws it at him. The dad came into TS’s room and watches all that through the window. TS yells out her name in anger. Are you crazy? MS: yes I am crazy – what are you going to do about it? Ya do you have some sense now? A little bit of sense? TS screams. MS: ya – so what did you say? Who did you say N was? Did you tell her he was your son? TS: why is that your business – it is. That was your intent (what you really wanted to do inside) You wanted me to say that to YJ with my own mouth –in the end – you were determined to split us apart. Why? Why didn’t you use your own mouth and reveal N is my son? She calls him a bad name and says she didn’t take N out there–call YJ right now and I will confirm it for you. He yells why she is calling him names that are insulting so she calls him that bad name again. MS: N was already there at the parking lot when I parked the car. And right after that woman arrived. You punk – you aren’t even human. Also how long did I take care of N for you? are you in any position to come here and dare to complain about that. If you had any moral sense, how could dare come here to complain? TS tells her to stop using the fact about watching N for those few days. Taking care of the kid is just something to be grateful for, but just cuz you did, you don’t have the right to take N and meet YJ. Why take the kid and meet YJ cuz you felt like it? The dad yells at TS to stop it calling him a pathetic punk.
TB arrives late with Choi, (TB’s the male coworker friend) to an office gathering at a singing room to drink and celebrate G joining the team. the boss, SY, and G are all there with other production staff. The boss tells TB to come sit by him and introduces TB to G. boss says TB is the up and coming reporter at IBC. G says he knows that well cuz he already did basic research on the reporters he would be working with. Boss: you did? I can see you are already a good director. Of course I don’t need to introduce you since you are such a well known person. Boss tells TB how their president took special attention and got involved to bring G onboard so TB should take good care of G. G extends his hand to TB and they introduce themselves and shake hands. G tells TB to accept a glass and pours TB a drink. TB drinks and hands the shot glass to G. instead of just drinking from it like anyone else would, G rinses out the rim of the shot glass TB drank from and then lets TB pour and then G drinks from it. The boss tells TB to accept a shot from him. Boss says to G how TB did a major thing today by getting that interview with the old man Lee Man Bok. The boss tells G how he is thinking of using TB as beginner anchor and asks what G thinks since G already researched TB before he came so G should have some gut instincts about TB. G says TB has decent “visual=looks” to a certain point but as an anchor one of the most important quality is a certain ability/talent and TB lacks it (the word G is talking about is how TB doesn’t checks all the facts first and just dives into his leads and runs with it and ends up with errors in his report). TB asks G if that means he is saying TB doesn’t have that quality in his articles. G: then did you think you had it? G points out the past mistakes TB made so far. How in a past report TB mistook an investigator as a victim during that incident. Then how TB messed up an interview with the manager of an actor and interview had to be edited. Also there was a lot of noise about Baek JE’s false backdoor admittance story. G says TB tends to jump the gun cuz TB puts too much faith in his confidence. The mood is really awkward so the boss tells Choi to sing something lively.
Other women think G sings well. G looks like he is singing only to SY. TB watches SY smiling at G singing and TB looks jealous. Choi tells TB about G’s background and it’s pretty impressive. “G’s dad is the vice president of some company that sells electronics, Mom is a professor, eldest hyung is S. university’s doctor, second hyung is a public prosecutor, and maknae (younger) sister is a lawyer. In one word they are the royal family compared to us.” other girl adds G’s family isnt the only impressive thing and says look how G worked at CNN and conducted so many great interviews. She thinks G really came to their team for SY’s sake. “Just look how he stares at her –isnt it totally cool?” Choi: his stare is no joke. TB looks at SY smiling at G and drinks out of jealousy. G calls out SY’s name and says how good it is that he got to meet her again. SY’s mouth falls open for a second and she looks over at TB apologetically. TB eyes are about to pop out. Music suddenly stops while G was singing. TB grins and drinks. G looks accusingly at the guys wondering who shut off the music and Choi says he didn’t turn it off. (TB did it)

In the car ride back, SY says this is so unusual to meet G like this. After graduating college I didn’t even see him once. And I lost all contact with him. this world is really narrow (to be able to run into people like this). TB changes subject and complains about the mess in the car. TB: when are you going to throw out this trash? It seems like I have seen it from a few months ago. SY: I will clean it. TB: don’t just say with words you will clean it and actually clean it. Also clean up this stuff (in the back seat) and throw away what needs to be thrown away – are you a pack rat to collect all this. SY: ok I am going to clean it. What’s wrong – when you were praised by the boss. TB says they need to live like humans and makes a comment that you cant see anything in the rearview mirror cuz it’s so dirty. She asks if perhaps TB is like this cuz of director G. TB: what does that mean – cuz of director G. SY: just in case you were bothered by it. she clarifies “we had nothing going on between us.” TB says in his head “we?!” and aloud he says he doesn’t care at all what their relationship was and isn’t paying attention to it at all. since he overdid it she sort of smirks cuz she gets he is jealous. TB drinks water sitting in the car and she says it’s a week old. He gags and spits it up
*Just to add, there is no real competition between TB and G cuz SY is already married and pregnant with TB’s baby and that sort of makes it game over before anything can start. SY is not going anywhere cuz there is no way a family like G’s will ever allow him to marry SY if she does happen to get divorced in a year cuz she will already have TB’s kid. But it’s correct to assume SY’s mom would have loved G as a son in law way better than TB. G is like perfect for SY in every way except she has no feelings whatsoever for the guy.
The family is gathered to hear TS’s plans for the future. Mom asks why TS clothes are wet. TS: it just happened. She asks what that is cuz other than being sprayed how else would his clothes get so wet. TS says again it just happened. Dad asks what TS is going to do from here on. TS asks the mom to raise N. mom: what?! TS: today YJ came to the hospital – I didn’t contact her at all during all this time but she didn’t get mad and just asked if anything happened and worried about me first like an angel-I cant give up on YJ even if I die. TP: hyung. TS: mom just save me once. If you just raise N, I can marry YJ. Mom: then does that mean you are going to keep N a secret from YJ? TS: no that’s not it. Dad: if that’s not it then what does that mean. TS: I have to tell her – I will tell her. since she is kind and caring, if she hears the details, of course she will be shocked at first but later on she will understand it all. if you just raise him mom. GM mutters “omg” in an old fashioned Korean way. Mom: that’s just what you think. How could you know what YJ will think. TS: yes but if you just say you will raise him, I will take responsibility and convince YJ. Mom just please raise N. TH: big hyung. Dad: you think that makes sense? Ya talk sensibly. TS: dad the situation I am going thru now doesn’t make sense. You think this makes sense – this awful situation I am going through. Dad: this punk – did you go crazy? What did you say? TS: dad how do you think I feel to think like this –I want to live like a person too. I want to live like I am living. if I lose YJ like this, I think I will really die. Dad: you punk then it would be better if you die. All you have to do is die– why should your mom suffer when she is innocent. Mom pleads with her husband to stop by saying “honey.” dad: Why ask your mom to raise your kid? Is your mom your slave- suffering all her life to raise you. now when she is about to be free of you- you couldn’t even be a proper eldest son and now you ask her to raise a kid that suddenly dropped down out of nowhere. Mom to dad: please just be quiet. Dad ignores her again and yells at TS: ya you punk – are you a person? Are you human you punk? TS: other than this solution/way there is no other way that’s why. Instead of just saying whatever you want – just think about my situation once. Dad keeps calling him a punk and stuff so the mom calls out “TS’s father.” TS: even if I had ten mouths I have nothing to say (meaning he is so in the wrong so there is no way to make this better with words) and I know I am causing you trouble that I cant even help you with.. dad tells him he cant do this and to shut up. The mom gets up and goes into the room. Dad says if TS has any conscience/remorse to keep his mouth shut. He starts to say how TS shouldn’t have asked the mom to raise the kid but suddenly the mom comes out with a cushion and hits the dad over the head. He coughs cuz I think he choked on his spit. She tells him to be quiet. Mom: I am being patient like this –even though I feel crazy and want to run and die I am trying so hard to be patient to have a conversation so why are you next to me getting carried away and making me more angry. GM’s mouth falls open in shock. Dad says meekly “honey” but mom continues: also, are you in any position to say anything to TS and lecture and scold him –compared to the trouble you caused, the trouble TS caused is nothing. You said am I a slave? Who is the one who turned me into a slave so who is scolding someone in front of who. What did you do that was so right to yell at TS? She directs her attention at TS and goes over to him. Mom: and you. she hits him hard a few times with the cushion saying she cant stand the sight of him. She says his dad has every right to be so upset. How could you live like this? How could you live all this time like this without being responsible? Mom says to GM: mother I am sorry – I am so disgusted with the Hwang men. (her actual words in Korean were that she is grossed out by the Hwang men and they stink) she goes into her room 
The mom sits in her room and takes deep breaths
TH goes outside and looks at J’s tent. He remembers the first time J told him how she was going to live in the tent. He sits inside of it. Then he lies down inside. He remembers how she gave him the duck pendant and told him to carry it around for luck. He looks at the pendant. Then he remembers how she asked why do people she trust betray her. Then he remembers KJ asking J if her character found the contract and J saying the contract was found but it would have been better if it wasn’t found.
J looks at her duck characters on the bus. She remembers asking TH if he liked the pendant and him thanking her on the night she gave it to him
The family is gathered for breakfast. Dad comes over talking on the phone. GM asks who he was talking to early in the morning. dad: they said there is a person who wants to buy the farm.  tm they are coming to see the farm. GM says so the farm is being sold. dad says he worried after putting it up for sale that it wouldnt sell cuz the economy is bad but it’s good cuz J wants to sell it as quickly as possible.  She asks what kind of person is buying it. Dad says someone who is involved in movies. The dad asks the mom if she has time today to go together to look for a home to live in -if she is busy he will go alone but she says let’s go together. she tells the GM to eat so Gm says let’s all eat. N suddenly says he will eat well. TP praises him and pats him on the back. TP: our N is so smart -even though we didnt teach you -you learned on your own. eat a lot. The mom tells N to eat a lot
SY’s parents and SY and TB come with presents and plant for the store opening. SY announces “aunt we came” Y goes over and greets SY’s dad and TB. TB: congratulations on your opening day- the store is spacious and nice. SY: congratulations aunt but after saying hi we have to leave right away. Y: I am just grateful that you came. She thanks TB. Mom asks if TP went somewhere. Y says he went to go get some advertisement that was ordered and will be here soon. The dad tells TB that TB’s younger brother seems to have a lot of business skills cuz this store changed a lot since they first came. He asks the mom: Didn’t it honey? The mom is less gracious with her praise saying it got a little better and they haven’t even started business yet. TP shows up and says hi. Y asks who all those people are. TP says his “friends” who are going to help open the store. Mom: friend? What kind of friend? Those dancers perform and draw attention. TP sort of emcees and draws the crowd and attention out in front of the store. As the dancers perform, TP tells the crowd that he is going to give them a quiz to solve. The two people out in front who are break dancing who are “showing a cool performance –what is their relationship?” The people who guess correctly will get a prize. Bystanders guess “a dating couple,” “a married couple,” “friends,” and TP says “thang” each time meaning “incorrect.” Then someone finally says “no relation to each other – like strangers” and TP says that is the correct answer and asks for applause.
SY and TB are urgently called into the editing room. boss asks TB: who in the world did you interview? You didn’t even properly verify and conducted the interview? TB: what does that mean? G: the person you interviewed yesterday wasn’t Lee MB, he was Lee MB’s younger twin brother Lee CB. TB:what? SY: younger twin brother? G: during the interview didn’t you sense something was strange? During all that time when he did interviews and kept hidden who he was, the way he gave his answers during the interview was very flagrant. Didn’t you sense that? Even when he said the wrong month saying he donated in August when it was September, didn’t you know? SY says it already went to the first production stage so what do they do now. Boss says G already met the real Lee MD this morning and conducted a new interview. He tells G to play the interview clip again. The real Lee MB says “what is so impressive about what I did to keep coming here looking for me” and the other one brags “I am a really good person.” The real one says he embarrasses easily and doesn’t have anything to say. G stops the tapes. Boss yells at TB: if director G wasn’t here what would we have done? Boss tells SY to finish editing this interview and turn it in. SY and TB both apologize to the boss. SY says sorry to G too. G stands and asks TB: you got caught by me properly. When you are like this – do you still think you have the right to be a reporter? G asks to speak to SY alone outside for a moment.
In the car, SY’s mom is talking to TB’s mom on the phone and SY’s mom is saying that SY’s parents happened to be nearby and wanted to drop by to say hello since they were in the area. She says then see you in a little bit. After she hangs up, dad says he doesn’t know if this was the right thing to do to go over there and meet them. Cuz he already spoke to TS. The mom points out if TS was the kind of person to listen with just one word and be considerate of his parents then TS wouldn’t have hidden this all this time. from the position as fellow parents, this isnt something they should pretend they don’t know anything about.
SY’s mom passes out some medicine to TB’s dad, mom, and GM. TB’s mom asks what this is. SY’s mom says what kind of medicine it is (guess it’s like Korean smelling salts or something to take the edge off of hearing bad news) and asks them to take the medicine cuz it would be better for them to eat it first before they hear what SY’s mom has to say. SY’s dad echoes his wife and says just in case something happens – they should eat it. SY’s mom: please eat it first – it’s cuz I am sincerely worried. They all eat the medicine. GM says they ate so talk. SY’s mom says she discussed this a lot with her husband – from the position as a parent who raises a kid just like them, it was too big of a deal to pretend not to know about it. She stammers that she is scared cuz she has to pass on this unfortunate news to them. since she sort of hesitates, her husband urges her to say it by elbowing her. She says she will tell them and says the eldest son Hwang TS has a hidden son. The family doesn’t react. She asks if they don’t understand. Your first born son has a 9 year old son. SY’s dad says they must be in too much shock cuz they don’t believe it. SY’s mom: I understand you – it’s too hard to believe and you must not want to believe but there is one more thing. I am sorry to tell you this news but the kid is interracial. SY’s dad asks GM: are you ok? Can you hear my words? GM says something I have no clue what the word is but the word sounds fun. (Gak-kap-han-ae) SY’s mom says encouraging things like there are times when the reality in front of us is harsh but what can we do – we have to keep living-bite down on your teeth and hang in there and live. She suddenly screams cuz she sees N standing there. her husband is startled too. TB’s mom calmly says: you are talking about our N aren’t you? she calls N over to say hello and N bows to SY’s parents. SY’s parents nod their heads back in greeting, but SY’s mom has her mouth dropped open the whole time.*SY’s mom cracks me up. Her facial expressions are hilarious cuz they are so child like.
TH’s boss says: I said you cant. TH: is there a reason why I have to do the movie consultation? About Kim Jong’s incident, D knows more about it than me and so does Jang. Boss: no you have to be sure to do it. More than others, you have more experience. For the time being I will pull you out of investigations, so help him out. TH: team manager. Boss: I said no way. Don’t bring this up again.
TH goes to meet KJ. KJ invites him in. KJ: I was surprised cuz you said you were coming officer hwang since I could have gone over there. have a seat. The movie office is on the 5th floor but we are using this as the animation office to prepare from here on. he offers a drink –how about milk tea? TH: no it’s ok – I dropped by for a short time cuz I had something to say. KJ: to say what? Please speak. TH: the movie consultation you asked for, I was hoping to finish it as soon as possible. Cuz I have cases I need to work on (that I need to get back to) so let’s get this settled within a few days. I will try my best to work quickly. KJ says he gets it and says let’s finish it up within a few days then. KJ looks for something to give to TH. TH notices J’s duck characters. KJ finds it and says it’s a script modeled after Kim Jong’s incident and asks TH to look over it to check the info. After you read it let’s talk again. TH takes the script. He flips through it and says he will. TH glances over at J’s characters and asks if J agreed to keep working. KJ: what? ah – Baek JE shi? She said she would think it over one more day. I thought finally the person who is going to work in this studio was coming, I don’t know what was holding her up, but her heart seemed troubled. officer Hwang, do you know this is the first question you asked me? This kind of day does come around. Do you have anything else you are curious about? TH says he doesn’t. I will look it over and contact you. he stands and leaves.

*This means when J is hired, she is going to work here in this studio to draw her characters.

As TH leaves, J is walking over to KJ’s office. They walk towards each other and he asks to talk but she tries to leave so he says it will only take a minute- it will only take a short time so just listen to what I have to say and then go. He walks away so she can follow.

J walks over and tells him to talk. J faces away from him the whole time, but he looks at her as he talks. TH: I will do what you want. I won’t bother you again. during that time for making you uncomfortable and giving you a hard time, I am sorry so I will apologize. sorry for acting on my own and being selfish, I wont do that again. I won’t stand guard outside your door or show up suddenly anymore. Not doing anything at all, that it’s all that I should be doing now -I get that now. The feelings I have for you, I will make an effort to cleanly settle it (get over his feelings for her), I also settled the work related with the movie company too. I only need to come out tm one more time. if you want I will match it up so that it’s not when you come. after that there wont be a time when we run into each other like yesterday when you were uncomfortable. So you should start that work, it was work you wanted to do. What you said about not acting like we know each other if we happen to meet up, is that something you still want. If it’s ok with you I wanted to act like friends that just say how they are doing. She doesn’t look or answer so he says: Ok, I understand. I know what you mean. To say goodbye I wanted to say it looking at your face. (she still doesn’t look at him) so he says quietly “Be well.” He turns and walks away slowly. She sits down.

She looks over at him twice as he walks away. TH looks like he was crying as he walked away

J waits at the elevator and the door opens. She is in a trance and doesn’t notice KJ is inside. he pulls her inside before the door closes again. J says hello to him. KJ: JE shi what were you thinking of like that – were you still thinking it over. You won’t regret working with me. J says she will do it – she wants to make her animation

TS, TB, TH and TP meet.
TB asks what’s going on cuz TS asked all of them to eat lunch together. Hurry and talk cuz I don’t have much time.
TS says he told the parents yesterday that he wants to marry YJ and asked them to raise N.
TB asks if TS means that.
TS says: Yes I know I am presumptuous and its’s shameful so I was hoping you guys would help me.
TS looks at TP but TP looks away.
TS: help hyung out. Mom and dad listen to you well TB. Also…
TH interrupts and says: big hyung.
TS: yes.
TH: you shouldn’t do that. hyung you raise N.
TS: TH ya.
TH: N is your son hyung. It’s only natural you should raise him. And it’s only right. I am angry and talking while trying to hold it in. I am holding back cuz it’s you hyung. If this was someone else or a friend, I would have already thrown a punch. For me – the mom who gave birth to me got remarried and left home. That is why dad and mom had no choice… he looks at TP and says “like you put it to be exact” – big (older) uncle and big aunt raised me but N is different – N has a father so why should GM raise him. Hyung do you know how what kind of pain and loneliness it is to be abandoned by a parent? Do you know what it feels like to carry that memory every day and spend adolescence as a loner and sometimes like a dependent (meaning a dependent other than a member of one’s own family.) When I was younger, do you know how much I envied you hyungs and TP? Especially maknae who had mom’s special love –do you know how strongly jealous I was? because the obvious fate of being a dependent was written into my body, the obvious parental love that hung and TP received was something to be grateful for me, even though no one taught me to do that, naturally on my own I knew and became an older person as a kid, every day pretending to be okay, pretending to be cool, pretending not to be lonely, after living like that pretending. later on you really lose yourself and become desensitized to emotions, even though someone I really like showed up, I couldn’t realize it.TB and TP look at him when he says that.
TH says again: hyung you raise N. it’s not enough be was abandoned by his mom, but that memory and scar of having his dad abandon him too, like me, for the rest of his life – don’t make him live pretending. My younger years, I was not okay at all. I will get up first.
TB looks at him concerned.
TH leaves.
TB says he will call TS and goes after TH

*This was hands down the most touching scene in a drama in ages. I will be crying till next year.

TB goes outside, puts his arm around TH’s shoulder and baby talks to TH: so you felt like that – we didn’t know cuz you were so strong-minded and grew up well. My younger brother – you did well – I am proud of you my younger brother. (TB pats TH’s butt affectionately) TB’s voice gets serious and asks: Something is going on with you huh? TH: yes – I pretended today too – I wasn’t ok at all, but acted like I was ok. Had no confidence to do it even a little bit, but acted like I could. I even promised that I would try. TB: are you talking about J? TH: yes it’s over- to tell you the truth it didn’t even start – J doesn’t want to see me. TH cries and looks away so TB puts his arm on his shoulder. TH: hyung how did you endure that that time after you broke up with H noona. TB says: Work saved me. Rather than surviving it, it’s better to say that time just passed. I didn’t think about tomorrow but just lived each day. Of course it doesn’t feel like you are alive but I was able to live diligently. So back then I had that thought, if i love again, i will love like tomorrow the world is going to end. That I’m not just going to live but be alive. TH: how is it now? TB: now? Now….He gets a call and goes away and doesn’t finish his answer
SY goes home with lots of groceries. The door opens and her mom shows up. at first SY thought TB had come already. SY says she was going to drop by but forgot. She asks what’s brings her.  (To borrow the $20,000, SY lied to her mom that her friend needed to open up a work studio and was going to pay her back.) the mom asks which location (SY’s friend) EJ set up her studio. SY: around Kangnam somewhere.why are you asking suddenly? mom: when did she say she would pay back the $20,000? did she say by next month? SY: she did say next month but isnt it money you can be paid back slowly….the mom yells out SY’s name. mom: since when did you lie to your mom like this? I accidentally met EJ today -what (did you say)? that EJ is getting a studio? will pay back next month? how could you not blink and lie like that? how could you deceive your mom like this? SY: I am sorry. mom asks where SY spent the money. where did you spend the $20,000? tell me. why can’t you say? selling off your friend (using your friend as an excuse) and taking that money – where did you spend it?  Did you give it to TB? The door opens and TB comes in. He hears SY saying “no mom I needed it so I used it.”  mom: that’s why tell me. where did you spend $20,000?  are you going to keep your mouth shut like this? you did give it to TB didn’t you? they said they were moving. did they ask to borrow money from you? is that it? tell me.  SY: it’s really not – TB has nothing to do with it, I lent it to a colleague at work. said it was urgent so it couldnt be helped.  since you dont know the person well I lied and said it was EJ. mom says to call and confirm/verify it. cuz I cant believe what you say anymore. call right now. SY: mom – if I explained it like that cant you overlook it? you think I would spend it wastefully? SY is shocked to see TB standing there.
TH calls KJ asking if it’s ok he wants to finish this up today. can I go over there now?  KJ: you already read it all?  it’s ok so come.” TH: yes then I will go now. D asks if TH is going to meet Kim PD at this late time. TH says “yes. to finish quickly – I will be back.”

TH goes to KJ’s office. assistant says KJ stepped out and will be back soon. the assistant shows TH where to wait and offers a drink but TH says it’s ok- dont bother. TH calls KJ but KJ’s phone is there on the desk. TH sits and waits. KJ gets a call and TH looks at the phone. he got up and almost answered it but doesn’t. TH notices photos of KJ with his mom and it’s TH’s birth mom. he holds the frame and looks upset. KJ comes in saying “sorry officer someone came to meet me outside.  have you eaten? if you havent we can go out front….” KJ notices TH has seen the photo. TH glares at KJ and asks: what are you. KJ: You recognized her? I was hoping you wouldn’t find out until the consultation ended. TH: who are you? KJ: like you guessed, the woman in the picture who gave birth to you, I am your mother Oh Yoo Jin’s son. My father is Kim Hong, the one she remarried 24 years ago. TH drops the picture, makes a fist, and walks away glaring at KJ. KJ says to him: so I am your hyung. I wanted to see you and I was really curious about you. TH grabs him and pushes him against the wall. TH: KJ shi, my only hyungs are my father’s eldest son hwang TS and second oldest hwang TB and that’s all. Sometimes my anger control gauge doesn’t work (meaning sometimes I can’t control my anger) so don’t ever show up in front of me again. This is my final warning with my sanity intact.


No preview

Thanks to our good friend Joonni, we have the written preview translation 🙂

Episode 29 Text Preview

The family wants TS to tell Yejin about Noodles but TS is hesitant and Dad doesn’t like this about TS. One day, Yejin suddenly comes to visit and the family is surprised. She meets Noodles….

Loan sharks come to the goshiwon and Yoon Sook (JE’s stepmom) calls TH in fear. TH, hearing that JE is in danger, runs crazily to JE…


*boy you have to hand it to KBS for being super smart to give us this teaser knowing we are going to go crazy all week imagining all the different rescue scenarios between TH and J….I am literally dying now and it’s not from this cold I have been trying to shake off. 🙂

I wonder how YS had TH’s number – maybe she got it off of J’s phone


**Can I just say – last week TH was confessing he liked her and this week, he is already letting her go. Then his life is turned upside down with KJ – this poor guy is not having a good month at all. I swear if there are no happy scenes for TH next week, I am going to throw something at the TV

Does anyone have any ideas why KJ did this? why did he want to be in TH’s life suddenly? I get wanting to get to know your long lost younger step brother, but why go about it like this? also how dumb is he for leaving those pictures around where TH would see them. So the O farmland is the one KJ is thinking of buying for his park. I keep hoping J changes her mind at the last minute and doesnt sell the farm afterall. That way YS doesnt get any money and J gets to keep the farm and live with the family. Plus her dad’s tree is still planted there.  this drama has 22 more episodes to go and I am wondering how much more they have to reveal. When is J going to start coming around and start to forgive – I dont want her miserable anymore. This episode was heavy and I need light happy moments again if there are going to be more of these scenes. I was really hoping the mom figured out already that TH and J like each other. Somewhere down the line I was hoping the tent and the duck pendant would play another key role. Also her dad needs to come back alive to make this story end happy with another wedding.

since it’s E28, it feels like a Wednesday – like the show is smack dab in the middle of the series – we came so far, but there is still a long way to go. I think this is the time when we feel like we are being tortured – it’s so good we want more and yet we dont want all this fun to end too soon. Never realized it before, but family dramas are cruel. 🙂


*OK I finally get it now – KJ is a step brother so of course he could be older. TH’s mom married KJ’s dad so KJ must have a different mother from his dad’s previous marriage. so that means KJ and TH are not blood related at all. that makes total sense now. KJ could have spared us all this confusion if he had called TH’s mom “step mom” instead of “mom” cuz that is what threw me off. This took like hours to sort thru and now I am running out of time to translate. Might have to finish translating the rest tm so if you see shorter paragraphs till tm night, blame KJ for not knowing the difference between “mom” and “stepmom.” 🙂


This is the look you have when you desperately want to hold onto the person in front of you and don’t want to let her get away, but is helpless to prevent it. It’s also the look that made my knees go weak when I was already sitting down. 🙂 This drama just gets better and better – almost had a heart attack tonight just from how great it was. TH’s intense stares are getting out of control – he is one lovesick puppy.


Also, TH spoke English twice with perfect accent, but second time there was a grammar error. 🙂 First time someone speaking English made me swoon – it is seriously hard to find a korean actor who can speak English well.

Case in point, KJ has been introducing himself from day one saying he is from “Good film” but all this time his English was so bad I thought he said “Gu film.” “Gu” means “9” in Korean so I thought his company was called “Nine film.” I like that better actually cuz who names a film company “Good”?


Ever since I started translating these dramas, I rarely go back and rewatch them cuz I have to replay each scene so many times so the last thing I want to do is watch them again later. That is why my director’s cut for SKKS is still collecting dust and left untouched. Then OB came along and I find myself watching previous episodes again. If that doesn’t tell you how crazy I am about this drama – I don’t know what will. 🙂


“Translations by Softy, Initial Screenshots by Softy too and then Fanderay will replace them with better ones by Tuesday” (cuz she will be back by then – “woo-hoo! missed you so much!”)

*Thank you Joonni for taking the time to clarify parts for us this weekend so we can all enjoy this more 🙂


For every episode, before the intro credits, the cast of OB come on and announce “OB will start soon so be sure to tune in and watch.” Sometimes they have just the parents with the GM, the couples, or else like tonight, they have some of the brothers with J and J is in the middle and all the guys are behind her and join in to yell “be sure to watch” right at the end of the announcement. It is sooooo cute cuz they arent acting – this is just who they are in real life. 🙂



Starts from when TH tries to put his coat on her. After he says he thinks he likes her, J looks at him and pulls away. J: so what do you want me to do – now I don’t want to see you ajussi– it was true that my heart used to beat around you but not now –what you feel towards me, now I don’t care and I am not interested – I don’t like you now ajussi –how can you say that to me – Do you know in what condition I am in right now? You’ve never despaired, have you?been betrayed by the person you trusted and afraid of living – you haven’t felt that huh? That’s why you said that to me – do you think I want to see you now ajussi? don’t follow me and don’t ever show up in front of me again. She slowly walks away from him. TH watches her go.

TP is in TS’s room with N. TP puts earbuds into N’s ears and says it’s the best songs (the hottest ones)-  don’t come out of the room and just listen to the music– if you hear anything upstairs dont pay any attention at all –if it’s too loud upstairs and even if you dont want to you keep hearing something then raise the volume like this. you got that? TP makes the song louder. N nods his head.  TP musses his hair and smiles at N.

The family is staring at TS. Dad tells TS to explain about what happened.  TS says: I am sorry father. the dad yells out: I told you to explain not say stuff like that! SY looks scared. The mom tells the dad to be quiet cuz he startled SY (mentioning SY’s delicate condition being pregnant) TB says they will leave cuz they have to go back to the office. GM: that would be better – since you guys are sitting here it’s more upsetting. TB: yes GM.  SY says they will get up first. she says she will be leaving and stands and greets each parent and GM. the mom says they wont get up cuz of the condition and to be careful as they go. GM tells them to go. TB says he will call.  TB tells the dad he is leaving. TP comes upstairs.  TB motions TP over to the door. when TP goes there, TB tells TP not to let the dad attack TS. TP says he doesn’t think he can cover that on his own. TP tells them to go for now. SY says bye to TP.

The dad tells TS to talk. Your dad is trying to hold it in so don’t stall. TS gets on his knees and says: I am sorry father. so the mom says: dad already told you just now not to stall so hurry and talk. TS says: 9 years ago there was a young Filipino lady I dated and broke up with –for 9 years ago there wasn’t a single contact but suddenly she contacted me and said she raised my kid during that time. that she had a situation and she couldn’t raise him anymore and sent the kid making a unilateral decision. GM: what is this talk – are you saying that woman just sent the kid. Not asking how you felt and just made a unilateral decision? TS: yes. She made the kid ride the flight alone and cut off all contact. Mom: what do you mean cut off contact? Then you don’t know the kid’s mom’s contact info? TS: yes I asked a friend and TB’s friends looked into it but no one was able to find out yet. GM: oh my goodness. Mom: how could you not know the kid’s mom’s contact info? Dad: when was that? When did the kid come? Aren’t you going to answer me? TS says: before when I said I was going to Munsan and stayed out overnight that night. Mom points out how long it’s been since then and asks if TS has been like this since then till now. The dad says to TS: go out and die- I didn’t say it earlier cuz SY was here but it wasn’t meant for you to live well as a person – you aren’t even human – when was that – just the fact that you’ve been like this all this time without a plan means there is no hope for you –if something like that happened – you should have run over there to the Philippines and found the kid’s mom. after just making a few calls and saying you cant reach her –is that something a guy who is thinking does – hiding the kid downstairs – not just for a day or two – from that night until now. Get out you punk– a monkey would be better than you – I never gave life to some guy like you nor did I ever raise you – get out-get out you punk- do you not hear what I said – I cant stand the sight of you so get lost out of this house.

in the car, SY says: how can this happen – what happens on dramas really do happen for real- she says how shocked TB’s parents must be. TB: you saw for yourself with your own eyes how shocked they were so stop (talking about it). SY: so he didn’t know the truth that the kid was born till he was 9. She goes on about that kind of shock. TB says of course and tells her to stop again. SY says ok but starts up again saying how TS shouldn’t have done that – it’s understandable he was in shock and was bothered by it but it wasn’t something he should have tried to hide – it’s not something you can hide and have it hidden- and it shouldn’t have been hidden it and should have told the family right away and tell them everything that is going on- for TS’s sake and the sake of the kid that’s the best thing to do – isnt it? When I saw earlier the kid was so scared he couldn’t even breathe properly. TB yells he knows that too –when my hyung causes trouble he is doesnt handle it well so stop it cuz I don’t want to hear about it anymore. SY points out there is no need to get angry. Is it cuz I found out what you didn’t want me to know about your family’s problem? She promises not to tell anyone so don’t worry. TB tells her especially don’t tell your mom. SY agrees

SY’s mom says TS looks normal so how could he have a 9 year old illegitimate son. SY’s dad says how didn’t see TS like that. He must have a reason but what is my situation cuz I didn’t know anything and introduced him to YJ. SY’s mom says how he shouldn’t have just introduced without thinking. She thinks they shouldn’t be the only ones to know -say that our SY has a 9 year old son and we didnt know about it. Dad says that would make the roof fall down and he doesn’t want to even imagine that. She doesnt think this should be avoided/ignored and says as parents who raised children too they need to tell the in-laws. Dad says the mom has a point but they cant tell TB’s parents. That it’s not good to hear this news from them that will topple TB’s parents. They need to hear it from TS. The dad says he will meet TS tm and tells her to just stay put (don’t take action)

TH gets a call from TP. TH: what? TP: if nothing in particular is going on – come home early. A bomb dropped at home right now. TH: what now? What bomb? he hears the news. TH:what?!

*TP called TH cuz TP knows TH is the model son and can handle the father better than anyone.

TH goes home and sees the family sitting around in shock. TS is still kneeling. TH says to them: I am home. TP announces: third hyung came home early for a change GM. TP calls into the room: dad TH hyung came. TP mouths to TH to go in and check on the dad. TP says to the mom and GM that TS has been sitting on his knees from a while ago all this time so aren’t you going to tell him to sit normal? I don’t think he will have any feeling left in his legs. Neither the GM nor the mom replies.

TH goes in to see the dad and says “ I came home father.” the dad just goes out.

The dad stands over TS and then he goes downstairs. TH comes out of the room. TP motions for TH to go after the dad. Dad goes into TS’s room and sees N there and just stares at N for a few seconds. N stares back at the dad. The dad grabs a bag and puts some clothes into it. TH tries to stop the dad and holds his arm. TH: dad don’t do this. Dad: let go. TH: dad I know you have plenty of right to be disappointed and upset but that side did this on her own…(TH glances over at N and watches how he phrases the rest) that side did it on her own – hyung couldn’t help it. Dad: don’t you hear me say let go. TH releases the dad’s arm. The dad finishes packing and stares at N. The dad tells TH to bring the kid up. He goes back upstairs. But TH tells N to remain in the room and not come out in Korean then he says it in perfect English: “stay here – don’t come out”

Dad drops the bag next to TS and says: TH will bring the kid upstairs. When he brings the kid up – take this bag and take the kid and go out. TS: father. Dad: no matter how much I think about it – I don’t think I can hold it in and look at you. he says how TS is pass the age to go and live outside on his own. TH comes upstairs alone. Dad asks TH: why did you come up alone? I told you to bring the kid. TH doesn’t reply. TS: dad I was wrong – I was wrong for continuing to disappoint you. as the first born – I never got to show you anything I did properly – I just kept showing you this side. Dad: did you just dare to talk about being the first born just now? You have to have done something properly as the first born to be the first born. Aren’t you even ashamed looking at your younger siblings? If you had any scruples –you wouldn’t have done this. You should have gone immediately to the Philippines and found the kid’s mom. is this something you can hide and keep a secret? You always do that- you try to hide things and get past it- he lists other things TS did in the past- no matter what you should have gone after her to the Philippines – even if something important was happening at home –how could there be something more important than a man who hasn’t married having a 9 year old kid. Does your head not work properly? The woman who is the kid’s mom –how much must she not have taken you seriously to do this. GM says: when he suddenly quit his job that was going well and said he was going to the Philippines to run a business I felt uneasy about that for some reason. In the end – he lost all the money he earned in two years and just came home empty-handed but that wasn’t all of it. He also caused this. The dad tells TS to book a night flight and go to the Philippines –no matter what happens find the kid’s mom and give the kid back and come back. Before you do that don’t think about coming back into my home – you got that? Go to the Philippines right now. Why aren’t you answering? TS: the kid’s mom is not in the Philippines. After she departed there is no info about where she arrived. The kid’s mom disappeared. Dad: what? What did you say? TP verifies that by saying how TB looked into it a hundred times speaking with the embassy but the kid’s mom really isnt in the Philippines and there is no way of contacting her at all. GM: oh my goodness then does that mean you have to raise that dark kid and there is nothing you can do about it? Oh my goodness I lived too long. I lived too long. Mom says to TS: answer her – do you have to raise that kid and there is nothing you can do about it? TS: yes. TH notices N has come up and is standing next to him. N is staring at TS.  The dad picks up the broom to hit TS saying “this punk”. TH stops the dad. N cries when the dad tried to hit TS. TP calls out “Noodles.” TS yells at N: why did you come up? why did you come up and cry again? go downstairs right now!  N keeps crying. TS: I told you not to cry – hurry and go down. N keeps crying. TP has his hands on N’s shoulders and looks like he is going to cry too.

TS limps downstairs (from sitting on his knees for so long) and TH brings down his bag. TP brings N down too. TP says he will feed N dinner and let N sleep with him and tells TS to go in and rest. TS: ok.  TS looks at N and takes the bag from TH and goes into his room.  TH looks at N and asks TP if the kid’s name is N. TP says yes it’s cuz hyung (TS) likes noodles so the kid’s mom gave him that name. TP gets on his knees and speaks to N in English. TH: are you ok? now is ok. (see -I told you – grammar mistake) TP tells TH to stop showing off cuz N knows how to speak Korean well. TH asks why N doesn’t speak even a word then. TP: do you think he wants to speak now (in this situation) when I dont even want to speak? TH introduces himself to N saying “Noodle – I am uncle TH – glad to meet you” TH holds out his hand and N shakes his hand. TH smiles at him and touches his cheek and pats his head. (awwwww)

Dad says to the mom how TS stuck in there for a long time being a physiotherapist and was about to get married so he thought now TS was becoming human –but a guy who can’t, just can’t. I am the fool for believing he could. I am the one who lacks sense. The mom doesn’t say anything. The dad sighs deeply.

N goes into TS’s room. TS fell asleep after drinking beers so N covers his dad with a blanket and turns off the lights and goes out the room. TS wakes up and sits in the darkness

At breakfast, TP brings N over with TS. TP tells N to say hello but the mom and GM just tell them to sit. mom says to the GM to eat. GM: ok we do have to eat. everyone let’s eat. Dad tells TS to report what he is going to do by dinnertime. I told you to report what you will do so why arent you answering? TS: ok. Then the dad says to TS that when they move, TS has to live apart. cuz the dad cant look at TS anymore, so live apart. TS says “yes” and N speaks up for the first time and says “yes.”  everyone is shocked cuz N spoke.

SY and TB get separate phone calls about the whereabouts of that old man.TB says “Gwangjoo” and SY says “Moojigae retirement home.” They gather their stuff and both run out around the same time. TB gets on the elevator first and doesn’t keep the door open for SY. TB is waiting for a cab and SY drives up in her car and honks at him and sticks out her tongue and drives off – not opening the door for him. They both race to get to the old man – TB gets in a cab and goes to Kimpo airport. He gets his ticket to fly there and SY drives to the location. When TB gets to that city he takes a cab to the old man’s location. SY is stuck in traffic.

When SY arrives at the retirement home, she asks for direction saying she came to meet Lee HB (the old man). A woman gives SY directions. TB is already there interviewing the old man. SY watches them thru the window. The old man brags and says ever since he was young, he was a generous person sharing his lunch meals with others etc. TB: so that is why you were able to donate ten million won. Old man says of course- it wasn’t a waste at all to donate – not a waste at all. TB doesn’t seem to like this interview. SY watches the interview for a bit and leaves

The mom is sitting outside watching her ducks. GM says she wondered where the mom went. Mom says she couldn’t stay in the house – it was too stuffy in the house. she feels like things are falling apart around her.  GM says if I feel like this how must you feel. Mom says I sinned a lot – what I did to J. GM says don’t be so harsh on yourself. GM says stuff about life and being human. if you shake out the dust and turn it over– how many people do you think there are who doesn’t have that much sin while living – in one moment of making the wrong decision, you could make that kind of mistake – it’s not like you didn’t give it back – you gave it back. Even though others don’t know – I know why you did that. I know. She says some old fashioned stuff I don’t get. GM complains how it wasn’t enough how her husband and son died  but now her grandchild did this too.

MS pulls up in her truck and calls out to N. he is sitting on a rock by the front gate of the farm. she asks why N is outside. Is no one home inside? N says they are home. She asks why then and he looks towards the home. She quickly changes the subject and jokes he must have missed her and that is why he is out here and says how much she missed him. She touches his hair. MS: we must have had the same thought. Let’s go and ajumma will make you a really tasty snack. N smile and nods yes. She is about to take him inside when YJ shows up. YJ calls out MS’s name. YJ: good thing you were here- I was worried you wouldn’t be in. MS says TS went to work. YJ says she came to meet MS. YJ looks at N. YJ: who is that kid? MS: you don’t need to know. Why did you come to meet me? Since I don’t have time – talk fast. YJ asks: by any chance – did you talk about me to TS? (about that whole secret reason why YJ is marrying TS) MS: talk about what? That $30,000? what business do I have to talk about that….(MS realizes N is there so she says)…. with TS? You said the problem you two have the two of you would take care of it-now it has nothing to do with me. YJ: really? MS: but did you come all this way to ask that? You must have a lot of time leftover. MS says she is busy and turns to leave. YJ asks her to wait a minute. YJ asks if anything is going on with TS these days cuz he hasn’t contacted at all. MS: why are you asking me that? Aren’t you the one who is closer with TS than me? If you are curious ask him yourself. Don’t come and find me anymore about TS. MS tells N let’s go.

TS is conflicted about whether to answer YJ’s call. he keeps saying her name. just then SY’s dad showed up to meet TS at work and calls out TS’s name and job title. TS asks what brings him here without calling. TS smiles at him but the dad doesnt.

They sit and talk. Dad: so you are saying he really is your son? it was true? TS says sorry. Dad: I never saw you as that kind of person but you are someone who is in big trouble. even if I misjudged you -I misjudged you by a lot. I thought there wouldnt be a problem if a person was diligent -how could you backstab me like this?  what are you going to say to YJ –what do you plan to do? if it’s a problem for you to tell her –  should I tell her? TS asks for some time -even if I tell her – I want to tell her myself. please give me some time. I am sorry. the dad sighs.

TP and Y go to store and look around and high five each other. Y is suprised to see SY’s mom sitting there. Y calls out “unni.” SY’s mom looks at TP and TP bows to her. They all sit down together. Y sits next to TP. Mom: at the wedding it was too hectic so I didn’t know but now that I see you – you are quite handsome. TP: thank you. mom: I heard you are going to help out by working as the manager. With the two of your combined effort – if you can manage to get a good result – what can be better than that? not just for business – it’s something for both sides of the family to feel good about. On the other hand if the result is not good – how will it be? Then both sides of the family might end up feeling uneasy. It could get tiresome and uncomfortable. So that is why I think it would be better if you didn’t work in this store anymore. Y: unni. Mom says to TP: I am sorry – please understand. She pushes an envelope of money at him saying it’s a month’s salary (as compensation)-accept it. Y: unni – what are you doing now? I am the owner here. TP shi is my employee. Mom ignores Y and asks TP: why don’t you have an answer? Cant you understand what I am saying? TP: I do understand – after I became the manager, I worried about those problems and thought it over. If by any chance if the result wasn’t good –whether both sides of the family would feel uneasy and maybe worst case scenario blame each other and not want to see each other’s faces. I get those things could happen. Mom: so you do get what I mean – that is what I am saying. So that is why… TP interrupts and says he took those into consideration but decided to work at this store. Watching this store owner not give up till the end and carry on – I also wanted to put my life on the line. (Y looks at him with admiration) TP: this store that so many people say won’t do well, I want to make it thrive properly. The mom makes a comment about how TP is young to be so daring but he shouldn’t be if he can’t take responsibility for it. Cuz business doesn’t work with just gumption. TP states upfront that he will turn a profit within 3 months. Mom: look here “young in- law”(actual Korean title means “young unmarried man on the in law’s side”)…TP says all this convincing stuff that makes the mom sort of smile. How he is saying all this cuz he did the research and isnt just bluffing. He points out all the ways other stores like this are doing well so it means there isnt a problem with the product and popularity for the brand is not falling. So as long as they concentrate on service and advertisement and do a proper job of letting people know about this store –then for sure the profit will naturally increase – I have confidence in that. Please just keep watching for 3 months. The owner and I – more than any other time – we are determined and sincere- I trust that the two of our sincerity will for sure bring this store to life. ( he says something impressive in closing that I cant quite get – but it’s something about: instead of people who are claiming to be sincere (?) people who have nothing to fear) it’s enough to impress SY’s mom and leave her speechless. Y: what TP shi said is correct unni –there is plenty of chance if we advertize properly. My store changed a lot after TP came onboard. The mom stares at TP and he stares right back at her. she moves the envelope of money towards Y. The mom tells Y to buy a humidifier cuz the store is too dry. Y thanks her. TP thanks her. the mom stands up and says: don’t enjoy it too much – let’s talk again after 3 months. TP: yes I will meet you then. Y says bye to her. When the mom turns to leave, she looks back and watches TP and Y high five each other. The mom sees that and smiles

*that is the first time the mom looked so pleased. she finally found a Hwang she can respect. Who knew it would be TP. he really did sound manly- he sort of took control of the conversation and was convincing so I can see why she was impressed.

SY is in her car throwing a fit cuz she got there late and lost – crumpling paper and hitting the steering wheel. She tells herself to calm down-it’s ok. TB gets in the car and asks to go back to the office together. She yells: who told you to get in- I am not going back to the office. He asks to go together to seoul at least then. She yells she is not going to seoul – she is going to busan. TB: at this time? are you mad cuz you let the interview slip away? Is that why you are like this? SY: to you – do I look like that kind of human? Do you think – cuz I lost the interview that I am acting out and getting mad? Why would I? I did my best- I don’t need to be ashamed – so I can admit cleanly that I lost. She suddenly covers her eyes and cries. She gets out of the car and cries crouching by the front tire.

TB gets out and watches her cry and gives her space. SY stops crying and stands up muttering under her breath: congratulations hwang reporter. You worked hard the past days without resting. TB walks over and asks if she was that upset. SY denies it: who is? That’s not it – don’t talk out of turn. TB: ok. You are not upset. SY: also I wasn’t crying – I will say it again – but hormones cried. TB smiles and agrees: hormone cried. SY: let’s go – we have to hurry and go back to the office. She turns to get in the car, but TB stops her by holding onto her arm saying: wait a moment. TB says to her face: if someone saw they would think you were a woman who went thru (a breakup? not sure of the word). He moves her bang to the side. SY: what are you doing? TB: hold still – it’s all smeared. He takes out his handkerchief and wipes under her eyes. He tells her to look up and smiles at her as he wipes. After he is done they stare at each other. She grabs his hanky and says she will wipe it herself. He offers to drive and opens the car door for her.

* the sunbae guy’s last name is G (Gong) and he is the new managing director in charge of SY’s office I think. the older guy is the head director so he is their boss.

When they get back to work, their boss is walking with the sunbae SY knows. SY walks over to him pointing at him and so does he. He says her name and she calls him “sunbae.”  G hugs her saying: how long has it been? So good to see you. TB’s eyes go round watching them hug. G pinches her cheek saying she looks the same as always. she asks what happened cuz she heard he went to America. The boss asks G if he knew SY. G says how he chased after SY during college for 4 yrs but she wouldn’t accept him all the way till the end. She asks if G is the new managing director. G: it turned out that way- if I had known you were with IBC I would have come sooner. The boss says: it’s not too late even now – she is still single so make it work (date SY) SY says to her boss: why are you like this too Director? Her boss gets a call and steps away to take it telling them to go ahead and he will be there. G asks if she is really single. She just laughs. TB gives SY a warning look at first but then his mouth drops open when he sees her laughing like a school girl. G: this is more welcoming (news) and asks to talk while they walk. G has his arm around her shoulder as they walk off. SY: what really happened? You are still alive. TB stands there watching and cant believe it and sort of laughs in disbelief. He turns back and watches them walk off and sighs

The mom and GM are walking back to the house. The mom tells Gm to go in first and says she will wash J’s tent and hang it out to dry. GM: ok.

J is getting some stuff from the convenience store and gets a call from KJ. J: hello? he introduces himself again saying he called last time. J: I told you last time that I wasnt interested -I will hang up first.

when J walks back, TH is waiting for her again. she ignores him and tries to walk past him. TH steps in her path.(Every time he said one line, she would walk away so he has to keep blocking her path each time.) TH: It’s cuz I don’t understand and I am not convinced and it’s hard to accept– how can your feelings disappear in one day (overnight)– you said you liked me – I completely understand you are angry –Of course you are mad and your anger is overpowering/overwhelming. And you don’t feel like seeing anyone in my family including me, or even want to have anything to do with us. But how could your feelings about liking me disappear too? That kind of feeling….she tries to walk off so he held onto her arm so J says: Let go. Don’t touch me. TH: it’s not an emotion that can disappear in one day – It’s not an emotion that you can easily have regarding anyone, and it’s an emotion that you can’t control or drag out, and can’t replace with anyone else. It’s an emotion that doesn’t disappear no matter how much you ignore and deny. It doesn’t disappear –even if you are unable to forgive even in death and hate for all those years – missing and wanting to see (that person) – isn’t that liking? J: when you like someone you must do that ajussi. Not me – normally in one day my feelings disappear completely – I get tired of (guys) easily and meet this guy and that guy. if you come looking for me again I will move to a koshiwon no one knows – if you want to be stubborn all the way till the end then do it that way. She walks off.

*Yoonni clarified some lines by TH so now this scene is complete 🙂

J goes to her room and drinks from what looks like a juice box. But she is drinking it like it’s alcohol shots. She gets a call again from KJ. She hangs up again as soon as he says his name.

KJ looks at J’s characters and a guy comes in. the guy gives him some paperwork about some T. park. KJ asks to go and take a look and asks when a good time is. the guy says he will make an appointment as soon as possible. KJ: I am looking forward to it – to see what it will be like.

*Yoonni explained this scene: I think the film company that KJ is a part of is sort of like Disney. It seems to be a film company that want to create a theme park from characters from their films. The other guy is bringing a theme park proposal to KJ and KJ is asking how it is going. His subordinate replies that they are in the stages of buying land and that a nice piece had come up for sale recently so they are looking into it.

**Maybe this is the Ojakkyo farm land they are going to look into then – softy

J drank all the boxes and passed out. She wakes up and looks at the time and says it’s time to tuck in the ducks for the night(?).  she is still drunk and walks out and gets in a cab telling the driver to go to O farm.

(*she woke up in her drunken stupor and saw the time and went to do her normal routine which is take care of those ducks)

When J arrives at the farm, the mom is sitting inside the tent. The mom calls out J’s name. J sees her inside and says “ajumma – I came back from school.” She asks what the mom is doing here. Mom says how she washed and dried the tent in the afternoon and checked and it was soft and dried well. J: no wonder – I thought it looked clean. J gets in and says it’s really soft. The mom smiles down at her and I think she gets that J is drunk. J comes out and says she has something to brag about – today a movie company representative contacted me saying he was interested in the character I made. I made up characters using the ducks in our farm and sent it in. Mom says “that’s good – that’s really good” J: should I tell you a secret? J sits in the tent and takes off her boots and ties the laces and hangs it around her neck. In our farm –when he drinks, there is a person who does this.  who do you think it is. The mom asks: really? who is it? maknae (TP)? but J says it’s TH ajussi. J:when TH ajussi drank alcohol – he came like this in his bare feet-he kept insisting with this around his neck that it wasnt his. J laughs. mom: really? TH did that?  J says she is hungry from laughing so the mom asks: you are hungry? should I make you something delicious to eat. J nods and says: yes – abalone porridge-when I was sick and you made that abalone porridge it tasted really good. mom: it did? it’s not hard to make – I will make it right away so hurry and go in. the mom tried to pull J up but J looks confused. J:  can I go in ajumma? but I am not allowed inside. The mom says: then wait here a little while and I will go make the best abalone porridge in the world right away and bring it out. J says ok and lies down to sleep.

The mom makes the porridge in a hurry and cuts her finger opening the abalone, but the mom keeps going. J is still sleeping. the mom smiles as she makes the porridge.

J wakes up and looks around. She has the mom’s sweater over her to keep her warm. so she takes it off and walks away but stops to look back and glare in the direction of the house. The mom comes out with the food and notices J is gone. The mom sets the food down and sits in the tent and looks sad and heartbroken.

J walks away berating herself – you are crazy-you are crazy – you are crazy- why go there? why? You can’t look back for the rest of your life so why. she stops walking and takes out her phone

KJ goes into TH’s work. He brought drinks. He asks D where TH went. D says TH stepped out for a short time. D: but it seems like you have a lot of interest in our hyungnim (TH). KJ: it’s cuz he is good looking and is cute when he frowns. D scowls. KJ sits at TH’s desk and starts to touch TH’s paperwork but then he looks at TH’s wallet and slowly opens it with a pencil. He sees the picture of TH’s mom inside. KJ is about to pick it up but TH comes in. KJ announces he came to TH. TH says to D: let’s go eat. TH grabs his wallet off the desk. TH goes out and D follows him

KJ goes after them and asks to go with them. KJ: what are you going to eat? As they are walking out, KJ gets a call from J. KJ: it’s Kim J.  J: it’s baek JE – I want to work. KJ: what? J: I want to work – you asked me to work. The offer is still good right? I will work really hard – please let me work. I will go there now – where should I go? TH looks back at KJ. KJ: I have to go eat now. TH walks away. KJ: do you want to eat with me? KJ calls out to D and asks where they are going. KJ follows D and TH and tells J he will call her after ten minutes (to give her directions).

TH drops off KJ at the restaurant and goes to park the car. J calls KJ. KJ: where are you? did you arrive? What color are your clothes? KJ looks over the gate. J is already inside the gate. J: my outerwear is close to khaki and my bag is black. What do you look like PD nim. I think it will be faster if I find you. KJ peeks around the door and looks at J. KJ: me? All you have to do is look for a good-looking sexy guy. J: what? KJ: you will know as soon as you see. Look around carefully. You cant see? He hangs up and sneaks behind J. She asks if he is wearing glasses. Which side are you at? KJ gets close to her ears and says “I am behind you.” J: what? she turns around and is surprised cuz he is so close to her face and she falls back. He catches her and helps her steady herself. KJ asks: are you ok JE shi? J: yes I am ok. Thank you. KJ: What do you think – I am a good looking sexy guy right? J: what? She laughs and just then TH arrives and sees them together. J stops smiling and looks away. KJ turns to TH and says: officer hwang. TH looks at KJ and then at J.



J apologizes to KJ saying she didn’t know KJ had company. The four of them all sit to eat together facing each other. D sits next to TH and KJ with J. D asks KJ how the two of them met/know each other. KJ says they (KJ and J) met for the first time today. She hung up on my calls ten times. I kept proposing to her. TH stares at J. J looks down. *KJ meant propose about work.

(they show a clip of J being pulled into the elevator by KJ)

TS asks the mom to raise N. mom: what? TP: hyung. TS: I cant give YJ up even if I have to die. the mom hits TS with a cushion. mom says she cant stand the sight of him.

(they show a clip with the mom leading N inside)

SY’s mom asks SY: where did you spend the $20,000- did you give it to TB. SY denies it. I didn’t mom- cant you just overlook it? TB came home and heard them talking in the kitchen.

SY’s mom and SY’s dad goes to meet the family and gives TB’s parents and GM some medicine to cushion the shock of the news SY’s mom is about to give them. TB’s mom:what is this?  SY’s mom: before you hear what I have to say it would be better for you to eat that first. GM said they ate it so talk.


They did something different to TH’s hair – like put some waves in it cuz he looks so different from last week. My theory is his character likes someone now so he is paying more attention to his looks and decided to dress better – maybe hoping J can’t resist. Only problem is I dont think she even noticed the change yet. It isn’t helping that KJ is tall, good looking, and a sharp dresser too. really curious where the writer is going with this triangle.


253 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E27 and E28

  1. Anonymous says:

    i also think the kidnap scene is after the conversation of jaeun and kj. i hope taehee is gonna rescue her alone. but i think saturdays´s episode might end with the cliffhanger: taehee running to jaeun, and we have to wait until sunday. i hope she´ll forgive him.
    but i don´t get why kj asks her to date him, perhaps het wants to confirm jaeun´s feelings for taehee? but how does he know about their matter? confused:)


    • London says:

      I agree that they will leave it on a cliffhanger they always do, but I think they should leave it just when daddy hwang outs his eldest son (TS (heartless prick) as having a cute little 9 year old boy


  2. Yeni Ulloa says:

    Did you notice’s EJ’s Lips at the first couple of seconds (0:04) of the preview? She has a cut…Probably she got it when she got kidnapped T.T
    I hope this scene doesn’t turn out as in Prosecutor Princess when Lawyer Seo In Woo tried to rescued Ma Hye Ri *SNIFSS*
    That would suck for TH !!


  3. Sunita says:

    So after watching the preview my first thought was, why is TH running? not that he doesn’t look hot its just that where is his car? He always has his car and in a situation like this he should be driving not running there, lol. I’m also hoping that nothing really happens with KJ and J. Especially this proposal deal, hopefully it was just a joke to get her out of the trance she was in. But still, I’m really going to hate it if they have J accept his proposal to somewhat feel like she’s over TH, because then it would just turn into a typical drama and so far it has stayed away from that fact. I hate dramas where girls are with the wrong guy to mess up the right guy’s head. Definitely can’t wait for Saturday. Its 9:44pm on a Thursday night in NYC, just a day and a quarter to go for ep.29. Can’t wait!


  4. Zura says:

    Saw the preview for ep 29. Before, I thought KJ appeared only to find his long lost stepbrother. But now, he seems to have something towards TH and he purposely wanted to date JE because he already should have sensed the relationship between TH and JE. I just hope that JE will reject him. KJ’s lip bruised due to TH’s mighty punch perhaps. Should have a reason behind it that make TH did that. The perfect part where YS, JE’s stepmom called TH to inform JE being kidnap.. Wow.. I’m so speechless to see him run only to save JE. I only want to see him save JE and hopefully on that episode too, I wish to see JE forgives TH for it’s actually not TH faults and to blame for. I just hate how KJ tried to get in the way. After I saw how he reacted when TH found out about having him as his stepbrother. Finally he show his true color. I can’t believe he had his way to get near to JE. I want to see another punch from TH to him if he dares to touch JE. Lastly, for goodness sake, after what TH told TS to do, he still being stubborn and try to hide his son, GS’s identity from YJ. Thanks to his father to reveal the truth to YJ. To say the truth, I dislike YJ. She have angel-like looks but behind it, she only wanted to ‘use’ TS. I just hope that YJ will break up and leave him. I get irks everytime I see TS for his immature attitude as an eldest brother. He should really get a lesson from TH.. Aigoo.. Another last thing I have to say.. I like TB for being perfect and straight forward, but I want him to really start loving SY for real. SY always try to impress him, but sometimes he just want to keep everything from her.. Especially with the home problem he faces.. SY meet her father-in-law just to know what exactly had happened and she goes all out to lend him the money, although it’s hard for CS to accept the money without TB’s knowing. I just don’t wish to see TB being cold to SY. I see some progression with maknae TP. Is he going to fall for the noonim later? Kya~~ Right now, really want to watch this episode already!!!


  5. shirubang says:

    i don’t think KJ will be the bad brother. i mean, what would his reason be for wanting to hurt TH. i’m sure he knows what’s going on between those two. plus, KJ’s personality just doesn’t seem like a bad guy. he’s too funny! i think he has good intentions when he said he wanted to date JE. maybe it’s to help TH figure out his feelings. hopefully~


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Look at what you found indeed softy @__@

    WOW 🙂


  7. nanie68 says:

    Just can’t wait for the next episode…..


  8. Mosquito says:

    May I know where to watch Eng sub E27 & E28? I have been watching on Jacinda but it’s only up to E26. Thank you.


  9. Trang Nguyen says:

    I also hope the brother isn’t a bad guy and that he merely wanted to help his brother. That would be good for a family drama, and help amend TH’s broken childhood’s/emotions. maybe that’s the reason for his presence, besides being the third person like in all dramas, but to help solve TH’s tangled/hurt emotions.


  10. Me says:

    I saw preview ep 29..KJ ask jaeun dating with him??I think its little too fast for KJ to fall in love with Jaeun..
    I just hope jaeun can reconcile soon with taehee..


    • Softy says:

      no need to worry – we are pretty sure it wasnt said out of love. We just dont know if he suggested it to help TH or J or had some other motive. We will know pretty soon though since it’s going to be airing soon in Seoul. 🙂


      • YeeKrFan says:

        *smiling like a fool now* cuz KJ is so cute & listen to me and *shock* JE out of her trance mode….but don’t you pull that *stunt* ever again…you hear! Thank you KJ you are still a darling! LOL


  11. Laica says:

    Softy! I’m late to the OB craze but I wanted to thank you and let you know that I read all your transcaps as I was watching – they are better than subs, so detailed and exact. I also love to read your comments – you have such a lovely, conversational voice.

    This is my favorite episode so far. My heart broke for Tae-hee three times. His scene with JE, the speech he made to his brothers (oh my heart), and the end when he realized that the mom who abandoned him raised someone else’s son. Ouch. I’ve seen very few male actors who can express with just their eyes that their heart is breaking and they want so badly to cry – without actually crying. It’s impressive Joo won can do this as such a newbie. I’ve fallen so hard for him.

    I can understand why he said all that to JE but I wish he had explained his reasons for acting how he did, that he wanted to give his mom a chance to confess and make things right because he owes her such a debt for raising him, etc. But I guess if he did that, he wouldn’t be TH, who holds himself back from taking what he wants, who always pretends to be okay, acts like he doesn’t need anything, because he always feels beholden and lives in a state of enforced gratefulness. He needs a hug. Or many. 😥 I think out OTP needs help from TB hyung, the one who never holds back from telling it like it is, and who I think cares most for TH out of his three brothers.


  12. chumchurumcool says:

    Uee getting drunk on cartons of Chamisul… should have been green bottles of Chum Churum Cool, but then again…


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