A year of “transcaps”

My blog is turning one on Monday. Thank you all for following this little blog and making it your home through all those nights of recap and keeping me company as I translate through the night and early hours. When I first started, I didn’t expect anyone to read it much less have thousands of hits in one day. The initial shock of watching the list of followers growing each week never wanes. I will continue to strive to do my best and not let you down. 🙂

After finishing up SKKS over at Thundie’s, my first post for this blog was November 7, 2010 just to announce its existence. Then on November 8th, my first official recap was MSOAN E1. Then I added SG and kept going from there. I even made up a new word just to make things easier explaining what I was trying to do on this blog: “transcap” (translations plus recaps), but had to stop using it cuz reading typos with the word “trans-crap” was hurting my feelings and making me want to crawl into a fetal position for the rest of the night. 🙂

My first post for MSOAN got thousands of hits that night. The counter kept rising so I thought I got the number wrong and was just delirious from nervousness. I was pretty sure that it was supposed to be in the tens or hundreds so I kept staring at it wondering “how is this possible? where did all these people come from?” These days after reading countless thank you comments for the past year, I think I know the answer. You guys discovered a place where it’s a little more intimate than Soompi where you could rant or rave to your heart’s content and be with others sharing our mutual love for the same drama. Lately, I noticed more and more people thanking me for introducing them to OB and it made me proud. I felt a little of that during CYHMH too when it was just a small overlooked family drama and then it became one that played a significant role in the kdrama landscape. So far with these two dramas and “Smile You,” I think they will forever change our impression of lengthy dramas being dreary or lackluster – at least I hope so. If family dramas can be this addicting as OB, then they should make more of them.

This all began with some translations for MGIAG and SKKS Soompi threads and the figurative seeds were planted. Everything changed on those four nights I did live recaps for SKKS E17-E20 on Thundie’s blog. I was riding a high from the exhilaration of having so many fans come together to share their talent and adoration for a drama that I thought would stay number one on my Kdrama list forever. So many people pitched in and shared youtube links, music videos, translations, and comments making my whole blogging experience amazing. I realized then what being an active participant could really mean to someone who doesn’t know the Korean language and has to watch the drama live or raw without any subtitles. That is why I tried to be as diligent and reliable as possible each night I did recaps even if that meant I had to lie to cab drivers to get me home on time. What I never counted on was how much fun I would have in the process. I feel very lucky to have so many visitors sharing their individual gifts over the last year – that collaborative spirit keeps this blog going. Just look around at the beautiful headers, screencaps, and watch all those great music videos made from their love for those dramas. This blog really is a testament to how generous people are with their time and skills.

Wikipedia said that there are 156 million blogs in existence as of Feb 2011. Last year if you had told me I would be one of those people, I would have said “not in a million years would that happen.” Why? Cuz I didn’t think I had anything worth saying and definitely not anyone who would care to read. Then I discovered I didn’t have to use my words at all. I could just choose the best kdrama writers and translate their words. Part of the reason why I wanted to rename this blog Cadence was to emphasize how much I love translations that are fluid and clear. Not every word of the Korean language can be translated perfectly into English, but I strive to get it as close as possible and yet still be easy to read and comprehend. Most people would think I don’t have any right to translate since I am not fluent and there are days when I feel like they are one hundred percent correct. That’s why a big part of my hesitation in joining the subbing team for SKKS at first was the fact that I didn’t think I was fluent enough to be of any help. After countless emails reassuring me, Blue and Thundie helped me feel like I was part of a great collaborative group of translators and we had so much fun during those days. I guess part of me wanted to keep that up a little longer and started translating here. Had no idea it would last a year so far.

Thank you for the 11,871 comments on 204 posts on this blog – I appreciate each and every word of encouragement you have given me for the past year. Hope I can continue to bring you more recaps in the new year. As long as there are great dramas out there, you can count on me to be here. 🙂

*Since this is a blog birthday post, I wanted to put up a picture of one so I “googled” birthday cakes and got some butt ugly ones. Then I found these gorgeous wedding cakes from a Canadian baker and then a few from Martha Stewart’s site. I wonder if these stunning cakes taste good – even just a fraction of how beautiful they look.

I know this post should be about the blog’s birthday, but I have OB on my mind since the weekend is coming up. 🙂

Ever since last week, I have been trying to figure this out. Does anyone know exactly when it was that it was obvious that TH had fallen for J? I thought it was the moment he told her about his birth mom’s picture. Or when TB pointed out TH liked J and TH had to mull over that idea. But then I thought maybe it was in the car when she asked him if he was gay and he leaned in so close to her – for a second there I thought maybe he was testing himself, but all we noticed was how flustered J got in that scene. A part of me wants to believe his heart was beating a little faster in that moment too (even tho he didnt look fazed at all -he has a great poker face.)

Did anyone else notice that J asked TH if the mom had asked him to check up on her – that was very telling since she let it slip out (you can tell it’s what she secretly wants) – J really was hoping the mom still cared about her. That sort of broke my heart more. Since the mom was not feeling well last week, I wondered if J would worry once she learns the mom is sick.

Also, what do you think it will take for J to snap out of her anger and forgive TH for not telling her sooner about the stolen contract?

Wow – thank you so much for all these wonderful comments. You guys had me smiling with each new message. 🙂  I fully intended to reply to each one, but I never expected so many replies so sorry if I don’t get to all of them. Thank you again everyone for all these heartfelt words – each and every message feels like I made a lot of friends over the past year – feeling truly blessed. 🙂

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131 comments on “A year of “transcaps”

  1. bkhan says:

    Congrats!!!! I am a fairly new reader of your blog but I intend to stick around for a long time!!! Excellent work!!!!Keep going strong!!! *fighting*


  2. ziren87 says:

    congrats softy….yeah its been a year since that skks thing..you,thundie,dramabeans,koala have been so helpful for us who cant understand korean…keep it up…but do take good care of yourself…as in sleep sometime…hehehehe…

    softy fighting….i luv reading ur recaps…


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for always showing so much concern for me – I really appreciate it. You’ve been with me all these months so you know how I get each night. Some nights it’s harder than others if I had a long work day. Don’t worry too much though – when I have this much fun, sleep is the last thing on my mind. It’s when the drama ends that’s the problem. Withdrawal is so hard to kick. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:


    Your recaps are awesome. Thank you so much for doing this blog and have been doing an excellent jobs so far.

    Thank you very much again!!!!


  4. Blue says:

    My dearest Softy,

    Love everything you’re doing here! The community you created, the detailed translations… Can’t believe it’s already been a year since we worked on SKKS subs together and entered the blogosphere… time sure does fly!

    Congrats on Cadence’s first birthday and may there be many more to come!!!!

    P.S. You’re kinda (okay, lots and lots) awesome!


    • Softy says:

      Thanks Blue – like Thundie, you are another reason why I am here doing this 🙂 Thanks so much for instilling confidence in a newbie subber – you had more confidence in me than I had in myself. I kept all your PMs to read again during moments of self doubt to remind myself someone had faith in me. Your blog’s first birthday is coming up too so see you over there soon. 🙂


  5. Ivoire says:

    Hello Softy,

    Congratulations on your blog turning a year old on Monday. You should feel very proud of yourself. I am quite new to your site as well and I love it because you are so detailed in your “transcaps” 🙂 , thank you so much for that. I love details and it is nice to be able to read them if one doesn’t have the time to watch the actual episode.
    Thank you for sharing your love of Korean dramas with us and for “transcapping” the dramas that might not seem to get a lot of attention at first, such as CYHMH or OB and for bringing them to our attention.
    I am an African ahjumma (I hope I spelled it right) (I am in my early 40s) who has become interested in the Korean language, people, country, food and culture since I was introduced to Korean dramas over a year ago. I am mentioning this to let you know that you never know who might stumble across your site (and like it) and you never know who you might impact. So keep up the good work and keep up the standard of excellence you set for yourself. Thank you for your long (do I dare say “sleepless”) nights, but as a commentator remarked earlier, please do take good care of yourself. We do want you in good health :-).

    On a different note, thank you for having the courage and candor to say what you posted about Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and I felt the same way you did when I watched the first 10-15mns of the first episode (I quit after that). I might be the only one, but to me Jung Il Woo’s face looked plastic, literally like the face of a doll. I didn’t feel that his make up looked natural and I didn’t understand his desire to play a “flower boy” role when he has done more mature roles (in my opinion), both on stage and on the screen. I don’t know if it is because I know his real age, but I had a hard time (of how little I watched) believing that he was a teenager (even though he might be a senior in high school in the drama, I am assuming?). It was nice to see that I was not the only one left with scratching her head about Jung Il Woo’s choice to play this role. Apparently, the first 2 episodes did well in Korea, so maybe he and his fellow actors will feel validated in having chosen to do this drama. I am considering going back and watching more (the whole episode 1 and maybe 2, maybe…) later to see if my opinion has changed.

    Lastly, I LOVE the pictures you have of the cakes. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and in my circle, I am known to take a lot of pictures (what can I say, I love remembering people and places). Those cakes look stunning and the pictures are just so well done! I concur with you in wondering if they are as good to eat as they look…

    I hope you are having a great weekend, and I look forward to getting a personal email from you. Are you still in Seoul? If you are, do you permanently live there?

    Many blessings to you,



    • lea says:

      Hi Ivoire,

      I “bit” older than you and really love Korean dramas.
      I have 5 years watching and enjoying every minute
      I really appreciate everyone who writes or inform us (the viewers) the promo of all kinds of dramas
      I’d love to know what you are watching now
      and what do you recommend
      only to see the cakes makes sense we want to bite the screen
      true, lol lol


      • Ivoire says:

        Hello Lea,

        Nice meeting you on this site. I am still fairly new to K-dramas, as I have only been watching them for over a year now. I also do appreciate those who take the time (and spend a lot of their time) recapping K-dramas and explaining to us non Koreans the subtleties of Korean culture portrayed in K-dramas.

        I am currently not watching anything at the moment, as I am somewhat busy packing and sorting through my things because I will be moving soon. I do however sometimes read the recaps of “A Thousand Day Promise” and “Ojakkyo Brothers.” The dramas that I have watched and liked this year are: City Hunter, Scent of a Woman, President, Dream High, Mary Stayed Out All Night and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. I can’t think of other dramas at the moment, so I will stop here.

        What would you recommend to watch regarding K-dramas? Hope you are having a great week,



    • Softy says:

      Dear Ivoire,
      Sorry for the late reply. I had a terrible cold over the weekend and only started to feel better yesterday on Thursday. That is why I started replying to all these comments then instead of earlier. Thank you so much for all your kind words and I am so happy to have played a small role in your kdrama enjoyment.

      What I said about FBRS wasn’t all that courageous if you know my reasons. I had high hopes his new drama would be my next fav so all of those comments stemmed from disappointment more than anything. Like you, I wanted character growth from his new role to help him stretch his acting skills. I blame the character he plays most of all cuz it’s so hard to get behind the male lead when he is so clueless – to the detriment of all the people around him. His doting father is not helping matters by coddling his son like that – it maybe be loving, but it’s not helping the boy mature. It certainly didnt help that the female lead looked so much older than him and played a teaching intern. I can see why so many fans love this drama so much already, but after four episodes I still don’t feel any pull yet. Maybe the cute tall guy will tip the scale in his favor a bit. Part of me still wants to give Jung Il Woo the benefit of the doubt and hope he will bring his character around and become awesome somewhere down the line. If any actor can pull that off, it’s him.

      As for the cakes, I feel guilty accepting so many compliments for them since all I did was find them online. 🙂
      Yes I am currently residing in Seoul, but during this time of the year I get very homesick and want to visit family in the U.S. There is nothing like spending the holidays with family.
      After you finish moving, might I suggest you go to kdrama blogger’s sites like Thundie’s, Blue’s, or DB’s and you will see a list of their favorite dramas. If there are titles that interest you, try “googling” them and see if the story sounds interesting enough to pursue watching. That’s what I do when I want a new drama to watch. 🙂
      P.S. you have a beautiful name by the way. 🙂


  6. sleeplessinwgtn says:

    I love the cake photos!


  7. crazyforcindy says:

    Love you and love your work. I rely on you during SOAW running. You were the first person who lead me though their words and actions. You added comments that makes me say, “I know I was thinking of the same thing.” Because of you, I didn’t even needed subs to watch the drama. I understood them because of you. Even though, I’m not reading your transcap on the current drama, I come back often to see what new things you are picking up. Thanks for the the transcap of “the taxi ride” Thanks for your time, your words, and your sleepless nights. I hope to additively read your next transcap soon. Thanks a bunch,


  8. lea says:

    Hi, my name is lea and I’m from Israel
    first of all, good luck
    amazing cakes
    most importantly thank you for your work last year
    really enjoy reading what you wrote 🙂
    and I was very glad that you keep us posted

    I want to know about :
    flower boy ramen shop
    a thosent day promis
    the musucal
    the empress
    mea of honor
    these dramas I’m watching now.

    and thanks again for the great job


  9. mi-dramacrazy says:

    Hi Softly, Congratulations!!!

    What will I do without blogs like yours!!! Your blog is a connection for me, a non-korean, to the Kdramas I so so love, so please please continue on your awesome work!!

    May there be many more years to come!!!

    THANKS 🙂


  10. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on turning 1. I’m a faithful fan of your blog, keep up the good work!


  11. missjb says:

    Congratzzzz Softy!!! I’m happy for yoU! have a a nice day, thans for all your hard work ❤


  12. Jewels says:

    It’s really amazing how fast time flies. I started reading your transcaps since SG being introduced to your blog site via Soompi.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you, and saeng-il chugha haeyo!!! ^-^


  13. eoan says:

    MABROOK SOFTY!!! Kudos for a milestone on a job well done and my heartfelt thanks for your dedication. Am so glad to have found your wonderful site…. truly a haven for us drama addicts. Cheers!!!


  14. Cindy says:

    Congrats !! Happy 1st birthday! Happy anniversary!

    I enjoy your blog very much and though we have different taste in dramas sometimes, I still come back to check your next muse. I am glad to have found your site, peeking/reading in my tiny cell phone screen the moment i get to work, during breaks or bathroom breaks.

    May you continued with what you love to do and thank you for taking your time to do these awesome transcap (hehe) for us non Koreans.

    much xoxoxooxoxo!!!

    P.S. I was wondering what the name changed and know I know!


  15. Anonymous says:

    you’ve done a great job !


  16. Jomo says:

    Lady Capper –
    (I put this in the wrong place.)
    Has it been a year? Really?


    I definitely remember your SKKS recaps. At the time, I would have cut off an arm to get an SKKS recap.

    Thanks for being there for me.
    Here is my wish to you:

    May you never go back in time to 1700′s Busan and work for a doctor who lost his voice!
    (and have to tell us everything everybody said in detail!)


  17. jae says:

    Happy Anniversary Softy aka soulsrebel! *(^^)*
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    I followed your recaps for SKKS, SG, 49D, MSOAN, LTM, DH, CH and MyP (^^)p
    Soulsrebel, Banzai!!!
    Soulsrebel, Mansei!!!


  18. Lise says:

    Hi, I’m so happy to have found your wonderful site today. I certainly will be a regular visitor from here on out. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and I wish you many more. Your good work means so much to many. Thank you!


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