Ojakkyo Brothers E25 and E26

O-M-G !!!  THE miracle happened – I feel like I am dreaming right now -nobody wake me up….best last scene EVER!!!!!  🙂

Watching tonight’s episode made me think that greed started all this and caused so many people pain that they are having trouble dealing with so how great would it be if a new found love was the solution to end all that misery. * more thoughts at the end of the episode.

*E27 translated video preview in comments

To think it only took 26 episodes for this scene to come out. Wonder how many more we have to wait for till the really daebak moments arrive like a wedding or a first date. 🙂

Special thanks to Yoonni for clarifying and filling in those blanks. You are a godsend. 🙂


J goes up to the attic room and packs her stuff. She picks up her dad’s pic frame and cries while looking at it.

The dad comes home and asks why they are standing around. GM says J came and is packing upstairs. Dad: she did – when I went to the koshiwon a while ago I didn’t get to see her face properly. The dad asks why the mom does not look well-are you feeling sick? The mom says she is ok. GM says the mom isnt ok–from a while ago during lunchtime she looks like she has a fever but wont listen at all when I told her to go and lie down. GM says to dad: after J leaves-you take her in and make her lie down.

J comes down and the dad asks when she came – if he knew she was coming, she could have come with him. J: sell the farm -since it’s under your name ajussi –you go to the realty office and put it up for sale and sell it. Immediately by today. The dad agrees. J: and move out within the month. It doesn’t matter to me if you have a place to move to or not. No matter what – starting from today – a month later you have to move out. Dad: ok I get it – don’t worry. I will move out within the month. She says she wont pay anything at all for the moving expenses – there is no way you expect any right? (meaning they shouldn’t expect her to after what they did) The dad says he doesn’t. J: that’s all then. Dad: J ah – when I sell the farm, on the day of the contract – you need to come – don’t send your step mom- we cant trust that woman. J: even so- can she be less trustworthy than you and ajumma. Dad: but still – you come yourself – if I cant hand it over to you – I can’t trust her. J: ok. She glares over at the mom and leaves

The mom goes after her and calls out “J ah – look at ajumma for a minute” but J keeps walking so the mom holds onto J’s jacket. J pulls away from her and yells at the mom “don’t touch me.” The mom says “ok I am sorry –this is a muffler – it’s cold so make sure you go around wearing it. J: muffler? That it’s mine? mom: it’s yours I knitted it with my own hands. J: you did? she takes the bag and takes out the muffler. she throws it down and stomps on it and thanks the mom and walks off.

Mom picks it up, dusts it off and hugs it- crying.

* I cried watching her cry cuz I wondered if she had to choose again – would she choose her farm over J? cuz the way she cried made me think she knew she lost someone precious to her – maybe someone more precious than the farm itself.

J cries on the bus ride back.

As J walks back, TH is waiting there for her. J: what brings you here in this neighborhood– did you by any chance come to see me? TH: yes. J: you did – what made you come find me. TH: were you coming from somewhere. J: as you can see I am coming from your home after packing my stuff – you knew didn’t you ajussi – that ajumma stole my contract – didn’t you? that is why that day when the contract appeared you couldn’t make eye contact with me. So you did know – I thought “maybe,” but you knew -since when did you know? TH: I am sorry. J: for what? I asked how long since you’ve known so what are you sorry for? Is it cuz you knew from a long time ago – so long that you don’t remember? TH: that isnt it. J: then when did you find out? Answer me – to me it’s a really important problem. TH: I found out the day of the pear harvest. (J says stuff that hurts him-this is the gist of it) J: that’s how you handled the case? Officer Hwang TH who bragged about upholding the law and justice–in the end it’s useless–*your arms fold inward. you are only brusque and strict at your job with others but with your own mom’s crime you are too generous.

*Yoonni said: “Your arms fold inward” is an expression in Korea for indicating that people take the side of their family. So if you had the choice between outsiders who are correct and your family or loved ones that are incorrect, you would still choose your family.

J: Why didn’t you tell me – back then you could have told me the next day or the day after that-you had plenty of time to tell me. TH: I am sorry. J says with tears in her eyes: did you know? I liked you ajussi. starting from one day my heart kept thumping whenever I saw you ajussi- not knowing you were two faced like this- you are the one who taught me to change the ajumma’s heart –if I really believed my dad was alive that I needed to come to my senses and live right – you were the person who taught me that ajussi –the moment when I needed someone’s help the most, you were the only one who held out his hand to me – that is why I asked you to buy me coffee – did you really think I did that cuz I wanted to drink coffee– I really trusted you without any doubt – after my dad you were the only man – why do people I trust, each and every one keep betraying me– one day my dad threw me away and left suddenly and betrayed me the most – ajumma did too –ajussi did too– like this, if the same thing keeps happening – doesn’t that mean something is wrong with me? it is huh? (refers to herself in third person) cuz the kid sets her affection –it must be cuz she keeps trusting too easily and grow attached – in the end it’s my fault for trusting – isnt it? T says her name.

J: do you have the pendant I made you. TH says yes and holds it out. She throws it away and a car runs over it. J: that’ enough now – go and never come find me again – even if we run into each other on the street – don’t act like you know me. TH stands there as she walks away and then he slowly looks back at her. He goes over and picks up the duck pendant and sees it’s been scratched.

He looks back to where J went and holds the pendant tightly.

SY thanks TB for lunch and says she ate well. He tells her not to get sleepy at the office cuz she is full. She did that last time and was woken up. She says she wont get sleepy. Back then it was cuz she didn’t get enough sleep. He tells her to be careful cuz these days among reporters they are talking about her. they get on the elevator and she asks what people are saying about her. it’s ok you can tell me. TB: “she isnt the same Cha team leader as long ago.” “like someone who doesn’t have it together (is lacking) – she can’t focus (pay attention)” “she got lazy” “if she keeps this up she will get her position as team leader taken away.” SY: it’s ok – if I pay attention to each one of those talks – how could I live it will be too tiring. And it’s not like I can tell them my situation for them to understand. Also it’s not true – as team leader and as reporter I am still exceptional. What time do you get off work today- should we go see a movie? She gets a call from the Director to come with TB

They are meeting with the Director- the head boss. He asks if SY has anything going on at home these days. She says there isnt. He asks if her health isnt well. there must be a reason why she is not herself these days. He says how he has watched her all these years and had big expectations from her. maybe he misjudged her -she seems like a different person these days. the programs this team turned in arent like they used to be.  he cites how she reported something later than another station. what are you doing?  SY says sorry. Then he starts in on TB saying how TB turned down the blind date with his daughter and stuff. TB says sorry. The boss says he didn’t call them here to hear apologizes. he says how he is going to change up the ambience and a new manager director is coming tm. The boss says he wants to give them a homework. He asks if they know there is an old grandpa who saved a lot of money (10 billion won) and is donating it to a university. TB says he heard the old man had saved all his life running a fruit business and donated his whole fortune. SY says how everyone is looking for the old man but he hid his identity so no one can find him. The boss wants them to go find the old man and get an interview and this homework has the job title of team leader on the line. SY: team leader position? the boss: why? does it it hurt your feelings? SY: no it doesnt. (so this means whoever gets the interview gets the job title – actually SY would get to keep it and TB would be the one who gets to be her boss if he wins)

When they leave the office, TB tells her – it’s a little unusual but work is work. SY agrees: of course – let’s each not have any pressure and do our best and have a clean result. TB: that goes without saying. SY: it looks like watching that movie will be difficult. TB: I never said I would. SY: oh did you – I will tell you in advance I will be a late today. TB says he will be too. They tell each other to work hard and walk off in different directions.

She walks away saying she has to make sure she finds the old man first-no matter what.

TB yells “yes” and says “his chance has finally come”

SY says to herself – this has your pride as a reporter on the line

TB: since the opportunity came – don’t let it slip away and hang onto it no matter what.

SY: show this baby how much of a smart and cool (impressive) reporter you are

TB: let’s go up as high as you can go up.

They each work separately really hard. TB gets the other guy to help –trying to locate the old man.

TH sits outside in his car and is playing with the duck pendant. He hung it on his rearview mirror and he watches it swing back and forth. He remembered how she said she liked him and how her heart beat faster cuz of him – how he is the one who held out his hand when she needed it the most and really trusted him. He sighs and drives off.

*It took like 100 screencaps to get a clear shot of this duck pendant- at first the only thing I noticed right off was how its holding coffee, but now you can clearly see the sneakers around its neck. 🙂

TH goes and gets two coffees and some food and drops it off at her place outside her door. He notices her laces are undone. And remembers how she walked with her laces untied earlier. He laces up her boots and puts them back. He doesn’t knock and just leaves

J is still sitting in the dark. She opens the door to go out to the bathroom and finds the drinks and food. She throws them away and just heads over to the bathroom.

The mom is lying down and the dad brings the mom some water and medicine tells her to get up to take it. He say how she is running a fever-will the medicine be enough and asks if she doesn’t need to go to the hospital. she says all she needs to do is sleep after taking the medicine. He says TH and TP came home expect for TS who has to work late and he is going to tell the sons that J came and left and talk about the moving. let’s see and if you dont feel any better let’s go to the hospital later. He tells her to lie back down.

TP: heard mom is not feeling well. The dad tells the sons (TP and TH) how the mom is running a fever-refuses to go to the hospital even tho he said let’s go. So he gave her medicine and now she is sleeping. The GM says the mom did enough to get sick – suffering alone all this time with her heart aching (with remorse). This afternoon too – J wasn’t just your average cold and mean. She made up her mind to come on so strong when she came–that kid was cold as winter. TP: J came by? Dad: that is why I called you – J packed her stuff and left – and we finished up talking about the farm – J asked to sell the farm so early tm morning I am going to put up the farm for sale at the realty office. She asked us to move out too so I told her we would move out within the month. TP: within the month – that doesn’t leave much time. GM mutters it’s really not enough time. the dad says to GM if they look for a place to live they should be able to find one. Dad: When J said to sell the farm – dad felt the most comfortable (in his heart) –now your mom can get some sleep –anyway just know this is how things ended up. During that time for a lot of reasons I felt uneasy but now we need to work hard and mom and dad will look for a place to live. TH and TP both say “ok”

TP goes down stairs and is startled by TS calling out TP’s name. TP: hyung when did you come home? TS shushes him. TP: what dad was saying…..why? he leans closer and TS pulls him into the room.

N is in there. TP and N stare at each other. TP smiles and says: hi Noodle –I am your uncle TP. We met last time huh? N sort of nods hello at him. TP pays him a compliment about being good at saying hello and affectionately calls him “our Noodle.” TP asks TS: what’s happened? Let’s go out and talk. TS: we can’t -if we go out what do we do if dad comes down? Dad called so I told him I was staying overnight at the hospital. TP: when the mood at home is like this how could you bring him in here? TS: you think I brought him cuz I wanted to? MS said she couldn’t watch him anymore. TP says that ajumma should have kept watching him longer. Tell her about what is going on in the home and ask her again. TS: I tried but she wont even listen. TP:what do we do? J came today to pack up her stuff and said to move out within the month. Mom is sick and lying down. TS:what? TS sits down in frustration. TP stares at N and asks TS: so what are you going to do. TS: I don’t know too. He gets up and asks N if he knows how to contact his mom. do you know your mom angelica’s phone number? I asked if you know your mom’s number. Say something – you know how to talk. Do you know angelica’s contact number? I said answer – why do you not talk when you are with me? You know how to talk. TP: hyung lower your voice. TS: this kid doesn’t talk when he is with me –do you know how infuriating that makes a person? He talks to MS and you said he talked to you last time. N says to TP suddenly: I have to pee. TS: what? N glances at TS then looks at TP. TS says to TP: See – he talks to you. he is looking at you and talking. N says again he has to go to pee. TS tells him to hold it in. N sort of gives him a mean look. TS: look at this punk and how he stares at me. TP tells TS to be more patient. TP asks N: do you really have to go -is it urgent? N nods yes. TS tells N to pee into the empty water bottle. TP: hyung what are you doing to the kid? TS: then what do we do? MS went out and isn’t home and her house is locked up.

TP sneaks out to see if the coast is clear. TS comes over with N and they take him to the bathroom and stand guard. TS tells N to just hurry and do his business and come out and not take long. GM comes over and asks if they are in line. She asks who is in the bathroom. TP says TH is in there. she yells at TH to hurry and come out cuz GM is in a hurry. TP says he has something to tell her and drags her into her room saying he has to tell her there. GM says just say it here and don’t make her move cuz it will come out.

TP pushes her into the room. She asks what is going on-she is in a rush so talk fast. TP: GM you know how hard I am trying to live like a man don’t you? She says get to the point cuz she is about a minute away from bursting. hurry or I am …she tries to leave the room. He stops her and asks for allowance money cuz he doesn’t have money these days. she threatens to beat him up and tells him to stand aside and asks what he hid in the bathroom for him to be like this. GM goes over to the bathroom and looks inside and it’s empty. TP: what would I hide GM? Since you are in a hurry -go in and do your business. She goes inside. TP sighs with relief

SY is at home and still trying to locate the old man. She is talking to another reporter and says even an old address is ok cuz she just needs to go to that neighborhood and ask around and discover a clue. she can meet the elders from the neighborhood too. she writes down an address and TB comes home. She quickly hangs up saying she will call back later. SY: you came? TB: yes – you must have come home early. She says a little while ago and asks if he ate dinner and he said he ate. He tries to see what she wrote asking what it is but she takes it with her to her room saying she will go in first- and for him to rest. she tells him they have to eat dinner with her parents this weekend cuz it’s her dad’s birthday. he says ok. she gets a call and says she will go in. He tries to eavesdrop on her conversation but he gets a call and he goes to his room to write down the address and SY listens in this time. she tries to memorize the address as she goes back into her room. TB looks out suspiciously and catches her going back into her room

The mom is in the kitchen when TH comes out. She asks if he is going to work. TH: you woke up already? weren’t you feeling unwell. Mom: no I had some fever but now it’s better. What kind of work is it for you to leave this early in the morning? He says cuz he left work early yesterday he is going in early. She tells him to drink some protein drink before he leaves. He says he doesn’t feel like it and will just go, but she insists he should drink some before he goes since it won’t take long. You are young so you are like this but if you go around being hungry – later when you age it won’t be good for your digestion. Hurry and come in(to the kitchen) She goes and makes him that drink. He watches her make it. She forgot to add milk and then forgot to heat some rice cakes for him to eat. She says if he eats a few pieces he will feel fuller, it tastes better to heat on a frying pan but since he doesn’t have time she is going to heat it up in the microwave.

She tells him to drink some and then go. She says how just making something simple as that is making her sweat from the exertion. He says sorry to her – last time I think I got overly angry. Mom: what are you talking about – don’t say such things. If you say that, mom gets more humiliated and embarrassed. When you are such a loving obedient kid – since mom committed that sin-how angry and disappointed you must have been – I understand why – mom is embarrassed to even look at your face so don’t say that. TH says he will eat it well and drinks. she feeds him and they smile at each other. she tells him to drink slowly.

H goes over to TS’s room with MS and they peek thru the window. H: mom why isn’t N here? Did he go somewhere? MS: did he go upstairs? Then does it mean the elders all know. H: then is N going to keep living here from now on? MS: he has to since N’s dad is the eldest ajussi. let’s go – since he is with his dad he must be well. Let’s go

TP sneaks out of the house first and checks if the coast is clear and brings TS and N out. TS puts N in the car. They both tell N to “hide” by sitting low in the seat so he can’t be seen and N obeys. TP asks: what are you going to do? Are you going to take him with you to the hospital. TS: how can I take him when there are so many eyes that can see. TP: so what are you going to do? TS: maknae ah. TP: what? Me? TS’s eyes are pleading.

TP goes to work with N. Y cant’ see N yet cuz she is behind a partition and the computer monitor. TP calls out good morning. Y: you came? Congratulations on your first day of work. TP: yes thank you sajangnim (“proprietor” – sounds so weird to call her “owner”) Y comes around saying how she organized one side already and then notices N. Y: whose kid is he? TP starts to lie (a friend I know – his…but N looks at TP so TP feels guilty and changes his mind and tells the truth) TP: he is my older brother’s son. It’s really not my style to impose on my first day of work but the situation ended up like this. I am sorry sajangnim. Y: hyung? You have another hyung? TP: yes the big hyung. I am asking you to please not ask me anymore. Y: ok. She steps closer to N and smiles at him. Y:what is your name? N: it is Noodle. Y: Noodle? Like “noodles” you eat? Your name is really fun. I am Nam Y. she holds out her hand and says “it’s nice to meet you.” N shakes her hand and smiles. TP asks N to go and sit on the sofa.

Y asks if they should organize the new products that came in yesterday first. TP: no before we organize the products – we have to finish up with the store’s interior. The new mannequins we ordered will be delivered by 11am and the tables will arrive around then too. And we can go to the chong hang store at 2pm. Before then should we lay out the (fake) grass. Y: grass? TP walks over and steps on it explaining it’s too thin so he thinks they should switch it out. He asks if she bought something. Y: oh that’s right you told me yesterday to buy it. TP: you forgot? Then you didn’t buy any of the plants for the first day opening? Y: today I should write it down on my palm. Let’s lay out the grass tm.

TP points to some racks and says this side will be for casual wear and products for teens. And makes suggestions to make it brighter-what do you think. Y: it’s good – since it will pop (stand out) kids will like it. TP: then give me those (color) swatches. Y:what? TP: swatches – I told you to buy pastel pink. You forgot that too? Y: no yesterday I am sure I paid for it. TP: you did? and? Y: I must have left it there. He says how she isn’t at the age where she should be forgetting. Isn’t she in her early 40s. Y is offended and asks: do I look like I am in my 40s? TP treads carefully and says: do I look like a foolish guy who will guess a woman’s exact age. He says she looks like she is in her mid 40s if he had to estimate. Y: I am not. TP: then what is it? No way – are you late 40s? She sighs and walks away. she calls out N’s name.

Y walks over and asks if N ate breakfast. Ajumma didn’t eat so I bought tukboki-want to eat it together? TP says that sounds good cuz they haven’t eaten breakfast yet. At this point TP doesn’t trust her (cuz she is so forgetful) and asks: you bought the tukboki correctly right? Y: of course. From a while ago I was heating it in the microwave. Suddenly there is a loud pop and Y yells out in alarm. there is smoke coming from the back. Y says she forgot to make a hole before heating it. TP is speechless

YS asks J: are you going to lie there all day? Over people like that – why are you stewing for so long lying down when they don’t matter. Don’t do that and go to the department store with me –if you go out and do some “eye-shopping” (browsing) you will feel better. J just lies there. YS: ok it’s good for you to lie there but don’t we need to figure out the problem with the farm? Do you want to live in this pitiful place leaving that valuable farm there? J says she told them to sell the farm as soon as they can. YS: really? When? You did well. Cuz that place is so valuable – as soon as it’s put up for sale it will sell right away. Then get plenty of rest while I go out.

The mom stares at J’s scarf after it had been dry cleaned and puts it away in the wardrobe

Y asks if N wants to eat ice cream. N nods yes. Y gives him choices-chocolate, vanilla, green tea, and strawberry. He smiles and says chocolate. Y says ok and goes to get it. (N seems to really like Y) SY’s parents show up and the mom calls out “are the preparations going well? Where did she go?” They cant see her so the dad calls out for “chujae” (younger sister in law). the mom calls out Y’s name. They look down and see N. N looks up at them. The mom asks N: who are you? I asked who you were.

Y comes over and N hides behind Y. mom: what is he- who is he? Y: that unni… mom: who is he and why is he clinging to you? hurry and answer – who is he? Dad: “chujae” tell us -who is that kid. Y tells them the kid is TB’s older brother’s. mom and dad both repeat TS’s name. mom: the eldest who is a physical therapist. They are both shocked. Mom: that son who hasn’t even married has a son this big? The mom made a remark about N looking mixed so Y covers N’s ears. Dad says Hwang had a son? Y: the elders on that side doesn’t know yet. Dad:what do you mean they don’t know – the in laws still don’t know? Y: must not have been able to tell yet – I don’t know much – cuz TP shi just brought him for a short time. mom: what? How could that happen? But why is he in your store? Did Hwang son in law (TB) tell you to watch over him? Y: no not Hwang son in law (TB) – TP shi-the youngest brother. He is working at my store as the manager. Mom: what? Who is working as the manger? who?

*This means SY’s dad can tell YJ so now TS is saved from marrying her. YJ will probably dump him anyway when she learns he lost the farm.

KJ is looking at some cartoon illustrations. Another guy comes over and shows him one that looks like a poporo squirrel with a bad perm and says it’s first place – isn’t it really useful? KJ reads it “paporo” and shakes his head “no.” the guy insults KJ’s taste claiming it’s cute. The guy says there is no point in looking thru that pile cuz they were rejected. KJ finds one of a duck that looks like the one J drew of TH’s duck pendant. KJ: then I can take this right? The guy says yes it doesn’t matter if KJ takes it-then the guy finds faults with J’s illustrations and story. KJ says he likes it and reads the name of the student who drew it: Baek JE.

* omg how cute – her duck characters are the whole family – the ajumma with the permed hair is in the middle holding a rake and her four sons next to her- two on each side of her. the far right looks like TS with glasses then next to the mom is TB wearing a tie. on the other side of the mom is TH holding that coffee and at the end TP with curly hair and sunglasses.

J gets a call. KJ calls her. J: hello? KJ: hello – are you Baek JE? J: who are you? KJ introduces himself. He asks if she had submitted a sketch not too long ago to KMP called “O–duck-family character.” J: yes so? KJ: it’s too bad but it didn’t make it to the finals for KMP but I liked the character you made. She says it’s ok -she isn’t interested and hangs up on him. He calls back and asks if she is in the elevator but she hangs up on him again. (he said that cuz in Korea cell phone calls drop during elevator rides)

KJ goes to TH’s office. KJ says hi to TH first and then D. KJ sits between D and TH. TH is questioning the same guy from before. KJ listens in as TH questions the guy. TH says to the suspect: I am asking you again – what is the exact date you received the object. The guy cant remember if it was the 5th or 10th and says he thinks for sure it was on the 25th so TH leans in and asks: are you playing with me now? Are you not going to answer clearly? KJ echoes TH and tells the guy to answer clearly. TH tells KJ to stay quiet. TH yells at the suspect to hurry and say the date. KY whispers to the guy : hurry and talk. TH glares at KJ. KJ says he will just play games while waiting and takes out his cell phone. TH says to the suspect: just cuz you keep saying you don’t know doesn’t mean it will work out. It might just get dangerous for you if you do that. What is the date? There is loud game music that distracts them. TH looks over and calls out KJ’s name loudly in warning. KJ says he will switch it to vibrate. TH says to the suspect: I asked what date? guy says he thinks it was the 15th. TH: are you not going to say where the location was? The guy starts to answer but there is a phone call. TH yells at KJ: look here! but KJ says: I think it’s your phone officer Hwang. the suspect says it’s in TH’s pocket. TH picks up and it’s his team leader.

SY is still looking for the old man questioning the neighbors nearby. She asks them to look at the picture of the old man cuz she heard he used to live here. They say they never saw him before. TB shows up. He is yelling into the phone that he was misinformed cuz the old man never lived around here. He hangs up when he sees SY. TB asks what brings her here. SY: what do you think – it must be for the same thing as you-you must have been misinformed yesterday too. He makes a sardonic comment about how coincidences occur and asks where she got this tip. She says she cant tell him cuz it’s a confidential source. TB: since I came all the way here – I was thinking of dropping by to see my parents – what do you want to do?

SY and TB and the family are eating pears and drinking tea. SY: you were surprised cuz we suddenly dropped by to visit weren’t you? dad says he isnt and invites her to drop by suddenly anytime. Mom: wasn’t even thinking about it and since you two came –I don’t know how good this is and I am so glad to see you. TB: you mean that mom? mom: of course – why would I say anything I don’t mean? Right mother? She asked the GM. GM says these days in the home there wasn’t much to smile like there was a storm at home about but since you two came it’s nice like it’s a home where people live. SY asks why- did something happen at home. TB makes a face to the family not to talk. SY: please tell me GM cuz TB shi likes his privacy and doesn’t talk about that at all. GM says it’s nothing –nothing in particular – it’s just cuz she is aging every day so her body isnt like the old days-that’s why. SY says that’s not true that the GM is not that old. The mom says the pear is really sweet and urges SY to eat some.

TS shows up and announces he is home. He notices SY. SY stands and says hello to him. TS goes over to her asking when she came. TB says they dropped by for a short time while passing through. TB: you are home early. TS tells SY to sit comfortably. The dad tells TS to sit too since TB and SY cant stay long so TS goes and sits by TP. SY suddenly says “omo” and points to N. TB and the dad ask why she said that and follows her finger. Everyone looks at N. GM: what is this. dad asks N who he is. TP gets up and says to N: you came up – I told you to stay downstairs. Let’s go down. Dad: wait – stop. I asked who he is. TS is stunned. The mom asks TP who N is. Then GM and the dad ask again “who is he?” TP: your grandson. SY: grandson?! TP: I said he is your grandson. GM: what? The dad takes a broom and almost hits TP and TP says “stop dad- it’s not me – it’s big (oldest) hyung.” Dad:what? TP: I said it’s big hyung. He is big hyung’s son. TP hugs N close. Everyone looks over at TS. Dad: is that true? TS – is he your son? Hurry and answer. TS- is he your son? TS stands and says “yes he is my son” SY’s mouth falls open. mom: how –TS’s son –how could he –how could such a grown? GM says N’s skin color is different he is dark. TB explains: 9 years ago when hyung was in the Philippines –he dated a Filipino young lady names Angelica –it’s not hyung’s fault – dad – mom – GM- angelica had the kid without telling hyung and hid him from him for 9 years. The dad attacks TS with the broom and hits him. Dad: this punk! TB tries to hold the dad back but the dad trips TS and has him on the floor in seconds. The dad starts to choke TS. TP and TB try to stop the dad. mom hits the dad saying: TS’s dad why are you doing this – when the new daughter in law is here. SY tells the mom: that’s ok mother – that sort of thing is ok but father can’t beat him. The mom pushes SY away saying “move away – what are you going to do if you fall down” (cuz of the baby) TB tells the dad to hold in his anger cuz it’s not hyung’s fault. TP tells the dad to relax cuz his blood pressure can’t go up. N just calmly watches his dad being choked by his grandfather.

TH is sitting outside J’s place. He is about to start the engine when J comes out and walks down the alley not caring that she is bumping into people. TH follows her. She knocks over a fruit stand and TH picks up the fruit and apologizes to the lady for J’s sake. J walks over to some rice cake and sees the one she ate with the ajumma. She starts to eat one and remembers how the saleslady at the outdoor market had said “how could the mom and daughter look so alike” to J and the ajumma. J drops the rice cake and keeps walking. TH goes over and apologizes to the saleslady and pays for it. J crosses a street without looking while the crosswalk light is red and TH breathes a sigh of relief cuz she didn’t get run over. He follows her from the opposite sidewalk.

She goes down some alley so he crosses and follows her. she suddenly disappears from view. He runs over looking for her. J suddenly steps behind him.

J asks: are you a stalker ajussi? Why are you following me around? He turns to face her. J: I asked why are you following me around. TH: did you eat? J: why are you curious about that ajussi? Are you worried about me? Or did ajumma send you. did she tell you to go and see how I am? (she asked this sarcastically) Is she even worried about me a little bit. TH: no that isn’t it. J: if it’s not that then why are you following me around- I told you not to come find me again- I said even if we meet on the streets act like we don’t know each other – go and don’t follow me again. He watches her walk off.

And follows after her- quickly taking off his coat and drapes it over her shoulder saying “wear it- it’s cold.” She knocks it off and he puts it back on her again. TH: I said wear it. She takes the coat off and throws it at him. J:are you playing around with me ajussi? Why are you like this? I said I don’t want to see you anymore. Seeing you ajussi – I don’t like it at all. I don’t want to see you! TH grabs her arm and yells: listen to me (obey) and wear it (the coat) before you go! TH speaks more calmly and softens his tone: even though you don’t want to see me – now I want to see you- I can’t do anything at all cuz I am worried about you – I wonder if you are eating – sleeping well – like a while ago, if you aren’t going to be in danger from walking in a daze – Baek JE – I think I like you.

The whole time she was looking down as he spoke those last lines, but now she finally looks at him.


No preview

This is like the best love story in a drama in recent times. I love how TH and J’s relationship seems to be seesawing between their emotions for each other. Last week it was tipping with the weight of J’s affections for TH and now we finally have movement from TH’s side. He finally stood up a little bit and now it’s going to be more even. I just know he is going to do everything it takes to win her back and I am just wondering how many episodes that will take. Judging from the look on J’s face, quick acceptance is not realistic at this point since she is still raw from the open wound the mom already gave her. There is nothing left in J’s heart right now except for feeling betrayed. For TH’s declaration to have any effect, he is going to have to clear away a lot of mistrust for his words to have the desired impact. But how perfect would it be if TH’s words tonight start to chip away at the wall of cynicism J has put up to protect herself. As far as the first blow goes, this one had perfect aim and there is no way his words didn’t make her knees go weak even a little bit.

*  if E26 is THIS good – how much better can it get when J gets over her anger? Can you just imagine? It’s so hard not to press replay on that last scene and move on with the rest of the translations -this drama is really doing a number on my head – can’t focus at all just cuz of that last line. if he ever gets around to saying “I love you” somewhere down the line – kiss translations for that night goodbye. 🙂


When it comes to this drama, it sort of scares me how much I love it. Is it cuz it’s 50 episodes that there is so much to love or is this drama really this amazing? I just can’t remember the last time I cared this much about each and every episode. Tonight it feels like hearts were broken left and right, a married couple found a moment of bliss, and another “pair” has me frowning in confusion right along with TH cuz I just don’t get that guy –what is his deal? I can’t believe KJ is being so upfront about his intention with TH. On the one hand it cracks me up watching TH squirm from discomfort and on the other hand, I am curious where KJ thinks all the flirting is headed. How great would it be if KJ was the impetus that drove TH literally into J’s arms– just to prove to KJ which team TH bats for. Before that, TH has a major hurdle to cross and admit to himself that he has feelings for J. It doesnt hurt that he keeps looking up at J’s window like this so wistfully – like he doesnt even realize he is longing for her. Once he gets why he keeps coming back to her, it would be great if he could be open about it, but that is just asking too much from this guy. At this point, not sure if she is even going to want to listen much less care anymore. Why must there be heartbreak before it even gets started? Eagerly counting down the hours till Sunday night….


Daebak of epic proportions – omg – speechless. Last week was nothing compared to this. *E26 Preview on the bottom

Before you read tonight’s recap – to ease into it – just look how happy they used to be 🙂


Starts from when YS grabbed the mom’s purse and the contract falls out. Everyone looks at it but J is the only one who is really in shock. YS: what is this – isn’t this the contract. She picks it and opens it. It’s the contract – I found it J. it’s the contract- what did I say? I told you –that woman stole it. What I said was right. J looks from the contract to the ajumma’s face. YS: now will you believe what I said- now will you believe what I said about that woman stealing it. She says how she will report them all– how could you steal your friend’s daughter’s contract. it wasn’t enough you stole it – you chase away the kid and make her set up tent in the yard to live and suffer. J is shocked and looks at the mom: was it you ajumma? you really did it? You didn’t right? Say one word that you didnt – please say you didn’t steal it ajumma. J cries. If you say you didn’t I will believe you – just please say one word you didn’t do that – hurry – ajumma. YS: what is there to ask- cant you believe even if you saw it with your own eyes? you ended up like this (tricked) cuz you trusted people to easily and acted careless- let’s go – for today cuz of your condition it would be better for you to leave this house. YS tells them she is taking J and going for today but will be back again when YS has regained her composure and will not leave them alone. how could you people do this? let’s go. she leads J away. J looks at the mom before she leaves

Outside the house, YS puts J into a waiting cab. YS tells the driver to go to seoul.

TB hears about J’s step mom and says you should have told me sooner and he will come right now. TB calls SY and says he will leave work first -cuz he has to go home for a short time. SY: wait dont hang up – why home again?  TB: something happened. SY: of course that must be it – would you go if there was nothing going on -what is going on – why? you cant tell me again? TB: yes I dont want to tell you -I will be late so don’t wait up and sleep- hang up. SY calms herself down

The family cleans up the mess. TB comes home and asks if it was this serious. how many guys searched to cause this much mess. TP waves him away (meaning dont ask) TB goes over and tells the mom he came and asks where the dad is. He goes in and asks if GM is ok and “you werent hurt right?” she mutters she isnt hurt and that contract caused this mess again -how many times is this – and that contract she is sick of finally left this house and they wont have to go thru this again. she mutters how it bugs her about how it ended ( referring to that whole thing with J)

TB goes into the room and asks TH “what happened – heard mom didn’t get to return the contract to J and was found out. Is that true? How was she found out/caught? It couldn’t have been cuz the step mom went thru the wardrobe and discovered it-mom took the contract to give it back to J and went out and that was why she called J out to eat lunch together. It’s so frustrating – talk. How did she end up getting caught? TH suddenly gets up and goes outside. TB calls out his name and follows him out to the living room.

TH looks for the mom. TH: why did you do that mom– why didn’t you return the contract sooner to J and had it with you? during that time you could have given it back to her many times and still have time left. did you by any chance get greedy for the farm at the last moment and kept stalling and ended up getting found out by J like that? The dad comes over asking what TH means by that. TH asks the mom: it was so long ago when you went out to eat lunch –during that time why did you have that contract and not return it? Dad: this punk – why are you like this suddenly? Who isnt upset about what happened. TH yells at the mom: why didn’t you give it back? Why did you give the kid a scar/pain in that manner that you cant take back? Dad: this punk – ya hwang TH! GM comes over and asks what is going on. TH ignores them and yells at the mom: why did you steal the contract? Why?! The mom just cries looking at him and he storms out of the house. TS calls out TH’s name. GM asks why TH is like that suddenly. The dad tells TB to go out and bring TH back in –why is he like that suddenly. but the mom says leave him alone-he must have done that cuz he was upset since he doesn’t have the temperament to act like that-leave him alone. The dad tells TB to bring TH back. TB says he will go out and talk to him

TH is outside taking deep breaths. TB asks why he did that suddenly when it’s not like him. In this situation you think mom would get greedy about the farm -even if you were mad, how could you say that? it’s not like you are a guy who gets angry without a reason. Do you like J by any chance – is that why you are like this? TH gives him a look. TB: since you aren’t saying “it’s not that” then it must be correct. TH: it’s not that. TB: it’s not? Can you swear on it? TH yells defensively: I said it’s not so it’s not. TB: then why get this angry and get angry at mom like that a while ago. TH yells back: how can I not get angry? Look what mom did to Baek JE. Do you know what kind of expression that kid went away with? TB: it is correct that you like her. TH: I said I don’t. TB: aigoo – looks like you might punch me if I keep pushing it. One time you said to me – “are you doing this cuz I am not TP?” can I say that back to you today? Like today whenever you refuse to talk about how you feel –do you know how hurt I am? I think “I wonder if you are like this cuz I am not your real brother.” TH looks at TB and says apologetically: hyung – that’s not it. That’s not it. *It’s just that it hurts, physically. (TH puts a hand by his heart) it’s just I got angry cuz I feel sorry and bad for her. TB makes a remark about TH not being able to recognize his feelings. That means you like her you punk. TH: I said that’s not it – it’s not. TB: what do you mean it’s not. TH: it really isn’t –I am Hwang Tae Hee, a member of **Mensa. You think I wouldn’t even know my own feelings. (TB laughs and goes along with it) TB: TB: Alright, alright, Mensa member Hwang Tae Hee. It’s not love. Alright?! But if it still hurts there (at the end of the Myeong-chi-keut) and angers you–go find her – go find her and no matter what protect her till she stops being mad – no matter what. TB lightly taps him on the arm and goes back inside

* Yoonni clarified his exact words : “TH said “It’s only that my 명치끝 hurts” (Myeong-chi-keut).
명치 means celiac plexus and 끝 means end. The celiac plexus is an uncommonly known part of the body and the use of “end” with celiac plexus is used only on Korean to really emphasize the pain in that area. This phrase can be used literally (anatomically) but I think TH is using it metaphorically. I asked my friend about this and she said its really hard to explain in English. It’s not an expression that is used often and it is used mostly by men. People use to this express that they sympathy/empathy/pity/and a whole other mix of emotions for that person. The expression is used also when someone misses someone.”

**Yoonni also noted: Mensa is an international high IQ society. According to Wiki “Mensa’s only requirement for membership is that one score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardised IQ or other approved intelligence tests, such as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales. Because different tests are scaled differently, it is not meaningful to compare raw scores between tests, only percentiles. For example, the minimum accepted score on the Stanford-Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148.[8] But most IQ tests are designed to yield a mean score of 100 with a standard deviation of 15; the 98th-percentile score under these conditions is 130.82.”

J is in YS’s room and YS brings food. J just sits there still in shock. YS says –let’s eat dinner – if I knew you were coming I would have gone grocery shopping in advance. Since it’s too late today I just prepared something simple. Eat a little bit -first thing tm I will go grocery shopping – what do you want to eat? Should I make your favorite spicy squid? I said eat a little bit – that is not something you should feel so hurt about with your mouth shut tight like that. cuz of those people without any conscience-why should you feel hurt and starve. How long did you live in that tent at that home? The neighbors said that woman used you to work on the farm – is that true? Did you really raise ducks and work in the pear orchard? How could you end up doing that kind of work when you lived being so pampered(meaning J isnt used to hard labor). Let’s sell off the farm right away. you must be sick and tired of the farm now. I will take care of selling the farm so you don’t have to worry about anything. Cuz of your dad’s debts- you know that everything that is in his name ends up repossessed right? That’s why –about the farm – the only solution is to sell it. J just sits there. YS: I said to eat a little.

SY goes to her house and the dad welcomes her and asks why she came alone-where is TB. SY says TB will be late cuz of work at the office. SY: did you have dinner? Dad: of course when it’s this late. You haven’t eaten yet? SY: no I ate-where is mom? dad: she is talking to your aunt upstairs. Cuz your aunt is being stubborn and insisting on opening that store. Come and sit down why are you standing there like that? SY: no I was just dropping by after work. I’ll be going.

Suddenly her mom comes over with Y’s suitcase and orders the dad to reserve a flight for the earliest plane tm morning. Hurry. Y: just please believe in me once. Mom: talking to you doesn’t work –there is no other way than this to stop you. Y: I said this time I can do well. I said I would get it done well properly (this time). The mom says how-with what skills and lists everything that is wrong with the failing store again (no customers- no profit-bad location-and Y doesn’t have any experience with outdoor stuff). Y explains how that is cuz people don’t know about the location of the store yet. After she opens the store for two months if she advertizes and lets people know but the mom cuts her off and yells “with what skills are you going to raise awareness? The mom to the dad: what are you doing? I told you to call and make reservations. SY screams out: stop it mom! it’s aunt’s life –is aunt a 3 year old kid? You need to know how much to have interest cuz of your love –doing it this much is (overbearing? not sure of this word) The mom is stunned and says SY’s name. SY: she said she wouldn’t go – aunt insists on doing it. Cuz you are like this mom isnt it why you keep butting heads with TB? The person who is receiving your over attention cant breathe (they feel suffocated/stifled) and feels burdened how can you come on so strong and be so overbearing. (SY used more mean adjectives) the mom is speechless from shock. The dad says SY’s name. Y says to her: SY- I’m not feeling suffocated –it’s not as bad as that. SY turns on her too. SY: you too aunt –are you mentally a 7 yr old? A person needs to know what they can do and cant do – Don’t you know for your age you are a fool-if you feel so determined to do that you should have been specific about your vision to mom and researched it enough. Even me as your niece when you say you are going to do something – I worry this time how much you are going to be taken for – so how do you think mom feels? Doesn’t it occur to you aunt that mom is slowly changing into someone hysterical cuz of you? Y: SY ah. Mom: cha SY- why are you like that? Did something happen to you? SY: no I will be going. She starts to walk off but the mom holds her and asks: I asked why you are like this. Did you fight with TB again? SY: do you think we always fight? We didn’t fight – he is so good to me. He is so good to me I am moved to tears. The mom is shocked cuz SY yelled in front of her. SY: this isnt me – cuz of my pregnancy and the hormones I am like this – this isnt Cha SY. So you have to understand. I will be going. Mom: omo omo that girl. The dad says to the mom: she is just like you- when you were pregnant with SY-you did that. The mom swings around and glares at him-giving him the evil eye.

The dad asks the mom: why weren’t you able to give her the contract and had it with you? the mom says she was thinking that exact same thing a hundred times over. Why did I delay/hesitate and have it with me- didn’t need to look around the market – have noodles- didn’t need any of that – as soon as I saw the kid I should have held out the contract and started with that – I cant forget how J looked at me at that last moment – how shocked and incredulous she must have felt – when she trusted me so – when she even gave me that new dishwasher – how betrayed she must have felt-she would have wanted to die.

TH looks at his duck pendant. He tries calling J but her phone is turned off. He gets up and paces and remembers where he ran into J before. And how she had told him she had gone to meet her step mom there.

TH goes there and finds out YS came in with a girl a while ago. He looks up at the window with the light on. TH waits outside all night in his car. J is still sitting there not sleeping. TH wakes up in the morning and looks up at her room and finally leaves.

*doesnt have feelings for her my foot 🙂

Gm asks why everyone is like this during breakfast. Everyone is sad looking. GM asks if they sit slouched like that will the food go down properly. The mom says sorry to her. The dad says after he eats, he is going to J’s school to talk to her about the farm problem and get it settled. TP says he wonders if J went to school and that he wants to go with the dad but starting from today he has to start his new job. GM: go to work? TP: yes I got hired. Mom and GM – I am the manager for an outdoor apparel/hiking store. GM is surprised and asks if it’s for real and says they’ve waited a long time to hear this. TP: yes I really got hired. TS says: it’s not a part time job and a real job? If it’s as manager it doesn’t sound like a part time job. TP says: I said it’s not –they acknowledged my business talent/ability so I ended my interview and everything and was formally hired. Cuz of you hyung and mom causing trouble – I thought at least I should come to my senses and made up my mind. Dad: ya – aside from your mom – what do you mean cuz of hyung – which hyung caused trouble? TP: no – that’s cuz younger hyung caused trouble and ended up getting married. *TP was actually referring to TS and covered it up last minute.

SY comes out still in her PJs. TB is about to leave and SY asks him to wait ten minutes for her to get ready and go together but he says he might have to stop by somewhere first and says he will go ahead of her.

TB asks his coworker if he has a girl friend and finds out he doesn’t – since the guy isnt getting married could he lend TB $20,000. SY overhears that conversation. The guy says he doesn’t have that kind of money.

TB goes by himself and remembers how the dad said they have to hurry and move since this happened. He calls someone else he knows and SY watches him ask to meet the person (to ask for money again she guesses)

SY calls her mom and asks where she is and asks her mom for a favor

The dad goes to J’s workshop at school. Her friend wonders why J turned off her phone and didn’t show up again. The dad says he came to meet J but doesn’t see her around and they say how J didn’t come to school today and they were calling her just now

The dad calls TH and says he is at J’s school-but she didn’t come to school and her phone is still turned off and asks if TH could tell him J’s step mom’s address. TH: the step mom’s address? Yes I know it. I want to take you but….he looks over at the other officers busy at work interrogating people. TH: but it’s sort of hard to get out of work now. Dad: just tell me where it is and I will go there. there is no way to know for sure if J is there. TH: the location is… someone tells TH to keep it quiet so TH says into the phone: dad go with me. I will call you right back. TH goes over to D and says he is stepping out and to take care of the guy TH was questioning.

TH pulls up with the dad. dad: you are saying J is here? TH: yes – Jung YS shi lives here. dad:It’s a good thing you are here or else I wouldn’t have been able to find J. when I ask what room the office will probably tell me right? TH: it’s room 306. Dad should I go up with you? dad: no I will meet her alone- I will be back.

J is still sitting there. the dad knocks. J opens the door. Dad: J ah did you eat- did you get some sleep? Ajussi and ajumma committed a wrong to you that deserves death. No matter what I say I know you wont be able to forgive. but ajumma was going to give you back the contract –she also made up her mind to give back the farm to you too – that is why she asked you to come out and eat lunch – she had the contract in her purse and went out and it ended up like this – I just want you to know that at least -ajumma didn’t want to trick you all the way till the end. J: so – if you say that what has changed – ajumma stole my contract and chased me away – deceiving me for that long time – does all of that go away like it didn’t happen. She shuts the door on him. Through the door, the dad says: J – open the door for a minute. We didn’t get to talk about the farm yet. J- I will do as you want for the farm – If you want me to sell it I will sell it. YS asks: what are you doing now? How could you come here? You think our J wants to see your family’s face now? Anyway since you came here – about the problem with the farm. The dad cuts her off and says: I said it last time too but – I have no desire to discuss the farm problem with you. YS: I am J’s guardian. Also the farm problem J left it up to me. The dad just leaves. YS calls out: look here. but he left anyway

the dad comes out. TH asks : were you not able to meet her? is she not here. the dad says: I met her and she is here. let’s go and talk on the way. the dad gets a call from SY to meet today. TH looks up at J’s window

TS goes to MS and says sorry –for the past few days something big happened at the house and he wasn’t able to call her much. She tells him to sit and talk. TS: where is N? MS: in the room. TS says sorry again and promises to drop by starting from tm before and after work. MS: no – you don’t need to do that – take N with you now. TS: what? She say she has to go to work starting from tm so she can no longer watch N. cuz they are done working on the restaurant ( it was being renovated) TS: then what do I do. What do I do? MS: why are you asking me that- from the beginning I didn’t take care of N cuz of you – in one day N had to be separated from his mother and was sent to this foreign land and I felt so bad for him so I thought of N and took care of him for a few more days – if I was thinking of you I would never have taken care of N. TS: thank you – I sincerely thank you. MS: that’s why today you need to take him. Like you promised a few days has passed. For N’s sake you shouldn’t push it back anymore. TS: I cant MS – I really cant right now. I cant explain it to you why but at home there is something shocking going on. MS – since you took care of him – please take care of him for a few more days. I will ask you like this as a favor. Huh MS? MS: Hwang TS – first I don’t know why I have to do that – second is this a problem you can resolve just by hanging in there for a few days? Come to your senses – you are now a father of a kid – don’t just think of yourself and think of N too – the kid came to Korea to see you – do you think he came to korea to live in someone else’s home feeling concerned about what others think like this. TS: you sure can speak easily –cuz it’s happening to someone else – don’t speak so easily –if it was you – one day suddenly –someone you never heard of or saw – to a kid who just dropped out of the sky you think you will have that kind of feeling? when I think I will die cuz of him. If you don’t know how that feels – don’t speak so easily. Can you even imagine how I feel right now? MS: I know-more than anyone in this world – I know that feeling better. TS: what? MS: that’s how I was entrusted with my H. my H is not my daughter –one day suddenly – like she was dropped from the sky – she is my older sister’s daughter. TS: what? MS: I will bring N so wait. TS is genuinely shocked.

MS goes in the room and tells the kid – you came to korea to live with your dad so I don’t think you should keep staying at ajumma’s home – You understand right? N nods. MS: since it’s right next door – You can come over and play anytime. Ok? He nods. MS: then should we go? N – if by chance later – if someone teases you like H did – don’t hit like last time –don’t hit and say clearly “I am not a person from Africa – I am Korean. You say that ok? N: yes. He manages a smile for her.

The dad meets with SY. She asks if nothing much happened. Dad: yes – let’s sit first. Dad: what is going on suddenly – did something happen with TB? SY: no that’s not it – father did something happen at home? Dad: that – I think we have to move. TB didn’t tell you huh? SY: yes. He doesn’t talk about that. Dad: he did that since you just got married and it might be complicated for you. don’t feel too hurt. SY: yes I sort of guessed what’s going on – I heard TB talking with you. that’s why father…she gets out the envelope and says she wants to do something as his daughter in law. She gives him the envelope with money. dad: what is this? SY: please add it to your moving expenses. Cuz I want to do something. He asks if TB knows. She says TB doesn’t know and wants the dad to keep it a secret from him. He thanks her and gives it back saying he cant accept-put it back in your purse. But she asks him to accept it cuz she is his daughter in law and hasn’t done anything properly as his daughter in law-always felt sorry for not going to see them often so she wants to repay them this way at least. It’s extra money that I have and I don’t need it right away. Please accept it father. Also TB keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t talk about it much but he looked like he was having a hard time these days. I want to take away his burden even a little bit so please accept it father.

TB meets with the guy. The guy says so it was about money. I thought it was strange when you suddenly said let’s meet. I don’t have any money now. He says let’s get together next time and leaves.

TB gets a call from the dad. TB:what? You got the $20,000? How? dad says thankfully someone had extra money and lent it to him. TB is relieved-that’s really good

TB remembers how the dad asked – cuz you were busy trying to get the money – you didn’t get to pay attention to SY did you? pay more attention to her. TB calls SY: where are you? should we eat lunch together?

SY goes to meet TB and he pulls out her chair and helps her sit. She isnt smiling. SY: I thought you would be busy today – I was surprised to get your call. TB: I was busy for a few days cuz of my family problem but a little of it got settled. SY: it did? TB: for the past few days – I was abrupt/cold and abrasive wasn’t I? I was too busy cuz of my family problem. I’m like that a little. When I become engrosses in something I neglect other things. I will apologize – it’s ok if you don’ get it but please don’t misunderstand. SY: can you still not talk about it? What that family problem is. TB: I don’t want to say – if it was something I could reveal I would have revealed it. So I hope you wont ask anymore. My family problem – it’s not just to you but I wouldn’t have told anyone. SY: I am still not family yet? TB: of course – to me you are a girl-while we live together- I wish you could be a girl to me. (pretty sure he meant that as a compliment) He says how she seems to like it so that is why he made reservations here at a buffet. Is that ok? she asks when she said that she liked buffets. TB: you didn’t say it with words but you showed me with actions many times. You ate up all the food. You wont run out of food here so eat as much as you want. SY: am I eating it? The baby is eating it. TB: of course. Sit and wait and I will bring the food. SY calls out for him to get a lot of certain food so he says he will.

People are shocked to see how much food TB brought to the table. TB tells her to eat up. She asks: what is all this – is someone going out for wrestling? Why did you bring so much? TB says from watching her eat all those times he brought everything she liked. SY: how can I eat all this. Am I a pig? She eats all of it. He tells her to drink so she wont get indigestion. She drinks and burps. She says sorry but he says it’s ok – he understands cuz she said it’s difficult to control her body sounds during pregnancy. SY: thank you for understanding. He asks her to be careful at the office instead cuz these days she doesn’t pay attention to where she is and whatever sounds that come from top (burp) or bottom (fart), she lets it out anytime. as someone who lives with her, it’s a little embarrassing. SY: you did. TB adds if she cant control it (hold it in) she should run outside and leave it to him to explain. SY: I can do that. Ok I will run out. She suddenly stops drinking so he asks if he should get her something warm to drink but she suddenly runs out saying “I will go out first” (cuz she had to fart) TB calls out her name but gets why she left and laughs.

He goes outside and smiles and asks if she feels better (as in refreshed cuz she was able to do that) SY is embarrassed and just takes her purse from him and walks off. A guy on a bike goes by her too fast so SY screams and TB hugs her and protects her. TB yells at the guy and mutters he should maneuver correctly. TB is still holding her and asks if she is ok. She is flustered by the close contact. He tells her to watch where she walks. She nods and says yes.

They see a bunch of kids walk by and smile at each other.

TH is eating lunch alone and talking with D over the phone. TH tells D “did you find out the location of the warehouse? Ok- let’s leave after ten minutes.” KJ sits down and asks TH: you must love spicy pork officer Hwang. He offers to give TH some more of his. TH ignores his remark and keeps eating. KJ makes a comment about the cafeteria’s ambience. KJ: so the cafeteria is like this – do you use it often? TH starts to say “look” and KJ interrupts and says “my name is Kim Jae – you didn’t forget right? I am a producer for Gu (Nine) films-you can call me Kim PD” TH: yes KJ shi- I will introduce you to another officer to talk to (for the interview) it will be better for you to talk to that person. But KJ says he only wants to talk to TH –the person I want to talk to is hwang TH. TH: is there a reason it has to be me? KJ: cuz I like you. TH: do you know me? KJ: I want to get to know you. I tend to like good looking guys. TH frowns and gets up to leave very quickly as KJ starts to eat. KJ calls out: what is your next schedule? arent you going on a stakeout or something?

TH is on a stakeout with D. KJ is in the back making noise eating snacks. KJ says it’s cuz he didn’t get to eat lunch properly a while ago. KJ asks D: you said your name was officer Song. Should I give you one? D thanks him and takes the choco pie. KJ offers one to TH. TH says no thanks. D explains how TH doesn’t like sweet things. KJ mutters quietly: he is the opposite of me. D and TH both heard that. KJ asks what TH likes to eat-spicy things like spicy squid? Do you have anything you like in particular? since you aren’t saying it’s making me more curious. D starts to answer what TH likes so TH tells D to focus on the stakeout. KJ looks at TH’s hair and says how nice and shiny TH’s hair is-he must get it taken care of (as in salon treatments) and reaches out asking to touch it once. But TH flinches away and gives KJ a warning look. D smirks. KJ stares at TH thru the rear view mirror. TH stares at him thru the rear view mirror too. KJ: now I thought of it – I was wondering who you resembled but you resemble Kang dong won –people will believe it if you say you are twins. You hear that often don’t you? TH blows out his cheeks. KJ continues: which parent do you resemble? Is your mom beautiful? TH tells KJ to stop cuz it’s interfering with the stakeout. KJ: ok sorry. But is someone going to come? It’s quiet and you cant even see an ant. he gets a call and says he will go and take the call and come back. He goes outside. D says KJ shouldn’t go out but he already left.

D tells TH: hyung be careful –It doesn’t feel right – D bursts out laughing- I think he is interested in you hyung. Just look at how he stares at you-he isnt kidding around. TH: ya! TH starts the engine. D: what about Kim PD? TH drives off and leaves KJ behind. KJ runs after him yelling wait a minute.

TH’s car has to stop and KJ catches up to them. D says to TH that KJ must have chased them all the way. KJ runs up to the window and asks if the suspect showed up –where is he? (KJ thinks TH drove off in pursuit of the suspect- LOL )

* I was totally joking around last week, but it turns out I was correct about KJ-who knew a joking comment would turn into this  🙂

YS complains cuz J keeps closing the curtains and YS opens them again. YS: you heard a while ago too right? When we (the dad and her) talked about the farm problem. J – don’t we need to settle the problem with the farm first? Of course the way you feel now you probably don’t want to face that family but we cant keep living so pitifully in this koshiwon (boarding place). J suddenly gets up and leaves. YS asks where J is going. J goes out and grabs a cab

The mom is not well so GM asks if she is sick. The mom says no – she just got dizzy suddenly. GM says how pale the mom’s face is and her lips are dry –she says the mom has an illness (sick from heartache) Go in and lie down. Mom: no it’s ok – what did I do that was good to go lie down. J suddenly comes in.

J says all this with a cold sarcastic tone while the mom cries. J:have you been well ajumma? it’s only been a day since I saw you but like it’s been a long time – it’s good to see you. mom: JE ah. J: I came to pack my belongings. My belongings upstairs is still there as is right? Mom: of course it’s still there as is. J: it is? What made you leave it alone this time? when you always used to drag my suitcase and throw my stuff outside. Ah that was before the contract was found wasn’t it. How were you last night? Did you sleep well? I didn’t sleep a wink. I kept remembering everything that happened –but the more I remembered – why did each memory stab me in the heart. what I remembered first was -after you stole my contract –what you said to me as you chased me out. You said you would swear on the heavens –that you didn’t even get to look at the contract from when you were born – that there is no way it disappeared in this home – that I had never even brought it into the home – and then you packed my suitcase and chased me out the door. The second one (memory) was what happened when I set up the tent in the yard –as soon as you saw me you tried to throw my tent – and kicked the cooking pot I was eating ramen from – they say you shouldn’t bother a dog even when its eating but I was treated less than a dog. Then that nightmare with the water. That was the first time I knew – that when you get sprayed with water that it hurts that much. That’s right I got hit a lot cuz I ate a few pieces of pancake during Chusok. I almost forgot that. There really is a lot – more than I can count. It’s as much as stars in a night sky. What should I do to you ajumma? Should I do the same thing and make you stand in the yard and start with spraying you with water? Or should we do it cleanly and let you get punished lawfully and hand you over to the police? Wait – the 3rd son in this house is a police officer –should I hand you over to your son? What I couldn’t understand the most was –I thought about it all night and thought about it again- even then I couldn’t understand –how could you look me in the eyes and look at my face and be able to smile? How could you smile with me every day while we worked on the farm –raise ducks – hold hands and run away from chong Mi sook and drink in the attic room being so close. J wipes her tears and says to the GM. What you said GM is correct –ajumma acts better than an academy winning female actress. I was totally deceived. J turns back to the mom. J: I didn’t even know you were the culprit –I didn’t know you were the culprit that stole my contract –just cuz you touched my cold stomach – I said those things. “Ajumma cant we just be mom and daughter?” the mom cries and closes her eyes from the pain of having those words thrown back at her. J: I take that back. I take back saying that – after being born in this world – being that stupid and humiliated – regretting so much saying that – it will never happen again. The mom cries and looks at J.


my heart literally ached thru this last scene and cried right along with both of them. I want J to forgive the mom and make up, but I guess they have to do this to fill up the rest of the episodes. They were so cute together – will miss those days.

they show past clips of the mom and J together- all their happy moments


SY is surprised to see N at the house. the dad asks who N is.

N is at Y’s store with Y and SY’s parents show up and the mom ask who N is and why is he clinging to you (cuz N hid behind Y’s back). Y doesn’t know what to say.

Noodles gets caught inside the home. TP blocks N. the dad asks who N is. TP: your grandson. The dad is about to hit TP but TP yells out “stop dad – it’s not me” and TS stands up and says N is his son so the dad attacks TS and knocks him down to beat him up. mom:how could you TS?

J tells the family to sell the farm-today – right away. the dad agrees to do that

When she leaves the mom calls out “wait a minute” and holds onto J. J yells at the mom “dont touch me.” Mom: I am sorry – she tries to give J the red scarf but J throws it down and stomps on it saying “thanks for the muffler”. J walks away. The mom cries as she hugs the scarf

J asks TH: how long did you know? why didnt you tell me? TH: I am sorry. J: what are you sorry for? I liked you ajussi –starting from one day – my heart kept thumping every time I saw you ajussi – after my dad – you were the only man that I could trust and rely on (valued). She throws the duck pendant away and tells TH – “that’s enough now – dont ever come find me again.”

TH leaves her food and coffee by her door. he ties her shoelaces too. J opens the door and finds the coffee and food. (pretty sure this scene came after she told him she didnt want to see him again- if you look at the expression on his face – he seems to have realized he likes her at this point cuz he looks so sad)


*omg I about died during the preview alone – when J admitted to him that she liked him. I never thought she would own up to it, but now he knows. what he will do with that info – that is the question of the day and it is making me have a freaking heart attack till tm night.

also why did people say KJ was going to be a love interest for J when the guy is clearly into TH? why would KJ want to kiss J when he only has eyes for TH? in the car when he asked TH if he could touch TH’s hair – omg I was DYING 🙂


165 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E25 and E26

  1. ck1Oz says:

    if he ever gets around to saying “I love you” down the line – kiss translations for that night goodbye.

    If we’re lucky we’ll get this in the next 4 episodes if not who knows man? If that happens think your post will explode and don’t know if anyone will even focus on anything else. Then Fanderay’s job will be the best-est most-est screencaps and a painting of course 🙂 🙂


  2. Subject says:

    I’ll start with TB and SY – I really love the two last episodes because finally I can see development between two of them. first, the protecting hug from e25 and later, when TB invited SY to join him to his parents house and maybe it’s just me and my wild imagination bet it seems that TB is really start to care about SY. what i didn’t like is that both of them are running for the same promotion – it’s sucks, and i hope that this fact won’t make things to get worse for them!

    still all the scenes between JE and the mom are heart breaking, i hope the writer will end it for us asap, cause i don’t know how much strength i have. maybe all she needs to do is to remind JE how awful person her step mam is and realize that although the ahjumma’s stealing was mistaken, she really loved and care about her.

    poor N, why the hell his father is such a coward! for god sake, he’s almost 40yo, be a man and take care your child! I know its crappy timing for him but i’m still mad because he not even once think what N feels and what N needs!! TS only try to find the mother, he never thought that N need someone to comfort him, after all this child abandoned by his own mother.

    i didn’t yet figure why KJ is here beside to comic parts, i still wondering what and who is he…

    TH gonna fight hard to gain back JE’s trust, cause i don’t think it’s going to be easy. i understand why you wore happy, softy, after your watched TH confession but JE probably will say more hard word and leave him there to find his way back to her.

    definitely it’s gonna be a long long week!!


    • Softy says:

      I am with you about wondering why KJ came into the picture – other than the fact that he may end up using her cartoon characters for something. more than that, I am still wondering why the news said he would have a kissing scene with J – what possible reason would J have to allow that when she is into TH. People are suspecting that TH and KJ might be half brothers, but I guess cuz I am translating their words to each other and the general vibe I get from their actions – that thought never occurred to me. From day one KJ came onto TH. Why would any guy tell his half brother lines like “I like good looking guys,” “can I touch your hair,” and genuinely be disappointed that TH doesn’t like sweets like him. plus the way he stares at TH doesn’t look brotherly to me. Even TH’s partner D thinks KJ is interested in TH. That’s why I will be totally shocked if they end up half siblings. 🙂


      • HelloMYNAMEis says:

        Maybe J kisses KJ because TH keeps trying to win her over. She could possibly be trying to convince him or HERSELF that she is over him and uses KJ to do so. I don’t see KJ being the one to initiate the kiss unless he agreed to help her on the condition of using her ojakgyo drawings.


  3. bqmonkna says:

    OMG he finally said something!!! i know je probably wont accept it..but omg i feel like screaming or something!! i dpnt wait till saturday to see what will happen. thanks so much softy!!


  4. Snow says:

    Anyone think that KJ may be TH’s (real) brother? The way KJ asked TH which parent he resembled seemed awfully fishy to me. And because I’m only reading your recaps and not really watching the episodes, I don’t get the whole KJ-is-coming-into-TH vibe. lol

    BUT OMFG YESSS!! A confession on both sides. God, this show. IS IT THE WEEKEND YET?!!!!

    Is there a preview for next week’s episode?? Link me?

    Great site! Great recaps btw! Been helping me a lot since softsubs for the episodes aren’t that great so thank you both!


    • rainyrain says:

      Snow I think the same about KJ and TH and for that same reason u mentioned meaning KJ’s question about which parent TH ressemble


  5. haraf says:

    OMG! Eeeep! Love the confession! Love every story! Love how’s this been developed!!

    But one thing sure is bothering me. How flashy TH’s clothes are. =.=


  6. LadyIgraine says:

    i have this weird assumption that maybe yeoh eul is actually sooyoung’s half-sister. she’s definitely a young aunt, but she’s not young enough to be closely sibling like with sooyoung’s mom. maybe sooyoung’s mom had her before she got married to her dad (?) i mean that’s just me, but i always wonder why sooyoung’s mom always wanna get rid of her. like she’s a shame of having her around. its been suggested that she’s divorce and didn’t get a degree, but i wonder if that’s really the case why her sister wants her out of the house or something. this IS a korean drama, and stories about sisters turning out as mother and daughter could happen. but maybe i’m just over analyzing yeoh eul’s situation, lol :).

    taehee’s definitely trying to catch up with ja eun’s feelings after she confessed it to him. and i can see where kim pdnim will weave his way into the love triangle, seeing that he might be interested in her design. wait till they actually meet in person…


  7. Jennifer says:

    thanks so much, you made my day. I love reading your summaries on this series. It’s the first thing i usually do when downloading the raw format of the episodes. Keep up the great work. and thanks again for loving this show!


  8. ck1Oz says:

    Softly ep 27’s preview is out but I’m. on the phone. Hope someone brings it here.


  9. YeeKrFan says:

    Text Preview for EPISODE 27 by hardtoletgo :

    The family is taken aback after finding out that Gook-soo is Tae-shik’s son, and Tae-shik is bewildered. Chang-shik (father) asks Tae-shik about what has happened, and finally tells Tae-shik to pack his bags and leave…

    After hearing Tae-hee’s confession, Ja-eun tells him that they should not see each other again, and Tae-hee is pained (literal translation: his heart hurts). No matter how much he thinks about it though, Tae-hee cannot accept what Ja-eun told him and so he goes to find her again…

    Well, sort of knew that she will reject him when she is still hurting from betrayal and seething with such anger. Poor TH, his first ever confession to a girl lead to heartbreeeak! Hope that TH is going to do everything it takes to move her heart & win her back…Fighting TH!


    • bqmonkna says:

      thanks so much ive been spazzing all day.


    • Softy says:

      Thanks for the preview 🙂 wow that was fast – they released that almost the same day as E26. Now I am going to wonder all week what TH is going to say when he goes back to J. I wonder what he is going to do too – besides stakeout where she stays. hope it’s more stalking – like follow her to school. 🙂 Also I wonder why the dad kicked out TS – doesn’t that mean they kicked out N too? They wouldn’t keep N and separate him from TS would they? the dad didn’t disown TB for getting SY pregnant so why is he disowning TS? I am so surprised by the dad’s reaction. I hope the dad kicked TS out cuz TS refuses to be responsible for N. Cuz TS deserves to be scolded – worst dad ever. Everyone is nice to N except for TS. I felt so bad for N all this time – being smuggled around here and there. Can’t wait for a video preview now. 🙂


      • haraf says:

        I’m probably thinking the same thinking. It was probably because of the things that TS would say. Maybe he doesn’t want to be responsible or something. And I dont think they’d kick N out together with TS. They’re too nice for that.


        • nik says:

          urk. it’s me actually.


        • Softy says:

          Hey Nik, I really hope they only kick out TS cuz N deserves to be with some loving family members for a change – I feel so bad for that poor boy. He had to go thru so much and ended up with such a lousy dad like TS. I just can’t stand TS lately cuz of how he neglects his son. Also Y is really getting on my nerves – how can a woman her age be so helpless and forgetful? no wonder SY’s mom is so frustrated with Y – I just don’t get why TP would ever fall for her. I really really hope they got the love line wrong or I might end up feeling sorry for TP. 🙂


    • Hannah says:

      I am also hoping that TH will keep sticking to J. I am thinking if there will be an episode where the loan sharks will appear again and catch J. Then TH, (since he’s stalking J) will come to rescue her! Then he will hug J after because he’s too worried of her.


      • Softy says:

        I have been saying that too 🙂 what is the point of having him play a cop unless he can rescue J – that would be so great if they have something like that happen 🙂


        • MJShinshi says:

          when that happens poor J’s heart will explode, her knees will melt but still be angry tho I think. All the while TH’s heart will explode from witnessing J being physically hurt by those loan sharks, who will get what they deserve at TH’s hands!! At this rate any close contact between those two will send us swooning 🙂


        • Hannah says:

          I am so glad that we all think the same. I will certainly wait for that scene to happen. ❤ Softy, I forgot to thank you last time. Thank you for the synopsis! Your summary is very good. I am very desperate last time for the new episode when I found your blog.


  10. akira says:

    wow! Episode 26 was awesome. I’m glad that both TH and J finally accept the fact that they like each other. I want to see how the confession from TH will unfold new events in the coming episodes. I’m excited!


  11. shirubang says:

    omg. omg. omg. i didn’t wanna read the last scene cause i know i will have to wait another week. and wow, what an episode! i didn’t think it could top last week’s but it did! thank you for the recaps~<3 the preview is out already!? dang! i can't wait, hopefully a kiss scene! XD lol


  12. nonski says:

    2 weeks and i dearly miss this place… been very busy lately, office work and stuff!

    miss you Softy, Fanderay, Ck10z, MJ, Iviih and everyone…

    on to reading and my comments later…

    my promised MV will be much much later coz my pc got infected :(((


    • ck1Oz says:

      Hi I was wondering where you were 🙂
      Enjoy ep 25 and 26 is was daebak. I am now fully hooked on OB and dropped ATK because the slap happy cast and the stupid writer has driven me away.

      I am now going to hibernate class has got me stressed out big time. 3 weeks before exams and we have subbers for Can’t Lose this week-need to edit about 3 episodes excluding MoH ep 6 which is still not fully subbed. Oh and RL work. If my PC died this week you’ll hear my screams from across cyberspace. Hope yours is all repaired soon.


      • nonski says:

        hi… missed you guys

        that was a real hectic week for me, ummm no, make it a month, tho this last two was mega! I had to do three workshops to all our fund recipients for not liquidating. gah! and the last one was not so good, some bitchy was around and i had to super check my temper not to flare up.

        haven’t done my job at DarkSmurf for the meantime… PR and editing had to be put on the side for me, though others there are really dedicated, my absence wont matter… hehe

        OB is major major daebak as of last two episodes… I am on with TWDR, MoH and carefully threading on ATDP… HK3 is making happy with so much laughs but haven’t updated myself on it. Lols at your comment on ATK.

        Btw, i have to inform you about BBJX, I am planning to transcribe but that would not be soonest coz I am having problems with the avi file, there is none available so far. (i getting raw at AM) I have to do it the hard way, that is conversion of whatever available raw vid to avi. I am hoping it would be soones so I can run it on avisubdetector and up it on DSS for machine translations and the stuff. Done watching all the episodeds, didn’t miss any. (yup, stomach it all). I hope i will be able to get to do this one so soft-subs will be available. I am also praying viki will have soft-subs out so i won’t have to do it the hard way. *winks*

        My pc will be fully healed on wednesday… i hope.


    • nonski says:

      whew! i sure did missed out a lot!!!! tsk tsk tsk!

      thanks for the recaps Fanderay and Softy… i haven’t watched the episodes but as what i always told you, your recaps are like watching them… much better sometimes. kekeke

      on j’s reaction to mom, that was what i had been dreading for… and my gosh, those were really heartbreaking scenes there, there is a saying that it only hurts the most with someone you love… and clearly after several episodes, J and mom already loved and cared for each other like real mom and daughter.

      i’m changing pc… comments to follow


      • MJShinshi says:

        yes you did missed out nonski 🙂 but we missed you too, your comments and mvs. good luck with your pc and glad you’re back. I hate it when RL interferes with my drama-watching/updates, haha! lol@check your temper not to flare up! don’t you just love those types of people showing up at an already hectic/stressful professional times?! gotta get myself back to work, break time is over..


      • Softy says:

        Hey nonski – welcome back – Fanderay is away on break so she’ll probably say hi later when she gets back. You should really watch these episodes cuz they are the best – make sure to watch with tissue. 🙂 if you are still looking for a song, how about the OST from Thousand day promise – that song at the end of episode 5 would be perfect for a mv – except it might be too sad 🙂


        • nonski says:

          Hey Softy, thanks…

          and thanks for the song suggestion, I am about just done downloading, I already shed some while reading the recaps. kekeke…


      • nonski says:

        i love it that TB and SY is having some progress… i would really love this two to make good with their relationship… they look good together and they are married! 🙂

        omg! 25 and 25 is the about the daebakest! (obviously, hehehe) I already cried while reading, Mom and J just about did me but J and TH, *shakes head* their pain is so palpable. I so pity J coz she was really hurt knowing TH knew about the contract for sometime. Isn’t it that you’d really be hit if someone you love betrayed you. The impact of the betrayal is so hard for her, mainly since she had invested her feelings already on the Hwang family. Poor girl. TH is the other hand is hurting too. He had already opened up with J and that signaled that he had let her entered his heart already. TH knew that it would be very hard now to let J believe him or his family. And that is counting something when he already admitted to himself that he like/love J already, again poor guy!

        On a side note… I hope SY’s aunt and TS would just be business partners.

        KJ is cute… I had really hope someone like him would complete the love triangle but not the inverted one, lols, no offense meant.


  13. MJShinshi says:

    OMG@ J’s OH-Duck family 🙂 she even had TH’s badge on his little duck and his description is longer than the others and she also has a little duck for herself, how cute is that!!


    • Softy says:

      I know – I find that so adorable – it’s times like this when I wish I could read Korean just to know what she wrote about each of the family members 🙂 BTW it took forever to figure out those yellow things were sneakers on his duck pendant – it dawned on me today so I added that screencap. 🙂


      • MJShinshi says:

        ooh thanks for that screencap or I’d never have caught onto that at all! That is too adorable no wonder she is hurting so much she was so in love with the O-farm, Mom and her four sons, cop-son in particular. 🙂 Hope that won’t mean she’ll take longer to heal and for TH to mend and piece together her broken heart. I hope that see-saw will balance out some more and for both to meet half way and make us swoon like the crazy fans we are 🙂 thanks dear for that screencap that was quite a treat, with further proof of J’s talent. Not that I had any doubt.. well wish i could get a clearer shot of those description to give you the romanitization for translation, I’m sure someone post it on soompi soon..

        O. M. G. that is not his badge they are TH’s sneakers there’s another on the other side so it is not his badge but his sneakers hanging around his neck! my oh my I just love that screencap of her Oh-Duck family 🙂 and that pendant that much, can ya tell?! lol back to staring some more at that picture..


        • MJShinshi says:

          haha my typing’s a bit off there, a little too much staring at the little ducks 🙂


        • Softy says:

          I am going to try to zoom in on the letters and get a friend to read it out so I can try to translate those descriptions cuz my curiosity is killing me – tried a bit today but it’s tricky cuz the font just won’t come out that clearly for the entire page. J’s duck one was the hardest to discern cuz other than the same hairstyle, I couldn’t really tell it was her at first. 🙂


    • nonski says:

      awwwwwww! the duck family caricatures/sketches are awesome! J is really talented and the concept is just so cute. special mention to TH, kekeke.

      my heart broke when J threw away the pendant~~~


  14. nonski says:

    I forgot one thing, (I’m sure I forgot a lot, it’s been two weeks of inactivity here), N the poor child, that must have been a very traumatic experience for him. Being hauled out from the Philippines and sent to someone who doesn’t want him in the first place. Then later being dumped into another family he doesn’t know. If i were just there, I would TS kick in the shin with all the strength i could muster!


  15. magicplusfours says:

    Sad sad episode. It was bound to come out – and I think J was too kind to let TH off with just throwing the pendant under the car. She should have chucked him under it! And that was a good low blow too: TH lectured his chief about the law, but he did nothing about his mother’s crime.

    Fun – a clean result between TB and SY? Doubt it. I wonder what shenanigans they will come up with to win the position.

    Unexpected – I am liking TP more and more. He seemed the weakest character – self-centered, lazy, jealous of TH. But he is showing greater can-do and entrepreneurship. And Y could use his help. And he is nice to N.

    Right now I don’t like TS. I get it that he’s pissed off about his bad luck, N, Angelica, everything in the universe, but he keeps shuffling N from person to person: that is so sad for N. No wonder N didn’t stop his grandfather from thrashing his father.


    • Softy says:

      Thank you dp – you are so sweet to share your music videos with us and we are lucky to get to watch them here. This one really captured the anguish TH went thru with his guilt every time he had to avoid J. Loved how you interspersed those scenes as he followed her around and walked on the opposite street. Also forgot to mention how cute i thought the last music video was when you used a country song cuz i think it’s the first time i ever heard country music with a korean drama but it fit cuz they live on a farm. So glad you are a fan of this drama and this couple. Hope you continue to make more. 🙂


      • dp says:

        Glad that you liked it. I have watch loads of kdrama but this is the first series that mesmerized me to go on making a MV. Tks for recaping ,really like it.


    • Ditu3ka says:

      Oh, it´s super sweet. You´re great :-))


  16. Anonymous says:

    HI SOFTY!!!! i know you love yoo ah in!!! (at least i think so what with moon jae shin all over your website), well i love him too and i just found out that he will be in a new drama “Speed” with Sooyoung from SNSD as the female lead!! i just wanted you to know because i know we both love him and sooyoung is one of my bias from SNSD!!!


    • Softy says:

      Please tell me that is confirmed cuz I heard rumors about that for months and held out hope. If we get to see YAI in another drama – I am soooooo recapping that. I don’t care if it’s bad or not. Also I hope Sooyoung is the one from WGM cuz she is one of the few singers from a girl group I like cuz she reads and seems smart. Do you know any more details like when it will start? Cuz if it starts this winter, that would be the best Christmas gift EVER. I am already having a heart attack just thinking about seeing him on the small screen again. Thanks for sharing this great news 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        I think its the one after Man Of Honor softy. Sooyoung is not confirmed but she was not in WGM. Have you got the SNSD girls mixed up. It was Taeyeon and Seohyun.
        Oops has my secret come out? 🙂 I finally learnt who was whom after watching the goguma couple on WGM as well


      • Anonymous says:


        here’s the link, it was posted on Nov. 1 2011 so its pretty recent. I hope its confirmed too!!!


        • Softy says:

          Thanks for the link – now I know what she looks like -but can she act? I think speed will start right around the time when Kim Bum’s drama starts *aigoo* looks like I will be BUSY. 🙂 YAI was on an entertainment show tonight, but I only caught the last few minutes of it – totally loved his answers though – he was asked how he wanted to be seen 30 yrs from now and part of his answer was “as someone who paved the way for younger actors” – it made me stop and imagine him as an ajussi and my brain could not picture that at all – even in his 50s he is going to look 30 I bet. 🙂


          • Anonymous says:

            i’m still not sure coz i haven’t watched any of the shows she acted in. but i think she is the first actress in SNSD and she was praised for her acting abilities. anyway, even without knowing that for sure, the rest of her character and personality is worth loving!!! that’s why she’s my bias in SNSD, besides, with YAI in there im sure its worth watching no matter what. btw, have you watched YAI’s first reality show? “launching my life” i think is the title. i think its pretty interesting, you should look up the articles about that show w/ him at the link i gave you. its says that the first episode alone is controversial…haven’t watched it yet though


            • Softy says:

              What a relief she has acting experience – was afraid she was a tyro. 🙂 I not only watched Launch my life, I translated it live as it was airing and made the recap on those nights late. 🙂 soon after I watched it, I got to see YAI for real talking about his career and stuff for two hours. He is adorable in real life. After all that, I am still his fan. If he was a jerk like the press made him out to be, then I wouldn’t be so thrilled about his new drama this much. For me, the only downside in this drama is Lee Jung jae cuz I met him too and he really IS a jerk. At this point, he could be lee byung hoon and I would still watch Speed. ( I couldn’t watch Iris cuz he was the lead) 🙂


          • Anonymous says:

            btw, you don’t know sooyoung? so that means you don’t know SNSD,but you are in korea right? or am i sounding stereotypical by asking that? and, would you ever consider subbing for websites that share korean dramas? the thing is, what you have here is totally awesome, so i was thinking maybe you could lend your talent in korean drama sites, because they usually have really slow or bad translators.

            just a thought…


            • Softy says:

              Sorry I am like a dunce when it comes to korean girl groups and boy bands – I dont listen to their music. I only know a few names and hers wasn’t one of them. I can’t tell any of them (or their groups) apart to be honest. Yes I live in Korea but I don’t think geography is playing a factor here – even if I was in America I would still have zero interest in them. 🙂 As far as translating for other drama sites, I think I would need to be more fluent to do that. Curious what you mean by “share korean dramas.” Last time I checked, doesnt this blog count as a Korean drama site? Even Blue has me on her directory list as one. The only dramas I cover are Korean so doesn’t that qualify as being a Korean drama site? Sorry I didnt know what you meant. 🙂


            • ck1Oz says:

              Awww…softy. We love you here and you’re staying here okay 🙂
              You’re doing a much needed service.

              By the way Ms or Mr anonymous- softy translates OB and her subs are used for a drama subbing site.
              I don’t know which drama subbing site you’re watching but considering both viki and darksmurfs subbing/editing staff are actually reading her blogs for translations for this drama…it’s making us confused.

              Softy softy…next post. Squealing 🙂 which is why I am here.


            • Anonymous says:

              well then i gues i’m a dunce too, what i actually meant were websites with SUBBED VIDEOS of asian dramas/korean dramas. i just don’t know how to call them properly. and i didn’t mean for you to leave this site (as if i have a right to ask of you that, this is your site and you have every rigt to do whatever with it), i just thought that maybe you can share your translating abilities to other sites, which according to you and ck1Oz, you already are. i just wanted to clarify that since it seems that ck1Oz is saying that i wanted you to leave and sub in other sites. i agree with him/her, i totally love this site…definitely satiates my need for quick and up to date translations of my current favorite drama!!! its a pity its not as well known right now though. not many has seen the quality of the story and the actors…i just love this drama!!! usually, i noticed that there is a tendency for kdramas to be repetitive and cliche, but this one is like a breath of fresh air, there is a good balance of many different relationships…


    • nonski says:

      lols, most people, if not, residing at Cadence are Yoo Ah In biased. *winks*


  17. Anonymous says:

    i wonder when will they kiss??
    c’mon!!! lol 😀


    • Softy says:

      Thank you !!! Love this so much 🙂 but KBS made the music too loud again and it’s hard to hear the exact dialogue. the dad tells TS that as soon as something like this happened, TS should have run over there to look for the kid’s mom. TS says sorry.The dad tells TS: “get out you punk – cant stand the sight of you so get out of this house.”

      SY’s dad says to TS: I didnt see you as that kind of guy- what are you going to say to YJ?”

      YJ shows up at the farm when N is with MS. YJ asks who N is.

      At work, the new office director/leader is SY’s sunbae (older school friend) so he hugs her. SY: sunbae what’s going on -are you the new director? the other head boss says how SY is still single and implies they (SY and her sunbae) should date while a jealous TB looks on.

      J walks away from TH saying “I dont like you now ajusshi”
      later in a different scene, when she walks away from him he holds onto her arm so she says “let go” TH: even if you cant forgive me in death and hate me for a long time (he spoke in a lower tone so I cant hear the best part – cant tell if he said ” even if you want to go then ….it’s ok” J says something like “not me – I get tired (of guys) quickly and dont care what they think and meet this guy and that guy”
      They show how she fell and KJ catches her and it looks like he is dipping her. TH watches her smile at KJ and her smile freezes when she sees TH.

      This preview is KILLING me cuz I want the whole scene to translate – stalker TH was great but jealous stalker TH is even better 🙂

      Question: not a complaint or anything but why is TH dressing better? His clothes look more fancy than they used to be – he never cared about his appearance before but lately he is looking way more stylish.


      • Anonymous says:

        softy thankuuuuu for the translation but I’m not able to watch the video , can somoene post a youtube link pweetttyyyy please 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        GAH 🙂 🙂 I am DYING for ep 27 softy. Aigoo. The preview took fits and starts to load I couldn’t even watch it properly.

        Love loved the TB and SY scene. You’re right TH is dressing so much better. Did you see his sweater/cowl neck whatchamacallit things and jackets. His hair is better styled as well.

        How many people have you got addicted to OB since you started recapping? There are a lot of comments on your OB post 🙂


        • Subject says:

          you right! i started watching OB because softy’s recaps. i’m not a family drama fan at all, and this is the second that i’m watching (the first was “smile, you” just cause i love everything about Jung Kyung Ho). from now on, i’ll let chances to more family dramas..


      • YeeKrFan says:

        THANK YOU SOFTY for the translation for E 27 preview…and there is some screen captures in soompi too thanks to “sierralainewalsh”!

        Looks like not only TH is jealous so is TB with SY’s sunbae! Is Autumn the season to be jealous?! I noticed the changes in their clothing too especially TH who used to be the boy-next-door and now stylish & suave…loves autumn season indeed. Hooray….Saturday will be here soon!


      • Subject says:

        Thanks, Softy, for the translation. as always, i’m first of all interesting whats going on between TB and SY and looks like another love triangle it’s going to start. oh, dear, the jealous look on TB’s face worth everything!

        TS is idiot! i really think that he made every mistake that he could do with his own son. hopefully, after his father throw him away, he’ll his lesson and start to behave like and older and mature as he suppose to be.

        Question: if KJ is gay, how the hell he’ll kiss JE? and why should TH jealous after he aware about KJ sexual preferences? Just wondering…


  18. jowha says:

    I’ve been looking for someone who has been recapping this series and shares the same love I have for this show. I landed here thanks to Koala.
    This is such as heart warming drama that really touches the viewers heart, especially this last episode.
    Right now all I want is Tae Hee to swoon Ja Eun and get married. SWOON SWOON SSWWWOOONN!


  19. I haven’t been watching any dramas lately, but I’ve been lurking your blog for a while. Finally decided to comment. Love the new look, and as always, love reading your translations even if I don’t have the time to watch the actual dramas!


  20. rainyrain says:

    someone posts the preview on youtube please I’m not able to watch it on KBS 😦
    softy thanks for the translation 🙂


  21. Adgirl says:

    I have not had the time to watch OB, I have been following your caps. I know have the time and cannot wait to catch up. You have me so intrigued and I cannot believe it took me this long to get into it.

    So thank you for being so OB obsessed 😀


  22. bkhan says:

    Hey!!! The episode 27 preview is out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBY35u5fD5A&feature=player_embedded Credits go to welcometohappysworld.com It’s going to be another lip-smacking feast of awesomeness!!!! Can’t wait!!!! 🙂


    • Me says:

      woaahh, I can’t hardly wait..it will be awesome!!!
      we can see a lot of jealousness (TH and TB) in the next episode…
      thank you for the link..^^


  23. Anonymous says:

    thankyu for the preview…can’t wait for tomorrow


  24. Is it natural to cry when reading transcaps? I’m currently watching OB on kbs world so we’re only on ep21 but I couldn’t wait so many weeks to find out what happens next. I think I’ll still be reaching for the tissues when I watch the eps proper on tv. And oh I can’t wait for when J finally forgives the mother. This pairing is almost as cute as J and TH so of course it’ll happen 😀

    I am absolutely loving OB. It’s such an awesome weekend drama and it’s been awhile since Sons of Sol Pharmacy. Thank you for the transcaps!


  25. hi there
    thank you so much for your hard word.
    really appreciate every word you translate..
    god bless


  26. Anonymous says:

    i hope that there will be soon a kiss scene between taehee and jaeun. i can´t wait for the video preview: hopefully it will be a great rescue scenario. i hope not, that kj will interfere in this somehow. sry for my eng:)


  27. Anonymous says:



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