Ojakkyo Brothers E23 and E24

You look at this picture and you can’t help feeling sorry for both of them. J thinks she is holding onto her future – a woman who is going to be like a mom to her from now on. The flip side is the mom knows this is probably the last time she gets to hold J, someone who has been like a daughter to her for the first time in her life. When you think about it, the pain they are both going to go through once the truth comes out is going to be equally unbearable. They are both going to miss each other, but the only difference is one will have the comfort of her family’s warmth to fall back on and the other will have to experience once again what it feels like to be motherless. For that reason alone, I think J’s pain is going to be immeasurably worse and her arms will feel emptier than ever before.

“Translations by Softy”

This scene never came out – I feel robbed – but OMG so much drama tonight -what a cliff hanger. and a preview even. first episode that had me so nervous I forgot to breathe towards the end. Arent weekend dramas supposed to be calm? why does this one make you feel like you are on a rollercoaster that never eases up? It just gets more precarious with each episode. I am so nervous for next week.



Starts from N staring at the door while MS peels an apple and makes another call to TS (but his phone is off). H is working on a puzzle next to N and complains it’s hard. H pushes it aside so N solves the puzzle. H asks if he knows another one and he solves that too. H quizzes him in math and asks if he knows what 24 divided by 8 is and he replies 3. then she asks if he knows 9 times 9 and he says 81. this is her homework so she writes down his answers. H asks another one but MS asks what H is doing now – why are you making N solve your homework. sit properly and do it yourself. H: yes. N goes back to looking at the door

TB, TP, and TS walk out. TP says he feels better inside cuz they are returning the farm to J and moving -do you hyungs feel that way too? TB: of course. there was no other choice. now that we are thinking of moving, it doesnt give us much time (to raise the money) TS asks TB: do you have any money cuz didnt you use everything you had for the wedding. TB says he did use it all up so he has to get a loan. TP: I thought you wouldnt have money – but to dad you told him not to worry. TB: in that ambience a while ago – how could I tell him. I wonder how much TH has. where did TH go? TS: that’s right – he suddenly disappeared. TP mutters TH always skips out at important moments like this. TB: I will talk to him tm – we have to do this somehow (raise the money). since it’s cold, maknae go in first.  TP offers to drive him but TB tells him to go back inside and not worry cuz he brought SY’s car. TP says he will watch TB leave first but TB says TP wore thin clothes and will catch cold so go in since it’s cold. TS tells TP to go in and he will see TB off. TP: I’m ok but ok. he says bye to TB. When TP is gone, TS asks if TB found out about angelica’s contact info and TB says he did and says let’s go talk by the car. TS: you found out right TB?

TP is getting his laundry and goes to check TS’s room to see if TS put his laundry out. When TP goes in the room, N is standing there so TP is startled and drops his clothes. TP yelled out he was surprised. TP asks N: who are you? what are you? he reaches out and holds N’s hand. TP: why are you there? Are you a thief? N asks where is hwang TS –shi? TP: what? Who? MS finds N inside and goes in. she says : how can you be here Noodles. TP asks her: ajumma what is this kid. Who is he ajumma? MS: ask your big hyung. N just stares at TP. MS leads N away. TP: big hyung?

TS: what are you saying? What do you mean you cant find angelica. TB: on the day she entrusted the kid to you – she left the Philippines. There is only a record of her departure but no record of where she arrived. And no one can reach her family. TS: does that make sense? How could that happen? How could that happen? TB: that cant happen but this woman did that. She had preplanned to entrust the kid to you and leave the Philippines –after raising a kid for 9 yrs, to send him away like that –is that something just any normal woman can do? she was determined –not just with her mind but she totally got away from you. so give up looking for angelica. There is nothing you can do – just accept it. Now you cant find angelica –you cant send the kid away. TS: because it’s happening to someone else you can say that so easily. TB: do I sound like I am saying this easily? Huh? TP comes over and asks: who is Noodles? TB: who is N? TP: there was a boy in your room but his skin color was different. TS: he was in my room? TP: yes the ajumma came and took him away. I asked who he was and she told me to ask you. TS: I am going crazy. TB asks TS: the kid’s name is Noodles? How could a kid’s name be Noodles? TP: I asked who he is – say something. hyung! TB: hyung’s son. TP: what? TB: Hyung’s son that angelica sent. TP: what?!

All 3 brothers are leaning against the car. TP mutters it’s really daebak –it’s king of daebak. That woman angelica – how could she keep her mouth shut for 9 yrs over that – how could there be two nephews within a month? And on top of that one is a 9 yr old nephew. TB: to you he is a nephew but how do you think it feels if he is your kid. TP: what is wrong with our family – how do we turn around and cause trouble. What do you do now big hyung? When we finally thought you were leaving behind being an old bachelor –is this how it’s going to end with YJ shi? TB says to TP: maknae-ah. TP: it’s cuz I am upset. Big hyung’s credentials weren’t good – you aren’t young –on top of that you lost the only good title of being the oldest to inherit –now you have a kid too. What are you going to do now? Can one person’s life end up like this? TB says more sternly: ya maknae ah. TP mutters that TS lost his chance to get married now. You think you can get married for the rest of your life like this? TB asks TP: why are you throwing salt on a wound? TP yells at TS: are you a fool? How can you just accept when she sent you that kid? This isn’t right – after hiding it for 9 yrs – from one person to another – this isn’t right to do it like this. TB yells at TP: after hearing the explanation – why are you going on like this and upsetting hyung. TB says to TS: hyung I was wrong back then at the motel. In front of the person who is going through this – being more upset –I didn’t know it could eat me up inside. (meaning he gets it now how upset TS must have been when TB went off on him cuz now TP is doing it and TB is witnessing it) TP to TS: hyung what are you going to do now? TS: I want to die – I want to die – why are the heavens doing this to me – what did I do that was so wrong – I am going to marry YJ –I wont end it like this- it was so hard to meet YJ – it is too unfair so I cant end it like this –I am going to get married with YJ.

The GM is making her bed preparing to sleep and says names aloud to hear how they sound. The dad goes into GM’s room. He takes her some water. He asks if she still wasn’t asleep yet. He says it seems she already picked out a name. She says how there is nothing pretty that is just right. When she thinks it’s pretty it’s common and when she thinks it’s unique it’s not pretty. He says he likes her name. GM complains about her name –what is Gap nyun. that girl J said it right away too-GM mimics J’s voice: “omo your father came up with his daughter’s name without any thought or effort” GM and dad both laugh. Dad says how he has something to tell her about the farm. GM: ok say it. Dad says they decided to give the farm back to J and they are moving to a new home as soon as they find one. GM asks why suddenly since the weather is cold –where are we moving to. did J make a fuss to give back the farm again? The dad says no that’s not it. GM: then if that’s not it – why move suddenly- now J moved into the attic room and everything is comfortable and it looked like everything was resolved ok so why suddenly. She figures out that the mom did something – she left home cuz she caused trouble. I was wondering why she suddenly went to the gravesite but it’s cuz of this. What happened? Why suddenly say you are returning the farm and she left home. The dad tells GM not to let on to the mom that GM knows but the mom hid the contract. GM: she hid the contract? so J didn’t lose it and she (the mom) did that – oh my goodness. I thought maybe (she did) but I must be a ghost (for guessing correctly) what do we do.

J goes home to the attic room. She has a flashback to her conversation TH. She mutters: so that means Bok Ja ajumma isn’t his real mom. then is Chan ajussi not the real dad too. If he was going to talk about it – wish he had told me all of it till the end. She sits down to draw and says: I didn’t even imagine it -how could Bok Ja ajumma not be the real mom? J wonders if the ajumma got there ok. The mom calls J and J asks if she arrived safely. The mom says: of course I arrived – when the time is this late. Now? I am talking on the phone. before that? I was eating the boiled eggs you gave me. Yes it’s delicious and edible. What are you doing? J: I was getting ready to work to turn in a character sketch. Yes everyone came home – even the third ajussi so everyone. Ajumma since you aren’t home –the house seemed totally empty. Mom says that Korean phrase about putting spit on your lips =that J is just saying that. J: I wasn’t being insincere –when I went out and came in –“you brat – what time is it for you to come home now” (meaning she came home late) –since you weren’t nagging it felt empty. Mom: you are a really strange girl. How could you like to hear nagging? Do you want to come out and meet me tm? If you come out to meet me I can buy you something delicious. J: of course I have to go out. What time do I need to be there by and where? Yes I know it- yes sleep well ajumma. After she hangs up, she lies down and remembers how TH said – also if it’s not today I don’t think I will have this chance to say it. she wonders: why did he say it like that? By any chance is he going somewhere. She tells herself to focus on her work for now. She draws again. the mom resumes knitting a red muffler.

Next morning J goes to the duck pen and calls out. Good morning – did you sleep well kids. This morning the weather is a little chilly isn’t it? She goes over to pick up their food and scoops them out. Ok ok of course I came to feed you guys. She notices that she has to change out their wood chip looking things that are on the ground. J walks over to the storehouse/shed and those bags are huge. She tries to lift one but ends up dropping it on the ground only. She tries to pick it up but cant move it. She wonders how to move this. Am I supposed to use the wheelbarrow and put some on there and then carry it (meaning scoop out some and move it like that little by little) J takes out her phone and takes a breath and calls TH. TH:hello? Ajussi did you sleep well – it’s me J – I’m sorry but if you have time could you move the wood chips in the shed to the pen? It’s so heavy it wont budge. TH: ok – you are at the shed right? I will go out now. J: yes.

After they hang up, she is really happy and giggles. TH stares at his phone then sort of sighs.

She fixes her hair before he comes. J: I didn’t wake you when you were sleeping right? TH: no – I was about to go to work. He points to the bag. Is that it? J: yes. He starts to walk over to it but she stops him. J: ajussi. What you said yesterday – if it’s not today that you wouldn’t have a chance to say it. By any chance are you going somewhere far away cuz you were transferred? Is that why you said that?

TH shakes his head and says “no.” J smiles and says: that’s good. Then it’s ok. She points to the bag. That is really heavy. It wont budge at all. TH goes over and sort of nudges it with his foot and picks it up with ease and puts it on the wheelbarrow. J is impressed. TH: is there anything else to move? Should I move the feed? J: no I have that. TH: ok then go.

J looks smitten. He pushes the wheelbarrow over to the pen. He stands sort of by the entrance so J tells him to come in. he takes one step only. J: why? Come in. she looks at his nervous face. J: by any chance are you scared of the ducks ajussi? TH shakes his head and says “no” J: then hurry and come in. TH picks up the bag and puts it down near the ducks. He suddenly backs away from the ducks when they come near. J laughs and asks: ajussi you are scared of ducks? TH: I said I wasn’t. J: I was also scared of ducks at first and couldn’t come in but these kids are really cute. J picks one up and says “kids oppa is….. of you” but she doesn’t finish saying “scared” cuz she swung the duck near TH’s face. He turns away in alarm then looks at J. J: see – ajussi you are scared of ducks.

J laughs. He just sort of stares at her with that look in his eyes. J says she can do the rest alone and that’s all she needs from him. You can go now. TH: I want to help but I have to go in to work. I have work early this morning. J: ajussi you are scared of ducks anyway– ajumma raises ducks so how could you be scared of ducks. TH: it’s the ones that fly around. J: ahhh- that’s good. TH: what? What is? J: I am not born in the year of the chicken. There is awkwardness so she tells him to go to work cuz he will be late. He turns to go but turns back around to say: like right now – smile like that every day.

He smiles and leaves.

GM makes breakfast. J comes in and asks if the GM woke up. You made the rice too? I was going to do that. GM: it’s all done. just wipe down the table. J: I really was going to do it but I had to spread out some wood chips so I was late. GM: I said it’s ok so wipe the table and put out those side dishes. J says yes and goes. GM watches J wipe the table and looks sad.

During breakfast everyone is quiet. J asks if the GM decided on a name- I thought about it and out of the names you said yesterday I think shim mi yoon is the prettiest. She says some other names and says they sound too young. GM says ok she will think about it. J says how the soup is delicious it’s better than the one ajumma makes. GM mutters: that’s good – eat a lot – even though it’s only one soup- if I only knew sooner- I would have made it for you for that month. J: what? GM: nothing I just said eat a lot. J tells dad: ajussi last night ajumma called and said she was coming up during lunch time and asked me to go meet her today and she will buy me something delicious. Dad: she did? J: I think ajumma is starting to like me a little ajussi. Dad: of course – she did that from a while ago. The GM says: go and tell her to buy you the best and most delicious thing. J: yes.

During a meeting SY farts. It’s loud so the guy stops talking. SY tells him to keep talking but SY does it again. TB gives her a look that says what are you doing so SY lies and says the chair keeps making weird sounds and stops the meeting for today and continue tm. After others leave, SY says sorry to TB explaining how when you are pregnant this happens and there is no control. SY: it came out before I knew it so there was no way to stop it. TB: it’s ok – you have to keep doing it since he comes out. SY:when did you come home yesterday. You told me not to wait up so I slept early. TB: you did well. SY: when did you leave this morning? When you leave early I asked you to leave a memo. He says he cant leave memos well– If I come home late I can call but there is no point in asking me to leave memos when I leave early. From now on when you wake up and I am not there – just assume I left for work. SY: what is so hard about leaving a memo. TB: making pasta is hard (for you) isn’t it? leaving memo is hard for me. so let’s not expect that from each other. SY: ok. He gets called away. TB tells her to go to the bathroom first. SY: he will probably know to come (later).

SY is waiting at the doctor’s and some other husband comes to meet his wife. SY’s name gets called so she calls TB. She asks where he is. He says how he is outside. why? SY: what do you mean why – you said you would go to the hospital with me today –you said you would come to the lobby by 10am. TB: I am sorry -what do I do – I forgot. She asks how he could forget in one day what he promised yesterday. He says sorry again. her name gets called by the nurse. SY tells him to hang up cuz she has to go in. he tried to say I am sorry – it was urgent business but she hung up. he mutters how she should have texted him once about the checkup.  He is at the bank trying to get his loan. He gets a call from TH. He says how he is at the bank trying to find out how much loan he could get- since he already got a loan to get married – it will he hard to get $30,000 and asks how much TH is giving. TB says he will try to get $30,000 too. TB can only get $13,000 in loan. He goes to another bank with no luck. then to a realty office and says since there are 6 family members they need at least 4 rooms. but he needs at least between $90,ooo -$95,000 for a home.

He goes to work looking defeated. He gets a call from his dad. yes dad I am busy but I was resting for a second. Of course – TH and I will come up with $30,000 each to make $60,000. SY comes in. TB: but dad how much money do you have? I didn’t think there would be much in savings after last year. Today I dropped by the realty office to find out about a home but it will cost a lot so how much do you have. The dad says just come up with the $60,000 for now and if they don’t have enough – they will just make do with a smaller home cuz they cant ask more from TH and TB. TB says they need to have a home that is large enough for the family but doesn’t finish his sentence cuz he noticed SY standing there. dad I have to go work so I will call back. TB:when did you come? SY: a few mins ago. I had something to edit too. TB: you went to the hospital ok? sorry I couldn’t go with you. next month let’s be sure to go together. I am sorry. SY: ok. She asks if his dad is moving. TB: no. SY: from the call it sounds like he is moving. TB: he isn’t so don’t bother about it. SY: why do you keep saying “it’s not” when I clearly heard you say they were moving. And that you were talking about money too. he asks why she eavesdropped on someone else’s call. SY: who are you saying eavesdropped? When I came in you were talking so I overheard. TB: ok I will take back saying you eavesdropped. He says how it’s his family’s business so he doesn’t want to tell her cuz it’s burdensome and uncomfortable for him. I hope you wont ask anymore. She checks outside to make sure no one is around. She goes inside and says: am I not your wife – a daughter cant be interested in her in laws and ask? TB: yes you cant. SY calls out his name. TB: did you forget? He reminds her how they aren’t a proper married couple –they have a contractual marriage for a year- after a year they are going to decide on their future and until then – I don’t want to show you any feelings that I want to hide that are upsetting so don’t try to force it. SY: you have to say it like that again? SY: you aren’t acting like yourself right now. I told you not to cross over the line but why do you keep crossing it. She goes outside and calls him a bad guy – how a day hasn’t even passed since he said he wouldn’t cause her pain.

the dad is watching a cooking show. SY’s mom reminds him today is friday – the day he is supposed to go out cuz her friends are coming over. dad: you want me to go out again? she says of course cuz he arranged it this way (since he is jobless, they agreed to tell ppl that he was writing his autobiography so that is why he goes out on those days to his publisher). he asks if they cant end that and just say he is resting a month at home after finishing his autobiography but she says if they say that then her friends will ask if it’s published and which bookstore can they purchase it so the dad relents and agrees to leave. Y sneaks downstairs to leave as the mom cleans.

Y is interviewing more people for managers. she says how the first one has no experience being a manager and she is looking for one that has experience. Next weird looking guy says good appearance is important for a manager and he heard a lot of people say he looks good. 3rd one- sleazy woman says she knows how to convince ppl really well (and winks at Y –probably the woman meant thru flirting). 4th one is older and promises to work hard but asks for a pay advance of $3,000. 5th guy says something about how he will do the job with passion, but at this point Y just doesn’t care. Just as she is about to give up, TP shows up and sits down saying you aren’t finished interviewing yet right. Y perks up and is happy to see him. She calls out his name. he slouches in his seat and says: since you scouted me looking at my abilities – I decided to accept it gratefully. Y: really? You were right to think it over. She extends her hand to make an agreement (to hire him) but he doesn’t take her hand and says –let’s start with the stipulations/ conditions. They have to be clear about that to make the contract. She agrees. Y: tell me the conditions you want. TP: for starters my condition is….Y interrupts and says he is sitting crooked and his back will give out if he does that. TP: what? Y: sit up straight. He obey and says “yes emo nim” so she says this is an workplace so he suddenly gets nervous and says “yes owner. The condition I was thinking of….”but she interrupts and asks for his resume first and for him to introduce himself (talk about himself) He was all confident but now he gets flustered. He tells her to write down her email and he will send it to her. she says she has pen and paper so he should write it down. Y is enjoying watching him lose his cool as he writes down her email – asking her to call it out slowly.

J comes out and asks why the dad is outside. The dad says on his way he was going to give her a ride. Let’s go. J: you aren’t busy? Thank you.

When they pull up to the station, J says: cuz of you I came comfortably – thank you ajussi. She was about to get out, but he calls out her name. Dad: ajussi did something wrong first –ajussi is the culprit (person who committed the wrongful act) J: ajussi what does that mean suddenly? He says stuff about how she shouldn’t have suffered when she was innocent and that he doesn’t have the right to apologize but “I am sorry J.” J:ajussi. Dad: it wont be easy but don’t hate the ajumma too much – it’s cuz the ajumma suffered a lot after meeting me. It’s not the ajumma’s fault –it’s the ajussi’s fault – ajussi is the wrongdoer. Go safely and when you meet ajumma make her buy you something delicious. Make sure to do that. J: yes I will be going. J gets out and still seems confused by that talk

The mom is straightening the red muffler she made J. when J comes in, the mom puts it away. J: ajumma you came already? J: the bus arrived early –I told you to go around dressed warmly cuz it’s cold but you are going around wearing hardly anything. She covers up J’s jacket in the front. You’ll catch cold. J: it’s cuz the weather is so nice. Ajumma – it’s only been a day since I saw you but why is it so good to see you again? Mom: it is? To be honest I do too. J:really? They laugh. Mom: what should we eat – if there is anything you want to eat just say it. Today I will buy you anything you want – all of it. I will even buy you something that is so expensive that my eyes pop out. Should we go to a hotel and eat? J: when I was immature I went to places like that – now I don’t really like places like that. Since it’s lunch – seafood noodles? Mom: just that? eat something better. J: instead of that – on the way I saw a market –I want to look around the market – I went to marts (supermarkets) and department stores but I hardly ever went to an outdoor market like that. Mom: ok then we can go – that’s not hard. Let’s go. J takes the bags from the mom and they hold hands as they walk thru the market.

They stop by to look and touch crabs and squids and stuff. They stop for rice cakes and the mom asks to taste it and the woman says ok and that the mom and daughter look exactly like each other. J and the mom look at each other and laugh. they take pictures together with J’s phone. The mom pets her and then goes in to look at some thermal underwear. J says how pretty the pics came out.

When J goes in, the mom bought some red long johns. J says it’s red thermal underwear. They still wear thermal underwear like this. The mom holds up the purchase and says: even tho it’s old fashioned there is no one to see so in the winter make sure you go around wearing it. J is surprised. You bought this to give it to me? Mom: that’s right – there is a huge difference when you wear it and when you don’t during the winter. J is touched and says ajumma. Mom: when you have stomach pain during menstruation, it’s all cuz your body (temp) is cold. A woman always has to keep her body warm. Your body has to be warm so that when you have a baby it will be well and when you give birth, you will have an easy comfortable delivery. You always have to keep your body warm all the time. when your stomach hurts during menstruation, it’s all cuz your body is cold. She hands the gift to J. J accepts it and then embraces the mom in a tight hug. J: ajumma I will heed your words –you are the first person to tell me these things. The mom complains she feels stuffy but J holds on tighter. Then the mom starts to pat J’s back. The mom’s voiceover comes out: I am sorry – I am sorry -enough to die I am sorry- how nice it would have been if we didn’t meet under these circumstances. J keeps hugging her.

TH takes his phone out of his pocket and the duck charm falls out. He picks it up and looks at it and remembers about J and feels guilty again. He puts it back in his pocket. TH’s boss says a movie company got in touch and gives TH business card – telling TH to expect a call about an interview about Kim Dong Min’s incident for a movie. TH tells him to get D to do it but the boss says he doesn’t trust D. the boss gave the other guy TH’s number so TH will get a call soon. Do well cuz it will let ppl know about us. He tells TH to answer the call and TH agrees. TH gets that call after he leaves the office. The guy asks if TH already heard from his boss and TH says he heard but he is busy so call back later. The guy who called shows up. It’s the other love interest guy

TH goes to play basketball and remembers how J asked for help and that the contract disappeared at home. And all those other times J came to him for help. TH let’s go of the ball. The other guy comes over, picks it up, and throws the basketball at TH then he takes it from TH and slam dunks it. Without saying anything they play basketball together. TH makes an impressive cross court shot. The guy says TH is good. TH asks who he is. The guy introduces himself- Kim J. and that he called earlier. TH says his name and they shake hands. Kim: I really wanted to meet you once. TH pulls his hand away cuz the guy held onto it too long.

*Maybe they got the love line wrong cuz KJ looked more interested in TH. 🙂

The GM wonders if the mom told J yet. dad thinks they are either in the middle of talking or ended already. GM: I don’t know how to express this feeling – winter is right in front of us and with the little money we have, whether it’s us for having to move or that girl J, after trusting and finding out she was deceived – these lives are pitiful – GM goes on about life and wonders why are there so many hurdles to cross –it makes me hard to breathe – how much longer do I have to live for there to be no more surprising things. YS barges in with 3 thugs saying excuse me. YS: I know this is imposing but this is the only way. I need this farm. She tells the men to start. They turn the house upside down and go thru everything. GM yells after them – what are you doing – how can you go in someone else’s room- stop it. Dad asks what they are doing. What kind of people are you – get out of there right now. GM holds YS and asks who she is. YS: I am Baek Inho’s wife. They are looking for the contract – the farm contract that was lost in this home. GM and dad: what did you say? YS: the neighbors suspect it and heard J accuse the mom of stealing the contract so it’s clear the contract is in this home somewhere

J and the mom finished eating but J says the mom didn’t eat much and tells her to eat more.mom: I ate a lot. The mom asks if J ate well. J shows her bowl and how she almost ate it all. she tells the mom to eat a bit more. the mom says she really ate a lot. J says how refreshing the soup from the noodles is. The mom drinks water and starts talking. Mom: J – I have something to tell you. J: what is it? Tell me. Mom holds her blue bag close to her. J:ajumma. Mom: I will tell you- J- I…..she gets a call. J tells her to answer it. Mom: It’s from the home. GM says-there is trouble – there is turmoil in the house – J’s step mom brought 3 men and barged into the home and made a mess looking for the contract. One didn’t even take his shoes off. YS orders them to go thru the desk drawers cuz the contract is here in this home for sure. Dad yells for YS to stop – will you only stop if I call the police? What are you doing coming into someone’s home without permission and doing this. YS: then give the contract or return the farm right now. GM says to mom: I don’t know where you are but bring J right now and come home. The mom says she will go right now. J:why ajumma? Mom: your step mom brought gangsters and turned the house upside down. J:what? My step mom?

TH gets a call from dad and says he will go right away. He tells D to go alone – I have to go cuz there is an emergency at home. I’ll call. D calls out what happened but TH is already gone.

The men say it’s not in this house no matter how much they searched and it’s not in the attic too. Maybe it’s not in the home. YS: that’s not possible. The contract is in this home somewhere. GM says how many times do I have to tell you -there is no contract in this home. No matter how much you look it wont come out. The guys decide to stop but YS orders them to keep looking. GM says they cant go –she says who her grandson is and he is on his way home so you don’t budge and he will put you all in jail. the men leave. YS: look here where are you going? GM holds YS so she wont leave. GM:where are you going- until my grandson comes don’t move an inch. You cant run away. YS yells at the GM-why would I run away. What crime did I commit? this family is the only one who commits crimes. She mentions about what they did with the friend’s farm and how they treated that friend’s family.

When J comes in with the mom and TH, J calls out step mother. What are you doing now? YS: what do you think you are doing? If you found your dad’s farm contract you should have told me first so how could you make it end up like this? J:step mother. YS: you just say “mom” with words but did you ever once think of me as your mom –that’s why you didn’t say one word to me when this happened. J: I was going to tell –I wasn’t trying on purpose not to tell you-after you left home I found out a little later…..YS slaps J. the mom is horrified.

TH quickly goes over and holds J’s arm and yells at YS: look here what are you doing now? J says quietly “mom” YS: mom? do you even think of me as a mom? a kid who thinks of me as a mom –handle this matter without saying a word to me and get the contract stolen? J: that’s not it – I didn’t get the contract stolen. YS: it wasn’t enough what your dad did to me – now you too – you make things end up like this and make me suffer again. You should have told me sooner – you should have told me…

the mom stands in front of J to protect her and says to YS: why are you like this –why are you scolding the kid –it wasn’t enough you hit her. J says “ajumma” the mom asks YS: are you in your right mind-why hit a kid who didn’t do anything wrong- why hit her! YS asks the mom: you stole the contract didn’t you? did you steal the contract? TH: look here! J:no step mom – ajumma wouldn’t ever steal it. YS says how all the neighbors say the same thing – that bok Ja is without mercy and stole the contract and chased away the kid. You stole the contract didn’t you. J: I said she didn’t -step mom have you really gone crazy-it doesn’t matter if you do that to me – but I cant tolerate you treating ajumma like that so stop it. YS to the mom: if you didn’t say you didn’t – wait – is it by any chance in that bag. They struggle for the handbag. Mom says why are you like this. YS says give it to me I need to confirm it. J: why are you like this? YS empties it and the contract falls out. Everyone looks at it but J is the only one who is really in shock. YS: what is this – isn’t this the contract. She picks it and opens it. It’s the contract – I found it J. it’s the contract- what did I say? I told you –that woman stole it. What I said was right. J looks from the contract to the ajumma’s face. YS: now will you believe what I said- now will you believe what I said about that woman stealing it. She says how she will report them all– how could you steal your friend’s daughter’s contract. it wasn’t enough you stole it – you chase away the kid and make her set up tent in the yard to live and suffer.

J is shocked and looks at the mom: was it you ajumma? you really did it? You didn’t right? Say one word that you didnt – please say you didn’t steal it ajumma. J cries. If you say you didn’t I will believe you – just please say one word you didn’t do that – hurry – ajumma. The mom just stands there frozen in shock.


man this is going to be the longest week EVER till E25


J leaves with the step mom. J is still in shock. J sits in a small room looking sad.

TH yells at the mom in front of the whole family: why did you do that mom? why didnt you give the contract back to J sooner -why did you have it with you? why did you give the kid a scar/pain that you cant take back? he cries as he yells: why did you steal the contract? why?  the mom cries looking up at him.then TH storms off.

** part of me thinks he is overly angry cuz the victim is J

N comes over to the house again and he has to use the bathroom so TP and TS stand guard over the bathroom door and TS tells N to hurry and do his business and come out. GM comes over to use the bathroom and asks if there is a line to use it. GM:who is in the bathroom? what are you hiding in the bathroom?

SY sees N and is surprised. the dad asks N “who are you?”

TS tells the family N is his son.



Only in this drama could four guys look this miserable sitting with a pretty girl. This is insane for me to admit, but if all 50 episode dramas are this good – sign me up for the next one. Despite the slowest progressing love line in my drama viewing history – how does this show manage to draw in its viewer more with each passing week? I keep telling myself they will lose momentum soon and just like that – bam – another twist comes up to keep us glued to our screens. Starting to have an even crazier thought – I think 50 episodes might not be enough. 🙂 After the first few episodes, I told myself not to fall for this drama and to hold up resistance, but now this drama has me wrapped around its fingers pretty much. To be honest, that white flag of surrender was waved way back the first time TH accidently mistook J for a criminal and dragged her to the police station. When a love story starts like that, it needs to be followed all the way till the end.

*you guys guessed correctly – TH opened up to J – woohooo 🙂


I also want to thank Joonni for joining us and clearing up all those difficult lines, correcting my mistakes, filling in all my blanks, and for taking the time to do it so quickly. Her translations make the scene flow so clearly. So grateful for all your help 🙂


I went and saw YAI’s new movie Wandeuki tonight so I missed almost the whole episode -YAI’s movie is a riot – had no idea it was such a comedy – there is so much swearing, but it’s hilarious – loved it. No wonder people in Korea love it – it was based on a popular novel.


YS says looking at the expressions on their faces – they must be afraid that the rest of the world will know. Don’t worry – if you return the farm now –I wont make a bigger issue out of this. She tells them to change the owner (owner’s name?) by tm. The dad says she is speaking too harshly. The mom makes him quiet down and says “I will talk.” Mom asks YS: does J know you came? YS looks away. Mom: looking at how you cant answer – it’s true you came without her knowing. You came to the wrong place – if you want to tell everyone tell them – we have nothing to be afraid. YS:you mean that? The mom says in an old fashioned roundabout way that she isn’t kidding around and that she is serious. She keeps using old phrases to say that even though the mom did wrong things compared to YS – YS is worse. What right do you have to say give back the farm? When you abandoned J after what happened to her father and ran off. YS: I came to talk about the farm now. And I am Baek In ho’s wife by law – don’t you know that is the law (that she inherits I think)-If you react like this I don’t have any choice but to tell. Mom tells her to tell cuz the mom is not afraid. Hurry and tell. Who do you think you are threatening? Also – if we are going to return the farm we would give it to J – why would we give it to you – after what you did to J. what do we trust to give it to you? I will say it again clearly – even if we give back the farm – it’s to J and not you. do you understand that? Dad says if you understand hurry and get up (meaning-get out and leave) YS says how she was holding back (being patient) but the mom says: I said to leave before J comes. After abandoning J and running away – now you show up and don’t ask how J is doing – and just asking for the farm – I don’t want to watch J hear that so hurry and leave. Hurry and leave. YS: I am going – I came today to see how you react. Know this is just the beginning. I am not someone you can push around. She gets up to leave. The mom tells her to take the fruit basket with her. YS says something mean about adding it to their living costs.

*I was so proud of the mom for calling YS’s bluff and sticking up for J (cuz there is no way J would let the step mom have anything after this)

J calls her stepmom and cant reach her and J mutters to herself : what is this- should have contacted me if she couldn’t come.

TP tells TH, TB, and TS about what the mom did. TB asks when and how TP found out. TP:I watched mom take out the contract from the wardrobe. So the next day I went to see you (younger hyung)-at first I couldn’t look at mom’s face. And I couldn’t look at J’s face even more. For a few days alone I thought I would die. TS: how about dad – does dad know? TP:dad didn’t know and now he knows. He heard what I said to mom. TB: what did mom do? (rhetorical comment meaning what kind of trouble she caused) TS echoes the same words as TB. TB stands up and says: let’s go home and tell them to return it to J tm right away. What is this ridiculous act – is this something that can happen? This is a criminal act –it’s a line she shouldn’t have crossed. Let’s go – we cant drag this out anymore – for mom’s sake, we have to control this situation right away. TP: right now mom and dad are discussing it –it seemed like dad kicked us all out so he could talk to mom. of course they will say return the farm so sit for a while hyung. TS says we should wait for now. TB sits back down.

J’s voice calls out “you are all gathered here?” they all look up in shock at J. suddenly no one looks at her. J: can I sit too? I was so angry I wanted to bum a glass of soju to drink. TP pushes his chair over to her saying: of course sit down. He gets another chair and asks the lady for another glass. TP asks her “why were you angry?” J: someone called to meet and I went out and waited an hour but that person didn’t show up. Didn’t phone or take my calls. None of the brothers are looking at her. TP is the only one who is attentive. He gives her the glass. She watches TH drinking. TB asks TP to pour a glass for him. J asks hesitantly: did something happen to (all of) you? TB looks uneasy. TH and TS are both hanging their heads and not looking up. TP asks her “why?” J: the ambience is a little…did I by any chance intrude when I shouldn’t have? TB reassures her: that’s not it at all – today we harvested and used our bodies (worked hard when their bodies weren’t used to it) so they decided to get a drink and fatigue is overwhelming them so that’s why. J says: then for that reason (harvesting) let’s all cheer.

They are about to clink glasses, but TH says he is will leave first cuz he has to go to the station. TS says ok but TB says you should go with us since we are all leaving soon. TH: I’ll be going. He walks off and stops then keeps going and J watches him go. She says to the rest of them: it looks like you were in the middle of talking about something so I will just drink this one glass and get up. TB: it’s ok – then let’s have one glass and all get up together. TS: let’s do that. He assures her: it isn’t cuz of you at all – so don’t misunderstand. TB says to her: yes it’s not so don’t misunderstand. TP makes a cheer: we all worked hard harvesting today. He says to her: J you suffered (working) a lot too today. J: you too maknae oppa. Also big ajussi and second ajussi too. TB says she suffered a lot working hard and they all clink glasses and drink. J looks over to where TH headed off.

SY goes home and remembers how a drunk TB called her H. she looks for recipes and picks the easiest – fried rice. After she is done, she waits for TB. The food got cold. It’s past midnight and he still isn’t home and isn’t picking up his phone. she finds H’s picture and throws away the dinner. She remembers that entire speech when he told her that he met someone (H) when he was 21 and fell for her at first sight and loved her for ten years-and after her he couldn’t meet any woman more than 3 times. SY starts to cry but hears the door. TB comes in so she wipes her tears before he comes over to where she is. He asks if she wasn’t sleeping. She doesn’t say anything and goes into her bedroom. He sees all the food she threw away and how she had the table set all nicely. He tries to open and then knocks on her door.

TH sits alone at the station – deep in thought.

Dad tells the mom “let’s return the farm-you want to also -that’s why you talked to that woman like that – I will call the kids tm and tell them to prepare to move. The mom just sits there. dad: answer me – say something –what you are thinking or feeling. Don’t go thru it alone and tell me. After stealing the contract and hiding it away – from that day on you couldn’t talk about it –isnt that why it’s eating you up inside? The dad puts his foot down and says this time she cant stop him – he is going to call the kids tm and return everything. Know that I am going to do that. He lies down and sleeps.

Next morning, J looks at what the mom is cooking (and it’s every dish she asked to eat when they first met) –all of her favorites so she asks the mom “this is everything I totally love – ajumma – there is no way but you didn’t make all this for me right?” the mom doesn’t answer her and tells her to take the rag and wipe down the table. J asks if the mom is feeling ill cuz she looks tired. Mom: that’s not it – starting from this morning I was doing this and that cuz I was going to go somewhere. J:where? Mom: talk about it during breakfast – hurry and wipe it cuz everyone will be hungry. J obeys.

Everyone is gathered to eat. GM asks about TH. TS says he didn’t come home yesterday. GM asks if he worked overnight again. GM looks at the feast and asks if it’s anyone’s birthday. The mom says no she just made this and that since it’s been a while. J adds the mom is going somewhere. GM asks where. The mom tells GM to start eating. GM tells everyone to start. The mom says she will go to her hometown for a short while-to visit her mother’s gravesite and go see her younger sibling. GM asks if anything happened cuz that’s when the mom goes to the gravesite. The mom says no nothing happened – she was already planning to go after the harvest since it’s been a while since she went to the gravesite. GM says the harvest hasn’t ended yet. The dad asks GM to let the mom go cuz he can do the rest alone. Plus if the weather gets colder the mom will have a harder time going up the mountain so the weather now is perfect. GM says since the dad is saying that she cant say no. she says ok and be home within today. The mom asks to sleep one night and come back so that she can see her younger sibling while she is there. GM gives her permission. The mom says she already prepared enough food and stuff so all they need to do is make the rice. GM says not to worry cuz she can make two or three meals. J tells the mom not to worry about the ducks cuz she will feed them and clean after them and take care of them well. The mom smiles at her and says ok.

When the mom comes out with her bags, TP is waiting for her. he takes her bags from her asking if she packed warm clothes cuz the weather got colder. She says the dad already said that so she did. J comes running out calling after the mom. she hands the mom a bag. J:while you are riding in the car have this to eat. Mom looks in the bag and asks: what is this? J:open it. The mom pulls it out and says :it’s boiled eggs. J:when you are on a trip – you have to eat these boiled eggs and drink cider (it’s like Korean Sprite) especially since your taste runs towards things from a long time ago so I knew for sure you would like something old fashioned. J smiles sort of apologetically and explains about the eggs – they sort of burst (popped out of the shell) a bit – it might be cuz it was the first time I boiled them but they were boiling well and suddenly burst from their shells –but still (she points to two of them) this one and that one are intact so eat those two first. Mom: what do I do when all I ever do is receive from you. do you have anything you want? J shakes her head no “I don’t.” the mom says J needs to get paid for all the work she did this whole time. instead of pay, if you need anything – just tell me and I will buy you anything you want. J:I really don’t need anything – you already let me move into the attic room. Ajumma – since you aren’t going to be home even for a day and will be gone –I’m sad. The mom says how the weather is cold so J should not go around dressing with skin showing and wear thicker clothes. she covers up J’s hoodie in the front. This is different from the city so even the air is cold and temperature is low. J nods and promises to wear thicker clothes. Mom: ok go inside. J: have a safe trip. She waves and calls out to the aumma. have a good trip- Don’t worry about the home or ducks. Have a fun trip. The mom smiles at her and keeps walking. She stops and looks like she is about to cry, but keeps going.

* pretty sure the mom talked about the weather as an excuse to reach out and touch J’s clothes just for an excuse since she can’t just hug J – it’s like a maternal instinct the mom has over J now.

In the truck, TP asks when his maternal grandmother passed away. Mom says when she was 15 yrs old. TP: it was when you were young. Then what about my maternal grandfather? Mom: when I was around 7 or 8 he passed away. TP: that early? Then you must not remember his face. Mom: of course I don’t remember. Even your maternal grandmother I barely remember. so often when I think about that it’s funny –since your maternal grandmother passed away early, later when I die and meet her – will she know who I am cuz her daughter is so old. TP:why are you thinking about stuff like that – don’t even think about that. Mom I am going to apply for a job. Mom says that’s good news she wanted to hear – you really are? TP: yes I am already looking into it here and there. so just wait ten years. Within ten years I will make sure to buy your farm for you. he lists how he is going to start and then later succeed. After he succeeds and earns money –the first thing he will buy is her land. Not under his dad’s name – he will make sure to buy it under her name. she smiles at him. Mom: just hearing those words is filling my tummy. TP: I am not kidding I will make sure to do that. Mom: who said you were kidding? You promised – you have to be sure to buy it. She smiles and looks pleased.

TB is doing the dishes. SY comes out. He says how her dad called to have breakfast together. She says she will go alone since he feels uncomfortable with her family and doesn’t like them. TB: after we got married this is the first time they called us so of course I should go. Let’s go. SY: if you are going – go alone then. I don’t feel like it. TB: how can I go alone? SY: then don’t go. I am going to work first. TB: are you like this cuz I came home late yesterday without calling? I am sorry – something happened at home –I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to call. SY: did anyone say anything? TB: you didn’t say anything but your entire body is angry. She uses big words to say how he made her suffer till now –don’t I have any right (for respect) – even tho I said I didn’t expect love and just asked you to marry me -even tho we got married under those circumstances … she gets interrupted with a call from her dad. she says how she cant go. Her dad says :what are you saying? A while ago (TB)said you were coming so your mom prepared a feast and was waiting all this time. Hurry and come with (TB). her dad hangs up on her. SY says they have to drop by for a while. TB: ok wait just a minute. SY: organize the table (she wants him to see that picture). You should put things in order and live. Tb doesn’t understand. She says she will go out first and tells him to put things in order and come out. He finds the photo and gets why she is so angry. He mutters that he is going crazy.

SY and TB go to her parent’s home. The dad greets and welcomes TB in a friendly way but the mom does it more stiffly. The dad asks if TB came back from his home ok yesterday and asks if TB’s parents are doing ok. TB says he did and says his dad asked him to say hello to SY’s dad. he tells the mom how his mom saw the great food SY’s mom sent and sent her thanks. So TB bows and thanks her. the mom says that’s good they got it ok cuz she prepared it with a lot of attention. SY says she has to leave right away cuz she has a meeting –she just dropped by to say hello. Mom: what meeting? Today isn’t the day you have a meeting. SY: I have one. TB says he will be leaving too with her but SY tells him to eat and then come cuz he has time. TB agrees. She tells them to eat and says she will be leaving. The mom goes after her muttering –what to do if you don’t eat breakfast and go.

TB eats while the dad smiles and the mom sort of scowls at him. Dad explains how last time TB didn’t finish his steak so this time the mom prepared traditional Korean food. How is it? TB says it’s delicious. Mom: that’s good – when your wife didn’t even eat breakfast and went to work, but you are still able to eat. TB stops chewing. The dad tells him she is just kidding around. The mom tells TB to eat a lot cuz the fact that he eats well is a side of him that pleases her. the dad says how the mom prepared this meal from early this morning to feed TB. You cant have any leftovers and must eat all of this. TB says he will. (the table has a lot of food on it) The mom asks if he doesn’t like the crab side dish cuz she made it herself. He says how he likes it a lot and eats some. Then she says he hasn’t even touched the “water kimchi” (a watered down version of kimchi that is served with its own juice) the dad tells her that TB will eat it soon and to wait a bit. TB eats that next so the dad says to the mom: see he ate it. The mom tells TB to eat some pancakes cuz she made it with tofu. he says yes and eats one so now he looks like a chipmunk cuz his cheeks are full with food. The dad keeps grinning but the mom looks around to see what else she can make him eat. TB tells them to eat too. They are about to eat but suddenly the mom asks if TB had a fight with SY. The dad tells her not to ask like that. Look at me – I am curious but I am holding it in. TB says they didn’t fight. Dad: of course – even if you did would you say you fought-hurry and eat. TB resumes eating while the mom eyes him suspiciously.

Y is interviewing a guy to hire and reads off his resume that he has experience working for an internet online shopping mall. She gets a call from SY’s mom. the mom asks where Y is and if she is at the store. Y:yes. Mom: in the end you are saying you are going to do what you want? That you are going to open after all. Y: unni I am in the middle of interviewing someone. Mom: conduct what interview – when you were duped by your friend. Y: I will call back later – I’ll hang up now. She goes back and apologizes to the guy. He asks how much it costs to run this store in a month cuz it looks like it will be a lot. She asks if that’s what it looks like. He mentions something specific and how it will be cost a lot. She says this is all she needs for the interview today and that she will be in touch. After he leaves, she looks like she is going to cry. Just then TP walks in. he says hello and she stares at him, recognizes who he is and she turns and wipes her tears. She puts a smile on her face and goes over and asks what brings him here. He looks like he was bewitched for a second there and recovers and says he dropped in cuz he was passing by. He thought he should tell her the basics and since he knows her he couldn’t just pass by. Y: basics? TP: emonim – how could you think of opening without knowing the basics-it’s a little frustrating. What do you think the biggest problem of this store is? Y guesses that it’s location. TP: yes to be specific – in this bad location – the biggest problem is no one knew about this place. People don’t remember that this store is here. But if this was in a good location and there is still no business then that is a big problem – but if there is poor business cuz no one knows its existence then that is a good thing –why? all you have to do is let people know about it. Y: let people know it exists. How? TP: first change the sign to something bigger and brighter so that even from far away it will go into your view. Also it’s too dark in this store – change the lighting to something brighter – it will be more effective. Y nods her head. TP: after you open – for the first two months – don’t think about doing business and just focus on letting people know about this store. after you let plenty of people know – business will get better on its own. Y:but how do you know all this stuff? TP: for a few years I went to all the seminars and had experience in other stores cuz I would need it one day when I run my own business. Then I will be going. Work hard. He turns to leave, but she calls his name and asks if he never thought of being a manager. TP: what?

GM is filling in her name. J brings her some fruit to eat. J asks what she is doing. The GM says she is signing up for a name change. J asks what the GM’s name is. J reads the paper “Shim Gap Nyun” and cracks up laughing. J says the GM’s father wasnt thinking much about his daughter cuz how he could he name her Gap Nyun. GM explains a long time ago they gave out names like this. Just think you need to be grateful for being born later. If you were born a long time ago you would have been called Baek Mal Nyun. She calls out “Mal Nyun –ah.” J and GM both laugh. GM looks at how J is dressed and asks if J is going somewhere. J says to school. GM asks J to take TH’s clothes to him on her way to school. Since the GM cant take it. GM:why? You don’t want to? J: no -you shouldnt take it GM-give it to me GM.

*Joonni clarified: Her name is Shim Gap Nyun(갑년 ). One of the best ways to understand a Korean name is to know their base Chinese character. With this one however, it’s a bit difficult because colloquially, this name means nothing. Its almost like a placeholder name. Its just invokes a common and familiar sense, like the name Kim Sam Soon. That’s why Jayoung says GM’s father named her without any thought or effort. GM gives Jayoung the name “Mal Nyun”which is similar to Gap Nyun. I asked my Korean friend (who got a Korean education) about this and this is the simplest summary I can give out of her Korean lesson. LOL

TH is questioning a suspect and gets carried away in his anger cuz the guy kept changing his answers out of being nervous. other officers mouth to D -what’s wrong with TH and D mouths he doesnt know. TH warns the guy if he gets another thing wrong, this time TH wont say it with words. TH asks when the guy met some other guy last month and what day and time and the poor guy cant remember the exact day the 5th or the 6th so TH loses it. TH grabs the guy so the officers pull TH away saying TH shouldnt be like this. TH says to let go but D pushes TH out of the office.

When he goes out with D, TH tries to go back in so  holds onto him. D asks why TH is like this all day today – did something happen yesterday? And that TH is not acting like his usual self. D tells TH to go rest while he takes care of the rest of the interview with the other officer. D sees J coming so he says it’s Baek JE. TH turns and sees her and tells D to lie that TH is out if she looks for him. TH hides in the other room. J says hello to D and says she came to meet officer Hwang TH cuz she has something to give him. D tells the lie and says TH is out. She asks when he will be back if he will be late. D says he will be late – what is it – I can give it to him. She asks him to give this bag – it’s a change of clothes the GM sent. D: GM? J: I know ajuss….the detective’s GM a little bit. Then I will be going – goodbye. She keeps looking around for TH as she leaves.

TH goes home and runs into his dad who was on his way out. TH says he has something to say to the dad. dad: I dont know what it is but dad  has to go somewhere now – the taxi is waiting. TH: it’s about the farm – I heard from TP. dad: oh you heard. let’s talk later at night. I called TS and told him to gather everyone. let’s talk at night. TH: father.  dad: your mom went to visit your maternal grandmother’s grave – why do you think she did that? dont worry and let’s talk at night.

When the mom gets to the gravesite, she pulls the weeds off and says: mother Bok Ja is here – your daughter Bok Ja came. I got old didn’t I? you don’t believe it too huh? I have a daughter in law now. TB got married mother. She takes out soju and pours a cup and pours it over the mound. Maknae looked at me and said he was afraid and terrified of me –he said he was scared and disliked me the most in this world. One day a flying rock flew in and broke the whole window –I had to throw that rock outside –was I supposed to be happy to see it and say welcome? For ten years the farm that I got from my bones aching – a young girl showed up and said give it back so how could I give it to her? TS’s dad said I was the scariest and most disgusting woman in this world-he said he couldn’t stand me-he said I was more disgusting than a snake. Mother why does my heart ache like this – like maknae said – it’s true I stole it –it’s true I stole it and chased her away –but why does my heart ache like this-why do I feel likes it’s so unfair and indignant. Why doesn’t anyone know how I feel?

She sits and drinks the soju. I should have just ended it (treating her like) a rock – but starting from when that girl set up a tent in the yard –I let go of everything – that girl kept going back and forth in front of my eyes – she came deep into my heart. that girl says I am like a mom. in this world – to the most awful person, she attached her affection for me – how much she must have missed a mother’s affection –how lonely she must have been inside –mother what should I do? To that good and kind young kid –what have I done to her – what did I do (meaning how could she treat J like that)– mother what can I do (to make it better) – mother what do I do…she repeats it and wails as she cries. The dad watches her from a distance.

The mom says:why did we come here when I told you to go back up (to seoul). The dad says he is going back after he eats with her cuz early tm morning some delivery is coming. After she came down from the mountain he came to buy her something to eat. He tells her to eat. Mom: about J- after I tell her about the contract – she will probably never want to see me again wont she –will she by any chance report me to the police? If she reported me I would feel better inside –I think I can stretch my two legs out and get some sleep (since she hasn’t been sleeping cuz of her conscience bothering her) –after that day –every day I wasn’t able to sleep more than 2 hours. Dad: have you made up your mind? Mom: yes I made up my mind –after I go back – I am going to give back the farm and tell her about the contract. I thought of doing that for some time now – in my head I said I should tell her but my heart wouldn’t listen (meaning she didnt want to hurt J). Dad: I know – even if you don’t tell me. Mom: whatever happens we will survive (live thru this) right? He says of course (and lists all the bad things they lived thru )* “In one day we lost our home and business and ended up in the streets, yet we lived. We were chased by debt collectors so we couldn’t send our kids to school for months, yet we lived. Even after we had to send the baby you carried for ten months to heaven, we lived. So why would we not be able to live just because of this.” the mom lists all the stuff she doesn’t have to suffer thru at the farm anymore –suffering under the hot summer sun- she doesn’t have to wage a war with the insects each night and doesn’t have to worry about the plant disease- there is no more need to work till their shoulders feel like they will fall off. the dad offers to buy her some alcohol (rice wine) but she says she didn’t do anything good to deserve alcohol. The dad offers to tell J if it’s too hard for the mom. but the mom says: no I will do it- I have to tell her everything with my own lips – after I tell her and she hears that – whether she kills me or reports me (turns me in) –we have to let her do what she wants – to a woman like me – that young kid attached her affection towards me saying I am like a mother. This is the last thing I can do for that young kid. When I go tm I will tell her. dad: ok –eat. The mom cries and eats.

*Thanks to Joonni editing this part so now it’s correct 🙂

TB makes a paper plane out of the picture of H and him and let’s it fly from the rooftop. He texts SY: the dinner we didn’t get to eat yesterday-let’s eat together today. I will prepare it – let’s meet at home by 7

When SY goes home TB is done cooking pasta. She watches him and is impressed. He turns and sees her. TB: you came –to make it simple I made some pasta-just stir fried with olive oil. Do you like it? SY: it’s not bad. TB: it’s all done so wash your hands and come. She agrees.

When she comes to the table, he pulls out her chair and tells her to sit. TB: you cant drink even a little of wine huh? But still do you want just a little bit. SY: it’s ok I am good with just water. TB: then I will have a little bit. He pours some for himself. Try eating it (the pasta) it will taste good cuz I got a few people to try it out. She asks if H tasted it too. TB puts his fork down. TB: did the photo have her name written on it too? SY: no the night you came home drunk – you said her name in your sleep. TB says sorry. She says there is no need for you to apologize – it’s not like I didn’t know – you already told me about her. that you had a woman you were crazy about for ten years. But still the picture – if you were going to get married – isn’t it polite to take care of those pictures before you come. TB: I think it came included with my stuff –I didn’t know. SY: I didn’t think you planned to bring it with you too- it doesn’t matter if you don’t love me too –I am the one who hung onto you begging you to marry me – from your position – the way I am reacting now – I understand it must be annoying –I do but…TB interrupts. TB: that this might happen – I was afraid of marriage. That I would hurt you like this. The picture – not cuz of marriage but a few years back I thought I already sorted it out (put his feelings in order- got over her) but it must have been left behind by accident in some book. Now she is someone who has nothing to do with me so …SY interrupts and tells him to stop talking. You can stop talking about it. Also you aren’t the only one who is afraid – I am afraid too –that I will make you feel uneasy. When I saw the picture –the first thing that came to my eyes was how the woman next to you looked but what I couldn’t forget all day in my thoughts was your expression. You looked really happy. You looked bright (lively) something I haven’t seen even once. That’s why I must have been mad –to say it exactly – it wasn’t you- I was mad at myself – that I might have made you afraid – that I might have stolen you from having a happy time like that– I was afraid. He says he will try to be a little better to her so she wont be afraid. She says she will try to make an effort not to be hurt. It looks delicious. I will eat it well. He asks when she is going to the hospital. SY: hospital? I am going tm. TB: then let’s go together – I will make time in the morning.

MS sees how Noodles is staring at the door that TS came thru – like he is waiting on his dad. MS goes into the room and tries to call TS but he doesn’t pick up. She mutters he isn’t in his right mind -it wasnt enough you left him in my care all day – now I cant even reach you by phone

TS is gathered with the dad and all the brothers. TB: say something father. The dad hears a phone vibrate and asks who that is and to answer. TS looks at his phone and tells the dad: I will pick up later so you can talk. Dad: since all of you know –I already finished talking it over with your mom. we are going to give the farm back to J. when mom comes tm she is going to tell J. also we have to move. That’s why last time when you two (TB and TH) offered to pitch in some money –could you lend that to your dad. TB and TH both agree. Dad: with that money and with the little mom and dad have –we have to combine that and look for a home to live in. since TB got married I am not worried – how you two TS and TH will commute to work make us worry the most. If we move – we have to go deeper into the countryside (away from the city). TH: it’s ok father. TS: yes there is nothing to we can do about it. Dad: ah –also the problem is how we return this farm to J –that is the big deal – I told TB to find out –so that it wont go to In ho (her dad) –if we put it under J’s name- it will be easy for it to go to the collector’s hands. TB: that – let’s do what J wants to do father. If she wants cash then give her cash – if she still wants us to put it under her name when we return it then do that. Dad: ok then J needs to decide. TB: yes. Dad: then that is settled- we are done talking – anyone have anything to say? TB asks how the mom is doing. Dad: she cried a lot. He says how he killed their mom many times (meaning he caused the mom heartache so many times). TP asks if the mom is going to tell J about the contract. Dad: she said she will – after she feeds J properly tm. She will tell her about that- it’s the last thing that she can do for her (J). TP guesses they wont be able to see J’s face anymore after tm. TH looks concerned.

*Joonni explained about changing the title of the land to J’s name and why it’s not a good idea: The father is concerned that if they return the farm to Ja Young underneath her name, the debt collector (or like the bank who holds the mortgage to the farm) will take the farm because her father, Baek In Ho, has a lot of debt. So TB says that they should do it the way Ja Young wants to whether it be that they sell the farm and give her the cash, or return it to her to her name.

TH goes outside for air. He sees J feeding the ducks and goes over there. J tells the ducks: eat a lot. You are eating so well –I’m sorry I am really sorry – unni was working at school and forgot – you were very hungry weren’t you? I will get in trouble by the ajumma – I promised I wouldn’t forget to feed you guys – (she knows their names so she calls out) Mohmsil – you are pushing your way in again I told you to show deference to Dongil –Ahlia…

J looks up and sees TH standing there. J: ajussi . she walks over to him. J: when did you come? This afternoon I went to go see you at the police station. Do you know? TH nods and says: yes I heard. J: then did you get the shopping bag? TH nods yes. J: ah –I see – I already knew normally you don’t say thank you often since you are the silent type. I have something to meet with you about, if you have time – I am almost done so could you wait a little bit, just need 10 mins. TH stares and doesn’t answer. J: I will buy you coffee. Today I will buy.

*The way TH looked at her while she was feeding the ducks– this time it wasn’t the quizzical look he normally makes-it’s how you look at the woman you think you wouldn’t mind marrying the moment you first have that thought.

TH waits outside the coffee shop for J. she comes out carrying two coffees and hands him one. He takes it and says he will drink it well. J: Yesterday and the day before, you made me feel embarrassed, not looking at me, pretending not to know me, and of course not let me talk to you like this face to face…I don’t know why I am giving this to you but…

She hands him that pendant thing she made. He asks what it is. She says, “It’s a lucky charm. I made it myself. I made it two days straight so you always have to carry it.” TH gives J a look. J says, “Because you have a dangerous job.”He looks at her and takes it. (OMG it’s a duck shaped TH holding coffee and has sneakers around its neck-beyond cute)

J: do you like it? TH stares at it and says: yes -thank you. Also if it’s not today, I don’t think I will have a chance to say this. But last time you asked who the person was in the picture. Are you still curious? J:yes. who is she? TH: she is the person who gave birth to me-the woman in the picture-she is the person who gave birth to me.


No preview

* can I just add – this last scene is the reason why my butt is going to be parked at home at 8pm tm no matter what cuz E24 is going to be done live (even tho most of you will be sleeping cuz of the time difference) I simply must watch how the rest of this scene plays out. I wonder how she will react – I bet she will be moved that he trusted her enough to confide that personal info about himself. I am already near tears just thinking about what a great leap of faith he is taking in entrusting her with this info. For him to open up like this is more meaningful than any declaration of love – his words will be coated with that meaning anyway. at this point, I think J knows him well enough to realize that this moment is TH throwing open the door to his heart. Now all she needs to do is clear out the cobwebs and make room for herself there – and hopefully become a permanent resident.


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    you know what’s good about this drama,
    the problem arise wont get dragged.


    • Softy says:

      that’s what I thought too – even tho the love stories are going way too slow in my book, at least the pace of the show itself is pretty quick – nothing drags on for days or anything – it’s like each new episode offers up something fun. Already, next week it will be half way done. That sort of scares me cuz there is so much more story to be told if TB’s ex comes back into the picture, TP’s storyline starts to pick up pace, and TS discovers YJ only wanted his money from the farm.


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    Am I the only one who didn’t really like today’s epi ( run and hide ) , maybe becoz there were no many scenes between my two cute couples or maybe becoz the preview is showing that JE will leave the farm next week and there will be no JE-TH scenes ( at least this is my guess since TH will be very embarassed and JE will be vey angry )
    I’m loving this drama becoz the cute scenes between JE-TH or the bakering between TB-SY and I’m feeling that it’s a bit early for the anguish to start since none of the two couples confirmed their feelings for each others ( ok at least the two males of the two couples ) so for the anguish to start now I think it’s a bit early ( or maybe because I just hate the anguish part of dramas )
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      The episode was great in terms of plot development as a whole. I did actually love the interactions between J and the ahjumma. She needs more than 1 person to love her.

      However gotta admit am totally loving the looks TH is shooting at J now. Well if this makes J moves away for awhile ( LOL like in 2 episodes) I am all for it. That is because this guy needs to know badly he has fallen for her.
      I am dying actually for SY and TB to move forward. I am rooting for TB falling HARD for SY 🙂

      On the other hand…eeks the 2nd lead has shown up. Maybe he is a nice PD?On the other hand oh wow how tall are the leads man. Joo Won is 185cm. Jung Suk Won is also 185cm. UEE is 170cm right?

      I can just see the towering cast walking around the set. Ryu Soo Young (TB) is also 183cm.TP is also 186cm.

      LOL Sorry softy ck and her random thoughts. Fanderay absolutely love your screencaps this round. Going off to stare some more at TH and his dimples now. We’re seeing more of that the last few episodes huh?


      • Softy says:

        I have been thinking that for ages now – their height makes the ajumma look even smaller than she already is 🙂
        This drama is almost half over so I want lots of future scenes with J and TH having kids and everything – really hope her dad comes back alive though and gets rid of the evil step mom. For some reason I still have a hard time believing TP and Y will ever like each other. Also love the idea that new guy is TH’s brother, but wouldn’t that be so random- plus even if that came true he could only be a half brother. Even tho this is a drama, it’s not makjang enough to go there I think. I just had a feeling as I watched the guy, he seemed to be crushing on TH a bit 🙂
        About TH’s dimples – love that he gets it now that he thinks of her often. When he cried in the preview, I felt so bad cuz he never spoke to his mom like that ever so I think the mom will know he did that cuz he likes J.


        • ck1Oz says:

          🙂 softy you’re pretty dead set on the softy new loveline. You’re so cute 🙂
          I wonder what will happen if the new guy buys her caramel machiatto every time he sees her. Then TH finds out and gets jealous.

          Sigh…we’re all of us starved on the loveline front 24 episodes on. NO ONE is in love 😦 not a single OTP lot of them. What is the writer doing????


          • Softy says:

            Actually, I just wrote that part about the new guy cuz he shook hands a bit longer than usual and just by how he said he had wanted to meet TH-plus the fact he stalked TH all the way to the basketball court made me write that idea about the wrong love line in a joking way. 🙂
            As for no one being in love by E24, don’t you agree that the mom and J have fallen in love? not to mention the rest of the family. This is a family drama after all so before romantic love, it’s only natural they would focus on the family aspect and they did. Everyone including the GM loves J like family now. Not being able to see J anymore and enjoy her laughter is going to make the entire family feel like someone important is missing in their lives. That got me thinking – I keep picturing what J would do next after she sits in that room crying – she left right away so she wouldnt have packed her stuff and would need it so wouldnt TH or one of the brothers meet her to give it back to her. I am hoping that person is TH and maybe that’s when he can explain about the mom and sort of make J realize she belongs with them. I really hope she doesn’t drag out her anger too much – that will be torture. It would be an ideal episode if she gets over the betrayal quickly, but that might be asking too much of a drama. Also I really don’t see J falling for the new guy cuz she already likes TH.


            • Flo says:

              like in all Kdrama, when the half brother comes, it is because he is envious of the main guy. Thats why the scene, for me, means more like he said : “I am finally meeting you! the brother that my mom loves first and I wonder why”
              anyway just a guess! but waiting for next week is killing me!!!!!


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    “Maybe they got the love line wrong cuz KJ looked more interested in TH” – that would be epic :-))


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    “Maybe they got the love line wrong cuz KJ looked more interested in TH” – that would be epic.”

    I second that! : – )


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    I was all teary eyes after reading the heartwarming scenes of ajumma & JE and then TH basketballs scene with the new love interest & suddenly – LOL..

    *Maybe they got the love line wrong cuz KJ looked more interested in TH. 🙂

    OMG that will be so awesome if they got the love line wrong cuz if will be so HILARIOUS with KJ & TH..LOL! 🙂


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    omg….how can they have such a cliffhanger and kill us with the whole week waiting!!! arghh!
    love that wrong love line too softy! 🙂 hehehe that would be funny and wow Flo what a twist would that be, it will be interesting to see how their relations turn out and theirs with J.

    poor poor J finding out like that! Can YS just go and jump in the Han river already?! how cheap were those thugs since YS was living in some student housing borrowing shampoo yet she goes around looking like that. I couldn’t get my butt up that early to watch live so I’m finally home and cannot wait to go watch both episodes now. thank you so much softy for the translations and the lovely screencaps Fanderay. ok off to watch now 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Pretty sure she pawned some more nice stuff to pay them off or promise a cut from finding the contract – that’s how those things happen in a drama. Plus after living wealthy for 5 yrs, she must have a nice wardrobe since she took everything in her closet I bet that is expensive. The big wonder now is how J is going to keep wearing nice new thick winter coats each week when she supposedly only has one suitcase still. Last week she unpacked and barely pulled out any clothes. Smile you did it too – had one suitcase, but Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and a million other coats came out of that too so I should be used to this kdrama magic but I can’t help focusing on that. 🙂 right now I am more worried about that contract being in YS’s hands – I really want J to steal it back and go give it to the ajumma. That would be daebak. I hate the idea that YS will profit from the farm cuz she just doesn’t have any right to it as a cheating wife and crappy step mom. I want J to snap out of her pain and shock about what the ajumma did and just focus on getting that contract back and realizing YS is bad news – even worse than the ajumma for stealing cuz at least ajumma repented but YS never will.


      • MJShinshi says:

        haha I know it’s tv magic but I seem hung up on it every time too! J unpacking in the attic and pulled out none of the clothes she’s been wearing and the pretty white suitcase was emptied out. well finally watched the vids and wow how much more do I dislike YS! and I’m loving TH/J and J/ajumma more!! even TB/SY and can MS smack TS to reality already! I can’t see Y/TP but it seems they’re moving in that direction, that’d be one weird relations to TB/SY’s kids 🙂

        I sure hope YS won’t get a penny out of that farm. I hope J will realize that ajumma pretty much has made up for her contract stealing sin. That is by being the mother figure she’s been deprived of for years in the few weeks they have been together, and a loving mother figure at that in recent days too. J has learned to work hard physically in the farm from ajumma and also what to do to avoid having a painful cycle. She’s also learned to enjoy the simple things in life too. I love how she told ajumma that back in her immature days she’d have opted for the hotel outing but a simple market browsing is what she wants to do now. I think J will think back and see that the family has been preparing to reveal that Mom took the contract and were going to return what’s rightfully hers. The brothers have always been nice and civil with her except of course TP. So their recent reaction and treatment of her from TH, ajumma, GM, and TP is so telling that things were about to change. It was leading up to her lunch date with ajumma but YS had to jump the gun and ruin everything. J is just so kind hearted she’ll forgive the Hwang family soon (fingers crossed), look she forgave YS after swearing she will never til the end.

        ok spazzing time…how lovely that we got to see TH smiling a bit more (those dimples, oy vey!) and how cute is it that J knows she can get him to help her in an instant. That giggling after she called him was so adorable! I laughed so hard at that duck scaring scene, don’t know why since it wasn’t all that funny but I found it just so. I guess this scene sorta broke down the young girl-ajussi wall between these two, ok well may be mostly for J at the moment. TH now is mostly in ashamed mode for what J will learn soon of ajumma. I want TH to realize he’s feeling something for the girl he dragged out of that store to the station before J confesses. I think they’re at the same level of realizing something for and thinking of each other but J is just more open than TH so it seems like she is more smitten than him. The separation after this ep24 will hopefully move things in the direction we hope it should for TH and J both! Get over the shame and anger and find each other, please!! 🙂 I want to see TH, the cop bringing home coffee to J working at the farm, while drawing/designing pendants/jewelry or what not have babies and harvest pears all together! haha that little duck pendant was so original and cute showing TH her talent and just how much he’s on her mind 🙂 yay! actions speak louder than words TH, do something after crying and yelling at Mom ok!?


        • rainyrain says:

          the way he looked at her when she gave him the pendent and when she was talking to the ducks , it just melted my heart , sighhhh , I’m also waiting for some love between those too and as I said in a former post I just think it’s too early for the anguish since at least TH didn’t confirm his love feeling for JE yet


  19. Iviih says:

    Maybe they got the love line wrong cuz KJ looked more interested in TH. 🙂

    LOL LOL true that. They already have a stare off even before fighting over J? What will happen later?

    I fear J and the family will lose the farm. The stepmom is with the contract, oh crap crap. Well, even if she is the wife of J’s dad, she just have right of half of the farm… the other half is J’s part! But J can lose it because the stepmom can sell it and run away with the money… but I wonder if the stepmom can sell it without J’s signature saying she agrees with it (since the farm doesn’t just belong to the stepmom). I don’t think so… well maybe better stop thinking in this, in Kdrama all can happen.

    And, I’m so sad. It was the worse way ever to J find out the truth.

    About TH yelling at ahjumma… I believe J disappeared, and since he/no one can find her he is frustrated and blames ahjumma for what happened (for not telling her sooner) …

    Let’s see.

    TB stop saying to SY that you aren’t a normal married couple.
    I thought you say you would try and not hurt her anymore. But you just did again….


    Thank you for the recap and screencaps! Softy and fanderay!


    • PJupiter says:

      “TB stop saying to SY that you aren’t a normal married couple.
      I thought you say you would try and not hurt her anymore. But you just did again….”

      My sister and I were discussing the scene where TB and SY were having an argument in the editing room, and we were thinking that maybe, somehow their conversation got recorded or someone overheard. Although I found it funny at first, I’m really hoping that they can finally reveal to their marriage to their coworkers. Maybe that can be the step towards a more “normal” marriage 🙂


  20. shirubang says:

    everything, you write is exactly what i’m feeling/thinking. lol!

    i just hate how everything went down, so sad. this is gonna be a long week. :\ but i can’t wait for the love triangle story!


  21. Bird says:

    About the wrong love line ,i think maybe it’s possible .remember the scene that J ask TH “ajusshi do you like a guy” it would be fun if it turn out like that ^^
    I know ,it’s not the time to think about kiss scene or love confess scene but while i watched the scene between J and TH , i think J will do it first. Can’t wait to see it.


    • Iviih says:

      lol It would be funny if J really thinks TH likes ”guys” lol lol and that something is going on between the new guy and him LOL


  22. LadyIgraine says:

    can’t believe i missed these 2 crucial episodes because i was in vegas this weekend, lol.


  23. rainyrain says:

    can someone explain something for me please : why JE said that she was happy that she isn’t born in the year of chicken when TH told her that he doesn’t like ducks , does this have any special significance ?


    • Softy says:

      I dont know what year chicken is but people always say what animal year they were born under- like example “so and so was born the year of the monkey.” Since TH is scared of ducks and stuff, it would mean he wouldn’t like someone who was born the year of the chicken so she was relieved she wasn’t and said that aloud so he would know. So it’s like dropping a big hint, it’s ok to like her cuz she wasn’t born under that year.


      • Anonymous says:

        Ahh ok i got it but wonder if TH got the hint which I doubt , he didn’t seem he understand what she meant (looool just like me )


  24. rainyrain says:

    do we have anything new about this weekends two episodes , any written preview or spoiler pix , I’m sooo eagerly waiting and I watched and rewatched the epi for more than XX times now 😦


    • Softy says:

      Have you checked the soompi thread? Normally the written preview comes out there first and then some kind soul posts it here sometimes. It’s thurs in Seoul so you don’t have to wait that much longer -Sat is around the corner. 🙂


  25. violet says:

    hey are you posting anything tmr? 🙂 about when? 🙂 i am like super impatient now >.<


    • Softy says:

      if you mean E25 -of course i will be posting but it wont be live unless i can get home in time. 🙂 earliest around 9pm – at the latest it will be between 10-11pm korean time. if you subscribe to this blog, you will be notified every time i post 🙂


      • violet says:

        i know i just subscribed yesterday that’s why i am not too sure 🙂 if for you is 9pm wait what region are you in? 🙂 thanks in advance 😀


        • Softy says:

          I’m in Seoul so if you live in the states you subtract 13 hrs or so depending on what part of the US you live in. right now it’s 10:44 pm fri night so first post will be in less than 24 hrs from now. hope that helps. 🙂


          • violet says:

            ohhhh okay thx 🙂 i am in singapore and no its midnight there at seoul if i’m not wrong, its 11 pm here 🙂


            • Softy says:

              Isn’t Singapore like an hour or two behind Seoul time? My time stamp for “comment” is inaccurate for some reason – maybe it’s set to American time zone cuz my laptop was purchased in the US, but when I posted my comment earlier, it really was 10:44 pm cuz I was looking at my cell phone time which is set to Korea. Like right now I bet the time on this comment won’t say it’s 12:47am -which is the current time in Korea. 🙂


          • ck1Oz says:

            Softly go enjoy your Sat night we’ll be patient. I am just watching something and they say Sat is the busiest for blind dates 🙂 need you to date. Haha.


  26. violet says:

    haha nope its 12:11am here now 🙂 i don’t look at the time stamp anyway so its okay 😀 haha 😀


  27. akira says:

    Thank you so much for the translations. Every weekend I check out your blog for updates and I’m very pleased whenever I come. Unlike most of you I find TB and SY’s relationship a lot more interesting than TH and J. I find TH and J’s relationship to be a bit predictable and boring but I like them anyway coz they are both my personal favs.
    Again, Thank you so much.


    • Iviih says:

      Well, as much I love J and TH, I have more interest in TB/SY relationship too.
      I mean, their parts are the first thing I read in the recap… then I read J and the mom, J and TH, and then I finally read it all.. lol~

      I like the pace J and TH are going, but I get too anxious to know what will happen with TB and SY and wish had more development between them lol~


  28. MARTIAN says:

    I do love the way secrets come out and all the brother gather to stare into space together. Its so cute and close and their sanity is pretty much gone at that particular point that is hilarious whenever bombshells keep coming out.


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