“Taxi” translation for Part One and Two: Kim Sun Ah

The woman who is giving us an early Christmas present this year…

Her gift is mentioned in Part two of this interview


This has to be some kind of record for Kblogs since I don’t think most of us translate any interviews from an actress since actors are foremost on our priority list. I personally chose to translate this interview with Kim Sun Ah cuz I have been a fan of hers since MNIKSS. I discovered Hyun Bin on that show too so I owe her a lot for doing such a great job and making me feel engaged and invested enough to finish the entire drama series and still buy the DVD. Personally I love her real life persona since she seems so approachable and down to earth. I love how fidgety she was through this whole interview – always fixing her hair, aligning her dress straps, or adjusting the seatbelt so it doesn’t crush her dress since she has to walk the red carpet right after the cab ride
is over.

“CK” was the first to bring this interview to my attention and I told her and “MJShinshi” I would only do highlights, but you will see why that didn’t work out to well. This woman is hilarious. She has this way of speaking that is cute and deadpan (blank expression) – she says funny stuff with a straight face like she is doing stand-up comedy.

Here are the abbreviations I will be using for this interview:

S= Kim Sun Ah

Y=Young – the female MC host and interviewer who is a
comedian but acted alongside her best friend Choi Jin Sil in “My last scandal.”

H= Gong Hyun Jin- the male driver who is also an actor who is close friends with all the good looking actors like Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin.He seems to be chummy with S cuz he called her “ya” and “nuh” during the interview at times and that’s what you say to people who are younger than you that you are close with.

Also throughout the interview cuts, they show clips from what’s coming up next quite often so I will skip those since they will eventually all come out.

They are standing outside of the Busan International Film Festival that will be held later that evening where all the stars walk the red

H is going to attend too so he is wearing a tux since he will be walking that red carpet as well.

When they intro S, he says how they are at Haewondae and last year they had Hyun Bin and today they have the best female actress.

They get people off the street and put them in the cab and show some of her past co-stars like Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo, Rain, Kim Soo Ro, and Cha Seung Won and ask the people to guess who the actress is that starred with those actors. They guess Im Soo Jung, Song Hye Kyo, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Sun Ah.

They greet S at the end of the short red carpet laid out especially for her. S gives them both hugs. The wind is blowing her hair so they make her stand facing the wind so her hair doesn’t get messed up. H says they have a present for her. S says but the taxi is my present. The white backpack H is wearing is a gift they prepared for S. Y makes her put it on even though it doesn’t go with the dress so S says: the concept is good – “Audrey (Hepburn) is going to school.” Y reminds her how S said she would reveal something surprising everyone when she rode the taxi so Y says “I guessed you would announce you would get married” and H says “something more surprising than that– that she will work in Hollywood.” S says she does have something to reveal but will do that in the car.

Y tells S to walk that short red carpet to the taxi cuz they have to fold up the carpet after her. They actually show Y rolling the carpet up after S walked down it waving at her fans.

Once in the car, Y says makes a comment about the Busan dialect and H points out S can speak that well. S says since she lived here when she was younger- she can speak it a little but she finds it hard to do other dialects. H points out how she speaks Japanese, English, and “Jurlado”dialect well. Y asks S to brag about Busan in the Busan dialect. Y: does it not go well with the dress you are wearing? So S says in Busan dialect (the intonation goes up and down a lot) “this is Busan so if you don’t come here –you will regret it so before you die – you should come to Busan” H says how well she did that.

Y asks what would happen if they don’t so then S says it in a more informal threatening way (jokingly) which sounds really cute. Y says how well S spoke Japanese on the drama and H says S’s voice and Japanese language goes well together so S says something in Japanese. Y says let’s drive to where there are good places in Busan that stand out.

They come across a wedding couple so Y yells out for them to kiss so the guy kisses his soon to be bride on the cheek and S yells out “congratulations.” Y calls out and asks the guy – is Sun Ah shi more pretty or your bride? And the guy must have said his bride cuz H yells out “what a lie.” Then Y asks the bride – are you prettier or Sun Ah shi and I don’t know what the bride answered. H calls out for them to be happy as S keeps smiling and waving at them.

They keep going and Y says we should show S the ocean. Y mentions how much love S has received during Scent of a woman – how there are a lot of people who had “their belly buttons fall out” (Korean saying) from crying and then laughing.

So they got people off the streets to come into the cab and ask questions that they were curious about regarding S since S will be riding the cab today. Girl asks “which kiss scene did you enjoy the most –with who?” “when are you getting married?” “are you still in touch with Park Young Gee?” “how did you diet?” “how much do you weigh?” “how did you diet-totally curious”

S starts to answer using Busan dialect-started from when I did Sam soon, it took a long time to lose weight –this (dieting)- until now – even till today –(Y interrupts and asks if S had to answer it 100 times) S continues in her accent- if there are a 1000 people at an event I have to hear it from all 1000-when I go outside everyone I meet brings it up too  so that is why I go out less and these days there aren’t that many times when I go out to drink (alcohol) …H asks if S is dieting does she not drink. S: I don’t drink when I am dieting and when I am filming. for a while I didn’t exercise, eat, or sleep. Y is shocked and says back in busan accent – are you crazy you could die. H says it’s serious and not good for her health. S: I did that today. Y: wait a minute we have to ask this slowly cuz most women want to know about this diet –so you are saying the method is to not eat or sleep? S: that’s just for a short time- I did that cuz of the movie. Y: exactly how many months? S: to be exact – not too long ago-until the drama ended. H says S is too much. S lists stuff she did and H says: oh so you did that to feel sick (for her role) so S agrees she did cuz she needed to make dark circles. H: she is like this. Y: what did your mom say about that? S: “quit everything” H says from a parent’s perspective they can say that and tells S to gain weight now. S: I gained 1.5 kilograms –when I don’t think about it (let it go out of her mind) I gain weight easily. Y and H both laugh. Y: how long has it been since you let go (didn’t give it any thought) S:about 3 weeks. Y asks if there is another role where she has to play someone sick will she have fun/enjoy it so S says she has to think about it. H tells her to take a role where she has to gain weight now. S: I wont do another role where I gain weight. H laughs. Y:why? S: it was hard cuz of Sam soon. H laughs. Y: what was hard? S: it was ok when I didn’t think about eating and stuff –at that time I had gained 6 Kg –but the rest of the 4 Kg I just bloated –so total I was 10 kg. Y repeats: so you bloated for 4 kg and gained 6 kg. H says that’s how she became Korea’s Bridget Jones. Y asks how much total weight S lost for this drama for this role since March. S: around 2 or 3 kg. after I finished Sam soon…H interrupts and says: you lost a lot of weight. S: I went back to my original weight so since I lost 2-3 kg from how I was originally it made me look thinner. H says how impressive S’s acting was too. Y asks that time when S didn’t eat – what was the food she wanted to eat the most? S: pig skins. Y remarks how it has a lot of calories. S makes a face and says she missed chewing it. Y: so what did you eat in place of that? S makes a displeased face and says: I ate candy. H offers to buy her candy. S: now I don’t need it. Y: what did you eat first right after the drama and movie ended? S: at a restaurant that sells (Korean styled) bacon (with thick slabs of fat and barely any meat on it) Y asks how many slabs/slices she ate but S says she couldn’t eat much. Y: cuz you starved for a long time and then ate. S agrees and says these days she tries to eat a lot more but she cant digest well. H says her appetite got smaller. Y asks: when you look at the tv and see Sam soon’s face when you had gained those 10 kg and now when you see your face after the weight loss cuz of this role– which face do you like more? S: to me both of them – it doesn’t matter but (I think) isn’t the healthier face better. H: me too.

Question: which female celebrity is prettier than you – who do you think that is? who do you think is a great actress? S: to be honest –beyond just friendship –the total view of the body and her style (how she dresses) normally and when she didn’t wear any makeup at all –there is a person I think is like Marilyn. H: who? S: Kim Won Hee shi (the woman who always emcees with Yoo Jae suk on come to play and other talk shows) H agrees and says she does look like Marilyn. S says often W wears makeup too strong. S shares a funny story about how W showed up with her eyebrows drawn the wrong way – she drew it too thick so she even said so herself after she saw the picture that it made her look like an angry person – so cuz of her- we all became victims and couldn’t use even one picture shot. H and Y laugh really hard. Y asks S to speak to the camera at W so S says –every picture she came out looking angry cuz she drew her eyebrows like this (she holds up her fingers across her eyebrows) S explains how W came out in a hurry cuz she doesn’t know roads very well so when she drives she only knows how to drive straight ahead – like on a day like today – she would be asking (S imitates W’s voice) “ya –just go straight here? Ya– is it just go straight here too?” that is all she knows how to say – she does that all the time normally.

Y mentions how on a day like today – the actresses are the highlights of a film festival– like flowers- so who is the actress that is first or second that S thinks : I have to look better than her – I can’t look less pretty than her –is there someone like that? S shakes her head no so Y says: there isn’t one? S: this you can know after looking at the picture. H and Y laugh really hard. H: ya – don’t say it like that without any expression – I am going to die. Don’t just blurt things out like that like it’s no big deal. S: then what do I say? H: I am going to die – KSA is the funniest out of all the actresses. S: I didn’t say that to be funny. H: still… S: I said it feeling sad. Y and H both clarify what S said – meaning it doesn’t matter who looks pretty in person today– it’s how they are captured on film – a great picture is what’s important. S says how she gave up on that a little bit. H asks why. S explains: I am not saying this cuz I think I look good in person or anything – since I look bloated – so people think – when I walk down the street…Y interrupts: that you look thin. S: yes during Sam soon too they said that so I think I look better in pictures (photogenic). Y repeats: so it’s not important to look pretty in person – it’s more important how you come out in pictures. S:it’s strange but when I am standing in front of the photo press suddenly when they take all those shots at once…H says how that it’s still awkward-me too. S agrees and says: when I raise my arm it sort of shakes a little. H talks about how it’s good if they take a good shot but sometimes when he closes his eyes -that’s when they take the shot of his eyes half closed-they always make a capture of that. S mentions how she gestures a lot with her hands and that’s when she gets caught- “capture” of doing that. Y asks S to choose one picture that is on the internet – a capture that S wants to erase. S: me? I have one but if I talk about it – it will come out again- so it’s better not to say it. Y jokes they will look for it. S: don’t.

They pull up to a food stand. Y explains they came cuz since they are in Busan they have to eat “uhmook (some seafood thing in tiny seashells)” so the two of us will be eating so just stand next to us as we eat cuz it’s time for us to eat. H feels bad for S so he laughs and asks what Y is doing (how can she say that) Y said that cuz S is dressed too pretty to eat standing like that.

After they get out of the car, H goes over to S and asks if she is ok. She holds up her dress so it wont get dirty cuz she has to look good later and explains how she got a pedicure yesterday but her toes are so small it doesn’t show and H says it’s pretty.  (omg she has tiny toenails) Y says H and her have to eat and she pushes S back cuz it cant get on S’s dress.

Y asks for a toothpick from the vendor so S can get one out and eat it. H asks if S wants to eat one bite of his so S gets closer to the food and licks her fingers but Y says no cuz S has to come out looking good later on the red carpet. S keeps eyeing the food and gets a cup of the soup to drink. S stands there striking a pose and drinking ladylike. Y remarks that instead of wine she is drinking “uhmook soup”

When they get in the car, S fixes her makeup and Y reads her note card and says 9 Busan people asked these– when are you getting married? Do you have a boyfriend? We are the most curious. Y says if you don’t have one just say you dont and if you do and you cant say it freely just say that. S: a long time ago I said I had one –ppl were trying to find out and paparazzi stuck to us –and after we broke up – it still wasn’t good – to be honest – I have something that I was holding back about towards GHJ sunbaenim(she is talking about the guy next to her-that she had a grudge against him). H: what? S: if I say this I think it will be in the papers. Y:what is it? Tell me. S: I went to Lee’s wedding and you were the emcee (the guy announcing what is going on during the wedding) – back then it hadn’t been long since I had broken up so I was having a hard time in real life – Y interrupts and says S can just call H “oppa” since that is what she normally calls him cuz she had been saying “GHJ shi” S: oppa suddenly – when I was quietly sitting there looking sort of defeated cuz before reporters had bombarded me with the question “when are you getting married?” since they know I have a boyfriend but I had nothing to say so I muttered I broke up and didn’t want to hear anything so I just rushed inside. So I was sitting there and you said – today is a happy day so let’s all hear our sam soon KSA say “mansae” – suddenly he made me do the mansae there. Y asks H why cuz the groom is supposed to say that. H starts to explain the groom can do it too …but S continues: Y: he hadn’t heard anything (about my breakup) before that happened….H agrees he didn’t. Y: but you were feeling down then. S: I was feeling down – to be honest I debated whether to go or not and struggled with it. Y: you weren’t in a position where you wanted to congratulate someone else.
S: but when I went there – there wasn’t anyone who knew I had broken up –so I was smiling (but she didn’t mean it). Y says to H: you went too far. H: I didn’t know either. S: so to be honest I didn’t know what to do so I was shocked – she acts out pretending to be surprised and looks up and says “me?” and everyone was looking at me so there was no way I couldn’t do it. Y asks her: so in that mood you did that? S: yes I did the mansae. H says he sincerely apologizes cuz he did that cuz so many people like her and she was friends with the person getting married so he wanted to bring them happiness. If I had known you were in that depressed state – how would I dare to do that. S talks about the question – if she has a boyfriend now – if she answers – I don’t have one –then people will talk about how she doesn’t have one again and if she has someone they will ask who that is again and keep asking questions. Y asks her to answer the question like this – don’t say you have one or not – just answer the way you want – “do you have a boyfriend?” S: it feels like I have one and I don’t. but most ppl think I don’t have one. H mentions about how those questions make her far off relatives ask when she will get married or go on blind dates. Y says she stops it with money before they can saying anything – meaning she pays off each relative to be quiet and not ask that. S laughs about that. Y says if a woman has earning potential she can live alone –she makes them think that. S says that didn’t happen to her that much – before those things could happen like during chuseok –she filmed a lot – her mom is the one who is a little worried –I don’t know if it’s cuz I haven’t matured but I want to be in love –even when we become grandma and grandpa I want to always kiss and hug – I still dream about those things so Kim W says please come out of that fantasy and come back to reality –W is romantic and is happy even tho she doesn’t look like the type at all – so Y interrupts and asks what type S thinks W looks like. S explains –  more than what W looks like – she is a little more tough and I am the opposite. Y summarizes what S said so far: so you are saying “No matter what others say –until I find someone I love –as for marriage yet….” S says she wont get married unwillingly like if she felt she was pushed into it or feel forced to –and also doesn’t want to say “this is good enough” and think like that and get married. *meaning she wont settle

*mansae is something grooms yell out during weddings to declare his promise to be devoted

Some young guys ask: do you like Busan men? what kind of men do you like? Y asks if she ever dated a Busan person and S says she didn’t.  Y jokes it’s getting narrower (I think she means there are less chances for women in seoul since S is in the mix looking for a guy maybe) Y: then there must have been some Seoul men out of the men you dated. S just smiles. S says she likes manly guys. Y: then I will go straight to this next question. Some more young guys faces show up and one asks: KSA noona – what is your ideal? S: I look at how he stares (the look in his eyes) H jokes what if the guy has everything that is good but he has this look all the time (he makes a face that looks like drunk eyes) so S points that out and calls that “sleepy eyes”

Next question: you filmed with a lot of great looking actors – out of all the male actors who was the most good looking? Out of all the male actors that you acted with- who did you like the most? Y asks who she acted with ever since S started out and so does H. S: there were too many – starting from when I first started out – [she lists the actors and sometimes the name of the drama or film she made with them – there are little photos of the men but some I don’t know their names or faces –so I will write out what I heard and leave question marks for those I don’t know how to spell.] yoo shi won? Song seung won- lee byung hoon –hyun bin – cha tae hyun- cha seung won-lee dong gun-kim soo hoon looks like the older guy from ripley –choi min soo? Park sang woo? cha in pyo? Im chang jung? And not too long ago lee dong wook and um ki joon. H asks who matched her the best – as an actor and other ways. S interrupts and says she left out Kim Joo Hyuk (her date later) Y remarks he will feel hurt since they are meeting later. Y suggests that S should say as an actor, Kim Joo Hyuk matched S well since he will come out on our program and he might insult us (for leaving him out) S laughs. Y: out of all of them – as a female actress – who did you think was good looking for real. S says without hesitating – lee dong wook -what he looks like in person – she explains when you see him from the side –his eyelashes are twice as long as hers. Y: he is my type. S: are there more questions? Y: who kisses the best? S laughs. Y: Do you keep in touch with Hyun Bin? Are you dating lee dong wook? In real life you’re personality is a bit (rough? – don’t know what “Doo thur thur”means) so do you hit guys a lot? Stuff like this. S is still laughing. Y asks her to answer some of these since they have been asked. S makes a comment about the questions so Y tells her the got this from their viewers so S needs to insult the audience. S looks into the camera and jokingly says “insult” with one word.  H and Y laugh.

Questions: which actor did you have the most fun with and lasting memory of? I was really curious how it was filming the kissing scene with CSW. Whose kiss scene did you like the most? They show kissing scenes with gong yoo (hey she forgot him earlier), lee dong gun, lee dong wook, and CSW. Y asks her to combine all the actors she worked with and men she dated that she had kissed –who kissed the best? S: the person who matched personality the best with me is CSW sunbaenim. She explains there was something about when they were acting when they were conversing about “hongbo” –cuz in the drama city hall –it was a drama where there were extreme differences –in one scene it was really sad and the next scene was like high gag so it was hard adjusting the emotions but they matched that really well. And he was so good at guiding her along. Also he is a person who compliments really well –soon after this drama ended (SOAW) –she imitates his voice “ya what are you? how can you act like that in a drama? If you do it that well – what are other actors supposed to do? You are really the best” I feel like I got all the compliments that exist. It’s not easy for one actor to compliment another. H: it’s hard when you don’t mean it. S: I was really grateful to him.

S moves on to the next guy and mentions how (CTH) cha taehyun monitors closely. There was a scene where she wrote something and was taking it to jung young and she got a text from cha tae hyun-she imitates his voice “write me one too.” Y and H laugh. H: that could happen. Y: that’s being interested cuz he must be busy too. S: About the ending of this drama (SOAW) again he (CTH) texted me – she uses his voice: “so what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen?” Y:about the ending? S: when it was in the middle- “what happens – do you die or not die? So I asked “why are you like this? really” and he said “cuz I am curious – hurry and tell me” so I said I couldn’t– he texted “so do you die or not? Hurry -what’s going to happen?” They all laugh. Y: when you see texts like that from other actors how do you feel? S says how warm it feels cuz she got praise from so many people and she isn’t the type to contact people a lot so she felt bad and thought I should take care of them better. From now on I will do better.

Questions: are you still in contact with hyun bin? Have you drank with him? S: of course – after we ended sam soon – there were times when the two of us ate dinner together –there were times when the two of us drank wine together –but there were no scandals at all so I think we could do that cuz we were open about it. H agrees but Y laughs. Y asks if S was able to give him a message before he went off to the army –like go and do well and come back. S: yes and I said let’s eat together but he just left so not too long ago… Y interrupts and mentions how Hyun Bin ate with H. H says he came and asked me to buy him a meal. S says I was going to buy him a meal but he just left. H: I know Hyun Bin a bit and when he talks about you – his eyes sparkle. S:when we still see each other – often instead of calling me noona – he still calls me sam soonah and I call him sam sookah. When we happen to meet up –when the two of us are together it’s funny. H: it is funny – even when I am there with you it’s funny. Y reads off lee dong gun’s name and asks if S is going to talk about each actor and S explains – cuz they might feel hurt about being left out.

Question from the audience was hard to understand – I think one girl asked if S felt anything strange from acting with lee dong wook – for real (hinting if S had feelings for real I think). Y asks: are you dating lee dong wook? S openly admits: I want to date him. H: then a while ago you wouldnt have said you had a boyfriend. A guy asks if she hits guys well cuz of her personality in real life. S says how she used to be the frustrating style – but after doing this job she got a lot better –not like sam soon – she wasn’t that kind of personality – she was the opposite -closer to the role she played in SOAW in the beginning part where she didn’t talk much and watched what she said. Y is surprised and finds this hard to believe: that was your original personality? S:yes –even now I am closer to that. Y: then what is that image? maybe it’s cuz of your acting but you seem like someone who could insult. S: I learned to insult/malign. Y: you learned to malign? S: Im chang jung taught me a way to insult freely. Y:how? just teach us one.

(I don’t know how to translate this part cuz it’s not full words – it’s more like how her expression looks and how she drawls out the words) Y asks what they should say in this situation when they have to get on the bridge but there is traffic.

H lets out some insults that shocks S and makes Y laugh. It sounded like he said “nephew’s crayons” S claps and says it’s really good since I cant do it who will – then yells out “this 5642” (they were yelling out license plate numbers in an angry tone like they were using curse words) S composes herself saying “what am I doing in this dress – today I am Audrey” and fixes her hair.

Pretty picture of Busan

Y asks if S has a personal bucket list-something you want to do before you die. 1,2,3. H says do it with sam soon hee. S: as an actor if I did a bucket list – I want to get the best actress award –to be honest my dream from a long time ago was to get proposed to on the day I get the best actress award. Y says she has a bucket list one that stands out from the drama which is to make her mom smile once each day. S says to make her mom smile once a day or be nice to her mom or be good to the family it’s always in your head but the one you don’t do well the most is family. H agrees. Y brags that she can make her parents laugh with one call. Y calls her dad and says she will send the family expenses on the 25th and after that she will send him extra spending allowance. She eventually gets him to laugh. After she hangs up, Y tells S to tell the viewers to do that too. S says into the camera for the viewers to call their parents and if they aren’t alive call someone who is precious to you. Y encourages S to call her parents or anyone who is precious to her. S:should I? she dials but the call doesn’t go thru. Y: who was it? Your mom? S: it’s too bad – to be honest I was going to give you a present so I was going to call that person and connect you but it’s too bad. H:who were you going to call? S: you will be surprised. H: who?

In the preview for part two, she says who she was calling and H yells out:really?! S holds their hands and says this is my present.

Part two of taxi aired a few hours ago on the 20th.

The surprise present she had for Y and H was Lee dong wook to appear on Taxi on his birthday 11/6 (the day of his fan meeting). She tried calling but he didn’t pick up cuz he is at the airport or on his flight now just coming back from his trip to Hong Kong so he probably couldn’t answer cuz of that.

She planned it with him –he was supposed to say “ok” when she called him from the taxi that he would do the show too. Y asks what if LDW doesn’t come on the show, if he doesn’t ride the taxi S will take responsibility. Y asks if that means S will be back on the show again. S agrees if he doesnt come on the show she will wear a hanbok and ride the cab again.

Y says- when there is a stop light – there are days when it’s green and it’s comfortable (cuz you can just keep going)  then when you are really busy you have to wait at a red light -in my life when there was a red light and there was no way to go thru (cuz you are stopped at track). Y asks the question: When was a time when things didn’t go well for you?

S said ever since 2006 for 3-4 yrs she had problems that were frustrating – now that she looks back on those times – there were some good experiences – from now on there might be harder things or things that go wrong–she thinks those difficult times back then were good for her.

Y: When were you the happiest?

S says she was happy then at times too. Y says since S debuted, for 15 yrs S received lots of love from fans/viewers and found love
from friends etc.

Y says how S had dramas that were hits like sam soon and scent but there were also dramas that had low ratings so what do you want to say to younger actors who are just starting out?

S: there is a next time so you need this time now -if you rush it I dont think it works – it’s like when you climb up flights of stairs from first floor to the 1oth floor –if you jump over the steps you will fall -from the first floor if you take each step as you go at certain point you will get there (meaning instead of rushing and trying to do it all at once climb diligently)  -I dont set goals I just always work hard-I dont think “this time I have to do this much” –I dont think I have ever done that-I just always have fun every day. H says he knows she does that.

Y asks what S would say to give hope to ppl when things dont go well for them. S: It’s like when you are really cold, you keep telling yourself “it’s hot”and you feel a little warmer – think tm will be better -think i can become a little happier tm and it will really be like that–if you keep saying “why doesnt anything work out for me” then I think it will really happen like that – just keep thinking tm will be better and you will have less stress – have courage and do your best as you live.

When crowd of fans swarm near the taxi and S, Y, and H look out at the awards venue where the red carpet is, Y asks if S is nervous cuz she has to walk that now – but S remarks how she wants to go watch celebrities too

Young wants S to make a sign that as she walks the red carpet – that she liked riding in the taxi and had fun so that Y and H can see that- S agrees and says she will blow a kiss but then decides to also make a sign and extend her arms and wave like hailing a cab. As she joins her costar from the baseball movie, Kim Joo Hyuk, S waves her arm and makes that sign.


I had a feeling it would be LDW since she is so close with him. Guess Christmas came a little earlier this year cuz I am translating Taxi in November unless Blue does it first – in which case I rather go read hers.

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    Softy???? Do we have a secret couple? 🙂 🙂

    Oh and I am going to read the rest of the interview.Sorry.Was seriously too excited and having a fangirl spazzing moment. Thanks so much for doing it. Now I can download the Taxi episode and watch it now.


  2. zgznoona says:

    “(she was in something with Rain? When? What?)” they were together in the drama Let’s Go to School, Sang-doo!
    You don;t miss anything, but is the reason why I was unable to watch Fugitive Plan B, his character reminded me too much of Sang-doo


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for translating Sunnyy’s interview. I loved reading those parts where Wookie was mentioned hahahaha. I am a SunWook addict after all.

    Looking forward to the episode of TAXI with Lee Dong Wook as guest and I hope Kim Sun Ah will be there too ^_^


  4. see-t says:

    thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for translation!!!! It’s so nice that I finally could understand what Kim Sun Ah said during the whole interview since I do not know Korean language at all. I could not wait for Lee Dong Wook’s birthday, hoping to see both of them aboard TAXI together!!!

    Anyway, can someone please help me provide the link where I could watch/download the part two of Kim Sun Ah TAXI interview?

    Again, thank you so much!!!!!


  6. MJShinshi says:

    haha….I knew you wouldn’t keep to highlights since you’re a KSA fan 🙂 thank you so much that was fun now gotta find the video to watch! I didn’t rush for the surprise but when she called I had the inkling that might have been LDW and so it was! ooh are they dating for real then, hmmm and were those hints throughout this taxi interview 🙂 yay! I spazzz at that photo too ck….well who wouldn’t!.

    thanks again softy see you at OB with hopefully more spazzing TH/J moments! tho I think we’ll be back to TB’s marriage again and that contract.. happy friday!


  7. ziren87 says:

    oh softy…me too…i love KSA since my lovely samsoon..i have watched that and bought the dvd…hehehehe…she really has this very adorable personality that i luv so much…

    thanks for translating…i really enjoy reading ur transcaps…:-)


  8. Anonymous says:

    i hope u can upload the videos here:( i couldn’t find in online:(


  9. So3 says:

    wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU, softy!!!!
    I didn’t dare coming to ask for translation on variety / talk show like this since I know you’re busy with recapping OB, but THIS! I feel like today’s christmas for me 🙂

    *now off to read*


    • So3 says:

      thanks softy~~

      did you watch KSA in Running Man too? I haven’t yet but am so looking forward to it 🙂


      • Softy says:

        Is that out? I was going to watch it for joong ki too cuz he came back for that episode 🙂 *running off the check for torrents*


        • So3 says:

          nah not yet. KSA appeared on the episode this past Sunday with her co-star Kim Joo Hyuk (the movie Fighting Spirit) and will appear in the coming episode with Joong Ki. So we have 2 episodes of RM with KSA in it, hee~

          off topic, I didn’t watch any dramas of Joong Ki before but I did watch Tree with Deep Roots. SJK was awesome in it! Now I do hope we’ll get to see him as the lead actor in a future drama (better happen soon =P)


  10. Jomo says:

    Thanks for posting the pics and translating!

    She looks drop dead gorgeous in the dress. The color compliments her skin-tone beautifully.

    When I read these interviews, I get so confused about the interviewer’s (I) intent with these personal questions about their “ideal,” their “favorite,” their “best.” The point IS to stir up trouble for the star, right? To get him/her to say something that’ll get another celebrity to react.

    To me, it feels like a chess game. The star is prepared to avoid dangerous situations, and so they provide ambiguous or safe answers. The I, knowing this, asks them anyway, but puts a twist on the question.

    Meanwhile, there is a tiny bit of truth hidden somewhere in the replies. Clues. Hints.
    KSA has mentioned LDW’s unbelievable good looks in past interviews. She mentioned him again. Is that some code? Will the birthday interview be THE ONE where they reveal they DO like each other? Is it because just announcing they are dating won’t draw enough attention? Or is it the eventual onslaught of attention is something they are trying to avoid once their relationship goes public?

    Watching Best Love and YAB really helped this American understand how high the stakes are for these K celebrities and their love life. It makes me sad that they have to worry about what the rest of their country thinks, and they can’t just be. It also makes me happy and impressed at how smoothly the LMH/PMY announcement went.


    • Softy says:

      guess after LDW comes out on taxi -we will know more since he seems pretty honest and upfront.
      Part of my reason for translating was to let people know what she said about LDW and other costars – I was really moved by how CSW compliments her and laughed like crazy about CTH constantly asking what’s going to happen to her character on SOAW – that is so like him. 🙂 even tho she had great chemistry with LDW – it was hard to picture them as a real couple – cuz she is at an age where she has to get married and LDW just isn’t there yet. Even if they date now – how long would it last? I want both of them to be happy so if they are dating now- I hope their fans support that. Are you rooting for them to be dating?


      • Jomo says:

        YES! I root for anyone in Kland to date. The odds seem insurmountable. If an couple gets to the point where they are willing to take this risk, leave them alone. They MEAN it.


  11. I have a favour to ask of u…Can u plz sub the Special episode of Warrior Baek Dong soo?… or just Yoo Seung hoo parts?
    If we will be really nice if u could do it


    • Softy says:

      I am pretty sure his fans will already be working on that if it’s not done by now – just wait a few more days. If you go on Soompi, he has a fan page devoted solely to him. I didnt even watch the special and I dont even know how many parts have him in it so I am sorry I can’t help you out. I dropped that drama a long time ago. Sorry.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for your translation.
    I’ve heard that new Taxi show with Lee Dong Wook will be aired next week. I’m very kindly appreciated if you can translate the show. Big big thanks for that in advance.
    Have a nice weekend!


    • Softy says:

      He was supposed to come on the show on Nov 6th so I sort of gave up but now that I know he really is going to be on the show – of course I will translate. thanks for the heads up. 🙂


      • iori says:

        If i may ask, how’s the translation for LDW taxi episode progressed??
        I wish you almost done translating it.. ^_^
        Or did you already posted it?
        My hearts thumps so much every time LDW mentioned KSA or SOAW!! XD


  13. Anonymous says:

    looking forward to it. thanks in advance 🙂


  14. g♥mei says:

    thanks for this recap softy. 🙂 Btw, I’m wondering if you’ll also recap Wookie’s taxi episode last night. ^o^ Hope you do it also. Thanks! More power! Fighting!


  15. Jen says:

    Thanks. Enjoy reading the translation.


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