Ojakkyo Brothers E21 and E22

See TH hesitating here – that was him debating for a second – “should I flick or kiss.” I swear if I had a dime for every time I yelled out in my head “kiss her already,” I’d be drowning in coins by now cuz I said it for 10 episodes so far. Thank goodness we had more scenes with J and TH tonight which makes me a very happy translator. I can’t say this was THE episode we have been waiting for since we are still waiting on TH to make his move and show J that he likes her, but tonight he took a giant leap in her direction for sure with all the jealousy and heavy on the staring. It’s like the way he looks at her has moved on from “a boy’s fascination of a new type of bug” to something more normal – just plain old fashioned attraction – now if only he knew what to do with his newfound knowledge then we would get somewhere cuz there is only so much coffee a girl can drink.


“Translations by Softy, Screencaps by Fanderay”



Starts from when the dad comes in the room and asks what they are talking about-what was that about stealing the contract. He asks his wife –did you steal the contract – J didn’t lose it and you stole it? answer me – hurry and answer me Bok Ja – did you do that? Mom: Yes I did it. Dad: what? Mom: I stole the contract and chased J away. since maknae is here too and everyone is here I will tell you everything – yes I did that –even if I had to die I didn’t want to give up the farm after hearing that girl ask us to get together $30,000 –that night I went up to the second floor attic room and stole the contract– it wasn’t hard at all – that important contract that girl kept in her purse and left it on the floor and was sleeping – so I took it and came down –as long as that contract is gone this farm becomes mine so why couldn’t I do that? Why cant I do that? If I had to do it over again I would- I can do it again – I could do it again. Dad: so where is the contract now? Where is it? Why? Did you get rid of it? Did you tear it up and it’s gone? TP: no it’s in the closet dresser. Dad to mom: why did you do that? Mom: how could I not? That girl’s conditions/stipulations were getting more difficult –and even if I die I couldn’t give up the farm –so what was I supposed to do – how could I give up this farm that is like my blood. Dad: you think that makes sense? You call that an excuse? Mom cries and yells back: so why did you have to deceive me? If you had told me from the start this was baek’s farm – for the past ten years I wouldn’t have had to shed blood, sweat, and tears – why did you deceive me? Why did you deceive me? You deceived me from the start- who told you to deceive your wife like that cuz you felt sorry to me?  for the past ten years – crazily crying, washing, and loving my kid – in one morning I have to give it up so how could give it up?  Why did you deceive me. She cries hysterically. Dad tells her not to cry. What did you do right to cry? Must be nice to be able to cry – I am too shocked to cry – how could my wife end up like this – it’s too unbelievable and overwhelming – how did you end up this way. How? The mom glares at him. The dad leaves the room. TP watches his mom cry.

The dad goes outside. He sits on the bench in front of the house

The mom stopped crying. She gets up and is about to leave. TP calls out “mom.” mom: maknae I really dont know what to say to you – I am really sorry maknae – when all your other siblings said to give back the farm – you took my side all the way till the end and helped me the most with the farm work – I am sorry. She leaves the room without facing him

TB goes home and SY’s mom is sitting there-she tells him to sit and she came cuz she has something to say. She tells him again to sit and talk. TB is about to listen when he sees his photo of H and him on the table. Mom: I said to sit. don’t misunderstand I found it by accident. She says something about how she doesn’t want to question what he was thinking being so careless to bring his photo of some girl from his past to his newlywed home–what your relationship with her was- I don’t want to know or want to ask but just get rid of this pic before my SY sees it-get rid of it and make it go away – and if you have any other pics or objects get rid of those too before my SY finds it. You got that? TB: yes I get it. I will do that. Mom: I will trust you are aware that you did something wrong and go.  She gets up to leave but he asks –please give me the spare key. Mom: what? TB: seeing how you are still coming by even tho I changed the secret house code-please give me the key. Mom: are you in a position to say that to me? He says how the picture was an accident and he didn’t know it was there. just like me – I will trust that you found it by accident cuz there is no way you would go thru my stuff. But I can no longer put up with you suddenly coming by anymore. Please give it to me. She says how she isn’t just dropping by – she came cuz SY asked her to come cuz it’s the day the maid comes. After what happened last time I wasn’t going to step foot in this house again but I came cuz my daughter asked this favor of me. TB: then give me the key and I will tell SY also from here on we will manage what to do with the maid. He asks for the key but she refuses to give it to him. He yells out “mother in law” so she yells at him for raising his voice to her. she says she was going to be patient for SY but she just cant. That he doesn’t have the right to talk to her like this in his position cuz he got caught by her with that kind of intimate picture. If you were going to get married you should have made sure to get rid of those pics before you came here. That is the polite thing to do. She asks if he has the right to yell when he just disrespected her and SY. He says mother in law again but she cuts him off. Mom: also this is my home – I bought it – it’s my home – and did you ever say one word of thanks to me? Have you said even one word of insincere thanks. She mutters he cant even say thank you so how could he be this way and leaves.

SY’s mom goes home and regrets saying that about the home. I didn’t mean to say it. I said I would speak to him calmly but I got carried away again. She sighs.

SY goes to her home and asks if TB came here. (SY calls TB “hwang son in law” to her parents) Dad asks why she is looking for him here isn’t he at her home. She says TB said he would go straight home but he isn’t there. she asks where her mom is cuz she told her to go all the way to Ilsan to buy pie. Dad says the mom is in the room and after coming back from Sy’s home the mom is not in a good mood. SY:why? Dad: you are saying TB left without saying anything? Then it seems like the two of them butted heads again. SY: why again? Dad I am going to die cuz of mom. she said something to TB again didn’t she?  Dad says how SY shouldn’t just say something about the mom cuz TB has a temper too. Just look at that day when he turned over his box of underwear. SY defends TB and said he had a right to be angry. Dad: even so how could he turn the box with his underwear upside down in front of his in laws. SY reminds him how her dad had a hard time when he had to live with his mother in law. You should know best how TB must feel in his position. Dad: in my head I understand TB’s position but seeing how you are now in my heart I understand your mom more

TH comes out of a store and he is on the phone with D. TH tells him how he is going home now. When TH opens the car door, he sees J is sleeping and goes in the car quietly. He drinks water and was about to start the engine but decides to wait till she wakes up. He watches her sleep. He flips thru his paperwork and keeps looking over at her. she stirs awake. She asks if he bought water. I must have slept a little bit you should have woken me. how long did I sleep for?  TH says she didn’t sleep that long and notes she already has her seatbelt on. She looks out the window and sees the store and suddenly gets really close to him and gives him the “puppy begging eyes” look and says “ajussi” he asks why she is so close suddenly and asks her to move back and talk. J: are you not hungry?  dont you want to have some cup ramen and “kid kimbap” in the convenience store? TH shakes his head no and says I dont eat that. J: why? TH: I dont like it. J: that’s too bad – they taste so good – if I had money I would buy you some then you would know the appeal of cup ramen and kid kimbap. she bats her eyes at him. (he didnt stand a chance)

They are inside the convenience store with cup ramens and mini kimpaps. (J calls them “kid kimbaps”) TH looks over at her and then looks away and smiles.  She counts and says there are five of them so if they eat two each one is left. He tells her to eat. J: ajussi I told you I didnt like free stuff without a reason.  let’s do “mook joo pah” (a harder variation of rock paper scissors) the person who wins gets to eat the kimbap. TH: I have no interest in kimbap. J: then if you win ajussi I will get flicked on the forehead. then that works out. TH: I wont go easy on you (cuz she is a girl). she says she isnt interested in being let off easy too. TH says “ok-call” (which is 1N2D talk for “I will go along with it”) They face each other and begin. She loses the first round. He motions for her to come closer with his finger. She closes her eyes and leans in and he hesitates unsure if he should or not – also seemed like he was in some sort of trance. She asks what he is doing and to hurry and hit. So he does. she is in pain. TH: told you I dont say things I don’t mean . J: ok let’s go again. She loses again. He motions with his finger again to lean her forehead closer but she holds his finger with both of her hands and asks him to just eat the kimbap instead of flicking her cuz it’s yummy but he just grins and motions for her to lean closer with his other free finger. He hits her forehead. She gets mad and says : ajussi you are too much – I am the nation’s fairy. TH: so? should we stop? she says how he awoke her sleeping competitive streak and messed with it – now I dont need the kimbap anymore – I am going to flick no matter what so be warned. He says she can beat him. But she asks if he never heard about *Baek Tazza at Joong Ang elementary school -she says how she was the best at thak chi (making those folded paper squares pop up and flip over) J says let’s do this and they go another round. She wins and tells him to hurry and come closer. she keeps motioning with her finger to come closer. he makes a face and obeys.

She moves in really close and parts his hair to the side and breathes on his forehead with her mouth open to warm it up. He gets uncomfortable and asks what she is doing. She tells him to hold still. she breathes on his forehead again.

She puts her fingers right up to his forehead for a close contact hit. She has really long fingers and hits really hard so he grabs his forehead in pain. he complains how she isnt supposed to flick like that. she says how that is still considered flicking too. he argues it’s cheating and it hurts more if she does it like that. he says it’s the same as jumping over a hurdle with an aid of a pole. She argues it’s the same kind of flicking. TH: you are really… J: should we stop now since the ramen is ready. he moves her ramen away and says forget about the cup ramen and let’s go again. J: fine.  they do some more. She loses 3 in a row. TH is really happy each time she loses. TH: I told you you couldnt beat me. Then she wins one and hits him using her way. He stands and says how he already said she cant hit like that. J coyly argues: but I am a girl.

When they come out of the convenience store they are glaring at each other and rubbing their sore foreheads. They get in the car.

*Credit goes to Joonni for clarifying: I think it’s the combination of her last name, Baek, and tazza, which translates into High Rollers apparently. Like the Korean movie. I think its a slang word or gambling world lingo so it was hard to find the definition but the movie title was translated that way.

**OMG I died at how funny and cute this scene was. 🙂 Question: where did his hands go when he pulled her away when she blew on his forehead – werent they on her hips? my my how close these two are getting every day.

TS tells MS that he has somewhere to drop by for a short time and will be home soon so go ahead first and he will be there soon. TS explains to N that MS will watch over him for a few days. You have to obey her well be good. Understand?  MS asks TS if N understands what they are saying. TS says: I thinks so but I don’t know – I think the kid’s mom taught the kid but the kid doesn’t talk yet. TS tells N to get in but the kid doesn’t listen or budge so TS yells at the kid. Ya – what are you doing? Do you not hear me telling you to get in! MS yells at TS for shouting at the kid. TS: he is making me mad- he doesn’t say one word the whole day and doesnt eat. MS says to TS that of course the kid should be scared and hesitant – he came to see you but you are telling him to separate with you and go with another person so isn’t it only natural he should be afraid. Why don’t you think? Move. She pushes past him and talks to N. your name is noodles right? Noodles – dad has to go somewhere so he cant take you so come with ajumma. I live next to your dad and you can meet your dad again later in the evening so get in the truck and let’s go ok? N still wont move so MS asks again: let’s go. TS tells MS she can stop. TS shoves the kid and tells him to just go. MS stops TS and asks why he is like that. TS yells that the kid doesn’t listen so what am I supposed to do. N looks at his dad and walks to the car by himself. MS helps him up and tells him to be careful. She glares at TS before she leaves. N wont even look at his dad.

TS calls his friend to ask where the guy is. TS hears the guy is at an office gathering. TS asks about Angelica’s contact number and how much longer it will take and if the guy is really looking into it.

H comes home and stares at the kid. MS tells them to drink juice. H asks who he is. MS says her friend’s son and he will be staying with them for a few days. That’s ok right? H asks why he is so dark – he looks like he is someone from Africa. The mom says H shouldn’t talk like that. MS calls out N’s name “noodles” and asks if he is going to keep standing like that and to hurry and sit. H makes fun of it saying: your name is noodles? “mixed noodles”? H laughs over N’s name. MS tells H not to tease her friend. When TS steps inside and calls out N’s name N suddenly walks over and slaps H twice. H cries. MS tells N to stop. TS goes over to N and grabs N’s arm and scolds N: ya what are you doing? How can you hit a person? N pulls away and falls down spilling juice. TS picks him up and yells: ya do you really want to be punished? Are you going to come to your senses after getting hit once? MS says it’s cuz H teased N first. TS ignores her and keeps yelling at N: where did you learn such a bad thing? Did you come to Korea to do this? Did you come to Korea to torment me? Go and apologize that you were wrong to H right now. Are you not going to do it right this minute? but N finally talks and yells out in Korean: I am not someone like you dad – I am not “mixed noodles” and cries

outside, MS tells TS to fix that and not to yell at the kid without even asking and getting mad first. TS says he does talk. MS says how N will be really scared cuz his environment changed-he will be more scared and nervous than you. TS says sorry but today he will go home cuz he is about to collapse cuz he didn’t sleep at all cuz of the kid. MS tells him to rest

When she goes in N is hugging his bag. She says how he needs to sleep now – let’s wash up and sleep. She tries to take his bag but he wont listen. She asks if he is going to stay up all night like this and not sleep. dont do that and let’s hurry and wash up.  if your mom saw how you are behaving like this your  mom will be really upset. N finally looks at MS. MS: did your mom tell you not to wash up and not sleep like this? she didnt right? you have to do well here so your mom will like it.He takes out his toothpaste and toothbrush and gets up. She shows him where the bathroom is. MS finds a pic of N with his mom. MS puts it back in the bag

N goes to the bathroom and looks at his toothbrush with his name on it and cries. “Kusu and mom”  is written on it.

TB drinks soju alone.

TB goes home and lays on the couch fully dressed. SY comes out and looks at him and goes back in and gets a blanket to put over him. She sits and watches him sleep. She reaches out to touch his hair but doesn’t. suddenly he holds onto her hand and pulls her closer. He calls out H’s name in his sleep. SY pulls her hand away.

The dad is drinking soju alone in the kitchen.

When the dad goes in the mom is sitting up and not sleeping. He tells her to sleep cuz she has to sleep early since there is a lot to do tm cuz TB is coming and they have to harvest the pears. He says let’s sleep. She just sits there and then lies down to sleep. They sleep facing away from each other.

J goes outside and says the weather is nice. She pets the dog and asks the dog if he slept well and why he isn’t eating much these days and got thin. J sees the dad and goes over to him. He was watering her dad’s plant. She calls out “ajussi” He asks why she woke up so early. J asks if he was watering it. He says how he was passing by and remembered it – how it hasn’t rained these days (so he thought it needed water) She says she came to water it too and thanks him. Dad: why are you saying thank you. if you pick on who should be thankful and sorry – if I look at this plant I cant look at you directly in the face (cuz of his shame)  She tells him not to talk like that – you don’t know how happy I am these days do you? especially cuz of ajumma. The more you get to know her – ajumma is a really cute person. She always says stuff in contrary too (the opposite of what she means). When she likes it she says she doesn’t –when she likes it she says she doesn’t but her facial expressions give it all away. Her height is short and her body figure is so lovely-this is not proper to say but sometimes I want to carry her around in my pocket. J smiles thinking about it. Suddenly her voice grows concerned and says: ajussi – ajumma works too hard –so how about if we do the dishes and cleaning? For the dishes –  Ajussi, first ajussi, third ajussi, maknae oppa, and me – the five of us can take turns and do them and on the weekends we can all get together and clean the entire house.  He says it’s a good idea and let’s consider it. J: ok. She looks up at the sky and says the weather is really great – ajussi the heavens must know we are harvesting today

J and the family are picking and harvesting pears putting them into crates. J takes one out of its wrapper and raves about how good the pears look. J: ajumma the pear looks really sweet. The mom agrees saying how she worried a lot this summer cuz of that plant disease so it’s something to be really grateful about. J takes another one out and says they are all like that – just like the other one – the pear is big and the color is really pretty. It’s so amazing. She pets the pear and thanks it. GM grins and looks over and accidently drops one J yells out: GM be careful as you pick them – they are so precious so you cant just drop them like that – like kids you have to be careful as you pick them. GM: ok – if someone heard they would think you worked on this whole farm all my yourself. J: I wasn’t just nagging –do you know how much ajumma, ajussi, and I suffered every day to grow these. Especially ajumma suffered a lot spraying the pesticides. The mom smiles and pets J’s arm as J talks. J holds up the pear to the GM and says: this isn’t just any pear – it’s like the babies of ajumma, ajussi, and my drops of sweat and work. J says to the mom: isn’t it ajumma?  The mom smiles and nods at J. GM: babies? And makes a comment to J for using words like that.  GM says to the mom: you raised an assistant really well. The mom laughs.

Next morning, SY brings home a lot of packed food items. TB helps her with the stuff and says she woke up early. SY: I woke up early – this is food my mom prepared. TB looks at it and says there is a lot. SY says in a mean way: do you have a problem with this too? Should my mom have followed a guideline for this as well? He says how her words are prickly like thorns. SY: I didn’t mean it that way. TB: is it cuz I was late yesterday without telling you? it was cuz I was drinking cuz friend came. She says how they agreed to let each other have personal lives and she doesn’t want to touch his personal life about who he meets and when he will come home but she wants him to call and tell her when he is going to be late at least. He agrees and says he has one thing too. he asks if they have to ask her mom for help every time they have the maid over. SY: between the two of us – one of us will have lots to pay attention to over stuff like that so do you want to do that if you don’t like it (her mom coming over)? TB mutters how she is still talking prickly when he was talking calmly. She retorts if he can swear he was asking calmly instead of ordering no matter what that they should keep her mom out.  SY explains she didn’t get sleep cuz she was waiting up for him so she is like this (irritated). SY: I am sorry. TH: I will go take a shower so get ready. She says she got a text from the boss and she has to go to the office in the afternoon so she wont be able to stay long at the in laws. TB: you can do that – it’s ok. He goes to take his shower.

SY goes to the kitchen. She asks herself – why are you being so old fashioned? Don’t let it show – there is no need to be obvious – nothing has changed – you already knew that TB had someone for over ten years –  it’s just that now you know her name was H. let’s not make it obvious (that you care)

*In Korea, when a newly married couple goes to her husband’s home for the first time after the wedding, the new bride is supposed to wear hanbok, do a deep bow to her new parents, and cook for them. those are the traditional things you do. SY is not going to do any of these things here so I think that is why her mom prepared so much food to give to the in laws.

SY and TB go to his home. TS and TH greet them. TH welcomes SY. TS says it’s good to see you (to SY) she thanks TS and says she should call TH “young master=dorynim” now. TH says yes “sister in law=hyungsoonim” and asks for her package so he can hold it for her. TB says to TH “ya – do you not even see me? You can take mine too.” TH: look at how your face got better – how good must sister in law have been to you for you to look so much better within a few days.  but TB says his face is swollen cuz he drank. He asks where the dad and mom are. TS says they are already at the orchard. TS says to SY – why did the day they come for a visit have to happen to be on the same day as the harvest. SY says she likes this cuz how else could she get to pick pears at an orchard. TS: that’s true. He laughs and TH tells her to go inside. SY and TH walk ahead. SY says to TH: nothing much happened right? TS asks TB if he found out angelica’s number. TB asks what about the kid.  TS tells him how he left N with MS. TS: did you find out? TB: I am looking into it – I told a hyung I know to find out as quickly as possible so wait a little bit. So you are saying no one in the family knows still? TS: they don’t know. TH turns and asks what they are doing. TB says it’s nothing. He inhales and says the air is nice. He asks why the precinct is so quiet these days – isn’t there anything going on. TH makes a fist and says in a warning tone: younger hyung. TB: I was just kidding around. Let’s go.

The family is still packing and harvesting pears. GM announces they are coming. TB and SY greet them –we came GM – mom and dad you have been well right? Dad says it’s good to see him. He welcomes SY too.  SY says sorry for coming so late to greet them. GM agrees and says they really did come late. TB apologizes to her. TB jokes and says they should be bowing first but he forgot the mat. GM tells him not to lie and makes a comment about how he wasn’t able to do the traditional Korean wedding event (throwing money) even so what is he talking about the bow for. She says it was the first time in all her life where she saw a bride and groom run off like that during a wedding. TP greets them: younger hyung you came? He says you came to SY too and calls her “sister in law = hyungsoonim” SY greets TP (maknae dorynim) and TB says: J is here too. J bows to both of them. SY says to the mom how she left some side dishes at the house and put away the ones that needed to be refrigerated. Sorry for coming so late to see you. the mom is understanding and says SY can stop being sorry since SY had been working. mom    says how since they are in the middle of harvest so she cant feed them properly. SY says: it’s ok –if I knew how to cook I could have done that. The mom is speechless. GM finds her voice and asks quickly: you cant even cook? Then who does the cooking? Everyone looks at SY.  TB covers and says how they are busy so they don’t have time to eat at home. Since they are both busy at work they practically live there. also she has to leave soon cuz their boss called her. the dad makes a comment about their boss overworking them. The mom asks if SY feels ok – if nothing is wrong with her body (the baby) SY replies she is healthy. The mom tells TB to treat SY better – when a woman is pregnant and gets her feelings hurt it lasts for life. TB says yes.  GM says stop with the greetings and they all need to continue with what they were doing. If they are going to finish this side of the orchard today they need to hurry. After TB and SY walk off out of earshot, GM mutters to the mom that TB cant even get food from SY. Mom: that’s what it looks like. These days younger people don’t cook at home. They must be like that too. GM says no wonder TB’s face looks thin. And she finally came and as soon as she arrives she says she is leaving soon. GM says how the mom isn’t good at picking daughter in laws too. The mom says not to say that cuz it’s upsetting.

TB shows SY which ones to pick. She opens the wrapper so he tells her not to take it out of the wrapper and just hold it and pull it off with a twist in an upward motion.

TP grabs two drinks. J is working hard so she stretches her shoulders. TP walks over to her and tells her to get some rest. She says I am ok. TP: you aren’t ok – from a while ago you haven’t rested once. He turns a crate upside down and makes her sit. J: I said I was ok. TP: just listen (obey). TH comes over and sees them. He stares and sees how TP took a drink out of his pocket, opened it, and handed it to J. J: a few days ago you are the one who drank alcohol and chased me out right? TP holds out the drink and says- I am sorry that wont ever happen again. Drink it. J pretends to hit and says: just try doing that again. For the last time – just once more – the pretty kid with the good personality will let it slide. J accepts the drink and says how refreshing it is after she drinks it. You should drink one too maknae oppa. TP smiles and says ok. He squats down near her and drinks his.

J hits her ankle and massages it. TP: why? Does it hurt? J: a little – cuz I kept standing from a while ago. TP offers to massage it. She keeps insisting she is ok but he already slipped her shoes off and is massaging her socked foot.  TP asks: why? Do you see oppa as a guy?  She says she doesn’t. TP: then hold still – I am doing it cuz I want to. TH looks over at them and keeps blinking. J says to TP that it tickles. Both J and TP are grinning a lot. TH watches all that and looks as jealous as TH can and frowns. J says how refreshing it is and TP laughs. TS comes over with a lot of pears and TH doesn’t pay attention cuz he is too busy watching TP massage J’s ankle. TS tells TH not to drop them cuz they are short of boxes. TS says he will go and get some more. TH didnt hear any of that cuz he keeps watching TP and J.

J tells TP he can stop now cuz she has to go to school. TP says he has an appointment and has to go out too so they should go together. TP announces to the dad that he has work and has to go and J has to go to school so they will go together. J bows to them and says she will be back. TH watches them walk away together and looks bothered.

*I have to hand it to TP -when he lays on the charm he really does it well. Out of all the brothers, he really is the only one with all the moves. He made J giggle and laugh more than TH has in all their encounters put together.

TP says goodbye to his friend. He goes by Y’s store and looks at its open doors and thinks aloud – she still hasn’t closed the store up? (given up on the store) is she thinking of running it?  He walks in and sees Y mopping the floors. SY’s mom is sitting there. Y stops and says – unni do you know you have been like that for an hour now –if you have something to say hurry and say it. Mom: I don’t have anything to say- just something to hear. What are you going to do with this store? Y:how many times do I have to say it- I am going to run it. Mom: think it over again – I will ask again an hour later. Y: unni –please. Y gets a call from a friend and asks if that person found out the contact info about that other bad friend who sold Y the store. Y learns that swindler friend already moved out of the country (emigrated). Y: that doesn’t make sense –that would never happen- she would never move abroad suddenly. The mom is fuming so Y whispers to her friend she will call back later. The mom yells at Y: what? emigrate? are you still going to say she is not a bad person? When she planned on purpose to deceive you and emigrated – she is not that kind of person to do that? Even when it’s like this – are you not going to listen to me? You are going to end up not listening to me and open this store and end up losing more money – you have to see that happen is that what you are saying? Nam Y! Come to your senses. How much longer are you going to live being so pathetic? (the mom spoke so fast here it sounds like another language – the more I replay the more it just sounds like another language each time-) I think she said how much longer are you not going to be able to do what you need to well –don’t you feel like you are being pitiful-aren’t you embarrassed and ashamed of yourself? TP heard all that. He goes outside and takes some deep breaths. He looks back at Y.

J is making something in the workshop. Her friends come over and say it’s suspicious and ask if J is making a present for a guy. They ask who the guy is. J denies it. *does anyone know what she was making?

YS watches J from afar. She stalks J. J gets on the bus. YS grabs a cab to follow the bus. YS follows J all the way to the farm. YS looks around. She remembers how J said to hang in there for a few months cuz she might come into some money soon. YS says aloud: ojakkyo farm. She goes to the realty office and says she has some things to ask about the farm

J gets a call from YS. YS asks if they can meet now- “do you have time?” J: where are you?

TH comes home and remembers how J and TP were acting together when TP was massaging her ankle. TH shakes off the memory and gets out of the car. TH gets a call from TB. TH says he just arrived home. He agrees to meet for drinks so he starts to head over to the nearby pochangmacha where they always drink. J comes outside. J calls out ajussi –are you just coming home now? I am on my way out. Suddenly my (she almost says step mom but stops herself) to go meet someone. Did you finish your investigation well today? He doesn’t answer and walks off. She keeps calling out “ajussi” as he leaves. She tries calling out “officer” but he keeps going. J mutters : why are they all like this –this family’s sons –how can each and every one of them do whatever they want according to their mood. TH tilts his head hearing that but keeps walking. J: makes me so mad. I am going to get revenge later – Just try talking to me first and see if I answer or not. J walks off. YS is carrying a fruit basket and comes out of hiding and goes towards the house as J walks out to the main street. YS waited for J to leave the area before heading in.

The dad tells the mom- what do we need with words – it was all my fault – if I hadn’t deceived you – why would you have needed to do this- why did I do it back then – ten years ago when I first got this farm from Inho (J’s dad)– I should have told you the truth then –why was I thinking so childishly  and make you be in this position. The mom cries silently. Dad: even tho it feels like (?) is dropping – this isn’t right- let’s give the farm back Bok Ja – you know you cant live like this anymore– from some time ago you cant look directly at J’s face  –these days why do you think you cant sleep at night?  let’s give it back – that’s the right path for you and me to live. YS’s voice calls out “excuse me”

YS shows up and the dad asks who she is. YS gives her name and says how she is Baek’s wife. The mom asks if YS is the one who lived with J till Baek passed away. YS: yes that is right. Mom:what brings you all the way here. J said she had no reason to meet you at all.  YS asks if she can sit for a while and tell them. The dad invites her to sit but the mom says why sit – I don’t know why you dared to come but please go back. You are the step mom –you lived together for 5 yrs –after the kid lost her dad and was helpless and alone –how could you leave that child behind and run off by yourself. The dad tells his wife to sit and tells YS to sit too.

Mom: after you left her like that I don’t know why you are looking for our J but …YS interrupts and says she didn’t come to meet J. I came to meet the two of you over the problem with the farm. I heard the farm originally belonged to my husband. But J made a mistake and lost the contract and heard you aren’t planning to give the farm back. Can someone who did that say in front of me that I shouldn’t dare. YS to the dad: isn’t J the daughter of your friend? My husband who let you use the farm for ten years –isn’t she his daughter? You chased away that J and it wasn’t enough you made her live in a tent – but you are planning to act like you did nothing wrong and keep the farm?  The mom stammers: I don’t know where you heard that and came but …YS interrupts and says “give back the farm” I heard in this family there is a reporter and an officer among your sons– in a household where there are men who are supposed to uphold the law and be model citizens – do you want the rest of the world to know this family did something so unethical and illegal? She mentions how she knows lots of friends who are high up and work in broadcasting and reporting. The dad asks if she is threatening them now. YS says she is giving them a chance to do the right thing as human beings and find their conscience again – give the farm back. The mom looks over at the dad and then at YS.


No preview

* I am going to say it first – I hope those words about trust that J spoke to TH last night is what he is going to remind her about when she is bawling after she finds out how her step mom backstabbed J again. in that moment as J is crying, I hope he gets that coffee won’t be enough to cheer her up and just hug her. He seems to be the impulsive type so how many bets should we make that he wont think long and hard about it and just go for it – we all know he had like a million chances so far but I think he just wasnt ready yet. Now that he is feeling jealous over TP paying attention to J, I think it’s starting to sink in that he needs to act or he is going to lose J to some other guy.

I just knew YS was trouble and J was foolish to trust her but this is too much. I really hope J wont allow this to happen. J is really the owner and not the step mom I hope. Man I hate this woman so much- why couldnt YS just leave J alone.

Fanderay: Does it make me evil if I want more scenes with TP and J?  I loooved watching TH get jealous, and I think a bit of a love triangle might be what’s needed for TH to really acknowledge his feelings and let his impulsive side take over.  I think the little head shakes he always does when he’s thinking about her are indicative of his attempt at denial, and he needs to stop resisting!  I’m glad she’s such an expert at wearing him down 🙂

I’m going to reserve judgment on the mother until we see what her true feelings are.  Back when she was rubbing J’s tummy a few weeks ago, I mentioned that it didn’t seem as meaningful because I thought that if the contract popped up, she would change her colors immediately.  I was hoping that her heart had changed by now and that she regretted her behavior, but her actions at the beginning of this episode indicated otherwise.  She’s still blaming others and acting self righteous, but I hope that it was an instinctive defense mechanism, and not a reflection of how she’s really feeling.

If Cinderella taught me anything, it’s to watch out for selfish step-mothers! It freaks me out that YS is so dang friendly looking.  She’s obviously very skilled at getting her way, and I think she’s going to cause a lot of problems.  It seems like a lot of people are poised to stir things up, and it’s just a question of who acts first at this point.



Someone who has never seen this drama is going to start thinking these two are the only characters in this drama cuz every main pic is with these two, but how can we help it when they are so great every time they come out. Not sure if it was my fervent prayer, but Sun morning my computer rallied together long enough for me to download so now I have this scene and the last one translated. Never underestimate the desperation of a translator – I was practically chanting “please work please work” as I clicked on torrent links this morning. 🙂

* credit for the car scene needs to go to my computer guy cuz if he didnt explain that whole part about the axe ( a word I didnt even know in Korean) I would never have gotten it down so accurately. Pretty sure he was surprised he had to translate when he came just to fix a computer. 🙂



Starts from when TP kicks J out of the home and he tells his mom: it’s done now mom-  you don’t have to worry now – now you are safe forever mom – just act the way you used to – dont get your heart softened by that girl – I told you not to bring her into the home – mom can you live without feeling guilty while looking at her? or have you lost all sense of remorse now and can live without feeling anything while looking at her face? is it ok to leave it in the closet? why didn’t you just burn it up! After he goes into his room cuz he doesnt want to talk to his mom anymore, the mom stands there shaking. J sneaks back into the house. she asks the mom why TP acted that way and guesses he does that when he gets drunk and tells the mom not to let him drink cuz next time he might behave like that to some stranger and make a mistake. The mom just goes into her room without giving J any explanations about TP. J mumbles that the mom must be in shock from TP acting like that. then she mutters to herself again how TP is the biggest problem out of the brothers (cuz TP is so moody/temperamental). she asks herself why she came downstairs and remembers she came down to go get her stuff from the yard to move in.

the mom goes into her room and cries and asks herself – does the maknae know (what I did)? is that what it is?

TP cries in his room

after she puts away her things, J announces that she is back in the attic room. she takes pics of herself in the attic with her cell phone and sends 3 of them to TH who is working overnight going thru all the paperwork – probably trying to come up with evidence against the chief. he gets her text – J:  “picture proof that I am back in the attic room -it’s a happy JE -keke- it’s the end of reporting in for today.” TH just reads and looks at the pics but goes back to work. J sits around waiting and wondering why he isnt replying and mutters: I knew he would do this. if a person receives a text he should reply that he got it. she starts to write an annoyed text – if someone receives a text you should reply back but she stops herself from sending it and deletes the message. she tells herself to be patient -since I am the pretty one with a good personality I should hold it in.

TS finally walks over to his son. he asks if the kid is Noodles. the kid nods yes. TS looks disappointed. TS says let’s go and N quickly moves his hands away before TS can touch him. TS says let’s get out of here first – let’s go. he tries to get his son Noodles (N) to come with him and N doesnt talk at all. Not one word. N looked around first and then followed TS. Angelica hid and watched them leave.

when TS takes him to a restaurant, TS tells N to drink the water cuz he must be thirsty. TS  tries to feed N noodles and kimbap but the kid just sits there. then TS asks if N knows how to use chopsticks and gives N a fork to eat with but the kid still doesn’t. TS asks if the kid knows how to eat the noodles and kimbap.  TS asks N: dont you know how to speak Korean-why arent you talking? eat it you must be hungry.  then TS tries English and tells N to eat.  TS asks why he isnt eating – do you not feel like it? are you not hungry? TS gives up and orders some dumplings and kimbap to go.

TS takes N to a motel. TS tells the kid to put his bag down and sit but N moves away from him. TS says he wont touch him so put the backpack down and sit. N just stands there. TS: I said sit – are you going to stand all night? the kid finally obey and sits down. TS tells N to eat the food when he wakes up and gets hungry in the middle of the night.

TS gets a call from YJ so he takes it in the bathroom. he apologizes to her and that it really was an emergency and promises this wont happen again. I am really sorry.  Next TS calls his mom and lies he had to go out of town to daegu and will go straight to work in the morning (meaning he wont be dropping by home to change or anything) when he comes out of the bathroom, the kid is already asleep sitting with his head resting on the table. TS lays out the blanket and puts his son down comfortably on the blanket.

SY takes some sandwiches she bought out of the container and puts them on a plate. she takes them to TB. He comes out with a jacket on. she asks if he is going out somewhere. he says he willl go meet his older brother and come back. she says it’s really late. he tells her not to stay up cuz he will be late and to go to sleep before him. she lies that she made some sandwiches and to eat before he goes cuz he ate dinner in a rush. he just looks at it and says he doesnt feel like it – maybe later. she eats it herself

When TB pulls up in his cab to meet TS, TS is already waiting outside of the motel for TB. TB asks what is going on this late at night in a place like this- what is it – why does your facial expression look like that it’s making my heart race – tell me – did you cause some trouble? hyung. TS says Angelica so TB asks if she came here to korea to look for him. TS: no the kid came. TB:what? TS tells him angelica had his child and raised the kid for 9 yrs alone. she sent the kid today to the airport. TB cant believe it and keeps repeating “a kid came? you had a child?” over and over and it gets on TS’s nerves. TS: that is what I said -how many times are you going to ask? TS finally takes him upstairs and shows N sleeping. TB stares at the kid and then goes outside with TS.

they sit in the hallway and talk. TB asks if angelica is in her right mind-how can a woman in her right mind do this? like this – without a word – have a kid – hiding him for 9 yrs and now -suddenly without warning send the kid like this? TS; that’s what I am saying – I am trying to understand – but i cant understand it. TB: how can a woman in her right mind do this? this cant happen and even if it did – TB gets a thought and asks : that’s right. is that kid really yours? TS: I havent suspected that yet – there is no way – she isnt that kind of woman. TB: so cuz she might not be that kind of woman – after hiding a kid for 9 yrs does she suddenly send the kid to the airport without warning? without even a guardian – just a kid alone? isnt something wrong with her? that isnt normal. TB starts to say cuz TS is like this easily gullible but TS cuts him off and asks why TB is more upset and making a fuss when TS is the one who wants to die right now and feels like he will go crazy. do you think you can know how I feel right now? how can something like this happen at this moment in my life -why did it have to be this moment -when I had happiness in my hands -when i was happy for the first time in my life – i thought now I can live  properly like a person -right at this moment. he cries. TB asks what angelica said when she sent the kid. TS says she didnt do that – all she said in the email was how she cant raise N anymore and for TS to do it. TB: so what do you want to do? TS: I dont know yet. TB: that’s true -guess you wouldnt know yet. TS: I dont know yet but I dont have the confidence to raise him. what do I say to mom and dad – and to YJ? when i was starting to be a person –  when dad who didnt think much of me finally was starting to see me as a person –  and now I have to tell him about that kid? so right now no matter what I have to find out how to contact angelica. TS asks TB to look into finding out about how to get in touch with Angelica. that he already asked his friend to do it but since TB has connections TS thought TB could get it done quicker. TB says he has a younger friend and others who live in the philippines so he will get in touch with them and find out about how to reach her. he asks for Angelica’s full name -age – previous address.  TS says he will and thanks him. TB asks if TS ate dinner. TS says food wont go down. TB stares at him so TS asks why. TB: why doesnt things ever work out for you? why are you so unlucky/unfortunate?

after TB leaves, TS cries in the room with his son sleeping nearby.

the mom goes down to TP’s room. she knocks and says it’s mom – I am coming in. when she goes inside, TP is not there.

at the hwang’s home, there is only the mom, dad, and GM sitting at the table. GM wonders why only the 3 of them are having breakfast and says it’s the first time this has happened. the dad explains how TS went to Daegu and will go straight to work,  TH worked all night, and TP already left for somewhere early this morning. GM and dad ask the mom is TS did well when he went over to YJ’s home but the mom says she didnt get to ask yet. dad: what’s going on – you are the one who should be the most curious. Suddenly J comes running in saying how MS told her that the duck restaurant owner is coming today to check out the ducks one more time cuz he had some time.

the mom and J clean out the duck pen and the mom sprays the area with water they washed garlic with and soaked with green tea bags cuz it gets rid of the smell and disinfects. J helps her spray and clean.

when the owner comes with MS, J greets him with the mom. the mom thanks him for coming a second time all this way. he says how if there are good ducks he will go however far he has to and if they arent good ducks, it wont matter even if MS asks him for a favor. the mom raves about her ducks again. they were going to go see the ducks first, but the mom suggests that he has a taste cuz she already steamed a duck and prepared it so he could do a taste test. he decides tasting the duck first would be better than seeing it since the taste is what’s important and will be the deciding factor.

they all sit down in the kitchen and mom and J pass out the chopsticks for them. J stands next to the mom as both MS and the owner try the duck. they both make displeased faces. MS shakes her head “no” at the owner and he speaks up and tells the mom they cant use her ducks cuz “there is a smell/scent of duck” – as in when you take a bite there is a distinct taste/aroma of duck. the mom tastes some and says there is no smell. J tastes some and says there is no other smell other than the duck. MS says that is what they are talking about – the smell of duck. the mom argues that since they are ducks there will be a little smell of ducks but MS says they need to get rid of that smell cuz if there is a little bit of smell like this the mom wont be able to sell. MS says sorry but they cant use the ducks for their restaurant. J tries to convince her to see the duck pen at least since they came but MS says there is no need to see it since the ducks have a smell. MS says sorry to the mom.

after they leave, J says how upsetting it is cuz they cleaned this morning for nothing. the mom worries if she will ever be able to sell her ducks. J asks the mom how they are supposed to get the duck taste out of the ducks-how did the others do that. the mom says if she knew the answer to that she wouldn’t be in this problem. the mom tells J to go to school before she is late for class. So J goes off to school.* I think I know what they are talking about cuz when I had Peking duck once, I could def taste the “duck aroma” and it wasn’t pleasant.

SY and TB are driving to work. she is driving and he is sitting next to her. she spots their coworker waving down her car. TB ducks down and tells her to keep driving but she says how can I and pulls over. the guy thanks her explaining how he missed the bus and couldnt get a cab. he  gets in the back and TB has no choice but to say good morning to him. the guy is surprised to see TB in her car and asks why the two of them are going together. TB and SY both stammer out a lie – two different ones – she says they met by the front of the subway station and TB says how he missed the bus and saw SY.the guy finds a guy’s sock in her bag and asks who it belongs to-is it TB? but SY lies that it’s her sock. she tells him to put them down cuz they were worn. the guy says she must have big feet and she says she wears big socks. SY suddenly brakes hard and she instinctively reaches out and extends her arm to protect TB from the sudden impact. the guy stares at her arm across TB’s chest. TB tells her to remove her arm. the guy calls her a humanist and he tells TB to be nicer to SY. the guy jumps to conclusions and texts TB :  I think SY is aiming for you (after you) -you cant let that awful thing happen and become her guy -be careful friend.  TB gets the text and reads it and scowls at the guy.

Over at SY’s home. the mom and dad are having breakfast with Y.SY’s mom gets a call from SY. SY asks her mom to hire a maid for her. the mom asks why she needs a maid and offers to clean but finds out TB is still mad about the last time she meddled and SY insists on getting a maid. so the mom says she will hire one and just open the door for the woman and let the maid do all the work and the mom will just stand guard “and dont worry cuz I wont touch his stuff.”after she hangs up, mom mutters after getting married SY only cares about her husband. dad asks if TB is still mad and she says it looks like it. he says the mom did go too far. Y asks what happened if the mom fought with TB and the dad starts to explain to Y what the mom did but the mom gives him a look so he stops talking. the mom asks Y if Y contacted that friend yet. Y says no she is still looking. the mom says Y probably wont be able to find her but even if Y does find that friend, what will change.  there is nothing they can do since Y already signed all the paperwork and even if Y argued now – let’s do something about this contract – why didnt you tell me the truth about this store – even if you argued that – will that friend even blink. when that person already planned to trick Y. the mom says listen to me and dont lose more money on that place and go back to america. if you insist on being stubborn then you will lose more money having to pay a staff etc. step away from the store and go back to america. Y says she will go cuz she has an appoinment. the mom yells what are you doing when I was talking to you. the dad tells her that Y isnt a young kid now -even if she looks like a innocent kid Y is already 35yrs old so dont treat her like a kid. she has pride too. the mom starts to yell – would a kid with pride….but she stops and tells him to eat.

*I just looked it up and on E13, SY’s mom says SY is 34 yrs old so that means SY and Y are only a year apart in age. SY’s mom did say she raised Y, but I had no idea the age gap between the mom and Y would be that much.

later when the maid comes in to work, SY’s mom says she will organize the table and desk cuz her daughter  and her husband work for IBC so there are important paperworks. she tells the maid to clean, do handwashing, and laundry. when the mom goes into the office, she notices the pillow and blanket and clothes in the room and wonders if TB is sleeping in there. (meaning he isnt sleeping in the bedroom with SY).  She trips over a pile of books and finds a photo of TB with his old girlfriend.

At school, J’s friends run into the office and calls out for help cuz some strange men grabbed J and dragged her off out of the building.

those same two loan sharks are asking where YS is and J says I dont know. he warns she has to cooperate so she says – dont touch me. one slaps her and leaves a red welt on her cheek. he asks if J knows how much YS owes them. the other asks where YS is again. J lies and says she doesnt know- she hasnt seen her step mom in months. he says she cant just say she doesnt know and asks again -where is YS? J:I really dont know -if I knew I would tell you why would I say I dont know?  J’s friends and some men from the office come outside and calls out so the thugs warn J: “find out so you dont have to see our faces anymore” they leave and her friends ask if J is ok.

J washes her face and says to herself about her step mom: “she isnt in her right mind – how much is she in debt…”

J’s step mom’s name is Jung Yoon Sook so I will call her YS

J goes to the place where YS is staying. J knocks on the door but turns to leave and sees that YS just arrived. YS asks why J came here.  how did you know I was staying here. however you knew – go. I have no reason to see you. J: I didnt come cuz I wanted to – I came cuz I had something to say – scary ppl keep coming to school to find me and they are looking for you. they look like loan sharks. they are looking for you and they dont seem like just normal people. it was to the extent that my whole body trembled just looking at them. be careful. as J was about to leave, YS stops her and says: did you come to tell me that?  thank you – I mean it – what is so great about me for you to come and find me here to tell me that. it probably doesnt mean anything to say this now but while I lived with your dad I didnt ever betray him. I didnt have that kind of relationship with mananger Kim then. when I saw you I wanted to make sure to tell you that. it’s probably not as much as you but I think about your dad a lot. I miss him a lot and want to see him a lot. while I am alive I wont be able to meet a good person like your dad again – I am sorry. if by any chance your dad comes back alive-please make sure to tell him – that the time I spent as his wife was the happiest time and that I was thankful. that speech makes J cry and she says to YS – how much is your debt to them (Meaning how much does YS owe them) I dont know how much your debt is but  hang in there a few months -if I do well I might be able to come into some money – so until then do a good job running away from them and hang in there well. make sure you do that. (alluding to how J will pay off YS’s debt for her) J leaves.

**This is softy’s thought: after J leaves, the look on YS’s face isnt appreciation – it’s more like – where is J going to get money from -wonder how much and how can I get my hands on it look. I really do not trust YS and I think J forgot how she saw YS with that other guy at the department store the day J got arrested by TH. back then YS was already cheating on J’s dad cuz J’s dad had just left for China. Plus YS’s conversation with the guy in her bedroom on the morning J’s dad left for China seemed like they had been on dates before since they were making plans to meet up when J walked in suddenly and YS lectured J not to come into her room abruptly.

TH arrives at the same place YS is staying at and goes into the office as J comes down the stairs. when he comes out she is standing next to him. she notices him first and then he notices her. TH:what brings you here? J: what about you ajussi? TH: I came to investigate/look into something – what brings you here?  J: to meet someone here.(but doesnt say her stepmom). he notices her cheek and asks what happened to her face. she says she got hurt. J: I must be taking after you cuz you got hurt here too. (she points to her cheek) she asks him why he was so angry and he denies that he is. TH:who is angry?  she says he looked mad a few seconds ago. TH: I never did that. she mutters that he always says he didnt do something when he did (sort of like the time when he denied those sneakers around his neck weren’t his) J: where are you going? couldnt you give me a ride to the subway station?

As they walk over to his car, he tells her to get in. when they get in the car, she admits she went to go meet her step mom back there at that boarding place. TH: isnt she the one who abandoned you after the accident? J:yes that is correct. that’s why I wasnt going to meet her again – not cuz she threw me away but she betrayed my father in the end. that is why I wasnt going to see her ever again but I had something I had to tell her so I ended up going to meet her. but she spoke about my dad – she said she thought a lot about my dad. J starts to get emotional and cries. J:how she realized now that my dad was the nicest person in the world. she said she misses my dad a lot. even if I die I wasnt going to forgive her -I was going to hate her till the end-but when she spoke about my dad -suddenly I became weak hearted. just that someone remembered my dad as a good person -that someone remembered my dad and thought of him with me – that’s how I was able to forgive.  she wipes her tears and asks why he was so mad earlier. he denies it again but she says she knows he was mad – now she knows everything just by looking at his facial expressions. TH: I said I wasnt. J: you are doing it again -being unfair. I told you everything that was embarrassing about me and opened up-why do you think I told you about my step mom? I did it to hear your story. tell me – why were you angry?  he was going to start the engine but doesnt and leans back. TH: I made a mistake – a really foolish mistake. he says how he lost an important piece of evidence. I wasnt able to see the truth/ reality in front of me -I saw what I wanted to believe and trust – I trusted someone I shouldnt have trusted. J: why is that your fault ajussi? if the axe you trusted lands on your foot- the axe that landed on your foot did the wrong thing so why is it the fault of the one who trusted the axe? the axe that landed on you is the total bad guy. she corrects herself and says -it is the bad person (cuz she said “nom” earlier which is not a nice way of talking) also I think if it was meant for you to be hit by the axe then it would be better for you to trust completely and get hit -a betrayal while suspecting and mistrusting the other person is more infuriating and more foolish. dont regret your trust – every time a step mom ran off -every time my dad was deceived -it’s what I always said to my dad. so what I am saying is it’s not your fault. TH stares back at her intently for a long time. her speech makes him see what he did in a different light so it gets to him. he is moved and doesnt know what to say to her so he asks “shall I buy you some coffee?” she smiles and says “yes.”

TP is outside killing time at a comic book store. he gets a text from his mom asking when he is coming home and for them to talk but he ignores her text message. he gets a call from Y to meet.

Y and TP meet at a cafe. Y: thank you for making time for me – like I said last time -I really wanted to hear your advice. without even seeing the store, how did you know so accurately about the store and business info?  she tells him about how that store is failing and there is no profit or customers. last time you asked me if I was interested in a business venture. by any chance do you have a good business plan? there arent many days left till the store opens and I dont have much time.  TP asks if she wants to know the best business advice. Y: yes. TP:  dont open that store. all your are going to do is incur more debt by having to hire a staff and pay wages -(staying open will make her lose more money). he tells her to keep her doors closed and just suffer the financial loss of just buying it and stuff. she insists she wants to open the store and run it cuz she wants to do well. TP: business is not for ppl who want to do well -it’s for ppl who can do well and ppl like that who cant succeed 100% is what business is. do you know how many ppl there are that want to do a business but cant. even though they have the idea to do well because they dont have the resources – do you know how many give up? how could you not know anything and just sign a contract like that? at least you should have looked into it for 6 months researched other stores -check out the location and profits and then decide. does business look like a joke? you think it’s kid’s play? Y looks upset so TP explains: I dont have the right to say this too but as I was talking I realized- to an ajumma I only met a few times -it’s ridiculous for me to be this angry and upset but the best business advice I can give you is to give up now. he walks off muttering about why that golden opportunity (to start a business venture) didnt come to him (meaning he could have used her money to start his)

N is sipping on some coke while TS sits outside and watches him thru the window. TS is waiting on MS to show up. when she arrives he thanks her for coming. MS: you said you had something to tell me – what is it? he asks her to sit first. he apologizes for how he behaved that day (when she fought with MS). she says there is no need to talk about what’s already past. if you have something to say hurry and say it cuz I have to go.  he asks her for a favor. TS: dont be too shocked and listen. she slams her juice down and looks over to N. MS: that kid is really your son? TS: yes. MS: so- why are you telling me that? TS: couldnt you take care of N for a few days-just until I can contact his mom- just a few days. I really have no other place I can entrust him to and I cant keep letting a kid stay at a motel – if he is in your home he will be nearby and I would feel safer. MS: are you crazy? TS: MS. MS: do I look like a joke? just cuz I like you – you think you can ask just anything of me? why- you cant make this request to YJ? so you are asking me cuz you can do anything to me? TS: that isnt it. MS: what do you mean it isnt? MS: you really know how to disappoint a person a lot. you are making me lose any affection I had leftover. ya I wont do it – I dont want to – why should I take care of your kid – what are you? I have no plans to do that so look elsewhere. got it? she gets up to leave but he holds onto her and begs – please save me. as he holds onto her, she hits him with her purse over and over telling him to let go and calling him a bad guy. N looks up thru the window and she sees the kid staring at her so she softens up. (Pretty sure she feels sorry for the kid at this point and not TS so I bet she will take N in for the kid’s sake)

GM and the mom are sitting together when TP comes home.GM says now he comes home – where was he all day. TP: I met some friend-will be going down (to his room).   the mom asks if he ate dinner but TP doesnt answer and walks off to his room. GM yells out he should answer his mom so he says he already ate.

when he goes to his room, the mom comes in to talk. mom:maknae what you said yesterday -what does it mean? do you by any chance know? is that it? that mom …the contract.. is that it? you know? maknae ah….she reaches out to touch his arm but he pulls away. TP: don’t lay a hand on my body. I am scared of you mom – I am scared of you and I dont like you. how could you do that? how could you do that mom? not someone else but my mom -how could you steal the contract and chase away so heartlessly that poor helpless girl -I trusted you – no matter what others said I was on your side – after the contract disappeared – how you felt about being reluctant to let go of the farm – I understood that more than anyone -cuz I know all the drops of blood and sweat you put into this farm for the last ten years –  so like fate – the contract disappeared and it became your land again – so I thought even the heavens acknowledge my mom’s effort and that this is her land -my mom’s effort moves the heavens – of course that’s how it should be – the one who has this land should be the owner – I trusted like this. the mom cries as she listens. TP: so when J was suffering – when she was having a hard time and was miserable – I tried on purpose not to see it -even when I saw I tried to close my eyes – but you stole the contract mom? all of this started with your thievery? how could you do that? how could my mom…. how could the mom I love and respect the most in this world -how could you steal the contract! the mom tries to stifle her sobs. suddenly the dad comes in. dad: what is this talk? what do you mean steal the contract? he yells at the mom- I said what is this talk? what do you mean steal the contract?


no preview

Softy: Sorry for the delay in translations but this was bound to happen sooner or later – there was no way I could have gone all 50 episodes without some hiccups along the way. Most of tonight’s episode – almost half was spent with Noodles and TS staring at each other so there is less to translate than usual. about the episode itself – can I just say how much I loved how J opened up to TH about her stepmom and her dad and practically making TH open up too by saying – why do you think I shared my story – it’s so you can share yours (about what he was angry about). I totally think this scene was a breaking point for TH’s tough exterior cuz he had kept his guard up around ppl, but she knows exactly which buttons to push to get him to be vulnerable. how cute is it that his instinct around her is to offer to buy her coffee -it’s like code for “I like you” and now she is starting to get that.  This time she let him without any objections instead of how she reacted last time. I think that is why she smiled like that – cuz she knows that TH offering like that is his way of opening up -with more than just words.

Fanderay: I’m so glad that that I was wrong about TP and that he’s standing up to his mom.  I thought he was more the type to take her side unconditionally, particularly because it would make him feel better about his own treatment of J, so it’s admirable that he’s so disappointed and upset.  That being said, I don’t think he would rat his mom out, and I’m not sure I feel the same way about the father.  Now that he knows I have no idea what’s going to happen, but it seems likely that he’ll give the mom an ultimatum and tell her to tell J before he does.

And yay, more progress with TH and J! Even though they didn’t have a lot of screen-time together, it felt like important screen-time.  I think that acting vulnerable in front of another person is one of the biggest hurdles in a relationship, but also the key to closeness, and it feels like they’re opening up to each other in ways that they don’t with anyone else.  Also, I’m pretty sure TH almost smiled at J’s attic photos, but then his ineptitude with girls took over and he didn’t know what to do (which of course resulted in him doing nothing).  Besides what Softy already said about the coffee, it’s extra cute because it’s pretty much the only thing he knows how to do to make her happy.  I try to to imagine him asking her out on a date or something, and it just doesn’t compute (at least not without massive amounts of awkwardness being involved).


84 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E21 and E22

  1. thanks again.. ^^
    so, we’ll wait for a week again.. .>,<


  2. bqmonkna says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!! i woke looking for this!! th being jealous really made my day.as for the stepmom i hope her greed comes and bites her in the butt. or someone calls the loan sharks on her when she goes back home.stupid lady…done with my rant now. thanks again


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Giggles.The kimbap scene was really cute thoroughly enjoyed it.Yup,he’s interested alright?How that kid proceeds is a mystery.He is aware of her..but is he going to do anything?

    Oh the other hand UEE’s forehead was really red.Man you think they did hit each other for real?The sound effects does sound solid.

    Oh SY oh SY when is TB going to notice you?


    • You right! altough i love the progress between J and TH, i’m more Curious to see a development between TB and SY, because somehow i find people who had and lost love before more interesting when it comes to relationship.

      and the stepmom is such a bitch!


  4. LadyIgraine says:

    i screamed so hard during the harvest scene, lol. taehee seems to be the type of guy that has a hard time expressing himself with words, so he’s actions get the better of him – and that in turn, makes ja eun thinks he’s a cold person. the more he’s feelings develop for ja eun the more aggressive his instincts will be…i get the feeling he’ll end up like a sort of possessive type of guy (not in a bad way).

    as for the step mom. she’s a gold digger through and through. she needs to be stop, and i hope ahjumma puts her in place and tell her how horrible of a mother she had been to ja eun all these years.


  5. SYR says:

    I’m loving the progression of TH & J.

    J might be the one crushing on TH first but it seems to me that TH would be the one falling deeply for J first. kekeke.


    • YeeKrFan says:

      Oh I really hope so too that TH will be the first one to fall for JE caused all the girls in this drama seems to be at the receiving end instead…can’t wait to see more jealous TH and let the pursue of JE begin…THANKS!


  6. once again, you two rocks! thanks for the Great recap.
    Fanderay, for you’re wisdom between the line (I realy enjoy you’re comments and the explanation of terms which Unique to korran culture) – many thanks.

    Softy, hope you’re computer fixed and you catch some sleep (why are you up at 3.5 a.m?)


  7. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for doing this recap for this show! It took me a while to find a place that would do a great recap of Ojakgyo brothers. Keep up the great work. Love the relationships, can’t wait for more!


  8. chmb007 says:

    You guys are so awesome 🙂 !!!
    For ep22: I couldn’t agree more, TP is quiet a ladies man, so for a moment there I was afraid JaEun will start to feel attracted to him, but that was probably TaeHee’s fear XD. If TP wasn’t so lousy and hot-tempered and abit more successful I would’ve fallen for him.
    I swear TaeHee should get lessons on how to be more ladies-man-like and less stiff but then again that’s his personality so his charming like that 🙂 . Him being jealous is priceless XD
    Thanks again 🙂


  9. Iviih says:

    Omg… I’m soooo angry at the step mom, she has no right over the farm, because technically, the farm only belongs to J. The farm belonged to J’s grandfather, and then it passed over to J’s father and since the father died it is J’s farm, not the step mom’s farm. The farm is an inheritance, so the mom can’t claim it to be hers because it wasn’t something the mom and the dad bought together while they were married…

    I hope J stay by ahjummas’ side and since there is no contract there is no away the mom take it, well unless her threat works – there is no contract but still she can stain the family reputation – and all… but if J says it is her farm and she does what she wants then I think the mom can’t do nothing…

    Well, I really want the family to give back the farm to J – and then J says there is no need and they all can share it and live all together. And since J is going to marry TH the farm will be theirs either way… lol.

    Thanks softy and Fanderay for the hard work.


  10. phuong vu says:

    Can you please sub this episode? This is such an amazing series. Why aren’t people subtitle the episodes from 13 to 22? I am in love with it.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Softy is writing whole sentences.What do you think this is? Besides welove her and Fanderay to bits and I know softly spents like 7 to 9 hours for each transcap. Am I right softy? Thanks you for all your hard work. I really enjoyed reading your recap this morning. ck1Oz


      • Softy says:

        Thanks Ck – for E22 it took longer than 10 hrs cuz I was working on some of E21 as well. I felt bad cuz Fanderay had to keep waiting on me to be done to get on the post. I am so glad there are so many ppl that love this drama – it really deserves its high ratings I think – so glad you are following this drama Ck. BTW – I didnt forget – will work on that KSA taxi interview this week 🙂


        • ck1Oz says:

          Thanks for doing it as well.I am liking it more and more as I get to see TB.I like the actor.ATK is driving me up the wall with the drama cliches but I have to watch it now.It’s like a train wreck but you can’t stop.

          Sorry for being snippy.I was up till 3am editing MoH ep 2 as well (had to work earlier in the day).I wanted to sleep but couldn’t as we suddenly had a backlog to edit.Some subbers came back and I have 3 episodes of Can’t Lose to edit.So when someone asked for subs…i was like ‘hiss….’ 🙂 Cos’ I know how much time you spend doing transcap for us and we’re on the same time
          zone.I honestly don’t know when you sleep when you do it in the middle of the night?I get the earliest torrents link only after midnight my time.

          I came to stare all googly eyed at Fanderay’s screencaps for ep 22.They are SO cute.I am wondering why he had his eyes closed when she blew on his forehead.Then I am looking at how handsome TB is in a turtleneck.

          Done.Now back to ‘work’ on Can’t Lose.See you next weekend.I DO NOT want to get sucked into A Thousand Kisses but have a feeling it’s a loosing battle.It’s So Ae I loved her in 9 Ins and 2 Outs.I watched the last 3 episodes like 10 times each.I am so in love with her voice.Her and KRW together.How are the Korean viewers going to resist?


    • YeeKrFan says:

      DarkSmurfSub is doing the subtitles for O Brothers


  11. Iviih says:

    Some cuts!

    lol I laughed soooo hard in this scene ahahahaha why so cute? And competitive? it seems to hurt o0 Look Uee’s forehead it’s red.. lol~

    Thanks to ASFVariety4 @Youtube for the cuts!

    TP giving massage for J – starts at 4:40 (TP does know how to treat good a girl, TH should learn a bit xD),

    Final scene of episode 22:

    J and TH’s cuts from episode 21 (credits: YT @ kissnspazz4):

    And a JxTH’s MV made by Svetusikls4:D

    *Sob sob* So sad my TB and SY have any mv about them…
    If I had the skills I would do one…


    • Iviih says:

      Forgot the first link, here:

      lol I laughed soooo hard in this scene ahahahaha why so cute? And competitive? it seems to hurt o0 Look Uee’s forehead it’s red.. lol~


    • nonski says:

      hmmmmm… i will try one but what song would fit, suggestions please


      • Iviih says:

        Really? ^^ Omo but I have no idea which song is good for them… 😦 sorry can’t help at all…


        • Anonymous says:

          I love this couple too! I don’t think people I’ve them enough credit. What about the song “this girl I know” by piggy dolls? I think the lyrics fit SY’s feelings for TB. Or any song about a girl liking the guy but him not liking her. Good luck! And thanks if you actually make this mv!


  12. Ditu3ka says:

    Thank you so much. I really enjoyed these weekend episodes.

    BTW does J still thinks TH is a gay? It would be interesting – I´m falling for a gay man so I should switch to his brother …


  13. Anonymous says:

    I really should not be looking at these posts; I should wait for the episodes to air.

    But I cannot resist!


  14. nonski says:

    TH jealous looks is just mighty priceless!!!

    Thanks for the recaps on ep22 Softy and Fanderay. 🙂


  15. dp says:

    again for you, thanks for the recaps.


  16. YeeKrFan says:

    You gals is NOT aware that Joo Won can sing?!

    OMG he can really sing so well caused he’s a musical actor in the first place. It’s why I watched OB in the first place caused I just loved him as Gu MaJun in Baker King and I’ve been playing that MV to dead everyday now after watching Joo Won – My Love by MaApril Youtube….phew!

    Now I only wish that Joo Won will sing in the OB OST too, I wonder why there is no OST playing in the drama only in the beginning & ending..that’s kinda weird?!


    • Iviih says:

      I know! He can sing! And is so funny!

      He is so cute! hehehehe

      Omooo his voice ❤


    • Lemon says:

      Ditto! Every time I see a new part of the Ojakgyo OST released, I check it hoping it’d be a track by Joo Won. Sadly, nothing so far, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed there’ll eventually be one. 😛


  17. Iviih says:

    Omo, omo, what? Jung Suk Won, The guy that had small roles on Dr. Champ, Midas, Shining Inheritance, will(was?) be cast in Ojakgyo Brothers! But what is more shocking is that he will be UEE’s second guy… the one who will form a three way relationship with Baek Ja-eun and Hwang Tae-hee. I thought it would be TP, but seeing this news, makes me think the writter wants TP and SY’s aunt together…



    • Softy says:

      Even before I clicked on the link I was praying please “don’t be him” … And it is him. Waaahhhhh I rather have TP as the third party – not this guy. 😦
      Seriously can anyone even picture TP with SY’s aunt? Cuz I just can’t.
      Can someone share written preview of E23 in Eng please????
      Also I was watching the drama awards clip when the Kim tak Gu guy Yoon shi yoon won best actor award and even before he spoke, JooWon was bawling more than Yoon. LOL 🙂


      • magicplusfours says:

        Why is having Jang Suk Mon such a bad thing? Is he a bad actor?

        I ask because I watch very few Korean dramas and have no idea who JSK is.

        I pictured TP with SY’s aunt as soon as she appeared since he wasn’t linked with anyone.

        So everyone is kinda linked: TS with MS, TB with SY, TH with J, TP with SY’s aunt, the parents are linked leaving only the grandmother all alone.

        Watch out! We may hear the news that there is a single grandfather waiting in the wings!


      • ck1Oz says:

        Ahhhhhhh…sorry softy.Woot.I like JSW cos he acts and he’s a cutie.Oh you can probably guess I am not that into TP.
        Yee haw 🙂

        Oh come on softy, he’s a ROK Marine and his girlfriend is BJY and they are so sweet together.Oops liked him in Creating Destiny and Dr Champ.


        • Softy says:

          That’s why I didnt want him as J’s love interest cuz he seems so happy in real life with BJY and it will make her jealous to see him acting with a young and pretty girl like Uee dont you think? Also I only saw him in shining inheritance and he hid the little brother for like ten episodes so it made me mad and I was so glad when his character got punched twice by the two leads 🙂 One good thing is he is tall so at least he will fit in with J,TH, and TP’s heights cuz there is nothing worse than a shorter suitor like Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice-it would have been hard to take him seriously if he looked like an ajussi 🙂
          E23 preview has me worried cuz I dont want him to avoid her – really wish he didnt share that secret if it’s about the contract – I want J to stay happy with the mom. Wonder how they resolved it with YS though.


      • rainyrain says:

        softy I also can’t accept SY’s aunt with TP , they can’t much at all and look like a mother and child 😦
        for the new charactere , I never watched any of his dramas but I’m ok for a love triangle , maybe he will be the cause for TH to understand and figure out his true feelings .
        the last sentence in the preview talks about TH revealing the most important secret in his life ( from what I read on soompi ) , maybe he’s going to tell JE about his mum and the fact that TP’s mum is not his real mum .
        I’m also waiting for TB’s ex-girl friend to appear again and be the third person in SY-TB’s love relationship , I’m waiting to see how SY will fight to keep her love/hubby next to her and how she will be heartbroken most of the time and how she will decide to give up on him and just take care of her baby and how he will finally understand that he loves her and no body else ( but then I know I have to watch the remaing 30 epi to see all this )
        Anyway I’m enjoying the drama and started watching it thanks to you softy 🙂
        Thankuuuu for all goodies and the update 🙂


        • Softy says:

          Really? That last part was TH telling J his secret about his real mom? Oh man I would love it if that happened. but the translation made it sound like he was was avoiding J cuz TP told him the truth and TH felt guilty towards J so that was why TH was going to tell J that the mom stole the contract – others were hoping he would confess his feelings for J but I think it might be too soon for him to say that since he is still at the stage where he can’t even stay around her when he is flustered.
          Me too – I sort of think it’s going to be awkward to see TP and Y’s love line, but I will just have to see how they are around each other when they start to have feelings to see if there is any chemistry.
          I am so glad you decided to follow this drama too – I just love how we can all share and enjoy this drama together. 🙂


          • rainyrain says:

            so the secret is about the mum stealing the contract then , wonder how will she react for this news :S
            yes I think it’s still early for TH to confess since he doesn’t even know that he is falling for her and that feeling of not being compftable with TP being so friendly with JE is called jealousy , but the new guy will push for sure to start thinking about his relationship with JE
            I’m also happy for being able to share my enjoy with you all 🙂


        • magicplusfours says:

          I wouldn’t have minded TP with SY’s aunt – viva la the age difference!

          If TH needs a triangle to figure out his feelings, then he shouldn’t be a cop. Anyway, anything diff in the TH-J area would be good – I was getting a little tired of the sappy looks between them.

          I don’t think TB-SY’s story needs a triangle. That would make 2 triangles in 1 drama and that’s no good surely? Also the best part about them is the Taming of the Shrew storyline – both of them are shrews and their trying to tame each other so far has been fun.

          I pity TS: too blind to see a good thing in MS, so greedy for a pretty young thing and then his kid turns up. Yikes! He is the oldest but he is immature. How is he going to handle it?

          Plus I would like to see more of the jolly insurance agent. Reminds me so much of those pushy agents forever trying to sell multiple policies to a person.

          Have an excellent weekend.


      • nonski says:

        eeeeeeeeek, me too, am not into TP-aunt, just doesn’t add up for me. 😦

        about the new guys to complete the love triangle, waaaaah, i guess, it will slow down a bit our wishes to get the two together on top of the fact that TP informing TH of the contract, will be sad episodes for us in the ensuing weeks… huhuhu 😦

        mmmmm, just a thought, i like JooWon better than Yoon shi yoon, he looks like a girl and Baker King is so makjang i can’t stand it.


    • MrBloo says:

      I say bring it on Jung Suk Won. TH was all blinking and frowning when he saw TP and J being friendly during pear picking but what must a jealous TH look like if he sees JSW and J together and there are kissing involved? I am so looking forward to this!


  18. Anonymous says:

    THe written preview for Ep 23 is out!!! Some major developements for TH and JE!! Can’t wait


  19. MrBloo says:

    I actually saw that ‘Happy Together’ episode where Joo Won appeared, it was right about the time when Baker King Kim Tak Gu was airing. I just thought he was cute and while I didn’t watch Baker King all the time, the few times that I did and where Joo Won appeared, I thought he was overdoing the evil acting. And while I love Eugene, I thought she looked too mature compared to Joo Won and didn’t get any chemistry between them.

    Uee appeared sometime this year on ‘Happy Together’ (it was before Ojagkyo Brothers aired) and she was major crushing on Chansung of 2PM (boooo cos I want her to be MAJOR CRUSHING on Joo Won instead!!!). Before Ojagkyo Brothers, I never understood Uee’s appeal, she can’t sing, can’t really dance and always seem to have that weird bored expression on her face when she’s dancing and even when she was on a variety show, she didn’t really stand out.

    But Ojagkyo Brothers changed all that……. now I can’t get enough of both Joo Won and Uee. They have got to be the cutest couple around. And looking at the few bts shots of Uee during the filming of Ojagkyo Brothers, I can see that she has a charm of her own and her interraction with Joo Won is really so sweet.

    I am now fervently hoping that Uee and Joo Won appear on ‘Happy Tegether’. Ojagkyo Brothers is a KBS drama and most of the time, casts of KBS dramas do appear on KBS’s variety show ‘Happy Together’. Please, please, please make this happen!!!


  20. rainyrain says:

    ok someone posted the preview on soompi , it’s from KBS official website , I think u ca, find there the written and the video one , but poor me the video preview didn’t work for me is there any kind soul to post it on youtube ?


  21. Softy says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the preview rainyrain 🙂

    The music is too loud and drowns the dialogue so it’s hard to hear some parts but this is what I got so far…

    Sy finds that photo of H and TB. TB says how he was scared of marriage and SY says she is scared too- it’s not just him that is scared -she will try not to feel hurt

    J gives that thing she made for Th saying it’s for getting his wish and she made it herself-do you like it? Th thanks her and says if it’s not today I dont know when I will have a chance to say this…

    the mom tells the family she is going back to her hometown. GM asks if something happened cuz that’s when the mom goes there -when something happened

    the mom cries at her mother’s grave and says :what did I do to that * “pretty” young girl -mother what do I do to make it better? (* pretty in korean means “good” in this situation and not looks)

    the dad watches his wife cry from a distance


  22. mary1510 says:

    ojakgyo brothers preview ep 23: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PoV29zbFYU


    • rainyrain says:

      softy and mary thankuuuu so much for the translation and the youtube link , eaaagerly waiting for tomoorw’s epi , I think all the TH-JE and SY-TB moments will be very awsome , wonder what will be TB’s reaction when he knows that SY is starting to love ( ok she loves him already but she couldn’t say that ) , is it after he knew that he is going to threw his pic with the ex-girlfriend ?


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