Ojakkyo Brothers E19 and E20

“Daebak” had babies in this episode…mini “daebaks” back to back. I was grinning so much my cheeks are gonna ache till next week. This drama deserves to be number one each weekend – not just saying that because I am so in love with it or there is hardly anything else on that is good lately. OB deserves to be watched simply for being such a great drama. Maybe it’s cuz this love line between J and TH is so slow paced we get to savor each and every scene and learn to appreciate the slower moments and see it for what it really is – sheer bliss. 🙂

*E20 recap is at the bottom of the post

“Translation by Softy, Screenshots by Fanderay”


* when I watched that scene live – in my head I was screaming – “please please just kiss her so it will dispel any silly ideas in her head” but of course, he reacted the way TH would (the “head scratching” confusing kind) I’m not sure if he really set out to make a point or to test if she has feelings for him. Either way I love this scene.

**TH’s age finally came out. He is 30. In real life Joowon was born in 87 and Uee 88 so they are only a year apart. No wonder it sounded funny for her to call him ajussi all the time, but I guess in the drama since they have a 6 yr gap that is less ridiculous. J’s age already came out in previous episodes and she is 24.

Got sidetracked by YAI 🙂

Style magazine was just on tv and the actress who played MS on CYHMH is hosting it.

There was an interview with YAI on it just now called “Behind Style”  Took down some quick translations. For his role as a high school student in his new movie – he wasn’t trying to look good in a high school uniform – he was trying his best to look natural ( like any other kid in uniform). YAI: SKKS helped me shed my baby faced image.  He likes wearing black a lot – but he likes to add a “point” to it (Korean way of saying one thing to make it stand out like a bit of color somewhere or some accessory) For some awards event he wore a T-shirt with the word “Sex (not sure if the letter was a “d” next to it) all over the front of the shirt and he wore it for fun cuz it’s missing the “y” for “sexy”. He says he wears sweats (“training”) outside sometimes.  These days he wears lots of hats – to look cute – goes shopping a lot. The interviewer knew the shop he frequently shops at so he asks how she knew that. That shop belongs to his friend so he goes there often. He says fashion is what he uses to make his character. Not sure if he meant acting or fashion role model but he picked Lee Jung Jae. he thinks it’s important to have fun with clothes.


* I just want to clarify that since SY is trying to remember to speak politely to TB, she says stuff and adds “yo” at the end of it as an afterthought cuz she forgets. In Korean, adding “yo” at the end makes it sound like formal speech (cheondanmal). So after I translate her lines, when I add “yo” it’s not to make her sound like she is rapping or anything.



TS is still reeling from the shock after reading Angelica’s email and discovering he has a son.

SY and TB walk out with the other two coworkers. SY says they worked hard and thanks them for helping out with the urgent situation today. They say you worked hard and see you tm to SY. The guy asks if TB isn’t going with them so TB tells them to go ahead first. SY: we should go. TB: we should go. He takes her bag for her and says let’s go.

They go to their new home. SY: how is it (yo)? TB: it’s nice. SY: that’s good. To be honest I was too busy so my mom prepared it. Today is the first time I am looking at it properly. She points out where the bedroom is, the office, and how the last room is too small so her mom said use it as a dressing room. You can organize your clothes there. mom left two drawers and one closet empty for you. do you want to do it now – should I help you? TB says it’s ok – I will do it alone later. SY: ok then. Do you want something to drink? TB: no – you should wash first since you must be tired.  SY: me first? You can do it first. TB: you do it first and during that time I will put my clothes in order. SY: ok then. She goes in the room. TB sighs outside and SY sighs inside. She gives herself a pep talk and tells herself she is doing well – if something she wants happens she has to go for it –“that’s right – you are a really good woman – you don’t put on airs but you are a good(woman)”

The mom is in the attic room drinking soju alone while looking thru baby pics of her sons. J comes up and asks if the mom was drinking alone. Mom asks why J came in without permission. J: before I sleep I wanted to see the sick kids (ducklings) so I came up for a minute – to give them water and food. Mom remarks how diligent J is – taking care of the sick kids- hurry and feed them. J looks at the ducklings and says “you guys are almost all well.” J tells that to the mom (that the ducks are better) The mom is looking intently at the photos. J: why are you drinking alone? Whose album is that? Mom doesn’t reply so J asks again – Whose album is that? Mom says how J talks a lot. If you are done feeding them hurry and go out. The mom is about to pour another glass of soju so J offers to do it for her. J looks at the album and says it’s the second ajussi. When he was younger he was pretty looking. Mom: isn’t he still? He is even better looking now. J: are you like this cuz you are sad after getting the second ajussi married off? The mom agrees and says yes it is making me sad – we rushed thru the wedding –even up to yesterday I wasn’t thinking of anything. (the mom starts to talk about TB and what he means to her) That kid is like a pillar of support to me –he is like a pillar of support and also a kid who is like a hill that I can hide behind when harsh winds blow in the middle of a storm, he is a child who is like a ray of sunlight in the summer. When he was younger, his dad caused trouble with money and we really sat on the street living off of eating kimchi with water. once a month, this kid would get 100% marks on his report cards and when I saw that I was invigorated – my shoulders would relax. J: second ajussi studied that well? Mom: of course he did well – is studying all he did well- when he was younger – he sang – did art –there was nothing he couldn’t do. If he had just met the right parents who could have supported him –he would have been able to live well in that wide world. It’s cuz we didn’t support him well. J: ajussi comes out on tv every day and talks a lot in front of this wide world. Mom: “talks a lot?” (in korean that phrase sounds like he is babbling so it doesn’t sound nice) J grins sheepishly and says: I just mean that you did a good job supporting him. I’m not just saying this – these days who in this world is like you –a diligent mom and daughter in law- there aren’t that many. Mom doesn’t believe her and tells her to “talk with spit on your lips” =Korean phrase meaning “don’t talk so glib (insincere).” J: I really meant it. She sips the duck’s water to empty the cup and asks for some soju.  J: please give me a cup too ajumma – I had a really upsetting thing happen too. Mom: you young thing – what could be so upsetting? She pours and asks :what upset you? J: I am not young. J drinks and makes a face. J: I saw my step mom. mom: the one who threw you away and ran off – that last 3rd step mom? J: you know that too – that my dad married a few times. Yes that step mom. mom: isn’t she the one who abandoned you and ran off –why is that (running into her) upsetting. J: still she was the one who lived with me the longest- cuz we lived 5 yrs (together). The first and second step moms didn’t last even a year and broke up with my dad and the mom who gave birth to me – my real mom passed away before my 200th day (when J was 2) so I must have gotten close to her (had affection for the step mom) She was suffering living alone in a study room. It turned out well since she betrayed my dad and me and left. She is getting her punishment. Mom: so you don’t remember seeing your birth mother? J nods yes – I don’t remember her. the mom gives her a pity look. J: you don’t have to look at me like that – since I don’t remember her – wanting to see her and  missing her – I don’t have stuff like that. Mom: you sure are good at lying. Why wouldn’t you want to see her and miss her? when that’s what bloodline is. Even if you didnt’t see her face –she had you in her stomach for ten months –with that one truth –for the rest of your life it’s caught in your heart and it wont be pulled out – that is what bloodline is. I had a daughter too – I didn’t even get to see her face but after TP- he had a younger sibling. For ten months I had her in my stomach – I almost died suffering to give birth to her but they said she was stillborn. After I had the baby, since I woke up after she died I didn’t even get to see her face –I found out then 3 days later that she was a daughter – back then this heart felt like it was being pierced. J cries. Mom: even when I think about it now – back then why wasn’t I able to protect her and sent her off – it’s still so devastating –your mom would have done that too- your birth mother after having you and leaving you behind –it would have been really hard for her to close her eyes – she probably couldn’t close her eyes. J cries more. Mom: who your mom loved the most in this world is you –that I can vouch for. You shouldn’t forget that – she loved you more than heaven and earth. J: will she really have done that? Mom: I can guarantee that. J wipes her tears and asks: ajumma if that baby had lived how old would she be now? Would she be around my age? The mom thinks and says: she would have been a year or two older than you…but why are you asking that? J: just….ajumma – cant I be your daughter? Mom: why would you be my daughter? J: just cuz …you don’t have a daughter and since I don’t have a mom. I am saying this earnestly and it has nothing to do with the farm – you probably don’t believe it but it’s true. J looks at her with hope in her eyes but the mom says no – she doesn’t like insincere talk and she is having a hard enough time with the kids she has now. For something like that go somewhere else to look into it. She tells J to take a drink and pours another cup for J.  J thanks her and they cheer and drink. you can hear them giggling.

* omg this scene was emotionally heartbreaking – made me bawl thru it like twice. They both allowed themselves to be so vulnerable and you could actually see how close they got thru their tears. I love this drama for having scenes like this.

SY is sitting on the couch and TB comes out after his shower. He walks over and clears his throat. She stands and asks if he is done. TB: yes. SY: want a glass of wine? TB looks towards the dining table and notices what she had set up. TB: but you cant drink (alcohol). SY: it’s for you to drink. I will match the ambience/mood while drinking water. TB says he doesn’t feel like it and walks to the kitchen. She guesses he wants water and offers the glass she had ready for him in front of her. he thanks her and drinks. She sits. He sits next to her on the couch. She asks if he wants to watch tv and turns it on. SY: do you want to see something else. TB: it’s ok just watch what you want. SY: I don’t really like this too. She turns it off. They both drink water. SY: what time was the meeting tm? TB: at 8am. SY: then we should sleep – aren’t you tired? TB: I am tired. SY mentions how they were busy from morning going here and there. TB: then go in and sleep first cuz I am not sleepy yet. SY: ok then. She starts to walk away but turns and asks him to go in with her.  if we are like this from our first night then from here on we might keep being like this so…just as much as you – I feel uncomfortable and awkward too so let’s go in together. TB looks a little scared

They are both lying in bed side by side wide awake. It’s midnight. They roll on their sides and shift positions but neither one is sleeping yet. It’s almost one and the clock is audibly ticking away. SY sits up and says this isn’t working – they will both end up staying up all night if they keep this up. She offers to go out and sleep. TB gets up and says he will go out and she should sleep here. He takes a pillow and tells her to sleep. She says wait a minute and gives him a blanket saying since these days the weather is chilly he will catch a cold if he sleeps without one. He takes it and thanks her. she waves at him to sleep well and he waves back and says sleep well too.

she sleeps in the room and he sleeps on the sofa.

TS is in a corner of his room. he suddenly gets up and looks thru his planner for Angelica’s number but he cant find one and gets frustrated

The mom yawns and comes outside. J is sitting there on the front porch dozing off and waiting. J gets up and asks if the mom slept well. Mom: you woke up? I wasn’t going to wake you today since you slept late yesterday cuz you were drinking. J: you slept late with me and still woke up so how could I be rude and sleep. Do your insides feel ok? Mom: not really cuz I drank alcohol straight without any appetizers so my insides don’t feel so great. How about you? J: since I am young I am ok. Mom walks away muttering: must be nice cuz you are young.

The mom examines the leaves on the pear trees and determines the plant disease has gone away. J says it looks like they caught it (cured it) and it isn’t spreading anymore and the leaves look clean. The mom says it looks like it – they totally caught it. J says how clean it is and they did catch it (stop it from spreading) they jump up and down with joy and sort of hug. the mom pulls away and asks why she is like that suddenly-acting like they are close. the mom keeps grinning.

SY’s mom goes into SY’s new home. She sees TB sleeping on the sofa and his robe has shifted so she averts her eyes and throws a blanket to cover his bottom region. She runs back into the kitchen and wonders aloud – why is he sleeping in the living room – did the two of them fight?

TB wakes up cuz of the alarm in the other room. He starts to walk to the bathroom when SY comes out of the room. He asks who she is cuz she looks so different. SY: it’s me – at home I get comfortable. He stares at her ponytail clump of hair and harry potter glasses. She covers her face and says she will wash up first and runs to the bathroom. TB: yaaaah – no matter how much she wants to be comfortable – she changes her appearance when she doesn’t wear makeup. He goes to the kitchen and notices the table set up with food and flowers. He smiles and looks at all the food that has been prepared. Then he notices the note. SY’s mom: have a delicious breakfast go to work well. Also hwang suhbang (what you call a son in law) –since you will catch cold – make sure to wear clothes and sleep. TB gets furious and knocks on the bathroom and tells SY to come out for a minute. SY: are you in a hurry? He holds out the post it and asks how she is going to explain this. SY: what is it? She reads the note. She runs to the kitchen and realizes what her mom did. SY: I am sorry – by any chance did you sleep totally naked? TB: is that important now? How are you going to explain this emergency situation. He points to the food on the table. SY explains how she clearly told her mom not to come and go as she pleases and call before she comes. TB: you told her but on the morning after the first night this sort of thing happens? You think this situation makes sense? Sy gets flustered and says this shouldn’t have happened that her mom went overboard and that TB has every right to be angry

TB is busy changing the number on their house code. SY is worried they will be late. TB: there is nothing more urgent or important than this. The secret number will be the date we had our office gathering when we first – he was going to say “slept together” but doesn’t finish his sentence. He just ends with telling her not to tell this number to her mom no matter what. he finishes setting the code. She pushes him and tells him to hurry and go.

The family is gathered for breakfast. GM asks if anyone drank alcohol cuz of the soup that the mom prepared (it’s good for hangovers) mom says how there wasn’t anything to make and the dad said he wanted to eat this. GM says how she doesn’t like it but the dad must like it. Dad says he likes it cuz it’s refreshing. Just be patient today and enjoy it. GM says ok. TP counts the bowls and says there are 6 bowls of soup already but the door opens and J comes in. J asks if everyone slept well. Dad looks around and the bowls and smiles and says : so this is yours. Good to see you –have a seat. J bows and says ok ajussi. She sits next to the mom. J asks if the GM slept well and says hi to each son. “big (oldest) ajussi (TS)” then “youngest (maknae) oppa” (TP) then “ajussi” (TH). TP asks his mom is this is going to be a normal thing (J eating with them)  but the mom says “no- just for today.” J repeats it and says it’s just for today cuz yesterday ajumma and I had some alcohol in the attic room. Everyone is surprised and GM says “alcohol?” dad asks the mom if she drank with J. the mom starts to lie and says no – they just had a little bit of maeshil ( a fruit drink) but J stops her and says “we drank soju ajumma” J announces proudly-“without any appetizers – straight soju” GM: straight soju? Mom tries to deny it and glares at J. GM calls her out for saying the dad wanted to eat this soup. J to the mom: why ajumma? What’s wrong with drinking alcohol? Say it confidently – I drank straight soju – you have plenty of right to do that. Mom shushes her and tells her to be quiet. The mom tells GM to start eating and tells the rest of the family too. TP, TH, and the dad all grin while GM clears her throat. Gm tells everyone to eat. She asks if TB called and the mom says yes –he arrived safely and was able to do the program well and went to the new home. GM: not that we sent TB off now it’s the first born’s son’s turn now. They all look at TS. GM asks why he looks like that. (he hasn’t shaved and looks haggard) The dad remarks how TS isn’t eating well. TS: it’s just cuz I didn’t sleep well yesterday and I am tired. Mom: when is YJ coming to see us? Dad and GM all like her. TH: everyone met her? I haven’t seen her. TP starts to say “you” in a rude informal way so the dad gives him a scary look so TP changes it to “hyung have you ever properly joined a family event –how could you be late on a day like yesterday? When it’s younger hyung’s wedding day – the only one in his lifetime. “ mom says to TH: that’s right – I was sad that you weren’t there and you weren’t able to take the family photo. GM bellows in his defense: was TH late cuz he was playing? He was late cuz he was putting away bad guys. Also did the wedding ceremony go off properly? She mutters how they ran off without ending it. Don’t just say something to TH – the biggest problem was TB. TH eats faster out of guilt. TS is still in his trance.

TS goes to see his friend. The guy asks: what? Angelica had your son? TS: yes so I am asking if you know Angelica’s contact number. Guy: that is something else –without a word for 9 yrs…so does that mean she raised him alone? What is she saying now after all that time. TS: she said she is just informing me. Do you have Angelica’s number or not? Guy: why so you can call her? if you do this and get caught the wrong way your life is going to be messed up. TS yells: be quiet punk –do you have angelica’s number or not? how can I just stand by (doing nothing) like this? Guy: ok why get angry- I don’t have her contact info now either but my hyung is still in the Philippines so I will ask him to find it out. TS: try to find out as quickly as possible then

* I don’t get why TS cant just email the woman back and ask her for a contact number – wouldnt that be quicker?

On his way out TS gets a call from YJ and realizes he was supposed to meet her today. he apologizes and promises to go right away.  she tells him to come slowly and she will look around while waiting.

While looking around the main entrance to the farm, Y gets a call. She thought it was TS but it’s from a loan collector. YJ: I clearly asked for a few months time. I know I have to pay back the loan but I am on the verge of getting married. So please wait a little bit longer. Yes. I will ask as a favor. After hanging up YJ sighs and turns and comes face to face with MS who overheard. YJ is visibly startled but says hello. MS: do you have debts? Cuz of that debt are you trying to marry TS? YJ: must I answer that? MS: no if you don’t want to respond then don’t do it. YJ: it’s not just cuz of the debt – I don’t know why I have to tell you this but it’s true that I was drawn to the fact that TS was the first born of a farm (so that means he would inherit it)  but the more I met him the more I liked how nice he was –so without any reservations I decided to marry him. So it’s not like what you think –I am not just marrying cuz of my debts. MS: really? Then it’s ok for me to tell TS? YJ: look here MS shi. MS: I don’t want to lecture you – you could have debts –you could also get married just looking at the fact that he is the firstborn (and likely to inherit) –since it’s just one of many things ppl look at when they get married like looks or personality – just for that I don’t want to judge you but the fact that the other person is TS is bugging me. Like you said TS is a nice and warm person –he doesn’t know that he should take care of himself and is busy taking care of others and doesn’t know how to hate others. I don’t want that kind of TS to get hurt. Also it’s true that he is the firstborn but the parents and TS I know would not hand over the farm and have no intention of selling it either. But if they find out later you have debts.. YJ interrupts. I know what you are trying to say but…MS interrupts: if you know then tell him before you get married and don’t deceive him anymore. YJ: MS-shi you like TS-shi don’t you. MS: what? YJ: if by some chance it’s revealed what is going on between us –it won’t turn out the way you want. So stop interfering between TS and me. Anyway thanks for the advice. YJ turns around. MS throws a bag of trash at her head. YJ: what are you doing now? MS lies: sorry my hands got slippery. She turns to leave and gets a trash bag thrown at her head. YJ lies: omo sorry –cuz the wind was blowing. MS and YJ face off and start hitting each other with the trash bags. MS: you’re dead.

TS pulls up in a cab and watches both women fighting. TS gets out of the car and yells out YJ’s name. YJ stops fighting and gets hit by MS’s trash bag. TS runs over yelling: ya Kim MS are you crazy? He gets to YJ and asks if she is ok – are you not hurt? YJ: yes I am sorry TS-shi for showing you this side. YJ lies that she had a trivial dispute with MS. MS retorts that it wasn’t a petty dispute. TS reaches over and grabs the trash bag out of MS’s hands and throws it on the ground in anger. TS yells: stop it kim ms – it wasn’t enough that you are rude to me and now you bother YJ shi too?  Are you a bully? Who are you to hit someone? Cant you understand what a person said? If I told you like that you should have understood –how much longer are you going to make a person feel worn out, tiresome (annoyed), and be so sick of this? Without you, I am having enough of a hard time. I am going to go crazy enough so please just stop. Just stop it kim ms. MS: ok I got it. She says sorry to YJ and leaves

MS goes to work and other workers call her “small owner” cuz she is next in charge after the owner. She gives the women instructions to make sure everything is in order cuz today there is some teams coming in and they wont have time to clean up during the middle of business hours.  The duck restaurant owner comes in and asks what MS was thinking so hard about not to hear him calling her. he tells her to sit and she says they have to hurry cuz those teams are coming today. He says that isn’t important and asks if she lied about having a guy. Cuz she didn’t want to go on a blind date – did she make that up. Since she isn’t answering it must be true what he is saying. He tells her not to be like that and that a really good blind date came up. Are you really going to live alone and die? Are you really ok with that? MS: ok I will go on the date – what kind of person is he?

TH pulls up to work and puts the ledger in the glove department of his car. Inside D is looking for TH. D pulls him aside. TH: why are you like this? D: I couldn’t sleep a wink last night –my heart was so uneasy I thought I would die. What are you going to do about the ledger – are you going to reveal it? If it’s revealed the chief of police was bribed it will be the end of him. Whether it’s the end or not for hm – we still need to reveal the truth right? TH: for now keep your mouth shut and just don’t do anything. I will handle it – leave it up to me. D: yes I understand.

The chief of police finds out that the criminal with the ledger was caught by TH -he asks about the ledger and learns TH has it. Just then TH walks into the office. TH asks if the chief has some time cuz he has something to tell him. The chief says to sit and talk. Chief: what’s it about? TH: do you by any chance know when the first time I met you was? When I first started the police academy, I heard your lecture. Back then you said we had to become the nation’s police. (I don’t know the exact words but it was basically about not losing your way *and becoming corrupt* -for the sake of the nation become an upstanding officer and always keep your shoulders straight knowing that you are ethical)  You said that – do you remember? Starting from then I wanted to sincerely become that kind of policeman. Once in a while when I wavered in my resolve – your words about being the nation’s police –like a flame in my heart that wouldn’t go out –until now it guided me. You were that kind of role model to me. Chief says that speech was kind of long – so what is it that you want to say to me? TH says how he saw the chief’s name in the ledger. I am not curious about the reason or circumstance –I wont even ask anything else- even if I heard what you had to say I wont be able to understand it and I wont be able to forgive. to the chief I have known for the past ten years -all I want to do is give you a last chance to admit on your own. Admit this on your own and reveal it and accept the punishment. The chief starts to stammer out a reason saying “the truth is” but TH stands and repeats: I said I wouldn’t listen to what you had to say. If you don’t reveal it then I will reveal it. Chief begs for a few days time. my wife’s heart is weak. TH gives him till 9 am the day after tomorrow. ( I have a feeling the chief will try to steal that ledger before then cuz it’s the only hard evidence TH has against the chief)

GM, J,and the mom are cutting up dried red peppers to make into paste or pepper flakes. GM asks when TS’s girlfriend is coming and the mom says this weekend. GM mutters that this time it has to work out and the mom says this time it’s for real – that they saw at the wedding how much TS and YJ liked each other. GM asks if there is no news about TH. Mom: since the day he was born till now for 30 yrs, there isn’t any news. J hears that and asks: about what ajumma? GM: why is this brat curious so much? J pouts. The mom smiles and defends J to the GM: it’s cuz she is young. Since she is young she has a lot that she is curious about. The mom explains to J: we were saying that TH has never dated a girl even once. J: is that true? Mom: he never did. he has never brought anyone home. GM: what do you mean he hasnt brought anyone home – he hasn’t even mentioned a girl. J says incredulously: is that true? GM: that’s what I said. Why do you think I even went so far as to think that maybe he likes men. Mom: mother that’s not it. GM: it isn’t right? Mom laughs. GM mutters: but then why with a good looking face does he still not have a girl.  J remembers and says: before the delivery comes I have to go somewhere and come back. Mom: what delivery? J smiles and shakes her head: it’s nothing. Ajumma I will be gone for a short time to buy a sketchbook so make sure you do the (something) chore with me. J stands up to go but turns around and asks: GM- should “this brat” buy you some sweet bean buns? You like sweet bean bread. Since I don’t have money I cant buy a lot so I will buy you two. J runs inside her tent. GM asks the mom: how did she know I liked sweet bean buns? Mom laughs and says: the more you see her she is loveable –the way she acts is loveable and her face is pretty –I thought she would quit working on the farm after a day but for a month every day she worked very hard –she also worries about the ducks more than me. Even though she grew up without a mother- president Baek In Ho raised the kid well so that there is nothing lacking with her manners. GM gives her a sly look so the mom asks why. GM: if you keep this up pretty soon you will end up putting that girl in the attic room (to stay there) mom: I think I have to do that –the weather is getting cold and I cant continue to leave a girl (living) on the yard

J goes inside the bakery and gets two buns and goes to the cashier to pay and TH is already there. J: ajussi. He looks down at her tray. J: to buy for GM. How about you ajussi? TH: me too. I came to buy this. J: ahhh. TH: should I buy you coffee? J: I am not a moocher who always receives without a reason. Just lend me $3.80. it’s cuz I only have enough money to buy the bread right now. I will pay you back later so loan it to me. TH has already taken out the money. he pays for the bread and puts J’s money on the counter. TH: come out after you buy it – will wait in the car. J holds up the money: I said I only needed $3.80. TH: did anyone say keep the change? Bring the change with you. J scowls and then smiles looking at the money.

While waiting on J, TH looks thru that ledger (the one that has the police chief’s name on it) He had it in the glove department before but puts it aside to his door pocket when she gets in. He is just about to put on his seatbelt when he notices her staring at him. TH: why? J gets serious and says “ajussi I like guys.” He lets go of the seatbelt and keeps looking at her quizzically. J: by any chance do you like guys too? TH frowns and says: what? J puts her coffee down and says: I am open minded and will keep your secret for sure so don’t worry – you can tell me everything and get everything off your chest. By any chance do you like guys? TH: put your seatbelt on. J stops him from putting his on. J: wait a minute – GM and ajumma are really concerned –that you might have different taste than others. Heard you haven’t dated a single girl till now – do you really not have any or did you date but just didn’t tell anyone at home? TH takes a deep breath and tries not to roll his eyes. J continues: If you didn’t tell anyone at home –you should tell them now. If you never had any then I think you need to think about what your tastes are – first if you look at a pretty girl like me and don’t feel anything at all –then it means it’s really serious ajussi. TH just stares at her with a blank look. J: How is it? Do you not feel anything looking at a girl like me? TH just blinks and stares at her. J: you don’t feel anything huh? This is really serious. Suddenly TH leans in like he is going to kiss her so she leans all the way back –up against the door. He doesn’t kiss her but just leans in so close their faces are like an inch away from each other. He just keeps looking at her while her heart starts to beat fast. He finally speaks and says casually “stop playing (kidding) around.” J nods her head and can barely say “yes.” TH goes back to his side of the seat and puts his seatbelt on. He looks over at her and she is still in the same position. TH: what are you doing? Put your seatbelt on. She is the only one who looks flustered and affected by the close contact.

SY calls her mom and lectures her for coming early this morning and making breakfast. If you ask ppl about what you did mom what do you think they would say? Everyone would say you were in the wrong and there is no one who would say you did well – mom I don’t live with you anymore – I have a separate family with him. Don’t worry- I wont starve. Her mom yells: how can I not worry? Have a child and raise it and you’ll see it. Are you going to keep hurting your mom’s feelings? What did reporter Hwang say for you to – ok I got it! Hang up. The mom mutters and calls her a bad girl.

SY’s mom asks when Y is going back to america. Y says she isnt going to go and that she is planning to start a business. Y confesses to SY’s mom that Y signed a contract for that outerwear store. SY’s parents go with Y to check out the store. the dad learns from his friend’s younger sibling that this store has the worst business out of the entire chain of stores. Y insists she came here twice and saw lots of customers. she tries to call her friend who sold her the store but that friend changed her phone number already

The mini dishwasher gets delivered and they find out it was ordered by J. GM mutters the world is better cuz now machines do the dishes. like the washing machine does the laundry this machine washes the dishes. TP: you are right GM – our GM is so great at understanding quickly. dad tells the mom to try it out. she asks why they accepted the delivery – who is going to like it. dad says just cuz she is like this – how could they return what has been delivered. GM has to go somewhere so dad takes her. GM says to the mom – must be nice -it wasnt enough that your husband and children take care of you now some girl that rolled into your life is doing stuff like this for your sake. I envy you.

The mom is alone and learning how to close and open it and starts to wipe it down. J comes in and comes over. J: it arrived. ajumma you like my present don’t you? mom: who is going to like it for you to do something like this. J: the minute I saw this I thought of you. you don’t like it? Mom: what money do you have to buy something so lavish? After working you still haven’t come to your senses? Are you in a position where you should be spending money just anywhere? J: it’s not just anywhere –it’s your present. I bought it with a big heart – cuz you have so much work – I wanted you to at least have dishes taken care of. Mom:who told you to worry about stuff like that? J: from what I can see you work too much –by yourself you cook- do laundry –clean and of course dishes-work on the farm – raise the ducks –but none of the family members help you out –ajussi works on the farm with you but you have to come here and do housework too –it’s so unfair and I felt so bad for you so I wanted to at least cheer you up a little bit. Mom is moved by the gesture and starts to cry. J: you really don’t like it? Mom: what are you going to do if your heart is so weak? How are you going to live in this world? You are alone now – you have to be strong and be determined (resolute)-till the end you have to come after me and hate me. J sort of smirks cuz she could never do that. Mom: don’t smile –  you better not do something like this again or I wont leave you alone.  Mom leaves the kitchen.

The mom goes in the room and takes out the contract and rolls around the floor with it – saying over and over “now what do I do – mother what do I do” cuz now the mom is feeling major guilt for stealing that from J. that is when TP opens the door and sees the contract in his mom’s hand.



Ack! Of course it had to be TP who discovered the mom with the contract.  He is the most selfish of the sons and if he talks to his mom about it I feel pretty certain that he will try to convince her to keep the contract hidden.  I’m a bit worried that he may even steal it from her since she is close to her breaking point and may confess soon.

I’m not sure what to make out of the scene in the car with TH and J.  What was his goal?  Doesn’t leaning in like that while staying completely calm make him seem more likely to be gay? Was he planning to kiss her and then wussed out?  Was he trying to mess with her to get her to shut up?  Or was he teaching her a lesson because she was bragging about what an effect she has on men, and he wanted to prove that he is the one who has an effect on her?  So many options, and of course he is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve.  It’s sort of funny that he’s usually so uncomfortable around her (like in the coffee shop or when she tied his tie) but that he managed to pull it together to lean in like that.  Regardless of his intentions, I bet he was freaking out inside!

SY and TB seem to be getting closer, even though it’s in a “lets hide our marriage and deal with the MiL together” kind of way.  I’m guessing that in the midst of all the bickering and shared drama they will gradually care more and more for each other, although they probably won’t realize it until they’ve been separated or are faced with a big decision (especially TB).  I’m glad he got to see SY in her Harry Potter glasses.  Hopefully if he gets to see her other side more he will realize that she isn’t just a cold and clinical person.

I hope that TS’s story-line starts to really pick up now that it has some momentum.  I’ve been waiting for his relationship to fall apart ever since YJ pretended to start liking him after she found out about the farm, and it’s taking a long time ! Hopefully the Phillipines kid will enter the picture soon.  Mostly I’m just hoping for more TH and J, or even just more J!  All her scenes with the mom are great, and I’d like to see her winning over some other family members, like TP or the grandma.  It could be trouble if TP and TH fall for her at the same time though…and it seems possible!  Oooh, that would be fun 🙂



Part of me that watches too many action movies is wishing for some more thrilling scenes. Like those debt collectors looking for J could chase after her so TH saves her and goes on the run with her.  They need some lengthy alone time if you ask me to really bond and confirm their feelings. Since this is a family drama the chance of an action scene with J and TH coming true is like 0% but a girl can dream.

I love how the mom is literally rolling around the floor with guilt. I was so afraid J would walk in and see her with the contract, but of course it had to be her youngest son. Sooner or later I knew the mom’s conscience would be chipped away by J’s generosity and kindness and now it has finally melted the cold façade the mom put up against J. Pretty soon if anything bad happens to J, I am afraid the mom will take it harder than anyone else when J gets in trouble with those loan sharks or her dad’s employee comes back and takes the farm away from all of them. I am pretty sure that J has changed so much that she would never dream of taking this farm away from the mom anymore even if she got that contract back. More than likely J would be willing to share it so when those other people come for the farm, J is not going to back down so easily since she feels invested in this farm now and the family along with it.

As for MS – finally her petty jealousy came in handy today cuz she bothered to eavesdrop on YJ’s conversation and discovered something juicy. I really hope MS doesn’t keep this from TS and at least tries to warn him, but knowing how petty she has been so far, she might think he had this coming. A true friend would put aside her hurt feelings and give him fair warning about YJ, but MS never saw him as a friend so I guess she might react like a spurned woman. Come to think of it, if YJ finds out about the son, debt or no debt she is not going to marry TS anyway. And if she still agrees to, then TS will start to have suspicions too cuz hardly any young korean woman would be willing to start off a marriage with a child in tow.



TP goes to his room and remembers all the time his mom was mean to J and how she kept denying she took the contract. He cant believe his mom did that.

J is in her tent and remembers how close TH leaned in. her heart starts to beat audibly.

she hears someone leaving. she unzips her tent and looks out. she waves at TP and calls out “maknae oppa-are you going somewhere? did you have dinner? did ajumma try out the dishwasher yet? does ajumma like it?” but he ignores her and keeps walking. J pouts and mutters – a person is asking and he doesnt even answer – out of all the brothers here- that maknae is the biggest problem cuz his mood is so erratic he is like a roller coaster – if he is in a good mood he gives rides – and when he is in a bad mood when you talk to him there is no response. J looks over to the house. I wonder if she tried using the washer – I wanted to see her be happy. She tries to talk to the dog asking if he ate dinner but the dog ignores her too. J: you don’t respond either huh?

Y calls her other friend and tries to get that store owner friend’s number. The dad tells her to ask if they know the woman’s home number but no one knows it. Y wonders if some problem occurred cuz why would she change her number. the mom says you still cant figure it out? that friend deceived you and changed her number. Y insists that friend isn’t that kind of person – how nice she is. The mom gets upset cuz this isn’t the first time Y has been deceived in business deals. Is there one who isnt nice and good to you -out of all the ppl who deceived you – were there any that wasnt nice and good? this is why I told you you cant do business. you trust people too easily and get duped at every turn I told you you cant do business. the dad tells his wife to sit and talk. but she keeps yelling at Y: how many times has this happened already? after getting divorced – for the last 5 yrs you kept trying to do business and failing – how many times has this happened. you have no skills at making money and are only skilled at losing money – you still dont get that? if you werent able to get alimony and just rashly get divorced suddenly then you should have taken better care of the inheritance from your parents -how much longer are you going to do this? the dad says to sit and talk but the mom says no. She tells Y to go up right now and pack her bags and go back to school and get on the first plane tm morning. The store your brother in law will take care of it and settle it so you just go back. Go back and graduate no matter what. Y: unni (older sister) I don’t want to I cant – I don’t want to do that – I wont go to America. Mom: what? You don’t want to you cant? Then should I pack for you? Y: unni please I don’t want to live there being lonely anymore. Mom: if you don’t want to then what are you going to do? Even if you don’t want to do it –who in this world lives doing only what they want to do. Y: unni if you are ashamed of me I will live outside (separately). All you have to do is not tell people around you shameful things about me. Dad says to Y: what are you talking about – unni isn’t like this cuz of that. Y says to him: no – I understand unni – she could be ashamed of a younger sister who divorced. I understand that. Mom: you say you understand and act like this? If you understood you shouldn’t have even come back to Korea. Y: unni. Mom: you think I am like this cuz I am ashamed of you? even tho my one and only younger sister got divorced –do I look like I am sending you off cuz I care about what others think? If you really thought of me as your older sister –not just in words “in place of your mom” but if you really thought that I raised you in place of a mother – how could you not discuss even one word and get divorced first and hide out for over a year? How could you not let me know that major news and when I went to your in laws- make me hear it from them? I still cant forgive you – the affection I gave you – you think it’s not as much as SY’s? even thought I raised SY by holding her in my arms, I raised you by piggy backing you. when I did that – how did you treat me? Letting your hair down and saying you are all grown up – you get divorced first –even after you got divorced – have you ever listened to me properly- or even acted like you heard? Y and the mom both cry

TB and coworker guy are having coffee. The guy says how the other team is working all night today but we don’t do enough. TB points out just cuz you stay up working all night doesn’t mean a good article will come out. The guy says their boss is watching them so they need to at least look like they are making an effort. He says to look at how Cha team leader is already leaving work. It seems like these days her attention is elsewhere. The guy hints something smells fishy so TB tells him not to talk nonsense. TB gets a text from SY – you are coming home early today right? I will prepare dinner – let’s eat together (yo). The guy tries to see the text so TB hides it from him yelling why is he trying to see other’s texts.

He goes home and it’s messy. Everything she prepared is instant food even the rice. He watches her get dinner ready. She turns and notices him. SY: you came (yo) –you haven’t eaten dinner yet right? I’m not good at cooking but I made some stuff. Have a seat. He says he will go wash his hands and come back. SY: all I have to do is ladle out the soup so hurry and wash and come back (yo). When he comes to the table she invites him to sit. He tells her to sit. she said she prepared this and that cuz she didn’t know what he liked. He says there is a lot of this and that. He doesn’t like the taste of it and barely eats. He asks if she told her mom (about not coming over). SY: I clearly told her (yo) since I was so surprised and taken back – how it must have been for you- what happened today wont be repeated – I will sincerely apologize again (yo). He says ok and tells her to eat too. She asks how he thinks about changing how they address each other cuz it doesn’t feel good to call each other team leader and reporter Hwang cuz it feels like they are working at home. He agrees so she calls him TB shi. She asks if he wants to take a walk after dinner. He agrees to it. She thanks him and feeds him.

TB notices clothes and new  underwear he didn’t buy and asks if SY touched his stuff. SY: why would I touch this when it’s your underwear. There is no way my mom changed it right? She didn’t right? He takes it over to SY’s mom. dad asks what is going on – what is with the drawer. The mom asks why it’s not nicely folded. It was so hard for me to organize this. SY says “mom” in a frustrated way. TB asks the mom if she touched his drawer. Mom: cuz the both of you are busy I thought you wouldn’t be able to clean properly I went to go clean behind your backs. After organizing SY’s drawers, I felt sorry for just cleaning my daughter’s and leaving so I organized yours too.  So is that something to be so angry about that you would bring a drawer this late at night and barge in? TB:yes it is – no matter how much I want to understand but I cant –no matter how much I wanted to hold it in – I was too angry so I couldn’t hold it in.  coming in early in the morning to our house without us knowing – up to that I held it in. sleeping in just my underwear when you came in early in the morning, it felt like an intrusion. the dad asks if his wife did that. TB: up to that I held it in. but this I cant put up with. How could you – without a word to me – go through my drawers and get rid of my underwear. Dad asks his wife- you got rid of Hwang (son in law’s) underwear?   Mom says she did it cuz they were too tattered and she felt bad. The dad cant believe it and says “honey” but TB says “even if they were tattered and old- it’s my belongings and my clothes. If you really didn’t like it and wanted to get rid of it –you should have at least told me about it. The dad agrees of course TB is right – he tells his wife she was wrong to do this 100 times over. She glares at her husband. TB: how could you do this – how could you be so intrusive. The mom feels insulted. SY tells him to sit but he quietly says “replace them (with his old ones) cuz he doesn’t need these.” He turns the drawer upside down. The mom gets mad cuz he did that. She says she already threw away all of his old underwear. SY: mom! TB: what did you say? The dad asks if she really threw them away. SY: mom. mom says : yes – it was too tattered and the colors had faded so I threw them all away. I don’t know the reason why you are so upset but cant a mother in law do that for her son in law? Even if you were my son in law I thought of you as the same as my child. Like I think SY is precious – I wanted to treat you the same. TB: how is that treasuring? When I am the one who is receiving it and I am this upset. He asks if she doesn’t know that how she behaves makes the other person unable to breathe. If the recipient is not happy at all –don’t you think that what you are doing is not right? She throws his words back at him and asks if he isn’t doing this cuz of his pride. SY: mom. mom: cant a parent get underwear for her child? Cuz of the wine you bought last time – I wanted to repay you. Since I know how much you get paid – for caring enough to get the wine – I was thankful and wanted to give you a present – since it was perfect timing and your underwear was old – I just prepared it as a present. Does that make you that upset? You cant just think of it as something to be grateful for? It’s not like I messed with your drawer on purpose – I just happened to see it when I went in to organize –is that something to get this mad about and turn the drawer upside down? The dad tries to stop her but she keeps going. Even if this marriage was forced cuz of the baby –how could you act this way to your in law? how dare you turn the drawer upside down. She glares at him so much I was afraid her eyes would stay in that position permanently. This woman has skills – she does something wrong and makes the innocent party seem like he did something wrong for sticking up for himself.

TB goes back home and he wont even speak to SY.

The mom is pressing buttons and wiping down her dishwasher. The dad asks if she likes it that much that she cant sleep. Mom: it’s not cuz I like it – it’s cuz I cant sleep. Dad: if you don’t like it then why aren’t you thinking of sleeping and sitting there. mom: I was just thinking about this and that. About J- shouldn’t we let her in to stay in the attic room now? It’s not cuz of this dishwasher – for a while now I thought about it – she is a girl and it’s also getting colder on the lawn so how could we let her stay there like that. Dad: you were right to think that – I agree too. Let’s go in and sleep.

TS checks and his emails haven’t been answered by angelica. He looks at his son’s pic. Dad calls them for breakfast. TS says he is coming out.

Dad goes to call TP to eat breakfast but TP says he doesn’t feel like it. Dad:why are you like this -hurry and get up. TP: i really dont feel like it. I’ll eat later. the dad  tells him to hurry up and get out there.

J comes in to join them. the mom tells GM that today TS is going to meet YJ’s parents. GM to TS: really? it’s today? Make sure you do well. It’s this GM’s wish to see a daughter in law. (cuz YJ would have to live here) TS: yes. J says fighting to TS “big ajussi”. TS smiles at her. GM does “fighting” too.TH smiles. TP reluctantly comes in and the mom asks why TP is dawdling today. The mom tells GM everyone is here. GM tells them all to eat well. The mom asks what’s wrong with maknae (TP) cuz he doesn’t look well. The dad mutters that TP has been like that this moring. The dad tells the mom to tell J. the mom tells him to do it. Dad: you do it – it’s better for her to hear it from you. GM asks what it’s about and to say it. Mom to J: J –after you eat breakfast, move your stuff into the attic room. J is shocked. J: what? Mom: the weather is cold now so how  much longer were you going to stay on the yard? Starting from today sleep in the attic room. J: really? The dad says it’s for real. We already talked about it last night. It will be hard for you to go to school from here so she was talking about getting you a room near school…J interrupts and says: no I don’t like that. I like ojakkyo very much. Dad: I thought you would say that. So move your stuff to the attic room right away. J: yes thank you ajussi – thank you ajumma. Dad: I like it too. Now I can sleep easy. GM hints that the appliance was effective. Mom denies it and says she didn’t say this cuz of the dishwasher. GM keeps saying the person she knows changed 180 degrees so the mom says “mother.” J jokes too saying: oh so that was it – then I should have gotten it delivered sooner. Mom elbows her and asks: why are you doing that too. J grins at her. GM and J both laugh along with the rest of the family. Dad: that’s not it – even before that ajumma said the weather was getting colder so we should bring you into the attic room. J: yes I know. The mom notices TP scowling so she asks what’s wrong. TP:it’s nothing. Mom: our maknae is acting strange this morning with his face all bloated. And he isn’t even locking gazes with me. Did you cause trouble again? TP yells back: cause what trouble? you think I am like you mom? everyone is shocked he yelled. Mom: maknae why are you like that. The dad yells at TP. TP says he is done eating and will get up first and leaves the room. the dad calls TP over and yells for ignoring him. The mom tells the dad to leave TP alone-that TP must have some complicated matter. He is just taking it out on his mom. just eat. J looks over at TH and he looks at her. she looks down at her food.

TH goes to TP’s room and asks if something happened-why are you like that. TP tells him to get out cuz he doesn’t want to talk. TH: what’s going on – tell me. Ok forget it. I don’t know what’s going on but don’t act rudely like that to mom – you gave her enough trouble when you were in high school. Don’t do anymore.

SY and TB run into each other at work. He got the elevator door right before it shut and she is inside. He goes inside. She says it’s good to meet him since she didn’t get to see him at home and met him at the office. If you were going to leave by yourself this morning you should have left me a note. When did you leave? I was on time and woke up but you had already gone. TB: I came out early cuz I couldn’t sleep. SY: are you still very angry? TB: at the office let’s not talk about personal matters. SY: we are the only ones here. It’s cuz you are still angry so it’s making me uncomfortable. TB: to make you feel better – I don’t feel like acting like I am not so just put up with it even if you are uncomfortable. Cuz compared to what I went thru yesterday this is nothing. SY: I am sorry. TB: I don’t want to hear that too. Since the person who should be apologizing isn’t you. SY changes the subject. Where are you going? TB: my younger brother is here in the lobby. SY: maknae doorynim? Then should I go and say hello? I’ll drop by and say hi for a second on my way. TB: it’s ok – this is the office (meaning ppl cant see her saying hi to his brother)

TB goes out to meet TP. TB: TP – what brings you here without any notice? He slaps TP’s hand and butt. TP: were you well younger hyung?  TB: it hasn’t been that long since we met maknae. TP: maybe it’s cuz younger hyung got married but it feels like you are someone else’s family.  TB: don’t say stuff that makes me sad – even tho I am like this – my heart was left at home. he asks if the parents are upset that TB didn’t call to say hello. TP: no – how is it? Do you like being married. TB sort of laughs and says insincerely: it’s nice – tell me first what you came to say – looking at your face something happened. TP: yes there is. TB: tell me – what is it that our maknae’s face is so serious? He asks if TP is just posturing to talk about business ventures –if you are going to do that don’t bother cuz to get married – I had to get everything I have together and my bank account is empty. TP: everyone’s reaction to me is the same –  whether I caused trouble somewhere or if I am about to cause trouble. TB: why are you like that maknae – being so serious. TP: it’s ok – go in – I’ll be going. TB holds him back: maknae – TP – why are you like this – what happened? TP: I don’t know yet –whether I should tell you or not- when I get my thoughts in order I will call again. Go in. TB: if you get your thoughts in order make sure to call. TP smiles and starts to walk away.TB yells after him: it’s not some big trouble right?

Y runs into TP on his way out. She remembers how he knew that the location of the store she bought wasn’t good. She goes over and says hello – you are the “in law young man who isn’t married” aren’t you? You know who I am right? TP: yes. He walks around her but she stops him. Y: what is your name? my name is Nam Y. TP: what are you going to do if you know my name? so you can tell me again “don’t live your life like that?” she tries to say that’s not it. TP: stop worrying about other people’s life cuz I don’t have interest in you anymore ajumma. He walks away. Y repeats the word “ajumma” –she sighs and then goes after him again. Y: that’s not it –it’s cuz what you said was exactly right that’s why. What you said about the low profit for the store was correct and how the location wasn’t good cuz of all the nearby competition so I wanted to talk to you about this and that. TP: you are saying you didn’t even know that and made a contract? Y: yes I didn’t know. So would it be possible to talk. What is your name cuz I don’t like saying “in law young man.” TP: I don’t have time right now so give me your number. She looks thru her purse to write it down but he asks for her phone. he punches in his number and dials so it rings on her phone. she is impressed by that. he gives her his name and tells her to save it. He walks off saying he will call. she thanks him and says make sure to call.

TS is at work and not paying attention to his patient and puts the gel on the guy’s shoulder when it should have been his waist. TS apologizes saying he wasn’t focused today. Nurse says to TS that he got a call from a woman and it’s an emergency. He takes the call and it’s from Angelica. He asks what happened – that he calls a lot. He says to call his cell phone and not this number. But he changes his mind and asks for her number so he can call her back instead. She says she is at Manila airport now and she is sending Noodles to Korea and he will arrive at Incheon airport at 7pm in the evening. the details are in the email. TS: what? Wait a minute- What are you talking about now? She says: I am sorry- Please take care of our Noodles well. She hangs up. He yells out her name.

TS runs over to the computer and reads the email. She says she cant raise Noodles anymore cuz of her situation so she is sending Noodle to him. She gives him flight info for his son – arriving tonight at 7pm. While TS runs down the hall, her voice narrates the rest of the email – I am sincerely sorry for sending Noodles like this- since you are a good person – I trust you will love our son better than anyone and raise him well – don’t try to find me. This is the last email I am sending you. Again I am sorry. Please take care of our son Noodle well.

TS goes to meet that friend. He asks if he found out Angelica’s number-I have to talk to her right away. What happened. The guy asks why he is like this-what is going on? TS grabs him and says: I need you to find out angelica’s number!  I need to call her right away. The guy asks why TS is like this. TS: Please save me – I have to contact her right away. Right now.  guy says he is looking into it and it cant be done right away –you think it happens right away- TS come to your senses. TS begs him to hurry and find out

TS crosses the street while cars are passing by and doesn’t care. He stops and sits and cries. He remembers her saying she is sending Noodles to korea now. TS: please angelica. Please.

The mom is at the farm. There is a man standing by the gate and it’s J’s dad. he says hello to her. she asks what brings him here.  He asks – during that time nothing much happened right? mom: yes… suddenly he looks mad and chokes her and asks how she could do that to his daughter –how could you? are you a human being? It was a nightmare. She wakes up from her nap still feeling  like someone is choking her. she tells herself it was a dream. she looks over and imagines seeing J’s dad lying next to her so the mom screams “mother” but it’s the dad napping next to her. he asks why she is like this. she asks when he came in and slept next to her. dad: why are you like this – I was going to spray for bugs and I was so sleepy so I came to nap.

D says that he looked into it and Hong is looking for J’s dad in china now and has been looking for a few months now. TH says that is possible since they lived for 30 yrs like family. D wonders that J probably knows Hong too. TH says he will look into if J knows Hong and D should keep contacting China. D notices the car isn’t locked and says TH must not have locked it properly. TH panics and looks and the ledger is gone. D asks if anything is missing. TH starts to walk back to the precinct. D asks where he is going –what’s going on. TH says how the ledger is missing. D: so where are you going? To the chief? You cant. TH: be quiet – I wont leave him alone

TH barges into the office and asks the chief how he could do that – that he wanted to trust the chief for the last time so how could he do this. The chief acts innocent and asks what TH is talking about. TH yells the inventory ledger is missing. chief says: ledger? it’s the first time I heard of it – what is that? TH: chief! The chief asks: did you dream it? come to your senses. TH makes a fist and says: yes now I am starting to come to my senses – the man I met ten years ago at the police academy that I admired – I realize today he is gone. TH: I wont be polite or hesitate out of respect for you. the chief asks if TH is making a threat now and tells TH to do as much as he wants. TH says how in 2007 -1-9 3 Koreans were in a restaurant in Hong Kong –baek inho and Hong M and Lee (the chief’s name). the chief looks nervous. TH: you. I am not done investigating.  No matter how or when – I will discover/reveal the truth. And make sure they receive punishment for their crime. For destroying your conscience-the nation’s trust that you betrayed–for stepping on your subordinates admiration for you- there is one person I will make sure to put away with my own hands.

TH goes outside the office and punches the framed award and cuts his hand on the glass. D runs over and asks if TH’s hand is ok. TH says sorry to him. D says-what can we do but at least this isn’t the end. TH says-yes it’s not. TH walks off. D asks where he is going and tells him to go to the hospital first.

MS goes to work and the owner asks how she can be dressed like this cuz first impression is important so she should wear makeup and dress better. She promises to do that later

She goes on her date and her date is eating a lot. he says he doesnt like ice cream but this is good. he says she should have orderd this too. she says it’s ok.  He says he heard she has a niece and she says it’s her daughter. He says he heard from the owner that the child was MS’s older sister’s kid so it’s MS’s niece.  he says it doesnt matter cuz he has a son. he tells her to bring hers. After they get married she needs to take care of his son well. also after they get married she shouldnt think of having a kid cuz she is older – it’s not good for various reasons. he talks about how they should get an apartment with two rooms – one for them and the other for the kids

MS goes to pick up H. H asks why her mom came suddebly when it’s not raining. MS says she came to go on a date with her pretty daughter and asks if she wants to eat pizza. H says her mom looks pretty today. go around like this everyday. MS says she is nagging again. MS: ‘let’s go eat pizza and should we go to a singing room?

TP sends a text “I am drinking at the pochangmacho at samgalli- there is something to discuss so come”  to TB and TS and he hesitates whether to send one to TH but doesnt. but both TS and TB say they cant come. TB says he cant even move cuz he has to fill an empty spot (on the program)  so discuss with TS and TH-but what happened?  TS says-today big hyung cant do that-what is going on – discuss well with TH and TB.  TP drinks more soju and mutters when he calls no one comes – I am just the maknae that causes trouble. * wow he looks really pretty in that sunlight

TS goes back to work and YJ is there calling him. He asks what brings her here and she reminds him how he is going to say hello to her mom today at she told her mom they would arrive at 6:30. She asks if something happened and he says it’s nothing. I will go change my clothes so wait here for a little bit.

YJ drives TS to her home but he doesn’t get out of the car and remembers how his son arrives at 7pm. YJ asks if he heard anything from MS. She asks if he is like this cuz he is nervous. He lies that must be it. YJ gets a call from her mom and says she will go in now.

TS stops YJ before she opens the door. He says sorry but today wont work – I will meet your mom next time. he runs out and grabs a cab for the airport.

At the airport, he spots his son but hides from him and peeks out to look at his son. The boy just stands there and he recognized his dad but doesn’t say or do anything.

The mom is on the phone with TB. She says it’s good that he called. that TP was acting strange ever since this morning.  maybe he caused some trouble somewhere again.  Since TS is about to get married and there is nothing to worry about with TH so if only maknae (TP) comes to his senses then I have nothing to worry about. ok you are coming by this weekend right? ok then hang up. she wonders if TP caused some trouble.

J comes downstairs when TP comes home drunk. The mom asks if TP drank alcohol. J asks too if TP drank. TP looks at his mom then he says to J: why are you here? get out. J:what? TP: I said get out. This is our farm now. it’s my mom’s farm. You don’t have a contract – if you dont have the contract then why are you here? mom to TP:why are you like this? TP to J: you said the  contract was stolen – if it was stolen and it’s gone then you dont have the right to be here – this is now clearly my mom’s farm forever so get out. Get out! The mom hits TP and asks why he is like this -why did he get so drunk. TP drags J outside and tells her to get out. J: why are you like this youngest oppa. TP pushes J out the door and closes it. He goes back to his mom and says: it’s done now mom-  you don’t have to worry now – now you are safe forever mom – just act the way you used to – dont get your heart softened by that girl – I told you not to bring her into the home – mom can you live without feeling guilty while looking at her? or have you lost all sense of remorse now and can live without feeling anything while looking at her face? is it ok to leave it in the closet? why didn’t you just burn it up! The mom cries cuz she knows he found out her secret.


No preview


Totally love that TP made the mom face what she did – all this time, the mom hid the contract away and tried not to think about what a terrible thing she did to J but now she saw the look on her son’s face and had to see herself in his eyes. It seems like she never fully realized what an awful thing she did to J until her son spelled it out for her. Can she really live every day looking at J and live with the guilt. The only thing the mom thought about was to take J in from the cold weather outside, but I bet she didnt consider the fact that she had to live day in and day out with J – a walking reminder of when the mom failed herself as a human being. I would like to believe that the genuine affection she feels for J will start to help the mom heal and make amends to J for what she put J through.

I sort of have this feeling that when J learns the truth that she wont get mad at the mom for stealing the contract for too long-that J will find it in her to forgive the mom somehow. right now J would trade in the contract to have the mom as her mom in a heart beat. J cares more about the mom than the farm at this point. The mom crossed a line she shouldnt have crossed by stealing that contract and now J crossed the line and fell in love with her enemy. I kind of wonder which woman is going to feel the weight of her actions more in the long run. For J’s sake, I hope she doesnt suffer anymore. The poor thing went through enough already. Hope TH goes home and J is there to tend to his injured hand. Actually since she has been kicked outside, he might run into her on his way in. Please let there be another “tie” moment except with bandages this time. 🙂


73 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E19 and E20

  1. okadarei says:

    Thanx again!

    I guess we’ll have to wait to see what we want to see… at the end, it’s a 50 episode drama… I remember how long it took in Gloria for the main’s characters love plot to develope…


    • MJShinshi says:

      I know Gloria took forever! Well I guess it took what 30 eps before we see any romancing going on, but we will get our J/TH cute moments yet…again.

      I was thinking the same as softy (ok I’m Hoping) that J will be the one tending to TH’s cut hand and putting on bandaid. I don’t quite see where Y and TP’s run-ins are heading but may be they’ll have a business together. I hope they get that TP/Mom/contract thing sorted out next week and I don’t think J will stay mad for too long with the Mom. I don’t get why TP doesn’t seek out TH’s advise as his hyung. It seems TH was 10 when his Mom left him and TP’s family took him in then I suppose. TP and TH may be really closely the same age and they’re quite the opposites which makes TP even less eager to see TH as his hyung. I still haven’t watch these two episodes yet but hope will have time soon 🙂


      • Softy says:

        Hey MJS,
        TH was 6 when his mom abandoned him. And there is a lot of resentment that TP has towards TH cuz the mom was extra good to TH over the years (probably to make it up to him for having lost his dad at a young age) – not to mention the fact that TH is like a perfect son and TP isn’t and the GM favors TH out of all the sons. Tonight was the first time TP didn’t yell at TH so much and was even tempted to send that text. It might be the first step he ever took to be nice to TH. I really hope they don’t end up fighting over J. Also I hope Y and TP do not have a love line cuz SY’s mom will have a heart attack for sure after she flips her lid. besides isn’t there an unspoken rule about marrying your in laws or something.


  2. maj says:

    Thanks for the recaps…
    I didnt really like the drama at first..but i was attracted to it by your poster pic and ofcourse, the OTP. Thank you both for taking out your time to recap this drama. I personally really do appreciate it.

    Khamsamida!! 😀

    take care girlies…


  3. thanks.. ^^ can’t wait for the next week.. ><


  4. Iviih says:

    I have to read the recap but thanks so much dear Fanderay and Softy!

    Fanderay, also I’m sorry I keep just mentioning Softy before without mentioning you… so rude of me, sorry! I really thank you for working in this drama too, and enjoy reading both your and Softy’s thoughts, is fun each wishing something to happen or trying to find out what will happen.

    Btw, good news:http://www.hancinema.net/ojak-brothers-breaks-the-record-again-34079.html


  5. Iviih says:

    Aigoo, I think to make TB act as her husband he has to have a competition going on.

    How funny it would be? A co-worker would be even better! Heheheheh Imagine if a guy starts flirting with SY at work and TB can’t do much because he don’t want to his co-workers to know the truth? That he married his boss? Oooooh so fun, so fun. But it could also be bad…

    If instead of getting the funny/good jealous type of guy, he turn in the jerk jealous type, if you understand what i’m saying.

    Funny jealous type: See he has competition and do everything he can to not lose the girl.

    Jerk jealous type: Treat the girl badly/coldly, does not explain why he is acting like this and hurt her feeling over and over again….

    TB receives a mensage from SY: he doesn’t smile, just sighs… TT and she seemed so happy while sending it… and cooking and all. I want TB to start showing some feelings for her!

    We already know she had a crush in him… but aside attraction what else does TB feels?

    Also, when these two will have a talk about their baby? I mean they married manly because of it but still had no word about it, as if there is no baby… .maybe the baby would make them more close… Talk more and share more moments 😀

    Why only the girls show interest/have feelings before the guy in this drama? And why are the guys so slow in having feelings for them? lol~ Don’t tell me the nuna will start to like TP first too.

    Oh wait, MS likes TS and he doesn’t even care….

    Ooooh I got it… the romantic storyline of this drama:

    The girls like them, then they suffer because it’s one sided, then the guy – after causing many suffering to your ladies – start to have feelings – but still they aren’t sure, so they don’t confess, also have their pride getting hurt so yeah, they can’t accept these feelings… and while this the poor girls suffer because of it…

    MS is already suffering, SY starting to, and J will soon lol~


  6. LadyIgraine says:

    thank u for the recap.

    i have a feeling that something will ensue between taehee and taepil on the next episode. seeing that ja eun got kicked out the house, taehee’s already coming home in anger because of what happened at work.


  7. El says:

    Just Browsing and Found this blog . . Aww i love ojakgyo brothers ,especially joo won and Uee ^^ thanks for Review ,Gonna Visit many Times 🙂


  8. yong in says:

    thanks for the recaps. : )


  9. Oh, this is just too good. Thank you so much for your recaps. Because I don´t speak Korean I always wait for your super fast recaps and watch a raw version while reading them. It feels like a subbed version as your recaps are so well to understand.


  10. Moi says:

    Glorious Jane will start tomorrow.. Hope u will recap them 🙂 thanks


  11. marine says:

    thank you so much! I am so glad I found your blog!! 😀
    I love this drama and I can’t wait for the subs so this is really helpful.
    thanks again and keep it up 🙂


  12. kamkar1 says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


  13. Joyce says:

    WOAH! Thank you for this!! 🙂


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