Ojakkyo Brothers E17 and E18

This is my favorite part about Kdramas –when the couple dances around their feelings trying not to let the other one know that they are interested. Did anyone besides me notice how many times he tried not to look at her in this scene? Last night I was afraid she would start developing feelings for him first and it would be a one sided thing for a while, but now I am starting to think this couple might be like a welcome breeze and start liking each other at the same time. He kept staring off in any other direction as long as it wasn’t at her and she tried to focus on that tie. All I could think was – he can look away as much as he wants, but there is no avoiding attraction – the fuse has been lit and it’s just a matter of time before we see some visible embers. It’s about time cuz at this snail’s pace they have been going on, they have a lot of catching up to do and speed at this point would be greatly appreciated.

“Translation by Softy, Screenshots by Fanderay”



SY’s dad apologizes for being late and TB’s dad says it’s ok cuz there side came too early. SY’s dad says he is happy to meet them and that he is SY’s dad. TB’s dad: I am happy and honored to meet you I am TB’s father. TS recognizes him and SY’s dad goes over to him. They greet each other and state the obvious that SY’s dad is SY’s dad and TS is TB’s hyung and TS says how could there be a coincidence like this. Dad asks TS to explain in detail what’s going on

They sit and GM and SY’s dad talk about happy coincidences cuz TS and SY’s dad know each other. SY’s dad says they can talk as she eats (and tells her to eat first since she is the eldest) so GM tells him and everyone to eat. Her dad compliments TB’s dad and says how good a job he did in raising his sons. TB’s dad says he is grateful to have such an impressive daughter in law. Especially my wife really likes SY. TB’s mom says it might be cuz SY is her first daughter in law but she feels very close to SY. How she liked SY the first time she met her in the elevator. SY’s mom makes a comment that everyone who meets SY for the first time react that way – cuz anyone can recognize beauty. SY squirms in her seat. SY’s mom makes a face at how loudly the GM is eating. SY’s mom says how she has something to ask TB’s parents. TB’s mom tells her to ask then. SY’s mom makes a complicated speech about how TB and SY want a cozy wedding but she is opposed (she uses the reference about difference between animals and humans to emphasize consideration and having manners) – (she is opposed especially) since SY is her only child and how they should have considered their feelings she wakes up from sleeping cuz she is bothered and sad about how it was already settled to have a small wedding. TB’s dad says he understands. She keeps going and says limiting the guests to 25 is hard for them cuz of the people they need to invite so it’s like telling them to take their clothes off and live. GM stops eating and doesn’t get what that means and asks why the mom needs to take her clothes off. SY’s mom explains she means it sounds like she has to give up living like a person. Since they are gathered she is taking this opportunity to extend the number past 25. TB’s mom says she thinks different – what is more important is what they couple wants and they already discussed it so it doesn’t seem right for parents to reverse it. SY’s mom says when their kids make the wrong decision, she thinks it’s the parents job to tell them (correct them) TB’s mom says of course that is the parent’s job but since they want to have a cozy wedding –it’s better than getting carried away and having a lavish one. ( TB’s mom had used two types of birds to demonstrate her point so there is a line about birds but I dont know them – TB’s mom said it’s like one type of bird trying to chase after another type of bird and SY declaring she is that second type of bird)  So basically TB’s mom says parents shouldn’t mess with what the couple already decided. Then the dad says since SY’s mom wants it how about increasing the number but SY’s dad says it’s ok and not to worry about it-they should just follow what’s been decided. His wife glares at him. TB’s mom wins this round.

Dad asks about the home for the kids and TB remembers how he forgot to tell his dad. SY’s mom speaks up and says they already got the house and that TB already agreed to live there. TB says sorry to his dad for not telling in advance. The dad says TB should have. TB’s mom asks if the new home is close to his work but SY’s mom says it’s next door to theirs so it’s 101 and 102. Even SY and TB didn’t know that and are both shocked. SY’s dad explains since SY is going to have a baby soon and will keep working after she has the baby so they thought the mom should be close by to help out. The place is being remodeled right now and will be available to move in soon.

When the check comes both dads fight over the check. TB’s dad says since they have more family members he will pay today. SY’s dad says he should pay since he made the reservation today. TB’s dad says he will feel better if he pays. Give it to me. They are both tugging on the check so TB’s mom says give it to us and grabs for it. Mom: we will pay for it. She opens it and sees the amount -$880 -and her face falls. TB’s dad says today they will pay. He looks and sees the amount too. SY’s mom sees their expression and asks if anything is wrong. TB’s dad says it’s nothing. SY’s dad says he doesn’t feel comfortable cuz he asked them here to this place and grabs for the check again. Please give it to me.TB’s dad holds on to the check and says: please let go – I already said I would pay-please let go. The mom pinches her husband so he let’s go of the bill out of pain. SY’s dad thanks him for relenting and letting him pay.

J offers to teach H and give her art lessons in exchange for letting J use the shower 3 times a week. J says how she taught kids at an art institute and has experience in art cuz of her major. J explains just to let her shower cuz it’s a waste of money to go to sauna’s and it’s bothersome. MS agrees to let her and says J can use it every day too. J says she thought MS wouldn’t give permission cuz last time MS said it would be a problem but MS says how before she had to look good in TS’s mom eyes but now MS doesn’t need to (cuz TS rejected her) J asks why but MS changes the subject. MS asks where the mom went and J explains how they went to meet the other family cuz the second son is getting married.

The family comes home. TP asks if they had a good meeting with the in laws. He remarks they don’t look like in a good mood-did something happen? TS mouths for him not to ask. the dad tells GM she did well today and to go rest cuz she must be tired. She says she is and tells the dad he worked hard dealing with the other parents. Then GM says to the mom: you worked hard too – saving $880. (LOL) mom: mother. GM: who said anything – I just said you did well. She goes inside her room. the dad is still upset about what the mom did and asks if she had to make him look bad like that. she should have left it alone and let him do what he wanted. Mom complains she would have closed her eyes and let it go if it wasn’t much. mom: you know I was going to let you do as you wanted and pay. Dad: what is the point of just doing that at the start – you should have let me pay till the end. he says if she was going to take it back and not let him pay then she shouldn’t have agreed to begin with to pay cuz it’s not like they were joking around.  the mom insists that she was going to let her husband pay if the amount came out to $440 but $880 was just too much of a waste. since she didn’t even get to eat much. Dad argues they didn’t do anything for their son’s wedding so this was their last pride (since the other side paid for the wedding and home – this was the only thing left for them to do) the dad tells TS to follow him out. Mom: where are you going with TS? If you are going then change your clothes and go. And don’t wear that and get it dirty and make me have it dry cleaned. He walks out as is. TS: we will be back. TP:mom why did you do that? Don’t you know a man lives and dies by his pride? Mom: if your dad put pride in front – do you think we would be left on this farm and would we have educated you? why are you upsetting mom too? TP: I will follow dad so rest. She tells him to put the dad’s jacket aside cuz it will cost money to dry clean it.

SY tries to explain to TB that she didn’t even imagine her mom would get them the home next door and had no idea about it – if she had know she would never have asked him to move into that place. He can barely talk to her and tries to leave. She asks him to say something cuz he is mad. TB: if I get angry will the situation change? Are you going to back out of the wedding for me? I told you if you mess with me over one more thing that I wont be able to hold it in –right now I am at the point where I cant put up with anything more so I am trying to do mind control to accept it all. if you tell me to not hold it back and talk – isn’t it obvious what is going to come out of my mouth? after he gets out of the car she yells if he has to keep showing how much he doesn’t want to get married.

TS calls TB saying how TB should have come home if he was done with work cuz their dad is drinking now. TS lectures how TB should have told the parents about the home in advance-why did they have to hear it there like that. TB says he forgot and it wasn’t on purpose. TS yells that TB should have discussed with their parents first. Since TB does things well alone on his own so their parents are reluctant to talk to him about his business. TB says he will go and asks which neighborhood pochangmacha they are at cuz there is more than one

J is worried about the ducklings cuz they are weak and not eating well. She takes them into the house to show the mom. the mom is beating on the laundry muttering to herself. Complaining about the dad’s pride and how could they ask her to pay a month’s living expenses for one meal. J: who did that ahumma? The mom asks if J just drops by and comes inside the home anytime now. J says the ducklings look weak and seem sick so that is why she came. The mom tells her to bring them closer. The mom wonders it they were stepped on by the bigger ones. They don’t look sick so the mom asks if she tried to feed them. J holds out the food. The mom tells J to take them to the attic room and try to gently feed them. I will finish this laundry and go up. After you put them up there, go.

J asks why the mom is wearing her rubber glove inside out and the mom explains if there is a hole you turn it inside out and iron out the end and can use it longer. And then she shows J how if you gather left over soap crumbs and keep it in netting you can keep using them. J compliments the mom. but the mom says what difference does it make if she lives like this cuz no one took her side when she didn’t want to pay that large amount. J offers to acknowledge what the mom is going thru. the mom tries not to smile as she looks at J.

TB shows up and TS explains how he called TB. Dad asks why. TS: no matter how busy he is, he did something wrong so he needs to come and explain. Dad: what did he do wrong? He just probably forgot cuz he was busy. Would he do that on purpose. TS is sort of jealous cuz the dad is sticking up for TB so TS says the dad is very understanding when it comes to TB. Dad pours soju for TB. TP says he heard – that’s daebak – #101 and #102. TB: ya. Dad: isn’t the wedding date too soon? To prepare this and that you will need a lot of time. TB says the planner takes care of it so there is hardly anything to prepare. I want to hurry and get it over with. Dad: what should dad do for you- if there is anything you want just tell me. TB: I don’t have anything. Dad: but still tell me – a parent needs to do at least one thing for his child. I already talked with your mom about getting a loan to get you a home but since SY’s side took care of the home. TB: I really don’t need anything so don’t take out a loan anymore– I don’t mean anything else by it – it’s just that you just got out of debt so I’m saying it so you wont be in debt again cuz of me. Dad: I know how you feel but think about it once – it’s cuz I haven’t done anything for you. even when you went to college you took care of everything on your own-you got a part time job-took out a loan and got scholarship-even after you graduated from college for a few years you suffered paying back my debt and that’s how you ended up breaking up with H. TS whispers dad cuz mentioning her name made TB’s eyes well up. Dad: I know that the way you looked at H and the way you look at SY is still different –and going thru this marriage when you are reluctant – it’s not like I don’t know – I know. But your mom and I like SY. He pours soju for TB. Dad: go and live well –you have to live well for me so that the weight in my heart will lessen. TB says he will and drinks. TB: don’t think that way – I didn’t break up with H cuz of you – it just wasn’t meant to be. Dad: you are going to make it work right? (with SY) TB: yes I will try. TP: that’s enough dad – if younger hyung says he will try then that’s the end of it. Now you don’t have to worry. TS: yes – dad what TP said is right – don’t worry. They make a toast and dad says to do it gently cuz the glass will break. TB asks how much the meal came out to for the mom to act like that. TS asks why he is bringing that up again -cuz of that the dad was furious till now and was just getting over it. TB says he was curious how much it came out to. TS: more than that – I was more shocked when mom interfered and said she would pay. TB: I was shocked too cuz our mom is not someone who would do that. Dad says he thought his heart had stopped. They all laugh.

TH drives home and sees his dad and brothers drinking. He smiles and was about to join them but holds back and just keeps driving. He remembers how he got mad at J for the photo. He stops by a coffee stand.

J is sketching and sees pics of sneakers and remembers how TH fell on her. she hits her cheeks not to think about that. TH’s voice calls out – are you inside? J goes out and doesn’t face him. TH: did I wake you when you were sleeping? J: no. he holds out the coffee and says : sorry for that night. This means I am apologizing. J: do you know that you did something wrong? TH: I know – that’s why I bought it. J: ok since you apologized –I will forgive you. she accepts the coffee. He starts to go inside but she stops him and asks: but whose pic was it that you got so mad over? TH: why are you curious about that? Are you interested in me? Or do you normally show that much interest in others? If you saw me get mad over that picture –you should try not to ask. Are you not bright? J: I understand – I just thought we had gotten a little closer cuz you came into someone else’s tent so suddenly and slept. TH looks guilty. J: you don’t remember at all what happened in the tent do you? TH shakes his head and says: I don’t remember. By any chance did I make a mistake? (do something wrong) J: no. she gets an idea and smiles as she says: you didn’t do anything wrong –except for wearing your shoes around your neck and abruptly entering someone else’s tent with socks on and collapsing and falling asleep. And kept insisting that those shoes weren’t yours. Just those two things. TH clears his throat and tells her to rest and goes in. she grins and sips at her coffee.

SY, TB, and 2 coworkers are having lunch. The guy asks if TB got the interview with Park and TB says it’s tm at 5 am. The girl remarks he is busy. They all notice how SY is slurping and eating nonstop. SY asks if the girl is done and then remarks that everyone is wasting food and takes all their leftovers and piles it up and eats it. The others get up first but SY asks TB to sit a while cuz she has something to say. She makes him sit next to her. he tells her to hurry it up. She remarks that these days even tho she keeps eating she is hungry –must be twins. He makes her keep her voice down. She says they have to be fitted for the dress and tux and asks when they can go. TB: do I have to go? SY: you have to be fitted for it. He offers to text his sizes so he doesn’t have to go but she says no cuz the dress and tux need to fit well. TB starts to say he wants to ask for a favor but she stops him from talking and burps aloud. SY: sorry. He complains it smells. *I wish her mom could see what her precious daughter does in public

TB and SY go to the wedding dress salon and the girl coworker comes out with her friends so they have hide.

SY’s mom looks around SY’s empty room. SY comes in talking on the phone. her mom asks if SY feels that good about getting married cuz SY’s voice was so lively. SY: why are you like that again? Her mom says the wall papering is all done and everything in the kitchen was switched out for new stuff so all SY has to do is just go in and live after the wedding. SY: you worked hard. Her mom says she doesn’t like the bathroom tiles but they can switch that out later. SY tells her mom to follow the rule that they have to live separately even tho they live next to each other- call before coming and never go in when they aren’t home. Mom: did that guy say that – for me not to come by? SY says how she doesn’t like the idea of the mom coming in and out too. And not to take it so personally and feel hurt cuz the mom said the same thing too – when the mom first got married, her mother in law dropped by too often to the mom and dad fought often. Mom: the night before your wedding is that what you want to be saying to your mom? not to go to your home? SY: I am not saying don’t come over. The dad comes in and gives SY a gift the mom prepared a week ago but didn’t get to give yet. He doesn’t know what is in it and is curious so he asks SY to open it so he can see too. She asks what it is and opens it. It’s baby clothes. Dad: we still had this – isn’t this what SY wore when she was first born?(pointing to one of the items) SY: really? Dad: when you got pregnant your mom stitched each by hand. Even though she is good at cooking she isn’t that great at sewing so she suffered making this one thing. Aren’t you? he asks the mom. she asks why he has to say unnecessary stuff like that. SY: it’s pretty – was I this small? Mom: I am not giving it to you cuz I like you. I am giving it to my grandchild so don’t be mistaken. Dad: that baby who wore that and laughed so much is already this grown and getting married. Dad says to the mom: You must be sad – what to do. Mom: who is sad? It’s not like we are separating forever and will be next door where we see her till we are sick of her- I am not sad at all. it’s just that every morning – I wonder who will wake SY –I worry about that one thing. since there is a lot of traffic in mon morning – she has to wake up by 6:10am at least – tues and wed at 6:50am-on thurs there is a meeting so 6am-fri 6:10am-the kid has to wake up but -if you wake her once or twice –it’s not like she gets up –now who is going to wake you? SY hugs her mom and says I am sorry. Also i love you. the mom complains she cant breathe and to let go. She is crying and stops resisting.

The mom calls SY to wake up –are you not going to get married? SY runs out of the house. Her mom tells her not to fall asleep while getting her makeup done. Watch carefully – mom will follow soon. Y asks if SY left and when the mom is leaving and if SY’s dad still isn’t ready. Mom: why? So you can go too? Y: it’s SY’s wedding day of course her aunt has to go. Mom: you are someone who is supposed to be in America now. How can someone who is studying in America go to the wedding? Also there are so many important people we invited today (meaning it would be complicated to explain what Y is doing here) Y:how would those ppl know me? I will pretend not to be the aunt. The mom asks how they are not going to know who Y is when they know her. so Y pulls out her disguise she prepared – a wig and sunglasses. She tries to keep talking the mom into letting her go so SY’s dad comes in and says of course Y has to go to her niece’s wedding and tells the mom not to talk strange or else he wont stand for it. He tells Y to go if she is ready and makes her leave behind her wig.

GM asks if they are all ready and the dad, TP, and TS say how great GM looks. GM congratulates the dad for finally seeing his first daughter in law. TS congratulates his dad saying how great the weather is today.dad thanks them and says it feels good being an in law. TP tells GM how today YS is coming too. GM remarks that is why TS is grinning so much. The mom comes out and they all stop laughing to stare. She has rosy pink cheeks cuz she went overboard with the blush. GM says the mom paid too much attention to her looks cuz of the in laws. Mom: how do I look mother? GM: do you want to truth or encouragement? TP tells his mom that she put too much on her cheeks. GM says she thought the mom was the bride. (cuz that is what Korean brides did long time ago in the days of kings and sageuk)

TB’s side notes how they aren’t greeting that many people and only have two giant flower wreaths while SY’s side has a whole wall of them lined up. The dad tries to count them but the mom makes him stop.

TS is outside waiting on YJ. He goes over to her. she asks why he is outside and he says of course he has to be out here waiting since she is coming. She asks how she looks –cuz she is shaking and nervous thinking about meeting his parents for the first time. TS: you look really pretty – there is no need to be shaking – it is a little worrisome that you will be prettier than the bride. He laughs. He says let’s go and MS shows up with H. TS doesn’t greet her. YJ says hello to MS and H. H says hi to YJ but MS takes her daughter away.

TS’s parents are shocked to meet YJ cuz she is young and pretty. TS introduces YJ to his parents. YJ introduces herself and says it’s nice to meet you for the first time. The mom says it’s good you came – I really wanted to meet you. you are so pretty. The dad says it’s nice to meet you and thank you for coming. TS introduces TB to YJ. YJ congratulates him. TB thanks her for coming. TS says she needs to say hi to SY’s dad so the mom says to go do that and be sure to come to their home. YJ agrees to do so and TS takes her over to SY’s side. mom wonders how TS was able to meet such a pretty girl. Dad makes a comment about TS so the mom asks why the dad talks like that about TS and not the other sons. He says it’s cuz it’s so unusual cuz just from looking at the girl, she seems better than TS. Mom asks if TB doesn’t need to go to SY but he says he doesn’t need to.

SY is falling asleep and Y goes in to see her. Y: you look so pretty and your dress is pretty too. SY complains she is sleepy – why does being pregnant make you so sleepy and hungry all the time? elders said as soon as you turn around you get hungry and I am like that. TP comes in to say hello and is surprised to see Y there. Y sees him too and asks if he followed her all the way here. TP: huh? Y: you know this extent is like stalking right? Do you know stalking is against the law? TP: that’s not it. He goes in to explain. Y: where are you coming into? I am going to scream – leave right now. SY stops Y by calling out “aunt” and TP repeats “aunt?” Y: are you not going to leave? Today is my niece’s wedding day so I don’t want to cause a scene so hurry and leave. TP says she is already causing a scene and calls her “aunt/emo-nim” Y:why would I be an aunt to a charlatan like you? she calls him some harsh names and ends with “bug” –you charlatan that tricks women. I will call the police so leave right now. She picks up some flowers to throw at him so SY stops Y. SY: you cant –he is the youngest doraenim. Y: what? SY:he is reporter hwang’s youngest brother. why are you like this aunt? Y: youngest doraenim? TP:yes –emo nim. SY gets a call and tells Y to put down the flowers. SY hears that the (video) tape is gone

D and TH wait for some bad guy to show up. D wonders if the bad guy picked up the scent that they were after him. TH mutters that guy has to show up so TH can catch him and put him behind bars so TH can go to his brother’s wedding.

The bad guy shows up and TH goes after him. His face gets cut during the chase.

After the chase, D tells TH he did well. He says TH should be treated at the hospital for the cut so it wont scar but TH says he doesn’t have time to do that cuz he has to go to TB’s wedding. D asks about the ledger and TH says it’s an inventory/record starting from 2008 of all the government workers to officials who were bribed and stuff I think. D mutters that guy sure did a lot of bad things. TH says their police chief’s name is on the list too.

J comes back from the sauna and puts away her shower stuff in the tent and gets her purse. She goes in the house and calls out for the mom and asks if she is ready to go to the wedding hall. Ajussi- ajumma- GM – is no one home?

TH pulls up and sees J sitting there looking sad. TH: why are you sitting there like that? J: no one is home – they all left. TH: you didn’t get to go with them? J nods and says: yes-I even went to the sauna and exfoliated and put makeup on for a change and dried my hair in waves and dressed up and came here everyone left and no one is here.  I thought about it and no one invited me to come along –I just thought of course I should go. It’s true – I am not a family member here or a renter – just someone who lives on the yard-but I thought at least ajumma would think of me and take me along cuz I thought we had gotten a lot closer. I must have been mistaken by myself. She gets up to go but TH says: you can go now. J: I have to know where it is in order to go. TH: go with me – wait in the car and I will come out after I change clothes. J smiles really big (it sort of looked like she put on a pity act)

J waits by the car and TH comes out looking really good in a suit and she notices the band aid on his face. J: ajussi did you get hurt? TH: I am not hurt – get in the car. he is holding his necktie in his hand. J: why did you come out without putting on your tie? TH: I don’t know how to tie one- I have to ask mom to put it on. get in. J: should I tie it for you? I always put my dad’s tie on for him so I can do it well. I will tie it for you. give it to me – hurry. She holds out her hand for the tie and he gives it to her. TH: ok. He puts his collar up and she steps closer to tie it. They try not to look directly at each other. After she says she is done he says in a quiet voice “get in (the car)”

After SY’s dad walks her down the aisle, her dad says to TB: take good care of her. TB says he will. Right after the couple bows to the minister, SY asks if TB edited the Park interview. TB starts to get mad cuz she spoke banmal but she says this isn’t the time to argue that – they said the video tape is missing. TB says loudly “what did you say?” the minister tells them to face each other and bow. During the minister’s opening about what the bride and groom should do from today on, SY scrolls thru her texts and TB  whispers “what happened?” she says they still haven’t found it – where did you put it? TB says he left it on choi’s desk for sure and came. SY: how can you put that there- are you in your right mind- have you gone crazy? Minister clears his throat to get their attention. The minister goes on about how in this world –at least just one person giving in (losing) is ok. SY’s parents look at each other cuz the words seem to be directed at their marriage. GM dozes off. Minister: My husband – my wife – that is how you start a happy marriage. Secondly – you need to be grateful for each other always – if you are grateful to each other – there wont be a reason to fight. SY reads the text: please hurry and come to the production office (the station) –how they cant reach the other people in charge and it looks like they will have dead air (cuz no video footage) TB looks at his watch and says there is an hour left before the show airs so it will take 30 mins to get there – edit 30 mins so it will work. SY: what are you talking about? TB: Is there another way? Do you want to have dead air? SY stops the minister before he gets to his third point. She says they heard plenty so they just need to hear up to here. TB thanks him for his precious words. They both turn and face the audience. SY apologizes and says they have to end the wedding ceremony today. TB says the food is ready and enjoy the meal and thank you for attending our wedding. They both bow and say thank you. then they run out of the wedding hall. SY throws her bouquet and MS catches it instead of YJ. TS tries to grab it from MS to give it to YJ but MS hugs it to herself. GM asks what is going on.

Once outside TB asks for the car keys and SY throws it in the air and he catches it. He puts her in the car and she tells him to hurry and go. TH and J show up. J asks if that wasn’t his brother and the bride. TH: yes it looks like it

The families are gathered for a group photo. H asks why they have to take a pic without the bride and groom. TB’s mom asks what is this and the dad says just take the pic. Let’s just follow what they want to do. SY’s dad asks if they have to do this and his wife insists they do cuz she wants a pic of this as evidence. He asks how will it matter without the bride and groom but she is going to make them take it separately and add them to this photo later so don’t worry. TS whispers to GM they are going to add on the couple later. SY’s mom tells her husband just to take care of his expression and she smiles like she is a sweet person.

TS walks YJ home and thanks her for coming today. It was the first time I saw my parents smile so big cuz of me. That is all thanks to you. she says how her parents want to meet TS too so he says – of course I should go meet them – anytime is good -should I meet them tm. She smiles at him. He starts to say go in but she kisses him on the cheek. She says she will go in and he stands there stunned and then happy. He calls out her name and makes a heart shape with his arms.

TS goes home and turns his computer on. he gets an email and opens it and it’s from angelica. A foreign woman’s voice narrates the email and her pronunciation is totally off. “TS shi I don’t know how to bring this up and I am sorry for having to tell you like this –9 yrs ago after I broke up with you –I found out I was pregnant with your child and I had that child – sorry for not telling you sooner –you have a son and his name is “noodles” cuz your fav food was noodles –our “noodles”  turned 9 yrs old and he resembles his dad a lot – (totally cant understand what she said here at all) but the last part was – I thought I should tell you so I sent this email- please contact me.

A shocked TS stares at a picture of his son



J asks if the mom likes the dish cleaner appliance. the mom is cleaning it and playing with it like a new toy. mom asks what money J has to buy something this expensive. J: even with something small I wanted to cheer you up. mom warns: you better not do this again or else I will not leave you alone. (she didnt want J to waste money like this so she meant that in a caring way in korean) GM says to the mom: you must like this – now she comes in whenever she wants and does stuff for your sake. the mom and J drink soju in the attic room together. SY: if we are like this on our first night I was afraid we would keep acting like this- as much as you – I feel awkward and uncomfortable too. so they sleep separately cuz they were awkward sleeping next to each other. SY’s mom goes to their apartment and makes food and leaves a note for SY: have a good breakfast and leave for work well. and hwang (su bang- what you call your son in law) – since you will catch a cold – make sure to wear clothes and sleep. she found TB sleeping on the sofa without his clothes on so she throws a blanket over him with her eyes closed.  TB show the note from her mom and asks SY: how are you going to explain this? SY is horrified her mom came and did all that cuz it’s breaking the agreement they made about no intrusions from parents.

*Softy: first of all – what woman in her right mind names her son noodles? Guess it’s a good thing he didn’t like a dish with a really strange name like Seollungtang. I love the preview cuz J and the mom drink soju and I hope J gets to finally move in. The weather in Korea is getting colder so even imagining a fictional character like J sleeping out in the tent during winter is bothering me. It’s time to retire that tent now before J catches cold.

Fanderay: I love that opening screenshot.  Doesn’t TH look like a Mr. Darcy, and J like an Arwen (LotR)?  I love how her ear is peeking through her wavy hair, and besides the great visual I was happy about all the cute and dorky awkwardness. Poor TH. His brothers are hitting on women and creating babies like there’s no tomorrow, but he just seems to find girls scary.  Even though J and TH appear equally interested in each other, I think J will have to be the initiator when it comes to most things in their relationship.

I’m happy that TB and SY have married so that the plot can move forward, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen with all this Phillipine’s business.  I thought the farm contract would break up TS and YJ, but now I think maybe “Noodles” will.  It seems likely that MS will be somewhat understanding  of the situation, and she has a kid of similar age, so that could be how she’ll work her way into TS’s life.  In the meantime, more TH and J please!


It’s always two steps forward and two steps back with these two – when are they going to stop dancing around each other and start liking each other for real. I think they need to devote an entire episode just on these two alone -who is with me?



Starts from when SY’s mom tells TB that if a person did something wrong they need to get forgiveness so he needs to kneel and beg for forgiveness or else she wont give permission for this marriage. Kneel – can’t you kneel?! Her husband says “SY’s mom” trying to talk her down but the mom doesn’t flinch and stares down TB. Mom: do you need time to think about it? SY: mom I don’t need to get TB’s apology for anything. The mom ignores SY and tells TB she will give him some time. she gets up and says: I will wait in the living room so think it over carefully and kneel and apologize or leave like this – you choose. But if you leave like this – don’t even think of stepping foot in this home again and take that wine outside with you. SY: mom I said I was ok – I really don’t have a reason to receive an apology from TB. Mom! her mom leaves the room so she says “wait a minute” to TB and goes after her. TB drinks his water in anger

SY asks her mom: mom why are you like this? what did that person do wrong for you to go so far as to ask him to kneel? Her dad echoes and says this is too much – you are not supposed to mess with a man’s last pride. The mom yells back: you think a man’s pride is the only pride? What about my pride? What about our SY’s pride? SY: I told you I don’t have a problem with my pride. Mom: I am not ok with it! I cant see that guy in a good way –so you just be still.

TB overhears SY ask her mom: what did that person do that was so wrong? Cant he be overwhelmed by the pregnancy and then take the time to decide to get married – you cant give him some leeway to do that? The mom complains about SY saying those things. SY is desperate and pleads: do you know how much I had to convince him to get to here? If he leaves like this – are you going to take responsibility for your daughter being a single mother? The mom accuses SY of acting like this cuz she is afraid TB will leave like this. SY: yes that Hwang reporter might leave like this I feel like I am going to go crazy inside from fear so take it back (cancel her demand)!  TB was pouring himself some more water but stares at the photos on the wall of SY and her mom. SY keeps yelling at her mom that her mom isn’t doing her any favors behaving like this so hurry and take it back. The mom tells her to be quiet and be still. SY: how can I be still! when being a single mom or not is hanging on the line? Mom: are you really a fool? SY: yes I am a fool – you cant trust your daughter this much so how can I not be a fool? Cant you trust your daughter? He is the person I chose. He is the one your daughter chose but you cant trust that person that much and have to make him kneel –then what do you get out of it? If you make him hit rock bottom like that what do you get out of it? Her dad tells her to keep her voice down. SY keeps going: it’s not like he is kneeling voluntarily – if you force him to kneel by threatening him –how do you expect him to feel when he looks at me and you? how can just your pride be important? That person at his home is a precious child –like your daughter he is precious! Mom asks her husband- is this really my daughter? Her dad replies – yes she is your daughter and you asked for too much too.

TB comes into the room and looks at SY and then faces her mom and kneels. TB: I made your precious daughter feel hurt – I am sorry. SY’s dad says: thank you for coming and apologizing –that’s enough now get up. Mom: it’s good that you know now – you can get up now. Dad says it would be weird to go back to eating so the mom says sit and she will bring out tea and desserts but TB says it’s ok –he will just go for today. The dad agrees and says go for today and meet next time formally (with both families) TB bows and leaves and SY goes after him.

SY: I am so grateful. TB: I told you not to speak banmal. SY: I am sorry – why are you like that suddenly – it’s scary. TB: if you speak banmal so am I-I don’t want that (not show respect to each other)–do you want us to do that? SY: ok I will be careful. TB: do we have to go this far to go thru with this marriage? She says he passed the last obstacle well so why is he like this. TB: I gave in and bit down on my teeth with my last pride so you have to give up something too. Even during marriage – if I end up loving someone – I will meet them naturally so don’t try to prevent that. She is stunned. TB: why aren’t you answering? You cant do that? She agrees to it. He says stuff about how it’s going to be hard for her to control her parents esp her mom and SY says she will try to control them but she cant control them 100%. It would be a lie to say so. Is there anything else? He says to hurry and marry cuz if they mess with him one more time he cant put up with that again(he wont stand for it) she agrees and asks if there is anything else. TB: the end. He turns to leave but she has to open her mouth again and retort- that he didn’t kneel to be sincere – he just closed his eyes and just got it over with. She is hurt cuz she was sincerely moved by it. She tells him to go and turns to leave but he holds her back. TB: in your dining room I saw your pictures –after I saw it I knew –that you were a precious daughter –this precious daughter that they treasure I hurt and put her through a hard time –even tho I did that – I didn’t think I did anything that wrong that I needed to kneel for and I never learned to apologize for something I didn’t do wrong but I felt sorry to your parents cuz this marriage is a contractual marriage. I will sincerely try but – I don’t think the miracle that I will see you as a woman will come about so I kneeled –to apologize in advance so it wasn’t just to kneel for the heck of it. Go in

Y goes to meet her friend who works at the outdoor clothing store. Y says there is a lot of good business here- she counted and within 20 mins there were 11 customers. The woman says there are a lot of regulars so she always makes a profit. While she was running this store she was able to buy her home. Y calls her impressive. The woman says she wants to keep running this store but her health isn’t good so it cant be helped. So what do you think – have you thought it over? Y: since I came to see it myself – I want to do it too. But will I be able to do well? The woman says : I did it too. The location is good so even if you sit around customers come. The woman calls Y her friend and says Y needs to live well now too (after the divorce and all is what she is referring to ) so Y thanks her and says she has a good friend. but what Y doesnt know is this woman is lying. Outside those 11 customers are getting their money back and probably a little extra for posing as customers.

TH goes into the tent and asks “you weren’t sleeping right?” J: ajussi were you drinking? TH: I have something to give you. he takes out his wallet and a photo drops out. Neither one notices that. He pulls out her pen. She grabs for it but he holds onto it. J:why? TH explains –the results in the investigation he found this pen was given out as a souvenir for a hong kong restaurant and thanks to this pen he is following a trail. J: that’s good then we will be able to find out why my dad gave that designer watch to the professor. TH: of course we have to find that out – to find that out that is why we are suffering like this – but. J: but what? TH: after we find out – by any chance if you got admitted thru bribery –you’ll die. J: you still don’t believe me? Even though I wasnt on the top of the admittance list – it wasn’t (low) to the extent where I would need to get in thru bribery – I told you –ever since I was little before I held a spoon I was holding a crayon. Ever since I was little I would always draw and play alone. Look – even now I am playing with peppers, squash, and green onions (she points to what she was sketching) she holds out her hand for the pen and says “give it to me.” J: you have to reveal that my dad is innocent and that I didn’t get in thru bribery. She looks at what is hanging around his neck and asks what that is. (his sneakers) why do you have your shoes around your neck- they are hanging around your neck right now. He looks down and says: these shoes aren’t mine. J: if they aren’t yours then whose are they? Right now you aren’t wearing shoes and wearing only socks. He shakes his head and says these aren’t my shoes. J: if they aren’t your shoes then whose….she stops talking and asks : are you drunk ajussi? He leans closer and closer. J: why? Then he falls on her. J: ajussi what are you doing? Are you sleeping? Did you fall asleep? She looks at how close his face is to hers and gets up. Her heart races and she can hear her heart beating. She goes outside of the tent. J: what is up with that ajussi? Did he fall asleep here? I am going crazy. She goes back in and taps him – ajussi wake up- she shakes him – what do I do if you sleep here? Ajussi! He rolls over on his back. She pokes his sides and then grabs his leg and tugs –ajussi get up –you cant sleep here –ajussi

She goes to the front door and looks in and is about to knock but changes her mind and goes back to the tent. She stares at him and almost touches his face but doesn’t. she is about to remove his shoes from around his neck but she gets an idea and snaps a photo of him. Then she piles on the vegetables around the shoe and takes another pic. She giggles and then almost takes a pic with him with her face by his  but decides against it. She removes the vegetables and puts the sneakers outside. She puts a folded towel under his head for a pillow and covers him with the blanket and she sleeps sitting up.

The mom cant sleep cuz she is remembering how J said how she suspected her of stealing the contract and apologizing for that cuz she knows the mom would never do that. The mom gets up and stares at where the contract is hidden and sighs. The dad wakes up and asks why she cant sleep and is sitting up. She said she thought he was sleeping. He says he woke up after sleeping. He asks if she is excited about getting a daughter in law. Mom: I was just thinking this and that – if TB went over there ok. Dad: of course he went there ok – does he lack anything – he is our TB. She mentions how if they shouldn’t get TB a home after he gets married. Dad: he has his officetel. Mom: that place is too small so do you think SY wants to spend her newlywed years there. dad: then do we have to get them a separate home. He worries that even if they get the down payment money from the officetel –how they can afford to get them a home. The mom says since TB has been so good to them she wants to get a loan and get TB a home but they just paid off their debts so should they go into debt again-thinking of that is wearing on her heart. since the other side is too well off wont that make us look like we don’t have much –even if we put all our effort (put all the money they can get together) the other side will still think it’s a joke. Dad says to discuss with TB when he comes in the morning. She mentions how it’s not a good thing the in laws are so rich and the dad agrees and mentions what SY’s dad does and then the mom mentions how SY’s mom was a professor. The mom says: on our side except for just TB there is nothing to brag about (nothing to look at) but the dad disagrees and says he has her- she is someone who is impressive. She tells him to just sleep but he insists she is something else (someone to be impressed about) she is feeling guilty cuz she knows what she did with that contract so she cant face him anymore and covers herself with the blanket. He asks why she is like that and if something happened. Did she go over there again to the neighbors and get caught again looking at their feed.

When he goes in the mom comes out. Mom: you are just now getting in? TH: yes mom. you woke up already? Mom: did you work all night? She sniffs. Did you drink? TH: yes there was an office gathering. Mom: until this late? TH: no after I drank I slept a little at the office. Mom: come here and drink a glass of honey water. TH: mom it’s ok –I have to wash and leave right away. Mom: no you can’t – drink some honey water and sleep a few hours and then go- it’s good to work and investigate but you have to think of your health. Look at how your face looks dark and blotchy. Come and drink some honey water and then go. TH: mom I really don’t need to drink honey water – you know I don’t like sweet stuff. Mom: oh yeah you don’t like sweet things. Then should I blend some tomatoes for you? TH: mom it’s a bother so why do that- I am really ok. Mom: when it’s my son drinking it – what’s so bothersome about that. Go up and I will blend it and take it to you. she goes to the fridge and stops to ask- when you were coming in was that girl up already? TH: no I don’t think she was up. Mom: ok then I thought she might have woken up at dawn and was waiting. I will blend the juice and take it so go up. TH: ok –she didn’t wake up so you can do it slowly.

*Note that picture of TH hanging on the wall behind TP’s head – oh my TH looks dashing in uniform. 🙂

When TH goes to his room TP is there snooping around. TH:what are you doing? TP: nothing I was looking for something. TH: what? This early in the morning in someone else’s room? Were you by any chance looking for my credit card? To take it out without me knowing and get cash service for it? TP: people don’t know that you are cheap like that– they all just think I am the bad guy. I only did that once and you keep bringing it up again and again (rubbing it in) TH: just once? Then what was that about you wanting to borrow $30,000 a few days ago? Are you trying to do another business that wont work? TP: wont work? TH: tell me –what you are planning again. I said tell me – it’s not once or twice – looking at how you want $30,000 arent you thinking of something (?outrageous? my guess) the mom comes in with the juice and asks –what is this I hear? (wow she looks tiny standing between them) what do you mean $30,000. She asks TP: (maknae) youngest are you planning something again? TP: no mom. mom: if you aren’t –then why are you suddenly bothering your hyung for $30,000? TP denies it and says he came to look for scissors. TH covers for TP and says TP wasn’t doing that (asking for money). mom to TP: she asks if he wants to see her miserable again cuz all her life cuz of her husband she never got to stretch her legs comfortably and lived with a shriveled heart (cuz he keeps giving them money trouble) and now she finally gets to live comfortably with her legs stretched out so now is TP determined to make her go thru that? TP: I said I wasn’t – also that talk about $30,000 was something I mentioned in passing a few days ago. Mom: you were thinking of something so that is why that talk came out. Would that talk come out of nowhere suddenly? If you came back from the army you should have some discipline/maturity now. Are you always going to be like that? TH sticks up for TP and lies : mom what TP said is right –he was just kidding around and said it but I used it to lecture him – really – TP never said anything. I was just nagging. Mom: is that true? TH: yes. The mom seems relieved. Anyway take what your hyung said to heart – did you ever hear Tae Hyung say anything wrong? Next to mom thinking of you – you know that Tae hyung thinks of you the most right after me don’t you? That you were able to graduate high school well was cuz tae hyung dragged you to sit in front of the desk and dragged you again to sit in front of the desk and – cuz you were the younger sibling of Tae who was first place 3 years in a row, teachers were more lenient with you and looked at you favorably – you know that right? TP glares at TH and leaves the room. Mom yells at him : maknae are you going to be this rude?

J wakes up and looks behind her and notices he is gone. She looks at the time and removes the blanket and finds the photo. J: what is this doing here- it looks like a really old photo.

The family sits down to eat and TP asks TB how it went at SY’s home. GM asks too: how were the in laws were they good to you and not brusque? TB lies and says how good the in laws were to him –how SY’s mom made the food herself and made a lavish spread –and both of them treated me comfortably and SY’s father is a good person. GM mutters how when SY’s mom came it looked like she was going to let TB have it so first impression must not be accurate. TB says there is no need to worry at all and starts in and brags about his looks, how good a reporter he is and stuff. GM mutters it should be hard to brag that much about himself without blinking. TS mentions that is how TB always was. TB asks his dad about what he thinks about having the families meet this weekend –he wants to hurry and do that. The dad agrees and says there is no need to push it back and asks his wife and GM if it’s ok to do that this weekend. mom agrees. Dad asks if SY’s parents have time too. TB: yes then I will tell them Saturday. Then he explains how SY and him both don’t like a loud wedding so he asks that each side only invites 25 close relatives for a total of less than 50 to make it cozy. GM verifies what he just said and says that cant be possible with all the relatives –the mom agrees and says what about the neighbors. TB says let’s not invite the neighbors but the mom names all the homes and how much money she spent on them when their kids got married so she wants to collect money for TB’s wedding too. TB tells her to collect money from them when TS gets married soon. TS asks – why are you bringing me into this. The dad and GM complain that 25 is too few. TB says it’s already been discussed with SY and they already told her parents that too. Dad: already? Without discussing it with us? TB asks him to agree since it’s a good decision. I don’t want to show this wedding but more than me she said she doesn’t need a wedding at all but I had to convince her to get to this point by saying we are the first to get married so our parents will be hurt. If we keep pushing it then she might say she wont get married. The mom asks what about the home. TB says he was thinking of living in his officetel. She asks if it isn’t too small and if SY wanted to do that. TB: we haven’t discussed that yet so after we do I will tell you.

J comes in calling out for ajumma. J: oh you were all in the middle of eating. She looks over at TH. Dad: JE did you eat breakfast? J: No I haven’t eaten yet. The mom gets up and goes to the kitchen. Dad: then sit down and have breakfast with us. J: no it’s ok I have to go to school so I dropped by to say bye. Dad: even if you go to school you should eat breakfast. It wont take long to eat.

In the kitchen the mom is about to scoop a bowl of rice for J and she hears the dad saying : see ajumma already got up to get you rice. The mom stops and thinks to herself: what am I doing? Come to your senses – you cant let your heart get weak. She takes a tray of water and cups saying: what rice? I’m pretty sure I said not to come in for food and bathroom. The family looks uncomfortable. J: of course – I think that way too.  Since today is the day I go to school so I dropped in to say bye. The class ends at 3 so I will come right back after that. She turns to leave but asks for a glass of water. Dad: of course – drink it – there is no way she will stop you from just getting some water. He looks at his wife. J: thank you. she goes in and gets some water but notices the pile of dishes in the sink.

Please note that SY is no longer the groveling daughter and she took control of this conversation and the mom went back to being helpless.

SY’s mom repeats what SY said – 25 from each side for a total of 50. SY says how it’s already been discussed with TB about having a cozy wedding. Her mom wants to know how they can decide that without discussing it with her and the dad. SY says the same thing TB said earlier – how TB didn’t want a wedding but SY had to convince him by saying their parents will be hurt if we do that and settle for 50 since it will be simple and cozy. Mom: omo –are you a pushover?  if that guy said die are you going to die? SY says yes cuz she doesn’t want to make him go thru being upset anymore (like last time)-also I trust that you will agree with a happy heart. all your life you went on about noblesse oblige. the mom turns to her husband but he says – what’s wrong with that – I think we raised our daughter well and I like TB for being so sensible too. Isn’t that exactly what you liked? Noblesse oblige. the mom tries to ask sweetly to extend the number a little – 50 more but SY shakes her head no. mom: you are the only child I have. SY changes the subject and asks where Y went-where did she go this morning. Mom: where are you going on your honeymoon. SY: I am not going – too busy. Mom: so you don’t go on the honeymoon? Then just don’t have the wedding. If you don’t have time then what kind of wedding can you have? SY: should I do that? But are you sure you wont be hurt? The mom is speechless

*noblesse oblige is a French term that suggests that those with wealth and power have a responsibility to the lower classes (to act charitable, provide a good example, etc).

SY catches up to TB on the elevator. She keeps forgetting and speaks banmal and has to add “yo” at the end to make it cheondanmal (polite way of speaking) she asks if he told his parents about both families meeting and he says he did – this sat at 1pm. SY: I did too (yo). Then she asks for both of them to speak freely cuz it’s awkward for her to use polite speech suddenly and everything would be settled if TB just spoke banmal to her but TB says: I don’t want to – like we promised use cheondanmal. SY: fine (yo) my parents said they would make the reservation (yo) TB: ok. SY: also there is one more to discuss – it’s the problem about a home – my parents prepared a small villa so it would be nice to live there. like you said there wont be a miracle that you will see me as a woman so since we are only going to live together for a year –it would be nice if you followed what I wanted for this. TB: it doesn’t matter – do it that way then. SY: thank you. TH: yo. SY: yo.

Y calls SY and says she is at a café in front of where SY works and asks to meet for a minute. I have something to tell you. ok I will wait for you. Y takes a look at her contract (for that outdoor clothing store she is buying from her friend) she hugs the contract and tells herself – you can do well –you will do really really well. Next to her TP is on the phone and says this time he has to make this daebak. Noona I have a great business idea this time –if you just invest – within 3 months I will double –no triple it- don’t look for other investments and –the woman hung up on him before he finishes his sentence. TP: hello? Noona? This ajumma. TP spots someone well dressed headed his way so he drops his coffee just as she passes so it looks like she knocked it over. Y watches him do all that. The woman keeps saying sorry so he tells her to buy him some coffee then. She agrees and goes to get it. Y gets a text from SY –aunt I am too busy today so let’s meet at home – sorry. Y gets up and leaves. TP calls TB and asks if TB is busy cuz he has something to discuss about his future. TB must have said he was busy so TP says let’s talk next time then. TP gets up to leave but notices the contract on the table. He goes over and looks at it. He says that unni made a contract with a large store –this is my fantasy. But business in this neighborhood isn’t great so why did she make a contract here. He looks at the phone number and dials it. Y comes back and snatches it out of his hand and asks what he is doing. TP: don’t misunderstand you left this here so I looked at the contract to find your contact number. It’s true. Look. He shows the number he was about to dial. So that you wont worry after losing this precious paperwork I was trying to hurry and find you…she cuts him off and says ok and leaves

He follows her out and asks-don’t you know me? I think we met before –don’t you remember? Where did we meet. Y: I was in America all this time. she walks off. He guesses and asks if she was there at the business conference –you came there too didn’t you? I attended that too. Cuz I was interested in hiking merchandize. Now I clearly remember you – how could I forget someone as attractive as you. noonim I am sure you knew and made that contract but that store wont have much customers. There are 7 hiking merchandize stores nearby-two department stores and another outlet so it wont have much business – but the biggest problem is since there are fewer customers it wont make much profit. Y: don’t live your life that way – you are young so why do you live your life like that? Don’t you think about your parents? She walks off but he tries to call out noonim and she suddenly kicks his sunglasses off his face. Y warns: don’t live your life that way. After she leaves, TP says: that unni.

GM is telling the dog to eat. TS is on the phone with YS. He asks if she went home ok and says how he is going to work now cuz he has the afternoon shift. Yes I like it too cuz I am hearing your voice. GM says his “lips are going to rip” (from smiling too much cuz he is happy) he explains to YS that he was saying goodbye to his GM. MS walks up but he ignores her. he says into the phone: amusement park? Yes I have time this weekend –YS do you ride those amusement rides well? MS glares at him as he leaves. She is startled to see the GM there

MS feeds GM some plate of pancakes. MS offers to make more if it’s not enough. GM thanks her and eats. She tells MS to eat one but MS says she doesn’t want to cuz she had to smell oil as she was making it. GM asks if MS likes TS. MS: no GM. GM: that’s good cuz he is dating some girl and will be getting married soon. I’m telling you cuz I feel close to you after living nearby each other and don’t want you to get hurt (going after what she cant get) even if she didn’t have some girl he was dating – it still wouldn’t work with you cuz you have a child and already married once. MS lies: GM I have high standards too – even tho I have a daughter and was married once –TS is really not my style. To be honest what is there to look at (meaning he isn’t that great a catch) she lists stuff that is wrong with him-doesn’t make decisions like a guy (meaning not manly) and ends with how old he is. Women with prospects (skills to make money on their own) these days just date him but they don’t see him as a catch. GM: that is something women with prospects say – but are you a woman with prospects? MS cant say anything. GM: anyway it’s good that you don’t like him. So this isn’t a bribe but just you being nice right? MS: of course I am not a calculating woman like that. (says the woman who bribed the GM twice now) GM tells her to make another pancake then.

TH is lecturing D – how this wouldn’t have happened if D had gotten up earlier to catch hong. They almost had him. D says sorry cuz he didn’t know hong would leave this early. TH: you made this mistake last time with baek in ho and you are making this mistake again? Are you going to keep messing up like this once in a while? D: sorry. TH explains they don’t know when hong will come in again cuz hong already moved his entire family to china and he is coming out to korea less and less. Since we cant wait around….D interrupts and says-contact his family and ppl he knows in china and find out (?) TH tells D to do well. TH: did you hang my shoes around my neck again? I told you not to do that. D: then what do I do? As soon as you get in the cab you take them off –then after you wear them you will take them off and throw them away. Ok next time I wont care whether you lose them or not. TH gets a text. J sent him his pic with his shoe and vegetable as he slept. She wrote: if you buy me a cup of caramel macchiato I could forgive you or else I could post this pic on your homepage. D: what is it? TH: nothing.

J goes to the store and asks how much for the appliance that dries dishes and keeps it germ free. J pawns her designer bag explaining how there is something she must buy so please give a lot for this. As she leaves she sees her step mom go in and sell her bracelet and scarf. The step mom says she never wore the scarf even once and she bought the bracelet from another country.

J follows her step mom to a goshiwan – those small one room places for students to sleep and study. The step mom is getting chewed out by some young girls for using their shampoo again to wash her hair. The step mom yells back she will buy them another shampoo so the girl yells at her to buy another one and calls her a homeless person for using other ppl’s stuff. The mom yells back at them. J overhears all of that.

J goes outside and tells herself: you did that to live like this? Just to live like this? I cant forgive you –I rather die than forgive.

TS catches up to his dad and offers to push the wheelbarrow for the dad. he asks the dad if he was able to control that disease that was turning the leaves black and the dad asks how he knew. TS says why wouldn’t he know – he is the first born of a farmer and knows about that stuff but just couldn’t help out- it’s not like he doesnt care. TS: you are happy that TB is getting married aren’t you? dad: I like it but also makes me worry-I want to help him out properly but I cant. TS: if a guy just figures out the housing problem there isn’t anything else that costs a lot is there? dad: just the problem with home? You say that so easily. According to age you are supposed to get married first. TS: I know as first born I should have gotten married first so I feel sorry too. But I think I can get married soon – it’s working out well with YS. Dad: don’t just say that and bring her so I can see for myself so I can believe that. Has you done this just once or twice? Last time in the Philippines when your business failed….TS cuts him off. Dad why are you bringing that up again? Dad: ok I shouldn’t be talking (cuz he failed and lost money too) let’s just overlook it. TS: this time it’s for real – no matter how much I explain you don’t believe so pretty soon I will bring YS over. I was waiting on purpose cuz I thought both of you would be busy with TB’s wedding but should I just bring her over on sunday? Dad: bring her over. TS: when you see her you will be surprised. Dad: let’s talk about it after I meet her. TS almost spills the contents of the wheelbarrow so the dad mutters – you cant even push that properly – so how are you going to choose a bride properly.

TH pulls up with J’s coffee. He leans in and doesn’t hear anything inside the tent so he just leaves the coffee on the chair. Just as he is about to leave J comes up and says – you came home early today. She sees the coffee. J: the photo proved effective since you finally bought me coffee.  Thank you. today I felt down so I think I will feel better when I drink this. I will drink it well. T: I was sorry –that will never happen again. He turns to leave. J: wait a minute – she takes out the photo and asks if this belongs to him. He grabs it out of her hand and asks : why do you have this? J: who is it that you are acting like that – it looks like an old photo. TH yells: I asked why you have this! J:why are you getting mad – what did I do? All I did was find in the tent this morning. I thought you dropped it so I held onto it to return it-that’s all. TH walks off. J: how can there be a person like that.

TH goes into his room and looks at the pic and puts it down on the desk. TP comes in and picks it up and looks at it. TH grabs it out of his hand and glares at him. TP: you look like you will hit a person –you had a picture at least – that is your mom right? TH: get out. TP: you look like your mom –she is beautiful – did she leave home when you were 6 yrs old. TH: I told you to leave. TP: but today you seem like a human being –cuz you have your mom’s picture –I thought for the last 20 yrs that you never once thought of your mom …but TP never finishes cuz TH grabs him and pushes him against the wall. TH: do you want to die? If you want to die just say one more word. TP: ok today I will hold it in. TP leaves and TH looks at the pic again and sighs deeply.

The family goes to meet SY’s family. TB’s family is sitting down first. TS asks: mom are you uncomfortable? Mom: no what is there to be uncomfortable about. TB: of course my mom isn’t someone who would be intimidated by something like this. All they are doing is eating here. Mom says she wasn’t but the dad was more nervous. TS and TB stare at him. Dad: I wasn’t nervous. I came to places like this more often than you. GM asks how many from the other side are coming. TB says only SY and her parents. GM wonders if too many of them came and maybe she shouldn’t have come. TB: GM you are the oldest in our family so of course you should come. SY’s family comes in to TB’s family stands. TB’s mom faces off with SY’s mom.


No preview


J has no idea that TH isn’t the mom’s real son so if TH ever shares that secret with J then they will have made more progress than merely sleeping side by side. I kept wondering why J didn’t just knock and wake up the family to tell them to take TH away, but of course it’s more fun that she didn’t. How cute was it that she took pics of him sleeping and was about to take one with her face next to his. I sort of feel sorry for J cuz she is going out of her way to be thoughtful to the mom and buying that appliance and it’s just going to make it that much harder for the mom to keep up her guard around J. As it is, that wall between them is crumbling down and J isn’t the only one breaking it down with her sweetness and sincerity – the mom is helping too by feeling weak around J and forming an attachment to J. I am going to cry buckets when J learns what the mom did. That kind of betrayal is going to be even harder on J cuz she had complete faith in the mom’s innocence. I hope by then she will have TH to lean on cuz someone needs to be there when J falls apart.


Even though I enjoy all the characters (at least some of the time) I’m definitely starting to get impatient for more of the OTP!  The tent scenes were adorable (if a bit one- sided) and I would like to see J and TH actually hang out for once, even if it’s something that is imposed upon them (like an errand).

I think J didn’t knock on the door because she didn’t want TH (or herself) to get in trouble.  The mom already gets mad at her for everything, so it would be pretty intimidating to bring up the fact that TH fell asleep in her tent.  That brings up all sorts of other questions, like why was he inside her tent in the first place?  A mother that’s protective of her farm is a scary thing.  A mother that’s protective of her son is just plain terrifying.  I guess sleeping in a tiny tent with a drunk guy right outside of his house isn’t exactly soothing,  but I’m sure J isn’t the only girl who would find an excuse to let TH stay.

Speaking of those two, I’m glad that there seems to be interest developing on both sides.  When TH first approached J’s tent there was a camera zoom that purposely emphasized her prettiness, and once he passed out she definitely seemed to find him cute.  Plus, he brought her coffee! Finally!! It’s sort of sad that a coffee is the most romantic gesture we’ve seen so far (particularly since blackmail was involved) but now that the TB/SY wedding is starting to gather momentum, I remain optimistic  that the focus will switch to the younger couple.

I’m thrilled that the mom feels so guilty about the contract for the farm (does that make me a bad person?) but I still can’t shake the feeling that J isn’t going to find out the truth from the mom herself,  which will make the betrayal so much worse.  When the mom was looking at where she hid the contract I couldn’t help but think of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Telltale Heart”.  I think her guilt is starting to drive her crazy, and I’m dying for her to confess.   TH is so lawful that I think he’ll flip out, and I’m anticipating his reaction almost as much as J’s.  It’ll be the perfect time for them to elope!  Yeah I know; I’m dreaming 😛


53 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E17 and E18

  1. Softy says:

    Hey Iviih, I am sorry but I took away the link to the text preview – even tho that girl said you could link it to her website I rather not cuz she seems to value her work and doesn’t want anyone taking it without permission. Also recently someone has been doing that with my work and using my translations without permission and it doesn’t feel great so I rather not do that to someone else. Thanks anyway for trying – anything from soompi thread should be ok tho- last week some girl on the thread offered to translate all the OB text previews from now on 🙂


    • Iviih says:

      That is ok Softy, I understand… but I didn’t copy and paste the text preview and all, just give the link to people can go there to read it.. I thought giving her blog’s link was ok.. sorry my bad… 😦


  2. BellaDonna says:

    The Straits Times newspaper in Singapore said this about the drama on 7 October:

    “Ojakgyo Family has been showing on KBS World for only six weekends – for a long-running family drama, it has barely begun – and already, it is coming into its own as a light-hearted, right-minded romp. In South Korea, it is now the top-rated show.

    The story pits a fruit farmer’s wife (Kim Ja Ok) against a broke, homeless heiress (U Ie) in a quarrel over home ownership, but doesn’t quite take sides.

    The farmer’s wife feels she and her family have a right to remain on the land that is loaned from the heiress’ grandfather, after all the blood, sweat and tears they have shed transforming it into an orchard. The heiress doesn’t think so but she has lost the deed (somebody might have nicked it from her designer bag).

    Between them are the fence sitters, including the first (Jeong Ung In) and third (Joo Won) of the farmer’s four sons.

    The third son is a policeman and the peacemaker of the family, who feels the land should be shared. He is also the closest thing the drama has to a romantic leading man, the sort clear-headed and concerned enough to scold the heiress and remind her she won’t win over his mother by whining.

    The oldest son, an ageing bachelor, can’t take his eyes off the heiress and is the first to Google her after she goes to their farm. But as the successor of his parents, he can’t bear to surrender the land.

    Then, there is the scoundrel (Ryu Su Yeong), the second son and TV reporter too self-regarding to care much about the dispute.

    I find him the most fascinating as Ryu so completely inhabits the character, I didn’t recognise the actor. I didn’t immediately relise he was the lovelorn scholar in My Princess. I may have to stay with Ojakgyo Family to get to know him all over again.”


  3. Melissa says:

    I really appreciate you doing this. I’ve been waiting for ep uploads but there only raws and I not don’t much korean, (ok mostly none l0l) So im reading ur review then watching the drama raw l0l, its helps thx for uploading its relieves of waiting for them 2 b english subbed ^^ Thanks again…


  4. Cinderella says:

    I’m currently marathoning this sucker right now, and it’s such a great drama! I think this drama will definitely end up being one of my favorites! If only this weren’t such a long drama, I would’ve already hopped on the band-wagon ages ago… At first, the number of episodes seemed really daunting and intimidating but after reading up, researching, and trying out this drama, I realized that it’s definitely worth it!

    Joo Won is definitely and quickly turning into a favorite of mine, his ‘looks of love’ (lol!) makes my heart melt! I was really surprised with Uee. I came into this fully expecting that Uee was as bad of an actor as Kim Hyun Joong (in Playful Kiss and Boys Before Flowers), especially since her other drama “Birdie Buddy” wasn’t picked up until late last year and it’s been ready to be picked up since late 2010. But it turns out, she’s perfectly capable of sharing the small screen with these other heavy-weights.

    Sorry for the long rant, just wanted to share my love and thoughts about this drama… I have so much love for this drama that I actually went and downloaded all the episodes and I’m now marathoning it like there’s no tomorrow. And I started catching up on the drama when the drama released its 48th episode.

    BTW, anyone else noticed that when Tae-hee (Joo Won, TH) drunkenly fell over on Ja-eun (Uee, J), he was actually holding on to her knee? I had to actually rewind a bunch of times just to get a good look.


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