Protect the boss E18

Normally I fall for the actor’s looks and not how he gazes at the object of his affection, but PTB changed that for me. Soulful looks like this that were directed at E is why I fell in love with this drama in the first place. There is sincerity in those stares even when it is not supposed to seem so real. These convincing gazes brought me here and I fell for them each and every time. Even his comical looks get to you cuz you can’t stop grinning. Just look at all the screenshots for tonight – I went out of my way to capture as many as possible. Part of me wants to nickname him “expression guy” cuz he has a million of them and he pulls them out in the most random moments and it enlivens his character so much. I am going to miss this character the most – not because J’s change was the most uplifting, but for every word and gesture that made NES fall for him – it left a deeper impression on all of us.  

Dramas like this make me wonder if it’s possible for another one to be this good- and the only answer at the moment is – it will be really hard to top this one as the best romantic comedy in years.

This wasn’t supposed to happen – I shouldn’t even be in love with this drama. I am the one who fast forwarded the first episode in like 3 minutes and told everyone PTB was a pass for me. Ask anyone who follows this blog – I kept resisting and telling people I wasn’t interested in this drama at all when it first began. But then the fans started piling up and my curiosity got the better of me and I watched an episode on my long commute home. I almost laughed out loud in public and grinned all the way through it. Finally I understood what the hype was about and I caught up with all the missed episodes all at once. That’s why my first highlight of PTB was for E5 and E6 cuz back then I was still recapping another Wed/Thurs drama.

It didn’t take long for PTB to garner more attention with their adorable second leads, quirky humor, and genuine affection the characters had for each other and legions of fans grew with each episode. Pretty soon everyone was talking about how groundbreaking it was for having characters that do not play it safe. They go out on a limb and get hurt and allow themselves to be vulnerable cuz they know it’s the only way to really live. PTB is going to remain one of those dramas where you lose yourself in the characters and forget why you need to come back to reality. The characters have a way of getting in your head and making themselves comfortable there and setting up house. My withdrawal kicked in last week so tonight is going to be extra hard for me to say goodbye. Thank you PTB fans for bringing me here to this moment so that I could share in all the fun over the past few weeks. From now on, I promise to listen sooner when you rave about a great new drama -lesson learned.  🙂

*omg the most perfect ending to one of the best dramas in years -not just for its heart but for finding the humor within the character flaws. This finale is going to be tough to translate cuz I want to linger and make this last. 🙂 BTW the lighting for this episode was amazing – so many beautiful shots to choose from.


*I was so tempted to insert spoilers for tonight, but I wanted to protect the element of surprise for the handful of fans who don’t know about it. 🙂

Protect the boss E18 Finale

after J’s declaration, it goes on the news. M laughs when he reads it. MM is shocked. NM laughs in disbelief

E and J run away. E: what are you doing? how can you run off like this -after you caused all that – what are you trying to do now? J: then should we go back in – do you want to try to handle this surprising turn of events? E: all you had to do was not say that – you could have said it’s not true and speak honestly. why turn a normal person into a leak and how is it true that we are dating? you should have said ” it used to be true.” J: NES you know who the real mole/leak is dont you?  and you also know it was leaked not to do something good but for bad motives. can you reveal that truth? E: I can’t but…J cuts her off. ppl dont believe – even when it’s not for real-even if I say thousands of times it’s not true -they dont believe. so since that happens – isnt it better to say – yes that is true so what – and what’s wrong with being the leak – it’s cool – it’s not doing anything bad. E: ok say that it’s ok but what about the dating part? J: if it’s not dating then what are we doing now? I was dating you all this time and I didnt take a break even once. J grins with satisfaction. she tells him not to think she forgot about the past few months just cuz he said all that. J: ok keep acting like we arent -we are dating but pretending not to be – happy? E: dont play with words like that and worry about how we are going to fix this situation. J: what is there to fix – I didnt say anything incorrect or lie -and there is no need to pay attention to that other neighborhood who are fighting cuz of us dating and thinking it’s making a company unstable- that is their hobby and work – I bet they are happy now cuz they have something to do so there is nothing for us to pay attention to so let’s stop paying attention. E says she cant – what will you do if you get kicked out for real? you said even if you like walking out on your own feet you dont like being kicked out. J: dont worry that wont happen – also there is someone who will take care of all this. M calls on time and asks J: what is this again – did you just cause trouble and run off? J says how M is going to take care of things well. arent you? then do a good job. J hangs up. M sort of grins. J says to E: now that it’s been taken care of – since the weather is nice, should we walk?  so your feet doesnt hurt we can walk slowly. he holds her hand and walks. E: do what you want. but since I am still acting like we arent dating – this isnt so great. she pulls her hand away. he grabs it back and says : just hold it and act like we arent.

JD is doing community service and remarks the weather is nice. some girls pass by and he guesses they are players (kids who dont study and play) he has a flashback to when E admitted she played. the girls ask why he is looking at them like that – grinning and stuff. he says how they shouldnt talk like that to a grownup. he asks the girls if they are players. girl: what does it have to do with you? JD: you dont know but all of this will end up being a dark time that you want to bury (quoting what E said to him) girls walk off saying: what is he- he must be crazy. maybe he is a pervert. JD: ya I am not a pervert. he tells himself – let’s not be weak hearted – it cant be NES cuz she is a player. jang comes running with news-that something happened again

M is trying to control the situation and scolding his press team for not being able to suppress the news. he suggests making J do an interview and decides against. I am so mad – he acts cool and I have to clean up his mess. he laughs and leaves

M’s mom asks what happened. M asks if she released this scandal article. she denies it. M: I didnt think you did. but he says ppl will think she did this cuz it’s something she would be suspected of

there is a meeting and the men say mean stuff about J. JD comes in and asks who caused this

JD and MM fight. GM calls and asks MM is she did this and fires her on the spot. JD: my mom is going to kill you- it’s the end of you. MM keeps telling GM she didnt do this.

J remarks how E is eating well even at a time like this. she has cream all over her mouth. E: who is the one who said he was hungry and let’s eat at a time like this. i cant imagine what is going to happen so i have to eat. J: i told you i had to think about it –  what is it that i want to do -what is it that i want-where do i want to go. i think i found the answer. E:what is it? J: the middle neighborhood- it’s right in the middle between your neighborhood and mine-that is where I am going to go. she asks where that is. he wipes her mouth and says it seems more fun to act like they arent dating than dating. M texts him and warns J will get a call from JD . E sees that she is on the news. J: M must not be busy – since your face is on the news – now you cant even run away. JD calls and yells at J – where are you? come home this instant and come with NES

MM goes and asks if NM is the one who did this -let out the scandal about J so that it would look like MM did it and get in trouble with GM. NM denies it and asks for proof she did it -do you have it? MM: then do you have proof you didnt do it? NM: why are you like this unni. there is nothing bad about that for you – if J gets into a situation it’s good for M. and you and I could end up in laws. MM:what in laws? MM and NM pull each other’s hairs. NM:why are you like this unni. MM: how dare you – are you not going to let go? NM:you let go first. N shows up and tries to break them up. MM tells N to help her and NM tells N to help her. N calls M and says their moms are pulling each other’s hair

MM cries and worries about her hair. she says NM cant be her in law and says no to N. M is not sympathetic and says not to worry about her hair cuz not much fell out. he says he will take her home so go in and sleep. she asks if he isnt coming home too-do you still have work left? he says there is another girl crying besides his mom. she reminds him how she said no to N

N is crying cuz she cant convince her mom to change her mind aboutM.  M tells her not to cry. he says they just need to keep doing what they are even when there is a war going around them. she is moved and sits closer to lean her head on his shoulder. he says she is heavy but she tells him to endure. he puts his arm around her

J: I really worked hard to keep my promise to you dad so after that I realized I wasnt lacking skills. JD: but? J: I wasnt made to lead a company and I dont want to become one. JD stands and yells that J promised to follow what JD wanted. GM tells him to sit down and listen for now. J says he only promised to go back to the main office-that’s all. I am sorry for disappointing you but I really dont want it- with my ability – I just want to keep working at that position and live with my heart at ease-that makes me more happy dad. JD stands up again.  he asks if J is like that cuz of E. J explains this problem has nothing to do with her – how she is still mad at him and hasnt opened her heart to him yet. I am the one going after cuz I like her. JD: then are you like this cuz of that brat that doesnt even like you? E speaks up. I like him too chairman. GM makes JD sit back down. J looks at E surprised. E bows to JD and says : I am sorry I know you oppose me but I promise to do well so please stop being mad. even if you dont like me like before just let me meet J. JD asks E: did you make him do that? did you tell him to give everything up? J says she didnt and at the same time she says she did. J: NES. E: I told him to do what he wanted so there is a chance he might have decided that cuz of me. J whispers to her that he didnt do that. JD yells at J: ya – E said it was true.  J: did you forget that I became like this cuz I met NES?(meaning she helped him overcome his fears to turn out this well)

JD: so are you saying you are going to go against my wishes? when it’s your father’s wish who is a cancer patient? J yells back: dad please – it’s enough you got that much (of what you wanted) -I know you recovered fully so why do you act like a patient everytime there is an urgent situation? (look at J’s face as he yells back at JD – priceless)

JD gets up to hit J so E puts her body in the way to protect J. E: please dont do this chairman. JD: what are you? move or else you will get hit like last time. GM pulls JD back to sit down. GM to JD: you sit down or you will get hit by me. JD: mom- why are you doing this too? look at how they are behaving towards me – mom you should be taking my side. GM: I’m neutral. JD to J: there is nothing to listen to or talk about -if you insist on going against my wishes -get out of here right now – never appear in front of my eyes again. get out! J: ok – NES follow me. J takes her hand and walks out. JD: ya – why are you not obeying me when I say obey and obey when I say dont obey.  J: then should I not obey? should I continue sitting down. JD: get out you punk! E to J: you shouldnt do this. E to JD: chairman -please cant you just accept me? she gets on her knees but J pulls her up

E asks how can J leave like this-what are you going to do if something bad happens for real to the chairman. (meaning his health) J says how his dad recovered from the cancer and is in good health. listen to how he yells with gusto. E: still. J: what do you mean still. also now we can end pretending not to date and start dating out in the open. E:who said. a while ago I said that cuz ….he cuts her off. J: just say up to there. I acknowledge your pride. is that ok now? E: normally I am stronger. J sort of nods like he believes her. they leave

GM: why are you sitting like that for? from what I could see you put them together. JD:when did I? GM: you kicked them out together. didnt you kick them out to be together? JD turns his face away. GM: when you lose – lose cleanly. JD: lose what? I didnt lose yet mom. GM: you lost -what are you looking at?

MR takes the trash out and overhears E asking J where he plans to sleep. J: I can go sleep in M’s room without my aunt finding out so dont worry. E: ok – go. MR exhales.  MR comes out and yells about tiring it was for her cuz of the reporters hanging out in front of the home. J remarks it was unusual to be this quiet and asks if “wrestler” sent them away with her strength (meaning she beat them up) so MR grins and nods proudly. then she holds up the trashbag and asks J: should I send you away too? E apologizes to MR for being a friend who causes impositions. MR: yes you are – today I dont want to sleep with you. I decided to go to ice cream’s house. J grins like crazy and says: you are something else wrestler.

MR is over at N’s home watching wrestling. N tells M over the phone that she called to check he went home safely. M: I came home ok so hurry and sleep cuz you must be tired. N: when I cant sleep like this it was my wish that a guy would sing to me. MR texts kim and asks what he is doing. M to N: so. N: I was just saying. M: I think you will sleep well today – it was a tiring day. N: ok hang up. M clears his throat and sings -” sleep well my baby”…but as he sings he notices the news and stops. N asks why he stopped. M tells her to look at her computer and says he will hang up. there are pics of NES as a young girl who plays around. N points out there is news about E and MR and their pics too. MR asks who did this

J and E are staring and reading the same news. he asks if she did that- did you act like a gangster at the office too? she tries to defend herself. I didnt really try to hit them – how could those sunbaes do this – how could they put this on the internet? this is all cuz of you. (she blames J for putting her on the news) J says they are calling her the nation’s player. E: who is? me? I am going to go crazy. J: the one who should go crazy is me -look at this picture – what is up with this hairstyle? I didnt know you were a player to this extent – i’m disappointed. E: why are you like that? I wasnt a player that was that embarrassing. she tells him to sleep outside and goes in. J: what is this – this isnt right. he goes in

he goes in and addresses her as the nation’s player. she calls him nation’s (?). she laughs so he asks what’s funny – that they are called the nation’s player and nation’s (?) – is that funny? E: of course-then is it not funny? J: if you keep laughing. he holds her close and threatens he will… but leaves it blank. she asks what he is going to do. J: you dont know? E: I dont. J: you know and are pretending not to know again NES. she tells him -let’s just sleep but he says he isnt sleepy so she tells him to wait and he will get him milk. she treats him like a baby and feeds him milk. E: let’s drink milk. if you drink milk – sleep will come easily. J: am I a kid? E: that is right you are a kid. he takes it and drinks. he kisses her twice and says let’s sleep for real and pushes her down on the bed

next morning they are both wearing sunglasses and looking thru the window. she says she doesnt see reporters. he wonders if M blocked them all. she tries to hide her face with her collar up just in case but he says it makes it more obvious. he removes their sunglasses and they make a run for it into the office

E tries to keep her head ducked. other sec says E must be happy cuz she became a famous. E thanks them saying cuz of them she has to hear other stuff than just gangster player. the girl denies it and says they didnt put that info on the news.

J is meeting with the staff. he asks if it is that wrong to be dating the leak. he makes an impressive speech *: “What is worse, a righteous subordinate in a land of the wicked or a wicked subordinate in a land of the righteous? Even if she was the whistle blower, who could point fingers at her? We were the wrong doers in the first place. After he sticks up for E, he says “the wrong is here. but I will admit that we (E and J)  made things difficult for you so though we did nothing wrong, I will leave on my own two feet. from now on do well” *thanks to xenaxang for translating the speech

E is waiting for J. the men look at E as they leave so J asks them :why? are you staring cuz she is so pretty or cuz she is a famous secretary – should she give you autographs. M grins and tells him to stop it cuz he cant watch anymore

M asks J to own up – if J planned to do all this. J says it was an unexpected plan -he had been thinking of going out quietly or reveal some news but cuz of the scandal erupting like this – it ended this way.M sort of punches J in the gut. M reminds him about what J said how he could push M out so J hits back saying he said that cuz he wanted M to be nervous-I am going to keep watching you so do well and dont take after your mom.  

M: arent you going to regret? J: what? M: I wont take you back. i am warning you. J asks how he can get his dad’s permission – according to the law as an adult I can get married without parental permission-doesnt he realize that. M says he is in the same situation -both mom are opposing to the extent they are pulling each other’s hair. J:what are you going to do?  M:  it’s annoying but I have to make an effort to get her permission. J: you should do that much. M: it’s tiring-cuz I am already busy. J: it’s tiring for me even tho I am not busy

N goes to see E. E asks what brings her here. N explains she had a meeting with the marketing team here. N: are you ok? E:I dont know – if J quits like this then what will happen to me – it’s funny-getting fired – getting rehired – getting fired again-it’s making me dizzy.  N says this is what they must mean by living like a fly. N hugs her to comfort her and says it’s too bad.

*Xenaxang clarified : the ‘life of a fly’ – it’s a common KR expression referring to powerless employees like ES who can be fired so easily, like a fly gets swatted.

when N and E are walking out some girls stare at E. N yells at them and sticks up for E asking why they are staring at E like that. E tells N not to do that. N says to the girls: cuz of a man she has been fired and rehired and fired so this person is pitiful and has the same life of a fly just like you. a girl mumbles how is E the same when she is with a chaebol so N tries to go after them so E has to hold N back. E thanks N for getting mad on her behalf but tells her to stop and not do more. N: then should we all go on a trip together on the weekend to cheer up. E: do whatever you want – how can I stop you

M and N are on one bike and J and E are another bike.

all 4 take funny pics.  J tells M to stick closer. E pulls on J’s ears

J feeds E and says she eats well. N tries to get M to feed her. N leans on M so M asks why she is like this. J leans on E. M feeds N and then M feeds J

NM and MM get out of the car and reporters ask if they are involved in DN incident. NM cries and says what is this. MM tells her to be quiet cuz this is all NM’s fault

park reads the paper about NM and MM and remarks how he told them he was a water ghost and wouldnt die alone. park calls JD 

JD is doing community service as a crossing guard. park says: I deserve to be killed chairman. I know doing this wont be enough (turing on NM and MM) for you to forgive me but getting MM to step down from your position but at least I hope you wont talk about going fishing on boats-there is nothing I want more than that. JD tells the kids to cross safely. JD says he gets it and tells park to leave cuz JD is busy. JD is happy about what is going to happen to MM

E suddenly appears by his side. JD: why did you show up here? E: chairman I was wrong so couldnt you accept me and give permission. JD: put J back in his place and I will give permission.E: he made that decision on his own so I thought I should respect…but he cuts her off and yells out her name and scares her and some little kids standing nearby. JD to kids: I wasnt talking to you kids so dont be alarmed. kids back away from him anyway. JD to E: what is this? just go- now I dont like you anymore – in this world the one I dont like the most is your peanut like dad and you are second-got that?

at his next community service feeding the elderly, E is there again helping him. she keeps pleading “chairman” and he pretends to give her a stern look.

E shows up at the next one too so JD grins cuz she echoed what he just yelled out 

NM and MM are doing community service and N is there begging her mom and M’s mom for permission for M. M: why is she like this driving me crazy. N:  I promise to be really good to M. to her mom: M is really a great guy mom. NM: I am having a hard time as it is so leave. N: mom cant you give me permission I will do everything you order. MM sort of shoves NM aside so NM falls over. N to MM: ajumma.

E is helping JD scrape the ground. they work like a team to get the job done better. they run into NM and MM and JD laughs cuz they are there too – to do community service. MM: what is he. JD: it is really funny. they all crouch in a row to scrape. MM to JD: dont act like you know me. he teaches MM how to scrape better. JD: this is how you do it. MM copies and does it better. JD: you are good at this – you have to keep doing this. E puts what she scraped into JD’s cup. MM asks why JD is taking E around. JD calls E “gum” cuz he cant get rid of her even if he tries. N whispers to E:what is going on – you are in the same situation as me huh?

J begs E’s dad: I will meet her “pretty”- I will really be good to her. her dad says no. no matter how much you behave “pretty” it wont work cuz of your father. E comes home and tells J to move over. I will convince my dad. she asks her dad to fight her. if you win dad I will quit and if I win you have to give in. (and accept J) let’s make this clean ok? she warms up. E’s dad: know what?why are you like this. J prepares to be the referee. E whines “dad” and he says “why”

GM goes to see M and asks why he isnt answering her. she asked what his plans were about the succession I think. he asks if she came to test him. GM:why arent you answering. M: I like tests so I will pass but there is someone who has to answer first GM. GM: what is this – I’ve been pushed aside by a woman? GM complains both grandsons have fallen for women. M: I am sorry

M calls N. she finds out he is coming to her home so she says come. but her hm is a mess. she hurries and cleans and gets groceries. she tries to cook and gets her eyes watery from touching peppers and then her eyes. then she gets scared of raw shrimp. she knocks over stuff and makes a mess and M shows up. she tries to hide the mess. he asks if she wasnt hurt.

M says he will show his hobby that no one knows about. he chops like a pro and cooks. he makes pasta. N says: there is no way out from you – I just end up falling more. M: have some of this. he gives her some food. she says it tastes good

they are having wine. he tells her not to just stare at him and listen well to what he is about to say. she agrees – I will listen well.  he says how he is going on a path no one else went on but he wants to be clean. it wont be easy. and he might be chased away. is that ok? she didnt follow a word of what he said and he guesses that. M: you didnt follow that but will you go with me? she calls him a bad guy and asks what kind of proposal that was. he says that wasnt a proposal – but she says it was a proposal and hugs him. M relents and says it was a proposal  but he cant get married right away. she says she knows cuz he is busy. but you could be busy while you are married. he says they cant get married yet cuz she is still a child and he has to raise her more and then marry. N: ya – I will grow up quickly

J says to JD: this is my last request dad. JD asks if he intends to cut ties with being the successor. J: I really dont want to do that but it doesnt sound like a favor but a command. to be honest you cant win against me dad- no matter how much you hit and kick me -in the end you will get hurt by me. dont you know that? JD: that’s right – that is why it makes me angry and it feels unfair. instead of being your parent – I should have been your child.  that is how you would know how I feel. J: I dont need a child like you. JD: ya you punk.  offerJs to scrub his dad’s back at sauna – go on trips together-have dates- and eat food his dad makes and say it tastes good even if it doesnt and eat it. it’s not the way you want but I will try to gain your respect. but if we are divided like this we cant do anything at all.  for the last time – like a man – please think it over carefully for me. J leaves and JD thinks it over

JD goes out. ya if I keep opposing till the end- are you going to do what they do in dramas and leave home and not see me? J: I wont let you see your grandchild when I have them too. JD: ya I will make sure to make my grandchild my successor.  J asks if his dad gave permission.

They hug. J: thank you dad. 

*omg I am bawling over this scene- I suddenly remembered that the actor that plays JD lost his son in real life so he wont be able to hug his son anymore so this scene had to make his heart ache from the emptiness – I bet he misses hugging his son like this and his arms must feel so much more empty now that his son can’t fill them. I am so glad he was able to film this and imagine for a second that this is his son he is holding. I probably wouldnt want to pull away when they yelled cut.

JD makes a statement on tv that he is repenting deeply what he did wrong to the nation.  that he decided he wont make his son the successor and promises not to do that. JD wanted to show the nation that he changed. GM watches her son on tv. J remarks – how can he use this like that. GM: since he made a promise like that he will get better. J says he is going out

J is waiting on E’ steps wondering why she isnt coming out. she surprises him. he says let’s hurry

they are at a fancy place eating dinner. J is swaying to the music as he chews. E: doing stuff like this with money – you said last time would be the last time. he says dont worry cuz this is really the last time. I wont spend money cuz you dont like it.

E: that’s not it – I dont like it but it isnt cuz I dont like it -I just think it would be better to be a little more practical. suddenly an idea comes into her head. E: is this by any chance a proposal? J drops his fork in shock. J’s face falls in disappointment. E: I am sorry -I dont have any tact – she mutters to herself how she should have pretended not to know even after she guessed. the waiter brings tea

J: anyway since you were tactless enough to guess what’s going on and sort of ruined the mood so I will tell you in advance. I was going to do that in a way no one in this world had done before but it’s too bad but the world has been around too long and there are too many ppl in this world so I dont think there is a new way to do it. I saw and heard all this from somewhere (that’s why he is doing this) but at least I struggled over what to do so you need to acknowledge that. J leaned over to peek at her cup. he suddenly asks why she isnt drinking that. E: cuz I am full. he looks disappointed again so she gets it and gulps it down after she says she will drink it. there is writing inside the cup. she smiles and so does he. he says he will do this himself but she grabs it and says she will and cracks (crushes) open the fortune cookie and reads the paper inside. it makes her smile. J holds up his dooly doll and it says in J’s voice when he pressed the tummy : I love you NES. she thanks J. you said I love you in 3 combo

music starts and J sings that famous song. lyrics are something about soft lips – “if you still dont know how I feel – in this world – more than anyone – I will love you. I will love you like this moment.  in this world – more than anyone – I will love you. flashbacks to past scenes play thru the song.

E claps and J walks over to her. J: NES – let’s get married and date. he pulls out a ring and slips it on her finger. J: what is your answer? E: will this do? she gets up and kisses him. 

they hug. J replies: it’s plenty (it’s more than enough)

E is wearing a wedding dress and getting her makeup done. MR asks if she isnt done yet. N tells her to just do enough – it’s not like you are trying to brag you are getting married- hurry and get up cuz it’s time

E goes to meet J and he is impressed cuz she looks so pretty. N gets her purse stolen so E kicks a can and knocks the mugger out. they check N’s purse for E and J’s ring. N: he didnt even open the purse. it’s not in there. N: what to do I must have left it at home. J asks: what did she leave behind. E tells him the ring. J: our ring?

J and E are getting married. they start to walk down the aisle. JD mutters what is this – it’s not like they are playing house. GM tells him -since you said they could do as they pleased so be quiet: JD and E’s dad scowl at each other.

as they walk down the aisle there is narration from E and J-throughout each scene with the characters one by one

E: what is our tomorrow like? camera pans to jang

jang is calling JD asking if he can stop going on blind dates cuz if he keeps going on them he thinks he will get depressed -sorry but there is no one I like…suddenly a pretty actress shows up and says hello to jang

J narrates this time: someone has a surprising moment they didnt expect  

park is making waffles and selling pies.

E narrates: someone starts a new life

MR is crying watching E.

MR and kim are in the car and MR is crying. kim asks why MR wouldnt allow E and N to follow them to the airport when they begged to. and MR says if they follow then it will be loud and hectic and MR wont be able to get on the plane. kim asks if MR is crying and laughs so she hits him. MR: just wait – even tho I wont be able to become a pro wrestler – i will be able to smell the air of wrestling at least and come back-you just wait you guys 

J: someone is making an effort knowing they might fail in their big dream

MM remarks to NM that the bride (E ) doesnt look too bad since she is dressed up

NM makes a plan about M’s position and that NM and MM should join hands so MM mutters she will get in trouble with M again

E: someone is doing the same thing today as yesterday

GM is at a cafe getting a snack and coffee and listening to music on her tablet.

J: someone is grateful that there so many new things to learn in life

E: someone else is preparing for a new future. they show JD walking into work. jang says he is finally going back to his position

E narrates about a clean tm (referring to how JD wont go back to his old ways)

J and E arrive at the alter

J has to slip a twist tie as a ring onto E’s finger and so does E so E and J glare over at N

J and E look at each other as J’s voiceover asks: what kind of tm will hit us? (like the rock that hit them – what will happen to us next) E replies back in her voiceover: not sure. They smile at each other and it looks like they are glowing and beaming at the same time

screen fades to white

J is being interviewed. he is wearing glasses. J made a comment about- to have good things happen love a good person. J explains how he had goosebumps as he bragged  -as you know I am the nation’s papa boy – even now it’s not any better – even tho I am still not good – in order to have good things happen  -the work i am doing  – will the person I love like it and  not be embarrassed-you just have to think of it that way – but there is a condition – you have to meet a good person – I was lucky and met someone really impressive. E watches and thinks it’s cheesy.

N and M watch J’s interview. J is saying how he is going to invest in M and back him. N remarks that J and E are going on like that on tv. N asks M: when are we going to marry? I grew a lot. M holds his hand up above her head and says she needs to grow a little more. she makes her head reach his hand and says “it touched -I’m all grown – so we can get married” M insists she needs to grow a little more. N: no I dont

J and E walk down a pretty plane and he is holding an umbrella over them. J calls her “older/late” student (cuz she is going to school at an older age)  E: “older” student is studying so why did you call me out? J: you have to have a date even if you are a “older” student. E gives him 2 quick kisses.

then in slow motion they kiss again. 


past kiss scenes come out-then NGs

Jaejoong spins a basketball on one finger

JD jokes while getting his hair done: just cuz the drama is doing well – dont overreact

* That last shot should be my main pic but it gives away too much – just how perfect this last episode was from start to finish.


54 comments on “Protect the boss E18

  1. Fanderay says:

    I’m so sad!! I have to confess that I even cried while the credits rolled. How can it be over?

    Honestly I’m not sure how this show would’ve managed without an extension. These last two episodes weren’t remotely draggy and they delivered everything we could’ve hope for.

    I loved the awkwardness of the proposals and the reactions of both girls. I felt like it perfectly emphasized the endearing “flaws” in each character, and drove home what makes this drama so special.

    The resolution was perfect for everyone really. I loved that Park turned on the moms and that we got to see them do community service (in heels) but I also love that they haven’t really changed since they never seemed evil enough that I even wanted them to redeem themselves. Their hair pulling and pathetic attempts at controlling their children were always just funny, and I’ve always admired the way all the parents in this show interact with their children (the conflict always has an undertone of closeness and love). The kids all know that they can easily win over their parents, and that seems much more true to real life than what we see in most dramas (particularly when chaebols are involved!).

    I’m trying to think of a single other drama where we see all four leads happily going a double date and being completely adorable. I can’t think of one!! Why isn’t every drama like this? I’m getting all weepy again just thinking about how sweet PTB is.

    Thank you Softy for being a softy and lettings us harass you into watching this show, despite J’s hair. As usual, the experience was much more fun as a result, and I know a lot of us would’ve gone crazy without your transcaps!

    I think I may have to draw one of the “photos” of the four of them. Which one though? They’re all so good!


  2. Fanderay says:

    Just read your intro bit about J, so I have to add how strongly I agree!

    I never thought that anyone would top Nam Goong Min’s sad eyes in CYHMH, but Jisung manages to do it in the briefest of moments, and even in the middle of comedic scenes. This drama had me crying in the first couple episodes just because J sold his struggle with agoraphobia so believably, and all of his moments where he pretended to be strong and happy while clearly being upset never failed to be heartbreaking. I don’t think there are many actors who can layer their emotions so believably, and watching J watch E with such love in his eyes made me feel like I was invading their privacy because it felt so real (my favorite is when he watches he sleep). Even with the great writing, I don’t think this drama could’ve been nearly as special without Jisung., and I’m a fan for life now, even if he shaves his head!


  3. chmb007 says:

    My goodness… you are so fast softy. I’m happy but sad at the same time – happy of the ending but sad that this drama is over :(. It indeed was a very unique drama, I liked it because of it light-heartedness and the fact that there was no real actual villanious antigonist wrecking the lives of the main. Well you had N’s mum but she wasn’t actually threatening, and rather than hating her your just laugh at her.
    Sure the ending was cliche-ish but it certainly got me smiling and at ease that most of the characters receive their share of ‘happily ever after’
    Will anticipate for rom-coms like this one in the future.

    Thanks heaps Softy and Fanderay 🙂 !!!


  4. Jomo says:

    So much happiness and thank you very much again Softy for spending all your time and energies on this show!!!!!!!

    They did get the mojo back in this one. That light headed giggle inducing silliness. You have got to hand it to the actresses playing NM and MM for their willingness to go ALL THE WAY. How much fun do you think they had together? With mirrored K-drama histrionics from the git-go. The hand to the back of the neck, the shocked intake of breath and rolling eyes of disdain. Then, remember when MM and NM were sitting across from NES at a cafe, and MM sat closer to NM for protection? Who does manual labor – gum scraping – in heels?
    My fav was the hair pulling fight scene – as they stumbled back and forth with N screaming into her phone! I just kept laughing louder and louder.

    And, sigh, I fell in love with JiSung, too.To compare: CSW has a million expressions I loved, but JS does the quick reveal of secret thoughts then flash to mask then flash back to secret thoughts better than anyone. I don’t know if the writers wrote this role for JS, but if not, I am sure they adapted their script quickly to take advantage of his skills.

    The time jump waiting reminded me of MNIKSS, and I didn’t like it then, either. I understand it, and I appreciate it, but I feel there has to be a better way to show the passing of time and the pain of missing someone. (I am trying to think of a drama that did it the best.)

    The blind date guy – wasn’t he also the offensive blind date guy from Get Karl – Yoon Gi Won, also of Secret Garden?

    So many good dramas out there…I think 1000 Day Promise is right in your wheel house of LOVE, but I could be wrong.
    It’s totally going to be TTT territory. (Typing Through Tears)
    I really don’t think you will be able to resist it.
    (Actually, this reminds me of another post I wrote…I think I was dangling a similar cat nip drama for you to transcap. Could it have been SOAW? And you didn’t resist! Ha!)

    Softy – I met you at a time when my full fledged drama obsession kicked in. Without you, there is no way I could have enjoyed the trendies as much as I have. As hard as it is to explain to my local friends, my life would not be as full without you.

    Whatever your future holds, I hope it is happy and you get back as much joy as you have given out!


    • Softy says:

      Are either one of us going somewhere that I don’t know about cuz that sounded like goodbye 🙂 after SOAW I wanted to stay clear of Melos but if it’s good, thousand days might get picked. Out of all the new dramas, I just need to find one that is so amazing that I don’t even look at the clock – PTB was that kind of drama for me. I read what you wrote about the tree and Winnie the pooh and I forgot how beautiful that line was about not forgetting – did you have that whole line memorized in your head cuz that’s some skill you got there. Thank for your kind words Jomo 🙂


      • Jomo says:

        LOL! No! I am staying!
        I am feeling a Sandglass hangover, still. I am really feeling everything now. Prolly a little SOAW mixed in.

        I know you didn’t want to do Tree/Roots because it’s sageuk.

        How about the unintentinally All American Men of Honor?
        It has baseball, hot dogs and PIE! I am so hoping he gets to turn on the sexy charm and not be muted like in The Duo.

        PS Yes, I have memorized the 100 years quote, but not the others. I just pasted in from another site. 🙂 Then there’s the song: “I wanna call your name…forever. And you will always answer… forever. And both of us will be forever, you and me … Forever and ever…”
        Here we go – TTT again.


        • Softy says:

          When i read that on DB, i loved what you wrote so much i cut and pasted it to use on a background cuz it was so lovely. 🙂
          I love that his nickname is PIE – it’s so easy to remember cuz I just know parts of his real name. I liked him in Cinderella’s sister so I wanted the duo to be good too but it just wasn’t for me so I am glad he is in a normal drama now. Sort of worried cuz it’s a sports drama tho. I am really looking forward to Jung il woo’s ramen shop even more cuz what if it’s cute and quirky – that’s gonna be hard to resist. All I know is aside from O brothers, I only want to add two easy dramas or just one difficult one like thousand day cuz all the crying from that one is going to wear me out. 🙂


  5. xenaxang says:

    Just want to help with the bits not fully translated.
    About NY’s comments with the ‘life of a fly’ : it’s a common KR expression referring to powerless employees like ES who can be fired so easily, like a fly gets swatted.
    As for JH’s speech to the board of the directors: He says ‘What is worse, a righteous subordinate in a land of the wicked or a wicked subordinate in a land of the righteous? Even if she was the whistle blower, who could point fingers at her? We were the wrong doers in the first place.’


    • Softy says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 Those translations are perfect – will include that in later to the draft cuz it’s hard to edit on an iPad. I never knew that korean expression about the fly but I knew that his speech would be this good 🙂 I still can’t believe this drama is over – it’s going to be hard to move on


  6. Cherry says:

    lol oh softy! i totally agree with your statement about JS’s expressive eyes!! it was one of the reasons why i totally fell IN LOVE with this drama. HIS eyes!!! They can tell a story without a single word spoken. i remember typing before that if he wasn’t doing comedy, he can def. do melo drama – and i would be on the floor crying with him!!! oh another great actor i will stalk in kdrama land – but so worth staking!


  7. Weezy says:

    I am so glad you took a chance and decided to recap this drama. I LOVE your recaps and hearing what you have to say in the beginning of each recap. I echoe everything you’ve said about how wonderful this drama was. I am so in love iwth JiHeon–he was all I could’ve asked for, sensitive, caring, funny, protective…..and No En Sol was the greatest heroine. A lot of people didn’t understand her anger and unwillingness to forgive him in the last 2 episodes but I understood it perfectly and felt it fit her character. She is not the kind of woman who ever waited around for a man before–why would she start with him? She waited because she loved him but she had every right to be pissed that it took so long for him to come back to her. The ending was DAEBAK and I’ve already watched it three times!!!! <3<3 I am one happy K-drama lover and I don't know if it can get better than this! I will keep my eye on your blog to find out though…..Thanks for all your hard work!!! <3<3


  8. cadiyimcadi says:

    Dearest Softy

    Thank you Thank you for recapping Protect the Boss I love the ending as much as the awesome secret garden ending. As mentioned by everyone else I am so glad you changed your mind and decided to translate this great drama.

    Softy your blog has been habit for me, I’ve been following your blog ever since Sungkyunkwan Scandal and enjoyed all your drama recaps – I like your comments so much that I make sure I visit your blog everyday or to see what new drama you will work on next.

    Since Sungkyunkwan every drama has been a enjoyable fun ride with you and very much enjoy reading the comments left by all your followers too.

    Thank you so much for all the effort you put in Softy you are great.

    What’s Next ??? 🙂

    Ooo by the way If you get time try and watch Goo hye sun’s The Musical this drama is recapped by your friend from kolorful palette and Musical is looking good so far and ohh my god Daniel Choi is gorgeous and love his smile. 🙂

    Thanks have a good weekend



  9. kauaitone says:

    I was hesitant to watch the musical cuz of the main girl but I caught a few episodes and I’m not gonna lie…its kinda good. Its super cute and the main guy with the glasses is so adorable. I’m kinda sad that it only plays once a week. Even if you don’t decide to recap this, I hope u watch it. I think it will be a nice non-melo drama.


  10. cha_sya says:

    omg..keyen ^_^


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