Protect the boss E17

Leave it to PTB to do the exact opposite of most dramas. Instead of slowing down the episode and filling it with lots of flashback scenes, they packed every last second in with as much as they could. It’s like someone put this entire episode from start to finish on the fastest speed possible. I swear they have never spoken this fast before – it’s like they were trying to cram two episodes into one. My right hand went numb halfway thru. The episode went into overtime too.  I feel like a top that is still spinning. If you really want to know what this episode is like in a nutshell- picture a little boy who got his favorite toy taken away for not doing his chores so he gets busy and does all the work – thinking of his toy the whole time – and when he finally gets the toy back, he is so happy that he can’t stop playing with it. Except this toy kicks butt and holds grudges. 🙂

*The preview for E18 is daebak -finally romance the old fashioned way

** For those of you who were wondering about what I thought of Gong Yoo’s movie the crucible, there will be a post about it soon. get ready to bawl cuz it is going to be emotional. I can’t remember the last time I cried that much in a movie theater. we are talking uncontrollable sobbing and weeping.


Protect the boss E17

Starts from when E drops off J

after she honks the horn, J turns and grins. he runs back and she tries to reverse. E: move or you will get hurt.J: you arent ok huh? E:I said you will get hurt. he opens her door. E:it was a mistake (honking the horn) arent you going to move? I am going to just leave then. J stares at her lips and holds her chin. J: normally this is the time to kiss – what should I do? just do it? E pulls away.  J tells her to get out of the car cuz “the door is already open” (meaning the door to her heart). E: who said so? who says open and close as he wants. why do you always do what you want? J: fine argue as much as you want but get out and argue. E: ok let’s do that. as she gets out, she falls into his arms so he says: your body is honest like always. she pushes him away but pulls him back and saves him from being run over by a car. they end up hugging again so J says: see? she pulls him over to the sidewalk and tells him to go or she could report this to the news. about how the DN director Cha was on the expressway getting beaten. J says that kind of threat doesnt work on him. E gets into punching stance and asks if they should test that out to be true or not.  J: be honest – we arent ok. E: ok – I am not ok but will try to be so I will be soon. J: where did you learn to play with words like that? E: I learned it from you -why? J: then learn this too -I’m the type that does something till I die -just cuz I say “close the door” I cant close it – (he says how she is stuck in his head and wont come out) so I want to take back what I said about going on a break. E: I told you – just cuz you say open and close the door (to her heart) I am not the kind of woman who follows that and open and closes the door. J: that is why I like you cuz you are that kind of girl. E: shut your mouth. I wont fall for it.  J: that’s right – I like you cuz you are sure of yourself. E: you want to die? J: I like it when you are mad too. E: what do you want me to do? J: what do you mean what. E: ya. do you know how I felt all that time? sending me to a place where I didnt know anyone – sweating all day long – it was difficult – it was unfair – it was scary! J hugs her. J: I am sorry. E: move. I have to go back to work that’s how I can get paid from your company. you really pay very little after making me work that much. J says she is impressive for insulting the pay. E: that wasnt what I meant.  he agrees and says what she needs now is time. let’s combine your time and mine.

J helps E move boxes and whines. J: cuz of you I end up doing stuff like this – out of all the chaebols, I bet I am the only one worked this hard-well -at least I feel a little proud of myself.  E points out that there are a lot of part time jobs that requite a lot more  hard work (referring to her past time jobs) – you dont even know and are bragging. J: what kind of work did you do? E: there isnt one I didnt do. J: what was the hardest? E: the hardest work was – not being able to do anything -when there is nothing to do at all

J complains about his arms aching. J says he will get her transferred as soon as he can – wait until I come for you myself. she says she hasnt agreed yet. J points out that after “yet” is “will” so E “will” agree soon.  jang calls E saying he heard from kim that J is there with her and to put J on the phone. J asks if jang is a stalker -why are you calling NES to find me? J says ok into the phone and tells E that his dad is putting on another show. she tells him to go cuz she is busy too. E: I have to meet my friends before I go. J says have fun meeting them -no – let’s each do what we need to do and meet here. E: why meet again? J: You want me to let you go alone all that way by yourself? E: why? are you going to drive for me? J: it’s too bad but I dont have a license to drive a truck so I will keep you company. E turns him down. J says to meet here exactly in 3 hrs – I will wait till you come.  E: it’s up to you to do that or not. she walks off.

MR is happy to see E. MR asks what brings E here when she didnt call. E says she had something to deliver in seoul. MR: it’s so nice – come more often. they hug

N asks what brought MR here. E was hiding behind MR and jumps out to suprise N.they all scream saying how much they missed each other.

yang gives M a place for E to transfer to. M remembers how J was there too. he says sorry to yang for making her look into this but he decides to leave it between J and E to figure out their problems and not interfere anymore.

MM says that she doesnt need NM’s money – I didnt need your money and was able to sit in this position. so dont even dream of (the plan NM’s husband had for the company). NM says if she didnt do that to JD there is no way this seat would be empty and MM wouldnt have been able to sit here. MM: who asked you to do it – you did it cuz you wanted to. NM: how can you be so brazen – dont you know there isnt anything for free in this world. MM: really? I didnt know. both women glare at each other. M comes in and asks what they are doing. NM tells M not to meet N and not even dream of it. MM says she doesnt like N either. NM leaves

M says how he told his mom not to hang out with NM. she says she wont from here on. M asks why she called him. MM says how two other guys said they would be her right and left hands. M asks what that means. MM: I have to prepare if I want to keep this seat. M: mother. MM: you said you wanted to change this neighborhood – in order to do that you need power/strength-without power how can you do that? think of your objective. M: do whatever you want – but if you get caught by me I will (?)- if you want to end up like JD then do whatever you want – then the seat will be empty again – should I sit there?

 Jang pays J’s cab fare. jang asks why he came so late. J asks why he was called

JD is watching the bucket list the movie and writing his own.

J finds out his dad got a certain test (biopsy). the doctor says there is no need to be surprised -they have to see what the test results are when it comes out to be exact…. the lump isnt cancer but was caused cuz of something else. jang: the chairman is really shocked. doctor says JD acts too much like a big baby (but not in those words- that was me describing it) jang tells the doctor to keep this (JD’s condition) a secret. jang says to J that if this truth goes out to the public, JD will grow weaker and JD is worried it will make J’s situation worse (that J wont get to be the successor).jang: of course if this does get out- no one will believe and just think that the chairman is putting on another show

J goes in to see his dad. JD is in the bathroom so J reads his dad’s bucket list. JD yells at J for hanging out and having fun with E when JD’s condition is like this. JD: I told you not to meet her didnt I? J points out nothing is wrong with JD. all you did was get some test and you are overreacting (being a baby). JD: be quiet  all this was cuz of stress. cuz you got what you were in charge of taken away by M. do you know how that turned me inside out? J: yes -it’s all my fault. JD: that’s why please focus and work well  and get your place back – dont even dream of meeting NES. J: I will work as hard as you want me to – but when it’s about NES, I can’t (do what you want) JD: if you do that then what are you going to do if something bad happens to me? J: nothing will happen (to you). JD: how do you know for sure-what are you going to do then? if you dont have me to protect you anymore – then what are you going to do? when I think of that…he holds his chest so J asks if he is ok. JD warns that there is a line of people who want to get rid of J and if they find out J is dating the secretary who had rumors about her that she was the leak -there will be no place for you to stand. even if you cant sit in my seat – at least you cant get kicked out. it is my company and you are my son. I am asking you as a favor – please come to your senses and work properly. when you are like this and something goes wrong – I wont be able to close my eyes. I’m not asking for something big -just get your seat back that was taken away.  when I think about that, I cant even be sick feeling comfortable. J: ok it doesnt suit me to become cool but I will – the work I have to do now – I will raise the profits – I will get my seat back -and after that – we will talk about that later –  (about E) but just cuz I do (all that work) dont feel comfortable being sick cuz I cant stand watching you overreacting (being a baby about being sick) JD thanks J -make sure you do that ok?

N asks E: isnt there a good guy over there? just kick J away and find a guy from there. E says there isnt even a single guy. N says she cant believe she went after J when she could have had M. E asks N if N has any progress with M. N: I should have liked M sooner -to be honest I dont understand myself -how could I leave a guy like M alone and hang onto a guy like J. does that make sense. E makes N drop her food. MR yells at them for playing with food. E ask what time it is

it’s night time. J isnt there. E is waiting and says her pride hurts (waiting around). she tells herself to just see how J acts and then decide

J is driving and looks upset.

E waits longer than 3 hrs and leaves. J shows up. J: where are you running off to? E says she wasnt waiting for him. J: do you lie like that? E: it’s for real -up to a minute ago I was waiting but now I am not. she turns to leave.  he backhugs her. J: wait for me.  E: you are too late. J: since I am already late – wait a little longer. you will do that for me right? E: did you make me wait to tell me to wait. J: I told you i had to try to be a son – I will do it a little  longer and go -it wont take long.  E: I dont want to I wont wait -close the door open the door and wait for me again – why should I wait for you when you are like that? how can I trust you when you keep changing your mind. J: when you leave soon not trusting me -I trust you will wait for me. E: I told you not to play with words. he tries to hug but she pulls away. J: fine since I cant get to do it now – will keep for later -will do it next time. she notices how sad he is behind his jokes. she asks what happened – something happened again huh? J says -it wont work – he has to do it now and hugs her. she tells him to get off and he says he will but keeps holding her.

J goes to see his dad. JD is sleeping. J smiles at him and warms his hand and puts it on his dad’s chest and then holds his hand.

E drives back alone

E writes and says : I wrote that I wouldnt wait but today is the 11th day I have been waiting for J. she is tempted to call him but doesnt

while E is unloading boxes she imagines J walking by.

E punches J for showing up suddenly without even a single call for over a month. J: I told you I trusted you to wait for me. E: you are way too late.  then she kicks him. he tells her to wait a minute. she grabs him in a neckhold. she talks about how much she aged waiting for him and shows her wrinkles under her eyes. J: where. she flips him. he says why are you like this NES-  violence isnt warranted no matter what the situation. she kicks him down again. then she kicks a can at him and knocks him out. she imagined she beat him up. E: now I am going crazy. she writes: maybe something happened -right when I was starting to think scary thoughts -J showed on tv and the news

J is having a steve jobs moment and gives a presentation for tablets and it’s on TV. E watches him on tv

she draws on J’s face in the paper. she says how she shouldnt have helped him overcome his phobia cuz he speaks really well now in public.

E apologizes for quitting and not hanging in there for a long time. coworkers tell her she hung in there really well and says it’s too bad and not to quit. E: I would like to do that too but I dont want to wait. thank you everyone – stay healthy

E is riding on a scooter and delivering food. E writes I waited for J for 3.5 months and didnt wait for him 0.7 months and she goes on interviews again. E: I came back to my $880.00 days/life

M is talking about work and gets a call from N.

N gets up to leave. M shows up. I am sorry -there was a lot of work so I am late. dont be angry and let’s sit first. N complains she waited an hour-do you know that? M says I’m really sorry but I really was busy. N: cant you even make a single call to tell me. she tells him not to brag cuz he is a (job title that they both are) M: that is why I told you I wouldnt be able to make it but you forced me to make this appt.  N: are you saying this is my fault now? M: that’s not it -I am really busy – so much that I cant breathe. I explained it many times. N:  what am I to you – am I even half of your work? (as imp as his work). M says he wants to pass on answering that question.  he changes the subject -arent you hungry? want to eat? he asks if E is doing ok. N: I dont know – what’s up with J. M:I’m sure he has a plan. M gets a call and it’s in japanese. (someone help translate-all I got was hello)

N walks out. M: how can you leave like this? N: you havent just done this once or twice.  M says sorry and will be careful from here on. he gets a call. N:no there is no need to. I dont think I mean anything to you and it feels like I am just getting in your way. M: that’s not it. N: I feel like a stalker chasing after you. trying to get you to meet – I am sick of it. M: this is just for now. N: no the important thing is your heart. you dont seem to feel anything for me. M gets another call so she says answer it and leaves

NM says she did everything park wanted. he complains how he might get kicked out. NM tells him to complain to MM. park says MM told him to complain to NM. park goes on about how he has to send money to his wife overseas. NM gets him dragged away. N asks what that was. NM: nothing at all. NM tells N to sit cuz she has something to say

park yells that he wont just let this happen

NM tells N to go on blind dates cuz M wont do. if N doesnt listen then NM will take the apt away. N agrees to follow her mom’s wish. NM asks why she is like this suddenly

N is crying and calling M a bad guy. MR and E just watch. N tells them to sleep over today. they agree

the three of them are sleeping on the floor at N’s with MR in the middle. N: NES are you sleeping? E: no. N asks E: do you think i can end it with M? E: no. N: you probably arent interested but J doesnt call me either -anyway he doesnt have anything to say to me- did you really lose interest in J? E:no. N reaches over to pat E on the arm. E pats N with her leg. then MR hugs both of them

E is delivering food and gets a call. E:who did you say you were?

E meets with some woman and E keeps confirming the woman wants to “head hunt” her. woman: should i tell you how many times you asked? E: sorry the world made me this way. but why? what did you see about me to want to scout me?  woman says she heard E was DN’s director cha’s secretary and E was able to hang in there when he is known for being strange and picky around here. E says she did hang in there. there is someone who acknowledges that. sorry for being suspicious

E finds out she got a job at DN department store and says the woman didnt mention that. woman says she did. E asks if M set the woman up to do this. woman says M didnt do it cuz he is in charge of the company something

E goes to meet her new boss. his back is to her. E: hello I am NES- I heard you waned to scout me so I came. it’s nice to meet you. J turns around in his seat. it isnt our first time meeting. I missed you NES. he gets up and walks towards her. she throws her purse at him and he catches it. J: thank you for not cheating on me and waiting. E: that’s right I waited. she says she wants to punch him and yells : I waited till tears came out for this day you jerk.  she tries to punch but he side steps away. J: I have to be able to avoid that much. she tries to kick him but he blocks and says: if I got hit I would have been in big trouble NES (meaning he could have been hurt)  then she grabs his collar and says – even if you play around with someone – ya -if you have money and power is this how you play with ppl? but you got the wrong person – I pay back as much as what I had to go thru. J grins. E: you are smiling. she tries to butt heads with him but he blocks her head with his hand. J points out how he has been thru this before (been hit by her head) so it doesnt work. she grabs his collar and cries. J: I am sorry NES -it took longer than I thought. E: that’s right it took a long time so someone like you is not in my head anymore. she grabs her purse and leaves. J goes after her

she tries to get on the elevator but is too impatient to wait – she tries to leave by the stairs but he keeps blocking her. he asks – arent you going to use violence? I will let you hit me – hit me as much as you want to get it out of your system- in your position you have a right to hit. E: move. J: I said hit me. E: I said I dont want to. arent you going to move? J: why? get it out of your system using your way. E: it seems like you are playing around now-because I threw a punch and tried to butt heads – you still think I am joking around -that’s why I dont want to – I wont even pay attention to you -do you get that? so move. you didnt understand that? still you need to move. he holds her head. J says how his dad was sick – it wasnt serious but he overreacted so I had to put his heart at ease and I had to do some work -that’s why I was late. E: so is the chairman ok? J: he is too well now. cuz I made a promise with him I couldnt even call you. but secretly I hid and watched you from time to time and almost got caught by you cuz you are keen. my reason is too weak huh? you cant find it in you to stop being angry? E: I wont stop being angry and your reasons are weak – the time you put me thru was too long. J: then what can I do? E: I dont know too. what I am sure of is – during that time I imagined so many things -being angry alone – being worried -I feel sorry for myself for being angry and then worried. cuz that time it’s so unfair so I cant accept you. the door is shut tight cha J. she leaves. J mutters: what do I have to do

the doctor tells JD about his condition. how there is nothing bad left after the surgery. how JD has nothing to worry about. JD: you are not lying right? doctor: should I do a lie detector test for you? JD: anyway I am still a cancer patient so wont the court cancel my community service? doc: you know very well they wont -just think of it as exercise so it will be good for your health

JD looks at his bucket list and says since he is the same as someone who was dying and came back to life so he has to repay it. he tells jang to go do something

GM asks what the doctor said -he said everything was ok right? JD: whose son am I – I am ok. GM: of course you have to be (she thanks her dad).  JD makes her get on his back and piggybacks her. GM: why are you like this – have you gone crazy? JD: mom – other ppl say when they piggybacked their old parents like this, cuz the body is light it pains them but mom why are you so heavy- mom I think you have to exercise.  she hits him on the head

J goes to his old office. M comes in. M: why? cuz you came back after a long time are you moved? J: no I am irritated. there is too much dust. I told that punk kim to clean up.  this wont work – I have to clear everything out or something.  M gives him update files. J: you dont have to give me stuff like this. M: dont you know to be thankful – should I take it back? J holds onto them. M: when you came in my name got bigger – dont forget to be afraid. J claims it was possible cuz J challenged him to do better. M says J didnt do enough and what J did isnt that impressive. J: then you made a mistake cuz I might push you out now. M: you cant even handle your girl problems. J: ya do you know how to get someone stop being angry. if you know teach me. M: I dont want to – I wont teach you. I am your (?) now. dont act impudent and call me mun god

MM says M looks tired and asks if he wasnt able to sleep. he said he slept enough and not to worry. she asks if he isnt meeting N these days. M says how he should do that on his own. MM reminds him how he doesnt like NM-you dont want in laws like her. she tells him how N is listening to her mom and going on blind dates. just think that it turned out well. M:what is N doing? MM: NM was so childish and sent me a text – today my daughter is going on a blind date. M: go to the meeting on your own – you need to learn to do that on your own without me. M makes the driver pull over and let him out. MM: son where are you going?

N is having a meal with her date. this guy looks like the oddest blind date in kdrama history-is he wearing a bandana on his head? he looks like a biker -the harley davidson type but I bet his feet wont reach the pedals. he says how he heard the rumors that N had something going on with DN’s brothers. your parents must have been bothered by that but I am cool. you dont need to worry cuz I dont pay attention to that.  N stops mid meal and says-you dont need to be cool about it. guy:why? N: let’s stop and call an end to this. guy: you dont have manners. N: you dont have manners. you came dressed like that. for 20 mins now you kept going on about how impressive it was that you were meeting with me. if I was like I used to be a long time ago I would try to hang in there but now I trashed all that.  she gets up to leave and he holds her arm and asks what kind behavior is this. so she threatens him with a butter knife saying – where are you touching – do you want to die? she runs off and he tells her to stop.

N:why is he chasing after me. she hides behind M. the guy tells M to move aside. N:move what? M tells the guy: just think you are lucky/fortunate. there is nothing good about getting involved with a woman like this who is immature and tiresome/exhausting- speaking as the unlucky guy – hurry and run away. it’s better for you.  or do you want to tell ppl that you fought over N with DN’s cha M? M makes a fist. the guy turns it into rock and scissors and walks off saying M won

M asks where she is going – on another blind date? N: that’s right I am going to do that. M:why? N: why? cuz of you. cuz you ignored how I felt so I went on the blind date. and had to go thru this. dont you know that? and what did you say? tiresome and immature. meetingme it’s unlucky? was it to that extent – is that how much you didnt like me? M sighs and points at her head saying: you arent bright are you. N:what? M says a bunch of words I dont know. you dont know any of these do you? N: why dont I know? I know. M: let’s say you know. have you ever seen me meeting another girl besides you? N: you didnt meet NES so you didnt. M: did I ever go on a blind date like you? N: no. M: “for the time being cuz of work I have no time.”  did I not say that? N: no you said that. M: even when I was busy -when you begged – did I meet you or not? N:you met me. M:in the end – who was at fault? N: it does seem like I was a little wrong.  M:are you going to do this again? N: no. he pats her head saying she is nice. she says it will push down on her volume (how puffy her hair is) N: ya I am not the only one at fault you did something wrong too. M: did I say I didnt? he says how his meeting got canceled cuz of her so she has to take responsibility so follow him

E finishes delivering food and comes back to the chicken shop. J watches her come in and smiles. she asks the ownder if there is another delivery. he says there is and to wait while he fries the chicken. J shows up and asks if the owner cant go deliver it himself.  E calls J customer and tells him to leave if he isnt going to eat chicken. J asks the owner: how many more hrs of work does this part time worker need to do? guy says E has 5 hrs left-but why are you asking. J: if it’s 5 hrs how many chicken orders do you sell? cant I buy all of that? for that please give this part time worker to me for 5 hrs. E threatens J so the owner tells her not to talk to a customer like that. the owner tells E to follow J. J: you heard the owner. J tells the owner to ring up the sale.

E asks if J came to show off that he has money. J: in order to scout you I should invest this much. E:what? J: quit your part time job immediately and be my secretary again. E: I already said I didnt want to. J: I acknowledge your skills as a secretary. without putting my feelings into this- I am trying to scout you. E: I can see thru what you are doing. J offers 10% more raise. how about that? E: no thanks – no matter how poor I grew up- trying to move someone’s heart with money is really crass – I have pride too. he gives her more and more incentives -hourly pay raise- same percentages as something- double pay on weekends-how’s that? E: no. he made it hard for her to turn him down but she still walks away

on another night, he shows up at her home and jumps out in front of her muttering about 15% more something. he asks what happened to her face (she has flour on it). she says she was frying chicken. he offers more job incentives but she walks off

J waits for her as she comes out of a failed interview. E: are you a stalker?  he follows her spouting more incentives- something about 20 % and other stuff – how is that? I cant offer more than this-think it over carefully and call me

E tells MR: all the way till the end I wanted to turn him down and coolly kick him. MR: but. E: having to eat and live isnt great. it wont let you put pride ahead.  MR remarks that E is going on too long about not wanting to take the job. it’s ok that you get to get back with him like this. E: I wont get back with him. MR goes along with that to humor E

J tells his dad- in case you find out later and say something different – I am telling you cuz I think I need to report to you. I am going to hire NES back as my secretary. JD: ya why are you going astray after doing well. J: you are admitting I did well arent you? then you need to give me a prize-you have to give carrots – wait I dont like carrots -you have to give me candy so I will feel encouraged -I did all the work you ordered me so there has to be something I get out of it too. JD: I will give you candy but not NES. I will give you everything. J: except for NES everything else isnt worth it. JD: ya. JD tries to act sick so J gets up pretending to be concerned but tells his dad not to overact cuz it wont work on him. You said if I go back to the main office -you clearly said you would rethink it (about NES).  JD: normally -a human being changes going in to the bathroom and then coming out. do you understand? J: oh really then like you do dad I guess I have to wash my mouth and change my mind. I will have to stop work and everything. JD stops J from leaving and gives in. ok -I will give permission-but I have one condition. J: you really like conditions. JD: you have to win against M and help me (bokee-reinstate? my guess)-I am only giving permission for her to be your secretary but you cant go beyond that yet – got that? J grins: I’ll see. J leaves. JD: ya see what? he grins

E agrees to work for J but only as a secretary. J: ok. E: you have to keep your word about all the conditions you mentioned (those incentives) J: If I dont keep my word then I am ripping you off. E: ok then take good care of me director. J: I admit you have a lot of pride. E: I dont know when I will stop being mad – or if I will never stop being angry but as secretary I will not put up with behavior that is not appropriate. you understand. J nods yes and adds -you know that I have a finicky side right?  E: of course I do. J: more than before I am going to be way worse. so be warned. E: do as much as you want (so the korean equivalent to “bring it on”) J says if some problem gets resolved – he is going to be suddenly released so he wont be picky at all and be really good to her. so you should know that. she says how he shouldnt threaten with that. J: the one who really did that is you – like this you made me cling and beg and pushed me away making me pitiful and tormented me. E: compared to what I went thru this is nothing at all. J: you dont let yourself lose even a word. you know I dont like retorts. E: I know – forbidden to retort- forbidden to interrupt in the middle of talking – and never make you repeat the same thing twice. isnt that right? I will be careful not to do those things. she bows to him

E goes back to work at the sec office. they ask what happened and tell us the situation too. kim says it’s cuz J changes his mind suddenly and everyone needs to understand. M comes out of his office too and tells her it’s good that she decided to come. she thanks him

E is cleaning J’s office. he says how he couldnt sleep cuz he was thinking about how he gets to work with her again – he was flustered. he checks the office to see if she got anything wrong. she asks if there is anything he doesnt like. he says how he hasnt eaten breakfast yet-what is the menu. she has it ready so he says she has been upgraded. he says instead of this hardware her software needs to be upgraded too

J makes her do a lot of work

MR complains while helping E do all the work . MR: why suffer so much – if you are going to fight cuz of your pride – you should do it in moderation. E: if a person is angry one should apologize but after a quick apologize – what is he wanting to do right now? his method is wrong. (cuz J is giving too much work) MR thinks both of them are putting on a show

J goes over what E worked on. she fell asleep so he smiles and leans over and makes a kissing sound in front of her face ( he has the most adorable expression on his face) . he wakes her and yells at her for the mistake she made. You did this while you were sleepy didnt you? he says how her calculations are off.

MM hears that GM is taking steps and wants to put someone young in JD’s seat and there is talk that she will pick her grandchild. MM wonders if that means GM wants MM to step down. another guy asks if MM is going to sit there and watch as J brings back that secretary. MM: what if I dont just sit by and watch? the other man says there is a way to push J back for good (so J never gets the position)

M reads the news about J and E. yang asks if M saw the news. M tells yang that reporters might be here so contact E to avoid them

reporters ask if E is J’s secretary. J shows up and says they should be here for him not her. E tells J to go inside. reporters ask if E is dating J when she is the one who leaked the files. is it really true you are dating the person who leaked the files? E yells that isnt true but J says it’s correct. reporter ask if she isnt the one that caused all that to happen to J and JD. J: yes so. reporter: does that make sense? J: isnt it cool? saying that a bad thing is a bad thing. isnt it? i think it’s cool. that’s why I fell for her – I fell for her at first sight. E is stunned. J grins like crazy.



J to E: we are dating but pretending not to be arent we? E: if we do this and get kicked out for real – what are we going to do?

J tells M: you are going to take care of everything on your own as you see fit right?

J reads about E’s past and how much of a player (not studying and playing) she was so he says: i didnt know you were one to this extent – I am disappointed in you. E hides her face inside her turtleneck

E to J: this is all cuz of you

omg they go on a romantic date. J: it’s too bad but the world has been around too long and there are too many ppl in this world so there is no original way (to propose) so he hires musicians and sings to her. I think that fortune cookie had a proposal maybe. E thanks him


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    In any case, the story has no exaggerations, remains sweet and tender.

    For me, PTB is an ambitious drama that has two parts, both beautiful:
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    Episodes 14-18, the maturity of all the characters, in whitch there are mistakes, misunderstandings, but also a real love deeper and stronger.
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    i-jeon-e ba-deun ja-ryo hwa-gin-he-sseoss-seum-ni-da-man. (something about confirmed data?)

    u-ri jjok….(our side)

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