Ojakkyo Brothers E15 and E16

When I saw this scene tonight, I was completely baffled. Isn’t this the look a little boy makes when he finds a fascinating new bug? Up to now none of the brothers would even think of going into that tent or even unzipping it cuz they know it’s private property. Since TH is a cop, he should know better than to invade space more than anyone. So for him to just go in there without even thinking makes me wonder – is it just cuz he was drunk or did he feel driven -like he just couldn’t help it. But what made me so curious was the look he gave her. What does this expression on his face indicate? Interest? Fascination? Curiosity? I think it’s time for some polling. Let’s all guess what the first words out of his mouth are going to be when E17 airs. I’ll start. I think he is going to say her name “ya – Baek JE” and then say something vague like “what are you” cuz that is just the kind of infuriating line Kdrama characters ask and so far this guy has stayed true to that type. You don’t believe me? Well has be brought her any coffee yet? Exactly – case closed. Your turn. * Softy said this by the way

Softy’s intro comment for E15

I am not going to lie – the first thing I do after I download a new episode of OB is fast forward to this couple and their scenes. It’s a really great night when I can find a few of them, but it’s a perfect night when I see them not fighting and getting along. But tonight I was distracted by SY’s mom. I am sorry but this woman makes my blood boil. She is making DJ’s mom on CYHMH seem like an angel in comparison. This actress also played JW’s heartless mom in Secret Garden, but here I thought she had softened and seemed more quirky than  mean. Boy was I wrong. Now I am thinking some of the evil is back in full force. Watch the preview and see for yourself.


Fanderay managed to squeeze in some time to draw this scene for us – it’s one of my favs cuz this is where TH puts J in her place and for the first time that day after all the yelling, she was finally left speechless.


“Translation by Softy, Screenshots by Fanderay”



J:Ajumma your hand is very warm –it feels just like mom’s hand. Mom says J must be feverish to be saying these things –how am I your mom when we can’t stand to see each other. J: no it’s not – you didn’t use magic did you? Suddenly my stomach doesn’t hurt at all-this is why ppl say a mom’s hand is like “medicine” (healing) hand. Mom keeps insisting J is saying all these insincere stuff – how am I your mom? then I won’t do it. (she takes her hand away) just sleep. J: I really wont do it again. This was my first time – when someone touched my stomach when I was menstruating. Every time I had my period, I always hurt this much but there was no one I could tell-cuz dad is a man. The mom resumes rubbing J’s tummy. J: thank you. It’s better now- I think I can live now. Mom: close your eyes and sleep-when you are sick sleeping is the best thing – I will rub lightly so hurry and sleep-close your eyes. J: thank you. thank you ajumma. She closes her eyes.

The dad comes in and asks what happened- is she hurt somewhere? Mom mumbles that the dad is someone who wont wake up at all once he falls asleep but he is awake. She had a fever and said her stomach hurt. I woke cuz of the sound of the rain and thought it was raining too hard (and checked) and she was in this condition. Dad: she has body ache from doing work she never did before. Will she be ok we don’t need to take her to the hospital? Mom: it isn’t that bad to that extent. The stomach has warmed up a lot and her face looks more comfortable. Mom touches J’s face. And her fever went down a lot. Dad remarks that the mom and J had gotten a lot closer. Mom tells him not to say such things cuz that is why she deliberated about bringing J in or not cuz he might say that. Dad: seeing that you are rubbing her stomach so I thought things were a lot better between you. mom: try saying stuff like that and see if I give back the farm. Dad looks at J’s face: maybe it’s cuz she kept showing her strong side but watching her be still like that it’s really uncanny –even tho she is 24 yrs old –she is like a baby-her skin too and how she sleeps –the way she sleeps is just like a baby. Mom stares at J with a loving look. Dad: is it cuz she is a girl? Mom: it must be cuz I thought it was uncanny too so I kept staring like this. Her eyelashes are long like a doll’s and her skin is glowing like a baby – this must be what having daughters is like. Dad stares at the mom. mom: why are you looking at me like that? Dad: I thought of how when you came to marry me how pretty you were too. The dad says how when he first saw the mom, he thought an angel had come down from heaven. She doesn’t seem to believe him so he says “it’s for real- I even remember that you carried a handkerchief and had a pretty watch on your wrist” he goes on about how he was a guy who should have been killed (figure of speech) –how she was young and afraid of the in laws and had to eat plain rice (cuz he didn’t provide well) –for bringing that girl who was too young and turning her into a hard working woman. Mom: you know that at least. Dad: of course I know – I know that’s why I cant even bring J into the home when I wanted to. If I knew I was going to make you suffer this much I shouldn’t have brought you over to marry. She says now that J’s tummy is warmer they should go and sleep cuz now there isn’t much time left. Dad tucks J in before he leaves.

J wakes up and smiles. It wasnt a dream. I am really in the attic room. She makes comments about how soft the blanket is and how great the window view is –how long has it been. She giggles and laughs. Then she feels her tummy then realizes what she is wearing. She smiles and says – what is this.

TP is brushing his teeth and TH is washing his face. TH said just in case he checked and TP isn’t working that part time job. So what is your plan? Ya how long has it been since you got out of the army –how much longer is it going to take for you to come to your senses and live properly? TP: it’s good that you brought that up –from here on I will live life properly -hyung. TH looks startled to hear “hyung” but TP adds “lend me some money-just think of it as an investment and just $30,000” TH: what? Suddenly J opens the door and comes in so TP yells out “ya” and uses his hands to cover his chest and TH covers himself with a towel-they both act like they were naked or something when they are wearing clothes. TP: what are you doing? Aren’t you going to hurry and leave? J says sorry and goes out and closes the door. TP yells thru the door: what are you? why didn’t you knock? J: I am sorry the door wasn’t locked so I thought no one was in there. sorry. TP: why are you inside the house? J: there was a reason – sorry. Keep doing what you were doing.

J goes to the kitchen where the mom is preparing food. J: did you sleep well ajumma – I am all better now. My tummy doesn’t hurt and the fever went down. Thank you – this was all cuz of you. mom doesn’t answer. J asks what she is preparing and if she is making porridge. Are you making it on purpose for me? Mom says since J was sick, she is just making breakfast for J. after you eat this go straight back into the tent. J smiles at her. mom: why are you standing? Were you planning to dawdle and keep staying in here? J: no I thought I should be going out too. But I will just do the dishes and go (to thank the mom for the food) mom says it’s ok but J insists: it’s cuz I want to do it – cuz of me you didn’t get hardly any sleep. Mom: I said you don’t need to – (I know you are being thoughtful –my guess) – but not seeing you makes me the happiest in the world and it’s helping me out so if you want to help me – pack up your tent today and leave. J: ok then after you do the dishes come out slowly and I will go ahead to the pear orchard and spray medicine. J offers to clean the table for breakfast. Mom says she doesn’t need to but J goes and wipes it. Mom almost burns the porridge after watching J clean.
Dad remarks to the GM that the table is full today (since J is there too) mom: it’s just for today. Everyone says the usual thing before a meal “I will eat well” but J practically yells it out. They all look at her cuz it was so loud. J grins and explains: cuz I was so happy. GM asks J: are you feeling better? TB: that’s right heard you were sick. J: a little yesterday but now I am all better. GM starts in on how J needs to stop dressing skimpy cuz that’s how she cant help catching cold and having body aches. J says how she doesn’t dress skimpy these days. Mom asks what time TB is going to SY’s home. TB: I don’t know the exact time- she will call. Mom: make sure you wear sharp clothes and don’t go empty handed and get a fruit basket. TB: of course I will do well. GM asks how SY’s family lives cuz from what she could tell they seem well off. TB replies that they are rich. She asks what SY’s dad does and TB explains it all and it leaves them speechless and impressed. The mom hesitantly asks about Smom. TB says she was a professor at a college. Mom remarks what kind of professor acts like that. GM concludes the in laws are really well to do. Mom says it’s not that impressive to be a professor cuz there are a lot these days. GM points out SY’s dad. the mom tells them all to eat before the porridge gets cold.

SY’s mom ignores SY. The dad says he made breakfast with Y. Y says how the mom didn’t eat anything and offers to make porridge if the mom doesn’t have a taste for food. Mom turns her down. SY tells her mom how TB is coming to say hello formally today. I didn’t have time yesterday cuz I had too much work so he couldnt come– when should I bring him today – lunch? Dinner? He said he would come today to greet you formally, apologize, and try to get permission to marry. Mom cant you please stop being angry now? In the end, we are getting married and the baby can be born into a normal family. Now there is no more things for you and dad to worry about. Mom starts in asking if marriage was the only thing SY wanted in life – wasn’t there anything else that was important to her? SY: then do you not want me to get married- I don’t know why you are like this. At first you got mad cuz I wasn’t getting married and now that I am getting married you are getting angry and then you got mad that I went to reporter hwang’s home first to say hello so I said he is coming to our home to say hello and you are getting mad. Mom: heard that jerk knew you were pregnant and still didn’t want to get married no matter what and went on a blind date. SY is shocked her mom knows and looks over at Y. mom continues: and you chased him to that blind date appt and asked him to marry and begged and clung onto him. SY calls out aunt to Y and then Y cries out unni to the mom. dad:what is this talk – you said he didn’t know you were pregnant. Mom: don’t you have self esteem- don’t you have pride? Doing all this – do you still have to get married? You think I raised you to see you acting like this?

The dad asks again – what are you talking about – that guy did that knowing you were pregnant? SY: no dad it’s not like that – it was cuz he was so overwhelmed that’s why he did that-he was already overwhelmed about hearing that I was pregnant cuz I hadnt told him but I said he had to marry no matter what and half threatened him -from his situation so many things happened all at once so wouldnt he be in shock.  mom yells at SY calling her names for not knowing how the parents feel -you think I raised you to give you away to that pathetic guy -no matter what I look at he lacks in every aspect and there isnt a single thing that I like about him no matter how much I look for one -to a guy like that you had to cling -you think I raised you to marry him. she calls SY more names. you were my daughter  and I was proud of you in every way -enough so that it was ok if my life wasnt great – you were the most precious to me – a daughter like this – it wasnt enough he got her pregnant -what did he say? “that he rather die than marry?” SY: I am sorry – I am sorry for disappointing you and dad -getting pregnant was my fault too -it’s something the individuals involved needs to take responsibility for and he didnt do it just on his own to be careless and a rascal. also he isnt someone who lacks and isnt good enough – if anything he is better than me and doesnt lack.  The dad and Y convince the mom to meet TB at least and hear him out and then decide. The mom reluctantly agrees and says – fine bring him once – like you said -i’ll see if he lacks or is more than enough -after I see him  if he still seems to be lacking I wont allow this marriage no matter what and it would be better for you to have the baby alone. do you understand? SY: yes

SY calls TB and wakes him up from his nap. She tells him he has to come to her home by 6 so shower and shave and be ready cuz she will be there in 2 hrs. he says he can get ready on his own and she doesn’t need to come. She tells him to hurry up and get ready cuz there is no time

TS is practicing a song. TP comes in: hyung you arent going to sing that to YJ noona right? TS: why I cant? TP: you are really going to sing to her- are you going to propose? TS: I was going to put a heartshaped cake in front of her and sing this song. ya she will probably be moved huh? TP: how could she be moved if the main dish is missing. TS: main what? TP: hyung this cake and song are all appetizers. the main dish girls always wait for is something they can treasure -not a large stoned ring that will make her feel burdened but something that is pretty enough for her to tell ppl my boyfriend gave me this as a present. something she can brag about – a necklace will be ok. use some money. TS checks his bank books. TP tries to find out if TS has any money saved but TS says he doesnt have much -just last year he paid off the debt from his failed business that he had in the Philippines. TP asks if that means TS cant even get loans.

When TS leaves, MS is waiting around by her truck. he asks if she slept well after drinking yesterday and if she is ok. MS: of course I am ok – you are going to work now. He says no – today is his day off and asks if she has some time today. MS: time? TS: to be honest I am going to propose to YJ today. so I have to buy a necklace but I never had to buy a woman’s necklace before. He asks MS to help him select a necklace if she has time.

At the store the sales lady says these are the ones women in their 20s look for the most. TS: it’s pretty.  TS hold it up for MS to see and says it looks like it will look good on YJ.  MS replies that it’s too flashy. TS: how about this one? MS: the stone is too big. TS: how about this one? MS:  it’s tacky -even if you told me to wear it I wouldnt. TS: then since my YJ shi is going to wear it – it cant be tacky.  what will she like? he explains to the clerk that his YS shi’s style is feminine and tasteful. she says how about this one. he likes it so he holds it up for MS to see. MS finally says it’s pretty so he buys it

MS ditches him cuz she is so jealous and drives off and keeps checking her side mirror to see if he will come after her but he doesnt and walks off muttering she is strange. MS goes back. he asks why she left without saying anything. MS asks him to have a talk with her cuz she has something to tell him. TS: what is it that you want to say? MS: I like you. I said I like you – I know you think of me as a friend and I know that you like YS shi but I wanted to be sure to tell you. if I didnt tell you today I thought I would never get to tell you – to be honest it’s been a long time since I liked someone -we still dont know much about each other -if we get to know one another – you might end up liking me – so couldnt you propose later – a little later. give me a chance too. But TS says he made a mistake – when he went with  MS to the concert he thought MS was lonely so that is why he told MS about YJ. Since he told he thought MS could be a comfortable friend to him. He goes on about how he really likes YJ – not just cuz of his age and stuff and needs to get married. He thinks YJ is his destiny –and someone who can set his life on the right path- cuz like his dad says –nothing works out for TS- at 20 he wanted to be a singer – at 30 he wanted to be a good son in law –and since nothing turned out like he wants after 33 he stopped dreaming. He doesn’t even count on himself. After he got older, he went on dates but he never expected any of them to turn out. Cuz he didn’t want to expect and then get disappointed. Cuz nothing works out for him but even tho he is that kind of person he met YJ and for the first time his heart is beating fast and liked her more each time he met her. when I meet her I am so happy I get afraid this might be a dream and in case this happiness disappears, he follows traffic rules well and is trying to live as a better person being friendly and nice.the reason why I am telling you all this is cuz I think I need to make myself clear – I want to marry with YJ. so  today I am going to propose to YJ. sorry for not being able to accept your feelings. I will be going first. he leaves

YJ is staring at the necklace. TS asks if she likes it. I thought of you when I chose it. YJ says she likes it and it’s really pretty. TS says from the moment he met her – every time he sees her he is happy. when you laugh I end up laughing -when you are depressed I get depressed too. so I want to keep making you laugh.  I know I lack a lot but will all sincerity I want to make you happy – that’s my happiness. YJ asks him to put the necklace on her. she holds his hand as he does and thanks him and promises to treasure it.

SY goes shopping for TB for a new suit, wine for present, and cologne her mom likes. H was already dressed in his best suit and had a fruit basket ready as a present. She asks him to change and wear the cologne and give the expensive wine as a present. She explains how sensitive her mom is and just for today SY asks him to match her mom’s taste. TB replies in the best way possible. He looks at the receipt for the wine and says she isn’t as rich as he thought cuz if her mom’s taste runs that expensive the wine should have cost around $10,000. He says he feels insulted and resentful – he was planning to go and be reprimanded and beg for forgiveness but he didn’t realize his lack of fashion taste and judgment about his present would be included in that. He knew full well that there would be a class difference between them and that some of those differences would arise sometimes but not like this where his taste in fashion and present would be considered cheap and unworthy. She asks why he is reacting like this. He points out this is why he didn’t want this marriage – if she was someone he loved enough to put his life on the line he would bite down on his teeth and endure anything but why should he go thru this marriage like this and make him feel like everything he has is not enough –feeling insulted …but she asks if he has to talk like this. TB: yes I have to talk like this – how you are behaving right now –do you know how much you are insulting me – more than that you are insulting my parents too- do you realize that? I am not doing this cuz I am better or anything but even for the sole reason that I am their child – I am a precious child to them. He points to the clothes and wine saying even if she didn’t show him he already guessed that she was better off than him but even if his parents didn’t have much and had to live a hard life –they did their best to raise him and he is thankful to his parents and is proud of them. And he doesn’t want to feel embarrassed or ashamed of having cheap tastes but the behavior she showed today is telling him to be ashamed of that. She apologizes and says she didn’t mean it that way and tells him to go as he is with the fruit basket but he wants some time to cool off cuz he cant go like this and act like nothing happened. He leaves her waiting.

J, the mom and GM bring in the peppers. GM is in a nagging mood and keeps criticizing the mom saying how she already told the mom to get these peppers dried before this, how the mom is raising those ducks and they are expensive to upkeep but aren’t able to sell them – how is it that you can’t have anything turn out right. Mom says she is going to ask MS one more time (to get the restaurant owner to buy them) – whatever I have to do I will get them sold by the end of the month. Don’t worry too much mother I will do well. GM starts in again – don’t even say those words – you have been saying that for 40 yrs so just hearing it makes me queasy. Even when you married into the family you said “don’t worry mother I will do well.” GM complains that all the mom brought with her when she got married was a spoon (meaning the mom didn’t come with a dowry) and after all these years what did the mom do that was worthwhile (something good to show for it) the mom points out she had great sons. GM: how is that your doing? It’s cuz my Hwang’s “seeds” were good…(but she stops herself when she realizes an impressionable young girl is listening to all this) GM changes the topic and says all this is cuz she saw TB’s new wife and the GM’s “water turned over” (meaning she has regrets for what kind of daughter in law she could have had) GM goes on about all the great catches the dad had when he was young – how all those great girls chased after him, they all had as much as TB’s wife – they carried expensive bags and came from a rich home. GM mutters if there is another person who had a not so great daughter in law like the mom. GM makes one more digs and says even in her dreams she never imagined the mom would come carrying just a spoon. J has enough and speaks out: GM stop talking about that spoon. GM: what? J: in this day and age where is a daughter in law like ajumma – she cleans this whole place by herself – 4 sons, GM and also ajussi – she feeds and takes care of 6 mouths. On top of that she works on the farm and raises animals – do you know she is almost like a slave/captive. also GM you don’t even help her do anything. GM is shocked to be spoken to like this and can barely stammer out “this brat” J: from what I can see – it’s not that you don’t know how to choose a daughter in law well-it looks more like ahumma doesn’t know how to choose a mother in law well. Mom reprimands J: what are you doing – speaking so rudely in front of an elder. J: ajumma don’t just sit there and take it and live saying what you want to say. That’s how GM will realize the reality and not mistreat you.  GM even if you don’t know how the world is – you really don’t know. These days the mother in laws have to worry about how they behave in front of their daughter in laws. Haven’t you heard of the phrase – “not looking at who you marry but looking at daughter in laws” GM throws peppers at J and tells her to be quiet. GM throws more at her. the mom tells the GM: why are you like this? GM: are you taking her side? Mom: I am not taking J’s side –the peppers were laid out but now they dropped to the floor. (the mom has a hard time saying this without smiling cuz she is secretly happy J stood up for her) GM stalks off angry.

J: GM is too much. Mom: what are you doing? Don’t do that in front of elders– don’t ever act rude like that in front of GM. J: I didn’t do that to be rude . they sit back down to pick up the peppers. J: but ajumma why cant we sell our ducks? Mom: cuz there are no duck restaurants who want to take them. J: why aren’t there any? Mom explains the restaurant that used to take the ducks closed their doors so now there is a backup of ducks that need to be sold. She was going to sell with CH (Chong min) but they already have deals to sell at 3 different places. What are they adding to the feed? J asks if the duck food isn’t all the same. Mom says it’s not and explains the basic ingredients are similar but each person adds something else (to fatten the ducks) mom mutters she doesn’t have any other wish except to know what CM puts in her feed. Should I go and just smell it and come back. I think I can guess (the ingredients) just from the smell.

J is on stakeout duty. She calls out – desperate and whispering – ajumma did you find it? Ajumma! The mom finds it but cant figure out what the smell is. J spots CM headed over so J crouches down and makes urgent quacking sounds (so the mom will be alerted that someone is coming). Mom mutters she doesn’t know what’s in the feed. J’s quacks get louder so the mom pockets some of the feed. J is hoarse from quacking. CH asks who she is. J introduces herself as the girl with the tent who was eating ramen in front of the O farm. CH asks what brings J to her home. J holds out the red tub and says the ajumma asked her to deliver this water kimchi (it’s white with water and smells just as strong as normal red kimchi) J: she said good food was meant to be shared so have some. The lady takes it but sees the mom peeking out from behind the door. She asks what the mom is doing in someone else’s shed and goes after her.

J says “you cant” and holds onto CH.  CH beats up J but J tells the mom to run. The mom cant stand to see J get beat up so she goes and breaks them up. Mom: why are you doing that to the kid – I was just smelling your duck feed-think how frustrated I must have been to do that – I am sorry. CH yells – why smell someone else’s feed – with whose permission. Let’s see. Mom asks – why are you doing this. CH checks the mom’s pockets and seeds fall out. CH: all you did was smell? She attacks the mom with a towel so J gets between them calling out : we were wrong – ajumma please stop. They are in a 3 way wrestler hold so the mom is trying to kick CH but the mom’s legs are too short to reach. The mom tells J to hurry and get away. The mom keeps trying to kick CH. CH holds J in a neck hold and calls out for her husband.  The husband asks what is going on. the mom bites CH to let go of J.  mom and J run off.

J and mom are holding hands and running. J tells her to run a little faster. J slows down. Ajumma I think they stopped chasing us. They take a breath. J says she thought they would be caught. That ajusshi looked really scary. Mom: if we got caught you and I both would have been turned to dust. That ajusshi has a strong fist. J starts to laugh. Mom: why are you laughing. J: just cuz. The way you were kicking a while ago was really funny. J laughs some more. Mom: don’t laugh. I said don’t laugh. She joins in and they both laugh. The mom stops and looks at J. J:why? mom goes over and fixes J’s hair. Your hair got all tangled. J: that is why I told you to run away. Mom: I took you along and did something I shouldn’t have –it’s not right to touch someone else’s feed-I wouldn’t tell ppl too –  I will go tm and apologize to CM. is your back ok? She hit you a lot awhile ago. The mom rubs J’s back. J: ajumma I am sorry. For suspecting you of stealing my contract –for calling you the world’s worst person- for insulting you and calling you a robber and theif/deceiver . mom stops touching J’s arm. J: to be honest I suspected you –I am really sorry. The mom looks away. J: at first when I lost the contract and got kicked out, I really wanted to die. I was having such a hard time I thought I would die hating you but now I know that you are someone who would never do that. I am really sorry – forgive me. The mom looks down and then at J and walks off. J calls out to go together.

SY’s mom had an elaborate spread prepared. The dad asks when she made all this. Mom tells the dad to change into the clothes she has ready and to shower and put it on. Y asks if she can help and offers to make dessert but the mom asks her to go out and meet her friends. So even if Y doesn’t have plans she lies and says she was going to meet friends anyway and will go out and eat. Tell SY I said I was sorry (for not being able to stay) * part of me thinks the mom sent Y out of the home so the mom would not have to explain why her younger sister is living with them (the fact that Y is divorced and jobless are the main reasons and I think Y picked up on that and left willingly) – just one more in a pile of reasons why I hate this mom more than TB’s.

TB comes back and says he was late cuz he was buying the mom’s present. He bought the exact same wine and tells SY to return hers or whatever she wants. He wants to give the wine with his heart but wont change his suit or wear the cologne. He says if they don’t leave now they will be late

Once they get to her house, she speaks banmal and says “this is it” (her home) but he reminds her so she switches to formal speech. He says it’s good that it’s 5 mins till 6 and to go in. she straightens his tie and thanks him

SY introduces TB to her dad. her dad welcomes him and says – I am SY’s father – you don’t know me well but I  saw you often on tv – as of now I am not that happy to see you but it’s good that you came. He starts to introduce the mom but she says she already met TB. TB says he wants to say hello again more formally. Sorry for coming late and meeting you ( cuz they went to his home first) I heard you enjoy wine so I prepared this. He hands it to her. she half heartedly says you shouldn’t have. Since it’s late should we start eating first.

J goes to meet that man who used to work for her dad- Hong. He asks if she has been well – why are you so thin? J: I am not thin- I eat a lot of food. He tells her to sit. J: when did you come? Hong: I came yesterday and I have to go back tm. There is still no news of your dad. I am sorry JE. J: why are you sorry I feel more apologetic since I couldn’t even pay you the $30,000. Hong: no it’s ok you don’t have any money. ajussi is looking into it with different ways. But I heard you aren’t living with your step mom so where are you staying now? J: ajussi to be honest –there is a farm that dad left behind. Hong: a farm? J: yes –to say it specifically it’s the farm my GP left my dad. and lent it to my dad’s friend for ten years and it’s been exactly ten years the day after tm. Hong: you found that farm? * This is where J just screwed up big time. She just confided in the wrong person. I don’t think this man is trustworthy and I bet he is going to cause all kinds of problems between J and the hwang family. Instead of getting the farm back the way she has been doing, I’m thinking it will get taken away from J and the Hwangs now.

TH and D are staring at the fax machine. Everyone else decides to go for a get together and the boss offers to pay. TH and D tell the boss to go ahead and will follow along after they tidy up. D promises to take TH there. D: we will be there soon.

TH and D stare at the fax machine. D says it’s time for it to arrive. They get the fax and look down the list and see the 3 names for Korean guests. They confirm J’s dad’s name and the chief of police. TH remembers the third guy –Hong, Man Shik. He is baek In ho’s driver. After being the driver for 30 yrs, he got a job at the food company in china. D: if he worked for them for 30 yrs he is almost like family. Would he know about the purpose of the watch? TH: he is an important witness for us. Investigate Hong tm right away. Contact the custom’s office and find out about his status. (if he is in or out of the country) do this with caution. D: ok but are we doing the right thing? TH: at least we will have the truth

TH and D are having fun drinking so the boss asks if something good is happening. TH says there is and the boss asks what. TH starts to say that “D is getting married…” everyone including D is shocked and everyone claps and D denies it and TH finishes his sentence “…if he finds a good woman”

D asks if TH is ok to go home alone and offers to take him. TH says he is ok and gets in the cab without his shoes. So D says that TH is really drunk.

When the cab pulls up to the farm, TH has his shoes laced and hanging around his neck so he wont lose them. He can barely walk straight. He stops at the tent and watches J sketching a red pepper. He suddenly goes in and sits next to her. J says she was startled and calls out ajussi. He just looks at her intently and doesn’t look away.

TB is the only one eating while the parents stare at him. SY’s mom: do you not like the steak much? TB: no I often enjoy it. mom: but it looks like you aren’t enjoying it now. TB says he is nervous. SY’s dad: of course you have to be nervous since you committed a wrongful act (sinned). TB: yes I know that well. Mom: when you say you know – you mean you know you sinned right? SY: mom. mom: Cha SY. TB: yes I know. Mom: what did you do wrong? TB: not being able to decide to get married, I made SY shi’s (heart) suffer. Mom: Sys hi? I heard she was team manager. TB: because I am not marrying team manager Cha SY- we decided to treat each other as individuals with respect (by using formal speech to each other). Dad: that’s a good idea – SY you should use formal language too. Spouses respecting each other…the mom cuts him off. We didn’t give permission to marry yet. Dad: I was just talking about most ppl. Mom goes back to TB: so you know you made my SY suffer and since you know you sinned – I do feel a little better but that doesn’t mean I forgive everything. I heard you went on a blind date at the hotel to get rid of our SY. Anyway have you decided to marry SY for sure? TB: yes I did. mom: then get on your knees. Get on your knees and sincerely beg our SY for forgiveness! SY: mom. dad to his wife: dear. Mom: when a person does something wrong – he needs to beg and say he was wrong and has to get forgiveness – isn’t that right? Get on your knees and beg. Until you do I will never give permission for this marriage. Get on your knees – you can’t do that?!


no preview


I am really hoping TB just walks out on that dinner and doesn’t give her the satisfaction. The dad is going to be easy to sway to their side so I say get married minus the mom. The woman really doesn’t know the limits of her arrogance. This whole dinner conversation had me so upset I couldn’t type. No one told her daughter to chase after TB and beg him to marry her – SY did that all on her own. If you saw how many times SY yelled at TB in public and humiliated him in front of strangers, he should get an award for willing to marry this unstable woman. And now her equally batty mother demands that he kneel and beg for forgiveness? Why is this mom directing all her disappointment and anger on TB? I really despise SY’s mom. It’s not that she is just condescending, but more that she feels she is entitled somehow to behave this way. The way she mistreated her husband shows you her lack of character, but with her crazy demand tonight, she just went to the top of the list of Kdrama mom’s I hate and this same actress was number one for being JW’s mom on Secret Garden so I guess it’s a tie now.

Also am I the only one who isnt buying that YS has sincere feelings for TS? Something is up with her and I dont think her actions towards TS is sincere for some reason. I think it was the way she seemed disappointed when she first met him.


Eep, poor TB.  Even though part of me wants him to walk out, part of me just wants him to get down and beg for the sake of getting married.  If he does anything too antagonistic I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover the situation since SY’s mom is nuts and holds a grudge like no other (as evidenced by her relationship with the father).

I was really happy that TB bought the wine and made a bit of a compromise regarding that whole clothing/gift issue.  I thought that both of them were being too extreme and stubborn, and it bodes well that they’re already learning to work together (considering the families they’re both marrying into, they’ll need to learn faster!).

I wanted to bang my head against the wall when J told Hong about the farm.  It’s a complicated situation since it involves loans, inheritances, and an uncertain death, but I’m pretty sure that once the farm is legally owned by J, it should technically go to the debt collectors.  I think the moment the farm changes hands TS will be dumped by his fiance, and who knows what will happen with everything else.

I think Softy’s already pretty much nailed it with the most likely dialogue, but I also think it’s likely that he’ll pass out without saying anything at all.  I’d prefer it if he just leaned in and smooched her, but he doesn’t seem like the kissy type.  If he does talk I still think passing out is fairly likely (although that would be a very tricky scenario for J to deal with). If the scene is ruined by some third person walking by the tent at that exact moment I will be furious!


Episode 15

Y attends some business event and there is a clothing line featured and TP is there too. TP checks out rich women and spots the wealthiest one to set it up so that she sits on his sunglasses. When she offers to reimburse him, he acts like it’s no big deal. Afterwards, she follows him out to pay him back so he says she can pay him back by buying him coffee. woman : you seem like you have a lot of interest in business – are you a student? What work do you do? He gives TB’s card and says he is a reporter. She reads his name IBC Hwang TB. Woman: what is the business you prepared? Could I hear about it? TP: if you want. She looks at the name again and asks if he knows her husband – an investigator (not sure if she meant a cop) He gets alarmed and says wait a minute and tries to get the card back but she won’t let go. He says he isn’t TB and takes the card back and runs away. He bumps into Y who was taking pictures. She asks if he is ok and he says sorry to her and runs off again. He ended up in her shot so you can see his face next to her.

SY and TB sit there staring at each other. TB: let’s get married- contractual marriage for a year. SY: contractual marriage? TB: after living together for a year- see if we want to stay married or not – let’s decide – if we both want to keep going with the marriage then we do or if one of us wants to end this marriage or doesn’t want to continue then we make a clean break. SY: so the condition for getting married is the wild card that after a year we could break up. TB: it’s a marriage that started when we both didn’t have any feelings for each other. You cuz of the baby and parents and want to get married with me cuz of security – it’s not cuz you have feelings for me right. SY: of course (I don’t). TB: that’s why I am saying this. A man and woman who do not know each other got on a bus where there are no doors to get out and don’t know where they are going – if they have to go together no matter what for the rest of their lives –that is so nerve racking so isn’t it like a nightmare? So to be able to get out of that nightmare- let’s make a safety net –for each of our sake. Like I said before – just cuz I am at that age – I cant be that person who marries just anyone who is good enough. If I do get married – I wanted to marry with a woman where I loved her so much I feel like my heart will burst. A marriage according to age(for me a marriage) – it’s not when and why –it was more important with who…she stops him. She says he doesn’t need to explain more – she already said it with her own lips – whatever the condition was that I would follow it. Fine – let’s do it- a one year contractual marriage. But I have a condition too. TB: say it. She wants him to act like other couples –to put forth some effort – instead of the way he is thinking of just hanging in there for a year. TB: we really don’t know each other – when we are like this, I don’t know if we are doing the right thing by getting married. He says how he doesn’t do bad things upfront–if he thought of doing that he would have just kept saying he wouldn’t get married and wouldn’t even have proposed this. SY: since you said that I got curious – can I ask why you suddenly changed your mind? TB: I thought I was doing wrong to a lot of ppl – parents- more than that to you. how you must have felt to cling to a man you have no feelings for –if it was me I could never have done that. It was like you were going through something traumatic – something I cant even understand or guess. Also- if I had to speak honestly – I still don’t feel like this is real or feel anything –but also cuz of the baby inside of you –our baby. She says even though he added that one year deal, she is still grateful that he decided to marry. I really mean it and like you promised, if you put some effort into this marriage, there is nothing else I want. TB promises to try –“I really hope our effort will save us. I really mean that.”

MS goes to pick up H’s pants at the dry cleaners and sees TS’s jacket too. She offers to take it to him since it’s on her way.

She takes his jacket and some sandwiches to his room. She knocks and asks if he is in. she looks around but the GM comes in and MS hides in the wardrobe. GM thinks TS left the door open this morning cuz he was in a hurry and tries to close it. Then GM sees the foot when it wont close and traps MS in there calling out “robber” but MS speaks out. GM asks what she is doing in someone else’s room. MS shows the jacket that the dry cleaner asked her to drop off. GM asks if TS knows the truth that MS goes in and out of his room. MS insists this was her first time and it’s never happened before and not to tell TS. GM is not buying it so MS begs her to just “close her eyes this one time” (pretend it never happened) MS offers her some sandwich so GM asks – you said you came to hang the clothes but you made the sandwich too. MS says she made it for H’s snack but brought some along to share. GM: you want me to eat this and keep my mouth shut? MS: yes Gm-just overlook it once please – I will never come in again. GM: I’ll see – from how you act. MS: is there anything you want to eat Gm?

The mom tells the lady at the store that something good happened – that soon she will be able to meet her daughter in law. The woman asks if TS is getting married at last. Mom: not TS -our second TB– the one who is a reporter. J shows up and said she just came back. Something happened so I couldn’t attend class and just came back. Mom: who told you to come? Pack up your tent and hurry and go. J: I wont ever be irritable again like this morning –it’s not like someone told me to do it so even if I think about it, I understand why you were upset. I will never do it again. She takes the bags from the mom to carry for her. J: I am strong. So the second ajussi is getting married? So that is why you are in such a good mood? Mom: as long as I don’t see you I am in a good mood. J: ajumma you are talking mean on purpose aren’t you so that I wont feel close to you and hurry and pack up the tent and give up. J sees the apples in the bag and comments how much she likes them. I’m just saying. Ajumma do you know you walk fast? Even if you walk fast your legs are shorter than me so you can’t beat me. Where are we going this afternoon? Pear orchard? Pepper (whatever peppers grow on)?

The mom and J get to the pear orchard and the mom is upset. J asks what’s wrong and realizes that the colors of the leaves have changed (to dark) the mom comments it’s spread everywhere. J asks what. The mom says she worried this would come – some infestation (plant disease) so the mom insists they have to catch it all in time within the day. J asks how to catch it so the mom says look carefully. She snips off the dark colored parts (the ones with the disease) and sprays medicine on the tips where she pruned it. J repeats her instructions and guesses the mom is going to collect all the infested parts and burn them later. They both get to work. J asks how they can do all these trees when there are so many. The mom realizes that TB and SY are coming soon and they didn’t even finish half the orchard so she worries. J offers to do it alone and tells the mom to hurry and go. J: really I’ll do it – look- I really do it well don’t I? the mom doesnt look convinced.

D (TH’s partner) tells TH that he looked into the restaurant and they did give out those pens as souvenirs at the anniversary event. TH: so it was passed out to the customers? when? D: 1-9 -2007  for one day. out of all the customers that day, there were only 3 koreans who attended and the list of names is being faxed over to them tm. D guesses those names will include J’s dad, the chief, and professor seo. TH: tell me right away when you get the list of names. D: let’s go to eat lunch. they spot SR. SR is hanging around hoping to see TH.D: she is here again -she comes often- by any chance is something going on between you two? TH: dont say such ridiculous things. SR runs over so D excuses himself and leaves. TH calls out D’s name

Since it’s lunch time she asks for him to eat with her but he says he is busy and doesnt have time to eat with her. he pulls his arm away from her grasp. she links arms again. SR: then when do you have time – I will wait. he pulls away again. TH:why are you like this. I’m saying talk while keeping your distance a little. I have good hearing.. she follows him and asks how about some coffee then. just ten minutes. she links arms again so he yells out “ya” as he pulls away. he takes his parka off and covers her telling her – wear this – you’ll catch cold. (she was wearing something skimpy on top) she calls out to go together.

Y is being interrogated by SY’s mom. the mom says SY’s dad said that TB didnt know about the pregnancy but the mom feels different. tell me everything you know. Y: unni ask SY yourself. Y confesses that TB knows about the pregnancy. the mom asks how Y found out. Y says she heard TB and SY talking. SY asked him to marry her but the guy didnt want to. the guy came to go on a blind date and SY came to interrupt that. the mom calls SY crazy for interrupting a guy on his blind date. she accuses her daughter of not having any self esteem.

SY and TH are still hammering out the details of the conditions of the contractual marriage. She wants to start first (listing hers) -not to tell coworkers they are getting married for ten months cuz the reason will be obvious ( she will start showing by then) the secret will come out in the end but till then dont tell. he agrees to do that. SY points out if they do that they wont be able to invite coworkers. are you ok with that? TB: it’s what I want – I hated the idea of having an abrupt and loud wedding- i didnt want to hand out or accept invitations. He suggests they have a small wedding with family only – each 25 ppl so no more than 50 total. she agrees and says divide household chores in half and dont expect her to cook, take care of the interior, or be skilled at homemaking. TH leans in and asks: you cant cook at all? SY: I can cook a ramen at least. TH: then what’s good for me if I get married? SY: are you getting married to get food? you are not getting a mom – you are getting a wife. they continue with their lists of conditions -she says not to be selfish and stuff so he agrees. he says she isnt allowed to speak banmal to him outside and call him insulting names every time she gets mad easily and not to throw a hissy fit like last time in public cuz he wont put up with that again.  she retorts as long as he doesnt provoke her she wont. the last one is a question – he asks if he meets someone he could love while they are married- is he allowed to date. SY: just dont get caught – if you get caught you are dead.

*since there are two mom’s in the next scenes, I am going to call SY’s mom = Smom and TB’s mom =Tmom

SY’s mom goes to the farm.  GM asks “who are you”  SY’s mom asks the GM if she is the owner of the farm. GM: yes I am who are you? Smom: then are you TB’s mother? GM lectures her for not answering the GM’s question about who she is. Smom: I am cha SY’s mom. GM doesnt know that name and asks the dad when he shows up. dad goes over to Smom. dad: you are SY’s mom? I am TB’s dad. Smom barely nods her head in greeting. T mom comes over and asks who Smom is. dad says it’s SY’s mom. Tmom says happy to meet you and shakes Smom’s hand. Smom pulls her hand away quickly. Tmom says in a low voice feeling hurt: my hand isnt dirty. I was just happy to see you. Smom lies and says she is a sensitive person and isnt used to skinship. Tmom asks the dad: what is skinship. he doesnt know either. GM asks again who is SY. Tmom says to GM: TB’s (and makes a pregnant gesture with her hand in front of her stomach so the GM finally gets it)

Tmom  brings over hot pear tea for Smom. dad tells Smom to drink but she doesnt. she apologizes for coming suddenly without calling in advance. The dad and Tmom says they understand – that Smom must have come in a hurry cuz she was worried. Smom starts her reprimand: I wasn’t worried- I was curious more than anything how you raised your son for reporter TB to keep being irresponsible – you know right? That TB knew about the baby and turned down getting married – moreover – let’s say TB is like that –but as the elders in this household –in this situation what you were thinking and planning to do – I was curious about that and came. GM mutters the world has changed for an in law to be so upfront and brazen. Dad to Smom: what you said is correct – we will apologize first. I didn’t raise my son right. Smom: that’s good that at least the elders knew about that truth. Smom goes on and interrupts the dad. she says her child cant be accepted by this family and goes on about how ever since SY was little how she has always been number one in everything –in looks, (education? background?) and there was nothing she lacked. She was the best eligible bride. (man this woman talks fast) she goes on about how as soon as SY joined IBC she went up in rank quickly and was on a fast track to a career as an anchor and had a solid future. Tmom speaks up and defends TB saying he isn’t lacking either. Dad tries to stop his wife. Tmom says it sounds like Smom is saying TB is lacking and not good enough for SY. GM agrees it sounds like that. Tmom says instead of trying to pick on whose fault it is since this has happened-the elders should interfere and guide the kids to the best possible way. and if you say your son is bad and my daughter is better –you can pick on that all you want but none of that matters and only feelings will get hurt. That’s what I am saying. Don’t you think so? Smom: what is that best possible path –what meaning does it have. Tmom: don’t you know? Since the kids did something wrong and made a baby they have to get married. GM mutters under her breath that Smom is “not sharp/smart” so Smom takes offense and asks what the GM said. Dad tells Smom not to pay attention to his mom. she likes talking to herself. Also the kids are on their way over here. Smom:what do you mean kids? GM: it means your daughter and our TB are coming. Even I understood –why cant you understand what’s being said. Smom: my SY is coming here? TB and SY show up.

TB introduces SY and SY says hello to GM, dad, and mom. Smom sits there muttering to herself: mother? Father? GM points out that SY doesn’t resemble her mom that much. Dad says: it’s nice to meet you and your mom is here. SY and TB notice Smom. SY is shocked. Smom: what brings you here? SY: mom what brings you here- how did you know about this place to come? TB explains how he wasn’t able to say hello properly at the office and introduces himself. Smom glares at TB. Tmom noticed that.

SY’s dad goes to the office looking for TB. He is told that TB left early.

Tmom watches Smom glare at TB with hatred. Dad explains how he called them over here today cuz since a baby was already made he wanted to ask them what they were going to do. Of course he wants to see them take responsibility –what do you think SY? SY: father I want to marry TB. Also TBshi wants the same thing. TB: yes I think the same way – we decided to get married. Dad is happy: really? TB: yes on the way here we finished talking about it. We decided to get married. GM says of course you have to. Tmom is happy. She says to Smom: I told you you could trust our TB. The kids decided the right thing. Smom looks at SY and TB and speaks banmal suddenly: who gave you permission to marry? SY – is this how your mother taught you? without asking your mother and father’s opinions –did we teach you to decide whatever you wanted with your life on your own? SY: mom. Smom: also why are you coming first to this house? Have you ever even one time brought reporter hwang over to our house to say hello? I saw his face once but your dad still hasn’t even seen reporter hwang’s face yet but you come to this home first? “father mother we decided to marry.” SY: mom. Smom directs her anger towards TB: also reporter hwang even though you knew the truth that our SY was pregnant –I heard you said you couldn’t get married even if you had to die. How could you change your mind so easily within a few days? Were you always that kind of person? (she used bad adjectives) SY:mom. TB: I am sorry. Smom shrieks: of course you have to be sorry! Dad calls Smom “in law” and Smom retorts: why am I your in law – she says she doesn’t like the sound (but she said it in a rude way) Smom says to TB without looking at him- that when she thinks about the pain (scars) he left SY, she wont be able to give permission marry or forgive him easily so she is leaving for today. Dad tries to explain that the kids didn’t come today to say hello ( a formal one) but she cuts him off. And yells at SY to get up. Smom says “sorry for imposing” to the parents and leaves. SY apologizes to TB’s parents and GM and leaves.

TB and the dad walk them out. The dad says he will make TB go and formally say hello soon but Smom just glares at TB and doesn’t even reply. SY tells the dad to go in and that she will be going. He tells her to drive safely. TB: I am sorry father.

the mom goes back to the pear orchard to work muttering “if my son did something wrong what did he do so wrong that was like killing?” she complains how mean Smom was to TB. mom notices that J is still working. the mom tells her to put on the lights that go around the head. sort of like headlights. J: so that’s what you do at night. she puts it on and says she can see well.

TH comes home with bread. J comes over and calls out ajussi- you’re late today too. TH: yes – wait a minute. he looks thru his pockets and says he will return her pen. he realizes he left it behind and says he will give it to her next time. J: ok. she looks at the bag he is holding. what is that? TH: this? it’s sweet bean bread – GM likes it. J looks around to check more and looks disappointed. TH: what are you doing? J: just in case but it’s not. i thought maybe you had bought me an iced caramel macchiato. TH sort of clears his throat and looks away. J: you are telling me to stop dreaming? ok –  I’m bad for looking forward to it -why would you be bad for being cold. I’m really tired so I will be going in to sleep. you can go – I will be going in. TH quickly offers her a bread. do you want to eat some bread? J: it’s ok -you said it’s for GM. she pouts and goes in her tent. then she sticks her head out to say: I just thought about it – you were going to return my pen- if you were going to borrow a pen for free and was thinking of returning it -you came empty handed? you are really cold and cheap. TH starts to stammer that he will get it next time but she already zipped the tent.

* I love how awkward he is with her but so quick to brush off SR’s interest 🙂

TH goes into the GM”s room. he tucks her in and puts the bread next to her pillow for her to find when she wakes up

***Next morning, J is in the outhouse and calls out sort of singing it more than saying it: “H will you bring unni some tissue? In this world the second prettiest H (meaning J is first LOL) –bring unni some tissue.” H comes out of her house holding toilet paper and mutters as she heads over to the outhouse “I cant live” (popular Korean phrase to say when you are frustrated or annoyed) the rest of the house is getting ready to eat but they can hear J call out in a sing song voice “if you bring unni tissue-you will become the world’s prettiest H-in this world the second prettiest H-unni’s legs are cramping again – H help me .” TH is grinning the whole time. GM says that girl is starting up again. TB smiles and asks: does she do that often? Dad grins and says: she does that often.  It’s fun- she changes how she calls H every time. TB: she is a fun young lady. TH, TB, TS, and dad all laugh. TP grins. TB: it got quiet – H must have given it to her. GM says let’s eat. TP asks TB what happened – I heard it from mom that you decided to get married. TS is surprised and happy: you made up your mind? TB: I decided to do it. TS: you did well – it’s a good decision. Mom and dad congratulations – you finally get to see your first daughter in law. TP remarks the mom’s expression isn’t happy for someone who gets to see her first daughter in law. She says it’s cuz she met Smom and feels uneasy. TH: cha team manager’s mother? Why? GM remarks how she never saw someone like that before. TS wonders what’s making the mom and GM shakes their heads back and forth. Dad reminds TB to not forget and go meet SY’s parents today. TB says: SY and I both don’t have time today so we are going tm. Dad tells TB to go and formally say hello and apologize first as soon as he gets there. mom asks why TB has to apologize what did he do wrong?– at first he was shocked and took some time to think about it so what’s wrong with that? TB smiles at her. TB: mom you think that way too huh? Mom: of course. When a person gets a big shock – how do they react –at first they are numb – then don’t want to acknowledge it –get angry –after some time has passed they come back to their senses. TB says his mom is good at psychology and tells her that is called PTSD ( the words are too fancy in Korean but it sounded like it but a milder case I would think) dad: that’s just what we think –you have to think of how they felt. Mom points out how Smom shouldn’t have behaved that way here when the GM was there – so how could she go after TB like that and cut you off as you were talking and yell. GM says she felt it when she sent her son to get married –she doesn’t know how to choose in laws well. Mom feels hurt by that so she tells the GM. GM: you need to feel it this time when you send your son off to get married. GM mutters that TB is in for a hard time with his in laws.

J is working at the pear orchard. The mom tells her there are corns here and to take a break and eat some. J: corn? I was dying of hunger. She says it tastes really good. But aren’t you having some? Mom: you eat – I cant eat anything cuz I am upset about this (plant) disease. J looks around the orchard at all the work they have ahead of them. She takes one more bite and puts it down and goes back to work. Mom looks at her. J: suddenly I got worried – I will eat more when I rest. We did a lot so far didn’t we? She keeps spraying.

TS is at work. That friend drops by. (her name starts with a Y) she says she walked from the subway and asks for a drink. He asks what brings her here without warning. She says she had work nearby. She asks for all of them to eat – she called MS too. She asks for another drink

The three of them toast – good to see you again friend. She says – we used to drink yogurt together and now we are drinking alcohol together. Time sure goes by fast. TS: already we will be turning 40 soon. Y tries to sell them life insurance – saying how she is just telling them cuz they are her friends. MS tells her to drink first. She starts in about the insurance so TS makes her drink again.

She asks why TS is still single- don’t you have someone? TS: I do. She says then he will be getting married soon. TS: I do but…he gets a call from JS. TS: YJS – I was just thinking about you. he walks away to take his call. The drunk friend passes out.

TS: my parents are really curious about you – I bragged a lot about you. MS brings the drunk friend out. TS: yes JS – I am outside right now- I will call you back when I get home. TS holds Y up and tells MS to grab a cab. Y says she is fine (not drunk) and says her address aloud. MS tells her to get in the cab. Y tells them to go safely. Before Y leaves, she gives MS something. MS: what is this? Y: Cuz tm is your older sister’s memorial (the anniversary of the day of her death) so I bought some of the dried squid she used to like. MS thanks her and they say bye.

On the bus, TS asks: you had an older sister? MS: yes. TS: but a while ago she said anniversary of her death. MS: yes – I told you we met when we were 20 yrs old- back then you took me to the hospital. TS: hospital? Was your sister sick? MS nods yes. She already had a weak body so there were more days she spent in the hospital than at home. Cuz I was nursing my older sister, I spent a lot of time at the hospital. TS: you must have had a hard time. MS: it was hard –eating hospital food every day and looking at sick patients –cuz that was so hard and tiresome – cuz I hated my sick sister- I said bad things about her when I was alone. Y remembered that – makes me grateful. When visitors came over, unni asked them to buy her dried squid-when she couldn’t even chew it cuz she was sick. Do you know why she did that? TS:why did she do it? MS: cuz I was so angry, whenever I hated my sister, I chewed and ate dried squid and dried octopus. She did it so I could eat it. She didn’t even know I did that cuz I hated her. After my sister died like that , she never came out in my dream once. Even my dead parents appear once in a while but it’s strange but unni never even came once. She should appear cuz I have a lot to say. TS: what do you want to say to her? MS: that I miss her – if I can keep seeing her – to be honest – even if I spent the rest of my life in a hospital it would have been ok.  MS cries. I think I am a little drunk- I will sleep a little bit. Wake me up when we get there. TS: ok. He scoots closer and asks if she wants to lean on him. MS: what? TS: we are friends. Lean on me- hurry. MS: thank you friend. She leans her head on his shoulder. TS: MS –at least you have H. MS: that’s true – it’s good that I have H

when TS gets a call from JS, MS hangs up the phone so she can continue resting her head on his

J and the mom are working late into the night snipping and spraying the orchard. J screams cuz she stepped on a worm. The mom says that’s not good. J asks why. The mom says it means it will rain. It cant rain cuz all the medicine they sprayed will be washed away. J: oh that’s right – then what do we do? The mom says just pack up for today.

The rain wakes up the mom. she looks out and sees how hard it’s raining. Is that girl sleeping in the rain? If it’s raining this hard the tent wont hold up. She turns away from the window and tells herself not to bother. Why should I care? I cant care. She turns around and looks at the tent again

TH is coming home in the rain. He stops by J’s tent and calls out. Are you sleeping? Baek JE- are you sleeping? He sort of taps on the tent. Are you sleeping? The mom comes out and calls out his name. mom: what are you doing here? TH: I got off work and was coming home but since it was raining so hard I was worried. He points to the tent. Mom did you come out cuz you were worried too? Mom: what do you mean worry- it was raining so hard so I just came out. Did you try checking on her? TH: I did but there was no response mom. mom calls into the tent: are you sleeping? TH: I called out a few times but she doesn’t make a sound. The mom tells him to hold her umbrella and unzips and goes into the tent. She keeps asking if J is sleeping and tells TH that J doesn’t even know that a person is calling as she sleeps. She calls out J’s name and asks why she is like this. She feels J’s forehead and says she is burning up. The mom tells TH that J has a fever and isn’t conscious. Carry her into the house. Hurry and take her inside. TH tells the mom to come out and he picks J up and carries her inside.

The mom lays out the blankets and TH sets J down. The mom says J’s clothes are wet so she needs to change J’s clothes first. She tells TH that he is wet too and hurry and go change and wash up. The mom looks for clothes to put on J. TH: mom if you need me call me. Before he leaves, he looks over at J and looks concerned.

The mom prepares ice water for cold compresses. She puts the compress on J’s forehead. J stirs awake. J: where is this? Mom: what do you mean where – it’s the attic room. It’s raining really hard outside. J stares at the mom. J: so is that why you brought me inside? Mom: aigoo just cuz you worked a little bit –your whole body is burning up. If your body is that weak how can you do farm work? Hurry and just sleep. J: that’s not it – it’s cuz I am menstruating. When I get my period- I normally burn up like this and my stomach hurts a lot too. Mom: you’re stomach hurts? J nods yes. J: ajumma I will go back to sleep again – I have no energy. She closes her eyes. Mom: where do you hurt? How much does it hurt. The mom puts her hand on J’s tummy and is alarmed. What kind of stomach is this ice cold. The mom keeps rubbing J’s tummy to circulate the blood. J opens her eyes and calls out weakly: ajumma. Mom: why are you opening your eyes again –I told you to close your eyes and sleep- I will keep rubbing lightly like this so hurry and sleep. J has tears in her eyes as she looks at the mom. J: ajumma your hand is warm –it feels just like mom’s hand. J and the mom keep looking at each other.



TS goes shopping with MS. he shows her a necklace and says it looks like it will look good on JS. MS says it looks tacky/gaudy. later she says “I really have to tell you something – I like you.”

The mom wants to go to the neighbor’s home (her rivals) and smell something over there to confirm something so J goes with her and stops the rival from attacking the mom. J voiceover: what if you get caught?  mom: if I get caught -what else will she do except hit me. J and the mom run away holding hands.

TB is getting ready to meet SY’s parents. SY asks TB for a favor – to change into the clothes she got him, for a present give this wine (she chose) and wear the cologne her mom likes. TB: what is this situation – what are you trying to do?

TB meets with her parents. TB: Hello nice to meet you for the first time. SY’s mom: get on your knees.

* In Korea, when someone does what he did – get her daughter pregnant before marriage, this is the kind of thing parents demand cuz they think he was in the wrong. The mom doesn’t get that her daughter holds half the blame too – she wants to take it out on TB. I thought it was funny that the writer would make TB change his mind so quickly after he was so adamant about not getting married, but now I see who the bigger obstacle to this marriage is – her mom who is determined to make TB miserable.


It only took 15 episodes, but I bawled through that last scene nonstop. I knew I was right not to hate the mom so much and it finally happened. The love she shows her own sons and the farm spilled out to J. The mom was so afraid this would happen and kept J at arm’s length, but I just knew she couldn’t resist J for much longer. When she took care of J, I knew the mom’s icy heart had thawed and she was warming up to J. What made me cry was knowing this is what J missed out on most of her life. If you know the story behind J’s life, her real mom died so she had all these step moms who weren’t close to her – none of them really treated her like a true daughter. She never felt the touch of a loving mother before tonight and I am betting this was a first time for the mom as well. She only had sons so it must feel different for her to be around J. This last scene was a game changer for both characters. J was suffering to eventually get her farm back, but I am pretty sure she wasn’t counting on getting a mother out of it too. The more they grow closer, the further apart their agendas will become. There won’t be any more “yours and mine” and it will just be “our farm.”


I’m not nearly as nice as Softy and I’m still not even close to forgiving the mom (although she’s headed in the right direction). If J were to wake up tomorrow and find that contract I’m sure the mom would be freaking out all over again, and I’m not convinced that she would be acting so sympathetic towards J if it required any real sacrifice on her part. Although I understand why she feels like the farm belongs to her, I don’t think that justifies her dishonestly stealing from a kid who just lost everything and then kicking her to the curb.  I don’t think it’s going to take long for the mom to starting loving J, but what’s even more important to me is that she realizes that her past behavior towards J was incredibly wrong.  I’m nervous that someone will find the contract (prematurely ruining their relationship) and I really want to see the mom return it to J herself while asking for forgiveness.

What really got to me in that final scene was J. I found it heartbreaking in the early episodes when she called her horrible step-mom “mom” even though she was the third wife and didn’t show J any affection whatsoever. I get the impression that when the Ojakkyo mom is teaching J things about the farm she is already acting more like a mother-figure than J has ever experienced. I hope the mom doesn’t turn against J again because J is definitely getting attached and think it would break her heart.

One thing I liked about this episode was the reaction of TB to getting married. Now that he’s made a decision he seems so much happier and at ease! It’s convinced me that he really is a good person who feels much happier being responsible, even though his brain is telling him that he’s making a very scary choice. I think it’s pretty obvious that TB and SY will stay together in the long run, but the contract marriage will make things pretty funny since the stakes will be raised while SY is behaving like a total basket-case in the home.

I’ve also been enjoying the expressions on TH’s face. It’s like he doesn’t understand what feelings are and is continuously confused by his own sympathy towards J. I wonder who will really start liking who first? Will J have to try to crack him open and force him to soften up, or will he have to struggle alone and try to learn to express himself? Either way it’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to see how he changes.  I think they’re both already a little interested in each other, but as we all know, kdrama characters are typically a little slow on the uptake when it comes to realizing such things.


32 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E15 and E16

  1. yossie says:

    I can’t believe how I hate TH’s mom since episode 7/8, I’d rather feel sorry that I have that kind of feeling to her (hahahahaha), the last scene between J and Mom is really touching. I hope, this will be a turning point for Mom’s feeling regarding the farm’s ownership.

    Thanks Softy…


  2. Oxa says:

    Why did he forget about the coffee(((
    I want him to like J first!!! To be a quiet pursuer for a while. Hé isn’t perfect either.
    Still I don’t like ajumma, it’s not enough yet to selfredeem, I don’t know I just feel like it.
    TB and SY I wonder how it will work out..
    For now it seems like all the girls try hard to be better while guys just don’t do anything to deserve them.


  3. L says:

    Once TH & J get married, there will be no “yours” and “mine” anyways 🙂 I want more interactions between this couple :(((


  4. Oxa says:

    And really TH has more screen time with J’s rival!!!


  5. chmb007 says:

    Thanks so much for this. I like the fact that the mum is getting warmer towards J, I knew she wouldn’t be evil for long. And that you can kinda see a TH and J relationship ahead. Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes.


  6. nikesma says:

    Softy! Thanks for your hard work with this episode! Heeee! I’m replaying TH and J’s scenes~ Love the awkward bread scene! Heee! And teary eyes at the end of the episode. I’m glad that she’ll be like mother figure to J. J needs her the most right now rather than love interest.

    Thanks again, softy! mmuah~


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for the recap! I missed streaming last night’s episode and I kept on checking your website for the recap! Well i always do so anyway since I do not understand what they are saying, LOL! Again, thanks for your hard work guys!

    I’m happy that Tmom is treating J “better”. I can’t wait to see the relationship between TH and J develop! As for SY and TB, i can’t wait to see the day when TB realizes that he has developed feelings for SY! oh but i’m getting ahead of the story! 🙂 How i wish this drama airs everyday!


  8. Emily says:

    Ahh the preview didn’t show any TaeHee and JaEun scenes :[ Hope they will have at least 2 scenes together again. Or even one which I hope is him bringing her coffee ahaha.

    I really want to see JaEun’s rival, her, and TaeHee all in the same scene!! Or the rival from far away seeing JaEun and TaeHee together!!


  9. nonski says:

    *wipes teary eyes* *sniff* (i’m still on reading mode)
    thanks Softy and Fanderay! oh Softy, i cried buckets on the last part. that was so touching. i smiled and said to myself “there you go” when TH mom was anxious when it was raining hard. later on it was all tenderness and heart starting when they pick her up from the tent. gah! my heart is literally constricting when TH mom starts rubbing J’s tummy. gawd! *cries again* J’s loneliness was so tangible there and i was so happy they are starting this really good relationship. like Fanderay said, i really really hope that the contract would come out only after their relationship becomes stable. i’m already warming up to TH mom this episode, so much.

    i find it really cute that J is asking for iced caramel macchiato from TH. awwwwwww there!. so funny with th’s awkward moments. more j/th cuteness plssss.


  10. Anvesha says:

    This mom and Ja Eun’s relationship reminds me of Smile, You… actually the mom here is very similar to Hyun Soo’s mom in some aspects. I just feel bad for Ja Eun when she will find out abt the contract…

    I also agree that I can’t completely forgive the mom for what she did with the contract… I don’t sympathize with her effort when she ‘steals’ from an orphan who is trying to find her dad.

    On a side note, I like Baek Ja Eun in the sense that she is not condescending towards others in a normal setting. She is a righ heiress and spends like one but she is a sweet girl… unlike the chaebols of kdramas with issues.


  11. nina says:

    I dont feel teary eyed at all watching the greedy mom and J·How can you make money out of someones prperty for 10 years, refuse to give it back, treat her worse than a dog but is considered a nice person because she`s a devoted mother? J is all alone in theworld and her father was a friend of hwang, thats why the contract was made. Would you want your friend to do that to your daughter when you are gone!


    • YeeKrFan says:

      Well, i think when the mom hide J contract I thought it was a blessing in disguise coz once the farm is sold the only party that benefit is the debtor. I’m surprised that no one seem to advise her on this matter to persuade her not to sell the farm in the first place therefore it is NO NEED for the mom to hide it. They should use this to persuade her to keep the farm and perhaps pay rental to her instead and keep the contract between them quietly, if not debtors will be right at their doorstep….and there should be another copy of the contract in the law office for record, right?


  12. ck1Oz says:

    I’ll come back and read the ep 16 transcaps.Sweet softy.The 1st few minutes were so touching.Oh boy…good luck with SY’s mum.Man…does the actress feel bad?2 really B MIL now.Shudder.


  13. Oxa says:

    Oh I’m super hyped about J and T’s scene. I hope there will be some romantic moment)))
    But if there isn’t any I am already happy with their proximity.
    Lol J is like: crazy ajushi! What does he want..


  14. yossie says:

    Ya… kiss me!


    • yossie says:

      Sorry, I’m such a junker… I nearly punch my laptop when I heard the closing song.
      They owe me the COFFEE hiks… I’m still waiting for this one.
      And oh I dont know why they made this ‘drunk’ scene, it’s just too random, plus I dont see the correlation between this scene and the other scene. It’s just me…maybe
      Thanks for t


  15. lovcom00 says:

    thank u SO much for your recaps, you totally make my day ❤
    as for the bet.. I think TH will not talk, he'll just come a little closer to collapse right after and she will have to keep him sleeping in the tent or something like that (yeah, a little like shining inheritance) oh well I just CAN'T wait.


  16. MJShinshi says:

    Softy and lovcomm00 your thoughts both sound likely to happen for a kdrama. But I think a mix of your scenario will happen he’ll call out J’s name and then falls asleep on her in the tent. J will run and call his mom or dad, I hope so there won’t be any misunderstanding. It is quite random for a drunk TH but he is quite happy with their little progress that he’ll most likely do some odd out of character move. They haven’t shown any sign of feelings or liking one another get except TH’s concerned look after laying her down in the attic. Also he hasn’t brought home the macchiato yet!!

    I had to skip the SYmom’s scenes too, she is Too much, hello it takes two to tango lady! She’s been mistreating her husband for so long for some petty hand holding. I don’t even want to imagine what a pill she’ll be for TB and SY. Omg she’s worse here than in SG, my goodness doesn’t the lady want to play a happy character.. I’m glad TB told SY off she should’ve given him suggestions not go buy for him. I sure hope he will not kneel as the look on his face says but somehow I feel he’ll do it for SY. If he does, SY and the dad better get there and pull him up. Was she a college prof too she sure doesn’t act like it.
    I wonder what TB’s mom will do after J’s confession and hoping for her forgiveness. I knew that ahjushi is not good, I was yelling at J in previous episodes not to give any money he might just run off with it. The other guy ran off with the stepmom! Also I was thinking of the bankruptcy and the farm if they find out banks might sell off the farm to help pay off Baek In Ho’s company debts! So much we’ll be looking at come next week.

    Thank you softy for getting this out quickly 🙂 I found myself skipping to J and TH scenes myself since I watch the raw videos. Then come back for others when your translation’s out. I appreciate it. How much do i love J’s singsong TP request from Hana. How cute that there’s a story behind TH’s smile when TB asked if it happens often. Also How fun to watch the hwangs in caring for a daughter territory 🙂 That was a sweet scene. Thanks dear!


  17. L says:

    I bet he’s there to return the pen 😀 Then he will do something which will confuse J making her wonder if he’s interested but he will forget all about it the next day.

    SY’s mom is too much. I feel so sorry for the dad 😦


    • MJShinshi says:

      oops didn’t realized I wrote an incoherent novel up there!

      L, I hope you’re right coz I have a feeling the pen is in his jacket that he gave SR to cover herself up with before she catches cold from skimpy clothes 🙂 may it not complicate his case if she finds and hides it if she learns it’s J’s pen.


      • Fanderay says:

        Oooh, both are you clever about this pen business! Even if it doesn’t complicate his case, it will surely complicate things with J since she will be choked about him losing it. SR finding it would be better than her dad finding it though…eep.


  18. ck1Oz says:

    I think his stare will turn into a goofy grin…then he falls ‘splat’ on her 🙂


  19. chmb007 says:

    I think we all know who TB, TS and TH ends up with, but I’m curious about TP (youngest brother). Who here thinks that there’s going to be something between TP and SY’s aunt? That will be cute but SY’s aunt looks a little bit older than TP…
    BTW thanks heaps Softy and Fanderay for the recaps, it really does save us from the agonizing wait for the subbed episodes ^^ !


    • PJupiter says:

      I have a feeling that TP and the aunt are somehow going to become involved. It might not necessarily be in a romantic sense though. It could be somewhat of a comradeship as they are both struggling to find a career/purpose in life. Regardless, I think it will be a good plot line, but I hope it doesn’t appear too soon cause I wanna see some TH/TP/JE love triangle for at least a couple of episodes 😉


  20. Iviih says:

    Hi Softy and Fanderay! So, I finally started this drama! Thanks so much for recapping this!

    If wasn’t for you I wouldn’t start this drama, and wouldn’t know some parts/lines because I can’t find it fully subbed… so these recaps really help ^^ also love to read your thoughts about the characters and story.

    I have to say the first episodes weren’t that addicting – but because I was curious about what would happen to the charactersI kept watching and I can say I’m addicted now – I’m on episode 11 now.

    I was scared I wouldn’t like UEE. But she keeps improving at each episode. I mean when she was the happy Baek Jae she was so so, but being the tortured/fierce BJE she is so good – I really like when she goes crazy hahaha, and she even made me cry!

    I love TH and BJW, but I also love the SY and jerk TB’s couple…

    Also I love the sweet moments between Grandmother and TH… so sweet!
    And like Hana and her mother moments, it’s funny when she hear her daughters advice and try it with TS LOL

    I have to say I loved the mother in the first episode, but since episode 2 to episode 10 I keep hating her so much LOL I can’t forgive her… I keep wishing she suffers more and more – and that she finds out how her ”angel” sons really are.

    I have to say, she deserves the mother in law she has! xD

    And the father…. have to man up.


  21. angela says:

    OMG THERE WAS A WRITTEN PREVIEW FOR EP 17?? Can you send me a link please?


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