Protect the boss E16

* it’s back on track – this episode will get to you and remind you why you fell in love with PTB in the first place -it’s beyond daebak-hard to believe, but that kitchen scene wasn’t the only highlight of this episode 🙂

Important update:

* There was no surgery – just tests. during the live recap I just heard the surgery part cuz GM mumbled and I based it on how scared JD was acting -I forgot how big a baby he could be sometimes 🙂 so false alarm. (Read that scene and tell me if you wouldnt have reached the same conclusion if you heard it really fast)

nothing makes my job harder than when characters do and say things I wish they wouldn’t and I just knew it when J said that line yesterday that he didnt mean one word. why? cuz in the first scene today- his words and actions do not match up and neither does E’s. Those two werent trying to break up – they were trying to keep from running into each other’s arms again. This kind of separation is bearable cuz we all know it’s fleeting and not drawn out. I knew having faith would pay off and tonight’s episode is my reward. 🙂 PTB is back in business people.

Protect the boss E16

After J says: I am going to take a break from dating you.  what I said about – if you want I would go to your neighborhood, now I cant keep that promise – and I dont want to bring you into my dirty neighborhood- so I dont know how long it’s going to take, but let’s take a break-why cuz I still have things to do in my neighborhood – the son that everyone in the world is pointing at and saying “he is a bad son” – I have to try to do something -the best that I can for that father who is killing himself believing in me -like you said I have to think about what I want to do – also it’s ok if I leave on my own two feet but I dont like to be kicked out. E: ok then do it that way. if you are done talking I will leave J: is that it (all you’re going to say) E: is there a choice for me? J: even if there isnt an option there is a reaction/response. E: that means I can talk but it wont matter – so what is the point in talking – it will just make my mouth hurt. it’s ok – I will go – you go too.  she walks away crying. he wanted to follow but drove off. he stops and puts the car in reverse. she runs back to him. J: NES- what are you? how can you accept it so easily – was I that easy to you (didnt I mean anything to you)- i made that decision after thinking about it hundreds of times -but to you – is that all I meant to you? E: then what do I do? with one word you said to end it -what do I say? do I hold onto you? should i hold onto your clothes and cry and beg? J: I never said to end it – I said it was a break.  E: how ridiculous is that – why do I have to go along with that? that’s right – that I didnt discuss with you in advance – that was wrong a hundred times over -but just cuz of that if you say close the door to my heart- I close it -when you feel better (get over it) and tell me to open the door and I open it – do I have to do that? no I am going to – . J:NES! E: that I didnt trust you? but did you trust me? say I made a mistake – did you give me a chance to explain? why I had no choice but to do that – did you try to hear the reason? if you were going to do this you shouldnt have clung onto me -you shouldnt have behaved the same as everyone else in the world. J: in my position that was I all could do. E: I know – that’s what makes me more angry and furious- cuz there is nothing I can do for you. J: so you are saying let’s really end  like this? are you? E: when you will get over it – when you will settle everything that is complicated and come back to me  –  i think it will be too hard to wait so since you decided this -dont delay and just go on your own path. J: ok let’s do that. E: ok do that. she walks off but he is torn and watches her leave. then he drives off. she turns around to look at him

MR worries if E is meeting well with J -when she left to go meet him, she said it felt weird and worried a lot. N: it’s ok -they like each other so much. you sure do worry a lot.  MR: that’s cuz you dont worry enough. some men ask if N and MR live here and if they know DN group’s NES. N: what about NES? he says they have something to ask. we arent weird people. he hands her his card. the guy asks if N is N and she replies “who is N?” she tells MR to go in

E is already home watching some documentary show about penguins. she is crying so MR asks-what’s wrong -did anything happen with J. N: are you crying cuz of reporters outside? E asks if they are still there. when she came home one held onto her so she twisted his arm. is his arm ok? N: it looked ok. E: then other reporters must have come. MR asks if E is crying cuz of those reporters- for being mistaken as the leak/mole. E cries and says: no cuz I feel sorry for the penguins -they say penguins use 70% of their energy trying to just stand upright on the ice without falling. just trying not to fall and keep standing -does that make sense – they are too pitiful -what to do – it fell down. E cries

M and his mom meet with GM. GM asks what N’s dad wants. sooki says he wants DN’s (?) so GM almost tries to hit her saying sarcastically “you did well” so MM reminds GM she isnt JD “so you cant do this”. GM: isnt a daughter in law my child too? I have to hit you to obey. MM: even if you hit him he doesnt obey.  M tells GM how he already scolded his mom. MM: that’s right mother – I got scolded a lot by him. GM: is that something to brag about – being scolded by your child? MM: I didnt say that I was bragging. M gets a call from N.

N says how reporters are in front of the house and they bothered E. M says he will take care of it as soon as he can. tell NES not to worry. N: also E is acting strange. M: she is strange? what? N: she keeps crying saying penguins fell down. M:what? N: see isnt it strange? M: ok hang up. N mutters- he always hangs up first

J comes home and M asks: arent you going to act like you know me. J: did you come. he keeps walking.  M: whats going on. J: move I am tired

GM is lecturing MM about her greed. J bows to both of them and leaves

M goes into J’s room and J tells M to leave. M: what happened? J: I said get out. M: how can I leave? J: why can you leave? dont you know how to leave. he opens the door and tells M to leave.  M: did you fight with E? J: yes. M: did you by any chance… (meaning did you break up with her)  J interrupts: yes I did. M: you’ve gone crazy. J: didnt you know I was already a crazy guy. M: I know. J: if you know get out.  dont talk to a crazy guy. M: are you trying to protect NES? J: it’s not a cool reason like that. M: if it’s not that reason then hurry and clear your head and come to your senses. I’m going

E, N, and MR are eating and drinking. MR: are you really going to break up with J? N calls J a totally rude jerk- what is he talking about a break.  E: I understand it – his girfriend is a secretary – whether it’s true or not that girlfriend has rumors that she is a mole/a leak. and the dad ended up like that. N: you really want to take his side like that?  MR: anyway it’s his dad’s matter. he is getting punished for doing what he did wrong. N to MR: they are just talking – they arent going to break up – you know how when you date you fight. E: no-I am going to break up. MR and N both say “why?” E: I do understand but it makes me mad – it makes me sad and it hurts. I’m a little petty.

MR and N are drunk and sleeping. E stays up alone.

J sits next to his cardboard cut out.

E packs up her stuff and yang gives her the paperwork to the place E is transferring to. E thanks them for everything till now. kim comes running in and asks what happened. that he just got a call to be J’s secretary again. I dont want to be his secretary

M tells E she doesnt need to accept the transfer. it’s better if you resign. E: if I resign – cuz of the rumors about what happened I wont be able to get a job elsewhere. I couldnt get a job before when I was ok so in this situation with the misunderstanding do you think I can. I have to eat and live so I have to get paid. I am going to be patient and hang in there. M:i wont ask about what’s going on with J. E: ok. M: I will ask this- can I go visit. E: yes come over

E goes to J’s room and remembers what he said the first time she met him. she looks around and remembers how he put ointment on her cheek. she smiles remembering. then other memories.

as she leaves carrying her box, J comes out of the elevator. she bows to him. they keep stepping to the same side so they can’t pass. E goes in and J walks out. the doors close and he comes back and watches her till the doors close. he stands there not moving

J sees kim sitting there. kim yells at him asking what happened – why do I have to sit here again. J asks yang if they can just fire kim and hire someone new cuz he is bringing down the ambience of the office. yang: should I do that? J tells kim to sit down and kim listens

there is a meeting without JD. M sticks up for J and says how he was found not guilty of some term I dont know. but some guy says that’s just the law’s findings and this group is different. meaning they want punishment for J too. GM suggests they do this then – she sends J to supervise that place (he went with NES overnight) and for the rest of the stuff JD was in charge of, she puts M as the lead position for the time being. GM says the rest they will wait for what becomes of JD and then decide.  MM says that sounds good

M tells J that J doesnt have to follow the decision -there is no need for you to go to Choonchun. you can do the work from here.  J puts his arm around his shoulder and asks if M is sad that J wont be here. M: yes – since you werent good at your job it made me look better at mine but from now on I have to look good alone. J shoves him. J: just be quiet and say how happy you are. what I had – DN amusment park and DN department store (and some other stuff) now you are in charge of all that. M: more than that I have a lot to be responsible for – during that time what you messed up I have to put to right. J brags that he will come back soon and what M lost, J will get them all back. M: is that possible.

JD hears that E was transferred to the countryside (guessing warehouse) center. jang: yes chairman – what’s wrong. JD is outraged: ya!  how could you send her there! if you send her somewhere like that-what is she going to do? even if she is strong -she is still a girl. if you send her there – what is she going to do? does she has to carry heavy things back and forth? jang: I am sorry – I thought I had to do that to get her to back off on her own (meaning separate from J) should i change the transfer right away? JD reluctantly says: no it’s ok. he mutters to himself:  I have to be strong hearted.   

MM goes to see JD. he yells : ya- how could you come here? MM: why? I cant come to the hospital? JD: if you have a conscience how could you come here. she says since he is lively it must he hard to lie there pretending to be sick. JD: why did you come here- just go. cuz I saw your face – it feels more stuffy here (his chest) and it hurts so hurry and go. she gives him flowers.MM: ok just accept this. he asks what this is – are you giving this to me to congratulate- he uses the korean word for flowers to make it sound like she is rubbing it in his face about what happened to him. so she says how his heart is twisted (cuz he is taking it wrong) JD: you think that I dont know behind all that you were involved somehow. she denies it. he shakes his flowers at her wanting to hit her so she tells him to hit once if he wants to so he pokes her face with it a few time and throws her flowers down. MM: my flowers. (LOL) you have to see how they fought – so hilarious

MR is upset that both of them are moving out. N asks E to resign and come to her company. E: what do I do over there. is there anything for me to do there? and I doubt your mom would stand still for it.  N: cant I do something without my mom knowing? I can win over my mom. dont worry. so dont go. E says no thanks and asks N to give MR a job. N: to be honest there wasnt anything for you to do but there really isnt anything for MR since it’s an ad company. MR says she could be a guard even. N says she will think about it. she asks again for MR to live with her and not in this tent. MR says since M gave her that home – so it’s obvious how he feels so how could MR get between them.  N mentions how M lent her money as a friend. MR to N: you poor thing. E says she is packed and just have to mail the rest. N: I am sorry cuz its all my mom’s fault. MR says how kim told her how J went to Choonchun for the time being.

N cries so N and MR group hug E. MR asks if E is really going. N asks to all keep living together. they bawl

E is on a bus headed to her new job.

J is lying on the backseat of his car

E gets dropped off at some remote place. she greets the guy and said she was transferred here. he says he heard the news and tell her to follow him. it’s like a warehouse and her desk is by the door. cuz the office is too small they cant put in another desk so she has to sit in the warehouse. he says how he has never seen anyone last past a week after they have been sent here. since she is only going to sit here for a few days even if it’s uncomfortable just work thru it. E: you will be able to see – someone who lasts longer than a week, you’ll be able to see. what do I have to do?

she just sits there.she offers to help some guy move boxes. he says how those high up ppl wont give her any work to do even if she waits. that’s how they punish ppl. i think he hinted for her to quit on her own. so she offers to move boxes.

J is outside of seoul at Choonchun that place he went with NES that time. he is overlooking something with kim. it’s that smart phone center

E’s dad is in his woods collecting stuff. he sees the paper adn reads the news about JD and J.

MR is wondering why there is so much room (without E and N) E’s dad show up. she says she was startled. he says – you are big so why are you always startled. he asks where E is-is she at the office. MR says how E isnt at the office or here.he asks where she is

JD got some kind of punishment – 3 yrs in prison but will consider it time served during his probation for 5 yrs (do he has to stay out of truble)- he has 200 more hrs of community service and has to pay a fine of 3,000 uk (which is a lot of money) he is more upset about the community service. he rather pay more fine. he goes on about how hard it was to fulfill 180 hrs of service so does 200 make sense?do they know how long 200 hrs is? jang: I know chairman. JD wants to take back what he said. jang lists all the things JD needs to do to get his position back. he advises that JD should apologize and JD retorts:why do I have to apologize to the country – if I should apologize it should be to J or NES -take out NES 

JD apologizes to the public in a press conference. he says cuz he isnt well so he has to apologize looking like this (in a wheelchair) and asks them to overlook his appearance. JD steps down from DN group as chairman. and then apologizes formally. E’s dad shows up and says JD shouldnt act cool in front of the country- you should know to be embarrassed. JD got up calling E’s dad “that peanut looking guy” but reporters took pics that JD is really ok and doesnt need the wheelchair so jang says it’s too late

J looks at pics of his dad standing at the press conference. J mutters “he did it again” kim comes in and tells J (informally-using banmal) that it’s time for the meeting. J: if you speak banmal in front of the staff – that’s the end of you.  kim retorts back: you should come to your senses- you werent this kind of guy – why are you like this – why are you always having meetings? did you forget? what you hated the most was work and meetings. J: cuz I am bored. if I dont do that there is nothing to do. Kim: ya – then how did you live back then? J: you are being loud – why are you nagging? are you NES? kim: oh it’s good you brought her up- you are like this cuz of NES arent you? I heard it all from MR. J goes over and pretends to punch kim and walks away. kim yells at him to stop. J: I did – why? kim gets affectionate and puts his arm around J and says – I was wrong-let’s go. J: my neck hurts.

J is looking at his tab and the meeting keeps going.

MR and N are shopping. MR gives N some advice about M. when he is at N’s home, to go for it with M (jump him)) but N says that’s considered assailing your date. N spots M at the dept store. N asks if she can go first-sorry. MR: go-go-and never come back. N takes all the bags saying she has to carry heavy stuff for M to help her. she says she will drop it off later at MR’s home. N pretends the bags are heavy and tries to get M to notice but he looks at her and ignores her so N has to directly run into him. M: what brings you here. N: you acted like you didnt see me so I thought I should act like I know you so I came back. you pretended not to see me on purpose didnt you? M: how about you- you came here on purpose didnt you? knowing I would be here.  N: since I was going to spend money I thought I should shop at DN. i am your precious customer. M: thank you – spend a lot here from now on. M says let’s go to yang. N calls out his name. yang says to N that M is working now. N: when will he be done

J walks by and remembers this is where he stayed overnight and walked with E. he stops talking and looks at the road. kim reminds him to keep going.

M carries all of N’s bags for her and drops it off at her home. he calls it the VIP customer service. I did my job. N:ok now I will provide service- what do you want to drink? cold or hot? M: cold. as she gets his drink. he takes his jacket off and she stares at his biceps and remembers what MR advised -when he is in your home- go for it. so N decides to do it. she takes her jacket off and tries to look sexy as she hands him his milk.N: will you get up? M:what? she wipes his lip with her finger and tells him to stand. M stands and asks: what are you doing? he doesnt get to finish his word cuz they kiss passionately. she is thrown down on the bed and M hovers over her….

she was daydreaming the whole thing. M knocks on her head and brings her out of her reverie. N: what are you doing? M: what are you doing with your mouth open?  N: who opened her mouth? I didnt do it. he looks at her weird. N: what? M leans in and asks: there is no way you decided to do something strange or imagine anything strange did you? N: no I didnt. M: from now on just imagine those with my permission. I’ll enjoy this. (the milk) N: oh how embarrassing.

M leaves and says aloud – it’s fun to tease her.

*I dont know what is more hilarious – that it happened over a glass of harmless milk instead of alcohol or that he teased her right back. either way – this scene is a winner and guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear. I bet all his fans are going to be more upset about this kiss scene than the car one. This had intensity and the other one was the disney version.

JD goes back to the place for more community service.the guy comes over and says: you came again chairman. JD: please take good care of me. jang comes running over to give him news about the meeting with the board. JD asks if his mom isnt going to take the lead.

GM tells everyone –  as you know chairman cha stepped down – we dont know if that is permanent or temporary but they need to fill the empty spot. that isnt that easy. (she lists stuff) for that long time to leave it to me – I am too old so even if it was for a short time I wont have energy. so in my place I am thinking of putting shin sooki. sooki: what did you say? what did you just say mother? GM: you cant understand the first time and always make an old person speak twice. this is why I lose energy. sooki is so happy. JD goes to the meeting. GM says how there wont be any big opposition. she says she believes Shin (MM) will do well but JD barges in. JD: mom what are you doing

JD: mom how could this happen – how could you that sooki in the chairman seat -how could you think of putting her in my seat mom? GM: where is your seat my seat – if they sit it’s their seat. also it’s not the chairman it’s the interim (some job title I dont know)  (meaning it’s not permanent). JD: mom are you really my mom? you arent my mom are you? GM: it’s too bad but I am your mother. JD: if you are – how could you do that? you know what sooki did to me – how could you betray me mom. GM:then what do I do? she needs to sit there once in that seat so she wont want it so much anymore (be greedy for it) -I want her to feel scared of that seat -dont you know what your mom is feeling? JD: I dont know. I dont want to know how you feel mom. also you betrayed me mom – whether it’s NES or sooki or you mom- you all betrayed me. sooki comes in and asks if she can come in to the GM. JD yells at her to get out- how could you come in here? sooki: why – cant I come in? from now on I will be using this room. JD: what? who is going to use this room? ya do you have to get hit once so you wont joke around with me? she says if he wants to hit then go ahead. she leans her head over. GM yells at them for fighting in front of her. JD grabs his chest and doubles over in pain. GM says to but it out. sooki says no one is falling for it. JD whispers – mom I am really hurt. GM: you really are in pain? sooki says he isnt -every time he sees me he pretends to be sick. but JD insists he is really in pain

M and J are walking. M says he will make J come back (to seoul office) soon. what GM decided, she did it to test my mom and me. dont misunderstand. J: I dont do stuff like that. M: then you wont misunderstand this too- I am going to go meet  NES. since you arent doing anything – I am going to try to do something – cant just leave her there when she didnt do anything wrong. since I have control- I can relocate her and transfer her again elsewhere-that’s ok too right?

J looks at the tablet that E held on her last day. she left him a video message. E: “I am recording this just in case your phobia comes back -watch this and remember again all the effort you made during that time-and overcome your phobia again.”  she sings and J sings along. he stops and looks sad. E: “I am saying this just in case – but after you see this- dont be moved and come back to me- I didnt do this to mean that -I just think a farewell needs a present –  if by any chance you dont listen to me and come to where I work – I will beat up every bone on your body that day. just to here.”  J is laughing and crying at the same time. he stops himself and says -what are these tears.

* I love that E never forgot what could happen to J again without her around and bringing up his phobia and leaving him this message probably meant more to him than she knows. I think it just made him fall more in love with her and made it clearer that he doesn’t want to be without her

kim and J are driving along the highway. J: turn around. kim: what? turn what around. J: only thing you can turn now is this car. kim: ya it’s dangerous here so how can I turn the car around. also we are almost at Choonchun. I dont want to – I wont turn around.  J: you wont turn around? then do you want to get out? Kim: ya you have to tell me where to turn so I can turn. J names the center where E works so kim says – isnt that where E was transferred to? it is huh? if you are going to be like this why did you have to do that (separate) J: I am just going to supervise her work.  kim plays along and says he will turn the car around for J

E is working moving boxes and stuff. she looks at the carrots J hates and laughs and mutters : there is everything that J hates here.  the worker says some guy is here looking for her.

she imagines J but it’s M standing there. he says thanks to her he gets to see the sea. he says it’s good she is working energetically but he thinks she is wasting her time here. she says she thinks the same. E: when I first came here – I wanted to act out and thought – let’s try this -like they want – I’ll look pitiful.  to be honest I felt like that. M: so you were hoping that if you look pitiful that the chairmand and J would come for you? E:I think a part of me wanted that a little. but now I dont know – no i dont even think that –  I just think “dont fall down” I am using all my energy to hang in there . M: pretty soon I will have you transferred. during that time cuz it was ordered by the chairman I couldnt even touch it but now it’s possible

J pulls up at the warehouse. he tells kim he is only going to take a quick look to confirm how she is working so wait here. kim plays along and says : ok dont worry and take a “quick” look well and come back. kim held J’s hand as he said that last part so J asks what he is going and pulls his hand away. J mutters these days kim is overstepping his boundary (and just doing whatever he wants) kim calls J “a childish and cute guy” after J gets out of the car. Kim makes the “fighting” motion with his hands

J is looking for E and watches workers. he hears M and E so he hides. M asks how her rented home is and she says it’s ok to live in. M noticed J hiding. M tells her to go in. E: it would have been good if you could have eaten (before you go) M: I will come again next time anyway. during that time – forget all about J and wait. I will come for you. E: I already erased him (* they used the korean word “erase” for forget). M: you are skilled. I’ll be going.  

J spies on E and when she gets hurt she says : it’s cuz of cha J- just show up in front of me and I will properly beat you. he leaped out to help but went back into hiding

Kim is gone. J looks everywhere for kim. J doesnt have his cell phone or anything. so he sits there and asks strangers to lend their phone

Kim answers J’s phone. J asks where kim is. kim says he is going back to seoul. J:where are you going? I am here so how could you leave? kim: from what I could see – you looked so frustrated and pitiful so i thought I should be a messenger of love- you arethankful huh? J: you should at least have left me my phone and wallet. turn the car around right now. kim: i wont turn around so beg (for forgiveness) well to NES and come later. kim hangs up and throws J’s phone in the back seat. J: you are dead

jang says he cant reach J (kim turned it off). JD is worried cuz he has to go in without getting to see J. GM: someone would think you are going into surgery. why are you making such a fuss about going in for tests. JD: mom  you know that ever since I was little I hated going into those machines where the whole body goes in and lights blink to take pictures.  (*think he is talking about a full body xray or scan) GM: I’m raising and old child – why are you so fearful. make your insides (feelings and thoughts) match your age. JD suddenly yells: mom why do you keep saying I am old. GM is startled. jang says it’s time-they will be coming for you soon. JD: mom I will be back. GM: dont be scared and do well. JD: this is all cuz of sookie (MM)

J goes back to where E is. they run into each other but she ignores him. she carries a box and asks him which way he is going – left or right. J says the right and they bump into each other. J: we are facing each other so if I say go right you have to go right too – dont you know that’s how we wont bump into each other? E:I am sorry. she moves to her right but he blocks her. he explains how he is in trouble and says how he doesnt have his wallet or phone now and tries to ask for help but she says sorry and doesnt help him

E is eating with workers. E says how fresh the lettuce is and the older lady comments that the lettuce isnt the only thing that is good – E’s boyfriend looks fresh and good like the lettuce. E denies that J is her boyfriend. the older worker invites J over to join them. the guy thinks J is with E and feeds J. E: why are you giving him meat when there isnt enough – it’s a waste. J tries to explain he is a director while chewing but suddenly spits it out. there is something in it that J doesnt eat. the lady feeds him a pepper but J says he cant eat peppers. he gets hiccups as he chews so even E laughs.

J follows E home. he is out of breath from the climb. it’s a small room. she tells him there is only one blanket so he can either sleep on it or use it for a cover – it’s up to him. he checks out how bad the condition of the home is and asks her: why did you accept this transfer? are you stupid? where did the crazy poop hair go. E: your dad is the one who ordered this transfer.  he says he will change the transfer when he gets back to seoul. she says M is already taking care of it. J: why is he doing it? it’s ok I am going to do it. E: ok then – as long as I am not your secretary – I can do well with anything else. she bows and says with sarcasm – then I will ask that favor. he gets upset and asks if she is going to act this way. E: then do you think I can act straight?J: who is the one who is mad now NES. I was embarrassed so I wasnt going to say anything but a while ago I saw everything. you couldnt stand it and was smiling and having fun (flirting) with M so why are you behaving this way with me. isnt it going too far?  E: it’s none of your business -whoever I am flirting with or not -what does it have to do with you? J: why doesnt it matter – I clearly said from the start that it was a break -not a break up. (?) – I felt so pathetic – like a kid always crying, I’m so pathetic so I wanted to become a cool guy and go back to you. that’s what it was. E: a cool guy? like before – all you did was cry and didnt bring your phone or wallet and impose. J: that – I told you – that it was an accident. E: that’s enough – just sleep. all day I had to use by body (working -going here and there) so I am really tired.

she lays down facing away from him. he takes his jacket off and uses it as a cover. they lay side by side facing away from each other. then he covers her with his jacket. then lies down facing her back and inches closer and closer. she turns around and covers him with his jacket. she watches him sleep. they sleep like that. facing each other. omg i love this drama.  

* I dont know what made me cry during this scene – maybe it was the music – maybe I was thinking about how much they love each other – when they passed that jacket back and forth to cover the other- it was like they were telling each other with actions how much they miss and care about the other person

next morning, she lifts his leg and drops it and tells him to wake up. J: what are you doing? E:I’m late. she pulls his jacket off. J: why are you like this? I am your director. she pulls the blanket from beneath him and rolls him onto the floor and throws the blanket over him as her answer. she informs him she has to go to seoul and if he wants a ride – shut that mouth and hurry and get up and get ready.

E drives him and J doesnt let go of the grip like he doesnt feel safe in the truck. E: since we arrived in seoul, from here you can go alone right? J: are you telling me to go like this. E: you had a difficult time making that decision. so go. J: i regretted it – the minute I said those words to you I regretted right away- didnt you? are you really ok? E: I’m ok. J: ok then. he gets out of the truck and walks away. she mutters she wasnt ok -what’s ok. she watches him walk off. she puts her head on the steering wheel and honks it by accident.

J turns and smiles at her


 past scenes come out

* if he doesnt run like crazy back to that truck at the start of E17, I swear heads will roll.  🙂


43 comments on “Protect the boss E16

  1. Angel Esguerra says:

    Hi softy!
    Camping now!


  2. eoan says:

    annyeong softy! present 😀 hope i can finish your live recap without any interuption. heheh! hoping for the end of the angsty episode today. i’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  3. nonski says:

    gud eve softy! yay! i will be able to camp tonight. 🙂 hello fellow campers! i’m loving mu won and nayun more.


    • nonski says:

      okay right softy, this episode is daebak! oh and thanks much much first for the transcap. actually i was amazed at how this episode unfolded. i was actually gearing towards the opposite of what happened. like so much angsty angst.glad ptb picked up it’s pacing before. truthfully prior to these episode i was like waning on my interest here.

      first part was funny with J asking E why it seems so easy for her to accept them breaking up. and i really thought the kissing scene of mu won and nayun is for real, turns out… 🙂 loving the second leads… i really like nayun and mu won to be with each other, and if not mu won, then some good guy to love nayun. i really like her character.


  4. Anonymous says:

    first time i’ve rooted for second leads to have more airtime.. i just adore Mowon =)


  5. yong in says:

    what kind of ending was that? i was anticipating a tense cliffhanger to drive me crazy til next week. i wonder how the drama will end next week. i can’t predict it, but i hope it ends with the finale it deserves. i don’t want to be disappointed, lol.


  6. neliq says:

    Thanks, Softy, once again for the great recaps!


  7. dls says:

    Softy, thanks for your recap…
    yay, love that the PTB beat is back in this ep.
    NY’s dream is just too hot!
    love JH and ES scene when JH cry and smile watching ES’s video and when they sleep together


  8. reitsu_chan says:

    Thank u for the recap softy…and just like u, i also have faith in PTB that it will not dissapoint me….
    and todays episode really prove it all *DAEBAK*…. can’t wait for the last 2 episode 🙂


  9. mandak says:

    OMG, PTB surely can handle the angst quickly and carefully..good..applause for our 2nd lead and chaiyo2 1st lead..


  10. mini me says:

    Hi, everyone, (^_^) glad to see all the trouble gone; seem the writers are just testing the water. Don’t worry; we the fans had calmed down. But make no mistake, don’t ever touch either couple or there will be a riot …he..he.. let their love blossom and stay strong (^-^)


    • mini me says:

      Quotes for today ep “What a grand thing, to be loved!
      What a grander thing still, to love!”

      “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
      that word is love.”

      “There is no remedy for love but to love more”

      Thanks softy for the recap (^-^)


  11. DHjo says:

    Thank you so much Softy. Just reading your recap made me thrilled!! I wub our OTP!!!


  12. Jewels says:

    Thanks so much Softy for your recap. Wow!!! what a relief… just a little bit of time and things are back on track. I enjoyed this episode a lot. I am glad to see that our OTP were missing each other, I was ecstatic to see that it was M who instigated the whole thing… telling J he’s going to visit E. He sure knows how to make J jealous; I’m glad he found the video message from E which just made J long for her too.

    Can’t wait till next week. SMILING….. 0_0


  13. MJShinshi says:

    Yay! Ahnyeong everyone! Wow, I cried and laughed and grinned like crazy tho J and E weren’t on screen together much today but when they did they sure make up for their being gone 🙂 really didn’t see kitchen scene coming at all but I knew MR had something to do with N’s courage…then not so much courage just wishful thinking ha! M needs to quit playing with N, he knows that’s why he took off his jacket and looking all hot driving N to daydream. I thought she’d spill the milk but the girl can pour milk and daydream without any mess but her brain!
    Aahh J and E how cute you two are.. Every single time J picks up his tablet I kept yelling at him to open the videos, E left a message for sure. I loved GM for separating everyone for that brief moment so they can all come to their senses of just how important each relationship is in their lives. JD better not have complications and poor J and E when they find out he’s having surgery. Really looking forward to the ending now, yay 🙂 thank you softy for your great faith in this wonderful drama and thank you for giving up your beauty sleep to give us detailed transcaps. enjoy translating tonight’s ep and I will when I come back to read later. take care!


    • nonski says:

      oh MJShinsi… sorry about the kitchen scene, I had that video two day ago but forgot to post on KDF… that’s why when I read the recap is when i knew it was just a dream, really thought that was for real. tsk tsk tsk. Nayun should have acted on it. 🙂


  14. MJShinshi says:

    oh how cute is it that secretary Kim and MR are keeping in touch! I think Kim has learned so much more about J from MR and E than when he was first his secretary.


  15. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Just read your recap and have a smile back on my face!!! Thank you so much I am looking forward the end of this drama because I can feel it now that it will be a good one. I love the GM & JD relationship and N’s attempt to get M!!!


  16. ck1Oz says:

    SOFTY!! Annyeong.I’ve forgotten what an insane ride PTB episodes are after the last 3.I was dying when I read it was good and stayed away till I watched the raw.I am off to read now.Thank you so much.

    OMG…how good was it?Grandmother was daebak.Na Yoon…did we ever used to hate her?I absolutely loved that woman tonight.I just about spilled something from laughing at her tonight.

    Ji Heon…man only the man-child would give us a break up that made me laugh so much and him trying to see her.That Secretary Kim…kekeke……sabotage and he was so pleased with himself.

    Can’t wait to read your translations.There was some great lines tonight.You think ep 13-15 was actually the original ep 15 stretched to 3 episodes?That is because ep 16 was insanely fast.The plot developments were coming in left,right and centre.

    Thanks again.Love loved Loved PTB made me laugh so much in spite of some touching moments today.

    So happy the ride is back.


    • ck1Oz says:

      How did I forget the video she made for him for encouragement.This drama’s writer.He/She knows how to touch hearts.I swear the things they do for each other here beats any bunch of roses or candlelit dinners.

      Snerk…talking about flowers.How funny was Suk Hee giving flowers to JD?Hahaaa…..oh god the whole episode was so good.


  17. ck1Oz says:

    * if he doesnt run like crazy back to that truck at the start of E17, I swear heads will roll.

    Last comment.Did you see the love?We all saw the love.Oh man.

    Oh yes the kitchen scene I rewound 3 times to watch the intensity like you said.Insane evil ahjumma laughing thinking about the insanely jealous fangirls right now?

    Didn’t the actress apologise for the 1st kiss in case the fans got upset.This kiss…be afraid.Be very afrain 🙂


  18. ck1Oz says:

    * if he doesnt run like crazy back to that truck at the start of E17, I swear heads will roll.

    Last comment.Did you see the love?We all saw the love.Oh man.

    Oh yes the kitchen scene I rewound 3 times to watch the intensity like you said.Insane evil ahjumma laughing thinking about the insanely jealous fangirls right now?

    Didn’t the actress apologise for the 1st kiss in case the fans got upset.This kiss…be afraid.Be very afraid 🙂


  19. says:

    Muwon, Nayoon, and their antics are way too adorable. This is one of those rare times when I prefer the 2nd lead couples to the main.


  20. Yvonne says:

    Thanks so so much Softy! Glad this one is not as angsty as the ones before! Really appreciate your hard work!!!


  21. Anonymous says:

    Loving this series so far!! Can’t wait to see JH and ES ride into the sunset and have cute curly haired babies!!


  22. MJShinshi says:

    joining the heads will roll wagon with softy 🙂 loved this episode more n more after reading this softy, thank you much! oy.. so much to do like watching PTB again subbed or not, catching up with O Brothers,…oh forgot about work! yikes gotta get to it so I can keep up with my kdramas 🙂 thanks everyone for the fun watching/reading PTB experience….E better be jumping out of that truck so fast just as J is running towards her in ep17 or something just as satisfying or else.. LOL til next time my PTB chingus 😉


  23. Fanderay says:

    Softy, you are MEAN. I totally thought that your screencap was from a real scene. N’s imagination does crack me up though (the milk scene is almost as good as the threesome scene with J!).

    He doesn’t get talked about much, but how awesome is Secretary Kim? I sort of love him. I almost grinned my face in half when he said just said “annyeong!” and threw the phone in the back. It’s like he’s getting his revenge on J for all the past hardships he’s put him through, while also acting as a friend.

    I actually don’t mind the “angst” of the last couple episodes like I thought I would. Compared to other dramas the angst isn’t even angsty. We’ve just become spoiled because everyone in this show gets along so well! Even MM and J’s dad don’t really hate each other. I also think that this is all for the sake of J really becoming in adult in E’s eyes (as well as his own). Something like this needed to happen for him to fully transition from him being her child to being her man.

    I also think that it’s realistic that even when they understand things on a logical level, they are ultimately motivated by emotion and still get their feelings hurt. In those kinds of situations it really is hard to plan or think things through properly since pride and all sorts of defence mechanisms get in the way.

    I can’t believe this show is ending next week! I am going to miss the cast and the cast dynamic like crazy 😦


  24. Jomo says:

    Thank you for your time and energy and skill recapping this show.
    I cried a bunch of times…I also cried when they passed the coat back and forth.

    You know, IRL, we say stupid things to people we love, and push them away, and suffer apart. It sucks so bad when it happens in dramas. In this episode, I don’t feel like the conflict was manufactured. Just two stubborn people who don’t want to give in first.

    I am glad at the end, they reminded us of all the skinship that we adored. I feel like it is a promise to us that we WILL get back to it.

    LOVED the twist that MM gets to be the boss for a little. She was like a little girl who was handed the keys to the candy shop.

    Was JJ incredibly hot in this episode or what? It doesn’t take much to light his fire, does it? I wonder if he really has magnetism with the ladies along with his good looks. The two don’t always go together. I definitely feel it coming off of Jisung, though.

    I am looking forward to a sweet finish next week.


    • panacea says:

      “I wonder if he really has magnetism with the ladies along with his good looks. The two don’t always go together.”
      your doubt is mine as well. lol


  25. Valinor500 says:

    Dear Softly, thanks for all your wonderful recap! I agree with you, PTB rocks!

    Excuse me for the imperfect english (i’m italian), but this is my thought: For me, after episode 16, all the characters have grown, and now they are more realistic. Why? Because they have made a mistake.
    All of them have made a mistake (Charmain Cha, Ji Heon, Eun Seol, but also Mu Won, his mother, Na Yoon, her mother). I love these characters from the beginning, they are adorable, sweet, intense, funny, but… TOO perfect. In the episodes 1-13 they never made a real mistake. Good to see, but unrealistic. Now the prospective is different. In my opinion, episodes 14-16 are this: the mistake that makes them more human and close to me.

    Yes, any extension of a drama is something wrong, but in this case the writer has made a good use of it. In (almost) every korean rom-com the second part of the story is a disaster, extension or not, but in PTB did not happen. And i’m happy.

    Now the last two episodes. Think positive and cross fingers!


    • Softy says:

      Your english is perfect so I don’t know what you are asking to be excused about 🙂 you’re Italian and watch Kdramas? That is so cool. where in Italy are you from? I only visited Venice, Rome, Florence, and Naples – totally didn’t get to see Milan which was a bummer. To be honest, if I lived in Italy, I would be outside enjoying the view and wouldn’t even have time to watch a kdrama. You have a lot to appreciate in your country – Korea just has pollution, humidity, noise, and extreme weathers – too hot or too cold. Ok that sounded harsh, I take it back – we have YAI, KSH, JDG, KJW, JGS, and other great looking actors to make up for the bad stuff. 🙂
      I love your take on E14-16 – all the characters have grown and their infallibilities do make them more human. I never did understand why so many ppl on soompi were hating the last few episodes – I felt like I was the only one who didn’t. I guess it’s harder for me to see the big picture cuz I am too engrossed in the dialogue and they were still being funny and quirky despite all the drama surrounding them. For me to turn my back on a drama and lose faith in the characters, it would need to be on the same scale as being doused with iced water kind of thing – like a 49 days finale, bad guy twist, or a highkick season two ending. PTB would never disappoint like that and my faith remained intact. 🙂


      • Valinor500 says:

        Dear Softly, thanks for your words! *hugs* I live in Abruzzo, and i love my country, but i like also Korea. I can’t go there for holydays (i must work, and your country is so far), so i see it in the drama. In Italy korean drama are famous, we see them with eng/italian subs. For me the best drama is The Devil (Mawang), a wonderful story, with wonderful cast, music, ending, maybe not easy to watch, but absolutely perfect. Usually i don’t like rom-com, because they are all the same story. Same plot development, same characters, without surprises… But not PTB.

        I love this drama expecially for this reason: its unpredictability, its freshness, its perfect cast. I don’t know why some people did not appreciate the latest episodes, i like them very much. The characters are so human now, with their fears and mistakes, they not are only “perfect people”.

        The angst-episode 14-16 are very good, because there are also lighter moments (expecially in this 16°). In comparision to all the others drama, there is only a little angst. This part of the story is more serious, but it does not clash with the rest of the plot. These episodes are not like the “usual” angst-episodes of the korean drama. Yes, they are more sad than the others, but not SO sad, they are more serious, but not SO serious, and the last two episodes surely will take us in the full light of a great ending.

        PTB probably will become my favorite rom-com. *cross fingers for next week*


      • martan267 says:

        Valinor and Softy – I’m with you both!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who was NOT ranting about the past few episodes. I thought they were needed to have the characters experience growth… no pain,, no gain is a very common phrase. I swear I thought some people were going to blow a gasket because of the past few episodes, making comments about hating the 2 episode extension and that all of a sudden PTB was going downhill and was becoming a disappointment… really??? This drama is one of the best! Quirky,, lovable characters that makes we want to hug them. I”m frankly very glad it was extended for 2 more episodes. Otherwise, I would be going through withdrawals right about now…. and that would NOT be pretty.. 🙂


  26. Softy says:

    Valinor and Martan, it does seem like we are in the minority here cuz we didnt hate what was going on in the last few eps like some ppl on soompi. if you check the numbers there, you can clearly see a drastic drop in interaction and response after each episode aired. As perfect as this drama was, there was no way everyone would have been 100% satisfied throughout – there had to be some angst thrown in towards the last stretch- it was just inevitable. I’m very hopeful about the last two eps and I think everything that made this drama so much fun will double and make the fans suffer from withdrawal even sooner than normal. mine started at E16 already – I am going to miss this drama when it ends. 🙂


  27. Valinor500 says:

    Softly, Martan, i’m totally agree with you!

    It’s impossible that a drama is appreciated by everyone, expecially if it’s a drama very innovative like PTB, that does not use 95% of the clichè, and the remaining 5% in a different way. Here we do not find predictable main leads, evil second leads, selfish parents, and the angst… Where is the angst? In PTB there is only a little misunderstanding, it’s not a melodramma, thanks God.

    Drama truly new like PTB have need more time to be understood by the majority of viewers, because they are different from the usual one.

    I cant’t wait for last two episodes! *Cross fingers* =)


  28. ennui says:

    Softy, thank you for your “affirmation” of PTB!
    I don’t think PTB has any major problems. Even the Korean critics still give high marks for PTB. For instance, 10-asiae has regularly covered PTB and it always give very positive comments on PTB.I think the problem is not in PBT itself, but the “habitual” pattern we have in watching Korean dramas. Since we have a strong female lead as ES from the very beginning, then once she makes a mistake, we castigate her as stupid. Since we have a male lead who is always candid and forward about his emotion, once he starts to shut himself in, then he is downgraded into a coward unworthy of love. Then, the audience of PBT start to talk about the main leads are not as charming as the second leads. Frankly, first of all. There are no “second leads” in PTB. Every character is crucial in plot development. Secondly, the reason why the relationship between JH and ES is so compelling is precisely because these two are not perfect at all, in a very realistic sense, and their relationship is really about self-development. In this sense, their relationship serves a completely different purpose than that of NY-MW.

    My point is, why do we always expect the characters to be perfect, lovely, likeable without any possibility of making any mistakes?? Dahee once said that in fact, in Kdramas, most characters are just too perfect, and even their flaws are not “real.”The audience always talks about how PTB exceeds expectation in the sense that it has zany characters, but I wonder why the audience bawl when the characters finally become “real” and live their lives with mistakes and regrets?This is a question worth pondering upon.


    • morebang says:

      Wow your insights is exactly what I’m thinking. I love these two seem-not-so-perfect characters to bits. I wonder how people could be genuinely in love with this drama if not realizing what comprises the core of this story.


  29. morebang says:

    Softy, I’m also in love with the scene where JH curls up beside ES. She turns around staring through him as he fell asleep. Just like that they sleep together. It’s sort of sad there’s been a misunderstanding, but meanwhile there’s harmony and intimacy between them that made the scene awfully sweet to me.

    I don’t know, but it makes sense to me why JH intends to have a break from the relationship. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, he needs to get training wheels removed so he can stand on his own feet. I agree there should be another way around to explain his reason to ES. Then to think, the way he tackles it is Jiheon-ish, actually true to the character. He’s always honest and direct about how he feels right? I know a mature adult should have come up with a better way. But when people are annoyed by J’s childish behavior, don’t they kinda forget what made them in love with the character in the first place? It’s not that I’m here to justify J’s behavior. I just second those who said these characters in PTB are only human. J makes mistakes and will learn from them. That’s how he can be a better men. Oh well, I already love him wholeheartedly even if he’s still immature. Let me quote Softy, “but now all I see is his genuine love for E and how sweet and sincere he as a son and a human being.”

    In J’s defense, he insists he says he wants a break, not a breakup, but he’s hurt ES’s feelings. I’d be hurt too if I were ES. Oh poor girl, she gets so mad about him. But I hope he’ll win her heart back though. They have been through so much to this point, they better work things out together.


  30. reitsu_chan says:

    hi softy…our wish come true…i’ve seen preview of ep. 17

    don’t have to roll our head (lol)


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