Protect the boss E15


You have to give this couple props – even through their pain – they manage to find joy in each other’s company.

Now that I have translated most of this episode, I had time to reflect- singing a whole different tune at the moment. As far as creating drama out of thin air just for the sake of extending it another few episodes, this one wasn’t that bad. It could have gone a lot worse. Maybe cuz BOF is on cable these days and I had it on as background video while I was translating, but compared to some of those cringeworthy scenes and that god awful “almost paradise” song that makes my skin crawl, PTB is holding its own pretty well through this last stretch before the finale. It is still maintaining humor where it can and mustering through these angsty episodes rather well. If you noticed, each show doesnt drown everything in morose antics and doles it out sparingly. I think the shock of watching our beloved characters so sad threw us off a bit during the last part of E14 and some parts of this one, but we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel here. There are some great scenes headed our way soon. If we turn our backs on what this drama did to enrich our kdrama experience so far, we might miss some of the greatest comeback scenes in KD history. 🙂


Right after it aired, I wrote this cuz I was a jumble of emotions:

omg this episode – the words “yo-yo of emotions” come to mind.


Protect the boss E15

Starts from when J and E are in the car. he asked: NES – do I still have to wait-dont you have something to say to me? he pulls over and he tells her to get out and go alone today.

she sat at the bus stop alone.

J goes home and plays games. he got a call from E as he walked out of his room

J asks his dad -what is the reason -what is the reason. what happened for you to order me to break up NES when you liked her so much. JD just looks at him. J: why arent you saying anything? you dad and NES too -what happened-why isnt anyone saying anything to me. I knowtoo- I know I am not a good son and a hopeless boyfriend – but I have to know the reason why so I can get mad or not and you have to act like you are listening or not. JD: I wasnt clean-in reality I couldnt do that. J: and? JD: NES found that out-and those files were leaked. you  have to get your heart ready.J: your reason is a blockbuster. it’s something else dad. JD: I dont know what to say to you.  J: so you are saying that NES leaked those files? JD: I dont know the details either. but for now I’m being investigated. J: investigate what? just accept the punishment. JD: accept what? all of this was for your sake… but J interrupts: for what? I told you I didnt want it. JD: what I was trying….J cuts him off again. J says he is done with everything – his dad and E too. 

J goes out and laughs (in shock) while E keeps calling him

next morning, E goes to J’s home and jang calls her crazy for coming after all the trouble yesterday. she says she didnt get to explain to the chairman properly yesterday so there is a misunderstanding but now she is going to tell him straight out (what happened). jang tells her: dont say stuff that will cause trouble and go back immediately. E:what? jang explains how she was going to be transferred or something and tells her to quit adding fuel to the fire and go to the office, pack up, stay quiet till everything is out in the open. E:why? you know I wasnt the mole who leaked that info. even tho others dont know – at least you know. jang: to be honest how do I know that?  I only heard what you relayed. E: you cant do this -cuz you kept warning me to stay quiet I didnt get to tell J anything at all. so now there are misunderstandings.  jang: ok but for now go back.  dont show up in front of the chairman and make him feel uncomfortable. and anyway you wanted the files to be revealed so think it turned out well and just do as I say. hurry and go. he makes her leave

yang says she got a call to pack up E’s belongings but since they dont know the situation and didnt hear the reason from E herself so they didnt touch her stuff.  she asks if something happened. another one asks if E caused trouble again.  E says it’s nothing and there was a mistake. J goes in without looking at E. a girl asks why J is like that cuz usually his cant stop smiling when he sees E

E goes in and says how she called him a lot yesterday. it wasnt like he didnt get her calls. you didnt take my calls on purpose didnt you? but he reminds her not to talk about them at the office-that they agreed to do that outside of the office only. she asks him to hear her out. J: ok what I dont know I will listen – what I know I will agree. E: I saw something I wasnt supposed to. J: the secret files/documents. I agree. E: you knew? J:next. E: the truth that I saw that -someone must have known. to make me look like the leak. J: the mole? that you would do something like that – I dont have any misunderstanding about that -so that I agree too.  E: ok but you dont know this –  why I wasnt able to tell you about that ….. but the IRS guys come in for the files holding up a warrant-telling everyone to step back and dont touch anything – saying they are going to take all this

there is a press conference and Ahn mentions DN group and lists all the stuff JD did that was illegal (like tax evation). GM watches and shakes her head upset

JD is having a meeting and lawyer advises that no matter what JD should say he doesnt know. JD tells him this isnt the first time he had to deal with investigators (implying the lawyer’s tactics wont work)  J gets up and excuses himself. J mutters with sarcasm – everyone is having a fun time – it’s not like you are filming a comedy.  JD calls after him to listen before he goes. after J is gone, JD reminds everyone that they have to say that J doesnt know anything. JD tell jang: whatever you have to do – you have to protect him (J).  jang: of course chairman. JD: this is all cuz of you. if this (?) goes wrong – I am coming after you first. JD tells the room (but mostly says it for park to hear it) the person who leaked the files  – he says something scary about living and dying -what this means is the person who wanted to remain alive alone – that guy will die – that’s what it means. they are saying that NES leaked and was the mole but I dont take those words at face value – either there is someone else – the person who stays alive alone – that guy is the turncoat/backstabber. that backstabber will die by my hands. park gulps visibly scared. JD feels pain and says it hurts – i have to go to the hospital.  jang thinks JD is faking it and starts to explain it would be better more effective if they made it sound more serious and laid JD down on an ambulance. but JD insists he is really in pain. jang says doctor Kim vacated the VIP room and is ready and waiting in preparation for this anyway. JD: be quiet and hurry and call for help. jang:  it would be better to use the ambulance right.

park calls NM to report.

NM wonders why park keeps going back and forth. he said he wouldnt go into jail but now why does he want to go there. she mutters his mentality is strange but MM says NM’s mentality is more strange.  MM asks: why did you go behind my back and turn my spy into yours. NM: by chance I saw the two of you together –  by chance I got involved – how many times do I have to tell you that. MM tells NM: you caused this trouble yourself so dont think of dragging me into this or I will pull your hair out. N comes over and asks if her mom did all this. NM: what did I do? I didnt do anything.  MM tells N: it’s true – your mother did it.

E is picking up the paper from the floor. she asks J if his meeting went well. and wants to continue their talk. E: a while ago what I didnt get to say but J throws paper in an angry way. J tells her to call for his car but she thinks he meant get him some tea (cuz the word for car and tea are the same in korean) she asks if she should get him green tea so J stares at her. then he calls for the car himself. E: I’m sorry. J: it’s not like it hasnt happened before. J leaves. E runs after him.

secretaries ask yang if she heard the rumors that E was the one who exposed what JD did (that E leaked the files and was a mole) so M comes out of the office and scolds them: what are you doing now? this is the secretaries office –  arent you ashamed repeating baseless rumors -NES is not the mole/leak so dont even say such things. 

E runs and gets wedged between the elevator to stop it from closing and J asks if she is ok without looking at her. E: I am ok. J: you dont look ok but since you are saying you are I’ll just let it go. E: give me a chance to talk -give me a chance to explain – give me a chance to beg for forgiveness. J finally looks at her and says “I dont want to.” E: that I didnt tell you in advance – that was wrong – but this is too much. he looks away so she steps into his view and says “why I couldnt tell you was…” but he turns away again. she says she will use some force and holds his chin. J: what are you doing?other ppl get on the elevator. J tells the ppl they can look at him directly and insult him if they want

JD tells the paramedics to go slowly cuz he is on the gurney and it’s rattling. jang tells them to go slower. J and E see JD coming.  JD says “stop” and yells at E for still being here. I told you to disappear. E: chairman you are misunderstanding – I would never leak the files (or be the mole)  J holds her back and says to JD – that JD has done this a few times (act sick) JD tries to say he is really in pain but J just says : you should go to the Academy awards. JD tells the paramedics to go. jang tells the paramedics not to care about the reporters when they get outside and go straight into the ambulance.  J says he is too embarrassed and cant look at E-there are reporters outside so you follow later. E: dont do that and go out the basement parking garage. J: there are reporters there too – didnt i tell you -that I was used to this. since it’s at least to this extent i should be grateful.  he says something about gangster chairman and calls himself “the nation’s papa boy”. * I dont know why but I thought that was too adorable- you always hear about mama boys but this is the first time I heard of a papa boy (awww it sort of suits J-so cute)

 J goes outside and faces the reporters and pushes thru them. J says he will talk to them later when there is a chance. E makes them back off so J can leave. E: he said he would speak when there is a chance – move away. J is upset to leave her behind and tells the driver to stop but the driver says it will just get more complicated so it’s better just to keep going

JD is talking to the doctor but eating thru the whole conversation like a healthy person. GM comes in and yells at JD for lying about being sick and putting on a show. he insists he was really sick – his chest was tightening- till he got to the hospital and then he got better. he swears it’s true. she yells she feels like she will die from the humiliation. JD: you wont die just from embarrassment. she makes a motion to hit and says – how could I have given birth to this. JD mutters it’s embarrassing for her to behave that way in front of the doctor. the doctor leaves them. GM asks if he knows he should be ashamed. JD: of course I know – why wouldnt i? GM: it’s good that this happened – to be honest even thought I knew you are going around doing this -i was defensive and said other ppl all do it. but let’s take this chance and pull the weeds out and cleanly accept the punishment and put everything in order.  JD insists he was going to clean up his act and right when he decided to do that-he was unlucky and got caught. he says what he is eating is good and offers her some but she tells him to eat a lot.

MM tells M that she warned NM not to drag her into this. M: I just want to confirm one more time – mom you really dont have anything to do with this right?  MM: that’s what I said -I just thought about if I should do this or that -but I really didnt do anything.  M: but still it’s not like you arent somewhat responsible. MM: I wont deny that. M: but I still want to believe you mom. MM: you have to – thank you son. M: there is no need to be thankful cuz I am using all my energy to hold it in – I’m so angry how this happened – I feel so sorry to NES and J too that I cant apologize.  I cant even look at both their faces.  MM: I do too – I am a little sorry to JD-but you cant apologize – if he knows that I am involved -what will happen to me. (I think she said she will get kicked off the board of stockholders) M: please – this has to be your last chance or I will not live as your son again. MM: son that is too harsh. M gets a call from N

M asks what excuse (to meet) N has today. N: it’s not an excuse- I came to ask something. M: make it quick cuz I am feeling sensitive (meaning he isnt in a good mood). N: I am too – I am sensitive – upset – irritated. M: do you know? N: I dont know the exact situation – when I kept asking she kept trying to go after me -did my mom really have DN investigated? did she? M: add more to it – she also made it look like NES leaked the files and was the mole. N: what do I do – what do I do for J and for NES -I have to do something for them. what should I do? she cries.  M: for starters dont cry again – you cry too much -you’re not a kid but you cry at the drop of a hat. N: what do I do when it (tear) keeps coming out. M: you cant control it? really? but you should still try to hold it in – there is someone else who should really cry. N: ok. what are you going to do. M: I dont know. she looks at him so he laughs and asks if she is going to look at him like that at a time like this. N says something about even during war something and M says he doesnt. M laughs so she asks how he can laugh at a time like this. he says it’s cuz of her- dont act so immature 

J looks at news about his dad and remembers how E asked him to let her talk so she can beg for forgiveness. he gets up and leaves 

MR looks at the news and says aloud that news about JD is twice the amount on the internet. E says just like J said, she is a rock cuz she ruined everything. MR: but it’s not your fault. all you did was see those files – what’s wrong with that. E cries and says: now I dont even know about that – I am just scared and fearful that J will get hurt – that I didnt tell him in advance truthfully – that I hid everything saying I could take care of it -I regret it so much and feel sorry. MR suggests they eat so E would have some energy and feel better. E says I have to meet him even if he doesnt want to see me. she goes out

M brings N home. N asks M: lend me some money. N doesnt want to live off of  E after her mom did this to E. also if N stays with E,  her mom warned she wouldnt leave E alone. (N fears her mom might do something to E) N doesnt have money for an officetel cuz her mom cut off her bank accounts. all she has is her salary. M agrees to give her money and jokes he will deduct it from her salary each time. he tells her to go in. N asks if she should call E out. M: I did come here but how can I face her? E comes running down. N says she will go in first. E explains to M that she was on her way out. M: I wasnt going to take up your time – I only wanted to tell you I know it wasnt your fault. she asks is M’s mom is involved. J is watching them from the bottom of the steps. M:i’m sorry but I cant answer. E: you answered me. what do I do now – if the other side is your mom – I cant tell the chairman comfortably that it wasnt me and someone else. she cries. E: I really dont know what to do. M: just reveal it. E: really do that? M pats her shoulder and J sees. E: I’ll be going. she goes down and sees J. J turns to leave. M calls out J’s name. J: it’s ok keep talking. M: dont misunderstand. J: that’s old fashioned to misunderstand. 

J turns to leave but E runs down to him and backhugs J and says: I know you are misunderstanding – I was wrong. no matter what I was wrong. he turns around and holds her face. J: what did you do wrong – i was wrong. cuz you are crying (I cant hear the rest) J walks away but E walks ahead of him.

J and E go together in the car. E: it’sbetter if you get mad and hit me – insult me. J: how can I do that – if I hit you once you will hit twice in return. I admit – you have a stronger punch than me. E: dont try to get out of it – it’s cowardly-what do you want me to do?  like the chairman wants – do you want me to disappear? J pulls over and says – that’s right – I might want that – but until I say I want that -stay like this feeling bad and thinking about what you did wrong and stay by my side. that you were the mole – even if you did that it doesnt matter to me-what I am really made about isnt that -I am really mad – not at you – but at me. for your sake – whether I go to your neighborhood – not sure if that is possible or not – like you want me to be -whether i become a cool (impressive) chairman  –  I entrust everything to you -but I dont know if ( ?) to you.  (not sure what he said – that he didnt do anything for her maybe)  E explains: that isnt it – that I might say something wrong and that there would be trouble between you and the chairman. J: dont make excuses -to be honest I am immature – without you I cant do anything  -and made you worry that the relationship between my dad and me would get bad- when I am like that how can I be of comfort to you? of course you couldnt discuss anything with me (since he is like that) E: that isnt it. J: anyway -I plan to think about who I am to you – also after that – till the investigation is over -just until the first round of interrogation ends- until then I will be too busy. so get out. since you are good at fighting – it wont be dangerous for you to walk alone at night right? E agrees to get out and tells him to listen to what she says next time – if you dont listen you’re dead.

jang, park, and E get interrogated. jang says they keep calling it (?) but he doesnt think it’s (illegal? no clue what these words are)

park : I have nothing else to say. whatever punishment I get – I will go with the chairman no matter what. 

E: There really is nothing I know but this one thing I do know – director cha (J )has nothing to do with this matter. as his secretary who has stayed by his side at all times -I can totally validate this and swear I am telling the truth. 

she turns the questions around on the guy and says: after hearing all this – it’s a little strange-you dont seem to have any evidence and are just trying to get my statements (eye witness accounts) –  what is it that you know? you dont have anything do you-you’ve been caught – you dont have any evidence that director cha (J) is involved do you? 

JD is looking ill as he sits in a wheelchair as reporters fire questions at him and J has to endure it standing next to his father. reporters ask- please say a few words – it’s been revealed that you evaded taxes/committed fraud, is that true? do you admit to the charges-how is the state of condition of the patient? E comes out and looks at J. J smiles over at E.

J gets questioned. J: “I know everything” I want to tell you that but I dont know the (charges/accusations?) well so I can’t even lie. also what’s already happened, I dont want to take responsibilty for. this is all – I dont know anything more or have anything else to say

JD says: it’s something that director cha (J) doenst know anything about and I didnt know that much either- ppl under  me all did this on their own. he talks big about not doing wrong but scene by scene he breaks down and doesnt look too good. really – why are you doing this? he lists all his contributions to society – like invest in world cup etc. next scene he looks weak and says he is a patient-go easy on me – you have to let me sleep – isnt this against law – I am going to report this

E waits and watches park come outside and make a call. she follows him and listens in. park says into the phone how he is going crazy and asks if there isnt a way to do something bad to the chairman (like put all the blame on JD I think). he hangs up and complains “she always says she is busy.” E: who did? she holds her phone up and says she recorded everything. park: you cant. he grabs for the phone but she twists his arm. he complains it hurts and that he has back problems.  E asks if it was NM. park: it’s not – it’s not like that. E: I am sorry but normally I never touch a kid or an elder but I think I can do it to you. after everything I went thru – this much is payback so just overlook it. she bows before she punches park in the gut. park: why are you doing this – I am going to sue. E: then I am going to hand this over to the chairman (her recording) park: secretary Noh. she says “once wasnt enough” and bows and punches him again. he asks why she is doing this. she yells how she is a gangster. she gets ready to punch again but he tells her not to do this – that he feels like he will die just cuz of the chairman alone. park admits he did this to live. in front of power – I am weak and powerless. and begs. she asks who he just spoke to – MM or NM. park: how can I tell you. E: that means it’s one of them. both of them have something to do with this dont they?  Park :I dont know- I cant say anything and I wont say anything. E: it’s true – I dont know what I should do to you today so I am leaving you alone, but keep your guard up from here on cuz I dont know when or where I will act like a gangster again and come after you. park: what? you are going to do more? ok you can do more but just dont tell on me to the chairman. E: I’ll see

E follows reporters and watches J again. J sees her thru the crowd of reporters. E hides and says: he looks ok – that’s good

news talk about J. and then shows how JD is in a wheelchair looking defeated. E watches the news and asks MR: there is a lot of talk about J huh? MR: yes. E: are they calling him the nation’s papa boy again? MR says: that and lists other bad stuff ppl are saying about J. let’s stop looking. dont ask me to look anymore. E:what do I do now- J and JD wont meet me anymore and i have to spy on them like this (follow them thru the news and hide and look at them from afar). MR tells E to go and meet them and tell them everything she wants to say. should I go with you? if they wont let you meet – I will break down the door and make them let you see them.

park and JD are in jail together. park says JD could have been in a more comfortable room. JD says it would have been lonely to use that room and its nice to be here with park. park: I couldnt be more happy to be in this room with you.  JD: park who do you think that hidden person who leaked the info was? after this matter is settled -it will be the first person to run away to another country after their flight ban is lifted.  if he does that it’s makes it easier for me cuz if he stayed in korea- I cant work.  if he runs off abroad, it will be easier to settle things. if things get complicated – I might (?) if I do that he wont be able to do anything. I have to live to capture that guy. park kept saying “yes” thru this whole conversation.  JD feels pain again and says “it hurts – it should be time to go to the hospital – you rest more and come out later. park: i will – you should leave first. JD: ok suffer a little.

MR and E go together to meet JD but he is being taken by ambulance.

jang tells J: the chairman isnt making it obvious but he is waiting to see you. there is no one who is dropping by the hospital so he is about to die from boredom so you should go at least isnt that what a son should do? J: he isnt in pain – the whole country knows he is putting on a show.  jang: yes he is doing that but he really has pain that comes and goes. also there is something that you are misunderstanding- he really did make up his mind to clean up his act. but right at the moment he made up his mind, things turned out this way. our chairman really is unlucky.  GM cuts in: he is fortunate – the heavens are saying “come to your senses-become a human being” that’s what it’s saying to do.  how thankful we should be.  J laughs and says the heavens did it more than once but he isnt coming to his senses. even tho he doesnt come to his senses – at least he should know to be embarrassed – shouldnt he? how could he not know that? it’s really hard to believe when he’s my dad.  jang says: both of you are the same -the chairman also says all the time – “he is my son but J sure is unusal  how could a guy like him be my son. GM says to jang: I cant believe you are my son’s secretary. GM tells J to go cuz his dad is asking him to -go and scold him harshly-even tho he is a parent- if a parent did something wrong-he needs to be scolded by his child

M meets with NM. he hands her some damaging documents (it has the cost of each painting). she looks uncomfortable. NM: what are you trying to do? with the inventory info about my paintings – what can you do-what are you saying you’ll do? M makes some comments about the amount of money and that inventory list. NM: your mom is involved too.dont you know? M: I know but I can still reveal this – dont you know that I am that kind of child/son? NM: I didnt know. what is it that you want? M: stop involving my mom. you did this on your own so dont drag my mom into it-also never do this again. and dont mess with anyone. NM: nothing good will come from threatening me -look at NES – she acted brazen and look at the trouble she is in. M: it’s good that you brought that up cuz these days I am (?) to N. (N comes in the room) NM: you used to like N.  M: yes but I dont like her cuz of you.  NM:what did I do? so are you saying you are going to play around with N? M: I might – I probably will. if you keep doing this. N heard all that and cries and runs off

M goes out and tells N she misunderstood. N: what did I misunderstand? that you would  play around with me? let’s just say I misunderstood that but does that mean you wont play around with me at all? is that it? M grins. N: why are you smiling? M: cuz it feels new. N: what does? M: that you were this kind of kid – it feels new. N: does that mean something good or bad? M: it doesnt mean anything. N: that’s it – let’s just stop everything you bad guy. she turns to leave but he tells her to follow him. N: I dont want to. M: then dont. he walks off grinning and she follows him

they go to an apt. N asks if he got an apt for her when he was so busy. M: you think I did? I asked yang to do it. he gives her the keys and says the house number is her birthday. he says he has to go cuz JD is in the hospital. N says she has to go too and wants to go together

E tries to go meet JD but guards wont let her thru. she explains how she is his son’s secretary. she says she only wants to see if he is ok

E dresses up as a doc and follows other doctors. N asks if she isnt E. M says it looks like her. E gets caught and has to run. N and M watch all that.

E ran into JD’s room. she hears J talking to JD. J: what is it that you want to say – you begged me to come so you must have something to say. JD: I wasnt pleading. J: then I will be going. JD: sit – it’s about NES. J: if it’s about NES being the mole or something then dont say it- NES isnt (the one) JD: I didnt think so too -would she have done that when it involves you and me.   but NES wont work (she cant be with J)  J: why? JD explains: it was that condition from the start – that you would get the succession – that was the condition. J: but now it’s all over.  JD: it’s not just yours – I dont know what will happen to me – I might have to give away my position. it’s all cuz of her. even if she wasnt the mole – this happened cuz she stole a look (at those files) she is the starting point. J: to begin with you shouldnt have done anything wrong-why do you have to push the blame onto others. JD: ok let’s say that but anyway – You cant with NES. cuz I liked her I forgot something. that bullying incident (when JD got into trouble for beating up those gangs) it happened cuz of her.  J: that’s right – crazy poop hair 50% but also you dad who was being childish and retaliating 50%.  that incident was both of your faults – half and half.  JD: let’s say that – but J I really do like my work- I value my company like my own child (think of his company as precious) but I might have to let it go. I might not be able to give that position to my only son. no matter if other ppl maligned me – that was my dream but now it might be taken away. J: that’s true – cuz this incident became more absurd. JD: that’s right and if NES is your partner ( J’s future wife) how much more ridiculous will it become.  I should have stopped you two.  J: so that’s why you want me to break up? should I do that? should I break up? E hears that and leaves the room. guards try to take her away but she escapes

N wants to go in but M says let’s not interfere. E runs off so she doesnt get caught. M blocks the guards so the guy asks if M is with E (together on this) and N says “let her go or I will bite you.”

JD: so do you have the confidence to break up. J: I dont. JD: what is it then – are you playing with me? is that it. J: if i need to – then I have to. JD: ya stop playing around with me- I am a patient. J: you are loud for a patient. by the way, if I do (break up with her) the reason is different – it’s not the reasons you just gave. JD: what does that mean- tell me so I understand. J mutters: you’re really not great at understanding things. JD: that punk

N and M chase after E. N: what’s wrong – you didnt get to see him – they wont let you? E asks them to pretend they didnt see her here. N calls after her but M tells N to let E go and go with him. E asks permission to bully their moms just one time. M gives permission: as much as you want. but N worries and asks E- but you arent going to hit her (NM) right? E: I will see

E remembers the last thing J said “should I break up with her?” E says aloud: he is really angry. then she remembers what J said in the car. “J: to be honest I am immature – without you I cant do anything  -and made you worry that the relationship between my dad and me would get bad- when I am like that how can I be of comfort to you? of course you couldnt discuss anything with me.” E says aloud: I started as your secretary – it was my job to protect and watch over you so it became a habit. so it ended up like this without me realizing.

J drives by her and doesnt see her sitting there

MR and E show up to meet NM and MM. NM asks the guards if they are just going to let anyone in. they apologize and walk towards MR and E but MR and E take them down. E tells NM to get rid of the guards and if NM listens, E will talk with them with words (and not fists) so MM tells NM to hurry and get rid of the guards. NM tells the guards to leave. E: because you two have some power so you did that to me -made me look like the mole but this is all I have (fighting ability)  MM says how E isnt keeping her word cuz she promised not to hit them. E : yes cuz both of you are women and it’s too bad but you are the mothers of two ppl I like so I will only do this much today – but know this – if you mess with ppl like me who have nothing-our hearts (??)- if you do this again – I will go crazy and I wont remember that you are women and older. do you understand that? arent you going to answer? Nm and MM promise not to do this again. E: ok I will watch and see if you keep your words. E says to MR: let’s go. MM asks NM: who is she (MR). E turns around  says it wasnt cuz those guards didnt have ability. MR: we are just different from others ( meaning it was cuz MR and E were too good).  E makes her promise not to fire those guards. NM promises not to fire them. E: you better keep your word or else.

MR asks if E feels better. E: a little but it doesnt feel as good as I thought I would. it also makes me think – what diffence does doing this make. MR: I’m about to get sad again. E: even if I do this it doesnt mean the chairman will be released. MR  gives E a hug to make her feel better. E gets a call from J and shoves MR away. MR mutters that E only thinks about a guy too (cuz N are is too) E says into the phone: it’s me – ok. MR asks what he said. MR: he isnt angry any more huh? he is like that. he isnt someone who would be angry long. E says he asked to meet but he is acting strange

E gets ready and  goes out. J stares and asks:what is this – why do you look so good – making me feel burdened. she says she was normally good looking. let’s have a date -let’s forget useless things and have fun playing. since I did some things that were wrong -to show how remorse/penitence –  I will be really good to you today -I’ll show aego and stuff. J: dont do that it will give me goosebumps. she holds his hand and says let’s go.

J explains to E that horses like love and (kyohang?) – like skinship too- understand compliments right away. like it when you look into its eyes. he calls out the horse’s names (“X’ and what sounds like “new car” with a korean accent but that cant be right cuz that is a dumb name for a horse) J says the horses like it when they are petted. so E pets one. J takes her riding.

they have a picnic and play around with the food and stuff. she tells him to eat a lot

J watches E sleeping in the car. she wakes up. she says sorry for falling asleep. E: where is this place? J: where I got scolded by you. E: no it’s not. it’s where you always come when you run away from home. he asks her to take a walk

they holds hands and he suddenly lets go of her hand. J: I want to take a break from dating you.



M: did you fight with E- you are crazy. J: I was already a crazy guy – didnt you know that?

M tells E that she doesnt need to do (?something) E: I want to hang in there

E hugs a sobbing N and so does MR. E: now all I need to do is send it. (I think she was packing)  MR says J went somewhere for the time being

E yells at J: if you were going to do this you shouldnt have clung to me. you shouldnt have been the same as everyone. J: in my situation that was all I could do. E: what you decided to do – dont push it back and just go on your own way. (meaning break up for good)

It sort of kills me that he finally gets to see this side of her – being affectionate towards him first before he initiates it. But the price they are both paying for these happy moments are going to eat away at them when they are apart. Guess that is what true love does – it gets to you when you least expect it and even when you see the pain coming a mile away, it’s just as hard to turn away.



18 comments on “Protect the boss E15

  1. Erika says:

    I hope they wont drag the lame classic drama angst that I hate the most until ep 18 and only left us few happy end minute.thanks for the effort..will read recap probably tomorrow if I’m not sleepy and turn out tonight episode back on the right track.


  2. MJShinshi says:

    Ahnyeong softy and all campers! I haven’t had a chance nor bothered to really make a chance to find out about PTB after last week’s frustrating ending. But so glad to read what you wrote softy and that picture is making me hopeful for the PTB that I loved to be back, yay! thanks for your great work dear softy 🙂


  3. Reideen says:

    The part in the preview… When J said that is is done with his father and E… I hope it’s the spur of the moment! He was angry (it’s understandable)… but anyone can make the mistake that E made. Now that she finally decides to be with J and follow her heart T.T…


  4. nonski says:

    thanks for the live transcap softy! 🙂 you’re awesome as always.

    I haven’t camp but was so wanting to read that I have to open my netbook before I go to sleep, so here I am. (I;m dead-tired from the office.)

    just done reading… mmmmmmmm… this episode seems chaotic and the ending, waah, it’s bad. means so much angst tomorrow. truthfully, as the drama goes along, i get attached more to M and N. anyways, i expect the conflict unresolved till next week, considering the drama is having an extension. that’s just my expectation. it might not be tho coz PTB is rather unconventional from a k-drama point of view.

    komawo softy!


  5. mini me says:

    Well, that kind of surprise me, after the lovely picture(Thank u softy(^-^) ), in the intro recap, I hope the time out that J said was just him preparing for the coming outcome. Not the other way around. Their relationship just barely begun & this happened. More cute moments…,please writer.(^-^)


  6. bqmonkna says:

    thanks for the recap im currently pulling out my hair


    • fifi says:

      stop. starting to see a balding spot


      • Softy says:

        LOL- omg you two are cracking me up and I cant concentrate on these translations. 🙂 reading your comments is the only thing that made me grin like crazy today – and I was watching PTB – the drama that used to keep me grinning for days. *aigoo* where did my happy carefree drama go?


  7. MJShinshi says:

    loved that you called and verified the break up word for sure 🙂 when E got ready for their meet/date I knew the all time favorite kdrama break-up was a coming…sheesh! I guess J will break up not because of his dad’s reasons but he’s not someone E can lean on quite yet but he’ll come back from where ever he’s going all manly man…lol…ok I hope but will take whatever the drama will dish out and be mad or happy PTB fan.


    • Softy says:

      I was freaking out cuz I knew half the syllable and guessed the other half so of course I had to double check with a native Korean to be sure – that last line was too important not to get correct. Wish I was wrong though. sort of wish tm J is going to say that line and then change his mind and take it back cuz the preview looks like they kept talking. but then E had to go and say break up for good so that line does not bode well for E16 going back on track to being the happy drama that it used to be. after tonight I officially hate extensions. 😦


  8. sandrouu21 says:

    Thank ypu for the recap


  9. ziren87 says:

    thanks softy for recapping…gosh…the drama…hope it turns better for the next episode..


  10. Jomo says:

    Thank you for the recap. My heart hurts. I KNEW he was going to break up with her. I have seen this seen (BOF) before. It hurt then and it hurts now.

    Angstity angst indeed!

    I don’t like these episodes because of how uncomfortable I feel about the pair, but, I have to say the acting and writing were well done. I mean, if it weren’t any good, I wouldn’t care enough to feel bad, right?

    It is ironic, innit? The way to give us more of what we love (PTB) is to give us more of what we hate – conflict – in order to streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch the episodes.

    That is why I am firmly in the “NO! Don’t extend!” Camp of viewers.

    I know sometimes they set out to do 18 or 20, but then cut them down because of ratings. That’s no good either.


  11. gella says:

    I’ve stopped watching from episode 12 partly because of the school load and partly because i felt ominous about the extension. Now, i dont know if i can still continue on watching this. can’t watch my favorite drama thinking about what it could have been without this stupid extension.


  12. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I should stopped scheduling available on Wednesdays because I had to work today!!! I missed your live recap and finally was able to read it tonight. Thank you so much. I was having fun watching JD faking his illness and looking so pitiful, J knowing that she was not the mole, the wonderful date and then my heart sank with what J said to her. Why?!!!! I am feeling the pain of breaking up and feeling not having control over someone else decision even though I know that it is not the right choice!!!! But, I will back tomorrow for more!!! Thanks a million.


  13. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you softy.I was late working and missed it.I think after reading your recap will have to watch ep 16 before I watch ep 15.I know it’s backwards but the transcap is making me worried it will deteriorate into same old same old.Please please,that’s why dramas should end as planned!!


  14. eoan says:

    omg Softy! i definitely hate the idea of this extension. where did the once funny and cutesy PTB go? i guess, i have to wait for ep 16 before i watch this episode. i have to be cool as a cucumber to keep my sanity intact. i believe after the rain, there will be rainbow. i have high hopes too that PTB will get back to what it used to be, i just have to be patient. patience is a virtue, right?!?! heheh!


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