Ojakkyo Brothers E13 and E14

Every drama has a scene or moment where you watch it and think to yourself  “I chose well-this drama is gold” and tonight this was that scene for me. It was subtle, but packed a punch. Everything the family said about getting married fell on TB’s deaf ears the whole entire night, but one conversation with TH and every word went straight to TB’s heart. I am pretty sure this was the moment TB factored in how this whole scenario would play out for his unborn child. And this is the scene that made me so glad I chose this drama. I am not even thinking of how many episodes this drama is anymore. If there are even just a handful of scenes like this, I am in this for the long haul as a happy camper.

TB keeps calling SY- Cha Team Manager so I am shortening it to (her) or (she)


Start with GM asking if the baby was made by accident (unplanned-mistake- that kind of thing) and mom adds – so you two aren’t in a dating relationship?
TB replies they aren’t dating-that SY is just a sunbae (superior) on the same work team.
Mom: still what to do when a baby has been made.
Dad: what are you going to do about that baby who is already made?
TB: I’m in the middle of discussing it with (her) after we discuss it well, will decide.
Dad: what are you going to decide after discussing it? That you won’t have the baby?
TB: I think that is a problem (she) should decide.
Dad says how he was asking about what TB was thinking not what she was thinking.
TB: like I already said-I’m not thinking about marrying (her)-it’s not a problem I thought about lightly –I thought it over seriously and deeply – a guy like me who doesn’t have any feelings or affection for that woman-I can’t be the good person who can live out the rest of my life well getting along with her-I cant be that kind of person…
the dad summarizes –so you are saying that you are not thinking of marrying that woman –whether she has the baby or not – it’s her problem – is that what you are saying? I’m asking if that is what you mean-answer me- is that it?
TB says under his breath “yes” and gets slapped on the forehead.
The mom and TS say “father” and dad apologizes to GM but she says TB deserved to get hit for saying that – a man shouldn’t be that cowardly.
Dad to TB: I raised you wrong – I didn’t raise you well. I doted on you but what? After causing this huge problem – all you have to say is – it doesn’t have anything to do with me.
TB: when I said it doesn’t have anything to do with me – I didn’t mean it that way. Just cuz she likes me – I didn’t want to give in to her unilateral decision and wanted to respect her wishes but the dad tells him to be quiet cuz all it means is TB doesn’t want to take responsibility.
TB: then dad – out of feeling I did something wrong right this minute – you want me to live in an unwanted marriage for the rest of my life? Do you want me to take out that unhappiness on (her) and the baby?
Dad: whether it’s an accident, marriage life, or hell-taking responsibility for what he did is what a man does. That’s how I lived with your mom and that’s what I taught you boys. If every man in the world lived like you – how many will there be who did the right thing.
GM agrees and says what the dad said is right –“why did Hwang have to marry my daughter in law” (pretty sure this implies the mom might have gotten pregnant first too).
TB: no matter what the road is that everyone else follows – no matter how right that road is – it doesn’t suit me (it isn’t right for me) and even if I die I cant do it dad. I know I am cowardly and irresponsible – I know – but there are things I cant help.
Dad starts to get mad cuz TB is fighting the situation still so the mom suggests calling SY to come over and discuss matters and listen to her side.
TB finally stops ducking his head down and looks up at her.
TS backs her saying it’s a good idea. TS: TB’s side isn’t the only thing that is important, the young lady’s side is important too.
GM says that’s right – if the young lady says she cant marry TB too, then it cant be helped.
TS: on the other hand, the young lady could want to get married.
TB looks like he wants to kill TS and TP gives TS a dirty look too. 
The mom suggests to dad to call SY over.
TB: mom this is my problem with my life on the line –why call (her) over and decide. Also whatever (she) says –I wont get married no matter what.
The dad hits TB again.
The mom says to the dad that TB isn’t at a young age to hit like that.
TS says to the dad: dad you shouldn’t get so carried away with your anger and it isnt good for your health.
Dad says to TB that he should listen if the dad is talking. He tells TB to call that young lady over tomorrow.
Mom and TP follow TB into his room.
Mom: why did you do that – if you had just said you would think it over carefully dad wouldn’t have gotten that angry. Did dad ever hit you up to now?
TB: I never did anything to deserve getting hit.
Mom: that’s right – you never disappointed your parents. How did you let this happen?
TB: mom I really cant marry (her). mom you know how stubborn I am and have to have my way. If I am like this – how can I be patient and live with a kid.
Mom: that’s right – you should have gotten married with Haerin (TB’s former fiancé) before this.
TB:mom why are you bringing that up suddenly? I told you not to bring up H in front of me.
TP says mom in a stern voice. Don’t you know we are forbidden to talk about H in this house in front of hyung?
Mom to TB: are you still unable to forget about her? mom is upset if my son still can’t forget that girl when she said she didn’t want my son and rejected him.
TB: why did H leave me? Why couldn’t we get married? After getting all prepared to get married –I asked her to wait 3 yrs and if we didn’t disappoint her – if dad wasn’t duped by the realty –after making her wait like that- would I have lost her? I wouldn’t have too. The mom looks guilty.

The dad is about to go in when he heard all that. He knows it’s his fault that TB never got to marry H- his first love. TH watches the dad look sad and go into his room

TP says the mom shouldn’t have brought that subject up. The mom agrees she shouldn’t have.
Mom: but what can we do – just think it wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t all dad’s fault.
TB: I wasn’t going to say all that – I’m sorry.
Mom: there is no need to say sorry – just think it over one more time. the mom says how she couldn’t see anything wrong with SY even though she didn’t see her for very long. but what can we do since she is having your baby.
TP: mom what younger hyung said has its own merit- it’s his life too.
The mom says for TB to think it over again and to do what the dad wants and bring the young lady over.
Mom: my second (son) – mom is asking like this and you aren’t going to answer?
TB sighs and says he will.
Mom: thank you – smile for me.
TB gives her a weak smile.
Mom: mom just thought of seeing a grandchild and daughter in law and the weight on my shoulders was lifted.
TP shakes his head for her not to talk like that.
TB: mom I am only bringing her to say hello. Whatever she says – my mind won’t be changed. And if this is what you are thinking of –I wont even bring her here.
Mom: ok mom jumped ahead too much – I take it back – I take back what I said.

The mom goes in and tells the dad he shouldn’t have hit even tho he is angry since TB is older now. Mom: don’t worry too much –I made TB say he would bring SY over. Also did TB ever disappoint us up till now? Let’s just trust TB and wait. He needs some time to think too. Aren’t you going to answer? Do you not feel good after hitting the kid? Dad remains silent and then finally asks if they should lay out the blanket.

My favorite scene tonight:

***TB: I told you not to come out.
TH: I will give you a ride. It will be hard to catch a cab at this time.
T: it’s ok- I will walk out to the main road- I need to get some cool air since my insides are burning up.
TH (uses a metaphor): did H vacate the room? (meaning move out of TB’s heart)
TB: what?
TH: H noona – did she vacate from your heart.
TB: I think she vacated the room but she left behind some baggage (bags and belongings). Once in a while she comes looking for her things.
TH: if it’s to that extent then pretty soon she wont be coming anymore. There aren’t going to be that many (bags) leftover.
TB: what is it that you want to say?
TH: Cha SY team jang is a good person.
TB: who said she wasn’t? she is a good person even if she makes me upset once in a while. She is a good team leader and an excellent reporter, but she isn’t someone I love.
TH: even though she isn’t someone you love –she is a woman who is having your baby.
TB: if you are going to say stuff like that – go back in.
TH: what is more important in a marriage besides love – isn’t it trust and loyalty?  
TB: Why do you say things that only people in dad’s generations says?
TH: a good person doesn’t betray, but a woman you love betrays. You already went through that once – don’t you know it?
TB: I told you to go in – go.
TH: hyung it’s cuz you never had a parent who threw away their child –that’s why you are like this. It’s cuz you don’t know with what kind of heart that child spent his childhood and adolescence with. if by any chance (she) has that baby- I hope that baby doesn’t live feeling what I felt.
TB looks up at him.
TH smiles and says: I’m just saying it’s like that. Get in.
*thanks to Joonni for filling in my blanks 🙂

TS cautiously walks over to the tent and calls out quietly– JE shi? Are you sleeping? He picks twigs and leaves off the top of her tent.  She wouldn’t be sleeping already – JE shi? I cant just open this (cuz she is a girl he shouldn’t unzip her tent) suddenly TS is startled when TH calls out “big hyung” TH: what are you doing? TS hides the bag behind his back: where are you coming from? TH: I gave younger hyung a ride. TH spots something behind TS’s back. TH: what is that? TS holds out the bag. I brought some stuff for J to eat. Juice boxes, fruit, kimchi, side dishes- a few days ago when I saw her take those pancakes I felt bad. He steps closer to TH and speaks in a low voice. TS: keep this is a secret from TP and mom. TH nods yes. TS: let’s just say mom is like that but I don’t know why that punk TP has to be so prickly to J. You’re not like that right? TH: it doesn’t matter if I am or not. TH points to the tent. She isn’t in there? TS: I don’t know if she went somewhere or if she is sleeping. It should be ok if I just leave it here right? He places it next to her tent. TS worries: will she know I left it? Should I leave a note? He looks at TH. TS: never mind – what does it matter if she doesn’t know who left it. Let’s go in.

The mom comes out and wakes J. get up – it’s already been a few days so why cant you wake up on time–why are you in there like that – hurry and get up. J mumbles – ok- why time is it? Mom: what do you mean what time – it’s 4:30. Hurry and come out. Mom walks off. J is cranky: it’s only 4:30 – she is like that on purpose. She is waking me up at 4:30 am on purpose and making me work so hard – she has changed her method (to get rid of J). You think I will give up if you do this? Also is this just hard on me? it’s hard on ajumma too. Let’s do this – if I die I die – see if I give up.

The mom goes to the duck pen and asks who turned off the lights. J says last night she turned it off to save energy. Mom yells: why did you do something you weren’t told to do? J:why are you like that suddenly – why- I can’t turn the lights off? The mom worries about the ducklings.

There are two weak looking ducklings in a box. J cautiously asks if they are dead. Mom: why did you have to do something you weren’t told – ducklings have a lot of fear so we keep the light on all night. When it’s dark, they get scared and gather and pile up together and the ones on the bottom get stepped on and die. J: so cuz I turned off the light these died? I am sorry – I didn’t know anything –I’m really sorry. The mom tells her to sit and tells her to hold one. J recoils so mom asks what is there to be scared of- hurry and hold it. J explains it’s cuz it’s her first time and asks for the duckling. She holds it in her hands. the mom instructs J to pet the ducklings to make it warm. The mom talks to the one in her hand- hers duck’s name is A. mom: A –mom is sorry -sorry mom didn’t pay attention to you- A – have some energy. The mom tells J her duckling’s name is ojakkyo and to call it by its name and pet it as she talks to it. Mom explains how animals like it when their names are called like humans. The mom pets O and tells it to have some strength – if you die like this – unni (J) will be so sad so what do we do – have some strength. J stares and pets her duckling and says in her head: O- unni didn’t know better – I am really sorry so please have some strength –please O – please have some strength – please O. the mom is happy and says A is breathing better and it looks like it was revived. J is happy and says hers is better too cuz J can feel O’s heart beating. The mom and J actually have a nice moment while reviving their ducklings.

D (TH’s partner) shows TH department store and hotel signature marks in Hong Kong and there aren’t any that are similar to the design of the pen. TH thinks if it was received as a souvenir there could be a possibility it could be from a restaurant or shopping mall. Their boss walks in so D changes the site to pull up pics of Yuna Kim. D tells the boss: she is my ideal – isn’t she really pretty? The boss says that is why D doesn’t have a girlfriend. Even if she is his ideal he should choose according to his realistic chances (meaning D doesn’t look good enough to get someone like Yuna) the boss tells D to meet the boss’ younger sister in law but D says he doesn’t want to cuz she is older by 5 yrs and he doesn’t like older women. The boss says D looks older so D’s face could cover up to someone 10 yrs older than him. D is outraged but TH laughs.

TH runs into the police chief in the hallway. The chief warns: watch what you do –since this was the first time I went easy but if you ever turn me down again –then I will discipline you properly.

The mom is feeding the ducklings and praising them and tells them to eat up. J brings water for them. J asks if the ducklings are ok-they have been revived right? Mom says they have to see for another day but right now it looks like they will be ok. J is relieved and thanks the mom. I will never make that mistake again – thank you very much. The mom warns J never to do that again or she wont leave J alone. She keeps talking to the ducks and tells them to drink water and tends to them. J sees how nice the mom is to the ducks and looks envious.

SY’s mom goes to TB’s workplace to check him out. She says it’s nice to meet you and says she is here to meet SY. TB says she stepped out and will be back soon. She holds his collar and says the dress shirt color looks good on him – who bought it for you – did you choose it yourself. TB pulls back and says he chose it himself. Mom: why? Stuff like this you can ask your girlfriend to buy it. Don’t you have one. TB cant believe she is saying all this. Before he can answer, just then SY yells out “mom” and comes running over. She insists rather loudly that her mom go out and talk so the mom tells her to lower her voice cuz ppl are working here. I didn’t come to interrupt so don’t overreact. The mom says to TB- don’t pay any attention and just work. TB bows to her. the mom looks and says aloud that TB keeps his desk work space in order –personality must be orderly/neat (I beat she is thinking unlike her daughter) SY mumbles in desperation: mom please. The mum continues saying that TB must like to work out cuz his shoulders are broad. SY pleads: mom please stop. Mom: what is wrong with you. SY: let’s go. Mom: ok ok I will leave. The mom keeps looking back at TB but SY is dragging her along. TB is mortified and realizes the whole office is taking about what just happened.

SY asks her mom what she is doing – why did she come here. The mom plays innocent and cant she come to her daughter’s work place. SY points out the mom didn’t just come – she came for TB. The mom says cuz SY wasn’t doing anything about it the mom thought she should come and step in (interfere) and SY says interfere and do what – she reminds her mom when SY was in college, the mom did this –interfered and overreacted and chased away SY’s first love within a month. Mom: that was just cuz it wasn’t meant to be. Why is that my fault? Also that guy looks like he doesn’t have any feelings for you –if he liked you – if the mom of the woman he likes shows up –he wouldn’t be so indifferent and aloof. I’m right huh? The mom gets a call her husband that she should come home right away cuz Y is home. The mom says she will be right there and SY says go together.

TB gets a text from his mom saying that TB has to come with SY today cuz the dad is waiting. He calls SY and asks where she is cuz he needs to talk to her but she says she cant talk to him now and hangs up. TB mutters that she ignored his calls twice today.

Y is standing and says she cant sit comfortably since her sister is mad and running over here but SY’s dad says it’s ok her sister’s personality has changed a lot-now that she  is older, she doesn’t have the energy to be angry at Y anymore. Y:really? she gets ready to sit but SY’s mom comes in and demands to know why Y is here. Y says she took a break and is going to run a business here –she already has it set. I know you are angry and disappointed but I came cuz ….Y never gets to finish her sentence cuz the mom hits her and calls her crazy. Cuz it was so hard to get Y into the school so how could she run off. what kind of business could you do? Without even a word of discussion how could you quit school. The dad tells the mom to say it with words and not hit. The mom accuses Y of always doing what she wants – getting divorced on your own – with everything you do what you want- are you in your right mind? Y says: unni listen to me first – I came here to tell you something –you can hit me all you want later I will let you but just hear me out first. Mom: what do you have to say? Y: it’s been a week since I came back. During that time I stayed at a hotel cuz I knew you would react this way and I was going to stay like that till I got settled in but I came cuz I really have to tell you something unni. As an aunt I just couldn’t sit by. The mom picks up on the words “as an aunt” and that’s when SY comes running in. SY begs the aunt without any words to not tell the parents but Y says “sorry it cant be helped” and is about to tell the parents but SY says she will.

SY’s parents: what? SY: I’m pregnant. Her parents: what did you say you did? SY: I’m pregnant – sorry for disappointing you. Y:unni are you ok? SY’s dad: who is the other person? What kind of guy is he? Mom: is it that guy hwang TB? SY: no. dad: if not then who is it? Tell me – who is it? Y: SY tell them everything-hurry. SY: yes it’s hwang TB reporter. Dad: who is that guy? Mom: the guy you saw when I turned on the news a few days ago –he is a reporter and on the same team as her. dad: call him right now – tell him to run over here right now. SY: mom dad that person has nothing to do with me (meaning we don’t have a relationship) dad: what do you mean you aren’t in a relationship – then how could you make a baby? SY: we aren’t in a dating relationship – it just happened. I’m sorry it just happened. Also that person isn’t someone who wants to get married cuz of a baby. Also I don’t want to convince him to marry either. Mom: what? What does that mean? SY: I’m thinking of having it alone. Dad and mom – I want to have this baby. Mom: what? What did you say? The dad and Y tell her not to be like this cuz the mom is screaming. Mom to SY: you think that makes sense? You think that’s something to say in front of your mom and dad? how can you do this to me? How could you do this to us? What did I have to go through to raise you? how much effort did I pour into you? from the moment you were born till now – I lived doing everything you wanted –to make you the best-for you to have the best life – better than me – I put everything on the line – but now you are saying what? That you are pregnant? That it just happened? You awful girl. If you thought of me even a little how could you do this? How could you dare to say that in front of me? SY: I know – I know what kind of love and sacrifice you gave me so during that time cuz I didn’t want to disappoint you –I killed myself trying – when you wanted me to learn piano – I felt suffocated just looking at the (piano part) but I held it in and learned the piano – (she lists other academic achievements) I studied overnight in the library and got first place. Cuz I didn’t want to disappoint you –cuz I wanted to be a daughter you could be proud of – as much as you did – I lived gritting my teeth and tried and gave it my best effort and was patient all this time. mom: then why do this suddenly? How could you do this to me? How? Are you really my daughter? Are you really cha SY? Y to the mom: unni. SY: mom-just forgive me this once. I will just disappoint you once. Mom you know too – after my surgery how hard it would have been for me to get pregnant. Mom: does that guy know you are pregnant or not? Does he know or not! Dad: why cant you answer? Does he know or not? SY keeps her mouth shut. Mom: omo – he knows? That guy knows? He knows and left you alone- didn’t he? And yet you still you want to have his child? Knowing you have a baby but not caring-that kind of guy – you want to have his child? You? how could you? SY: that’s not why – you know –how much this pregnancy is a miracle (fortunate event/lucky thing) to me. Mom: be quiet – is that something to say in front of your parents. When a young lady who didn’t even get married is pregnant –miracle? Y tells her not to be so overemotional. Mom: bring that hwang TB jerk –bring him in front of me right now. SY: mom. mom: you aren’t going to bring him immediately? Should I go?

SY goes to her room. Her dad comes in. dad: I still don’t believe it. How could you. are you sure that jerk knows you’re pregnant? He knows but said he doesn’t want to marry you –did he say that with his own mouth? Answer me – answer me. The dad makes a motion to go after TB so she gets up and lies. SY: no dad – to be honest I couldn’t bring myself to say it. That person doesn’t know yet. Dad: why didn’t you tell him? SY: just cuz of the baby – I couldn’t decide if I should marry that person or not. Dad: then you are saying you will have the baby? SY: the baby is an incidental problem. Dad: how is that a incidental problem – are you really my daughter? Why are you saying such frustrating things? He is concerned and asks why her face looks like – when he wants to break her legs. SY: I’m sorry for disappointing you. dad: for now don’t think about anything and lay down and get some rest. SY cries.

JS drives TS home. he thanks her and says next time he will take her home. JS: thanks to you I got some fresh air and it’s nice. TS: drive safely as you go back. he is about to get out but she says wait and minute. she gives him a present. she prepared it to give on Chuseok but her business trip made her give it late. TS says her name. JS: it’s late but your mom will still like it right? TS: of course she will but I didnt prepare anything so what to do. JS: it’s ok – next year you can give me two things. TS: next year? I will make sure to give you two things next year. thank you. their hands touch as he reaches for the bag. they look at each other but suddenly MS is peeking thru the window and scares both of them. JS asks if she is TS’s old classmate. TS: yes. he rolls down the window. MS: are you just coming home? JS: hello- you remember me right? MS: yes. MS to TS: arent you getting out?

TS starts to scold her saying she shouldnt look into other ppl’s car but H walks over so TS smiles and says “H is here too.” the girl says hi to him and asks who the unni is. TS replies “she is someone I like” MS looks mad. JS says hi to H and H says hi back. MS tells him to get out of the car. let’s go in together. JS says they still have something to talk about so go ahead first. MS: ok then. JS says bye to H. MS gives him a dirty look as she walks away. JS: MS shi must be married. that is her daughter right? TS: yes – I think she was married and separated. I dont know the details too. JS: if you live in the same house you must run into each other every day and get attached (grow close). TS denies it and says MS’s personality is really strange.  the way she speaks is brusque too.  a few days ago when I was on the phone with you, behind me a truck she kept following me and honking. JS: by any chance maybe she is jealous about us. TS laughs and says no way.

H tells MS that unni is really pretty. she doesnt look good together with ajussi. MS: she is pretty? in your eyes too she looks pretty. H:why? mom you dont like that unni is pretty? MS: that’s not it. mom was pretty too when I was younger. H: mom you are pretty now too. MS: liar. H: it’s true. I’m pretty cuz I take after you. MS: that’s true. let’s go.

*I have to say – I really hate how childish MS is about how much she likes TS. it’s sort of embarrassing to watch her not care about her pride at all – doesnt being childish make her feel bad at all?

TH and D look thru tons of photos and TH finds the one that matches the pen. It’s a picture of a restaurant on Hong Kong central restaurant lane. D wonders why a pen was made for a restaurant and TH guesses it could have been made for an event or for the restaurant anniversary. D says he will look into it tm

J is sketching in the storage room and looks at her drawings of food and drinks and mumbles how much she wants to have some. TH comes in and asks what she is doing in here. She mentions how she was charging her phone here –when it gets to evening this is where I am most of the time. I can charge my phone and the light is brighter here for sketching. TH: I dropped in cuz the lights were on. keep doing what you were doing then. He turns to leave.

J: wait a minute ajusshi. TH:why? J: when I saw you I was glad/happy to see you but you must not be glad to see me. TH just scratches under his eyes for a second. TH: why did you call me (to stay) J holds out her hand for her pen and he says he will return it soon cuz he is still investigating. J says he just needs to make sure he doesn’t lose it. Also I started to learn how to work (the farm) by following ajumma around. TH: I heard. J: oh so you heard – just in case you didn’t know (I told you) I thought I should report that to you. TH: are you done with what you wanted to say? J: I do have one more thing. J holds her notebook with her hands close together like in a cute puppy dog begging position and asks him: by any chance – couldn’t you buy me an iced caramel macchiato tomorrow after work? He just looks at her and doesn’t answer her. he just tells her to turn the lights off when she leaves. J: ok. After he is gone, she mumbles he could buy her one drink.

J’s alarm goes off and she hears the mom’s voice telling her to wake up. J mumbles she is up. Mom: hurry and come out. J: yes I am coming.

J throws down the curved blade thing and stretches her aching shoulders. The mom is on the phone with TB- how many days has it been since you said “today”? after breakfast today your dad is going to seoul – just know that. What do you mean why? To go meet SY. In her tummy she has your (*seed) so of course he has to meet her once. So why aren’t you letting him meet her once. J overhears and wonders what “seed” is in the tummy. * not sure if that is the word – might have been a different word

TB tells his mom that his dad cant meet SY – I said I would bring her. the mom says he kept saying that so much so now it’s not going to work anymore. She says hang up so TB agrees that he will bring SY today – for real –it wasn’t cuz I didn’t want to take her on purpose-she was very busy these days and it was hard for me to see her face even. I will make sure to take her today. After he hangs up with his mom, he calls SY and says they have to meet and asks her to make some time. SY: I was about to call too- what time should we meet?

J is putting sunscreen on her face and the mom asks what she is doing – did you come here to play? Putting on so much sunscreen. J: the sunlight was burning so during the break I was putting some on. you have to be understanding about this. Mom: ok if you are done –get up and work. You put on plenty and rested enough. J gets up and sees a yellow envelope like the one her contract is in. she runs over and looks inside and is deflated when it turns out to be nothing. The mom notices all that. J asks the mom to show her how to trim the weeds again. Mom: I already taught you a while ago. J: do I know from just once- I never did that before. The mom demonstrates. Mom: you try it. J does it but incorrectly. Mom: what are you doing? Are you fighting with the weeds? The mom points out she needs to do it without breaking off and pulling it up. J argues back it’s not something she can learn in one morning – ajumma you may have been doing it all your life but it’s my first time today.  Also I read the books and I’m learning as much as I can but who pulls weeds up by hands these days – they all use machines. You are making me suffer on purpose doing this aren’t you? mom: what? Make you suffer on purpose? Who told you to work here so why are you complaining? Did I beg you to work here? Pack up your tent right now and leave – no one will stop you- leave right now. The day you pack your tent and leave I will dance with relief. J: I am sorry – my body is having such a hard time so I keep getting peeved. I wont do it again.

J thanks TP for giving her a ride. J: it’s been a while since I went school. She checks him out in his suit and tie. You must be going somewhere nice today – oppa you seem to have the most fashion forward sense –out of all your brothers, you are the best (dresser). TP: I know. J: from a while back I was curious but what do you do for a living? I can figure out what the other ajusshis do –with you I really don’t know. There are days when you are home a lot – once in a while you work on the farm –and then often you go outside. Are you a student? Or ….TP finishes her sentence. TP: if I am jobless? J denies she was going to say that. TP: I am in the middle of preparing for a business. J: aahhh. TP: why do you have that look on your face? Cant I run a business? (he says something similar to – are you thinking I am dreaming too big) so she says she didn’t mean that. TP: whether you do or not- It doesn’t matter. Finding the right work for me – for years I was preparing for this. If I am going to dream – I decided to dream big. * He is looking into several choices like manufacturing, distribution, and home services. J: I think that doing business fits you perfectly too oppa. Normally they say ppl who are harsh (can endure anything) run businesses. TP: does that mean I am harsh? J sort of laughs and says: yes I think so cuz you kicked my rice pot. TP: you have a habit of holding grudges don’t you. J laughs and says she does a little. TP: since you are being honest I will be honest – just give up – I understand you want to get the farm back but my mom is (he goes on about how stubborn his mom is with examples) but she dozes off. He pulls over and leans her seat back so she can sleep more comfortably. He gives her a sympathetic stare.

*thank you Joonni for clarifying all those business terms 🙂

J goes to school and her two friends walk by her like they are ignoring her. but they were actually erasing some pictures from some students who were taking pics of J behind her back. Her friend explains how the students shouldn’t take pics of ppl without their permission and that our J was cleared of gaining admittance through backdoor bribery. Since you are a college student watch the news why don’t you.

they reconcile with J and scold her for not calling once. Friend says she will overlook it once since J is pretty.

They overhear two guys looking for J cuz they need to collect money the dad owes them. The woman at the front desk wont give out any info about J and tells them to leave. J runs off to hide and her friends try to buy her some time by blocking the doorway so the guys cant leave. J hears them talking. They say even though they catch J she probably doesn’t have any money- they wonder what happened to J’s step mom and think she is almost caught. J is alarmed.

SY and TB meet. She explains how she never told his mom about being pregnant and that the mom figured it out herself by accident when SY almost gagged. He asks why she had to do that in front of his mom. she asks if he means she did that on purpose. TB: you didn’t? SY: I didn’t. since she doesn’t want to get angry today she is biting down on her teeth and being patient and swears that she didn’t do it on purpose. TB apologizes. I didn’t come here to fight too. My parents want to meet you once and hear what you think. I am hoping you could tell them clearly that you don’t want to marry me. He says he is sincerely asking her this favor. SY: I don’t have the confidence to lie to your parents – if I end up meeting them I will tell the truth and say I want to marry you. TB: you still want to marry me after the war we had? You still want to marry someone like me who is selfish, irresponsible, and unfair? SY: that’s right I want to marry you – it doesn’t matter how much of a hell that marriage is cuz it’s better than the hell I am going thru now. My family found out everything – I don’t know what you went thru at your home – but it cant compare to the nail I put in my mom’s heart when she went through everything for the sake of her daughter’s happiness. His only daughter getting pregnant – even though the disappointment crushed his heart my dad still couldn’t get angry at me – how sorry I feel about that – nothing compares. I can no longer tell my parents that I will have this baby alone. I don’t have the confidence to have it alone too. I want to have this baby born into a family –even if it’s you who doesn’t love me – it doesn’t matter –just be by my side. He tells her to think it over more sensibly/reasonably but she just asks him again to marry her. she promises to do better all her life and whatever his conditions are – even a contract marriage she will go along with it all – as long as he marries her. I will ask you as a favor one more time to think it over carefully. She walks out.

TB sits and thinks and goes after her.

on the street he holds her hand and says: let’s do it –let’s marry.


no preview

Except for one scene that tugged at my heart, for the rest of the episode I could not stop grinning. There is something about this drama where everything fits right into place. You believe their words and actions like it’s happening to someone you know. It’s too early to identify with their struggles, but you do cuz we have all been there at some point in our lives – felt lonely, abandoned, desperate, wanting to prove something, etc. I love how this drama doesnt drag matters out and people find out important info right away. That is so refreshing for a Kdrama.


TH’s partner’s name is Seo Dong Min so I will call him D

TS’s girlfriend’s name is YJ=Ye Jin


TP wonders why she isn’t coming out – since he had yelled out he was here, TB should have made SY leave and she comes out just as he says that. TH hides behind the door so SY didn’t see him there. TP watches her walk away and says she isn’t bad looking. TH is shocked it’s really her.

TP goes in first and asks TB what happened cuz he heard everything from outside.
TB: what?
TP: is that woman really pregnant cuz of you? who is she? Say something cuz she said she was going to have it. How could you cause this kind of trouble/accident when you didn’t make a mistake your whole life.
TB: be quiet – I’ll take care of it so keep your mouth shut and go.
TH: how are you going to take care of it? Are you really going to write out a contract that you will relinquish parental rights and leave Cha Team Manager to have it alone?
TP asks TH if he knows her too.
TH mutters that she is TB’s manager.
TP guesses that she is a reporter too so they must be a work couple.
TB denies it.
TH points out that this problem wont be resolved with getting upset and stuff.
TB says he knows that too and that he will handle it. “I’m about to blow my lid so don’t say obvious things that everyone knows and keep your mouth shut.”
TH: that’s why – how are you going to take care of it – she is pregnant with your baby.
TP yells at TH: did you come all the way here to act like you know it all? When younger hyung is struggling and this upset.
TB yells at TP: you are louder. My head hurts so just be quiet.
TH yells out: hyung you are louder.
TP gets a call from TS and asks “what is going on. now? The situation here is serious too.”
TB warns TP not to talk by saying “ya.”
TP into the phone: ok I will be there. after he hangs up, he tells TB that TS is drinking alone and asked him to come. Hyung’s voice doesn’t sound good – did he get rejected by the girl.
TH asks TP: that girl he was introduced to?
TP ignores him and goes over to TB. TP asks TB to go with him. TP reasons that it isn’t a problem that will be solved alone and at this moment TB needs alcohol too and urges him to go.
TB turns him down and tells them to go cuz he isn’t in the mood to drink now.
TP asks him to go again saying they all need to gather and put their heads together (to solve it) but TB tells them to go cuz he isn’t in the mood to drink
The four of them are drinking.
TS asks TB: what happened with you that your situation is serious?
TB retorts: hyung what happened with you that you are drinking alone?
 TS: I asked you first.
TB: you say it.
TH to TB: you came all this way so why hold back – just say it.
TP spills the news to TS: younger hyung is having a baby.
TB looks at TP and says his name.
TS: what? You had a girl(friend)?
TP: they weren’t dating –on the night of the office gathering- the other person is his team leader.
TB says TP’s name more sternly as a warning.
TS: waaahhh if she is the team leader then she is your supervisor.
TP: that woman wants to have the baby and asked younger hyung to get married.
TB: “ya” he stands up and knocks his chair over in anger and hovers over TP with his hands on his hips.
TP to TB: why are you like that – big hyung needs to know what’s already happened too.
TB sits back down and says just tell everything then.
TS: ya I am envious so why are you getting angry? You really have ability/skills. If everything goes well, looks like you will get married before me.
TB: what marriage –who’s getting married…he sighs deeply….hyung tell us about what’s going on with you.
 TS says his story doesn’t compare to TB’s.
TB tells him to talk.
TP asks if it’s not going well with YJS.
TS: that’s not it – the girl I dated in the Philippines – Angelica – do you remember her?
TH seems clueless.
TP: I remember.
TS: out of the blue angelica contacted me.
TB: what?
The dad, GM, and the mom go to some neighbor’s home for a visit. The dad says let’s just show our faces and come back if you are tired. Before they leave, dad suggests giving some food to J since she must have been smelling the food all this time (while it was being prepared) the mom ignores him and says let’s go cuz we are late. from inside the tent, J hears the dad telling the GM to watch her steps cuz it’s dark outside. J goes out and greets them. J: you are all coming out together – are you going somewhere? The dad explains they are going to a gathering at a neighbor’s. J: then will you be late? Dad: it will take about 2 hrs. J: have fun and come back – I will watch over the house for you. GM and ajumma – have fun. J watches them go and realizes the home is empty.
She goes inside cautiously calling out – is there anyone home? There is no one home right? She looks at all the food and tries some. She says how delicious it is. She eats with her fingers but decides she needs chopsticks. She sees the pile of dishes in and around the sink. She rolls up her sleeves.
TP reads the letter from Angelica aloud: “hello TS shi-have you been well? I was cleaning up and found your things and even though it’s late, I am returning them to you. And I also really need (have) to tell you something. you have to listen to it- please contact me.” Is that the end?
TB says it doesn’t seem like anything but TS points out she said twice that she had something to tell me – “have to.”
TH: if it was when big hyung was in the Philippines that was 9 yrs ago. After 9 yrs what does she need to say?
TS: that is what I am saying.
TH: is she Filipino?
TS: yes.
TB to TH: don’t you know? at the time hyung was dumped by that woman, he bought medicine and said he was going to take it cuz he wanted to die.
TS: ya –why are you making up stuff that didn’t happen.
TB: didn’t happen? The work you were doing there in the Philippines kept not working out and when you had all that stress – right then – that woman wanted to break up so that is why you said that. That you wanted to die and jumped in front of a car.
TH laughs and asks: big hyung (did that)?
TB: that’s right.
TH: waaahhhh.
TS: that wasn’t it. It wasn’t cuz of that woman –back then my business wasn’t working out and it was from that.
 TB says anyway he had to go to the Philippines cuz of TS and suffered a lot helping TS out.
TP agrees back then TB suffered a lot.
TH: waahh big hyung had a hot romance too. But why am I the only one who didn’t know?
TB: you were at the police academy then so you were hardly home.
TB makes a toast -for angelica – at one time, the one hyung (something about destiny and his life on the line)
TS doesn’t like the toast and tells TB to stop it.
TS points out TB isn’t in a position to make fun of someone else-how TB shouldn’t have gotten drunk and made the mistake of getting a woman pregnant.
TB: don’t talk about that.
TS: also she was on the same team and your supervisor.
TB: I told you to stop.
TS: what are you going to do – you have to get married.
TB says again he doesn’t want to marry her.
TH: so are really going to write that contract giving up your parental rights and not care how your kid grows up? Is that what you are saying now?
TS tells TB to get married first if he wants before TS. Cuz of the situation he will step aside and defer/yield.
TB says again he isn’t getting married and for TS “not to be concerned with someone else’s life and just make sure you do well in the future. Are you in a position to tell me to do this or that?”
TS calls him a punk and grabs TB’s collar.
TH and TP restrain them.
TS: where did you get slapped on the cheek to make you vent your anger here? I am still your hyung you punk.
TB: let go of me – let go while I am saying it nicely.
TH tells TS to let go and talk.
TP asks why they are like this.
TS says he wont let go- “hyung just make sure you do well in the future” is that something to say to your hyung? You are not taking me seriously cuz in my stead you are going to (give the parents a grandchild or be the first to marry- not sure which one is correct) – I know that but…
TB says – you are starting again about “rights”- I’m so sick of hearing that after you drink.
TH says to TB in a stern voice: younger (small) hyung.
 TS to TB: what?
TB says- let go –I’m someone who didn’t even get beat by dad so I won’t hold back just cuz you’re my hyung.”
TS punches TB.
TP points out TB’s nose is bleeding.
TH holds back TS.
TS accuses TB of not treating him like a hyung.
TB: try hitting me again!
TB gets TP and TH to let go saying he isn’t angry and when they let go, TB lunges for TS. The 4 of them knock over a table and keep fighting till the dad, GM and mom show up.
The dad yells at them to stop.
The mom calls out their names and ask what they are doing.
GM mutters how old are they (to be fighting)
After J cleans up she realizes they will be back soon so she wraps up a few pieces of food to go but notices a used cup she didn’t wash and decides since she started it she will wash all of them and goes into the parents room to see if there are more used cups. She hears the family coming in. the mom is asking why they were fighting and why they aren’t talking. J opens the door to take a look and the dad is telling his sons to come in and sit. GM says she has to use the bathroom in a hurry. The dad tells them to talk – why were you fighting. Dad makes a motion to beat them so the mom tells the sons to talk quickly before the dad loses his temper. She asks TS to talk first “why did you fight -hurry and answer me” and just then J tries to sneak out but gets caught by the mom. J makes a run for it. The mom tells her to stop. J falls as the GM comes out of the bathroom.
The mom comes over and hits J calling her a thief.
J denies it and says she wasnt stealing anything.
The mom keeps hitting asking why she came out of the bedroom then.
 The dad restrains the mom back and tells her to hold back her anger.
The sons come over.
mom: let me go – she went into the bedroom when no one was around.
 Mom asks J: by any chance were you rummaging around to see if the farm contract was there?
J: no ajumma I wasn’t rummaging around the bedroom.
 Mom: if you weren’t – then why were you coming out of there? what did you steal from there?
 J: I said I didn’t…(she starts to say even if she was in this situation she wouldn’t do that but the mom interrupts)
mom: what is that- what did you steal.
J hides the food she took behind her back saying it’s nothing.
The mom asks what she stole and to hand it over and grabs it out of J’s hands.
J: ajumma it’s really nothing.
Mom: hand it over. She hits J to let go.
mom: What is this? The food content spills on the floor.

The mom is shocked. The family is ashamed. J is mortified.
J: are you happy now? Yes I took a few pieces. You are too much. Despite everything -you think I would steal? Do you really think I would come into an empty home just to rummage through and look for the contract again? If I wanted to do something like that – I would have never stayed here. until I die – even tho I will resent and hate you ajumma, I’m still living next to you to look good in your eyes–  I would never have put up a tent in the yard (otherwise)
Mom: then why did you come to our home – why go into the bedroom?
J: I came in cuz I was hungry. And I went into the bedroom to collect empty cups. Is that what you wanted (to hear).
Mom says J shouldn’t be yelling since she didn’t do anything that was good.
J: I just want a chance – I am not asking you to give me the farm – I am just asking for a chance to look good in your eyes –after the contract disappeared – the only thing I can do is try hard like this –if you won’t even let me do that –it’s too (severe? Not sure of this word)
mom: why should I give you a chance – give you a chance for what -when I see your face – it makes me so upset. Try to hang in for a hundred days – see if I even blink.
J gets up.
J: Just cuz you say that you think I will leave? I will never leave.
J walks out so the sons step aside to let her pass. The mom sits there looking defeated.
GM to mom: why did you have to hit the kid without knowing what’s going on-hurry and clean up the mess.

Note [There is something important the whole family and even J missed in this conversation-the mom accused J of going into the bedroom to rummage through it to look for the contract- if the mom claimed not to have taken it –shouldn’t she keep that information to herself – it’s like a big hint that she hid it in the room. I wonder when J will pick up on that.]

The GM goes to the kitchen and calls out for the mom. the mom looks around her clean kitchen. GM: I wondered what she was talking about when she said she went into the bedroom to collect the empty cups –now I know. She did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen before she went.

TH sort of looks like he was moved by what J did for his mom

J goes into her tent still upset about being called a thief. She looks over at the house and says: see if I give up even if I have to die.

The family gathers.
GM tells mom: you need to correct your temper first– without knowing the whole situation you hit the kid.
 Mom: who told her to do the dishes –why come in and do dishes without me knowing –I am not grateful at all and I am not glad at all. mother why are you saying that -don’t you know that girl?
She changes the subject and asks her sons again why they fought.
Dad says let’s finish what we were talking about. The dad tells the sons to talk about their opinions. How do you want to settle our family moving?
Mom: figure out what?
Dad: you just sit still. He tells his sons to say what they think.
TB: dad you start first.
Dad: I want to do what J wants. I want to put her back in the attic room but your mom kicks up a fuss so I cant so I say do as J wants. If J wants to learn about the farm – teach her.
mom: don’t you know what that means? The mom points out J is just saying that cuz she wants to get her farm back and it means she is asking for the farm.
Dad says even if he speaks to his wife a hundred times they wont reach an agreement (see eye to eye) and only their mouths will hurt. Dad asks for the sons’ thoughts.
TH goes first. TH to mom: if BJE is by your side – what bothers you the most mom?
TB: she (mom) is doing that cuz she is afraid she will get attached to J. if J stays by her side a long time, she might grow attached and her heart will feel falter/waver so in the end – she will feel bad for her and might give the farm back-isnt that what bothers you?
mom: that’s not it –I will never give it to her – are you crazy – why would I give the farm.
TB: then why cant she (stay by the mom’s side and learn)
TH: if you are never going to give her the farm – why cant she be by your side?
Mom:why is everyone like this today? Are all of you in this together? (like plotting against her)
 Dad: we didn’t plot this together – it’s cuz we are all bothered by this.  It’s so uncomfortable it’s killing us. What did she steal for you to pry it out of her hands –those few pieces of food. Afterwards you didn’t even ask her for forgiveness.
The dad tells the sons to say what they are thinking and not to consider anyone’s feelings.
TH speaks up first again. TH: mom I will speak candidly- let’s give her the entire farm and move. It was baek In-ho’s farm –just cuz the contract disappeared doesn’t mean our memory did –that is why our family is tormented and uncomfortable like this. I don’t want to live hearing ppl call you and dad – thieves or deceivers-why should you hear that?
TB: I agree with TH- to be honest I wish we could (get away with it?) but since J is always claiming (it’s hers) so every time we see her our hearts feel uneasy and TH called it exactly. If we live not seeing her it’s one thing but she is hanging in there on our yard like that and she said she wont leave –looking at her face – we cant keep living like this. Mom let’s give her the farm and move.
Mom: why is everyone like this today?
TS: I think the same way- every time I see J, my heart feels tormented and uneasy – and since J gave in half way so just giving her half (the farm) might be good too.
Dad asks for the youngest opinion.
TP looks over at his mom. TP: I am on mom’s side no matter what.
Dad: it’s still 3 to 1. He starts to say to the mom – since the kids’ opinion is this…but the mom interrupts.
Mom: are you saying give her the farm? You all are too much – you all are too much – how could you say so easily to give up the farm.
TB: mom it wasn’t easy for us to say too. Why wouldn’t we be greedy and think of you.

The mom stares and becomes emotional as she says all this. mom: after being born, this is the first land that belonged to me. After being born, this is the first home I had. That horrid poverty – debts – being pushed around by debt collectors- a rental home- this is the first real place we had- it was so wonderful –the orchard – yard- although it was land that wasn’t much to look at –mom loved it so much and was so excited –like a crazy woman I laughed by myself- from dawn till evening – I planted tiny seeds –for the house – I piled each brick one by one this high to build this home –back then I don’t know how happy I was – mother you probably know – mothers say that – what makes mothers feel good the most and makes then the happiest is when something that tastes good goes into their precious children’s mouths-that’s what they like the most. During the first harvest from the pear orchard- it felt even better than that –it was better than that. Those trees aren’t just pear trees – they are my babies –this home isn’t just a home – it’s my body and (soul?) – I am not saying this cuz this place is expensive and it’s a waste (to give it away)- I am not saying I won’t give it away cuz the land value went up and it’s a waste –from the beginning – this land was my first after being born – even when this land wasn’t worth much a long time ago –even from then this land was mine – even if someone said they would give me thousands of hundreds more for it –I will never sell it. Even if the President (of Korea) came and told me to hand it over – I will never give it to him. How can I give away this farm? This farm – this place is mom’s life (lifeline). She gets up and leaves the room. That family doesn’t say a word.

The mom goes to her room and notices the cups J had collected. She sighs deeply.

Over at SY’s home, her mom is on the phone and gets someone to look into info about TB-what his personality and stuff was like while he is in college. When SY comes home her mom drills her asking if she ate dinner with TB and her mom goes on and lists positive qualities about TB but SY insists he is a hoobae (younger coworker). The mom retorts if he is just a hoobae, then why fold and unfold his picture. Mom: do you like him on your own? When you are 34 yrs old and my daughter? SY tries to go upstairs but her mom asks to talk. SY changes the subject and asks if everything is ok with the aunt since it’s raining a lot in NY. She tells her mom to hurry and call cuz there is a lot of trouble is NY. Her mom calls her younger sister. The dad comes in to watch the cooking show but the mom points out she is about to make a call. The dad says this time he will yield but next time they should make out a time table for when they can watch TV-divide viewing time (since they are dividing everything else in the house)

SY’s mom’s younger sister’s name is Nam YW so I will call her Y.

when the mom calls, Y pretends she slept in and is still in NY. (Y is actually in korea by a street food vendor when she gets the call) Y sort of hints that she wants to come back to seoul but the mom says she has to graduate first since the mom paid for Y’s education. The mom wants Y to stick it out in NY and graduate and become a designer. Y pretends she lost connection to get SY’s mom to hang up. Y has been in seoul since last week and is staying in a motel.

TB takes J a plate of food. (to apologize for reporting the news inaccurately and getting her kicked out of school) He calls out (in jeondanmal = using formal language)  are you in there? are you sleeping? As soon as she unzips the tent and sticks her head out he goes back to banmal and says: you werent sleeping huh? he holds out the plate of food and puts some chopsticks on top. TB: here. J: I really dont have good feelings towards you. you know the reason even if I dont explain right? TB: I know and I also think of course you should. but I sincerely didnt mean to do that. I am sorry. J looks away like she is too mad to face him and says she isn’t ready to accept his apology yet but will accept this since it’s food. she takes the plate. TB thanks her for accepting the food at least. He promises to make it up to her about what he did. she finally glances at him. he tells her to zip up the tent well before she sleeps and catches a mosquito and mutters there are a lot. sleep well. when he is gone, she digs into the food. She mutters that she will forgive him 20% cuz of the noodles she likes so much. she eats with her fingers and says it tastes good.

Next morning the mom wakes J up at 4:32am to teach her work from today on.  J asks if the mom is going to teach her about the farm. The mom says again she is not going to give J the farm and that her decision will be the same now or 6 months from now. J: ok. Mom says if she wants to learn about the farm then starting from today J can learn by her side and she wont stop J. but J isn’t allowed in the home. J: don’t worry I don’t expect anything else (than learning). The mom lists bathroom and eating but J says: I will figure that out. I can make my own food and use the bathroom outside. Once in a while a shower…that too I will figure it out. Thank you ajumma for giving me permission (to work with the mom).

*If J didn’t jump in and finish her own sentences, I think the mom was going to let J use the bathroom indoors and maybe feed J.

J has a hard time learning everything all morning. first she gets scared of the ducks. then she pulls weeds. she does chore after chore.  The mom says it will take 2 hrs for her to make breakfast for her family and tells J to meet her at the pear orchard in 2 hrs. J is exhausted and asks if the mom normally works this much every morning or was she doing a lot in particular today –you were just doing more than usual today right? The mom doesn’t answer and goes. J calls out: ajumma aren’t you even tired?

Mom feeds the sons and tells them how she decided to teach J the work for 6 months. TH says his mom decided well and so does TS. The mom says if at that time she still cant stand J-they shouldn’t instruct the mom what to do. They agree. She asks why they fought and TP says it was so not important they cant remember. TH backs TP and says the brothers drank a lot too.

The mom goes into TS’s room as he was looking at that mug with his face and angelica’s on it. He hides it behind him. She asks again -what was it over – something to do with TS or TB’s. why did they fight. TS was desperate to get her out of his room so he sells out TB and admits that TB has a girl. She asks who and he says it’s TB’s team leader- mom that’s all I know and I have to go to work.

TS throws away the mug wrapped in newspaper on his way out to work. As he walks along on the phone with JS, he says cheesy stuff like “we are staring at the same sky.” He makes plans to meet with JS later on that night. MS keeps honking on her truck horn as she drives along next to him so he has to cut his call short. She hands him his wallet and says she found it at the restaurant. Then she asks if he is a two timer cuz she found his mug. Is he cheating on JS with the woman on the mug. MS asks who the woman on the mug is and he says it’s not her business if he is a two timer or not and asks why she is curious. Also why did she dig thru his trash. She claims the newspaper wrap came undone so she found it. He says all she had to do was wrap it up again and leave it there and not bring it. She says she wasn’t going to keep it and gives it back. She startles him as she drives off so he drops the mug and shatters it.

At work SY has to hear her boss ask her to let TB skip the meeting today cuz TB has an imp lunch appt – he is going on a blind date with someone high up’s daughter and if TB and her work out, it will be good for the whole production team.

Y is drinking coffee at a café when TB walks in. TB mutters to himself – what am I doing now – to get SY off my back I am going on a blind date. Soon after SY comes in and Y hides from her. TB asks what she is doing – that he came to meet his date. she says she knew and came. He asks her to leave then. SY says she came to confirm with her own eyes that he would actually show up for this blind date. TB: as you can see I am here. She says she wants to ask for the last time if he really doesn’t want to marry her. TB: yes- I don’t want to marry you. she asks him to write the contract to give up his parental rights. He asks why she has to get this when it’s ten minutes before his appointed time. she says she has to and wants him to sign. He asks if she is really going to have the baby and endure the stigma of being an unwed mom and raise the child herself. SY says yes.  That is when Y cant listen anymore and asks if SY is pregnant. SY asks why her aunt is here. Y: act like you didn’t see me. Y leaves. SY goes after her.

Sy asks Y she is here when Y is supposed to be in NY. Y: how about you – are you pregnant?

They go to Y’s place to talk. They have two different conversations. Y asks about TB –is it his baby? Were you dating? and SY asks why Y didn’t tell her mom that she came back to seoul. Y asks if SY’s mom knows that she is pregnant. SY asks if Y really came for a short time cuz the bags are so big. Y asks why that man doesn’t want to marry SY and what was that about giving up parental rights. SY tells Y to talk first – why did she come back. Y: to live here. It was too lonely living there alone and I missed korea. Every day I went into a darkened house –ate alone – slept alone –awoke alone – it was so lonely I didn’t want to do it anymore. SY: humans are normally all lonely. Whether you are in America or in korea – whether you are married or not – whether you are old or young –everyone is lonely. How could you just pack your bags and come back in the middle of attending school? Y: why are you like that being scary – you are like an unni. SY says let’s call mom but Y stops her saying she will be beaten to death by the mom. Y: for coming back impulsively without graduating and with no plans. She is going to ask me if I am going to live here ashamed as a divorced woman who is jobless. SY: then what are you going to do – you said you came back cuz you didn’t want to eat alone. Hiding out here isn’t that the same? Y: talk about your story first – you are having that man’s baby aren’t you? SY: yes it’s correct but we aren’t in a dating relationship- he is my subordinate at work. We drank and did that just once and it turned out this way. Y: how could you make a mistake like that? SY: aunt I want to have this baby. Cant I have it? Y: SY let’s call your mom first. SY: aunt –you cant – do you want to see me die? Y: this is something your parents need to know it’s not something you can hide. SY: I know. Y: what do we do. SY: what are you going to do? Live here like this. Y: should you be worried about me right now?

TH and his partner talk about the pen. TH says the pen belonged to baek in ho and SR had the same pen. The guy tries to make a connection between baek in ho and SR and says there is no connection but TH points out the police chief. If they discover where the pen came from and its purpose, then they will know about the chief and baek inho’s relationship. TH decides they should split up and look into the pen and find out where it came from.

Their search showed that the pen wasn’t made in Korea and there is no identifiable mark. SR comes over to apologize about getting drunk that night. She notices her pen and TH lies he got it at a stationary story. SR says she is the only one in korea that has it cuz her dad got it on his trip to hong kong as a souvenir. TH asks when she got it but she didn’t know. She checks her bag and she has hers.

SY runs and happens to get on the same elevator as TB’s mom. the mom says she is going to meet her son and he is a reporter. SY almost throws up at the smell of the food the mom is carrying. The mom asks right off how many months pregnant SY is. SY lies and says that’s not it – she just doesn’t feel well but the mom says she knows cuz she went thru that. She tells SY not to run like that in her condition. SY keeps saying she has indigestion but the mom says SY doesn’t need to hide it. The mom says since SY is so pretty her husband must be so happy.

SY runs off and the mom says she came to meet TB and the girl says how TB stepped out. The mom asks where the team leader is. The girl introduces the mom to SY.

The mom is really happy. She compliments SY saying her name is as pretty as her face. Mom asks how long SY dated TB. SY: mother you misunderstood something… but the mom stops her and asks what she just said. The mom is happy that SY called her mother. Mom holds SY’s hand. SY tries to tell the truth but the mom wont let her talk saying that the mom knows even if SY doesn’t say a word. The mom explains she isn’t a harsh mother in law and these days there is nothing to be ashamed about having the child first. SY keeps saying that isn’t what she was going to say.

The mom goes home and tells the dad that he will be having a grandson and the GM a great grandchild. She goes on about how great SY is – pretty – well mannered-etc. mom to GM: when you first saw me – were you that happy? GM says jokingly: I was so disappointed. I thought the ceiling was falling down. all 3 of them laugh. The mom talks about having the wedding first. Dad says it’s good to get one married off first and asks if she met TB – what did he say. Mom says she couldn’t meet him cuz he went outside and already left a message to call as soon as he got off work. She offers to kill a chicken today and the GM agrees they need to celebrate since they can get a wedding and pregnancy at the same time. all 3 are thrilled.

TB is eating and asks what they are talking about – what wedding. Mom: why are you so surprised – I met SY today. TB: cha team manager? Dad: heard you made a baby with that young lady. TB: did that woman say all that?  Mom: I knew right when I saw her. the mom pretends to make a gag reflex sound. TB: it’s not like that. GM asks if the baby isn’t his. Dad: answer- heard she has your baby. TB glares at his brothers. TS looks guilty. TB: anyhow I am not thinking of marriage at all. that woman and I have nothing to do with each other. Dad: answer me directly – isn’t it your baby? TB: it is my baby but I am not thinking of getting married. Dad: what did you say? Say that again. TB: I am not thinking of getting married. Dad grabs TB’s hair.


The more I watch the interaction between how TP treats TH and how the rest of the family treats TH, I get more upset at TP. The rest of the family does their best to treat TH like a real son. I get why TP resents TH so much and part of that stems from jealousy cuz TH is the perfect son whereas TP is a slacker. I get the feeling TP is so adamant about sticking with his mom’s side of things cuz part of it is loyalty and the other part is he has nothing else to offer her as a son. That is why he is always jumping down TH’s throat for being disloyal cuz TP is fighting his mom’s battles whether she wants him to or not. The preview has me a little worried cuz up till now, TP never showed any interest in J except for sympathy once when he gave her a ride to look around the subway stations and bus stops for her contract. Now, he looks like he might end up liking her first before TH.

E14 Preview: SY tells her parents she is pregnant. Her dad asks who the father is. TB tells his family he won’t get married no matter what and gets hit by dad. SY tells her parents she is going to have the baby alone and her mom yells out she can’t do that. The dad tells TB to bring SY over right now. SY’s mom tells SY to bring TB to her right now. H tells her mom that (the young lady-TS’s date- JS) is really pretty and doesn’t look good together with TS (meaning they don’t look like they make a good couple-probably cuz of the age difference) H asks her mom is she doesn’t like that JS is pretty. JS guesses MS is acting jealous. The mom tells J to wake up so J accuses her of waking her up earlier on purpose and making her do so much work – “if you do this do you think I will give up?” J: out of all your brothers- you’re the best. TP: I knew.  TP leans J’s seat back so she can sleep. There is definite interest in his eyes. Oh the drama that is about to unfold – loving every minute. 🙂


44 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E13 and E14

  1. rainyrain says:

    hey thanks for the live transcap even though I don’t watch this drama , I dropped by here to ask you please to give a try to ” a thousand kiss ” , it’s a saturday sunday drama will last for 50 episodes also , give it a try please and if u like it could u please live update it or give highlights or just translate the most important scene or whatever , I’m loving this drama very much but noone is giving it much importance since it’s a 50 ep drama and so noone is writning updates about it and even english subs are very late to come ( sometimes after 10 days ) anyway for my sake give it a try and decide 🙂 thankuuuu 🙂


    • Softy says:

      sorry RR even CK tried to get me to watch a thousand kisses, but recapping two dramas each night-4 total for the weekend is asking a little too much and the fact that they are both 50 eps is also going overboard. I started with OB and I am sticking with this one cuz I love it- if TK is as good as you and CK say, then I am sure someone on the soompi thread will translate. that is the one good thing about kdrama viewers – there is always someone willing to step up and help out. Just be a little patient – if CK has anything to do with it – she will make sure there are subbers for TK since she likes it too 🙂


      • rainyrain says:

        ok no problem 🙂 but anyway I recommand you to watch it too during the week or friday ( and not recapping hun ) becoz it’s a very good drama and the second OTP are cuuuute 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        Haha…aigoo.Did I hear my name?

        ATK is getting subbed and we’re having softsubs.Why? Also rainy you have dramaok,blissfulwishes AND semi-fly interested.They give good translations.Ahoxan is doing the softsubs.

        Softy ATK is a fairly simple drama so even I can get by 🙂 Also there are subbers for ATK. 🙂 Do we know each other’s habits now?I’ve just been given a green to join the editing team.It’s got all my viki sunbaes addicted so I am joining the crowd.

        Hi softy.I gave up I have the raw ep 13 and about to watch it.I still can’t find someone to softsub Ojakgyo Brothers not that I have asked the manager.None of the softsubs maker picked that drama to work on.Sorry.


        • ck1Oz says:

          Yeah softy I 2nd rainyrain…you should watch it as a viewer…no need to recap.They are CUTE


        • rainyrain says:

          heyy ck1Oz , yes I know ahoxan team in viki is subbing the drama but the release of the subs are a bit late for reasons I completely understand but since WJ-JM are just too cute for words I’m not able to wait patiently till subs are out LOOOL , anyway now that dramaok blissfulwishes and jooni are there and helping us with translating scene we are asking for I think it will be ok 🙂
          anyway once again I insist that you watch the drama as a viewer , softy , and I’m sure u’r gonna love it


  2. dp says:

    Great job, thanks alot!


  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the recap translation!! 😀


  4. mulan says:

    Thanks a lot softy! really appreciate your hardwork! so far i hate all the family i that house from the GM to youngest son but i know that later on they will change for the better! I like the girls though from J – she change really fast, I admire her the most and i know that she will change the people in that family. She is not perfect but she is human with a heart and conscience! I like the writer & the neighbor too!


  5. Pjupiter says:

    Thank you so much! I actually haven’t watched the episode yet, and I’m trying to restrain myself from peeking at your recap but, I couldn’t help but thank you for all your hard work 🙂
    IMO, UEE’s really holding her own in this drama (maybe I’m biased, but I liked her ever since her WGM days). Plus, I just adore the two main couples, TB and SY and TH and JE. I can’t wait to see how JE is going to win over the family, especially Grandma and Mom when they are currently very hostile towards her. I think someone mentioned this earlier, but Ojakgyo Brothers reminds me of Smile You, another great, heartwarming family drama.


  6. Emily says:

    Thank you for recapping this. I’ve been watching this drama raw since ep 10! I love this drama a lot! My favorite scenes are the scenes with UEE in it. For some reason I don’t like the Tae Bum/Sooyoung scenes as much. Prob because I just want to see more UEE/Joo Won scenes already.

    Love the ending of the preview though! I see a love triangle coming. I bet Joo Won will see Tae Pil acting all nice with UEE getting him a little jealous!


  7. Lemon says:

    So Ja Eun says to Tae Pil that he’s the brother she likes best out of the lot? Wow, that’s surprising… she must be looking at an alternate universe Tae Pil, because he’s the WORST out of the 4 brothers – Tae Shik and Tae Hee are gruff and grumpy, but they’re good-hearted, and Tae Bum might be selfish but he has a conscience. Tae Pil is just terrible. The mother might be hard to stomach right now, but I can sort of understand why she’d stoop to such underhanded means to get the farm out of desperation. She’s treating Ja Eun so badly because seeing her all the time is reminding her of what she did, and in her guilt she’s lashing out. Tae Pil, on the other hand? He has no reason to treat people so badly.


    • Softy says:

      Remember, if you watch the preview – it’s her VoiceOver that says that line (not an actual face to face) so we don’t know yet if she is saying it to TP for sure – I am still holding out hope she said it to TH. She didn’t say youngest brother so it could still have been directed at TH or TS for that matter since he has been nice to her from day one. But the voice right before she said that line was TH’s for sure cuz all 4 brothers sound different. I have their voices memorized now.


  8. angelic voice says:

    thank you so much for the recap 🙂


  9. yossie says:


    Thanks Softy for your recap…
    Sigh… I don’t know why TB is such a jerk, being raised in a family like he has, I dont know why he becomes like that. In TP’s case, I wonder why the writer makes him in love with J on a first hand (even before TH).
    And Mom’s speech, really, if I were her son, then I would have felt bad also…. Sigh how I wish she did speak that way…


  10. raineyrain says:

    Thanks for recapping this drama. I’m surprised by how much I like this show. ‘

    Also, hilarious that there is a rainyrain sn on this thread too.


  11. nica says:

    thanks so much for the recap..i’m so glad i found this site!!!!
    you’re the best…keep up the good work…love UEE and JOOWON


  12. les says:

    great job you’ve done here..i’m looking forward to all the next episodes..you’re really fast..thanks so much!!!!!


  13. nonski says:

    awwwwwww softy, now you really got me curious about this drama. ummmm i think i will start to dl first and see where it goes. *winks*


  14. Hi. I am a member of viki.com and we upload this drama on the site. We upload it to sub it, but we are facing issues to find enough subbers to help on this project. Someone told me you were subbing it so I was wondering If we could use your subs and credit you (of course). If you want you can go take a look at it here the link http://en.viki.com/channels/3917-golden-pond.
    We really want this drama to get sub cause we love it. Hope you’ll allow us to do that.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Me!! ck’s fault.I told them about it.They haven’t been able to get ep 11 onwards subbed.Do you mind?I only asked that those who use your subs actually know some Korean because our segments sometimes don’t fit your translation and they need to know when to use your subs.Just like how I sometimes used your transcap to check the meaning for CYHMH remember?I don’t know how much they’ll use but some of the readers of your blogs have access to viki videos.It was just an idea.

      If this is the only site subbing it…then hopefully someone can make time to do softsub for it.I know and think ajewell can but I haven’t seen her on your blog for a long time.She needs to come across to viki.Then only we can ask the manager.I hope I don’t get killed by huma for doing all this but then I know her as well


    • Softy says:

      hey GaEul, your site is missing. It’s ok if you guys use the subs. I dont blame other subbers cuz 50 eps is a lot to translate. I still cant believe I started this drama too. 🙂 I blame all the cuteness.


      • ck1Oz says:

        Okay I will tell her thanks softy.You’re a saviour to countless non Korean drama addicts.I’ll tell GaEul and there is another mod there who is a Korean subber not strong enough to sub whole drama but your subs will help fill a lot of the gaps so hopefully it will be better % than what it is.

        CYHMH was only 30 episodes and the last 4-6 episodes was terrible trying to get help.It was literally 3 subbers if I recall.

        Thanks HEAPs.If you guys wants softsubs…someone needs to get hold of me (or get hold of Ahoxan cos’ he is the man) or ask the channel manager then we will sort it out from there.There will NOT be softsubs because we just don’t have the manpower to do it.Whoever thinks they can do it.The videos are split so the manual extraction is way longer than a straight forward 1 hr video extraction okay.So it’s not going to be fast.


      • nonski says:

        HI Softy… yeah it’s been a bit of a problem for non-popular dramas like OB. we are encountering the same problems at DSS. very few people are working on them. first 3 episodes were subbed but we got some bad feedback about it. no team is currently working on it. i will try my best tho, to help on OB subs so softsubs can be released. i am working more on QCing subs but would like to give a hand to OB. having the initial subs released from machine translation is supposed to be watchable but i guess the source chi-subs are not exactly the trans from korean. more fans are actually needed to help to get the quality softsubs out, which as i had said earlier is a problem with non-popular drama. hope it will be okay for you if i can refer back here for the subs.


  15. Oxa says:

    Thank you!!!! You are the best)


  16. Kimi says:

    waah, i’m so fortunate i found your site! i started watching this drama at kbs world but we’re behind by 6 episodes! i found the drama to be so interesting that i just couldn’t wait! thanks for sharing your caps and subs with us!

    and oh! after reading the comments ^ ^(ck10z), i do hope that they’ll release softsubs for this! we’re willing to wait no matter how long it takes! we cannot access the k-dramas in viki. 😦

    again, thanks!


  17. i have seen 8 episodes so far and i have to say something….
    GOD!!! i swear i feel like hitting TH’s mum and halmoni so hard!!
    they are the worst kind of people ever!
    the farm doesn’t belong to them..the father knew that it was just for 10 years so if they have grown attached to it, it doesn’t matter! the land is not their to begin with. No matter how they try to justify it, it doesn’t belong to them, and denying the girl what is truly her is just WRONG!
    hiding the contract is the most bitchy thing ever!
    the family would only be giving up the farm, whereas Ja Eun has lost her father, she has lost the woman she considered her mother, she has lost her home, lost her wealth, and has no one to support her, the farm is the only thing she has!! these people should be ashamed of themselves. Its not like they don’t know about her horrid condition!
    if i meet such people in real life i would seriously kick their asses to Timbuktu!

    i like the drama but seriously these characters are seriously irritating me!!
    and also Tae Bum is an asshole!! i feel sorry that Soo Young ever liked him!

    ughhhh i haven’t been this mad at some fictional character ever since the plastic fish faced second lead of stars falling from the sky!

    the only reason i started the drama is because i love Joo Won (liked him more in baker king then Yoon Shi Yoon ) and i really loved UEE in YAB…

    i hope they make the ahjumma suffer!!!!!!

    p.s. i love that you are giving attention to the drama!! good job 😀


    • ob says:

      i know right im in EPSIODE 14 ND PRETTY MUCH HATE THE WHOLE FAMILY EXEPCT TH AND I LOOOVE UEE but seriously there really horrible people


  18. Softy says:

    When episode 14 aired, I was soooo relieved that J meant she thought TP was the best dresser out of all the brothers and not like the preview line implied (that she liked him best) TP’s retort “I know” should have clued me in that she didn’t mean it that way, but the preview taken out of context was confusing. Then it got me thinking – how is TP the best dresser? Shouldn’t that be TB? but I guess she still hates him too much to be fair and objective. I find it hilarious that 3 out of the 4 brothers are going to have crushes on J – except TS’s crush will just remain a crush cuz he is older and has too many women in his life as it is.


  19. nik says:

    Really thank you so much for this softy! Such a detail transcap too~~ Really appreciate it. Thank you for introducing the series as well. XD Like you said, there’s definitely something that makes you stick to the series. For me it’s not for any obvious reason, (well, Joo Won is one =p) but, it’s those little things that makes me stick to it.


  20. ck1Oz says:

    Gosh darn it softy.I will be back with an ending like that…I need to come back.Aigoo,you mean we have 1 more week?

    Thanks for everything.You’re a legend.


  21. yossie says:

    why can J back to school? I thought that she was kicked off from school because of the scandal.
    Yeah, I’m relived that she did not mean to say that TP is the best. 🙂
    Thanks, Softy


    • Softy says:

      Even though she was cleared of not being the student who got in thru bribes, her reputation was tarnished by the scandal. Plus right now she can’t afford to attend school like a regular student and she already made up her mind to work on the farm for the time being. Now that those men are after her, she really can’t go back to school. I’m just afraid she will do something stupid and try to warn her step mom- bet somewhere down the line TH will run to her rescue. I think the worst part of a 50 ep drama is having to divide the time between so many characters and the love story between J and TH is forming so slowly.


  22. BellaDonna says:

    Thanks a lot for your hard work.

    The latest ep broadcast in Singapore is 8th. I shouldn’t be reading the recaps far in advance but what the heck!


  23. mizweng says:

    thanks ms. softy for doing this…i love this drama too and having you recap the episodes help me in watching them raw…


  24. joonni says:

    Hello Softy.

    I understand korean so I don’t come here to specifically read the transcap but to read your comments. And I am so glad you are watching Okakkyo!

    This drama is just an all-around good drama with interesting and compelling characters and plots. And just like you, this weekend’s episodes really pulled me in. I really love TH and look forward to see how his story and background unfold. And the look that TP gave J. Don’t you think there is a love triangle in the works here? It would make sense in the context of kdrama-land and the already tense relationship between TP and TH.

    And TB’s decision…I’m glad that they didn’t drag this out. And I’m glad that TH had that talk with him.

    Thanks softy!


    • Softy says:

      Hey joonni,
      Haha- if you come for the comments, you might be disappointed cuz they are brief. 🙂 just translating saps all my energy and if I had the time to write more, I would rather insert more screencaps cuz I love the facial expressions of these characters. So far 14 eps in and I am in love with this drama – the potential it holds to become a really great one is so high. I just hope towards the end, they don’t go into any live shoots.but I heard longer dramas don’t have that problem. I sensed from way back that TP was interested in J, but he held back and lashed out in anger to be loyal to his mom. (look at how many times he steals glances at J)That whole fight scene with TH, I sensed the outrage that TP felt wasn’t just cuz he was angry that TH could betray the mom – I felt like his anger had a little to do with envy cuz TH got to be nice to J when TP was fighting his own urges to be nice. That love triangle was bound to happen, but already TP is losing cuz tonight J told TH that she was happy to see him. I was dying for his response but he didn’t give one. Can’t wait till next week, when he brings her that coffee. 🙂


      • joonni says:

        Oh, yes, I know your comments are brief but they are well appreciated! I don’t know how you do it softy, the transcapping. Wow. So far, the relationship between TH and J are slow-coming but I guess with the long format, we’re just gonna have to wait a little while longer. But not too long, hopefully!

        And really, Joo Won is so much better playing a nice guy. Did not like him at all in Baker King (didn’t watch it too thoroughly, though) but totally love him in this. I like him being all righteously angry and soft-spoken. Please hold off the angry angst until later!


        • Softy says:

          me too me too – i didnt like Joo won in baker king cuz he scowled 9 out of 10 times -never knew he had dimples till this show 🙂 He is soooooo much better as a nice guy than a bad guy.we seem to think alike when it comes to him.
          hey I was just curious – how fluent are you? cuz there are some lines here and there where I dont know the right nouns and adjectives – esp farm terms and police terms – do you have a soompi account so I can PM you for some help once in a while for the important stuff? cuz I hate when i have 98% translated but one stupid line makes me leave blanks. and I cant ask anyone of my friends cuz they dont go near 50 eps dramas 🙂 it would really be perfect if you were 100% fluent- like able to read and write too


          • joonni says:

            I am not 100% fluent but I would love to help you if you need it. My soompi account name is “Joonni.” Please PM me there when you need to!


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