Protect the boss E14

It doesn’t take much imagination to know what J’s answer will be to E’s question last night. He has been giving her the same answer for all these past episodes – not just with words, but with actions and looks. Like the way he stared at her in this scene. In his eyes, there is nothing she can do that he won’t love. That is – until tonight. Judging from the preview, this may be the first time when J hesitates when it comes to his love for E. Till now he was going to give up things to be with her, but I am not so sure he will be willing to turn his back on his father so easily. What E is doing is protecting J and JD in the long run, but at the same time, she is putting JD in a sticky situation. It sort of bothered me that she was following her conscience only and not thinking about how this will affect JD. He has been such a great father in law figure for her so far, shouldn’t she feel a little guilty pushing him to do something he wasnt already willing to do on his own? JD feels very strongly about betrayal and I hope E doesn’t go behind his back to do anything just for the sake of protecting him. For the first time last night, I realized why this drama had to be called Protect the boss. It wasn’t so E could protect J from his father’s constant abuse or help J with his phobia, it was so E could protect both men at a time like this – even if it means hurting one or both of them. With four episodes left, I hope tonight isn’t one of those typical episodes riddled with conflict and separation. This drama managed to break so many kdrama stereotypes so far, I would hate for it to start now and pick up some of those tired ways of resolving conflict. If I learned anything from this drama, it’s to remain optimistic so I am counting on the show to prove me wrong.

* the first half will keep you grinning and the last few minutes will make you want to throw something at certain characters


Protect the boss E14

starts from M asking N if she wants to come back to him and her saying yes.

they sit and talk. N: you arent answering – it must no – is it cuz of NES? M: that’s not it. N: that isnt it but it’s still a no. M: it’s not a problem you can say that simply. N: the bottom line is/the end result is one- yes or no. M: do you only want the bottom line?N: no I wont want it cuz I already know. I will be going. trying to be nice – I hope you dont follow me.

N runs off and bumps into some woman. the girl’s boyfriend asks what N is doing and to walk straight. N yells sorry at them. M goes to her rescue and asks if N is ok. M yells at the guy-what are you – look where you are walking. this woman who wasnt looking where she was going apologized 3 times – since you didnt look where you were going – arent you going to apologize? the guy says sorry and tells his girlfriend to go. M asks if N is ok. N: no I am not ok.  but dont worry about it. M: I will bring the car around – wait.  N: it’s ok. M: wait for me. I will be right back.  after he leaves, N why he is being so sweet and kind at a time like this. she sees her makeup has run so she hides and fixes her makeup. M pulls up looking for her wondering where she went and drives off thinking she left. she yells – I havent left

N goes home and hugs MR. MR tells her to cry and asks why she is like this again. (no one can understand what N is mumbling-good luck subbers) something about how she told M and it was embarrassing -“I am so upset”  MR comforts N but says her clothes are getting too wet (from N’s tears). N says sorry and suddenly puts 2 spoons in the freezer for her eyes to reduce swelling in the morning since she doesnt have an eye mask. MR yells at her -calling her crazy for putting spoons they use to eat with on N’s eyes. N asks her to overlook it this once. MR sighs deeply

***E and J have this conversation lying down facing each other. she asks J if he can come to her neighborhood. J: I can – I already said I would follow you. you are the one who said “what are we going to live off of then – dont come.” E: yeah- I did say that. it wont work – for real -what will be live off of? J: dont worry – the stocks I have and my bank accounts-I am going to bring all that with me. I dont have to live off of you- what should I do? should I go right away? E: do you remember what I said about what kind of chairman I hope you will become? he lists – cant ride in wheelchairs, be good to employees, and give lots of scholarships to students like you. E: you remembered everything. J: of course -who was the one who said that. (meaning he remembered only cuz she said it) unlike someone – my head isnt a rock.  he laughs. E: but I am confused. if you become a chairman like that-like this time when you made the scholarship for part time workers – I hope that you become a good chairman then I think – give up all that and just live complicated and live doing what you want to do.but what is more important is what you want. J: ok that problem I will think over it seriously but you dont think about anything -he holds her arm and asks seriously – what is going on NES. E:what? J: something is going on -dont think about lying and saying there isnt anything -tell me truthfully. E: ok I wont lie – there was something these days that was giving me a headache but I cant talk about it now – later – I will tell you a little later.

he says how she doesnt listen and hugs her close. she pulls away saying she was going to go along with it but she cant breathe. he promises not to hug too tightly and kisses her. he holds her face and tries for another kiss but she snickers again. J:what is this. he tries to kiss again but she does it again and spittle flies so he pulls back. J: hey you rock. E says it’s cuz he keeps trying to be cool about it so it makes her laugh. he turns away from her so she moves over to face him and promises not to do it again saying I am sorry i was wrong. he laughs and they kiss and hug some more

next morning they walk with his arm around her shoulders

M asks his mom if she didnt sleep well. she says he doesnt look good too – did he not sleep well. M says he couldnt cuz he had complicated matters. MM: living is complicated that is why we age. M: there are ways to be younger. MM: I do everything there is – get acupuncture, shots – this is (pointing to her face) the best effort. M: you can just live simply. instead of thinking how to do things behind (JD’s) back like this or that -dont struggle over that and just be up front. MM: if you are going to tak about that – stop. M: just believe in me (trust me) – getting that position through your methods-what meaning would it have? MM says he is making her lose her appetite

GM remembers what E said about JD – how he is a good person but what if he did something illegal and it worries GM. JD points out what she said about losing luck if one frowns during meals. she tells him not to be concerned and just eat. he says she is acting weird cuz she isnt talking back. JD: mom when you are quiet – I get a little nervous. GM: when did I talk alot? he makes a snarky remark so she tells him to be quiet and eat. he tells her to go to the hospital and get checked cuz she might have old age depression. she almost hits him. he says again how she is acting weird today. tell me truthfully

GM asks to speak to jang. he stares at her shocked. GM: did you see a ghost – why be so surprised.  jang: I wasnt surprised. how could you joke about being a ghost….she tells him -you are right I am a ghost – so dont try to deceive a ghost and while I am asking nicely -what is going on -what is chairman cha up to. jang says he doesnt know what she is talking about. GM: if the secretary doesnt know who knows? jang: I really dont know anything.  JD comes over and asks she is doing that to jang – wasnt it enough she did that to him this morning –  and that jang is his sec and not hers. she glares at JG and leaves. JD:why is she like that today? he asks jang: do you know anything I dont  know. he warns jang not hide anything from him and get caught. jang announces the last community service came out. JD: it did? I dont believe you. whenever I asked you when it will end, you always said it’s almost over.jang: that was a white lie to give you some encouragement but this time it’s  for real. JD: it’s for real?  

JD is happy that it’s the last community service. this day does come. jang: yes chairman

***J and E leave the place. Kim is waiting there by the car. kim says how hard it was for him to go back and forth and tells J to drive. J: i heard from the employees how you pretended to go to seoul but came back and slept in the dorm/residence. kim: so that the two of you could do everything you wanted comfortably -do you know how tiring it was for me to hide from you? J looks around to make sure no one was listening.  suddenly kim breaks out in a grin and asks: what did the two of you do? J: secretary kim you are going to die. J punches him in the arm.  E hits kim too saying: really – why are you like that. J says to kim: that must hurt. J tells E to watch her head as she gets in (so she doesnt bump it)  

J and E hold hands and sleep in the car and kim wonders what they did all night for them not to have slept. E gets a text from Ahn and he says he will trust and wait that she will make the right choice. she looks at J sleeping. E offers to drive but kim says they are already in seoul. E: already? I’m sorry. kim: it’s ok – until we arrive just keep sleeping. you must be really tired.

Nm and MM meet. NM says if something comes out about JD this time, he wont be able to survive it. he has to retire/ step back at least. then the position will be empty. she gives the position to MM. MM asks what  NM is getting out of this – what is her real intent. tell me – I dont believe you are just (?)  NM says her husband has something he wants from DN’s (?) she says her husband doesnt like to split (?) with another company. MM:what? she yells at NM. NM tells her to make wise business choices (choose the right side)  —I give up cuz what NM said was too hard. (this is when MM didnt like what NM was going to do cuz it’s going too far for MM)

park asks why jang looks like that. jang says he didnt sleep. park says jang’s face looks like it cuz jang is going thru something that is eating him up inside and it shows on his face. park offers to give medicine for it. jang: will you do that. park: I will give it to you thru the secretaries

park calls NM and asks what happened – if MM is going for it. NM says MM doesnt know how they have to bite when they can and get what they want. park says it’s hard for him to hang on.NM: you have to. I dont like to get my feet wet. just wait a little while longer

E goes to a pay phone and calls Ahn. she gives her name. E: I am sorry but today I will just tell you why I called so just please listen. A: ok-you can talk. E: to begin with – dont call me directly cuz if you contact me – there will be traces left (how it will get traced back to her). also what I am about to say – write it down and make sure you follow it. A: ok tell me. E: if you get another call like last time – record it and confirm the number you received and contact me – try to use a pay phone if possible. then I will be grateful. if something gets delivered with my name on it -please just hand it over to me. there is a high possibility there will be suspicious ppl around us and I will appreciate it if you were careful. I know it’s funny to make these requests but this isnt something right – someone is doing this with a bad intent. (she uses hard words to say that she will help him have a clean case and protect the people involved). after he hangs up, he wonders “what was that”

E makes notes of the people who betrayed JD. she figures it’s park and then MM (wishing she wasnt M’s mom) then NM cuz MM and NM are friends they must be on the same side

N comes in. E looks at her and says – “ice cream you arent one right?” (one of the backstabbers). N: what? E: no these days I am going crazy. N: you must like it so much (with J) that is why you’ve gone crazy. you didnt use the same room right? E:it wasnt like that.  N: must be nice – I was rejected – by M. this is all cuz of you

J thinks about what E said. E: but I am confused. if you become a chairman like that-like this time when you made the scholarship for part time workers – I hope that you become a good chairman then I think – give up all that and just live complicated and live doing what you want to do.but what is more important is what you want.

J goes to talk to his dad. J:what are you doing? JD: I had some things to put in order. did you look around well at the smart phone center? J: just enough – later when everything is in order, I will report it to you. JD:  do you have something to say? J: are you preparing to pass on your inheritance/fortune to me. JD: did you come to ask me to give you my fortune? they say children are all thieves. J: like I said – I was curious if you had everything in order according to the law. JD: I havent started properly yet. J: I still dont know what I want to do from here on. But the first thing is – I dont want to be humiliated in front of NES. JD:what are you talking about. J: if by any chance – without me knowing – you are doing anything against the law- how humiliated do you think I will be in front of NES? so you cant do that no matter what. JD: I know how you feel -but to be honest – in reality. J interrupts him. J: dad – to be honest – you or me- we dont have anything that is cool (about us) JD:why dont I have any – I do have some. J:what? let’s just say you do when you dont. cant we become more cool? having a lot of money and doing that – arent you embarrassed? JD: this punk keeps talking about being embarrassed in front of dad. J backs up and says: ok I am sorry. anyway – I believe/trust you dad. J leaves. JD wonders-does he know? after saying all the time he doesnt trust me –  why at this time is he saying he trusts me? GM spies on her son

N says : when J said he didnt like me and said he liked you. I hurt my pride a lot chasing after him. but with M- why does it hurt a hundred times more?  is it cuz I like him more or less than when I liked J -it’s confusing. E:why compare that – will you know if you compare? after it’s passed, you know. I thought I liked J much later -also I thought M was more cool than J. it’s possible that starting from when J clung to me saying how much he liked me – I thought maybe I used to like him a little then. (meaning when J liked her maybe there was a part of her that liked J too back then) N tells E to talk about her point cuz no one asked her to talk about her dating life. E remarks how N is slow on the uptake to understand. E: back then I didnt know but now I know. it’s like that for you too. you didnt know you would feel like this towards M and rejected him back then. but it ended up like this. N makes a comment about E. E: personally I feel sorry for M. N: M-why? cuz he was rejected by you? E:not that- he does everything well on his own – it feels like he is (bangchee) and I did that too. ah- there is one thing he wants to do but cant do well. N: what is that? E: playing. N: playing?

M and N meet for work. he looks over it and says it’s ok. N: of course – I said it would be ok. M: let’s have a talk. N: ok -do you have a schedule after this? M: one or two. N: are they important? M: no -why? N: if it’s not -that’s good. follow me. you have to do what I say no matter what. you hurt me so you have to make up for it. follow me and cancel all your schedule.

jang talks to E. jang: no matter how much I think about it – it’s strange. who would drag a prosecutor into this – knowing what and how? by any chance did you drag him into this and just put on an act? E: secretary jang! jang: from my perspective – there is no choice but to suspect you in this situation. E: then should I suspect you too? that you are trying to get me fired. jang: whether we like it or not we are on the same boat -let’s not fight between ourselves and come to our senses. E: also I think I need to meet the chairman. jang: why? to say what? E: no matter how much I think about it – what the chairman did – it would be better for him to come clean and settle it – so he can live and for me to live.jang: I will do it – I will convince him to stop. I promise. E: you better make sure you do. jang: I said ok.  she asks if she can come clean with J and tell him everything truthfully. jang: are you crazy? you know how they used to be like – they are finally getting along and if J finds out now – there will be big trouble. they will totally break apart and will never come together again (meaning this will break J and JD apart for good)  after it is all settled, if we have to tell- let’s do it then. she agrees

jang comes in.  JD: do you have anything to say? jang tells JD it is time for his last community service. JD: last community service – even if I keep hearing it it’s good. jang: should I repeat it again? JD asks kang to call E but jang looks panicked so JD says he is being strange. JD says he will call her himself

E repeats what he said about giving a motivational speech to “players” (kids who dont work and play – they got in trouble with the law – minor offenses) JD tells her his last community service is to teach those kids. and since E knows about kids like that cuz she used to be one.  she explains how he needs to treat those kids. dont lecture or scold- just talk to them like their friends and speak comfortably. JD says he thought teaching would be easy but scraping gum off the ground would have been easier. E spots and opportunity so she says: it would be good for you to show how you live normally. more than anyone- you are clean and ethical. to be honest – ppl in your position- it would be easy not to be -but you are different. she lists all the bad things (some that he did) you dont do any of those things no matter what -also you are someone who wouldnt do that. jang looks worried. JD: that’s how it should be. he thinks the elevator is moving too slowly and tells jang to get someone to fix it.JD says he’ll be back to E before he goes. jang gives her a dirty look before he leaves

JD tells jang: I almost died cuz it was stabbing me (his guilt) this is why a conscience is scary-it gets to you right away. jang: me too – it hurt (here) 

E watches park talking on the phone and follows after park. she chases after park but J is following her. she goes to the mens bathroom to listen but J drags her away by the collar

park wonders if E suspects him

***J: tell me – i need to hear whats going on. E:what? J says how she just followed park and was looking into the men’s bathroom. what is the reason. she lies how park’s call was fun so that’s why she did that. J: what was the call about. she says how park was talking to some woman.  J: I’m pathetic to you huh? E:why is the topic going over to that. J:  I know too – that to you – I seem childish. E: I only said that cuz you teased me and called me a rock. J says how even though she says ridiculous things he accepts them -until she feels ready to unload her worries he doesnt bug her to confide in him and how he would keep her secrets-he is that kind of guy. E: that’s not why…J cuts her off and says feeling offended: in one word -you dont trust me even a little. E: I told you -to wait just a little longer. that I have a situation. J: why are you always asking me to wait? I’m sick of waiting. it’s really annoying that you are worried alone. she hugs him and says sorry. but he says -you said no skinship in the office and pushes her away. she hits her butt on the corner edge of the sofa so he asks if she is ok. E: the corner poked my butt. J: why did your butt have to hit that corner. E says sarcastically: sorry that I made my butt hit that corner. J:are you ok? let me see. E: see what? she turns her butt away from him but he keeps insisting on looking.

 she gives him a look.

park says E suspects- I dont know how much she knows-if we drag this out longer – we are going to get in trouble. NM tells him to go ahead then. park brags he knows how to handle this well.

Ahn gets a package with the paperwork involving JD. he asks when it came. the other guy said it came thru express delevery. ahn orders another guy to do stuff.

JD practices his speech with jang – “all of you already made mistakes but I am a clean (?) JD tells jang again that today is the last comm service. let’s go in

JD introduces himself. all those kids are not taking his words seriously. some scary guy yells at them to sit up and say hello to JD. JD says he will take care of it and asks the scary guy to leave.  no one listens to JD’s speech so he tries to keep going but slowly starts to lose his patience.  he yells at each one -is stealing a bike something to brag about- another one for bragging that he can fight well like a gangster- when a grown up talks you should listen. do you know who I am – I am not someone who goes around teaching like this. another one says how he knows that JD is that gangster/bullying chairman. like us – you are a criminal too. so why are you telling us what to do.  JD: I meant dont live like me. he starts his speech over

N: now what should we do? M is irritated. M: we didnt do anything all this time. all you did was say “what should we do” and go back and forth. what are you doing? you do it yourself – I am leaving. she holds onto him. he says her name in an frustrated tone. she sees a couple walking by. N: all we need to do is follow those people.  since you and I dont know much let’s follow them. M:what?

they follow another couple and do what they do- eat street food and N tries to feed him. M asks the lady how much it is. they walk and eat ice cream – watch a street performance and N tries to dance like them and M sort of looks at her amused  -they hold hands and go to a book store. watch the couple steal kisses. N: we did that before -didnt we. didnt we do that?M: follow me.

M asks her: what was the point of doing this? I have to know why to follow along or not.  N: i just wanted to play. M: you just wanted to play after messing up a busy person schedule. N: you said they werent that important. M: ok – but starting from now let’s talk. I’ll start first about how I feel about your feelings. listen. N: cant I speak first? he lets her. N: after hanging onto J and doing this to you suddenly- I know it’s funny- but do you know -“back then I didnt know but now I know” M:what does that mean. N: what that means is -there are feelings you can only know after it’s passed – that kind of talk – like right now – I dont know why I am like this to you – I dont know that well -you are probably doing that too- are you 100% certain of your feelings right now? you cant right? whether I am annoying/bothersome – if you like me a little or if you still cant live without NES or if it looks like you will be ok without her -right now you dont know your feelings for certain. M: that’s right – I will admit that. N: without you knowing -there is a chance you might like me. M laughs. N: since there is a possibility – I will keep hanging out with you like this and stick to you. this is my plan. he says her name. N: we are done talking right- you are going to take me home right? M: since you cling – you can do that but I can react how I want right? N: you can but you are still going to take me home right. M sort of smirks when she cant see

J drops E off. he seems sort of indifferent. J: go in. E: you are going to go like this? let’s talk before you leave. before you go – let go of your sulking first. in a little bit-I will tell you everything -feel remorse and get scolded by you. ok? J: I told you I didnt have patience- until you tell me why you are like this – till you trust me – I am going to keep sulking. he flicks her forehead. she yells out in pain. he says she is overreacting to the pain. E: it was cuz I was surprised not cuz it hurt. J:anyway I told you i would remain  sulky so behave before I get really angry – got that?

N comes and asks why J is sulking. J to N: what are you – I was surprised. N: did you two fight? she is happy and tells M-they must have fought. M says E: I dont know what is going on but J did something wrong for sure didnt he. J: I didnt. E: yes -he didnt. M to J: but you were wrong -why sulk when you arent a child. oh yeah that’s right – you are childish. J:ya! N tells them to stop and both of them go. N to E:arent you going in? she leads E inside. E tells them to go safely

M asks why J -what did you fight over? J: what about you – are you dating N?

N: why did you two fight?E: I did something wrong. N: what did you do wrong? E: stop talking about that. is it possible for me to meet your mom? N:you meet my mom? why?

M and J talk. M: she had a reason to do that. you arent the kind of guy ppl can trust and confide in.  J:what are you talking about – I am trying very hard to be that kind of person. what are you going to do about N? just give it up and be led/dragged by her (meaning M should follow her lead)  M complains about timing-why is it always complicated. they both sigh. J: I’m going. M: I’m going too. they race to see who can walk down the steps faster. it looks like they are speed walking so it’s hilarious

JD remembers how J said it would be embarrassing for him in front of E if JD does anything unethical and that comment from E in the elevator about how clean JD is and then what the kid said -calling JD a gangster/bullying chairman and that JD is someone who committed a crime like them

JD looks in the mirror at his reflection. reflection asks- arent you embarrassed? JD: why wouldnt I be embarrassed. I have that much of a conscience. to be honest I am in shock. in front of those young kids – my words didnt get through to them. I was really tormented. reflection: that’s proof that you didnt live your life the right away. JD:what are you talking about – I lived how I could. reflection: you did? to your son, what kind of impression are you going to leavve your son (about what kind of father he was). JD: probably that I was an embarrassing father. reflection: then what kind of person will the world remember you as? JD: probably as a gangster/bullying chairman. reflection: you do know. admit reality Cha Bong man. JD: ok. he puts his head down in shame

J goes into this room. he is still sulking and looks at the cardboard cut out and says: NES – I really dont like you. JD suddenly comes in. J jumps back startled. JD points to the cut out and says: are you looking at this again? J: dad why do you always come in suddenly? if you keep doing this you are not going to be allowed in. JD: enough of that. from now on do as you want. J: then I can forbid you from coming in? JD: not that – like you wanted – from now on I will be clean. whether it’s your inheritance or (?) from now on – I will make sure it’s 100% clean. let’s give it a try. J: why is he like that

 in the car JD mutters to himself he should have told J that he would just do enough and shouldnt have added the 100% part. jang: did something happen chairman? JD: I talked big to J. jang:why? did he say for you to be clean? JD: yes he did. jang: did he say anything else? JD:why – should he have said something else? jang: no it’s nothing chairman. JD: but what to do – he did say something else.  jang: what did he say? JD: that – you should start telling me now. jang: huh?

JD threatens jang by pretending to kick him. JD warns he will kick jang for real next time. I told you if you hid anything from me that you are committing a sin/crime. I put up with you as much as I could. do you think I acted like I didnt know something was going on cuz I didnt know? cuz it’s you – I thought he must have a reason to be like that -he will talk when he can-with that kind of trust I put up with it.  but now i cant put up with it so talk. jang admits those files were discovered. JD: what was discovered?jang: it was discovered by E. jang says sorry and JD kicks him. JD: that’s why – that is why she told me to be clean – I think I will die of embarrassment. jang: that isnt all of it. E has contacted the prosecutor. JD:what?

JD calls E and J answers. JD asks-why are you answering instead of NES?  J says she went to meet her friend. bong sooki or someone. JD : meet who? telling that lie – where did she go? J: it’s a lie? JD: I am bong sooki – I am NES’s friend cha bong sooki. I am here so who did she go to meet? J: who did you say you were? JD orders J to bring E right away. J:what is going on? and what is that about you being bong sooki- what do you mean go catch her. JD: you dont need a reason – just bring her when I say bring her. J: I am busy- I have to go to (?) and hangs up. J wonders what happened with NES

E goes to meet Ahn- I asked you not to come in front of the office. E: the files were delivered to you. Ahn: whether you sent them or not -I will keep your identity a secret. E: how many times do I have to tell you it wasnt me. Ahn says how he is going to pursue this case. E: please give me some time. I will plead like this. so that he can come forward himself and turn himself in, I will convince him. so please give me a little time and wait. I will ask you this favor. or I will threaten you. please wait. she bangs on the table.

J pulls up and tells the driver to stop. J sees E saying goodbye to Ahn. J makes the driver move on

Ahn gets a call and the paperwork has already gone thru

E goes to meet JD. E: chairman- I have something to tell you. JD: follow me

E admits she saw his secret files. JD: so. E: please settle all of it chairman. she lists all the things he can do to take steps to clear up each matter. i hope you will reveal all of it. JD: why do I have to do that. E: why cuz those files will go into investigations soon. JD makes a fist. E: before that happens, if you take action -it might go easier on you -if all goes well you wont be fined/punished too much and it might get settled.  JD: get out. E:chairman. JD: get out right now. as much as I trusted you and doted on you -this betrayal from you-(something about how he cant handle it) that is what is scary. before I do something to you – before I do anything to you – hurry and run away from my sight. this is my final consideration for you. keep your mouth shut and get out of my sight. E: I was wrong for looking at the files without permission. but please dont misunderstand anything else. (she was trying to say she didnt give out those files ) but he cuts her off to say: didnt you hear me say get lost. get out right now. disappear right now. before I get rid of you. she leaves. JD doesnt look well

* the fact that E said that it will go into investigation soon makes it look like she would know this fact cuz she set it in motion – it makes her look so guilty by saying that. she should have said she didnt have anything to do with that and explain why she knows, but she didnt. she tried to after he was already mad. she should have led with that first when he was calm. her reticence got her into trouble here. the woman needs to learn to clarify

Park makes a comment to E as he walks by – how she shouldnt have gotten (involved?interfered? ) so she asks to speak to him. park: why would you want to see me? she drags him to talk. park: why are you like this – are you crazy? let go. 

in the stairwell, he asks what she is doing. E: it was you wasnt it? park:what? E: know this one thing – that I am not the type to take this lying down (cuz they are putting the blame on her so she isnt going to just let this happen to her) park: why are you like this? she grabs him by the tie and chokes him. E: if you end up not being the one who did this – then I will apologize a hundred times for acting like this to you -but if you did all this perhaps cuz of civil duty -then I will forgive you a little bit -but I dont think that’s it -if you did you wouldnt have sold him out like this. I will not leave you alone.  if you run away to somewhere- I will find you and (?) -for everything you did – I am going to make you regret.

E goes to see J but he isnt in his office.

JD looks unwell. he tells jang: dont let J know and get rid of E.  jang: not too long ago you made her a regular employee so it will be difficult to fire her right away so I will look into ways to make her quit on her own.  JD asks jang to look into what went to the police.

M: what do you mean?  (some business term)  MM: I didnt do it – that park and NM did it but anyway it looks like I cant take my foot out. and the two of them are going to drag me into it (meaning she cant step away from her involvment in this) M:mother! MM: I wasnt thinking of doing that.  you need to act like you dont know son. she says something about how if they act suddenly something else that’s bad will happen. M looks distressed

NM: how did that suddenly happen? N: just know that. so push M to me. NM: does M agree to this too?  NM: are you hanging onto him on your own again (like N did with J) I cant believe this. M shows up. N: what brings you here. she asks her mom – did you have an appt with M? M asks NM: what did you do? what you did – you take care of it.

N asks what is going on. M wont talk. N: you are scaring me

J and E are in the car. J: NES – do I have to keep waiting – dont you have anything to say to me? he pulls the car over. J: get out – get out of the car and go alone today. E gets out. J drives off

E walks alone

J goes home. J: why are you like this again – these days you are acting strange dad – do you know that. JD: break up with NES. J: what are you saying? something is going on huh? NES and you too-  there is something I dont know with – what is it? JD: I wont tell you twice -just do as I ordered. J: dad!

J tries to call but drops his phone on the table. he is having a slight panic attack

jang reports to JD how the files have already gone thru and there will be an investigation either today or tm -I am sorry –  it wont be easy to overcome this. JD makes a fist and looks unwell

the police and investigators come to the company and take all the paperwork. park sort of half smiles

they go into M’s office too

E and J stand there and watch all that.

the investigators go and show JD the warrant I think to confiscate files. JD just sits there and let’s it happen.


no preview

ahhhh crap -I hate being right

basically NM set it up so E would look like the leak and take the fall (with the photo to prove it and J witnessing E meeting song wont help)  – except MM told M and so at least for now M knows that it was all NM and park’s doing. * I never did understand why JD kept park around after finding out park was betraying him. why not get rid of him from the start as soon as he found out. why let park stick around snooping.

what is worse right now is J knows that E kept all this to herself – it makes her look guilty cuz she wouldnt tell him – if what she was doing was right – she would have told him – that is what he is going to think too. I knew JD would not take the betrayal well and boy -he sure didnt. that was not a nice scene. now that he ordered jang to get rid of E – that is like saying get her out of his life and J’s.

the first half was sooooo good and then this whole investigation thing had to go and mess it up. I liked happy JD so much. I wonder if this happened now cuz of the extension – I want to blame it on that. more than likely it would have taken place around E15 briefly so now I am worried this may drag out for another episode where JD doesnt forgive E – I hope not. those two made me happy as much as watching J and E together. *aigoo* it is going to be a long week

no preview


22 comments on “Protect the boss E14

  1. nonski says:

    YAY! hope to camp tonight… against all odds! *crossing fingers*

    If not 😦 will read your livecap tomorrow then *sighs*

    Guys check out my post on KDF5, pics of SOAW Cast.


    • nonski says:

      Thanks Softy for the recap. 🙂
      (LOLS, got a thumbs down for my comment above)

      I hate it that since PTB is getting an extension, a conflict like this gets in the way. This is the usual before the end episodes typical of k-dramas where conflict, break ups and misunderstanding takes it course. I just hope it won;t drag out. Also about the extension, PTB is really good, but I personally don’t believe it is needed. The plot and how well it is carried out on screen is just perfect on 16 ep series.


      • Softy says:

        that was the first time I realized there was a thumbs up or thumbs down thing – ignore it – maybe someone pressed the wrong thing – will try to get rid of that option for comments cuz i hate when ppl do this on soompi too – i dont think ppl should rate what other ppl say – everyone has a right to their opinions and we shouldnt judge them for it. like on soompi you go and rant, you get a bunch of neg numbers – that seems so mean to me. shouldnt we be allowed to hate certain episodes too while still loving the drama overall? i would have rated the last episode of 49 days like a 4 out of 10 but given 9-10 for the drama overall.


        • nonski says:

          ah no problem on that Softy, I never did mind the thumbs down, even found it funny. I agree to what you said tho, and each to his own. Although I will admit that I had used these buttons at times. *grins* speaking of 49 days, the last episode was really a downer but over-all the drama is just near perfect. i think it was afflicted with k-drama “finale curse”. i really liked 49 days, it would never leave my external HDD.


  2. mini me says:

    Hi (^-^)
    In Stand by mode (^_^)


  3. PTB fan says:

    Thanks u for taking the time to write a recap. It means a lot to us fans for u taking the time out of your busy schedule to do a recap. We really appreciate it.


  4. dls says:

    Softy, thank you for your recap…
    I’m afraid of what would happen next week


  5. m2 says:

    Thanks Softy ^_^
    I’m sad and scared with this angst, it’s so big. I’m frustrated coz JD asked J to break up with E


  6. neliq says:

    Softy – thanks for the recaps! As always, you make waiting for the subs bearable!

    BTW – I love the new design of your blog. It’s beautiful. Congrats!!


  7. MJShinshi says:

    Ahnyeong softy! wow what an episode….I laughed and teared up at some and held my breath at others not wanting what’s going to happen next to happen and it did anyway! I hate that you were right too softy. Let’s hope it will turn out well and the extension won’t make our PTB High deflate so fast we couldn’t remember the happy days! I totally forgot the extension and was wondering what 4 eps you were talking about til I finally remembered (and funny thing I was thinking my aha-moment in Korean! LOL) thank you softy and I look fwd to your movie reviews too 🙂


  8. yumi says:

    Thanks for the recap.

    The subs have be late this week, perhaps because of the holidays.


  9. ck1Oz says:

    OMG softy the ending.

    I am off to read.I was laughing so much earlier till the ending.


  10. eoan says:

    omo! i was absent yesterday and i have to marathon ep 13 & 14. 😦 these 2 episodes are kinda offbeat compared to PTB’s previous episodes. just like you softy, am wondering if the extension caused it and worried too that it will drag on. please drama gods, bring back the zany days of PTB.

    komawo…. softy 😀


    • Softy says:

      I am sort of scared – N was the only one who didn’t know what was going on, but once she realizes her parents were behind this mess, I don’t want her to wallow in guilt. Plus, how can she continue to live with E now that N’s mom caused JD’s records to surface and now E will lose her job soon. The main reaction I want to see is J’s – how will he treat E. will he hug her and realize how much she went thru emotionally and forgive her for keeping it from him- will he feel betrayed that she didn’t confide in him sooner- or will he listen to his dad. I’m rooting for the first reaction- I just don’t think he will give up on her so easily.


      • eoan says:

        softy, i’m hoping too that it will be the first reaction. but i’m afraid J would be too angry just like his dad to understand her. i think E, sad to say, just made an idiotic decision of trying to solve everything alone. she could have at least told everything to J or JD so she wouldn’t be misunderstood as the one who tipped off the authorities about the slush fund. now everything is pointing to her as the possible whistle blower… picture taken during her meeting with Ahn, JD knowing he’s being used as the person whom E’s going to meet and having been seen by J while saying goodbye to him. had she told everything to J or JD as soon as she find out that she’s being set-up, we wouldn’t be on this path of angst. though she tried to tell to JD, it’s too late coz he’s enraged already. well i guess, this what the extension all about. it’s a relief that M is aware of NM’s wicked doing. somehow, E wouldn’t be all alone in her plight. hope everything will be settled in the next episode. gah!!! one week is too long.


  11. Sparrowbell says:

    Didn’t like the way E turned out. The world is not ruled by black and white. When u try to add some *serious* stuff into rom-com, it tends to ruin it. Partly I thought this drama was cute was Ji Heon’s immature pursuit of E and E’s protection of Ji Heon. If E turns out to be a super rigid or righteous lady, which may behold in long term for Ji Heon, it will just turn me off as I am watching this drama for short-run…..


    • ennui says:

      Well. E’s father brought her up like that. Remember how father refused both J and M, even JD, because chaebol for him is the synonym of greed and dishonesty? Frankly, I appreciate how the scriptwriter kept the character of E consistent throughout the series, and that’s who an ordinary Korean person would look at the chaebol family too. (Look at the “Love in Bali’!) I do think ES is suffering from internal turmoil since she knows that Cha family treats her so nicely and there is just so much beyond her understanding.

      However, you are right in pointing out that she has some growing to do in the rest of the episodes. If ES and JS want to bond together at the end, it’s not a simple solution of giving up one’s world to be someone else. They have to find a middle way. ES also needs to know how the business world functions eventually.


  12. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thanks again for the live recap. Gosh, I do not like ending like this because I have to wait one whole week to hopefully have the issue resolved but I do not see that happening in the next episode. It is so heart breaking what J is going thru and most be feeling at this time. Well, the weekend is coming so I will try to forget about this episode!!!


  13. fifi says:

    OMG, how I love J’s soft gazes and serious look. I’m noting that both father and son seems to have quick uptakes as to sense the persons close to them are hiding something. Rather than dread the conflict, I welcome them as I think that the drama needs some tension to arrive to their happy endings.


  14. venezza says:

    Honestly, this episode makes my heart break but not because of ES or anyone.
    It is because of this circumstances they’re in to. I really pitied JD for facing consequences of his misdeeds. How I wish he’ll find ease in his heart to face a new day full of happiness.

    One thing on my mind, this challenge might lead us to a better understanding why this drama is made…a thing that will teach the characters and viewers as well…

    I just remember the scandal that ES, J & JD faced before that somehow made their life crushed and how it been resolved? Simply forgiving and forget, the reason why my heart pushed me to cling on to this story.

    I’m now asking the writers to put a very nice triumph against the trials they made into PTB…


  15. houstontwin says:

    I really think that the writers made a major error in the character development. E is a very direct and honest person. Why would she listen to secretary Jang and hide the truth rather than being straight with J and JD. Her alliegances don’t lean in that direction. Jang has not been a real colleague, confidant, or mentor to E. He was a participant in the whole wheelchair scam. I can’t believe that the E that we have come to know would have listened to Jang’s advice. All the more so, how could she be so indiscreet with Ahn when she never spoke to those closest to her? I am so disappointed in the lazy conflict!!!


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