Protect the boss E13

The word adorable doesn’t even begin to cover how precious these two look. After watching the special, now that I know how that fake elevator works, I am just wondering if the guy closing and opening the door manually was grinning just looking at these two. They are like cute puppies you can’t resist stopping to coo at aren’t they?
I am still amazed by how first impressions change once you fall in love with characters. I used to think I could never get past J’s crazy perm, but now all I see is his genuine love for E and how sweet and sincere he is as a son and a human being.
It took me a while, but I finally remembered where I saw the actress playing the grandma. She played Gong Yoo’s grandma on coffee prince. I really like her acting style – it’s natural and realistic -and her comedic timing is perfect.
* there is some news program on and they just said NES’s outfits range in price from $2,000 to Dongdaemun clothes that are just a few dollars. They said she mixed it up -expensive with cheap 
OMG the guy who played K on You’ve fallen for me played a character who was in a relationship with the actress who played Y’s mom in City Hunter and their age gap was 26 yrs – they held hands during the photoshoot and it looked like mom and son (not people who were dating-wow that was such a shocker) 
the worst one was Kim Soo Yeon and the actor that played J’s dad on SOAW – it was a 37yr age gap. ewwwww
Protect the boss E13
Starts from E looking thru the paperwork and Jang stopping her. E: what is all this?  he keeps insisting it’s nothing and makes up lies. E:they dont look like it’s “nothing.” jang: it’s for real – they really arent anything at all.  you dont know anything – got it? JD comes in and asks why they are like that-what’s going on- why are you so startled? jang: it’s ….JD interrupts and accuses them of making fun of him behind his back. jang: your joke is very fun. he says to E how the chairman has a great sense of humor. JD: what are you talking about? he says he isnt in the kidding mood. i cant say anything about making fun of me behind my back but dont get caught by me – if you get caught you’re dead. jang: I will be careful. JD yells – why be careful – that means you are going to talk behind my back. jang says sorry and leaves
JD tells her to sit. he asks what is wrong cuz it’s written on her face. tell me
kim talks to J about all the stuff J has to do for the smart phone and J tells him to make it a overnight trip -1night 2days. kim: is it necessary to do that? J: listen well – you and I and NES- the 3 of us are going in my car but kim is going to have a sudden emergency and you will take my car and go back up to seoul. kim: what if I dont have an emergency? J points out how Kim always bragged about how he went to an ivy school  so how did he manage to get in (since Kim isnt picking up on J’s obvious plan)  even tho NES went to a crappy school she is so quick on picking up things so what are you? kim: I understood too but I was saying I cant act. J:then practice. the part time worker comes and J asks if he came to pick up his benefits/scholarship. kid says yes -I came to get the scholarship ajussi
JD : why are you like this? are you someone who doesnt talk when she has something on her mind? I am asking what is going on. E changes the subject to all the bride lessons and training she is taking. JD: that was what was bothering you? E: i’m sorry-I know you did that to think of me and I know it’s not bad to learn everything. if you think about it how many times in my life will I have to arrange flowers.  I think ppl like me just need to look at it and appreciate it by saying – oh that’s pretty- if someone arranges them pretty. with food, I think it’s just manners to eat it like it’s yummy and that’s it. instrument she wanted to learn sometime but will later when she has time so she tells him to go and get his money back. he says he is the president of DN so how could he go and say -give me my refund. wouldnt that be comedic? so she offers to get his money back for him. JD: I dont I cant force you but since you already started – just learn as much as I paid for it. is it bad to learn a few things? E: to be honest – to learn stuff like that – these days I am tired and there is a lot of work and J and I cant (find the time to) date. JD: if you throw in that you cant date then I have no choice but to listen to you. she thanks him. JD: I am not giving up – if there is a chance I am going to bring this back up again. E: I wont make it easy for you to have a chance. JD: you always try to win. he asks what else she has on her mind – what is the problem.
when E comes out jang asks to talk. park watches jang and E talk.
jang says he is putting his life on the line to say this so she has to trust his words. out of all the chaebol chairmans -there is no one as clean as our chairman. in your eyes, I know what all that paperwork looked like -but how should I put this – on the race to being a chaebol – it’s so slow that it’s like crawling. E:but it’s still against the law.  jang: I just said it’s not enough to call it that – whether it is or not – this is not your concern. put it out of your memory and rip it up and dont remember. E says she is a commoner  -I was never really interested in this but when it came out on the news I insulted them. he says he understands but think of this – you are a secretary and I am too -one of our jobs is to protect/keep our bosses secret- if this goes outside – I will die – Park is trying to hear. jang:you can never tell M -he is already making the chairman uncomfortable about paying taxes. E: is that so? jang: that’s right.he said he couldnt ride in a wheelchair. E: I told him not to. jang: why did you say that – there wasnt anyone who didnt do that. jang says how M and MM are doing worse things than them – that they are doing more than we cant see. she asks why -they are richer than we can imgaine -why do they do that- it’s cuz I really dont know – if they dont – cant they (?)
M comes and asks park what he is doing but park covers M’s mouth. park waits till jang and E leave. M: what are you doing? explain what this situtation is.  park says he doesnt know why but E seemed to be getting in a lot of trouble by jang. M: over what?  park asks why M is being so stiff with him -dont you know we are on the same side. M: just cuz you are on my mom’s side doesnt mean it’s my side. so park doesnt share anymore info. park walks away muttering that cuz M fell for a girl he isnt the same.  M catches up to E and says how she doesnt look well-did something happen. she says she is ok. M: that’s good
J and kim are playing games when E walks in. she turns to leave so J asks where she is going.  J gets up and says he didnt want to play but the kids kept begging him to play. kim:  who is the one who wouldnt let someone leave when they were about to go? worker kid: you told me to make sure to drop by about the scholarship and wouldnt let me go till now. J:what are you two doing and not leaving – dont you know I am a busy person? he points to kim and says – you keep making up things secretary kim. kim mutters – I am no longer sec kim so why keep calling me that. they leave
J calls E to come closer and says he wont do any skinship -you wont say anything about just staring right?  but she pulls him close and hugs him. J: good- I was really looking forward to this- did something happen. E: no- just cuz I like you.J: you should say I am cool. E: the one who is cool is me. J: you are right
N walks alone and wonders what to eat and hears the song M sang. she remembers M singing it.
as she eats alone she remembers how M stood up for her. she looks sad so the waiter asks if there is something she doesnt like. N: yes – I dont like it. waiter asks her to tell him what she doesnt like. N: me – I dont like myself.
M and N are meeting for work.  M asks her to find out what is bothering E when N gets home. M: no never mind -there is no need to bother about it. N: you should stop caring you dummy. M:what? N: you were rejected by E. dont you know that? you cant see reality? why are you being so pathetic? dont you know that as long as you are like this – it makes E more umcomfortable? that you dont know even that – are you a fool? like me – just accept. to me you acted cool. why are you like this?  i stand to watch you like that. M:I am trying to do that – but yesterday I am ok but today I’m not -I am trying and I am getting better. N: you were? sorry. M: a while ago – with that mind- I was concerned about her. we dont need to talk about that.  do you like me? N: I liked you originally from a while back. M: that’s what it is huh? you like me like you used to a long time ago- I was surprised for no reason. I thought you had a change of heart. N: are you crazy? M leaves. N says to herself- it’s correct that I had a change of heart
***J and E are in the elevator. he tries to hold her hand so she says he cant – every time she rode the elevator – she always worried someone was watching from the CCTV and that she had to cover it. he tells her to come over to the corner and holds her hand and says they wont be able to see as much (from here). E: you could just hold hands outside – you have an impatient  personality. J: of course – it’s so hard to wait. he says this isnt enough and backhugs her. today let’s have a real date. like last time dont include others. the door opens and JD and jang are there so J is alarmed and throws E into JD’s arms.
E apologizes to JD and J says : I am sorry I am sorry. JD laughs and tells them to keep doing it and tells jang – let’s leave. J holds her again so she asks if he is going to toss her again. J says the chairman is higher than her boss so they have to listen to JD. he holds her again but separates when the door opens. other ppl are waiting for the elevator so J tells them to get on. J and E hold pinkies
***jang says JD doesnt need to walk like this (just to leave J and E alone in the elevator) but JD says walking is the best exercise so it’s good for them. JD remarks that E doesnt look well-maybe she has concerns. set a date and take her to doctor kim and get her a health checkup and get her the best medicine.  jang says he will and asks if JD likes E that much*. JD says he does like her-he always liked her from a long time ago but now that he thinks of her his family he likes her even more -the way she acts is so cute – he wants to carry her around in his pockets. jang says that is too much.  JD: that girl – even tho she doesnt have anything – being that confident – that isnt easy. jang says something about E.. JD: more than that-  she doesnt exploit the situation – she doesnt try to be nice to others to see if there is anything in it for her -she never thinks of doing that. that is why she can confidently ask for things that belong to her -do what she needs to
(*the korean word was “pretty” but it means she looks good in his eyes – how she behaves etc)
park is running and sees JD and is scared. JD: why are you so startled? he says how park’s face doesnt look good. JD tells park to rest as he works and invites park to go fishing on the ocean with him. park: fishing on the ocean with you? the 3 of us? JD: what’s wrong with that- it’s cozy and good. jang: of course it’s good chairman – where there isnt a single person around – even if something happened – no one will know -it’s quiet and peaceful. JD: that is right – reserve a place like that.
***J and E hold hands and walk. he asks if they should go to a DVD room. like kim said if they go there- they can hug and kiss as much as they want. she says it’s for poor students who are dating -who shouldnt be doing that. he asks if they should go to a hotel cuz there is a vacant suite room so she tries to twist his hand but he does it for her. J: you know I am kidding right?  when you glare at me and twist my arm around- I like it the most. E: are you a pervert. J: I said I wasnt -why are you – the rock- calling me a pervert too? E: cuz you seem like one. since they are the same age,  she says outside she is going to speak banmal to him outside. E: it is awkward. J: or go back to formal. J: I dont want to.  he calls her rock so she says not to
they are at a fancy place to eat. she says all the things she learned about where the bread should be and which fork to use. she says how yummy the food is. J: to you – there is nothing that isnt tasty. E: now it feels real – that my boyfriend’s rich – although it already felt real that my boyfriend’s dad was rich. J: I should have done that but he wants to steal you to do it.  E: I really like this – I wanted to do this at least once. but just till this much. once is ok -but to be honest – to do this 2 or 3 times it’s a waste of money (to eat like this again) -I dont think it’s good to get used to places like this. J asks:what’s wrong – is it cuz your training is too harsh -at times it’s like poop hair is about to go back to sad NES. E:that’s not it. J: if it’s not never mind. E: this is really yummy
J walks her home. he stares at her so she tells him to go now. J: you have to let go of my hand so I can. he says something holding her face (couldnt hear) before he leaves he says – it wont work – I really do have to make a doll of you (to hug at home instead of the cardboard)
J is driving but turns around quickly
M remembers how N said he was rejected by E -dont you know that? cant you accept reality. M calls J -where are you -let’s  meet.  but J pulls up and says “ok let’s meet”. M: what is this -why are you here? J: you said to meet. M: does that make sense?  why do you keep following me around.  follow me. J: see – you told me to follow you – that’s why I follow you around. M says be quiet
E and N are both saying *aigoo* and then N hugs MR saying -dont do that MR shi-  my head is really confused. MR slaps away N’s hands saying that N cant touch MR’s waist (MR was holding her breath while N hugged her) so N leans on her shoulder. E says she is going crazy – at a time like this walking fast is good. E asks if they want to go along.
E, NR, and N go speed walking. E asks N about what chaebols do. if they get power thru doing unethical things and with that power they do good things then is that the right thing – is that ok? MR: why-did something happen?   E worries that if she keeps going on this path and become a daughter in law in a chaebol’s house’s – what should she do if she ends up like MM and NM. N: if you soak your body in this ocean -there is a high chance of that happening. suddenly she says : did you just insult my mom NES shi? E shakes her head no and goes
N asks what those ajummas are doing and MR says how it’s good for circulation so in the next scene, the  3 of them are doing what the ajummas were doing. N keeps sighing. MR asks why she keeps sighing. N admits to them that she keeps thinking of M
J and M are at a batting cage. J misses and spins a lot. M hits every ball and looks good doing it.
next is basketball. J brags about his slam dunk. M wins again
then it’s a foot race. M runs slowly to match J’s stride then takes off and leaves J behind
*** after their race, they are out of breath and lay on the field.
M: you’ve never beaten me at anything. NES is the one who is stupid, not me. whether it’s intelligence or looks – when you cant compare – how could she choose someone like you.
J : That’s why it is said that love is blind. for your sake – i wont lose to you on purpose.for the sake of one – I will lose to you for everything else. you dont even know. M:ok I will lose – for just one thing. the rest I will win. J is happy and calls M “pretty” guy (what you say when someone says something you want to hear or when that person does something you like) and hugs him. M: not cuz of you but cuz of E – cuz it seems like it bothers her. J says that’s why he came-something was strange about NES today – and the only thing he could think of was M. M: there is a reason. J: do you know what? M: I dont know well but it seems like it -so watch over her well.
J tries to look menacing and says: whoever messes with NES dies by my hands. M pushes him back and laughs saying: in those hands even a bug wont die
N is hugging E and sleeping. E wakes up saying she cant breath. E realizes she woke up too early at 5am.
E goes to the house and JD is there. she says hello and he asks why she came so early. E:i woke up early – did I come too early? JD: you did well – it’s good -did you eat breakfast? come in. E” I am ok. JD he calls out for GM to get some food for E to eat. he tells her to go in and wake J up first
*** E stares at J sleeping. J wakes up and he pulls her down to him saying “come here” but she says he has sleep in his eyes. he hops out of bed and covers his eyes with his hand. she asks if he is ok cuz got out of bed so fast and landed on his knees. J: go downstair and wait. E: let me see (your knees). J: I will change to a cool image and go down so just go. she turns to leave so he cleans his eyes. E: you know that I cant be sweet and I dont know how to show aegyo right? J: would I not know that? E:what if I say I will give it a try. she turns and looks at his face and rubs his cheeks- even if you have sleep in your eyes – you are cute. but she cant hold back her laughter so she sprays spittle in his face. E: I will go crazy-I think I will die. she runs off. he says how he still likes it (despite getting goosebumps from how cheesy it was probably)
JD and J keep putting side dishes on E’s plate telling her to eat this and that. GM looks on jealous and asks – cant you pay some attention to me too? JD, J, and JD put side dishes on GM’s plate too telling her to eat. GM says this is why they say when you get old you will die of inattentiveness. JD says she wont die and that something said that she would live to 100. dont you remember that mom? GM: I dont remember that you punk. he says how she cant call him “punk” cuz E is here.  look – E is laughing.
E tells GM-  the chairman is really a good person to me – he dotes on me a lot. but GM – if as a person he is this good but what if he did things that are illegal – and I found that out- what do I have to do then? GM asks what that means. J: let’s go NES. E tells the GM she will be leaving. J and JD say bye to the GM. jang gives E a look
J asks E to make a promise – dont hide it and tell me if someone bothers you or if something happens. I know you can figure things out well on your own but tell me anyway. E says she can live as long as he doesnt give her his problems. J: if a person is trying to be cool- cant you leave him alone to be cool? 
MM says NM seems to hate E more than MM. NM says if everyone just accepts E then their area will go down in value. NM remarks how rumors are already going around about J and E.  MM complains how her spy park is calling again and clinging to her. NM says MM should have chosen better when she decided to use him. MM says she has to go first. NM calls someone to follow shin (MM) and decides she should do it
MM is driving and park keeps saying he is changing locations again and again. NM follows MM’s car and complains that MM is making her dizzy by going back and forth
MM asks why park changed location so much. park says he felt like he was being stalked/trailed. she wonders if JD really found out. park: I dont know it could just be my instinct. he says how miserable he is. she asks if he has a disease. he says how he knows about a conversation and it is important and serious and if they do well, it could end JD. she asks what that info is. park says he cant live like this anymore- a while ago JD asked park to go fishing on the ocean where no one is around. (I think he thinks JD is going to kill him) park: I realized that to a person there is nothing more important than his life
park gets cornered by some guys so park thinks JD’s men came for him and says he will explain himself in person to JD, but the men wanted to take park to NM (they were her men)
N chases after E calling out “let’s go together” E: I am late for work. N: today I have a meeting so I have to go to DN.  E tells N to go for it with M-dont drag it out like me and be honest. N: wont it look a little funny? E: so what if you look a little funny. N: that’s true – I already am being funny. E: that’s right-you already are funny
M and N meet about work. M says he needs the concepts for the phone and needs a copy of the explanations. N says she will and not to worry. J tells them to do the rest and takes the phones saying he needs to use it himself to show what it can do and leaves. M mutters that J always take the samples first. N throws out and invitation and says she was given those. he asks if she doesnt have someone to watch it with again. N: that’s not it -now i can do well on my own – I can eat alone well and watch stuff like this alone. M gives it back saying : that’s good. N: so are you saying you wont watch it (with me)? he agrees to go with her but cant make a 100% guarantee. N: you arent the only one who is busy. I dont know if I can go for sure but I will try to make it
J shows her the new couple phone and gives her one. she says it hasnt been that long when she switched to a new phone so he asks: you dont want it? she holds onto it and asks if she can sell it .J:what? he speaks into his and says “hello” and so does E into her phone but J laughs and says it doesnt have service yet. J was kidding around.
 suddenly, N comes in and hugs E. N: ever since I was 6  yrs old –  to the kid I played mister and missus with -to the kid I rejected -what is going on in this world – I was shaking NES shi. E pats her back. J guesses (N likes M) so N turns and points her finger at J and says -what about me? did you think I would pine over you for the rest of my life. you really are funny. N says to E: I should go to the hair salon huh? N says to J: now you dont have to come along. she tells them to have fun as much as they want and leaves. J tries to hug E. E: what are you doing. he tells her to wait a minute
J goes after N and asks her to wait a minute. N: why? cuz I dont feel regret about you – do you feel regretful? J: that’s not it. N: I was just saying it. I know that I am not the one (for you) too. do you really think I would think that? you sure…J repeats the same words and says she doesnt give a person a chance to talk. N: ok then talk. J: your mom doesnt torment NES and go meet her and do stuff like that right? N: she did say she wouldnt leave N alone but what could she do – if she was going to do something – her personality is to get rid of NES’s home first and mess with anyone around her (E). but she didnt do anything (to E). J wonders if that’s true. N: dont worry I am trying to figure out what my mom is up to. and I will let you know when I find out. he tells her to let him know as soon as she knows. she tells him how she heard he was going on a 1n2d trip with E using work as an excuse. when you were dating me – I kept asking you to go but you kept turning me down. J: I didnt do that. N: you grew up a lot J
some man says how there are strange talks going around and asks JD if he knows about it. man: that there is something going on between your son and a secretary. JD: that kind of talk is going around? the man says – for your sake I will be honest -there are a lot of bad points about (J) but on top of that he is about to have a worse reputation cuz of course (J) couldnt be sincere about what he is doing with that secretary. he must be playing around with her for a short time, but how could he let ppl find out and talk about it. after playing with her… JD interrupts and yells: he isnt playing around with her! your son might go around hanging around and playing with women but my J isnt the kind of guy to play around with women like that without thinking. also that friend my son is dating -to receive disgrace like this -she isnt that kind of person. watch what you say. MM overheard that
MM and JD meet. she says since money came in on his side she thought he should pay this but he tells her to take care of it. MM: when it’s unlike you -why are you acting like a nice and friendly father in law. it really doesnt suit you – do you know that?  JD says he regrets how he yelled at the guy like that at that place. when this happens, I often hate myself. MM: do you only dislike yourself once in a while – I dislike you every day. JD: when a person is being sincere – you should try to do that too. when that guy talked about my J and NES like that, my heart felt suffocated. MM: that is good – we can give that position to my M (being successor). JD:  arent you tired of that talk – even if a squirrel went around in circles, it would do it less than us. let’s stop talking about that for today. MM: you think I want to talk about the same thing again and again-it’s not getting settled so that is why we are going in circles. JD: enough of that. I bought a pair of shoes for you and it’s at my house so dont forget and come by and pick it up. last time cuz of your temper you threw it and got damaged. MM: why do something like that when I have so many pairs of shoes- if you do that you think I will be grateful? just cuz you bought me a pair of shoes – you think my heart will get weaker and give up? JD: are you planning something again right now? let’s stop – so sick of it. MM: quit what? I am going to keep planning things until (?something “back”)
E gets a call and confirms her name and that she is the secretary. E:who are you? I did?
she meets with some guy (I think his name was Ahn and he might be a prosecutor) E: you are saying that I called you first and asked to meet you? and asked you to come near by the office and call me -that’s what you are saying? A: yes. she takes his pic and says everything will be recorded from here on and asks him to reveal what his real intention is. A:what? E: you got the wrong person. she grabs him by his tie. E: what are you trying to find out from me? what are you trying to involve me in – are you not going to speak truthfully?  where is the (witness?co-conspirators) A: why are you like this? all I did was come cuz you called me. E: how could you come with a fake business card and try to trick me? A asks why she is like this and says it’s true that he works at (?) and his name is Ahn YS.  and tells her to confirm who he is on the internet.
she checks and it’s true. she apologizes and says he really is who he said he was. A: I understand. E: but I really didnt call you. A: I really got a call from you. after I went outside and came in, there was a message. that we had to meet – that there was something important to report.(they use words I dont know – but basically he is investigating something that seems to be one of the things that JD did that was wrong and E is picking up on the fact that this is a setup – she was being set up to meet this guy so it looks like she is the leak. my guess)
A: the important thing is do you have any proof to give us or not. do you have it? she lies and says she doesnt know about stuff like that. (he is someone who could cause a lot of trouble for JD like some authority figure- my guess is a prosecutor )
A: if you change your mind please contact me. if you dont want your indentity revealed we can keep it hidden. outside she sees some guy in a car taking pics of her with A. she tries to stop the car but it drives
E asks jang: you are saying you didnt do that right? jang: are you crazy-why would I bring those ppl into this -that’s one of the ppl who could give us trouble. E: then who did it? who knows something to do that. jang: I am curious too.  so did you say anything? you didnt right? E:I didnt but I am going to tell. jang says her name and title like a warning. E: not that. I am going to tell the chairman. after I find a way not to involve you -I am going to say – “I know -I wish you would please stop” (all the illegal/unethical activities he is doing)  I am going to tell him. jang: I said you cant do that. if you do that even tho he dotes on you he wont leave you alone. and the same for me. E: then what do we do? when I keep thinking about it. when i dream about it. jang: what?
she imagines how she will have to see J sit in a wheelchair while reporters ask if they admit doing wrong.
E: no matter what I have to do I wont let J go through that. in order to do that – it has to stop now. you need to convince the chairman and tell him to quit doing that.
they are yelling so park overhears it all. park mutters E isnt just an average woman
E is on the alert to see if anyone else is taking pictures. J asks what’s wrong. E says how she decided to be on the watch. J tells her not to do that cuz she looks strange. she tries to cover J’s face.
N gets ready and waits for M but he doesnt show. he is in a meeting. N watches alone
The 3 of them are on their business trip. Kim shows J and E around some places. J links arms with kim (it was like a cue for kim to start his act)  and kim lies that he has a sudden urgent business in seoul and leaves. J tries to look innocent cuz E suspects. E pushes by J and J mutters that kim should have acted better
there is an intermission for 20 mins cuz act I is ended. N says to herself – that’s enough – reject once or twice. M comes and asks how many times she was rejected. he sits next to her and asks her to exlain what he missed. N tries to think.  M: didnt you watch it? N: I saw it – why wouldnt I? M: did you fall asleep. N: not a lot. M laughs
after the show, M asks – do you want to come back to me? N: yes. cant I do that?
J and E are shown to a place to stay for VIP customers or employees. she thanks the guy. she says bye to J and goes to her room. J watches her go and keeps looking at her side of the building where she is staying.
he calls E. E:why again? J: i cant sleep. maybe it’s cuz my sleeping environment changed. E:so. J: can you give me a massage like last time.  look here NES-dont think anything strange. hurry and come over- got that. he hangs up.
there is a knock. J: you are late. she wants to warn him first (not to make any moves) but he cuts her off and says : I am someone who has been hit by you – even if you dont say that – I already know. come in
she massages his hand and asks if he is still not sleepy. J: it’s not coming. he watches her and makes funny sounds. so they laugh 
they are lying in the fetal position on the bed facing each other. E: even if we do this (you cant sleep)? J (he said this in a baby voice): even if we do this.  E: let’s just lay here like this till you get sleepy. J: I think if I do this it (sleep) will come. he kisses her. E:  You asked me if you should come to my neighborhood – by some chance – if I really want that – can you throw everything away like being the successor and come to my neighborhood?
N hugs MR and cries and she is talking with her face muffled so I cant make out any words at all
in the elevator – E says to JD- more than anyone you are someone who is clean and ethical
JD kicks jang and says : I put up with you as much as I could -tell me
jang admits to JD that he was caught by E (about those documents)
J to E: tell me – I have to hear what’s going on
J: NES doesnt trust me even a tiny bit
E tells JD to come clean about everything cuz those (documents) will go to the police soon

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    The grandma absolutely rocks! Have you seen how stunning she was as a young lady? ^^

    Ok, going to run now so that I don’t see spoilers (have only watched four episodes so far). Softy, FIGHTING!! 😀


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    I agree with you, Kim Young-ok (the grandma) is great in everything I seen her in so far.

    By the way, Softy I’m loving the new look of the blog 😀


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    • WeWe says:


      Can’t stop laughing on the scene where JD ask Park and Jang to go fishing together.
      Jang comment really really scared Park to death…LOL
      I’m curious how Park looks….i bet his jaw drops closer to his neck

      i hope i can watch PTB on weekend 🙂
      thank you for the recap softy


  5. ck1Oz says:

    Softy haha about the K and the romance.It was As the wind blows.I was like quite turned off as with that relationship.The lead female in that drama is the 2nd couple in A Thousand Kisses.She has a 17yr age gap with her male lead for it.

    The elevator shot is cute isn’t it.I spent a good minute just smiling like an idiot before scrolling down the post.

    Fighting!! I can’t get live stream to work so will be waiting for the torrents link.Been restless waiting for ep 13 🙂


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    Hah live streaming sucks but I stuck round till the elevator scene.So worth it wasn’t it cute 🙂 -)
    Hah and the dad praising NES to his secretary…omg so much cuter.Coming back later leaving with a silly grin.Love this show.

    J is so cheeky cheeky suggesting where they can meet.Oh man the connection sucks.


  10. PTB fan says:

    Thank u softy!


  11. Darrelski says:

    i think the grandma also played as Goo Jun Pyo’s grandmother in Boys over Flowers. She was also a darling there helping Jun Pyo and Jandi by hiring/ training Jan Di as one of the servants in the house.


  12. anisina2805 says:

    omg there’s a kiss!!! yeay!!!!! n he asked her to massage him n sleep next to him!!! i love it!!! but i can smell there is not a good sign in the preview especially at mu won house n ji heon seems angry at eun soel..


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    Thanx for the hard work.ah I sense it will get intense..but the cute scene so sweet.


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    thank you softy!


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    softy, a prosecutor and a team from attorney general’s office does the investigation. I’m no law wizard but I suppose criminal or business, they are similar. Only with slightly different jargons and here business lingo covering every loop-holes as to not let the fraudulent mind wiggle through to no conviction!

    I hope JD comes clean before MM spilling the beans. I’m hoping to catch live tm….have fun trans-capping!


  17. Joy says:

    U’re too fast n super! Many thx!


  18. mini me says:

    “I am still amazed by how first impressions change once you fall in love with characters. I used to think I could never get past J’s crazy perm, but now all I see is his genuine love for E and how sweet and sincere he is as a son and a human being.”

    Very true Softy. I think after this, I will try to reserve my judge & be objectivity first before evaluate something just like an old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Of course, crazy perm isn’t everything, just need a few tune adjustments & some understanding (^_^)


  19. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy for the recap.It looks tense at the end.Isn’t it the Public Prosecutor.?If you want to double check-go to ep 2 of Prosecutor Princess.You know when Hae Ri turns up for work and gets introduced?The whole office was a Public Prosecutor dept.I am sure you would hear enough job titles to verify.

    I also recall reading a whole ream of what Korean prosecutors jurisdiction entails.It is definately more than the US system.They can even make judgements.

    Okay back to fan statements.I love the main couple.However Na Yoon is wacky as a 2nd lead.I repeated the scene when she pushed herself backwards towards MR.That actress is hilarious and just so dorky.Oh man I hope she either becomes happier or lands her man.

    Thanks softy.


    • Jomo says:

      I loved that part, too!
      And I cried when Moowon didn’t show for their kinduv date.
      She deserves love!


    • nonski says:

      Love that part too, posted a pic earlier of MR and NY at KDF5…
      Tho I pity her for Muwon not showing up on the date, I guess, maybe Muwon is still doubtful of her, since we know at the start of this drama that she treated MW like a spare tire and only someone to get J. At this time that had changed actually but maybe M might be thinking of that still, dunno, hehehe. 🙂


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    softy…thanks so much…i love your recaps…i was smiling while reading…heheheheh…everytime i open my pc i always read ur recaps first…also i like ur new feature on this page…i mean the design how it looks like…its cool…

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    The couple is cuuuuuuuute!

    I am glad they are still taking it slowly. It isn’t real life, because, I mean, come on! If you were NES, wouldn’t you have already ripped off JH’s shirt by now to see what all is under there? (Imagining…)

    I would like to know what MM or NM expect to accomplish by blowing in JD. Wouldn’t MW be hurt by any accusations? Doesn’t he work for DN Group, too?

    I know the details are not vital to enjoying the story, but I sure would like to know what the heck everyone is (not) talking about. Slush fund => company money going into family pockets? Not paying taxes on it but enjoying the benefits of the cash? I was hoping JD was giving it back to please NES.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow and maybe some romance with NY and MW?


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    Love J and NES’ moments… but I would like more M and N moments too… they deserve to be happy.


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