Scent of a Woman E16

Part of me thinks Y didnt die cuz she had too much to hold onto – there was so much happiness in her life – I dont think even her body wanted to say goodbye and turn away from life to face death. There is no such thing as willing yourself to believe something to make it happen – but just like in the real world – when you want something bad enough – you hope and pray with all your might and if luck and fate are on your side- sometimes what you wish happens. In Y’s case, I think all the love that surrounded her pulled her towards life and wouldnt let her take a step towards death. With so many people wanting to hold onto her, maybe fate wanted to reward all their prayers and extend her life by a few more years or months. Even though their happily ever after is still up in the air, in my mind at least, their lives continued for a while longer – just long enough for J to feel that he had a great deal of wonderful memories stored up to be able to carry on without her. Who knows, maybe the time he spent with Y was so fulfilling that it ached a little less each day after she was gone till one day he could remember her smile without the burden of the pain. I have a feeling that is what she would want and if I was in her position, that would be number 21 on my bucket list.

This is the most daebak finale in kdrama history.  During the bike NG cuz of all that kissing J rode almost to the edge so Y laughs and hits him and asks – where are you going? (as in where did you bring us cuz he almost ran them off the road)

*This watercolor was done by Fanderay in record time and I would just like to say that part of the joy of this drama stemmed from seeing certain scenes in a new light thanks to her artwork 🙂

written before it aired:

I have often wonderd how actors do this kind of work. How do they not take their work home with them. You would think that living in your character’s skin for so long, some of their emotions would seep into yours. Don’t they feel the same emotions the characters go through? Even when they arent on the clock and filming – how do they slip out of a role and then step back in when the camera is on them again. If I had to film this last episode, I think I would cry before I even saw the ending. Then I would quickly turn to the back and look at what happens with my character. What kind of ending is right for a drama like this? The anticipated and expected one with her death and J by her bedside as she slips away? Or an alternate reality one where someone dreamt this whole thing? I think if I wrote this finale script, I would have an open ending. One where we know she is going to die, but they just haven’t shown it yet so their life goes on as the screen fades to black. I don’t think I could be so cruel as to show her taking her last breath – for two reasons: one- cuz ppl like me who recap this will be crying too hard to see the keys and two cuz -does this drama really need that kind of definite closure? Wasnt this one of those cases where the journey is what matters so why show a funeral and J moving on without Y. I think I would feel more devasted for his character watching him be so sad. Worse case scenario, if he moves on with S, I will throw something at my TV and my recap would come to an abrupt ending. But I want to give this drama the benefit of my doubt. Of course I was wrong in the past and gave certain dramas too much credit for their finale, but they did a great job with SOAW up till now. Why would the writers want to taint their good record so far with a crappy ending? I think they are smarter than that and if they arent, I hope the actors argue for a better ending. If you invest that much time, energy, emotion, and devotion into a character, you want the best kind of ending there can be. Maybe I havent been jaded by so many bad endings since I have been pretty selective about what I watch, but I want to cling to my faith that SOAW’s finale won’t disappoint. Just in case, my fingers will be crossed. 🙂

Every time I have to say goodbye in a finale episode, I get sad about the fact that our experience with that drama has to end – lately more and more dramas are making it harder to do the finale cuz they are so good – it’s hard to walk away from them and move on. Thank you for all the previews, ratings, music videos, and shared thoughts -hope everyone had fun 🙂

I also want to thank all the people who left words of encouragement – especially Nikesma, Iviih, So3, Fanderay, ck10z, MJShinshi, Jomo, QD (for starting us off each night), nonski, eoan, Jewels, Blue Passion, wickedinutopia, yumi, sunshine, coffeebot, reverie, ziren87,lei2010, anon, zgznoona, houstontwin, wewe, mini me, neliq, feima, mizweng, mcalkdrama, keane, sobohoman, and every anonymous and all the others who followed along-even tho I didnt memorize everyone’s names,  I read and appreciated every word you guys wrote 🙂

Scent of a woman E16 Finale

omg it starts with YM getting ready for her wedding pictures. Y comes over and says -waaahh – are you really my mom? do you know how happy I am now? her mom cries so Y tells her not to cry. Y: mom you have to be happy for me to be happy.

T says how pretty YM is. J and Y stand aside and watch. Y gets called into the shot and YM asks J to come over and take the picture with them. J and Y stand behind YM and T. the photographer says this is the first time he has seen such a good looking family

Y updates her list and marks a smiley face on #13

T and YM are doing the dishes. Y says she is going out for a while. her mom asks if Y is going to meet J. Y: you said you were a mom with sense who kept her daughter’s privacy.   T offers to drive Y. Y: it’s ok – the two of you enjoy your newlywed time- I will be back later. after Y leaves, her mom wonders if it was right to live together – should she have sent Y to live with J. T: it wont be late to send her when Y wants to

Y goes to meet E. he asks if her mom’s wedding went well. Y: you cant really call it a wedding but now that I got mom remarried my heart is at ease. E says Y seems well. E: your bucket list must be going well. Y: how did you know? E: I heard about it from HJ – did you already finish it.  Y: no – there are still a lot left to do – until then my body has to hang in there – is that possible. E: probably will cuz (something)

J looks at pics of Y and looks sad. doorbell rings

J asks what all this is and Y reminds him how last time he asked her when she would cook for him. he says she should have called him to go grocery shopping together cuz it must have been hard on her own. Y: it was cuz I wanted to surprise you.  he wants to help but she tells him not to do anything cuz today she wants to do it all . he still wants to help but she says he doesnt need to help. it’s cuz I want to make it for you. so he hugs her from the back and says: then this is ok right? cuz this isnt helping out.  she says how nice this is. J: if you felt like this why did you say you didnt want to live together?  cuz now T is next to your mom and you dont have to worry about her. Y turns and faces him. Y: I cant do that -you know why. J: if it’s cuz you are worried about me – it doesnt matter. who I love is LYJ-I dont just love the healthy LYJ. Y says she is plenty happy now cuz she is with the person she loves the most in the world and for that person’s sake she can cook for him and look at him like this. she touches his face. you said that the person you love is LYJ- are you not going to love the  LYJ who wont live with you? can I cook now. he nods yes. Y: are you not going to continue doing what you were doing before? he backhugs her again. he asks what she is going to make him and she says some kind of spagetti.

Noh stand there holding the wando package award and gets his pic taken and interviewed. he talks about wando and how the food is for ppl who care about well being. nam and the girl wonders why noh is doing the interview when he didnt even come up with the package idea. he gets a call and says – I am in the middle of an interview – who?

he meets with Y and says sorry for being awful (acting out of line)to her while she was working at the office. also a while back I already said sorry by writing with my butt. you cant still hold it against me (his past actions) .Y:why are you acting like this? noh: you wont tell the director right? Y: are you apologizing cuz of that? he explains how he doesnt want to get fired cuz he is a dad. Y: i know. noh: you know? Y: in your wallet you carry around an international calling card. a long time ago I gave you ten cards as present. noh: that’s right how did I forget that. she hands him an idea for a package and asks him to read it over and if you like it – I was hoping you would launch it if it’s good. he asks why she is giving it to him. she explains how when his mom passed away, after Y came back from the wake she got this idea. even though he worked for a tourist company he had never taken his mom on a trip before she died and cried a lot about it and now she is thinking of her mom too

noh shows the idea to J and J likes it. J asks if noh came up with the idea on his own. at first Noh takes credit. J tells him start making the package right away. Noh looks uneasy so J asks: why? Noh admits the person who wrote that plan was Y and not him

Y takes her mom and T to eat lobster cuz her mom wanted to eat it just once. her mom complains asking why did Y have to bring them to such an expensive place. Y: I said i would buy. her mom mutters with that money they could have bought shrimp to eat. the lobsters come out and are served.  YM doesnt know how to eat it so T teaches her and offers to help her eat it. YM: no I will do it. Y gets a call from J. she tells him how she is eating with her mom now

Y goes to meet J. Y: do you know what I ate? lobsters – I ate it for the first time today.  J asks why she gave the package idea to noh. she wanted to launch it somehow cuz it was a waste to throw it away. J: then you could have done it yourself (launching it). she says she quit and doesnt work there anymore. he offers to give her a job again to work on the package. Y:how can I do that? J: I will hire you back. the wando package was yours too anyway so you have plenty of right (to come back) Y: it’s ok. J: if that package means so much to you why dont you think of working on it yourself? she says she thought about it but she might not be able to finish the project- just cuz I am sick I cant inconvience other workers. J: just make sure you dont do that then-if you want to do it – do it yourself-cuz i can reinstate you to work again

J meets with E. E:what is it that you wanted to say?  J: I want that person to work again at the office -I want to let her do the work she wants to do but one thing bothers me.  will it be too hard on her body? E: of course that could happen if she gets a lot of stress at the office but I am in support too -that she has something she wants to do and has to do  – it makes a person stronger

J shows the idea to kang. J: how is it? kang: it’s good the plan was well made. of course we have to make it. J: to be honest the person who wrote that plan is not an employee now at the company. during the time that person works on this package, I want to reinstate that person.  kang: are you talking about that woman? J:yes. kang: why do you have to go that far? cuz of that woman’s situation I am keeping my mouth shut and being patient. but you are thinking of dragging her into the office?  are you in your right mind now? J: you said you liked the package plan. then isnt that plenty to prove she has the skill/talent to work?   kang: what difference does talent make – what if something goes wrong (she dies) while working? what are you going to do then? why are you trying to drag into the office a woman who can only live a few months? J: you really are cruel. kang: try being in my postition. if you can NOT try to prevent this.  J: what if you got that condition (cancer)? in that situtation I wouldnt let you do anything and just made you stay in a room – if you were like that – you wouldnt talk like this now

YM doesnt want Y to work and asks why Y has to go back to the office. Y: I will go and come back. YM: J didnt even come to take you. Y: when we are at the office we said we wouldnt act like we are dating. T offers to drive her. Y: it’s ok. YM says she doesnt get why Y is like that. T: just let her do what she wants.

the old man asks how little money T has for him to live off of YM. T says his wife likes this home.  T asks the man why he lives alone. old man says – what business is it of yours. T offers to play board games with him when he has time. the old man seems interested

J texts Y to have strength (on her first day back at work). Noh welcomes her and tells her to sit over there in a supre nice tone. Nam asks why Y is here

during the meeting, noh explains this project was planned by Y and she came to work on it. nam says she saw ppl using their dad’s influence/support to get a job but never a boyfriend’s. girl says something about J too so noh tells them not to be like that when Y is only going to work for a short time -just a few days. Y asks if the two girls dont like the package plan. nam says that isnt it. Y says let’s start the meeting then. she offers to pay for lunch after the meeting ends. R remarks she used to be cheap/miserly so what’s going on. Y says she isnt cheap anymore

H asks if Y is ok -you arent tired? Y: I’m ok – I was a little nervous coming back to work but it’s not bad.H:that’s good. elevator opens and kang is inside. Y bows to him but kang orders the door closed

nam asks Y if the chairman is opposed to Y. Y: “I dont understand that. what is wrong with me” – I am not in a situation where i can say that. he does oppose cuz I lack so many things. girl asks how Y ended up with J. Y says how she went on a trip after quitting and met J by accident there. girl says: just cuz you meet by accident does it always end up with a connection.  nam says Y must have tried ten times to nab the director and mutters if you do that even someone like J will fall for her. noh tells R to have some courage (and do something about his crush on nam but nam just glares at R) nam accuses Y: if you are going to date you should do it outside – why do it at the office?  Y says she didnt come to work to date – she wanted to make a vacation project with her name on it so she wrote that plan-and this chance came to her so she wants to work hard till the end. noh takes credit saying he gave Y the chance to work

Im meets with S. Im says he made an appt to play golf with Park’s second son. he says how that guy’s background is really good. S says she doesnt want to. Im: you said you didnt have any feelings for J. S: I have to go to work I have a meeting with line tour. im asks if she is still working with them. she points out how her dad said to separate work and presonal life.  Im: but this time….S interrupts and says how line tour is number one and she doesnt want to give up the business partnership with it. S asks him not to keep interfering with her marriage problem -just leave her alone so she can date and marry like a normal person.

S walks by and nam and girl say -how could S get pushed aside for Y and have to go through a broken engagement. S heard that and turns to look at them. J greets S. J: you came? he asks if they should go out if she is uncomfortable. she says it would be funny just to leave again

after the meeting,  J thanks her for last time and “I am sorry.” S: there is no need cuz my dad is about to set me up with a guy who is way more impressive than you. please relay my bday greeting since I cant look after the chairman on his bday. J extends his hand and says goodbye in a serious tone so she says he sounds like he is acting like they wont meet again. she shakes his hand and says see you next week at the meeting

Y shows J a sweater and he says : it isnt my taste but I like it. I can wear it for the next 30 yrs. Y: it’s not yours. J: is this my dad’s present? she nods yes. he asks how she knew and she said she worked at line tour for 10 yrs. J says it’s ok (she doesnt have to give his dad the gift) Y:why? you dont like that I am tending to your dad’s bday gift? J: that’s not it. Y: I want to go see him myself and give it to him but if I go –  he will surely say – “who are you to come here” and get angry. it’s a happy occasion so I cant ruin his mood so you can give it to him for me. I will go in. you have to make sure to give it to him. so he agrees

YM: why did J just leave – you should have told him to come in. Y says she sent J away instead of coming in cuz today his his dad’s bday. YM asks if Y wants to go for a walk but Y says she wants to rest today. YM: dont be upset – you are dating J and not dating his dad. are you not feeling well? Y: I am a little tired. so her mom panics and offers her medicine and to take her to the hospital-can you get up. Y says it’s not that serious. YM: why did you have to go back to work? when it’s hard on you. Y: mom I like going to work again. since I havent been there in a while it feel new too. Y asks for a hug so her mom lies down with her and holds her in her arms. Y: it’s so nice

J looks at the gift.

he takes it to his dad. kang is drinking. J: you have a lot of money but you are just drinking soju? kang: why did you come.  J says Y wanted him to give kang this. kang says he doesnt need it and knocks it off the table. J picks it up and puts it back on the table. kang:what are you trying to do? J: I thought of not coming but that person asked me to give this to you so I came. kang: what? my only child had to fall for a woman with cancer and now you are thinking of turning your back on your father? what is so great about that woman (what do you like about that woman)? there is nothing to see (look at) J: it’s fun when I am with her. kang says sarcastically – it must be a lot of fun being with a woman who is sick. J: there are times when I am sad and when I want to cry and there are times when it hurts like my heart will tear apart but despite that I am happy. every day used to feel meaningless and tiresome- if I die like this there is nothing to regret -i had thoughts like that -but now I dont think that-cuz of that woman I want to live diligently. J takes out a letter and puts it on top of Y’s present. J: my present is this. thanks to that person I was able to find the the letter mom wrote. mom said not to hate you dad – i will be going now – happy bday.

YM sends Y off on her last day of work and asks Y to stay with her 24hrs starting from tm and T asks for an hour of Y’s time too. Y says she will give him an hour. YM and Y tell each other: I love you mom – i love you my daughter. YM says Y feels like she has a fever. Y thinks it’s cuz she is nervous.

Y goes to work and nam yells out the first order for Y’s vacation package came in and then some more orders. within ten minutes of opening it – noh says it’s daebak. J comes and asks what happened. Noh says the start was a success and response is good. J says they worked hard and offers to buy dinner tonight

Y stands outside a balcony and J comes over. J: you worked hard. Y: thank you. J: how do you feel. she says she feels good but sort of regrets she said she would only do this project. he says if she wants to work again-tell him anytime cuz he will make that happen cuz he is the director. he puts his arm around her shoulder. J: should we go too?  (they are at the SBS building where YAB, MGIAG, CH, and pretty much any SBS drama was filmed)

they have a gathering and noh cant believe they are cheering with drinking water (and not alcohol.) he says this is the first time he has done that. nam: why? it’s good cuz we dont drink alcohol.   R asks if today is the last day for Y to work. Y: yes. R: that’s too bad.  girl says Y doesnt look well. Y: it might be cuz my nervousness hasnt worn off yet. J looks at her concerned. noh says if alcohol goes in her system she will look better. Y tells him to drink since it’s a good day. noh tells R to go order some wine. Y excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

she goes outside and looks weak. J goes out and asks: what’s wrong – are you sick. she says she has a fever so she came out to get some air. J touches her forehead and yells out she is on fire. she faints so he tells her to wake up. J carries her. H comes out and asks what happened. he tells her to go inside cuz they are going to the hospital

J drives Y to the hospital and tells her to hang on for a little while cuz he can get there soon. she tells him to drive slowly.

E comes running in and asks what condition Y is in. doc tells E that she has a high fever-over 39 C. E orders some treatment and to move her right away

noh thinks J and Y went off on a date alone and says they should have finished the dinner first. he tells R to call. H tells him not to cuz the two of them went to the hospital

E meets with YM, T, and J. E says how high the fever was (40C) it was dangerous but the danger has passed – the problem is what comes next. YM:what are you saying? E:there arent that many treatments they can use but it isnt effective for Y anymore  J: then what will happen. E: you have to decide – he says they have two choices – either stop the current treatment (cuz it’s not working) or try the new drug that was effective for a while before when she used it. T chooses medicine. but E says how it has complications. with the first treatment they can stop something from declining but if the use the new drug one – they can hope for effectiveness something like what happened today could occur again – they controlled the fever today but next time she has a fever that gets close to 40 there is nothing they can do then.

J speaks alone with E. J: what should we do. E: as a doctor i cant know for sure which one is better but one thing I can be certain of -whichever you choose Y will hang on well. cuz the last time she was in a dangerous state, she overcame it well.

Y opens her eyes. YM asks: how are you – does it hurt anywhere? Y: am I really unwell?  YM: no your fever went down so you are ok now. Y: that’s good. YM: that’s such a relief. J tells her mom and T: go home and get some sleep and I will stay by Y’s side. T: let’s let them have some time to be alone together

J walks them out. YM says she cant make the decision between the two treatment options and J offers to make the choice with Y and to give them time till evening to do it. YM agrees and tells him to go in

E remembers all the past events when he first told her she had cancer -when he went to junsu’s concert – when he begged Y to live-etc. E holds her hand as she sleeps

S goes to meet kang. she says she came for a meeting but heard J didnt come to work. kang says J is at the hospital now

girl asks about Y-if she is better and H says her fever went down but they have to wait some more. noh closes his eyes cuz he is worried

S goes to the hospital and sees J and Y together  – Y is sitting up in bed holding onto J’s hand. they look like a couple in love. E asks J to leave the room for a minute. Y tells J to do that.

Y: what are you doing here. S: it bothered me.the last thing I said to you “to wait and see”-I am sorry about the ring incident but back then – I just want you to know it was a situation where I had no choice but to misunderstand. Y says S is consistent- that is the one thing I like about you. S sort of smiles. S: take good care of yourself (health/body) I will be going.  Y: ISK-you like J dont you? S: if I do -what are you going to do? Y: you should give up – as long as there is me – it’s impossible for you (he wont ever like you). S smiles and so does Y.

S goes outside and cries

J is looking at the bucket list on his phone

YM’s is looking at the Y’s bucket list and crying

E tells Y how her fever went down. Y: I am sorry – if we had met as classmates it would have been so much better -but we met like this-why did I come here out of other hospitals. E: if you are sorry listen to that request I made. Y: to live? she nods yes.  J comes in and asks E for J to have a date with Y cuz J has to ask the doctor in charge

J takes Y out- she rides in a wheelchair and he puts her sweater on her. J: think of today as xmas. Y: that’s ridiculous. J: more than likely it will be a white xmas. he takes her outside and it’s snowing. he asks: arent you cold. Y: what’s going on. J: it’s a white xmas. he kisses her.  she asks if he knows about her bucket list. J: dont be misunderstand – there might not be any snow this xmas so I am doing it in advance. you just got your 18th wish. out of 20, now there is 4 left.  let’s do that later – a lot later. at that time let’s go together to find the ring buried by the hill. she hugs him

when they go in kang is talking to her mom and T. Y bows to kang and so does J. * I bawled thru this scene cuz it took kang’s wife’s letter to bring him around and now he knows just how special Y is cuz she was able to get that letter for J.

J puts Y in her hospital bed and lies down next to her. they hug and he covers her with a blanket. he tells her there are two choices. I am going to choose the one that doesnt lose hope. is that ok? she says yes and closes her eyes.

wedding scene. J puts a ring on her finger. Y narrates. this is a dream right? it’s an enjoyable dream so I want to sleep a little while longer.

T gets a box and he asks who sent it. the guy says Y. YM and T open it and it’s couple shirts for them. they find a letter. Y’s voice narrates : to all the people who were with me during a precious time in my life  – I am sending a small present. H gets a baby clothes present -Y: you cant resemble dad and have to resemble mom. nam gets clothes with the words – it would be nice if your heart was pretty like your appearance. R gets a new wig with the words that he should be more self assured at work like he is at sueno. tango class gets new expensive dance shoes and V reads the card – they say good shoes bring you happiness. I spent some money. Noh gets sticky candy that doesn’t have a good meaning and the old man gets a stuffed animal dog and her voice says -malboki is living well somewhere.

S gets wilson’s ring with the words – it’s a lucky ring-hope you nab a good guy. S smiles. kang gets one – J picked it out but I should have picked it out huh? E gets a new lab coat – Y’s voice: poop seuk became warm hearted. she ends with: the time I spent with all of you during what was supposed to be the last part of my life – thank you for being by my side

at the house J bought, the bucket list is open and J is updating it. he doesnt put a smiley face on the last one but it’s not a frown either and writes some stuff on it. he goes outside and Y is gardening. he asks what she is doing. she says she planted the plant outside for it to bloom in the winter. J: cuz the winter has to be cold for the flowers to bloom pretty. she finishes and waters it. J says it’s time to go. they holds hands and walk off

they meet with a guy who says it wont work. They were at an organ donation center to try to get a transplant, but she was declined based on her condition. J pats her on the head and says : it’s ok I can do it.(to be an organ donor for her) the guy says J needs to write out a request/application. he needs approval/agreement from the family so that info needs to be given

J and E watch Y talk to a little sick kid. E says says something about the treatment working so far. J: how much longer can she live. E: overcoming this much is a miracle. J asks if another miracles can occur. E: of course. Y asks what they are talking about without her. E: we were fighting over you like your fantasy. J laughs along with E

Old home owner is playing board games with T and YM tells the man where he should have placed the game piece so the man asks T to let him change it once but T says no. J and Y come over and YM welcomes them. the old guy tries to cheat so Y calls him out on it

T asks J: do you like living with Y? J: of course. YM says how J’s face looks better and that he got better looking. she feeds him fruit saying it’s good for his skin. J thanks her. Y smiles over looking at them

Y looks out over a lake and narrates : The 6 months I was expected to live has passed-and now I’m on my 7th month and 2nd day -I dont know how much time is left for me- no matter how many days or months or more days are not important – just this moment i am alive I just need to keep living without regrets. she looks at the last one on the bucket list #20. J wrote on it saying how this one comes true daily cuz she gets to sleep in his arms every day. J come over and asks if she is writing her next item on her bucket list. Y: yes I am going to. J: if you werent sick would we be more happy than this. she says how if she lived like the old Y who couldnt talk to people she wouldnt have approached him – she wouldnt have been able to get her mom remarried or go on trips. and i would have just dreamed about happiness every day. but right now I am happy. what should we do tm? J: tm? he hugs her. J: what should we do tm? they look out over the water.


omg this is so perfect I cant stand it

*thank you QBLL2 : Last line on screen with smiley face ” To all who watched the show, please be happy.”

NGs are shown


There are no words to describe my emotions tonight – my hands literally shook cuz I was so nervous I had to type the words – “she closes her eyes and dies”- cuz I didnt think I could do that – I was going to type “the worst happened” or something else cuz my brain just wouldnt allow me to go there. You have no idea how many times Y scared me tonight – when her mom said Y had a fever then when the coworker said Y didnt look well – I was a bundle of nerves. Tonight I actually typed while praying “please dont die” at the same time. When S dropped by I was praying again – “dont be mean to her I am begging you- have an ounce of pity and be nice” and they ended with a smiling scene. Then when Kang showed up at the hospital – the tears I had been suppressing came out again. I was so happy he came around – not just for Y’s sake but for J’s cuz he still loves his dad no matter how mean kang was to Y.

I love this drama for giving me everything I wanted in a finale – closure in the best way possible with everyone happy and alive. That scene by that lake was so great, I cried just from relief and gratitude. I am so thankful that I found yet another drama that makes me so proud to have taken part through all 16 episodes. I knew from the first episode SOAW would be special and then the tango just reinforced what I already sensed in my heart and now with this daebak finale, I can finally exhale. Thank you all for sharing your love for this drama with me. Without you, I wouldnt have had so much fun. You guys are the best 🙂


113 comments on “Scent of a Woman E16

  1. Qd says:

    Softy!!!! In between tears… such a SPECIAL drama!!!!!! DAEBAK!!! Softy you are right… after watching this episode I think this ended the best way possible because it reinforces the theme of this drama which is to live life to the fullest, that LOVE is so important and to cherish the here & now. We all know that death is inevitable to everyone, cancer or not , therefore I think for me this is a BEAUTIFUL and FITTING ending to this drama! Absolutely brilliant send off and makes the biggest impact on their overall theme of this drama! I think what I loved the most about this drama is that eventhough it dealt with a very painful and dark subject, it was filled with life affirming goodness. Not only that it had it all well harmonised in its AMAZING acting, beautiful script, passionate tangos, addictive OST, simple and relatable plot & characters and a very POWERFUL message!!!! Thank you Softy for creating this place, for your hardwork and your sometimes soul-baring tears and feelings poured through your every word and line. I treasure it as it makes this drama even more meaningful because of it! As the closing statement goes… to everyone here too & QBLL2 who translated the closing statement.. Please be happy !!!!!!!! 🙂


  2. duckie says:

    What a beautiful ending! Thank you so much for your recaps. You’re amazing softy! : )


  3. Iviih says:

    Yayyy Softy my wish come true. I remember that in beginning of the drama, when I saw that ahjumma with cancer that lived much more than the doctors expected her to live and that had that husband who couldn’t give up on her, and how E explained she had already lived 10 years and that was a miracle itself, I remember I wished that somehow Y could live more just like that ahjumma could, live much more than the doctors expected. And it turns out Y lived more than the time they give her. Just this made me soo happy! What a great ending.

    It wasn’t an unrealistic end and yet not too sad. Thank you for recapping another great drama. Kisses Softy!!! And a lot of hugs!


    • Iviih says:

      And awww I’m feeling a hole in my heart. I loved this couple so much, and the drama too, and the message this drama wanted to pass.

      Glad they didn’t show us Y dying, like you said it’s too cruel to show us this.

      When the gifts started to come, I was like ”she died” I know she did… but then I saw her in the garden and was so surprised and relivied. I was really so happy for them living together – at first I thought she had died and J was living all alone in that house, and I was, oh nooo how they can do this to him, but turns out it was he and Y living together Weeee!

      And can I say that I totally didn’t expect this but I LOL-ed at the part the abuji receives the stuffed dog LOL I laughed so hard… she saying Malbuki? was okay lol~ And how she wished the pretty ladies had a pretty heart like their appearence ouch. Hope they learn their lesson.

      And I said I didn’t wanted a open ending right? Well this end isn’t exactly a open end because we know what will happen, and I love how it ended. It’s the perfect ending!!!

      Thanks again Softy!!! Kisses 🙂


      • Iviih says:

        And also love they put the ngs at the end, maybe wanting to make us laugh more? Because we did cry more than laugh in this last episode… lol~~


  4. Reideen says:

    OMG THE PERFECT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Softy!~ Thank you very much! This is my nr. 1 drama now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. SuperFangirl says:

    i have been crying since yesterday and I was dreading coming here and reading your post but I finally broke down and started and through my tears I realized that I really should thank you for holding such a special place where a fangirl can get comfortable and just have a good cry!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂


  6. Mari says:

    Muchas Gracias Softy!!! Without you my weekends would have been half lived, since I would not have been able to understand what was being said. Thank You for sharing this wonderful series!!!!! My eyes are sore from all the crying, I can’t wait to see the raw footage and visually see what you have so devinely translated. I love this actress!!! I adored her in City Hall and I’m happy to add another of her FABULOUS series to my collection. I have to admit I had my reservations with the lead actor, I saw him in one of his early shows and I couldn’t stand his performance but now he’s proven he’s worth going thru the emotional rollercoaster. I am so sad this journey is over But it sounds like the end is worth the price of ending this story that, we, the fans can finally say the writers do know what they are doing!


  7. Fanderay says:

    Whew, finally got to finish the last episode and complete my write-up. What a great finale! I don’t think we could’ve asked for much more.

    Thank you Softy for your fantastic transcaps and thoughts on this show. Not to mention all the blog hits you’ve given me! I probably wouldn’t have watched this drama if not for you, and I’m so glad that I did. It’s one of those rare shows that resonates down deep, and I’m sure I will be thinking back and remembering moments from this drama for a long time to come. I feel lucky that I get to experience great dramas like this alongside everyone here, and appreciate all the thoughts and videos everyone has left.

    I’m so relieved that you picked up PTB Softy. I’m not going to watch O Brother’s yet, and I think I would go crazy if I didn’t have a drama to follow on your blog!


  8. 3hoshi says:

    What a daebak ending! I agree with what all of you are saying. Though I wasn’t quite sure if they got really married, I was happy that J, in a way, gained another mother through Y. I loved that both Y and J was in YM and T’s wedding picture and that throughout this episode, all three of them were there together to support Y. It felt like each person gained another family through Y. It gave hope that all of them would survive the pain even after Y’s passing because they have each other, along with the beautiful memories of Y.


  9. You had been our our light during those screening hours of no subtitle. Softy, you are really the best! Aja!


  10. Hind says:

    Softy dear, i dont know how to thank you for the recaps, thank you thank you thank you ^^
    i was dreading this final episode so much, i was scared it’s gonna leave another scar…thankfully it didnt, it was a great ending for a beautiful drama ^^
    thank you trillion times for making me believe in SOAW ^^
    lots of love


  11. see-T says:

    Hello dear Softy, I’ve been a silent reader all this while and now I can’t stop my hands from typing to thank you a billion times (or more) for writing/subbing the whole episodes of SOAW. I was always lurking around here right after watching the live streaming of every episode. And yes, I do agree this drama really has the very best unexpected ending written by the scriptwriter who definitely knew how to engage our heart to this wonderful piece of work. The ending has really lightened our sadness, that YJ will live her life to the fullest with her super-duper backbone, JW, despite her illness. A big hug to all the SOAWers out there 🙂 and a round of applause to all the team of SOAW!!!!!!!


  12. chia says:

    i love the ending but also very sad coz it means i’m gonna miss wookie and sun ah.
    what would i do in every saturday and sunday night after SOAW end??? 😦


  13. gmei says:

    Best ending for an everyone-thinks-someone-will-die-at-the-end type of mellowdrama! I cant wish for more! 🙂


  14. Silvergirl says:

    Thanks so much for the recaps! may you be blessed for sharing these to all of us non-koreans. Til the next drama!


  15. Marie says:

    AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! me and my mom LOVEDDDDD this!!!!!!!!! BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We cried so hard when we thought she died, so GLADDDDD she didn’t. THANK UUUUU writers for not killing her ❤ I recommend this to anyone!!!!!!! This show was AWWWesome from beginning to end!!!!! This is one drama to rememberr :))


  16. s says:

    It was indeed the most daebak finale EVER.

    When the show was midway and fans started requesting a happy ending, I wanted the PD to stick to her(?) guns, and let YJ die, and not cave to the fan’s requests. I cannot be happier that I am wrong, because the PD has once again proved that she is brilliant. This ending is uncertain but crazily hopeful, and I could ask for more.

    *all hails the PD and everyone involved in this* It was an amazing, amazing ride 🙂


  17. dramagirl says:

    i didn’t see this episode yet but just reading your recap i was already in tears all way long. thank you for picking up this drama and good luck for the next project. hope it will be as good as this one


  18. eoan says:

    finally, i’ve seen it:D

    it’s daebak!!! what a great grand finale…. a perfect one!!! i really don’t expect it. i thought it’s gonna be another 49 days end wherein the heroine died. i was really so disappointed on it’s ending. i was hoping then that her fight of survival will finally be rewarded but to my dismay, it never happened. i was so disappointed that i never watched its final episode.

    with SOAW, i convinced myself that it’s gonna be a heart breaking finale so i have to brace it. but wow, i was really so surprise. while we all know that SOAW is about the impending death of Y which is depressing, the end totally leaves us in bliss unexpectedly. it gives us glimpse of hope and how to make use of your remaining days to the fullest. it doesn’t matter how short your life is, it’s how you make use of it.

    i agree with Y, without her dreaded disease, she wouldn’t have approached J, she wouldn’t have been able to get her mom remarried and she wouldn’t be experiencing the happiness that she’s now enjoying. hence, somehow, her cancer is a blessing in disguise?

    i’m very thankful i’ve watched this drama without regrets. to be honest, i had apprehension when i first read about this before it was shown. angsty drama is not my cup of tea. what made me go for it is my love for Lee Dong Wook and the fact that you will be recapping it.

    once more, komawo… softy 😀


  19. wow Softy your comments are daebak too.Thanks so very much for all the past recaps .
    Love your new blog layout and colours


  20. mena says:

    I waited until today to watch it with subtitles. I had read softy recap and cried, watched the raw version yesterday and cried, and today I cried some more. I love it.


  21. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us who are crazy, addict to Korean dramas and do not speak Korean. This weekend was busy spending time with family and friends to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary so I was only able to sneak in with my box of tissues to read your recaps. This last episode was perfect. I loved the ending. I felt the loved they were sharing and the blessings of being together each day was captured beautifully. Remember I will follow you in which ever new k-drama you decide to recap because it is so great to fall in love with new characters each time by reading your recaps with amazing insight.!!!! Thanks a million; this drama is going into my wish list for Christmas or whenever the DVDs come out.


  22. says:

    i love this drama and the finale
    thanks for you traslations



  23. cadiyimcadi says:

    Thank you softy.. for all your recaps since SG.. This is definitely going to change my best 10 list of Kdramas .. thank you again for all the hard work you put in.


  24. kaciemom says:

    This drama was done so that you went up and down like a roller coaster. Also it shows we should treasure all the people close to us. To love them for what they are and not what they wish they could. The father had to see that letter from his late wife to see the quality in his son and to tell him not to hate the father. I really was touched by that – the father thinking of material stuff and not think of the family.

    I wanted to tell the writer she did a great job writing this story. Thank you,

    Now I am on a down now because of all the emotions I had gone through with this drama. So again thank you for the wonderful recap for me. I look forward to it because I can’t wait for the subs to come out.


  25. lei2010 says:

    i just watched the ending today, but i won’t let it go with just that, so i have to check ur blog to know ur insights… it was really sad for me that another awesome drama comes to an end, though i am putting it off from watching, coz im afraid of the sad finale, i don’t want to see Y dying, and J missing her so much when she’s gone… But to my dismay, the writers really pulled this off, it was an amazing ending… truly just like CYHMH. i am sure this drama will remain in my heart for a long long time…

    i am looking forward for your next transcap softy… keep it up and thanks for this glad that u pick SOAW… btw, i enjoy watching and reading ur transcap PTB, it was truly hilarious…


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