Scent of a Woman E15

Watching this scene unfold, I felt like she came full circle. Back in Okinawa, she got to spend some time and start to fall in love with the man of her dreams for a few days till reality brought her back down. At that moment when she felt more lost and alone than before she met J, she found solace in the arms of a kind old man who gave her some peace and comfort. Now after two months, she is where she belongs – in the arms of the only man she will ever love in her short lifetime. That’s why I think it’s so fitting that he requested that tango music cuz he knows how special this moment will be for her. It kills me that he knows it’s one of the memories she will treasure in her last days. More than that, I love how she tells him at this moment that she loves him and he replies with a kiss as the perfect answer. We knew this time would come – when all our heartache and dread would have to come face to face with the finale episode tm. The past 15 episodes have been amazing and I did not regret even one single night for choosing to recap this. As much as it pains me to say goodbye to yet another great drama, I wouldnt trade this moment for anything despite all the tears. Why should anyone want to watch such a tragic love story? For this scene alone-because this is the kind of love you wish for yourself, the kind of dance that should go on forever, and the kind of love story that resonates for years to come that you wish would never end.

From her mom’s perspective, everything in life was pretty much perfect right up till that moment by the Han river. She reconnected with that teacher so now she has someone and her daughter met a great guy and is in love. Even though Y made that bucket list and took all the preparations to have her mom taken care of after Y dies, she left out something crucial for too long. Just like Y wasn’t being fair keeping J in the dark, it’s that much worse that she did this to her mom. Y had months to deal with her prognosis and even J has had some time to come to terms with it, but her mom won’t have the luxury of time to wallow in bitterness or anger.  The clock is ticking and she can’t spend it on emotions that are fleeting. The terrible news that Y shared last week is about to bring her mom back down to a world she thought she had left behind when she already went through it with her late husband. What makes me nervous is the truth that just cuz you go through it once doesn’t necessarily mean you can handle it any better the second time around- not when it’s your own child. Y may have kept her mom in the dark to keep her happy for as long as she could, but I doubt her mom will see it that way. Her mom will just remember all the awful things she said to Y all this time and regret every word. The thing that gets me the most is that her mom doesn’t have that much time left to make it up to Y. As Y and J say goodbye to each other and let go, there is no way we can hold back our tears. But it won’t surprise me one bit if the woman who had to say goodbye twice in one lifetime ends up breaking our hearts the most.

* this is a great episode (not overly sad compared to what I expected)- I think cuz tm is going to be the one that gets to us. they made this one somewhat light and fun to prepare us for tm. omg that preview says so much without uttering a single word


Right after this aired, there was a PTB special. I posted it on PTB E12 recap


will call the teacher “T”(I dont know his full name and calling him D might confuse people cuz Y keeps calling him “teacher” anyway) 

and Y’s mom “YM”


Scent of a Woman E15

After Y confesses to her mom about the cancer, her mom asks:  what are you talking about – what did you say you have -that’s ridiculous -when are you are only at your age (meaning she is too young to have it) -you must have misunderstood- get up right now- hurry – go with mom to the hospital – it wont be correct – you must have heard wrong by some quack-it wont be true – go with mom to the hospital to confirm -all we need to do is make sure (confirm) it’s not true. Y cries and says: mom. YM screams and tugs on her arm: why arent listening to me -let’s hurry and go confirm -hurry and get up -let’ go -hurry -get up. she keeps tugging on Y to get up but Y cries and says – I’m sorry I’m sorry mom. her mom let’s go of Y’s hand and cries out -half screaming. YM: I wanna go home – get up. her mom staggers away from Y.

in the cab her mom looks out the window and wont look at Y. Y keeps crying

at home her mom just goes into her room so Y calls out “mom” but her mom closes the door behind her without looking at Y

her mom sits in the dark and she gets a call (guessing the teacher)

Y tells J how her mom went to work without saying anything so Y was worried and called and heard her mom was working like usual. J says her mom cant believe this is happening that is why she is like that. he asks how Y is now. Y: I dont know I am worried about my mom and I am worried about E too. J: at this moment you are worried about E? Y: are you getting jealous at a time like this? J: you dont even pay any attention to me. he pretends to be hurt. she tells him to hurry and go to work cuz lunch time is almost over. dont get in trouble with your dad over this (coming to see her and being late) J: ok. he turns to leave but turns back. J: wait a minute. there was something on your face from a while ago and pretends to wipe something but kisses her. J: so you will have more strength (to comfort her) she says she feels better (cuz of that kiss) she tells him to go and he tells her to go in.

they wave a lot to each other with both hands *sigh* I am going to miss his face so much

Y reads what HJ wrote about E on her webtoon

Y goes to see E. she asks him to go out for some air

Y: I thought I should tell you – i told my mom. but she still hasnt accepted it so there is no reaction. E: she would. Y: that’s why I have something to ask you – can you tell my mom the result of my chemo this time around. you said you were my caregiver – dont stop being a doctor. E says her name. Y: you asked me to live – I will live my fullest till I die

Y’s mom remembers what Y said about having cancer and all the things she said that hinted all this time what Y was going thru ( i quit my job – what are you going to do without me – how are you going to live – I am going to do everything I couldnt do and didnt do all that time-you dont know anything – I am having a hard time mom)

her mom goes home and Y hides the medicine she was about to take. YM asks Y: how long have you known?  quitting your job – was it cuz of that? that means it’s been over two months-when you left home all this time was it cuz you went to the hospital (for treatments) -you awful girl – how could you not tell me-how could you do this – do you not take me seriously? I am your mom – how could you keep this a secret from me. Y: I was afraid you would be shocked. YM: why didnt you just not tell me till you died. when my daughter is so sick she could die and the person who her  mom doesnt even know that. Y cries and says: I was wrong. YM: I thought about it and this isnt something to be so upset about -from when your dad passed away and now – there is a lot of difference in care/cure- this world has changed a lot -there should be a great deal of improvement in curing cancer -all you need to do is have surgery and get chemo. she cites someone they both know who recovered from cancer and asks Y to go to the same hospital as that person. she grabs Y’s arm – I said let’s go right away. Y: mom dont do this. Y explains- it doesnt matter it’s past the time to get surgery and it wouldnt have helped but I’m ok-I’m ok mom. her mom gets on the floor and cries and screams – my poor daughter- what to do with my daughter -my poor daughter- what do I do. Y hugs her

J asks if Y cried. she says how her heart aches. J: that is why it would be good to be together at a time like this. what are you going to do about the hospital tm? she says she is going with her mom. J: are you sure it’s ok if I dont go with you? Y: it’s ok. J: ok-sleep well- I love you

E gets a call from his boss – either resign or go to MD anderson but you have to decide today that’s how the hospital can look into hiring someone. E: yes – ok

E goes to his office and touches his labcoat. he remembers how Y said she would live fully till she dies

E goes and meets his boss. the doc says- have you decided? I think you should go to MD anderson. it’s not a chance i can give you again.  E: I wont go anywhere

Y goes to see her mom in her room but she isnt there

her mom is at the dad’s gravesite. YM: Y is sick -did you know?you should have stopped this (from happening)  in heaven you should have stopped this somehow-what do we do- what do we do about our daughter-I am her mom and didnt even know my daughter was (sick) like that- it feels like the world is ending. but I should live- since I am the mom

Y goes and sees E and is happy he returned. it’s so good. he says welcomes her and says he was waiting. he asks where her mom is. she says how her mom is having a hard time accepting. she has a lot of fear. he says how her test results came in. her mom shows up and tells Y to wait and she will go listen to what E says. Y: will you be ok. her mom nods yes

YM: when Y disappeared you found her and you came to pick her up in front of our house – that was all cuz you were watching over her werent you? he nods yes. YM: that’s good that you are the doctor in charge of Y. E: you must have had a great shock but now that I saw your face I feel more at ease.  she explains how scared she was and full of fear when Y’s dad was sick-by her side I couldnt give her strength and just cried every day -even now when she is going thru this hard time -I became a mom who cant be of comfort to her-that really pains my heart. to be honest even now I am really scared and full of fear but I have to have strength cuz I am Y’s mom and Y is my daughter. she asks about Y’s condition

her mom comes out with E. her mom says Y’s condition didnt get worse. she hugs Y. Y’s mom: all this time you suffered a lot – my daugher went thru a lot. Y: mom. she cries as she hugs her mom

J is having a meeting with his dad and kim and noh. kim asks if J made this plan himself. J says yes and something about line tour and global M group and wanting to grow the company. he mentions about the stocks and  40%.  kim asks if what J said is possible. J: cant you trust me (to do it)? kim: cuz you were busy dating – could you have worked properly. J says kim’s name. kang tells them both to be quiet. kim: to be honest that’s what it looks like. noh speaks up (to defend J) and says how he heard news that the wando package J made and launched won an award and became a successful vacation package. I thought I should tell you the good news quickly

noh goes back and staff are eating. noh asks what they are doing. R explains they didnt eat lunch and offers noh a sandwich. noh: who knew a day would come when I would take the director’s (J’s) side. R: you should do that cuz you were not liked by Y. Noh wonders aloud how Y was able to nab J. did she get drunk and jump him. H yells out Noh’s job title out of anger. Noh: it’s cuz I dont get it. Nam makes a bet that it wont last over 3 months. J showed up and heard all that. he says lets start the meeting. J asks nam to keep her promise (that bet cuz she is going to lose).

J gets a call and suddenly stands at attention and asks what made her call

J meets with her mom. she asks if J knows about Y’s condition and J says yes I know. she asks – and you are still meeting her. J: yes. YM: you didnt think of breaking up – being next to someone who is sick is going to be really difficult. J: I wont break up – I love Y a lot. she asks for his hand and she holds it with both of hers. thank you. she cries. I will ask you to take care of my Y well all the way till the end. J: yes

on the bus she gets a call from the teacher. she says she will go meet him now

they meet. T: you kept not answering my calls so I was worried – did anything happen. Y’s mom: after meeting you I had fun. for a change – I didnt feel like Y’s mom or an ajumma so it felt good to feel like KSJ (her name) but I have to stop now. T: why did you suddenly have that thought? she says Y is really sick so I cant meet you anymore -when my daughter is sick – a mom who meets a man – I cant do that. I am sorry for ten years ago and now too. I’ll be going now. he offers to take her mom. but she says she willl go alone. thank you for remembering someone like me and not forgetting. I will be going

her mom is looking at the calendar. Y tells her mom J came. J: while I was passing by I dropped in to brag about something. he shows her the wando package prize he got. her mom says how great that is and points to his name on the award. J: to be honest it was all due to Y. YM invites him to lunch. he agrees. her mom tells him to go in the room while she prepares and Y offers to help her mom. YM: you will be a bother – the two of you go in the room and play. J grabs Y’s hand and drags Y into her room saying – why dont you listen to your mom.  let’s go in.Y: why are you like this?

he closes the door and says- to be honest I have a present. Y asks if he is going to do this again – say “it’s me” with that cute expression he made with his hands. J: that’s not it. he gives her a new phone. Y: why did you buy this? J: I have one too. it’s couple phones. he shows her the bell sound he made for her and him. he tells her to make time next weekend cuz he wants to take her mom and Y to jejudo. even if her mom seems ok on the outside she is probably having a hard time. after she goes on vacation and rests a few days. Y doesnt let him finish talking and hugs him out of gratitude. J: even I think I am doing really well – so much that you want to hug me like this. (he is self bragging) the mom announces the food is ready so Y backs up

Im remembers how S said she cant give up on J. he calls and says he will go to her office and asks to have lunch together but S says she didnt go to work today cuz she doesnt feel well. he asks if she is still upset cuz of J. she doesnt reply. he tells her to rest

kang goes to see J. kang: I heard you are meeting chairman Im. J: yes. kang: what are you planning to do. J says he will  fix it somehow since he caused all this. kang calls J pathetic and warns J not to mess with Im anymore -if something happens to the company – even tho you are my son I will never forgive you

IM says he cant put up with it cuz J hurt S twice. J: I am sorry. Im says he heard from S about J and that other woman.  my heart is not comfortable. Im promises not to mess with J or that woman or the company but he has one condition. he tells J not to show up in front of S anymore with that woman ever again. J: what are you saying? Im says he wants J to leave the country with Y. Im: I know you are not in a good situation but I feel worse for S. disappear from S’s sight- cant you do that much. J says sorry. Im: are you saying you cant even do that? J: her family, friends, and home are here. we cant leave.  Im: after causing all this trouble – dont you feel sorry to S? S comes in and says- there is no need to do that father.  it was a situation that didnt suit me anyway – I didnt want to hold onto that man (J)-I was just peeved (irritated)

J asks why she did that. S: do what? J: why did you help me. S: you are having a hard enough time with other things. there was no one supporting my love so I think I know how you feel but just cuz I did this doesnt mean I am cheering you on with that woman

Y goes to see the teacher. she asks what brought him here. T:i came to see you.  she invites him home cuz her mom is in. T: since you look cheerful I am less worried. I heard you were sick. Y: did mom tell you? mom is having a hard time now – please comfort her and be by her side. he says how he wants to but her mom doesnt want to see him anymore – he understands how she feels but it pains him. she tells him not to give up on her mom. he says he isnt going to give up cuz his made up his mind when he saw her mom again. he is just worried how hard this is on Y and her mom

Y asks her mom what she is doing. her mom is preparing a menu for a healthy meal. Y asks her mom to go out and eat today- her mom says no cuz home food is better but Y begs just for today

they go and eat and meet the teacher. her mom asks what happened. Y says she thought it would be nice to eat dinner together and called him. her mom says sorry -“I will be going” and leaves. Y asks the teacher to wait a minute

Y goes after her mom. her mom asks why Y is doing unnecessary things. Y: you dont have to push the teacher away cuz of me. YM: what? Y: you dont dislike him. YM: so?are you telling me to date?  Y: to be honest I am worried about you so I want you to date and get remarried. her mom yells -why are you doing this – how much of a bad mom are you going to make me for you to feel better-even when you were sick you couldnt tell me-a mom who cant even be of comfort to you and is useless – who suddenly feels like everything is falling apart around her and in this situation you want me to meet a man. Y: i just want you to be happy. YM: how can I be happy? what right do I have to be happy when my daughter is sick. what differrence does happiness make to me. he comes out and tells her to stop.

he says how he was able to find her again cuz of Y. Y came to me and begged for forgiveness and gave me your store address and left. she must have worried about her mom being left alone. with each year I age – I think “there really is not much to life” -you cant take money or (?) with you-just live each day looking at the face of the person you love -after you live like that – that is what a happy life is- dont feel guilty (like you are committing a sin) -that I want to be next to you – dont think that I am taking you away from from Y- just think there is one more person who wants the best for Y and treasures her

her mom goes home and opens her arms and tells Y- come here. she hugs Y and they cry

they go and visit the dad’s gravesite. Y: dad all thru summer every day you were hot but now it’s cooler so you like it huh? she pours him alcohol. this is the last time. from here on I will only bring you something healthy for your body. her mom smiles at her. the teacher comes with flowers and places it on the grave

the doc friend complains to E how the director is ridiculous since E isnt going (to MD anderson)  the director should have give it to the doc friend. E: that’s right – you should have gone.doc: how could he recommend nam the person I hate the most. he says he thought E would go after the shock of losing HJ. E: like you said -over there patients die too. the guy says he thinks E was crazy to give up  MD anderson. E asks if malboki (the dog)  is doing well. the guy says how the dog is the best comfort in his life and how these says if he calls out the dogs name it wags its tail like crazy and runs to him. E: that’s good – can you give him back to me. the guy: what?

Y calls E and asks if he heard about the gathering at the tango place tonight. E says he did but it’s sort of embarrassing for him to go. Y: so are you not going to go? E: no I will go. Y: see you later E.

her mom makes Y eat some dark green healthy drink. Y: i will be going out for a while. her mom asks if Y is leaving to go on a date with J but Y saytonight it’s a date with two guys (J and E) YM:what? Y: arent you going on a date with T? YM: hurry and drink it. Y says it’s bitter so her mom gives her candy. YM pats her on the butt and says: I love you my daughter. Y pats her mom the same way and says – I love you my mom. Y: i will be back

Y goes to tango class and says hello. V says it’s been a long time. Y: have you all been well. R: of course our middle class kept meeting. some of the dancers got moved to advance class. the guy says his nickname changed to “director.”  J calls and says his meeting just ended so he is leaving now. Y: drive safely. J: ok but dont dance with another guy till i get there .

the girl says since Y doesnt come the director and doctor didnt come-cant you come again?  Y says she wanted to come too.R spots E.  E shows up. Y: you came. girl ask why he didnt come for some long. E: I had a lot of work. V says it’s time and tells them to have  fun. that place is full of people now. it’s like packed.

E asks Y to dance. as they dance J watches and frowns and then smiles. she asks when he came. J: a long time ago. J takes off his jacker and covers her lap. he gets up and shakes E’s hand and says it’s been a while. E: good to see you again. J invites him to sit. J says to Y: you must not have heard – I clearly told you not to dance with another guy till I came. Y: oh yeah that’s right (she pretends to have forgotten). E asks if J is jealous now. J: no would that happen. Y: I like this so much – that two guys fight over me – this was my fantasy. J and E both say at the same time: we arent fighting. Y gets up and says she is going to go talk to V. J and E tell each other to take care of Y well. J: there are cases where ppl can live longer than expected right? like a miracle. E: there is always a miracle but (?rare?) J says how he is taking Y and her mom to jejudo.  he asks if he should give E a present too. E: let’s just have drinks. they both look over at Y

Y meets with the teacher. she asks what he wanted to say. he says he is thinking of proposing to her mom and he thought he should tell Y first before he did- can I do that? she nods yes. T:thank you. she cries and asks him to stay a long time by her mom’s side.

Y makes her mom put makeup on. her mom says she is coming right back cuz she has to pack for the jejudo trip and make dinner and lots of other things to do. Y tells her to eat dinner out and offers to pack. I just need to pack 3 nights 4 days as 7 nights 8 days. Y says she shouldnt have touched up her mom’s makeup. YM: is weird. Y: what to do – you are too pretty. YM: what are you? they laugh

her mom and the teacher are at a temple bowing and stuff. he asks what she wished for. she says-is there anything else besides Y’s health. he says – will you ask me what my wish is. YM: what is it? T: two things- one is Y’s health and other one is you. I asked that for the rest of my life I can be with you- i am not asking for an answer right now – till you make up your mind (till you are sure) I will wait just dont make me wait alone till I become an grandpa cuz I dont like that

J and Y and her mom fly to jejudo. her mom loves the hotel view. he asks if she likes it. YM: of course – did you prepare all this. Y nods yes. YM: I am so grateful- what can I do? J: just keep favoring me. she asks how they are going to split up the room. J: of course Y and I will have to ….his face looks pitiful –  to use separate rooms-  I will use that other room alone – being so lonely all by myself. he suggests going outside

 they have lots of fun. her mom feeds J. he says it’s yummy.he takes their pics and says it came out pretty. her mom offers to take pics J and Y. then J puts it on a timer to get all shot of all 3. her mom watches them play on the beach and smiles

while Y is at the beach alone, J brings her mom a drink. her mom thanks him cuz it’s been a long time since she went on a trip with Y. he offers to come back every weekend together. YM: the two of you need to spend it together cuz it would be a waste of time (for her to tag along when Y doesnt have much time left) J admits the truth: to be honest I asked Y to live with me but Y didnt want to – to Y you come first. should I show you proof? he shows Y’s list on his phone. he says those are Y’s bucket list that she wrote out. I saw it by accident but just in case I took pics of them. those are Y’s wishes. her mom reads thru them and cries – omg i cant see the keys

she hugs the phone to herself and manages a smile and wave to Y on the beach

Y is in bed and she is in pain. her mom comes out of the bathroom so Y acts like she is ok. Y says how soft the bed is and how nice. her mom asks if Y isnt tired. Y: I am ok.  Y changes her voice like a guys and says it’s been a while since they laid together. her looks at her. Y:why? YM: cuz I am happy. Y: if you like it then you should smile. they tickle and giggle. J listens from the other side and smiles

Y wakes up in pain and goes to J’s room and sits on the floor sweating and feeling weak and going thru a lot of pain. J wakes up and runs over to her.he asks what’s wrong – if she is in pain. she shakes her head no. J: let’s go to the hospital. she says it’s ok. J: but you should go to the hospital. she shushes him saying her mom might wake up- it will be ok soon. she holds his hand so he he leans her on his shoulder and back hugs her thru her pain.

her mom wakes up and Y isnt there. she goes to J’s room and sees Jand Y asleep on the sofa together and smiles

her mom goes outside and the teacher shows up. he asks what she is doing here. she says that is what she wants to ask. he says how he comes here on the weekends. she asks if that is for real. he says no – to be honest – Y told him.

he gets introduced to J as Y’s boyfriend. they introduce each other. Y says they have somewhere to go separately and tells her mom and the teacher to go around together today

teacher (T) gives Y’s mom wild flowers and she thanks him. they walk on the beach.

J takes Y on another bike ride. this time she rides on the back.

they all have a barbecue. Y says how good looking T is. her mom says J is the one who is good looking. Y: he is isnt he?

T asks J: isnt it hard (being with Y when she is sick). J: no if would have been harder if I wasnt next to her side. T: you realized early (that you loved her). J wonders if the food is done and T says they can know by taste and eats one. her mom asks if the food isnt ready yet. T says it’s ready. J feeds Y and T feeds her mom

T says how he lived this whole time trying his best to keep his chin up-  he was lonely every day in an empty house so it’s nice to have a family. let’s come down every weekend. YM: I dont know. she looks flustered. he holds her mom’s hand

J and Y are sitting on the beach watching the sun go down. she holds the pendant and asks if he remembers the necklace – how he put it around her neck in okinawa. J: how could I forget- back then you wanted to kiss me didnt you. she smiles cuz it was true. J: thank you for coming to me. tango music plays and J says he asked them to play this. they dance the tango on the beach in the fading light. they dance closely and then just embrace. Y: i love you. J leans in and kisses her.

J’s voice sings then Y’s voice.



there is no audio. Y’s mom and the teacher walk away from J looking shocked and sad.

S cries

J is alone and cries looking at flipping thru pictures of Y


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        That’s the expected scene…mom’s reaction. The mom lost two of the most beloved and important people in her life…the husband and now the daughter. What could be worst than that? That’s unbearable…


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      i mean can’t help but cry…

      Thank you so much Softy for as always doing such a wonderful live transcap. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this drama more without you. I was initially very happy tonight because I was able to watch online with a very good connection. It was just a teaser tho, after J’s meeting with S father, the TVu player crashed. Mighty glad I camped!

      The way Y’s mother cried really pained me. Later tho, I was happy that she did not wallow on her pain but faced the situation and became what Y needed the most, her mom. Likewise, I am happy that the teacher did not stop and continued to woo Y’s mom. At least there will be someone who will be there for her in case Y goes. It is also heartwarming in this situation, these two men came into the life of Y and her mom, to be there to show love, share their pain and share love and life together.

      Another scene that made me cry too was when J and Y’s mom met and she took J’s hand and said thank you. I dunno but that one just seems to have a certain tug with my heart. It seems so special how Y’s mom not only have a dream son-in-law but that this same man gave strength and love to her daughter and is willing to stay by her side. To be truly thankful that someone is caring and loving Y during this difficult times and when she herself doesn’t know the situation yet. She has now someone to share her pain with over Y’s sickness. The scene at the beach, J showing her the bucket list just tears me up.

      This episode tho isn’t what I prepared myself for. I had like thought I would be crying buckets. But this is just too beautiful. Of course, the tears are there but it was not a total tearjerker. Again, Softy, thank you, thank you.


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    • So3 says:

      Daebak episode! I don’t know what will come tomorrow but I really really really love this one!
      I think I laughed the most in this one out of all 15 episodes that has aired – really didn’t expect that.
      (although I did shed tears too)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank u in advance. I love to read your perspective. All your fans appreciate it.


  4. Angel Esguerra says:

    Excited to read your transcap..
    Thanks alot softy!
    Your the best! 


  5. leilovely17 says:

    Gosh What you wrote in that begining paragraph is so profound. And so damn true. I would have told my mom ASAP!!–maybe not, but I would have. But what you wrote really hit home, and I cant help but to feel so devastated for the mother now. FIrst the love of your life, then your daughter? And theres no kids to carry on your family after. So so sad.


  6. mcalkdrama says:

    Hey softy and everyone. Another camper here. I’m so torn, i want more of this drama bt at the same time i want the cast and crew to rest. And i also want a tiny miracle for Y. Oh well lets see what the writer/s hv for us. Btw thank you in advance Softy.


  7. eoan says:

    annyeong softy… anyeong everybody!!!
    what a touching intro you’ve got there. just by reading it, i’m teary eyed already. what more is in store for us to cry a bucketload of tears remains to be seen and definitely it’s heart breaking. i guess, we need tons of tissue here. lol


  8. lea says:

    jast one eps and its over
    i hope that I not cryIing much tomorrow …
    and Y doesnt die in the and .


  9. MJShinshi says:

    wahhh am all too happy Tango was on tonight and J’s little nose-crinkle-annoyance is back too 🙂 tho cannot see too clearly thru the tears! Thank you softy for doing this thru tears and all! Love that opening softy and Y’s Mom is so lovely reacting just the right way (not that there’s a right/wrong way, people do deal differently) but Mom did just what Y needed. Her going back and just hugging Y every chance she gets is what Y needs more than yelling and getting mad loosing precious time they have together…..I missed like the first 15 min so not sure of her initial reaction but glad I made it for the rest.
    How I Love that blue dress of Y’s and how cute J giving his jacket for her cover-up 🙂 I’m crying yet happy….definitely some tears of joy tonight that everyone is getting along except of course S’s dad.
    Can’t help but wonder if the scene with J trynna feed a whole prawn/shrimp and lemon wedge to Y was in the script or just J playing around and they decide to keep it. So happy teacher finally joined them in Jeju, hey wasn’t that the area where SG’s JW and Oska sat and that the young guy sang….? I thought they were gonna go on the Wando vacation but then I kept hearing about Jeju. Boy that view was Gorgeous! I want to know what J said there with his smiling face fading away….must have been about their sleeping arrangement, I’m guessing 🙂
    again thank you thank you dear softy!


    • MJShinshi says:

      ok now I’m all smiles again reading J pitying himself that he’ll all be by his lonely-self in his own room 🙂 too cute! will be back….thank you again!


  10. AuntieMame says:

    Your recaps are always excellent and insightful. But, you have achieved a new high with the first paragraph of today’s recap. You magnificently spoke the words of a sage.
    This drama consistently amazes me in how it perfectly hits a tone of joy, while dealing with the darkest subject. And, this leads me to think that all of us will be a perfect mess for ep. 16 because we will be crying and smiling at the same time. (We should consider warning everyone not to expect us to function tomorrow.)
    Thank You.


  11. Anonymous says:

    If this drama going to end like, “Stairways to heaven” then I am distraught 😦 (seem unable to read through all this tears). I don’t know what will happen tomorrow to me, or to Y. Have to brace myself for the worst. Where the acupuncture ajusshi, can’t he try and safe Y with his skill or is it not worth thinking …emm. Y…Fighty! Softy….. Fighty! Me…. Fighty!…..All campers… Fighty!


  12. Iviih says:

    I’m glad this episode was light, I’m afraid of tomorrow’s episode.

    Thank you Softy and fighting!!! v ^_~ v
    BTW, check the cute pictures have of LDW, KSA in this me2day ^^


  13. Iviih says:

    lol I loved the scene where J comes and see Y and E dancing and do a jealous face, then smiles, qhen she sits besides him he takes off his suit and put it on her legs (to cover them since she is using a dress a little short) heheheh and awww xD


  14. Stella says:

    Definitely, Softy tells it all about this drama. I certainly salute to all the SOAW’s writers, directors, staff, actors and actresses for their amazing job. It certainly set a high standard of a kdrama. All emotions are present. LDW and KSA make me go crazy…. they have this great chemistry in this drama. How they portray their love with each other and how they seize the moment while they can. I totally agree that there is NO dull episode out of 15 episodes that I have seen and read from the recaps, every episode has amazing scenes and a lot of emotion are seen. I gotta to confessed that I don’t want my weekend to be end but because of the SOAW all is to be finished the day of Sat and Sun so that I can see the SOAW. I can see that I am an addict to this drama… As this drama going to end, I definitely learned a lot of lessons:)… Thanks, Softy.. and Thanks:
    SCENT OF A WOMAN for the awesome weekend that I have:).


  15. mini me says:

    I have been reading the recap twice and each time tears kept flowing like a river that never end. Am i getting sentimental? Yes, of course, we all are, I believed. It’s the end of a journey.
    The drama itself makes me in odd moods. Only by thinking about it, sometimes I felt happy, sad, afraid, glad, excited, emotional, mad, anxiety and a lot more. I am touched with what SOAW brought us.
    By the way, the recap is so lovely and well said softy. The feelings are mutual. Thank u ==(^-*)==+==(^-^)====


  16. janu says:

    What a beautiful and moving episode! Thanks again, Softy~ you make the experience so much richer with all that you contribute. You are touching hearts all over the world!


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