Ojakkyo Brothers E11 and E12

If you look closely at this picture, you can tell her mouth is moving, but the funny thing is she is talking to herself. In earlier episodes, she used to do this often. She would give herself pep talks to get through the rough times in her life when she is the most scared, lonely, and vulnerable. Even though legally J is a grown person, at 24 she might as well be 12. Having been pampered all her life, she is learning about the harsh reality of the world all too quickly. It’s scenes like this where she cheers herself up that I think made me fall in love with this show. Every word she utters rings of emotion and a hint of desperation. She knows they are mere words, but she hopes they have to power to chase away her fears. And just like a Disney movie, sometimes they come true.

*** E11 is finally done – sorry it took so long 🙂

As I was translating that final scene for E12, I realized I had never watched those last few minutes carefully. OMG- prepare to have your jaws drop. I am not kidding – this drama just went from 60 mph to a 100. For anyone who isn’t a fan yet, I think that last scene might hook you in. 🙂

This is my favorite episode so far. I loved the John Galliano hoodie Uee wore on this episode so much I tracked it down and bought it. The power of subliminal advertising. 🙂


When the mom comes out, J says “hello ajumma – I came back – are you going to air out that blanket – give it to me I will do it for you. the mom doesn’t give it to her. mom: what do you think you are doing now? J: I want to stay here. Mom: here where?  J: here at ojakkyo farm –next to you and ajussi. Mom:why would you stay here? J bows.  J: before that I will apologize first – last time when I destroyed the (pear) orchard and made a mess of the yard – I was really wrong to do that. I will never do such a stupid and childish thing ever again. GM comes with TP and asks what is going on. J bows to her and says hello grandma and “youngest ajussi” (TP) GM: am I seeing things or is this really Baek in front of me. TP tells GM that it really is J. then he asks what J is doing and what that tent is over there. J: it’s my tent – starting from today I am going to live here. GM:what? TP:you are going to live here? In that tent? J:yes. To live here I spent my entire fortune to buy that. Isn’t it pretty? GM starts yelling for the dad. dad comes out and sees J. J: ajussi have you been well? Since ajussi came out too I will say it again – last time when I destroyed the (pear) orchard and made a mess of the yard – I was really wrong to do that. I will never do such a stupid and childish thing ever again. Please just forgive me once. Dad: it’s good that you came to apologize but what is that over there? why is there a tent here. TP explains she bought the tent to live there. dad: in there? JE ah. J: please give me permission ajusshi – I really wont inconvenience you otherwise-all you have to do is let me live here on the yard.  I don’t have anywhere else to go – everyone knows but it’s cuz of the bribery admittance issue –even tho I didn’t have a place to live now I really don’t have a place –I also got fired from my part time job – but I really didn’t get in thru bribery –you can ask that to the investigator ajusshi here-I really didnt do that. That is why for the time being I will stay here and help out with the farm work while I learn. You need workers so use me – I have a lot of strength so just put me to work and I will work really hard. GM asks what J is saying and repeats what J said– live here and learn about farm work. J: yes especially with care of ducks cuz I have interest in animation so I was already interested in ducks a lot. J is the only one smiling.

inside the home, GM asks the dad – what do you think she (J) is dreaming of doing. Dad says just like she said she has no place to stay so that is why she is there like that. Mom says she is here for the farm – to hang around and live here making us be aware of her and try to be acknowledged. TP mutters she used her head. The mom and GM both say they cant stand to see J around. GM mutters her back still hurts from having to clean up after what J did last time (get drunk and trash the place) so why would she want to see J. the mom says she will drive J off then. Dad stops her and asks why she isn’t asking his opinion. Mom says shouldn’t your opinion be the same as mine. Dad suggests just letting J live in the attic again. She doesn’t have a place to go so where are you going to chase her off to- why else would she think of living in a tent if she wasn’t so desperate. GM asks why he is so weak hearted since it’s obvious J is trying to put up a show (trying to look desperate so they will pity her) but dad says she came back so how could they chase her away and if they chase her off it will make his heart uneasy. Mom starts in asking if he wants to “put spilled water back in” and brings up his past mistakes when he was weak hearted and lent his friend money and other stuff he did that caused trouble just cuz “his heart wasn’t at ease.”

TP didn’t want to hear this story again and got up to look out the window and calls his parents over.

J cooked some ramen and was enjoying it when the mom comes out. J offers her some. Mom: are you playing around? J tries to explain the ramen wasn’t something she had eaten from (cuz she used the lid as a dish) but the mom says it looks like J is trying to play with the mom. J: that’s not it at all. mom: you want to leave while I am saying it nicely or do you want to be dragged off like last time. J: I don’t want to leave – I am going to live here. Please just let me live here – I really don’t want anything else. Mom: you still don’t get how scary the world is and think it’s a joke? You still think you can do whatever you want in this world and get away with it? The mom lists all the damage J caused in her drunken state. After you do all that – what do you say –you want to live here? What did you say – help with the farm? J says she was wrong to do that (cause damage that time). mom: if you know leave right now. J: ajumma. Mom: I said leave. J: I wont. Mom: oh so you wont leave when I ask nicely. The mom starts to flip the tent over but J tries to stop her saying if she does that it will break the tent. The mom shoves J aside.

The dad and TP come running out. J yells at the mom not to do that. TP stops his mom and tells her not to do this. She tells him to get out of the way. The dad tells the mom not to do this and that J was in the middle of eating. The mom kicks the pot of ramen over. The dad yells at the mom. she says now J cant eat it. Dad: are you really going to be like this? You are going too far. It’s not right to mess with someone else’s food bowl and you turn over a pot of ramen she was going to eat. J tells him not to get mad at ajumma and that she would hurry and clean it up. Mom: clean what up – get out right now. The dad yells at the mom in a stern voice to cut it out. The dad tells TP to straighten the tent and put it back in place so that she can sleep there tonight for now. TP looks at his mom and doesn’t move so the dad yells at him to put the tent back in its place. J says she can do it alone and helps TP straighten it out. The mom glares at the dad.

In their room the mom and dad fight. She asks why he had to yell at her in front of J. dad says the mom should have held in her anger after what he said – why did she have to turn over the pot of ramen. Mom: I did it on purpose cuz if I didn’t she wouldnt even blink an eye. Dad: how can you go so far as to knock over the ramen. Then what is the difference between you and J when she destroyed the pear orchard last time? Mom: so you had to tell her in front of me “sleep here today.” The dad finally calls her out and asks the all important question: why are you saying no and saying you don’t like it – why are you so fiercely against her staying here and being so mean. The mom doesn’t reply.

TS and YJ are on a date. he cuts up the meat and gives her his plate and tells her to eat. He takes hers so he can cut that up for himself. She thanks him. He explains how this place is famous and lots of celebrities come here. She doesn’t seem impressed. He asks if she wants a glass of wine but she says no thanks. TS: do you like exercise? YJ: no not really. How about you? TS: yes I like soccer. Long time ago I didn’t like it but ever since the army I started and goes on about soccer teams he is on and then asks if she knows that ppl say “army soccer” is like “army city.” She doesn’t really have a reply to that. TS gets a text. He apologizes and checks the text. TP sent the text “army – soccer – don’t talk about these no matter what. If you have nothing at all to talk about –have a conversation about books that have been turned into a movie”  TP is sitting at a table nearby and pulling a “Cyrano” feeding ideas to TS to help him on his date with YJ. TS asks her is she likes movies. She says she doesn’t but didn’t get to see any cuz she was busy these days. TS: which ones do you like? YJ says she doesn’t have a specific genre and likes them all. how about you? TS: I like action ones. TP types furiously. TS starts to talk and gets a text. TS says sorry again and checks the message. TP: when a man meets a woman – three things you should never bring up –army – soccer- and action movies. YJ continues the conversation he started. “what were you saying about a movie that was based on a book?” TS lies he cant remember. He gets another text from TP: hyung it’s not working – let’s use the emergency card-you want to get married right? TS suddenly asks if she likes pears. She says yes cuz it’s sweet and delicious. He says how his parents have a pear orchard and I am the first born (meaning he will inherit). YJ: oh you are. TS: this fall when the harvest comes out I will send you a box of them. He jokes he will leave out the defective pears.

TP gives up and leaves frustrated. YJ suddenly starts to laugh and tells TS to make sure to take out those defective ones and send it to her. TS: I will make sure to leave those out and send it.  YJ: also next time let’s not meet somewhere like this and meet somewhere more comfortable. To be honest I like traditional Korean food. TS: I thought you would like places like this. Ok next time I will take you to a more comfortable and Korean food place. TS looks over and sees that TP is gone.

SY’s mom tells the dad how 35 yrs ago in front of professors and other ppl they vowed that when they got married – when they were miserable or happy –healthy or sick- that they would treasure and love each other and she thinks she kept that promise more than anyone. The dad nods that she did. she says how she wanted to make her family more happy and perfect than others –and be the best mother to her daughter SY – and be the best wife for him and in order to do that she cooked with her own hands and didn’t get outside help and how she did her best and worked hard. He says he knows she did that and that she is a great cook – better than some chefs. Mom: and you had to go and disappoint and betray me to the extent that I cant put up with it? Dad: why are you like this suddenly? Is it cuz what I said about holding her hand? She closes her eyes cuz she is so upset. He tries to explain “that was just…” but she yells at him to shut up (but it sounded more like “syrup or sit up” the way she pronounced it) She says how she decided to forgive him once more cuz life has to go on. she cant waste time making him miserable. He agrees and says she is impressive for being able to move on. The mom continues: but I am still a person –I cant forgive you 100%-don’t even dream about using the bedroom. (he has been sleeping on the sofa in the den-sort of like his “dog house” for getting into trouble by holding some other woman’s hand). She tells him to go (some place I don’t know the word for) early in the morning  and she will only make one meal for him each day– breakfast cuz they eat with SY. Dad says he is sick of this now – she told him to be honest and tell him everything that happened in the past and now she is withholding food again. He says fine- I cant endure anymore too –I can no longer go along with (match) whatever you want anymore –let’s try living separately –isnt that what you want? She says it is.

TB is on the elevator and remembers how SY ordered him to get married cuz she is going to have this baby. After he gets out he runs into SY who walks the other way to avoid him. He calls her and asks to meet now

They are sitting at a bakery. SY says it would have been better to meet at night and tells him to talk cuz she has to go back in within 50 mins. He says how she has a tendency to just state her side and issue orders –yell and stuff so he picked now to meet since it’s a bright day outside. She says she didn’t order him so he says she did – like a hammer. TB: That you want to marry me. SY: yes. TB: cuz there is a baby right? Do you think the whole condition for marriage is pregnancy? Do you think a child is the only link between spouses?  So why would so many people get divorced when they have children. She says she looked into and he is a great catch for a husband. There wasn’t anything bad – you have earning potential/prospects-have passion for your work –good education-and doesn’t lack in looks. With your credentials you could get set up as much as you wanted. The deciding factor is in my stomach – between us there is a baby. There is no reason not to marry you. TB: look here SY shi. SY: I am past the age to date passionately and I am not someone who waits for a (soulmate? Maybe she meant someone she is destined for) she thinks it’s ok to have a marriage where both sides put effort into it. So you should think about it –there are a lot of ppl who get married by trying to understand each other as they go along. TB interrupts and says that word “understanding” and states how he doesn’t have that desire to get married at all. that foundation should be laid out but he doesn’t. she suddenly screams out to lay out that foundation then. Start laying it out now. What do you want me to do when in my stomach there is a baby. She calms down and asks: how about if we start by dating? Let’s give each other a chance to know each other. To be honest we never ate by ourselves just the two of us. And we hardly know anything about each other. There is a saying “as much as you know it shows – as much as you know you love” she says when there is a typhoon going around –will everything work out if you just get angry. She says how they need to accept what happened and look for the right path. TB gulps down his drink and agrees to it: fine let’s try to date. but let’s just go on 3 dates – there is no point in doing more. No matter who it was, I never met anyone more than 3 times. Let’s start with a movie – when should we watch it?

SY’s mom asks her husband what he is doing. He says since she wanted to live separately he is splitting the fridge in half. He will use the right side so she can use the left and he will let her use the vegetable crisper and other drawer for SY’s sake. Mom: what did you say? He complains how some of those side dishes are past their expiration.  How she should have lived being more organized since she is a housewife. He puts his groceries away and says she cant touch this drawer and not even a green onion can disappear. Mom: who said they would take it. Dad: just in case.

MS picks up TS from his work. In the truck she asks if she wore clothes that were too casual-it was cuz she has never been to a concert and didn’t know what to wear. He says it’s ok cuz she doesn’t have to dress a certain way. You said it was a the “art performance hall” right? (Korean word for that famous place is –yae-sul-ae-jung-dang and it’s where all the musicals, plays, and music concerts are held) MS: yes you probably went there a lot cuz you like music. TS: I go often and make sure to go when it’s a Boowal or lee seungchul concert. MS says the group she likes the most is Boowal and cant remember her favorite song that has the word “story” in it so TS tells her it’s called neverending story. She says how much she likes it and sings it. She forgets the lyrics so he has to tell her.

When they get there, TS looks at the tickets and says yesterday was the last day for this concert. MS: really? Then is it over- they don’t do it? TS says yes and that she should have checked the date before they came. She says she thought they would perform. She apologizes. TS: it’s ok – let’s go.

J freaks out over a centipede on her leg and tells herself: I cant lose to a bug – she musters up courage and kills the bug but she is surrounded by more bugs everywhere so she screams “ya – what do I do – die – ahhhhhh” she quickly goes out and scares H who falls back.

J: are you ok? You were surprised weren’t you. H: no I am ok but who are you? J: hi I am baek JE. How about you. H: I am MHA. I live in the house down there with my mom. J: ah so you live here. unni is going to live here in the yard for the time being. She extends her hand to H and says take good care of me. Then J asks her if there is a bathroom outside.

J is horrified to see the state of the outhouse. It’s one of those holes in the ground kind of thing and you have to flush with (no clue where you flush but I hope there is one) J walks away but her tummy ache makes her go back in. she holds her nose and goes in and runs back outside. Then she holds her nose again and goes back in and this time she closes the door behind her. after she is done with her business, she realizes there is no toilet paper so she scries out – what to do. Then she calls out H’s name- then the ahjumma – is there no one outside – ahjumma there is no toilet paper here. Is no one there? ahjussi! There is no toilet paper here.

the family is eating dinner and GM asks what this ghostly sound is. Dad says it looks like J is using the outhouse. GM mutters how J does things to make her be hated more. Dad: but we have to go give it to her –what can we do. He looks at his wife but she keeps eating. Dad says it would be weird for him or TP to go give it to her cuz they are men. He asks GM to go give it to J. GM looks at dad and mom and asks why there are like that – did they fight? You guys are getting older and in front of your old mother in law you are fighting? TP offers to go but dad wont let him. Dad: I will go – I am older so it’s better for me to go. GM yells: where do you think you are going. GM gets up to go and the mom tells her to stay and the mom will go.

J: is no one there? what do I do? There is a knock and a hand reaches out with tissue. J: thank you H- I cant reach so put it in a little farther. TH makes a face and reaches his arm in more. J grabs hold of his hand with both of hers and says : I am sorry H –unni was sitting crouched for too long so my legs fell asleep. TH tries to fan the smell away with his free hand, then when that doesn’t work he holds his nose and then holds his breath. J says-finally she can live now. It got a little better. She takes the tissue and thanks H. she looks at the hand that is moving away. H- why is your hand so big? Aren’t you H? TH closes the door and runs off quickly. J: you are H right?

The mom brings toilet paper for J. J: ajumma did you come out cuz of me? Thank you but H brought me some tissue. The mom tells her to sit. Mom: tell me straight – why did you come here? What are you planning  to do to put up a tent. J: I told you a while ago – I have no place to go right now – that I wanted to stay here for the time being helping out with the farm work. I really wont inconvenience you in any other way –if you just let me stay on the yard – it will be like you don’t even know I am here or not – I will be quiet and not make any trouble. Mom: then all you need is a place to stay – will you leave if I get you a place to stay? J: no you don’t need to I am really ok. Mom: you came for the farm didn’t you? you are trying to get close by doing this. J tries to think of a believable lie and says: no that’s not it- I need to change who I am – as you know I was raised with a lot of pampering –now I am alone in this world so I have to get stronger- that’s how I will survive in this world. Mom: really? so you are saying for sure that you didn’t come for the farm right? J: yes. Mom: then that’s good – if you didn’t come to get the farm then by tonight fold up the tent and leave this home. J:ajumma. Mom: if you want to become stronger –even if it’s not our front yard –you can put the tent up somewhere else and live. My mouth hurts so there is no need to say more –until the sun rises tm –leave this home. I clearly gave you warning. If I see you tm –you and I will fight it out till one of us is left standing.

After J was warned by the mom to leave by tm morning, on her way back J sees TH staring at her tent. She is happy to see him and calls out “ahjussi” TH points to the tent and asks: did you put it up? J:yes. TH: this – why? J: to live here. While living here, I want to work hard to learn about the farm and help out. Like you taught me to prove that I am someone to be trusted/reliable. TH: so you are saying you are going to put up a tent and live here? J: yes – anyway I can’t go in the house –I have to do this to be by ahjumma’s side. It’s a good idea huh?  whether she hates me or not – if I stick by ahjumma’s side like this –like you said – at some point she will open her heart up to me. And give back the farm too. He gives her a look that says – not so sure about that- so she asks: why? Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t trust that I can do it huh? But when I say I will do something I do it. And this (the tent) is so good – I spent my entire savings and bought it. She says in a cute way how it’s the latest model – all in “one touch” and he laughs.

TP heard all that and is furious.

TP goes back in with the blanket. dad asks why he came back in. TP tells the dad to go and give it to J.

Dad goes out with the blanket and says to TH: did you come. TH: yes father. give it to me. TH takes the blanket from him and holds it. To J, Dad explains how the nights are chilly so it will be cold inside the tent so cover yourself with this and sleep. She thanks him and TH puts it inside her tent. Dad says in his heart he wants to put her up in the attic room right away but it’s not working out that way (mom wont let him) J: I am really ok ahjussi. Dad: since it’s late tonight – sleep here for the time being. In the morning, go with me to look for a place for you to stay. The money I told you about last time, I have the $30,000 ready. (that money belongs to TH but he wants to give it to his dad to use for J) J: you really don’t have to do that ahjussi. If I wanted that I would have asked you sooner. I really am ok with the tent. Dad: don’t be stubborn – you aren’t a guy – you are a girl so how could you sleep everyday in the tent? J: I have a sleeping bag and you just gave me a blanket. Also I am a fan of 1D2N so I wanted to sleep outdoors at least once. I am so sad 1N2D is going to be gone – aren’t you too? Dad just stares at her and finally says ok – since you must be tired – go in and sleep. TH let’s go in.

When TH goes into his room, TP is waiting for him. (TP does not speak with respect to TH like his other brothers and speaks to TH like he is the same age or younger) TH asks what he is doing in his room since TP normally doesn’t come in there. TH: I looked into it and you started your part time job again. TP: it must have been a few days ago when you looked into it cuz I quit again. TH: what? TP glares at him and throws the ball at TH. TH: what is this? TP: cant you see how upset mom is? Do you by any chance like that brat outside? TH laughs and asks: what? TP: even if you did –cuz of one brat you betray mom like that? TH: talk so I understand what you are saying. TP: you are the one who taught her to step foot on the farm you punk. Did you buy her that tent too? Did you help her plan out everything till now? You betrayer. You shouldn’t backstab someone like that. What did my mom do for you- how did she raise you! my mom – to be exact your “older mom” (Korean term for TH to call the wife of his dad’s older brother) –to raise you – her own sons –me and younger hyung –she treated us secondary compared to you. when she didn’t know when she could get our (school) supplies or sneakers –when it was time to get your supplies and sneakers –the day before she went to the market and bought your clothes and everything else. No matter what was happening in the house (when they didn’t have enough money) she always made sure you had your pencil case and stuff, your lunch and side dishes, clothes, and shoes –I didn’t want to be petty and say this –(TP mentions how it was TH’s fault that TS didn’t get to pay his college tuition that time and had to postpone his education cuz GM insisted that they spend that money on TH to study English abroad) you remember that too don’t you? but what? “To get the farm back again you have to move mom’s heart?” You taught that to the brat outside? You really are the neighbor’s son. What to do for my poor mom. to receive payment from you like this after she went thru all that effort to raise you. TP starts to walk away and TH feels guilty so he calls out TP’s name. TP turns and punches him. TP: don’t call my name cuz you are the neighbor’s son. TP leaves

MS and TS are at a pochangmacha. He says she offered to buy him a meal so why buy him noodles. MS: when you were younger you used to like noodles. She says how good it is and tells him to taste it. He tries it. MS: how is it? The noodle taste here is really good huh? TS says it’s ok – it’s good enough to eat. MS: that’s good. Let’s have alcohol too. She calls out for a bottle of soju. TS tells her she has to drive but she says it’s ok they can call for a driver. She says they have to drink cuz they lived in one home without knowing they were childhood friends and how unique that is. They say to each other as a cheer – it’s good to see you friend. He tells her to drink slowly. He asks what happened with her and H’s dad. she says not to ask that cuz it makes her lose her taste for alcohol. She says how to be honest they met once when they were 20 yrs old. You don’t remember? TS: we did? MS: by accident at daehakno (an area that has outdoor concerts and stuff) TS says he doesn’t remember. She says on that day he sang to her. TS: I sang? I don’t remember at all- when and where? MS: never mind – I will just be the one who remembers then. It would have been perfect if we had seen the concert today. Let’s make sure to go see a Boowal concert instead ok? I really want to go – I’ll pay for it. We are going together for sure ok? TS gets serious and says he is dating someone now. MS:what? TS: it hasn’t been long since we dated but we are getting to know each other – I am not young so this time I want to do well and get married. I know you are like that cuz you think of me as a comfortable friend but eating and drinking alcohol with you like this –I don’t think it’s being considerate to that person. And I feel sorry too. Cuz you helped with the duck thing I was grateful and accepted to go to the concert today –but if you want to do this again next time –to be honest it’s a burden. MS: it was – you should have told me sooner. TS: I was just saying it’s like that. MS says she should go with H to the boowal concert.

TS piggybacks a drunk MS and puts her down on the stoop. He tells her to wake up. She asks where this is. He says in front of her home. He asks if she is more alert. She asks when he came to her home. He tells her to become more alert cuz if she goes in like this H will be surprised. MS: H – my pretty daughter – she cant be surprised. MS tries to stand but falls back down. He says how he told her not to drink so much and offers to buy her medicine to get out of her drunken stupor. She says it’s ok cuz it will be too much of a bother – she can just sit here for a while and go in. don’t worry and go. I’m ok – since it’s late you have to walk a long way to the main street. Don’t worry and go in. he tells her to get some cold air here for a while and he will run and get her medicine. After he is gone, she mutters -he shouldn’t be so friendly.

J stares at the lamp and gives herself a pep talk: I am not scared – I am not scared –she hugs her dad’s picture and says- I am not afraid at all – even if I turn the lantern off- I can sleep well. She turns it off. And counts – one duck two ducks three ducks….

In the morning, J wakes up and stretches. She says aloud: look – I can do it. Nothing happened and I slept safely. She pets herself on the head saying “You did it baek JE.” She looks at the time and says ajumma must have woken up already.

J runs out and asks the mom if she slept well. J offers to push the wheelbarrow but the mom tells her not to touch it. The duck restaurant owner is coming today so I am being patient. Move aside.

J follows her into the duck pen. J tries to help again so the mom tells her to go away. On a day this important do you have to mess with my temperament. J starts screaming when the ducks come near her. the mom yells at her to move away. The mom pushes her out and closes the door and rolls down the curtain. J says wait a minute but the mom doesn’t listen. The mom tells the ducks to listen well to her at least.

TS, TH, and TP walk by J’s tent. TS says: how can a young lady live alone here like this. How is she going to eat and wash. TP: hyung are you worried about her now? TS: I am worried about everyone- mom and dad too. This is some young lady. J runs over and says hello big ajussi (to TS) TS: were you well too? She tells him to speak comfortably now and call her JE-ah since he is a lot older than her. he says he will do it slowly. Are you really thinking of living here? J: yes help me out ajussi – please speak to ajumma – I really want to help out with the farm work and live well here. TH says to TS: hyung let’s go.

TP suddenly kicks her pot. TP to J: who said you can? Who said you can you brat. Is my mom that much of a joke? Didn’t you hear her tell you to pack up your tent right away? TS to TP: maknae why are you like this? TP to J: why would you help out with the farm- you better pack up your tent and get lost immediately. TS yells out TP’s name. TP to J: get lost while I say it nicely. Next time I will kick the tent. TS asks J if she is ok. TH says to TS let’s go. TH walks off. TS calls after him. TS explains to J that his younger brothers are normally brusque like this. Please be understanding. J says she really is ok.

SY and TB go on their date. he tells her to ride on the passenger side and opens her door. He asks for her key. She thanks him. This is her car.

During the movie she drinks another guy’s coke so TB gives the guy his coke and says it’s new. SY says sorry to TB. He tells her to watch the movie. Sy falls asleep during the movie

SY is eating crabs in a messy way (not lady like or dainty). She asks why he isn’t eating much – do you not like crabs? TB: don’t pay attention to me and eat. She asks how many siblings he has. TB: out of four sons I am the second. SY: then hwang TH is your younger brother? TB: you know TH? SY says how she met him last year and didn’t know that he moved over to detective work. I am an only child a daughter so with my mom and dad it’s a family of 3. It must be nice – maybe it’s cuz I grew up an only child but I am envious of ppl with lots of siblings. What you said yesterday about how you never met any woman more than 3 times – is that true? I thought you would be a player (playboy) she goes back to eating and asks if he isn’t curious about her. aren’t you? you should be polite and ask though (even if you aren’t curious) TB found a hair in the side dish and ignores her. he calls for the owner. TB says how he found hair in the side dish. The man offers to switch it out. TB lectures him saying how the guy should have apologized first cuz it’s not a problem that can be settled with just switching side dishes. SY calls out TB’s name. but TB keeps going and tells the guy that one strand of hair destroyed what should have been fun meal and ruined his mood-how are you going to make up for this. The man apologizes and explains cuz it’s a busy time so he was in a hurry. TB keeps going and SY tells TB to stop. TB tells the guy to check how the restaurant runs cuz TB just found a hair but there could be more problems. SY yells at him to stop. She says sorry to the guy and tells him to go. TB asks calmly what kind of behavior is this now. SY screams out: what are you doing now? Get mad at me instead –you are mad at me right now- why are you taking it out on some innocent person- you didn’t want to go on this date but I forced you so aren’t you annoyed and irritated at me for making you? you dislike me that much? You dislike me so much that you cant even hang in there a few hours? TB: let’s go out and talk. Get up. SY: if you were going to be like this why did you say you would date? it would have been better if you hung in there and said you wouldn’t from the start. TB: I said let’s go outside. SY: you are trying to make a way for you to run away by acting like this aren’t you? “look – I did what you wanted and went on 3 dates so don’t accuse me of not trying anymore-don’t cling to me begging me to marry you anymore” that’s why you are doing this aren’t you – you coward. TB: I don’t have a reason to sit here anymore. I will get up first. She yells at him to sit back down. He stands up to go but she yells out : if you were going to be like this then why did you kiss me you bad guy. The whole restaurant is watching. SY stands up and yells out: you kissed me first-that night you kissed me first –but what? You wont marry me? It was a mistake where you don’t feel anything-where are you going – answer me you coward. She throws a crab shell at him. It lands on his toe. TB crumples in pain. he takes the shell out and limps away. she mutters -you kissed me first

the mom and MS and the duck owner are headed towards the duck pen. the mom goes on about how well she raises the ducks. this scene comes out at the start of E12. when they all go to check out the ducks, the mom realizes she overheated her ducks in this heat by closing the curtains. when she opens the pen door, the ducks do not look so great




Starts from when the mom is meeting with MS and her boss. Her mom has been trying to get this opportunity for some time now to sell her ducks to this restaurant owner. The mom even bribed MS by giving her kalbi and stuff to ask for this favor.

The mom brags to the duck restaurant owner how great her ducks are –that no matter how busy she is she makes time to exercise the ducks at least twice or 3 times a week and give them baths. He asks to see them first and then talk so the mom says of course he needs to see them for himself. That is when MS notices the curtains to the pen are closed and points it out to the mom. (that curtain is used in the winter to keep the ducks warm and in the summer closing it is like suffocating those poor ducks in heat) The mom is shocked and wonders what happened and then remembers how earlier in the morning she had closed them so she wouldn’t have to look at J’s face anymore. The mom runs over to the ducks and is horrified to see how so many of them have been suffering in the heat. The boss remarks that some of them have already died from too much heat. MS says that the mom must have forgotten and closed them cuz why would she close them in this weather. The mom apologizes to the owner for making him come out for nothing. He says it doesn’t look like he can buy any of them today and that it’s too bad. The mom collects the weaker ducklings to take them out for some air before they die.

[* E11 showed that J pitched a tent and camped out in their front yard using all the money she owns to buy the tent and stuff cuz she wants to work next to the mom and learn about farming ]

The mom walks them out and notices J with H (Han ah- the little girl) The mom apologizes to the owner for making him come out so far and promises if he comes by again next time the ducks will not be in this condition and will be in perfect shape. He says he cant make any promises but will call at a later time. MS tells the mom to go in and she will see the owner off and come back

TB comes over and asks why the mom looks like that and if anything happened. The mom hands him the box of ducklings and turns to look at J with a determined look on her face.

H asks J why she doesn’t have a bowl. J explains how H must not know but ramen is meant to be eaten over the lid. The mom’s voice orders H to hurry and get up.  The mom sprays both of them. J screams and asks if the mom is crazy and that the water is cold. Mom says she warned J not to appear in front of her sight. Cuz of you my ducks look like they will die. J yells back that she didn’t do anything to the ducks at all. cuz you closed the door I couldn’t even talk to you. mom: if it wasn’t for you why would I have closed those curtains. Get out – get out right now.

J runs and hides behind the dad. TB tries to get his mom to stop spraying. Dad asks what happened to the mom – are you crazy? The mom sprays the dad directly. TB grabs his mom and tells her to calm down but she sprays him right in the face saying she wont let go of the hose.

TB and the dad are drenched and the mom comes over with drinks for them. She tells them it’s hot tea and to hurry and drink and wash up. Dad: are you giving us the disease and the medicine right now? (popular Korean phrase for when someone does something bad to someone and tries to make up for it with sweetness) TB asks why the mom did that. Mom says I already told you – cuz of that brat I almost lost my ducks. Dad points out the mom made the mistake and closed it so that is not J’s fault. Mom insists she was distracted by J and closed it -otherwise she wouldn’t have been crazy enough to close the curtains. She just got sick of seeing J hanging around ever since morning and closed it and forgot all about it. Dad: so you have to spray her with water? Why spray me? Like I did something wrong – did you have to aim it right at me? Mom: why aren’t you in the wrong? You said you would chase her away this morning. dad: She wont leave so how can I make her- should I do what you did last time and call the police and have her hauled away? TB: mom you did that? That was going too far. (TB wasn’t here when that happened and didn’t know till now) Dad: cant you just wait a little while? Even if she hangs in there – how long do you think she will last. Later we can settle this nicely- why try to chase her out after a day and throw such a fuss. TB agrees this time the dad is 100% right-if you just leave her alone she will get tired of it on her own.

H is wiping the water from J’s hair. J: H today is the first time I realized getting sprayed with water can hurt. H: it hurt? It wasn’t cold? J: it was cold – it hurt -and it made me sad.  H: I was sad too – why was the ajhumma so scary. MS brings J some hot citrus tea to drink and J calls her unni and thanks her. J asks if it’s ok to call her unni. MS says it’s ok. MS asks to speak banmal so J says of course MS can. MS asks why J and the mom are like that. Cuz she heard the rumor that this farm’s original owner was J’s dad. is that true? Also that the contract disappeared and the farm was taken from you – is that true too? Is that why you are hanging in there? J: please don’t ask me questions – it’s a problem for me to explain. MS agrees and says since she is living down here by the house, it would be a problem for MS to know too. (meaning she cant get on the mom’s bad side) J asks if she can shower cuz she hasn’t washed in two day and now on top of that she is soaked. MS hesitates so J promises to keep it a secret from the ahjumma.

Mom walks TB out and glares at the tent. Mom asks why he came if he was going to leave so soon. TB said he came down to get some energy and eat her cooking but all he did was get soaked. She keeps staring at the tent so he tells her to just ignore (J) and the mom claims she wasn’t looking at anything.

TB explains the mom doesn’t need to act this way – since the contract is gone –J will want to do this and hang around but if the mom gives her attention and react like this, it just makes J hang in there more. He advises his mom to stop caring that J is there and totally ignore her. pretend she is invisible – when she goes thru that (being treated as if she wasn’t there) she will get tired –do you understand mom? she tells him to go cuz the cab is waiting.

When J comes back from her shower, her tent is gone. She sees the mom taking it so she chases after her yelling “you cant.” The mom drops her stuff at the front gate. Mom: now do you know I wasn’t joking around? Do you know that I wasn’t trying to play with you so hurry and get your stuff and leave this home. J holds onto the mom’s hand. J: ajumma – just once –just give me one chance. Mom: what chance? J: a few minutes ago I took a shower –after not being able to for two days- I got to shower with warm water –I was so happy and grateful just to be able to shower –after my dad’s accident – so many things happened that I never even imagined could happen so now even showering makes me happy and grateful. Mom says to let go and asks what J is talking about. J: I could change like that for you too. I will be sure to change. You can watch and see how much I change – so much that you never imagined I could –I will kill myself trying. Just give me one chance. Mom: I don’t care – I don’t care if you change or not so hurry and leave. J: ajumma please. Mom: do you want to be hit? Instead of water –this time will you only leave if I beat you? J: yes if you want to hit me – hit me –it’s ok to be hit- I wont flinch if you hit so please just let me stay by your side. Cant you pity me just this once? I have no place to go and no one I know. For now just let me stay by your side for a few months. I don’t want anything else – just let me stay by your side. The mom walks over to J’s dad’s plant to pull it out. J runs over and stops her saying – you cant do that- I was wrong. J cries and begs: I was wrong – I will leave so please don’t pull this out –I will promise that I wont take even one step on your yard without your permission ever again. I promise so please don’t pull this out. This is my dad’s last present (that I gave him)–this has to be alive for my dad to come back alive-even though no one in the world believes me – I believe – my dad will come back so please – just not this (don’t pull it out). Mom: you promised. If you ever step foot on the yard – in that moment I will pull this out. With tears running down her face, J nods “yes.” J stands there frozen – still in the begging position as the mom walks away.

The mom goes and sits down. You can tell having to hurt J like that got to her a bit. (*I dare anyone not to bawl thru this scene as they watch)

J crouches by the plant and then gets up and puts her belongings by the plant and walks over to a neighbor’s home and asks to use their hose to wash down her tent. They give her permission. J watches the happy family eating as she washes the tent

TS’s date arrives 30 mins before they were meant to meet. She came to his work. She says she wanted to look around his hospital and wanted to see him 30 mins earlier so she drove fast over here. TS is totally happy and invites her to sit and gets her a drink. She mentions how the teacher already left to meet them (he is the one who set them up in the beginning and it happens to be SY’s dad) and he had asked how they felt about eating duck cuz there is a great duck restaurant nearby. She says how she loves duck dishes. TS beams: you do? Then of course we should go there.

They all end up at MS’s restaurant where she works. TS doesn’t even notice her cuz he only has eyes for his date. MS looks jealous. SY’s dad remarks – now that he is sitting across from them – they look good together. He thought they would be suitable for each other but didn’t know they would be this much. TS laughs and tells him to eat a lot cuz today TS is paying. MS brings their cups over and TS finally notices her and says her name. the date asks if TS knows MS. He starts to explain –yes, at the home downstairs from us…MS interrupts and finishes his sentence inaccurately and says they live together. Everyone is shocked so TS laughs it off and clears it up that MS lives separately in the home down from theirs. MS adds they went to the same school together as kids too. TS: after living like that for a few months – I found that out later. MS scowls at him.

SY’s dad urges the date and TS to feed each other. MS notices that TS dropped his wallet on the floor and kicks it away and hides it. After they eat, SY’s dad tells the date to hold onto TS cuz there aren’t many guys like him. MS rushed over to man the register so she would be the one to take the money. She tells TS the food came out to $57 but he cant find his wallet. SY’s dad offers to pay but TS says it’s ok. TS whispers that he doesn’t have his wallet and asks her if it’s ok to pay her at home. She says no she will get in trouble with her boss so TS asks her to lend him the money. She says she only has $7 on her right now-what to do. He asks if she is going to be so cheap but the date comes in so TS tells her there is no problem and he will be out outside in a minute. The date hands MS her credit card to pay with it –she asks if he forgot his wallet cuz she does that too. TS thanks her.

*There is something about his date I don’t trust – on their first date you could tell she didn’t like him and yet she sends him texts saying “sleep well” and goes along with his lame jokes and stuff. Underneath it all tho I don’t sense sincerity.

At work TH gets a call from SR who is drunk. She says she is having a hard time.

TH goes to pick her up. When she sees him she says “you really came” and tries to hug him so he tells her to come to her senses. SR: the one who needs to come to her senses isn’t me – it’s baek JE. The one who got in through bribery baek JE. SR tries to drink again so TH takes it away telling her to stop. SR: I said it’s correct that it’s baek JE. Getting accepting thru bribery, besides baek JE there is no one else. Even if there was, you will never be able to find out who it is. TH: what? SR: give up. With your strength, there is no way you will find that person.

On the car ride home, TH replays what SR just said- Even if there was, you will never be able to find out who it is.

As he tries to get her to wake up, he notices that the contents of her bag spilled out so he picks them up and notices a small shiny pen. He helps her get out and rings the bell and gives his name and that he came with SR. her dad opens the door and sees his drunk daughter. He asks if TH drank with her and TH says -no – he got a call from her asking him to take her home.

J has pitched her tent right outside their yard and is surrounded by neighbors. GM and TP pull up and GM wonders how J ended up outside by the front gate. TP notes that J also brought her tent along. GM is mortified and says: how embarrassing. GM has a hard time getting the seat belt off so she kicks the truck calling it a “crap car” TP tells her not to fight with the car and (do something about J)

TP and GM stand behind the others listening to what is going on. While J is eating her ramen, neighbors are asking if J is the one who got hauled off to the police station last time. what did you mean when you yelled “give me back my farm” -this ojakkyo was originally yours, but did this family take it from you? come on and tell us – if there is something that is unfair you should talk about it. J stops eating suddenly and asks the ajumma if she has any leftover cold rice to eat with the ramen. The lady says she has a lot and will give J as much as she wants so just talk – is it true this farm is yours? GM yells at the neighbors -why they are asking so much about their farm. J greets the GM so GM asks what J is doing here. J: I made ramen and was eating it cuz I didn’t eat anything all day. GM speaks nicely since the neighbors are listening: what I was asking was how did you end up outside by the front gate. J: ajumma told me not to take one step on the yard so that’s why. Neighbor jumps to conclusions that the family isn’t even letting J step foot on the farm. GM yells at them – you sure do have a lot of interest in other people’s business. GM speaks nicely to J explaining how the mom must have been mad about something so how could J take those words seriously. Hurry and go in. J: I can really do that? GM tells TP to move all of J’s belongings. She tells J to put the lid on her ramen pot and carry that in first and the rest of your stuff TP will take it over for you. hurry. J is happy and takes her pot and follows the GM. Neighbor asks TP to answer – who is that young lady? What happened to the farm? TP: our ajumma is curious about too many things.

TP moved everything so J thanks the GM and TP (J calls him youngest oppa) TP: don’t smile – we didn’t bring you back in here cuz we like you –we were trying to avoid the onlookers. J: I know – GM I will really behave here (and not cause trouble) please relay that well to the ajumma. GM tells TP to go in. J calls out : thank you GM – sleep well. Sleep well too youngest oppa. After they are gone, J notes that her ramen has soaked up too much soup but she decides to eat it anyway cuz starting from tm she has to work hard.

The mom hears what J did – put up her tent by the front gate. GM explains that is why they brought J back into the yard. Mom: you brought her back. GM: then what do we do when the whole neighborhood was looking. If you were going to chase her off you should have done it better. Mom complains about J being back after all she did to chase J off and says “I can’t allow this.” GM is offended and asks if they have that kind of relationship where the mom has to give the GM permission to do something (meaning GM is older so what she said should matter more) The mom asks for the GM to let her handle this matter – with other stuff the mom was never this obstinate. GM stand up and asks: did you by any chance steal the contract? Is that why you are like this? Is that why you cant stand seeing that girl outside? (meaning that it gets to the mom-jabbing at her conscience) The dad and TP look on surprised waiting for the mom to answer. The mom pretends to be hurt by that accusation –so much that she doesn’t know how to express it in words. I am hurt and sad. After 40 yrs of living together as a family – in your eyes your daughter in law looks like that kind of person? GM makes her point too – she knows the kind of person the mom is and even tho she can be harsh sometimes, the GM doesn’t get why the mom has it in for J so much. The dad agrees with his mom’s words. Dad: what did TB say- he told you to leave her alone. If you leave her alone she will get tired on her own. to be honest I cant understand why you are bothering J this much. TP agrees too and admits he didn’t feel great when those neighbors were questioning J like that. They all stare at the mom to see what she will do next but she just goes into the kitchen.

TH comes home and sees J nodding off sitting on her chair. He remembers TP’s words – cuz of one brat you betray mom like that? You are the one who taught her to get close to get the farm. You shouldn’t backstab someone like that. How did my mom treat you? how did she raise you! TH sighs and walks by. J wakes up and sees him. “ajusshi you are just coming home now?” TH tries not to make eye contact with her. J: did something bad happen? You look like you aren’t in a good mood. Wait a minute ajusshi I have a question… she stops talking when she notices his black watch.

She holds his hand up to her face to get a better look. Flashback to the outhouse scene when TH reached in and gave her tissue and J clung to his hand – thanking him. TH pulls his hand away. TH: why are you like this? J: that hand – did you by any chance give me tissue? TH: what? No. that never happened. J: that cant be it – it was similar to this watch. TH: are you talking in your sleep? Just keep sleeping. He tries to leave again but she holds him back asking for a minute cuz she has a question. TH: what is it? J gets ready to write down the hours that his mom wakes up in the morning to work. I have to know in advance to match the time with her. today I woke up around 5:10 but she was already awake. What time does she wake up then? TH notices her shiny pen and remembers how SR had the exact same one so he says “wait a minute” and snatches it out of J’s hand as she was writing. She says that hurt. He asks where she got the pen. Did you buy it? J: why? My dad gave it to me and my dad said he got it as a present from somewhere. TH: your dad baek inho? Lend it to me for a few days. J:why? TH: I need it for an investigation. TH walks off with it so she remarks she hasn’t given permission yet. J: ok but you cant lose it.(she realizes she never got an answer so she calls out again) I asked what time ajumma wakes up. J makes a fist like she wants to hit him and says : I was going to treat him nice but…

SY’s mom notices TB on the news and remembers his name and searches him on the internet. She makes positive and negative remarks. She hears a crashing sound in the kitchen. SY’s dad is making some kind of flour cakes – about 40 or 50 for chuseok. he says how fun it is or maybe he has a knack for this and wonders if he should live the rest of his life as a cook. He tells her to wait and he will make hers too.

SY wait to have meeting and TB didn’t show up. The guy says there must be a lot of traffic and that TB isn’t picking up the phone. SY starts without TB.

The guy asks why TB didn’t show up for the meeting and if TB is going to do whatever he wants now. TB gives the excuse he had to edit something that was urgent. He asks if SY left. The guy says he doesn’t know but then he sees SY and says she hasn’t left yet. She walks over and says at least TB should come to the meetings but he walks away while she is still talking. She calls out his name

In the car she tries various texts – yesterday I overreacted –then she tries – I didn’t have a control over my emotions I’m sorry- then – I understand – then she just sends this one – give me a call.

There is a press conference and TH’s boss closes the case involving professor seo that TH was working on – citing lack of evidence. TH grips the pen in anger

His partner comes over and tells TH to forget everything now. Cuz if TH persists, it will only be hard on TH. TH holds out the pen. He asks what that is. TH says they are going to use this to continue looking into the whole baek in ho thing and if they can figure out where this came from, they are going to continue investigating.  TH: if you want to drop out – drop out cuz I can invest and bring this out into the open on my own all the way till the end. TH leaves and the guy says: how can I drop out and leave you behind. He is really strong

Next morning the mom comes out and J greets her. the mom remembers TB’s advice to totally ignore J and treat J as invisible. J follows her: where are you going? J makes notes of all the items the mom picks up from the shed and offers to get the same things ready but notes there are only one item each so she writes down the things she needs to prepare- hat – gloves- etc. J: ajumma let’s go together.

J tries to weed without a trowel looking thing but she cant use her bare hands so she tells the mom that she needs the trowel to do this and offers to dig up weeds for the mom “cant I do it? Let me do it- or couldn’t you let me do some other work I can do? I am really strong”

When the mom moves onto picking peppers, J says she can do this well since she doesn’t need that trowel. She watches how the mom does it and guesses the mom picks only the big ones. J picks some and offers them up but the mom rejects them. J: I followed what you did and picked them so what did I do wrong? Teach me ahjumma

TH walks by and SY was there asking his partner some questions. TH and SY greet each other.

He brings her a drink and she thanks him. She asks why he didn’t tell her that he moved to (dongusuh-no clue what this is) if I knew I would have come to see you sooner. TH: sorry –things kept happening so I was too preoccupied. you still work at IBC don’t you? she nods yes. TH: to be honest my brother is there at IBC too. She says TB’s name. TH: you knew? SY: last time you came to the studio. I saw you then. I am on the same team as TB (she refers to him as reporter hwang) –but how could brothers be so different? Is he really your real brother? The younger brother is well mannered, nice, and caring. TH says modestly: you are totally wrong about how you see the younger brother. But how is my brother? It looks like you are holding back what you want to say. SY: he is rude/awful –he is cowardly – selfish- irresponsible (and some other negative adjectives) –he has times when he is like that. TH: you are right about him being rude and selfish but he isn’t cowardly or irresponsible. At home he is the most responsible person –after he graduated college he should have gone directly and worked at the station-the year before last when he began working at the station at his (late) age-it was all for our parents sake. At that time our dad made a huge debt so hyung put a stop to his dream and chose a job where he could earn a lot of money. It must not have been easy –but without saying one word about how hard it was – he repaid all that debt and started work late at the broadcasting station. I am not making excuses for him as his family member. She says it’s good to hear this. TH gets a call and steps away to take it.  SY calls TB. TB ignores it. Then he calls her and asks if she has time at night. SY: yes it’s ok. TB: then let’s meet at the bakery at the intersection- he changes his mind –if it’s ok can let’s meet at my officetel – just in case like last time you might yell when there are a lot of people. She agrees to meet him there.

J is reading up about plants and farm stuff and smells the food in the air and says : it smells yummy – they must be making food cuz of chuseok. It must be so yummy – I am so hungry.

GM asks how many more skewers she has to make – isn’t it too much? The mom says they should give some to someone but the GM says not to make anymore if it’s for that. The dad comes in and says TB isn’t picking up his phone and must not be able to come. The mom says TB loves the fried peppers and asks if the youngest is home.

TH goes into TP’s room and tells TP to stand up so they can talk. TP: get out I don’t have anything to say to you. TH: I am not thinking of making excuses. TP: even if you do I don’t want to hear it. TH: ok I betrayed mom. TP: ya – I said I didn’t want to hear. TH: even tho I did – it wasn’t cuz of what you thought. TP: shut your mouth – I don’t want to hear it. TH: I did it for my sake. TP gets out of bed and calls TH “this punk” and kicks TH in the leg. TP: it must have hurt a lot but why aren’t you yelling? TH: stop it now. I am still your hyung. TP: what hyung – ya – neighbor’s son – get out. I don’t even like looking at your face. TH: stop calling me the neighbor’s son. There is only so much I can tolerate. I am your hyung and I am not the neighbor’s son. TP: neighbor’s son – ya neighbor’s son – hit me – you cant can you? since you did something that even a neighbor’s son wouldn’t have done. TH grabs him in a neck hold and they fight. Dad comes in and asks what they are doing. Stop it! They separate. Dad: ever since you were young you guys always fought –now that you are older you still cant fix that bad habit – how old are you two now to fight. TP: dad this time I didn’t do anything wrong. This kid…dad yells at TP for calling TH that. Dad: what did I say? I told you I wouldn’t leave you alone if you called your hyung “kid” one more time. dad to TH: you were wrong too. If a younger brother rudely acts out –you have to punish him and scold him and make sure he doesn’t do it again. Why just let that happen. You have to act like a hyung. If you are older you have to behave like it – why are you fighting like kids. Write out a repentant letter and bring it to me by tm morning. TP: dad!  the dad tells the two of them to take some pancakes to TB’s officetel. TP: why go together – let Tae….TP stops and corrects himself and calls TH the right way saying “send hyung alone cuz I am busy.” Dad: you punk what are you busy with me – I have been patient watching you do nothing. The two of you have to go – if one of you runs off I am going to call TB and confirm. When you get there call and talk on speaker. Got it? Why aren’t you replying. Both say yes.

SY’s dad asks if TS is still meeting up well with that girl. TS says yes and it’s all thanks to the dad. he says that when TS gets married, TS has to buy the dad a suit (tradition in korea if a set up goes well you buy clothes to thank the person) TS: of course he will. He asks what book the dad is reading and the dad says a cook book. The dad advises TS never to speak honestly when a woman says “it’s ok be honest and tell me and I will be understanding about everything” after you say whatever – for over a hundred days afterwards they will make you regret it.

After work TS gets a box from manila from a woman named angelica. He goes home and opens it and seems shocked by the contents-a mug with a picture of him and a Caucasian woman on it – a planner- a pen- and a letter. He seems disturbed to have the box in the same room

SY practices what to say in the elevator – I will apologize for what happened yesterday – but just cuz I did that – how could you leave like that. Did I do it for no reason? Ok I am sorry. I said I was sorry so stop it.

She goes to meet TB and he welcomes her. she brought him something she heard he liked. He asks her to sit. SY: for what happened yesterday I will apologize – normally when you are pregnant it’s hard to get a hold of your emotions –even over little things you get irritated and overreact they said. So I hope you understand. TB: ok I understand. SY: thank you for understanding. Is your toe ok- you didn’t get hurt? TB: it’s ok I can tolerate it. Can I talk now? SY: go ahead. TB: at 21 I fell for someone at first sight – I had a woman I loved for ten years. I loved her a lot. To be exact I was crazy for her –cuz of her my life turned around (crazy?). I quit my first job and preparing for the broadcasting test – I did it for that person’s sake. she wanted to see my face through the screen. Cuz back then that person was preparing to study abroad –she put up with me being in the army 3 yrs-cuz of personal problems – we couldn’t hurry and get married right away so she waited for me –after everything was all ready –when starting the broadcasting station was right in front of my nose –she left. While she was studying abroad she met someone new. After that –no matter who the woman was I couldn’t meet her more than 3 times –for a while cuz I wanted to get married – I was introduced to a lot of women and met them and gave it a lot of effort-but that is when I realized – a guy like me couldn’t do it – that there was something even hwang TB couldn’t do with effort- I realized that for the first time-you are right – that I cant even hang in there for a few hours with you, I don’t like the woman who is CSY (her name)-tm and from now on too– no matter how much I try –this wont change. But despite that – cuz of the baby and feeling responsible – if I have to marry –more than anything I feel like I am committing a big sin to my life and after that to you and the baby – it will cause you a big scar and it will be committing a big sin to you-instead of a few years later- I rather be a “b*&^^%”  now. I am sorry I cant marry you. let’s just end it here. SY: 3 yrs ago – my left breast had a lump and I had surgery – (something about the right one having problems too) so the hospital said it would be difficult for me to get pregnant- but something I didn’t even think about-in one night I got pregnant –that mistake you are talking about –to me it’s a miracle – that is why I want to have it- this baby that found me like a miracle – I want to have it. That is my decision. TB: then do that –if you want that I wont stop you.have the baby.  if you need child support– I will give it to you – this is the best that I …she suddenly hits him. SY: what did you say? All you can say is child support. TB: then what do you want to do now –you said you wanted to have that baby. SY: is this someone else’s baby? It’s our baby. It’s our baby that you and I made. How can you say that without feeling anything. TB: I am not saying it like it doesn’t matter. Don’t act like you are the only victim –I feel like I will go crazy too – I struggled and struggled and said this. TH and TP listen outside the door as TB says he cant get married no matter what and you have to have that baby –in this situation is there another solution? Is there? SY: fine. Write out that you will give up your parental rights.  (relinquishing his rights as a parent) TB: what? Write what? SY: write out that you will give up your parental rights- no matter what you will have nothing to do with the baby. Write out a contract. If you write this – you don’t have to marry me and I don’t need your child support –I wont cling to you anymore so write out the contract. TB: fine I will write it. The doorbell rings and TP asks: hyung are you home- brought you side dishes.


23 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E11 and E12

  1. Alexandria says:

    Thanks so much, Softy! Now I can have a place where to discuss the latest episodes. ^^ I must say that the mom is so scary. I think that she gets more angry with J because she knows, that she’s the one who is wrong and unfair, not J.


    • Softy says:

      you totally got that right – it’s her guilt making her be so mean – tonight her family sensed that and called her out on it. that is why she had no choice but to back off and let J back on the yard. she totally acted like a woman who is guilty cuz no one would be this mean to J unless she was scared of something and in this case – the mom is afraid her family will know what she did.
      right now the mom still knows her limits. she didnt pull out that plant cuz she was showing mercy.that means there is still a side of her that is decent. she was willing to cross the line and steal the contract but pulling out that plant is killing J’s hope and the mom isn’t ready to go that far yet – thank goodness


  2. yossie says:

    Thanks Softy…

    I’m really sorry for ranting here. This episode makes me hate the ahjumma a lot. This ahjumma… really… first she stole the letter (I know I bring this again), she put all the blame on J, and if those are not enough she chased away J from her own farm.
    I dont really like the idea of J’s camping on the yard. It’s just a little bit uncomfotable for me. I’d rather have J gone for working outside and spent her evening there (or vice versa).
    Anyway.. I wonder what did the 4th son say to TH on episode 11?


    • Softy says:

      you are going to have a whole different person to hate when I get done translating what TP said to TH cuz it’s downright mean. TP is the character I dislike the most – even tho the mom is evil now, I see her turning around a lot faster to the good side. but TP is hopeless cuz he is carrying this grudge. basically that fight was TP complaining that TH doesnt have the right to backstab their mom like that – when they were growing up, she made sure that TH always had new school clothes and pencils and notebooks even tho she couldnt afford to get them for her other kids (like TP), she always made sure to get TH’s stuff (she was probably trying to make up for the fact that TH lost his dad and not having his own mom around) TP listed all the sacrifices the mom made for TH so that is why TP was so mad at TH for betraying the mom and helping J out by giving her the tip to cosy up to the mom. that is the reason why TH is trying to stay arm’s length away from J so that he doesnt betray his mom again by being nice to J.


      • yossie says:

        I knew it! He will always bring this matter again and again.
        I have an impression that TP feels jealous to TH, maybe because of TH is way better than him and his parent and family treat him better.


  3. AVE says:

    Yay thanks Softy for the recaps. I think UEE is blossoming as an actress in this show.


    • Softy says:

      if you notice her scenes are the only ones I translate in full cuz those times when she gives herself pep talks makes me cry each and every time. Uee is doing a wonderful job with this character – she sounds cute in real life too cuz when she was filming those ramen scenes – she didnt want to stop eating after the director yelled “cut” cuz she said it tasted good. 🙂


  4. nik says:

    i saw subs in kimchidrama i think up to ep4. but didnt watch it so dont know if it’s good


  5. HeartInfinite says:

    It’s fine if you shorten your recaps. They’re quite lengthy even now ^^ Anyways, there are hard subs out for episode 6. You can watch it here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/09/ojakgyo-brothers-episode-6.html You can also watch it here: http://www.jacinda1st.com/2011/08/ojakgyo-brothers-english-subtitles.html

    These are youtube links, so I’d watch them quickly before they get deleted for copyright infringement.


    • HeartInfinite says:

      Oh yeah, and is anyone else curious about the mysterious package from Manila that Tae Shik received in his office?? There was a picture of him with a foreign girl on the coffee mug. One possibility is that he had a secret marriage with her and that’s why he was so freaked out. But that’s wayyy too makjang….Maybe she’s an ex-girlfriend turned stalker? I have seriously no idea. If it was just a past relationship, why was he so nervous and upset about that package?? This is getting really mysterious~~ I’d really like to hear your ideas Softy 🙂


  6. Marie says:

    Thank You so much for your recaps I am loving this drama and I especially enjoy the scenes between TB and SY even though it’s getting a bit sad the way he is treating her.
    Thanks a lot again for your hard work


  7. ck1Oz says:

    Sigh.I read the ending then when to watch it.Sigh…why why?I don’t have the time.I will have to start reading your recaps and watch the scenes I am interested in now 🙂

    Man you’re feeding our addiction.Thanks dear.


  8. Oxa says:

    Thanx Softy!
    When watching without subs one can think that TP likes J and was jealous of TH. His only good side is loyalty to the family, except TH.
    I watch this show only for Uee so sometimes it’s really hard to see how the whole family treats her character. I want to see some good things happening to her. I wonder if her father is somehow alive..


  9. Oxa says:

    And when will we have some romance? I’d like TH to fall for J first and fall hard, because it’ll be more satisfying. I feel pity for MS and SY. They are disregarded(


  10. SKY-HIGH says:

    just wanted to note that darksmurf sub group almost finished subbing ep1-8. Here is the link


  11. Bella says:

    I don’t understand something.

    You recapped eps 3, 4, 10 and 11.

    Where are the recaps for the other episodes?


  12. Softy says:

    I picked up this drama too late so there were a lot of eps to catch up on. they were subbed already so I skipped 1&2 cuz ppl told me they were done and now e5-7 are done too – see the link under heartinfinite. 🙂 but this weekend I have to finish e11 and then cover the new ones E13&E14. I have to wait till I have time to do E8 – E10. They aren’t exactly that easy to do quickly.


  13. mizweng says:

    am starting to like this drama too and am so happy that you are transcapping it… i know its hard work and i do appreciate you doing this… i am not particularly liking UEE (maybe because i hated her in YAB) but I have to admit she’s getting better as an actress… i hope to at least take out that awful first impression at the end of this drama… your work is a great help… thank you ms.softy….


  14. MJShinshi says:

    so TH is really not their biological son? I started watching the 1st 4 eps and that’s what I sensed from what the other brothers kept mentioning.. someone always seems to bring up that point in every episode…grandma callls TH her baby, so who are his parents??? I am so falling for this show slowly but surely 🙂 mighty glad you are doing this softy! I need to catch up to what 14 is it now… SOAW sure left me with no drama to watch over the wkend tho too many things going on cannot really marathon this to be up n arms with the recaps….will do soon…


  15. Sweetescapee says:

    Are you Korean or like can you understand Korean???
    I’ve been waiting for ep9 and thanks for recalling it but do you know where to get the English subtitles for ep9 and above , I really appreciate your recap but I’d like to watch asweelll
    Please and. thank You


  16. dee says:

    Dear Softy.
    Thankyou for your recap of this drama. As before, I chickened out watching OB because the number of episode. But your recaps tease me to watch this drama.
    Recently, I bought OB’s dvd (mmhh.. not original one) and watch it marathonly. My netbook don’t have any access to dvd player so I watch it on TV. And now I recap per 10 episode in my language, Indonesian.

    For the picture, as I can’t capture OB’s picture from television, I take fanderay screencaps and upload them. I hope you don’t mind.


  17. jazz says:

    i just started picking up this series again and i really hate the mother even though she bug by her action i still hate her why is she so scared of having j take the farm back when it’s her originally.


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