Protect the boss E12 and “PTB Special” recap

I came this close to crying during this scene. It was the first time J said sorry to M and meant it with every fiber of his being. J knows what he took away from M – if anyone should know how special E is, of course it’s J. That is why he is willing to do anything to hold onto her -even if it means going against his own father’s wishes, giving up his home and wealth, and even if it means he has to break his cousin’s heart. I love that J realizes now how much M means to him – they grew up with each other like brothers and J is willing to make sacrifices for M- but just not her. Giving up E is the limit that J can’t and won’t cross. As he rested his head against M’s, for the first time I realized that through all the actions J has taken so far to hang onto E’s love, J earned the right to keep her.

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As promised doing the special live here:

NT: narrator

J: real actor’s initials

PTB X-files

The intro is cheesy cuz they interacted scene from the drama and dubbed voices saying what this special is going to include – ngs and interviews and stuff

M’s line was funny – his dubbed part says – why are they filming the kiss scene like that, when it was hard for me to hold her hand even

the real J talks about his character: even tho he lacks – he is cute – does what he wants. when my dad throws something at me and I throw something back at him -it’s fun

they talk about how JD kicks J so much and J gets hit by E and MR too

the actress that plays E says : there is only one reason for receiving love (from the audience)- cuz I am different from other female leads

how NES doesnt know how to give up and keeps trying to help J overcome his phobia. she isnt just J’s secretary she became someone who needs to be next to his side

the narrator talks about M. jaejoong says how he didnt do well on the scene where he acts drunk- if i do it over now i can do it better – show my expression well.

the person who comforts M when he feels down is NES. jaejoong says how M cared about work so when E comes into his life he enjoys life and has confidence

actress who plays N says how her character tries to show how perfect she is but after she meets with E, N shows more cute sides

N says how cute JD is for calling his mom “mom” so much when he is old. the actor who playes JD explains how he read the script and the way he read/interpreted the script was that even tho he is getting older he sees his mom just his mom

behind the scenes

J: in other dramas I fight cool and in this drama the action scenes are just hair pulling

jaejoong: it was fun and as you can see – the way he girly slapped J was J’s idea

J touches jaejoong alot like pet his hair – touch his shoulder- touch his back so NT says “just let us love”

kiss scenes

the first kiss – they discussed a lot before they did the kiss scene-how to do it and how to react after it

stair kiss – actress says: this wont be fun but I worked hard. they did the kiss over and over so Narrator says – you are working too hard. *omg J almost tried to french kiss so she pulled away and talked about the shot of the angle (wonder if that was on purpose)

car kiss. Narrator: they both looked nervous – as soon as they finished they looked awkward cuz M didnt know what to do with his hands. N says how they didnt get to shoot the kiss scene the night they planned to and had to push it back the next night.

picnic kiss – they didnt kiss at all. N had an allergic reaction to the grass so she got a rash from that scene on her legs but that was the only hard part of that scene and the rest was fun she said

airport scene, J had to act with the camera attached to him so the camera director told him to be careful with the camera as he fell

during the kids crossing the street JD yelled at the kids for real telling them how to run across the street and stuff – so cute

N talks about how the female leads have to run with high heels. the actress says before on dramas my characters didnt wear heels much but this drama – I thought “women in this world sure do suffer.” normal height for her heels are ten inches high so off camera or when only her face is shown she wears flats or sneakers so does N. actress who plays N: I try to wear comfortable heels cuz there was no way to avoid it cuz the script calls for high heels

when they shot the scene where E drags J out of bed and he is wearing his boxers, J wore pants during each time they didnt shoot cuz it was embarrassing for him to be in his boxers.

micky came and gave them food as a surprise gift. he held onto jaejoong’s hand.

J thanks his fans for loving PTB.


afterJD tells M not to tell his mom JD kicked him in the butt M laughed and made an NG

when E sang she made an NG

after the slap scene JD laughed so they have to redo the scene and the actress has to get slapped again

when J said his dad’s butt was too big JD made an NG said – “what is big?”

M laughed during the elevator scene when N was behind them

every time J made funny sounds with his mouth in the elevator scene everyone kept laughing

J is cute when he makes NG’s – he smiles and bows and says “I wont do it again” or “what am I going to do I am going crazy” “please-I’m begging” 

there were lots of Ngs for the scene where J spoke english. he got a thumbs up from the actress after he got thru it but messed up during the korean line

kissing scene NG. car kiss was a long kiss. she spoke before his line was over

stair kiss scene – they show again from behind how J really went for it so she stops him and says you said you would turn your head cuz dont know from which angle shot it will be seen

the can kicking scene took lots of shots

E sniffled so you can hear J’s voice off camera – will redo this after she blows her nose

M and E’s bike scene – she fell off her bike during the fountain shot

the dog had Ngs – he doesnt pay attention to where the camera is until they show him food

how they shot the fight scene at the bar on the first episode, she fell down.

when she ran and did all those scenes for his coffee errands. omg she fell on her knees a lot and her knees got red

jaejoong admits he makes the most NGs and so did some other actors. he says “sorry” each time so NT dubs him king of NGs

MM laughs a lot during her lines with JD

during the drunk scene, JD yelled at his mom to take his pants off but the actress who plays GM just hit his pants where the button is cuz she couldnt bring herself to undo his pants 

car kiss scene NG – M’s hand is on the steering wheel then off the wheel after the kiss

they compare popular scenes about how chaebols behave and compare it to other dramas

how JD breaks the image of chaebols – when JD ran kicked jang’s seat from the back. when he chased after kim, when he rode on the wheelchair

there were just too many comparisons and the narrator talked too fast to follow

questions from the audience

they go to J’s home and show the inside -it’s really a jewelry shop so J’s fan club comes and takes a lot of pics – and the elevator doors that dont close until the right time are all fake doors and some guy pushes the doors shut

some instructor says E and J took the pulse the wrong way and corrects them

they showed a real secretary she says the stuff E does is for fun and if she had a boss as good looking at J she would be willing to go and wake him up cuz in real life secretaries dont do that

they ask what J keeps in those backpacks – script and clothes

cuz N cries a lot and her mascara runs, ppl tell her to use waterproof makeup

J talks about staying up all night and even now it’s 5 am so he doesnt know what’s going on 

M messes up his closing remarks so they laugh and say he is messing up and making an NG on just the closing -poor thing

the actors tell the audience to have a good chusuk and have fun watching PTB

wow that was one long special -2hrs

The most elusive scene in a Kdrama ever – where everyone just gets a long. Look carefully cuz this may never come again in our lifetime. 🙂


*** I marked scenes that are noteworthy for humor -moving-or omg I can’t believe this just happened

Protect the boss E12

After the hug, M doesnt say a word and gets in his car and leaves. E watches him and then turns and sees J standing there. J: did you settle everything and then came back. fine-there was no need to go so far as to hug but I will be cool and overlook it. E smiles at him. 

M sees N getting out of a cab. she complains the cab should have taken her up to her home. her shoe hurts and she leans against his car. M asks if she is ok. she thought he was a stranger and says she is ok so dont bother about it.  she sees that it’s M so she says how surprised she was cuz she thought he was a strange guy. M: you look fine. he rolls up his window but she blocks it so he yells at her cuz it’s dangerous to do that.  she gets in his car. M: i am tired so get out. she says how she had a dinner gathering with her staff but they left without her and put her in a cab saying how she is drunk but she isnt drunk at all. M:so? N: wanna go for a drink? M: said I was tired. N: why-did something bad happen? your face doesnt look well. M: are you not going to listen? he yells at her to get out of the car

E: you should have stayed at home – why did you come again? J: I came cuz I had something to say. also you must have forgotten but no matter what the situation you have to pick up your phone before it rings twice. E: oh yeah – I forgot. J: you did? then remember it again. E: I will see but what is it that you wanted to say? J: before that I will ask a question. did M say he didnt like it? did he say it was uncomfortable to see you in once office?  she shakes her head no. J: good – from now this is what I wanted to say. (he lists some conditions she has to follow.) 1-whatever the reason you will cancel the transfer. if you dont listen I will show you properly what a person in charge can do. he threatens to send her off to some remote location (like the korean version of siberia) 2- I am hungry so feed me. E:what? J: look here NES- I didnt even eat dinner and kept waiting for you here being all nervous and pitiful- after watching the two of you my heart was aching and I used up a lot of energy so I need food. so give me food. E calls MR

*** MR made bibimpap and E and MR are enjoying it but J looks miserable. J: give me something else – this food is making me dizzy. there are too many things in it and everything messy is mixed in. it doesnt look good plus there are too many things in it that i dont like. E tells him to just eat it and MR says he is talking like ice cream -how can you put down korea’s food bibimpap. J points out the way ppl live are similar (meaning him and N) the bibimpapa I know is not this messy.  MR tells him to be quiet and eat – she will scoop it like ice cream and she gives him a huge spoonful and makes him say “ah” and threatens to punch him if he doesnt open up. E tells him to say “ah” but J asks – can all this go in if I say “ah”- MR feeds him. she talks to him like he is a baby – oh you are eating so well – it’s yummy right?

N says she will go so M apologizes. she says it’s ok cuz she it’s her fault for not sensing. M: it’s not you – it’s me – I am mad at myself – I couldnt lie -I couldnt be honest-acting this way and that way- in the middle –  it would have been better to get mad and tell  her to go and get lost or cling pitifully saying “dont go” but I couldnt do anything at all -that is what makes me mad. N: I want to cheer you up but I dont know what to do. will you teach me? what should I do.  M: it’s ok if you dont know.  N: I know I just thought of it- at this time- E – no MR taught me. and sings.

N takes M to singing room. he doesnt like her singing. then he sings. he sure looks like a whole different person when he sings – the way he holds the mike

***J hears about what E was told to do -he guesses his dad made her – to coax him to be more interested and care about being the successor to the company. E: it’s not cuz the chairman told me to – I am asking cuz I am curious what you think. J: for a short time I considered it but I quickly got sick/tired of it. I dont like fighting here and there.  E: then what do you want to do? J: something like this- he pets her head . E:what is that. J: also this – and tries to hug her. she pushes him off and tells him to be serious. J: I already told you that I would be ok going to your neighborhood.  E: I dont like that – if you come to this neighborhood-what are you going to do for a living? J: what do you think is good? E: I havent thought about that yet. he tells her to think about cuz he will follow it. and leans in to kiss. but MR interrupts and says -I will buy you a whistle so before you do anything  give some warning – for everyone’s sake.

M sings and remembers moments he shared with E.

J walks out and tells E-I’ll be going – go back in. I will do better from now on. E: of course you should – just try to do better  J: not to you -to M. he gets a call

J and E go to the singing room. J asks N – ya -ya -how much did you let him drink? N: one and a half can of beer. J: are you crazy? how could you let him drink  so much? N: why are you taking it out on me – whose fault is all this? N looks at E.  E looks guilty. J tries to wake M.

in the car, M leans on J so J pushes him off but then let’s M lean on his shoulder and then J leans his head against M’s and says “I am sorry” – omg so sweet

J takes a drunk M home. his mom keeps saying – what to do – he cant handle alcohol. she tells J to leave. MM: my poor son

***JD tells his mom how he his heart was trembling and at that moment J started his be honest I cant say that it was perfect but he did well. he is almost cured of his phobia mom. GM says it’s something to be grateful about. JD: in the past – not knowing that was the reason (J’s phobia) – I always just hit him. (JD looks like he regrets) GM: as long as you dont do it from here on it’s ok.  she feeds him a piece of fruit. JD: mom-did I not tell you -when J was presenting well- how sookie (he corrects himself and says “sister in law”) expression wasnt good? did I not tell you that? GM: it’s ok – keep talking. she meant it sarcastically for him to get his fill so JD retorts to that. JD: but there is one thing that worries me. he lists all the stuff he hears about what J is always talking about – all those benefits he is talking about for the workers. JD: he should just do enough but he is always doing it. to a guy like that if I entrust the company to him – I am afraid he will give it away too much. she asks what is wrong with that. he reminds her how she used to say – treat the company like it’s precious/ treasure it. she corrects him saying she was talking about her stuff and not to feel like it’s a waste to give someone else. JD: I dont think that was it.   GM gives him lessons about sharing – what is it that I need -what do I lack- decide – trust and give – fill it- if you do that you will see -somehow it will come back to me. GM notices he isnt listening and just eating fruit and sipping tea.  she comments even though parents hear out their children – kids dont listen to parents. JD: how can you talk like that mom-where in this world is a child as big as me -where is a son like me? * is it weird to call a man that age “cute” – I lost count of how many times he called her “mom” on each episode -must be in the hundreds by now 🙂

J is filled with pride remembering how well J did and moved to tears. J comes home and asks his dad what he is doing here. JD looks down. J: did you watch another drama? (as in that is why JD is crying) JD mutters yes. he gets up to go in. he puts his hand up to pat J on the head but J flinches thinking his dad is going to hit him again. JD pats his back and tells J to walk around with his shoulders straight. J:why is he doing this to me again

N gets mad asking why her skin product seems low (less amount). MR says how N said they could use it. N to MR: I wasnt saying that to you.  

N says to E: you said if I was jealous or hated you I could hit you. N throws her stuffed animal at E so MR kicks her out. N pounds on the door -why are you doing this MR shi – I was wrong I wont do it again. how can you kick me out without giving me my wallet -what am I supposed to do- there is no CCTV in this neighborhood so it’s dangerous- N cries outside on the steps. MR opens the door and warns her not to do that again even one more time. N: I wont. MR lets N back in

*question – why is E sleeping on the floor? doesnt she share the bed with MR normally? is she doing that to keep N company on the floor?

J is in bed and sits up. M wakes up and sits too.

E and J fell asleep in the car ride to work. the driver tells E and J that they arrived. J asks if she didnt sleep too. she says she didnt sleep till early morning so only got around 2 hrs.

in the elevator JD look at E so she buttons and straightens her shirt explaining it was cuz she came out of the house in a hurry. he asks to meet with E later but J says -why – she has to go to coffee shop with me later. JD: why go there again? you already did as much as you needed. J: there are things left i need to do. what do you need to do with her? JD: you dont need to know. J: no I need to know or take me along too.  JD raises his fist to hit J saying : ya – cant you step aside (defer) JD turns around to watch jang and E get into position to block security like usual so JD says there is no need cuz he wont hit anymore -get up. J doesnt believe it so JD says it’s for real. jang smiles and J giggles so JD says: I said it’s for real. 

J goes with MR to the coffee shop. J fills in the part time worker about how all the part time workers have the right to get benefits (like yesterday’s episode about part time workers getting vacations and stuff.) the guy says: so I can sign up for it too. J: no. guy:why? J: you dont have the right. guy: why? cuz I treated you harshly you are being petty and getting revenge?  waaah you are really awful. J: waaahhh you really dont know how to judge people -do you think I would do that? guy: you totally look like that kind of person. J explains how he already signed up the guy to get benefits from DN group. MR mutters that J could have said all that to begin with instead of talking in circles. J says to the guy: this is what they call “back” (supporting someone) J brags “I used some of my power” (to get the guy benefits)  so the guy is happy and hugs J out of gratitude. J says last time I had a special reason but today I am not in the mood to hug so could you get off. guy: ajussi you were a good person. J tells the guy not to call him ajusshi. J tells him to use MR -she is the youngest (lowest level) part time worker . he comments on her lack of experience so she yells back at him that she told him countless times that she has plenty of experience. J to the guy: as you can see her personality isnt great but teach her well and correct her bad behavior. J tells her to smile.

during work, the guy says he researched J’s family and there was no daughter in the family so the guy asks if MR is the daughter they had outside of the family that was kept secret (that she was had out of wedlock) so MR is outraged and retorts “what kind of nonsense is that.” but the guy and other workers look at her differently

E asks JD where they are going. he says she will know when they get there. they go to a department store. JD tells the sasleclerk to treat E well today. he tells E to do as told.

E tries on a lot of outfits. JD makes a heart with his arms when he likes it or thumbs up and stuff

NM sees JD with tons of bags and E. NM is horrified “what is that?

NM reports to MM.MM: omo really? he really did that?  NM: I said he did. MM: NES has skills – how can she get in JD’s good graces. NM: why am I so upset and irritated?  MM accuses NM of liking JD so maybe she is jealous. NM: you are crazy. she says she only knew her husband (only thought of him) MM: let’s just say that you were.  NM: I cant leave this alone. she (E) influenced and made my daughter leave home. she makes everyone come on her side. that girl isnt just anyone so they have to do something about her – it’s not just her – I wont leave JD and J alone for slighting N and me. I wont let this go. MM gets a call from park

park meets with MM. he gives her paperwork “updated reprts/files -he didnt get these himself but it will be accurate” she says he worked hard. she asks why he looks like that. he says he cant sleep at all these days -when he does manage to sleep – he thinks about what will happen when JD suspects and park gets caught by JD. “every day is a nightmare” she tells him to be careful and be on the alert so that doesnt happen. park: if I get caught by JD you have to take responsibility for me. you know that right? she stammers. park: you have to cuz I am the type that cant handle being alone –  in school my nickname was – something with the word “cry”

GM and M both sign contracts and hand it to each other. she says she became on of his investors or something. M: thank you grandma.  she says she just invested money that was sitting around cuz she wanted to earn money while sitting comfortably. M: dont worry about that – even if you wait lying down comfortably I will make sure you make a profit. GM asks him to go on a date with her. M says he is busy. GM: ok just work. she changes her mind and turns back to say. GM: are you going to just work and grow old and die? cuz you always say you are busy working and stand us up so just like a minute ago I cant even ask you to eat with me.  even if you are busy give me some time 

M and GM go for a walk. she says the wind is already like fall. M has memories of riding bikes with E. GM asks if he wants to ride bikes. M: no.

M gives GM a ride on a bike. GM looks terrified clinging to him and cries out for her grandpa quietly. M asks if she is ok. she lies she is ok and that it’s cool and good. M: then I am going to go faster. GM: huh?

GM is wiping her sweat or tears (I can’t tell) and sighing deeply in relief to be safe. M says how he told NES that he would change this neighborhood. I didnt mean it to say – I will only change it if you come to me. even if she went to someone else other than me,  I wanted to make her comfortable. GM: I dont know what to say to comfort you but I hope you dont lose how you feel that way. M: you dont have to comfort me cuz I havent give up having feelings (for her) yet. since I already skipped out on work, can we ride around one more time. GM looks terrified again

***E thanks JD saying she thought of this when she watched dramas thinking it would be nice to have someone spend so much  money on her in a department store for her sake -it’s not like I didnt think about this but this is too much of a burden. to be honest – with this much money I could buy hundreds of regular brands so it’s a waste (of money) too. JD: dont worry about it -doing something like this is what you do when you are young-doing this at my age is sort of embarrassing (* couldnt find the right word in eng for the korean phrase-takes away from his tough guy image)- when I was young I heard a lot of ppl tell me I looked like richard gere. E: you still resemble him now. JD: I do? E: yes. she calls him cha cha gere and he is pleased and laughs. he tells her from here on to go around looking really sharp. she agrees to do it. JD warns her not to look forward to more shopping trips and go around wearing unattractive clothes on purpose “cuz I wont do this kind of thing again.” E: yes chairman. he asks about J and if she tried to cajole J about being in charge of the company. she says J doesnt want to. JD: I know he doesnt want to that is why I asked you to coax him so that is why I asked you as a favor. but she says it doesnt look like J will fall for it even if she coaxed him and also she doesnt want to coax since J doesnt want it. JD: are you my teacher now? are you teaching me? are you scolding me now? he asks her to coax better and use aego too. since you have strength – use force. E: how can I use force for that. JD: is there anything special you are good at or want to do? E:what? JD: you cant keep being J’s secretary-before talk comes out -how about working somewhere quietly. E says she wanted to do that after a little while longer after she convinces but right now work is not hard at all. she starts to say how in the beginning how she was pushed around by  J and stuff but she used words that are more slang and not proper to use in front of an older person so JD stops her and says she needs to start with talking more demurely.  the driver comes and takes their bags. JD says he will send all this to her home. he asks if she can go along by cab. E: of course I can. E: arent you going to the office? JD: I am busy -my schedule is packed. I’m late I will be going first.

during community service some women talk about their kids and how their kids dont listen to them – one says “there is no other fool like him- not even once did he ever say – “yes-ok” only thing i can hear from my child is “I dont want to -I wont- mind your own business-  mom what do you know” another mom says add one more “it’s my life so I will handle it on my own.” another one says -if you keep telling him what to do –  he will stay out all night – dont you know that’s what a kid does so JD butts in and asks  them stuff -she tells him to leave his kid alone and just cut off the kid’s allowance.  JD says he cant do that cuz his heart is too weak. other woman says just beat the kid till the kid listens. JD: that doesnt work – I tried beating but it doesnt work. she says it looks like JD is going thru a hard time cuz of his son. one woman says JD is fun and looks like an actor. JD: do I look like an actor? one by one they recoginze JD’s face as someone they saw before and realize that he is that gangster chairman from the papers. JD walks away saying he isnt- he just resembles that person and he heard that before

M asks if she went outside. E: I just came from filming a movie scene with the chairman. M: that is good that the chairman is good to you. if by any chance the chairman torments you – you should tell me. M: I will hear you out and insult him with you. they are awkward with each other. E:should we go in? he asks her to eat some time as friends. E: ok

***J is washing his hands in the bathroom and M stares at him. J: why are you glaring. M: it wont work. J:what? M: I cant easily send her to you like this. J mumbles something about how M is out of the situation. M: are you asking cuz you dont know? NES. J: ya! M: since I told you in advance it’s not against the rules.

J grabs him by the back of his neck. M: are you not going to let go? J: I wont let go. M head butts J.

Just as they jump towards each other, a guy comes into the bathroom so J pretends to pee and M pretends to wash his hands and they glare over at each other

M tells yang- now I feel better. yang: what? M: I just teased J. yang:you did. M: it was all sincere but when I tease J I feel so much better

J: even tho I made up my mind to be nice to him. I cant be nice to him. J warns E that M will use being friends to get close to E so always be alert. E interrupts and tells J to cut it out. E: M is someone I am very grateful to and I feel sorry to him. she warns J not to do that again to M. J says she is being decieved by M- why doesnt she know that. E: if you are done I will be going. she is about to leave but he makes her come back. J says : wait. he uses the term he says to get to stare at her. she almost walks right up to him so he offers to walk the rest of the way and steps closer. she holds out her hand to stop him. E says inside the office he isnt allowed to make any advances or *act like they are dating.  J: I will accept it – outside of the office I can act like we are dating as much as i want -got that? starting from today right away. (* the korean word was “dating acts” but it was meant for actions that indicate they are dating like hand holding, hugging, kissing, etc)

***N goes to see her mom. she asks why her mom came. NM: a mom came to see her daughter so do you need a why?  N orders a tomato juice. NM tells her to tell them to take the syrup out. NM gives her a card key. I lost – I got a villa for you and so go in alone and live there as much as you want. the mom says something about N’s dad throwing a fuss.  N: dad doesnt have much interest in me anyway. he just cares about who I marry. N: thank you mom. she asks how many square feet it is. the mom says go and see and you will know. N: MR shi and NES – they will like it. to be honest -the three of us living there wasnt good -also the boiler wasnt working properly. NM yells: are you crazy? the waitress brings the drink so NM says very politely and demurely – mom thinks you have lost your mind completely -what do you think? N: I am not sure. NM warns: you better be careful – if you keep acting like this – it wont be good for NES. I will no longer put up with this. (meaning she wont leave E alone and will go after her) N: if you are not going to put up with it – what are you going to do? NM: to be honest i have thought it out yet-but that girl NES- no matter what i have to do –  I am going to separate E from J and M and pay her back a hundred times over for all she put me thru. N points out: NES didnt do anything to you mom. it was the opposite of that. NM: she made you act out like this. N: that was you mom. her mom leaves and takes the card key back. N warns her mom: you better not do anything (to E) – I wont stand still for it. N gets a call

N and M talk business. (this is where they start to have separate conversations- she asks about him but he keeps redirecting the conversation to business) N asks if he feels ok. is it weird to ask this stuff. M says to start with something cuz it’s more important.  N: I know. I avenged NES in your place. I did well didnt i? you feel a little better right? M keeps talking about work. N: did you eat. M says he wonder when he can see (?) (something work related again) N: what are you? whether you want me to or not -I want you to feel better just a little bit even so I am trying. you dont like it? should I not? M has a flashback to when E asked who dared to reject M and how she offered to beat N up. M: it’s funny- when you rejected me E consoled me – when I got rejected by E you are consoling me. N: ok I will stop. it’s not like I dont know at all that I am being ridiculous (for dumping him and now helping him) N leaves.

M pulls up and offers to take her put she says it’s ok. M: oh – go well. he drives off.  she tries to hail a cab. M backs up and offers again. M: you really arent going to get in? then I will go. N: no I will get in

***E gives directions to MR over the phone about where she is with J. J frowns at E. E:what’s wrong.  J: what kind of date is this – I dont like the venue -I dont like the food- on top of that- why invite the wrestler along? you said you would do dating acts as much as we wanted outside of the office. look and touch as much as we want. forget it/never mind. E: I am sorry but what do I do -she called to eat together should I say I am not eating and just the two of us eat without her knowing? when she is always saying she sees meat in front of her eyes. J complains E has too many ppl she is concerned about so it’s tiring -starting from M then wrestler -NES’s dad-N. E puts meat on his plate so J makes her feed him. he smiles and motions for her to come closer so they wipe each other’s mouths.  J:when wrestler comes, it will be good to hurry and feed her and send her off. E: if you want

***JD asks about what is going on with M and stuff so jang says it’s going smoothly and he will report about that to JD soon. JD looks at E’s resume and comments-her specialty is using her body and fists (to fight)  jang agrees and says he got the same reaction from GM when jang took E’s resume to her. JD: mom investigated E? jang: yes it happened a while back. JD: then why didnt you tell me? jang – whose secretary are you? are you my mom’s secretary? JD looks at E’s picture. in my eyes she is pretty -i have to train her so she can look like that in other’s ppl’s eyes-when we put her out in front of ppl – we have to make sure she doesnt look funny (so she will be taken seriously as J’s wife potential) jang agrees. JD: already ppl dont take J seriously so if J and E stand there as a set then ppl will talk more. jang: I will come up with a program (to train E) JD: ok do that. * he takes being protective of his future daughter in law to new heights

N: you really arent going to eat? M makes a snarky comments  -how can you do anything cuz you didnt eat. N: forget it I am going to go home and eat with MR. N sees MR and is happy. N: it’s our MR shi. she tells M to pull over and calls out MR’s name and waves. MR was about to go in where J and E are

***J asks MR how this happened. M says he was dragged here by force by MR. MR admits she brought M along. J tells him to leave. E says it was good that M came and says they should all eat together. J: fine – I will eat together but eat fast and disappear -all three of you. they all glare at him so J says to each face “what?” E says – should we make a toast cuz it’s not easy to gather here all together. E pours soju for everyone but coke to M.  when M is about to pour some soju into a bowl everyone stops him – E-J-and N. J calls him crazy and takes away the soju. N tells M to just drink the coke.  MR says they should all act close (like they get along). E asks M – if the meat matches his taste cuz this restaurant is popular in our neighborhood. M: yes it’s ok.  N has her mouth full and asks E: why dont you ask me? E: how is it – is it ok? N: it’s not that great. J: then you dont need to eat it. N: I am going to eat it all. M to J: why are you saying stuff about eating to the kid. he says something about her eating habit these days and feeds her more meat. she puts it in her mouth as M watches her.  J feeds E telling her to eat a lot too so MR gets mad saying she cant eat cuz they are all paired off

they called former secratary kim. MR tells kim to eat alot cuz today he is her boyfriend.  E claps. kim: why should i? (as in why should I do this)  J tells kim to be good to wrestler. E asks him to be good to MR too. kim moves her arm off his shoulder and asks again “why should I?” M tells kim to feed MR. N says MR is better than the guy (MR is wasted on kim). kim stammers – I dont know what this situation is – cuz you didnt explain it to me -all you did was tell me to come out so why. MR tells him to drink so they all drink

MR feeds kim. everyone is getting along. omg even M and J are talking normal. * I had to listen like a million times cuz 6 ppl are talking at the same time, but J and M told each other “I dont dislike you”

next morning N wakes up and asks for water. E gets a call. E:chairman- right now? E says how chairman called her to come now right now cuz she has to study. N: study?  N says E is starting her formal training -that (training) is really irritating and no fun. N giggles

E runs over and says hello to JD. JD asks the maid- are you still getting ready? she says she is all ready. the maid takes E’s arm and says “let’s go”. E asks: to where? JD tells E to learn well. J asks where she is going. E says she doesnt know. J: are you ok?  JD says how J has to go to a meeting and meet stockholders all day with him. J: why? I dont feel good so I cant. JD tells him to hurry and get ready. J asks his dad where E is going. JD: I dont know – hurry and get ready

E is taking floral arrangement lessons – and not doing well. then music lessons-and not doing well. then etiquette lesson about where to place the food and utensils and how to sit properly etc. E drops a fork and just picks it up and puts it back on the table and gets a lecture from the instructor

JD and J had a meeting with some men. JD says goodbye to them while J stands away from them. JD kicks J to go and say goodbye to them.

J asks his dad – what is the reason he keeps dragging him along on these meetings. JD: are you asking cuz you dont know? J: dad you didnt do something right? JD: what? J points out he said he wouldnt take charge (of the company) JD: did anyone say anything. J takes out his phone

E gets a call from J during her cooking lesson (dont turn the fish over and pancakes have to be picked up with chopsticks) J: NES – is it bearable? it’s torture isnt it? just quit and come out.  E says she asked but JD already paid for all the lessons so it’s a waste of money to quit so how can she. J: I will go there so wait. E: dont come -I am almost done. she is going straight home afterwards cuz she is tired. she hangs up on him.  J yells at his dad- why did you do that? NES doesnt like it. JD says she is only doing the basics

M and his mom meet and discuss work. he says something about the fee being too high. she says others do that. M: from now on I dont want to do what others do. MM:why? M says something about wanting to reduce something.  I made a big deal and said I would change this neighborhood but if I keep doing it like this – I will be embarrassed. he mentions something GM said – I want to work being less ashamed.  I will be going now first. MM: doesnt he realize if he acts like this I will just end up acting worse

M and E run into each other. he asks what brings her here. E: I was dragged here somehow. how about you? M: this is my mom’s hotel.  E: oh yeah that’s right. did you go home ok yesterday? he asks if she can have a break for drinks.

E sips her kiwi juice. M: you really did all that in a day? E says she took each lesson for an hour for a total of 5 hrs. the really scary part was each teacher said goodbye saying “see you again next week” M says that the chairman must have accepted her as his person. E: he accepted me too much – without caring about what I wanted. M says she just needs to tell JD how she feels. E: that is what I am going to do. M says how it seems comfortable cuz of the other day when everyone got along. E: you feel that way- that’s good. M: not me -you seem comfortable. E: I am going to be comfortable. M: once in a while I think I should intrude and play together like that to infuriate J. she smiles. he tells her to go home cuz she must be tired

jang says : as you said to do it- I organized it without being too specific/detailed. jang shows JD all the files lined up. JD: you did well. he doesnt feel well so he steps out for a minute. jang calls for medicine for the chairman. the girl says she ran out. he starts to say she should have brought it from the secretary’s office but runs over to get it himself. 

E says JD must be going out. should they meet later but he tells her to wait in his office. she goes in and sees those documents. Jang comes in and catches her and asks what she is doing. she asks what it is. he says they are nothing. E: it doesnt look like it’s nothing

MM and NM are looking at some similar paperwork. NM asks if it’s useful. MM: I dont know. (not sure if she said just looking over it).  NM says if MM is going to *reveal it she needs to reveal it to everyone. MM: I said I dont know if I am going to reveal this. (*go public with this info) NM: if you are like that – how are you going to make M the successor?

jang tells E they really are nothing. you dont know anything -you got that? (he urges her in a tone that pleads – act like she doesnt know anything) JD comes back in.


no preview

*Thank you 🙂 Fanderay translated the documents

“The title of the paperwork that E reads is Emergency something, but the second word was too blurry to make out. All I can tell is that the content is about truth and inquiries and a secret fund being created.

The two moms are reading something called DN Group Secret Fund Report (I think). I still haven’t watched the episode yet, but hopefully that helps a little”

*Hartofseeker clarified this part more too – Thank you 🙂

I’ll try and fill some holes– I saw the Chinese subs and here’s what I got for the document titles in JD’s office:

Company Internal Report (something to that degree)
Protocal for Times of Emergency
Report on Tunneling Activities (a colloquial term for a specific kind of financial fraud– wikipedia)
*the fourth report’s full title was covered so can’t tell =x

As for what the mothers were looking at… it is indeed a report on Secret Funds, the very funds that M wishes to get rid of eventually so that he could “change this neighborhood” fair and square– since GM said that the successor of the company should be chosen based on abilities, not through wayward means… =[ from the looks of it, NM is pushing MM to get rid of JD by accusing him of using secret funds, and JD seems to be preparing against whatever MM may bring on… despite resolving last time’s take-over conflict =/ I wonder what’s going to happen now that E has a glimpse of JD’s preparation though she definitely doesn’t know what they actually are at the moment


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