Protect the boss E11

Has there been a scene like this in any kdrama before? I can’t think of one. Why does M seem a lot happier than J. Of course we all know why E would be happy, but I can’t help but think it would be better for E not to choose just yet. Looking back on it now, she never did give M a real chance. Come to think of it, most second leads hardly ever get a chance to prove themselves worthy. Since this drama has broken so many rules, maybe they can do something about this situation and give M a fair shot. I think J’s love for E is strong enough to handle it – don’t you think? I am totally on J’s side and I love how he shows affection for E so I have no idea why I sound like I am rooting for M. Guess that speech of his got to me – the poor puppy.


Protect the boss E11

J tells M: this is against the rules. before you do anymore get lost. M: who is the one who is always interrupting/interfering. J: ok – then hurry and do what you came to do and go. I will wait. M: i changed my mind – I will wait. you hurry and do what you came to do and leave. E: both of you be quiet. you two – I am so grateful I can cry -I admit my luck is bursting -if it’s going to burst it should do it slowly- cuz of that luck I cant breathe and feel like I will suffocate. J tells her to calm down -you are too overwhelmed. so she punches him. E: what do you mean calm down. J staggers back and she holds onto him. E:you want to come to my neighborhood -why cuz you worked part time for a just a few days so you think it’s bearable -that’s right I admit you gave it effort – but you live in that nice home and ride around in a car with a driver -so what do you know? but you still want to come. J: yes (speaks formally cuz he is scared) E: fine come over – I wont stop you. how could I stop you? but I am warning you – if you blame me – you will die. she makes a fist like she is going to hit him again so he ducks.

M smiles at her but she goes up and shoves M back. E: and this director – why are you surprised – this is who I am normally – someone with a terrible temper -someone who lives doing whatever she feels like -but cuz of the two of you I cant –  the two of you – I am grateful that you like me  – but if both of you at once push me -then what am I supposed to do? I cant be split in two and divided between you. she makes the motion to hit M but says she cant hit him. why? cuz I am the worst. she pokes herself in the head saying she should have done something sooner before it came to all this – i should have ignored my feelings and lists other stuff she should have done. she hits herself – calling herself the most cowardly -“I am the worst!” J and M call out her name at the same time. J asks : are you crazy? why hit yourself – why hit your own face? E realizes how she behaved and asks cautiously: did I hit both of you? only M shakes his head no. J: come to your senses NES-are you ok?  she backs up and says she is going to cause trouble if she is left like this and asks them to leave. M tries to reach out to her but she backs away and says :I am sorry. she goes inside. M gives J a look that says – what just happened.

M walks off but J asks to talk. M says he has nothing to say. J pulls him up by force. M: you better let go. J: follow me -dont act like you are tough- i am not surprised at all

MR is actively watching wrestling by kicking and getting into it and scaring N.  MR: did you see that ice cream? N:why would anyone want to do that? I dont get it at all. MR: you dont need to understand – ice cream since you have a lot of money – convince your mom and dad to use their power for korean wrestling -chaebols shouldnt waste money and use their strength for korea’s health. N: you dont know but ppl like us dont spend money unless it makes money just cuz we spend money on that you think anything will come out of it when it’s not even a popular sport. MR demonstrates a cross right and hits N by accident. N notices J standing there. N asks why E didnt cough or something if she came -why come in secretly surprising her so MR says this isnt N’s home- I am going to kick you out. E bangs her head on the wall. MR asks – what’s wrong – did something happen? E: too many things are in my head so I am in the middle of throwing them away. MR: why suddenly?E: I feel like i shouldn’t be this cheap and dirty/messy any more. MR: so how many did you throw away? N sprays mist on her and surprises E

M: what did you say you will do? J: invest. what you are doing right now – I will invest. M: what is your purpose? J: of course it’s cuz of NES. J: I dont know how much the amount I can pitch in is but I will invest as much as I can. M: it isnt something you can invest in so easily and I dont just accept anyone’s investment. J: who said I was investing easily. I will make a contract where I wont lose anything so look it over. also for the time being let’s call a truce. a while ago you saw NES’s face right. M: we pushed her too far. J: esp you. M: it must have been you. J: you. when something difficult comes up I know you think of NES. I understand but from now on call me. I will comfort you. M laughs. J: i will – (he makes a reluctant face) do this for you. J hugs M so M pushes him off. M: are you crazy. J: crazy? how could you react to a person’s comfort like this. you must be really twisted inside. M walks off saying – let’s forget about it

MM asks why M came home so late – does he know how upset she was. M: why? you said you could handle that amount on your own. MM: son you are too cold. M: even tho you caused trouble- you caused a big one. MM blames this on JD. M: mom did you do something- chairman clearly said you started it behind his back-that you messed with him first. she stammers and lists all the people she met behind JD’s back and making park her spy- she made and ppl she brought to her side.  M says JD knows something. she says he doesnt that he is clueless cuz he didnt even know about NES

 MM calls Park and asks if JD suspects that park and her are networking. Park tells her not to worry. she says it’s weird that JD didnt fill park in on what JD was going to do. isnt it weird that he kept it a secret from you. park says if JD knows park wouldnt be alive. she tells him to be careful

GM raises her arm to hit JD but he says this is against the rules-it’s not right to punish him and then punish him again . she tells JD to help sookie-if you do what you did this time I will overlook it. JD says MM started it first and this is for J’s sake- mom arent you on our side. GM: what do you mean our side – is J my only baby – M is also my grandchild. JD: back then you clearly said you would follow what I wanted and make J the successor -mom you said that. GM: since you know about J’s condtion I am telling you but the reason why I backed him -I did it so he would do something with his own strength. JD: the end result is you -are you saying you arent on J’s side? GM grumbles that JD keeps going on about his side my side and that JD is too old to hit. JD: even tho J lacks things he isnt wrong -the problem is he is dumb for being so nice. mom – you and I have to protect J.  

JD follows her and keeps calling out “mom” so she tells him to cut it out. he offers to massage her and asks if it feels better. she says it does and to go easy. J comes home and watches his dad massage GM’s shoulders and smiles. J announces he came home

J looks at E’s cardboard-you lost a lot of (?)  when you used to be crazy poop hair you were overly independent. J says stuff about -to be honest it would be ok (something about his phobia that he has gathered all this life) since i am the one sufffering from it I will be patient but just cuz I do dont pull me along too much. got it? J smiles at it. [JD watched as J kept talking to E’s cut out and touching it and leaning close] so JD can’t stand anymore and yells out – “ya!” J says he was startled and jumps back. JD points and asks if J is a pervert. J: dad you startled me. JD: are you more startled or am I more surprised. it’s me. JD points to the cut out. ya – did you have this kind of taste? is this why you have this? J: what do you mean “cuz of that” it’s not like that. J changes the subject. why -what is it that you wanted to say? JD: i just came to confirm/verify something again. when I gave you permission with E – you – in your position now -use it… J interrupts. J: cant you stop talking about that . JD: ok I will stop but be warned – I gave up one thing -you have to give up something too. got it? J: yes. JD looks at E’s cut out and says: isnt it better to make a huge doll and look at that (talk to it) cuz that is less strange than this -got it (LOL-hands down the funniest scene ever – did you see J’s face as he heard his dad suggest that? priceless 🙂

N thinks the floor is too hard and gets up and steps on E by accident. N says sorry to her and complains her back hurts from sleeping on the floor and gets on the bed. MR throws her leg over N so N complains MR is heavy. N asks E how many are left of what E wanted to get rid of. E: I think one. N: I knew it -if you were going to do that what was so complicated. N says stuff and E replies – why did those men turn me into this cowardly person.  N asks if E saw a movie called gloomy sunday where one woman and two guys are in love and happy-there is a famous scene- N is lying in bed with J and M on each side and they cover her face with the blanket. N: i have to come to my senses- I am no longer the lead role. E has the same scene in her head -with her lying on the grass with J and M on each side of her and remembers saying – “if I make up my mind one will be hurt” and her dad saying “my daughter is dumb – if you keep doing that both will be hurt.” E says – just up to here – stop being cowardly and really live the way my heart wants.

E goes to J’s home and says – dont run away and be honest. she says hi to JD. after she passes by him she turns and he is looking at her so she wasnt expecting that. JD asks why she is so surprised -did you commit some crime. E: I was just wondering if today you were going to follow me. (to J’s room)  JD: I wont follow you. you should have treated him better -how much did you push that kid away for him to hug that (cut out)  E is confused and asks: what? JD asks her to quietly come meet him later

E goes to wake J who slept on the chair. she looks at him for a while.  he stirs awake and says her name. E: wake up – you arent late yet but we dont have a lot of time. J:what is this I fell asleep with my clothes on. he says her name so she says she has something to say to him. but he ignores her and says : from today I am going to return you back to crazy poop hair. E:what? J: starting from today you are crazy poop hair again.  E:what is that crazy talk? J: these days you dont have (?) more than that I cant stand to watch you like that anymore. I am going to stop liking you. I hope you go back to living like poop hair. to be honest you lost too much. (he goes on about stuff I dont know and then says) for 24hrs she has to be by his side-from this moment on. E: that is ridiculous and also today I have an appt. J: who are you meeting? E: the friend bong sookee I told you about. J: I dont like her why does she keep calling you to meet. J says he will put up with it. he tells her to go out. E: what? J: or you can stay -wanna watch me change clothes? he takes his jacket off and opens his shirt. she walks away saying : I already know there is nothing to see. J says something about being sad

E waits outside his room watching her english teacher give his lesson on the tablet. E says about J: what is that – I was determined not to be cheap. J comes out and tells her to hurry and move and drags her along by her neck but she twists his arm so he yells – it hurts it hurts poop hair

M tells JD: you said my mom made a mistake first – I will apologize in her place. also i will apologize for acting impudent/brazen if front of you. but whatever happened – your reaction was also wrong. JD: you just aplogize for being impudent but your impudent again. M: I’m sorry so please chairman – you stop first.

M gives yang instructions about the business stuff.

M meets with some old guy then his mom and yang and talks more business

M sees E walking and flipping thru papers so he hides and pops out to scare her. E: you made it a hobby to startle me didnt you.  he says he is warning her – if she does that she will break her nose. (walking with her face in the papers) arent you working too diligently? she says she has to meet JD now so she is preparing for the meeting cuz she doesnt know what he will ask. M says how busy he will be these days and wont have time to startle her or torment her. E says she knows M has skills and will handle this business well. M:thank you for knowing that- I will make sure to settle it/figure it out

jang reports to JD – that M got involved himself for his mother and trying to acquire more money and stuff. and how it doesnt look good for DN group. then how ppl are saying this is a family fight.  JD yells back he knows all that cuz he saw the papers too and not just jang. they get a call and jang says NES is here

E goes to meet JD. he says it’s what he promised. he puts an envelope in front of her. she thanks him. E: whatever amount is inside – if I see it and get surprised by the large amount I wont be surprised and I wont feel burdened and just accept it. cuz I worked that hard (to earn it)  so he says that burdens him if she reacts that way cuz only put enough. it’s not enough to be shocked about. she says last time when he slapped her he gave more than she thought so she thought he would do that again. I wont expect and look at it then. he tells her to go outside with him cuz he they still have something to discuss

they get on the elevator and park gets on too. park remembers MM saying how JD seems to suspect that park is talking to MM. JD asks why the back of park’s neck is like that. park explains he doesnt know how he got a rash so JD tells him: you should take better care of your body/health-cuz arent you and secretary kang my right and left hands. park: of course chairman.  JD talks to E: since you are someone who played a lot you should know well -in your neighborhood -like park -dont you think loyalty is important? she agrees and JD remarks how there are guys who betray and E says there is and she had to punish them. JD: of course you have to punish them. park looks scared. after park leaves E asks if park betrayed JD. JD asks if she knew and matched their conversation (about loyalty) just now. E: of course. JD compliments her and says he admits she has quick sense. she thanks him and asks if he is going to punish again. JD: are you crazy. he mentions if he does that he will have to do more community service (I think) and he says -this time he is going to hang him (park) out to dry alone. E shivers and says:so scary

park says he trusts jang so he is asking – did JD say anything about me. jang: he did. he said you and I are chairman’s right and left hands-we are one body. that is what he said. also there will never be anything that split us apart -if one of use betrays (he says scary stuff) then says that was what JD said after watching a sageuk. would the chairman go that far? jang tells him not to worry cuz chairman has deep faith/trust in park

E adds vinegar to JD’s noodles and prepares it for him. he says she could have ordered something more yummy (expensive) but she said she wanted to eat this. she eats it like ramen (by blowing on it cuz she thought it was hot) so he says – why are you blowing – this is cold noodles. E: I got a habit from eating ramen all the time. JD: you ate ramen so much you got into that habit – that is why you are skinny. E: you dont have to worry chairman I am healthy. JD: you have to be healthy cuz you are going to be my family. E: what am I going to be?

JD tells her how he is going to give her permission to date J. E: what? why suddenly? JD: you should say “yes -thank you” but why question it. E: I am sorry but you clearly said my background, education, and that I played too much so you were against it. JD: that’s right so when J gets better – I am going to send you off to study abroad. E: what? JD mentions how she has to clean up her image -more than anything I dont like your dad-he looks like a peanut -cant we clean up your dad? E says she doesnt like that. JD smiles and says – he was just talking – how could he clean up her dad. E: that’s not it – I dont like you cleaning me up. Am I dirty? why are you asking me to clean up? JD: you are not the problem – the people who look at you have a problem. later I am afraid you will be mistreated. let’s just say you will think over that problem. I am not giving my permission no matter what – I have a condition.  you have to help J have his (I think he said J’s acceptance to be the successor). E: how can I help with that – also he must have thoughts about it too. JD: that’s why I am asking you to encourage him -when girls slightly convinces guys the guys fall for it. E: I havent accepted what you said yet. dont try to push me so much. JD: the only people who arent afraid of me aside from my mom and sookie – you are the first-do you know that?  E: is that true? JD: that’s right so listen to me. he asks what happened with J’s phobia and if he has overcome it yet cuz pretty soon J has to present about the coffee chain -is he going to do another skype like presentation. E: he is getting a lot better but I will try my best. JD: make sure that happens. E: I have a request to ask you too. JD: you would. if there is a chance you try to grab it. tell me what it is. she asks if J gets better – she wants to go another department. whether she dates J or not she cant be the secretary there-it wont be good for a lot of reasons/people. JD guesses she means if she dates J it will be hard on M.

J overhears a customer wanting to use his point card and the worker says the guy cant. the guy insists he was able to last time and talks really rude. the worker says that wouldnt have happened. the guy orders americano then switches it to caramel macchiato and to hurry and clear off the table so he can switch seats. J goes over to the worker and asks what is up with that customer -why is he speaking banmal and acting rudely. worker says -leave it alone – once in a while there are customers like that. the guy heard and comes over. he asks what the worker just said – calling him a rude customer. worker apologizes and says he wasnt talking about the customer. the guy asks to speak to the one in charge. tell the owner to come out before i get you fired. worker says again: you misunderstood- that talk wasnt about you.  J: I am the one responsible so talk to me. worker to J: ajussi are you crazy?  the guy says J is a part time worker too. I want the man in charge – the owner of this place. J: I am the highest ranking person here. do you have a smart phone? then search “cha J” and you’ll be able to see right away – this isnt anything to brag about but I was involved in some incidents. worker looks him up and realizes J is telling the truth. J: you know about the punching incident chairman cha was involved in dont you. worker to the rude guy: he is correct.  J tells him to show the customer. the rude guy sees J’s picture. E comes in and hears what is going on. J explains to the guy how the worker only gets paid little – but from what he could see standing next to him – the worker just gave the customer over $30 worth of service the guy doesnt deserve-I am sorry but you are someone who – no matter where you go -doesnt deserve respect. the guy says J cant talk like that to a customer no matter what he did. he threatens to put all this on the internet so J calls his bluff. J: put it up -he says what his dad is known for and threatens- “I am going to tell on you to my dad -that you came to me and was rude and tell him to punish you” the guy is about to walk off sort of scared so J calls him back and tells him to apologize to the worker first before he leaves. the guy sort of does it so J tells him to do it properly. so the guy does using polite language. E laughs.

 the part time worker asks the manager: everyone knew except me? she says J came out in the papers a lot. but he said to act like we dont know who he is.  the kid says: how could this happen – why am I the only one who shouldnt know – ajussi or director  -you too- why hide it?  were you planning to threaten me and fire me? J says he isnt a person like that. kid: it does seem like you arent but what about that guardian that came all the time. J: she isnt my guardian.  how many times to I have to tell you – she is my secretary girl – someone who torments me. E walks up: who is the man who torments me more. J: you clearly just said “man” E: did I do that? E laughs it off and walks away. J is happy she called him a man. he asks if the worker heard. kid: you are a guy so she called you a guy. J: you just dont know well.

E talks about students and tuition and stuff. I know this cuz I did it -after working and earning tuition with my own hands- for students like this it’s hard. she keeps talking. J keeps staring at her so she tells him : Stop looking- what cant you do staring at crazy poop hair’s face. J: since you said it like that you really seem like poop hair. you’ve returned (to yourself) I promised M something but I dont think I can keep it. sorry but this time I have to go against the rules. he tenderly kisses her forehead and looks at her. he is about to make another move, but she holds her hand up. E: “just this much.” J: is it “just this much” again? that’s what I say but you sure do use it often.  E: I have something to settle first and come back. (meaning she has to tell M) J: ok – I have to go and put some things in order at work – see you later “stone/rock.” E: you are calling me “rock” again – then I will call you “(?)”

J is happy and goes and hugs the worker. worker: why are you like this ajussi – director. J: I am in a mood to hug someone. the worker protests – why are you like this.

N goes to see her mom. the mom cries and asks why N came. did you come to play? N: mom are you crying cuz you missed me?  N tries to hug her mom but the mom tells her to move. N: you arent?

N asks her mom to help M without any conditions. NM: did you come here to say that? all day long I wondered if you would come home today or the next and kept waiting. N: I wont go home. NM: what? N: I am doing well.  so dont worry about me and M…NM interrupts and says – this is business. mom will handle it. M comes in and asks: what are you going to do by (?) with my family? if you invest that much money only – are you trying to (?) either the chairman or our side’s strength. which side are you going to stand behind. NM: I didnt do that to do that. he says how her investment wont make much of a difference. M tells her to change the condition and he will think about  it

N: you are cool – it’s not easy to win against my mom. M: told you not to expect the world. let’s sit. N tells him not to do that to her mom. she asks if he is having a hard time. he says cuz he is in a predicament where he has to try to get money from here and there. she asks if he is meeting E at the office or places like that. M: i’m too busy so I cant meet her – also I cant meet her cuz I am afraid. N: you are scared of NES? she is a little aggressive. M: not that-I am afraid i will be dumped. N: how annoying – it makes you so pitiful.why am I so hot -when will summer end. what are you doing – arent you going to go? she gets her heel stuck. he asks if she is ok. she says it hurts. M says he will do it and pulls her heel out for her. N: thanks. M laughs

GM asks the maid to call everyone to gather without any excuses

GM and the whole family are eating. they wont look at each other. GM asks how much money MM needs and offers to give it. J says he already offered to invest. J to M: didnt i? M: yes he did – a very little amount. J glares at M.  MM says nice things about GM so GM asks if that means MM thought of her as something bad in the past. GM tells them not to do this again.  GM gives a speech and says for everyone to reconcile

MM talks to JD about how he said she did something bad behind his back. he asks if she backstabbed him. how she said it with her own mouth. GM listens in and MM looks at her and says let’s reconcile – I will forgive you- smile as you talk cuz GM is looking


M touches J’s action figures. J asks if he likes it and offers to give it to M. M asks for a lot of them. J: isnt it too much? M punches J in the stomach and says: you went against the rules didnt you? J holds up his arms and says – hit me. M walks away but turns around and kicks him.

E goes home with lots of groceries. N runs into her on purpose and asks – are you just coming home – and knocks the groceries out of E’s arms. E: why are you like this again – hurry and pick them up. you did it on purpose again didnt you? N: cant i be jealous. E: you can but hit me instead cuz this fruit was expensive and I bought it to celebrate. N: if you wanted to eat it you should have asked me to buy it. E: ok – you better buy it when I ask or else. N: ok and next time if I dont like you I will hit you -if i do you better not retaliate. E: I will try but I cant guarantee for sure. E asks if they dropped anything else and ends up dropping a lot more

M goes into a press conference and addresses speculations about the whole thing about what pple said – that he didn’t have the funds (cuz his mom over bid) * Later on he is going file a lawsuit against JD (for what JD did in interfering in his mom’s business thing)

E goes to english class. the teacher says how tired E looks. all of this is in english so I dont need to translate right

E bows to M when she sees him. he keeps going. E watches him walk off

 J suddenly hugs her and asks what she is doing. she says she told him not to do this at the office. J: then is it ok outside of the office. we have to go to the coffee shop to listen to the part time workers.  

they have a meeting with the coffe shop staff. the girl asks J to send them on vacations and breaks too. J and E listen to them and J stares over at E.

then they meet with  N.

E watches him talk outside in public and cheers him on. he tries to hold her hand as they walk. she tries to tell him to stop but he says he doesnt want to

M is having a meeting with MM and other men. after the meeting, MM says how well he did and slaps his butt. he says this isnt their home. he says she was happy and forgot. MM: why dont you look like you are in a good mood -arent you happy? he smiles and says he is happy.  she asks if he is like that cuz of E. M: yes. MM: why are you so honest- lie in front of me at least. M says he will

J is dressed up in a suit so E sort of compliments him. she tells him to think about how much they put effort into this moment. J sings and asks if she means that. E: as much as you put forth the effort – you can do well. so what if you dont do well – then you can just quit. so what if you shake (get nervous)- just tremble. so dont tremble in advance. J: fine – let’s try this. E: let’s go. before they leave. he stops her and says he needs to get used to the audience –  a lot of people will be staring at him. I am practicing in advance. they stand facing each other and he stares at her for a while. J: good- that’s plenty.

J stands up in front of a group of men. E’s words come to his mind: think about how much you tried all this time. JD starts to say he will do it in J’s place but J starts and makes the presentation. J: first please look at the screen. what you are looking at is H coffee’s..flashback to all his training. J talks about what he learned from the coffee shop. last thing he talks about the H coffee staff -how they take responsibility to serve the customers well. then he talks about part time workers. E listens from outside. JD looks proud and cant suppress his big smile. J: our H coffee will aim to give the best coffee experience to our customers.  J ends his speech well and everyone claps. even a reluctant M and MM. JD beams. E hears it from outside. J has tears in his eyes.

*new song played

when J walks out J and E high five each other and he spins her around- did you listen? E: yes- the door was open a little so I heard. J: I did well? really?  M watches them

yang gives M his schedule. she gives him info about what she heard – E’s transfer. since it seems like they planned to hire a new secretary, it doesnt look like she is coming out without a reason. M gets a call

J and E are leaving. J: why dont you want me to take you home? E says she has an appt. J: are you meeting your friend bon sookiee again? E: today it’s not bong sookie. JD comes out and mutters about bong sookie. JD says : you both did well. he points to J. J you did well and points to E: bong sookie’s friend you did well too. keep doing well like that. E tells J to go.

NM asks MM is she is sulking. everything turned out well in the end. MM says half is cuz of NM and half cuz of her son. NM:why? M took care of this matter really well. MM: cuz of one girl – how can M lose to J? NM tells her to do something bad to J so MM asks: are you trying to lead me to do something bad? forget it – if GM knows I am dead. NM:never mind if you dont want to. MM: how are you going to punish him? NM gives her advice to do something that’s usual. have you seen anyone around us who is clean?

JD asks J: what are you going to do about your new secretary. are you going to choose one yourself or should we get the recruiting/personnel team to do it. J: a new secretary? I only need NES.   JD: you didnt hear yet? that E asked for a transfer to TOP. J:what? JD: she didnt lie. J is mad: really dad – how can you tell me that now. JD: that’s right – it’s ok for you to be angry -you have the right-you did really well today

E: I dont have anything else to say except for I’m sorry. M: yes- you dont have to say that. show me with actions. he asks her to cancel her transfer. if you are doing that cuz of me -that makes me more uncomfortable.  E: it’s not cuz of you only. M: it doesnt matter if it is or not. I know you are uncomfortable seeing me when you go back and forth in the secretary’s office but you should endure that much if you really feel sorry towards me. E: director. M: you already said it.  up to a point I knew where your heart was. so in this situation – you have already told me enough.  in this situation what will I do if it hurts. I was really dreading it. after dreading it a lot – the end result was wanting to be friends at least. but does that make sense- in one day saying”let’s be friends” and becoming friends. it doesnt (make sense) – I know that too- but I want to act like it – to pretend at least – why – cuz if you disappear like this – I might lose my way. so if you are worried even a little about me -even like this be in front of my eyes. get up and I will take you home.

they both get out of the car. E: what you said a while ago-to be honest I dont know what is the best thing but I will think it over again. M: it’s ok if I do this just once wont it. M hugs her. J is watching from the top of the stairs.



M to J: I cant do it – I cant just easily send her to you -I told you in advance so it’s not against the rules

J warns E not to fall for M calling her a friend

E sees some papers she wasnt supposed to -jang tells her – You didnt see anything – got that?

J asks E if she was ordered to convince him so she explains it wasnt cuz the chairman -she is asking cuz she is curious about what J thinks about it


38 comments on “Protect the boss E11

  1. Sunshine says:

    Can’t wait to see this episode! And I hope it means she chose J as well.


  2. Erika says:

    Waiting waiting.sent a big thank you this drama.


  3. mini me says:

    YES…*(^-^)* There is no drama like PTB. It is fun& re-watchable & its warm my heart, so glad that PTB time is here…Thank u Softy..*(^v^)*


  4. ck1Oz says:

    Here’s to ep 11.I hope this live streaming station is correct.Man I am back to the bad habit of live streaming again.It usually means I am really addicted.
    Sigh…it is showing signs of lagging though.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Man it’s lagging badly will just wait for the torrents.Can’t hear the conversation.However the staircase scene…omg.Funny.Wait till softy writes what ES do after scolding the 2 boys.LOL.A bit unexpected.Very unexpected-the show is good.


  5. April says:

    Camping here ! Watching live and then I’m gonna read your recap.
    Thanks 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:

    What website do you guys go to watch live? Thank u Softy 4 all your hard work. I just have few questions about the show. What is in JH’s backpack that always carries with him at all times? What actually happened to his brother? How will E react when she find out that JD gave permission? Thanks again Softy.


  7. Joeydragonlady says:

    Waaaah! No way! I wanted a Moo Won romance! Sigh… 2nd lead men have it rough.


  8. DramaQueen says:

    Sniff … ES hasn’t chosen anyone yet. Ai! I am not a fan of the love triangle going on and on and on and on … but I love the little scenes between MW and JH. Maybe I should ship them. Er, in a non-slashy way that is.


  9. Meee says:

    OMG MW hugged E!!! 0_0


  10. WeWe says:

    just read the live recap…
    can’t watch to watch raw vid…1 hr to go


  11. chasen8888 says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy. I love this show.

    Going by the recap I think ES has already chosen J but there are other reasons for her request to be transferred. These are:-

    (1) Dealing with both men who seek her often for strength and cares for her a lot can be emotionally draining and burdensome. Therefore she needs to recuperate, she cannot do so being around them all the time she’ll dry out.
    (2) Its the next step for J in adult training i.e. being without E. This is a chance to do so
    (3) The office already knows that both Directors like and fought over her, if & when she starts to date J the situation could become worse. That does not help in the professional running of the office and could prove to be a distraction/disturbance.
    (4) She is being considerate for both of their sakes M as he is likely to be hurt and J as to his professional image etc.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode


  12. New Heart says:

    Sorry, But I thinks I have to said that ep 10 and now ep 11, I feel Ji Hun appear too littel ?? instead by Mu Won?
    Right ?


  13. MJShinshi says:

    they cut out that part of the scene with that picture up top! unless we’ll see it in a flash tm coz I don’t think J would be that happy back at work hugging his co-worker from just him kissing E’s forehead. but then it’s J any E closeness will put him on cloud9 🙂
    what is this….she needs to decide and say who she likes already!! I hope they won’t argue/fight again at the stairs tmr making E more frustrated than she already is from their doing. So she is moving dept. J is gonna be the man E can lean on soon! poor M knowing well he’s not gaining any weight on his side of the balancing scale. 😦 yet still tries.. are they gonna keep ending each episode at the stairs to E’s home, alternating between J and M bringing E home, kissing/hugging her too? but they keep mirroring each guys’ action towards/with E, except the bike riding “non-date” J has yet to do that. It’s like M has more dinner dates with E, is it to make up for E possibly not choosing him? anyway blabbing nonsense here..
    Poor J taking all the crap from M to keep his homework from E, I’m guessing. LOL@JD, J, and cutout E…and what about J threatening to tell on that rude customer to his Dad, such a kid! I like that JD is accepting E but not when he tries to change her. Glad E is not having any of it anyway, go E!

    A million thanks softy!


    • DramaQueen says:

      Either that, or the PD decided NOT to have ES kiss JH to prolong the suspense further. Bah … 😉 But we know who she has chosen … she’s just too practical to be that princess who longs for her prince.


  14. ck1Oz says:

    SOFTY….thank you.I am so HAPPY.

    Daebak daebak.I want to give Ji Heon a gold medal Ji Heon-ya….I feel like our kid has grown up.Man of man…

    Oh now going to read the transcap.I am so happy with today.How does the drama give such great episodes.I could burst with pride when he dealt with the customer.I can’t take JH giving ES those intent looks all night.I about floated away with the forehead kiss.

    Daebak.Love its.Terific drama.


  15. Anvesha says:

    I wonder who you mean by clear winner 😉 (ok, ok I know) Haha but the thing is kdrama and ‘love’ doesn’t go by pros and cons and rationality.

    There will be so many K heroes who will not be chosen in real life…

    Thanks for recap 🙂


  16. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: My morning became afternoon but I knew your recap would be here for me to read!!! Thank you now I have energy to continue with my list of chores. J and JD are so good. Looking forward tomorrow episode.


  17. Jomo says:

    Thanks for the recap!

    I have the same reaction you have to MW. When ES and JH were celebrating outside the conference room, and they show MW, all I could think was “Poor baby!” ☹

    But I am glad that ES and JH are confident of the other’s feelings. It is so sweet. And both have earned the trust.


    • ennui says:

      Same here. I love the multifaceted description of the relationship between ES and JH and the chemistry between JS and CKH is simply amazing. I appreciate how these two veteran actors make every love scene not saccharine sweet, but earthy, real and touching. It might appear to be lacking the typical “chemistry” we see in Korean rom-com, but I actually feel it in an inexplicably tangible and subtle way–almost more like in a film setting. Love it!


      • Softy says:

        Well put ennui – I actually gave this drama a shot on the night it aired just cuz I am a fan of CKH’s “my sweet Seoul” but to be honest, it wasn’t a fair shot cuz I fast forwarded the entire ep cuz J’s perm was just too much for me to take in. but later when I gave it a proper thorough viewing, I saw the magic everyone else was under the spell of and fell for PTB too. Thank goodness I made that forum for everyone to chat cuz if they hadn’t gone on about how great the show was, I would never have given it a second chance. Now look at me – a die hard fan for life 🙂


  18. lovely says:

    “Moo Won says it, but he doesn’t make me feel it. So I can’t really feel all that bad for him losing out on the girl.”

    I thinks anytime Eun Sul met Mu Won, she too strong emotional projection to Mu Won, but it’s not logic!!

    Like ending this ep or ep 10, if you see Eun Sul, her face, you can mistake that she and Mu Won together, and Ji Hun only second…

    Choi Kang Hee’s acting too excessive, because made me feeling that Eun Sul not love Ji Hun, she love Mu Won and Ji Hun is her fuss ????

    p/s: sorry, eng not good ^^


    • ennui says:

      Quite the contrary, I actually think CKH is doing an amazing job although there is some inherent problem with the script writing. She has the most controlled performance throughout the drama. Anyway, I fall in love with her through PTB now and I am going to check out her other projects.


  19. IBELIS says:

    I think this was a very close family and something happened that changed that, I think Gma wants E to help bring them back together, and in a way she is doing that, J and M are spending more and more time together even if it’s to fight over E. They are having fun the way they did when they were young.


  20. DramaQueen says:

    Apparently, PTB may be extended two more episodes. Not sure how that can happen though. Apparently JJ’s schedule is really packed.:


  21. Fanderay says:

    I’ve started to fear watching this show because I can’t help but think that not EVERY episode can possibly be amazing. So far I haven’t been disappointed though….how is this possible?

    Those fantasy sequences with the boys were hilarious, and as usual every single character is enjoyable. I like that M’s mom is similar to J’s dad in that even when she’s disappointed in M she secretly wants him to win (just because he shouldn’t date E, doesn’t mean E shouldn’t pick him!).

    Way back when M offered E a job with him I was hoping that she would take it, and that they would have their romance before she ended up with J. I’m happy with with the J/E M/N pairings, but everyone’s so awesome that I’m shipping every combo. I’d even like to see more flashbacks of N and J dating.

    That whole ending sequence was pretty killer. I felt genuinely joyful when J finished his presentation, and actually got a wee bit tearful. The celebration antics outside the conference room were adorable, although I very quickly switched to heart-breaking-for-M mode. I don’t think it’s ever happened in a kdrama before, but wouldn’t it be nice if M and E dated and then just realized they liked each other better as friends? Now I see why so many dramas make the second leads ultra-annoying…otherwise it’s torture not to see everyone happy!

    I actually missed N a bit this episode, although I liked that when she got her shoe stuck it was just a short quirky sequence that added to her never-ending list of day-to-day things going wrong. There were no cliches like piggybacks involved, but it still wasn’t boring.

    Also, does anyone else find it refreshing how quickly N has adapted to lower-class living? She certainly complains a lot, but she’s so obviously happy that I can’t help but find her even more endearing.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Those stupid stairs are a haven for cliffhangers!


  22. sachiu says:

    I always wondered… if she was affected by even that irresponsible, that cold hearted, that despisable (at the beginning he was pretty petty).. and she even considered the like percentage of %49-51.. I can’t imagine if he gets responsible and more awesome… she would be blown I guess.. lol.. but damn.. who can resist J 😦 she’s such a lucky lady.. on one side, perfect guy and the other, nearly there…


  23. sarah says:

    My name is Sarah,
    i saw your profile today
    and became interested in you,
    i will also like to know you more,
    and i want you to send an email to
    my id (
    so i can give you my pictures,
    for you to know whom i am.
    yours Sarah.


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