Scent of a woman E14

This drama has a cruel streak – it makes you giddy with happiness then it tears you down again leaving you vulnerable. Just when you think you can handle everything, it stomps all over your hopes. Then through your tears, you feel strengthened by watching how well these characters cope and endure. But when you finally think things are looking up, it punches you in the gut again. Our main couple is hanging on by a thread and it’s only a matter of time when we will all be free falling with them. Next week is going to be rough people – I can sense it already.  You guys are going to need a lot of kleenex for this episode.

I can’t believe I don’t get to see this smile anymore-isn’t he adorable. Next week it’s over. So far I didn’t cry as much as CYHMH (I bawled through entire episodes) so I feel safe that I won’t cry a lot next week. Actually it would depend on what happens tonight. So far I can honestly say except for E12, I loved this drama a lot. Of course my favorite episodes were when they were in Japan or when they were dancing the tango. I am just so glad we can watch Y finish her bucket list with J by her side.

*Ojakkyo Brothers : I love this drama but I hate that it’s on at 8 pm in Korea- that is way too early. There is no way I can make it home in time so this can never be done live. I still have no idea what all their names are, but I love the whole premise of the story itself. I can’t believe I am becoming a Uee fan considering how much I hated her in YAB, but her character (J) here is totally likeable. Supposedly last week, J was in the news cuz they were saying her dad bribed a professor to accept her into college, but it wasnt her – the head of the police is the man who bribed to get his own daughter in – that mean one who torments J all the time. I knew it cuz J was too smart and her dad didnt need to bribe anyone. Lately, J and the cop (T- played by Joo won) come out more often so I love how they always bicker. Tonight he was actually nice to her and gave her a tip – that she needed to go thru his mom and get on her good side cuz the mom is the key. To the mom, the farm is like a child she suffered to raise the past ten years. And that gave J an idea and she went and pitched a tent on their front yard. I bet it’s going to be like that grapevine drama where the girl learns about the grape vineyard in the hope of inheriting it. Except now Uee is going to raise ducks I guess. I can’t wait till she falls in love with T. I think I know why this drama is 50 episode, there are too many characters and storyline and I bet I have to wait another five episodes or so before either J or T realizes there is an attraction. I am going to need patience for this drama. 🙂


Scent of a woman E14

After Kang shows up, he says he came cuz he knows about Y. her mom asks who he is and kang says he came to speak to her daughter. her mom invites him in but Y asks him to speak outside -it’s nothing serious right

kang says it looks like Y hasnt told her mom yet- when she finds out how shocked she will be. if you know your situation – you should let go of the person you are meeting but you are holding onto J and taking him down with you-dont you think that’s being too selfish -are you planning/determined to ruin the life of my only precious son. Y: that’s not it. kang: do you love J? Y: yes. kang: in your condition can you love -with the few months of your life that you have left – you can spend it being happy with J in love but what about J? dont you think about the person you leave behind? just cuz you can be happy – is it ok to leave him with so much pain -will you feel better then? break up with J right now – cuz of your situation J wont be able to break it off so you break it off.  Y: I am sorry. kang: do you know you should be sorry? Y:  I cant break up with J – I wont break up with him. she gets on her knees and begs him. but he says he wont budge even if she does that. Y cries and says : I will try -for meeting me I will try to make sure J wont be hurt. kang: is this something that can happen just cuz you want it to? J already quit work. he said he had to be with you so it was a waste of time to work so he quit. he is already doing stuff like this so what do you think he will do after you die. Y: I will talk to him and send him back to work. also after I die, I will try to make sure he can live well.  kang: I dont need anything else -return J to the way he was or else I wont forgive you.

her mom asks who kang was and Y tells her mom how kang is the chairman and came to talk about work. her mom figures out kang is J’s dad. her mom wonders if kang is opposed to Y meeting J. Y says it’s not like that. her mom tells Y not to give up on J cuz of kang no matter what.  her mom cites her own example of what happened with her dad when her mom’s parents opposed-in the end her mom married her dad. Y says her mom is impressive. her mom wonder how could a dad come here about his son-he should have settled his problem himself

J looks over to his bed and remembers what happened yesterday. he arches one eyebrow and then shakes his head to not think about it. he goes to his computer

S gets drunk remembering how kang says Y has cancer and that is why J cant break it off in that situation

J is looking at homes on the computer. S goes to J’s home and he asks if she drank. she goes in and asks for a cup of water. he tells her not to come to his home from now on. she slaps him. S: how can you turn someone into this -while you two were having an impressive love I was making an effort to make it work with you -just cuz I didnt know anything – can you make me look this ridiculous. if you like her keep meeting her and I will wait. J says S’s name. S: I heard that woman cant live long anyway – I heard from the chairman -at most 3 or 4 months. J: shut up. S: that wont take long at all. J says he is disappointed in her and tells her to leave. he walks off but S cries and says – I hate that woman – I hate that woman so much

Y remembers how kang said J quit work today – if he is like this now how will he be after you die. she gets a call from J. he says she has some place to go with him

they go to some home. he asks how she likes the house. she asks if he is moving. he says yes – I want to live here with you. the air is really good isnt it. there is something behind the mountain over there. let’s go over there. she says his name. he asks if she doesnt like it. Y: yes. J: that is trouble. Y:let’s go. J: you really dont like it? she tells him to hurry and get in cuz she has some place to go

J asks why they are here. Y: to find the son I lost. J looks at her funny

they are taking care of toddlers. Y is playing with some and J is holding one and he tells her that the baby pooped it seems. she tells J to change the baby. J talks to the baby in a serious tone saying-stay still -you cant move- you are having a hard time too huh so am I – we can do it.

Y is bathing some kids. J is holding one saying how the baby keeps crying. Y tells J to hold the baby and calm him. J: but he is all wet. J holds the baby and says – sorry – sorry. Y watches J take care of the baby and cries.

the helper comes over and asks if they are having a hard time. Y wipes her tears and says- no the babies are really pretty. the woman calls them a young couple and thanks them for helping out. Y says this is their first time and they will come often from here on. the woman says they look good – they look like a family. J is happy to hear it. J: we do? he smiles at Y.

Y’s mom gets ready for her date. she mutters how she cant draw her eyebrows well today. as she leaves the owner yells out -what is she doing – that she is too old to date. her mom asks how the old man could talk like that.  the teacher agrees and says they are old but they are going to start dating

J is tired and she says he only gave 3 of them baths. he says it feels like 30.  when are you going to make time for me cuz I want to be with you all day long just the two of us. did you really not like that home. Y: I heard you resigned. he asks how she knew. she says she met his dad. he asks if his dad said anything strange. Y: it’s ok. J: how can that be ok. Y: what could there be that could scare me.  go back to work. J: you dont want to be with me? time is too precious to me.  Y: I think so too but I have someone else who is as precious to me as you. my mom. I still havent been able to tell my mom. for a little while longer I want to live like normal people. with my mom and with you  -I dont want to think about the fact that I am a cancer patient and that I dont have much  time left to live and be like normal people so cant you just live like usual. cuz I am happy now.

 E looks at Y’s book and that childhood pic and smiles. E talks to the dog as he pets it. wonder if your savior is doing well. what do I do about you?

the other doc and E talk. the doc asks if E is going to MD anderson. E: I should go. doc says how the patients there will be dying too and E has to see that again.  E: so you dont want to? doc: ok I will raise him. what kind of dog is it? E: a mixed breed. the doc: a mutt? E: it looks pretty but it likes to chew. the guy says it doesnt matter cuz he will raise it outside. E: out in the yard? wont it be cold in the winter? doc: you said it was a mutt.  E: but it was raised indoors.  doc: do you want to give the dog to me or not. E: of course

HJ comes over with her mom and introduces her mom to E.HJ: isnt she pretty? her mom says she heard a lot about E. just like I heard you are really handsome. HJ: when did I say that? HJ’s mom: you said it a while ago too. HJ  is embarrassed and takes her mom away

Y’s mom wonders if she can look ten yrs younger if she pulls her face back. Y says her mom is being strange these days cuz she cares about her looks. her mom says she always did. Y asks if her mom has time tonight cuz J wants to say hello tonight for dinner. her mom asks if it’s red car and then yells at Y for telling her so late

they go grocery shopping and her mom buys expensive meat. her mom gets a call from T (teacher) and she says how Y is bringing home a guy and how much she likes it

J is trying on a lot of outfits.

J brings her mom her fav flowers (he heard she liked red roses) and introduces himself. she thanks him and invites him in. omg there is a lot of food. she said they prepared this and that cuz they didnt know what he liked. he says he likes it all and eats a lot. she asks if he has confidence to convince his dad cuz she doesnt like her daughter being mistreated. J: i will get it figured out. her mom tells him to keep eating. she asks if he is line tour director-arent you. he says he is.

when J leaves, Y asks if he is ok – does he have indigestion. J: I dont know. Y: why did you lie since you arent a director anymore. you are jobless. if my mom knows this truth – how upset she will be.  are you really not going back to work

her mom holds the flowers and cries so Y asks if she doesnt like J. Y asks why she is crying. her mom says she is so happy cuz Y brought home such a great boyfriend. Y asks her mom why she was so brusque with J and her mom says if she acted too accepting of J that he wouldnt know how her mom thinks Y is a precious daughter. they both cry and hug

J is at home and thinks about how her mom will be disappointed to learn he isnt a director and just jobless. he calls a friend and asks what he can do to look good for his girlfriend’s mom

J goes to Y’s mom’s work. she asks what brings him here. he says to buy clothes. the coworker says how good looking J is and her mom says he is her daughter’s boyfriend. he picks out jackets for Y and her mom.

Y goes to see T and asks if everything is going ok. he asks if she came to ask that cuz she was curious. she says she came to buy a gift

Y talks to her dad’s pic. are you upset- in your place/stead I was with her and in my place it will be nice if someone (T) is with her.

her mom comes in and says how J bought coats for them.her mom says how J has sense. Y says she is going somewhere for a few days starting from tm. her mom:where? Y: the office asked me to do some work. her mom asks Y to be honest -you are going on a trip with J arent you-during that time when you said you went on business trips that was all an excuse huh?

J picks her up and her mom tells them to have fun and come back. and drive safely. J bows and says they will.   in the car J asks how much longer Y is going to keep it a secret. Y says cuz her mom is happy she doesnt want to break that yet

Im goes to see S and tells her how he heard something shocking – an absurd rumor that J broke up with S and is dating a ridiculous woman. have you not heard that talk? why arent you saying anything. S cries and says – even in this situation why cant i give up on J? I cant give him up dad.

J drops her off at the hospital. J is about to get out of the car but Y tells him just to stay put and not go in. J: just till I see you get admitted. Y shakes her head no – I dont want to show you how I look when I am a patient. Go straight to the office. why arent you replying? J: right now what’s important to me is not my dad or work. you are the most important. Y: for me too – the most important person is you. but you arent my whole life. I have a mom, friend, and things I want to do. do you want me to have only you (and nothing else)? I dont like that I am the only thing in your life. if you throw away work and your dad to come to me – I think it will make my heart too uncomfortable. I’ll be going.

Y gets out and walks away but he calls out her name and walks over to her and hugs her. he tells her to do well and come back

HJ is with E and sees Y and J hugging. HJ – Y unni has a boyfriend? but doctor you and Y unni… E looks at Y and tells HJ -let’s go in

Y gives HJ the bread (the present she bought at the bakery) she got for her. her mom says it looks tasty.did you buy it on purpose to give to HJ? Y: yes at the hospital she became my friend. Y tells HJ’s mom how pretty the mom is and says to HJ- you must take after your mom. Y gives the mom the bread and her mom says it’s yummy and tells HJ to taste it but HJ says later and leaves the room so Y goes after her

Y:ya kid are you mad at me about something? why are you being cold? last time you said you wanted to be in the hospital together. why. HJ: I am mad cuz of doctor E- how can you make his heart ache – who are you to do that. Y: what does that mean. HJ: acting like you dont know

E and Y are meeting. he asks if she knows the cancer is getting bigger. so this time they are going to use a more (aggressive method- guessing here cuz the adjective sounded scary) Y isnt paying attention cuz  she remembers how HJ said that E likes Y. Y: that is ridiculous- that’s not it. HJ: how frustrating.  E :what do you think? Y:huh? E: what do you think? Y: it’s good. E: it’s good? Y says if he is done talking she will leave

S goes to the hospital and sees Y in her hospital gown hooked up to an IV from a distance. S looks over at Y and cries. S turns around and cant talk to Y. (*I love that S cried and turned away – it proved she is decent to some extent-when I saw this scene I was begging S  “please dont go over there – dont hurt Y anymore than you already did. show the woman just a little bit of courtesy- you owe her that much”- and thank goodness S listened)

Y watches HJ with her mom. her mom says how she likes HJ.  HJ says it’s so nice to have her mom-it would be nice to always be together

J remembers how Y said she doesnt like that there is only her in this life. if he comes to her after throwing his work and dad away, her heart will feel too uncomfortable

J goes to see kang. kang asks what brings J back here  – cuz he said he wanted  to be with a woman and threw his resignation. J asks:why did you do that. why kang went to see Y when J asked him not to like that (begging on his knees) .kang asks if Y told on kang. did you come here to complain to your dad about that?  J: no -to work again. cuz that person wants me to work. kang: you pathetic kid- if that woman wants you to die  – are you going to? J: if that is what she wants then I have to. kang:what? J: but that person wont want something like that. she wants me to be happy. kang says get ready to go to america. J: I wont leave that woman’s side. kang: how many times do I have to tell you to break up for you to listen. J: dont hang on for too long and just admit defeat-we dont have much time left. I will be leaving. * J meant for his dad to give up trying to break them apart since Y and J dont have much time left together.

other docs look at the scan results and wonder when it happened cuz they thought it was better. what to do. E looks concerned

when E comes in HJ says hello to him. E goes over to Y and asks how her treatment is going and she says it’s ok. E: you are eating well right? Y doesnt look at him and says yes – I am eating well. E: that is good. he turns his attention to HJ.  E asks if HJ’s tummy hurts and HJ says it does but she can handle this much pain. E asks to speak to her mom outside. HJ guesses aloud – my condition must not be good -if it’s good they tell the patient directly but when it’s bad they always tell the guardian. it’s so obvious. HJ says to Y: you are being obvious too. Y: what did i do? HJ: you are being cold to doctor E-you are doing that cuz of me arent you cuz I told you that-i shouldnt have said anything – poor doctor E

E gives Hj’s mom bad news about HJ. he says sorry for telling her this and her mom cries

HJ goes looking for E and asks if he feels down cuz of Y. to be honest that’s cuz of me. I told her everything. E:what? HJ: that you like Y. arent you mad? E: that’s good. it’s good that it is out. every day it felt like something was on top of my heart and I felt stuffy – now it needs to be all out in the open. it’s time to do that.  HJ: since you said it that way -it hurts my heart more.  it would be better if you got mad. E: if i get mad you might fall for me more. she laughs. E: HJ  if you want to put up webtoons again – put it up – you said it was your dream.  should we go in? HJ: i have a favor to ask. since I might not be able to come back to the hospital will you dance the tango with me just once.

E and HJ dance the tango outside. except she just sort of hugs him so he hugs her back and she cries from being so happy -and I am bawling like crazy

HJ’s mom talks to Y about how HJ said Y is like her real sister. so her mom felt better that HJ wasnt so lonely in the hospital. Y: thanks to HJ I was less lonely. the mom asks why Y is alone. Y says she couldnt tell her mom yet cuz she might be shocked. the mom says how it hard it will be for Y not to be comforted. she tells Y to think of it from her mom’s  perspective – my daughter went thru all that and didnt tell me -think how much her heart will ache when she finds out later. it might end up like that.  HJ comes over and Y says she must be getting discharged from the hospital. i am jealous. HJ tells her mom to leave for a minute.

HJ says she has something to brag to Y about. Y:what? HJ: I danced tango with doctor E. Y: what is that – you said E liked me. it must not be so.  HJ: you do well with your boyfriend and doctor E is mine. Y: then we made up. they shake hands. HJ says truthfully the cookies Y brought were really yummy. Y: next time I will buy you a lot.  HJ hugs her and says she wishes Y was her real sister. in my next life I will be born tall (170cm). Y corrects her and says – 171cm. HJ: do the bucket list well all the way till the end-fighting

Y’s mom and T go to the movies and watch a cartoon movie . her mom cries.  T gives her a hanky.

T says what to do cuz the movie was sad. she says stuff about being a mom. he asks how Y’s boyfriend is. her mom says nice things about J-polite – sweet-good looking- well mannered and Y wont starve for the rest of her life.he says that’s good. she says how she worried that Y would be a spinster and stay by her side but now she doesnt need to worry. he asks if she wont be lonely after Y gets married

Y thinks about HJ’s mom’s words about how Y’s mom’s heart will ache later cuz Y didnt tell her

E goes to see Y. E: I dont know what HJ said but dont take it to heart too much. he returns her book. I was sorting thru some stuff – should have returned it 25 yrs ago but I am giving it back now. Y: just keep it. E: I read it a lot of times. I will be going

E drops off the dog with that doc. E tells him what the dog likes to eat -he likes the new alpho dog food flavor -for snacks he likes yogurt drops the most. dont forget in two months he needs his shots.  E asks if the guy has confidence to raise it well. the doc tells him to stop being concerned cuz the dog is no longer E’s. E looks at the doc and gets in his car. he gets a call. E:what did you say?

E runs to the hospital. HJ is there. E asks what happened. the doc says something and E says they have to go into surgery right now. HJ’s mom tells her to open her eyes cuz E came. HJ reaches out to hold E’s hand and he holds it tight with both hands. the doc runs back and says the surgery room is open. E says hurry and move her but HJ closes her eyes and her heart arrests. E tries to revive her and starts CPR. but her mom tells him to stop and let HJ go.  her mom cries and calls out HJ’s name.   

E staggers outside and leans against the wall. he cries. he cant walk straight down the dark corridor and ends up sitting on the ground in a state of shock. he remembers past moments with HJ. E cries

nurse that was close to HJ is crying. Y tells the nurse it’s time to take out the IV and the nurse says she will and asks Y to wait inside. Y asks if she was crying

Y goes to HJ’s wake and holds HJ’s mom’s hand. Y cries and looks at HJ’s pic and remembers HJ saying – I wish you were my real sister-do the bucket list well all the way till the end-fighting.

Y goes and finds E who is still sitting there in the dark hallway. she touches his shoulder and calls out his name. he says -live- please live. I dont want anything else. YJ – please just live. he sobs so Y hugs him and comforts him

Y goes to E’s office and other doc says E didnt come to work. he says how E was acting weird these days. how he regretted being an oncologist. he was in that state of mind and now this happened to HJ so his shock must be big.  he got recommended for MD anderson again but (I think he said E was stalling or pushing it back -not really sure what he said)  the doc says Y can be discharged

Y goes to see HJ’s mom.Y: are you ok?  the mom says how she already knew HJ’s condition wasnt good cuz E told her so to an extent she prepared her heart for it. I wasnt going to tell HJ, but  HJ must have known cuz the night before she died she said she was ok- that she was happy. I had something to tell you so I asked to see you.  HJ put the webtoon back up so please tell doctor E when you see him. Y says she will

J is waiting for Y when she gets out so she runs over to him and hugs him tight. J: did you miss me that much? Y nods yes. Y: will you take me somewhere? J: whereever you want

Y goes to E’s home and rings his doorbell. she asks him to answer if he is inside. E wont open the door. she calls his phone. but it’s turned off. she is about to knock again but E opens it. Y: I was worried. HJ’s mom wanted me to tell you that HJ put the webtoon back up so make sure you look at it.

J sits in his car and wonders why Y came here as soon as she was discharged. did something happen

E watches the webtoon -HJ’s voice narrates: I have happy news for those people who love my webtoons -today I danced the tango with doctor ES. his chest was really warm and soft. during that time when I called him harsh and rude – I take it back (cancel it). Doctor ES’s looked so cool smiling – I was really moved. Hoping that besides me, he smiles to many other patients -today is the end of HJ’s hospital life. Up to now HJ was really happy and from here on too I will be happy -so all of you and also doctor ES-everyone be happy. E cries reading it

J drives Y home and asks if something happened at the hospital. Y: yes – I have to tell my mom. will you give me encouragement/support. he holds her hand.

her mom asked Y had a good trip and if J brought her home. she wants to ask what happened but she wont-cuz she is a mom with sense who wants to protect her daughter’s privacy. Y asks why her mom’s hands are red and her mom says she was making pickled cucumbers. she makes Y taste some and Y says it’s yummy. Y: mom what is it that you want to do with me the most right now- anything at all

Y and her mom are on the han river tour boat. Y asks if this is it cuz they can ride this anytime. her mom asks if Y doesnt remember. when Y was younger she wanted to ride this cuz even tho she lived in seoul she never got to ride it so they came together but her mom got sick so they didnt get to ride it and went back home. it bothered her mom so she thought I should ride this with you sometime. her mom yells out how good it is.

after the boat ride they sit outside. her mom says it was good they came out cuz the night air is good. Y:it’s so nice to have a date with you mom. her mom says – it’s better if you have a date with J. Y: mom you know I love you a lot right? her mom sees the look on Y’s face and asks:why? Y: I have something to confess to you mom. her mom: what is it- did something happen with J? Y shakes her head no. her mom: thank goodness. Y: they say I have cancer. I am sorry mom. her mom just looks at her in stunned silence.


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I can’t really blame this drama for all the tears I shed over the past few weeks. To be honest I even expected to cry this much to an extent. It’s not like we didn’t anticipate some sorrow. But I have to give the drama credit for doling it out in small increments – just enough to keep us on our toes but not too much where we want to run away and abandon this show. Plus they made it even harder to turn away with all that dancing and showing off J’s abs every chance they got. But lately I noticed, Y is not looking too healthy. She is smiling and acting happy, but it’s like a part of her is already stepping away from life – not a huge step cuz J won’t let her, but backing up just enough to look around and see what is coming ahead. It sort of feels like the closer she gets to her dreaded time, the braver she is being- just like she used to be when she first heard about her condition. I hope all the love and support J is giving her will be enough for her to let go with a smile on her face- cuz only then will I be able to function and type out the recap next week. I am getting pretty good at this – typing through tears is not something I expected to perfect, but this show sure has a way of giving me a lot of scenes to hone that skill. After this drama, I think I will stick with rom-coms from here on. My tear ducts need a break.


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  1. maii85 says:

    Thank you so much for the recap softy,
    This was a Chapter Fort and sad, no doubt still have wanted to cry, it is a Real Drama and all are exposed to this situation, has had its beautiful moments and as you say sunshine we have been compensated for with these scene but if I have suffered so much to see it and is for persons who have had a situation so so close a loved one’s even more dificl must be

    Hopefully next week to see the end

    a hug to all and thank you


  2. Reideen says:

    I crie buckets T.T …. We need to brace ourselves!
    Softy many thanks for this recap! X


  3. Iviih says:

    Thank you Softy!! This episode was so sad.

    Poor Hee Joo!! I wanted her to live… 😦 and E. I do think E made the wrong choice of being a oncologist, better be a doctor were has more hope of life.


  4. yossie says:


    Softy, I hope that you recap Ojakgyo Brothers too… It is a good drama…warm family drama with each character has their own weakness …

    PS : I dont need the live recaps, hehehehhe, just simply the recaps will be nice 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I replied to you on KDF 4 🙂 and yes I will be recapping this after SOAW ends. I am currently only watching 3 dramas and this is the 3rd one – SOAW and PTB are the other two.


  5. janu says:

    Thank you so much Softy~ you are our angel! Every single tango scene in this drama has been amazing~ including last night’s passionate horizontal tango, and tonight’s very poignant tango-hug. You made my tear-streaked face laugh when I read: “I was begging S “please don’t go over there”….. “and thank goodness S listened”. I’m glad she listened to you, too!

    Does anyone know of a subbing team that has agreed to sub all of the Ojakgyo Brothers epis? I could only find the first two epis subbed and I couldn’t find anyone listed as having officially taken this on as a project. Kim Ja Ok is one of my favorite actresses.


  6. So3 says:

    Sometimes I wonder if it was fate that made me follow this drama (or that KSA picked this drama which in turn made me follow it)… halfway through this drama I received news on a relative who got into the last stage of cancer and the complexity on where the tumor is located simply means there can be no cure (they even need to call for doctors from different branches of medicine to discuss his case since it was so complicated). It is essentially a time bomb. When it goes off it will be the end. I thought, what an coincidence and perhaps because of what I’ve been thinking and considering for this drama I wasn’t as shocked as I thought I would be when such news broke.

    It was during a hospital visit that I think oncologists have to be real tough psychologically in order to do this profession. Contrary to another commentator above who thinks they are being too unrealistically optimistic, my first thought was they acted really cool-headed, just kinda like E who we met in the first few episodes (I guess it’s just because we happened to meet those oncologists at different places). It was then I thought the behavior of the old E was totally justified – if he did not put up that protective shield he can be so vulnerable (as in this episode). I was nicely surprised by the depth of development for this character E – the writer has given such detail touches to the character that it feels very real to me. We even witnessed his struggle as an oncologist and this is something I didn’t quite expect when I signed up for this drama. I would say this is perhaps the best written second lead for the kdramas I’ve watched (Ma Roo in CYHMH, strictly speaking, is half a lead so I’m not putting MR in the same category 🙂 ).


  7. nonski says:

    Was truly coz I wasn’t able to camp and watch the live streams. 😦

    But nonetheless, Softy, your live recaps made me so happy for being able to have the experience as if I had watched it. Tho, this episode made me bawling so many times. It had very sad but warm moments. I am dreading the ending next week and will be preparing a big box of Kleenex.


  8. Keiko says:

    does anyone know what kind of phone they are using?? the white one that Lee Yeon Jae has 🙂


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