Scent of a Woman E13

When you first hear about this drama, you expect tears and heartache – it comes with the drama description like it’s built in. You can’t share all their joy without sharing their pain as well. You can’t root for a miracle without expecting reality to let you down. But what I didn’t count on were side characters like E and HJ leaving such a lasting impression too. Up to now, HJ was the young vivacious girl who put up such a brave face that I was praying she would live as much as I wanted Y to survive. When HJ actually said those words that she wanted to see her mom before she died, her vulnerability and desperation finally peeked out from the facade of her bravado. Then we have E who has long given up his dream for his unrequited love to be reciprocated. Watching him say his goodbye to Y without her even realizing he was letting her go makes me cry again each time. His kind of love gets to me cuz it’s the one you can count on forever- the one that never falters even till the last moment. As for our couple tonight – everything I was hoping for actually happened and those scenes tonight more than made up for last week’s cry fest. There are times when I don’t feel that words are needed to explain every emotion that is coming thru the screen and tonight that happened over and over with these two. It’s like every individual action they take is just to bring them one step closer to each other. The fact that J is helping her go thru her bucket list and fulfilling each one makes me dread the last one that is coming up. At the same time, I have no doubt that it will be just as beautiful and memorable as all the previous ones. Why? Cuz these two keep giving us more wonderful memories to hold onto for that last moment when we will need it the most.

*In case you guys were wondering why I didn’t post this as my main pic, trust me I was tempted, but like I said before – I don’t want ppl to give me funny looks when I open this site in public on my iPhone or iPad. 🙂

Last week when J asked his housekeeper to move this where he can’t see it, I worried she threw it out or took it home. He didn’t want a reminder of Y – as if he could actually put her out of his mind. Of course it will take a lot more than moving a plant to get Y out of his heart as he showed by reacting too quickly to save her life. I saw the preview so I know what to expect this weekend, but I am really hoping all the happy stuff won’t happen on Sunday night and start right away tonight. I want both episodes to be filled with happy moments again cuz the last two wore me out emotionally. We need breather episodes to get ready for the finale if you ask me.

Scent of a Woman E13

Starts from when Y crosses the street without looking and J saving her with his car. as she looks over at him, she finally reacts and cries.

J is taken to the hospital by the ambulance and Y watches from outside. paramedic says J is unconscious

J is being scanned

doctor tells Y nothing came out that’s bad on the CT – but the shock made J not wake up yet -after they stitch up his cut on the head -J has to stay at the hospital for them to monitor till J wakes up. she thanks the doctor

she goes in and J opens his eyes and asks if she is ok. Y: why did you do it? why did you have to run in and get in the way – dont you know I am someone who can only live a few months? J: I missed you -also I miss you -whether it’s a few months or days. from the moment the accident occurred- I knew for sure that I cant be happy without you. she cries. he closes his eyes again.

when Y comes outside she has a flashback to her dad saying – sorry dad cant be with you for a long time. young Y hugs him and says- if you know be better to me.

J wakes up, he looks around and asks if she left. S is there with kang. S asks if J knows what’s going on. kang asks if J is ok and asks what happened-why the accident. J asks how he knew to come and kang says the hospital called. I was so shocked. S says it’s good that J wasnt hurt too badly. kang: they said if you wake up you could be discharged but rest in the hospital for a few more days. let’s move you to a recovery room. but J says -no – he wants to leave

S takes J home. he is sore so she asks if it hurts a lot. she offers to give him his painkillers but realizes he cant take it on an empty stomach. she tells him to wait and offers to make him an omelette cuz that is all she can make. he asks her to come over to him for a minute cuz he has something to say. S: what is it that you have to say? dont stall cuz I dont like that J: it wont work. S:what? J: during the accident – i became more sure/certain. my heart is full with that person and it cant be helped. I really am sorry. S: I knew you couldnt quickly forget her. even if you act like you are ok you will need time J: no I wont be over her- it has nothing to do with her -it’s just me. S: if she keeps pushing you away -can you do that? I will wait – even after I went thru the broken engagement I stayed by your side -it means I wont give up. J: Sae kyung ah. S: dont speak – me – your dad- dont disappoint us anymore.she tells him to rest and leaves. she goes outside and cries

Y is at home sleeping and reliving J’s accident. she remembers J’s voice saying “I missed you” and Y wakes up. she was about to call J but she gets a call. she got a call from that teacher she wanted forgiveness from. 

Y gets ready to go out and her mom asks if Y is going somewhere. Y: yes to meet someone. her mom tells her to take the phone this time and not make her unable to reach Y like last time. Y goes over and tells her mom she needs to confess to her mom. mom:what is it? Y asks if she remembers teacher dong. to be honest – it wasnt true that the teacher did anything bad to me -it seemed like the teacher liked you – I was so mad so I said that -the rumor went out and it was twisted -even when I had a chance to come clean and stop it -I just ended up lying. cuz i hated the teacher so much.  her mom says she knew. Y: you knew? why did you act like you didnt know. her mom says the teacher thought that was better to do that -he said “why else would she do that” (it was cuz she had no other way to separate her mom from him) ” he covered it up like that and said there would be no problem if he just disappeared. why are you bringing that up and making my heart heavy. Y cries

teacher says sorry for sending her off like that.for ten yrs every day I imagined you coming to see me – I thought I should tell you “it’s ok” but you never came. after that I tried to forget about it. then when you suddenly showed up, I couldnt face you. Y: I am sorry you must have resented (hated?)  me a lot. teacher: to be honest I hated myself more than you. since it happened by my choice.  he said he thought it would be best for her mom then and he hoped Y and her mom would know why he did that at some point. back then I was mistaken and thought sacrificing for the person I liked was cool -now that I think about it – it was a dumb thing to do – cuz from then till now i couldnt he happy.i dont know how (her mom) feels. she asks if he still likes her mom.

at the bus stop she remembers his answer. if he had it to do again he wouldnt have left -even if he was hated by Y, he would have stayed by Y and her mom’s side. Y is about to get on the bus but she remembers J saying how he cant be happy with her. she doesnt get on the bus. she stands there and there are flaskbacks to all their moments and J saying stay by my side – doesnt matter what illness you have – i love you- i missed you also i miss you- whether it’s months or days.

J walks outside and he looks down. the maid planted Y’s plant in the ground. omg i love that maid. he goes over and looks at it. Y walks over to his home. J reaches out to touch the leaf. 

Y looks at his home and he stands up and sees her. he walks over and she says: for a short time I forgot – when I found out I had cancer – I wrote a bucket list -since I am going to die – I should do as much as I want -I didnt think about that -until now the time I spent not thinking about anything in particular – it was such a waste – doing something precious – with meaning – I wanted to be happy -I wanted to spend it like that –  cuz I thought that is how I wont regret. but then I realized it was being too unfair to you and I was being too selfish so it tormented me. J: during that moment while I was in that accident I thought – “I could die before you – tonight I could have a heart attack or tm morning a car accident” – if that moment comes I would regret – “why didnt i hold onto LYJ.” Y: if that moment comes I would regret too – “why didnt I stay together with KJW.” he opens the gate and they cry and hug. J: thank you so much for coming.

E sits in his car and goes to meet J. J says he wants to know about Y’s condition.

E tells J that after they discovered the cancer – at first she had 6months to live – she couldnt have surgery from the start (cuz it was dangerous) so they did chemo but she finished up to the second phase but the lump of cancer got worse. J asks: can she really only live 3 or 4 months? E: in reality. the person Y needs the most is you – instead of me who is a doctor – there is more that you can do. J cries and says: I have to go. E: ok.

E calls Y and asks if her body is ok. Y: yes you worried cuz of me huh? he says how most patients act like that. he says how J just left – right now it’s really good that you have him. it turned out well. Y: thank you ES. E: see you at the hospital. E is crying and smiling thru his tears. (*I cried like crazy here)

J drives to Y’s home and she comes out. Y: you didnt go to the office? J: i didnt skip out i got permission from my dad to rest a few days. he pretends to be in pain like his head, shoulder, and neck hurt so she invites him in for a short time.

she shows him around then shows her room. she tells him to watch his head cuz she has low ceilings.  she goes to get some fruit and lets him look around. he is lying on her bed when she comes back. she asks if he is sleeping and goes over to him. she pokes his arm until he opens his eyes. he holds open his right arm across the bed and motions with his eyes for her to lie on it. they lay like that feeling awkward till he pulls her into a hug and then he closes his eyes and they sleep I guess

E is talking to the other doc. he says how it must be nice for E to be so popular-with just one tango dance – should I learn too. E says he doesnt know why he became an oncologist cuz there is nothing he can do. the other doc says how E treats patients. E: I do treat them but in the end I watch them as they die. the guy says E should have thought of that while he was picking his major/specialty before he became an oncologist

the girl (HJ) says she wants to go see her mom in the phillipines but her dad is opposed  saying it’s not good for her body to fly so she wants E to call her dad and tell him it’s ok. if E tells her dad, her dad said he would send HJ.  E: I cant do that. HJ:why? E says how it’s not good for her to get on the plane and lists what could happen to her health. HJ: that much is ok – I want to go. E: tell your mom to come instead. HJ breaks down in tears: it’s cuz she cant that’s why (I am asking) even if I get worse – I wont blame you. so please make one phone call. E: I cant. HJ: I have to see my mom -I want to see her – I promised I would go. You really cant? at this rate I might not be able to see my mom’s face before i die. I hate you. she leaves him. (*I bawled thru this cuz I love this character so much)

J takes the staff out to eat. Noh says the abalone they are being served was sent by a client who went on the wando tour package to thank them for such a great vacation. J: it’s good that the reaction was favorable. Nam says how tasty the abalone is. R is nice to nam and tells her to eat alot since it’s good for her skin. Noh says how good he feels these days cuz the wando package is a hit and H came back safely from her honeymoon and more than that J was ok after the accident. the girl asks why J isnt getting engaged cuz he acted like it was going to happen soon. nam looks hopeful and asks if it’s not going well. J ignores her question and says they should go to their second gathering place. Noh and others chime in they should go.  J suggests calling Y since they are eating out cuz the wando package is a hit. so she should come since it was her idea for wando. H smiles at him.

they are singing and stuff and J looks at his watch waiting for Y to show up. she is outside and looks in and goes in. she says hello to everyone. Noh: were you well. she says yes-how about you? noh: thank to you I was -he smiles.  J tells her to sit over there across from R. J smiles at Y. noh asks why the mood is like this (quiet) so he offers to sing. noh holds R’s face and says R looks like a doll. Noh sings and I turned my volume to mute.  J stares at Y.  

after they all drink, J asks why no one is asking him to sing. R says they thought J wouldnt like doing it. nam starts a chant to sing. J: if you all really want that. J goes up to sing and says “when I have someone I love – I wanted to sing this song together.” he asks Y to come up and everyone is shocked. J goes over and holds her hand and pulls her up to the stage with him. noh chokes. J sings and he has a soft voice. she sings too.  flashbacks of their past scenes.

Y had taped back her bucket list and stops at #10. J is flipping thru his phone pics of her bucket list and stops at #10 and smiles. Y puts a smiley face on #10 and stops at #14.

she goes to the teacher and gives him the address where her mom works. she goes outside and gets a call from E

Y goes to meet E and the hospital director. director says how he wanted to buy her dinner cuz he was grateful to her for a lot of things so is it ok just to have tea. she says how she has a dinner appt and thanks him for even wanting to invite her. other doc says how cancer patients have changed cuz of Y -there are a lot of ppl who want to learn something now. director says how E became a popular star

as they walk out, E says Y looks good (happy) Y tells E how she got forgiveness from the teacher  -it’s all cuz of you – thank you. E:that’s good. Y: but there are a lot of things I still need to figure out – the biggest hurdle/mountain I cant seem to cross. I still couldnt tell my mom. E: dont feel bad/sorry – being sick is not a sin/crime. Y: I have no confidence to tell my mom. at some point I will be ready I guess.

E turns around and HJ is there. HJ: doctor you like Y unni dont you. when I saw you awhile ago I sensed it. it’s so upsetting. E: what brings you here today? HJ: my mom came. cuz I was depressed I couldnt go, my mom came. she had a good dream and wanted to come she said. we went to see a movie and went to an amusement park. isnt that great? since I was so peeved at you last time I thought I should tell you. but I am about to get angry again. what is it about Y unni that you like? she is older and has cancer. E says her name “hee joo” in a strict voice so the girl says – I made a mistake – I take it back. E gets a call 

E goes to see the doc. the doc says the director recommended E for MD anderson. if there are patients you are treating that you feel bad about leaving behind I will take care of them- such as Y or HJ. since you lost the chance to go last time – it would be good to go this time. what do you think? E asks for time to think it over

nam and other girls talk about how J likes Y. they cant believe it and cant understand J.  the guy who doesnt like J (Kim) overhears and asks what they are talking about – what did J do.

Kim goes and blabs to kang. kang: what did you say? kim:  the employee who was fired -they say J is dating her. on top of that – he said that at a dinner gathering. it’s true that last time saegin group gave us a hard time cuz of J didnt they? chairman – this company isnt yours. I worked here 20 yrs. if a problem occurs (to the company) cuz J breaks off his engagement -I wont over look that.  

kang calls for sec kim and asks him to investigate Y and report everything about her to him

S remembers how J said his heart is full with Y.

Y gets a call from S

J is looking at recipes and the hyunmi rice recipe says it has to be cooked for 4-5 hrs so he calls Y and tells her to come at 7 instead of 6. she says it’s ok cuz she has some place to go

Y goes to meet S. S: i thought it would be good if we didnt have to meet again but let’s confirm one still mean what you said when you told me to make it work with J right? Y starts to explain – I dont what to say – how to say it but…. S throws water at Y. S: not to long ago you told me to do well with J with your own lips but now you are saying what-how can you two do this -who do you two think you are (as in they dont have the right to do this to her) Y says there is a situation for them to do this. S: situation- I dont know what that impressive situation is -but let’s see how it turns out. I will let you know what kind of person I am. she gets up and leaves

J is cooking and almost burns himself. wow it looks edible. the door opens so he says – how can you come so soon when I am not ready. kang comes in and asks how J could embarrass his dad – why did J go around telling the staff he was dating that woman. kang asks if the food was prepared to eat with that woman. kang knocks away the plate of food in J’s hand and was about to do the same to the table full of food preparation but J hugs him and asks kang to stop. kang slaps J. Kang: come to your senses –  break up with that woman immediately. J: I cant. I tried to break up but I can’t do it -I wont do it. kang: they say it’s cancer. you cant handle (?loss? sorrow?)-over a woman who will only live a few months, are you going to ruin your life? J: no dad – cuz of that person I am happy. kang: what are you going to do after she dies? I cant watch my one and only son go thru so much pain/anguish. J: I wont – I promise I wont. kang: do you think I dont know you? after your mom died – how were you? J: that was my (?). kang: so does that mean you wont break up? fine. if you wont handle it (break up)-  I will make that woman do it. that woman has no sense of compunction  (meaning she is being too selfish and greedy) 

kang walks away but J holds kang’s leg and cries and begs: no dad you cant – please leave that person alone -you cant cause her pain too- dad – please I beg you – please dad. kang closes his eyes in frustration.

Y goes to J’s home. she sees J on the floor on his knees. she goes over and asks -why are you like this – what happened. she tells him to lift his head and look at her. she wipes his tears. they look at each other. he suddenly kisses her.

J and Y are on his bed. he is hovering over her and tears run down her cheek and his tears run down too. she touches his face. he starts to kiss her and….

wow the lighting is really pretty here. it fades to black.

the sunlight is on their faces the next morning. they slept with J holding her in his arms. she holds onto his arm tighter and he hugs her tighter. she smiles

when Y goes home her mom is mad. she asks where Y was and what she did. do you know how much I worried? I didnt sleep a wink all night.  you didnt sleep over at H’s cuz she is married so where were you and what were you doing without even a call. what did you do all night to come home now.  Y: i was with someone. her mom:who? Y stammers. her mom: a guy? the red car? her mom is happy- I knew it – you said there was nothing going on- omo – what did I say- I told you he liked you. this is so funny- when are you going to introduce me to him -hurry and bring him home – I have to meet him. Y: later. mom: your age is what and you are saying later -her mom does the number game and estimates if they get married Y can have a baby by 35 so she asks Y to get pregnant first. Y: mom how can you say that to a daughter. mom: if you were 24 I wouldnt say that. she says he looks great and asks about his personality

S goes to meet kang and says cancel MOU with Line tour and something about America. she says kang doesnt seem surprised – you know why I am doing this dont you. you knew J was meeting that woman- how could you do this – a few days ago you backed me and told me to marry J so how could you do this to me. kang says he doesnt have anything to say. S: you think it will be solved with words like that. she makes threats and says she wont leave kang, J, or that woman alone. she gets up to leave. kang tells her Y has cancer. in that situation they wont break up.  that is why I am thinking of sending J away.

S goes out and she is in shock

kang calls J in and tells J to sell his home first. within next week, kang wants some work done in NY-dont need you to marry S or any of that -until you succeed (for that task) in america -whether it takes a year or two stay there. J:dad. kang: I am not saying this has your dad – I am saying this as line tour chairman. J says he wont go. kang: i dont want to hear why you wont -I said everything I wanted so leave

Y’s mom is at work remembering how nice looking J was. she wonders how Y caught him and wants to get them married off soon. then the teacher shows up

he talks about how nice the wind is. she asks how he knew to come and he says he came by accident while passing by. Teacher: a lot of time has passed huh? she says every time she thought of him her heart was heavy. he says let’s not talk about that anymore – also I am no longer a teacher- will you give me your phone for a second. he puts his number in her phone. he says he will call

J calls Y and asks what she is doing. Y says she went grocery shopping to make something good for her mom to eat. he asks when she is going to cook for him. Y: I will make it for you soon. J: ok

J resigns. kang asks what he is doing now. J: if I quit I dont need to be transferred to america. kang: do you have to go this far? J: I thought about it and even going to work is a waste of time. we dont have much time left. I will be leaving now chairman.

her mom looks at her phone and thinks about the teacher saying he will call. Y asks if her mom is expecting a call cuz she keeps looking at it. her mom gets a call from the teacher and her mom lies it’s a girl friend. Y asks why she isnt answering then. her mom says she is and goes in the room to answer. he calls and asks her to go to a movie over the weekend and he will go to pick her up. he says dont eat dinner cuz I made reservations at a restaurant. Y listens in.

the doorbell rings and Y asks who it is. she opens the door and kang is there. kang: you know who I am right?



J asks someone – what is a good way to look good in front of a girlfriend’s mom (as in how can he curry favor -what does he need to do for her to like him) *I say just existing would take care of that.

the teacher and her mom go on a date and he says – after they got old they are going to start dating

J to S: it would be nice if you dont come to my home from now on. S:if you like her that much – keep meeting her and I will wait

E gives the book back to Y -I should have returned this 25 yrs ago but I am giving it back now. Y: keep it. E: I read it a lot of times already

Y goes to E’s empty office and the other doc says E didnt come in (to work)

E tells Y: I am leaving.

J:did anything happen? Y: I have to tell my mom


62 comments on “Scent of a Woman E13



  2. Jomo says:

    Thank you so much, softy.
    Even though we have angst ahoy! in the next episode, E13 provided a fair amount of closure for our OTP to keep me satisfied for a day or two.

    I love the reeling montage of J that sent Y over to him for GOOD. It is so nice that the characters tell each other the truth. How they feel. Why they are mad or sad or happy.

    S better back the hell off now. Even if her brain is 98% focussed on her own self, at least 2% can understand that THIS IS NOT ABOUT HER NOW! She said she would wait, that means wait OUTSIDE. There is no room for you at this inn.

    While I understand that Kang is there for plot and stuff, but he’s just bugging me right now. OK OK, he loves his son, doesn’t want him to get hurt blah blah blah, but leave him alone!!! Didn’t Dad ever fall in love before? Doesn’t he realize how powerful fresh love is? How transforming it can be? He’s not gonna win unless he destroys his son first. Aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh!

    I did think the love scene was beautiful, tender, bittersweet, appropriate. Mean old nasty Mr. Reality can’t get them in the circle of each other’s arms. Remembering the warmth of those moments will both help J and hurt him in the future, but mostly I think it will ease the pain. At least there won’t be regret that Y never knew how he felt. It would be so much worse if they hadn’t had the opportunity to share himself with her, and her with him.

    With only three episodes left, I really have only one wish: Can we see them dance the tango again? Just once? Even better if it is in front of an audience — Maybe back at that beach in Japan? While she is still up and around and healthy, I hope they go back to where their love began. Chaebol! DON’T MAKE HER DIE THERE!

    See you Sunday!


    • eoan says:

      i love that… to see them dancing tango again. why not?! come on, drama gods… bring it on! but wait, why not make the dying scene of Y happen whilst dancing tango. so then, this drama should then be called… “the last tango” instead of SOAW. LOL omo! is that possible, a dying cancer patient could still do that??? 😀


  3. houstontwin says:

    Oh no! E can’t leave!


  4. Reideen says:

    This drama points out many things. Live your life fully! Forget about worries/stress/sadness. YOU deserve to be happy, loved, cared for! You deserve anything you want/desire: goals, dreams. One step at a time… everything will be alright. Eventhough sometimes life seems unfair… don’t let that keep you down. The time spend with the people you love is priceless ❤

    I am so gonna cry when she tells her mom. I am happy that her mom has someone (ex-teacher) to support her now :)…


    • Jewels says:

      OMG…. I was already crying when her mom and teacher met and when the mom was anxiously awaiting his call. I’m bracing myself for when she tells her mom her condition…. I will have to chop down a tree for all the crying most likely be doing… awwwwww!


  5. Iviih says:

    Omo, I loved this episode, our OTP being true and getting together, some veru cute scenes. Wee J’s face when Y invited him to enter her house, and their tension on her bed LOL~

    Cried buckets with Hee Joo’s request, poor girl – she is enduring everything all alone – her mom lives in other place…. I don’t know why her mom isn’t with her, I mean she has cancer and is dying… what kinda of mom don’t stay by her kid’s side? Maybe she doesn’t know yet too? Or she is married with other guy that isn’t HJ’s father? Hm…

    J doing the cooking, awwwwwwwwwww

    Teacher and Y’s mom, awwwwwwwww

    They singing: Awwwwwwwwww ❤

    The bed scene rarwwwwwww

    E giving up on Y: awwwww, T__T

    Btw, the last scene when Y opne the door it's already dark, but when Y's mom looked on her phone it was 3:47pm, I wonder, does in korea get this dark so early? Lol~

    Thank you softy for the recap!

    i'm so happy this episode wasn't a heavy one. I was getting worried this drama would have the depressing last episodes …


  6. Iviih says:

    So here my favs parts of episode 13… weee

    They being true to themselves:

    So cute J… bwahahahaha

    Love they singing together! I loved his voice!

    The kiss, bed scene! Rawwwr

    (Btw if the video is not available in your region, so sorry but just found these videos)


  7. bspanda says:

    Latecomer to this awesome blog (1.5 days) but lovin’ it. Thank you softy for the recap. Cried just reading it – so will be armed with boxes of tissues when I actually watch it.

    Another thanks to iviih – those videos were much appreciated.

    Can’t wait to watch this! Having been watch the last few eps sub-less but with recaps on DB, now softy’s I think I am going be 100% panda next few days….and I know rematch will be guaranteed until nxt eps. Thank goodness for protect the boss for a bit of lighthearted loveliness.


  8. Jewels says:

    Thanks Softy, your hard work is ALWAYS APPRECIATED!


  9. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy.I just came to read really late.Jetlagged and all.

    Oh man I feel so much for them that can’t even spazz about them kissing.I don’t do well in melodramas and have always avoided them.


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