Ojakkyo Brothers E9 and E10

Softy was brave enough to let me help her catch up with the Ojakkyo Brother recaps, and the end result is that this post is a mix of both our writing.  I wasn’t even planning to watch this  drama originally, but it’s fast paced and funny and I’ve ended up loving it,  so hopefully these recaps will encourage other people to watch it too.

The first ten episodes of OB almost seem like a prologue for everything else to come, and I love episodes 9 and 10 in particular because they mark a significant turning point for many of our characters.  It’s obvious why characters like SY and TB have big changes ahead, but it also feels like TH is officially on J’s team, and like J is finally on the path to growing up.

This is Fanderay btw.  Two people were not enough and we also have to thank Joonni for helping with a few of the tricky lines.  고맙습니다!

Episode 9


J is being mobbed by reporters all wanting to know about her backdoor acceptance into university. TH and some other members of his team rush in to do crowd control, and J continues on her way, stopping briefly to have a stare-down with the mom (which TH notices).  At the bus-stop the mom wonders why J glared like she wanted to kill her, but despite her words she looks like she’s starting to feel guilty (finally!).


J is in the police station with TH’s boss, who is asking if she knew about her father’s gift (the watches) to Professor Seo.  She didn’t know about it, and asks if it’s really true, but he says that it’s already been confirmed by a shopping center that they were purchased by her dad with a company card.  She denies that her father is that type of person (to bribe) and he asks about the university admission issue, and whether she had heard about it before through the university or her father (she vehemently denies  it).  TH is watching the proceedings looking concerned, and meanwhile the mom is on the bus.

The boss tells her she’s worked hard (which is his polite way of ending their discussion) but she brings up that if they knew the reason for the gift the problem would be solved, and asks if she should go speak to the prof.  She says that he may suspect her father because he doesn’t know him, but that he definitely isn’t that sort of person.  He simply replies that the investigation results will be made public immediately and that she should leave first.
She gets up to leave, but stops to explain that her father has failed at business before and experienced losses as a result of trusting too easily, and says that it’s true that he has been married multiple times, but that he is definitely not an immoral person.  She wants him to please find out why the watch was gifted, and gives a final bow.  TH is still watching and gives his partner D the “let’s go” head nod.


As J is leaving, TH is waiting for her in the hall with the hat she dropped earlier. He says that she must’ve known that because of his mistake the investigation records were leaked, and then just straight-up says “sorry” (ooh, I like that he doesn’t let his ego get in the way!).  He adds that she can hit him if she wants-today he will take all the hits, but she says to a person like him, he isn’t worth her fists, and that she wants to spit but her spit seems too valuable so she won’t.  She turns to leave after calling him a robber and a thief, but he talks about how the investigation will close quickly without charges (against J’s father) being cleared. He says: why your father gave away those designer watches and why he didn’t reveal them – I will investigate all the way till the end – putting my job as a policeman on the line, I will see it thru all the way till the end– if you and your father turn out to be innocent – wait – cuz I will find out why your father gave away those designer watches – this I will promise.  J: promise? Do you know what a promise is? Stepping on the promise made with a long time friend –your dad and mom steal the farm? You jerk – cowardly and incompetent policeman. TH’s partner shows up behind her (indicating that she should go) so TH tells her to go out the back door to avoid reporters.


TH is in the gym looking disgruntled and forgetting about the basketball he’s dribbling while he remembers J’s insults.  His partner arrives and tells him the she left thru the backdoor without being detected, and asks if they already knew each other previously.  TH barely seems to hear him, and yells and kicks the basketball in frustration.  He insists that there must be a connection between the director and Baek In Ho and tells his partner to get him information again, who is completely aghast and just says “Hyung!”


SR is the car watching a video of J on her phone (happy that her image is destroyed) and asks her dad what will happen to J, saying that she can’t continue to go to school if she wasn’t admitted correctly. Her father tells her not to concern herself with things that aren’t her affair,  and pulls over at the bank. SR starts to post a comment saying that she knows J, but her dad’s phone rings, and it is Professor Seo. She answers, but before she can say anything he starts threatening – what are you trying to do? Since it’s already out –should I tell everything that the truth is it wasn’t Baek JE but Lee SR was the one who was admitted thru bribery? If you don’t end this for good this time, I will no longer stand idly by.” SR is stunned to realize that she is the one that was admitted illegally.


TB is outside at the farm waiting for TH, telling himself that he didn’t mean for this to happen. He acts over-the-top cheery and opens TH’s car door, asking him why he’s late, but TH brushes past him and gives him the silent treatment.  TB continues to follow him, saying he heard that TH has to step back from the case for the time being. TB asks if TH has eaten, offering to take him to eat spicy potato pork soup and have some soju cuz TH likes that dish, but TH is still unresponsive so TB finally steps in front of him and admits: I was wrong – this will never happen again so just overlook it this one time.  I promise.  It would be a lie to say I wasn’t a little greedy to have a hot scoop (and have high ratings) but more than that – 9 yrs ago when Professor Seo was accused and got away with backdoor admittance, because it was him I wanted to expose him. It may sound like excuses, but I really mean it. I will promise that I will never do it this way again . TH: cuz of what you did –  J is being bashed online (aww…his job is on the line and he’s more worried about her).  TB: that is what I am saying – I didn’t expect this would happen – I just wanted to catch Professor Seo but why did it go sideways and go over there (towards J) –you saw it too – he lists stuff he showed to prove Seo’s guilt. TH: so why did you do that? TB: It bothers me too- it bothers me. who knew they would take her hat off like that – reporters these days aren’t nice…TH walks away without hearing the rest. TB mutters – that punk.

The dad is sitting outside the house, and sends J a text saying that she continues to not answer her phone so he’s worried, and she should contact him.  TH: dad why are you out here? Dad: I was waiting for you. what happened? Did J really get in through bribery? TB to dad: Dad you saw it too? (the news) TB asks TH: did she really get in thru bribery or what? TH: I don’t know that – that’s why it’s driving me crazy more. The watches were definitely given (as a bribe) but Baek In Ho is presumably dead and Seo (can’t be questioned anymore) and there is no more proof beyond that. The findings showed that J has enough skills not to need bribery to be admitted. TB: then what happens now? Dad: how was it concluded? TH: the investigation will end with lack of evidence. It won’t result with any backdoor admittance so don’t worry too much dad. Dad: so it wasn’t backdoor admittance. Then J doesn’t need to be punished. TH: yes. Dad: that’s really good. All day I felt frustrated but now I can breathe. Let’s go in.


Once inside the dad offers to help mom lay out the blankets, and tells her that TH came back with TB, and that TH said there is no problem with J’s admission. The mom says it’s a relief and to sleep since tomorrow they need to spread pesticides, but he asks to let J live with them until she graduates at least because his heart isn’t at ease after what she went through.  He says that the mom has forgiven him for many other things in the past and that even though he lacked and caused troubles, “you didn’t kill me so save me one more time” but she says that it can’t happen and that since she has forgiven him for things in the past, he should now forgive her for this because she can’t live with J.  He asks why she can’t live with J and offers to take care of J – all you have to do is put one extra spoon on the table, whether J cleans her own room and laundry or not – or I will do it for her. The mom still insists no, and says that she has hated J from the beginning and can’t stand her so how could they live in one house.  He doesn’t understand.  Dad: you are too much – why? Why do you not like her? the mom says she doesn’t need a reason if she hates someone.  She furiously gets up telling him to sleep and that she will go prepare the rice (to be cooked in the morning). Dad yells after her: you are too much (= carrying her hatred too far). He mutters to himself calling the mom a heartless brat – a childish brat.

The mom is outside convincing herself that she’s doing the right thing.  I can’t – I have to be patient (and not give in) –if I can just overcome this hill/obstacle/hurdle – everything will be ok like nothing happened. What I had to do to get this farm back – no – I can’t be weak hearted. She flashes back to when J glared at the mom outside the police station. That’s right – keep hating me to death –but you cant – you cant have this farm- this farm is my lifeline-when I was younger I lost my parents at an early age and had to watch what I was doing under the scrutiny of my relatives (who filled in as her parents) -when I was 4 yrs younger than you – I got married at 20 – there wasn’t a day when my hands didn’t touch water – suffering till my hands were pruned –this is the first farm I earned – I will never give this farm – I can’t – after I die – even if I have to be punished –no I will receive the punishment –as long as I am alive – I will never – I wont give it –no I will never give it up –as long as I am alive I will never give it up.


J is at a sauna, sitting despondently while she watches a happy family.  At MS’s house  Hana comes in and puts a face mask on MS while she is sleeping (she wakes up) and tells her not to move and keep sleeping.  MS tries to get up, but Hana says that she doesn’t like her mom’s age and that she’ll do a mask every day, telling her again to quickly close her eyes and go to sleep.  MS smiles at her and gives in.


They are next in MS’s truck on the way to school, singing happily.  Once they’re parked, Hana starts to tie a scarf around her neck, and MS asks why she is doing so in the summer heat.  Hana talks about the importance of beauty and how it doesn’t come easy, and she asks MS if she’s pretty, who says she is and tells her to hurry and go, but Hana waits for a boy to walk past, and just before she leaves she takes out her pencil case to leave in the car.  Today she will borrow from the boy, and the next day she can thank him with rice cakes (smart girl!).  She says that this is how love begins and tells her mom she’s going, who calls after her to be careful and to phone after school.

As she parks back home, MS thinks back to Hana describing her plan (to woo that boy) and the man from work telling her that she’ll never get married.  The wheels seem to be turning, and she phones someone called Yeong Ja.

The brothers are leaving the O house to go to work, and the mom tells grandma she has to see them off (but the grandma thinks she’s talking nonsense).  Grandma asks mom about the container she’s holding, and she says that she heard that MS is working at a duck restaurant, and that she made a dish to bribe her, but TS doesn’t think MS will have any power since she just works there (the mom disagrees).  She asks TS if he’s made any progress with that girl (that he blind dated) and he says that they’re meeting tomorrow.  Mom practically cheers that progress has been made, and the boys all leave.


Grandma asks about the dad, and Mom says that he went to spread pesticide early in the morning, and that he’s been very obedient lately.  The grandma thinks that mom is lucky and has four sons that take after their father, and the mom agrees that she is.  The brothers call out their goodbyes and the mom and grandma call out for TH to drive carefully.   The grandma goes inside, and the mom seems like she’s in a great mood, stopping to talk to the dog about getting him breakfast.

The mom gives the food she made to MS, telling her to eat it together with Hana.  MS seems a bit taken aback, but thanks the mom and tells her that they will eat it well.  Mom immediately brings up the duck restaurant, and says that MS’s boss should come see their ducks, since their ducks are on a different level than those from other homes.

SY is in the bathroom wondering about her missed period.  She tells herself no and that it’s only been late a few days, but still looks worried.


In the car the brothers are talking about their parents.  TH says that it looked like his dad hadn’t slept at breakfast, and when TS says that J hasn’t been taking the dad’s calls TP wonders why she’d want to take their calls when she wants to kill the family.  TS says he feels bad when he sees the messages online (bashing J) and TP asks why he would look at that kind of thing when it makes him uncomfortable.  TS says that he’s worried but TB says not to worry because it will all die down in a few days.   TH suggests returning half of the farm to J, but no one jumps to say it’s a good idea, so he asks them if it’s not in fact J’s farm?  He tells them how he incorrectly arrested her and how she called him a thief along with his family.  TP points out that since there is no contract they have no legal obligation, and asks his two older hyungs to back him up.  TS agrees that that’s true legally, but that TH is right when it comes to truth and conscience.  TP tells him to try saying that in front of their mom, and TH asks TB what he thinks.  TB says that he has to take his mother’s side, and the mom said no.  She has been working for the farm for a decade and endured so much for the past 4 decades (since marrying) and so he wants to back her (TP agrees with his words).  TB then turns to TH and says that since he wants to support the mom, TH will have to convince her (so basically, TB agrees with TH but won’t stand up against the mom).


SY has gone to visit TH’s boss (she brings a gift) and acts overly friendly, giving him a hard time for not caring about her since her refers to her as a reporter when she became a team lead a long time ago.  She brings up the investigation regarding Professor Seo, and he says it’s nothing and puts his papers away.  She says he is making her sad and asks again about the professor or his associates, but he just thanks her for the drinks, and so she asks where TH is.   The rest of the team comes in with food, and she asks about TH again since he isn’t with them, but he says that he really doesn’t know where he is.  She gags at the smell of the food (ah yes, the universal sign for pregnancy!).  She tells him she’s been sick since breakfast and to eat and that she’ll return later.  Once outside she looks at a calendar on her phone (time to face reality!).  She goes to a pharmacy and nervously picks out a bunch of things before getting up the courage to ask for a pregnancy test (the pharmacist comments that she shouldn’t be shy at her age).

Meanwhile TB is at…bootcamp?  I guess it’s one of those hands-on reports, and he seems miserable (not to mention a bit incompetent).  At the end of it he gives a motivational report about the value of the experience.


SY is in the restroom at work and staring in shock at her positive pregnancy test.  She thinks the results are outrageous and can hardly believe them.  She leaves quickly and a girl from the team enters the stall after her, where she  sees the pregnancy test.   She talks with Hyeon Wook back in the office, who comments that the team lead (SY) isn’t there.  The girl talks about SY (half to herself) in a vague way and Hyeon Wook asks what she’s talking about and if their team is being dissolved.  She tells him that’s not it and that this is top secret and he can’t tell others.  He tells her that she knows he has a strict mouth, and asks her what it is (the secret).


SY is in the car looking at an ultrasound photo, and remembering the doctor’s voice congratulating her on being pregnant.  She seems more overwhelmed than upset.

MS is sitting outside with her friend Yeong Ja (YJ) that she called earlier, and YJ asks her when she moved.  MS says two months ago and that she didn’t tell her because she was too busy.  MS is adjusting a scarf around her neck (lol) and after they exchange small talk about their kids YJ starts telling her about children’s dental insurance.  MS is barely paying attention and is disappointed when she sees that it is TP who has arrived, but she immediately brightens when she sees that TS is with him.  MS immediately gets up and ushers YJ away, telling her to leave, but YJ stops after walking past TS and exclaims “Hwang Tae Sik!” which makes him turn around and say “me?”  She describes the class they were in together for four years, and after pondering who she is for a moment he even remembers her name.  She talks about how it’s been a long time and he says that it’s good to see her and that she hasn’t changed (eep, poor MS).  He wonders why she is there, and she says to see MS.  She is all “omo” over the fact that he lives at the same place, and he asks who MS is (since she is always referred to as Hana’s mom).  YJ calls her over, and MS acts surprised that YJ hasn’t left yet (with another adjustment of her scarf).  YJ  explains who MS is and the class that she was in, and asks if TS doesn’t remember?  TS repeats MS’s name aloud, and YS calls MS over again to take a look, emphasizing that it’s Hwang Tae Sik (haha, as if she doesn’t know).  MS comes over and says “HTS? Who is HTS?”  YJ explains who he was at school and asks if she doesn’t know?  MS leans way in and says that there is a bit of a resemblance, and then suddenly exclaims that she remembers and wonders how there can be such a thing.  She acts super surprised and giddy, and leans in to slap him while calling him friend, but she knocks him to the ground.

*** I called MS’s friend YJ for this paragraph, but YJ is also the abbreviation for the girl TS is dating, and I will never use YJ as the abbreviation for the friend again.


The friend is now gone, and TS is looking at his scraped elbow.  MS asks him if he needs a bandaid but he says it’s fine.  He wonders why she talks the way she does (banmal) and then realizes (because of school) that she’s a year older than him.   He comments on how much her face has changed and that he wouldn’t have recognized her if not for the friend.  She wonders if her face has changed that much, and he says yes, and asks who said that they are friends (she called him friend in the previous scene). There’s an awkward silence, but then they reminisce about their classes and the vibe get’s friendlier so he says it’s nice to meet her.  She shakes his hand and says it’s nice to meet him too, and that they actually first met when they were two years old. While she’s talking his phone beeps however, and he immediately ignores her.  The blind date girl (Ye Jin) has sent him a text saying to sleep well, and he looks like a giddy teenager.  She asks why he’s laughing, and he says because he’s happy, and when she smiles along with him he comments that it makes her look a bit like her old self, so she should laugh more because it’s pretty and nice.

The mom is outside spraying the trees.  TP arrives and asks what she’s doing, and she happily asks when the maknae (youngest) came.  He is worried about her working so hard (and harder than the dad) but she feels more sorry for the trees and thinks that working outside is good, so she tells him not to worry and go inside.  He says he understands and to do it together (this one’s a mama’s boy).


J has just arrived at her part-time job, and tries to greet her manager and walk past, but he calls her over and holds up her name tag, dropping it into a mug and saying that she should understand that she doesn’t have to work anymore.  She asks why, but looks around and doesn’t actually need an answer (this is all because of her “scandal”).  She says she wants a week’s pay and cites her hours, then holds her hand out and asks for the money (150k won).  The guy rudely says “ya!” and explains that she has lost them customers and caused them damages due to her reputation, and also broken dishes.  He thinks that she should be giving them money instead.  She says that they didn’t have customers in the first place, and that their income has actually risen since she arrived, even though he says otherwise.  She admits to breaking two cups, so subtracts that amount from the sum she originally asked for (making it 148k).  She again holds her hand out and tells him to give it to her, yelling to hurry.  He yells back that she she can use it for university and that her forget that people like her care more about money.  He pulls out is wallet while asking “What? How Much? 148k?” and throws the money in her face, telling her to take it.  He calls her presumptuous as he leaves, and she picks the money up off the floor.  She stops and looks at the money after she has left, looking pretty upset.

The dad is telling TH about how J has no place to go and that it makes him sad. His wife can’t be persuaded to live with her, so he wants to be able to rent a place for J.  He wants to borrow the money from TH to do so, and TH seems happy to do so, agreeing that they shouldn’t tell the rest of the family.  The dad tells him to go since TH is busy to work, and that he himself has to go home and change so he can meet a friend that got in an accident.

At work Hyeon Wook (HW) is already telling others about SY’s pregnancy and TB walks up to ask what they’re talking about.  One of the guys tells him, and he quickly realizes that it means he could be the father.  HW insists that it’s true, and that the girl saw the pregnancy test in the restroom.  SY shows up to get a drink from the vending machine, and HW says they’re about to see for sure because she always gets coffee.  And (dun dun dun) she gets orange juice! Once he’s alone TB says that it can’t be and that God wouldn’t be so cruel, and that even if she is pregnant it’s not him (that would be the father). He keeps repeating “it’s not” to himself and sits down to edit.


Hyeon Wook (HW) enters and even though TB tells him he’s busy HW sits down anyways.  HW asks if TB didn’t see that SY chose juice, and talks about how SY can’t keep her position if she’s pregnant.  HW starts getting gossipy (about how the pregnancy happened, etc) so TB defends SY and rants about how HW shouldn’t be talking nonsense and spreading rumors when this this is about a woman’s life. HW says that he understands, and that he didn’t realize that TB was so concerned about SY.  TB pushes HW away (he’s on a rolling chair) and says that it’s not about concern but respecting other people.  TB again tells HW to not spread rumors, and asks if he understands.  HW says he does and leaves, looking quite bewildered.

HW leaves and after some keyboard mashing TB splashes cold water on his face in the restroom, telling himself that it’ll be ok.  The phone rings, and it is SY (He has her entered into his phone as “Cha Je Su”.  Cha is her last name and Jesu means lucky.).  TB wusses out and doesn’t answer, but she is right outside when he leaves the washroom.  She says that she was just calling him and has something to tell him, but he says he has editing to do. She tells him it’s not urgent (the editing) and that she won’t take up more than 30 minutes of his time.  He agrees after glancing at the editing screen, which hilariously has this image:


Up on the roof she is very direct and tells him that she’s pregnant.  She reminds him of the night that it happened, and tells him that just in case she went to an obstetrician who confirmed the pregnancy.  His response is “and so?” and she says she thought she should tell him.  He says he knows now (he is speaking politely, even though he made a point of speaking casually the night they hooked up) and just awkwardly stands there.  She asks if he has anything he wants to say, or if he’s scared (since he’s not really reacting).   He asks what reaction she would expect, and she asks why it seems like he’s angry with her.  He asks what she’s going to do and she says she doesn’t know and that she’s thinking about it.  He tells her to continue thinking about it then, and that he will leave first.  As he walks away she starts to ask about “if she wants the child…” but he cuts her off and tells her to think about it fully and not make a rash life-long decision.  He leaves, and she is on the verge of tears (understandably!).


At SY’s house her father is leading her mother to a romantically prepared room while she complains that she needs her beauty sleep.  She tries her best to complain but he has picked wine and music that she likes (Beethoven is her favorite) and after correcting him on how he holds his wine glass (his hand will change the temperature) she says cheers (rather grumpily) and they drink up.  They reminisce about a place they used to go to that also played classical music, and he talks about how long it’s been (35 years) saying that he’s been with her longer than his parents.  They toast, and we jump ahead to a bit later in the night (both their lips are stained red with wine).  He is complaining that she has to forgive him and that he can’t sleep on the sofa anymore, but she tells him to take bedding to sleep on the ground.  He talks about how it’s her warmth that he needs and that they shouldn’t sleep alone and that husband and wife should rely on each other.  He grasps her hands and sincerely apologizes, but adds that he really never did anything (lol, all of this is over an affair he never had?).  She tells him that it’s all in the past and that it doesn’t matter, but she seems to just be telling him that so that he’s willing to tell her the truth.  He finally admits to holding someone’s hand a couple times, but says that he never wanted to and that it was the woman who grabbed his hand.  He says that women these days are scary and flirt with married men.  Now that it’s confirmed that he held hands with someone she immediately becomes cold again.

J is out with her friends and drinking way too much (they are trying to stop her).  The other people there are bad mouthing her, taking pictures,  and wondering how she can drink so close to the school or whether it’s really her.  Eventually J stands up and says hello, and that it is really the renowned BJE. She asks them all why she can’t drink there and why she should hide.  She continues to drink, and one girl brings up her back door admission.   J asks the girl if she read about that and if the investigation results have come out, and says that she entered school properly. She yells about how frustrated she is, and when she sees a guy taking a picture she goes completely berserk and hurls everything off a table.  She stands up on a chair and while she’s telling everyone that she’s BJE the national goddess she finally collapses, and her friend tells people not to shoot pictures.


Outside J’s friends are telling her to sober up and trying to get her to drink water.  J wants to go out for more drinks and cheerily says “let’s go!” but she stumbles into a sign which she then knocks to the ground.   Her friend is trying to contain J, but J yells to let go and not tell her what to do.  The friend is offended and says “Ya, Baek Ja Eun!” but the other friend tells her to just tolerate J since she isn’t herself right now.  J talks about how she’s a national goddess now being laughed at, and tells them she doesn’t need them and to go away.  One friend storms off, and the other follows after giving J a concerned look.  After they’re gone she screams that she’s BJE and tears off her necklace (which is the charm she made for her dad) and says she doesn’t need it, or her father (she throws it on the ground). She yells that her friends are useless, and as she leaves she remembers her stare-down with the Ojakkyo mom outside the police station, which spurs her to flag down a taxi.


She arrives at the farm and hurls her juice box (hah) to the ground. The mom has gone to the duck coop (is it called a coop when it’s for ducks?) and asks them if they slept well as she opens the doors.  The ducks are all gone (omo!).  She yells for maknae (TP) and TS.

Episode 10


A drunk J vandalizes and wreaks havoc on the farm. GM wonders how all the ducks got free – every single one. TP points out they didn’t get out on their own – someone is playing a joke. The pear orchard is destroyed. The mom tells TP to call the police so he does. Mom: I am going to catch the person who did this and make him regret this – how could they do this to someone else’s orchard -is this something a person can do? TS comes over and calls out to the mom, saying she has to go home. The trucks have been spray painted –thieves and similar words.  GM says that it’s J and TS points out all the spilled grain, so after fussing over it the mom calls out – where is this brat. GM goes in the house and calls the mom in.

Inside J is passed out on the floor sleeping it off. GM says it reeks of alcohol in here. She cant believe this happened. The mom tells J to get up but J doesn’t hear so TS goes over and wakes J. J points and says “it’s the first (born) ajussi” and passes out again. TP nudges her to get up but J says no she is going to sleep more. The mom pours water all over her. GM scolds her for being drunk here and sleeping. J speaks banmal: I don’t want to – why should I get up – this is my home -this is my farm.  Mom: get up right now. If you wanted to cause damage – you should have killed me – why take it out on the farm when it didn’t do anything wrong. J:how did it feel then? When you met me in front of the police station? I was really really curious. Mom: Get up right now and clean up the farm till it’s back to normal. J demands her farm back over and over again. TS tells her to get up but she yells to let go. She drinks more alcohol and TS tries to stop her. TP tells her to get out. J: go where? This is my farm so where do I go? TS yells out her name sternly. J: anyway I have no place to go –the home was sold (to auction) so I have no place to go –now cuz they say I got in thru backdoor bribe I cant go to school-  I cant go anywhere- I have no place to go. If you really don’t want to see me – you guys leave. Mom: call the police. TP: mom! GM backs up the mom and tells them to call the police – this thing you have to call the police to get it settled. J: that’s good – call them. But instead of this home’s son -the gangster cop –call the proper police. I want to report this family members who stole from me –hurry and call them.

As the police drag her off, J keeps saying- these people stole my farm – this farm is the one my dad lent them for ten years but now they don’t want to give it back to me so they stole my contract from me. This is my farm. Neighbors have gathered by now and she is forced into the police cruiser. J bangs on the windows yelling at the family and calling them thieves as she is taken away.


The dad arrives and sees the damage. He asks TP and TH what happened – did J come? TP says how there was a lot of trouble – the peach orchard is worse off. She stepped on all of them by herself. To do all that alone she must have done it all night. TP lists all the other damage she caused and how they cant find a few of the ducks. The dad asks where the mom is. TH says how the mom is cleaning up in another area with TS and GM is cleaning up the living room. Dad: she went inside too.  TP: with her dirty shoes on she fell asleep and passed out. Dad: where is J now – is she still passed out sleeping?

At the station J tells the cops to let go and falls down and says it hurts. Older cop wonders why she drank so much. He tells the younger cop to call J’s guardian/guarantor. The cop tells her to come to her senses and lifts her to her feet. J: where is this place – let me go cuz I have to go home. If you don’t let me go – I will tell on you to my dad. She tries to reach for her phone and drops it, so she says phones are bad and the cop gets her to sit, offering to call her dad. She says yes sir and thanks him, then gets some water to drink. There is another drunk guy complaining the cops do nothing for him. So J moves over and offers him water. He thanks her.


The police call her step mom (YS) and asks if she is J’s guardian but she says he got the wrong number cuz she doesn’t know a person like that. He says how J’s phone has YS saved as “mom.” YS insists he has it wrong cuz she doesn’t know a person like that. Cop to J: miss will you take this call – she says she doesn’t know you. J takes the phone and says – hello-who are you? (she again says hello in English and Japanese). YS: you said let’s not meet again but did you forget? Why? Cuz you are in an emergency situation you regretted? You felt you needed to call me? J sobers up and says:  I didn’t call you. YS: then hang up –I don’t know what happened for you to be in the police station –I don’t want to see you again so handle it yourself. Don’t call like this again. She makes a stab at J’s dad saying J is just like him. J: don’t talk about my dad – what right do you have to talk about my dad. YS: I’m someone who doesn’t want to talk about your dad too. Don’t call me again – cuz I am sick and tired of having to leave my phone off cuz of you-it’s bothersome. hang up. YS hung up but J says: I wont I wont – you think I will contact a being like you? even if you cry and cling I will never accept you again. I will never forgive you. J screams and knocks over the water cooler and throfws cups and stuff. The police surround her. J: why are you doing this to me? why? She throws potted plants at their feet. Then she passes out on the sofa.


MS is helping clean up at the farm and asks GM who made all this mess. GM ignores MS. MS calls out to TS that she came (he doesn’t seem to care) and explains to GM that MS used to go to school with TS. MS says she will clean this up cuz it’s hard for the GM.

Dad comes over and says GM and Mom must have been alarmed (to see all this mess). The mom says she wasn’t alarmed – she just cant believe this happened. He says that the mom shouldn’t have called the police (on J) so the mom glares at him. Dad: it’s not like we don’t know the kid’s situation and why she did this. How could you be so harsh. Mom says how all the neighbors were looking and heard J yell out – give back my contract – give back my farm- so should I have just stood by and watched? Dad: but how could you have her dragged off in front of the neighbors? She is still a kid. Mom: go see what she did to our pears and let’s see if you can say that after looking. If you get down to it whose fault is all this. If you hadn’t lost all the money your father left –why would we have left our hometown and come here and lived like this. GM doesn’t like that MS is hearing all this. Mom: that’s right I am the only bad person here. It’s always the same – you cause the trouble and I clean up the mess. She keeps going on about when gangsters came and debt collectors came, etc and then you show up later and say “why did you do it? You should have been more patient”.  GM clears her throat again much louder. So the mom finally notices her and stops. Mom: hurry and change your clothes and go to the police station-they called. Dad: ok – I was about to go there now anyway. Mom: go and scold that brat properly and make sure you warn her not to do this again or next time we wont get her released. Dad: ok I will be back.

Dad tells TH: you should have stopped it at least. TH: when I arrived the car had already left. I’m sorry. Dad: I am going to die – how can I see her face again? It was better when J came with the contract – my heart felt at ease. At that time I just hoped we could keep working the farm for a long time – I didn’t want anything more than that. TH: dad then what do you think about returning the farm. She said she doesn’t want anything else- she asked for just half. You heart isn’t comfortable and so are we. Dad says he thought of it but after the contract disappeared – how are they going to get the mom to go along (something along those lines) the dad says the mom will never give up the farm.

The cop says J looks like she is more alert now and over her drunk stupor. J tries to leave after saying she imposed a lot. The cop says she cant just go since she has to be processed (paperwork). He asks her to call a family member to come for her. The dad comes in and asks if she is ok. Are you awake from your drunk stupor? Dad asks the cop if she can leave since he came. The cop says paperwork needs to be filled out with the person who will be responsible for her but the dad says he is like her family cuz he is friends with her dad. J to dad: what did you say? What did you just say? Friend? Family? Dad: Ja Eun… J: I cant believe this. How can those words come out of your mouth? Dad: let’s go out and talk. J: I don’t want to – rather than go out under your care/guardianship- it’s better to stay here. J to cop: ajussi I don’t know this ajussi –he isn’t my dad’s friend and more than that he isn’t family. I’d rather just stay here. The dad asks permission to take her outside to talk for a while

A cop stands guard while J and the dad talk outside. He asks where she has been staying and that he worried a lot cuz she didn’t answer when he called so much. She just looks annoyed but he says: It was determined that you didn’t get into school thru backdoor bribery so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have no words (to say how sorry he is). I will get together $30,000 for you so use that for anything urgent now and when I get more money…she cuts him off. J: then give me back the farm – even half – please I wont be greedy and want more – just half – if I don’t have that farm – I have nothing to live off of. Dad: how could you lose that contract? J:ajussi! Dad: I’m really going to die. When you showed up with the contract I thought I was going to die enduring what ajumma thought of me but after you lost the  contract – now I think I will die cuz of you. J: ajussi please. Dad: I know you don’t trust ajussi but I can’t win over ajumma (meaning he is powerless) cuz when I was younger I did too many things wrong – she asked for a divorce so I am living being thankful (she didn’t go thru with the divorce). J calls him a cowardly ajussi. How could you be so cowardly? How can you be so brazen (when he knows the farm is hers). Dad just offers to give her $30,000 by tomorrow but she stands and says she doesn’t need it and that she knows he is trying to “ease his conscience” (I think – my guess). J:  I am not going to accept even a penny from you. I’d rather starve to death – I wont accept your money.  That is how I am going to make you feel like you committed a crime the rest of your life. With your mouth you said “your friend’s daughter”-what you did to me- you should know better than anyone. Live like that the rest of your life and see if your heart will be at ease. J leaves him there.

Dad calls TH. Dad: did you arrive? TH: no I am on my way. Did you bring her out? Dad: I couldn’t bring her out. She went back in saying she would rather die than follow me out. It’s a nuisance but you have to come back here. And there is paperwork to fill out too. TH: yes I will go there – don’t worry and go home.


***DAEBAK*****J is sleeping on the sofa. TH walks over and stands there watching her. TH: get up Baek J. Baek J get up. She opens her eyes and closes them again. TH: I saw you open your eyes. Get up. He hits her butt with the rolled up paper. Hurry and get up. J gets mad and sits up. Are you crazy? What are you doing? TH: if you are up – come out. J: who said I needed a guardian like you? I don’t need it. She lies back down. TH: come out while I say it nicely. She ignores him so he grabs her wrist and starts to drag her out. J: let go you gangster officer. Who are you to interfere? You better let go. TH tells the cops they suffered a lot and to keep working hard. He drags her outside. She keeps yelling out – ya – you gangster officer – you bad jerk-let go – you better let go. He let’s go and she throws plants at him. J: if you lay one hand on my body again. She calls him more names all ending with “officer” – including her favorite one – gangster officer. TH: I’m regretting all– for a momentary mistake (in allowing files to be seen) and turning you into a criminal –for asking my dad and brothers what they think of giving you half the farm like you wanted- I’m regretting all that. He calls her incorrigible. J: but I am still better than your family. He says how he was patient and listened cuz of (wanting to keep the law? My guess) no matter what his mom and dad said. I was patient and listened but now I wont be patient. So don’t talk like that in front of me again. She calls his family thieves and robbers. TH: I told you not to do that. J: gangster psycho family. TH: you just say with words that your dad is alive. But truthfully you think he already passed away don’t you? J is enraged: what did you say? TH: that’s why you live like this doing whatever you want. The only thing you know how to do is throw a hissy fit –you trust that face that’s tolerable/decent-doing whatever you want – but now it’s the end of that face – cuz you were accused of backdoor bribery admittance – stop anyone on the street and ask-the farm they worked on for ten years breaking their backs – with the contract gone – and no legal rights –in that situation who would willingly give it up –stop anyone on the street and ask. That father gave a $5,000 watch to the professor in charge and if that daughter gained admittance –whether they would suspect backdoor bribery or not –ask anyone once. Who is the one being stubborn with the problems. J: you bad jerk. TH: you want to get your farm back? Don’t lie –you’re just angry and acting out –that your rice bowl was turned over –you are not thinking of turning it right side up –you are just looking at the turned over rice bowl and getting angry. Even a young 3 year old kid –when they really want something – they don’t act this way like you-so give up about the farm – it’s better if you get married to a guy with a lot of money or find a different way. Cuz that would be an easier way. Let’s never meet again. TH walks away.

* this is when I really fell for this character. he put her in her place and finally made her speechless (-Softy).


Back at the farm the parents are cleaning up the orchard with TP.  TP is wondering how a person can do so many things (referring to J) and says that it’s a pity since the fruit fetches such a good price.  The dad says that it wasn’t going to be a good harvest anyways because of the rain, and says the mom looks distressed.  She says that she’s doesn’t feel bad, but instead feels more comfortable since she no longer has to feel remorse (for J).  He asks if she was feeling remorseful and she says the sun is setting and to hurry, but his phone rings.  It’s TH, and the dad asks why he’s calling him now.  He says that he’s worked hard (to TH) and asks if J said where she was going.


TS and MS are washing the trucks while Hana watches, and GM says the trucks look much better.  MS says that GM too has worked hard, but GM says she can’t boast for helping her own family, and that the hard worker is Hana’s mom. GM then proceeds to ask MS why her face looks so old (ouch!) and asks who would believe she was a student with TS.  MS agrees that her face is old and that Hana has recently started giving her a facial mask every day.  GM says that won’t help since she naturally has an old head (?) and Hana adorably backs her mom up, throwing the same insult back at the GM (which TS finds funny).  The GM just says she’s really old and her and Hana go back and forth a couple about MS until TS tells GM to stop before Hana cries.  TS tells Hana to blame him for looking too young, but MS says he doesn’t and the GM looks his age and that it’s MS who looks old.


TB is at his apartment doing a handstand on the bed and remembering SY telling him that she’s pregnant.  SY is at home looking at her ultrasound photo and the taped together photo of her and TB (she previously ripped and chewed it up).  Hes mom calls her so she hurriedly tucks the pictures away and pretends to sleep.  Her mom comes in with a snack and is surprised that SY is actually resting for a day.  She tells SY she wants to go shopping today, but SY says she just wants to rest.  The mom agrees that looking at her face it looks like she does need to rest.  She asks why SY is so pale and if there’s anything she wants to eat, but SY doesn’t want anything.  The mom hugs her and says that every time she sees her she wants her to resign.  The mom once again looks at her face with concern and asks if there’s really not anything she can do, but SY says no and that she’ll tell her if she needs something.  The mom tells her that she won’t call her out to eat then, and to rest and come out when she wants.  As she goes to leave SY hugs her from behind, and asks if she’s still her baby.  The mom asks how she can say that and calls her baby.


Once she’s downstairs the mom wonders if SY is that tired, and then glares at SY’s dad, remembering how he admitted to holding a woman’s hand.


J is out walking, and girls around her are badmouthing her.  She wanders over to her old home and sees the mail, so she looks thru it and finds a letter from her dad among them. she crouches down to read it – and cries. “my daughter that I love – you are doing well right? it’s only been a few hours since I left Korea, but dad already misses my JE -every day taking care of me and cheering me on my kind and pretty daughter -but why didnt you tell me? last month was your birthday -dad is really sorry -it’s late but my daughter JE that I love “happy birthday” -also thank you very very much for being born my daughter. your loving dad. J holds the letter close to her and cries out “dad-dad I miss you”

J sits by the river and remember TH berating her outside the police station.  She goes back to the spot where she started her drunken tantrum and finds the charm she made for her father.

Back at the farm the GM is angrily ripping the covers off the blankets (to wash them) complaining about the mom: “no matter how mad she was how could she scold him like that in front of hanah’s mom. 


At the breakfast table TP is complaining about being worn out, and when GM asks where TH is the mom says he already went out.  The dad tells GM to eat but she starts her revenge on the mom.  GM complains about how there isnt much to eat – just some greens and soup. The dad says the mom didnt have time to pay attention to the food cuz of all the clean up they had to do and the mom promises to make the dinner better and pay more attention to the preparations -since the fridge is empty she was thinking she should go grocery shopping anyway. GM says she has something she wants to eat and asks for a special type of seaweed soup that would require the mom to go out of the way to obtain it – a market far away. GM reasons that it’s all for the mom’s sake – if I dont get to eat what I want I will get stressed and go senile/have dementia and in the end who would suffer the most.  The mom admits : me- I will suffer the most. GM adds that in the room she has her covers ready to wash — since the weather is good wash and hang it out to dry. This is right after they have been cleaning so the mom is dead tired and asks if she has to do it today. GM mutters she couldnt sleep well cuz those blankets smelled so bad. The mom asks if the GM is umcomfortable about something. GM:what are you saying – are you saying that I am upset about something and making you do chores for the heck of it-cuz you are busy – are you saying i am a overly tyrannical mother in law? mom: i didnt mean that – I was wrong (meanwhile everyone else looks too scared to speak).


TB is at work watching his TV report on male cosmetics with the other employees.  Everyone starts cheering for him and he plays it down, but totally eats it up when Hyeon Wook asks if he doesn’t know all the great things he’s done (he lists some of his past successes).  SY arrives, so TB grabs his bag and says that he’s going out to do interviews.  As he’s leaving SY phones him but he doesn’t answer.  The phone rings again, but this time it’s one of the cab drivers he gets stories from (6120 Hyeongnim). TB says it’s been a long time, and then exclaims “Accident?”  He meets with the cabbie, who has even recorded the accident for him, and TB is ecstatic.  He hugs him and tells him he’ll buy him a meal (which the cab driver says has to be tasty).  Meanwhile SY is looking at her phone and thinking about calling TB again.

At the farm the mom is watching the blankets and the GM is glaring her down.  They eat, and the mom has made seaweed soup (as the GM requested).  The dad comments that the mom worked all day (getting him a glare from mom) and the GM agrees that she worked hard and tells her to eat the soup too.  The GM still looks annoyed, but it seems like her revenge is pretty much over since the mom has done her penance.


MS is arriving home and unloading groceries from her truck, but she puts them back when she sees TS walking up (he is on the phone with the girl he’s dating, telling her to go to sleep early and hang up first).  She asks if he just came, and pretends like she can’t lift the grocery bags.  He offers to help, and she says it’s ok (hah).  He carries all the bags in a box and she comments that he’s home late today. He says he had an engagement and she says  he’s busy but wonders if he has time this weekend since her friend sent concert tickets.  He says he has another appointment this weekend and his phone rings (someone from work) and he goes inside.


MS is cooking and Hana comes in, all dressed up to go out.  MS wants her to eat first, but Hana is going out to meet the boy from before (she’s even using lip gloss!).  MS offers to tie up her hair since it’s hot out, but Hana turns the offer down and MS tells her to be home before 8.  After Hana is gone MS contemplates her lip gloss and seems to have another brain wave.


TS is on the computer and has just done a search for “date course” (referring to trails and routes, not classes).  MS comes to his door and he asks what happened.  She is wearing a bunch of makeup and wants his help.  He fixes the plumbing under her sink and she tells him to sit and eat watermelon before he goes.  He’s says it’s fine and that he’ll go, so she says that she wanted to talk about the restaurant issue (regarding his mom providing ducks) but that there isn’t time? He quickly sits down and she again offers him watermelon.  He wonders if she ate fried chicken (haha, because of the lip gloss) and she wipes them off.  She tries to bring up school and how they used to sit together, but he starts talking about his mom and assures her that mom as raised the ducks well.  MS says she knows, and he says that his mom hasn’t been in a good mood lately, and since MS saw what happened yesterday she should know that in this time of crisis he has to do all he can as the eldest son.   He wants his mom to feel better, and grasps MS’s hand, begging for help.  She says that he wants him to go to the concert then.

The reporting crew is out at a noraebang, having fun and bragging about themselves.  The boss toasts TB and wonders why SY isn’t drinking. TB tells the boss to have another drink, and the boss asks if he has a girlfriend. TB says he doesn’t, so the boss says that’s good because there is someone who wants him as a son-in-law (not sure who he’s talking about but don’t think it matters) and that he’ll put in a good word.


Outside in her car SY is once again looking unhappily at her phone and she calls TB. As it rings she sees him get out of a taxi and go inside.  In his apartment TB hears his phone ring, but before he can decide whether to pick it up SY also rings the doorbell.  He asks what she’s doing there and she says that he’s been avoiding her and not picking up her calls.  He says that he also wants to talk (yeah right) and that he’ll be out in a moment.  She says there’s no need to go out and that they can talk there.  He asks again what she wants, and once they sit down she says that they should get married.  He asks if she is drunk, and she replies that she didn’t drink and that he saw as much.  She adds that she’s is in a normal state and got enough sleep, and thinks it’s the right decision to not have a child between an unmarried man and woman.  He asks her if she likes him?  If she loves him?  He explains that marriage is supposed to be about love and trust, and that the right decision isn’t about destroying their lives for the sake of a mistake.   She insists again that they should get married, and he says that even if the world was going to be destroyed tomorrow he wouldn’t marry her (and other exaggerated phrases).   She once again says that they will get married and that she will give birth to his child (this time it sounds like an order).  He asks why but she says enough and that she’s made up her mind.  She wants him to think about someone else’s life and not be so quick to judge, but before he can argue anymore she gets up and leaves.  He is basically a frustrated mess.


J goes to the station to meet TH. D explains to J how TH is helping their team with paperwork that is packed up cuz he is under review of evaluation. J guesses that is equivalent to suspension if he was a student.  D agrees it is and tells J not to hate TH too much cuz TH is being punished for letting info about the investigation get leaked. D escorts J to the room where TH is working alone.

D tells TH a guest came and leaves them to talk. J: hello. TH: I believe I said let’s not meet again. J: help me chief officer. a while ago that officer (D) told me that you are the chief officer and that you are high up. she sits down. J: please help me – that you might think this is acting out – i tried to find a way by myself and for two days I struggled and thought it over and struggled again but I must not be smart. I dont want to just throw a fit anymore -what can I do to get the farm back? TH:why should I tell you that? there is no reason for me to tell you. J: you owe me a debt – I really didnt get in thru bribery. I draw really well. ever since I was little – before I could hold a spoon I drew. of course I know you didnt mean to let out that information but you are being punished and have to work in this corner room. a while ago that officer (D) told me. TH: if I were you – I would ask like this – “if it were you ajusshi – what would you do?” she repeats the same question. TH: I really have no idea why I am saying this to you but if I were you  – I would move my mom’s heart first. ten years ago when my family first went there -that place was just full of rocks and weeds-there was nothing there-  piling one brick at a time we built a home there -mom and dad every day before dawn went out to the field and started planting seeds one by one-during that time – a sapling grew into a tree- all the time and energy they put into it – the sweat and tears – it cant be turned into money – the farm especially is a child to my mom so show her that you are a person she can entrust her child to. start by proving that. J:how can I prove that? TH: go now. J: ok – I will think of it – I will make sure to think of something. thank you. after she leaves, he mutters. “I wonder if I did the right thing?”

As J is leaving she thinks of something with an excited smile and runs off.  SR sees her, and wonders what the relationship is between J and TH.  J goes to an outdoors-ey store and pulls her cash out (which she has strapped to her stomach…oh how she’s changed!).

Back at the farm Dad is trying to phone J, but the mom catches him and they get into an argument about it.  The dad is worried about J but the mom brings up all the people they already have to care for all, and all the time that’s spent working hard.  She tells the dad to move out and go live with J if he’s so worried, and that he’s single-minded and only sees J’s distress.  She storms out and the dad says to himself that she gets more fierce with time.


The mom goes outside to shake out a blanket and sees J who cheerily says, “Hello Ajumma!” with a tent set up in front of the house.


I’m actually happy that this drama will be 50 episodes because I think we’re going to need that long to see all the characters grow up.  Only the dad and TH seem to have strong moral compasses, but the dad is a wuss and TH suffers from emotional constipation.

All the characters have their redeeming qualities, but TB is selfish, TS is shallow, and TP is bitter and resentful.  The mother is all of the above, as well as phony and conniving.  I actually like the evil chaebol moms in dramas more because at least they’re somewhat honest about being self-righteous and manipulative.  The moment I really started seeing the mom as a bad person was when she told J that losing her contract couldn’t compare to the mom losing the farm (personally I think losing your family, your home, and your last chance at survival is a lot worse).  When it was later confirmed that the mom really did steal the contract she became an irredeemable character in my eyes. If she starts learning some empathy immediately I may be able to like her by the end of episode 50, but I’m not holding my breath.  As it stands I only admire her treatment of the ducks (which is admittedly quite sweet).

As far as SY goes, I sort of hope she keeps her flaws.  I love that she’s a disorganized mess at home since it contrasts so perfectly with her persona at work.  When she puts on her makeup it’s like she’s putting on armor.  I want to see her marry TB just so I can watch the hilarity that ensues when he has to try living with her. Adding pregnancy hormones to the mix will just make it all the better.

I loved the end to episode 10 and I’m hoping that J is at the farm to stay now.  I can’t wait to see how the family dynamic changes and I want J and TH to get their romance on!


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  1. Softy says:

    wow – I didnt get to read this till now cuz I was working on PTB, but this is so impressive. I think this post was the first one in a long time to have screencaps throughout. Great job writing all this out Fanderay 🙂 I still can’t believe there is Korean on the tags. That has never happened before in the history of this blog. I am so glad you are enjoying this drama – I dont know what I would have done if you didn’t like it. But since you got me to watch PTB, I thought I should return the favor and share OB. Only 36 episodes left to go and 41 recaps more to write. We are going to catch up soon I promise. 🙂


    • Fanderay says:

      It’s a good thing I just marathoned Smile You or 36 episodes might sound intimidating! 😛 Smile You has also convinced me that long dramas can be freaking amazing, although I don’t expect to ever again see such a cute OTP.

      I’m glad you like Korean tags because I wasn’t sure if you would want them or not (I just did the title for this post). It can be handy since romanization varies so much and the english titles are often so vague (I do lots of googling with hangeul as a result, and I’m probably not the only one).

      I’m super stoked for this weekend and have an intuition that we’re going to see a lot of character progression. My fingers are crossed for more TH and J scenes ^^


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        Like you i have just marathoned Smile You and now doing catch up with the O Brothers since Softy & you are watching it ~ like i mentioned before you too have the talent of impressively recap the episodes (eventhough Softy is still the best :D). Still thanks to both of you I am getting into this drama 🙂


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          Hey feima – so glad you decided to join us 🙂 The main couple’s storyline here doesn’t move as fast as Smile you’s but I have a feeling it could still be cute and memorable. How far did you get in catching up so far?


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    YAY! thanks Fanderay for joining Softy on OB. With all the prodding Softy is giving her fans here, I think I just might get into this drama. Imma finish downloading episodes 1 and 2 by this weekend. (torrent is full with The Princess’ Man dl). Already afraid I’d get addicted. I really liked Uee at You’re Beautiful.


    • Fanderay says:

      I wasn’t sure I would like Uee as a lead, but she’s doing a really good job. I’m really glad that I caved and started watching this (I already had so many dramas on my plate that it seemed crazy) because it’s a really well rounded drama and I find that I’m appreciating it in a lot of different ways. I feel pretty confident that you’ll like it too 🙂


      • nonski says:

        yup,,, i think i will. i like love stories that is brought about by enemies becoming friends. how they fought at the start then fell in love. just reading here for the meantime but can’t wait till J and TH romance starts. thanks for doing this Fanderay and Softy.


  3. PJupiter says:

    There’s no need to encourage me. I’m loving this drama. In fact, I’m so addicted that I keep checking/refreshing all the posts for Ojakygo Brothers even though there are no new episodes. So thank you so much for all your hard work! I understand Korean, but not well enough to pick up on all the small details you guys never fail to miss 😀


    • Softy says:

      Check out the preview I just translated for E15 on KD forum 5 – you are gonna love it 🙂
      I rarely rewatch dramas I have already translated but this one is an exception cuz I love it so much.


      • PJupiter says:

        Thanks for the heads up Softy! The preview has me so excited for tomorrow 😀
        BTW, it seems that a lot of people including you have watched Smile You and enjoyed it. I too, loved Smile You. The chemistry and the love line between the leads was adorable. It’s also the reason why I started Ojakygo Brothers since they both seem to feature love lines between two unlikely people (both deal with social class differences and social class reversal for the female characters). Unfortunately, I have been scared to start Can You Hear My Hear, since the premise seems more like a melo than upbeat like SY (although it’s from the same author, so it shouldn’t be disappointing?) and OB.


        • Softy says:

          Trust me, if you like OB and SY, there is no way you are going to want to miss out on CYHMH. It maybe lack constant fun and light heartedness like OB and SY, but CYHMH makes up for all that with so much heart and tenderness. Speaking from someone who felt moved by almost every episode, missing out on the experience of enjoying CYHMH is something that will leave a gaping hole in your kdrama experience – it sounds like I am over selling it, but you are going to agree after you watch it. Just watch the first few episodes and see if you want to drop it – I bet you won’t. 🙂


        • Fanderay says:

          I agree with Softy; there is no way you won’t like it!

          What’s great about CYHMH is that despite all the “melodrama” it stays uplifting and heartwarming. When that drama made me cry it was usually because the OTP managed to be so strong and sweet in the midst of hardship.

          I’m the type of person that usually sticks to the trendy rom-com dramas, and CYHMH is still way up there on my favorites list. It’ll pull your heart in every direction, but I promise it won’t leave you depressed. There are plenty of moments that will have you smiling, and once you try it you’ll probably think you were crazy to have hesitated.


  4. Sunshine says:

    I’ll have to check out this drama. Any chance you might consider recapping The Musical?


  5. nuuryzaan says:

    lol, spoilers! ep 9 & 10 going to be aired in KBSWorld today but I love recaps for it’s insightful perception. I enjoyed watching this drama every week in KBSWorld ^^

    thank you so much for recaps!


  6. […] Here’s the link to the episode 9/10 recap for anyone who wants to read more thoughts on the subject (it seems silly to repeat myself here).  I really want to do more drawings of this show, so if anyone out there notices any great scenes please let me know! […]


  7. connie says:

    Great I too love this story, and cannot wait for the next episode to be translated into English.


  8. connie says:

    Do you have any translations for episodes 13/14? Thank you for the ones you posted before.


  9. haier says:

    uee look very very cool and i love this show it is nice ^_^


  10. cinthy says:

    I hate the mom!!


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