Protect the boss E10

I loved M’s reference about how E’s feelings for both guys were balanced on each side on a scale and that he knows which side she is tipping towards more. Admitting it must have been hard for him, but I love that he wants to keep trying to see if her feelings can tip his way too. Then I realized that it hasnt occurred to him yet, but we all know how far J and E have come along in their relationship. The truth is – there is a strong possibility J’s side is not even tipping anymore cuz it has already touched the ground. Bet M didn’t factor in just how much J’s love has been swaying her and making it impossible to resist.

*Highlights of this episode are too numerous to list, but the most important one of all is J’s dad gave permission for NES today. He accepted her and now J knows he has his dad’s blessing. Even J’s dad said he thinks E is precious so we have to see how she will take the news once she finds out the chairman approves of her.  Bet she never counted on getting J’s dad’s blessing so easily and it makes me wonder how it will work in J’s favor.


This is the scene that got me hooked on this show and I am pretty sure once anyone watches this, there is no going back for them. It’s one of those moments when you know you just watched something so special, it catches in your throat. I am so grateful for this scene for bringing me here and for Fanderay and company for gently pushing me to give it a try. 

Protect the boss E10

Starts from when E walks down the street and gets all that free stuff. After she encounters M standing there smiling, she looks at her arms and asks if he did this. M:they joy becomes bigger if you split it-will you split it with me? I want to ask for a date and dont want you to turn me down. I need happiness. 

J tries to sneak out of work and go back down the stairs, but the guy holds on to J and drags him back up the stairs saying “that is not the right direction” J asks what the guy is doing and guy says – just going to work with you.J: ok it hurts

M: why arent you answering- wont you split it. E: yes I wont give it. M:why -divide it with me.  she looks down at her arm full of stuff – this is the joy you made me so why are you trying to give it and take it back?  M: who said I wanted it all – just divide it with me. E: I’m sorry but this director (M) and that director (J) really do not understand well what someone says. no – acting like you didnt hear and doing what you want – you guys are skilled at it. (cuz she already turned them down) M laughs. I already said I liked hoonam taeleegee (HT) and I didnt change that thought. M: you are too much – just give me a chance. even if I get you stolen by HT-before that you have to give me a chance to do something about it. you have to give me a last chance so I will feel it’s less unfair – isnt that right? E: still I dont want to. M: think of it as a last date. E: after that you are going to say it’s not the last date (and keep asking for more). M: then think of me as a friend. we are friends. E: after that you are going to say “yup you are not a friend-we are a guy and a girl” that is what you are going to do.  M: then think of it as feeling bad for a pitiful person. for a week every day I was so busy working. she hesitates so he says his pity isnt getting thru. M: fine cancel what I said about this being a date and let’s just say you are keeping your promise. you said you would play with me whenever. you remember right? instead of a date -let’s play together. E: I was on my way to work. M: to watch over J who is working part time? E: then what do I do – even if I dont do anything and just do nothing- they say I am trying to get you to like me  – if I stick with you and play -you will keep saying you like me more – and make me take responsibility. but more than that your heart will hurt more. M: I wont do that – today I am trying to get you to be interested in me not fall for you. i already fell for you as much as I did already so how can I fall more.  she tells him not to be hurt if she doesnt fall for him. M: of course. is today the only day. E: see – you said it was the last (time). she walks away

M: are you just going and leaving me behind. she asks what he wants to do to play so he says she chose well. he lists how he made reservations for all the different varieties – traditional korean, chinese, japanese, italian, and also the different types of movie theaters too. if you had turned me down I would have lost out on a lot of money. he points out how she hates to waste. E: I thought since you asked for a chance – I thought I should but I dont know if I am doing the right thing. she takes out her phone. M: you are doing the right thing- are you calling J?

J is messing up at work and almost burns himself and yells. the guy says – this is why nakasans dont work. he yells at J that he should have gotten basic training before he did this work and calls J ajusshi.  J: ajusshi? we look like we are only a year or two apart in age so why keep calling me ajusshi? J sees it’s E calling so he smiles. NES- why arent you hurrying over and calling instead? E: today I might not be able to go or be late. J:what? why suddenly? after throwing me in here you are going to run off alone? M asks for the phone saying – I will tell him. he says to J: later on – we will see and maybe go to let you sell coffee to us -work hard. he hangs up. she looks at M so he asks her “why? E: it’s nothing. M: let’s go

JD asks jang if that’s the coffee shop where J works and jang says it is. JD : since we have some time left before the meeting should we drop by? jang says it’s too obvious what JD is doing and JD doesnt need to talk in circles. jang order the drivers to pull the car over and stop at the cafe.

the guy tries to teach J again but J stands there in shock and takes his apron off and tries to leave. the other guy stops him-what are you doing now ajusshi?  J: you dont know this well but this isnt the time for me to be selling coffee and stuff. guy stops him and asks if it’s urgent and J says that’s not it. Guy: if it’s not then go back to your position. hurry. J: it’s not that kind of situation but be understanding cuz it could be. Guy: what is that urgent situation? J remains silent. so Guy says how one worker didnt leave work cuz it was their rush hour even tho his family was shut out of their home and had to leave-that other girl got a call that her boyfriend and friend went to a motel but she still smiled and helped customers till her work hour was done and then went to confront them. J:why? why do they all do that? guy: why? cuz they need to be paid and if they just leave work on their own they could get fired-more than that it inconviences other workers -during busy hours if one person drops out -the remaining workers have to work that much harder and suffer-if you understood – hurry and go back in.

J runs into a customer and makes the guy spill the drinks. J: sorry didnt mean to do that and your clothes look ok so. he tries to walk away but the worker guy stops J and forces J to bow his head and apologize to the customer. J to the guy who made him bow: why are you like this? to the angry customer J says – I told you I was sorry. angry customer wants the manager to be called. the worker explains how J hasnt worked long.

JD watches J get in trouble. he tells jang to look into the worker kid and the customer. jang says he will. JD: I was just talking – what are you going to do after you look into it? bury them? jang: i’m sorry. JD watches J get on his knees to clean up the mess. JD: he never even got his hands wet before (meaning J never had to do hard labor)

E asks if she can ask what they are going to do.M: to be honest it’s no big deal – to most ppl it’s normal/average but it’s something I never got to do

he takes her to those expensive theaters to watch a movie. (tickets for each seat range from $28 to 38 depending on location) she says how this isnt an average place for most ppl. he tries to touch her hand but she moves it away while watching the movie

during their walk someone rides by on her bike and he pulls E into a hug to get her out of the way. the cyclist was like a mile away so it was so not needed. E pulls away and remarks- even if you left me alone I wouldnt have run into her. M laughs and looks innocent. he looks around so E points to him and says – you are checking to see if another bike comes along arent you? M: me? no I wasnt. E: you didnt? M: no. she laughs

they ride bikes. they sit and she talks about how she became someone who plays a lot “a player”. I lived in the mountains continually from when I was young and then came up to seoul -as soon as I came up my objective was to make a lot of friends -so I wanted to make friends but the kids were all busy -going to learn at academies and not even playing on the weekends so I played with friends who had nothing to do. M: those friends who had nothing to do where all players huh? she nods yes. E: you met MR that time right? he remembers her. E says she met MR during high school. she gets some more food and he tells her to eat a lot. as she eats M keeps staring so she says her face might get a hole (from him staring so much) M: with this much it wont make a hole. E touches her face saying her cheeks are burning/hot (from blushing) so M laughs

N is eating alone and chokes. then later she burns her mouth from drinking something hot

N calls M. M was waiting for E who went to the bathroom. N: it’s me -are you busy? M says he is so she hangs up. N calls NES so he picks up her phone and says NES is busy too

M: how was it? did I succeed in making you like me. today – from being a god – even tho I am not a man still – I think if I came down to the level of a person I think I succeeded. last time I already came down from the roof. E: to be honest – you already came down. she makes his pose when he girly slapped J. dont you remember? M: when did I do that?  he claims he punched out like a boxer. that something is wrong with her memory- ah it was so fast you didnt see. that’s what it was. she says that was the first time seeing two guys fight pulling hair. she asks if he doesnt worry about losing hair but he says he has a lot of hair so he feels safe. she gets serious and says she doesnt like his neighborhood- whether he is a god or a man. whatever you become – your neighborhood is uncomfortable and it doesnt match/suit now- it’s ok as a secretary or friend but I dont want to go in past that. I’m sorry. (M shares this example) when he was younger -there was this scale with two plates on each side -putting different objects on each side – the point was to try to make the scale even but it wouldnt match up -there was nothing with the same weight -every time one side would be tipped higher or lower. right now I know which side you are tipped towards -and if you want -until i say something more “boomahn” -even if you dont like this neighborhood-if you can- I wish you would stay here like this now.

[* I almost got this perfect except for that second to the last line where I dont know the word. I cant believe I understood the whole scale thing. what a great example – plus he admits he knows she is favoring J- awwwww]

J is still at work and gets flustered. the guy says he already taught J how to work the register. J says he doesnt like lines and ppl he doesnt know keep getting in line and but keep coming. guy mutters: why was I told to train this ajusshi. he makes J face the customer. J asks what she wants to order. she makes a lot of specific demands likes substitutes and additions so he asks her to repeat what she said.  so does the next woman. J keeps reminding himself – think of them as NES. each customer turns into NES all of a sudden so he does way better. so cute. J gets tired and mutters there were too many NES. the guy says when there is no customer, J has to clean

M and E come up to see J and he is there. she is surprised and asks why he has to always startle her. J pulls her inside but tells M to leave. M:why? J: go

N goes shopping and runs into NM. NM: how could you come here when you know I am a V- VIP member here. N: since your daughter left home and you dont know what happened to her – I didnt know you would be shopping like this.  NM says she came cuz of N to clear her head. how about you – after leaving home -how could you want to shop? she asks if N likes staying out-doing that at her age when she never did that before. N says she does and will do it again. I will visit you at home later. N walks off so  NM orders the guards to catch N so N runs like crazy.

N got caught. she tells  her mom she wont go on blind dates. she doesnt want to live like this – being guarded. she doesnt have any friends – every time she makes a friend -she might cling later so it doesnt work -might backstab her later so it doesnt work. that’s how this happened – I clung to M and J and now I cant do anything alone. what do I do when i am like this at my age. do I have to keep living following you around for the rest of my life mom. NM: if you did anything right would I have done that. at my age do you think I want to manage my daughter?  N says she cant communicate with her mom.  her mom says it back to her. they pull up to a stop so N remembers how M told her to keep running of every time she gets caught. N gets out and threatens to do an interview about how her mom keeps her a prisoner if her mom comes to catch her again. she is going to quit the company and work hard and get paid. the rest the mom can have. N runs off

J works and messes up staring at E and being distracted by her. guy asks why J is making the same mistake over and over again. J yells out “order” to the next customer and surprises E so she looks up. guy comes over and asks what J is doing – are you joking? surprised? angry? having fun? happy? why arent you replying? J: sorry. guy: for what? J: everything

MM and NM meet. MM points out how NM wasnt taking her calls. NM said she did that after what happened with N and she was lonely. she talked about friends and the only friend i have is you.  MM: is that all of the reason?  NM accuses MM of being suspicious about what NM’s hidden agenda is. MM says sorry for that and says this business is really important-if they do well – M and her will rise to the top. NM asks if MM has the confidence to do something and gives a tip about TJ group

JD meets with some guy (TJ group)  and the man says they dont want anything more than to hold hands with JD’s company. he mentions what MM is doing. some waiter spills water on JD and apologizes. the old man yells at the waiter saying how much of an important person JD is and orders him to call the head guy. JD thinks of how J messed up earlier and tells the waiter nicely that ppl can make mistakes. JD resumes business talk

ED looks at JD’s pics and how he sat in a wheelchair when he is fine. MR comes over and asks if he saw bong and remarks how the face and name doesnt match up. ED  asks why MR is at home so much eating and drinking. she asks how much longer he is going to be staying with them – is it ok to leave the  home empty for so long. he says he left his home to be rented out or sold and tells her to keep it a secret from E. MR says that no one will want to rent that place cuz it’s in the mountains so who is going to call. there is a call so he gets excited thinking he got one for his home but MR answers her phone and goes out

MR goes out and N is sitting there. MR: ice cream why are you here like this – did you run away from home again? N: I was going to just ring the bell but I thought I should at least call you wrestler before I went in. is this a chaebols hobby? you are like that and J is like that – why leave a home that’s like a palace and keep crawling into this small confined tent? N: then should I just leave? MR sighs and tells N to chip in and pay for the utilities so N agrees and goes in

J watches E sleeping and tries to pet her head. she wakes up and startles him. she asks if the work ended already. he gives her bread to eat. J:what? after waking up from your sleep you are hungry? E:thank you I will enjoy it. you have some too- all day today you must have had a hard time. J: of course I did – enough to die (he changes his tone) but I wont whine about it. she says  he did well. he says he was able to hang in there today thanks to energy from being upset cuz NES and M made him mad. E: please the two of you need to get along -from what I can see- instead of the two of you liking me – the two of you seem to like each other more. but since you are cousins -even tho you like each other -it looks like you torment each other and fight like kids. J:NES you’ve gone crazy. she tells him: anyway- dont fight with M and get along like they are close. this is J’s homework too. he says he will do the homework if she tells him honestly what happened today with M. she says she will report it. listen well. cuz this involved both of you. I dont like your neighborhood cuz it’s a weird neighborhood. so I wont go. to you and him.  I will keep living in my neighborhood

MM fills in M about what they have to do in business. M says he will help. MM: what? you will? but you were so opposed. M: since I am going to support you – I have to help without making any mistakes. I am going to work harder. she asks if he came back his senses. M: i want to get some strength- someone said they didnt like this neighborhood so I want to change it-to do that I need strength 

J and E are standing on her steps. she says how much he suffered today and to go home safely. J: what you said earlier. he gets interrupted by N. N: you two are really stuck together. MR: hi director. J: why are you here N? E: did you run away again? MR nods. that is what she said.  J asks if N is going to live off E when E is poor. N says she is going to pay the rent and utilities and bought all these snacks. E tells J to talk about what he wants next time. N asks to speak to J alone. J: I have nothing to say. N: I do

N tells him she wants to talk about them breaking up/parting ways. I thought about it but we never officially broke it off.  J: we already broke up. N: you did but I didnt. just cuz you say it doesnt make it so. is that how it works between ppl. J: I already told you a few times (that they were broken up) N: but I kept saying I wasnt -but saying “I cant” -it doesnt seem right.I cant keep forcing it so that is why I want to send you off officially. J starts to say: even if you….but she finishes his sentence. even if I dont send you off that you will leave? I know. but instead of me not sending you off and you going off alone-it’s different from me sending you off like a cool person.  even tho it doesnt make a difference to you-  it’s a big difference for me. J: ok.  she says she wants to apologize again for what happened with his brother. he says she doesnt need to cuz she went thru a hard time enough too. she cries and says – thank you for knowing that.  this is really the end isnt it? J: yes. N: ok but still you will eat with me once in a while right? J: yes. N: this really feels like the end now. she turns away and cries more. he pats her shoulder with two fingers to comfort her

E gives her dad money to go sleep at a sauna. he asks why he always has to sleep there. N is inside and crying. E tries to comfort N and hugs her but N pushes her away and N hugs MR and MR tells her to stop crying like she is talking to a baby.

the 3 drink beer and MR makes a cheer: let’s drink and die. N is drunk and says: for the rest of my life – I am not going to date something called a guy.  i am going to live like a (nun? monk?)MR: you do whatever you want. E: should I do that too? should we all live like (monks? nuns?) MR: ya I dont want to.  N to E: look here- come to your sense- man and love – there is a time for each – if you lose them all you will end up like me so hold on tight. what am I saying? am I crazy? MR: dont worry you are just a little drunk/tipsy. E gets up and sings and dance ” I am the most popular/best” and so does MR and N asks them to teach her so they point to her and sing- she is the most popular-no matter who looks she is the best and N sings – I am the best-my body is the best. N dances more after MR and E sat down so N sits down embarrassed cuz she was left singing alone

JD is drinking alone. J comes home. JD says he is late. J asks if anything happened- did your health check up really not come out well. JD says he didnt get one – he got one last year but he was busy and didnt do one you punk. J: why get irritated when I showed interest. JD tells J to sit. J: but I didnt say anything. (like he didnt ask to be invited) JD  asks J to drink one glass with him. J sits down. JD starts to say NES so J stands and says -if the talk is about that – stop. I wont fire her no matter what. no matter what you say- no matter how much you beat me – I can’t.  JD says he wasnt going to say that and tells him to listen to all of it. I wont fire her even if you tell me to fire her i wont fire her. J: you wont fire her? why?  JD: I just dont want to now. J: that’s why? why? why do you not want to fire her? JD yells: I told you I just dont want to anymore. sorry for yelling but you always provoke me. you have to admit that.  J says he is strange. JD says: you are more strange – I was trying to have a serious conversation. J sits down and tells his dad to talk. JD: I give you permission with NES. J: what? JD: but you have to have strength-I favor NES-for someone who knows her objective better than anyone – it was even hard for me to accept her-after i made up my mind to accept her -to be honest i wavered. so how do you think it will look in other ppl’s eyes? you know this neighborhood well – here and there ppl will try to pick her apart – so you have to be strong – for you to protect NES – you have to protect yourself and become stronger -do you understand?

J lies in bed and thinks about what his dad said about how E will be picked apart by other ppl. then how E said she doesnt like J’s nighborhood cuz it’s a weird neighborhood- I rather just keep living in my neighborhood. J seems to weighing them out so he says: NES’s neighborhood- he remembers the other workers working hard  -then he says how many something is (but I cant hear or understand this) J is happy saying – at least it wasnt a rejection

E sees her dad off. he asks how she can let ice cream live with her but how could she send her own dad away. she warns him not to come to her office suddenly like that ever again.   he asks what she is going to do about those two chaebols. E: do what? you already opposed. ED: of course i opposed cuz it doesnt ease my heart. but how do you feel in your heart? she wonders why so many ppl are interested in her heart. ED: of course I should be interested in my daughter’s heart -do what you want – that is the most important-whether I oppose or someone else opposes -you follow your heart-you need to be concerned about yourself. E: if I make up my mind – someone will be hurt. ED: my daughter is stupid – if you keep doing that both of them will keep getting hurt. when you are with one – the one left will be hurt-although it’s bad about that one. she tells her dad to go.  

the family is eating out. MM asks GM how the food is cuz she asked the chef to pay particular attention. GM wonders why MM wanted to eat first and invite everyone out. MM says since GM is going thru a lot to prepare family meals she should at least do this much and that she cant always just receive food from GM. JD laughs and says – you dont have to feel burden to mom cuz the cook takes care of all that and mom doesnt do anything at all (GM looks displeased) MM says she knows that but was just saying that. (GM directs glares at both of them now)  MM says she wants to thank JD for helping her out and now sees him in a new light. he tells her she doesnt need to. they argue back and forth for her not to see him in a new light. M sneaks raw onion into J’s rice bowl and J didnt realize and chews and chokes. J yells at M. why do you keep doing that to me. parents tries to stop them from fighting asking arent you tired of it yet. MM adds it’s embarrassing in front of others. GM mutters – that is what I am saying. (cuz GM says that about JD and MM) J runs off saying he is late for his part time job and so does M. JD asks how much longer J is going to work there.

after everyone is gone. GM asks if JD has something planned. and orders him to talk and not deceive his mom. he says he is late so she threatens if he stirs up another fire (trouble) she will beat him and JD says this isnt the home and to be more decorous.  she lowers her arm and says – ok son.

JG gets in the elevator and hwang is in there. JD gives him funny side looks. Hwang asks if they had a meeting. jang says it was a family meeting. after he leaves, JD says to jang that his heart was about to get weak and change his mind about MM but the minute he saw hwang his heart went back to norma. jang says he understands. JD asks if today is the formal reveal and Jang says today is

E goes to see J and remembers her dad telling her to go where her heart is. N shows up and startles E. N reminds E that E called N to do the promo ads. J asks why N came and N says E called her and came to work.

M is hard at work. his sec (yang)comes in and tells him to rest some. she says he is working hard again these days. cuz before he skipped work here and there. she says she likes him like this working hard.he asks yang to help his mom cuz the risk if big. he gets a call that surprises him

MM and NM are meeting. MM says right they have more something and the cost they anticipated for TJ group’s  is a lot lower than she thought. NM says the other side could have let that slip out and MM reminds her how suspcious MM is about that -dont worry – i anticipated that much. MM gets a call from M about what JD did with TJ

M walks quickly to meet JD. he asks JD to step away from TJ something. JD says he never formally made a contract with MM. M points out how this puts him and his mom in a hard position. JD says they messed with him first andM’s mom went behind his back. M: my mom just wanted to grow a company with (?) strength. JD: you have to think of your mom that way.   JD offers an alternative choice and tells M to go his way on his own feet.  M points out how originally his dad was supposed to get this company. JD: who said- your dad didnt want to share/split (the company) with me his brother and kicked me – his younger brother to the bottom.  why was your dad pushed out? cuz of his greed he went up against his own parents and made a war. cuz of his greed – he was pushed out alone that is why this company came to me. I did my best and took care of your dad. of course until your dad died he probably resented me. I did as much as I could. to you and your mom too. I accepted you and made your mom (?become a shareholder?) like she wanted. but her greed has no end. I am not asking for everything for free. M: you are blaming us like it’s all our fault uncle. JD: that’s not it – I know you did nothing wrong. so let’s both throw away our greed and you stop getting involved in grown ups greed. let’s help each other and live “win win” M: if this current matter gets resolved well then I will think about it. JD: you think about it first. M: we arent communicating well here. JD: I will only put up with your impudence up to here. M: then I have no choice but to keep being impudent and win (beat you). JD: that would be better if you do. cuz of loyalty I carried you and didnt chase you away. M: is that a threat that you will chase me off? JD: I am hoping that wont happen

N and E talk about work and argue a bit about ads. E asks N to do the work for a lesser cost. N sees something in the paper. she tells J how MM and JD are fighting. he says they normally fight often -they arent even kids. N tells him more details about what MM and JD are fighting over and J is shocked

M walks to his office in a daze and stares at E’s seat. J comes with E and N. M looks at E sadly. J: you can borrow NES- I will give you permission. J leaves them and N follows J. E asks if M is ok. M: just for 10 seconds- I just need ten seconds. he just stands there looking at her sadly. M: I feel better again. thank you. dont look sorry. dont worry what I will do now. just like now -the left side or the right side-  i’m really thankful that you are just deciding between which one of us at least

N talks to J about ads. she asks if he is listening. he says he heard. he asks how long she is going to stay at E’s home. she says she doesnt know cuz her mom still hasnt taken action. J: she isnt someone who would stand by doing nothing. N agrees. to be honest it’s more scary cuz mom isnt doing anything. but you guys – you two did it when you guys liked me -why cant you like separately -why make a fuss (over the same woman) at the same time. if you didnt everyone would be happy. I could have been involved between you guys with NES and be happy. E comes back in the room and J goes to her and without a word tries to hug her. E:why are you like this too? J: just in case the “ki” might have been stolen by M- I am trying to take my ki “energy” back. E shoves him away-what are you? J: why are you like this NES. N shoves him too so J hugs E again. J is happy to be in her arms and says : i came back.   N breaks them up and leaves

N tries to see M but yang wont let her. N: why does everyone dislike me? Yang: that’s not it – he wants to be alone. N says she needs to return something and it will only take ten seconds. N goes in and gives his card back saying she only used it a few times and will repay him later. M: ok. N offers to look into something. M: then I will be grateful. she offers to cheer him up too but he says he is ok now. she leaves

J comes in.J: it’s better for you and your mom to quit. I am not that smart and I know that so since you are smart you should know that better.  a game where even if you win you could lose- there is a high possibility. M tells him to leave-as you can see I am busy

J goes to talk to his dad.  J:dad why did you do that? JD: that was all for your sake.J: how is that for my sake? I didnt want it.  JD says it’s hard on him too and stop talking about it. J: please just stop. I’m sick and tired of (?some business term) J walks off.  JD: that punk

GM comes over and is angry. she yells how she knew JD would cause trouble. he says how MM was after him to take him down behind his back. GM tries to hit him but he holds up his scissors at her. she yells at him for doing that again. he says she doesnt know how he feels- he is doing this to put his heart at ease now and asks her to go. G: that’s nice for you – you cause that trouble and you are doing this to calm your heart

MM goes to see JD. JD: you came too? of course you have to come. MM: are you a human being? i thought you were being sincere so like a fool I was thankful  -I didnt even imagine you would betray me like this. JD: that (?) was for real but you tried first….MM: what did I do first? JD: let’s stop. MM: what are you stopping after you caused all this. JD: I told M but if you didnt try to betray me I wouldnt have done that. even now if you can make that promise – I will step away. I will help you.  MM threatens to return this  and get him back. lost sleep every night and tremble in fear and wait. she throws her shoes at his feet saying how all those plants will die by his hands so he should stop tending to the plants

jang shows JD what is going on with TJ -how TJ is raising something. hwang hears and goes outside and texts MM.

MM shows it to NM and some other men

M is on the phone to MM saying -mom it’s better to stop (to back out now) this fight isnt just a fight -there will be another opportunity – you cant go beyond the cost i told you no matter what –  and dont trust hwang too much.

MM orders them to sell at that price.

M comes in and says to MM. mom I told you you couldnt go beyond the price I told you.  MM says it’s ok she can handle it

NM offers to help MM. but wants something in return. saying she is on MM’s side

jang says JD doesnt look well. J goes to see his dad. he reports what MM is doing. J: even if I tell you about it now you might not listen so I will report to you about this later.  JD: you really have no interest in (business term for what the company does I think) – you dont like it that much. J: yes – little by little it’s going away. JD: go out. J: dad your face doesnt well – it’s not the face of someone who is winning. J leaves.  JD looks like he is in pain so jang asks if JD is ok. JD:  I often think that – if what I am doing is the right thing. jang gives him advice to stop and think it over and look back/reflect. so JD asks him -cant you at least cheer me up-what you said wasnt incorrect

E watches J work hard and is pleased. E: isnt it time for you to reveal you are the director now and quit? J says he should. he offers to take her home but she says it’s ok. he holds her hand. J: no I am going to take you home. so she gets free of him but he still tries again to hold it

J takes her home so she says you worked hard today too – why follow me home again. J gets serious and says: you said you dont like my neighborhood -I think I do too right now so I thought about it – should i go to your neighborhood. M shows up and says: there is no need to do that – I am going to change it so it’s my neighborhood. so that you like it NES.

J looks up at him feeling challenged.


no preview


68 comments on “Protect the boss E10

  1. WeWe says:

    another camping night here
    tonite’s menu: ketupat and rendang

    status: highest patience level
    can’t wait for the recap
    let’s watch the show….

    *enjoying some fireworks outside*


    • bobsavero says:

      i envy you,,, my ketupat and rendang is off
      can u share with me???

      aishh im not patient as you


      • WeWe says:

        i wish i can, bobsavero
        those courier service still on holiday till 4 sep

        just keep saying…patient….moowon…ji heon…
        i kind of repeat the mantra for …. nearly 20 now

        i love their bromance……..envyyyyyy


      • sunshine says:

        so far- muwon and date with nes. they go to coffee shop. j is having a hard time wiht customers but imagines they are nes to help him. i think she dumps m? not sure. nes falls alseep at coffee shop, and is woken up by j at closing. n goes on shopping and is caught by mom again. all three girls drinking, dancing, and singing. dad having talk with j. this is just brief and doesn’t do any of the scenes justice, but hope that helps!


      • sunshine says:

        oops forgot! on date-m tried so hard to get close to nes to hold her hand-in theatre, while walking, tried hugging her pretending to avoid biker-none of these schemes worked, but it was cute to watch him try. oh and nes daddy is leaving now.


        • WeWe says:

          poor m
          love the spoiler
          oh no…….am addictedddd

          *re-read…and re-read*


          • sunshine says:


            in other news. family dinner. m sneaks a piece of food into j’s bowl that j hates. he almost gags/chokes. boys excuse themselves. gramma says something to dad about m’s mom.
            dad in elevator with kang? then calls m in. i think he’s saying he knows about m’s mom’s plan. something intense is happening. i think this is the preview scene everyone was writing about where jd says i won’t let you do this, and m says well i’ll have to go over you? or something like that?
            n and nes at coffee shop reading something in the news. something major.
            intense moment between nes, j, and m. j just said something about nes, but m looks like something is really wrong, and nes looks guilty, or sad.

            i wish i could understand better, but while i’m learning korean, i can’t keep up with them! plus i can’t wait to read softy’s recaps-they are the best! (and quickets). mine are just tiny little crumbs to keep us until the recap is out. 🙂


            • WeWe says:

              real company-obstacle…
              and nes not even telling j where jd will send her away yet
              i wonder how j, m and n will react

              your description is enough to fill my hunger, sunshine
              thank you so so so very much


  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s almost on. 🙂

    Wewe, loving the fireworks. Want some smores?


  3. feima says:

    yay! thanks Fanderay for the lovely drawing which i wanted since ep 3. I just can’t get over the scene ~ it is just like a heart shape ~ maybe this is my favorite sleep position too when i can’t sleep 🙂


  4. DramaQueen says:

    I keep refreshing and refreshing… Signs of a desperate woman 😉


  5. DramaQueen says:

    I am dying… And how extreme am I that I am reading this blog on my blackberry in a cab just after landing from hong kong??


  6. Kierilieli says:

    I marathon 8 episodes today at work and now i’m officially addicted :p


    • Softy says:

      How in the world did you manage to watch almost 8 straight hrs of a drama at work? Wow that is some dedication right there. I’m lucky if I can just sneak away to do preview translations 🙂


  7. nonski says:

    YAY! Hello fellow campers! Thanks again, Softy!

    Sunshine dear, thanks for the spoilers, 🙂


    • WeWe says:

      hi nonski,
      i love your summary on yesterday episode
      i wish i could read some today too 😉


      • nonski says:

        Oooops… it may have been someone else, my comment was so short last night. I was dead-tired from work and just waiting for Softy to up her livecap before I sleep. Sorry.


    • nonski says:

      OMG! This episode is an intense prelude to what will prolly happen next week! If I am guessing it right, M did something on his own so that the stocks would fall and eventually they end up… poor?! Like ruining the company? I hope it isn’t that extreme, but saying that he is changing their neighborhood could actually mean that. In business, one serious mistake could result to a abrupt fall in stock prices and eventually create a havoc within the company, if not bankruptcy.

      As what I said in last episode, I am feeling hurt for Mu Won coz whichever way I see it, NES would not fall for him. J will be the one who will hold her heart coz of his candidness in showing his emotions. On the other hand, M had been someone up there she is looking up and even if he will come down for her, he can never take her heart.

      One moment I love in this episode is when J told M to borrow NES for awhile while M is looking sad. AWWWW!Touched my heart.

      Thanks again Softy for this wonderful livecap. You’re always the best.


      • MJShinshi says:

        loved the moment too nonski….tho I don’t like when they say it like that in dramas..”give permission to borrow” as if he owns E….well, they’re at work she’s his secretary so it’s ok here I guess….haha my bias towards J! I thought M would’ve hugged E but glad he didn’t he’d be more heart broken when she would’ve moved aside, guess he knows that much about her since he’s tried during their “date”. lol at J trynna get his energy back being stolen by M…reminded me of BL Dokko Jin’s recharge moments 🙂 Glad N and J have finally both agreed they’re over… yay one less obstacle for J & E!


  8. WeWe says:

    thanks for the recap softy.
    i’m taking my break now
    will read again later when i’t completed

    see you all fellow camper 😉


  9. yong in says:

    okay, i’m about to get tired of Mu Won always getting in the way between J and ES. I can’t help feeling it’s fan service. I can’t wait for ES to make up her mind already. It’s apparent whom she likes, so I’m a little impatient. Wanna see J and ES a couple already. ^__^


  10. Erika says:

    This episode gets in the deep and bit dark issue as they more open with their plans.I can breath after I finished reading all of much tensed after sweet start.thanx for recap.daebak!


  11. mirimiri says:

    I know it’s a romantic comedy and people care more for their otp to just start already and move on but I’d rather a character development-driven episode than just pure mindless fluff ^___^ though if you sprinkle some sweetness in there I’m not complaining (it IS a romantic comedy after all. heh.), but a healthy blend is nice. Thanks so much for the insanely fast recap =D Will need to breathe and collect some thoughts but for the time being all I can think of is nicajdhjsioi?!11?!! for various reasons lol. Ugh and I’m missing broccoli hair for some reason, seeing as how I detest it before this surprises me…


  12. MJShinshi says:

    Ahnyeong softy! lovely photo up top, thanks fanderay…I thought it was in E’s home but saw the stuffed animals and realized it was on J’s bed when he imagined E next to him 🙂 hey thanks softy about the dvd room bit…was gonna ask if that is common make-out place there haha!

    yesterday I laughed, probably cried more and today I laughed more….lol at the 2-finger patting, N hugging MR, M trying so hard to be close to E throughout their supposedly date, at jang the “spy” calling MM because I think it was false info which will bring down M and his mom. M was right telling his mom not to trust jang so much anymore. I laughed especially at J begging for forgiveness Again after trying to hold E’s hand lol Oh cannot forget E’s dad taking J’s gift. What about E putting M in his place when she told him he’s been demoted from his mighty high pedestal due to his girly-fight! 😀

    J’s way of knowing he likes E will soon be E’s too….seems like her dad knows she likes J too and I think MR and N too but now we just need E to get with the program already! How Sweet is J at the end saying he’ll go to her neighborhood since she doesn’t like their’s, that just melted me right there!! M’s greed like his dad will make him loose the girl and he’ll realize it when it’s too late.

    J is making changes/sacrifices for the girl….coming out of his comfort zone slowly overcoming his phobias, not wanting the company and willing to move neighborhood all for his girl! Not that E isn’t making any sacrifices. Her accepting him with all his flaws is quite the sacrifice already, balancing out the sacrificial scale 🙂 (lots of sacrifices thrown around here have I said it enough yet? lol)

    I took a look at PTB coz of Ji Sung and didn’t know anyone else other than grandma….am so glad I did and that softy picked it up, yay!

    thank you softy for continuing with PTB!


  13. aida says:

    Thank you for the recap…its so sweet how J allow M to have ES for a bit of “recharge”. For M’s sake, i wish there’s a another ES for him.


  14. Honey says:

    Thx softy. 🙂 hugz for ur hard work. Nice work fanderay 🙂


  15. Once again, thanks for the quick recap. Really appreciate it. Seems like happy happy and funny time is coming to an end and the whole plot is finally turning dark.

    I agree with Muwon that Hwang and Nayoon’s mom could not be trusted. Among everyone, these 2 are the one most untrustworthy. I foresee Muwon being right and Sukkee being betrayed by Nayoon’s mom and Hwang.

    Jaejoong’s emotion is really good in this episode and I’m happy to see that Jihyun is showing his concern towards Muwon. They were such good friends when they were young. I’m glad that they are given a second chance to rekindle this close bond through fighting for Eunsul, lol!

    I just hope the situation or maybe I should say what CEO Cha is doing will not push Muwon to the dark side. T_T That is what I’m afraid of the most.


  16. bobsavero says:

    its over… have to wait another week .
    i wonder why in this ep. soo much MW, not about ji hun change,,,,

    hmmm,, feel sorry for mw, and hope that chairman (jd) not to be so hard to mw in the future,,,
    love when ji hun caring his cousin. he lend es for mw and he negotiate with his father,,,
    dont know what will happen in next ep. maybe like BBF when gu jun pyo move into geum jan di neighbor ??
    aishhhh,,,, writer please give us JH-ES dating scene!!!!! i miss jh brocolli hair,,, 😦


  17. eoan says:

    dying to see the 3 heir chaebols living in NES’s home. the more, the merrier. 😀


  18. ck1Oz says:

    Softy.Annyeong.Thanks for the recap.
    Just came from watching the raw again.Golly gosh no words again.

    However my favourite scene has got to be when N kicked ES out of the way and cuddled up to MyungRan.OMG…I killed myself laughing.Oh man I swear this is the 1st time I’ve fallen for such a needy ditzy 2nd lead female.

    The angst levels are kicking up and it’s only ep 8 @__@


    • Jomo says:

      Right after JH’s two finger comfort tap “There, there, person who I really don’t want to touch but I feel like I should do something.”


      • ck1Oz says:

        I know right?This is also the 1st time I’ve fallen for a character not the actor playing the character.

        I swear that Ji Heon is the most adorable cutest man-child.He is so EARNEST.I just keep wanting to hand out gold stars to him every time he does well 🙂


        • Softy says:

          Omg we liked the same scene – I almost died laughing when N hugged MR and MR put her arm around N and told her “don’t cry” – I love how N calls MR ” wrestler” it’s so cute.


  19. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you again for a fast and terrific recap. My Thursday is looking so good now I can go and watch the episode!!! Crossing my fingers that all the business will be resolved for the best of everyone; would not want M to go to the dark side just to please his mother. Have a great weekend!!


  20. duckie says:

    Dear Softy, thank you so much for your quick recaps. They get me through the day. This drama is absolutely amazing. There is no stereotypical chaebol types or evil mother types. Every character is 3 dimensional. I love how we can’t really take sides on the love triangle. NES would be happy with either of them. But I still ship Ji Hyeon and NES more : ) Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your Scent of a woman recaps! : )


  21. Jomo says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

    NY is breaking my heart! This has never happened to me before with the second lead — (OK, in BOF, my heart broke for that rich financee,too.) I cried OUT LOUD when she said good-bye to JH, then LOL when she kept crying for him with MR/ES. Then rejecting ES for MR.
    I LOVE Wang Ji Hye!

    I agree with MJShinshi that DJ’s “recharge” reminded me of what happened with MW and ES.
    That was beautifully beautifully done. I didn’t clock it, but all 10 of those seconds were charged.
    They may not have physically touched but there were electrons jumping that gap between them.
    His sadness, her confusion, his desire, her desire to help, his hope.
    Boy! I had to catch my breath.
    I wonder if they wrote that another way first, with him touching her wrist, shoulder, hair, but then tried it that way?
    Brilliant story telling!

    See you this weekend, tissues in hand for LDW/KSA attempt to cause more pain than I have ever felt on purpose! Woo!


    • MJShinshi says:

      That was some powerful 10 sec moment between M and E, I guess J’s keeping up with his homework by being civil with M or sharing E’s time. Now that you mention it Jomo, I wonder if that scene was scripted differently…hmm…

      wow JD said he approves and gives permission for J and E to be together/date whatnot…that’s a first! I’ve never seen any chaebol’s parents agree to the one their child likes! I just love JD wanting a serious convo with his son. He’s trying so hard to understand his son and tried too with his nephew. I really hope what he says and hopes for won’t happen betw him and M/MM. We already know the business problem is quite massive. But the fact that M brought up his dad being the first owner of the company says a lot about the seriousness of what’s about to go down next episode!!

      I like how the coffee shop co-worker literally takes over being ES(guarantor) to J making him do things and give him different perspectives from fellow-workers trying to make ends meet no matter their situation. It’s quite an eye-opener to J and also his father gives the green light he’s even more on cloud 9, even his hard work is all but forgotten! 🙂

      I laughed at E’s grin/smirk or was it a giggle and looking at M hanging up on J like that. I think E is probably thinking little does M know he’s just pushing J to work harder to gain strength to be someone I (E) can lean on. ha! Anyway it was probably nothing but that breaks my heart a bit for M seeing he’s working so hard for his chance that’s been missed by a mile! Anyway I love all there is to PTB. thanks everyone for the enlightenment and making this show even more enjoyable than it already is!


    • Bông-chan says:

      Totally agree. I cried when I saw NY’s tears. It’s just so sad.. But right afer that, I found myself ROTF with NY-MR-ES. xD I’ve become Wang Ji Hye’s fan ❤


  22. Fanderay says:

    I love your opening screencap because that was probably the most memorable shot of the whole episode for me. Props to Jaejoong for looking so ridiculously in love! I sort of wish that E would choose M temporarily before realizing that it’s J that she really loves, but I guess that’s unlikely. That whole date was more heartbreaking than anything since I just felt terrible for J working his butt off at the coffee shop, and even worse for M who is completely smitten and won’t get the girl in the end. I also loved M’s 10 second recharge. I was sort of expecting a hug or something, but the two of them just standing there ended up being even more touching.

    I can’t believe how refreshing it is to have a drama where the chaebol grandma and father BOTH approve of the lead female. They both love JH so much that they just want whats best for him, and on top of that are non-judgmental enough to genuinely like E.

    Even though N is completely kooky, I find myself frequently identifying with her. When I’m having a bad day I find that all sorts of little things go wrong to make it even worse (like burning my tongue, losing my keys, stubbing my toe, etc) and even though N’s scenes are funny, I empathize with her exasperation at the same time. J’s reaction to the break-up was great too (he seemed to genuinely feel sorry about the whole thing).

    I don’t fully understand what’s happening with all the business stuff either, so I’m looking forward to the next preview so I can get a better idea of what’s going to change. Thanks for the link Softy, as well as the updated dialogue between M and E. I’m a bit obsessive about not wanting to miss a thing when it comes to conversations like that!


  23. ck1Oz says:

    Softy you are JJANG.I love your summary of the episode up top.I was like ‘ah ehm did the dad just give permission?’ No way?It’s because he crashes after his bro died right?If NES left JH will not have any support.Poor JH.


    • Softy says:

      I think J’s dad giving permission will be a game changer for NES cuz she always cited her promise to him first as to why she won’t allow herself to like J and now that her dad told her tonight to take care of herself and follow her heart – she is running out of excuses not to accept J. Well except for M – poor thing. He almost cried like twice tonight.
      I can’t wait to see J’s reaction when he realizes E likes him back – I bet this will be the first time where a male character’s face glows from happiness. 🙂


      • Jomo says:

        The scene that starts with JH working while ES works and waits made me cry.

        She works on her office stuff, he cleans the floor. What a great metaphor for how they are changing each other’s lives for the better.
        He watches her lovingly while she sleeps, ES all worn out from her emotional roller coaster of a day that started with MW, but is finishing with JH.
        He serves her the roll she likes, with a coffee. A lot has changed from when he forced her to go out again and again until HIS coffee was perfect.
        He patiently listens to her recap of the date with MW, somehow confident that he won’t hear her say she prefers MW. Even when she explains that she will NOT choose either director, because she prefers to stay in her neighborhood, he remains cheerful.

        Whatever words are coming from her mouth, her presence and her relaxed smiles for him, tell a different story of the state of her heart.

        I am still hoping she holds out as long as possible to make her choice known. I still want to see growth from both before they finally become the OTP.


        • New Heart says:

          like com!!!!
          so great!!
          I hope Eun Sung can realize that she love Ji Hun… don’t continue between 2 man!!
          it make Ji Hun sad…
          I don’t want to see him sad…


  24. nonski says:

    Thanks again Softy for the screencap posted above. Love JJ there, ahem, Mu Won, he just look so totally and completely smitten. 🙂 Poor him, I really pity him coz the won’t be him and NES. I would want some for Mu Won tho, he is such a nice character here.


  25. SuperFangirl says:

    Even me The Superfangirl has to admit that MW is getting on my nerves neither he or his mother can comprehend reality! J can actually lend NES to MW when he sees that he needs comfort but MW keeps adding fuel to the fire of competition. You can see that without being able to rub it in J’s face he wouldn’t be so interested in NES.
    MW is always sort of manipulation NES to give him chance or to take pity on him. But he never wants to really acknowledge that NES is already attached to J. If she is not supposed to be with J why not let her find that out for herself? You can pratically see the waves of pity coming off of NES whenever she is with MW and it is unfair. I think he should leave her alone and let Her decided what happens next.


  26. rainsk9 says:

    rainsk9 reblogged this from seoultotokyo and commented:


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