Protect the boss E9

I chose this screenshot cuz every chance he gets for a kiss, he just goes for it – public – private – the man is not choosy. Name another character in a drama that was so blatant about his feelings for the woman he loves this much. He isnt just an open book when it comes to his emotions, he is completely transparent cuz he has nothing to hide. No hidden agenda- no games – no ulterior motive – just good old fashion love. How refreshing is that. This drama hits all the right marks – right where it gets to us and leaves us in awe.

It occurred to me tonight that E is going to win some major brownie points from J’s dad. It’s one thing to turn down a woman who lacks education and wealth, but it’s a whole different ballpark when that same woman exhibits enough character and class to merit distinction. There aren’t that many women who would fall in love with his son knowing full well about his condition. Not only does she not care that J has that phobia, she may just end up being the one to cure him. How? By being his sole motivation to overcome it. I bet she is starting to look like potential daughter in law material now. This show is daebak multiplied 🙂


Protect the boss E9

After the kiss, E pushes him away. J: how was it? it felt like a guy huh? (and not a kid) E: I’m not sure. J: if you dont know then let’s do it till you know. he tries to kiss again but she stops him by pushing his forehead away with her finger. J: NES put this away. E: you put it away (his lips). J: then cleanly admit it. I liked it – it was like a guy. (not a kid). E: it isnt that simple. J: then keep doing it till you know. he tries to move closer but she blurts out – if we keep doing it will become more complicated. J: even if your head wants to be cowardly and run away – your body is honest. so admit it. he takes her hands and makes her take her own pulse. E: so what do you want me to do – cuz it’s racing like this-what do you want me to do. J: NES. E: I am sorry. I cant be honest anymore. it might look cowardly and but in my head it’s like a tornado. how did it come to this – how did i lose my mind (sense) now what do we do. J: that’s why you want to step back/pull away? that you want to stop? E: I am sorry for being so honest.  J: fine- then just do up to here for today -it’s plenty to do up to here – I wont know if it’s enough tm -it doesnt matter cuz tm I can take another step further.  or the day after-it doesnt matter. up to now – all this time i lived without being patient (doing what he wants when he wants) what I didnt use all this time and collected  -i will use my entire patience and wait. fine – whether you feel like it’s complicated or want to take a step back or not – i cant be more happy than now. I am going to enjoy this happiness all i want. E: go home safely. J stops her and says: before you go we have to have a goodnight kiss. she puts her finger on his forehead again but he takes that hand and kisses it looking into her eyes. J walks down and looks up and says – I hope at one point you like me more than your ID- I will wait. he makes a heart with his hands and leaves

in the car J tells himself- dont be greedy this is plenty. then he sings “isnt she lovely”

J goes home in a great mood and the guards say- you came. J says -yes you are working hard. he stops to shake the guards hands saying they are working hard. he looks at his hand for a second (cuz he just shook their hands but doesnt want to clean it like usual) then he hugs both of them

GM asks if they hate it so much eating with their mom. JD says he is a busy person. MM complains cuz the GM is overlooking the kids missing out but making her and JD not skip dinner so GM says be quiet. GM: it’s what I feel like doing – even if I overlook the kids – not you two. GM steps away and tells them not to fight while she is gone. JD tells MM her face doesnt look so great and she says the same thing back. JD: is it cuz of M? she doesnt answer but it’s clear. JD sighs and says – you are a mom too. MM: then am I a dad? JD: I just meant you are a parent too. kids usually make us this upset. MM: your son did but my son never upset me before -I dont know how this happened. how did you live all this time (i think she mentioned his loss and how he suffered thru it ) JD: how can I say that with words. she puts something in front of him and tells him to eat more. he tells her to eat more too. MM: how can I eat a lot when the food wont go down

J is in happy mood and says hi to MM “you came too?” JD: I am letting you off easy today cuz you came home early. J: yes thank you. JD: did you eat? J: no I dont need to even if I dont eat I am full. you two look like you are in a good mood today. he says to MM: you look really beautiful today. J turns to go to his room. his dad suspects and tells J to stop right there – you are acting suspicious today – you did something today didnt you? with NES- didnt you? J is shocked: how did you know? JD: you really did? J puts his hand on his lips. JD gets up and asks – what did you do. tell me what you did and chases after J. MM:what is this? my M lost? that’s good. something is wrong with NES’s eyes (cuz she thinks her son is better looking)

N worries and cant eat: i must have been crazy – why did I do that? why did I get involved whether NES got in trouble or not with my mom. how do I go home? my mom might kill me. M puts down his chopsticks. it wont work – eat well on your own. N: you are going to go and leave me here like this? M: I dont think I should be here like this. you just didnt have any friend to play with. you know how hard it was today. since there is not much food left so you can finish this much alone right- you should practice. N: what are you – acting cool about me rejecting you but are you getting revenge now? M: I said it as your friend for your sake. if that is how you took it then you can think it that way. I’m going 

NES remembers how M asked if he was dumped/rejected or was J rejected and how she said she dared to reject both of them. then how M says he likes that alot. MR asks if E is like that cuz of M -do you like him too? E: I dont know – I dont know anything. I am sorry – I am sorry that I am doing something to be sorry for. I’m sorry to the chairman too for not doing what he asked – it would be nice if my heart was 100% sure but my heart is a mess. MR says of course E’s heart is like that – normally the heart has two (ventricles) or 4 chambers so how can the heart just be one- your heart will do this or that and (?she said some verb that was funny) so E laughs and says – friend I know you are trying to comfort me but you are making things up. MR: I was trying my best. E thanks her and asks her to turn back time. MR: do you regret? that you are like that with J. E: it’s not that I regret – but when my pulse raced so crazy- in that moment I was so scared and i quickly came to my senses. I already made too many promises with the chairman. but more than that I dont like that matter how much i like money – even if I like J- I dont like being called out to meet all those mothers when I didnt even date (their sons)-and if I do date I dont like them making a fuss about my right to be there- if I go into that neighborhood I will always be fighting. MR: then just wash your mouth clean – the sanity you let go of – hold onto it again. E: I really wish I could do that. she gets a call from M

she goes out to meet M. he says sorry for calling her out late but he felt like he should apologize (for his mom). M remarks she doesnt look well – she must be tired from the moms. dont worry – from here on I will make sure that doesnt happen. E: dont apologize. M: something did happen. didnt it? and if my guess is right -it’s cuz of J. E: yes and it isnt just him. M: you cant breathe huh? we pushed you too much all at once didnt we? E: yes I am sorry. M: ok I will  give J a warning so he doesnt do that. E: if you keep doing this you deserve a warning too. M: I’m in trouble. when I saw J get scolded by you I was envious. E:what? M: I feel like we got closer. but I shouldnt do more right? for today I will stop and run away. sleep well. he leaves

N sneaks to her home and her mom comes out. NM: what? you are embarrassed of your mom -you will run off to NY? N: then you just dont need to do that. (bother NES). NM: you have to do just enough for me to understand. in front of M’s mom. it wasnt enough you got rejected by J – you had to get drunk with that girl.  her mom is about to hit her so N throws back her mom’s words about restraint-how being proper is strength or something. her mom asks for her car keys and from now on she has to have guards. N says she doesnt want to and threatens to leave home.NM: what? leave? ok leave – if you leave you think I will be scared? i’m not scared at all. N: fine I will leave. the guards block N so N tells tells them to move. her mom tells them they better stop N. NM to guard: my baby will get hurt so be careful. N gets by them by biting one on the hand and escapes

N gets a hotel room and stops when she hears him talk into the phone. she asks if he just called her home. he tries to deny it. she guesses they all talked to each other – one hotel to another. she throws the keys back and leaves. she keeps trying to call then she tries M.

MM hits her son and says how she lived her whole life feeling good for not hitting her son but at this age – she didnt know she would hit him when he is at the age to get married.  and he says at this age he didnt know he would get hit hy his mom. you have strength in your hand. she says how J did something with NES. M says he doesnt care. MM: it doesnt matter? M: I never thought she was a woman who would be easy to get. MM: are you really crazy?M: do you want me to live without love like you and dad? MM hesitates for a second and says: we did have some – it’s not like we didnt have any at all. M says anyway he will do the best he can with NES. MM: I really dont understand-why are you doing your best to a girl who is (something) ? M: she has a lot of health (cuz E cant fight and stuff). MM:she is ignorant. M: accidents find her easily. MM: her face isnt pretty. M: after you mom she is the prettiest in the world. in my eyes. MM: this is so upsetting. he is curious and asks what J did with E. she says it’s beneath him to ask that just now (LOL)

E runs out and sees that N is standing on a corner and some guy scares N and E jumps in to rescue N. the guy says he was just going to ask for directions. E apologizes to him.  E to N: you should have apologized – why did I apologize. N: i was going to but you said it first. I didnt need to do it too. E: for being born a woman – thank the heavens. she asks why E was so late. E holds up her hair: dont you see this sweat? you said you had a fight cuz of me. what is it? N: of course it was cuz of you. E: so what was it? N says how she ran away from home. where do I need to go- where is your home.

MR asks what each thing is (what the bags are filled with)  N says her card might get cut off so she bought some necessities like lotion and stuff ahead of time and put aside some cash. MR asks-what is that. N sprays and says to relieve stress and relax. MR: we are the one who should relax. if you ran away from home- you should have gone to your friends- or go to a hotel since you have a lot of money. why come here? N ignores her and asks E where the bathroom is. E points to it. MR asks E -what were you thinking -you and J kissed so why bring her here? E: why are you bringing that up? N hears and asks – what? what did you do?  

N cries in the bathroom calling J a bad guy.  while she is crying she asks why the water is cold then hot so she calls out – why is the water cold and hot?

J remembers how M said it was fun cuz they both like NES. J: we were about to get close. he looks at M’s pic and touches his face.

N asks if E is sleeping. E: no. N: what am I supposed to do? do I have to give up on J? E: I cant give you an answer. N: that sounds like you want me to give up. E:  that’s not it-I dont know what to do and keep thinking about it so how can I tell you what to do. N: I know how that feels cuz long time ago both of them liked me too. it’s nice but it’s complicated. E says it feels like she fell into a (?) N: how do you think I feel? i am not just at feeling like I’m falling -ive already fallen.  what I am sure of is it’s a hundred times better when they both liked me than when they didnt. E: i am sorry. N: you should be of course. I wanted to do this – sleep over at a friend’s home.E: you never did it? N: i never did it so that’s why I wanted to.  it’s nice – it isnt bad.  when I was young, I went to a club camp and i slept in a tent. it reminds me of that too.  MR adds- so are you saying our home is like a tent? N: who said I did. E tells her to sleep well

E goes to wake J. JD watches her go up. she goes to J’s bedside and tells him to wake up. J looks at her and says – it’s NES- come here – sleep – sleep.  and he pulls her into bed with him so she makes a fist- if you keep doing this I am going to punch you. J: dont do it- come here. he pulls her down to the bed with him again. his dad comes in and tells them to separate

in the car JD sits between them. J tells his dad to stop making E uncomfortable by taking up to much of the space by her. J: dad your butt is big. (LOL)

they all meet up with M so they all get on the elevator together. J steps aside and tells M to get in first. 

JD asks jang about NES’s new job position. jang says he got her a position. JD tells him to reveal it on the weekend. if we wait anymore it looks like the two of them will be stuck together. Jang: you dont look like you feel good about it. JD: you think I would be? when I have to force the woman my son likes and break them apart.   (awww I love J’s dad)

E gets a call from the secretary about this weekend.

J goes to the roof bench and has two drinks ready for E. M shows up so J asks why he came. M:  that’s what I have to ask. why are you here? E says she called both of them. E: listen well to what I have to say now and pay attention and focus-the two of you. J: I dont want to – I dont have anything I want to listen with him. M to J: just be still – I dont feel great about it either. E: i thought about it a lot all night. in the end – I like being a (?). J misunderstands and thinks she is meeting another guy besides them. M tells him she doesnt mean that and to be still. J says he heard it like that (to mean that).  E says it’s tiring. J: let’s just say you are rejecting him (M) but you clearly said I was stuck in your head. you said that clearly. E: what to do. (she hits her head like she is getting water out of her ears.) I just pulled it out. M smiles. J: will you come out cowardly like this. E: yes.that’s all. she leaves.  M to  J: it’s your fault – you pushed her too far. J: it’s cuz you got in the way. E asks J to stop and go cuz they have to do the coffee business

J says to E: I will act like I didnt hear what you said a while ago. why? cuz I already know how you feel

next morning J meets her outside before she goes in the house to wake him. J: I look like a guy now huh? she says we are late.  J : I was faster than usual.

J and E try a variety of drinks and food. J watches E stuff her face and remarks how other ppl eat pretty and dainty but E eats like it’s yummy. it’s good cuz it’s simple.

J and E are suppose to check out the interior of the cafe but J listens to guys talking to their girlfriends and makes mental notes. like how guys call their girfriends first names and drop the last name

J practices in the bathroom. NES – ah.  eun sul ah. he giggles. she is waiting outside so he says she startled him

In the car J and E have two different conversations. she keeps talking about work and he keeps bringing the topic around to them. she tells him -from what I can see the coffee and side menu is good. J: it’s good to go around together. it’s like a date. she keeps talking about business-the problem is the advertising – other chains something something. J says how once it’s in the head it doesnt come out easily. so stop making excuses.  she keeps talking about work-problem is service- i used to work a lot of part time jobs at cafes. J: the problem is you are afraid cuz it crashed into the amygdala of your brain’s limbic system. she points out it’s working hours and to talk about that later. J: five mins from now it’s time for lunch. he tells the driver to go to a certain park/playground.  E: where is that? J: I promised you that I would tell you about my trauma if you like me. she says she took back saying she liked him. J: then you dont want to hear it? she says she has to hear it to help him treat it

hwang says just like JD said MM showed what she is up to. JD says he doesnt need it. hwang asks if JD didnt say he wanted to compete/fight her but JD says – she is a mom too. hwang: you didnt know that? JD: why dont you understand what I am saying?  JD is going to overlook what MM did since she did it as a parent and he is going to let it slide this once since he knows how she feels since he is a parent too. after hwang leaves, JD asks Jang about J’s hospital visits and jang looks guilty cuz he forgot to look into it so he gets yelled at

going to call E’s dad – ED

MM is going in and runs into E’s dad. she remembers his pic and runs away but she dropped her phone so E’s dad was trying to give it back to her and chased after her so she got scared. she runs away wondering why he is chasing her – does he know – is that why he is chasing after me. she tells the guards to restrain ED

MM goes to the elevator and M is in there. he asks if anything happened -why she is so surprised. MM: I was just scared that i didnt even know I was running but I just ran away. M: what were you scared of?

E’s dad says he will leave on his own feet as they drag him away. he warns-if you keep messing with me you guys will get hurt. he  gets freed from the guards. JD comes over and yells- what kind of person is he. E’s dad -calls JD the chairman who beats up ppl that he saw in the newspaper. ED:i am your son’s secretary- NES’s dad

JD:what is your real reason for coming to see me. ED: i didnt come here to meet you I came to meet my daughter. JD: let’s talk honestly- you heard my son likes your daughter.ED: what are you talking about? who likes who? I cant allow that – I am sorry but I wont accept your son. JD: I dont think I understood what you said. you are…ED: yes – I dont like him- in this world what parent would like a son of gangster like father and want to accept. sorry if you feel insulted but this isnt something that can happen. JD: look here – that happened cuz of your daughter. I am the one who should be against it so why are you oppposed. ED: you are talking strange.  is your son the only precious one- my daugher is precious too-if my daughter goes into your family – even now it’s like this so how much worse will it be for here.i cant stand to watch that- I want her to go to a great family that will be good to her and understand her. JD makes a comment about E playing alot so ED makes negative comments about J from what he read in the paper. JD: arent you saying harsh things- I am the chairman of the company your daughter works at – i give your daugher a salary to live off of – i am that kind of person. ED says did she get that for free- he yells back and says that after she was hired here – she came back to him and she lost weight on her face -how much you must have been hard on her to look like that. *he used the term sucked the blood out of her. so JD repeats- what? sucked? ED says he also feeds the company and pulls out the handkerchief saying how he bought the company’s product so he is feeding JD. JD: cuz you bought that one little thing you are saying you are feeding me and keeping me alive? ED: I am – why? ED takes out the phone and says some ahjumma dropped it and left so return this to the owner (MM). ED leaves. JD remarks NES takes after her dad. JG gets a call from hwang.

ED calls out to MM “sunglass ahjumma” so she hides behind M. MM asks ED: why are you doing this? are you doing this cuz my son likes your daughter and you want to be in laws. ED: who else likes my daughter?  M bows to ED: are you NES’s father? it’s the first time we are meeting- I am M. ED: do you like my daughter too? M: yes I like her. J smiles and points out ED and asks who that man is. E calls out -dad. J:dad?

ED is sitting with M and J. E keeps asking her dad to go. ED asks them: what do I have to do for both of you to separate from my daughter.

NM knows N is staying with E. she makes the car turn around

MR is copying what N does and both have face masks on. MR asks if her face will tighten if she does this. MR: but ice cream arent you going to work? N says that’s the good thing about upper ppl (someone high up) that ppl beneath her just need to take good care of things (when she doesnt go into work). MR:what I am trying to say -arent you going home? how much longer are you going to stick around in a home that is small like a tent

E yells at her dad- why did you do that dad? I am going to go crazy cuz of you dad. she repeats what he said. ED: who told you to be involved with those chaebols. come to your senses- you are the only one who will get hurt. E: whether i get involved or not it’s up to me. also it’s my place of work –  it’s the place I am working so hard to hang on to. ED: I am sorry about that but those ppl just act so brazen.  she asks why he had to come today cuz it’s her last day. he asks if she got fired cuz of him

MR comes out and N comes out too. MR says hi to him – it’s been a while. he holds his hands up defense cuz he didnt know who they were and asks who they are. MR: it’s me. N introduces herself. ED asks E: dont I know all your friends? is she a new friend? N and MR both say no. E says : she is sensitive.

NM comes up and asks if N is crazy.  what are you doing here. N backs away so NM orders her to hurry and come to her. NM tries to hit N so N hides behind ED. he holds NM’s wrist saying – I dont know what the situation is but you shouldnt do this even tho you are a parent.  he says the same thing MM is always saying about being proper.

hwang reports to JD about how he was watching someone and there isnt a big movement yet. then he leaves. JD ges angry and tells Jang not to betray him. if you betray me I will be lonely. jang: I know that chairman. he says he found about J and shows him. JD: is there something in this? what is this?

J goes home and yells at GM-mom where did you go. GM: you startled me – why are you yelling? JD: you knew mom didnt you that J has agoraphobia. JD: we have the best care in this country so we are going to put him in the hospital right away and get him treated. she says: cuz you might do that-  this is why I didnt tell you-J is trying so hard to figure this out on his own and putting so much effort. if you do this (something about how it wont help J)  for J’s sake act like you dont know. ok? JD: ok you dont have to yell. I should be the one who is mad- I am disappointed in you mom. you should have gotten involved- how could you do this. GM: cant I do that? you disappointed me every day. JD: when did I disappoint you? she says J did well so far and will continue to do so so believe that. come here. she hugs him as he cries

J remembers her dad asking – what do I have to do for you two to separate from my daughter

E looks at her new job on the company site. J knocks and calls out her name – NES- stone- NES. E: you came cuz you knew? J: what? I came to look good in front of your dad and holds up a gift for her dad.

MR and E watch intently as ED and J sit across from each other. J pushes his gift way over to her dad’s side. ED stares at how J sits so J quickly gets on his knees. her dad suddenly holds up his fist in front of J’s face and startles him. E calls out -dad. ED remarks how J was startled and E defends J saying most ppl would be startled – why are you being so rude to a guest. her dad tells her to stay quiet. ED points out stuff he doesnt like about J (lack of reflex and health I think) but more than that, he doesnt like J’s dad. J says it’s kinds unfair to bring up his dad. E backs him up and says how JD is a good person if you know him. ED: so are you saying you are going to marry this guy. E: how did the talk go there. I didnt say that. J says -yes I am going to marry NES. E: are you crazy? ED: who said you could? MR says she doesnt understand cuz J has tons more money than ED so why oppose? ED: is having a lot of money everything? a man needs to be prosperous with his own talent and be able to make food with his own hands. E: you cant do that either dad. E gets a call from JD. ED tells J to drink his tea. JD asks her if J is next to her. if he is then act like you are talking to a friend. (she has to pretend he is her friend so she speaks banmal to him.) E: ok. JD: you have to meet me now. E:right now? what is going on? E lies to everyone her friend bong sookee called. E says into the phone: you can talk Bong sookah. JD: you dont have to go so far as to make up a name and call me that. never mind. come out right now. I will go there and wait. E: sorry but why? cant you tell me the reason? he yells out her name. E: ok see you later bong sook ah. bye. JD looks at the phone- she keeps calling me bong sook till the end. E to her dad: dad I will be back. she says to J: see you later. J: you are leaving? NES if you leave me here alone….her dad clears his throat so J sits back down. 

E goes out to meet JD. E: why did you want to meet all of a sudden. he tells her to sit. he tells her to tell him everything she knows about J’s agoraphobia. E: you found out? JD:why he is like that- what caused it. tell me everything without leaving anything out. E: he said when he was younger his mom left home and he went out to find his mom.

flashback to J and E. he took her to where he went to look for his mom. J: I dont know why I thought if I came here I could find my mom-I dont remember how I came here. after I looked for my mom I fainted/collapsed. I dont even remember how I went home-it might have started then. when I see ppl I get scared -become afraid- the one who fixed/corrected that and the person who was next to my side everytime that happened  my older brother.

E: but after hearing about his older brother’s accident, J fainted/collapsed and he went regressed back to his former condition-he thinks it’s all his fault -he thinks ppl resent him- JD: that’s enough – no more- I didnt even know that. NES I am sorry but please stay by J’s side longer. JD cries and says – you get along (he confides in you well) and he isnt smart so just be there for him. I hope you will – I wish you can fix it (the phobia).  E: chairman i want to do that too but I already promised I wouldnt accept J’s heart. JD: lets talk about that later. he cries and leaves.

J goes into his room and his dad is in his room hiding his face behind J’s dooley stuffed animal. so J yells at him -saying how startled he was cuz of his dad. how many times do I have to tell you dad not to come in without me knowing. what were you doing- sleeping? if you were sleeping you should have slept in your room – why sleep in here? I really dont understand. JD bows his head and says “I am sorry – from now on I wont do it” J asks: dad why are you being so nice. JD: just go to sleep. JD leaves. J picks up his dooley stuffed animal and wonders why it’s wet/moist – dad probably fell asleep and drooled on it.

JD stands outside and continues crying. ( I cried watching this during the translation-there is something about this dad and his overflowing love for his son that just breaks your heart)

E remembers how JD said that J isnt smart and wants her to help J fix his condition

Jang gives JD something and asks if he is thinking of attending. JD: if that side backstabs – this side has to accept it thru this opportunity. I am going to steal back shin’s (something.)and use (?) JD: from now on – whoever gives J a hard time – whether it’s Shin or whoever they are – I will not let them get away with it. Jang: even up to now you didnt let them get away with it. JD yells about loyalty

J: why does your dad dislike me so much – do I lack that much for you? E: you do lack a lot-like dad said you arent active and do not have health (exercise). J: I am working on that. E: that’s true so while you are doing that – want to do more?   J:what else are you going to make me do? I’m  scared -for your sake I sang and danced on the street. what else is next? you want me to take my clothes off and dance and sing? E: do you know a foreign documentary called undercover boss? J: undercover boss? like be a spy and observe and stuff. E: that is it – let’s go in and talk. she takes his hand and leads him in. J whines- cant you just tell me here- walk slower. M overheard that.

J: are you asking me right now to work part time at a coffee shop? E: the chairman said to do that. J: are you crazy? I told you to be crazy about me – who asked you to be totally crazy. E: think about it – you will be able to experience working as a server yourself and show my dad – “I did this hard work with my own strength.” you can say that with confidence. “earning money is hard I know” -you will know what that’s like. also cuz you have to keep being around and talking to customers -you will overcome your public speaking phobia more naturally. J: fine- since i promised. even tho you are being cowardly and stingy and changing what you said but I will keep my promise. E: really. he gets up to leave but turns around and asks for a kiss to cheer him on. E: this isnt a dvd room. J claps his hands together and mutters: that punk secretary kim. ( he is the guy who interrupted their hug and said that line about the dvd room- ppl in korea make out in those rooms cuz it’s dark and private)

each job he goes in for there is a reason why they wont hire him-first one- he is too old. second one said he has too much higher education. J: why is that a problem? third one he just comes out and shakes his head. she says from now on he can do a nakasan part time job then. he leans in too close so she runs off.

*  nakasan means under the aegis of someone high up in position

E gets an idea and makes him work at a familiar place where the manager knows him. the girl is shocked and says you want us to use the director as a part time worker? J adds to just once and a while treat him like a worker (go easy on him) but E says to treat him like all the others. and keep it a secret from the other part time workers and staff. behind her back J mouths for the girl to go easy on him but E turns around and looks at him so he pretends to be innocent. E says to the girl- you got that right? J mouths “go easy” again to the girl.

J changes into his uniform. the guy who babysat J at the amusement park says – I havent seen you around. ah you are the nakasan part time worker the manager picked. he recognizes J as the ajusshi from back then. J: oh yeah I remember you. is your job being a part time worker cuz you work here and there.  the guy: I have another job – a student on a break. how about that guarantor/guardian ( one who takes care of J) so J says she isnt. he starts to explain but the guy walks off

MM tells M how hwang changed his word cuz of JD and now hwang wont even take her calls. M says they dont have enough with hwang’s investment. M says something is dangerous. MM: how many times i have to tell you -this is all for your sake -what are you going to do if (?) happens. we have to grow our company so try to make it work between you and N. she says how N is going on a lot of blind dates at woori hotel. her mom is doing that on purpose for us to see. M: N is going on blind dates?

M meets with N. N: you want me to convince my mom? he asks her to tell her mom to keep doing something for them cuz the risk is big this time. N:I dont know -they will do it on their own. these days my mom doesnt even look at me and just has me watched. you saw the guards outside right? but did you know I was going on blind dates? M: yes I heard. N: but how could you not even ask? M: how are they. N: it’s too bad but there are none like you and J. (meaning those guys dont compare with M and J)  M: NES should know that-especially about me.  so N gets mad. she says how J and him dont think about her at all. she tells him to get up cuz she has to leave

N has to travel with bodyguards and looks miserable

M follows in his car and pulls up along side her. he calls her and asks if she wants to run away. he tells her to not be obvious and look out the window.she sees him next to her car. M: when I say run get out of the car.  he waits for the light and tells her to get out of the car and she does. she gets in with M and guards are too late to catch her

M tells her to go to a villa that is empty that belongs to his mom. you cant stay there long so I will look for another place. he tells her to take out a credit card from his wallet. she says she will get caught again even tho they do this plus there is the problem with her office. M: if you get caught –  keep running away. if you say – let’s see who wins then your mom will back down. N looks at him. M: dont look at me like I am a new person – it’s too late.  he asks if women like events. N says she likes it but doesnt know about other women and doesnt know if NES like it

M is researching stuff. MM goes to talk to M about doing something at the hotel but M says he wont do it. she says it will only take a short time but he says no- no matter what he wont do it cuz he wanted to rest tm so all he did all week was be patient and work. she made him do a lot and he did it all cuz he wants to rest tm and pushes her out the door. he wonders what event to do

JD asks where J is going so early in the morning on a weekend – is he going to for exercise. J says that is a hundred times better – I am going to my part time job. JD: part time job? J: you told me to do it. JD: so she made you really do it? that’s good – since she made you – do well. he is nice so J gets suspicious. J:dad are you not feeling well? your health check up did not come out well did it? JD: that’s not it – why? you want that to happen? J: if a person changes suddenly it means something is not good. JD: this punk- are you saying I am condemned to die? he calms down and tells J to match his example when JD tries to be nice. J remarks how his dad seems to be losing hair so JD yells back he has a lot of hair for his age

* right before this drama started, JD was in a CF for hair replacements (for men who are balding) so that last line was a hoot (LOL)

J and E are talking. she asks where he is – you arent skipping out and on your way right? J: I dont know – I am on my way but on the way if I dont feel like it I might run off somewhere.  E: you better not – I am going now to confirm

some guy gives her free sunglasses and another woman gives her free roses. then another a bracelet – then a waffle- then a stuffed animal. E: in this world what is there that is free. E thinks J skipped out on work to do all this and gets mad. as she walks over M shows up and smiles at her.



E says to M: even if I dont fall for you – dont be hurt. M: of course- is today the only day? (meaning he has more chances in the future to change her mind I think)

JD says how J never had to have his hands wet (meaning he isnt used to hard work)

a drunk N says she wont meet (?) guys. E: should I do that too? N says she lost them so she wants E to hold someone tight.

JD tells J : if you want to protect NES – protect yourself first

M says he wants some strength – someone said they dont like this neighborhood so I am going to change it

JD says to M: I will only put up with you acting out up to here. M storms out angry. M: I have no choice but to beat you chairman

J says to himself – I wasnt rejected


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      Softy, thanks for this wonderful livecap… and as I usually say, after reading, I can now sleep with a smile on my face 🙂

      Our OTP is sure on its way to its destination. Love them! But why am I hurting for Mu Won dear? Oh, JJ have improved much in his acting. 🙂


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    Can’t really argue with that logic!


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    Loved this episode. It was full of so many PTB moments that we have come to anticipate on a weekly basis that leave us smiling like a little kid going to Disney, and then leaves us wondering what the writers will do in the next ep to trump the amazingly entertaining prior episode.

    Things that were addressed:

    -The Kiss- While NES may try to deny the overwhelming feelings that she is trying to repress, the existence of these feelings is undeniable, and what I love about this scene is that J knows it. After all, he has said numerous times (in different ways) that he is intuitive about things, and he is not wrong.
    -JD meets NES’s dad-and what I love about their interaction the most is that in no way does NES’s dad feel inferior to JD-in fact, he puts him in his place telling him that he doesn’t want J with his daughter. You can of course imagine the shock this type of statement would give JD, since he is, as he’s said previously, “one of the top 10 richest men in S. Korea”.
    -JD finds out about M’s mom’s crooked conspiring with JD’s unscrupulous two timing employee
    -JD now knows about J’s agoraphobia after receiving J’s medical files, and feels terribly about it, especially that even Grams knew about it.
    -NES’s dad meets with the two Cha twins to scold them for liking his daughter (ha! love that !)

    What is most telling about this interaction, is that after, in the evening, it is J who comes bearing gifts to NES’s home to try to win over future Father-in Law. It is so refreshing that he is so sincere in his affection for NES, and even though NES’s dad is short, he is very intimidating to the Cha Boys, but J can handle it, and goes so far as to say he wants to marry NES. How’s that laying it all out on the table?

    -N gets kicked out, and is having a slumber party with MR and NES. We can definitely see that these girls are going to be besties.
    -M helping N out, and even giving him his credit card. The man obviously still has feelings for this woman.

    * Side Commentary* – something I have truly come to appreciate, like many of you, is that the writers have not made any of our lead characters out into bad people, rather that they are just all flawed in some way. So instead of disliking N (like SK from Scent of a Woman), with each passing ep she becomes more endearingly adorable to us viewers. M would typically be the “bad guy”, but they have instead developed the character as a person who has always been constrained by the responsibility of always doing the right thing while denying himself any type of freedom. He sees what NES has awakened or brought to light, and he knows she is changing him for the better.

    He had mentioned previously that his dad had been known to be a less than virtuous person, and while he has always been a calculating individual like a true chess player planning out multiple moves in advance, that would bring him benefit, he has realized that NES being just a sincere, and true to herself individual is teaching him about things he could not ever have come to an understanding on his own. Like feeling shame when his mom was trying to taint NES with the defamation of character (that was thwarted in lovely kdrama karma way), and wanting to set things straight (when he tried telling her that he wasn’t a good person, prior to going down to the police station for the perv-in even trying to articulate these feelings of his flaws, it shows he is wanting to change them. I really love that NES is bringing out the best in both Cha cousins, and that they are both changing for the better.

    I do want to say-I know we want NES’s to end up with J, however, I would like to see the date tomorrow with NES and M to go really well, and for there to be future dates, and a kiss between them. I think in doing so the writers can further establish that NES really has true feelings for J, and also for N to be jealous and she will realize that subsequently she loves J.

    Questions I would like addressed in future eps-

    What happened to the mom? How did the brother die? ( if these have been addressed, someone please illuminate me) What is the behind the scenes with JD and M’s mom? Did they have some attraction long ago? There seems to be something there… When will NES get over feelings of insufficiency just because she’s not from a rich family, and realize that she has so much to offer the Cha boy who wins her heart. She is such a wonderful human being with so many amazing qualities- perseverance, endurance-the “not a quitter” mentality, optimism, sense of justice, loyalty, and has brought out these qualities in those around her…goes to show that money, and family upbringing are meaningless if you are not a person contributing to society in a meaningful way, and not treating others as you would want to be treated. I know that JD and Grams know all of this about NES and how she is compelling everyone around her without even being cognizant of it, and as they both warmed up to her quickly in the beginning of the series, I know it will win out in the end…

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Protect the Boss writers, PD’s, actors-I love you all. Thanks for bringing such wonderful entertainment to my Mac.
    (my comment from soompi)
    “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world” Jack Layton


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    Ji Sung with his new hair and open shirt is so sexy.The Event I thought was super sweet but when she was saying/thinking it was Ji Heon and MW popped up I went ‘uh oh’ I didn’t realise I am shipping JH/ES until I saw the preview for ep 8.Oh boy,my heart bleeds for Ji Heon.Oh Ji Heon…you wonderful boy/man you’re trying so hard.Can I give you a pat on your back?

    Then ‘gah,we have all the dating from MW/ES when JH is working so hard to overcome his deficiencies for her.AAAAAAAAHHHH…

    This show..I swear I didn’t expect anything that happened tonight.I just loved the whole episode.LOVED IT.


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    It finally happened! JH is no longer a complete child and has upgraded to “teenager”. He now has a fancy backpack with leather straps (oooh) and his hair has deflated!

    I love the optimism of our two boys. Ji Sung has totally mastered the art of acting happy with sad/disappointed eyes. His hand kiss in the beginning was adorable, and reminded me of Shin smiling around his coffee cup in YFFM.

    The older generation is just becoming more and more lovable too. I don’t know how the actor that plays the dad can cope with playing such a role after actually losing a son, but his sincerity really shows in all of his scenes. It also seems like he’s getting closer to M’s mom as a result of their shared despair over the behavior of their sons.

    As usual there was lots of endearing dorkiness. I liked how M and J both brought two drinks to the roof, and how J was taking mental notes on how to treat a gf (not to mention grinning like a fool while practicing her name). I also appreciate that there seems to be genetic factors in all the personalities on this show. N and her mom are both total scaredy cats, and certainly don’t keep their composure long (N scared of a stranger asking directions, NM fleeing from E’s dad).

    It seems like N is practically living with E now, and i’m loving their friendship and it’s over-the-top honesty. Rather than staying rivals, they’re bonding over their shared complications with the same two men. It’s kind of funny that everyone in this show is bonding over some shared trial. We have E and JD over J’s phobia, JD and MD over their sons, grandma and E over J and the moms, etc etc. Instead of conflict resulting in angst it always just makes the show more fun and enjoyable.

    I’m sooo excited for tomorrow’s episode. The date looks so pretty! I really hope I don’t have to draw bikes again :S I swear that the second I’m shipping J, M is always popping out and getting me all confused. I practically squealed at the end of this episode. That preview though! My heart was bursting over the cuteness of the date while breaking for JH. This drama’s only flaw is that it makes me love all the characters too much!


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    JiSung is absolutely delightful to watch think. You can see the thoughts flit flit flit across his face.
    JH is breaking my heart with his sincerity. How can ES resist the “wanna try again” request? YES, YOU DO!!!
    But, MW, he’s gaining some ground, I think. Not enough though. LOVED when he incited NY to jump from a moving vehicle!

    Very few dramas have had such a wonderful Adult father/grandmother scenes as this. (Life is Beautiful had gorgeous adult children/parents scenes.) I got so emotional when JD cried with his Oma, am even now thinking about it. Oma was so genuine and caring with her big baby. So sweet!


    • martha says:

      I do the same thing! I read softy’s recap then watch the show while reading the recaps then watch the show again with early subs then again with corrected subs LOL I haven’t done that since Secret Garden. Thank you so much softy!


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        normally after watching it a million times while translating I never rewatch episodes but this drama is different- I actually do watch it again. that is a first and shows you just how special it is


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    This show is so wonderfully funny yet earnest and sincere at the same time. Its hard to choose which character I love best..(although JH/ES is hands down the most adorable OTP). Each person has layers and as they are revealed I grow to love them more. Can’t believe we’re already at Episode 9…


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    Really appreciate it!

    I can’t wait to see how the progress of JH becoming a man that ES could rely on!


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    By the way, what do you think, or what did you hear about the scene where JH shoves the coffee beans in ES face? Was it an adlib? Her smile looked genuine, like, “I’m gonna kill that guy!”
    It was a cute “pull your ponytail cause you like her” move.

    The kiss on the hand, ….sigh …
    The roll on the bed … woot! …
    The lean over to be kissed on the cheek … cheeky! …
    The heavenly smile from MW at the event … swoon …


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