Scent of a Woman E11


Do you know why I cried so much during this scene when she was reading J’s text? No matter what roller coaster of emotions he must be going through right now -he is only holding onto one certitude – that she is the only one he will ever love. Like a little kid, he fixated on that ring. He went and buried it cuz he knows there is only one love for him. If she wont accept the ring, he doesn’t want anyone else to have it. It doesn’t matter what he said in the preview to S – those are just words. His heart is in that box and it’s buried away. Hearing his words while Y read his text, I couldn’t help but think this was one of the most meaningful scenes out of the show so far. Here she was pushing him away to spare him, but all they are doing is feeling all that pain separately. For him it’s like reliving what happened to his mom only this time he still gets to say goodbye and wants to, but Y won’t let him. Just look how lost he is without Y. It breaks your heart a little more each time you watch it.


after recapping a tear jerker like CYHMH, you would think I could get through these translations without crying so much, but you would be wrong. I lost it again when Y told S to have a son and daughter that resembles J. omg – what a thing to say to the woman you despise the most. Since Y cant give him children that look like him, she is asking her rival to do it in her place. I can’t help but wonder how S is going to take the news when she finds out somewhere down the line that Y is dying. Will S cry? will she feel any remorse for all her harsh words? I want her to cry – I want her to hate herself. I want her to never forgive herself unless Y does. most of all I want her to let J go cuz he doesnt belong to her. I think that is the least S can do if she has a humane bone in her body.omg I made myself cry just saying all this. great – now just talking about the drama is making me cry instead of the drama itself. what a vicious cycle.


For those of you who missed it, So3 posted the complete bucket list for us:

Full list of YJ’s bucket list –

1. 하루에 한번씩 엄마를 웃게 만들기
1、Letting mom smile once everyday
2. 나를 괴롭혔던 놈들에게 복수하기
2、take revenge on people who’s done wrong to me
3. 탱고 배우기
3、learn tango
4. 갖고 싶고 먹고 싶고 입고 싶은 것 참지 않기
4、don’t hold back on things I want to do, eat or wear
5. 웨딩드레스 입어 보기
5、put on wedding dress
6. 준수랑 데이트 해보기
6、a date with Junsu
7. 자전거로 해안도로 달리기
7、go cycling along the coastline
8. 하루동안 영화 속 주인공처럼 살아보기
8、be just like the heroine in a movie
9. 첫사랑 찾기
9、find my first love
10. 진짜 사랑하는 사람과 듀엣곡 불러보기
10、to sing a love song with the one i love
11. 세상 모든 여자들이 부러워할만한 프러포즈 받아보기
11、have a proposal that all women in the world would die for
(so is that considered a checked item? NOO i don’t approve – JW please propose again!!)
12. 틈틈이 봉사하기
12、contribute whenever I can (? not too sure about this one)
13. 엄마 재혼 시키기
13、get my mom remarried
14. S에게 용서 구하기
14、to have S forgive me (S is Y’s high school teacher)
15. 누군가의 의미있는 사람 되기
15、to be a meaningful person to somebody
16. 내 인생의 흔적 남기기
16、to leave the traces of my life (this makes me wonder…hmm)
17. 날 아는 사람들에게 멋진 여자로 기억되기
17、to leave a real cool impression in front of people i know
18. 화이트 크리스마스에 눈 맞으며 키스 해보기
18、to get kissed while having a white christmas
19. 이 모든 것을 사랑하는 사람과 함께하기
19、do everything in this list with the person i love
20. 사랑하는 사람 품에서 눈 감기
20、to close my eyes in the arms of my beloved one


Scent of a Woman E11

After J asks E if the Y inside is the Y he knows, E asks how J knew to come here. J: is it cancer. E: let’s talk for a minute. J: answer me first – should I open the door go in and confirm it myself. fine then. E stops him from opening the door

H brought Y abalone porridge to eat. H asks if Y is ok cuz she heard it was hard to get chemo. Y: it’s ok enough to manage. H says the abalone is the one J brought back from his wando business trip and passed out to everyone so think he made it and eat a lot. Y stops eating. H: how much longer are you going to keep it a secret from the director? if you dont call him he will keep looking for you. if he asks me again I dont know what to say to mislead him. Y says she broke up with him. H:why? Y: before he learns the truth that I have cancer -cuz I thought that (breaking up) would be right. H:you said you liked him. Y: for liking me- I couldnt drive a nail into his heart. after I die – it will be so hard for him. Y asks H to trash the roses J got her when she leaves

J:what is her condition? did she come to have surgery. E tells him-I dont know how you found out and came but just go. J: tell me cuz I have to know. E: the one inside is the Y you know. J: does she have cancer? E: this is all I can say. after that hear it from Y. if you dont have the confidence to handle it then dont be curious about anything else and stop now since you guys broke up anyway.

J goes to his car and opens it but slams it shut and looks up at the hospital.

J sits at home. he remembers how she said all those hints she gave so far when she said “before I die.” he closes his eyes and then opens them and goes out

J drives to the hospital.

Y is talking to her mom and says – mom I love you. her mom asked why Y is saying that suddenly. Y: what do you mean it’s out of the blue. ok.  bye.

Y gets up and J is there. J: what is your condition – dont try to hide it and tell me the truth. she says it’s terminal. J: is that the reason why you said to break up? how long did you know? i’m asking you how long you knew. J cries. did you know even before you met me. Y: yes. J: so you are saying you knew and came to me and got close to me. what made you have a change of heart now? you knew the truth that you had cancer and got close to me and even asked me to date -after doing that – what is the reason you are doing this to me now? Y: they say I dont have much time left- 3 or 4 months  or it could be less – can you handle this – the way I am now? so go. J: if you were going to do this-you shouldnt have gotten close to me. you should have said all that before i fell crazy for you. Y: I didnt know you would. J: you are really cruel- for liking a woman like you – I hate myself so much it’s driving me crazy. J leaves and drives to the riverside and gets out of his car and is out of breath.

Im drops by to meet S. he said he left J along cuz she said but what is she planning to do cuz what J did was too harsh. S: i am telling you honestly but J knows about yoon. he knew and didnt talk about that when he broke off the engagement. Im: if he knows about that doesnt it mean there is no chance for marriage at all. S: leave this problem to me and please wait a short time. Im: do you want to hold onto J?  S: instead of meeting someone new – that person is better. I dont dislike him

E asks why Y didnt eat breakfast and lunch – was she not able to eat or didnt want to. Y cries and says -if i knew this was going to happen I should have taken one pic with him at least- that person came and I told him the whole truth-now it’s all over.

E remembers alone how Y said she hates herself for having cancer and not being able to love

E meets J. J asks how he knew his number. E says from her cell phone. J: what is it that you want to say? E: Y pushing you away-she probably doesnt mean it – she is going to want you by her side.  J:why are you saying this to me? E: because I am worried. since she is having a hard time. J: do doctors these days personally get involved in patient’s private lives? what was said at the fan meeting -is it true? that she is your first love and you liked her unrequited for 25 yrs. E: what are you doing to do? the truth about her cancer- is it hard for you to handle/take in? J: to be honest I dont have the confidence to be by the side of a woman who is dying. E: didnt you break off your engagement cuz you liked Y? after just a few days you can easily put aside your feelings. J: I am regretting it. E: what? J: if I knew ahead of time I wouldnt have broken it off. over a woman I met for a few months -i might end up losing so much. after sending off someone I love – I dont have the confidence to live the rest of my life with that memory. you can do it – as her doctor and at the same time since you have an unrequited love for her. J gets up to leave. E asks if J sincerely means all that. J doesnt answer and leaves

E goes after him- E: you dont have the right to be by her side- dont ever show up in front of her again

J goes home and drinks alcohol straight from the bottle. he cries.

E tells Y- you dont want to get caught by your mom so if you look this tired wont she think it’s strange? Y agrees he is right. E: I was worried but the second treatment ended well so it’s good. Y: you’re saying I should be thankful that I can be treated. the girl comes in to see Y.

the girl says she confessed she liked him (E). Y:what? girl: this is all cuz of you. watching you fulfill your bucket list looked so impressive so I made a list too and one of them was that. Y: so what happened? girl says how she was turned down. dont smile. until he says yes I am going to keep doing it. after she finishes her round of chemo she is going to visit her mom in the phillipines. Y says how the kid is always cheerful. girl: that is my charm.  next time we should match schedules and get treatments together cuz it’s fun hanging out with you. Y says ok and tells her to go back in. girl: see you next time unni. bye

Y looks at number 14 on her list. she asks H about their teacher. H:why suddenly. Y: just curious. have you  heard news about him. H: no I havent – dont find that person -why find him. just thinking about it is awful.  H asks if Y is ok – is she going to leave things like this with J but Y changes the subject. Y: how are you- did you reject the proposal. H says no cuz of Y she is rethinking the proposal. she isnt sure yet- to meet a guy like that she didnt get to this age but she feels secure about his job at least

E remembers how Y said it was all over with J.

the girl is talking to the nurse. nurse asks why she isnt doing those webtoons cuz they were fun but the girl says dont bring that up esp in front of doctor chae.(E) E walks by so the girl tries to avoid him but he asks to talk

girl says how she took down the webtoons. E: I knew. girl: then why? you want to have a date with me? E doesnt answer her and just asks his question: how should I treat someone – when they cant do what they want cuz of cancer -when they are feeling low. what should I do? girl: dont try to cheer them up -“what to do- what do we do with you? it makes you more angry. when I couldnt go to college -when friends came and said – “you poor thing what do we do – have strength/courage.” it was really annoying. the one that was the most comforting was when one kid said – “while passing by on the street the bread looked so yummy so I bought it – eat this up” E: does that mean you want me to buy that person bread? girl: no that’s not what I meant – treat them like it’s normal as usual like nothing is going on. girl says this feels like a date cuz she met him for 2 yrs but this was their longest conversation

Y’s mom gives her juice to drink.  her mom asks if Y is dating cuz she lost so much weight.Y:no. her mom asks who the man was who came by to see her while Y was on her business trip. she decribes how good looking he was. who was it? Y guesses it must have been her director. her mom: why would he come looking for you. Y: probably about work. her mom: then he can see if you at the office if it’s cuz of work -why come to the house- it’s strange. Y gets a call so she tells her mom to leave. her mom listens in but cant hear anything.

E is waiting outside. he repeats – act like nothing is going on.  Y asks where they are going. he says it’s the day to go to Sueno. there arent many days left -since you agreed to be my partner you have to be responsible for me. Y’s mom sees E and wonders who he is

Y and E are at tango class. Y is barely going thru the motions and as they mess up she smiles

kang goes to see J. the place is a mess for his standards (but it just looks normal for the rest of us) J is sleeping. Kang:what are you doing now? J gets up. kang says – I was worried you were sick and dropped by cuz you didnt go into work without saying anything but you were drinking? why? is there a problem that girl? did you break up. J: that’s not it.  kang wonders what else would make J drink so much when he doesnt like it -except for a probem with a woman what other reason could there be. why did you call off the engagement. it was obvious it wouldnt have worked out in the long run anyway. you are so hopeless-didnt you realize the differences in household, status/level are walls you cant crossover-why dont you know that? J: cant you please leave me alone. kang:what is so upsetting about breaking off with that ridiculous woman.  hurry and get over it and come to your sense.

J walks into the shower fully dressed, turns on the water, and sits inside.

class takes a break and talks about how J doesnt come out anymore and what a waste. girl asks R to call him to come back. Y remembers how J came and danced with her in the heated moment. V asks E when the show is. he says next fri. R: not much time is left. V says E and Y to come and practice every day to learn their dance – a short tango for the event. E asks for an easy one. V says “no” so everyone laughs. Y barely paid attention

Y tells him to go first cuz she can take the bus. E: cant -cuz you have some place to go with me

he takes her to school and asks if she remembers. Y:of course but you only went here 2 yrs so how did you remember it. E:how can I forget. Y: why? cuz you pooped? E: there is something I couldnt say for  25 yrs but I will do it now- back then thank you. if you hadnt tied the sweater you were wearing I wouldnt have even been able to go home. she mentions how she wore that sweater for the first time that day -what a waste. he says how he washed it but didnt give it back cuz he knew she wouldnt want to wear it again.  Y: that kid became this strong friend now-it’s so amazing. she laughs so she asks why he is looking at her. E: cuz it looks good to see you smile.  he says let’s race. you said I couldnt race and made fun of me a lot.

they race and E says he will win today and trips and falls down so she says she won. she jumps up and down happy. Y: i am first place. he claps.

Y: now I just need to go to my middle school. she says how she went to high school a few days ago to get forgiveness from someone but she couldnt find that person and didnt know any contact info. E offers to find the person for her. Y:how? you dont even know who he is. E asks for her phone and says learn to use your smart phone. put your ID and secret number. type in your message and ppl will reply to you.Y: you can do stuff like this?

J comes out and looks at his plant-the one Y gave him

J goes to his mom’s grave. J: what should I do when it’s like this – I am scared. that I have to send someone else off like you mom – I am so scared. tears stream down his face. that person is probably more scared than me.

Y gets a call from J but she doesnt answer it. she gets a text.

Y goes out to meet J. Y: why did you come. J: it wont work- i cant break up. Y: leave. if you pushed me away cuz you are worried about me -you dont need to – whatever disease you have -however long you live- it doesnt matter-I want to be with you. Y: I dont want you by my side. J: why? Y: you are someone who will live another 50 yrs-so find someone you can live long with happily. J: then what about you – it doesnt matter if you are scared? Y: it’s only going to be 3 or 4 months at most. J: you said it was your wish to date me before you die – so let’s date till you die. Y: I dont want to – I dont want to – I dont want you to see me dying. so please leave. she turns around. 

 J: I love you- I love you. she says that love is a burden and walks thru her gate and sits and cries. J just stands there where she left him

S meets with kang. she asks if J is really sick. kang: it’s not like that – it seems that J has settled his problem over a woman. knew it wouldnt take long – it’s not like it was possible. ever since J was young – he opened his heart and got attached to ppl. since a poor girl made up her mind and hung out in front of his eyes -he couldnt help but care. but can a relationship like that last long. love and pity are different. S says she gets what he is saying. she gets up to leave. he tells her to go and see J. to give J strength cuz didnt she help out J last time to make it work again with J

J goes to his mom’s tree

Y remembers how J said he loved her. she gets a text.

J is sitting near the tree. his voice narrates: I came to the hill – I buried the ring again. until you accept it I wont take it out – it wasnt hard to wait 20yrs so another 100yrs wont be hard either- but dont make me wait that long.

Y cries as she reads. omg I am bawling all over the place. *before he said he loved her with words-now he backed it up with an act that is very personal to him so what other proof could she want – part of me thinks that is why she cried so much.

S calls Y. I have something to ask you. Y: that’s good. I have something to say too.

Y and S meet. S: what is it that you want to say. Y: what do you want to ask. S: did you break up with J. Y:did he say that. S: then didnt you? you acted like you would never give up but you sure are funny- stealing someone else’s fiance and making him break it off but broke up this quickly. Y: why? so are you complaining -didnt you want us to break up. S: you are really (something else) did you do it to get revenge? it’s not cuz you liked J but you wanted to get revenge. Y: that must be so. S: poor J for getting caught by someone like you. Y: you are right – he is pitiful so you take care of him well -I thought about it – you guys are right for each other – for him you are perfectly matched – you have a lot of money-young – pretty- and healthy. S: is that what you wanted to say. for us to do well.  Y: no there is one more -have a son and daughter that resembles J and live a long long time. S:what? Y: this is all I wanted to say. Y leaves

E asks his patient how he is after his shot and the old man seems surprised -wondering if E is talking to the old man. old man says cuz he is old it does feel like it hurts. E says it doesnt hurt cuz of the shot and if he cant endure it E will give him a prescription for pain killers.

after he checks the hall to make sure no one is around, E closes his eyes and walks down the hall like he is dancing the tango. when he opens his eyes the girl and his nurse are watching. girl gives him the thumbs up and saying he is really cool

Y and E watch as V and R dance what they are going to do. V: if you try it yourself it wont be hard. R says if there are no mistakes in tango – if there is a mistake and a step goes awry, it’s still the tango. that’s what al pacino said. they show Y and E the steps.

SW asks if J is ok. cuz he heard J was really sick. J asks for all the paperwork that was piled up and asks about wando package. SW says the first team starts tm. J tells him to prepare something

E and Y are practicing.

other doc asks if E is preparing well – could you dance well before. female patients cheer E on saying they look forward to his performance.other doc complains they should go do that at the cancer ward – why do it here in internal medicine-I dont get it

E and Y practice again

staff is eating dinner with J. Noh and Nam says how well the wando package is doing. if it’s doing this well now how much better it will be in the fall. this is all cuz J went himself cuz he went to wando himself. H says Y should be here since Y suggested wando so if they are here to eat out cuz of that then she should come here. should I call? R says how Y is busy practicing tango for the hospital show performance. she is practicing with the doctor every night. J looks at R. Noh asks how R knows that. R says he heard from someone else.

driver pulls up to Y’s home and wakes J. J asks why they are here. driver says J told him to come here. J asks him to take him to pyungchangdong but says wait a minute. he gets out to look at Y’s home. her mom recognizes him and says-arent you that person that time – the one who was looking for Y. he bows to her and says hello. she says he must have drunk a lot- Y is home today should I tell her to come down. J: no it’s ok

Y is working on her dress. her mom says how the good looking guy came by in front of the house. be honest – something is going on with that guy huh? Y:it’s not like that. her mom: but he came here drunk. Y says he must have work around here. her mom says what do you think it means when a guy comes to a girl’s home drunk. Y tells her not to overreact. her mom says if that guy becomes her son in law she will be full for the rest of her life without eating. she asks what the dress is for. Y: I have to do something with someone i know. her mom:who? she asks her mom to leave her alone cuz she is tired. her mom complains cuz Y doesnt do anything except stay at home so how could she be tired and asks when Y is getting a job-how much longer are you going to play

Y left a message that she was looking for a teacher named kim dong young who taught (subject that sounded like gugak but I think I might be imagining it cuz I heard it so much from YFFM recaps)  she gets replies and one is from her friend who was in the same class as Y. she says that teacher moved to that woman’s neighborhood not too long ago and they met up by accident. he runs a bakery. E calls Y and says she thinks she found the teacher – after she meets him she will go directly to where E is -see you later

Y looks thru the window at the teacher.

Y goes in and asks if he remembers her. he says he wants her to go cuz he doesnt want to see her face.

Y goes to meet E, E asks if she wasnt able to meet him. Y: he doesnt want to see my face. I dont think he will forgive me. why is it this hard- there isnt much left of my life so why is it this hard? E: you said last time -when you felt like you were alone in the world – you ended up dancing the tango with some grandpa and it was so comforting. today will you think of me as that grandpa. he puts his arm around her shoulder and she leans on him and cries. he pats her shoulder

J talks to S about the promotion tour and if she decided. she replies something about queens land. J gets up and says she worked hard. she asks to have dinner together. he doesnt want to. S:  I am asking as ISK (her job title) to the line tour director KJW since we ended our meeting well. you dont have to pay.

S takes her to eat where he eats with his staff. she says she was going to pay. he says how this place is the most popular with his staff.she says he must go eat out often with his staff. J: I want to eat out with them often but they turn me down. they say it’s burdensome. S: that is the same with me. she says how he looks (?) and he says he knows.

S says it’s good that you look better than I thought – I was worried cuz I was hurt for a long time. J: what are you saying. S: heard you broke up. J: you must have heard from my dad but he is jumping to conclusions. S: I heard from Y. she said you two broke up and to make it work with you. you havent thrown away your feelings yet so hurry and get over it. that woman wasnt sincere about her feelings towards you. I’ll be going

J drives angry

E is nervous. Y asks if he is ok. E says-yes – no – I want to run away. what do I do? Y: you said you will be a grandpa. E: grandpa? I am that old already? why? she laughs and tells him to come to his senses

they introduce E and Y to dance the tango

E and Y start dancing.

J watches them dance and sort of smiles.

as Y and E leave, J follows them. E: is wasnt hard? Y: even tho -it it feels good. J calls out her name. E asks what J is doing. J to E: you stay out of it. E:what? Y says to E: it’s ok. E steps aside.  J to Y: I will ask for the last time – what is it that you want-do you want me to leave? answer me. she cries and says yes. J:so in the end you are saying it wont work. ok I will do as you want. I will never see you again. he leaves.

she watches J walking away from her with tears streaming down her face. she looks like she is fighting every urge not to run after him.



J: what is it that you want to say. S: I meant it when I said give me a chance. J: let’s get marry within the month

Y’s mom asks E: you called during the day didnt you? E: yes. her mom: what is your relationship with Y?

H says to J how Y likes J alot.

E asks R and V: did Y not come? R: she didnt. E: if she comes please contact me

J says he will go and find her.

Y is trying on a wedding dress


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  1. spyder says:

    I watched (3 days marathon) of this Korean drama. I love, love the actors, it’s theme and how it ended. I was searching for the complete bucket list of Lee Yeong Jae and I am glad I found it in your site. Thanks.


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