Protect the boss E8

Watching this scene, I kept wondering who does she think she is kidding. Lately, she has been dropping more hints that she favors him over M. Does she really think denial will outlast someone like J? First, she wanted him to text then she was disappointed when she realized he hadn’t. Then when she got that video message, her heart melted right along with the rest of us, but more so cuz that declaration was all for her and what she means to him. No matter how much she complains about his love, she won’t be able to live without it now. She wanted someone to lean on and maybe J isn’t whole enough yet for her to count on him, but his love is as a solid as they get. That is the one thing that will never let her down. Now all she needs to do is open her heart and embrace it with all her might.

*This is by far the best episode. Words can’t convey the range of depth and emotion that drives this show -I cried then laughed then cried again. The more I translate the more I keep thinking these people – N and her mom, M and his mom, J and his dad take childishness to new levels. Grandma and E are like the only mature people in this drama. How many shows do you see that happen in? Boy I love this drama. 🙂 


I just watched an entertainment program and the actor who plays J’s dad -Park Young Kyu came out. Since it’s unusual for full grown men in their 50s to call their mother’s “mom” in real life, he explained why his character calls  his “mom” instead of the usual “mother” -he says it makes his mom happy when he does that – why? cuz when a child sees his mom she is always younger (so that is why he calls her “mom.”) Then the next part made me bawl all through it- omg – they didnt mention the details but in real life he lost his son in an accident. He went on Kang Ho Dong’s show Golden fishery and talked about his loss-with  eyes brimming with tears he said “after the accident – I had to let go of everything in my life -while living I really think something like that shouldnt happen -it shouldnt ever happen.” Then in the recent interview on 8/17, he said “It was really hard – after going thru something difficult -in my heart I never forgot that I am an actor so even tho it was hard and difficult -before I died I wanted to act – i dont know if it’s fate but the story of this drama -putting all my love into my child…” he got emotional and couldnt finish his sentence . The interviewer said “after sending off the only son he had -going through such a tragedy we cant even imagine -when his pain subsided- he returned to acting and inside his acting we hope for a more happy life.” I don’t know about you, but now in future scenes when his character mentions J’s brother’s death, I think his acting will be too real for me and I have a feeling I will be crying before I even realize it.


Protect the boss E8


Starts from when E  gets the call from JD and runs to where J is. as she crosses a car almost hits her. she says sorry to the driver. he asks if she is crazy – does she want to die. she says sorry again but he was in the wrong too cuz this is a crosswalk.she raises her hand to hit him saying he shouldnt speak banmal and says she will overlook it cuz she is busy. she runs again. she yells that she is going to kill J when she catches him. her feet are bloody from her high heels and she limps as she walks. she hears him calling her name so she asks why he keeps calling her. J walks over and hugs her. J says it’s surreal -when I call you you appear. you are like a superhero to me. she pushes him off so he lands on the ground. J:what is it? why are you like this to me? 

she calls JD. JD: did you find him? E: yes I found your lost son. she puts J on the phone. J:what? JD: what? you punk – where are you? you better come home right now. no – dont come home. dont even dream of coming home yet.  J says ok and hangs up. JD tells his mom how J said he wont be coming home. she reminds him how he just told J not to come home. JD: it was reverse psychology – dont you know that? GM: I dont know it

M says sorry to the guy for having to bring his phone in from the car. M gets the text from E that something came up so she will be late – I am sorry-I wont be able to go right away so will you give me a number I can reach you cuz you didnt pick up your phone. M gets a call

N calls M. M:what? N: guess where I am. M: just tell me why you called.  she tells him she is at the french restaurant they used to go to often with J and invites him over if he isnt busy. he says he is busy and has an appt. she tells him not to hang up-I am sorry for being so bold and calling but I am eating alone -didnt want to be at home-didnt have anyone to eat with -texted the other office staff to come if they have time but no one came. M says sorry but he really has an appt so have a good dinner

J trails after E: NES are you mad? trying to find me today you worried – you didnt have to worry. E is frustrated so she yells out: how can I not worry when you made me worry. J: you were just a little too emotional just now -calm down a little and try to remember I am your boss and you are my sec. E: yes boss but I might have to quit being that sec. J:what? E: from here on I will give you some advice. (in banmal she says) listen well you punk. J:this punk? E:why? is there a problem? I am the same age as you. if we went by mentally (?) I am your noonim by a lot. she raises her fist to hit him so he flinches back. J: fine – “you punk” is ok and “noonim” is ok. what do you mean you are quitting- with whose permission are you quitting? what kind of irresponsible talk is that? E: it’s cuz of you. I told you – that I could get fired if we went past therapy.  he says dont worry I will handle it. E: no dont – I rather quit. J:what? E: a while ago when I was looking for you -i thought – for the rest of my life I might have to go around looking for this guy -while doing this – my whole life will go by. J says he understands she is angry but he feels it’s a little unfair. the reason I was going around like this today-I did it was cuz I was worried about you. calm down cuz I am so shocked I am about to be out of breath. cuz of you my heart hurts a lot-not just my heart – cuz of the shock -my whole body hurts. (* cuz he was shocked when she mentioned quitting)  E: are you the only one who is hurt? I am hurt too. J: where are you hurt? he looks around to see where she is hurting. she takes his hands off of her. she holds up her foot for a second to ask:have you ever run in heels? after meeing you – I had to run around here and there so there wasnt even a day the back of my ankles could heel. you think only my feet hurt? my head hurts a lot too. cuz of this pitiful person – if I quit what happens to him-how will he live.  I feel like a parent with my child – I didnt even get married but I became a mom you punk. you said you liked me – that you wished I would stay by your side for the rest of your life -then what about me? does that mean you want me to chase after you and take care of you for the rest of my life? you want me to go around like a crazy woman like this for the rest of my life? let the back of my ankles keep being sore- and my heart too….she cries and stops with emotion. you keep saying I am impressive and that I am like a superhero -I’m not – I am not impressive. I dont have any other wish than for someone to pay off my crecit card bills. i wish all my loans just flew away by doing something with the bank-I wish I could go to work feeling comfortable at a normal steady job-I have no other wishes than that – that’s the kind of person I am – I am not impressive-I am not that great so dont lean on me-I am having a hard time too- I want to lean on someone too. J just stands there speechless. E: I said not to whine and I am whining. please live well. tell yourself-” I am not the only one who is going thru a hard time – I am not the only one who is hurting -even tho they look normal on the outside-even tho they dont whine like you-everyone lives like that” just be aware of that-  please just live doing well on your own. did you understand that? what is your answer? what is your answer. J: ok I will accept it all. but about you quitting – let’s figure that out first. she gets a text from M. E: what to do. she limps off. he says she has to listen before she goes. she yells back-I’m late I had an appt but I forgot. J:let’s go together. E: dont follow me-go home right now your dad is waiting. he says she cant just go after saying only her side cuz he has something to say too. I dont have money or a car so I cant go home anyway. E: listen to me well and do as I say- 1)grab a cab-2)tell your address 3)when you get home ring your bell and ask for someone to bring cab fare-you can do this much right? whether you do or not – go or not-I clearly told you what to do. she leaves. J: you cant go like this NES. you are talking like it’s the last time. you have to give me a chance to talk too.

E asks the bus driver to wait and gets on. J follows her onto the bus. driver asks if J isnt getting on. J calls out her name. he is really nervous but gets on. driver tells him to pay. so she has to. when he sits on that seat she hits it to show him it’s for pregnant women to sit.he moves and sits behind her. E: it doesnt matter if you follow me or not but from now on you are invisible to me so dont act like you know me. dont bother me. J:ok I wont bother you and just talk. you just listen.  i am sorry NES – there is some unfairness over what happened today but looking over everything I think I was at fault -I will reflect on what I did wrong so for now try to be less angry and lets’ try to solve the problem with talk. first should we talk about the phobia problem. I’m sorry but this is the first time on the bus so can i just use you one more time and bother you. his hands are trembling. if I do then I think I will be a lot better. I am going to bother you. he holds onto her sleeves but then the bus jerks so he ends up pulling her hair by accident. she yells in pain. J: I am sorry

he follows her but she tells him to go-you didnt forget how to take a can right? I dont care – whether you go or not – do whatever you want. J: I will wait so take your time and come back after you are done. it would be better if you finished quicker. she is already gone.

 she runs in and says sorry to M for being late. M pulls out her chair. J looks thru the window and sees her with M. M scowls back at J. J looks heartbroken and then walks away

M tells her she doesnt have to force herself to eat cuz she will get heartburn. she say it’s ok cuz she has a healthy stomach and digests well no matter when or where she eats. M: do you want to hear what I planned for today? E: yes and after i hear it I will tell you what I planned too-please hear me out. M: ok. he takes out the bracelet and puts it on the table. it belonged to my father. there werent that many chances for me to get presents from my parents or go somewhere together to buy something.if i need something – no – before I need something – I always had a credit card or bank account. E: waaahh-when I needed something -I had to beg and cry to buy it for me for months. this item means a lot to me cuz I remember buying this together with my dad -to be honest I didnt hear good things about my dad being a good person but since he is my father – he meant a lot to me – all this time i put it away someplace and forgot about it. but while preparing to meet you -i discovered it. ah this is fate…she interrupts and finishes – ….you thought and brought it to give it to me? M: I was going to do that but I am not going to give it to you and just wear it myself. E:what is this? M: anyway you werent going to accept it. I will hold it safe and wear it and try again later. E: you knew? am I the only one you rejected or did you reject J too. E: I dared to reject both of you. M: that is good- I like that a lot. E:you like it? M: I do -it means I can start over from zero. I will work hard and beat J. E: if you react like that I am really thankful but but even tho I am thankful I wont. M:why? do you not like both of us. she says of course that’s not it. M: then date both of us. E:what? M: dont throw both of us away and keep both of us and choose after a while. of course it would be nice if you chose me in the end.E: can I speak a little more honestly and tell you in detail. he nods yes. E: when I see you I feel flustered (feel something for him)-how could I not? but J…he interrupts and says he doesnt want to hear it

N sees J and hides her face. cuz he might think of that bad memory but he says it’s ok he doesnt think of it. N: really? that’s good. but why did you come here? did you have a meeting?  he asks what she is doing here alone. she makes up a work excuse saying she needs to know what’s in trend. he looks down at her shoes. he asks if it hurts a lot to run in heels. N: why run in heels when it doesnt look good. to be honest even if you dont run and just walk it hurts and legs swell. J: is that so – but NES always ran. N begs him not to bring up E around her. J: ok I wont but lend me some money. N: how much? J: a dollar or two. N: you dont even have a dollar or two now? he says how he was considering writing out an IOU right now

he buys bandaids and N asks where he is going. is that woman here? is she with M? what a bad guy M is when he was right in front of me. J asks her to look inside to see if they are still there. N: you want me to spy and see if that woman is there? J: if you dont want to then I will.  N: move I will go look.  

N goes over and looks. M tells E that he it is more than enough just to confirm a possibility (that she will change her mind) cuz he does business. if I really need it and there is a chance I dont give up.

M looks over and a ticked off N and J are staring back at him. M says to E that another spy came. E looks over at J and N. E: isnt she embarrassed? M agrees and says : N isnt the kind of friend who doesnt know when to be embarrassed. waiter brings M bandaids. M tells her to give him her leg cuz he noticed she was limping when she came in and tries to put the band aid on but E says she will do it. E tells him not to so he agrees. They bump heads as he gets up and ask each other if they are ok. N laughs from outside and J kept holding his box of bandaids wanting to be the one to put it on E.

when they come out, J tells M to get lost cuz it’s now his turn. let’s go NES. M asks E what they should to keep messing with N and J or just stop for today. J: didnt you hear me NES? M offers to take her home. E thanks him. J tags along and says give him a ride too. M says he doesnt want to. J: I have something to say to NES. E to J: why are you like this? I have nothing to say to you. J: of course you dont cuz you said everything you wanted. I didnt get to so listen NES.   M to J: ES shi said she didnt want to. J: what – ES shi? call her NES shi -she doesnt like it. M asks E: does it bother you? E: no it doesnt. M to J: she said it doesnt -go away.  M tells E -let’s go. N says she will take E home-I iwll take NES shi home -I will take her home safely in your places

N brakes really hard and tells E to get out. E remarks that she thought N would speed at least a 100 km. N stops her from getting out and asks if she knows how to drink. E says she does. N asks to go drink. E: if you are buying

J: you came to a place like this? M: yes with NES shi. J looks surprised. M: did you eat? eat ramen cuz ramen with soju is great. ES shi taught me that. J: did you go to a malkali place? M: no I havent. J: I went with NES

N: so what are you going to do – are you going to play around with both of them? E: yes I am going to two time(date both) why? N: if you do that you might not get anything. havent you hear of the saying if you go after both rabbits you will lose both? E:thank you for teaching me. why did you reject M? N: who rejected him cuz I didnt like him. it was cuz I liked J a lot more. also what does it have to do with you who I reject or not? N says she is going to say this for E’s benefit so listen well. N says she is different from other typical chaebols cuz she lived earning her own money. with her own strength she studied and lived in NY -she was tired of parents managing her and cuz she has skills/talent so she thought she can do it alone. but it’s harder than she thought living on her own strength. E asks if N hung in there for a year. less than that? half a year? 3 months? N: i hung in there for over 3 months. E: then is that any different from typical chaebols? (E means- can N really say that about not living like a chaebol for hanging on for just 3 months) N: that’s why I am saying I know – in the end – no one can endure and go back to their righful places. E: like I wouldnt know that. N: cant you just act like you didnt know even if you did? your personality isnt that great. E teases her and says: with that personality how can you talk about other ppl’s personalities. N: look here. E: I am looking at you so just drink. they drink together

M and J drink too. M: you knew? about me and N’s relationship? J: instead of saying i knew about it -I thought it could be a possibility but I knew for sure today. M asks something and J says after M came back from NY, M avoided J’s gaze. that is why I thought it was a possibility (that M and N liked each other) M says he wont apologize for N cuz he was sincere then about how he felt about her. J says something complicated about when he guesses something or senses something – he ends up being correct. M: what can you guess/sense about NES? J: I dont – there wont be any cuz NES and I are (?) M: I wont have any too. J makes girly noises as he drinks.

when E comes out of the bathroom, N is too drunk and passed out. E tries to wake her and says -why are you sleeping here? hey ice cream and says her mouth will twist around if she sleeps like that but N is out of it. E calls M but the owner of the bar answered and tells E to hurry and come and take J and M cuz his wife is about to have a baby and he cant leave

E takes N out first complaining N is too long (not sure if she was referring to N’s legs or torso)

then E and store owner carry J and M. E really piggybacked J. wow she is strong. they lay J and M next to N. E says sorry to the owner. E remarks how can both guys can get so drunk on one bottle of soju. J wakes up and smiles and points at her saying- it’s NES. then J hugs M and sleeps.

JD is sleeping on the couch while waiting. E calls JD. he asks where J is. she says how all 3 have passed out -M, J, and ice cream. JD:talk straight- what? who collapsed/passed out?

JD calls MM and says it’s an emergency. she calls NM

E is watching all 3 of them. she does a korean version of “eenie meenie miney moe” between J and M by closing her eyes and saying “who should I pick (points to J)-should I try to guess who (points to M) -or not(points to J)” she wishes it was that simple to choose. she looks at J more.
JD pulls up and takes J. he asks what is this situation. she says sorry- she doesnt know how this happened either. J is drunk and says “let’s go NES.” JD says let’s talk about what happened later. get in and I will give you a ride.   but she says she has to take care of the other two and will go home on her own. J says “let’s go NES” again. JD asks if she will really be ok

NM takes N and blames E – NM:getting involved with the wrong person – what is this situation

MM takes her son and says to E – if you want to live a (some neg adj) life you should do it on your own why drag someone else’s son into it

E goes home alone but her feet hurt and she takes off the bandaid. some drunk men run into her and she says sorry. they ask her to go drinking if she is sorry. they keep hitting on her asking her to drink with them or go talk with them. she says how guys like them make it worse when she is already feeling bad- so you should leave when I am avoiding you. why are you doing this? she makes a fist

MR calls just as E kicked both guys butts. MR asks where E is cuz it’s late and she still hasnt come home. E wails out her roommates name. MR goes and picks E up. they sing in the car. * I love how finally someone cared about E and took care of her

MR and E sit on the steps. E : are there any stars. MR: why- so you can make a wish again. E: no to complain – i asked for a job not both directors to like me. MR says she will get punished since she should feel “full” (happy) that two guys like her.  E: cuz I am so full i cant digest- it’s caught all the way up to here. she points to her chest. it’s nice to have a good looking guy like you – also if it wasnt two but just one – there wouldnt be any burden and there wouldnt be any (?) mom. MR says those kind of moms are like that-cuz their sons are too precious (to give away) E and MR both say how they are precious daughters to their dads so why are they like that

M wakes up in his bed. he is wearing his dad’s bracelet and remembers how E said she has feelings for him but J…

J wakes up and asks what happened with NES

E wakes up and senses trouble coming. MR tells her to sleep more. E wonders if she is taking after J cuz she feels something bad is going to happen -her whole body is warning her-she is going to be busy all day and will be tired so be on the alert. MR asks what she is talking about. E gets a lot of calls.

J goes and asks what he did to NES. JD: stop it! cuz you keep saying her name all the time even I dreamed of her all night. JD waved the scissors at him so J says that is not right so his dad says sorry – forgot (it was in my hand) -it’s all your fault -cuz my heart is so conflicted – why would i do this -something i havent done all my life.(working with plants) to call himself down. J says of course his dad should feel bad if he has any conscience. J says something something cuz your son likes someone. JD says how he didnt fire her yet. J: that’s good -you did well- trying comparing how i was before i met NES and after. JD: you did change. J: I became a person. JD: you still havent fully become one yet. J: but still I became a lot more like a person. JD: well compared to before. J:but think about what will happen is NES is fired. JD: cuz of that all night I weighed which sides risk was greater and I am still figuring it out.  J says something about his job so his dad says how J keeps threatening with that. J:dad isnt my happiness imp? is my happiness not imp?  JD: what about my happiness? is your happiness the only thing that is imp? J: of course my happiness is the most important. his dad goes after him and grabs J. JD: why are you like this? why do you like NES? why do you need NES?J: cuz NES knows me. she knows me and doesnt judge me and stayed by my side. JD asks-doesnt others know you-how that could be a reason. J: they dont know me-  you dont know me either dad. J pulls away and runs off. JD: stop right there- what else do I not know? he runs after J with scissors so his mom gets mad at him. GM:how dare you wave scissors at your mom. JD: I didnt do that to you mom. GM: move I am busy

NM and MM meet with E. MM reminds E how she said she had no desire to be involved with a chaebol and put the mom at ease so what was yesterday about? NM tries to intimidate E: are you going to keep doing this? the girl who made our (relative) suffer (broke his heart) cant come back to korea forever -you can end up like that too. MM whispers to NM: he isnt your child. NM: according to law he is my child. E: are you done threatening? then I will too.I dont want to do this but if you keep doing this I will make up my mind and seduce both of them.both moms are horrified.NM:what? E  gets a call from M so she shows it to MM and says “your son called.” then E says to NM how N called and texted to meet today. MM picks up E’s phone and asks why he keeps calling – do you want to die? JD asks-who are you? are you NES? MM asks if he is JD. JD asks if she is sooki. MM: yes it’s me but why are you calling at a time like this? JD: ya what’s wrong with calling my son’s sec? I have to wait for the right time? why are you meeting her? did you to go to yell at her?why are you doing that?  MM says if he doesnt have a point and hangs up on him. MM says it’s hot in the cafe and tells NM to sit away from her cuz NM is too close. MM wonders if this crappy neighborhood has crappy AC too. E: yes so please dont come to this crappy neighborhood and behave crappy again. NM says how awaful E is. E looks out the window and says “she is here.” GM showed up and glares at the moms.both mom are alarmed to see GM.

MM and NM makes excuses.MM says how it’s unfair cuz something bad happened to them that is why they came here together. NM says this is the first time they had to go thru something this bad in their lives. GM asks why they came on their own to go thru it then. NM says bad stuff about E. GM threatens to spread rumors. she says one about MM-how she was pushed out of DN group cuz of a female sec.

GM says she will apologize in place of the moms. and i want to say thank you. now you know everything but what happened is their bodies are grown but in their heads they are kids. it was hard correcting that on my own. what I couldnt do- you are doing my work for me matter how much i try -better than an old GM- a young girl is better. E: I am not sure what you are saying GM.   GM asks her to keep working even tho it’s hard and she will talk to JD. E says -you probably already know this but both of your grandchildren said they liked me and are fighting over me. but you want me to keep working?  GM says how those two are driving her crazy but just cuz NES quits -will they settle their feelings for E. GM says it’s a 100times better they fight over E than other things. GM: it’s cuz I am sorry that this will be hard on you. E: it is hard. if I dont hold onto my senses really well I am afraid something will happen so I am holding on but to be honest it is hard. GM: i bet it is. E says she wants to ask cuz she is curious -does one of them (J and M) have to be the chairman. GM: they might and they might not. E: if they do – which side are you on? rumor is that you are M’s fan. GM: that I am?  GM asks which one E likes between the two. E: it’s secret. GM: then that means you like one. E:it’s not for sure – it’s about 49/51. GM feels bad for the other one leftover. E gets a call

N gets a call. N:what? E: you called first. N: right now you called first. E: if you have nothing to say then hang up cuz I am busy. N: what are you doing to be so busy? why doenst anyone has time to take a call.  E says she was busy and had no time cuz of someone’s mom. N asks if her mom went to meet E. I’m going to go crazy. E: who should be the one who is going crazy. N asks to meet right now but E says she is busy. N: why is everyone so busy. ok. hang up. N makes a call.  E gets a call from JD and says she is on her way now

N meets with M. M asks what the emergency is. N says he only picked up when she said it was an emergency. M says how he was still hung over all day cuz he has low tolerance for alcohol. N says he doesnt have to make excuses- cuz of what happened to her cuz of J and him- she is in the process of acknowledging and accepting what’s going on. M: let’s hear what the emergency is. she says how his mom and her mom went to meet NES

J remembers  what E said about not leaning on her and that speech about living well on his own.

J goes out on his own to exercise. he remembers how E said he had to do this himself- go exercise alone and hike too -and talk in front of ppl. so he claps and sings. ppl gather around. * he is good so I bet they are gathering more for that than how odd he is. he runs and takes his pulse and remembers what she said about it

NM and MM and JD meet. NM says how MM needs her help. JD gets mad that MM is doing that – preparing for it. MM claims she was going to but didnt actually do anything formally. NM says if she joins forces with MM they can make it so that J is not the successor.  JD asks -cuz they have some strength- are they bragging and threatening him now. NM: I am just letting you know the reality – why are you two like that. he says something mean to NM about how she isnt living drinking blood  and just acting like she is better than others and getting old doing that. he repeats what she said to J about how she wont yell at him and JD says he thinks she will – he tells her he is going to stop so just direct your attention at M. MM thinks JD just meant that it’s ok for NM to go after M and gets mad at JD. NM asks why they are doing this to her. he tells them to go home.

NM is mad at MM and MM tells her not to be angry cuz she didnt mean it that way. NM: I lived the wrong way. MM offers her mirror to look into but NM doesnt want it. they get off othe elevator and E is waiting to get on. E: you two sure are busy. E gets on the elevator

E: did you decide where to send me? JD: are you going to go if I send you? E: someone like me if you are going to send me off you should. he says there are thorns in her words. (meaning her words sting) E: you felt them? I’m sorry. JD: am I stupid that I cant sense that.  he says to keep working till he decides. E: ok. but for doing that – whereever I go -please keep your promise to make me a full employee. JD: I am a person who keeps my word. E: ok.  JD: I called you to ask you something. is there something about J I dont know? E:what? JD: I thought about it -he did that before too- there is a reason why he wants to mess up on purpose. you said so too that there was a reason for sure. what is it that I dont know?  E: please ask J yourself. I think it’s not that important but for him not to say there is going to be a reason.  JD says that means there is a reason and orders her to hurry and tell him.

E sits at the office and looks over at J’s desk. she remembers what J said: you cant go like this NES. you are talking like it’s the last time. you have to give me a chance to talk too. she mutters how he didnt even text to see if she got home ok just cuz she was a little harsh to him. she checks and there are no texts. she gets a video message and smiles. she tells herself not to be glad to get it. J sent a video. J: starting from now I will begin my therapy sports. right now I am trying – not to lean on NES and become more self reliant/independent -I am trying on my own -but for now I still cant do this without NES-I will keep trying  so please dont go anywhere – I am asking you as a favor. she cries watching it. she gets a call from J. she clears her throat to sound normal. E: what? J: you werent moved by it? she says how she wasnt (but she used a word he doesnt like so he says that he really doesnt like that word- she remarks he has a lot of things he doesnt like. J: i exercised and sang a song but you still arent moved? E: no I wasnt. J: cant be helped – I will have to keep trying harder. the weather is nice so come out -I want you to come out. E: are you outside the office? he says he is in front of her home. she says she is at the office. J: it’s sunday so why are you there? when I am not there too. you arent there to pack your stuff right? E: if I was that would be good but it’s too bad but i have to stay a few more days. J:ok I will go over there. E:where? I am going to go home. J: I am going to go and bring you home.  cuz your feet hurt.   dont move and stay right there. E:it’s ok. J: wait for me

NM holds up pics and MM makes comments like one guy there is a rumor he does drugs and took something wrong while studying abroad and another one has girl problems and everyone knows it . NM:where is that pic? she pulls out a pic of E’s dad and holds it up to MM. MM:what are you doing?NM:why? if you do well you might be (?in laws?) MM pushes the pic away and says – are you crazy. NM says MM is screeching again. N and M show up. N yells at her mom. NM: why are you screeching too like you dont know better. N:why are you doing that when it’s so embarrassing. NM:what? N: why go and meet NES. NM mutters it wasnt long when N asked her to punish E. M gives N a look so N says to her mom:when did I do that? I just said there was a girl like her. from here on dont do that anymore. protect your image.  NM: are you scolding me too? MM says how adults can do that cuz they have a reason. M: then you should act like an adult to communicate mother. MM: mother? I never had a son like you. M: is that so director shin. MM:what? M: please relay to my mother  -I hope this kind of thing doesnt happen again or else I think I will be really cold to my mother. then after that I dont know how her son will behave -that even that son doesnt know – please be sure to relay this -director shin. MM holds her neck in pain. N says she feels the same. her mom holds her neck too. NM tells her to stop and says she will put a guard on N if she keeps this up so N threatens to go to NY.

N mutters she is dead now. (in trouble with her mom) M says he is going. N asks if he is going cuz  if she goes home she will be dead. M: then hang out/ play and go in. he turns to leave. she acts pitiful saying -what do I do to play- it’s dinnertime on a weekend -every where I go every one is paired off. where do I go? cant even eat.  he says – I really wasnt going to say this and be cool all the way till the end but you dumped me and I was rejected by you. N: then what do I do – ever since I was young you and J were the only friends I had -if you guys dont meet me/hang out I have no one else to meet. we are friends . M gives in and asks what she wants to eat

E says into the phone she is going down. JD tells her to get on the elevator. E texts J. JD: are you really not going to tell me (the secret about J)? she says it’s better if he asked J himself. JD: ok I am acknowledging that the most imp thing about a sec is being able to keep secrets – you are a good sec. so tell me. she doesnt say anything

J is waiting and JD yells at her that he said she couldnt date J. she tries to explain she isnt dating J but J pulls her away and puts her in the car and drives off.

J asks if her wrist is ok cuz he thinks he pulled her kinda hard. E: that’s why – why did you come when I told you not to -you really dont listen. J: I will listen to other things twice as much (to make up for it)

JD is serving sick ppl food. JD asks jang; what is it that I dont know about J? JD asks jang to look into if J ever went to the hospital without his knowledge

J drops her off. she tells him to go safely. he follows her up the steps and keeps talking. he says he will work hard at it so he can be a guy she can lean on-till then he might whine about it and lean on her -just be a little patient and wait – I wont ask you to like me so please just be here as my sec. during that time I will diligently keep liking you. E interrupts and says: please stop-I’m going crazy- what kind of man keeps confessing all the time. J:did I? E: you did.  in my heart and in my head – I keep telling myself to act like I dont know -it’s not working. J picks up on that and asks if that means …E says: yes you are stuck in my brain’s limbic system too- that is for certain – but I dont know – it’s confusing -I keep worrying and it makes me care – I dont know if you are stuck as a guy or stuck cuz I think of you as my child – I dont know that – it’s confusing. she starts to walk up, but J pulls her back and says : all you have to do is confirm it. E: how do you confirm that? he pulls her into a kiss.


no preview

Major major daebak

* J knows he has a chance now – her speech about him being stuck in her brain means he has some hope that she likes him back. I love his solution to confirm came so naturally and instinctively- like the way he showed his feelings all this time – so openly. It’s like this guy only has one way to love -wholeheartedly. *swoon*


48 comments on “Protect the boss E8

  1. Erika says:

    When other drama had drama behind it thats overact the drama itself makes me have less respect to that drama.yes I’m talking to u SMW.but PTB.every detail behind the drama and actors makes us wow at the drama and excited to watch it.JH DAD is daebak and his real life story too…just few days ago JJ get the spotlight with praises for his act now its dad time.
    thank you finally choose PTB.deugeun deugeun waiting for tonight episode.


  2. eoan says:

    camping time!!! 😀 am super excited for today’s episode. gah! 2nd kiss! omg! once again, am really, really grateful to you softy for choosing PTB over CL. komawo 😀


  3. April says:

    Hi, camping time !
    arg… I missed the beginning, couldn’t find the channel. Thank you for recapping PTB !


  4. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you for choosing PTB!!! Looking forward today episode. Also, thank you for the introduction. I believe it is one of the hardest thing in life to go thru when your child dies before you do and Mr. Park Young Kyu is a great actor. Hopefully, he has found comfort, tranquility and happiness with his acting.


  5. dls says:

    ooh thank you Softy… I run here asap after I watch it live…
    the drunk scene it was so cute to see 3 rich kids get drunk and sit together
    and i love grandma 🙂
    and I love Jiheon to be brave to move forward


  6. nikesma says:

    YFFM? *hugs softy


  7. MJShinshi says:

    though I couldn’t understand some scenes (ok all of it) but I was tearing up watching and again almost throughout reading the whole recap! if I’m already like this, how would i be reading the updated one?! Especially when he went out on his own and sent E his video message, so touching he’s trying for himself and for E so she won’t be too tired!

    I think so too softy major daebak! I just love J’s dad and Grandma, I’m sure she loves both her grandsons the same but J is the one who lives with her so I understand if she’s be a bit bias towards him. LOL-ing at Dad for also dreaming of E 🙂 all these society status crap aside we know JD loves E!! it’s unheard of in kd-land to acknowledge the human being other then his/her background status…love that about JD and also the fact he’s trying to know and understand his son is just scoring major dad points right there! This story that is so his real life must be hard, poor man

    for continuing with PTB, I thank you so much softy!


    • MJShinshi says:

      poor softy’s figners! heating pad and icepak for your fingers coming right up! glad all the PTB clips and talks on kdfroums got you to really check it out and that you’re really enjoying the show but give your fingers a break! take care dear!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so so so so so much!


  9. Thank you for such a quick recap!! You are amazing!!


  10. somplaka says:

    Goodness, beautiful episode. I love this drama so much. I love all the characters(including N). I just have to express it. Now I can sleep. Thanks softy.


  11. jin says:

    Thanks for your hard work, softy ! Dad calling his mom,”Omma..” is one of my fav things in the drama !


  12. dls says:

    Oh never thought that Park Young Kyu lost his son…
    so he shares similar side with his role in PTB
    btw I like Ji Heon dad here, he is different from typical K-drama chaebol dad
    and I hope he will find out about Ji Heon’s phobia soon


  13. boru says:

    ohhh MS. SOFTY,,, i feel sorry for your finger. but please dont give up! i and another Secretaries (PTB fans) still need u !!!! thx for the recap! love u!!!!!
    good night ms.softy!~


  14. gem says:

    so happy you’re recapping PTB!!! it just keeps getting better! ❤ thank you! ^_^


  15. TO-bidule says:

    Softy 정말 감사합니다 !!!!!!
    Feel so sorry for your fingers !!!!! I’ve already known today’s transcap would be a tough one as there’re so many dialogues and a lots of emotions.
    Just love the story line and the writing : it’s so refreshing that many clichés are revisited !!!
    Happy that JH decides to mature and to empower himself because of his love for ES. Can’t wait to see the grown-up version of JH ……… ^____- !!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Regarding the 3rd kiss : “I love his solution to confirm came so naturally and instinctively- like the way he showed his feelings all this time – so openly. It’s like this guy only has one way to love.”

      Softy, you’ve touched on a tender spot !!!!
      Any male lead in k-dramaland and more than that (!), any man shouldn’t be ashamed to show their true feelings like the way JH does !!!
      (but don’t misunderstand me : I mean a sensitive man not a weakling !!!!).


    • MJShinshi says:

      me too love that about him — he’s all in wholeheartedly for NES!

      was the drunken scene shot at the same place our cola/ice-cream couple J and E from Lie To Me sat and ate ice-cream? that white round bench where J and M were lying cuddling each other sort of 🙂 how fun would be to visit SK and recognize certain places due to all the dramas I’ve watched!

      another question…was that a Christmas song playing in the background when N and M met before confronting their mothers? today I had to watch raw vid right away, especially the video message scene and J’s confirmation that E likes him 🙂 too cute **swooning** along with softy and everyone who’ve watched or read this episode’s vid/recap!!

      thanks softy!


      • Jomo says:

        Yes, Hark the Herald Angels Sing was playing in the meeting of NY and M.
        “Glory to the newborn King!”
        So very very strange, and funny!


  16. Anvesha says:

    I havent watched todays epi but JH reminds me of Mi Ho from My gf Gumiho.. When he loves he goes all out!!! So cute!!!


  17. Blue Passion says:

    Softy: Came back to read your recap. Thanks a million now up to see the episode!!! Have a terrific day/night!! Take care.


  18. Jomo says:

    Thank you for the recap. I was crying along there with you and climbing up on my chair at the good parts, giggling.

    NES is bringing it, isn’t she? Doing her best to help these rotten chaebols reform with nobody but Gramma on her side. (OK, JD is, too.) Her speech to JH was great, especially real when she admits that she is whining, and tries to talk herself out of self-pity.

    I could tell from their first meeting in the first part of the episode we were headed for a kiss. Both parties were on opposing trajectories towards each other. He trying to come to terms with life sans NES, and she leaning into his pitch admitting there is some attraction.

    It’s the oldie but goody “confirmation” kiss. I liked how he had to reach waaaaaaaay over the railing to get her, and step up a step, and I liked how he pulled her towards him. I really wish they had shown more of it, though. Totaling begging Show for next week, don’t have her pull back, don’t have her regret it! While I am not ready them to date – he still has to prove himself fully human – they can at least gaze longingly at each other, and have sweet secret moments. * sigh *

    Great job as usual, capturing the words and spirit of the show. So glad you picked PTB!


  19. R says:

    why do i keep liking the underdog 😥
    kyaaaa muwonnnnnnnnn!


  20. hartofseeker says:

    PUAHAHAHAHA this episode kills me XD did anyone catch what book MM was reading when she got JD’s call? It’s a book about “Your Child’s Teenage Years” (aka. understanding your child when they’re at the rebellious age!! LOL i just almost choked laughing seeing that hehehehe

    and though JD has a nasty temper, he’s always nice in a way… like even though he was pissed at ES for letting them get all drunk as a secretary, he still cared enough to ask twice if she’d be ok without a ride…. =] I like that =D

    and man… i’m telling you, the childishness of the 3 chaebol heirs… it’s gotta be genetic~~ look at their parents! lolll still, when the three of them leaned on each other drunk on the bench like that, it was uber cute XD


    • eoan says:

      oh yeah, i agree. that’s the cutest scene in this episode…. 3 drunk immature chaebol heirs leaning on each other on the bench. i really love that scene. how i wish ES took picture of them and use it as a bluff to their moms if they won’t stop bothering her. indeed, childishness could really be genetic. LOL and i agree with softy, only ES and GM are the only mature people in this drama 😀


  21. yumi says:

    I was looking forward to watching this all day, but Viki has made changes that makes it impossible to watch without a Flash Player 10.3. ARRGGGG

    PTB was to be my reward for a week of hard work. Crying on my keyboard.

    Thanks so much for the recap. Maybe I can hang on until I find a solution for this dilemma.


  22. IBELIS says:

    Thank you softy for the recap, I have not eps 7 or 8 yet just read your recap. It sounds as if there are more untold secrets for this family and some how J has been most effected by them. In your ep 7 recap it was mentioned how they all use to be so close and now they are like Waring camps. It’s strange but it’s as if they all know that somehow E is the answer for all of them and the GM has actually acknowledge it. They all make up excuses to be with her and it’s not just J and M. It’s also JD, N,NM and MM. They seek her out on the flimsiest of reasons just so they can talk. They all need her.


  23. eoan says:

    thank you so much for your recap. it’s indeed no joke recapping this episode coz of the long dialogues but you managed to do it marvelously… kudos for that 😀


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      thank you for the compliment – it’s so nice to read stuff like this on fridays when I am so tired after working on both recaps. my fingers thank you too cuz they are getting quite a workout from PTB. 🙂


      • tari pandita says:

        softy, did you ever use painkiller patch? whenever my fingers are killing me after long hours typing, I cut a piece of that patch to small lil pieces and put it around my fingers and even on my palm, working like a charm for me..thank you for the hard work..


        • Softy says:

          Haha that is so cute – thanks for sharing your tip, but it’s not that bad. I just rest them as much as possible until sat night at 10pm. I think it’s only going to hurt for PTB cuz I never had this happen with any other drama. What makes PTB so special is that almost everything they say – even the side comments are so funny. I just never saw a drama that didn’t have any slow boring parts – almost every drama does but not this one. Plus I don’t hate any characters at all – not even the moms. How this drama can be so devoid of evil and still make conflict is amazing.


  24. Fanderay says:

    Wow, I’m even starting to like the two evil moms in a weird sort of way! This show is making their characters amusing with fun little details, like the curlers in M’s mother’s hair, and the way the two of them are trying to fit on one seat together while they meet E. I’m also getting a kick out of the fact that it always feels like someone is getting sent to the Principal’s office and getting in trouble (and no one is safe!). We have parents berating kids,kids berating parents, grandparents berating kids and parents, kids berating kids, parents berating parents, and when you take the secretaries and other side characters into consideration it practically goes to infinity! It’s just one big merry-go round of ridiculous and endearing characters.

    I love the dad, and how his anger is often his way of showing his affection. When J tells him that only E understands him, you can tell that Dad is legitimately upset and worried about it, but his instinctive response is to get mad. I also thought it was sort of sweet when he was yelling at E for not being born into a better family. His frustration just shows that he genuinely likes her, and wishes she was a more proper match. I’ve always been super impressed by the array of emotions that the actor seems to convey while just yelling or frowning, but now that Softy explained about his son it all makes sense (thanks Softy giving us that tidbit, even though it’s heartbreaking!). The grandma is super lovable too, and I like how she’s 100% on E’s side.

    Both the male leads are continuing to break my heart, and I’m feeling a bit desperate for everyone to be happy (thank goodness N is so likable too). I loved the scene with E and J on the bus. Both of them are trying so hard to be strong, and the actors do a great job conveying their struggle with each other, and for themselves.

    All the rivalries really feel more like friendships at this point. Normally I think it’s lame when guys get into fist fights (especially in real life) but the fight between M and J in episode 7 was just plain cute since they’re so bad at it. It felt more like two brothers fighting over the television remote than two grown men fighting for the woman they love. The stuff that came after the fight was just as good (M angrily tucking in his shirt, the father lecturing them while they sullenly listen and then wanting to know who got more hits in). I also loved how bad they are at drinking. J hugging M while they were asleep on the bench was pretty much the best thing ever. Poor E though. It seems like she’s won the hearts of two prestigious chaebols, but in reality she’s just won two kids with a heap-load of quirks and emotional baggage.

    How cute was it that N called E on the phone the day after they all went drinking? The poor girl is so desperate for a friend that she’s even willing to settle for her enemy. I guess they’re at the frenemy stage now, and I expect that they’ll be on pretty good terms by the end of the show. I think my favorite thing about N is that she’s so absurdly upfront. I thought it was hilarious when she was asking everyone at her meeting if she has a weird personality, and her pride almost never gets in the way of her acting insecure or needy.

    It doesn’t seem like the screenwriter for PTB has done anything else notable, but I hope he (or she) has a long career ahead of him. I literally can’t think of a single other show with so many compelling and unique 4-D characters. They’re all so wacky, but the writing, directing, and acting are so well done that everyone feels real, and that’s a really hard thing to pull off with so many outside-the-box personalities.

    I still have NO idea where this show is going. We’re only halfway and we’ve already had 3 kisses, countless confessions, and several rejections. If E goes to J this early, what will happen for the next 8 episodes? Does that mean she’ll turn him down and go for M? Personally I’m a big fan of M’s two-timing idea, but that would be pretty hard to do whole-heartedly. So far most of my predictions have been wrong (I thought she would become M’s secretary instead of being fired or staying) so I guess it’s best just to sit back and enjoy the ride.


    • tari pandita says:

      hear! hear! to the two timing idea, I’m not sure ES will agree but crossing my fingers here.
      speaking of which, sorry about yours btw I cut a lil pieces of painkiller patch for the fingers if I were you, it works for me. Thank you Softy.


    • tari pandita says:

      cheers to the two-timing idea..not sure will be happening *crossed fingers*
      maybe ES could pretend she’s dating MW (finally some kdrama cliche, not that i miss you) just to make JH give up (since she has gave her word to JD)..umm JH is very unlikely to give maybe kissing MW will do the trick..


    • tari pandita says:

      M’s two-timing idea? *crossed fingers* how bout ES get into some old classic kdrama fake relationship with MW to drive JH away, since she gave her word to his dad. I know fake-relationships is boring but this drama is so ahead of the rest, it needs to slow down a bit..just a bit so that MW gets a chance to kiss ES. Just thinking about it make me giddy.


  25. Cherry says:

    There is a reason why the Cha’s are infatuated and love Eun Soel – its because she is already part of the Cha family. like them she is straight foward and fiesty, and this includes MW since he has Cha blood in him!
    Hmm i wonder what MinWoo’s dad did when he was alive – when he confessed that “everyone said my dad was a bad guy…”
    I by far love this drama. who ever the writers are they are spectacular in making something that on concept seem overdone, because each storyline by itself has been done by every single Kdramas, but somehow they made a jem but of course with the help of the wonderful actors, and pd. This drama will be under my favorite drmas of all time from Thnak you, Insoon is pretty, CYHMH, Cinderella Unni, Full House, Stars are Falling from the sky, and lastly Greastest Love. (not in that order of course my favs are never inorder u just have to be in the mood to watch it.)


  26. jang says:

    Hi Softy, Im still so amazed how you put your words together and paint a picture in my mind as I read your recap. I THINK YOU SHOULD START THINKING OF WRITING YOUR OWN BOOK! or are you a writer already? Write your own romantic story and publish it!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      this may sound weird but are you related to me by any chance? cuz you sound just like my sister. 🙂 She has been saying that to me for years, but I have no writing talent whatsoever. Every episode of these recaps are straight from the Kdrama writers and I just translated their Korean words into English so I can’t take any credit. you guys are reading what those writers would have said if they knew English, but I bet some of those lines would be even better if someone more fluent like Blue translated them. Thanks for the compliment though 🙂


      • tari pandita says:

        ahh Softy herself is indeed our very own kdrama heroine..she’s been saving my life for these past 8 months..


      • April says:

        You have talent, when it’s about conveying feelings of what you just watch. It’s about how you picture it and how you choose your words but damn you got it ! Of course, dialogs, lines are written but your descriptions and remarks got me to smile or be teary as I read yours recaps for BL, CYHMH, and now this one. There are awesome shows, I agree, and your recaps don’t blew the pleasure of watching it, it’s a plus, like your pre-show (so awesome pre-show for BL!!). So, you have talent, watching live and tipping like crazy, but managing to give us the core of it, funny things or tearing ones, always, so thank you Softy, and write if you have stories to tell, I’m sure you have readers here.


      • jang says:

        Hi again, yes let us say you are translating the dialogue in the drama, but your introductions for every episode are brilliant! you see beyond and above the what others would have seen plain and boring, your words paint an inspiring picture of how as a reader or a watcher should see a certain scene. I encourage you, compile all your original works and read as if you’re a different person or another person, see for yourself . This site would not have 2M hits if we are not entertained with what your are writing.

        try it and see where it can bring you! succes is not final failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts…w.churchill

        have the courage to try! fighting!


        • Softy says:

          Hey April, all that pre show fun can only be had over at Thundie’s – she is the best at that – even I get nervous right before I go on live to recap cuz I see the crowd she has waiting. Doesn’t it feel like some event and everyone is getting ready and they are all excited for the drama to start like it’s some concert? I always imagine a roomful of ppl just watching their screens with one eye and the other eye checking to see if I pressed update. That’s why I love guest recapping over there. if I wasn’t already doing YFFM, I would have recapped PTB from start to finish over there I bet.

          Hi Jang, ok I am convinced – you aren’t related to me cuz my sister would never have said such heartfelt words. Thank you so much for your praise – it really means a lot. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads anything I write cuz I would skip right over it and get to the episode if I was visiting this blog so it’s great to get compliments like these from time to time to feel appreciated. I think encouragement inspires ppl to act so I will try even harder to live up to my potential. Thank you. 🙂


  27. nik says:

    Hi softy! I’m on my way back to my hometown. Will be away for 10days. I wish I can join the emotional ride of SOW this weekend and PTB next week. counting on your transcaps then!

    Anyway, the beginning scene is so far the best scene for me. Including the ending scene from ep7 which moved me to tears from J’s side of story and now From N’s side of story. What hurts me the most is when she told him step by step on how to get on taxi to go home. I think he’s hurt by that the most too cuz that shows she takes him as a child not as a man.


  28. kauaitone says:

    Did I ever mention how much I ❤ your recaps and hard work. Also I loooove this drama sooooo much. I don't think any other drama will compare for a while. Its quickly becoming my favorite drama. Every episode just gets better and better. It never slows down or gets boring in the least. And even though I've never seen/heard of any of the people in this drama before I now love every single one…especially the two main leads…and JD…and the two second leads…and the evil moms…and the GM…….just …all of them…love them so much. =D just thinking about the characters makes me smile like a big dork. =)


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