Protect the boss E7

When you see a love this certain – so unwavering, unflinching, all encompassing- you can’t help but rejoice and be happy for him.

* I love this episode so much it scares me. So many great lines and behavior that contradicts all Kdrama rules.

Ojakkyo Brothers – if I wasn’t already recapping SOW, this is the weekend drama I might have done highlights for since I like it a lot. It’s growing on me with each new episode. Still have no clue why they decided to go with such a difficult name for the title cuz it’s hard enough to throw anyone off.  I love that scene where Uee’s character (Ja Eun) tells off her stepmother in the supermarket. That was so moving. Did anyone see it?

Ja Eun’s dad is presumed dead in China when the ship he was on capsized due to a sudden storm, but since his body wasnt recovered, Ja Eun still holds out hope he wasn’t on that ship. Until she has definitive confirmation, she refuses to give up on her dad maybe being alive. Her step mom was already stepping out on her dad even before he left for China. Now that he is presumed dead, the stepmom ran off cuz she didn’t want to deal with his debts. So this is the scene where Ja Eun found out about how her step mom was cheating on her dad with his employee. Ja Eun screams at her stepmom that she should have chosen a better guy to cheat with since it’s embarrassing for her dad to have his wife cheat with his employee. Ja Eun swears that she won’t forgive this. The stepmom yells back not to forgive her and walks off so Ja Eun chases after her with the shopping cart. Just when Ja Eun was about to ram her stepmom with the cart, Ja Eun stops. With tears in her eyes and voice breaking with emotion, Ja Eun says: Did you know that? That my real mother who gave birth to me didnt live long with me cuz she passed away when I was two yrs old. My first stepmother was a year – second one was six months – but the mom who lived with me for the longest for 5 yrs was you. I didnt like you a whole lot, but once in a while I liked you. Like other stepmoms you didn’t say insincere things and didnt wear me out trying to match what I wanted -quite often like a real mom you nagged so I was almost mistaken – “this person must like me sometimes”. You didnt just betray my father. Let’s never meet again Jung Yoon Sook shi. By saying all this, she made that woman shake with the truth of her actions and I love that. Calling the woman by her name instead of the usual “mom” is how Ja Eun severed the tie with the woman at least on an emotional level. It’s scenes like this that keep me tuned in right after I finish SOW recaps.  Let’s see if I last all 50 episodes


A couple of years ago, an actress was practically guaranteed to win an Oscar if she dressed trashy (Eric Brockovich) or looked unattractive (Monster’s ball, The hours, Monster, Million dollar baby). These days on Kdramas, it seems to have a ratings winner – the trend is having a quirky lead like JW from SG, DJ from Best love, and now J from PTB. The major difference is PTB is taking it one more step with an equally zany female lead to perfectly balance out J’s idiosyncrasies. After watching the preview for E7 on KDF3 thanks to Nikesma, I am totally in love with those elevator scenes. I just can’t get enough of them. Normally I don’t like violence or physical abuse, but every chance J’s dad gets, he lashes out at J and now M too. I love how the secretaries scramble to hurry and cover the CCTV as if the security guards weren’t already used to watching this happen all the time. I think the reason why I can overlook a father physically abusing his grown son like that is cuz he doesn’t do it verbally or emotionally too. Abuse is worse when it’s in three fold and as long as J’s dad keeps making a conscientious effort to curb his impulse to hit, I am going to make allowances for his behavior. Plus, I just love J’s dad and grandma so much. That family just amazes me how loving they are despite the bickering from time to time. Last week I said I would only do highlights, but let’s see if I can cover some more if I understand the rest of it. 🙂

To celebrate getting over two million hits, I decided to read some of my earlier posts when I started last November. I couldn’t help but smile at how chatty I was back then. Like any rookie, I was so eager to please and even made attempts to respond to every comment- ah the good old days. 🙂 Now ten months later, I feel like a veteran -sort of look it too cuz my posture isn’t as good now. Back then I had the time and energy to write quite a bit before each recap, but these days I am lucky if I can even write a paragraph. On the plus side, at least there is a screencap to go with it. If I had the time, I would have loved to add posts not related to recaps like other bloggers but I guess we all have to settle for added remarks from time to time on pre-show posts


The other day I was clicking around and ended up at Momosan’s blog called Momosan’s Corner and laughing at her comments about the guy’s hair in Birdie Buddy. That is EXACTLY why I didn’t get thru even the first few scenes with him. Like the name of the drama wasn’t bad enough they have to throw in that random hairstyle. I just can’t take this show seriously cuz why ruin a perfectly nice looking face with that mop? I have no idea how Uee can even keep a straight face and act around him. That poor guy probably suffered too cuz that hair can’t be easy to walk around with in Korea. Bet he got people giggling at him everywhere he went the poor thing.

Anyway, while I was visiting her blog, I came across some more music videos by SVETJK. First time I saw her work was when Iviih posted the best music video for SOW made by Svetusikls -all the links are posted in comments


Despite the face on the left being far better looking, it’s the look on the face on the right that affects me the most. Maybe it’s cuz I know how much he already loves her and it kills me every time he seems so lost without her.

Protect the boss E7

After M makes his declaration, she asks if she understood him right – does he want her to think of him as a guy. cuz that would mean he sees her as a woman. M says it means he likes her. E: so that was it. M: yes – I like you -when I am with you it’s fun. she suddenly remembers all the other times J said he liked her a lot. she says aloud thinking of J – “what is this -suddenly in this situation” and M thinks she was talking to him so he says : I wasnt planning to say all this so suddenly in this situation. E: no I wasnt saying that to you…but he interrupts and says : I understand cuz I was surprised/overwhelmed too. I knew that I had feelings towards you but I didnt know how much exactly but since I ended up confessing like this I think I know -that I like you more than I thought. 

E looks over and notices J who watched all that. J motions for her to come out and he heads in. E says to M: what do I do – it’s manners to respond when someone confesses to you but it’s not as simple as yes or no. also cuz I might be dragged out in a minute. M smiles and says today is too hectic so he will set aside time with her later to talk more properly. until then dont turn me down or run off. just like now be comfortable around me. E: it wont be comfortable but I will try. M: leave first before you get dragged away. she bows and says she will be going. she runs off.

J tells her to go back to the office. E: alone? she asks to go back with him. J: just cuz I like you -did you forget your position-  are you confused if I am your boss or you’re my boss? when I say go in you are suppose to obey without that? she bows and says yes. he goes in and she tries to look but he comes out again. she leaves but takes a peek at them

J asks M-what did you talk about? M: why should I tell you. J: why -cuz I like NES and i already told you that truth. cuz i clearly said NES was special to me. M says he thinks she is special too. J says he knew it-his whole body did. M makes some joke so J says it’s not funny at all cuz he is serious. J: listen well cuz I’m about to do something for the first time in my life I am going to ask you for a favor. M: I wont do it so dont. J: ya. M: it’s obvious – you are going to ask me to leave NES alone. J: ok you can have it all -to be honest – I started to get a little bit of interest in the company -I dont have to have it – you can take it…M interrupts-he asks if J likes NES that much. J: I like her – I cant do anything without her. M: it hasnt been that long since you met NES. before that -even tho you didnt do it well you lived ok. J: I dont remember how I lived (before her) so that is one thing I am grateful to you for. you chose NES someone who is hard to get with great specs – for choosing her when it wasnt easy- thank you so…M interrupts and says: i regret it.  J: that’s why they say “it’s too late to regret – even if you do it wont matter” NES is already my sec and not yours so dont regret again and leave NES alone-why? cuz NES is mine not yours. M says we will have to see that. J: are you really going to react like this? M: yes I am. J: why! why are you doing this. you have everything going for you- you can do without her but i cant. do I really have to say all this to you. M: you think it’s easy to have everything going for you? J:what? M: since you arent you probably dont know but I have alot of things that are tiring or difficult. I need NES’s comfort too.

E walks by some guys pretending to fight and runs back to M and J. she watches them talking thru the window-she wonders if they are having a staring contest.

J and M glare at each other. J: let me get this straight -you’ve got everything going for you but over me who doesnt have everything going for him – you have something difficult and burdendsome so you need comfort so that is why you need NES. M: you sure are settling this in a (?) way – it’s just like you. let’s stop- it’s funny to discuss this between us when we dont know how the recipient feels. I’ll be going now. M gets up and leaves

J calls out wait and minute and back kicks him. M goes down and knocks over a waiter. M apologizes to him. M to J: what are you – acting so childish. J: I am normally childish -also me who is childish – I wont leave your reason alone. what- comfort? for that reason you are going to like NES? dont be silly – I am against it – I wont allow it.  I wont give NES to you. M says let’s go outside where it’s quiet. E runs in and asks what they are doing. J looks at her: you sure dont listen. anyway it’s good you came. look well NES- this guy cant throw one punch for your sake cuz ppl are looking. M hits/slaps J. M: will that work? M asks E to go out. J back kicks M again. M goes sprawling again. E asks if M is ok. then they, push, tussle, and keep pulling each other’s hair. E kept trying to break them up saying dont fight.  secretaries recognize J and M and alert the office. the head sec takes the call and says block the customers from going out and keep news ones from going in. will be there soon. she orders all the other sec to alert the team cuz there is an incident/trouble

J’s dad and his sec (Jang) are playing a board game and jang hears the news. he makes an excuse to J’s dad and lies that he has to go to the bathroom cuz he doesnt feel well and might take long. he explains about what he ate that might have upset his stomach so J’s dad says dont tell me in detail cuz it makes me imagine what you pooped out. hurry and come back. J’s dad cheats and moves a piece when jang leaves the room

Jang leaves with the female secretaries. J and M are still fighting. E says she is going crazy. when ppl are trying to leave she wont let them. she says sorry but you cant leave now. J and M are on the ground still fighting. J and M tell each other to let go of each other’s hair. M: I wont let go. J: I gave you everything so why are you trying to steal someone else’s sec? M complains how he was always compared to J. J says he was always compared to M so what is M talking about. J: you are so impudent – you are dead.

Jang runs over to the place. E wont let ppl take pictures and covers J and M’s face with a tablecloth. when the secretaries come to do damage control, E says to Jang: you came. *she was trying to control the pics from going out so she wanted them all to stay so they can make sure those ppl didnt take any pics to post on the internet. under the table cloth I couldnt hear anything of what they said except for J telling M not to bite. (LOL)

J’s dad is looking over some paperwork wondering why Jang isnt coming back. he accidentally knocks over some pieces so he remarks Jang is going to think he did it on purpose (cuz J’s dad was losing earlier) J’s dad gets a call about his schedule and tells the female sec to tell Jang to go there too and get some med for Jang stomach ache -awww so sweet

jang asks E: you really dont know why they did that? no matter how much they didnt get along –  they only fought verbally and this is the first time J and M fought with their bodies. jang runs ahead of M and J asks if they need to announce to the entire staff (that they fought) more than that there will be big trouble if the chairman knows so please use the side door and use the back elevator. but the chairman is already there. J looks at his dad walking over and tells Jang – it’s too late. J’s dad asks jang:what is the big trouble if I know? before jang can explain, J’s dad sees their bruised faces and yells – follow me. J’s dad yells at jang to cancel his schedule and yells about the food jang lied he ate.

in the elevator, Jang assures J’s dad that the secretaries took care of it and nothing much will happen. J’s dad gets kicks M and J smiles but his dad kicks J’s butt too with his foot. J: why are you just hitting me harder? J’s dad tells M not to tell his mom that J’s dad kicked him on the butt. M: I wont tell.  

J’s dad asks if J and M really fought over work. M mumbles yes. the dad says he doesnt believe M would fight over work so J says M bothered him by saying “Mun god” and M goes along and says: yes I bothered J. he yells at both of them not to fight and sends them out. he makes J and E stay behind. his dad asks who hit more and got hit more. J says he hit one or more punches. E sort of smirks so J’s dad asks her why her expression is like that – that’s what parents normally do – do you know how a parent feels? go out. he tells J to leave and makes E stay behind. J asks why – we really didnt fight over any other problem  -really dad. J’s dad: did I say anything? I want to confirm that you really did hit more so go outside. hurry.  After J leaves,  his dad asks her- there is another problem isnt there? is it a girl problem? he guesses both guys fought over N. E tries to tell him it wasnt over N but he insists men dont fight like that unless it’s a problem over a woman. E: it really isnt that.

M’s mom (MM) and N’s mom (NM) talk about what E. NM says you met her too? MM – yes she isnt just like an average girl. NM starts to confess that she tried to put the pressure of E but it didnt work out – but MM owns up first that she was overwhelmed by that girl. NM: you too? MM says how rude E was. NM says how E said NM didnt have any right since she isnt J’s mom or M’s mom. NM asks if she really doesnt have the right. M says she does cuz she is going to be M’s in-law but NM says that isnt for sure yet. N’s mom asks what they should do -leave things alone? MM: then what do we do. get someone to beat her up? NM idea is to send E overseas and not let her come back. I’ll take care of it. M’s mom likes that idea and says NM is scary

grandma (GM) calls both moms and yells at them for meeting with E. GM makes threats that if both moms do anything to E and the instant she hears anything changed with E, she will spread rumors about both moms so that they cant hold their heads up. NM says the GM is too much cuz she knows how much image is important to them. GM says I know what you two are most afraid of is how other’s see you so just stay quiet. you two were so nice when you were younger. listen to my warning carefully and dont mess with my temper I do what I say.  both mom agree to be careful what they say. GM tells them to watch what they say around the chairman

M is putting some salve on his bruises. his sec says she was surprised cuz it’s not like something he would do. M: it isnt huh? I should be really embarrassed and regretful now but I feel ok too.  I feel like I crossed some wall/barrier – he draws a circle in the air with his finger-never thought I would be able to get out from inside here no matter what but I feel like I got a foothold.  his sec says not to say that cuz it sounds like he is going to keep doing this (keep coming out) M: dont know – I might do that

E takes J some meds. he asks if she isnt going to put the ointment on him. she says he has a mirror and nothing is wrong with his hands so he can do it himself. he says his wrist isnt fine and claims he normally has weak wrists but it got weaker from throwing those punches so she has to put the med on him.  as she puts it on his face, he asks- NES do you know how I knew that I liked you? E: I dont know and I think I dont need to know. J: ppl around me told me – do you see NES as a girl? do you like her? E: they did? J: they did-everyone suspected how I felt but I didnt suspect. what I want to say is – you too …but she interrupts and says – it’s too bad but no one around me is saying anything. J: what I am trying to say is that you might not have suspected how you feel  (meaning she could like him now but she just hasnt picked up on it yet) E points to him : for who? or for that other director (M) and points the other direction so he redirects her finger at him saying – of course this one. what!? she laughs and says she will be going out.

N is having a staff meeting and she asks her staff – from what all of you can see – is there something wrong with me (a problem with me)? I know it’s weird to ask this but I dont have anyone else to ask- is something wrong with my personality or am I not attractive enough. she gets a call from J’s dad * no one wanted to answer cuz they dont want to get fired I bet.

* I am going to call j’s dad = JD cuz I cant type out J’s dad anymore.

N: what did they do – physically fight? now they fight with fists. JD says it’s all cuz of her. N: cuz of me? JD: not saying it’s your fault but you need to settle your feelings. your mom and M’s mom are talking about matching you up and then you coming to see me asking for J – isnt that strange? N: I will tell my mom clearly so please meet my mom just once. JD: that wont be hard – that’s why it would have been better if you had made up your mind sooner. then they wouldnt have fought. N: I am sorry to say this you are really clueless. JD: what?

M says sorry to E for earlier. J mutters to M: if I fought better you would have an entire body full of broken bones so consider yourself lucky. the elevator door opens and N is in there. N asks if they arent getting on – do they not want to ride the elevator if she is on it. inside she asks- so you fought over me? both of them turn around and say “no I didnt” so she yells at them – I know! that it wasnt over me but why use me as an excuse you jerks. M asks J: did you use N as an excuse? J:no.  N: be quiet. I wont forgive you for using me as an excuse and I cant forgive you for saying you didnt fight over me. N to E: especially you – I wont leave you alone. J and M both say to N: why are you doing that to NES so N yells at both of them to shut up.   

J’s dad tells his mom how J and M fought. GM: those two fought like kids and hit each other? JD: that’s what I said. GM: are they getting closer or getting worse? JD: really mom – would they fight if they got closer? anyway I feel good cuz J stood up for himself. GM: do you know what he stood up for? his dad claims to know. she tells him to drink the green tea. JD: the only person who looks after me is you and jang

The maid brings J milk so he asks if she forgot that he doesnt like it. she explains how she forgot to give it to him but E had asked her to serve J warm milk cuz it would help him sleep. if you dont like it then I will take it back. J says it’s ok – from now on I like it so just give it to me. he mutters aloud – wait a minute – if she takes care of me like this to care that I get sleep and stuff then that means she clearly has feelings for me. what do you think? what do you think she feels.  the maid thinks E just wanted J to sleep early. he doesnt like the maid’s answer but he drinks the milk

E is helping out her roommate (MR). MR thinks something is going on with E and tells E to tell her what’s on her mind. E confesses how M likes her too. both J and M like her and they might fight over her and actually did fight. MR drops the box in shock so E catches it. * MR is jealous and walked off

in the car, E asks what MR is doing. MR is flipping thru pics of won bin and binnie saying she is looking at her boyfriends-why? E: I’m sorry for going around spilling charm without realizing it. MR: that’s enough – if I am envious I am losing. you look different – suddenly you look like you have something. E: really? I think I look different too. when I saw the mirror a while ago. MR: so what are you going to do? are you going to date M? E: how could I do that? then what do I do about J. MR: then are you going to date J? E: then M is being dumped by a girl who doesnt have any scruples. MR: then what are you saying you are going to do? E tells her how she swore to MM and NM (ice cream mom) that she doesnt care about being involved with chaebols even a little. MR: why did you do that – you like money.  E: a person ends up coming to their senses.  look at us – even tho we played that much – now we came to our senses and are living sedulously. it’s the same for the directors (J and M)-in the end – everyone will come to their senses and live their own lives so there is no point to lose your senses and falter – at least I need to focus or else just my life will get complicated. MR thinks cuz both chaebols like E and fought over her-E must have faltered a little. E admits she did slightly. MR asks how E feels in her heart- do you not like both of them? E: in my heart I feel bad for both of them -especially…she wont finish and says – “just up to here”

E meets M and says she has an answer for him from last time. he guesses she might turn him down so he lies that he has a meeting -tell me next time- and takes off. J stares at her 

next time she meets M, he asks – do you not like me? she tries to say- that’s why what I want to say…  he makes an excuse that he has an interview and doesnt stick around to hear the rest of what she has to say. E: it will only take a minute. she turns and J is staring at her accusingly

E is in her english class (but the teachers never speak any english except for “go”). she hears news about the fight – that J was involved in a beating incident

JD: you said you blocked the staff and customers from talking. jang explains how it got out thru a friends’ sister in law and so on. hwang says it looks like netizens are playing around with us. JD asks if there is no way to get rid of the internet and netizens. jang reminds JD how he used to like it before. hwang says there is nothing JD can do now except cover their eyes and pretend

M’s mom has to join J’s dad when he does community service to pretend they get along.

so does J and M- they have to wave at reporters and smile like they are getting along

GM asks the family if all of korea is stupid. wont they know if the family goes around pretending. JD says they have to do this much so ppl think there is some truth to it. MM agrees. GM says since they let all of korea think they are close -from here on – get along for real like they are close. she orders M and his mom to join them for meals once a week. J says grandma so she goes up to twice a week. JD says mom so she goes up to 3 times. GM no matter how much we say we are a family we have to look at each other and eat to get closer. all this time I left it up to you do it but i cant do that anymore. if even one of you keep fighting -I am going to do what you all fear the most. I am going to donate my entire fortune.  J says he doesnt care if she gives it away. GM: you two also need to fight just a little and act closer. when you were younger you got along so well. she looks at JD and MM and says – this is all the grownups fault.  Js dad feeds M’s mom an egg roll and she accepts and M tries to feed J -telling him to eat a lot but J keeps saying he doesnt eat whatever M offers him. when M tries a third time to feed J, J says : i eat this but why dont you stop 

M goes to J’s room. J was hiding behind his door so when M barged in the door hit J in the face. J asks what he is doing coming in without permission. M: didnt you hear what GM -she told us to get along like we are tight like long time ago – long time ago you begged me to come to your  room to play and when I had to go home – you cried and threw a fit not to go. J says it’s bad to make up stories. when M takes his jacket off to lie down J pulls him off the bed saying: what are you doing – you are dirty so get up. M asks if J wants to fight again. J agrees to it. and get hit by GM. I’ve been hit so much that nothing will change but since you havent – it will hurt and you will suffer. M: but isnt it fun/amusing? J: who – what? M: that you and I like NES.J: it’s not fun at all. M says it’s fun for him and he is going to win and take everything including NES. they have a pillow fight over her again. cant hear well but I think J said – why – why would you.

J kicks him down the stairs saying get out. M’s mom asks what they are doing as they keep fighting down the stairs. J’s dad says kids can fight and she says her son isnt a kid but his is. she tells M to come down so they can go home. she says J’s dad doesnt know what’s going on at all. (cuz he doesnt know who they are fighting over) J’s dad: are you saying that to me-what’s going on. she just walked away

JD tells jang to keep it a secret from J and to take care of something so JD doesnt have to sit in a wheelchair again. JD asks what J’s next schedule should be

E asks if she has to work in J’s office. he says the sec office area is dangerous cuz of M so she has to work here. (*J is trying to keep her away from M) she reads how J was ranked low for chaebols so J assumes M allowed that article to go out. E: you should do better cuz even I never placed last.  he asks if she is comparing that with her school grades. she gets a call and says how the chairman wanted to see J

J meets with his dad. J: you want me to sell coffee? JD: not coffee but a chain of cafes. like you did with TM park just raise the profits. J to E: you heard that right? JD yells at J: ya! why are you asking NES to hear that -you have to do that. JD orders E to make J work from the bottom up as a part time and be hard on him. J: dad why are you asking NES to do such ridiculous things.  JD: you have someplace to go with me- you have nothing scheduled right? even if you do cancel it.  follow me. J: I dont want to. JD: you dont want to? J: you should tell me where we are going for me to follow you. how can you expect me to just follow you cuz you tell me to. JD drags J by the jacket. J tells E not to stay inside and go out-  go buy coffee and do research-dont stay in the sec area.

M startles E as she is leaving. he says he did it to startle her but didnt know he really did. she says now it seems like M and J are cousins. (cuz they both sneak up on her to surprise her) M says that doesnt make him feel good hearing that. E: sorry. he asks if she is going out. she says she has to drink a lot of coffee. he asks to tag along cuz he has 20 mins  and she says how she has to go out not just cuz of the coffee but …M guesses J made her do that in case she runs into M so he says then they really have to go together

M buys them lots of drinks so she can taste and take notes. he watches her. so she starts- since we are saw each other – you probably dont want to talk huh? you will probably run off again saying let’s talk next time huh? he asks her to meet this weekend and talk properly. he gets a call from his mom. she asks if he knows what J is doing now. when he doesnt know, his mom gets mad. M says to E that J is meeting N’s side with the chairman now-are you upset? E: what? no. M: you know J wont isnt the kind of guy to waver right? E: yes that’s the problem. M says he keeps saying bad things and then praising. it’s nice to play hooky with you. this is the first time I played hooky during work hours. she says she feels bad that she is helping M go down a dark path. he says he likes it cuz of she can take him down darker paths too 

JD took J to meet with N and her mom. JD says her side came early. he tells J to sit. NM tells him to sit – in her heart she wants to verbally attack him but I wont so sit down. JD says how she spoke was a little harsh. NM: there is a situation for me to do that. N tells him to sit and talk. J asks what kind of meeting this is. J’s dad says how they are here to talk about N and J (as a couple) J asks – didnt you hear what I said? N’s mom says she did but N threatened her saying it had to be J or else. J’s dad: is there something i dont know?  J to his dad: that’s not what we are talking about – what I am saying is that it’s completely over between N and me. his dad comments how it looks like J’s anger hasnt subsided yet. J to his dad: yours has? the day she left – your son died – my brother died. her mom asks if J is blaming his brother’s accident on N. that was just an accident. J: I am not blaming N I am blaming myself. without giving a reason and suddenly leaving to go catch my girlfriend -in my place my brother died. so how could I meet N? everytime I see her I will think of it so how could I meet her.

J leaves and N chases after him and falls. he tries to help her up by extending his hand but she refuses to take it and grabs his coat tail. she asks how he could be so callous and that cowardly -to protect that woman you blame everything on me. J: what I said earlier wasnt just to protect NES -it’s what I really feel ( my sincere feelings) N: if you get used to it- it will get better – you wont always remember every day. you wont. J: no I will think of it -I cant forget that day-the two people i trusted both abandoned me at the same time on that day

JD says he wants to forget everything and match J and N but what can he do when J is like that. he suggest they give them time and just see what happens.  NM asks if J’s dad really thinks that is the only reason. she says she cant tell him cuz she promises someone she wouldnt. but he cant even see what’s right in front of him. he wonders whay she meant by that.

NM finds N crying and hits her and drags her off

J’s dad asks where the car is and jang says how J took it. JS: you just stood by and watched? jang: I thought you wanted him to do that. M’s mom hears that and asks if J left alone. he asks why she is interfering suddenly. MM says sorry and guesses J and N broke up.JD: what broke? he asks to borrow her car but she wont let him. she walks off saying it’s for sure they broke up

J’s dad remembers how his mom, N, MM,and N’s mom all said how J’s dad doesnt know what is right in front of him so he thinks – maybe it’s NES.

J asks E to come to his office. he stares at her intently so she asks why he is like this again. J: i remembered something bad -that is why I am looking at you – if I look at you – it all goes away. he repeats what she said about how it’s like an assault if you do something the other side doesnt agree to – so if I ask you permission in advance then can I do it? E: yes- what? J: I will just hug you a little. he hugs her and tells her to hold still cuz he got permission. E: I didnt give one. J keeps hugging her and says – you said “yes”. E: that wasnt that “yes” J: cant I do this just for a short time? she stops struggling. E: only for a short time. she resists her impulse to hug him back. J has tears in his eyes: ok for a little while- NES dont go anywhere. E: all you have to do is not fire me.   J: um-I wont fire you. 

J’s former sec knocks and comes in so J and E separate quickly. J yells at him -what is this – dont you know it’s manners to knock? you’re like sec kim. sec says – I did but the two of you didnt hear it – this isnt a dvd room (or places to make out) E starts to explain “it’s not like that” but gives up and tells him to just  do what he came for and leaves. he remarks to J: yaaa -it wasnt that long ago when you told me to find the crazy poop hair and threw that shoe. J just yells what the guy came here for. sec says to report about the smart center campus thing so J tells him to hold it up – to his eye level. *J is really ticked at the guy for interrupting

E gets a call from J’s dad. he says:why didnt you tell me that the woman made J and M fight each other wasnt N.  E says she told him that N wasnt the reason. J’s dad: then who is it. she admits it was her. he yells: so it was you – I told you to watch over him not seduce him. E: I clearly did not seduce him but it turned out this way. he says the reason he is angry is that everyone knew except for him. E: I’m sorry. J’s dad: it’s not like I didnt suspect you at all but I changed my mind – why? cuz of M. M is different from J. he is proper – he follows manners and is straight and narrow but how did you seduce him too – with what skills? E: I didnt seduce anyone. J’s dad: that could happen cuz you seduced me too.  E:what? I did that to you?  she cant believe she got J’s dad to like her too but he clarifies since he didnt mean it like that -even tho I meet this woman and that woman I stick to the same age bracket- meaning she is like a daughter to him. that’s not what i meant (when I said you seduced me) you made me like you at once. I’m not the kind of man who easily opens his heart like a player. E:thank you chairman. J’s dad: forget that – what are you going to do now. E: what should I do? J’s dad: you know you cant with J right? E says she knew and didnt plan to accept J’s heart/feelings for her. but you told me to somehow turn him into a person so I used J’s heart (his feelings for her) a little. his dad clarifies that what she is trying to say is that she clearly has no feelings for J not matter what. she looks down and doesnt reply so he asks -why cant you answer? she says she is making an effort to do that right now. he tells her to keep trying till the moment J becomes normal – cuz no matter how much I like you – you cant be J’s partner/match. E: I dont want to be J’s match either.  he yells at her -you should have grown up a little better -so there is something for him to consider- at least that you werent a playing so much -why did you have to play. (as in not making more of herself) anyway I said that cuz you arent a bad person so understand. listen to my request and promise me. she agrees. she asks if she is going to be fired over this. he says cuz of what she did in the past-he isnt going to fire her. she asks to keep working as J’s sec a little longer -cuz I have some things to help him with…but his dad says quietly wait and for the time being dont tell J. she tries to talk to him but he tells her to leave

J asks where E went. she says to the bathroom -why? he says she must have been full with gas again cuz she goes to the bathroom often. (LOL -not cuz bathroom humor is funny but since J is so blunt and uncaring about it and mentions it so casually) J: tm is the weekend so what are we going to do this time? E: light climbing and something else. J: mountain? I dont like mountains. E: then never mind if you dont like it. J chases after her and says: I didnt say I didnt like it. I like mountains. his former sec puts two and two together and guesses they like each other.

Jang says it’s time to leave work. as J’s dad heads out, M gets on the elevator. J’s dad says something to M – about how M is a good person too so he is not worried about M. that’s why M nodded slightly ( I think J’s dad is giving M credit for liking someone like E cuz that makes M so different from his mom* my guess)

MR and E are moving books into shelves. MS asks if that means E could be fired or moved somewhere else (transfer). E says that is possible. MR: then tm might be the last time you see J. E gets angry and complains -why is this so heavy.

J surprises E and she looks at his outfit. she snorts so he asks if something is strange. she reminds him how she said they were climbing up a neighborhood hill -who said we were going on an expedition to climb the Himalayas. (cuz he has too much hiking gear on.) she asks if his dad said anything. J: he didnt except to say there was a dinner gathering. doesnt look like I can stay with you a long time. (he said that like she might feel bad cuz he cant so she laughs) after she leaves first, he calls out to her to go together

J points out that there is a bug caught in the spider’s web. she takes his hiking stick and destroys the web and gives it back to him. he wipes it on the ground and continues walking. during the hike J calls out he cant catch his breath so she tells him when that happens he needs to clap and call out.  

J asks what she wants him to do again. she makes him say stuff in front of women who were climbing. E: just say anything you want to say -anything at all. you can do it. ahja ahja but he keeps saying my heart is racing but she ignores him and stands behind the women. women tell him to say it and E pleads silently behind them for him to do it just once. J puts his hand over his eyes- a pebble got stuck (in my head) one day. that pebble was NES. he puts his hands down and says with open eyes-something something …but it was so pretty – so pretty that for the rest of my life. ..women interrupt and ask how a pebble can be pretty. he finishes – anyway I wish NES would stay by my side forever. E has tears in her eyes.

E is at home lying in bed remembering the rest of J’s speech. J: as long as I have NES-I dont think I will be a fool anymore and I think I can do everything well

M calls E and asks if she has time to have dinner. E: today? M: we said we would meet this weekend. she agrees and finds out where they are supposed to meet. after she hangs up she says let’s settle this once and for all.

M gets dressed up for his date.

J is with his dad in the car. J remembers how E said during the hike – what are you going to do without me- you have to be able to do it alone -on your own- you have to exercise and hike too -talk in front of ppl too -when you get nervous (she claps) you got that right? J says aloud -E was acting strange-something feels off. so his dad yells – this punk- like a puppy that lost his mom – why do you keep looking for NES -what are you going to do from here on. J: what do you mean what am I going to do – NES  can just stay by my side. he asks if his dad said anything to her. are you thinking of doing anything to her. his dad says he planned to. J gets mad at his dad and makes the car pull over so he can get out. J realizes he doesnt have his wallet or anything.

E is waiting at the bus stop to go on her date with M. J’s dad notices J left behind his bag. J’s dad calls E and says how J “jumped from the car” so she gets alarmed: what? he jumped from the car? J’s dad: that’s not it – he got out on his feet but left behind his wallet and phone and everything in the car. she sort of yells at his dad for doing that: why did you do that again? really – please dont do that. J’s dad: are you scolding me right now? E: what? no that’s not it – I am sorry. she asks where he left J. yes I know it.

M goes in and waits for E

J is walking around by himself. he is clapping cuz that is what E told him to do when he is nervous. he remembers how E hid from him last time on that road. he smiles remembering that and whispers her name over and over. then he calls out her name loudly. suddenly she is behind him. E: why? why do you keep calling me? J smiles at her and looks happy



E tells GM that she might have to quit being the secretary soon.

J’s dad asks J: why do you need NES. J: cuz NES knows me

M gives E what used to belong to his dad. E: you came to give me that?

E tells M that she dared to reject both of them. M tells her to two time then. (date both of them at the same time) 

E to J: dont lean on me -it’s tiring for me too. I want to lean on someone too. J: Ok I will accept it all.


44 comments on “Protect the boss E7

  1. didi says:

    Thank you!!!


  2. hartofseeker says:

    note on his mountain speech part: he was saying how objectively, her looks aren’t much.. but then subjectively, she is beautiful… so beautiful that he wants to keep her by his side forever

    haha this “kid” JH… has a way with words doesn’t he =P and if i haven’t found N to be adorable already, the way she cried in the hallway after being rejected by JH in this episode was the clincher– the actress totally nailed it~~


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