Scent of a Woman E10

Even when they aren’t doing the tango, they seem to be dancing with their words, expressions, and actions. Every time she gives him words of comfort or a gesture to show how much she loves him, he reciprocates. Each loving act is a step they take towards each other and it just ends up bringing them closer. Tonight, he went out of his way to express his gratitude for her part in helping him find a piece of memory he thought he lost forever. Watching him come undone in that tree scene made me realize what we are in for pretty soon when there are no more secrets. It also made me realize, the problem with any dance is that the music ends and they will have to stop. I was really hoping for more episodes where they can keep enjoying their time together, but I guess the music is slowly dying down. That got me thinking about something.  It took J a while to learn to tango, but he never faltered when he danced with Y. When it comes to her, he just seems to be a natural at helping her glide along the floor and making everything easy for her. I just hope that skill transcends beyond the tango so he can be there holding her up when she will need it the most. When it comes to dealing with her condition, there aren’t enough dance steps in the world to cover the ground they have to traverse. The big question is will she have to cover that expanse without him.


Written before the show aired:

Part of me dreads the reality that is about to catch up to our two lovebirds and another side can’t wait to see how J reacts to her illness. Will he be immobilized by his grief, run scared, or be fueled to action looking for the best healthcare money can provide. No matter how you look at it, there is no way to avoid the inevitable. H’s question last night made me think – what did Y do so wrong to deserve this cancer. She certainly led an uneventful life till now, but it seems this disease is giving her a chance to accelerate and do everything she was supposed to do in one lifetime in less than a year. She may not have done anything wrong to warrant such a terrible condition, but she is certainly earning her right to have a love like J’s. Thanks to her positive influence, now that he has finally abandoned his indifference and apathy, let’s see how much happiness he will get to embrace before it screeches to a halt. Let’s just hope his love for Y is strong enough by then to weather out the tempest that is about to engulf them.


Scent of a Woman E10

after S asks if this is the revenge Y was talking about – Y: it’s not. S: how long do you think that guy can date someone like you. she says how marriages end up happening between matches in status (rich with rich poor with poor) and then you will be thrown away. Y : it doesnt matter. S:what? Y: I dont worry about stuff that hasnt happened -after a few months whatever happens – I have no interest in. to me – today – right now -my feelings are the most important. if KJW wants to date me -I will -why? cuz I want to see him too. S: are you saying you wont give up? Y just gives her a defiant look. S: what to do -not to some other woman but to someone like you I dont want to lose him  – I wont let this just happen -just wait and see. Y can’t even stand up from the pain.

E calls Y and says how his appts are almost over and her name hasnt shown up yet- if you pushed it back two days shouldnt you be here today. what are you doing that you have to leave out treatments (chemo). what is more important than treatments to you?  Y cries and says his name in a whisper -Eun suk ah I am hurting too much now. E asks where she is.

Y arrives by ambulance. paramedic says something about her blood pressure and he gave her oxygen. E tells her to wake up. she says weakly: this time I dont think it’s constipation.  he asks how she can joke around right now in this situation. she loses consciousness. he tells them to hurry (and take her in)

S asks her dad how his condition is. Im: I am ok – i will be discharged the day after tm. S: dad – please stop what you are doing to Line tour cuz of J. im: did J ask you this as a favor? S: no – just leave matters related to J to me. (whether she gets even or not) I will handle it. Im: what are you thinking of doing. S: let’s see – what should I do?

E looks at Y’s scans and other doctor says how her cancer got bigger.

E goes in to check on Y. J calls her. E rejects the call. J keeps redialing to reach Y. J calls again so E answers it. J: why didnt you pick up and made me worry. did you go home safely? can you hear me? E says LYJ cant answer her phone right now. J: who are you – that doctor friend- why are you answering her phone. E: LYJ cant answer the phone right now -talk with her later. E hangs up. J calls back but her phone was turned off. E watches Y sleeping.

Y remembers how J kissed her. she wakes up and E is standing there. E: are you more alert now? Y nods yes. he says she must have had a nice dream. she nods yes. she asks why she suddenly started hurting. he says something appeared and that caused other complications and until they get her fever down she has to keep getting med in her IV. she says thank goodness. E repeats sarcastically “thank goodness” -cuz you didnt get the treatment as scheduled the (treatment he was using on her) went to waste and cuz of something her condition worsened -they are in a situation where they dont know whether or not she can have a second round of treatments. please come to your senses. I dont know what you are doing somewhere else but from now on dont push back your treatment days again. also – tell your mom right away. E: I will take handle that on my own. he asks how much longer do you think you can keep this a secret from the ppl around you. Y: how can I tell her “mom -they say your daughter is dying soon.” how can I say that- if it was you – could you say that? i dont want to be found out yet. the minute I say it, everything will become (?) E: so are you saying you are going to go thru this alone? at least when you are sick like yesterday – someone needs to be by your side. Y: you are there (I have you) when I am sick you are going to be there.  E: that’s right -cuz I am your caretaker. he tells her how J called yesterday

J gets a call from S. she says how her dad gets out of the hospital today and if he can come it would be good so that is why she is telling him. J says her dad probably wouldnt want to see his face so he will go see him when it’s comfortable to meet. even though I dont know if a day like that will come. S: ok I get it. J: also tell him I said “I am really grateful.” S: for what? J says just relay it like that and your father will know. J types something on the computer and says “it’s hard/difficult”

Y calls J. J: what happened – I called so much. Y: I’m sorry something came up. J: why did that guy answer your phone. why would the two of you need to meet that late at night -also you couldnt answer the phone but that guy could -what kind of situation is that? Y: I came to the hospital. J: hospital? you are sick arent you? I knew it- are you in a lot of pain? have you been hospitalized? Y: that’s not it – my mom wasnt feeling well so I brought her to the hospital. J: how is she now? is she better? Y: yes -they said nothing is wrong so you dont have to worry. then let’s have dinner later. Y: today will be a problem. J: why? Y: I want to play hard to get too -I have to not let you see my face so you will miss me more. work – just work – you said something big happened at the office so how can the director be playing. J: ok but whatever happens -make sure you pick up your phone cuz I couldnt do anything. Y: ok  

S meets kang. S says sorry for causing trouble to the company. I just hope you know that my father did that cuz he doesnt want to lose J. kang tells his secretary to call J, but S says not to cuz she came to tell kang something. S says she wants the girl to leave so he sends her out. kang: what is it that you want to say to me? S: it’s a problem regarding J

E goes to see Y. she says how she is getting discharged today. E: i knew. she asks how she looks cuz she has to go home and she is worried she might look sick. is the lipstick too dark? E: no. Y: that’s good.  she says sorry for making him have a hard time and promises not to miss any treatment from here on and listen to him well

her mom asks what happened for Y to have to sleep over at H’s home for two days. Y: it wasnt anything important. her mom: did something happen to her cuz last time she hugged you and cried. Y: did she? her mom: you are acting weird these days.  her mom says she has good news. she shows Y a plant that sprouted while Y was gone. Y says it looks cute. her mom thinks something good will happen to them

J gives a wando presentation – as you can see – wando has picturesque views – well being – growing it as a trendy vacation -upgraded – will become a healthy vacation package. kim  says it’s not bad and Noh says he agrees and kim decides to go with it and tells them to give it to the marketing team to plan.

Y calls J when he was going to call her. he says they must be communicating with telepathy cuz he was about to call. she says she has something to give him and asks to meet during dinner time. J starts to pretend he is busy and finishes all happy: “well let’s see – today is a little” -will work (I can). she says he must be in a good mood

J is cooking for her. she asks what he is going to cook and he says the name of the dish with a japanese sounding name – squid spaghetti. she laughs and says – you didnt buy any squid. he drops his knife in disappointment and says – then vegetable fried rice. Y: I am curious about one thing -that hill you were looking for – why are you looking for it? he says how he hid something there with his mom a long time ago and wants to make sure to find it but it isnt easy. he cuts himself so he holds out his finger and asks her to blow on it. she is too shy to do it so he says it hurts. she finally does just when kang comes in. he yells at J: did you break off your engagement cuz of this woman? cuz of some female employee who quit her job -you break off your engagement- are you in your right mind? if you are going to play house you have to do it with someone your level/status. while you are doing this – do you know what S did? she convinced chairman Im not to make this matter bigger. even after the engagement was called off, she still cares -you hang around some woman like this -this ridiculous woman – J tells his dad to stop. kang:what? J: no matter what you said -I am going to keep seeing this woman.  kang: ok if you want to date her go ahead as much as you want but you have to marry S. J: how can you say such ridiculous things? kang to S: you arent by any chance counting on marrying J right? arent you already pass the age where you should be dreaming of such a thing. I’m warning you but even if you two date -dont ever get caught by S -even though the two of you probably wont last long anyway. Kang leaves. J looks at Y with a concerned look.

Y gave J the plant and explains how if the winter is cold the flowers bloom more pretty.  also since it drinks a lot of water – you have to water it frequently. If I knew this would happen, I would have brought a more impressive present. he says it’s plenty impressive. she looks for a place to put the plant. Y:where should I put this? this might be ok. he backs bugs her saying – i am sorry – i am really sorry. she cries.  he turns her around to face him. J: cuz of my dad – you cant think of anything weird. she nods yes

J is waiting and S asks what brings him here this early. J:what are you thinking of. S: what? J: what is the reason you stopped chairman Im. S: cuz I wanted to help you. J: I dont understand – I broke up with you and I clearly said there wouldnt be a marriage. but you still thought of that. S: you told me to live my own life. so not caring what my father wanted – I am thinking of living my own life. he asks what that has to do with work. she says she hasnt given up on him yet. see ya later. tho we might not meet for personal reasons, we will see a lot more of each other for business

Y thinks about what kang said. she tries to put it out of her mind and takes out a book and looks thru pictures of hill with trees and goes to check out a site. she remembers how J is looking for that hill. then she comes across a picture of a tree on a hill that fits the description and makes a call.

J and Y go someplace. he asks what’s going on for her to drive in his place. did you by any chance find the hill? she says how she wanted to do everything for him. J: I looked for over ten years and couldnt find it so do you think you could have found it in this short a time. she says how she worked for over ten years at (her old job title) team so try believing in me once. she points in a direction so J smiles and nods.

she shows him the tree and explains how the school J used to go to is gone and around 7 yrs ago something happened and this area changed but that tree over there is the (name of that type of tree) and it’s about 200 yrs old. J starts to walk over to it. he remembers how his mom said to come dig this up when he turns 20 yrs old.

J goes to the tree and digs in front of it with his hands then uses a stick. Y asks if this is the right spot. she helps him dig. he hits something hard. she asks if he found it. he did. J: a long time ago when I buried this – I promised my mom. when I turned 20 that I would make sure to come back and find this – but I couldnt keep that promise -I forgot this location – and my mom who remembered this place isnt alive in this world anymore.

he opens it and there is a letter from his mom. as he starts to read it, J breaks down in tears.  “my ji wook ee – around this time – if you are reading this letter – you must be even better looking than now- mom has probably gotten really old – by any chance did you find someone you love?  it would he nice if you came with that person to read this letter- mom is happy just imagining that-ji wook ah dont hate dad too much – dad is working for the sake of our family’s happiness  – even now at this moment mom loves dad and my ji wook too. J is sobbing uncontrollably. Y pats his back and hugs him.

J talks about his mom. cuz of debt collectors-they had to move around a lot. my mom earned money helping americans (?) but we still had times when we worried about starving. and we couldnt reach my dad – I really really hated my dad (for doing that) -the dad who hadnt contacted us in 3 yrs -suddenly one day he came to get us. we moved to a big apt in kangnam. I thought I would become happy but I wasnt – dad didnt come home using work as an excuse. so it was always my mom and me the two us all the time. one day mom asked me to go grocery shopping with her. but I was playing a game so I said I didnt want to and acted annoyed – that was the last thing i showed my mom. she had a car accident. I didnt get to say I loved her even once and she left like that. whoever it is, I dont want to send someone off like that ever again.

Y gets out of the car and doubles over in pain. J comes out from buying drinks inside. Y is going thru her bag for her medicine. she is startled when he comes up behind her asking her is she is ok with green tea. he asks why she is so surprised. Y: I wasnt surprised.  he remarks she doesnt look well and that he shouldnt have let her drive. she goes along with it and says driving is tiring. she says she will go to the bathroom and come back. she takes medicine in the bathroom.  J notices that picture of junsu sticking out of her red notebook and laughs at the pic of junsu and her. he reads thru her bucket list. #1,2,3

Y goes home and she is still in pain.

J packs away his case from his mom. then he remembers flipping thru #7 and then #8 – to live like a heroine in a movie for a day – he guesses that means she hasnt done it yet.(he saw all the smiley faces and ones without)

Y tells E how the pain killer didnt work so she was in pain all night. E says he will change her meds.  she says even tho she got over that last bout, her body condition is not like it used to be -it’s making me uneasy – by any chance -am I getting worse – tell me the truth. is it worse? E tells her how her cancer got bigger so her side effects will get worse. Y: then what happens to me now. E: for starters we plan to restart your Haem treatment. Y cries and asks: will I be able to hang on for 5 months? I’m asking if I can hang on for 5 months. E says how he told her this – that the most imp thing was treatment-for you – there is nothing more important than treatment right now -do you know that?

Y goes home and her mom is hanging out laundry.her mom mutters how she has to hurry and dry these before the owner sees cuz she doesnt want to hear him nag. she notices Y came home and smiles at her.  her mom says how it’s almost fall then winter will come – then we will be a year older -why does time go by so fast. Y hesitates and asks cautiously: when you heard the news that dad had cancer – how did you take it? her mom: you know so why ask? Y: it would be different from how I took it. Y’s mom: it was anguishing – knowing when the person you love is going to die is too torturous. she describes it as feeling like she was being injected with a long nail thru the heart each day going in deeper -it might be funny to say this but I really hope you meet someone healthy so you can be happy for a long time. Y says she forgot something and will go out for a while

J is meeting with nam, H, and the other girl. nam tells J a memorable event – the scene where richard gere gave his credit card to the salesclerk to buy julia roberts clothes  in pretty woman. it was every woman’s fantasy. then another girl says her idea-blue moon sunday -when both guys love me at the same time -just imagining that is great. J doesnt like that one since it involves another guy loving Y so he says “that’s not so…”  H asks why J is asking this. he says how he is making a vacation package and this might help

Y forgot to get off the bus. she remembers how J said he didnt get to say he loved his mom. bus driver yells at her saying he told her over and over it was the end of the line and to get off the bus 

H meets Y. H is drunk. Y asks what’s wrong -what happened. H says she is so upset cuz she got proposed to by that blind date. Y: isnt that good? H shakes her head no. she says she found out how poor the guy’s family is. the entire family lives in a tiny villa. Y tells her-then turn down the proposal. H: is it that easy?it’s the first proposal I ever got- another guy who likes me this much might not show up for the rest of my life. Y: then you can marry him. H: how can you say that? since it’s happening to someone else- arent you speaking too freely? if it was you – would you do it? Y:yes cuz to be honest – there arent that many great things about you too -you are a lot older and your background is not that great. isnt it? H: you are speaking too harshly. cuz you are dating a guy like the director -are you telling me to be satisfied with a guy like that (the one who proposed) Y:why? cuz I’m envious of you. what’s the point of dating a guy like the director?there is nothing I can do. i cant marry – cant have a child- cant even dream of any future. to me who is like this- arent you being too cruel. Y leaves angry. H goes after her and says I’m sorry. I wasnt thinking ahead. I’m really sorry.   Y cries and says: what do I do – what do I do about that person – I must have been crazy – cant do anything for him – cant even stay by his side – I shouldnt have liked him – should not have confessed I liked him-if I die -I shouldnt have accepted his feelings – I didnt think about it – I was so crazy over that person -when I die – what will happen to that person-I didnt think about that – what do I do now? Y walks away

E is walking his dog and remembers how he messed up his greeting when Y came over for the first time by saying “your body can come in”. Y goes up to E. he asks what brings her here. Y cries and says: cant you save me? you save me – you are a doctor- I want to live ES – I want to live ES. please help me somehow.  Y gets on her knees and begs -ES- please me- what do I do – please save me. he gets down on his knees and holds her.

E drives her home. E: we are here. are you ok? Y nods yes. E: how about telling that person the truth?  shouldnt he  know? Y: no it’s better he doesnt know cuz we are going to break up. E says her name.  she thanks E for bringing her and says see you at the hospital tm

there are dvs of roman holiday and other romantic movies. J watches pretty woman and takes notes (*now there is a sentence I never thought I would ever write – that PW is educational)

Y remembers how J said he doesnt want to send someone off like that again (without saying goodbye or I love you)

Y calls J. she asks if he has time tm. he starts off saying it seriously and then switches to happy – “sorry but tm….” of course I do. why? Y: to have a date. J says ok and she says see you tm. J goes back to taking notes from pretty woman.

Y goes out to meet J.he is waiting by his car outside her home. he says he has a present. Y:what? J: me (he did a cute expresssion with his hands so she laughs)

J buys ice cream and they walk.  he holds her hand. he gets ice cream on her dress on purpose. J: aigoo what do we do. Y:what is this? J: I tripped over a rock – so sorry – I guess we have to buy you new clothes

J tells the saleclerk:while eating ice cream, I got ice cream on my girfriend’s dress so I ruined her outift so I want to buy her a new one and I want to buy a lot. J hands over his credit card and the guy looks at it and tells J to have a seat. 

she models one dress after another.he shakes his head at the others till she wears a final black one that makes him speechless

she wears it out of the store. J asks why she only bought one dress. she says it’s enough. she says she has something to tell him. J says wait a minute and pretends to check out her outfit and knock over some roses on purpose and offers to pay for all of them. Y says again how she really has something to tell him. he says sorry but cant you say it later and wait right here for a minute.

E is waiting for Y and nurse asks if Y still hasnt come. E: she will soon so you can get off work first

J calls someone and says we arrived so start two mins later.

J goes over to Y and puts earbuds in her ear saying – since she likes junsu’s music. he says to her : starting from now something amazing will happen.  fireworks start. Y: you prepared all this from a while ago. J: you suspected? Y: starting from a while ago. J turns her face to him and leans in to kiss her. she cries.

when the fireworks end, J takes out her earbud. and opens a ring box. J: i remember this ring. when I was younger -when i had a woman I liked- I was going to give it to her as a present -that’s why I put it inside the time capsule.  now i think I found the owner. please stay a long time by my side. he starts to put the ring on her finger, but she closes her fingers to stop him. crying, Y says: I dont think I can accept. J: why? Y: cuz I dont want to meet you anymore. he puts her hand down. J: why are you like this suddenly? is it cuz of my dad. Y: yes – it made me feel awful- that was the first time I was so insulted in my life-I thought about it – while having to listen to those insults -I dont think there is a need to meet you. J: is this what you wanted to say. Y nods yes. J: dont you think the timing is too cruel. Y: this kind of talk is cruel whenever-I dont want to feel burdened. you broke off the engagement -not cuz of me- but cuz of you like you said. she gets up to leave but he tells her to sit. she walks away anyway. J goes after her and says he will persuade his dad. Y: you dont need to do that. he says her name. Y: I dont want to meet you. J: I dont know what I did to hurt your feelings – I dont know what that is –  but I will apologize – I am sorry. she hails a cab. J: just go home today and rest but let’s meet tm and talk again. Y: no I dont want to do that.

she tells the cab driver to go to the hospital and finally allows herself to cry. *song lyrics – when I am sad that you would cry with me -if you are that hurt – even if you cry it wont work -next to me -that you only look at me -this sad love -that you protect it.

Y goes to E. E: are you ok. Y cries: I hate myself – the truth that I have cancer-I hate it so much- cuz i am this person, the truth that I cant love – I hate it so much it makes me crazy. she cries and drops her roses and faints.

J is trying to reach Y but cant.

J goes to Y’s home. her mom is about to come out the gate and is startled to see him. J bows and says sorry (for scaring her) she asks if he came to find someone – is here to see the grandpa. J says-no- he is looking for LYJ. she says -I’m her mother. J: is she home right now? her mom: no – she went on a business trip cuz of the office. J: business trip? her mom: yes  – but who are you. J: it’s ok i will be back later. he bows and leaves. J goes back to his car so she watches him. her mom: how nice it would be if he was a partner for Y

H tells Noh she has a separate lunch appt. J goes and asks Noh if he gave Y some work again. Noh says he didnt. J asks H- do you not know where Y is. H: no cuz these days I havent spoken to her at all. I will be leaving first.

outside, H calls Y and says how J was asking about Y just now and how she almost died from nerves having to lie. she asks how Y feels – does it hurt a lot? ok I will go there soon. J comes out and hears she is going to Y. J follows H to the hospital

H goes down the hall to see Y and J looks at the sign – cancer hospital

J slowly walks down the hall. H already went in to see Y. J reads Y’s name on the door. he slowly starts to put his hand up to the door to open it but E calls out his name.

J: is the Lee Yeon Jae in here the Lee Yeon Jae I know?


no preview

omg – J knows now.

*I have a feeling about something – there is no way E is going to lie to J if J already guessed the truth, but I bet J will ask E to keep it a secret that he knows – at least for the time being. J will make it impossible for Y to break up with him and since he saw that list, he is going to help her fill all her wishes. throughout it all, he wont tell her he knows I bet. If I was the writer, that’s what I would do.


58 comments on “Scent of a Woman E10

  1. mini me says:

    I am sure felt relief that J knows first before S as she always at the hospital because of her father. What a longggg wait… saturday please come faster….I think this drama will always be NO 1 in my bucket list of favorite drama even though the drama have not yet finish. i have high hope that the writers will do the right thing at the end.


  2. Iviih says:

    You know, I hate this kind of plot. ”I don’t want to hurt you so I have to broke up with you.”

    So I’m very glad J already found out. No need to waste their times with misunderstandings and making both suffer separately, the cancer plot is already very heavy no need to side plots like these. But at last this ”break up to not hurt you” show one thing to us: How Y really loves J and cares for him. It’s a stupid act but at least you can’t say she is selfish, and just think in herself…

    In J’s case, I’m glad he found out, imagine what would happen to him if again someone he loves die and he didn’t say what he wanted to her… he would never recover… when J said to Y how he regreted for not saying what he wanted to his mom, I thought maybe she would say the truth to him. But I understand she doesn’t want him to pass for this again… what is stupid because either way he will found out later.. and he will suffer twice regreting letting her go, regreting hating her while he didn’t know the truth and etc. Or even if he didn’t know the truth he would pass his entire life thinking in what he did wrong or what is wrong with him, forever suffering for something that isn’t even his fault…

    But I have to say, knowing the truth is not always the best thing…. for example, Softy I really hope he get to know and try to fulfill her wishes, not letting her know he knows. I think it would be good, well he knowing the truth is good too, he showing his support and love for her.

    What I don’t like is when the guy go crazy trying to find someway to save the girl, he get so so desperate that instead of enjoying her last days with her, they waste it by crying, trying to chance the inevitable and going to hospital to another wasting her time with something we know can’t be helped. I hope they pass her last days enjoying life to the max, not crying over what is inevitable.

    What Y needs the most is love and support, not sadness and suffering, she has enough of this in her life right know, and no need for more, right? J seems like a understanding person, I bet he will be very caring and supportive to her…

    Ps: what J would do, if he finds out Y was dying while he was busy at work just like he father was when his mother died? He would never forgive himself….


    • Iviih says:

      J: I dont want to meet you. J: I dont know what I did to hurt your feelings – I dont know what that is – but I will apologize – I am sorry.

      See, this just prove my point, poor guys, when the main lead sundelly out of blue, break up with them because they don’t want to hurt them – be because they are sick – be because he is having a hard time because of her – be because of the family acceptance – the guy always end up blaming himself and wondering what they did wrong… – and I hate that, I also hate that the main girl thinks this is the best solution to do, why can’t she be honest and say ”I’m breaking away because I don’t want to hurt you, because I don’t want to see you hurting/suffering” but no instead they go for the ”I just used you, I’m tired of you, I don’t ever want to see you again” and these lame excuses that make the main guy so confused and have such a huge heatache…. T___T


      • Wells says:

        I guess they rather be hated(one would think you’ll get over this faster) then seeing your love one die.


      • Reideen says:

        Put yourself in her shoes, then maybe you will understand her reasons… She doesn’t want to be selfish > she doesn’t want him to hurt so much to the point it’s unbearable… She saw how much it hurts him that his mom passed away… she doesn’t want that… she loves him too much… I agree with Wells.


  3. ck1Oz says:

    I just came for the recap softy.My Internet is still sucky.Just watched ep 10.I think it’s about perfect.I never said it wasn’t sad but the way it was directed and acted.So relevant to the whole relationship progress.

    Putting that aside.I don’t know how you did it.I pretty much either cried,laughed,went he is the perfect boyfriend trying to hard to be romantic and then cried some more.The subs are 80% today I needed to watch with subs even though I usually watch it raw.I didn’t want to miss a thing.

    Oh god softy,I think we all need a Hug Day or event.Don’t they have a Hug day in Korea.My heart is aching so much and we have so many episodes to go.

    Ji Wook-I have every confidence about it.He is just so 100% when it comes to her and doesn’t even hesitate.He is not a coward.He was disinterested in life yes in the earlier episode but he certainly doesn’t lack courage.Hwaiting Ji Wook-ssi!!

    Oh for the detractors or her not telling him earlier.I wasn’t going to say anything but I know someone who didn’t tell some of his long distance close friends he had cancer.When he passed away (after several months) the family couldn’t contact them in time for them to come to his funeral.They felt terrible,the family felt terrrible but what can they do-when he didn’t want to tell the whole world he had cancer.Sigh.So whatever the comments-the person sick has a right to whatever they feel.Just as a healthy person has wishes even though we all don’t agree on how people deal with issues in their own ways.

    This drama is going to hit me worse than 49 days.


    • houstontwin says:

      I think that this fictional relationship is different from the one real one that you described. Y and J are heading for an intimate relationship…the kind of relationship that makes someone completely open and vulnerable. It would be devastating, in a relationship like that to be lied to.
      Your friend’s decision not to inform loved ones who lived far away was understandable, but, as you said, his friends were deeply hurt.


    • Reideen says:

      I agree with the comment of 49 days!!! T____T
      I think at first he will run away… I don’t think he will step in the room at that moment (if he does that, then he will not hold his feelings and may hurt her with what he will say)… but then he will return to her (with nothing but love and support to give her…)…

      I feel like this is going to end like the move “A Walk To Remember”… He will marry her and then…. T__T… I am so gonna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. houseoptions says:

    I got teary-eyed reading your transcap softy. Thanx so much!


  5. Reideen says:

    Let’s say you also make a list of wishes that you want to accomplish…
    Do you mind share one of your wishes?
    I’ll start:
    # to dance TANGO with Lee Dong Wook (*-*)… XD



    i agree that J might ask E to keep it a secret. but a huge part of me wants J to secretly use his “connections” to get Y the best medical treatment out there – if she needs to go on a transplant list or anything – i want him to have that pull over E, while at the same time fulfilling her wishes.

    you know what movie this drama reminds me of?
    A Walk To Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West.

    Thank you for recapping this drama since my internet is not available at home…i can read your recaps at work and on my phone.


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