Scent of a Woman E9


There were just too many great scenes to choose from so I went with the one that mattered. This is the look of a man on a mission. Yes a stray bug and a lot of small talk got him here too, but once in he didn’t waste any time at all. What I really wanted to screencap was the scene where he tells her straight out that she played a role in his engagement being called off. With absolute sincerity and clarity, he laid the truth out there for her to digest and what does she do -she tries to leave. I have no idea why she is still skittish at this point, but there you have it. Ask me how much I love that he didn’t let her go. When he said those words “stay here with me,” I think she knew what she was really getting into by staying. Maybe she was following through on the inkling she had in E’s office when she was overwhelmed with the urge to be by J’s side. She knew he needed her now and she was willing to risk even her future health by running off. Though it pains me to see what she has to go through in the next few episodes, I can’t help but hope there are a few more happy memory scenes before the new future J is building with Y begins to crumble. Without her around, I don’t know how he will ever be able to pick up the shattered pieces of his newfound dream. 


When J approached her for this dance, I wonder if he saw what is so clear to us. Did he sense how vulnerable she is. Does he see what we see – a woman who doesn’t have time to be heartbroken. As she backed up and hesitated when he came towards her – did he know it’s because she can’t afford to be wrong. She wants to cling to hope that he might like her back, but is too afraid to face a rejection since she already had to face something far worse. When he finally confirmed his feelings, did he know there is no going back -not for him or for her. At this point, she has nothing to lose, but everything to gain. I can only hope that through his love, just maybe he bought her some time. 


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Scent of a Woman E9

On the car ride back from breaking off the engagement, he remembers what he said to S’s family and how his dad called him crazy and slapped him. J calls Y and asks where she is- I’m on my way over there. ok.

S’s mom asks S “what’s going on-did something happen between you two?” her brother says he felt uneasy ever since J was so late. J’s dad comes back and apologizes. S’s brother: is this something that can be settled with an apology? can something like this happen? Im tells his son to be quiet. kang says he doesnt have any words (to explain how sorry he is) like how a woman has cold feet before she gets married-I think J felt the same. her brother says – so he abruptly leaves like that when we are all formally meeting. Im is understanding and says : that could happen. her brother asks if his dad is going to just overlook this. Im says how the engagement is in the paper already and asks Kang to talk to J and make him “get a hold of his heart” (be ready to marry) . kang says: I will. Im says they have to be quiet about what happened today cuz the reporters cant find out. let’s all get up now

On the way out, Im grabs his heart. his wife asks why he is like that. Im  collapses.

J pulls up to his home and she asks him “should we date?” He hugs and she hugs back. he hugs her tighter. she says she cant breathe so he lets her go. Y: I will be …J finishes her sentence. J: going? Y: I should I guess. did something happen? J: I got slapped by my dad. Y:why? J: will you come up to my home for a minute?  Y: home? J: what are you imagining? Y: that wasnt it. J: I have something to say.

J invites her in as she comes inside. he asks if she wants a drink. she says yes and asks for water. she looks around and comments he must like wood. she says she wanted to decorate her home interior like this when she one later. he hands her the water and there fingers touch as she takes it. she asks why that happened with his dad. J says he broke off the engagement. Y:why did you do it? J: what kind of reaction is that? dont misunderstand cuz I didnt do it cuz of you-I did it cuz of me- I want to live my own life now. why did you do it? a while you said that to me – what if I had said I didnt want to-what were you going to do? Y: do you not want to? J: no. He smiles. he gets a call. she tells him to answer it. into the phone. J: what is it – at this time (late hour)? what? what about his condition now. ok I’ll go now.  he hangs up and says – what to do. Y: it’s ok if it’s an emergency hurry and go. J: can you go alone? Y: of course

Kang complains and asks why they are so late. S’s brother tells kang to leave cuz this isnt a place for him since kang’s side broke it off and caused this. S tells kang to leave more nicely and she will call when the test results are in and not to worry

on his way out, Kang runs into J who pulled up and was walking in. J: did he wake up? kang says J doesnt seem like his child but an idiot. you broke this so you put it back together. (fix it) or else I will never see your face again

the doc says stuff to S and her brother. caused by stress and shock. chest xrays so there wasnt a big problem with the heart but since his blood pressure is dropping. (there are some other conditions) so they have to run more tests tm. 

S tells her brother to go with their mom cuz even if they tell their mom their dad will be okay she will worry a lot. and S will stay with her dad. her brother says sarcastically: you sure are doing well- cuz of you our dad almost died. why do you keep causing trouble with your relationships. he brings up last time 5 yrs ago when she had a guy trouble and made her dad have (a spell? drink a lot?) what are you going around doing to get dumped by J.

J comes in and tells her bro to stop – S didnt do anything wrong- if anyone did anything wrong it’s me. her brother says that popular phrase – you give the illness and the medicine. he tells S to take care of their father well and dont cause any more trouble. he leaves. J asks her how her dad is. S: why did you do it? why didnt you bring up Yoon (her ex) if you covered up that and said let’s break off the engagement then you must have thought I would be grateful. J: if I am breaking off the engagement  – that problem wont mean anything. she calls him a bad guy and tells him to leave but he says he will stay till her dad wakes up

S stays by her dad’s side and holds his hand and says: I’m sorry dad. I’m really sorry -I dont’ know why make you suffer so often” she cries

Y remembers how she asked J to date and how he said he broke it off with S.

her mom comes in suddenly. Y asks why. her mom says she was on her way to the bathroom and saw the lights on. she asks why Y isnt sleeping yet. Y: I am happy and I wonder if I should be this happy that’s why. her mom tells her to go to the hospital tm so Y gets surprised but her mom was making a joke about Y having the same condition her mom had. they tell each other to sleep

next morning J is still there with S. her dad wakes up. she asks if he knows what’s going on. he says he is ok. he sees J. Im: you were here too- I will ask one more time – what are you going to do with S and this engagement. J: I’m sorry. her dad tells J and S to leave

as they walk out, E sees both of them and remembers Y’s voice saying J has someone he is going to marry. S asks if J stayed all night to say that. J: it weighed on my heart – cuz the chairman ending up like that is cuz of me. S: that’s why – for today you could have left it at- “I understand- I will think about it”  – did you have to say that again to someone who just woke up after collapsing. J: cuz of that – I couldnt have said I would go thru with an engagement I cant do. S: what is your reason for doing this suddenly? J: there are times when I think that – that my father already chose the coffin I would die and go into -I thought I was going to die cuz I couldnt breathe but I lived the way my dad wanted me to but I cant do it anymore – instead of my father’s life – now I want to live my life. you should live your own life too

J walks away and runs into E. J asks if he works here. E says yes – you are busy from morning – with this woman and that woman- whichever side it is – shouldnt you hurry and settle it (choose one woman)  J: I dont know why I have to tell you this but I already settled it (chose)- I broke off the engagement

Im orders his secretary to do something to make Line tour afraid a little bit

J clears his throat and calls Y. he asks what she is doing. she mentions watering her kids (plants). J: kids? she says some names for the plants. J: do you want to have dinner later? I will go pick you up. Y: ok. J: ok then. after they hang up, they both let out sighs of relief

H drops by with stuff. her mom asks what’s going on and if H isnt going in to work. H says she has some time left. her mom asks what she is holding. H: to give to Y. the mom says H is at an age where she should be taking care of a boyfriend.your mom must be worried alot too- you need to hurry and get married and have a kid.

H says she made up an excuse about a restaurant and came out of work for a short time. Y warns H might get in trouble with Noh if she gets in trouble. H: is that the problem now? H pulls out stuff saying she went to the market early in the morning and bought everything that is good for cancer. Y: why did you do this when I am taking medicine. (as in H shouldnt have gone thru so much trouble) H says that is separate from this. she asks if Y met with J. Y: yes. H: then why do you have that look on your face? Y says how he broke it off. H: really? then that turned out well – that’s so good. Y: I dont know -I’m glad and I am afraid and when I think about S, it weighs on my heart. H tells her not to give S a thought cuz S was so mean to Y. H looks sad. Y: what now? H: it’s cuz I am upset. H starts to cry – why did this have to happen to you – what did you do so wrong? Y comforts her and tells her not to cry. Y’s mom askswhat they are doing and if H cried. Y says cuz something bad happened to her at work

H goes in late and gets yelled at by Noh. he asks where she was goofing off and coming in now. so she yells back – this is all your fault cuz you gave stress. Noh asks if that seat is cursed cuz everyone who sits there goes crazy. Noh gets a call and it’s bad news. they keep getting sudden cancellations and demands for refunds

SW reports to J that there is a meeting called by Kim (the mean old guy who has it in for J)

Noh and everyone meet. Noh reports which ones cancelled. heritage hotel after his month wont work with them. Kim points out all of those cancellations are related to Saegin group. Kim asks J how this could happen since J is going to marry into that family. did something happen? J doesnt answer him and asks Noh which ones are the most urgent problems. Noh says something about chinese V-VIP is a big problem. Kim says something could end up being stopped. Noh says the vacation package could be cancelled

S’s secretary suggests it would be better for S to rest for the whole day cuz her dad isnt feeling well and her mother’s condition isnt good too. S: it’s ok – if I rest the things in my head get more complicated.

S goes in and gets yelled at by Kim – he says it wasnt that long ago they shook hands after she gave MOU so why bother to give MOU if she was going to do this. J tells Kim to stop.

S asks J what that was about. J: you look like you dont know anything about what’s going on.  what you warned about happened. S: did my dad…J finishes her thought and says: he isnt the type to just overlook it. (the engagement being called off) let’s talk about MOU. he talks about work.

E tries to get tests results for a patient and yells into the phone for not having it confirmed cuz then he cant start some treatment. he remembers how Y said she likes J a lot and J saying he broke up. E gets called in to take care of Im

E and Im are together. E: are your guarantors not present? Im: my family is uselessly busy. he looks at his watch and says it’s time for them to leave work. why do you need guarantor? S comes in. Im: now she is here – she is my daughter. E looks at her. S asks E to leave. but E says he cant- cuz he waited to tell Im when his guarantor came cuz it would be better to listen together. E keeps talking to Im about his condition. while confirming a CT -by accident they found a small something. E says they need to have surgery to confirm a growth even though it looks (?benign?) Im: are you saying it could be cancer?

Noh’s office is flooded with calls. he calls out orders to go there in person when nam says over the phone the other side said they couldnt. nam complains Noh wouldnt let her go to the bathroom to take the call and he yells at her to run over to the hotel right now.  J comes in and offers to go. since all of you are this busy- as the director I cant just sit around my office. where is the soobejune hotel. nam: mirage. J: ok. he tells them to work hard. SW is about to go with him but J says he will go alone. he gives his card and tells SW to get food for the staff so they dont starve.

Y is getting ready for her date. she remembers and goes to take her medicine

he goes out and calls Y. Y: did you get there already? J: I am sorry but we have to cancel for today. Y: ok. J: I am playing hard to get on purpose now cuz if I dont show my face you will miss me more. I’ll call you. * those pronouns could have been the opposite – cant tell for sure

kang is on the phone with SW and kang says how he is on his way -what are you saying- the company is in this mess and now you report that? what? a more important matter? what is more important than the company?  kang orders his driver to turn the car around back to Seoul.

J is on the phone and says Mirage and tells them to prepare gift certificates for complaints. he tells everyone to quit for the day

J goes home and his dad is waiting. J says how his dad was supposed to go on his business trip for 2nights 3days and his dad yells how -when the company is upside down already you think I could get any sleep there? how can you make so much trouble like this. get dressed- let’s go meet with Im right now. J:why? kang says how J caused all this trouble – cuz you didnt keep up your end- do you know how many employees worked hard all day?Im told me to convince you and bring you back so go and tell him – I’m sorry I wasnt thinking ahead (short sighted) -i will proceed with the engagement as planned. with those words everything will be solved.  J: I dont want to. Kang:what? J: I dont want to do that. kang: you punk – what’s gotten into you? why are you doing this? J: I cant live the way you want anymore-no – I won’t. Kang: so the company your father sweated blood for for 20 yrs to build into this – you are going to let it be destroyed? do you know how much I suffered to grow this company. J cries and says: why wouldnt I know that- cuz of that you threw mom and me away. cuz you were crazy about working at the company – you didnt even know mom passed away-back then I was only 12 yrs old- do you know how scared I was going thru the wake alone? the company you threw aside your family for -how -how could I not know?  kang: so – cuz you hate your dad – are you saying it doesnt matter if the company is ruined or not. J:why did you change so much? without anything to do with saegin group – you managed the company well up to now. kang: the situation is different from back then and now -are you saying that cuz you dont know what kind of person chairman Im is? J: even tho I dont know what kind of person chairman Im is – I know what kind of person you are. you started in a small one room with one employee and grew it to the best in Korea -you used to brag all the time about that -the father who did that – why do you think now that you cant do anything without president Im. the company wont go down cuz of chairman Im. I wont let the company fail – I wont let that happen. so please leave me be. kang repeats: what do you think you can do?

Y looks at the calendar and counts down -she guesses she has 127 days left-why does time go by so fast. she looks at her bucket list about what she has to do. she turns the pages on 3 and 4 saying she is doing that right now. then she stops on 5.

she imagines a wedding and J leaning in to kiss her. she looks at number 7 on the list. she gets a text from J. he asks if she is sleeping. she says no. J: that’s good. Y:what is? he texts back and she is surprised and looks behind her

she goes out and he is leaning against his car. she asks what brings him here at this late hour. J: I thought it was time about now for me to show my face or else you will want to see it all night. Y: something must have had a lot of work at the office. J:why? Y: cuz you look tired. J: it’s not a tired face – it’s a good looking face. she laughs. J: go in. Y:already? J: if you arent going to go in then what? Y: since you have to go to the office ™ hurry and go.  J: you go in first. Y: ok. they smile and wave at each other.

noh, J, and the staff have a meeting. Noh says they are figuring out the inbound tour packages but outbound packages are a problem. nam says they cant accept reservations so right now vacations abroad are at a standstill. so J says change the vacations abroad to Korea. it is a season where families travel together so korean tour packages could be distributed. and rush the opening for wando tour.  H: it’s not like we didnt think of that too but there is no opportunity -something something – in this situation there is no chance to go down to wando.  J offers to go himself. Noh:you? J: why – dont you trust me? Noh: just a little – not a lot.

Kang hears from SW that news that J is going himself. he tells SW to leave. kang wonders what J can do.

Y sings H a birthday song and gives her cake. Y tells her to hurry and blow out the candles. Y: I told them to only give me 3 candles – I did well huh? H asks if Y has time to do stuff like this. Y: you like ice cream cake – hurry and have some. Y: is it good? H says it is. Y says sorry for calling her out when she is busy but she has to go for threatments for 4 days so this is the only time she has. H : it’s ok I have to hurry and go back in. she says how the company has been turned upside down. Y:why? H: saegin group threw a bomb at our company. Y:what? H: no one suspects but I think it’s cuz of  the broken engagement. would that woman S sit still after being rejected. bet she made up her mind to step on our company. I feel sorry for the director. to handle it himself somehow- yesterday he went to handle the hotel and today he went down to wando alone. Y: he went to wando alone? H: yes to open the tour package you planned. H says she has to go back to work

Im’s family is waiting. E comes out to report. S asks what happened. he says how they confirmed something during surgery and took care of it right away. without knowing if it had been allowed to grow bigger it would have been more dangerous so it’s a good thing we discovered it early. her mom thanks E. E leaves. her mom says- thank goodness. brother remarks-after dropping the bomb about breaking off the engagement-in the end he (J) saved dad’s life. E heard that and stopped for a minute. her brother makes a snide remark to S about how it must be nice for her – cuz of this -she is going to get off easy again and stay in her father’s good graces.

nurse informs E about his patients so she looks at his chart and sees Y’s name.

Y is at the hospital and sees S leaving with her mom. Y remembers how H said S wont leave it alone after J broke it off and S made up her mind to step on their company. then Y remembers seeing how defeated J looked the other night and how H said J went to wando alone.

Y goes to see E. he asks if she was well. he says sorry for speaking so harshly last time. E: I think I spoke too harshly. Y: it’s ok I didnt take it to heart cuz a lot of things happened. he stars to ask about J but changes his mind. E talks about her treatment -how it’s not that different from last time cuz last time’s results were good but she stops him and asks him to push back her treatment two days. E: this isnt a problem of pushing it back or not. Y: I know i know that but I am not hurting anywhere and am perfectly fine. last time’s treatment results were good too. so please push it back just two days. E: I wont allow it. (wont give her permission) Y: I am really sorry but i have to go.

she gets in a cab and takes off

E sits there and gets up and opens the door. his nurse asks where he is going. E runs off

J meets with some guys at wando. they say how they liked the package plan. it’s a concept that shows really well how healthy and beautiful wando is. I liked it right off. on top of that – a director – someone high up came here in person -it’s an honor. J says he wants to see for himself all the places in the tour plan. guy asks: you yourself?  J says yes – he wants to experience it himself so he can make a good vacation plan. * J used their slang term for “good” so it pleases the two guys even more. they say how much “sense” J has.

they take him around and give him a tour talking about how if you keep going straight on that path – you can see the sea, mountain, sky all at once -wherever you go you wont be able to see this kind of view. it’s the best view- take a look around. then they point out wando tower. J says how great the view is. then the beach. (they talk korean kind of funny with an accent) the guy explains how if you go out to the water for 2 minutes there is a place to catch abalones for fun.

Y pulls up in a cab. J sort of runs over. he asks what brought her all the way here. Y: cuz I was worried that this time too – you would look around “daechoon” (not thoroughly) I made this tour package – if you make a daechoon package and it’s not a hit -it’s cuz I think it will be too unfair. I came to inspect. shall we go?

they go for a boat ride. and go harvesting abalone. ew – they are eating it raw. he tells her to tear hers off and he says his tastes sweet.

J and Y meet with some guy. the guy wants $4,000 for each amount of those nets of abalone. J sort of hints for Y to talk that guy into cutting down the price. she says the guy should give $3,000 but the guy says he reduced it a lot by saying $4,000 cuz wando clams are fresh and  good. Y: I know that but ppl are coming all the way from seoul to here. she comes up with a compromise with the guy.

J and Y go to a cliff. she looks around and asks if this is the place he reserved to stay. Y:there is nothing here. J: it’s in the car. wando tour basic concept was camping -you made the plan but you must not be able to remember. Y: so you are saying you are going to camp here? he nods yes

S’s secretary reports to S about what is going on with line tour company – how it’s stopped and they are doing something with other tour companies and hotels but it’s a problem they cant clear up right away. and they cant do abroad tours. she asks about J and he reports how he went alone to wando without employees to make the wando package himself. S: what?

Y and J set up camp. Y asks: what made you come here alone without any employees. J: I wanted to be alone cuz I had a lot on my mind. Y: then I shouldnt have come. he tells her to hurry and make the tent. he watches her put it together and remarks – ahhhh so that is how you do that. Y: why am I setting this up when I am not even going to sleep in it. J:I never put up a tent before. Y:what?  he gets a call so Y tells him to pick up and she will try to put up the tent on her own 

J asks why S called. S: heard you went to wando. he asks how she knew. S: didnt you think I would be concerned of course – the company ending up like that is unfortunate. I want to tell my father but my father’s condition right now – it isnt the right time to do that -when I get the opportunity – to my father….J cuts her off -if you are doing it cuz you feel sorry you dont need to bother -after i broke off the engagement I guessed to an extent what would happen. S: it’s cuz it’s weighing on my heart that you didnt bring up Yoon on purpose -it’s true I dont like you but shouldnt I pay back my debt?  Y cries out in pain cuz she hammered her finger. S hears and says: I thought you went there alone but you must be with someone. J:yes. S: there is no way it’s Y again right? like when you went to Japan. he owns up and says she is correct. she says she only said it as a maybe but the reason you broke off the engagement was a woman? and over that woman Y? J: whatever the reason was – I dont think I should have to explain it to you. she screams out his name. J: i will hang up now

 Y asks what he is thinking. J: that it would be nice to stay here like this two or 3 days. Y: the office is complicated huh? he asks how she knew. Y: I used to work there too. why wouldnt I know? dont you regret calling off the engagement. J: I would regret more if I didnt. J: after my mom passed away -whatever happened in life didnt matter -there was nothing I wanted to do  -there was nothing fun but thanks to my father -I grew up not lacking anything so I thought it was only natural I should grow up and live the way my dad wanted me too. the same with marriage but I thought I couldnt live that way anymore-I think the reason for that is cuz of you.

the look he gave her was packed with meaning . Y: then I will be going now. be careful of wild animals and be careful of mosquitoes – hope you will be safe till morning.

she gets up to leave but he holds her hand. J:stay here – with me.

S thinks about what she said to Y and how Y said she would get revenge.

J calls out to her from inside the car. she is in the tent. J: are you sleeping? Y: no. J: sleep isnt coming huh? Y: cuz you keep talking to me that’s why. J: then I wont make you talk anymore. Y: ok. J: close the tent tight cuz in the middle of the night something might suddenly go in. Y: what will? J: like a bug. she screams cuz she sees a bug. he runs in asking “what’s wrong?” he sees the bug and pulls back scared for a second and hits his head on the lantern. he tells her not to move and takes a few breaths and catches the bug with his jacket and throws both jacket and bug out and closes the tent saying he caught it. he asks -it’s ok now right? she says it’s not and dont open the tent cuz  the bug might come in again. J: the bug wasnt even that big so why were you so scared. Y: you were really scared a while ago too.  you saw how fast the bug moved around. Cuz the bug scared her,Y is breathing faster and says: i was so surprised.

J leans in slowly and gets closer to her face and kisses her. they lie down. they break the tent. they have to crawl out.  he asks how she built it that it collapsed like this. Y: why are you saying that to me – you could have helped me set it up. J: why did you have to keep moving back. Y: then who told you to  keep coming towards me. J nudges her and says “want to do it again?” she thinks he meant kissing but he says -make the tent over again cuz I dont know how.

next morning she looks for him and he comes over with two bikes. he says how she must have written down everything she wanted to do in the notebook. Y: I did. he tells her to get on but she says how she cant ride bikes. so she rides on the handlebars facing him with her arms around his neck. She kisses him as he pedals

S’s secretary reports that the woman J is with is Y. it doesnt look like they are staying at a hotel or pension cuz there were no reservations. S: does that mean they are still in wando? he says no – they are on their way up. she asks him to find out Y’s home address

J pulls over to a bluff and Y asks if he has another place to check out. J: there is something I want to find. it’s not here either. Y: what is it you are looking for? J says a hill J: let’s go now. he heads toward the car. as she walks back behind him she doubles over in pain. he asks whats wrong – does it hurt anywhere. she lies and says no

in the car she grips the seatbelt in pain and closes her eyes. J looks over and asks if she is ok. Y: of course. J: you dont look well-does your stomach hurt by any chance. Y: I must have indigestion. J: why did you eat so much raw fish. if you are in a hurry to go to the bathroom should I pull over somewhere? Y: no we are almost there. J: then endure a little longer. Y: ok   

he drops her off at home. S is there waiting in the car and watches them. J tells Y to go in but she tells him to go first. J: arent you in a hurry? Y: I am in a rush so hurry and go first. J: ok I will be going. she smiles and waves at him.  S comes over when Y is leaning against her gate in pain. S: is this the revenge you were talking about? seducing J and making him break up with me- is that the revenge you were talking about?



S says to J she is going to live her own life. J: what does that have to do with this? S: cuz I havent given up on you yet

J: I have a present. Y: what? J: me

Y and J go grocery shopping. J: is there anything else we need to buy? Y: just buy one each. J: is there anything else you want to eat?

Y tells E the pain killers arent working. E says to Y the cancer/tumor got bigger

J backhugs Y and says “i’m sorry – I’m really sorry” as she cries

*Am I the only one wondering what happened in that tent AFTER she fixed it. are we going to get a flashback to what happened that night in a later episode – oh man they better.

** judging from the preview – if the cancer got bigger, I think that miracle we were all wishing for might not happen – I was hoping the cancer would shrink and give her some more time or something but now – what if she has less than 5 months left.

Also was that the wedding pics we saw on soompi? so that wedding was just in her imagination?


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    Is Softy ok?????? Im getting worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is ok Softy!!!!!!!! Huggies!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      sorry some days on the weekend, it’s hard to get home by ten to make the live broadcast and this was one of those days. I was held up by traffic and a long commute. Don’t worry I wont let you down on purpose – normally I will post somewhere on the main page if I am going to be really late. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi…I’m new here..anyway im so loving the for the two lead stars..oozing with chemistry…i love how their characters evolved and changed..and i really love the transformation from a boring Jiwook to a playful man that he used to be (as what he had said to Yeonjae in episode 3)..
    also i remember the song “When I Met You”…The whole lyrics is so like Jiwook’s character…Really..I just wish someone would make a video of the show with that song.. =)


  4. Anonymous says:

    and as for the recap..thanks’s a big help..although i would want to read it after i’ve watched the whole episode..i just have to wait for the eng subs.. then i can go through your recap..just reading all the comments before watching..i must say you’re a pro in this..making recaps just right after the fast…and that benefits us..thanks to you.. =).


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