Ojakkyo Brothers E5

It was sort of strange to go back and recap this earlier episode since I know so much more information now. While watching this market scene, I couldn’t help but miss this J. She used to be so gutsy and feisty –what happened to that girl. She stood up for her dad so well, but why did the circumstances in her life have to make her grow weaker in her resolve instead of stronger. I really hope that later on she doesn’t forget this is who she is – someone who knows what she is entitled to, someone who knows her own self worth, and hopefully she will rediscover the strength she had in this scene later on when she needs it most.

Episode 5

Mom remembers how J said the contract was in that white purse so she takes steps towards it, but before she can follow thru on her temptation to steal it, TS walks in.

While mom labors to grill some thuck galbi (beef that has been tenderized and made into patties) GM comes out and says the mom should have just made a simple dish of chapchae (brown noodles that takes a very short time to prepare that J had asked for) mom says she has to do everything she can since J has already put up the farm for sale at the realty office. GM makes a sarcastic comment that the mom could have won an academy award for female best actress for how the mom behaved earlier being all sweet and overly concerned for J. GM: how can you act so well? Mom tells the GM to be hold it in and not be mean to J or else it will waste all the effort the mom is putting forth making this meat dish and having aching arms from pounding on the beef. GM wont make any promises saying she is the kind of person who shows her emotions so just cuz she plans to do something doesn’t mean it will happen. The mom resents that attitude and says: I am about to feel hurt – how did I end up like this – I have 4 kids – the father keeps causing trouble every time he opens his mouth- I have to go around cleaning up his mess and raise the kids-that’s how I ended up like this.

The dad informs the sons (TS, TH, and TP) that he is going to ask J to live here with them after dinner so he tells the boys to treat J well – especially TP. TS asks his dad if he discussed it with the mom for certain. the dad says of course he did. TH points how they still have to vacate the farm at some point so he suggests moving since the only person who is going to suffer is the mom cuz she has to take care of someone who isn’t family. They should make the mom stop suffering. The dad says he gets what TH is saying but the mom wanted to do it this way first. TH tells his dad to not hide behind the mom and avoid reality. TH  says how they don’t know what kind of girl J is and she could be a kid with problems. TS asks what kind and TH says how she could have been involved in theft and stuff. TS thinks TH is talking gossip and TP says – would this punk talk about rumors” so the dad gets on TP’s case and warns that TP had better speak to TH using the word “hyung” or else next time the dad won’t use words (meaning he will beat TP for showing so little respect for TH)

TP and the others cant believe the feast the mom prepared and wonder if today is some special day. The mom sweetly calls J to come down to eat. GM remarks how the academy award is going to call the mom soon for her great acting. J comes down from her shower and the mom compliments her for looking so good so J remarks –that’s why I am the nation’s fairy. J tells the mom to change the soap they use cuz it’s bad for the skin to use shower gel for the body and face. Mom: is that true- ok if you say to change it then I have to change it. The mom gives J a piece of the meat and J innocently wonders why it’s called thuck kalbi when there is no thuck (rice cake) so the mom says it’s just called that way and ppl compliment her for making it well so she asks J to try it. J loves it and thinks it’s called by that name cuz it tastes good. She used a pun so it makes the dad smile but the rest of the family doesn’t find it amusing at all and the mom compliments J again saying how J has a humorous way of talking. The mom starts in on her plan and asks if J hasn’t thought of eating this all the time cuz if she lives with them here J can. What do you think? J: here? The dad says then they don’t have to hurry and move during this hot summer and since J just went thru something major and shouldn’t be alone so they can help her out. The mom says they are saying this cuz they think of her as a daughter – at such a young age having to go thru this hardship- she understands it all and while she was making dinner she worried about J so much her heart ached. She lays it on pretty thick so her sons stop eating almost cuz they feel uneasy. J is moved so she asks if the mom really means all that or is just saying it. The mom says of course she means it and offers J some crabs. J: I haven’t thought about it and I don’t like the idea of living alone too but I still have one more semester of school left so if I have to commute to school from here. The mom interrupts and says J doesn’t have to worry about that –the youngest brother (TP) or the dad will give her a ride every morning to the subway station and they will pick her up in the evening anytime she wants. For 24 hrs J doesn’t have to worry about getting rides. J is about to eat the crab so dad asks if she can eat that cuz her dad is allergic to crabs. J: how did you know that? Dad explains how he saw her dad every day when they were kids cuz they lived in the same neighborhood. He proves it by even knowing about her dad’s frog feet. J is moved to hear him talking about her dad so the mom tells him not to make J talk when she is eating and urges J to eat a lot.

After the mom makes J’s bed (blankets on the floor) she says how J will sleep well cuz it’s cushiony. J thanks her. the mom opens the window and goes on about how the air is so good and calls J over to inhale. J says she is tired so the mom tells her to sleep and to think it over (about living here)

J takes out her dad’s framed pic and then lies down. She says it’s a little hard but comfortable. She checks her email and none of the ones she wrote her dad have been opened. She starts another one and scenes from the terrible way she was received by the family plays in the background as her voice narrates her email: dad do you know where this is? Ojakkyo farm-  I came to our farm the one you told me about –the family here are friendly and good people –everyone is good to me – especially the ajhussi still remembers that you cant eat crab and have frog feet so that is why I am thinking of waiting for you dad here at ojakkyo –if I live here ahjussi doesn’t have to move –dad you are in agreement too right? Dad before the plant gets bigger that you don’t recognize it – you have to come back before then ok?

The mom wakes up early and dad comes over worried asking if she got any sleep cuz she didn’t seem like she did so why did she wake up so early. Dad says how J said she would think it over (living with them) mom: even if she does will this farm belong to us again? (meaning it wont change that fact) how could this happen-even if I don’t eat I don’t know that I am hungry – even if I don’t sleep I don’t know if I am tired. She goes on about how for the past ten yrs – more than her kids – she toiled over this land and put her sweat and blood –she put all her effort into this farm so how can this farm not be hers in just one morning. This is a dream right? This isn’t reality? Dad asks why she is starting that again cuz if she is like that- it makes him want to die and it torments him. She cries and says how much this farm means to her so he says what can they do – they have to accept reality. Dad says he has a feeling J will agree to living here.

TS is looking up stuff on the internet and searches J and stares at her pics. When TP comes in TS clicks away but TP guesses and looks at what TS was looking at. TS stammers – cuz she is pretty. This is the first time I saw someone this pretty. J wasn’t kidding when she said she was the nation’s fairy. She is korea university advertisement model and was picked number one on IBC Olympic popular something so in real life she is the nation’s fairy and is famous on the internet. TP says with disgust:why don’t you just hang it on a banner at the farm –nation’s fairy BJE. TS: I am just going to look – with the same mentality as looking at SNDS’ as their fan who could be their uncle. TP says he cant believe TS is like that when their home is like this cuz of J. TS says rather wisely for an ogler: just cuz a rose has thorns doesn’t mean it’s not a rose.

They have a family meeting. Dad asks if J slept well. She says how since it wasn’t a bed it was hard but she still slept well. The blanket was cushiony and soft so she felt good. Mom says she gave J the best blankets to use. She gives J some juice made from apples and carrots. Dad says how the mom’s juice is the best. J tastes it and says it’s not the way she likes it – she says how it shouldn’t be blended but squeezed for freshness for juices. Mom hides her disappointment and says she learned something good from J today. J goes on to say carrots have certain stuff so it shouldn’t be mixed with fruits that have vitamins. GM is displeased but holds her tongue and the mom laughs it off and says she is learning a lot from J. dad asks if J thought about it. She says she doesn’t want to live alone and they don’t have to move so she agrees to live here for the time being. Dad thanks her and says she did well to decide that. Mom agrees saying they can move anytime but think about how bad it would be for J to live alone. J says she has two favors to ask and hopes they will follow it. The mom tells her to speak comfortably and asks what it is. J explains her tuition is due and it must be paid by today cuz it’s the last day to do it. Dad asks how much and J says $4,975,000-it’s her last semester so they only need to pay it this one time. mom complains it’s too much and says it will be a problem. The mom tells her to pay with her own money. J says she doesn’t have any and if she did she already would have paid it. That is why she wanted to sell the farm in a hurry to pay tuition and get an officetel (one room apt) J admits she thought they would do this much at least cuz living here –there are a lot of things that make it uncomfortable for her. so you are saying you can do this- ok then. She takes back her slip of paper but the mom grabs it and the mom and dad say they should pay it. J thanks them cuz she totally gave up on paying the tuition. Dad asks what the second favor is and J says while she lives here, she was hoping they would give her expenses to live off of and allowances. Like she said before, if she doesn’t sell the farm she doesn’t have any money. Of course I will pay back all the expenses, tuition, and allowance later. She gets silence as an answer so she asks if she asked something that was a problem again. Dad says she didn’t – since she is going to live with them of course they should do that much. The mom agrees and asks how much J spends for living expenses and spending allowance– do you spend a lot? J: I don’t know how much I spend cuz I always used credit cards. J lists all the things she needs starting from today – shampoo, conditioner, shower curtain, bathrobe, etc – she asks for his card so she can go shopping later. Then she asks them to change the internet to wireless cuz her netbook only works as wireless.

SY and TB are getting yelled at by their boss. He stops the video on Representative Jin (going to refer to him as “Rep Jin”) and boss asks if the special report is going to be a re-air of an already seen one. SY tries to explain they are preparing to interview the wife (of Rep Jin) as soon as the wife gives permission, but the boss yells tm is the airdate (when the program airs) so when will they get permission-doesn’t SY get what’s going on. TB says that he has another item (show idea) so there is no need for the boss to worry. SY calls TB’s name (out of anger) but she gets a call so the boss tells her to answer. While she is on the phone he asks TB what the idea is. TB says it’s about a movie star who is being investigated by the police. SY says into the phone “thank you” and that she will go over there right now. SY gives her boss the good news that the wife said she would do the interview and to come over now. The boss says SY did well and TB gets mad cuz his idea was scrapped.

When they go out, she tells TB to prepare and bring the camera team cuz they have to go right now to do the interview. TB gets a call from his mom. he says how he heard from TS that they are going to live with that girl (J)-what? The mom tells him not to ask this and that cuz she will explode if she has to explain. She thanks him and says she will return it next month. She tells him to make the deposit right away into her account. The dad is on the phone with TH explaining how he needs money now and deposit right away. The dad hangs up and tells the mom that TH is sending $1,000 too. Mom says so is TB. So the GM asks if they have $5,000 and the dad says since he has $3,000 in the bank – with the kids money they have just enough. GM says that J is not your average girl cuz she puts a smile on her face and makes this kind of requests. The dad says J followed along with what they wanted so now they don’t have to move and can keep working on the farm. GM makes a comment “listen to what she said –doesn’t even know how much she spends.” The mom says to GM: how much could J possibly spend so don’t think so negatively. The mom says it’s got her riled up too but what can they do since things turned out this way – they have to go along with her (J). the dad tells the GM to be good to J since J is Inho’s daughter.

TB is interviewing the wife of Rep Jin. He asks if she didn’t mean to humiliate Rep Jin to get more alimony from Rep Jin. She says she didn’t – all she wants to do with the life she has left is to live like a human being. TB asks her to go into detail. She says how after they were married a year, her husband found another woman. And during their marriage they have been living separate lives. Like her husband wanted, she had to act happy. TB says it must have been hard for her. TB asks if during their marriage, her husband ever verbally or physically abused her. the wife says he did – every time her husband drank he verbally abused her. TB asks what her husband maligned her about and asks for details. She starts to say “that..” But the interview derails cuz TB asks if she was maligned about her lack of higher education cuz the wife only graduated high school and if it’s true her husband beat her for not passing the driver’s test and failing so many times. The woman doesn’t answer

SY pulls TB out of the interview. SY scolds him for not asking the questions that were prepared for the interview. TB asks why she pulled him out when he was doing the interview well. She says she interrupted cuz he seemed determined to ruin the interview. He asks if she went thru all that trouble to get this interview only to ask the same dull questions. Since they have a great opportunity they should try to use it…but he gets interrupted by a message that the wife wants to stop the interview. SY:what?

MS is waiting for H to come back from her camping trip. MS asks how her camping trip went and says let’s see your face. MS checks and says H got dark (tanned too much). MS guesses H only wore tank tops and reminds H to wear something on air conditioned buses cuz H tends to catch colds easily. H says she doesn’t want to cuz it kills her style. H looks at MS and notes that MS didn’t wear sunscreen again. MS changes the subject and says let’s go –give me your bag.

MS goes thru their mail and says they are all bills. H notes that TS got the same mail as MS. MS tells her to put back other people’s mail and don’t touch. H asks how they got the same letter and MS says cuz it’s from their old school (alumni) since she went to the same school as the first son.

H asks if it’s for real that TS and her mom went to the same school – if you were classmates –doesn’t that mean your ages are similar and were friends. Were you close with ajussi. MS says during 4th and 5th grade they were in the same homeroom. They run into TS who scowls when he sees MS. But when H calls out ajussi he smiles and says hi to H. H says hello back. he says she must be returning from camping and asks if it was fun and that her face got darker. She starts to ask: were you classmates with my mom in elementary school but MS covers her mouth so those words don’t come out. MS tells him to be on his way. TS: whether I do or not.. he says see you next time to H and walks off muttering “why cover a kid’s mouth” H asks if TS doesn’t recognize her mother. MS says I must have changed too much. H says her mom should say it first – why aren’t you saying it? MS says if she aged well it’s one thing, but she just got older (looking). She says to her daughter – if a woman acts like she knows him first then it will hurt her pride so H must never tell – it’s a secret. H says she wont tell and that it hurts her that it hurts her mother’s pride too. H nags and tells MS to wear sunscreen and throw away those old fashioned clothes. MS says she will and says let’s go in cuz I have cold watermelon.

D (TH’s cop partner) repeats what the wife he questioned had said (Professor Seo’s wife): I don’t know about it – that never happened – how do you see my husband as? She wouldn’t even let me get the word “back” out in “backdoor admission.” TH asks if D met all the professors in charge of the class of ’07 admissions. D says yes and that Baek JE didn’t pay her tuition yet. Her house was confiscated by the bank and he called her a while ago but she didn’t pick up. He says she disappeared and comments that she would have come in handy in their investigation as a reference. Did she by any chance know in advance and run off like Baek In ho (BIH)? TH wonders how BIH knew in advance to move his flight up. D guesses professor Seo informed BIH. TH: how did professor Seo know then? Even tho it’s possible for him to anticipate investigators –how could he know the exact day and time –besides you and me there are only a few people who know that. D guesses someone in the precinct leaked that info. TH suddenly makes a U turn so D asks why – where is he going. TH says let’s go ask to get it off their chest. D: who? Professor seo? TH: that’s right. We are facing a dead end anyway so let’s just give it a try. D: are you crazy? He will call the police chief right away-we’ll be dead. TH: just eat your bread.

While D is questioning Seo, TH is looking around the office. Seo claims he doesn’t know BIH well and doesn’t know anything about those watches. Seo asks: are you going to keep harassing me like this? D: I am sorry but why would BIH send you those watches? Seo: how would I know that? I told you all my wife did was accept the delivery that came to our home. TH says that doesn’t make sense (as an excuse) so Seo claims he was overly busy and couldn’t pay attention then and he clearly told his wife to return it. TH says let’s just say those watches were delivered to you but for all those years you couldn’t have been that overly busy. Seo: I told her to send them back so I thought she had. TH: there is no way BIH would send you 3 expensive watches for no reason at all. did he receive leaked questions for the admissions test from you? Seo threatens he could sue if TH keeps this up. TH tells him to go ahead and do that cuz he wants this to go out to more people so they will know. I will ask again- TH repeats his earlier question. Seo tells him to get out – he wont say anything else to anyone. Seo stammers about how the police is going on with groundless speculations and knew it was serious but not this much – he challenges TH to keep going with this. TH bluffs: BIH came back alive. Seo is shocked. Then TH smiles and says: we are waiting for this news every day. Like you stated – there is lack of evidence. But you seemed really surprised. Seo tells him to get out. He threatens to call security so D stops him and says they will leave. TH: see you next time – I will come back then with clear evidence. As TH leaves, he sees a photo with the police chief, Seo, and the date stamp on it says 7-31-2003

As they walk out, D scolds him for being so harsh but TH has a flashback to the police chief looking at a photo of Seo asking – is this professor Seo- he is younger than I thought. TH: didn’t you know – he is SR’s professor (in charge of her major) chief says : I remember seeing him from afar at orientation but I never got to meet him properly. TH remembers the time stamp said 2003. TH mutters aloud: why did he hide from me that he knew him. D: what? Who? TH: nothing – later – let’s go

J comes downstairs in a long tank top and shorts so the mom looks at her and says in her head: she is wearing hardly anything. No I shouldn’t be like this –after saying I would accept her in my heart. J says how it’s hot in this room now and the attic is even more hot. J switches out purses and the mom watches as J moves the contract over to her current bag. J shows the mom the credit card the ajussi gave and says – I will go and come back from the market and ajussi took the tuition fee saying he would pay it himself. J says I’ll be back and the mom smiles and says ok go and come back. After J leaves, the mom repeats over and over “can’t”

J calls and leaves a message : ajussi it’s JE, I have good news –I have money now so you don’t have to worry about money and look for my dad now. So like you said last time – I hope you will look into a rescue party – please call me back when you get this message. Thank you.” she tries calling her step mom next but the number has been changed.

*Ja Eun’s dad is presumed dead in China when the ship he was on capsized due to a sudden storm, but since his body wasnt recovered, Ja Eun still holds out hope he wasn’t on that ship. Until she has definitive confirmation, she refuses to give up on her dad maybe being alive. Her step mom was already stepping out on her dad even before he left for China. Now that he is presumed dead, the stepmom ran off cuz she didn’t want to deal with his debts. So this is the scene where Ja Eun found out about how her step mom was cheating on her dad with his employee.

As J is shopping, she hears her step mom (YS’s) voice saying –where are you? I am on the basement first floor so come here after you park the car. J goes over to her and calls out “mom.” YS yells: are you crazy? Who is your mother? Don’t you know the moment your dad died we became strangers–we probably wont meet up like this in the future but in case we occasionally run into each other –let’s not act like we know each other again. Ever. Please. J stops her from walking off and says: mom I have something to tell you. it’s good news that will surprise you. YS sees the guy she had the affair with (J’s dad’s employee-manager kim) so she tells J to let go and not to follow her. YS leaves. J goes after her and says: mom listen to me..but YS throws water in J’s face. YS: are you crazy? I told you not to call me mom. who is your mother? The guy sees the confrontation and backs off. J says to YS: mom if you hear what I have to say you will have a change of heart. you will want to wait with me for dad. YS: your father is dead – he is dead. He already fell into the sea and died. Just try following me one more time. YS walks off.

The guy comes out and says “over here.” YS asks if he saw and he said how could he not see when she was yelling. YS: I yelled on purpose –in case you would keep coming without knowing. I feel dizzy –  that awful brat.

Ja Eun is suddenly standing in front of them and she is furious. YS let’s go of the guy’s arm and he backs away. YS tries to walk off so J grabs her wrist. YS: what are you doing? Let go. J: how could you do this? That person is my father’s employee. He is manager kim who every day tried to please my father. J screams at her stepmom that she should have chosen a better guy to cheat with if she was going to have an affair (since it’s embarrassing for her dad to have his wife cheat with his employee.) YS: what did you just say? J: you arent even a human being. you are the most shameless, thick skinned tart (someone who has affairs) in the world. YS tries to slap J but J holds her wrist so she can’t. J: I knew you only cared about money – was selfish – mistreated and insulted me-but I could endure all that – but I won’t forgive this. betraying my dad like this. even if I die I wont forgive. YS yells back “dont forgive me -didnt even expect forgiveness but dont ever forgive me-even if you die dont do it.” Ja Eun stomps on YS’s sunglasses. YS:are you crazy? she pushes J down asking if J went crazy. YS runs off. J chases after her with the shopping cart. YS asks if she is crazy – why are you doing this. Just when Ja Eun was about to ram her stepmom with the cart, Ja Eun stops.

With tears in her eyes and voice breaking with emotion, Ja Eun says: Did you know that? That my real mother who gave birth to me didnt live long with me cuz she passed away when I was two yrs old. My first stepmother was a year – second one was six months – but the mom who lived with me for the longest for 5 yrs was you. I didnt like you a whole lot, but once in a while I liked you. Like other stepmoms you didn’t say insincere things and didnt wear me out trying to match what I wanted -quite often like a real mom you nagged so I was almost mistaken – “this person must like me sometimes”. You didnt just betray my father. Let’s never meet again Jung Yoon Sook shi.

*By saying all this, she made that woman shake with the truth of her actions and I love that. Calling the woman by her name instead of the usual ”mom” is how Ja Eun severed the tie with the woman at least on an emotional level.

As the mom and dad are unloading groceries, the dad gets a text. The mom asks what it is. He says nothing so she insists on looking. He remarks that J spent a lot (using his card). He shows her and it was over $400. The mom is in shock.

SY is editing that interview. She is frustrated and runs out of coffee and T places a new one next to her and asks to speak. He says this isnt a time for her to be emotional cuz her feelings were hurt and asks to talk. TB: there is only a day left till the broadcast so we should find another program idea –film and edit it now. He starts to mention Rep Jin’s wife but SY interrupts and asks if TB doesn’t take SY seriously –even tho he has bad temper and an awful personality, she put up with it cuz he did his job but does he think the world is his now. He mumbles something about her showing her true colors now. She calls him a bad name and says he should apologize first-why make a person use profanity. He says if she keeps wanting him to show his true colors he will say everything he wants too. SY calls him more bad names and tells him to say it –when did he ever not say what he wanted. TB takes one step forward and says: I am sorry. She calms down so he smirks and says: did you want me to say this? Then I will say it all you want – I am sorry for trying to make the interview better and got disrupted. For not circumventing and asking direct hard questions and for breaking up the line of questions-it’s not easy to admit you are at fault huh- I understand. Put all the blame on me if it will help you – I can make that sacrifice for your mental stability as a team player. She tells him to shut his mouth. He says that wife wouldn’t have answered the way they wanted anyway. For the 40 mins they interviewed her – did they get any footage they could use. Enough to fill the program? She throws a video case at him and tells him to shut his mouth again. TB: did you just throw that at me? SY: that’s right I threw it. TB says after he learned Korean characters at the age of 3, he didn’t let anyone touch his body. Even my dad didn’t hit me but “you” hit me? (he spoke banmal) SY: “you?” did you just say “you.” TB: yes I said “you” – what are you going to do about it – try hitting me again –try throwing again. She tries to pick something up to do that so they struggle together. She yells for him to let go and kicks him. When she stabs his foot with her heel he sort of let’s go and she spins and falls down. She jumps up and calls him a bad name and grabs his hair. He tells her to let go while he is saying it nicely but she says she wont let go. Other co-workers come in and break them up.

They all go drinking and the guy says the first round they have to drink it all down “one shot.” The girl tries to pour another shot, but SY says no more for her. the guy says they will be sad if she acts like this when they came all the way here. SY turns down any more drinks saying she has a meeting tm morning and for the rest of them to drink and don’t mind her. the guy says TB drank more and asks her to drink just one more since they came so they can reconcile. SY says don’t pay attention to her. she warns TB to just drink enough – do you want to make a mistake tm too? He says what is there to make a mistake in such a boring interview-all he has to do is read those questions off like a parrot. Isnt that what you want from me? SY: you know that well – you should have done that sooner. The guy asks why there are like this when they came all the way here. TB says he is saying it cuz they came here – if SY was going to be like this why did she come here –instead of wasting the other team members effort to make SY feel better, SY shouldn’t have come to begin with then. TB pours her another shot and asks if he said anything that wasn’t correct. SY drinks it down. She pours him a shot and tells him to drink. He drinks and pours her another shot. She drinks. They keep taking turns that way.

The dad tells the mom they don’t know what J bought yet –they don’t know – she might have had an urgent situation – she will be here soon so let’s be patient and wait. Mom asks what urgent situation would make J spend so much money at a market-when J said she was going to buy shampoo, conditioner, and stuff like that – didn’t you hear her say that? Dad: I heard too – want to lie down – should I lay out the blankets? Mom makes a comment that the dad is hopeless – does it look like she can sleep now. She says in her entire life she never once spent that much money on clothes-she hasn’t even swiped the card in one payment before (instead of broken up into 2 or 3 monthly installment payments) so how could that girl that came out of nowhere use that much money at the supermarket. Do you know how I feel now? Dad: how is it? Mom: I want to grind you down into powder. They hear J say she is back. The mom gets up to go out but the dad tells her -it’s ok for her to grind him into powder but not J. the mom shakes him off and goes outside.

GM says J is late and asks if she ate dinner. J says she didnt but doesn’t feel like it (eating) so she will just go up. The mom asks J to come over there (to the kitchen) for a minute. J: why? GM asks why too and says just talk here. The mom agrees and tells J to sit there. J: why ajumma? The mom says how J spent a lot at the market. J: did I? GM: how much did she spend? She asks J to say how much she spent. J says she doesn’t know cuz she didn’t hear. She takes out the receipt and looks at it. J: it did come out to a bit more . GM looks at it and says it’s not $40 it’s $400. Mom: to you is that “a bit more?“ J: to me it is cuz it’s the same amount as a pair of shoes. Everyone is shocked. J says she gets it and from next time on she will watch her spending (meaning she will spend less) today’s situation was a little like that. Is that it? I’ll go up. The mom asks where the products are. Since she spent so much money she should have the items she purchased. J explains it was all destroyed so she couldn’t have used it even if she brought it. GM: what? Dad: what did you buy that was ruined as soon as you bought it. J: it just turned out that way and I don’t feel like explaining. Just think that’s what happened. GM asks dad if J is in her right mind. Maybe she drank some pesticides. J: GM are you crazy – why would I drink pesticides. She yells at the parents: what are you so upset about – it’s not like I am cheating you out of money – I will pay it all back. Make a list and remember it all – after I sell the farm later– I wont leave out anything and pay back with interest. I’ll go up now.

J goes to the attic room and takes her dad’s picture – looks at it as she cries then lies down hugging the frame- still crying.

The other two coworkers are passed out drunk. (SY is talking about that wife from the interview) SY mutters about dropping out or graduating from middle school –when Rep Jin beat her (the wife) – whether there was classical music playing or trot (old Korean songs that make you wish you could go temporarily deaf just so you don’t have to hear it)-stuff like this? TB: bingo –that’s what the citizens of this nation want to know – and we have an obligation to inform them cuz it’s their right to know (citizen’s right to be informed). SY: you think that’s right to know- not just fun to know? TB: the audience/viewers judge that. TB burps and says sorry. He says they are reporting facts. She says it isn’t facts – it must be scintillation. She accuses him of wanting to report something really big so he can become an IBC star even a day earlier. He tells her not to talk big – didn’t she have those thoughts too. He called her “you” and by her name so she repeats that. He says let’s take off their ID badges (with job titles on them) today – you are a year younger than me to be honest – no you are two years younger than me. SY: we are reporters – not stalking paparazzi –or trainees who want to make it big overnight as stars – but reporters. Do you know why I let you do that important interview that was so hard for me to get. He says he was curious too. She says cuz he was more suited for that than her. you have a lot more qualities than me as a broadcast reporter. She sings his praises about his great writing ability – voice – good video (appearance) and ability to act too. More than anyone you have better convincing ability. TB: you knew. SY: that’s why I entrusted it to you. I didn’t want to be the bad sunbae who makes her hoobae’s talents cool off. SY says even if he doesn’t use those methods or over exaggerate –he can become a great reporter without all that. You can also do what you want “power brand” –so during interviews like with Rep Jin’s wife – don’t give scars or pain by bringing up her past just for your own agenda – right to know or scintillation – you said the audience would judge –that’s not it – history judges that – in history what kind of reporter do you want to remain as. He gives her a look then leans in and kisses her. then they kiss again.

SY’s dad wakes up and goes to the bathroom and catches his wife dunking a toothbrush into the toilet and swishing it around. Then he is horrified when he realizes it’s his toothbrush. Dad: are you crazy-what is this? Is this someone a human does? To a toothbrush that goes in the mouth. He has a sudden urge to barf. She tells him not to over-exaggerate cuz she only did it 3 times. Today was the 4th time and she got caught. He throws his toothbrush down in anger. Mom: cuz I have a conscience – I didn’t scrub the toilet with it. When my friend caught her husband having affair –she used the toothbrush to scrub the toilet and an unni I know snipped cat hair and put it in her husband’s soup. Dad: you think that makes sense? Mom:why do you keep yelling? There is already an echo in the bathroom. Dad: if you were going to be like this – I should have just properly had an affair. If I knew you were going to continuously get revenge, I would have properly held hands and kissed and did everything there is to do. Mom:how can you say that in front of me? Dad: we only met 4 times –also since we met cuz of work – each time was for an hour or two-after talking about work the whole time – we hardly got to talk about personal stuff and separated. SY yells back then why would that woman send such a passionate email. Dad says that woman did that on her own (it’s her own thoughts) –why should he take responsibility for that woman’s feelings. Mom accuses him of leading the woman on – is she crazy to do that on her own? Dad: do you hate me that much – do you hate me enough to kill me? Mom: don’t over –exaggerate – you wont die from having your toothbrush swished around in a toilet. He just looks at her. she asks why he is looking at her like that. He asks where nam YG (her name) went– where did that decent beautiful NYG go that he loved all his life. look into this mirror once. See what woman is standing there. how much of an unattractive woman is standing there. he leaves. She yells- who’s fault is it that I ended up like this –why did I end up like this? She looks in the mirror and looks upset.

TB is woken up by a ringing cell phone in the morning. He looks over and sees SY lying next to him.


Episode 6 is on its way next


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  1. ck1Oz says:

    HAH! It’s here.Off to read cos’ I was waiting for this. Thanks very much 🙂


  2. Softy says:

    these may be the only comments for this cuz no one can even find this post cuz it’s buried in the order of airdate 🙂 going to work on E6 today and fri – right after Man of honor finishes tonight. Think of this as your own personal recap done just for you to help you practice listening for your korean language study. 🙂


    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh then don’t because I will feel bad. I know how long each recap takes. Don’t worry about it. I have another 26 episodes to practice on 🙂


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      • ck1Oz says:

        Err… for your info my viki sunbae follows your transcap as well. She is like one of the senior editors and she is the one who has like 4000 flashcards of Korean words. She is in advanced Korean at college level. However she is so busy on viki she is only on ep 6 of OB and she comes here :-0 So that’s one more reader.


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