Protect the boss E5 & E6 highlights

Ask me how much I love these two scenes. In all my years of watching Kdrama, I have never seen the recipient of a man’s affections react so hilariously. My cheeks ached from grinning so much and I think my dimple got dimples. I’m going to need a whole new batch of words for “precious” to describe how J is around her. This episode was a much needed band aid to alleviate the anguish of saying goodbye to YFFM.

Before anyone gets too excited, I just want to say I love this drama but doing two full recaps in one night is grueling so I only did certain scenes. Next week a new drama (Can’t lose) starts so I want to check it out before I make any final decisions. Something tells me PTB is going to win unless Oska sings on that drama – then we might have a contender. The only drama I can do full recaps for is Scent of a woman.

There seems to be a lot of these deja vu scenes recently I noticed. It came out on CYHMH, SOAW, and now PTB. For the two on the top row – this is where Maru and Woori climbed up and stood around talking for a while. Then last night on PTB, this is where E and her roommate climbed up right before they met up with J. It also came out and on E4 of SOAW in the scene when Y was writing her bucket list. The bottom two of course was from CYHMH where there were a lot of crucial scenes, but Y walked through it on her way out of J’s office on E8 of SOAW.

E6 highlights

N pushes M away and tells M she doesnt want to make the same mistake again. i wont go to you now

after J kisses E, she jumps into action to beat him up so he begs for forgiveness- I’m really sorry- I was wrong.

J’s dad hears NES came.

E tells J that she will forgive him this one time. J says he will accept that forgiveness. he checks his pulse and says he has something to confirm. he asks her to touch his pulse. she says why should she. he says when his panic attack comes on- his pulse races like this. you said you wanted to know about my condition. she puts her hand on his pulse. she confirms it. E: omo omo so it really does race like crazy – when that panic attack comes on it makes it go fast like this. J nods and says: but right now it’s not racing cuz of my panic attack – it’s racing cuz of you. she tries to pull her hand away but he grabs it and confirms and triumphantly announces her heart is racing too like his. she twists his fingers and says – then if you put your lips next to mine will I be fine/normal? my body is not stone so of course I will have at least that much reaction -also cuz I was surprised and furious it could race too. J yells out in pain and tells her not to come up with excuses – cant you be honest with yourself? J says let’s stop when he gets his hand back. he mutters – what kind of woman. but she says – be warned – what he did earlier without permission is not different from what that guy did on the bus. J says part of what he did was wrong but the other half it’s unfair – I normally hate skinship. he says how he lived up to now being (pure? like a monk)  so for me to do that a while ago -it was cuz the other person was you. he says he wants her to know that truth. she sees him flexing his wrist so she asks if it hurts. J: you think it wont?

J’s dad overhears J lecturing E not to him him anymore so his dad barges in asking if J got hit by E. then he asks if E hit J. J: I didnt get his dad repeats the words “didnt get hit today?” E steps between them and says dont misunderstand -the only time i really hit him was at that TM park incident – just that one time. his dad understands and yells at J that he must have deserved it to be hit (recently) then. look everywhere “you are the only who gets hit by his female secretary” his dad tries to hit again. J: it’s cuz I get beat at home that I get beat outside. E tells his dad that from now on that wont happen anymore. J is happy to hear it and asks his dad is he heard what she said.

J helps E carry the books out to the car. he assumes she will say she wont take the car, but she grabs his keys and says she will.  he asks about her keeping her pride. she says the buses stopped running so even if she wants to keep her pride she has to have cab fare to keep it.  he says she did well to put aside her pride.

as she is about to pull away, he tells her not to drive fast just cuz the roads are empty. E: I will drive slowly. J: dont drive slowly – it could be more dangerous – just drive in the middle range (not fast or slow)

J gets in trouble with his grandma (GM). she asks why he stole someone else’s car and forced someone who doesnt want to ride it take it. J: you already have a car – I gave her a small one on purpose. she says how that car is her fav cuz she worried as she bought it that the red color might look too young. she asks if he is behind her missing shoes too – how could he steal his GM’s shoes and car and give it to his girl. J: GM you have a lot of shoes. GM: tell me – do you like that secretary that much? J is shocked: how did you know that GM? she says how he made it obvious – come to your senses -you are the successor to DN Group. you are not working alone – you are working for the group. dont you know that? GM starts to say E is demure but says she isnt and changes it to energetic and healthy – if you mess with that girl – she will be the only one who gets hurt. you are committing a sin-be careful what you do. J gets a look on his face. J: I dont want to – I want to bother her. GM: what? J: I will bother her – for all my life – just NES. I want to do that GM. she is speechless.

* “mess with” in korean has different connotations like “bother” or “touch”- “bother” is the one J meant so this was really a meaningful moment

GM goes to J’s dad and asks if he has thought about J’s potential wife problems. he says how N came to meet him. GM asks what if J doesnt want to. his dad says why would J not like it when N is the only woman he knows. he says J is just sulking and making N suffer a little. they talk some more and GM asks what if the girl is the daughter from an average family and his dad says: does that make sense? he asks if she knows something. she doesnt answer and tells him to stop watching his drama and go to sleep

M remembers his conversation with N in the car after the kiss. N: do you know why I am trying to go back to J? she says how she J doesnt look at reason(condition) when it comes to her so to her he is the best reason. she thanks M for his heart/feelings but it’s too small. M tells her to go to J and do her best. she says dont talk like it’s their last time- even if she fails and goes back to M- he will accept her even if he doesnt feel the same cuz he will need her for this or that reason. M: we will know soon – just like I just failed you will fail too. let’s see what happens then – if I accept you or not. she calls him a bad guy cuz it sounds like he is dooming her to fail

E remembers what J said about his condition as she goes thru the books at the office- how he is scared of fear-in his case – when he has to encounter a lot of ppl that’s when it shows up – it doesnt always happen but he is always afraid it will -cuz his condition might surface – he avoids it ahead of time and is afraid in advance. flashback to the couch. she asks if this sort of thing happens cuz of trauma. J : that could happen. she asks what about in his case. E: did you have any trauma? J looks serious and contemplates for a second but says: one thing is for sure- if you dont accept my feelings then that will be really traumatic for me. end flashback. she tells herself not to feel anything for him and reminds herself of her goal-to become a full time employee who gets paid more. she thinks about the kiss so she keeps repeating she wants to be a full time employee and get paid more

M knocks on the wall and says today I am not eavesdropping for a long time and revealing I am here sooner. he asks what she is doing here at this time. she says she had some books to look over and her roommate cant sleep with the lights on. she asks why he is here. M: i didnt want to go home but there was no place to go.  E: did you get in trouble with your mom again?

they eat ramen. she says usually ramen tastes good after a drink. he offers her one but he doesnt want to drink. he says he was too embarrassed last time. she says he was cute then. he says that was the first time he heard he was cute – he normally hears – good looking. she says that sounds right. she starts to say his makeup but stops herself. he asks if she heard from J -i’m saying this so you dont misunderstand but I only wore BB cream on days I have a presentation or interview. she asks if he wears BB cream. M: I’m saying I dont put that on. she points to his lipstick smudge but drops the subject saying it’s his personal business

J calls E after a slight panic attack and asks if she went home well not driving too fast or too slow. E: I did drive not too slowly or quickly but …J says she should have reported that she did that cuz he worried. you should have left me a text at least. isnt that just having manners if you have smart phone. J hears background noise and asks if she is outside. J hears M’s voice who said “is that J?” J asks if that is M and asks her to hurry and say where she is. E: I am going home right away soon. J:where are you?  but M asks to speak to J. M to J: I told you that since you interrupted I would eat with NES twice. J:what? M: today is the second meal but should I stop? want to come and interrupt? ok then next time I should eat with her four times without you knowing. you know I do what I say. J says fine you can eat but today is the last time. M: I’ll see based on what you do/how you act. E remarks that J isnt a boss but a childish stalker. M: in my eyes the two of you seem close.

M says just how she took his side last time and offered to beat up who scolded him. she jokes she almost beat up his mom. M admits he was rejected today and wants her to take his side again like she did last time cuz he needs to be comforted/cheered up. she asks who rejected him and offers to beat up that ice cream. M: you knew it was N? E: there are things I should know that I dont but I know stuff I shouldnt know. she offers to kick a soda can at N and he says do it. she asks if he wants her to do it for real and he says he does. they laugh

M tells his mom that NES is his spy- he chose her to watch over J so he tells his mom not to misunderstand. cuz J and NES are not in that kind of relationship. tell Hwang this. she remembers how the guy she met told her how M chose NES from the interview and said M might  like NES

next morning J greets her with dark circles and says he didnt sleep at all. he says how he was flustered yesterday like a young innocent girl and was going to sleep like that with that kind of feeling but she threw poop water on him.

when J jumps into the elevator alone his dad asks why J is like that – is it cuz J had to come in early to work. she asks his dad to be understanding – since J didnt get enough sleep he must be a little sensitive. J’s dad: at his age – what is he a child? she agrees too quickly so he reminds her she should have said  “he isnt” here (cuz it’s the office)

E gives J his schedule and after the last one she read off he asks what she just asked him to do. she explains how other bosses learn english, japanese, and chinese. so he brags he went to study abroad and speaks english. she asks him to speak slowly so he accuses her of not knowing how to speak eng well cuz it took her 6 yrs to graduate saying it’s embarrassing him to have her as his secretary. she gets defensive and says she understood some of what he said in eng. in between words. also she went to college for 6 yrs cuz the tuition was expensive and had to take breaks. sorry I am an embarrassing secretary. she says she will be busy this week and on the weekend she is going to start his exercise program for his condition. she says she is going to take the money from that and go to a learning institute. she walks off muttering his pronunciation was similar to hers. (LOL)

E goes out and hears the nice secretary speaking eng well so E says she has something to ask her

J runs into M and says yesterday was the last time. M says maybe. so J says if you are curious about me ask me yourself I will open up a 100% and tell you. M: you still think I am meeting NES as a spy? J: it doesnt matter – I just wont put up with it anymore. M: I dont want to. J: I think of NES as someone special so. M interrupts: does NES think of you that way? J sort of wants to lie but says : she will end up doing that. why cuz from here on I am going to be really cool. with work and as a guy. M mutters it’s hard to believe and walks off.

E asks if they did well during the meeting. M: I did well but what were you (to J) – sleeping the whole time. she asks if J slept. he says cuz of her he didnt get any sleep. his dad comes out and yells at her so she says to herself – everything is my fault.

E says J did well and says sorry to him. he asks why she is thankful. she thinks she made that mistake during his meeting when he had the same thing to say as M cuz she was too busy going to the eng learning center. but he says M stole his presentation. he gets a call from N so he holds it up to E’s face and tells her not to misunderstand. she puts it up to his face and tells him to answer it.

as N and J talk, she realizes what he is doing and asks if he is talking about “that woman” in front of her. he says sorry but he isnt going back to N. N: NES has no interest in you – I met her myself and asked. he compliments E saying: if it was me I would have told right away that I met you.  N: you are not in your right mind are you? J: I am sorry but talking about this – I hope today is the last time. I dont want to hurt you. N: you are crazy. I dont want to say this but she isnt your level.  J: there is nothing good about me either. aside from my background/education and money – the rest I lack more than her. N: so are you saying right now that you are going to date that woman? J: yes I am – will be going now.

N calls E to meet. she says how E made her less worry by saying how E wont get close to J so how could she backstab her like this after putting her at ease. E: there was a situation. N asks what situation. E: I cant tell you. N: I have the right to know. E says she is sorry but she doesnt have anything to say. N tries to slap E but E gets the upperhand so N complains it hurts. M comes up and witnesses that. E tells N to figure out their feelings between J and N (and leave her out of it) N asks how M could just stand there and watch and not help. he says how he was cool and sent her off. she says she came to tell E that she would stop the article but now she is going to release it (that article has to do with that guy from the bus who happens to be a plant to make E look bad but since it involves J (cuz he punched out the guy), N wanted to stop it but now she changed her mind) N: I am going to destroy him and make him come to me on his own two feet. M: news article?

J catches up to E and asks if she is jealous he met N but E says she isnt jealous of that. J: I was moved that you met N. E: please make it so that woman doesnt come looking for me. E remarks that N has a stronger grip that J. J: NES I like you a lot. she calls him crazy for saying it here cuz it’s the office. she looks around in a panic. J: no one is here. he makes her look at him. I am not going to make the same mistake twice-I will show you my heart (how I feel) he compliments her in a cheesy way how she is pretty so she breaks out in hives and warns him not to say another word and scratches her arm. J: I still have a lot left. she glares at him. J: ok I will leave it for later.

that spy hwang heard it all so M asks if he is going to go and tell his mom.

M remembers what N said about how this will be the second incident for J and it will hurt his image a lot but the funny thing is it involves NES both times.

M tries to give E another job saying it looks like she is suffering cuz of J and M feels responsible cuz M hired her and he thinks for sure she will do well at her new position. she starts to thank him so he guesses she is turning it down. she doesnt want to quit and give up on this job and wants to do her best up to what she can. she tells him not to take it as a final no cuz if something comes up she wants to take him up on his job offer. (guess she is using this as her backup for later down the line) can I do that? he says that is what he was going to say. he tells her to do that if that happens. she thanks him and says he is her strong “back”/reliable support. he asks : next time will you play with me again? like that time. E: of course

GM apologizes to the dog for accusing him of taking her shoes

she gets dizzy when she gets up so E comes along and makes GM get on her back and E piggybacks her into the house. GM shushes the maid from saying who GM really is cuz E still thinks GM is an old lady who works for the family. E asks the maid to get some cold water. J comes down and asks if his GM is hurt somewhere. GM shushes him. E scolds J for letting an old lady work outside in this heat. J goes along with the lie and says : she is someone who works for us but I wonder who made her work outside. GM says she is better and tells E to go. J’s dad comes out and calls GM “mom” and asks why she is lying down. E tries to confirm J’s dad called GM “mom” J’s dad: you never met her? she is my mother. he introduces GM to E saying E is J’s secretary. mom arent you going to say hello? are you not feeling well? GM finally uncovers her face cuz she had her hands over it. GM starts to explain so E bows and says sorry for not knowing who you were. E:but I think you did something wrong to me too. his dad asks if his mom did something wrong to E. J says it’s ok and tells her to follow him. GM yells at her son for calling her mom so much.

M overhears his mom releasing the news article – she asks for big headlines about J punching out that guy over J’s secretary being harassed

J and E are running but he stops for breath. she says for today he only needs to run till over there. he says I already told you I cant exercise. cuz when he exercises his heart races the same as when he has a panic attack. she checks his pulse and tells him to touch her pulse. J looks happier and asks: I can do that? she tells him to check his. E: it’s racing the same huh? J agrees it’s the same. she says she doesnt have his condition but it’s racing – when you run and exercise anyone’s heart can race. it’s normal. it will be hard to do all at once but try to remember this “this is normal – it’s not just me -everyone does this” J: I already knew that but since you said it – it seems new. she asks to check his pulse saying it must have slowed down. E: it’s racing more. J: of course cuz I am close to you right now (he was holding her pulse still) she pulls away. he starts in on his compliments so she tells him to stop. J calls out: it hurts my heart

J complains he doesnt want to do it but she puts sunglasses on him and makes him sing in public. then he dances too.

he asks what’s next that he has to do. she makes him read out a presentation but he struggles and says he cant do anymore. E runs over and asks if he is ok. she says he did well.

J’s dad finds out about the article before it came out. his secretary discovered it. J’s dad guesses M’s mom was behind it

when he drops off E, J says he was moved today. for my sake watching what you did -I decided to do better. * not sure of the words they used – but she cuts him off before he does more word play to say she doesnt know that she is pretty, cute, and sexy. and tells him to stop. J: that’s not it. he says how good she is at what she does. M heard that from his car. after J leaves, he calls out her name. she asks how he knew where she lived. he said he stole it from her resume cuz he couldnt reach her by phone. she checks and says it was on vibrate. she asks what brings him here- do you want to play again? M: I had something to say. he starts to say he isnt the good guy she thinks he is but she gets a call so he tells her to answer it. she says into the phone – you caught him? I will go right now. M asks if there is an emergency. 

that pervert guy is asking the cop not to put his name on the report but the cop tells him to be quiet. her roommate gets praised by the cop for bringing in three bad guys and receives and award. E goes over and says sorry to M for making him wait so long. E introduces her roommate to him but E had used an unflattering nickname for her and blamed it on J so the girl uses one for M ( godlike) so E tries to shush her

J;s dad and M”s mom meet. he tells her to take down the article and she asks him to do something. they both agree to each other’s demands. J”s :what happened today…she finishes his sentence :… is a secret between you and me

M and his mom argue about the article. she asks if he likes that woman. M: what I know for sure is – what shame is cuz of that woman (meaning he is ashamed of what his mom did thanks to someone like E) 

E gets called by N’s mom. E meets her and asks -i’m sorry but what right do you have to do this to me – are you M’s mom? J’s mom? you;re not. will you please leave now cuz I am too busy today

next she meets M’s mom. E: I will say this again  but you are misunderstanding – I havent even thought of being involved with a chaebol even this much (as much as sleep that forms on eyes) I just want to live the way I do now with complications. M’s mom: complications?

E meets with GM. E: why are you doing this to me too GM? GM: I just came to formally apologize for what I did. E: oh you did? GM:why what happened? E says how M’s mom and N’s mom came to meet her 20 mins and 40mins ago. GM:what?

GM wonders why M’s mom wanted to meet E and guesses M likes E too. both grandsons are the same?

M goes to see E and is surprised she called him first. J sees E is missing and asks if M is in his office. M’s secretary says M was called outside. he goes looking all over for her and has a hard time breathing

E: I dont know the reason but both of them seemed to be misunderstanding. M says sorry for making her go thru that. E: it’s ok but if the misunderstanding isnt cleared up quickly then in the future it might get tiring. M: what if it isnt a misunderstanding? J runs by and sees them. M: you said I was godlike to you? I dont like that -lower me down to a person-I want to be a guy to you 


PTB E5 highlights

After E rolls J out of bed complaining she didn’t get any sleep, J says it hurts. she points and says he is wearing the underwear she bought him. J is still groggy so he automatically says “NES gave it to me as a present” then he realizes and gets embarrassed and covers himself up with the blanket asking “what is she-that girl.” She pulls the blanket down to try to put some pants on him so he says “don’t do that –why are you like this.” She mutters she already saw it all last time. he asks what she saw. She says we are late and he says they arent –he is always late anyway. He asks “wait a minute-why are you treating me like this doing whatever you want.” As she drags him down the steps – he asks “don’t you feel sorry for me?” She pushes him in the car and he complains “it’s my body.”

E compliments J on his speech saying he did totally well – she praises him more saying she thought he was steve jobs.

as J goes back to his office with E’s roommate and his former secretary (Kim), Kim tells J not to call him that cuz he isnt J’s secretary anymore and speaks banmal to J. he says today was just a part time job so he asks to be paid.  E’s roommate asks to be paid too, but J points out she just had her head down on the table and slept. she says she was praying J would do well with her head down. J doesnt buy it. E comes in and hugs everyone saying they did well. As E and J hug, they both remember what he mumbled to her when he was drunk in the cab. she thinks to herself – he must have blacked out – he wont remember it at all. J thinks there is no chance E would understand what he said. they quickly separate. she says how his dad wants to treat everyone to a meal. J says he doesnt want to go so she says she will get in trouble with his dad if she doesnt bring him. J quickly says he will go. Kim is taken back cuz J always told kim to break off the appt. J asks him-did I do that? kim staggers in disbelief. J asks if E isnt going. she says she has to go clean up after the meeting. he says her look is very honest cuz she stayed up all night and looks like it. he tells her to just clean up a little and dont go around anywhere and hurry and go home and sleep. her roommate tries to hit him saying it’s not his business what E does.

M watches her cute rapping session as she washes the dishes and asks her to eat dinner with him – even if she ate already he asks her to eat again with him. during their meal she notices his mood is low so she asks what’s going on. he says he got in trouble. she offers to beat up that person and asks who it is. he admits it was his mom. M says cuz E took his side he wants to open up to her. she tells him to do it and she will listen. he says he thinks he is a successful son. he doesnt know what else he can do when he is already doing what he said he would. E shares this with him: if a person who always goes home by ten goes home at midnight for some reason, they’ll say “you went crazy didnt you”  -when some who always goes home at midnight happens to come home at ten once in a blue moon -will hear “oh my baby – thank you-you came home early.” from that story M guesses that he was normally too obedient. he complains how J does well once in a while  but gets praised and E says that is what she means. she suggests that M does a little bit of being less than perfect once in a while. he makes her suddenly get up to go that and asks what he needs to do. she admits it’s been a long time since she played.

M makes excuses for those places she takes him to and E remembers how J said he couldnt ride the bus so she laughs and says M and J are really different but have things that are similar.

when J’s dad is drunk, he tells his mom how well he is getting along with J these days. he says how J thinks that if he likes his dad, he is betraying his mom so J pretends not to like me.

J lays in bed and remebers how he told E to go home and not run around. he texts – NES – are you sleeping? NES are you not sleeping yet? before he can send it he gets a call. he pretends to be gruff and says -what is it? I told you to hurry and sleep so why arent you sleeping…what?”

a drunk M is on the steps and E keeps asking if he isnt going to go home. he says he isnt. M pets her head saying she is nice. J runs over yelling – what is this? NES is totally mine” (no one noticed he said that) then later J blurts out to M- why are you touching NES as much as you want without permission. J asks her if she is seducing M too. she says she didnt seduce anyone.

J carries a drunk M home and M’s mom asks if J plans to drag M down to his level cuz M has never done something like this before (come home drunk) – she criticizes J for throwing M down on the bed.  J says he will take that to mean she is thanking J for bringing M home safely after he got drunk. J turns and says she is a bigger problem than M.  he asks her to tell M this warning when M wakes up- dont steal something that belongs to someone else. cuz now even if I die I wont get it stolen.

after J drops her off, he asks if she plans on continuing to be close with M – do you like him? E looks conflicted and says- I was going to act like I dont know – i was going to close my eyes and ignore it -am I in your head? do you like me? J: am I crazy?  she seems relieved but he owns up and says –  that’s right I am crazy. she gets confused and asks if that means he is crazy or not. why is it so complicated – making a person confused. J says to look at herself cuz she looks funny. (he made her window stay down so she would get windblown earlier) so she says she looks like this cuz of “someone.” she asks him to just say if he likes her or not. J: I like you – admitting it was hard for me -does it make sense? that I would – NES -the crazy poop hair -that I would? why? how? i kept thinking about the answer…he stops talking so she asks “what about the answer.” J: there isnt one. I’m just crazy. he asks for her answer. E: you are asking me what I think? he nods yes. she tells him to come to his senses. she bows and goes up the steps to her house.

he chases her up muttering how she could do this to someone who is being honest and asks if she likes him or not. she complains this is better since she cant accept it. (that he likes her). he asks why she cant accept it. she starts – “first” (and he interrupts in shock asking if that means there is a “second”) she asks how ppl will look at this if the secretary dates the director. he asks if she is the type to care what ppl thinks. she says she isnt. but she doesnt like it cuz no matter how hard she works -they will look at her strangely. she points out another reason – how ppl dont take him seriously and now if they know they will do it even more. I really dont like that. also the second -what about if his dad knows J is doing this -even tho his dad likes her now -with this he might bury her in the han river (? not sure about that part) she says a third reason – I sincerely like you but (my feelings) dont go beyond boss or more than that. she says she doesnt want to accept his feelings for her and just wants to remain his secretary. J turns around to think it over. E: sorry for hurting you but I what i am more worried about than your hurting you is that if you keep doing this I wont be able to work properly then I will have to quit. if that happens I am more worried about my ID tag – that I wont be able to hang it around my neck again. I’m really awful arent I? selfish huh? J agrees. E: that’s why come to your senses – I bet you will be able to regain your senses soon. she turns to go but he yells out – I dont want to – I wont come to my senses. E: then what do I do- should I just write out my resignation? J acts horrified and asks: are you threatening me now? E: yes. he says she is really awful. E: I am arent I? J says he will think this over seriously. so dont threaten me. it’s shrinking my heart. she bows and thanks him and tells him to think it over seriously

E goes and hugs her roommate- what do I do about him-what do I do about myself? her roommate says if it was her she would just date him

J throws a dart at the cut out and says : I lied – I wont think about it again. I wont. he puts bandaids on her holes. J: you think about it again (you reconsider it) – I will make sure you rethink it

at the office, J says he wont work so E asks Kim to step out for a minute. when it’s just E and J, she asks if he is saying he wont work to get to her. she asks why he is doing this cuz it’s unfair. she starts to threaten but J finishes and says – that you will write out your resignation? write it. he calls her out on it saying that he fell for it for a second but she cant write it cuz the ID tag means too much to her. he says that threat was an empty lie. E: it wasnt. J: should I make a threat this time? until you are crazy about me -I wont work. she makes a fist to hit him but he moves away. he says he wont work cuz he knows that’s what she hates the most.

J’s dad asks E: save me- this is an important time for J – think of it as you paying your debt to me – please turn J into a proper person – I will ask of you – I will trust you – I trust you

J is at home playing games. he says: I miss NES – I should have gone in to work. he gets a call from E’s roommate (he calls her wrestler yang)

E had elbowed a pervert on the bus. the guy acts like he is an innocent victim and lies that his arm doesnt move properly. cop doesnt believe E’s side of the story. her roommate says let’s settle – even if we dont have money we know ppl who do. E says: that is their money not mine. her roommate says she already called. J bursts in and asks – who is it? who touched NES’s butt?

outside, E asks why J settled when she is the real victim. J says he made a mistake he should have let her stay in there all day. she complains how J shouldnt have paid off the guy. the pervert walks by laughing so J asks to speak to him. J says: in Korea there is this saying  “in this world there is nothing for free” why would I give you extra settlement? J pulls back his arm and punches the guy. the guy punches J back. so E punches the guy.

E and J talk alone. E: fine – I will reconsider it. you are going to work right? you are coming out to the office? J agrees. E: I am only saying I will think it over to an extent- I am not saying right away that I will like you -I am not saying I think of you as a guy – it’s not stuff like this. J says he is ok with her just starting to think about it. then she talks about work and how much he has to do

E is jogging with her roommate. J is waiting at the bottom of the stairs by her home. he says she is really late. her roommate says an hour hasnt even passed since they said goodbye. J throws E his car keys and says she has to come when he calls.  her roommate loves the idea of having a car and hits the car saying it’s nice. J tells her not to touch it and she isnt allowed to ride in it. she points out he doesnt know something well – if he doesnt look good in her eyes it wont be good for him -whether I take your side or not – this is really imp. J changes his tune and says he will put up with her once in a while. E tells him to take his keys back-before I take back saying I will think it over. he says he cant just let her go thru stuff like that on the bus and how she loses her shoes etc. her roommate and E fight over whether to keep the car. J changes the subject and talks about work and asks if E has something ready. he asks the roommate for the keys. she asks if he is taking the car back. J explains since he drove it here- gave it to NES- she has to give him a ride home.

once she drives him home she tries to give the keys back but he tells her to follow him in cuz he is going to lend her the books about his phobia. she asks why there are so many. how am I supposed to take all these. J: you are strong. E: not enough to carry all these. J: then divide them up and take them or else you can come here to look at them or I will teach you myself.  she mentions how if he tries he could get his condition fixed/cured. he says it isnt that easy -why is your comprehension so slow. she mutters that must be why you know part of the brain J: should I show you?

* I only did scenes with J and E and pretty much excluded the rest so the conversation and scenes do not flow as well


E tries to fix J’s condition thru exercise

J tells N that he is going to date NES


21 comments on “Protect the boss E5 & E6 highlights

  1. hartofseeker says:

    wowwww this is what we call eagle eyes man~~ haha that’d you can notice them using the same filming locations like that XD the only common drama filming sites that i can recognize so far is that 1-room attic/house on top of a building they use for all those poor female leads (unless my eyes suck that bad and they just all look the same to me XP )

    =3 Glad your enjoying PTB too~~ =D


  2. nikesma says:

    I don’t mind you’re doing certain scenes in PTB especially J and E’s. Really grateful and appreciate you even doing it. much hugs!


  3. nonski says:

    One happy soul here cause your doing PTB, thanks so much Softy!


  4. Anvesha says:

    What a surprise! A few minutes ago, I was wondering if you will talk abt PTB because I don’t remember you mentioning it at all…


  5. yuna says:

    thank you so much for this. am so so in love with this show. hoping you’ll choose PTB over Can’t Lose 🙂


  6. So3 says:

    It’s funny that despite SoW is from SBS and CYHMH is from MBS, they use the same office building for shooting…

    I do wonder if it’s a really famous spot in Seoul where everyone climbs when they need to take a break of something =P


  7. Jomo says:

    What about the tiled bridge “pier” decor in both SMW and PTB?
    I think they are both down by the Han River.


  8. Anon says:

    Yay, thank you for doing this, love this drama so much!


  9. Iviih says:

    Hey Softy, not only in CYHMH, SOAW, and PTB. This place also appeared on Doctor Champ and on Gloria… they do love that place huh? The place of the first two pictures I mean,

    about the second place, I remember seeing WR looking to the big tank fish and DJ walking through there… hehehe ooh I miss so much CYHMH? T___T


  10. nikesma says:

    I’m watching PTB now and came here to read, and realize you’re still translating. Dear softy, it feels like it’s not a highlight anymore. Lol. It’s 6am now, you should just go to sleep and continue tomorrow. *hugs softy


  11. krissy says:

    PTB for the recap!!! Thank you!


  12. krissy says:

    Please recap PTB. Thank you!


  13. Jomo says:

    Thanks for doing both of these eps. It is a wonderful show, I am glad you are enjoying it!

    Lots of love from me to the boys. Can’t pick one or the other yet. My current wallpaper is both of them – easily the most adorable cousin siblings in K-drama history.

    I love that ES DESERVES both of them, too. She has more hidden strength to give them. I can’t wait to see more of how she gets to them over the next month or so.


  14. Jomo says:

    Did you see that the Chairman was watching SOAW on this tele?


  15. martha says:

    Love love love this drama – I laughed out loud many times because they are all so darn cute. I hope that it stays this funny and doesn’t get too dark. Thank you softy 🙂


  16. Fanderay says:

    I feel like this show is setting some sort of record in terms of early love confessions and everyone being honest about their feelings. I don’t even know what I felt at the end of episode 6. I’m all giddy over M pursuing her, but my heart is breaking for poor innocent J. The contrast between the two guys during that scene is pretty comical. J is running around with his ridiculous bowtie/backpack combination, and then M walks in looking like some sort of model with his perfect hair.

    I think that part of what I like about this show is that even though there’s a lot going on, there’s no obvious plot. I’m not dying to know what’s going to happen next in the grand scheme of things, but whatever DOES come next is always awesome.

    I love J’s family sooooo much. How cute is the grandma? I thought it was great that she told J that he couldn’t marry who he wanted but then actually started considering E as an option when J said he was going to bother her forever. Has any chaebol parent or grandparent EVER responded that way?

    N’s character is just as refreshing. I like that even though her mom is trying to pressure her to marry strategically, she still wants to marry for love. I appreciate that she has empathy for the other characters too, and warned MW about the photos of him with E. Yes, she decided to throw J under the bus with the whole pervert incident, but I mostly just admire that she tried to stand up to her mom and warn him first. Her attempt at self defense was pretty cute too.

    Even though J is breaking my heart with his anxiety attacks and his hopeful sweetness towards E, M is starting to break my heart too. I think he really did care for N, and it makes me sad that E is the only person he can get comfort from. He keeps trying to secretly protect her, by telling his mom she’s his spy and offering her a job, and yet he still tortures himself and feels guilty over his mother’s indiscretions. He thinks he’s a bad guy, and I hope that E is able to show him that he’s not. Jaejoong’s acting is also getting quite impressive quite quickly. I was really worried about it the first episode, but he’s made me do a 180 and now I’m thinking he should just take up acting full-time.

    That scene about makeup between him and E was a near-death experience for me (in a good way). SO AWKWARD. It practically gave ME an anxiety attack. JH singing and squawking in public was pretty embarrassing too. He must really like E, because I wouldn’t do that if someone paid me, and I don’t have agoraphobia 😛

    I think the script-writers for this show should win some sort of award. All the conversations are fantastic. I love that N says E isn’t worthy of J, and instead of defending E, he just says that he’s even worse. J’s dorky compliments towards E are always entertaining, and I love how horrified she is (with the goosebumps and everything). This show is a bit like YFFM in that it throws kdrama cliches out the window and focuses instead on character consistency, except that in PTB all the characters are a little bit crazy, which results in frequent hilarity.

    You put it perfectly when you said that your dimples have dimples Softy (mine too!). I grin so much when I watch this show that I feel like I need to ice my face afterwards. By the time this drama finishes airing we’re all going to be prematurely aged from all the smile lines.

    Thanks for the “highlights”. I watched episode 6 on viki with 88% subs, and I think you covered more scenes than that 😛


  17. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy:
    Thank you for the highlights to both episodes. I have been enjoying and laughing every single episode and like so many have mentioned I had never seen a Korean drama were the main characters are so honest regarding their feelings and the complexity of the family so hilarious. Continue enjoying the drama!!!


  18. says:

    love this drama
    thank you for doing this


  19. maii85 says:

    Thanks for the recap, i loveee this drama!


  20. Erika says:

    Glad you do this.been waiting when you will do recap of this..hope you will keep do PTB recap,please?


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