Scent of a Woman E5

Isn’t it amazing how a picture can say so much without any words? I love how their attraction is palpable even thru just a photo. This scene sort of took my breath away cuz it was so raw and magnetic.

The best part of this drama is how quickly she turned J’s life around. He is no longer indifferent. He is starting to change for her and because of her. Now he cares more than he knows or will admit to. It’s like that scene above but in reverse. Pretty soon, he will realize it’s him up against that wall and she pinned him there – not just with her looks or charm but with her warmth, sincerity, and thirst for life. This time he will be the one to go weak at the knees and I can’t wait to see him buckle at the weight of the truth that he is a man in love.


one of the reasons why I picked up this drama was this face – it’s so likeable – unassuming and just nice to look at don’t you think?


* thank you So3 for answering my call for help – appreciate the Japanese translations 🙂


I am still translating but I wanted to pause and just say – omg I love this drama – I love how it makes me grin while I am translating – I love how it makes me forget that I have hours of work ahead of me and I love that I am eager to translate every word they say-seriously could this drama BE any better? 🙂 


sorry I missed the beginning during the original live recap cuz I was watching KHJ on an entertainment show-he was talking about how he wanted abs like rain from the ninja movie before KHJ turns 30 and then he showed the callouses on his hands from doing ten pull ups each time all around his home like before and after he goes to the bathroom – before and after he went into another room etc and he dyed his hair a light brown so he looks so different so all of that distracted me from the time and I realized I was late for SOAW…..I finished translating the rest on comments

going to call Y’s boss “Noh” from here on

coin guy is R for “Ramses”

the young sick girl is going to be called “kid” cuz that’s what Y calls her

* I am not sure how to explain the Korean word “daechoon” cuz it means “not doing something thoroughly but just enough.” Y points it out that J always uses that word. how he does the work but doesnt do it thoroughly but just enough to get by. {throughout the episode, after she drew his attention to that fact, J made up his mind to stop doing that and do his job better and be more thorough. she is already starting to have a positive influence on him.}  But I cant come up with just one word that means “daechoon” in English

**thank you:)  ch10z came up with this for Daechoon: “just skating by?Isn’t this what they call students who do the bare minumum of work?Just coasting along.”

Now if I could only turn that into a one word translation.

This is starting to get fun cuz it’s like a group effort to come up with the perfect word. Thank you everyone for your suggestions 🙂  


Scent of a Woman E5

Starts from the part where her boss tells Y to leave and J tells Noh. But what can we do? Those stupid demands Y made — it looks like you’ll have to do them. Go ahead. Noh:what? J: do it – that stupid demand Y made. Song wont listen without Y and this is something more important and you know that better than me. so you have to listen to Y’s demand. if you want this matter (with Song) resolved. then J says to Y: Y shi – finish what you were doing. J walks out.

Y walks over to him as he waits for the elevator. J: is it over? Y:why did you do that? J mentions how when Noh took a bribe and was going to move a restaurant, Y protected her loyalty for song and cuz of that she was misunderstood and almost got fired but Y stuck to her ethics and Song thinks Y got fired cuz of Noh and that is why (song) is being more resistant/disagreeable. J suddenly leans close to Y and says -just cuz I took your side for a minute -in case you think it was for a special reason and you are moved – you dont need to. over this matter I am just siding with you cuz the chances of resolving this matter is higher with you than Noh.

she follows him into the elevator. J: but why did you do that to Noh? Y: it was a revenge. for ten years I wasnt treated like a human being, afraid I would be fired I couldnt say one word – when can another good chance like this come again. J: to someone who didnt treat you like a human for ten years -the revenge you take is just to make him write letters with his butt? you think that’s a revenge? Y: then do I slap him? or insult him by calling him a bad jerk? he is a lot older than me. how could I do that?  J looks at her so she asks why. J: why would someone so polite/considerate not say one word of thanks to me? Y: what do I need to be grateful to you for? he remarks she must be ok – her body (her health). he tells her how he got a $30 ticket for speeding. cuz he was hurrying to take someone who claimed her tummy hurt so much she would die. she starts to say : for that thank …but he says it’s ok. he isnt the type to accept reluctant/forced thanks.

nam says she doesnt understand – why would the director take Y’s side awhile ago? other girl says the problem with (Song and the road) must be very important to him. nam agrees and says there couldnt possibly be another reason. H thinks aloud -no the two of them – there is def something there. Nam asks what and H replies there is something like that. nam and the girl say how cool J is. R asks nam is she likes that style. Noh yells at them to work and stuff chattering. he mutters that Y said she wouldnt work when she first came in.

when J and Y pull up to the old man’s place. Y remarks how in japan, J didnt take his work seriously and just coasted by – doing only the bare minimum of what he had to – just enough to get by. she quotes what he said “let’s just see just enough” “get just enough.” she asks why he is taking this work so seriously. she guesses: if you dont do this job well -did your father say he wouldnt leave the company to you? J: would that happen? when he is my father? Y: this is a really funny world-there are so many people with talent and skill… J: when there are so many like that- you must be talented and skillfull. Y: that’s why – isnt that why I was called to resolve this? J:then let’s see how well you resolve this. she bows and says ok and goes in. after she goes in, he makes a funny face.

Y goes in and calls out grandpa. they jokingly insult each other and laugh. Y: grandpa I wasnt fired-I quit. Song: why did you quit a job you had for ten years. he asks if Noh was so awful to her and told her to quit. she said if that had happened she would have quit sooner. instead of going to work, something more important came up. song: you crazy- just hurry and go in.

J waits in the car, looks at his watch, and gets impatient. he says “what is this” and goes in. he walks up to the house and listens from outside the door. she is saying she is scared and song tells her to stop being nervous. J peeks thru the crack in the door and she is lying down and unbuttoning her blouse while song leans over her so J bursts thru the door and pulls her up. J yells: come out- dont need the bridge or anything so come out! Y: why are you like this? J:are you in your right mind? is this the skill you had? were you THAT kind of woman? come out. it doesnt matter what happens with this  (road) matter. Y: what are you talking about? J: you are asking cuz you dont know? right now this grandpa… J stops talking and looks at how surprised the grandpa is and that he is holding a needle in his hand. then J notices the needles protruding from her face. she lies back down.

J is on his knees looking apologetic and grandpa is fuming. Y explains how she wasnt feeling well and since she was here she had decided to get some acupuncture. she asks J: didnt you know he (song) was a famous acupuncturist? J mouths he didnt know. J says to Song: you clearly told me that you were going to open a chain of restaurants. grandpa asks how could J think that way about him. J says sorry. grandpa yells he doesnt want to see J’s face and tells him to get lost. cuz of this – I want to break my word (take back what I said) to let the road be opened. he calls J a bad word.

As they walk out, J tries to defend himself and asks Y: who would think of getting acupuncture done there. Y: so that’s why you imagined something weird? J keeps trying to explain: in that situation- with your buttons – it was…Y asks: what kind of person do you think I am? in that head of yours – what kind of person am I in there for you to imagine something that weird. J: I did that to help you – I was thinking of you. he pulls out his wallet and hands her a check. Y:what is that? J: you arent an employee so since you did some work you should be paid/ compensated. Y asks if he means to make up for it with money (insulting her for thinking she was that kind of woman). J:why? cuz it hurts your pride you dont want to accept? Y takes it and says – no – I worked and am being paid for it so why would my pride be hurt? I have to gratefully accept it. she looks and it’s a check  for $1000. she is surprised so she says – so there really are ppl who carry around this much money in their wallets. since it was easily earned it gets easily spent. he was going to say something but she walks off.

in the car, he asks if he can just drop her off around the subway stop so she points out again that he always says ” daechoon” -cant he just drop her off on his way. J:how far do you need to go? she looks at her phone for directions and tells him to wait a second. she reads off exit #4 at shinsa station -in the direction of yeongdongdaegyo 400 meters and make a right. J gives her a funny look that says – are you crazy- so she changes it and says “leave out turning right – or just to Shinsa station-no more than that” (as in she wont let him take her anywhere less closer than that) he asks if she is looking to find work. she says no. J: why arent you wanting to find work? Y: cuz I dont want to work. J: do you know that the more (ppl) know you – you are someone surprising. Y: at the Line tour office -in front of 120 cm desk – I dont want my life to end there. it would be too pitiful for me to do that. J mutters that she is better off than him. you must have some money -more than you look like you would. Y: Of course I do – I have a lot. she takes out the check.  this is the first time this much money has been in my wallet. J remembers she is being sued for $300,000 and wants to tell her. he starts to say her name but she asks if he regrets paying her -he cant take it back and she pretends to spit on it (to claim it) so he never finished talking. she asks to be let off over there. she tells him to go home safely.  he cranes his neck to watch her walk off and honks his horn. the cell phone on the seat next to him rings and he doesnt look happy. he unbuckles his seatbelt.

there is tango music playing. J goes down some steps and sees Y who has changed into a red dress. he asks what she is doing here. Y: i came to learn tango. J: tango? she asks if he followed her. he says she made him follow her and holds up her phone. he leaves and says to himself – tango?

Y is waiting and the coin guy – (R) ramses comes over. she calls him by his job title so he shushes her and says to call him R.  she asks what brings him here. he says he is the instructor. students introduce themselves -some have weird nicknames like the last woman’s : “sweet”. Y says her nickname is audrey. R introduces himself and says nice to meet you. he says there are only two men today so pairs dont match. cant dance the tango without a partner and hopes more guys will come next time- today they will start with walking. he says in tango holding and walking is the most important. they practice walking and R says what each is doing wrong- put your knees together – soobin this isnt model walking – to the guy “this isnt yudo”-to the couple “separate a little”-to sweet “put your butt in-this isnt salsa”  for Y he says “right now this is good – “very good”in spanish. 

J goes home and S is there. she wanted to have a glass of wine with him. he says good cuz  he had something to say to her

as he pours she says: it seems like your anger hasnt subsided. I brought that (wine) as an apology. J looks at the label and says “it sure is an expensive apology – it looks like it cost a few thousand dollars” S remarks he knows about wine. J: instead of working hard to select this wine -wouldnt you rather say the words “I’m sorry” – she says something about how she wanted to see something like he showed her. she asks what he wanted to say. he asks if she is continuing with the lawsuit. S: lawsuit? oh that woman. J: if she was my company employee it would be one thing, but isnt that amount too much for an individual? S:what to do- that’s already left my hands. J remembers how Y said it was the first time so much money was in her wallet

the boss asks if that matter was resolved well. J : it was hard cuz of you. (J blames Noh) we didnt need to ask (we could have avoiding asking) Y to do this work if you didnt take the bribe 6 yrs ago. Noh: I returned it right away back then. J:  “write out your resignation right now and bring it up to my room ” the reason I am not saying that is cuz I know that.

SW says how he is going to send something to japan today. J says he doesnt remember seeing that.  SW reminds J how J told SW to take care of it himself “daechoon” (and just do the bare minimum) J repeats that word and tells SW to bring that right away cuz starting from today he isnt going to work “daechoon.”

J looks thru the pics and sees the dancing japanese grandma he saw with Y. J remembers what Y said about the old woman being cute and how she said with her mouth black from noodles – the punchline “it’s a waste of money so dont use it” so J smiles. J changes the location of the food place to the place he had the black noodles with Y and tells SW that was delicious. if the place isnt too far then it should be ok. SW agrees to it

SW reports how J work changed and Kang thinks J came to his senses cuz his engagement is coming up. kang asks if J took care of the (Song problem) too and SW says yes that is what I heard. Kang remarks that since he found a good partner for J -he changes this much.

they all have a meeting. the old guy is talking and gets backed by Noh. J writes the numbers 305. J interrupts the old guy that hates J by saying “doesnt have it.” the guy asks if J doesnt like what the guy is saying. J: no keep going.

the old man confers with Noh.  he says he cant just stand by and watch. Noh says they need to step on it cuz J could rise to Kang’s position (or above it). from behind them J calls out Noh’s name. J: by any chance – it wouldnt be possible for Y to come back to work right? Noh: of course not – that will never happen. J: in the future – would we need her help…but Noh cuts him off saying – of course there wont be. J goes back to his office to think it over and comes up with an idea and smiles

H asks why a trip suddenly.cuz Y mentioned she is sending her mom on one. H says it’s suspicious and asks if anything is going on. Y says she got some extra money cuz she resolved the matter with grandpa song and the director paid her. H asks what Y did with J in japan. it’s not like nothing happened right? be honest and tell me. did you by any chance sleep with him? Y: I did sleep with him- we slept together in one room. H gets excited and asks – how was it? Y: it’s not what you think  and nothing happened. H asks then why did J side with Y. it’s strange that he took your side at the office. it felt like watching a drama. a chaebol life that a spinster didnt even expect.  Y: he has a woman. H:what? Y: he has a woman he is going to marry. H: he has a woman he is going to marry – he isnt married yet. just ignore her. Y says it’s S from seojin group. H says he isnt a guy they could dream about

J is dressed up and standing outside the tango room. he mutters to himself he is crazy. a woman behind him says everyone says that at first – dont worry too much and go in. she sort of pushes him in without actually touching him – it was more like he backed away from her and ended up inside. she touches his shoulder as she walks by.

Y is there and is surprised to see him. she asks what brings him here. J: what do you think. she asks if he came to see her. he says of course not. she guesses he came to learn tango. R recognizes J. J stares at him so R lifts his wig a little so J can get a better view. sweet walks by and asks if J’s nickname is “director” and remarks he has sense.

everyone is practicing walking while holding out their arms. J looks miserable like he is hoping for a quick death. R says to everyone it looks good but sees J and stops them. he tells the others to rest and calls out J. R asks J to walk alone so Y giggles and so do the others.

J washes his hands and wonders what he is doing. R comes into the bathroom and asks if R is really the coin guy from the team. R takes off his wig and apologizes. J: you look very different from the office. R says here he isnt bong gil – he is R. since no one here reveals their job and name…J gets the idea and says :you want us to act like we dont know each other right? R nods so J agrees to it. R thanks him and puts his wig back on. R: I never imagined you had any interest in tango. J: I dont have any interest. he leaves.

R says now there are going to walk with a partner. look at the person next to you. sweet walks over to J. R says he will walk with audrey who doesnt have a partner. R to Y: hold both of your arms out straight to my chest. Y hesitates so R puts her hands on his chest. J watches. R: to see which direction I am going to move -you can feel my lead from my chest and walk. he tests it out and walks with her. he tells the others to put out their arms to the other’s chest and walk. that one girl cant even look at the guy cuz she doesnt want to. J watches Y the whole time he is walking. R says change partners.

J goes over to Y. she asks if he really came to learn tango. he replies: then would I come to see you? i have a lot of interest in tango. just put your hands up. she puts her hands on his chest and the music changes to romantic. J becomes aware of her. he slowly lifts his hands to her arms.

they slowly walk – Y walks backwards and J walks forward.

J sorts of frowns as he looks at her like he is confused about what he is feeling. J ends up backing her against the mirror.

he stands just a few inches away from her. she looks up at him. their gaze locks. R calls J and says he cant keep going straight -the direction is always the line of dance.

on the bus Y touches her heart.

J is driving and does the same. as he touches his heart – the lyrics say “in this heart I am putting in this memory”  J sighs and says 3 uk (the amount she is going to have to pay)

Y’s mom is packing too much and they cant shut her case. Y asks why someone who is going on a 3night 4day trip has so much clothes. Y tells her to take some out. the mom says she cant take that dress out cuz it shows her figure the best and then says she needs a cardigan when Y suggests taking that out. Y says time is up and if she keeps this up she wont be able to go on her trip. Y walks her mom to the gate. her mom tells her not to come out and Y waves and tells her to have fun and come back safely. her mom thanks Y.

Y tells herself she is doing well as she looks at her bucket list number one which was to make her mom smile once a day. she looks at her family pic and says – dad I am going today to have treatments. I will do well and come back. she kisses the photo

Y goes to E’s office and stands outside. she remembers what happened the last time when E told her her tummy was full of bowel movement and she wonders if he is going to tease her now about poop (like she used to do to him). E sneaks up behind her and asks if her tummy is ok. she mumbles yes.

E  asks if she has regular bowel movements after last time. he asks if she thought about her treatments. she says it still hasnt sunk it and she is afraid and there is a chance she might not get better. E: knowing very well that a cliff is 50m ahead of you -would you keep going? arent you even going to think about avoiding it?from what I remember you didnt have the personality where you were afraid a lot. you said what you had to. had a lot of confidence. not sure what you believed in to do that but still. Y: you remember that. I did do that when I was younger. but now I changed a lot. E says he doesnt want to treat someone who doesnt want it by forcing them. Y: ok – it’s not possible for you to give me any worse way to handle this (since dead is the worst) she says she will try the treatment.

Y asks the young girl to do something on her phone and keeps asking if it’s still not done. (Y calls the girl  “little kid” so I will call her kid) Kid says it’s all done and shows it to Y. all Y has to do is go in there and look. Y thanks her and says it’s amazing. Y clicks away and kid asks if Y wants to be Junsu’s fan at her age. Y: what difference does age make. do you think cuz Yong pil oppa aged grandmas call him yong pil oppa cuz they like it? kid asks who yong pil oppa is ( I have no clue either) Y says let’s not talk about it (cuz of their age gap they dont even know the same celebrities I guess) Y clicks and says – what to do- he is having a fan meeting – I want to sign up for this. the girl tells her not to she shouldnt go that far (cuz Y is older and shouldnt be doing these things). Y starts to say the truth about herself

J goes home. he looks at the shirt he wore when Y put her hands on his chest and holds it up and remembers that moment.

J is at the tango class sitting around and looking at his watch. a girl goes over to talk to him and says her name but he walks away (cuz Y wasnt there)

Y and the girl talk about what to write on the site using a huge laptop. Y suggest writing her friend had twins. kid says if she posts that it wont get chosen. kid suggests writing that Y is moving abroad and wants to watch this fan meeting for the last time with her friend. Y thinks it’s ok but worries that she will get in trouble if they find out she made it up. kid tells her to write the truth then. “I’m a cancer patient who is doing her bucket list-before I die- having a date with you junsu is my wish” Y: dont know why but that sounds more like a lie. they both agree it does.  J calls and says he cant go to tango class today and to tell the teacher. she says she cant cuz she cant go today too.J:why? Y: cuz I have a situation where I cant. J: what situation? Y: cant really say. J: by any chance are you going to keep missing classes. Y: no I am going next time. J: ok. suddenly R calls out “director-you came again” so Y asks if J is at tango class now. J lies and says he isnt and hangs up. J to R: how could you say that right now? R tries to stammer out a reply but J just says let’s see each other at the office and leaves

Y mutters and wonders if J was at the tango class. kid asks what that means. Y says it’s nothing. Y is worried cuz she is signed up under the kid’s name so is it ok to go by herself. kid: just take your friend and say it’s me. Y:waaa you are smart. kid says she got into seoul university but couldnt go cuz she got sick. kid suggest writing another one to make it a full ten to increase Y’s chances of getting selected. Y: I dont have anyone else to put up. E walks in.  E asks how Y feels if she feels any effects. Y speaks politely and replies she is fine and is ok. E says her body must be accepting the medicine well. that’s good. he leaves. the girl has a crush on E and mutters why didnt he even look at me when I am his patient too. Y tries to think of a name to put and thinks of E (I think)

Y is standing there and watches E scolds some doc for mixing up the name of a medicine and E asks why the guy didnt do something else cuz the guy is supposed to do that first- is the guy going to take responsibility if a numera- something occurs. the guy says sorry. E orders him to get the prescription back and call the recipient. Y waves at E.

Y buys E a drink and he tells her to drink his green tea cuz it’s better than coffee and switches with her. she says he was scary a while ago. he says cuz of a mistake a patient could have died. he asks what she wanted to talk about. she says her condition is better than she thought cuz she worried her hair would fall out but she is fine. he says her medicine doesnt have side effects like that. she says something else she doesnt have cuz she thought it would be severe. E says she just needs to take something for that. Y laughs so he asks why she laughed. she asks if she talked about her dad and how he passed away from cancer. she says how his side effect was severe so it was hard on him. her dad wanted to quit in the middle of his treatment to go home and spend time with her and her mom but Y opposed him stopping his treatment. in the end, he spent his time in the hospital and closed his eyes. over time I regretted that. that’s why – coming to the hospital- getting treated – I couldnt go bring myself to face it but I feel safe cuz you are here. E: last time you said I didnt have the right to be a doctor. she explains she blurted it out without thinking cuz she was angry. he says let’s get up

as they walk along, they speak informally. she asks if he is married. he says no. Y: then what about a girlfriend? E: not yet. she says it must be hard for a guy like him who is unfriendly to date. E: but I was still popular. Y doesnt believe him so he says it’s for real. the angry husband pours water on E but most of it lands on Y. E yells: what are you doing/what is this? the husband yells-I did it cuz it’s so unfair that you are living normally after killing someone else’s wife. my heart is torn up so I cant sleep but you living well without a care is so unfair I could die. E: you know it’s not my fault. husband says: whether a person is dying or not -all you know how to say is you are not at fault/you did nothing wrong. you jerk- cuz of you I didnt get to confirm my wife’s (?)- cuz you said get out of the hospital right away – I didnt even get to say my last goodbye to my wife. she was your patient for 3 yrs so how could you chase her out like that. how could you not shed even a tear? you would have to act like a doctor. since she was a patient on her way out, he says how E was unfriendly and that it didnt matter to E. he tells him to be a doctor for a long time. he walks off. E says sorry to Y – cuz of him she had to go thru this too ( and get soaked)

E goes in and takes off his wet labcoat and throws it down.

Y asks if he is ok. he says he is ok and there arent that many days left for him to be at this hospital. Y: what does that mean? E: to be honest -I got (?) from MD anderson and will be going to a cancer hospital at Texas A & M. Y: why didnt you tell me that awhile ago? E: it was something that was decided before you were admitted to the hospital. Y worries who will treat her and he says dont worry – in this hospital, there wont be anyone who is more unfriendly than him. Y: this is something i should congratulate you for huh? she asks when he is leaving and he says soon

E hears he cant go – he asks why? the guy says they decided to send doctor lee instead of E. the head of the hospital decided it. after the incident with that patient (the wife of the angry husband) he thought there was a problem with E. E says this doesnt make sense. he is upset and sits in the stairway

the girl comes in and asks if Y knows E was drenched with water. Y asks how the kid found out. kid says she heard the nurses talking. kid says she had fun with Y while Y was here. Y asks why she is always alone. the girl says her mom remarried and went to the phillipines and her dad lives somewhere else cuz of work.  Y guesses the girl is home alone even when she is discharged from the hospital. kid says it’s ok cuz she is used to it. Y pats her head. Y gets a call about making it to the fan meeting (the woman gave E’s name) so Y hesitated when the woman asked if this phone number belonged to E. Y: really? the woman says she thought Y would be a guy

Y goes and knocks on E’s door. she calls out his name. E:why? she says what to do. (he thinks she is talking about him not being able to go so) E admits: that’s right I wont be able to go to MD anderson. so what- you came to cheer me up.  but she didnt know and says- you cant go to MD anderson?

S is told someone came from Line tours. S says let him in and tell secretary kim to come up. SW shows up with Noh so S asks why J didnt come himself and sent his subordinates. SW says J is meeting with some japanese men and doesnt have time today.

S goes to see her dad. her dad says they should have called J to go with them cuz he wanted hear about something from J but S says leave it alone cuz J is busy. her dad asks if the two of them have some kind of problem. S: no we dont have any – no problem at all.

SW says to J that S didnt look happy that J didnt go with him and J says it doesnt matter as long as the work talk went well.

E asks why he has to go there and Y says he has to for her to get in. they will check his ID. he asks why she signed him up using his name. she says her chance of being chosen would go up if she signed up using a lot of ppl’s names. I’m sorry – cuz the MD anderson didnt work out -you are probably not feeling great so if you listen to some music wont you feel a little better. E:what? Y: cant you just go up to the door? as long as they know it’s you then I can go in. can you just do that much? E: why should I do that? she says his name in a whiny voice. E: I really dont get it – you are a patient. you dont have much time left – with that precious time you want to spend it for a fan meeting? if you have time to do that – just do something a little more meaningful. E starts to walk off so she asks: what is something that is more meaningful? E stops walking. Y: what do I have to do? should i make something that will remain for a long time? or should I climb up Everest and stick a flag up there? as a cancer patient – do I need to do that much to be doing something (?lasting?) during that time, I didnt have time cuz i was saving money and worrying what others thought so I didnt get to do anything -before i die I wanted to do all that – to me that is the most meaningful. also – cuz of you – I was drenched with water you punk.

J and junsu introduce themselves and J introduces a man – a rep from okinawa.Junsu talking to the Okinawa representative that J brings in.
Junsu: Nice to meet you. Since I’m doing this fan meeting alone it’s not that large-scale
Okinawa guy: Oh really? (rhetorical question in Japanese, no actual meaning)Nevertheless you’ve gathered such a large crowd of fans and that’s just amazing!

E and Y go in and they are sitting in the audience. J comes in with those reps and SW and sits off towards the front. E asks: you signed up with some many ppl’s name but why was mine the only one that was chosen? Y doesnt have a clear answer. junsu comes out and sings and dances.

Junsu asks if everyone is having fun. they all say yes. he says he will reveal who is going to have dinner with him now. many ppl signed up but out of all of them he chose one himself. it was this one. he holds up a card and says the person who is going to have dinner with me is a couple.  he calls out E says and asks where E is. did he not come? E reluctantly raises his hand. junsu says E is over there and he will read what E wrote (what Y wrote-she shakes her head no) : when I first met that person I was 9. from then on for 25yrs I continued to have a one sided love for that person. but I never met even once. but one day that person came to the hospital I worked at. that person is sick. that person and I are your (Junsu’s) fans. Junsu’s shi- for that person’s sake – could we have dinner with you. junsu asks E if the person next to him is the person E was talking about. J looks back and sees the spotlight on E and Y and recognizes Y.  ppl chant “stand up” so E and Y get up and J stares at Y. junsu asks if E is a doctor. E says yes. junsu- so you met your first love after 25 years at the hospital.  E looks at Y. junsu says: you said that person was sick a while ago -where is she hurting? it isnt anything serious right?   E says a doctor cant talk freely about a patient’s condition. junsu says the guy is really cool – isnt he? ppl agree. junsu says after this fan meeting ends he will have dinner with those two ppl. he tells others not to feel too bad (they cant go) E says sorry but I wont go cuz she wants to have dinner with just the two of you. junsu asks if E is ok with that. E says he will defer this once. junsu says the guy (E) is really cool -isnt he. ppl agree

J and SW and other guys walk out. J tells SW to take the men to their hotel. J walks over to where Y and E are standing and talking and lurks.

Y thanks E. E: you dont have to be grateful – I didnt ask to be left out cuz of you but cuz I didnt want to eat with him. he brings up that reason she wrote out. she says she didnt know it would be read in front of so many ppl. I’m sorry. E: that’s not it -he starts to ask about the one sided love but she says – that’s what I heard I had to say to get chosen. that’s why I did it. aside from the one sided love -the rest was all true. he seems relieved with the answer. J smirks. E says he will be going. she thanks him again for today and says she will buy him dinner next time.

she turns and J is smiling at her. he walks over and says: a one sided love for 25 yrs? in the end that means there is nothing going on between you two. she says E is her childhood friend. she asks what brings him here. J: cuz of work.  he asks if she wrote that lie in a letter to have dinner with junsu -to do this you missed tango? she guess J did go to tango class that night. you do need to work harder at it. cuz it looks like you wont progress too. see you next time. he smiles as she walks away

Y is having dinner with junsu. she just stares at him and doesnt eat. he asks if she doesnt like her food (if it’s not to her taste). she says-that’s not it – it’s cuz she likes being here like this. he asks what she likes about him – his looks – his voice- or something about not having some kind of butt. she giggles and says she likes everything but she thinks when he sings he is the coolest. he asks for her phone for a minute. she hands it to him. he sings into and records it.

on the bus she looks at her pic with junsu and he signed it. she looks at her bucket list and drawa a happy face on #6

J is at home and repeats what she said by copying her voice- let’s meet next time. what is that – doesnt that mean she wants to meet again. he smiles

Y asks if she liked it that much. her mom says of course cuz she got to stay at a 5 star hotel. how nice and soft/cushiony the bed was. Y says- mom you did well to have a daugher didnt you. her mom agrees and says Y looks like she is in a good mood too. Y: there was something like that today. I will change and tell you about it. her mom tells her to hurry and come out so they can eat watermelon

her mom complains about all the bills that came and sees the blue envelope (for Y’s lawsuit) and her mom says that something came from the court. Y asks what it is. her mom opens it and goes into shock and asks what Y has been up. Y asks what she means. her mom says Y has to compensate 3 uk ($300,000). Y repeats the amount and says – that is ridiculous. she looks at the lawsuit document and reads all the relevant words. now it’s her turn to go into shock.


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76 comments on “Scent of a Woman E5

  1. So3 says:

    Softy, I’ve got one amendment to the Japanese translation on the last sentence that the Okinawa representative said (apparently I forgot his last line :P):

    Okinawa guy: Oh really? (rhetorical question in Japanese, no actual meaning) Nevertheless you’ve gathered such a large crowd of fans and that’s just amazing!

    Sorry! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone knows the song that the main lead use as their ringtone? It keeps bugging me coz I cant think of the name but remember that it used to be popular song. Greatly appreciate your help


  3. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I had to work today and did not get to have access to Internet until the evening. Wow, you always can put a smile on my face not matter if I had a long day at work and I am dead tired!! I started this drama because you were doing the live recaps and felt how you were falling in love with the characters. I have no regrets looking forward tomorrow episode. Thank you, thank you for all your great work!!


    • Softy says:

      Dear BP, I started this drama cuz everyone was so excited about and it made me curious – just like all the other great dramas, I started it with no expectations and from the first ep I knew I was in love. With each new one, I just knew this is a winner. It won’t end up as a train wreck somewhere down the line either. I think the that scene where she wrote out her bucket list did it for me – I knew I was in for some major sob fest later on but I was totally ready to go thru it. Sort of like that line from a fav movie of mine – “the pain then is part of the happiness now”


  4. Fanderay says:

    I didn’t want to wait, so I finally just streamed this on viki and incurred some very minor bandwidth charges. I don’t know WHAT is going on, but I think I am starting to ship the second lead. I don’t find him good-looking, he is a total ass, and I dislike the actor for getting a DUI. So seriously….what is going on????

    I think I have a problem with LDW. I love the idea of Y bringing J to life while she herself is dying, but he feels SO lifeless currently that I’m having a hard time connecting with him. It’s like he has a permanent case of mopey-face! I think it’s mostly because his eyes always look sleepy, and I frequently feel the desire to reach through the screen and pry them further open with my fingers. His mopey-face works when he’s using it sarcastically, and I don’t mind him FEELING mopey, but I wish it could be done less 1-dimensionally. E is technically way more of a stick in the mud than J is, but I find that he somehow has more charisma while he’s at it.

    Clearly though, this is just a problem with me. The opening paragraph to the DB recap is literally about how LJW nails every emotion and facial expression. My response to that is, “What??? They’re all the same face!!” Apparently people love Junsu’s voice too, but I find it sort of creepy when he’s not singing. I guess my brain is broken 😦

    Anyways, I find Y’s crush on Junsu hilarious, and I almost died while watching Junsu read out the story of E and Y’s love. I literally threw a blanket over my head at one point. I also thought E was quite charming through that whole scene. He starts off all gruff and humiliated, but then he starts stealing glances at Y and smiling at how cute she is.

    I hope that tomorrow’s episode will have me shipping J again, but I know I’ll enjoy this show either way. I can hardly wait for someone to find out about her condition though. Who do you guys think will be first to know, and when?


  5. InLove says:

    I don’t really have much to say except I love this drama…this is why I watch so many mediocre dramas all the while hoping to find a gem…I’m preparing myself for the coming episodes where I will surely cry for Ji wook and Yeon jae till my eyes burn.


    • Jomo says:

      I like your description of how it feels to cry for a drama.
      I would add till that part of my body behind my eyes at the top of my throat aches, too.
      Then, because I am trying to hold back the audible sobs, my head hurts, too.
      I think the first time I felt that was for Jae Hee in Chun-hyang. God, I cried for him (them)!
      I guess is what people are referring to when they say they got “choked up.”


  6. milynnlieu says:

    I love reading your thought on this drama, it so beautiful and right into the heart of this drama ! thank you for that !


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