Scent of a Woman E4

This drama got me choked up in one scene – just picturing that one line made my eyes water then the sight of J’s abs made me forget why I was crying – heck he made me forget I had to be typing. I love this drama – have a feeling I am going to be using the word daebak quite often. I absolutely love the heart of this drama – it gets to you in the right places and makes you feel rewarded for watching. Her bravery just astounds me and leaves me speechless sometimes. Not how she is handling her illness, but her bold manner of speaking up for herself. She does it better than anyone. One of the things she discovered so far on this journey is the need to stand up for what she believes in and she seems to have found her sense of self worth. Cherishing that now will give her one less regret later on, but more importantly – it seems to be drawing J closer to her.

Normally I would never do this – it just isn’t my style to gush over a pic. That is until I saw this one. After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I was very tempted to post J’s abs as the main pic, but what could I possibly write that wasn’t already obvious? Of all the obligatory shower scenes, this one wins hands down.  Kinda leaves you speechless doesn’t it? At a loss for words, but grinning like crazy from happiness? Yeah – no need to thank me. I get it. 🙂


Scent of a Woman E4

J jokes maybe those guys came to catch them here. she looks around in panic so he points they are over there. S asks them what they are doing, then she says to Y: what are you. J sasks how S can talk like that to someone she met for the first time. S says she didnt meet Y for the first time. S: what am I supposed to make of this? I clearly heard you were on a business trip but you bring this ridiculously awful female employee here -aw that’s right you arent a female employee cuz you were fired. J:what are you talking about? S: you act like you didnt know at all. J asks Y: are you by any chance an employee of my company? Y: I am not right now. S: cuz u were fired. Y: I wasnt fired – I quit. J to Y: then you knew who I was – then why did you act like you didnt know me. S looks at what Y is wearing and says the “wrapping” looks like that meaning -must have cost you a lot of money to look like that -after hearing he was coming here on a business trip -did you make a plan and follow him. knowing he is the chairman’s son -to seduce him somehow. Y: we met accidentally. S laughs it off and says “it wasnt planned/deliberate?” Y asks why she has to hear this talk. whatever I do I dont think I have a  reason to hear this from you. S: cuz I am the woman who is going to marry him. J: that’s correct. S says both of them hid things about themselves and played. how disappointing – to play together – isnt her level too low. J: i get what you are thinking but nothing much happened so stop. S: stop what? do you know who this woman is? she stole andy wilson’s ring and made him walk out on the show and dared to slap me. S to Y: with what money did you come here? you dont look like someone who could afford to come here -by any chance did you come with the money you got from stealing the ring? Y: I came with my own money – using my savings – the money I saved earnestly every 3 years -that’s how I came and I already told you many times I didnt steal that ring. even tho I say the same thing many times – who dont you believe what someone says. S says it looks like Y might slap her again. Y yells that S slapped first. even tho I said it wasnt me – you make a person into a robber. J tells her to lower her voice cuz this is the hotel lobby. Y says to him- cuz of me you must be embarrassed- I’m sorry for causing a disturbance – have a fun trip. she leaves

S: even if you dont know how to judge a woman how can you hang out with someone ridiculous like her. J: I remember you clearly saying – let’s not interefere in personal life -who you meet and do whatever  – who I meet and do whatever-didnt you? but what brings you here. S: guess I knew you would be doing this here.

Y gets a call from E’s nurse. she says E asked the nurse to ask when Y would be coming in for treatment cuz to be honest her condition isnt… but Y hangs up on her before the nurse could finish her sentence

she watches an elderly couple dance the tango. the man comes over and dances with her while she cries. his wife watches. Y cries and says : I want to fall in love-meet someone I love- I want to live a long time with that person-like you grandpa I want to grow old-I want to live like that – when my mom passes away – I wanted to keep watching over her and stay by her side-get married- have children -until my child gets married – I want to live

S asks if J didnt think  about what would happen if her dad found out about this. J ignores her and says the alcohol tastes good and tells her to drink some. S: what are you thinking? J: that it would be nice if you didnt suddenly come to find me. S says it sounds like he is being prickly. J: you didnt come cuz you missed me. did something happen? she says she cant eat in this mood cuz she will have indigestion. she gets up to leave so he asks if she can go alone. (he said that in an automatic robotic tone and not like he really cares at all)

when J is alone he thinks back to what he said to Y. then did you know who I was? S: cuz I am the woman he is going to marry.

Y’s mom calls and asks sweetly if Y is having fun. she is bored and would like Y to hurry and come back. Y says she will hurry home.

J goes for a jog. the concierge explains Y (the woman J had been with) left behind something and asks J to return Y’s necklace in seoul but J says he wont see her again. the guy was going to take care of it but J calls him back.

Y goes back home. the house is a mess. her mom is excited to see her. do you know how much I missed you? let me see your face. Y asks her mom : why couldnt you wash these dishes right after you ate. mom says it happened cuz she went out. mom : did you have fun? what about presents? what did you buy? is that it over there?  Y:why didnt you throw out the food trash? how many times do I have to tell you to throw it out right away cuz fruit flies appear if you dont. mom: i can throw it out later. she complains the present isnt much. Y asks how her mom is going to live without her. her mom retorts: if you arent here it’s good – at my age -do I have to live with a daughter who cant get married-  she mutters that Y nags as soon as she opens her mouth. she tastes the cookies and says it’s this all you bought? it’s not right?  she goes thru Y’s bag. mom asks when she bought the pretty dress. it looks really expensive – with what money did you buy this? Y gets mad and says why cant she buy nice clothes like that – does she have to always buy and wear cheap clothes and die? she earned the money and wanted to spend it that wrong? so sick of this. mom wonders why Y is peeved at her after coming back from playing a lot – did she eat something wrong on her trip

SW gives a presentation -something about a lot of interest in hallyu star package. the old man who doesnt like J says it sounds like SW did all the work -what did J do. J: played. the old man: you played? J: to promote a proper vacation package  – to see if it’s fun or not -was told I had to experience it myself so I tried it out to see if it’s fun. his dad laughs pleased with the answer.

J remembers how Y advised him to experience the trip himself and looks at her necklace. SW asks if J needs him to do anything else. J says there isnt but then asks what he needs to do to look at employee’s resumes. J looks up Y’s and reads over it.

Y gets a call from H. H asks if Y is in seoul- I knew it. she asks since the director came to work if Y came back with J. what happened – did you make any progress – I am dying of curiosity but I didnt call cuz I didnt know what the two of you would be doing. Y says nothing happened. H says Y should have taken advantage (be feeding him alcohol and jumping on him)  but Y says let’s talk later cuz she isnt in a good mood. Y gets another call-she thinks it’s H so she says “why again?” J says his name.

Y goes to meet J. she asks why he called. he tells her to sit and asks if she wants a drink. she says no and just say why he wanted to meet. he said the hotel concierge wanted him to return this and gives her the necklace. she says he didnt need to cuz it’s not expensive. he says she is different from when she was in japan. Y: yes -to be honest – this is who i am – this (looking down at what she is wearing) is me – an average employee who doesnt earn much and cant buy designer clothes to wear. J: then why were you like that over there- expensive clothes and staying at the best resort. Y: back then – there was a reason to do that. J: you must have thought I liked that kind of style, but I don’t. how did you find out I was going to stay there? by any chance – to try to seduce me once- did you bring in the yakuza too? when you were with Wilson, you did take my call right? I didnt know you were this kind of person. since wilson was picky -I worried that it would be hard on you.  why did you (take) the ring? say some kind of explanation/excuse. dont think about what you are going to do while crying. Y: what do you want to hear? what do you want to confirm? if I say it’s not true – are you going to say “ah it’s not” and believe me? you arent going to. to a chaebol’s eyes – I must look like a poor person who wants to steal someone else’s ring but i never lived so poorly that I wanted to steal someone else’s property.  I dont know how much that ring costs but who would steal knowing they will lose their job -if they get caught it’s obvious they will get fired so why would they do that. I wanted to work at Line tour for a long time. of course there were lots of things wrong with the job, but to me, it was a very precious job. also about you meeting me in Japan, take that up with God cuz I am someone who doesnt believe in coincidences like that. I will be going now. 

when she goes out she is on her knees in pain. J asks why she is like that- is she hurt somewhere. she tells him not to be concerned and falls down

he drives her and says be patient (endure it a little). she says she has to go to hanguk hospital. he comments she is alert enough to be picky about that

another doctor comes over and tells E to get him a drink too cuz he is busy cuz of E. all your patients came over to me. E says sorry but he doesnt have change. (E’s patients got fed up with his rude bedside manners and switched doctors) other doc says he knew E would cause a big problem. the other doc says E isnt in his right mind – why did E have to do that crazy thing in front of all this patients. E overhears another of his patient’s daughter telling her dad to switch doctors cuz her dad doesnt like the way E talks. E gets a call

E goes to see Y. he asks how long she has been in pain like this and J says 20 mins ago. E asks if J is her guarantor and Y says J isnt -he isnt anyone and tells him to hurry and go. J:why are you like this to me – even if you didnt say it I was going to go.  E asks where she hurts and she says she doesnt know – it just hurts a lot. E: I told you to have treatments. you didnt need to push this back- do you know how many times I called? E orders a test and a CT and to move her.  she holds onto his arm says his name “I am scared – I dont want to die like this. E: I said you had 6 months -before that you wont die (i wont let you die)

J mutters outside : what is that – when I brought her here

Y gets a scan. other doctor says something about not being pancreatic cancer. E gets her test results back.

E goes to see Y. she asks what happened. why does he have that look on his face -is it serious. he asks when was the last time she went to the bathroom (had a bowel movement). she says 3 or 4 days. he says because she didnt go- her tummy is full of bowel movement. the girl next to her laughs. Y complains she is really sick. he says just go to the bathroom and she will be ok. she remarks in the bathroom that it keeps coming out (gross)

Y’s bed neighbor says how funny it was and mimics what Y said to E: why is your expression like that? is it serious? Y tells her to stop laughing cuz it’s embarrassing her to death. girl: no one dies from being embarrassed.  Y asks why the girl is wearing so much makeup at a young age. Y: I’m 34 but I dont look like it-you know why? look at this skin. girl says Y looks 34. Y says if she has a habit of wearing thick makeup now- then in ten years she will age quicker.  girl remarks she cant live that long. you must be happy cuz you get to be discharged already. I have to keep staying in the hospital until (?) goes up. if I get to go out – I am going to make sure to do 2 things-eat some market thukboki and sleep with a guy.  Y says the girl is young. the girl says she isnt young she is 21.

Y goes out -looks up at the sky and says : YJ- you havent died yet

Y leaves and runs into E. he says she looks like she feels better. she remarks she almost died and came back to life. he asks about her treatment. she agrees to do them. he says he will make an appt for her on mon and to come then. Y: ok – I will be going – I have a urgent matter- I have a lot to do. she walks off but turns and calls out his name and waves saying thank you. he smiles

Y gets on the bus and gets a candy from a kid. the mom says the kid only gives candy to pretty noonas. Y thanks the kid

Y’s mom is helping a customer. he orders two shirts in size 100. she asks if he doesnt need to try them on but he says he is a regular customer and asks if the owner changed. she says it’s her friend’s store but she is just helping out short term. Y shows up. the man says the mom doesnt look like someone who would have a daughter Y’s age. when the man leaves, she tells him to come again. the mom makes nice comments about the man-he is nice – healthy looking. Y makes a neg comments. she asks why Y came. Y hugs her and says she missed her mom. mom pulls her away saying Y changes mood quickly – saying she likes and dislikes.Y tells her mom to call in the part time worker cuz the mom has to go some place with her

Y takes her to a nice spa cuz she feels bad that she went on her vacation without her mom. the mom call her crazy and asks for the money instead. Y: mom you said all your friends did this but you were the only one who didnt. now you should live doing what everyone else is doing. her mom says she doesnt want to but Y says let’s hurry and go in. the masseuse comments that there arent many moms and daughters that come together so the mom looks happy. her mom says my daughter makes me happy. they both have back massages and a spa day.

S’s assistant (omg he is chun’s creepy lackey guy from CH) reports to S and gives her a lot of large figures that she can receive for damages. 100 uk (won) but cuz of (?) what she can actually get is around 3 uk.  S tells him to sue for 3 uk. he remarks that last time she was going to overlook this so shouldnt he know her reason for doing this. S makes a comment that she hates how Y behaves.**in Korean they said the numbers “100” and “3” but written out – “3” is “300” million won so in dollars if they asked for “100 uk” it would be almost a million dollars. Even S knows that is too high, but 300 is possible if Y owned a home and property like land to sell (which of course she doesn’t)

J remembers how sick Y was and said he was no one and telling him to hurry and go. J regrets taking her the necklace – he should have thrown it away. he wonder how she got sick- what difference does it make

J goes and hears the boss talking and complaining about the company and staying after work overnight a lot. coin guy points to J so the boss turns around and is surprised to see him.  J says it must be hard to work overnight. boss says it isnt. J offers to buy him and the rest of the staff dinner. girl says J is cool so nam tells the other girl she already has dibs on J. J gets a call from S saying her dad wants to have dinner. he says he cant tonight cuz he is on his way to eat with his employees. S tells him to cancel cuz he can eat with them next time but he says he can eat with her dad next time

boss explains that thru a package they were planning to open it in the fall cuz the air there is good but suddenly it became a mission impossible. J offers to tell his dad that it will be hard to do this at this time but the boss says J doesnt need to cuz the boss can makes things that are hard to do possible.  coin guy was mixing drinks and the boss orders him to pass the drinks. J mentions how they said they would work overnight but says one glass will be ok. the boss downs his in one gulp. nam gets a call. H asks if J had fun on his japan trip. he says it was a whirlwind and asks if Y worked with this team. H says she did. nam comes over and says there is a big problem- Song wont open the road and there arent many days left-what do we do. the girl points out that person is very picky and is hard to get through. boss says this will be a headache. coin guy says how about asking Y-hinting how she is close with Song but the boss says no. what is the point of asking her – what ability does she have? I will figure this out somehow so dont worry.  J asks what kind of person Y was and her boss says -dont bring her up – even if I think about her now -not having ability/skill is secondary – she is useless – first time I was backstabbed by someone. 

 Y and her mom are on their way home. Y: did dad really do that? mom: yes – he said “my heart beats for you”  and pushed me against the wall and kissed me. but on that day I ate garlic. Y: really? so it was a garlic kiss. they laugh so the owner yells at them to be quiet. Y remarks he bought a dog but he keeps yelling at them for being loud at night (he called them a spinster and widow)

Y and her mom are in bed together. the mom says whether that man (the owner) is like that or not. she says her skin got soft and slippery and tells Y to touch it. Y asks if she likes it that much. mom says of course cuz her daughter got her this expensive facial. she asks how much longer Y is going to play. Y asks for some time off- cuz she was busy with work she couldnt even eat with her mom. while resting, I want to eat with you mom and talk – and what I couldnt do during that time – what I didnt get to do – I want to do it all. mom asks what they are going to live off of.  Y promises not to rest too long. her mom says she can rest for a month

Y goes thru her savings and figures out how much she can use. she sets aside stuff to give her mom -insurance and some savings and saves one account for herself to use. she says she spent too much on her trip. but to live off of this for 6 months – till she dies, she will be rich.

Y writes out her bucket list. 20 things I want to do before i die-1) once a day make my mom laugh- 2) get revenge for ppl who torment me -3) learn to tango – 4) dont hold back with what I want to have – what I want to eat-what I want to wear- 5) wear a wedding dress. Y goes hiking- looks like the same place from CYHMH. 19) all of these things – doing this together with the person I love.  and the last thing -20)  to close my eyes (for the last time) in the arms of the person I love ( omg I am crying)

in the shower J imagines hearing Y’s voice and it startles him.

Y stares at her necklace and puts it away.

she changes out her bedding and cleans. she gets her hair done. she gets it cut short and permed

they ask the boss how it went. he says it didnt work. that old guy isnt even thinking of listening to me.  he says call Y. the coin guy says : me? the boss says the coin guy offered to

Y goes and buys a smart phone. she asks for a while one. she says she wanted this new phone. the guy asks for her old phone so he can transfer over her contact list. he  says she used her old phone for a long time. she says she wonders why she did that. she tells the phone – I am asking you to give me good calls only. she decides to delete her boss first. what is this – they said smart phones were hard to use but it’ easy. she gets a call from H.

Y goes to office and greets her coworkers. she asks if they have been well. H says you came and asks her to sit for a minute but Y waves it’s ok. Y to her boss: I heard you were looking for me. he asks if she remembers Song – to go meet him and tell him to open the road.( they need the man to give permission to let them use this scenic road for their travel package) Y:why should I? he reminds her how she prepared  this together so why is she acting like she doesnt know this. Y: but I quit working here. boss: who doesnt know that- since the situation got complicated as a person you should help out once. Y: like a person? boss: how long has it been since you quit – a month or a year? (meaning it hasnt been long) if you got paid from this office for ten years -isnt it obvious you should help out with that much at least. Y: I dont want to. boss: you dont want to? what? Y: I dont have time to be concerned with matters of an office I quit.  she bows to leave but he blurts out : then I can pay you.  she asks how much he is going to give. boss: how much will it take? he offers $100 then $200. Y: that’s not enough. he goes up: $300 but no more than that. she says even if he offers $1000 she wont do it but if he gets on his knees and apologize then she might think about it. boss: why should I?  she says dont call her over here for stuff like this cuz she is really busy and doesnt want to waste time on stupid things. she walks off and J is there and heard

she goes past him to the elevator.J asks if she was that kind of person who cares about money. he says do it and he will give her $1000. Y: you didnt hear it correctly. I said I was busy. he looks at her hair and remarks: getting her hair done at the salon. Y: why? cant I go and get my hair done at the salon? to me that is way more important. she says before money she clearly asked for an apology so he must not have understood correctly

the boss wonders why she is like that suddenly. J: I dont understand. to me you clearly said she wasnt a good worker with no ability/talent but you cant get the job done without her help. he asks the boss to bring up the related paperwork to his office 

J looks thru pics of pretty roads and a tree on a hill

J and his dad and S and her dad are eating. her dad says J seems to be having fun working cuz he got stood up with S yesterday. J explains how those workers are working on M something so he had dinner with them. kang says then J should have just had some money given to them. if someone high up sits with them they will just be uncomfortable. Im says J did well – he should try to get along with his employees. it’s not good to have too much of a gap. heard S followed you on your business trip. wonder if she interrupted your work. S: I probably did interrupt. he was working very hard but I suddenly showed up. J remarks she is good at surprising ppl. kang: when you are dating that could be fun. S informs kang that she doesnt want the wilson incident to be overlooked-she doesnt want compensation from J’s company and is thinking of getting it reimbursed from an individual. kang says the amount will be a lot. S says she wants responsibility for it. that person made all this trouble and quit the job that day so it’s too reckless and irresponsible.  she says they have to get up and leave cuz J gave her tickets as a present to a show and it’s tonight

S takes him shopping. she tells the staff to step out cuz they will interrupt. J asks what she is doing now. S: what does it look like I am doing? J: didnt you want us to go watch a show? she says she cant go watch a gag show like that (cuz she is above such things). he says she could have told him that before she brought him here. S: I am saying it now. J: what are you wanting to do. you think you are the only one irritated by this marriage – if you are going to be like this it’s better if  we call it off cuz I dont like you much either. he leaves and takes his tie off as if it was strangling him

Y goes into a tango class. she hears other women talking about the dance teacher-how cool he is and how wonderful if he could hold her once- that he wont just dance with anyone. omg it’s the coin guy with a wig. he runs off when he spots Y and Y asks if it is him. he pretends to be surprised to see her. she says he looks like a different person. he asks what brings her here. she said she came to learn tango and never imagined he did this. a woman calls him by a different name and asks him to hurry and come in cuz everyone is waiting on him. he changes his voice to a deeper one and says he will be rightin. she repeats the name and he says everyone calls him by that nickname here. he asks Y to keep it a secret that he dances tango here. she asks why. he says if ppl find out they will think of him as a pervert-isnt he sort of like that.

SW reports that he found out that S is suing for 3 uk. J repeats the amount. SW says in this case – the company and the individual -both sides paying is normal but this time they left out the company and hung everything on the individual so it’s strange. J says he gets it and tells him he can leave. 

 J wonders if he should tell Y. J mutters it keeps bothering him.

Y gets a call from her boss. she goes to meet him. why did you call me again for? he tells her to sit. she asks if he called about that road she already clearly told him- but he cuts her off and asks -then what do I need to do- $1000 – if she needs to be paid that money. she starts to leave so he asks -why does she have such a quick temper. what do you want me to do – what should I do? she remembers her wish list about getting revenge from ppl who torment her and asks him to apologize. what he did to her all this time – verbally abusing her and stuff. he does it lightly “ok I will – sorry- happy” so she says that wont work. boss: then what do you want me to do?

J goes to see the tree in Y’s picture. he sees a flashback of his mom and J as a little kid -they bury something by the tree to dig up when he is 20. when he gets closer -the tree and his flashback are gone

(the only person Song – the old man will deal with is Y)  J goes to see Song. Song says he already clearly said it – if they have something to ask of him -send Y. (but he used a nickname for her “curly hair”) J asks if that nickname means Y. Song: why are you making me say the same thing so many times- I have nothing to say to you so get lost. J: sir -why must it be Y?  

boss comes back to the office with Y. nam asks why they came together. boss says there is a reason.  Y sits at his seat and tells him to start. boss: do I have to do this? Y: yes. boss writes out her name with his butt and then someone calls out J’s title “director”. boss asks why J came again. J says he came from meeting Song.  ( the boss thinks J got it settled and takes a different attitude with Y thinking he doesnt need her help anymore) boss tells Y to go out -didnt you hear me- I said to leave.  why do you keep dropping by when you quit. J: something must have happened between the two of you. the boss lies that Y said she would use some influence on Song since they know each other well to open the road and made him do this silly stuff. J looks at Y and says to her boss: she did? but what do we do – you have to do that silly thing Y wants you to do. boss: what? J: do it.


Y meets some singer-junsu. he asks what she liked about him – his looks or his moving voice

J asks her boss. J: cant Y by any chance come back to work again? boss: that wont happen. J echoes him: guess that wont happen

junsu asks either E or Y – so you met your first love after 25 yrs at the hospital?

Y asks J: what is this? J tells her she needs to accept (he gave her $1000) J: do you not like it cuz it hurts your pride

J asks S if she is still going thru with the lawsuit. S: oh that woman? J: isnt it going too far to sue her for all damages? S: that has already left my hands

* I had a thought – Y can sue back for emotional distress cuz she is innocent and Wilson will back her. why hasnt he even bothered to call yet to say he found his stupid ring?

** about her bucket list – it made me realize I am already abusing the heck out of her #4-  that’s all I ever do 🙂 holding back isn’t something I am capable of


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