Scent of a Woman E3

This epsiode is a screencappers dream come true – there are so many great pics to choose from, but I love this one the most. It shows J has a cute, curious side to him as well. I am hoping that this inquistive side will continue to find out more about Y and discover there is so much more than he thought. Not just the truth of who she is, but who he can be when he is with her. She seems to bring out the sides of him he thought he forgot about and repressed – it is this “unearthing” I am looking forward to so much in the coming episodes.
*Thank you Iviih for the gorgeous new SOAW header and screencaps
** Thank you So3 for the Japanese translations
This was my runner up pic
Expectations were made and met in this episode. He finally smiled and came to life. If there are steps we take towards a drama on our way to following in love with it – tonight was a giant leap in that direction for me. I am starting to get invested in their relationship. Best 3rd episode of a drama EVER.
The preview took me by surprise. I didn’t expect it to go there so soon and it made me afraid for her. I am hoping it’s one of those misleading editing jobs for her sake.
The second I saw this scene, it felt like a metaphor for their impending relationship. They are trying to make it work, but there is a dark mass that keeps weighing down on them and is ready to engulf them.

Scent of a Woman E3

After J catches Y, he asks if she is ok. J: is there something in particular I have to see -you just want us to do the usual thing and get some ocean air. she asks how he came to be here -for business trip? or vacation? he says she must not have been briefed properly – he is here to make a vacation package -he isnt here on a personal vacation so there is no need to feel any pressure  (so she doesnt have to give the history and stuff about each locale). he walks off to the side. she repeats what he just said about who the Ms Lee he is looking for and starts to correct him about how she isnt who he thinks she is but sees how gorgeous he looks so she says “sorry i have to stand next to you” when he asks what she is sorry for. J mentions how her tour office didnt have to go thru all this trouble for him since this kind of expensive cruise wont be part of the package anyway. he says let’s go back now cuz he saw all there is to see when she asks “already? what did you see- we didnt even ride for very long”. J: even if we ride 20mins more – nothing else will change much-more sea-more wind- is there anything else other than that? Y: that is true but not just anyone can ride a yacht -how many times in your life can you ride it – plus this is really expensive so we should get as much out of it as we can. he gives her permission to do that and goes away. she remarks rich ppl are different being able to ride a $5,000 yacht for a day and being that indifferent to it. Y: ahh this is nice. suddenly she tells herself this isnt the time to be doing this right now. she goes down and looks around. she spots J napping. she remarks bad things arent the only thing that happens to her and says “sorry Ms. Lee” she admits to herself that it is correct that she is Ms lee.(She is trying to make herself feel better for deceiving him and leaving the other woman wondering what is going on)

the real Ms Lee is looking for J and calls in to her office. J gets a call while he was napping. he says to his dad that he is on the ocean alone and will work cuz he is afraid (of his dad) so how could he play – if you cant trust me then come yourself

[ just to clarify -the real Ms. Lee is waiting on the docks for J and every time her office calls J to confirm, J says he is with Ms. Lee (Y)]

J asks what is next and she says it’s a personal itinerary. he agrees to it saying it doesnt matter . he gets a call from tourist office and says he met Ms Lee and not to worry.

E’s coworkers other doctors are looking at drawings of E on a blog commenting on how much of a jerk he is. E comes and tells the doctors to get ready to make their rounds. E goes with them to meet with the first patient. E explains how the man’s leg could get wider if they put in a stunt but since the patient is old they cant cuz it’s dangerous so the old man complains how much longer he has to stay like this. E says just cuz the man gets irritated with him it wont change anything and just tells him to wait for more improvements. another woman says she threw up all day yesterday and wonders why E changed the meds cuz she doesnt seem to be getting better. E retorts it’s not cuz he changed it but cuz it doesnt have a good affect -“plus you agreed to it – dont you remember?” woman: even so. E goes to the next room. the patient isnt in so she runs after him. how could he just go – he left her out. he warns he told her to stay in bed but she says she went to the bathroom. he says since she is well enough to go to the bathroom on her own it means her condition is better. she asks if that means she can be discharged but he says if she is in her bed tm morning. she calls him a bad name. next patient looks serious and E asks her husband where their home is and tells her husband to go back with her this week. he asks what that means -E says there is no more point in treatments. husband asks E to continue and will pay whatever he needs-what is E saying- is E just going to let her die when he is the doctor? E says he helped the wife live 5 yrs longer when it was suppose to be 3 yrs. husband refuses to leave the hospital and begs E to treat her. E: “this is not a hospice – there are lines of patients who need to be treated” and something about how much longer she is going to take up bed space (when she is terminal)

Y is making J watch some guy in a costume move around and stuff. she asks if it’s not fun but J comments “it must be hot” (to be in that costume) he says let’s go now but she puts her hand on J’s shoulder to stop him saying he needs to see this before they go cuz it’s famous in okinawa. J tells her to put her hand down. Y says the old woman is 102? 92? (I dont know age numbers that high) and calls her cute.  she says she is jealous of the old woman for living this long so healthy.

she talks about a tree and how it got its name – a long time ago a korean came to live in okinawa and grew very attached. one day that person had to go back to Korea and ppl didnt want to part from that person so they hung onto that person saying “don’t go” and that’s how this tree got its name “don’t go”(in Korean) -isnt it funny? J: no. she says it’s funny but he is acting like it isnt – he says again that it’s not funny so so she repeats it and hangs onto his arm. it makes him smile as he walks on

she asks if they should eat ice cream. J: are you the type who has to eat and touch everything? at this rate going around the market will take a day and a half. she says the sweet potato ice cream here is famous so they should try that out. he says he doesnt want any. she lists places in korea for famous food items and says it’s the same (not eating something at a place it’s famous for) J: i didnt come here to play I came to work. Y: that work you have to do- arent you here to endorse the vacation package -if you dont try anything how can you endorse it. you have to try to do everything, taste it, and see if it’s fun or tasty to tell ppl about it. she offers to pay for the ice cream and orders two.

the real Ms Lee is mad and says something in Japanese and complains to the office

Y tries to find the right amount from her envelope so J offers to pay but she says she will so he let’s her. he gets another call from the office : who are you with now? J: what do you mean? of course I am with Ms Lee. excuse me? what are you saying.  some guy runs into J and makes J drop his phone. Y asks if he is ok. J feels around for his wallet. Y: what’s wrong.  J says very calmly that the guy was a mugger. Y starts to run after the guy saying: what do we do. but J holds her back saying only cash and cards are in there. so Y makes a sarcastic comment that of course cash and cards would be in there and chases after the robber. she asks the guy to give the wallet back and falls down after she hits him. she makes J chase him after J stops to check if she is ok. she tells J to hurry and grab the robber. she throws her shoe and misses the robber and hits J in the face. the naked bald man from the hotel gets J’s wallet back for him by saying something to the robber and then punching him.

Y asks J if it hurts a lot. he asks if it looks like it wont hurt. she asks to see it but he pull away. he says to leave it. she asks why he had to show up right then and get hit so he asks if she is saying it’s his fault. Y: that’s not it – I’m upset (to have hit you).  he asks why she had to chase after the guy. he had a knife even – what would you have done then. Y: anyway we got your wallet back. so grateful to that (bald) man. J says let’s call it a day but she asks to do one more thing before they end. her stomach growls cuz she is hungry.

while making him a ice pack, she explains how this place is famous for it’s dish. she tells him to put it on his forehead, but he tells her to pay attention to herself cuz her bruise is already showing. she says she is ok, but he makes her put it on her elbow since she tried to get his wallet back and fell on it and hurt it. J:what’s good here?

Y’s friend H comes in to work where Y used to. the boss complains he asked for someone young and energetic but he got someone who is “frustrating” the boss calls the coin guy to see her to her desk. the coin guy saw a stapler and tried to pick it up so she wont hurt herself sitting on it but she thinks he put his hand there on purpose (this guy is always misunderstood)

Y says they have to try this when they come to Okinowa. black noodles. she asks how he likes it – is it delicious. he says yes – it’s worth eating. he asks what the dish is called and she thinks he asked for her name so she says her name. both of their mouths are dirty so when she says the name of the dish J laughs. she remarks that the Japanese accent is funny but there are funnier names than this. Y: do you know what the name of the person who farts often is? she says the punch line “he farted awhile ago and farted again.” isnt it funny? then do you know the name of the best shoe salesman in Japan? the punchline is “save money dont spend it” and he laughs. she comments his mouth looks funny so he points and says hers is too. Y: did you laugh cuz of my mouth? J: then did you think I would laugh over ” farted a while ago and farted again?” she repeats it and asks if it isnt funny. (* the way the korean translation sounds at the end makes it sound Japanese)

they go walk on the beach. he looks thru a hole in the rock and she smiles from the other side. she gives him a shell with a crab still in it and it makes him smile.

*the song lyrics are mostly in english and the korean parts are – you are my dream- yours and mine – our history when we were really happy-the place where I loved you for the first time -love must be like this – this must be love

S’s brother comes over – if you came you should have told me. she replies she came cuz of work. he tells her to send some of those tea sets to him too cuz after Wilson walked out her brother’s work got complicated too. dad didnt say much this time around did he? must be nice for you. you cause touble but he doesnt scold you. she says it cant be called trouble. her brother points out their dad moves past it without a fuss. if I met a trashy woman and got money extorted -our dad will make a fuss saying he will take this department store away from me and give it to you. S: how did you find out about it. he replies: how could an older brother who loves his younger sister not know about that. he warns her not to let J hear about it.

when J and Y get back, he asks if she is staying at this hotel cuz of him. Y: no. she starts to explain she isnt that much of a stalker, but stops herself and ends with “I didnt know you came to Japan”. J says he was worried Y had to stay here for his sake. he asks where her home is. Y: it’s not close by. J: did you grow up here in okinawa. she owns up: I have something to say. I might not be the Ms Lee you are thinking of. J: what does that mean. she starts to explain but the real one shows up and calls out J’s name. She asks J: what happened? your phone was turned off. couldnt reach you so I waited all day. J:who are you? she says her name and she was his guide for today.  J asks Y what happened. Y explains she isnt the Ms Lee he was supposed to meet. J  asks why she hung out all day with him. Y says she was glad to see him, didn’t have a chance to explain, and her name really is Ms Lee. the real Ms Lee calls Y strange -is she a swindler. she asks if J is missing any items. Y to other woman: how can you say that? J tells the woman nothing is missing and to stop. she insists Y is too strange-where did she take you? did she take you somewhere strange and ask you to buy something?  J says no they went to normal places. J asks the real one if he has to meet her tm and the real Ms Lee says at 9am. J leaves. she calls Y a strange woman.

J thinks about what Y said about being glad to see him again, didnt get the chance to explain, and her name really is ms lee.

S thinks about what her dad said about letting her believe the guy who is “trash” was love rather than telling her the truth about how that guy was extorting money from her dad. she deletes the guy’s pics and takes out the show tickets J gave her

Y calls and her mom is annoyed cuz the toilet is blocked and tells her to hang up cuz she is busy. Y tells herself: what can I expect from mom.

Y goes out for a walk and sees a wedding rehearsal.The bald guy is watching that too. Y says something to him – maybe thanking him for his help and then points to the couple inside (think she asked if he is looking forward to the wedding) but he walks off. she asks “why is he like that to me” she looks up and says there are a lot of stars- she hopes for a shooting star so she can make a wish- she tells the star to fall.

she runs into J. she says she is surprised and he says he is more surprised. she says sorry for messing up his work schedule today cuz of her. J remarks he was a bit surprised but it doesnt matter. even if he had gone with someone else he wouldnt have seen anything in particular. to him everything is the same. she asks if he is going tm with that other person. J: of course I will be. Y says she knows she is overstepping by saying this but don’t follow the schedule tm like today- if you came to make a vacation package -you cant know much from just looking in a cursory manner. with each new place – you should look, feel, touch, and taste-experience it yourself to know. if you dont try it – dont have fun -how can you go around saying it’s a great trip.  dont think of it as work and just have some fun. that is how you can make a better vacation package.the package you are making, to someone it could be their first trip or last trip before they die. she leaves him standing there to think that over

E gets called in by his boss and asks for E to run tests on Y cuz her case is good for this. the boss says since E knows her she wouldn’t have gone to another hospital. E remembers the last thing Y said how she wont be treated by him

J meets Ms lee. J: didnt you tell me to bring/wear a swimsuit since we are going to the ocean. she says she did cuz the ocean is famous in okinawa and he has to try snorkeling.  he makes a comment about her heavy eye makeup (like how is she going to swim like that since she doesnt look like a person who is prepared to go into the ocean) she says she isnt going to cuz she is sick of tanning. J sees Y and Y bows to him and leaves. ms lee to J: should we go? J says sorry to Ms Lee and runs after Y. he gets in the cab with Y. J: instead of the real Ms Lee the fake Ms Lee will be more fun. he smiles.

they go snorkeling and then for a walk and stand on a cliff. Y says how great the view is. J: your life must be fun cuz everything you see is new and interesting.  Y: life is fun – I didnt know a day like this would come to me even in my dreams. J: what kind of day is today? Y: who I am – what is happening with me – so I can forget all that – that’s the kind of day this is. he smiles.

E tells the nurse to call Y. she tells him to call himself but she does it and says Y isnt answering. he says let’s call again later.

that same guy is begging for more treatment for his wife- he will give more money. E says he already told him they wouldnt treat his wife anymore. the patient will die soon. the man’s wife is standing behind him and hears everything. she falls down from the shock of hearing that, but E just walked away

Y says to J about the chapel and how it’s famous in okinawa. they go and observe the wedding of that young couple. the couple kiss and Y looks at J. then Y sees the bald man outside watching and crying.

Y says to herself “there is something there” (meaning there is a reason why the bald man is watching from outside and being emotional)
J sees the mugger from yesterday with his gang. Y wonders if the mugger is coming for them. J: that’s not possible. Y: what do we do. she takes off running.

Y runs to the bald man: hey I think yesterday’s mugger is coming with his gang to catch you! Go find a place to hide yourself!
Old man of the gang: Hey Murakawa! How dare you come back to Okinawa!
Bald man: Don’t make a big fuss about it! It’s a wedding chapel.
Old man: You want me to make it a grave here for you?
Mugger to the old man: The other 2 people are of the same group.
Y to J: I think we’d better run
J: Why? What did we do wrong?
Bald man to Y: I think it’s better to run. J:what did he say? Y: he said to run away. J: why? Y: I dont know- I’m going to run away. She takes off. J runs too and asks why they are running – what did they do wrong. she tells him “then you stay there and see what happens” and the bald guy tells them to hurry and get in the boat. J helps Y who fell and helps her on the boat. J punches out one of the bad guys. Y claps. the gang gets another boat. J says sarcastically: yesterday a mugger today yakuza (japanese gang) -if we make a vacation package like this -it will be a hit (daebak). Y: omo who knew this would happen.

*thanks to So3 for her great translations 🙂

E asks the nurse if she cant reach Y and she remembers how Y said “bad guy” and wonders if she was talking about E.

the dying cancer woman has to be revived and E tries to save her.

J asks if they have to follow the bald guy all the way here- since they have that boat – let’s go back.  she worries about the gang waiting for them when they get back. J mutters if he knew this would happen he would have followed the real Ms Lee. Y says how cool he was punching out that guy on the boat.

the bald guy and an old man talk and hug.  

Y explains that this is the bald guy’s hometown. and that old man is someone like a father figure who looked after the bald guy when he was younger.

Bald man: It’s been 25 years.
Y: Why have you been gone for so long:
Bald man: I didn’t kill Shusuke. It was an accident. However, that Inagaya-gumi (Inagaya yakuza) wants to kill me. So I can only escape to Tokyo. And I left Erika.

she translates the bald guy’s story to J- that bride is his daughter. the guy points to the room. she asks for another room but the guy said no. J asks what he said but Y replies in japanese “I’m sorry” (she didn’t want to have to tell J that there is only one room I think)

E’s boss is mad at E cuz the woman died and her husband is saying E wouldn’t save her even before she died. his boss lectures E has problems with how he treats his patient.

the husband grabs E’s collar and says E killed her. she wanted to live but E killed her. E throws him off saying let go. her husband says she suddenly got worse cuz she lost her hope. if E hadnt said that she was dying she wouldnt have gone like that. E says it doesnt work that way. a hallway full of patients heard that.

Y goes in the room and says how pretty the blankets are. J: is this your taste? she says that’s not what she meant. he says he only needs a pillow but she suggest each taking one and gives him a blanket too. they sit apart from each other. Y: isnt it funny. J: what? Y:it’s like a 70s movie- go play somewhere and the boats are cut off till morning so two end up sleeping in one room. to be honest when my dad was dating my mom -he took my mom to an island-  on purpose made sure that there were no more boats till morning and slept in one room and had their first kiss. my dad’s objective was for mom to fall for him -they even said that’s how I was conceived. J says he is going out for air. he sits and smiles.

J goes back in and asks if she is sleeping. her back is to him and she isnt and just mumbles. after he lies down, she looks over at J. he turns to face her as he sleeps so she steals another look. she faces him and keeps looking. he opens his eyes. J:why? Y:  woke up from sleep. she turns away embarrassed.

Early the next morning, Y and J are headed somewhere. she says it’s good they went for a walk. he mentions how he lived in a place like this in the country for a short time when he was younger. every morning he walked to school on a road like this and back then going to school was really exciting – on the way he would catch ( some insect I dont know) and there were a lot of things on the road that were interesting. he jokes about wearing same underwear for two days.

they go to the beach. Y: I am finally here. I saw this in a dream so I came on this trip to find this place. and now I am here. she runs off into the water. she thinks it’s so surreal – was her dream a premonition. he asks what kind of dream she had but she doesnt answer. she asks if he went to study abroad. J says he did. she asks if he had an english name -he says willy and she asks if it wasnt william but he says it was willy. she thinks it’s a waste cuz its one syllable off.
*the guy’s name was William -the one who came out of the water in her dream

they stand in the middle of that big rock. Y: I went on a lot of vacations – my dad liked to go on them. while my father was fishing, my mom and I would lay out a mat and nap. while using my mom’s arm as a pillow, I would stare at my dad’s back from a distance and it was really really nice. J tells her to bring her parents next time thru Line tour package. she says how her father passed away so she cant bring him on the trip and suggest J bring his parents and come back. the first guests on the package trip he should bring his parents. he says he cant bring his mom cuz she passed away.

they are waiting under a tree for the rain to let up. she thinks the rain will stop soon. he says let’s go. J: didnt you like getting rained on when you were younger? i liked it a lot. come out. Y steps out from under the treee. J: how does it feel to get rained on? isn’t it great? Y: yes. he says a joke: do you know what you call the skinniest person in Japan? she says the punchline – translated it means “should we get rained on?”  J takes her hand and they run off in the rain

S goes to see J’s dad Kang. she mentions wilson. kang mentions something about an anti aging (trip) and he left it up to J. she asks if J went someplace. he says how J went for work to japan. did he go without telling her. she says J doesnt need to tell her stuff like where he goes for work.

S went outside and gets a call about her schedule being pushed back 

Y and J see a contest where ppl drink beer really fast and they get a prize. J suggests going out and trying for it and volunteers. J: you said do everything yourself.

S arrives.

J doesn’t finish but Y is drinking so he cheers her on. “drink more -that’s good- hurry- you drank it all”  it’s between her and a big guy. she wins.

J: i thought the prize was going to be good. Y: we got to drink beer for free and got a necklace. she cant get the necklace on cuz she is drunk so he offers to put it on her. he tells her to hold still. from a certain angle, they look like they are kissing. she leans closer …..and burps in his face and ruins the mood. so he burps on purpose too. they laugh.

Y and J come back to the hotel and S is there waiting. J jokingly teases about the gang coming for them and points in a direction. S comes over and says to J: what are you two doing? then she says to Y: what are you?

J asks Nam about Y and verifies she was on the E team (can’t tell if he meant “E” or the number “2” cuz in Korean it’s the same) and what kind of person she was

Y makes a list of things she wants to do before she dies

nam says someone wont do something so the coin guy suggests Y take care of it
Y asks her boss to apologize and he says it flippantly so she says it wont work with just that kind of apology
J to S: you think you are the only one annoyed/irritated by this marriage? if you are going to do this – why dont you just call it off

Y falls so J helps her and asks “what’s wrong- are you hurt somewhere?” Y: dont worry about it
J drives her to the hospital
Y is sick and says: I don’t want to die like this


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    Hey softy! It’s all good. And thanx in advance. Oh and hey to everyone lurking around thesd parts.


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    Loved loved ep 3.I mean the plot is good and the outstanding chemistry is beginning to be evident.
    However…do you feel it?The lines,the vibes,the outdoor filming pace…I smell a K drama classic in the works.I mean one of those definative dramas coming up when someone asks you ‘what drama was memorable for you and I should watch?

    No no it’s nothing like CYHMH but the whole feel of it…it is just right.You know when the drama feel just hits the right note?This ep 3 has it.

    Got to go read what you wrote because I tell you I about busted a gut trying not to laugh.Or squeal.Especially when he found her so amusing during the squid ink pasta scene.Oh of course I must say-think my heart fluttered when he smiled 🙂 several.times.this episode.Daebak 🙂


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      I know what you mean – he smiled so much during this episode – I don’t want them to go back to Seoul – I wish they could stay here – still soooooo curious how their relationship will progress in Seoul. 🙂


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    Does anyone know where I can watch this in raw? Im only using iPod to watch it… Tudou doesn’t seem to work for me:(


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    Dialogue between Y and bald man:
    Y runs to the bald man: hey I think yesterday’s mugger is coming with his gang to catch you! Go find a place to hide yourself!
    Old man of the gang: Hey Murakawa! How dare you come back to Okinawa!
    Bald man: Don’t make a big fuss about it! It’s a wedding chapel.
    Old man: You want me to make it a grave here for you?
    Mugger to the old man: The other 2 people are of the same group.
    Y to J: I think we’d better run
    J: Why? What did we do wrong?
    Bald man to Y: I think it’s better to run.


    • So3 says:

      Outside the cottage:
      Bald man: It’s been 25 years.
      Y: Why have you been gone for so long:
      Bald man: I didn’t kill Shusuke. It was an accident. However, that Inagaya-gumi (Inagaya yakuza) wants to kill me. So I can only escape to Tokyo. And I left Erika.


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          You’re welcome! Glad to be of help 🙂 (coz there won’t be a lot of chances for me to help out since I don’t know much about Korean =P)

          Thanks for explaining the punch lines!! Now that I know what those mean I think J is kinda sweet. (and don’t even mention about his smile… different charisma from KJW’s smile but definitely brings a sense of warmth to the audience) I like LDW’s interpretation of J in this episode.

          We have both leads finding new meanings to life together – how lovely is that? Anxiously waiting for tonight’s episode… (not only becoz there’ll be the widely publicized shower scene, heh) i can foresee angst coming up >.<

          I love the 3rd screen cap here – it just tells me the PD is very assertive with what he wants to show and I love this kind of assertiveness when i watch a drama. there's this sense of security to the audience, if you know what i mean. Also loving your interpretation of the metaphor of this pic 🙂


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    Hey Softy…. I did a scent of woman header… but I wonder if it’s ok ^^ well … you don’t have to use it if you don’t like/want 🙂 I just did for fun, not that great … (while I was waiting for the raw lol)

    Episode 3 was so good! I love his smile. It’s a killer one!!! Thaks Softy for recapping this drama ^^


    • Softy says:

      I am the one who should be thanking you. Been wanting a header for this show so this is perfect – will insert as soon as I am back online later. Thank you so much -I am going to use this header for so long you are going to beg me to take it down 🙂


  9. Iviih says:

    I also liked the scene you chose the picture above! It’s so pretty 🙂 also meaningful.. showing his curious/cute side like you said ^^ ehhh this episode made my finger hurt, I took so many print screens … lol~~ I have a lot of print screen from his smiling scenes.. lol lol

    And from the scene you posted too:

    Ji-wook ^^
    Ji-wook 3
    Ji-wook 2
    Ji-wook 1


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      ok I love yours better 🙂 going to switch them out now. how do you get it so crisp and clear? what do you use? I just use snippping tool or Paint with Baros version and it comes out fuzzy. thanks for sharing – how do you like the new header you made? I put it up this morning. you have to keep clicking on it to find it tho cuz it’s on rotation. Now that I am back online, I am going to make a header page soon.


      • Iviih says:

        Hi sorry for not replying before… I have to yet watch the full episode 4 …. 🙂

        So I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 … I use a tool named ”reduce noise” to make it clear and to make it not too blury I use a tool called ”sharpen tool” . But I have to find videos with good quality or else even these tools don’t help lol.


  10. Iviih says:

    ”The preview took me by surprise. I didn’t expect it to go there so soon and it made me afraid for her. I am hoping it’s one of those misleading editing jobs for her sake.”

    I have been thinking, and maybe it’s not because of her cancer she is sick, but because she caught a cold? She and J ran in the rain afterall… ^^ maybe she is with a fever due to a cold.

    And: ”The second I saw this scene, it felt like a metaphor for their impending relationship. They are trying to make it work, but there is a dark mass that keeps weighing down on them and is ready to engulf them.”

    Oooh Softy, you are like a poet! Really liked this thought about this scene…


  11. InLove says:

    Definitely in love with vibe of this drama. Watching it feels like being in a small room with wonderful close friends who you love, but are still surprised by. You look at your watch, not because you want to leave, but because you’re scared the night will be over too quickly.


  12. REBEL SOULS says:

    Thanks for posting the recap. You are right-there are so many gorgeous shots. Will check back later for Ep 4.


  13. Lizzy says:

    Not sure why it said my comment above was from rebel souls?


  14. […] going to keep this short since I was going to try not to post until Monday, but I want to quote Softy at Rebel Souls because I originally just saw that first scene as a beautiful image, and she gave it a whole new […]


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