You’ve fallen for me E8

Ask me how many times I watched this scene from the preview and pressed paused. This guy has a very good smile don’t you think?Despite all the complications tonight, I am glad i had something to focus on other than this storm. Since everything around me was spiraling out of control, it gave me peace of mind to have something routine to do. Thank you for all your concern and well wishes, but I needed to recap to have a sense of normalcy and I couldn’t have picked a better show than YFFM for a night like this. It was perfect in every sense of the word. I feel bad for all the CH fans, but I hope you understand these were extenuating circumstances.

Thanks to SeaSea and her great tip about using my iPhone as my wifi source I am typing this on my old Mac so tm I can go back to live recap of YFFM, but I still can’t do CH cuz I can’t download any raws yet from this computer cuz it’s super slow. For the full story of how this unfolded and for the only recap I could do of YFFM E8, here is the rest of the page πŸ™‚


written around 8pm Wed night when Softy was in panic mode:

There was a thunderstorm that knocked down some lines and I lost my Internet. My cable TV is still working at least, but unless I get Internet, I will be recapping from my iPhone for the first time ever so this is going to be tricky. I cant find all the stuff on my edit box so this may fill up my entire front page. This could be a big fail so I wanted to give you a heads up if you don’t see anything posted after YFFM airs.
*more bad news – I won’t be able to do one of the shows so i chose to do YFFM cuz it’s slower paced and I can follow along better. I can only watch and recap one cuz I can’t download the other one without Internet and my computer. A quick summary of one show is all there is till I have Internet back – no way of knowing when that will be. So sorry but no CH recap tonight unless someone posts youtube links for me to watch and translate key scenes.
**this is more serious than I thought – Kangnam flooded and some mountain slide killed ppl so tv and Internet are down all over Seoul – no one I know has Internet right now. We shouldn’t hold out any hope that I can get back online tm either. I had no idea until my friends told me they didn’t have Internet either and then I heard about all the tragedies on the news. No wonder my cab driver didn’t want to go towards Kangnam. Lots of ppl didn’t go to work and wanted to evacuate. Not sure something like all these downed lines can be fixed overnight. This is what happens when I don’t watch the news – I didn’t even know the storm was this bad. I was too busy trying not to get soaked and get home safely. Since I can’t even watch CH, could someone post on comments and fill me in on what happened please.
again – Thank you everyone for your concern but I am ok – just my Internet is down – no need to worry about me.

Love this episode – total daebak.


S and K are both sitting in the back seat of SH’s car. He asks if the two of them fought (cuz they aren’t speaking to each other)SH thanks S for bringing K to the audition. Y calls so he explains how he is going to be late and says sorry.

After K goes in, SH and S are standing outside and SH thanks S saying S is useful sometimes. S tells SH to go reminding him he is late. SH thanks him and tells him not to be late for practice

K tells her grandpa thru the door that she didn’t get the audition but she wants to keep working hard and do the musical- she promises if he let’s her do the musical she will work harder on her gukak after the show. He asks for the directors number so she asks why. He says – you don’t need to know

SH meets y and she says she was going to go in and watch it alone but didn’t want to make him feel sorry. He promises not to be late next time. She asks where he was and he explains about k and how she got in trouble with her grandpa so he took her home.he made some kind of flippant comment so Y talks about kids who work hard for their dreams and stuff and asks how he can speak so easily about kids like that

Hj remembers how so many kids congratulated k. She grabs a choco bar but decides against eating it and gets on the scale

K tells her dad she didn’t get the lead but reporters came and took her pic- her dad says it’s good that she did it and didn’t regret. He mentions how she should buy a meal for the prince of conceit ( for getting her there on time) she asks about first love and why it hurts so much – I didn’t catch his answer

J comes in and asks S – did the pumpkin do well on the audition? So he tells her not to call K that anymore – how would you like it if someone called you that. she pouts saying: it was a joke- no fun

S waits for k outside her hm next day. He asks if she explained it well to her GP (grandpa). She says she did. K walks ahead and asks why he is following her. S: I left my bike at school cuz of someone. They wait for the bus together and he let’s her get on first. She looks uneasy as he follows her down the hall.he goes another direction so she let’s out a sigh of relief.K: I thought I was going to die of awkwardness

Hj asks to speak to her.she says she worked hard but K came all this way cuz of director’s support (backing)-she asks K to drop out of the acting team. After HJ leaves K says to herself : what is she

S goes in and his band is surprised cuz he doesn’t have class this early or he doesn’t attend normally – couldn’t hear. He just replies he wanted to attend.

T and other teachers read the news which is a rave review about K’s performance and not about HJ

T goes and explains to Y about making a separate team and asks her to join them. She asks if he is splitting the team but he says he is only taking HJ. Y asks :why should I (join your team)? He gives her a reason about her ambition/greed to do well

Mean girls read aloud the news to HJ – how the reporter even thought k should have won and they were on her side. Then about how HJ was backed cuz she is the school presidents daughter. HJ retorts back at them: even getting backed is an ability/skill – do you even know that? (she meant those girls don’t have anyone backing them)
HJ cries outside saying she won’t lose to K or anyone.JH tries to say hi but stops. HJ is crying alone telling herself she is the female lead – suddenly JH puts earphones on her head- she yells that she doesn’t want to see him, but he holds the earphones in place and she cries more. He is playing her trot music ( way to torture the girl)

K remembers HJ telling her to drop out. B asks her to go with them but she says go on ahead. (You can see the bruises on her face from her car accident)

SH is instructing KY to have the look on his face that “you just saw your first love after a long time” but the look now is too much like a robot. K comes and asks to speak to SH. He asks if it’s ok to say in front of KY too. She says yes and asks to be moved to the music team since she didn’t get the lead. He gets angry and yells – asking if she isn’t taking this seriously – wanting to go back and forth – if he picked her for acting she has to go all the way till the end with the acting team. He says he has to work with KY and tells her to leave if she is done talking.

She walks by S and he tells her to act like they know each other at least. He asks if she is going to practice with acting team – she says she isnt in a dismissive way so he replies rudely – I wasn’t expecting much from you anyway. K: what did u say? S: if you were going to do it ( didn’t hear the rest)she explains she has a reason why she can’t make it today. S: why didn’t you just say that- why get mad? She retorts she can get mad at times too. S: since we are both not in a good mood let’s not run into each other. After he walks off she says she is sick and tired of it

SH shows up with tickets to make up for the date they didn’t have yesterday. He says he will pick up Y later. Y tries to talk about T and what he is up to but SH says he has to go do something so let’s talk about it later.

Y goes to see T and says she thought about it- like he said she is ambitious. T says he was kidding about that and not take it seriously. Y: I can’t backstab SH like this – in case I wasn’t clear enough – I am turning your offer down

The other teacher tells SH she is afraid she will get in trouble by him but she gave S the task of working on the music for the ending. Like SH believed in K and trusted her- she wanted to trust S and believe in him. She has an idea for K to do

She meets with K and S. She asks if stupid and windflowers played their instruments together. She asks how it went. S says it went well. She thinks if S says that then it must have really been good. She asks him to go and listen to K’s WF perform

As they walk out k says: if you don’t want to go I will explain to the teacher. S : it’s ok it might help. K: don’t complain it’s boring later

K and WF perform for the elderly. S gets invited to dance by a grandma

Y and SH are walking and he says how things didn’t change much while he was on broadway and stuff. She says ppl change too. He says he admits HJ is good but just cuz she shows effort doesn’t mean she can express herself well on stage. He sort of implied in a backhand way that y was like HJ and that’s why Y supports HJ so much. So y makes a comment about K. Y is ticked off so she leaves first

The elderly and S and K are having rice wine. Grandpa (GP) asks S to drink but S says he can’t drink. When the GP insists again K offers to drink instead of S. GP compliments K for drinking well. The Grandma (GM) thinks K is pretty and wants her grandson to meet someone like K so K asks how old the grandson is and I think the GM said 11 so K laughs and remarks jokingly she is ok with younger guys

K is sitting in the stairwell cuz she is drunk.
S asks if she is ok.
K looks up: it’s lee shin the one I like .
S: are you drunk?
K: I’m not drunk. She closes her eyes.
S: are you sleeping?

K mutters : lee shin the one I hate. She mumbles threats while leaning her head on his shoulder.
Her friends wonder where K went but spots K and S together so they leave quickly so they don’t interrupt

Jh takes HJ home on his bike. Her mom is waiting. Jh starts to introduces himself as HJ’s boyfriend but HJ makes him be quiet and not say silly stuff. She thanks him and tells him to go. She sort of smiled do he is happy

S is piggybacking K and carrying her instrument. He tells her to hold on tight or else she will fall off. She mumbles she wants to forget him so why does he show up in front of her

Gp is mad she came home drunk. He says S worked hard bringing her home. As S leaves he smiles and shakes his head

His mom says his face is beaming. He asks about J and his mom says she is on the ph with her friend.
His mom says to him: these days your face looks brighter – that’s good

Next morning Gp asks how she could come home being piggybacked by a guy. K: what? She asks if it was S and then remembers it. Gp tries to get her to eat some seaweed soup but she runs off saying later

K sneaks out but S is already there waiting outside her door.he asks if she is ok. K: I’m late. S: my back hurt so I couldn’t sleep well and had to put 3 ( heat) packs on my back

SH meets Y and says sorry for what he said – she is different from HJ. Y explains she is just looking favorably at HJ’s efforts. They make up and he offers to buy her something good to eat later

HJ’s mom meets with T. He mentions how he is going to make a separate team. She points out the newspaper still said K was better so she tells him to get rid of K (kick her out of the show) cuz there can only be HJ. She hints he will lose his position if he doesn’t get that done

K gets a call from her dad wishing her a happy bday and tells her “pick your present – see you this weekend.” She realizes that is why her Gp wanted to feed her seaweed soup

S approaches K in the library. She says she is busy. S: then I guess I have to ask the professor to get someone else to help me. She asks what he needs and he explains that he needs all those books clarified cuz he doesn’t get it. He tells her to get it done by a certain time frame. K: it’s ridiculous how can i get this done by today? S: what is ridiculous is how you acted yesterday. She looks guilty. She bites her lips and says she will get it done. He secretly watches her and smiles

K goes and hands him what he wanted.she remarks the others haven’t arrived yet. She gets ready to play. He asks if her instrument has something similar to the guitar. She says yes and shows him all the parts that are similar to a guitar

Both bands come in saying k came early and let’s practice.SH brought GP to listen to them play. The music starts off slow and grows louder. Gp points out K’s instrument should have gone higher right there at that point

Gp and SH meet. Gp offers to come a few times a week to help out. SH says Gp is a professional so he doesn’t need to but Gp insists he is busy and can only come a few times a week. SH finally just says it would be an honor to get his help

After practice both bands act weird and say they are going to get drinks. They all go except S. K: you guys are all leaving? The lights go off-she asks what’s going on- they sing happy bday- she says the cake is pretty cuz it’s snowman shaped- they get cake on her – they play around but S just stands there so k goes after him with cake- he tells her not to but she says come here and chases after him

Rest of the group leaves so k calls after b to go together but S calls out her name. S: happy bday. Somehow she fell down the stairs. He runs over asking if she is ok but she says she cant get up- everyone runs back asking if she is ok

Gp is talking about his gugak history ( when he was 14) and boring SH till it gets dark outside – SH tries to say he has an imp appt and gets a call – see I got a call cuz I am not there. S called and said hospital

SH and Gp arrive at the hospital. K says nothing is broken and she is ok but S speaks up: it was my fault. She quickly says it’s not S’s fault she just tripped and fell and he has nothing to do with it. But S says: she broke a rib and sprained her leg and has to rest a few days in the hospital. Nurse comes over asking for the guardian and SH offers to go with him and also get some of K’s things from home

S helps k lay down.S: are you thirsty – should I get you something? Does it hurt a lot? She asks him to say something funny. He says lame jokes about sesame oil and “best phone” K: this is funny? I thought your personality wasn’t good but your humor isn’t any better either. Just get me some water so I can take my medicine. He tells her to wait and leaves to go get it. when she is alone, she laughs and says his jokes are lame

Gp brings over k’s things and ask if it’s enough. SH tells him to stay home and rest and see her tm cuz she needs to rest and sleep and he will take her things to her

When he gets there S is still by her side. SH: is she asleep? S says she fell asleep after taking her painkillers. SH offers to stay and tells S to go cuz the buses will stop running soon.S says he will stay and take a cab. Nurse asks if they are family and SH says they are not. She says they cant stay and take care of K cuz they are men and not women (plus they aren’t K’s family).SH offers to take S home but he declines. SH: then let’s have some coffee

SH tells him not to worry cuz nothing is broken – she just needs some rest -she is strong. S: she might not be that strong. SH: I saw the practice and it sounds good- heard you are doing the ending. He says someone is picky and stuff so S asks “who is it” S talks about what he has worked on so far. SH: does K help? S: yes. SH:you two seem different these days- maybe cuz it’s K – she has skills with ppl. He tells S to go cuz he is going to check in on her one more time before he goes. S goes with him. SH: why are you following me? S: I want to check in on her one last time too

Next morning S goes there but she isnt in her bed. She is sitting outside listening to music. S: were you here? K: you came – you didn’t need to come- you didnt do anything wrong so you don’t need to bother. S holds up the explanation she wrote out saying he can’t understand it and needs tutoring. K:was that it? (meaning is that why he came)

She reads and explains – do you understand? He forgets and nods yes but lies and says he doesn’t get it still. K: I already said it 3 times. S: it’s too boring so it won’t go in my ears. She tells him to listen up this time and starts but messes up and blames him for making her get confused cuz she explained it so much

Both bands want to go visit K. Jh asks what they should take and suggests chicken.B asks where S is. Jh says S likes going off on his own

K is explaining and S fell asleep so k mutters – you are sleeping when I explained this 3 times already? band members come in and ask how S came to be here. He holds up the paper and says to get tutored

They go out and set off sparklers. S looks down and smiles at K.they get in trouble and get yelled at so they run away. S wheels K out of there

K: whew – we didnt get caught. You worked hard – must have been hard for you.
S: didn’t get caught- if we were caught it would have been hard. She laughs thinking how funny it was to watch the others running away. Wonder where they all went.
S: don’t stop liking me.
K: what?
He gets down to be at face level with her
S: liking me – don’t stop.

Fireworks go off in the background

K: what you are saying – Do you like me?

K and her dad run into S. Her dad starts to say “is this the prince of… But K stops her dad.

They all go on a MT ( like an overnight school trip college students go on)S sits next to K with the excuse: there are no seats so I am sitting here cuz it can’t be helped

K gets lost and calls out his name – she is in pain

S looks for her wondering where she went

There won’t be screencaps for this so picture that last scene:)
if anyone wants to share some I could post them I think.


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    ok ck you called it….cliffhanger alright! well we already know that’s the CH style πŸ™‚
    but why YJ worked so hard to end up like this!! I loved how Y didn’t go after #4 but up to check on YJ! Even more so I loved the fact that Y just tossed the book like it was nothing to care for YJ says a lot about CH. He cares more about life, family and friends than this revenge that J got him on. I do want those men to get what they deserve for killing those men in 83 but killing them off will only ease the pain temporarily, it’s the easy way out for them!

    anyway softy, no worries about recaps and just keep safe and dry and good luck with getting internet and power! hope no more deaths and people have safe shelter! take care ok….get that much needed sleep if you can through the storm! hugs for you my dear!


  4. I can’t understand any Korean, so I’m just giving you a very very rought summary of the events in CH ep 19:

    YJ let YS go after unmasking him, while someone (not shows who) helps Chun get away. Chun’s creepy minion tells YS about Chun’s order to find KH. Nana finds out the president has the same stitched handkerchief from KH as she has herself. YS finds out the truth about his biological dad (as far as I understood from watching the scenes unfold, at least. I can’t tell how much he exactly knows, though, since I didn’t get the dialogues) and gives back the bullet necklace to JP.
    SH is waiting for YJ when a delivery man brings a package containing the secret file of 1983. Chun’s new minions get there soon after and take it from SH, knocking her town and tying her up in a room (she let them in because they pretended about a gas leak, I think…). YJ arrives and brings SH to a hospital. YJ and YS find out where Chun is hiding, both go there separately. YJ is getting beaten by Chun’s new minions and finds out that Chun wants to destroy the secret file, so he texts YS about it. YS looks for it and manages to get it, while YJ is getting beaten really really badly. One minion hits him on the head with an iron pipe ans a lot of blood starts to run down his head. While Chun escapes YS finally arrives at YJ’s side, only it seems he is too late. Before dying (could be unconscious, but with all the blood it really looks more like death to me), YJ calls YS City Hunter..


    • Thanks in advance for your effort to make a YFFM recap, despite all the problems you currently are facing. *bows* Looking forward to it! I hope everything will be resolved soon.


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        Thank you in for the recap.
        OML I am happy I didn’t watch it then.My heart will be in tatters since I actually am one that like YJ and do not actually spazz over LMH.I am not blind but I actually like CH for the storyline,great acting and great pace.So LMH is not the 1st reason.

        They so better not kill YJ after the SHOW did not kill ANY of the bad guys.


        • I really like YJ a lot as well – not best, but enough to be devastated about the ending part of today’s episode. I really cried about it. First time this show actually kills someone and, of all the people, it’s him…not fair! ;~ ;


      • Softy says:

        Thank u sofi for that recap – you’ve got skills – how did you fit all that info into a tiny paragraph like that:) I am wondering now when I will get Internet again – hope it doesn’t take up to a week or something.


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          I’m hoping you’ll get your Internet connection back soon. >_< Best wishes~


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    why do they have to kill YJ 😦
    Please let it be happy ending for Y & N!
    Can’t wait to see CH but also sad it is going to end soon.
    Can I wish for a wedding for Y & N and to top it up to see a time jump showing their adorable twins :p
    I can only wish but i really hope no more people will die.
    Let Y’s kindness be spread!

    Thank you so much to everyone that share what happen in CH n YFFM.
    Can’t wait to watch ep.8
    Sounds like there is so many warm moments between K & S \\^O^)//

    Can anyone tell me how I can watch CH live?
    Thank you and take care everyone.



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    be safe softy…dont mind the recap,we can wait…i do understand ur situation coz its the same hir the phils…lots of people died and missing….i just pray for all the victims and no more lives will suffer….BTW… i think YJ will die same as the manga/anime….but i hope not too… 😦


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    I agree with CK, if it’s too much, we can wait till tomorrow. I can picture you 2-finger typing in your iphone, that’s hard dear! I admire your dedication to your followers. I felt a bit guilty just taking from your kindness. Hope i can meet you someday and thank you personally =).


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          Now we have to wait a whole week for E10. It’s like torture πŸ™‚ As soon as I can get back on my toshiba laptop, I am going to rearrange all these YFFM posts and rename them and screencap them. Maybe that will make time fly by till Wed.


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    CH ep 19 ending


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      Thanks for this vid – only one I could watch – chun said since YJ blocked the sky so he couldn’t fly he had to find a way out thru the ocean sea and says there is a boat waiting for him – he taunts Yj asking if he can catch him in his current condition. When Y arrives Yj asks him to capture chun for him cuz he can’t go right now- Y tells Yj to do it himself and tells him not to talk anymore ( cuz it’s hard for yj to breathe) Yj held his arm saying – forgive my father and his sins against you – I’m sorry

      Please tell me he didn’t just die cuz that’s not fair – chun deserves to die. That scene with ajussi with that mean guy is so cute and sweet.


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    Maybe it’s just the excitement, but I had goosebumps as the episode started and we heard PSH’s voice. Such a beautiful way to begin!

    As soon as the stalking began I had a huge grin on my face. They both nailed the awkwardness of it, and it genuinely had that nervous young-love feeling.

    And omg at JH watching HJ cry (way to pull at the heartstrings buddy!). I don’t know why he gave her such sad music (maybe so she should cry it out?) but I love how sweet and sincerely empathetic he is to someone that everyone else hates.

    I even liked the fight between K and S on the steps. She unknowingly brought his bad mood on by walking past him when he was clearly so happy and excited to see her. Poor puppy!

    The elderly people dancing to the traditional music charmed my socks off. I was expecting adorable things this episode, but not from a bunch of senior citizen extras! The drinking scene to follow was great too, and I enjoyed K’s “I like you, I hate you” bits. JYH is doing such a good job of seeming slightly uncomfortable while being totally delighted with her that I can’t help but wonder if he has a crush on her IRL.

    The fall down the stairs was a little awkward and sudden, but I guess they were in a rush to write an accident in. At least S gets to take care of K! I like that the joke scene mimicked the band room scene from a past episode where she’s the one telling lame jokes. Also, the way he can’t help but smile when he sees her reminds me of Park Kyu in Tamra Island (love it!).

    What I really like is that this show gives us time to revel in all its little moments. Since it’s a bit slower paced, we get to fully enjoy all the nuanced reactions of the characters, like Shin’s smirks after being “mean” to K, or in the scenes following a K&S moment how both leads are still showing emotion based around that moment, even though they’re apart and doing something else. We get this occasionally in other dramas, but in YFFM it’s the norm, and it makes me feel like I really know the characters. In a lot of other shows I often find myself thinking, “What? No! Don’t change subjects! I want to see more of how they’re feeling!”

    I’m thinking that the final conversation isn’t going to be resolved all that joyfully since Shin looks kinda pissed for a large portion of the preview. I don’t care if they’re mad at each other though; I just love seeing them together!


    • rr says:

      hahahaha..same here..i don’t care if they bicker and fight,so long as they are together.i’ve completely fallen for these two-lee shin and kyu-won ;))


  21. shrivibhi says:

    love u


  22. Seasea says:

    Hi softy, thank you for the lovely recap! I admire your dedication! I can’t believe you even considered typing the whole recap on your iPhone!!. Just a tip, I’m not sure if you know about it or whether it works in Korea. But you can connect your laptop or computer to the internet from the network of your iPhone (which is called tethering). The best way is by connecting the phone to the computer by the USB cable. Go to setting on the iPhone -> general -> network -> personal hotspot (or tethering, depending on what version of firmware you have), turn it on. Check your network options on your computer and see if you can see the name of your iPhone listed. Just click it. It kinda explains when you go into that section. You can give it a go if you want. I use this method when my home Internet got cut. It’s convenient. So in the case your home Internet is down, use your iPhone to connect your computer. Type and post straight from your computer. Download speed may not be as good on mobile network compared to home Internet.


    • Fanderay says:

      Doesn’t iphone tethering usually cost money unless you jailbreak it? I hope it’s free in Korea though! That would make Softy’s life a lot easier tomorrow (if the internet is still down).


      • Seasea says:

        I hope they don’t charge extra too. I live in Australia and they don’t charge you for tethering, which is great cause I can use it as a back up option.


        • Softy says:

          It works on my mac and my ipad – woohooo!!!! *softy jumping for joy cuz she is back in normal world* whew what a relief πŸ™‚
          this is so cool that it works on my mac and ipad – wonder why it wont work on my toshiba tho
          Now all i need to do is figure out what I need to do to insert that line break thingie cuz the edit box for wordpress is funky on apple products. πŸ™‚

          Problem now is I only download raws from my toshiba so I have to figure out how to download from this mac. I haven’t touched this mac in like a year. πŸ™‚

          Thanks for this tip seasea – u r my new hero and my finger thanks you even more πŸ™‚


          • seasea says:

            No problem softy. I would want to help you with your mac but I’m actually not familiar with it :((. Good luck :D. You are all of us’s hero πŸ™‚


  23. Amg1 says:

    Hey Big “S”!!! Thank you Much for your hard work! I am just glad that you are safe, My prayers go to the families that lost a love one in this tragedy!!!!

    Thank you again for your hard work!!!!!!!!


  24. vwen says:

    -incoherent gleeful noises-
    This YFFM episode was absolutely adorable. JYH and PSH have insane chemistry. I think I might explode into a giddy puddle/mess when they kiss. ❀

    Thank you for the recap, Softy! Thinking of the people in South Korea affected by the flooding–hope you're safe and doing well. Can't wait for tomorrow night! : )


  25. Jomo says:

    You stay safe, warm and dry. :0)
    City Hunter made me cry. 😦
    Thanks for ‘cappin’ YYFM
    KY + Shin = ❀


  26. nikesma says:

    Is it wrong for me to be excited when K meets KY, eventhough they don’t talk to each other. I kind of really hoping for them to form a relationship. lol


  27. Beng-beng says:

    Glad to hear that you’re safe as well as your family. Now, i can say that i was grinning happily last night coz you chose YFFM to recap. I’m sorry for the CH fans, but yeah you’re right, you should watch happy/light kdramas, amidst that storm last night (reading from some of the post it seems a sad episode for CH).
    I really, really love Episode 8. Looking forward to ep. 9 tonight =). More power to you and i hope the internet will be restored quickly in your area, otherwise it will be 2 fingers typing again :-). Gosh, that’s hard, i admire your patience, Softy. God bless your good heart!


    • QuaTrang says:

      I am so happy and thankful to Softy for the YFFM recap, too! First, that shows she is safe! Second, I watch it after watching the unsubbed version of CH19, and cried and wailed my heart out for YJ. YFFM rescued me from going insane! I think I will keep that watching formula today, CH first for all the dramatic and heart-wrenching moments (finger-crossed for a satisfying finale – where things logically explained/come together), the YFFM for a light-hearted youthful dose of cuteness!


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