Scent of a Woman E2

Ooooh -they didn’t air this take – must have been a practice run. This episode solidifies the instinct I had about this drama- it does not even compare to the first one.  Looks like from the previews, it gets even better now that we get more screen time with the two leads.  If the rest of the series is this good, I can’t imagine how head over heels we are going to fall in love.
Now that I saw the preview again, it made me realize that J is going to come alive thru her as she experiences anew the world she is leaving behind. Right now he has no meaning in life and is coasting along, but as he watches how she enjoys and cherishes it, I think he will start to feel something real.  No matter what – the tables have been set. She is going to not only have the love of her life, but unlike other love stories- in the process she is going instill life in him. How tragic for him to find purpose for the first time and then turn around and lose it so quickly. I don’t know which is worse – her having to leave behind her first and last love or him for losing the woman who opened his eyes and his heart. It’s pretty much tragic all around. Guess we need to brace ourselves, but for now I am loving all the fun getting there. 

What I am still curious to know is if they end up marrying with him knowing or if she kept him in the dark about her condition. That is going to be so interesting to discover later.

Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae – YLee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook – JEom Ki Joon as Chae Eun Seok – E

Seo Hyo Rim as Se Kyeong- S

Kang as J’s dad
Im as S’s dad
SW as J’s subordinate
H as Y’s friend 

Scent of a Woman E2

after Y throws her resignation at her boss, he warns he could make it that she doesnt work in her line of work forever. she laughs and says there is not much forever left for her. Y takes nam’s bag and tells nam to pay her back for the money she owes and she will return the bag then

Y goes after S and asks for her to wait a minute. she walks over and says: wilson leaving like that I think it wasnt good too but I didnt steal that ring. S: there is no proof that you didnt. Y: there is no proof that I did too. S: do you know how big a trouble was caused cuz of you. Y: you keep suspecting me but as an innocent party I can sue you for defamation of character. why are you laughing. S: do ppl like you have the right to say you have honor. Y slaps S: how does it feel – it doesnt feel good to be slapped does it. It didnt make me feel good enough. why- is there a law that says only chaebol daughters can slap ppl? were ppl like you the only ones born with the right to treat ppl anyway you like? Honor? you think only you were born with that? why? I grew up being loved by my parents too. I am a precious person too. just cuz you were born with rich parents and was brought up a chaebol’s daughter -dont act like you have the right to do whatever you want. you didnt get all that with effort so isnt it ridiculous that you are going around bragging about it. S tries to hit again but Y ducks. Y comments that she has better reflexes cuz she is more athletic than others but she just didn’t have the chance to avoid it that day (when S slapped her) Y brushes past and leaves

the coin guy asks if Y has 10 cents. she gives him a coin but and it’s 50 cents. he remarks it doesnt go in the machine

S goes to see J’s dad (kang). he tells his secretary to call J over. his dad offers to compensate her for her loss over the cost of the incident (over Wilson cancelling his performance and stuff) and tells her not to worry about it. if you have anything to ask of me you can anytime. S asks for that guide who went with Wilson (Y) to be fired right away. kang: I heard about what happened with that ring incident but I dont think our employee would do something like that. he starts to say let’s hear Y’s side of it but S interrupts and says: that woman slapped me – do you need any other reason? S leaves. J comes in and asks if she has finished talking already

J hears Y slapped S. J calls Y over to his office and SW says he already looked into it but she already quit. J: she was already fired? just based on what S said? SW: no she quit on her own and gave her resignation. J: that’s too bad.

Y goes to her bank. she has over $36,000 in her account -the teller remarks that Y has two more savings – the teller says it’s impressive and asks how Y was able to save up so much. Y slowly says: if you dont spend it – not eat and not buy things – then you can save. wear cheap t-shirts bought on street stands, just make do with just one or two pairs of shoes you bought – for lunch just eat cheap fast food then you can (save). teller says “oh I see” – and asks if Y is going to add this money to her other savings but Y continues and cries a lot. Y: dont even look at buffets- dont even dream about oversea trips -that’s how I saved this. teller says then Y can start doing those things from now on but Y continues: around next year I was going to get married – buy a car -five years later move to a home with a yard -that’s what I wanted to do – that is why I held it in- I saved, saved, and saved again but …but it’s too unfair. Y keeps crying repeating that.

Y’s friend (H) calls and scolds Y: what happened with you. have you gone crazy – why did you suddenly do that? if you quit at this age – you think there is a company that will hire you? are you lisening? Y says she wants to drink. H names their usual place and says she will meet Y there after work. Y says today she doesnt want to meet there. H:then where? what?

Y chooses a fancier place. H says how luxurious this place is and asks again if Y plans to spend money here. Y says she does. H says this is strange – why would the world’s cheapest person want to come here.  she asks if Y won the lottery. Y: I cant die after eating fish cake soup with soju all my life. waiter comes to take their order. H orders an expensive one ($340) saying she wanted to try that. she says she was just kidding. she changes it to two beers (whispering even the beer is expensive here) with no other side dishes but Y orders the expensive stuff ($700) and the best appetizers and looks nervous. H asks why Y is doing this suddenly. Y: we met for 20 yrs but i never bought you anything good to eat.  Y remarks how good the alcohol tastes cuz it’s expensive- should have drank this sooner. H: who imagined that I could drink something like this thanks to you. why did you do it? (quit her job) who doesnt know how you feel. she praises Y saying she heard how Y quit -you did well (to quit) H makes a toast for Y’s new future. H spots J walking in and asks if he is their director. H says it would be nice to date someone like that- if I was ten years younger I would do it over again.  in all my life I wont be able to date someone like him before I die. I should just wake up from my dream. Y drinks and gets up. H asks where she is going. Y: tonight I am going to seduce that guy. before I die – I want to date someone like him. she takes off her glasses and squints in his direction and heads over to him.

J gets a call from S -he asks if she arrived. S says yes – where is he- she is going up now. Y walks over to J. he seems to notice that she is headed in his direction. Y gets something hot spilled on her. she yells and says it’s hot. waiter asks if she is ok. Y covers her face and runs off to clean it up and passes S on the way in but I dont think S saw her face.

H checks to see Y wasnt burned. Y mutters she is humilated – why dont things work out well for her. H:what do you mean nothing works out. she holds up the envelope and says their drinks were free (on the house) and got a coupon to stay at the hotel for free for a night and two days. she asks to keep it. Y: do you like it that much when your friend was burned to get that. H: that it ended this way is less embarrassing -say that you hit on him and he rejected you – that affront would last longer. to be honest with what could you seduce the director -let’s just say he does go for you -what kind  of underwear is this (she tugs on Y’s bra straps) if anyone sees this they will probably all run off.

H says it’s a waste that they had to leave after drinking expensive alcohol but she was able to have a great time today thanks to Y. Y: HW – what do I do. H: just forget it. you quit so you wont have a reason to meet the director again. Y: that’s not it- to be honest- I ….(Y tries to tell her H about what is going on with her health but H interrupts) H:why? do you regret quitting? worry about that later and just rest up well. for over ten years you werent able to take a break and just kept killing yourself working. she says they will be late and makes Y run

Y is on the bus and remembers the call she got from J. she saves his number on her contacts

 J says S’s feelings must have been hurt a lot. S: how do you think it feels -if you cant imagine then you should try getting slapped by a rude employee. J: I dont think that person would have hit without provocation. (meaning Y must have had her reason) S: didnt you come to cheer me up? he gives her a gift of a designer wallet and she asks if she looks like someone who is going to get over the incident with this so he says he doesnt think she is and tells her to open it. inside the wallet he put two VIP tickets and it took him over 20 mins to get on the internet. she says the wallet was a better gift. J: thought you needed something to smile over – if you dont like it throw it away-not into a trashcan but give it away to a worker you like.

 Y wakes up to look up stuff on the internet about her cancer but her mom asks if Y is looking at porn. mom asks why Y isnt going in to work. Y says she is on a break. the mom asks Y to come meet her later at her work but not to wear jeans and informal clothes. Y asks why and says something is suspicious.  mom says Y has to dress better so a guy will take notice. her mom comments about her looks and says she doesnt want to look in the mirror. Y tries to hug her mom but her mom pushes her away cuz it was hard to get her hair puffed up. Y gets a call from nam.

nam asks for her bag back. Y mutters nam is acting quickly after all this time when nam pretended not to hear everytime Y asked for her money back for the past 3 months. nam asks again for herbag. Y wants her money first. Y asks for interest so nam pays 6 more dollars saying Y is cheap. nam asks why Y threw her resignation. to be honest you are old so there is nowhere else for you to go. Y: if you know I am older then why are you mixing banmal (informal way of speaking) nam: is being older something to brag about. Y: then is being older a crime.  dont live like that- you think you wont age? you will be 30 before you know it and be my age before you know it. nam says Y is funny.Y points her finger at nam: when you get to be my age – meet someone like you.

Y walks by J’s car and says of it wasnt for that cocktail she could have spoken to him at least.

SW hands J a presentation J has to give in an hour. all J has to do is reveal the info. J asks if it isnt better for SW to finish everything till the end and reveal it since SW worked on it. SW says J is the director (so he has to do that part). J says he did well and lets him leave the room.

Y’s manager gets scolded from his boss cuz  the guy heard a strange rumor that J’s manager was insulted by a female employee. he tells J’s manager to work better

Y’s coworker worries she has to do all the work Y used to do like bring the boss coffee. the coin guy learns that Y quit. he didnt know about the trouble that day.

J is giving some speech about package tours and stuff at a meeting. he mentions Japan and an inspection tour. everyone claps when it’s over. his dad Kang: dont know whose son he is but he sure does work well. doesnt he? everyone laughs. another guy suggest J take that business trip to Japan. since J gave them such a great chance – shouldnt he see it thru till the end.

Kang says that other guy (kim) looks like he wants to give work to J and see if he can do well or not. J: what are you worried about? it’s not like I am going alone. I have an impressive subordinate. kang tells J to work properly and dont think of using the business trip as an excuse to play and come back. J: I’m working well now too. the presentation was great too – even though it was just lip syncing. (LOL) Kang asks why J is like that indifferent with work problems or girl problems. J: even if it’s caviar -it doesnt mean everyone is going to like it -isnt it obvious if it doesnt fit your taste you dont want to eat it. kang: why do you have so many complaints/dissatisfaction? cuz of someone – do you know you went to study abroad -have a car- home – wear designer clothes. he mutters about having a son like this.

Y’s mom is dragging Y into a match making office. Y finds out it’s one of those places you go to get set up for marriage. (you have to meet with them and they find out your info and see which bracket you fit into – upper class with upper class or middle class to middle class – there are all these levels and if you dont have enough money or education it could take longer to find a match -I learned this from another drama) her mom wonders if Y keeps this up she will be 40 before she knows it. if she isnt going to date on her own then she needs to at least get some help. Y says she isnt in a situation to think about marriage (cuz of her health) Y’s mom: then next year do you think you will be in a situation to get married? if you age one more year your chances go down more. Y: i’ll do it later. mom: just get the consultation. it doesnt even cost money. she drags Y in there.

(keep in mind the woman has to lie cuz this is her business – she cant turn away clients even if they are unattractive or lack credentials to find a match) the woman compliments Y -saying she is attractive – is tall – has a great body. her mom adds that Y doesnt lack in looks.the woman says she is going to do a simple profile and asks for Y’s name-what a pretty name too- age – 34. the mom wants 32 written down but the woman says it will get found out and the cost will go up cuz Y is older – education/school- Y says something about not being able to finish so the mom explains Y studied well but couldnt go cuz of their financial situation -the woman asks what situation and the mom reluctantly says Y’s father passed away. the woman says she likes Y’s impression/appearance and likes her but Y’s credentials are not good. men these days pick on this and that a lot. she asks about Y’s job. mom answers : Line tours – one of the largest travel agencies in korea that’s where she works. the woman says since Y is older then she must have some high position/ job title. Y’s mom lies and says one that Y isnt. the woman writes it down so Y protest but her mom makes her keep quiet.  the mom brags that Y got a bonus this month and talks her up. the woman says Y must have skills in her job field.  the mom says ability is more important in this world than educational background. the woman says this is a good thing cuz Y can be the one to broker the deal for the woman’s company’s clients who go on their honeymoons. Y’s mom agrees Y can do that. Y tries to stop the mom. the mom asks Y: you can get it cheaper/have the price lowered and use your discount as an employee. Y: I cant do that. her mom insists Y can with her ability. her mom asks the woman if Y can make those vacation deals happen then can they get a price reduction on Y’s fee for the matchmaking. Y keeps saying she cant do that. mom: why? Y: cuz I quit my job. Y walks out

her mom asks if she was fired and Y says no. her mom asks if she quit on her own and Y says yes. her mom yells at her: are you crazy? are you in your right mind? what’s going to happen if you dont have a job at your age. what is there to look at? until you got married you should have held onto your job no matter. who is going to marry a jobless woman who is getting older.Y: then I just dont have to get married. mom: dont get married? it’s ok to die alone? if you earned a lot of money without an education that would be different -but at your age -wtih your background – how are you going to get another job? what are you going to live off? Y: what? that’s right -at 34- I am just an average worker –  that’s who I am- that’s who your daugher is- cuz I am like that – are you embarrassed of me mom? are you embarrassed of me. Y’s mom: did anyone say that? Y: then why lie? why did you lie about me -I lived really hard – I lived doing my best-your embarrassed of me cuz I did that?  even if others do – you cant do that- whose fault is it that I am like this. mom: are you saying that is my fault? Y: isnt it? her mom calls her a bad girl and walks off.

* a little tidbit of trivia -I pass this road every day – right across from where they stood is where I saw LMH as he signed stuff for Trugen. they even filmed CH there. 

S calls and asks if her dad is in cuz she has something to discuss but he isnt answering his phone. she says she just needs to see him for a short time. she goes in and sees a guy arguing with her secretary. the secretary said he told the guy not to come to the office. secretary grabs the guy’s hand and tells him to leave. S orders the secretary to let go of that hand. she tells the sec to step away. he tries to argue but she says : are you going to make me say it twice. she says to the guy- it’s been a long time – have you been well. he says he has to go, but she holds onto him crying. he says : if we get caught – it will be just be hard for me.

S goes in and yells at her dad crying. S: what did you do? are you still tormenting that person? why? Im: did that guy say that? S: I broke up with him – you told me to- I did everything you wanted -went to work -made up my mind to go thru with a marriage I dont want -but why arent you keeping your promise- dad if you do this -I cant keep my promise too – I could meet that guy again -the two of us could run away where no one could find us. he plays the recording. Im’s voice says- you said last time would the last time. the guy wants 3 billion won more for the original pictures. S: what is this talk? Im:I recorded this ten mins from right here. before this time there were a lot of others. around 2007-this guy said it had been over 100 days since he dated you and sent me some pretty pictures. (her dad was using an euphemism so they were probably improper photos) from then on he kept doing this -even after that there were numerous other times he is probably going to extort money till I die. she asks why her dad didnt tell her all this time. Im: instead of you knowing that you were used by this trash I thought it was better for you to believe it was love. he probably told you that he didnt want anything from you but guys like this who do not have have anything just keep wanting more – your love your trust is money to guys like this. 

* I dont get her dad – why is it better to let his daughter be used all those years by that scum – wouldnt telling her the truth be better so she doesnt waste time on that loser? Plus he wouldnt have had to hand over a small fortune to that guy too – that is the worst case of enabling I ever saw – paying off the guy to continue to lie and hurt the daughter more in the long run.

S asks the secretary how much money was given to that guy up to now – he says 20 billion won (in dollars that’s like million. Based on the money info i learned from romance town, the guy was def paid more than mere thousands each time and he has been doing this since 2007 so it just goes to show he was paid a lot). she asks for the guy’s number.

she goes to her car and calls him and cries. was it cuz of money from the very beginning. he tries to lie saying he doesnt know what she heard but she tells him to shut up. dont come again to extort money cuz there is no more money to give to trash like you. J gets a call. J: what’s going on?

J goes to meet S. she says she is in a good mood and asks him to sing a song. he sits down. S: you must not have heard me – I asked you to sing a song. he pours her a drink and tells her to drink- when she is drunk he can take her home. she says he isnt any fun and calls someone else and asks where that person is.

Y’s mom comes home and Y says she is late -did she eat. mom asks how Y can eat

S introduces the guy that came in (the guy works there singing for ppl). S says J is the person she might marry. the guy sings a slow song so she asks the guy to sing a more upbeat song. but J turns off the music and tells the guy to drink. S tells the guy to sing. she says to J that the guy is working part time right now and gets paid a lot. J gets up. S: you must have gotten your feelings hurt- why? from what I can see- that guy who came to sing for money and you marrying me for money is the same. J says:if you are going to marry me – let’s go quietly. J gives the guy money and asks him to drive S home safely. guy asks if he should continue but she screams at him to leave. she says she forgot and throws money on the table for the guy. 

Y goes to the hospital and waits to be called. she sees a woman who is suffering from cancer

she goes in to see E. he asks how her condition is – he starts in about her treatments- how she is going to get shots (chemotherapy) every 3 weeks and will have to stay in the hospital 5 days each time-today she will be hospitalized and do the basic tests and start the first treatment tm. Y says she looked it up on the internet and there is not much of an effective outcome on cases like hers. he explains how he is going to have her ingest other new medications to see if it works better. Y: are you going to experiment with me? he corrects her and says he is going to test not experiment-the med she takes – she can look forward to good results. Y: but bad results could happen too.  he tells her a case where a person was able to live a month or two longer. she says :stop I’m not going to do it. E: think it over carefully it’s a good opportunity. Y: a good opportunity? E: fine then let’s say you arent going to do those tests. Y: no -I’m not going to do anything at all. she wants to avoid all those shots cuz she is normal right now. E asks if she is mistaken right now-“will endure even if it’s uncomfortable”- “will have surgery later” -if you do that you think this problem will be settled? this isnt the time to waste like this. Y: I dont want to waste time too. E: that kind of person wants to push back treatments? she says her dad died of cancer and was  by his side and saw him go thru his treatments. I’m scared – the moment I get the shot – that I will become a cancer patient for real -I’m really scared. E: you are already a cancer patient for real now. he tells her to come back in 3 days – if she isnt going to be treated then speak up now- he doesnt want to waste time like this to someone who doesnt want treatments. Y: CES-even if your mom had cancer- would you talk like this? is this the only way you can talk to your childhood friend you havent seen in 20 yrs? even if I wanted treatment – i wouldnt get it from a doctor like you. from what I can see – you dont have the right to be a doctor – if you talk like this to a friend – then how will you act with other ppl-I feel sorry for your patients- this is already scary but meeting a doctor like you-I feel pitiable. Y leaves angry. she calls him a bad guy as she gets outside. nurse asks why Y just left like that.

she goes to her dad’s grave. how can you do this to me- didnt you have anything else to leave me- others leave inheritance and homes- how can you leave your daughter cancer-other fathers when their daughters get married they hold their hands- how can you do this to me- I wanted to date and get married and have babies – now there is nothing I can do. i cant do anything at all-  this is all cuz of you dad. I will never come back here again- I wont come – just know that. she leaves bawling

Y comes back and apologizes to her dad. I felt it was too unfair and it was upsetting but had no place to say all that – I wanted to tell  mom –  mom what do I do?-dad you know mom too- if she finds out I have an illness – she will take it harder than me. anyway I’m sorry dad. dad it must have been hard on you too so I’m sorry

she has a flashback to her as a teen taking care of her dad.she is trimming his nails. he tells her to be good to her mom too like she’s been good to him. Y: you only worry about mom – dont you worry about me. her dad says Y can take care of herself but her mom is dependent. she asks what they should do next – take a walk but he says he is tired. he wishes he could eat her dumplings.

she tries to feed her dad just one bite of her dumplings but the doctor says her dad’s diet cant handle food like this and takes it away asking does she want to kill her dad since he is under restrictions not to eat stuff like this

she goes back in emptyhanded so her dad says: if I had know this would happen – I would have eaten a lot more (when he had the chance)-also go on a lot of trips- said I love you a lot more. she cries. her dad says- YJ dont live like your dad

Y goes home and takes out her bank book, takes down the pic of the okinawa beach and starts to pack but stops. she looks in the mirror and takes her glasses off.

she has a makeover, goes shopping, and goes to the airport. men stare at her. she loses balance cuz of her heels and a guy catches her hand to steady her- she thanks him and he tells her to be careful. she got that guy distracted enough with her looks to make him run into someone

her mom is helping some customers. the daughter brags that her husband makes more money now and wanted her to buy her mom more clothes. Y’s mom looks on in envy. Y calls her mom saying she is going on vacation. mom: why are you telling me it’s your money – do whatever you want. Y buys a ticket to okinawa.only one left is first class. Y realizes it’s the weekend so she asks about the next flight – tm morning for an economy. Y agrees to reserve that but asks for first class now.

flight attendant asks if it’s her first time in first class. she asks if it’s obvious. he says he will give her the best service. she asks what kind of service there is. she eats a lot. (what airline is she on cuz it looks like asiana’s colors but the fact that she is the only one on the flight – there are flowers behind her- the plane isn’t moving – and no airline serves that much food for a 2 and a half hour flight- pretty sure that is a “Kdrama flight”)

she gets to japan. no idea what was just said. she tells herself she came as a guest and not for work. they go into the room and there is a guy with a cartoon tatoo on his chest. more japanese. she gets an upgrade. she looks out at the great view. Y: This is a really amazing room! Attendant: Thank you. Y: This is probably my last trip abroad. So I want to enjoy myself. Attendant: I understand. If there is anything I can do please let me know. *translation by “Anonymous”

she drives around in a convertible. Horan’s song plays.

she makes a toast – for her first overseas vacation and for her suite. at a time like this – if there was a guy it would be perfect

J and SW arrived in japan. SW says even if J is tired they have to drop by the travel office. J asks if he has to go along too since SW does well on his own. SW says the chairman wanted J to attend too. J says the two of them seem close – keep getting along with him. J warns -dont have too much faith in his dad. SW asks if J likes the car but J says SW has to like the car since he has to drive it.

they are at a travel agency. SW asks if  J is ok with going on separate tours. J: if I skip out arent you going to tell my dad. SW doesnt answer. J asks the guy-if we split up what’s the plan.

Y is at the pool and remarks that her butler is friendly. she sees J walking over. she hides behind her hat and stalks him.

when she gets back to her room, she yells with glee cuz she had wished for a guy and got one.

she follows him the next day. he turns around and follows her as she gets on a boat to hide from him. he comes over and asks if she is Ms lee(he thinks she is his guide) J introduces himself and says- “it’s nice to meet you” and shakes her hand. the boat moves and she loses her balance so he catches her in his arms and it looks like he dipped her.


Y: I didnt know a day like this would come to me even in my dreams. J: what kind of day is today?

they are both running. J: why are we running away – what did we do wrong

S asks his dad if J went somewhere. the dad is surprised and asks if J left without telling her.

Y and J are stranded together in a room. Y is telling J what someone else did: on purpose made sure there were no more boats for the day- slept together in one room  and they had their first kiss.

Y: who I am – what is happening with me – so I can forget all that – that’s the kind of day this is

J puts a necklace around her


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    On the balcony:
    Y: This is a really amazing room!
    Attendant: Thank you.
    Y: This is probably my last trip abroad. So I want to enjoy myself.
    Attendant: I understand. If there is anything I can do please let me know.


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    Hiii Softy!! ^^ So glad you are recapping this one! Thanks!!

    I was so angry and frustrated at episode 1, but the end saved it and because I saw the previews, I can’t wait!!! I love tragic love stories, always get me… hehehehehehe, and how satisfying is that she finally got the guts to do what she wants, live like she wants, buy what she wants… I love it! I also wonder how they will end up marrying and if he knows she is sick…… it somehow reminds me ”A walk to remember” the same happened. She showed him how good was life.. how good was living… in the end he learned how important live and love was…. awww ><, so sad!


  10. maii85 says:

    Thanks for the recap softy


  11. Richhappiness says:

    The storyline seems to be like thr movie “a walk to remember”.:)


  12. Softy says:

    The way I see it even if she does die in this at least we were warned from the start since we know she has terminal cancer so it won’t be too shocking. We will have like 14 more eps to get used to the idea cuz I heard this was 16 eps – otherwise I wouldn’t have started it. I can’t handle another 30 eps.


  13. imud says:

    Thank you, Softy!


  14. Semi says:

    I love this show her vaca clothes are so cute, her mom was right if only she dressed up men would having be lining up for her.

    I’m guesing they get married while on vacation, or they went back the picture on wiki shows them on an island which I think it’s Okinawa.
    If we go by quickie marriages rules they only kno names, family info if their sober that is


  15. So3 says:

    Hmm am I the only one who thinks that the “marriage” is just imagination of Y? I can’t think of plots that will make J marry Y out of a 10-day trip in Okinawa, when J is pretty much uninterested in most things of this world. This woman Y may intrigue him but I don’t think they will go all the way to marrying each other…
    And I’m seeing a lot of photos with Y in the hospital 😦
    The big question for me is – Will their first kiss take place in Okinawa????????!!!!


  16. tinysunbl says:

    Hello Softie Unnie, thank you for such a fantastic recap. I can’t wait for ep. 3!

    I have a question: Does any fan here know the name of the tango song at around minute 13, when Yeon Jae seduces Ji Wook? That part is very nicely edited and hilarious!!!!


  17. Anonymous says:

    Love your recaps. Love this drama and I am going to continue watching for sure


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