Scent of a Woman E1

When dramas get going right out of the starting block, there are some that take the lead and never look back, others that reserve some energy and hang back to give it everything it has later on near the finish line, and shows like this that need to find its rhythm. There were moments throughout where it tried to exert a lead and some of those lines were impressive and got to me, but overall – we need a second episode to clearly tell us where this show is headed pace wise.


This was on my radar for weeks now cuz I love MNIKSS and I wanted to know why KSA looks so strange to me – it’s not just the weight loss – she has like a new face. Curious to see if her acting ability is still intact cuz she is great at comedy. Real life interviews by her remind me of confident and self-assured women who know who they are and don’t bother with pretensions. In a judgmental society like Korea, that is a rare find and as long as that hasn’t changed, I want to give this drama a shot. Plus, I want to know how she ended up married to LDW’s character so fast. Truth be told – of course the other reason is to check out LDW’s post army abs. Seriously – is there a better incentive than that?

I just realized the mean guy from WBDS was on this – hope his role as Wilson was just a cameo. I still don’t like him from when he tried to boil baby DS. I don’t know whose English was worse, his or S’s- both were pretty awful.  

Now I get why she had that dream about Wilson the volleyball – cuz that guy named Wilson comes out later. Judging from the preview, next episode will be tons better cuz of her shopping spree and trip.

* I have a dumb question – what is wrong with this picture? why in heavens is there a bed in the middle of the living room. This is hands down the oddest set decorating I have ever seen.

cast from soompi thread

Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae – Y
Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook – J
Eom Ki Joon as Chae Eun Seok – E
Seo Hyo Rim as Se Kyeong- S


Scent of a Woman E1

Y wakes up on a deserted beach and calls out – isnt anyone here? she sees a boat pass by and calls out to be saved. she sees a volleyball with a smiley face painted on it. she holds it saying she is scared. she drops the ball and it sinks.”where did it go?” a guy comes out of the water and holds out his hand and she wakes up puckering her lips for a kiss. doctor puts a hose down her throat and she chokes/gags.

They are at a company “outdoor” event” where they play games against each other and eat outdoors. Y’s friend says her test results showed some health complication with her breast. Y feels sorry for her saying her friend didnt even get to use them properly yet so how could this happen already. girl asks if anything is wrong with Y. Y says she is ok. friend asks then why Y is losing weight so much. Y: must be cuz I might date. their boss comes over pointing out the two spinsters are playing while he and the rest are trying to win their game. she offers him water but he turns it away. she bends down and ties his shoelaces saying he will fall if it’s untied.he asks if she prepared the”bibimpap” properly. pres says there doesnt seem to be enough red pepper paste. Y runs over to get it and trips as she brings over the red pepper paste and falls on top of the food.

a girl orders another bibimpap. boss yells at Y for falling into it. Y tries to explain she didnt mean to and apologizes. he complains he has someone like her as an employee.

a puppy follows Y and she keeps telling it to go away. it licks her hand so she asks if it likes the smell of sesame oil. instead of you a guy should be following me around instead.

Y’s mom is fighting with the neighbor. he put her blanket on the ground cuz she hung it out to dry on his property. the mom complains he should have just told her take it away and not throw it on the ground. he tells her to stay off his porch and not dry things there cuz he is the owner. (Y and her mom must be renting the adjoining rooms)

her mom says the guy is like that cuz she doesnt have a husband. if she had one he wouldnt treat her like that. Y says to her mom to be patient and she will make sure that they move to a house with a porch. mom says when will that happen – the fastest method is for Y to get married to a rich guy. Y:also, the method that has the least chance of happening is marrying a rich guy. it’s faster if I earn it. mom: throw away that “loser mind” -you can meet whoever you want – it’s not too late. the mom asks why Y looks like that and says that is the reason why Y cant meet a guy cuz she goes around dressed like that. she reaches for the phone so Y tells her not to spend money on marriage arrangement/matchmaking companies -it’s better to buy clothes with it. Mom says then should we go buy some clothes.

Y is at work and ppl keep giving her more to do. she sees a photo of the beach from her dream so she asks the guy where it is. he says an island in okinawa. Y looks at it and says: this place really exists? boss asks how the work he gave her is coming along – something about blocks – she says they are only willing to give 3 and is in the middle of talks but he says she has to get 5 no matter what. he asks about micky chan’s open car (convertible). Y: out of 6  – 5 already turned me down and there is only one person left but it will be hard. he finishes her sentence and says: if it’s that hard – quit your job and open a bibimpap restaurant.

Y tries to ask to meet the manager cuz she needs to meet him. receptionist says Y cant meet him now. Y goes to meet him – he is a patient. so you are saying a hong kong movie star micky chan is coming to korea on vacation and wants to use my car. he says since he is in this shape (broken arm and leg) his car is the same. he says sorry and she tells him to take care of himself. he tells her to check the car retailer cuz a new one came in.

Y goes and sees the car she needs but another guy drives off in it. she follows the car in a cab. when they pull up to the red car, she notes this is her office. J comes out of the car. she sits there shocked looking at him. another truck pulls up suddenly and rear ends her cab as she bends down to pick up her change the driver dropped. she yells out in pain

J gives an introduction about who he is in front of her boss, the president of the company (J’s father), and the rest of the men. J says even tho he was given his position as Headquarter Director thru nepotism, he doesnt plan to work. they look up startled. J explains that the men worked for over 20 yrs so he couldnt possibly work better than them. so I plan to quietly learn. when I have gathered enough ability as much as you (subaenims) at that time I will get involved. the pres wants to give J an assignment to do but J says the pres is trying to torment him. his dad says that’s what he likes about J – he has sense/is perceptive. pres asks if someone came. another guy comes in and says he will work under J. the guy’s name is park sung won (let’s call him SW)

J catches up with SW cuz they used to go to school together. J asks how SW ended up here after being first for 3 yrs. SW: I liked traveling. J gives him permission to speak informally when it’s just the two of them. SW declines. SW gives him work. J asks how long SW attended something and SW says 6 yrs. J: someone worked 6 yrs to become team manager and someone became head director as soon as he came in. J gives him the work to do. ( I get the feeling J knows he doesnt deserve to be in charge when SW earned to be where J is but J got his thru nepotism and he seems to have a conscience about it)

Y is with the cab driver. she insists she is fine and just wants payment for her broken glasses but driver tells her to get a head scan and confirm before they go. she says she is in a hurry but he asks if she is going to run off now saying she is busy and later on tell a different story. she says again she isnt sick and moves her head and arms to prove it. her name gets called by E. he is her doctor. she asks if he is in charge of her care. he asks her to go up to the office. driver asks why – is she really unwell? E asks if the driver is her husband. she denies it and makes sure to tell him she isnt married. driver says she was in an accident-the taxi driver is fine but this ajumma fainted. she corrects the driver saying she isnt an ajumma. E tells the driver he can leave and tells Y to follow him.

Y asks why she was the only one called to his office. someone calls out E’s name so she has a flashback to a childhood friend who pooped in his pants. she asks if they have met before. he doesnt give a direct  answer. she speaks informally and calls him by his nickname – arent you poopy seok? he doesnt answer so she guess she is right. she rambles on about how unusual this is to meet a classmate here. how much he grew cuz a long time ago he was this short-the shortest in their class.  she comments on the office saying how the kid who pooped became a doctor. she asks if he doesnt remember her. she tells him to look and takes her glasses off. E  says her name. Y: you do remember. yes it’s me – LYJ. E: I am sitting here as a doctor and you are my patient. Y: I know. E: if you know – dont speak informally to me.she asks if he is wanted her to treat him  (with respect) cuz he is a doctor so she speaks formally. “please speak doctor” he tells her she needs to be thankful to the guy who caused the accident. has a mass and she asks if it’s cancer. he says they have to perform tests to know. Y:why? cuz he made us meet up? E: discovered a tumor. location is here. he points to the x-ray at her gallbladder. the size is around 3 cm. E: is this by any chance cancer? E: we have to run tests (a biopsy) to know. Y: why run that test? is it cancer. E: we have to run the test to confirm if it’s cancer or not. Y: if it’s not cancer then we dont need to run those tests.  E: do you want it to be cancer? she shakes her head: why would I? E: then why do you keep saying it’s cancer. I’m not saying 100% that it’s cancer -just like I said it’s a possibility. Y says she is just shocked. it probably isnt cancer. I had a health checkup recently and nothing was wrong. she asks what happens if it’s a tumor- what happens- I dont need to have surgery. E says they will know that too after the tests. he tells her to come thurs. she explains how busy she is during the week cuz she works for a tourist agency so can he make an appt for the weekend. E: dont you want to find out in a hurry if it’s cancer or not? Y: I want to hurry and confirm it too. E: then see you thurs. she says it’s really good to see him again and uses his poopy nickname again so he stands and says he is busy. E: you keep speaking informally. Y: sorry. he corrects her and adds the polite ending to that word. he tells her not to act like she knows him when she comes on thurs. she might remember him but he doesnt remember her at all

she walks out saying he is lying about not remembering her.she thinks he is putting on airs cuz he is a doctor – did anyone say they would cling to him. her boss calls and asks about the car. 

she goes over to the car and asks the guard about the owner of the car.

she tells her boss that the owner of the car started work here today as head director. since he works here would he not lend us the car. she thinks she can convince him if she goes up to ask to use the car. boss tells her to hurry and go up. she tries to ask her boss for thurs off but her boss turns her down. she explains it’s not to rest but he asks if she is in her right mind. he mumbles how she was out all day playing hooky.

 another coworker (nam- she is higher in job title than Y) tells Y to leave it up to her to get the car (cuz she wants to go ask J to use the car) Y : why? nam : cuz you look like you have a lot of work to do. Y says she can do it but nam says she will. nam asks if Y is interested in the director. Y denies it. nam: that’s good – using work as an excuse to hang around him a few times – what use will that be. (meaning Y doesnt have a chance) isnt that right? she sprays perfurme and gives Y more work-dont worry about the car. Y asks when nam is going to pay Y the money back. nam asks-does she look like someone who will get out of paying- I will pay you back. Y mutters she already said that.

nam asks J. J: you want to borrow my car? she explains about the compensation so he points out how silly that is cuz he shouldnt take money when he works here and is lending out his car. she says she didnt think he would accept payment.  she talks about providing another car for the duration while the car is being lent out. J says there is no need cuz he has another car. he confirms which team she works for and asks for her name and asks if she is going to come up to his office often cuz of work. she says there will be a lot of times. J: then I will ask one thing-dont spray perfume when you come to my office

nam goes back and tells the boss the car is done. another girl asks what J was like. nam says how good he looks. she lies and says J told her to go up there often and said her perfume smells wonderful. girl says she is jealous. boss says let’s go.

everyone is waiting for the elevator and J tells them to get in but they offer to take the next one. J asks jokingly if there is a rumor about the new director having some disease so they get on. it’s over the weight limit so Y gets off

J is waiting with his dad for S. J takes out his phone but his dad says if J is going to call S then dont bother cuz she can be late.  J reminds him how his dad hates ppl not being on time. dad: do you meet her separately? J says no – where is the fun with marriage (that is set up)  dad: do you have anything that is fun. J: no there isnt anything that is fun. S  shows up. (she doesnt directly apologize) she just states ” I’m late- had a lot of work” dad says it’s ok cuz he was able to talk to his son and didnt know how much time had passed. he asks about her dad. she says she forgot to say but her dad couldnt make it today cuz of work-I’m sorry. he says if he knew ahead of time he wouldnt have come (so they can be alone) J says something to his dad about not meaning what he said but his dad says it’s fun for him to eat with the girl who is going to be his daughter in law. he asks J: isnt she pretty today. J: she looks tired. his dad starts to say she looks pretty to him and not tired but she interrupts and says: it’s correct – I am tired. to be honest I wasnt feeling well so I wanted to rest but I had to come out cuz of work. she talks about some V-VIP event and the guy who is going to perform there- Andy Wilson- was supposed to come for a week but they want to tour Korea in one day. she asks J’s “Line tour” to handle it.

after sending the dad off, S asks where J lives.

they go to his home and he brings her juice. she talks about the painting saying he must like trees- even if they keep it – the price wont go up.  but J points out it doesnt matter cuz he isnt thinking of selling it. S:why would the type of guy who isnt greedy about money want to marry me. J: why the type who is greedy about money like you would -the reason for marrying me will be similar. she says she wants to make something clear. until they get married- dont be concerned with my personal life-whoever I meet – whatever I do. in return I wont interfere with who you date or what you do. he asks if that is why she came to his home to say that cuz she could have said it back then. S says she thought she should see his taste since she is going to marry him. J: you must not think this is being interested/concerned cuz my home is part of my personal life too. she says she is leaving. he offers to drive for her cuz she was tired. S: are you trying to gain points with me. then pay attention to Wilson.

boss is singing but no one else is. he drags Y up there to sing.

when Y goes to the bathroom she overhears nam talking to another girl about her. nam says about Y- it’s cuz she has a habit (of being nice to her boss) how Y came to work for her boss- Y can only keep working here as long as her boss is pleased with her work-she is getting him from a guy- it’s too bad – at her age-if she quits she has nowhere to go and cant get married

Y goes home tired saying a day is too long. she holds her tummy and asks herself what she is thinking (cuz she is worried it’s cancer)

nam talks about wilson’s personality to the team-he is famous for being finicky- dont what what will set him off cuz he is sensitive -most picky is his diet cuz he is a Muslim. Y explains his adopted parents were like that -she saw it in the interview and asks the boss to look at it. he turns her down and says the work is complicated. there is no Muslim restaurant around here. Y says they have to get some special kind of chicken and take it to the restaurant and ask them to cook it. nam suggest lying about the chicken cuz the taste doesnt change. boss asks for the right kind of chicken and goes with Y’s suggestion. everyone pretends to be busy cuz they dont want to get the chicken so the boss asks – isnt there anyone.

boss complains he cant go at his age. Y asks her boss for thurs off again. she points out she hasnt used it even once. he asks why she is like this in their busiest season. he tells her to use it when there is not much work to do later. she explains she has to go to the hospital-something weird appeared on my body and have to run tests. boss: did you get some kind of disease that kills -why are you always looking after your body. who has a healthy body here. he says if anyone has to go to the hospital he has to go first before all the others. Y: if you give me the day off I will handle the work for Wilson. he asks about the other thing so she offers to get the chicken.

Y goes to get a chicken captured and skinned by some Muslims.

Y meets with S. Y says how impressive S is to be “sam-mu-nim” at her young age. S: you know there is a performance a few days later right? there is nothing more important than that so make sure you dont ruin his mood. Y promises to be careful of that. S tells her to follow her.

I have no idea what they just said to each other even if it’s english. S introduces Y as their tour guide for the day. Y speaks English and says it’s an honor to meet him but Wilson says if a guest is holding a bag – the polite thing to do would be to take the bag first. she compliments him for speaking Korean well. he tosses  his bag at her.

Y puts in Wilson’s CD explaining she prepared his best selling album in Korea. She says this was is her fav and it’s an honor to take them around. he tells Y to turn the music off and go quietly. the wife says her husband doesnt like to listen to his own music.

Y takes them to some woods and talks about how special it is. between the two- this is one of the most beautiful roads in Korea. these trees that are over 50 yrs old are lined up like this for over 300 meters. they can see wildlife between the trees as they walk by and slowly look around. he asks if Y has been to Canada British Columbia-(and talks about how great it is – better than this place)-between certain trees- (waterfall?) flows  – as you cross the rope bridge over the  river and look down among the trees at the cascade ( it is some good adjective I dont know) – what else is up ahead. he doesnt wait for an answer and walks on.  

 *sorry Fanderay I gave it a try- some of it was right tho.

Y takes them to a field of green tea and talks about the tea.stuff like how strong it tastes. he asks if Y hasnt been to a green tea place in japan. he is making a point that the one in japan is better than this place too. he is sort of rude to Y and says compared to that place in Japan this place is like the level of a neighborhood garden. did you bring us here to see something like this? Y: I am sorry but I think this beautiful…he interrupts and says he doesnt want to hear what she thinks. he says he is going back down. the wife tells Y not to take it to heart. she explains normally he is sort of brusque, but he is acting out today. wife asks if Y knows Wilson was adopted as a child. cuz of the thought that he was abandoned, when he comes to Korea he gets irritable. even if he talks like that, inside I am sure he likes (all this) cuz he missed this every day.

Y explains for lunch they are going to have their special’s what the royalty from chosun ate -Wilson interrupts to ask if the chicken was prepared properly. Y says she picked one out herself and kept watch as the men prepared it. the place is roped off by police tape and asks them to wait in the car. Y finds out the owner of the chicken place was knifed/stabbed and is in the hospital. Y keeps saying my chicken-it was so hard to get- if she doesnt have it-the Wilsons cant have their lunch. she goes thru the police tape and tries to get her chicken back. she gets it back and asks a man at the restaurant to make sure to cook just the chicken and not any other meat.

she is eating bread and milk with the driver and apologizes for making him eat that but he says it’s ok and it tastes good. he thinks she should put medicine on her cut but she says it’s ok. the couple comes back down angry so driver asks why they are coming out already.

she asks if they ate already. wilson: how could you work like this. Y asks: why? did something happen? wife complains that a dish came out so they assumed it was chicken but it was pig. Wilson: dont you know that Muslims cant eat pig? Y says some mistake happened cuz she asked the chicken to be prepared. he doesnt want to hear excuses/explanations and mutters this is why he doesnt like Korea. he wants to go back up to seoul right now.

J is playing golf with S’s dad and S. the dad makes a comment about how J plays. J explains it hasnt been long since he started playing. the dad tells S to change out J’s something. but J says he can still use it. the dad says J needs the best not something he can just use. it’s the same for a spouse. S takes a call and steps away. J: whoever sees me – I am not the best. dad: do you know what I like about you. it’s girl problems. to find a partner for S, I had to investigate background for a lot of guys. some guy was a sponsor for a female actress. another was attracted to his secretary. the dad says he isnt expecting J to be the most impressive son in law-he doesnt want S hurt cuz of J’s girl problems. J: then the best way/method would be to let S marry someone who loves her. dad: then you can just love S. J doesnt answer.

 S says a problem occurred with the Wilsons. she asks J to find out the number for the guide that went with them. her dad says this is something between companies -if something goes wrong you can complain to this company (J’s)-he tells her to leave this up to J and go catch a birdie. isnt that right? J: yes you are right-he tells them to go and he will take care of it.

Y is on the phone with her boss and says she cant explain in detail now (cuz she is with the Wilson’s) and hears J is going to call her.  J calls her and says he is the head director. heard things got complicated. Y: I’m sorry. J: there is nothing you can do since it already turned out this way. even tho he (Wilson) is a picky person and it will be hard – I just ask that you get him to calm down (be less angry) Y says she will. he tells her to work hard and hangs up.

Y tells the wilsons that she will contact the hotel and prepare a spa for them but he isnt in the mood and says he doesnt want to do anything. she says sorry and offers to open the door. his ring gets caught on her sweater.Wilson : everything you do is something I hate. are you going to just stare- do something. Y apologizes. he warns to be careful cuz it’s a ring that is precious to him. Y  gets the ring loose.  the wife says to Y – that’s enought – just leave- no matter what you do he wont be calmed down (be less angry)

Y goes and gets some red bean cakes. she takes it to the Wilsons. the wife asks what brings her. Y: I thought I should apologize somehow (make up for her mistake)- I just need to give this. she holds up the package. the wife tells her to sit and wait. Y sees his ring on the table. wilson comes in asking why she came. Y: i came to apologize. she pushes the package towards him. Wilson: is it pig? she shakes her head. Y: I saw in your interview that it looks like quesadilla but inside there is red bean paste-out of all the food your mom made – this was the one you remembered. I thought maybe this might be it. she unwraps it and shows him. I will apologize again for today. just cuz of me I hope you dont think unfavorably about Korea (have bad impressions of Korea). I’ll be going now. he looks down at the red bean cakes. 

Y’s mom asks where Y is going on her business trip. Y says to jejudo. mom asks for a bag at duty free. Y promises to take her mom somewhere but the mom says she wont fall for that again after ten years of hearing it. Y gets a call from her boss.

Y goes to Wilson’s suite. she asks what’s happened. her boss and S are there. S asks -where is the ring. Y asks what ring. S: you know that better than anyone. Y: are you talking about Wilson’s ring? S: hurry and return it. if you return it now I wont ask responsibility. Y: I dont understand this – does that mean that I stole Wilson’s ring or something. S says they already checked CCTV. Y: confirm what? S grabs her bag and dumps the contents. Y: what are you doing? boss tells Y to stay still. Y tells S to look thru her bag cuz it wont come out of there. S stops and says it’s obvious Y already sold it off. Y says S is too much – with what proof are they so sure she stole the ring. S: from last night till this morning the only person who came here is just you. Y:that’s why I am the suspect? S: then who else- Wilson wouldnt steal his own ring. Y: he could have lost it somewhere else. I will ask him myself. where is he? Wilson opens the door: stop this. he asks for a car to the airport right now. S: I am sincerely sorry for this matter. regardless of how much the ring costs- I will compensate any amount you want. so please perform at the event and go. Wilson: without that ring I refuse to play the piano. S to Y: what are you doing – are you just going to stand there watching? Y: regarding the ring I have nothing to say. wilson to Y: cuz of the gift you brought yesterday I was about to get over my anger -in the end – was it for the ring? Y: why is everyone like this. I really didnt do it. the wilson’s leave and her boss goes after them. S slaps Y saying – it would have been better if you stole money then this wouldnt have gotten so complicated.

Wilson is going to airport security check and he sets off the alarm. his ring was caught on his sweater.

E asks the nurse if Y hasnt come yet. Y shows up. E: how could you come now.(she is late) Y says it was hard to come here. he asks if she brought a guardian. she asks him to be her guardian cuz he is her friend. he walks off telling her to bring one. her turns back around. (guess you need someone to hear bad news)

other doctors offer to tell Y since she is E’s friend. E denies it and says she isnt his friend. the other doctor points out E signed his name as her guardian. E: it’s not like that. after E leaves , the doctor wonders how E can tells such news to a friend. other doc says E wont pick on if it’s his mom or friend cuz this is the case (the huge mass on the x-ray) 

Y is sitting and talking to her mom. Y promises to buy the food item her mom wants to eat and take it with her when she goes home. Y says she lied to her mom and said she was going on a business trip. if it isnt cancer then she doesnt need to worry her mom needlessly by telling her the truth. E: should I tell your guardian. Y: at my age -why do I need a guardian – just say it. she says she is her own guardian. he says what kind of cancer she has-maybe the word is terminal cancer. it’s not something found on someone young. how bad her cancer is-radiation wont work- something about how it spread to her liver so removing it wont be enough. they have to check her body condition so she needs to be hospitalized. ask if there is anything you are curious about. Y: how long can I live. E: cant guess/estimate. Y:estimate. E: I cant. Y: say it. E: about 6 months.

she goes out and gets a call. her boss.

he scolds Y again-is she in her right mind and taking her day off after turning their office upside down. he says their team could get in trouble if S says anything to the president. when she comes in – you have to beg for forgiveness no matter what. Y: I didnt steal the ring. boss: is that imp right now? dont you know who S is? she is the daugher of Im from Seojin Group. he says if Y just says – I was wrong -I’m dead. then they will say – poor (pitiful ppl) and close their eyes. if Y puts her pride out front and anger them, it wont be good for him or Y.

nam and the other girl worry this will extend to them too and cause trouble for them. nam mutters how Y didnt work well. she screams cuz the bald guy was retrieving a coin he dropped under the table and brushed her leg.

boss comes in with S and orders Y to bring two cups of coffee and come to the meeting room right away. boss tells S that this is the first time something like this happened in the 20 yrs he has been working in this company. he doesnt know how to make up for this. S says he shouldnt have sent someone like Y who doesnt do her work well cuz S warned over and over that Wilson was an important client. boss says sorry and then clarifies this problem deals with one employee and the whole team isnt a problem. he begs her not to say anything bad to the president cuz their well being hangs on her word. she tells him not to worry about that. she is just going to relay the truth -the president will choose where to lay blame/responsibility. Y comes in and spills coffee on S as S gets up to leave. boss yells at Y to hurry and wipe it off of S.  S knocks Y away as Y tries to clean the coffee off and apologizes. S walks off after insulting Y: you are this kind of person where work like this suits you.

boss makes a comment about adding more fuel/oil to the fire. if he gets in trouble, she has to pack up her things too. I should have fired you sooner. but you cried and begged so I got you a job. if you got older you should have gotten married but you kept sticking around – cuz of ppl like you -25 yrs old kids fresh out of college are jobless. Y: manager. boss: why? what? Y: for ten yrs I took care of you and worked – for ten yrs I brought you coffee-for ten yrs I wiped your desk-  when your wife was hospitalized after her car accident I brought over the porridge I made -when you wanted to die after you were cut from a promotion and cried – I  cried with you by your side – since I came all this way with you- cant you trust me a little and give me just a little respect. he asks what she is saying and tells her to go in and clean up the office. dont you hear me- go in and clean up the office. Y: you clean it. boss: what? Y: I said you clean it. boss: are you in your right mind – I could fire you. Y: that wont happen cuz I just quit. she looks for something muttering -why did I have to beg over a day off – I am sick so I wanted to go to the hospital. she asks herself where it is and finds it. she holds up a paper saying she wrote this 5 yrs ago. everytime he scolded her she wanted to throw it at him but held it in. but now I dont want to hold it in anymore. boss: so you are saying you want to throw your resignation.  Y: that’s right – here is my resignation – you (“A” word) Y throws her resignation at his face.



Y’s mom asks why she is like that. Y covers up her computer: cuz you came in suddenly. mom: are you looking at porn? 

Y cries (at her dad’s grave) and says she wanted to date, get married -now there is nothing I can do

J’s dad tells him to work properly. J: if something doesnt taste right – isnt it only right that it’s hard to swallow. dad yells if J knows how he was able to study abroad and wear brand name clothes.

Y calls out to S: wait a minute. Y slaps S back: you didnt get all that with effort so isnt it ridiculous that you are going around bragging about it.

Y asks for a plane ticket to go to okinawa

on vacation- Y says : if I only had a guy it would be perfect.

J walks over


23 comments on “Scent of a Woman E1

  1. nikesma says:

    Hahah. Lol! Will it be KSA, the my girl guy, DH teacher, LSJ fiancee in SKKS?
    Neway, softy, instead of single later, can you please go with, YJ, JW, ES, SK instead? But, if it’s confusing for you, nvm. XD


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey nik
      hope everything went well this week. are you feeling any better? bad news – your friend is incapable of using anything but single initials. if I could handle memorizing two letters, I could just type out the full name like blue and DB- look at every recap I ever did – the only time I used two letters if there was another character with the same first letter. recapping live is harder than it looks- it’s a miracle I can even get one letter correct sometimes. If I struggled over names- I would lose the pace of the conversation and the recap would fall behind. tonight was the first ep but I can tell you right now- even two months from now – two letters is impossible for someone like me who doesnt even have LDW’s name memorized yet- I had to cheat and keep looking at my list. you should know by now korean names are not my thing.That’s why I didnt catch the name of the rich couple tonight. they said it but I just couldnt focus on it. sorry -maybe you could just wait for subs then if that’s better for you. 🙂


  2. sobohomom2 says:

    Is her face different? I thought it was just the hair and the weight.


  3. Fanderay says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought YAH looked incredibly different. I didn’t even recognize her in the first trailer, and then when I read who it was I couldn’t help but wonder if she had plastic surgery or something. At any rate, she looks good!

    I actually also thought that LJW was the guy from Dal Ja’s Spring for a brief ecstatic moment during the first trailer. That would’ve been awesome! I didn’t love LJW in My Girl, so I hope he impresses me with this. I’m already liking him more in trailers, now that he seems like he’s aged and matured a bit. I almost always prefer actors when they’re a bit older, since they have more character in their faces and seem so much more interesting.

    Thanks for recapping Softy! I’m so glad you value your recaps more than your sleep 😀


  4. ck1Oz says:

    Heh.Thanks I was hoping you’ll recap this.I wanted to know how come she ended up married so fast as well.That is because the trailer has him with his fiance.Ah…is that why Y was slapped in the preview?

    Oh yes…^%$# viki just told us 2 hrs before broadcast we are licensed to the Americas.Now we don’t know when the episode will be uploaded.Man we would have the rest of the world asking for subs while the viewers in the US all just watch.Not fair to the others.

    Thanks softy.I will be back after I watch the raw 🙂 Heh…looks like we’re on again on your blog for another 2 months.

    Have you sorted out your mid week recap besides YHFFM yet?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey ck, not sure what you mean by “sort out” – I am done with 6 days per week. I am sticking to just wed/thurs and this on the weekend if it gets better (so after CH ends – just this drama and YFFM). Not sure how I feel about tonight – it had its moments but something about the film or camera work seems off. It’s not pretty and feels sort of documentary – ish. I already hate her boss like crazy – he is so mean. also why didnt Wilson call and apologize for accusing Y- why did S have to go over there and complain some more. Maybe I missed something but I have to clean up this recap before I can get a clearer picture of everything. 🙂 Did you like it?


      • ck1Oz says:

        Oh boy.I just came from ep 1.Then I am going for your recap.

        Can I just say ep 1 filled me with fear.I will read but I am pretty sure he said cancer right?I know it is supposed to sound like Queen Latifah’s Holiday.However that was a CT scan of the abdo?or was it lungs?I am sure and it was contrast tumour highlighted.Pretty hard to brush that away as a mistaken diagnosis.

        Her weight loss is pretty damn bad,Did you see her jawline?

        Putting this fear of God bad vibes about her diagnosis aside.Well,it builds up on why she wanted to live life.I wasn’t listening that hard.How is S connected with the company?

        Well the colours were kind of dull but maybe it is supposed to reflect her dull life?This is ck being optimistic.I have seen the BTS and stills from Okinawa and the colours were more vibrant.The atmosphere seems pretty good.I jolly well hope it’s just the PD trying to reflect on her dull monotonous life.

        Sorry about the long answer.The CT scan freaked me out.I thought it was going to be an operable brain tumour or simple stomach cancer etc etc.SIGH 😦


  5. blue says:

    Aww, you don’t sound quite as enthusiastic as I hoped you would be for it. Not as good of a first episode? I’ll have to wait for it to finish dl-ing to watch it.


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Oh I don’t like Y by the way.She is really like an ahjumma and not very competent.I don’t mind a downtrodden and poor heroine but an bumbling heroine.Aish.However I am watching this for LDW so forward we go 20 episodes and all 🙂

    Oh god.


  7. Fanderay says:

    Just starting to watch, but for those who don’t get the volleyball reference in the beginning, it’s Wilson from Castaway (starring Tom Hanks). He’s stranded for years on an island, and Wilson the volleyball is basically his imaginary friend that he talks to. I never thought I would cry over the loss of piece of sports paraphernalia, but it really is heartbreaking when Tom Hanks loses “him”. However, out of context, it’s just hilarious.


  8. yumei says:

    thanks for the recap softy, I love KSA and hoping that u will recap this till the end 🙂


  9. momo says:

    Thank you!
    For me the first episode was ok…not great, but ok…
    I really hated Y when she continuously called E “poopy seok”…so insensitive. However, because of that I think our leads wont be the typical (extremely) good characters. They will have some flaws and imperfections…
    Looking forward for more.


  10. anitrak says:

    i love the 1st episode and i really hate S. her character is the typical “rich b…h”.
    i feel sorry for Y and happy that she finally got the balls and realized that no job is worth that humiliation… i think in our lives, there are many a times when we’ve tried to endure shit from the office and Y has endured too much for 5yrs. she is much more confident when she is not in the office.. the way she speak to “poopy seok” is one example..

    no comments on J as his appearance doesn’t leave any impact. E on the other hand i think will have good chemistry with Y.. and may fall for her sooner than expected.

    anyways, thanks for the recap.


  11. Fanderay says:

    Well, here are my thoughts thus far:

    I like that J is a twist on the stereotypical kdrama rich boy. It’s like he genuinely doesn’t want to work because of his sense of responsibility, and he seems extremely reasonable in general, which is quite refreshing. Unfortunately he also doesn’t seem to have much personality, so I hope they manage to make him more interesting.

    I’m not finding Y all that endearing yet either. I’m not sure how E managed to restrain himself from throttling her during their first meeting at the hospital. A character doesn’t have to be likable for me to like them (like Cheon in WBSD) but she doesn’t seem to have much of a spark in this show (yet).

    I guess the main disappointment with this first episode is that I never really felt anything. There weren’t really any happy, sad, exciting or funny moments, and I definitely think there were some missed opportunities. With a bit of tweaking I’m sure they could’ve made Y’s chicken-rescue mission hilarious. Same goes for feeling sad over her illness, or worried about the trouble she’s getting into at work. I guess a lot of it comes down to the directing? I’m not really sure what’s missing, but I feel like this show could potentially be good if they sort it out.

    The leads still haven’t spent any time together, so I’m remaining optimistic that their scenes together will get things rolling.

    Btw Softy, do you know what Wilson said about BC? I know he was just being a jerk, but that’s where I’m from so I’m curious. Don’t worry about it if you don’t remember off the top of your head 🙂


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      i gave it a shot but I dont know nature words – cant figure out if he said rope bridge or wobbly bridge but it was def a bridge of some kind. the flow part might have been a waterfall but I dont know the korean word for that either- didnt sound like river or stream I dont think.


      • Fanderay says:

        Thank you for trying! I don’t think we have any famous bridges, but maybe the guy is crazy. I’m happy BC got a mention anyways 🙂


  12. Anonymous says:

    i think KSA had her jawline and chin done. Like her face before.


  13. kdgrandma says:

    After City Hall, KSA lost a lot of the weight she had put on for MNIKSS and City Hall — more than she had gained. She had temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome which is a very painful condition when the jaw is misaligned. So after City Hall, she said she didn’t have to diet at all — her jaw was in such pain she couldn’t eat. She was wearing braces for quite a while. In pictures taken a few months after City Hall was over, she looked like she does now. So I don’t think she had plastic surgery. If you look at her doing the tango with, I believe, Rain, she pretty much looked like she does now.


    • janu says:

      I checked the footage of the tango reheasal, and her teeth look really different now– it doesn’t look like it’s just a result of wearing braces. Her teeth look bigger now, but I wouldn’t say better– maybe she got veneers (perhaps even for this role)? I haven’t seen her in any interviews or anything recently, so I don’t know for how long her teeth have looked like they do now. (I think I’m a “teethist” because I always notice right away when someone’s teeth have changed.) 🙂


      • Softy says:

        Hey janu- I totally cracked up at your “teethist” comment – so cute how you made that up. I think I am like you too sometimes cuz the first thing I noticed about YAI as MJS was how white his teeth were – they were blinding 🙂 Even in real life, I love guys with perfect white teeth.
        As for KSA, my Korean friends said they read she had work done on her face, but now that I read that comment from kdgrandma and KSA’s condition, that may explain her drastic weight loss. But then again on soompi last night, I read KSA is only eating one meal a day – to look like a dying woman- which I hope is just a rumor cuz that’s crazy. I don’t want to recap this drama every weekend feeling sorry for her and wanting to feed her all the time. 🙂


        • janu says:

          Careful, Softy~ It’s gonna be hard for me to fall in love with Lee Dong Wook’s character in SOAW if I’ve got Guh-ro on the brain! You’re right, MJS’s teeth are utterly dazzling (as if the man weren’t intoxicating enough to begin with…) 🙂


    • Fanderay says:

      Oooh, interesting! I have TMJ, but not that bad of a case. If it was that painful she would’ve had to have it “fixed” over time (there are various methods) and it would definitely change the way her jaw sits, which could be why her face feels different to us in a subtle sort of way.

      She looked pretty good in the promo stuff, but I definitely got the “too skinny” vibe a couple times this episode. It’s not as bad as HJ in YFFM though! I want to track that girl down so I can feed her.


  14. janu says:

    Thanks so much for the transcap! I’m sort of on the fence about this one– this first episode wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t all that I was hoping it would be. (But then again, I thought the first couple of episodes of City Hall were really disappointing, but that turned out to be one of my favorite dramas. KSA’s character was quite bumbling and unappealing at the beginning of that one as well.) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will become much more engaging.


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