You’ve fallen for me E7

This hero has flaws, but what makes him endearing is he doesnt claim not to have any and he doesnt hide behind pretensions. Just when you think you have him figured out, he does something unpredictable. He keeps you on your toes and makes you fall more in love with him. Unlike K who chooses to jump in and wade through the complications, S takes his time and checks for surer footing before he ventures forth. He wants something firm to stand on so that when he does rescue her, they both make it to the other side together. That’s a hero I can stand behind and root for any day.  


after K walks off from what she saw, she calls S a bad guy – a foolish guy-who said I was going to comfort you – you dumb guy.

grandpa asks where she was coming from this late at night when it’s raining. she says sorry but she had some work. he asks if she is sick. she says she is fine. he says summer cold is scary so just in case – cover up with blanket well when she is sleeping instead of suffering from a cold. she says she will and wishes him a good night

S’s mom tells him to change clothes or else he will catch a cold. she asks if he ate and he said he did. she tells him to wash up and sleep early. S: what did you like about him? enough to abandon a guy you liked-what did you like about him? Mom: when that person held a guitar he became an invisible person- I couldnt see his clothes, hair, shoes or anything – he became the music -like you right now. S: dont you regret that you liked him? S’s mom shakes her head no: cuz you are left. you’ll catch cold – hurry and wash and sleep. S: thank you – for letting me meet him.

S leaves Y’s umbrella by her office door. SH comes up to him saying it’s been a while. heard about your dad. it must have been hard on you. S: I’m ok. SH: did you come to meet Y? S: no – please give this to professor jung. SH:why? you should give it to her yourself. S: please take good care of professor jung. S hands him the umbrella -bows and leaves

Y explains to SH that S was having a hard time cuz of his dad – he was getting rained on and crying. SH says S acted like a grown up but he is still young. Y: you think you didnt do that when you were in school? SH says he was mature. she says his face was. he asks what she is saying. he claims to look young – that in the states he heard ppl say he looked 20. she humors him so he insists it’s for real. she tells him to look at the female lead’s part – she fixed it cuz it seemed too light. he claims again that he looks young so she asks if it’s that important. he says it is so she lies and says he looks like in his 20s.

S is buying a drink and B asks if he met K yesterday. he says he didnt. B says K chased after him after catharsis cuz she said she had to meet him. she must not have seen you. S: if she has something to see me about – tell her to come by the band practice room later. other girl says K was sick and couldnt come today. she was caught in the rain yesterday and caught a cold. S:then tell her to come next time. they walk off wondering if K found the necklace -should they look for it later-she might have already found it. S heard all that.

S goes to that field and remembers how he asked her to find a necklace and he wonders if she looked for it. he gets a call from the flirty professor

she plays some music and asks what he thinks. he says the melody is good. she says it’s for the musical -they are going to use it for the ending. thinking of combining it with gugak band. S says it sounds fun. he asks if she is going to (do something to the music like produce it) she says that’s why she called him. she says cuz he has experience making music  for his band and might go study abroad so this will help with his portfolio. he worries cuz it’s for the 100yr anniversary musical ending and it’s for gugak. she says the gugak professor will help him -why? doesnt he have confidence? he said he will give it a try. she says: good that’s why you are LS. here is the CD and music sheet. do a good job.

S hesitates when he goes by K’s home. when he goes to his home, J asks if he ate. he says he did and asks if she did. she did but she feels like eating again so she suggests asking K again but he tells her not to cuz K isnt his slave anymore. plus she couldnt even go to school today cuz she is sick. S asks if they should order a pizza

K is on the phone saying she is better. she will be at school tm. she found the necklace- it was at home. made you suffer for nothing. B says she heard K didnt meet S that night- she thought K did. K says they must have taken different roads. it wasnt a big deal so it’s ok. anyway thanks B – see you tm.

K goes to school. B says K must have been very sick cuz her face is half its size. K asks really? mean girls laugh saying if that face is half then my face is a thread (?I guessed). B yells back that when she sees that mean girls face she wants to eat an eggplant. other girl says she heard K found the necklace. K says it was at home. girl asks why K didnt wear it today-they were curious what it looked like. since K looked everywhere for it – it must be very important. K sees S walking by so she tells them to meet in practice cuz she has somewhere to drop by.

K sits by S. K: you were here- are you busy? S: it’s ok – you can talk. she holds it out and says I found the necklace. she gives it back to him. K: I am going to do what you told me -who you like from now on – cuz of that however much you hurt – I wont make it my business. S:what? K: I wont like you anymore now.  with this – I’ve successfully completed the slave contract. she turns to leave but says: it’s too bad about what happened to your dad. even though it might not be of comfort if I say that. I’ll be going. he calls out her name and thanks her. she says that was the first time he called her name. she says she will be going.

she walks in a daze and SH calls out her name. he asks how she feels – if she is still sick. she says she is better now. SH: then where is your attention? do you have time right now

he takes her for coffee. she adds a lot of syrup into and drinks so he asks if the drink goes down. she says she was sick so she has to drink up. he says she doesnt have to drink a lump of sugar. she says she needs something sweet to gain strength. SH: then eat a lot. she asks what he wanted to talk to her about. SH: in a few days there will be an audition to determine who the female lead is going to be. Hj is trying out of course – do you want to audition too? K:me? how could I be the lead? I cant do that. SH: why cant you? you practiced a lot last time and did it. dont feel any pressure – cuz you wont make the cut anyway. K: if I am going to end up not making it then why should I audition. SH: it wont be an audition if HJ tries out by herself.K: then am I just a prop (someone to stand up there). SH: if you dont want to be then you can just work hard. want to do it? K: what should I do. should I try for it?

SH explains the concept of the show to other teachers. and tm they are going to audition for the female lead. T: that suddenly? SH: anyway we are choosing from the kids we have so it shouldnt be a big problem. SH asks for T’s opinion. T:when have you ever asked me first and decided. T asks how it’s going to be decided. SH asks all the professors to come and decide. both female professors say yes. SH says see you tm at 5 at the audition.

the other guy asks T what’s going to happen now – are they suppose to hope HJ doesnt make the cut so they can take her to their group. T says it’s the opposite- HJ has to become the female lead and take her over to their  team and SH’s team will be in a mess. so tm for sure Hj has to make it. tell the others – she will more than likely make it anyway with her talents but we need to make sure

HJ asks KY: did you cure your “running away” disease now? KY:what? HJ: like last time -day before the show – when you ran away -will that not happen now. KY: I’m in the process of working on it and I will succeed. HJ: it wont work just by trying -if you ruin my show again -I wont forgive you. KY: your show? HJ: of course it is cuz I am the lead. KY says he thought she looked good being that strong at one time but he doesnt think so now. he thanks her for coming by last time – he knows it was hard on her pride to come find him.

she turns and is startled to see JH there. JH: unni you arent cheating with KY hyung right? HJ: what? JH says he can forgive everything else but he cant forgive cheating- not ever.

K tells her group about the lead role audition. she is going to fail anyway but he wants her to just try once. K complains how SH is strange like that. other girls complain SH doesnt do that to them. (meaning he doesnt pay them any attention) K wonders what she should do. B says it sounds like fun so try it. if she had the talent she wants to. K: it does like fun. other girl asks if K met with S yesterday cuz it looked like K chased after him. B asks if anything happened. a girl says the professor is looking for K. K tells the girls to go to practice first

S explains to the teacher about the music. she says it sounds good just hearing about it. he says they have to practice it and he doesnt have a feel for how it will fit with gukak. K knocks and comes in. teacher says they (S and K) dont need introductions since they know each other well. when she asked the gukak professor for help -the professor recommended K. and S needs tutoring in gukak. you can help right? K says she will

S tells her she doesnt need to do it if she doesnt want to (she doesnt need to force herself) I will talk to the professor. K: no I’m ok. S:you arent uncomfortable doing this with me? K:what is there to be uncomfortable about- we have to keep seeing each other cuz of the musical anyway. is there anything you know about gukak? S: not much. K: then you have a lot to study -let’s go to the library first. I am warning you – I dont know how you saw me but with this I’m not some (?) person. my grandfather says gukak is (she lost me) I’m not sure if you know that deep meaning. she kept talking and walking so he calls out her name. K:why? I’m really ok. he shakes his head no and says the library is this way. she covers up by saying she was testing whether or not he knew how to get to the library. let’s go. he grins. S: do you really know? K: I know. S: to your right.

K is making S hold a stack of books piled high. he asks if he has to read thru all of them. K: shouldnt you?  you have to know the basics. this one you really have to read it. S: let’s stop for today- we can come back next time. he makes her look at the stack he is holding. K: is it a lot? he gives her a look. she says this will be enough. and suggests performing with the girls so he can hear how different the sound is. she says she will take the girls and go to a place and tells him to go there first. after she leaves, he wonders to himself- she isnt getting revenge is she? he drops all the books

girls scream cuz they get to practice with stupid. K: you like it that much? they say of course and calls K pretty for making this happen. they put makeup on. K asks why and they offer her some. one says she hopes K will work out with S. they guess that K liked him but K says she doesnt. why would she like that prince of conceit- let’s hurry cuz they will be waiting

K’s group and his group play

K runs out to meet her dad. she asks if he came cuz of work for school. he wanted to see her face before he left . she asks if he ate or if she should show him around the school. he says that would be good. she tells him about the lead role audition. he says K is impressive and the director has good eyes for talent. he asks if she decided to audition. she says she is still thinking about what to do. he says he wants her to so she can be the lead. she asks if he wishes she would make the lead. he says he will be moved when he sees her on stage as the lead. K: then for my dad’s sake – should I try hard to make it? he says he is all for it

SH asks if they practiced a lot on their own.he says they were probably wondering who would be the leads and tm is the audition for female lead. mean girl asks: do you have any stipulations about if someone has the right. SH: whoever wants to try out can. all 3 mean girls yell they want to. HJ mutters they are “crap” flies. SH says he already has separate roles for those mean girls. they ask what.  he says it’s important ones and will talk to them later. SH asks who is going to audition. HJ raises her hand and says :me. he said he knew – next. K raises her hand and says :me too. he asks if there is anyone else. he says the two of them have to come here by tm at 5-they just have to choose something they have the most confidence in. and it has to be about love

mean girls ask SH what their roles are. he asks if they know what scene stealers are in a movie. he says they are the scene stealers. main girl says she knew this day would come. they thank him as they leave. he worries if he has to make extra daughters or something

HJ asks what K is going to sing since they cant sing the same thing. K: I havent thought about it yet. HJ: how many songs could you possibly know.  in case we sang the same song it would be bad for you so I wanted to go easy on you and asked. K: I didnt know you were such a nice friend. HJ:what? K: you have to be a little nervous -my grandfather said that ghosts that hide in water are the scariest. see you tm. HJ: how could there be a girl like that. after HJ leaves, K says : you just watch – I will never lose.

K says she listened to all the songs her dad sent her but she cant find one that jumps out at her. she asks if there is something that sounds loving. her dad says being sad is love-hating is love- hurting is love too. K:what is that? dad: you are sad cuz you love-cuz you love you are hurt and hate. isnt that it? he says fighting to her and tells her to be careful and not get caught by grandpa. K: so he wont see I am hiding it well. I’ll call you tm. sleep well. she hid it behind a frame on the wall. (it’s like she is living in prison)

both bands play again. JH says they practiced so much he is hungry. he asks if they should all go out to eat. B’s group says yes and for K to have strength since she was sick. K: i’m ok cuz of grandpa…S: eat and then go. I will leave first. JH says S is always like that. he suggests the rest of them  go. B urges K to go so she agrees to.

JH and them talk about what to eat and decide on meat. they pass by S and he looks at K. he is annoyed- she said she was going to go home.

K asks how much JH ate by himself. suddenly S follows and asks what they are going to eat. JH: hyung you are going to go eat too. that’s good.

they make toasts for stupid and wildflowers and for the 100yr show. JH gives K a lettuce wrap and tells her to eat it. his band member comments :what is up with JH – letting someone else eat. JH says it’s cuz K was sick. JH: it’s present I am giving you. he tells her to open up. K: thank you I will eat a lot and gain energy. S watches her eat fast. S: is someone going to steal it from you? eat slowly. K: I was sick so I have to take replenish my body. he stops her from picking up another piece of meat. S: if you do that you will get indigestion. K: it’s ok I have a strong stomach so I dont normally get indigestion so easily. he steals her piece and says it tastes good. JH suggests they go to a singing room since they are in a good mood. K agrees saying it sound like fun. so does B. then the rest of the girls. 

in the middle of singing K doesnt feel well and goes to throw up. S goes and pats her back. she says he doesnt need to do that but he tells her to be still and keeps patting. I told you you would get indigestion. she asks if that is why (?) S: you dont need to do it on purpose. K: what? S: you dont need to force yourself acting like you are ok in front of me. K: I got caught. he holds out his hand to help her up she thinks. she is about to give her hand but he says “tamborine.”  wait and I’ll go bring your bag. K: thanks. after he leaves she mutters she is humiliated

outside he asks if she feels better. K: yes since I’m walking I feel better. thanks. S: I was grateful too – the performance was fun too. K: if it was helpful that’s good.  S: heard you are going to audition tm. S: do your best – it wont be easy against HJ. K: it doesnt matter – I dont want to become the lead for certain. S:then why? she explains how at a young age she picked up the gayageum and lived not knowing anything else since – to be honest – should I say I was a little tired of it -I felt like that but after starting the musical -gayageum got fun and I like everything. if I dont do it now I wont have this chance again. performing with the band too. the bus is here. you are going to ride your bike back arent you- I’ll go first. thank you for today LS. she gets on the bus and he follows her. S:I just thought I should take the bus once in a while. she looks over at him as they ride home

grandpa finds her stash of music sheet and stuff about the 100 yr  show. he yells “what is all this”. she tries to explain but he wont let her in the room. she kneels outside. S finds her stuff outside her front door. he can hear her grandpa yelling from inside. all this time did you deceive me and come home late cuz of all that. she says she didnt mean to deceive him. I was wrong for not telling you. grandpa: so? K: I was wrong but – grandpa – I want to do this musical-  even if you get mad and dont give me permission- I am going to do it. grandpa: what? K: I want to do it grandpa. in the future I wont do this again. but just let me do it once this time. grandpa: you cant- he reminds her she is his grandchild (he is knows for traditional music) so she cant do this.

S reads up on her gukak books.

SH finds out he has to hold a press conference. the guy says he didnt tell SH ahead of time cuz SH wouldnt have agreed to it- he says it’s for SH’s sake so he should do it

SH jokes to the reporters that he has nothing to brag about except his looks. thank you for coming today- I am KSH.

T gets a call about an interview

SH gets interviewed – he talks about broadway and then goes into the story line for the musical. he gets asked about the leads. he says the male lead will be chosen last but this afternoon the female lead will be chosen after an audition. it’s at 5 so those of you who can come -you can watch. I have to prepare for the audition so I have to leave. please write a good article. the teacher worries that they will end up with SH’s team. T says dont forget that they have the school president and HJ is all they need.

grandpa nails her door shut so K begs him to open the door. he says she cant go to the school for the time being. she starts to say that is ridiculous cuz she has an audition today but stops herself and asks how he could do this. she worries what to do. she decides to call but he says he has it. dont think of silly stuff and just give up.

mean girls take up a bet – for HJ or LK. director is for K’s so she bets $30 on K. other girl too- $20 on K. K’s group bets $50 each on K. mean girl says no one is betting on HJ.B runs over and says there is major trouble – K was caught by her grandpa. when B called the grandpa answered and he said K cant come to school for the time being.  what should they do. mean girl asks if that means K wont show up. she cancels her bet and changes it to$50 on HJ. S’s band member overheard

S listens to JH and other member talking. he asks who will make it for the female lead audition. JH says HJ of course. other member runs in and says K didnt even come to school today. S:what? guy says she was caught by her grandpa. it must have been kept a secret. JH: that’s right -K’s grandpa is a famous traditional something. S gets up to leave so JH asks where he is going.

SH hears that K cant come and missed classes according to what kids are saying. SH calls K and tells her to come to her senses. grandpa answers and says she is going to come to her senses. now that she has she isnt going out for the musical. grandpa hangs up on SH. he tells bud to prepare for the audition and SH will be back in a while

S runs to his bike and SH goes to his car. SH gets there first and knocks and asks the grandpa to open the door. K hears and says “director?” grandpa opens the door and asks what is going on. SH says sorry but he has something to say to K. grandpa: did you not understand what I said? this young person must be hard of hearing. I told you my K wont do the musical. she is going to be a gayageum (something) SH says he knows that. grandpa: if you know then go. S rides up and sees SH. SH gets a call from bud that the preparations are all done. I will be right there. as he starts to leave S asks “what time are you doing it? the audition. SH: why? at five. there are only 20 mins left.  J shows up and says S came early today.

J goes in and asks grandpa if he knows how to play “baduk” or gomoku or “go” -she asks a bunch of questions about it saying that she has a bet with her friends and asks him to teach her. he tells her to wait. she opens the door and tells K to hurry and run off. when she goes out S tells her to hurry and get on his bike. grandpa tells her to stop but she yells – I will come back and get my punishment-sorry grandpa. J waves the money she got for doing that. $10.

SH shows up and says sorry for being late. another teacher asks about K. T: she must have run off somewhere. since it’s time let’s start. SH says this isnt a place for the kids to brag about singing well. expression and acting is important so they have to grade that too.  he tells HJ to start.

S tells K to hold on tight. (wouldnt a cab be faster- less romantic but faster and safer at least cuz riding like that on the middle of the street is death defying) when they arrive he tells her to run. she thanks him. K: I dont think I can get over you with one try but at least I am going to work on it -thank you

everyone is restless and one suggests leaving since they heard what they needed. T agrees but K runs in. T tells her to be more on time. she says sorry. she starts singing. HJ looks worried. K cries remembering S asking if she likes him. S comes in and remembers what K said: I am going to do what you told me -who you like from now on – cuz of that however much you hurt – I wont make it my business. S:what? K: I wont like you anymore now

SH asks the professors to write down one name K’s or HJ’s. SH: including me – 8 of us voted. the result is  6-2 -HHJ made it. T congratulates HJ. K’s friends go and cheer K saying it’s ok-one guy says he cried. mean girls says even if they won money they dont feel good about it cuz K did much better. other says K was way better.  

Y to SH: K did really well.  SH says stuff about K not doing well. Y asks what he wants to do with their plans to see a show-if you think you will be late let’s see it next time. SH: that was today huh? I will go to the office -you go there first.

K’s friend asks if she is going with them and SH calls her name. B tells her they will go ahead and come after she finishes talking. SH: you did well – what are you going to do about the $10 bucks I bet on you. K: you said I was going to lose anyway. SH: but did you have to lose for real? S shows up. dont you have to leave? SH: are you K’s manager. S: grandpa will be worried. K: that’s right – director I will leave first. S:I’ll take you home. K: huh? it’s ok I will go alone. S: what are you going to do alone – I will go and…K interrupts: it’s ok -you dont need to do that. SH: if you are worried you will be in trouble cuz of your grandpa then I will go with you – wouldnt it be better if I told him since I am the director. K: if you do then I will be grateful. SH: let’s go.


no preview

When you picture a damsel in distress, you imagine her trapped in a tower somewhere and a knight coming to her rescue on his steed- you dont imagine a stubborn grandpa going off his rockers and locking up his grandchild in her room. This knight comes with a bratty sister who can easily be bribed and played a crucial role in the breakout. I also didnt expect to see S waiting on his bike to give her a lift to her destination. Why he couldnt have dug a little deeper in his pockets to spring for some cabfare, I will never understand.


N is kidnapped

Y into the phone: where are you now? if you mess with N- you are dead.

chun tells J that he will give J the guy he wants

kid gives coin saying: if you find city hunter hyung – please give this to him

YJ: I wont lose to city hunter this time- I see the end now

Y: KYJ – come to the front of the police station by 4pm

voice: killing you will be better

Y yells into the tank N’s name


54 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E7

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you softy.Both episodes had angst for me.I am so going to be sleeping late tonight waiting for the torrents as well.Ep 18’s preview has made me stressed even though I now it’s going to be alright.

    Ep 7 is the 1st time I actually like Heartstrings.


  2. Anon says:

    I’m loving YFFM – I agree, think Shin needs to stay a bit of an a** even if he starts to realize and show his feelings for her. Nothing too horrible of course, but maybe just a fun, teasing reminder that she “never, never, never” “really, really, really” “very, very, very” does something…

    I also wonder when the tables are going to fully turn and he will start pursuing her – that’s maybe the only thing I wished were different… I really had hoped that he would like her before she liked him, just think it would have a been a nice change of pace to have the cold, popular one realize feelings before the warm, normal one – but hey, no real complaints!


  3. gailt says:

    My deepest thanks for the liveblog of YFFM. Thank you so much Softy! This drama is my current obsession but it’s hard to sustain it without understanding what’s going on, so you’re a lifesaver. I heard ep8 is postponed, so you’ll get a bit of a break, yeah?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Park Shin Hye Back in Hospital; “Heartstrings” to Skip Episode 8 Tonight!


  5. […] Drama Talk 7: CH E17 & YFFM E7 […]


  6. rr says:

    thanks so much for yffm recap.i really love this episode.i’m sad that they can’t air episode 8 tonight due to shinhye’s car accident but it made me respect the production more for choosing to postpone airing the episode than giving the viewers a shoddy one


  7. Superfangirl says:

    Wishing Park Shin-hye a quick recovery. What happened??
    I have to say that I truly enjoy this drama for all the things that other people might not like. I love the fact that she went overboard for him because I knew that it would be the one thing Shin would remember and it forced an intimacy between them that comedy would not have been able to do in such a short time. I hope that this drama continues to be unique and special and keep showcasing the great acting of the cast. I love it!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Is it weird that I want the relationships to get more complicated than just Y, S, SH, and K…like K and KY start to have a little sumthin sumthin. That way there’s moooore of him too. And also makes S even more jealous and then becomes a battle for the male lead in the play S vs. KY. =)


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