Can You Hear My Heart E30

When I think of CYHMH, a smile automatically forms -it welcomes you in with open arms, makes you comfortable, shares its wonderful stories, warms your heart so you feel cozy like you belong here, and all you can think is -if this is bliss, I want to make this my home. For the past months – that is exactly what this drama was to each and every one of us – thank you everyone for all your support and dedication. 🙂


There are some dramas that just speak directly to its viewers and reach a core audience to enthrall, amaze, and elevate the stakes for any future dramas -you will be hard pressed to find another that even comes close to meeting even an ounce of CYHMH’s caliber. They didn’t just set the bar too high for greatness, they made it impossible for another drama to have a fighting chance to even knock it down. People looked at the number of episodes and shied away from it, but for those of us who were lucky enough to follow our instincts, we were rewarded in the best way a viewer can be – we got to be the few who watched this beauty unfold week after week. Like an extension of the family on the screen, we came together to laugh, cheer on, and mostly cry along with these characters. No other drama can boast such a loyal following so quickly- it only takes one episode – one scene and you lose yourself. Even though you tell yourself you’ve heard the lines and seen those plots before, CYHMH reinvents it and makes your breath catch in wonder. Pretty soon the characters take up a permanent resident in the recesses of your heart where just the names evoke warmth and comfort. When a drama gets it right – all the pieces fall in place. We get our comedy, our angst, our bromance, our OTP, our heartache, our jubilation, and a triumphant resolution. Suddenly it becomes a classic in its own right. When a drama gets it right, there is only one title that should come to mind-Can You Hear My Heart.

Anybody that knows me can attest to the fact that I am totally incapable of remembering Korean celebrity names. Guess which two are now one hundred percent memorized. Part of the joy of this drama stemmed from discovering these two talents. Each brought to the table a vulnerability that is hard to emote for most actors and they did it effortlessly. Once they stepped into their character shells as CDJ and BM on screen, they never stepped out. They embodied their characters in a way most young actors would envy and I can’t begin to count how many times I paused the video to just stop and stare in awe. Whether they were frolicking in bed and making our cheeks ache from grinning so much or when their tears made us reach for yet another kleenex, they kept me marveling at how natural they seemed to be in their roles. They didn’t overreact or downplay their expressions and blended the perfect balance of reality and conviction. I applaud D for being able to achieve his objective without sacrificing a part of his humanity to do it. Till the very end, he remained a man who wished to look at his face in the mirror and not be ashamed. Though M should have qualms about his actions in the past, that fact that he rushed into danger to save his brother wiped his slate full of past sins clean. Even tonight as M looked over to his ailing father, he did so with a subtle trace of quiet dignity that belied his true nature. For all the hours they invested in their roles, I just hope they know that their work on this drama left an imprint on all of us and that it will follow them the rest of their career. Every actor has a role that they were born to play and some are lucky enough to have it happen more than once. With these two talents, I’m sure this is just the stepping stone to a great many more.

Illustration by Fanderay

It’s hard not to get emotional about this family – they make you look at your own and feel grateful that you have one just as good, enviable that you wish you could, or hopeful to have one of your own someday. When W’s mom left her daughter in Y’s care, she died in peace knowing W would be loved and well taken care of by a father whose only instinct is to love his family unconditionally. Y only knows one kind of love – one that doesn’t discriminate age, status, or gender.  His love doesn’t wane or lessen with insults. Like his flowers, he cultivates it and makes it thrive on a daily basis. Though W may have grown up poor, she was rich beyond imagination for the sole reason that she has something she can count on for the rest of her life – the security of being loved by her father.

Can You Hear My Heart E30 Finale


M threw the mitt and baseball at D’s feet so they play catch at the edge of the cliff

(I had a heart attack here cuz I was afraid D would take one step back and I would have to type -bye bye dong joo- I kept yelling “move away from the edge – you have like 40 acres of land away from the cliff so go there if you are going to play catch”)

T paces in the room and hears D telling M -it changed from a long time ago huh? M asks if the kitchen is different. D: the bedrooms are the same – unpack first. D goes in and tells her M is here for a few days – doesnt she have anything to say. she asks if M’s eyes are ok. D says yes so she says that’s good. he tells her to not avoid M and meet. she says M wont want to see her. D:how do you know hyung’s heart so well? then you must know what he wants to hear the most. dont regret again –  this may be the last time you get to see him

their are two suitcases by the bed. M and D are sleeping. the lights are on so M gets up. D stops him and says: just leave it alone – I’m comfortable like this -so you can go back now hyung. M looks at D. D turns and asks: what is that expression? if you are uncomfortable go out and sleep. I’m going back to sleep. M hits him with a pillow. M: you selfish punk – I still like it here. you know – that I am more selfish than you. I am such an angel – what a nuisance. while I am saying it nicely – go (back)- listen to your hyung- so D signs that M is a fool.

more bromance ensues. M keeps asking what that means – what is it? tell me. D says he wont. D pushes him off saying it’s gross. M: even if it’s gross – I need to know – does it means I am good looking or I have a high nose? M wakes up and D is gone. one bag is missing.

M goes out and T is sitting there by the picnic table. T: i have something i want to hear from you. M: i have nothing to say to you. D left and everyone went back to their places so you can stop and go back. M turns away so T says to his back: me – dong joo – you- we said were going to the end together- did you forget that you said even if we died – to take you with us – if you give me permission-from now on – for real – I want to live as your mother- you dont have to answer now-all this time – you lived as my son – waiting and being patient -I will wait too-but please come back to mom – mom is sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Maru ya. M is crying and turns to face her.

he calls her mom and smiles at her.

W’s sign language class. the teacher asked each student why they are taking sign language class. W: the person that is the most important to me I want him to understand the world so I am waiting for that person….. D shows up so she signs to him : I missed you. teacher asks if he is the person W is talking about so W signs something to her *”cant you see just from looking at him? he is someone who really really likes me a lot.” teacher calls for a ten min break. W introduces her teacher to D. D says hello and his name. teacher says hi and that she cant hear at all too. not being able to hear is the same for me. even tho we live being unable to hear – it was nice to meet you. he says “nice to meet you too.” D asks W how to sign “please take good care of W” and he signs it to the teacher and the class. 

D asks W if he interrupted her class but she says he came right on time cuz it was break time. he says “I came back” and hugs her

* thanks Fanderay for the “translation”- we make a great team 🙂

D and W go home. grandma is sleeping by the fish bowl with S behind her. D carries grandma to her room to sleep. D whispers he is leaving and W asks “you’re just going to leave?” D: then what?  she tells him to go.

grandma has a dream. she lost Y- she calls out for young master Young gu. she finds 6 six year old Y with a scraped knee. she asks if he got hurt and if it hurts. he cries and calls out for his mom – I want to go home. she explains she is his mom now. but he says no you’re not and calls out for his real mom. she offers to buy him candy and tries to piggyback him but he pushes her and cries out for his mom again. she carries him on her back. she stops to bind his wrist so he wont slip off- he is almost alseep and he calls out “mom.”

grandma: my heart is tearing apart -waht do I do- young master-  dont worry and just sleep- even tho I am not educated and ignorant, I will make sure to keep my promise to your parents. i might not be a good mom for you -no matter what I have to do – I will make sure you dont go hungry even a day so dont worry and sleep. since their son was “slow” -parents who throw away their child -what kind of mother and father are they -now dont cry over them and dont look for them-  he keeps mumbling “mom”. she says:young master – there is nothing much to living -you just eat rice well every day -you let each other lean on your back -if you live like this with loyalty – that’s living – so sleep and dont worry. she sings she is happy “this world is so nice-crazy woman – what’s so great- your husband left home-what am I doing”

she tells him to keep sleeping and goes back to singing-the mountains are nice -flowers are nice – let’s live like this and that-after we live together a good day will come-I like it – if we live together – I like it.”

she opens her eyes and Y asks if she is awake. he asks if she is thirsty. she says she has to look for young master Y so please find him. Y: you are doing it again mom- I am Y.  I am your son Y. but she says my Y is only this tall- I have to find my young master Y. Y: I’m Y – I ate a lot of rice and grew this much. I’m sorry mom I ate a lot of rice and grew this much – I’m sorry mom.  he cries so W goes to comfort him. he says he isnt going to eat rice now so he can shrink back down to a smaller size. I want to be this short.  

grandma says you cant – dont do that. now that I look at you – you resemble my Y. Y:huh? grandma: you look like Y. dont cry now – eat a lot of rice and dont cry again. Y: mom if I dont cry and eat a lot of rice -am I your son? I am your son right? she nods and says you are right. Y tells W that his mom knows him. he tells grandma: mom I am not going to cry from now on so you cant forget me again ok? dont forget your son bong young gu. she nods yes.

D goes back to work. he says they are working harder cuz he wasnt here. they ask why he came so late cuz they missed him. MS asks if he had a good trip and asks about his mom and he says he entrusted his mom with her older son. MS: the two of them made up huh?

grandma holds out food to taste and W eats it and says it tastes good but Y says that was his-she was about to give it to him. grandma says dont fight cuz there is a lot here and feeds him too. he says it tastes good. SC comes in and says it smells good. he brings grandma plums to eat and tells her to eat it all by herself. grandma: it tastes better if we all eat it together. W agrees. Y says it looks good. S thanks SC. nam says this is it. this is the family she wanted from watching dramas.

D shows up. he brings lots of fruit so SC gets mad and tells him to follow him. W tries to go but Y says he will.

SC tells him not to try to be their family. D says he came to speak up formally today (as in declaring his intention for W) SC :what? why are you acting like you won on your own?I didnt give up on W yet. D: SC for your friend’s sake – just lose once for me. SC: if you talk like that is it cool? D: isnt it cool? can you just give in. I have a lot of things I lack so I need to have W to fill it up. like you said, I will take responsibility for W all the way till the end. I will promise. SC: did you come to propose to me? what a funny guy. Y runs over and says you cant to SC. Y asks if D is ok. SC: CDJ – later you need to be hit by me once. 

Y:what do we do about SC cuz his fist doesnt listen.  D asks why Y married W’s mom. Y: MS was the prettiest and she was a girl and there was only one girl -it was MS. D: to me bong woori is the prettiest and she is the only girl -just W – so could I marry W? Y: what do we do – then you have to. D:then from now on – instead of being my friend you have to be my father -you will be CDJ’s father right? Y: CDJ’s father? M’s father? CDJ’s father -if there are two it’s confusing. D: it’s not confusing – your son who is a doctor bong maru -your son who isnt a doctor CDJ. how’s that? Y: then it wont be confusing. then you cant ever be a doctor. D nods: I wont ever be a doctor. then you gave me permission to marry W. Y: yes CDJ – son who isnt a doctor.

 nam helps grandma get ready for dinner. grandma worries if she can intrude on another family’s gathering. nam: there is nothing much to family – if you live in one home and eat together. That’s family.

The whole family is there with M too. NB makes a speech about the whole family eating together for the first time in 16 yrs today. Y interrupts and says the food is getting so cold so let’s just eat.

everyone watches M eat the first spoonful of rice and they all clap. Y says it’s nice cuz there is a lot of family. grandma says it looks good cuz they look happy. NB’s wife asks why there isnt any alcohol. SC says there isnt any alcohol today cuz if he gets drunk he wont be able to hold back (he looks at D so D grins) nam leans over and asks why S is being so careful (cuz S tries to eat facing away from M) S denies it. M notices that. W feeds grandma and tells her to eat a lot. grandma says she feels sorry and grateful cuz they are being so nice to her when she isnt family. I didnt get to do anything for you and just got to receive a lot.

M looks at the family pic. W says it was when they were too young and wants to take another family picture again since he came back. he says we can take a new one when you get married. what do you want for a wedding present. since your oppa can afford it I will buy it all for you.

M: woori ya – bong maru’s younger sibling bong woori -you suffered a lot taking care of grandma and dad in your brother’s place. W: bong woori oppa bong maru thank you for keeping your promise to come back.  M: your wish was to wear a dress so oppa will pick out the dress. D:what is this? why are you going to choose the dress hyung? M: cuz I am the oppa – oppa will buy you the dress.  D: jang junha W: he isnt J. he is bong maru. M: did you see that – she said I was bong maru. D: bong maru

T is making food for D. when he comes in she tells him to wash up and come out cuz she made him mixed noodles and he says he already ate. T:what? D: out of all your clothes this is the prettiest. T: she says M bought it for her in Saipan. D: he stole you away again – I shouldnt have made you two reconcile. T: you still have a chance-in order to be like long time ago with M- it will take some time.  D: I will decline cuz there is only one girl for me. T: a girl? it isnt that ugly girl right? not her.  D: how is she ugly? she is cute. T: that girl is ugly.  I told you ever since you were young. dont play with her and play with pretty girls. D: i told you there was no other girl prettier than you mom.

Y is planting stuff and looking over at grandma who is sleeping. he asks her to hurry and wake up and swear at him just once (her way of cursing) . you have to swear to be my mom for real. Y gets a call and it’s from W. he tells her how grandma is sleeping again-she must be sleepy cuz she keeps sleeping. I will watch over mom well so you dont have to worry and have fun with DJ -dad doesnt need to see and knows everything. grandma says “crazy” and Y tells W to hang up. she is talking to the flower. all the flowers arent so why did you bloom all by yourself. Y: mom you cursed – my mom cursed. it is her – it is her- it’s my mom. mom thank you for cursing. she says he is thankful about nothing special. he asks her to do it again  -to curse but she turns and says another bad word. Y is happy and thanks her. she tells him not to worry about her and finish his work. he says he will finish soon and will come back. he gives her candy to eat while she waits cuz she will be bored. I will be right back. she says she is thankful to him. they wave at each other.

Y is piggybacking her home. he says he has a secret -but since you are my mom I will just tell you. D said W is the only girl (for him) to me MS is a girl. mom – this is just what I think but D and W might marry – I married my MS too. mom this is a secret you cant tell anyone. he asks if she is sleeping. he says she must be tired cuz she cursed after a long time not doing it. he tells her to sleep and he will sing for her (*but I dont think she is sleeping) her hands drop down. he offers to sing it again but tells her to wait and ties her wrists so she wont fall off like she used to do for him when he was young when she piggybacked him. he says one more time and sings again.

fades to white

Y drew a picture of grandma and is tying it to a tree. he is wearing a black suit. he looks at it and says mom. everyone is there.

M buries her ashes in the ground by the tree. D and SC help him. everyone is crying but S is the loudest – (omg I cant see the keys) …..

Y goes over and touches the mound and says -mom even though ppl say I am a fool -I’m ok cuz your son young gu is the best. you said “my son Young gu is the best” -mom i wish i could hear that just one more time -also mom you are the best- since from a long time ago – I liked you mom the most more than my mother – my mother threw me away but you raised me so thank you mom.

he bows and says thank you and doesnt get back up and i’m sorry i wasnt going to cry but but tears keep coming out mom I’m sorry. W goes over and holds Y up. D cries. M cries.

W and D are sitting. D: bong woori – to be honest I lied – what I said when I left for saipan to go get my mom – that I was going on my first mission as indiana jones  -that was a lie-  when I was 13 -after chasing after a frog –  I saw a pretty 9 yr old girl – she wasnt stepping on the pedals and pretending to play the organ -also that pretty little girl said she lost something very important to her – so I saved that hackysack and that pretty girl-after I did that- that pretty little girl said thank you and gave me that hackysack which was the most precious to her. D takes it out and holds it up and she takes it. D: I think I started loving her from that day-that pretty little girl I didnt even know the name of –  for 16 yrs every time I saw that hackysack – while thinking of that memory back then – to me – that piano sound I heard then – it was the last time – it was the last time I heard the sound of the world during that time we met – cuz of that memory I was able to endure the hard times.

he closes his eyes and puts his hand over his ears-“koong-koong- koong” cuz I knew how to hear the heart like that girl taught me- Woori ya even tho i cant hear and listen to my voice – i remember your voice – that’s why when you say “CDJ” and call my name – I am the happiest -I only hear your voice – he signs *”will you stay by my side? so I can hear your voice” she nods yes. 

he pretends his ears hurt and pulls out a ring- I must not have been able to hear cuz of this – please marry CDJ.

she nods and he puts it on her finger. W: now can you hear me? he shrugs then she does and they both laugh.

* best proposal in the history of kdrama 🙂 thanks Fanderay for the sign part

D gives SC some chicken and says get some strength. Nb grabs it and says it tastes better cuz his friend gave it to him.

SC: anyway  what are you  going to do? are you going on the trip or not? D: why do I have to go with you? SC: you said let’s be friends – your friend is depressed and you cant even do that much? these days I cant even sleep…his mom comes over and says if SC made up his mind to stop liking W then he should make a clean break and send her.  she tells him dont think of sleep and prepare for the second store so that it it does well then we can open the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth and make a chain. SC:what are we going to do if we make all that money – there is no one to spend it with. NB:why? you have me- I can spend money well. D says the chicken looks tasty and asks them to wrap a variety of them for his staff.

SC grabs D’s hand and says: I said let’s go on a trip together. D puts his hand on top of SC’s and says in a soft voice : ok should we go on a 1 night 2 day trip? SC pulls his hand away : what is that – so gross. NB’s wife says :why? his voice is so nice that is why our W likes him. NB explains she didnt mean “W” but “our” SC yells out “stop talking about W” so D jokes – when are “we” going on a trip by “ourselves” and leave “W” out? SC yells for them to stop. * in Korean “woori” means “us, our, we”

W meets MS. W asks why they are having ice cream and asks to go get some drinks. MS: answer me truthfully to what I ask. when did you start liking D. W says when she was 9 or 10 it’s been too long so I cant remember well. MS pretends to hit W. W: I’m sorry I was going to tell you in advance -things got complicated so please forgive me. the girl who works there comes over with the cake MS got boxed up and receives a free bag to use on trips or vacations. MS gives it to W to keep. W: it’s pretty – I should take it when I go somewhere with CDJ. MS says it wont work and that W has to go drink with her and drags W to go drink alcohol

M is getting dressed. S comes in and asks for a plane ticket. S says she feels stuffy since her mom isnt around. my mom isnt here so what do I do here. even when she was here I didnt do much for her. anyway instead of here I think I will be more comfortable in America. M:why do I have to give you a plane ticket? you didnt do anything for me. I cant either. S: not seeing me would be better for you….M interrupts: dont use me as an excuse. for your sake at least – live properly. that’s what you can do for me. I wont give you anything at all. if you want to go that much – show me that you can live properly even once before you go. she promises to live the right away. M politely says “I’ll be back” and leaves. S: thank you for holding onto me.

M is back to work as a doctor. he sees an old woman -it’s grandma. he asks if her legs hurt and offers to piggyback her. she asks him to take her to the place on the paper. he piggybacks her and she says it’s comfortable. thank you doctor.

T comes out of the elevator and sees M piggybacking a different grandma. who he saw wasnt his grandma. the grandma thanks him and he tells her to sit and wait a little till her prescription is filled.  T smiles watching him

doctor tells T and M that choi needs a second surgery but choi is refusing to have it so the doctor called T and M. she asks if choi’s condition isnt well.  doctor says the first time something burst – something goes up-  and if choi leaves it alone it will get dangerous. your son already came and signed for the surgery.T asks son? and M says D must have come. doctor offers to convince choi again. M looks up and sees choi trying to walk along the wall. doctor says they have to open choi’s head for the surgery so the patient needs to prepare for death. choi sees them and avoids them and falls. M watches choi and choi averts his face. M tells her to go for today. she thinks she should see choi for a second. M  explains that in his condition even if she did meet him, choi wont be able to talk properly.

M takes her away and looks back at choi. choi looks over at them too.

D is waiting in choi’s room. D tries to help choi. choi tells him to go and not come back. D: even if you dont want to see me you have to see me and talk so I can hear. J hyung, my mom and me – we all need time to forgive you. please have the surgery -you have to- not for your sake but for ours-  I am getting married soon- I will come back again.

after D leaves, choi breaks down and cries on his knees. I was wrong dong joo ya – I was wrong dong joo ya – I was wrong.

Y, NB, kim and manager are planting. NB pushes manager away from Y. they push each other claiming to be close with Y.  W asks if her dad needs anything and Y says he is thirsty. manager offers to go get it. kim has allergies so Y offers to show kim where the plant is that kim can boil and drink to alleviate his allergies. they walk off together to go get some.  NB says to W that her dad is doing well after the grandma’s passing cuz NB is often sad even. W: cuz he promised grandma he doesnt cry. NB: what’s the point of crying – it’s not like she is going to come back…he starts to cry so W tells him not to cry cuz it will make her dad cry. Y calls NB to go with them. *NB: ah you punk – what a pain – do you like me that much? Y: hurry and come you punk. NB runs over to Y.  W talks to the flower the way grandma would and says the flower is pretty

* older version of bromance

T, S, W, Y, nam, D, M, SC’s family are gathered for a picnic. SC shows up late with his mom. his mom is overdressed and her hair over -coiffed. NB asks if she is going to a cabaret. SC: that is what I am saying – it’s embarrassing me to death. he walks away from his mom. she says it’s a party so her husband corrects her saying it’s not a party but a picnic

she says that’s the same thing and asks Y (M’s dad) if she looks strange. she twirls for him. Y: no you are pretty – really. she calls him the best.

nam says before we put out the food – wait a minute. nam yells to the sky: Mi Sook shi – I am not stealing him -after living with Y as a friend – I will send him to you. S: what is this. T: it’s so fun. they smile and laugh together. M watches both his moms and smiles. D asks W: what was that? why?  W signs and says nam was proposing to her dad. D: then when do we get married? W:should we just do it here?  D nods yes -let’s do it. nam says to Y: BMS was your wife – nam MS is your friend.  in one home – let’s live together as friends. Y: live together? no we cant. nam: why cant we? mong (NB) is your friend and lives with you. why cant I? NB says that it must be nice for Y and suggest they make a toast.

MS shows up too. she asks what they are doing and leaving her out. D:who left you out? M: we contacted you – come over here. she goes over to SC and says “it’s been a long time-let’s go drink afterwards” SC to her: why would I? MS: you got rejected too – why this happened – let’s have a deep talk. Y says the ghost likes SC. SC yells out ahjusshi to Y. T says the champagne is here so SC offers to open it.

it starts to rain. they all run under grandma’s tree. T says they should have done this at home.

M puts his hands over both his mom’s heads to protect them from the rain – he says the rain is cool (refreshing). SC: I knew this would happen. whose idea was this? MS tells SC :why? this is romantic. NB asks how they are going to eat. his wife says the clothes are new. Y: it’s rain it’s rain – the flowers must like it cuz it’s raining. D has his arm around W.

the camera pans to Y’s sketch of grandma.

each character narrates starting from W, D, then M- in his world there are a lot of things you cant do  alone but if you do it together you can. cuz I had someone watching over me all the time like you so I was able to do it so-  even if they hurt you and make you cry- despite that -we love them.

W’s song comes out


* I am so proud of myself – I only cried like – what? 4 times? even that scene with choi made me bawl – of all the ppl- I never thought he could make me feel sorry for him

there is an emptiness – a void – can’t believe it ended – I don’t know how it can be filled again- I was bursting with so much love for this drama and now I have to let it go and say goodbye – only I don’t want to….first time withdrawl kicked in right when the credits rolled – isn’t that too early? shouldnt it kick in next weekend? waaaaaaaahh what do I do?


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  1. memo says:

    Hi everyone I never post before , can someone please please please tell them we want 2nd season can you hear my heart I mean they can continua story by example DJ wedding having kids , maro & SC founding new girl , DJ can hear ……………………….., please we need 2nd season


  2. kcomments says:

    Aigoo…woke up this morning, I just realize I miss KJW, how long will I see him again? His voice saying his last line, ‘Saranghamnida’ was so beautiful TT_TT
    This recap completes with screen caps, intro, summary, beautiful words from Softy. It’s where you can come back anytime you miss ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’ I so loved the part DJ/WR on the bench, especially when he told her, her ‘Cha Dong Joo’ calling his name made him the happiest and that he only hear her voice. *swoon* (my nitpick would be the ring, it looked a little cheap for DJ’s status *sign*)
    KJW looked so tired in the last episode that I thought he couldn’t emote well cuz of fatigue.

    I saw comments wanting to see JH apologize to DJ, I think the bed scene in Saipan came close to that, when JH sat up on the bed, they exchanged silent acknowledgment of some kind, then DJ brushed it off with ‘pabo’ sign. Also, the way he ran to help DJ in the fire and hurt his eyes, the way he flew all the way to Saipan (after certain time skip-DJ left WR). His actions tell it all, the word sorry from JH might be out of his character built up since he was young. The reconciliation between brothers gotta be at the cliff, when DJ turned and saw JH, what a beautiful smile from KJW and NGM, 16 yrs together no word needed in that moment, they see thru each other heart.

    I noticed also that the writer blended in her time-skip beautifully without given the specific time count. DJ broke up with WR , JH rested in the hospital, DJ left for Saipan, DJ came back to WR, I think there was certain time skip between these scenes, you could only tell by the change in the atmosphere such as WR’s followed her dream at sign school, YG told JH that DJ wasn’t home for days. We didn’t get to know how long time had passed which is a nice way of the writer not to directly play out the time-skip thing in the last episode.

    Also, between DJ and WR, even if they were not together, the writer made it somehow that we knew they contacted each other regularly like how DJ knew and showed up at the sign school. Such a concrete relationship of the otp, hard to find in Kdrama land. I so loved how DJ go after his love without holding back by his disability, he didn’t shy away by his hearing but keep coming to WR with his heart, at the end he even asked her to be with him despite he couldn’t hear. The only thing I miss from the finale would be a peck, a kiss from CDJ, cuz lately we’d seen only from WR’s side. Oh, well, in summary, writer Moon kindly gave me just one proper kiss throughout the 30 episodes, couldn’t you believe that? *grumble grumble* However, it was such a splendid ride, with the drama, with dear Softy, and all the commenters all around. Thanks again Softy and everyone, nice meeting you. ^_^


    • Softy says:

      Omg I had the same thought- I thought it was so perfect till I realized there was no kiss – oh well guess we cant have everything 🙂


    • DD says:

      That’s right.. why wasn’t there a kiss?!?!!! So stingy. 😛 I’ve been stalking this page since the drama started and I automatically open the page again to read replies.. gosh, i really miss CYHMH.


  3. Anonymous says:

    haha I miss this show so much… I was re-watching ep 30 then at the end when the camera pans out to show all of them under the tree at the end of the voiceover I realised DJ and WR stole the box with the orange/red cloth that NB and his wife were holding to cover themselves from the rain!! For some reason I thought that was ridiculously adorable hahaha I’ve been replaying that over and over again. 8) I keep on thinking of this show at random intervals of the day and then I smile like a pabo to myself hahaha, withdrawal symptoms sigh…


    • Softy says:

      I totally didn’t notice that- going to rewatch it – I just thought how cute it was that M tried to cover both his moms with just his hands – I would have used his jacket. I was moving videos over to my backup hard drive and realized there was indeed a shower scene in this drama after all – it was when M was in the shower thinking about Y and how Y described how M’s face looks like when he sleeps – I thought that was moving cuz most shower scenes the guy always thinks about the conflict he feels about a girl but M was plagued by his guilt in deserting his family. Just goes to show you how special this drama really was.


  4. puddlemini says:

    Experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms 😦

    This drama was THE drama of this season for me, and it was utterly perfect. What am I going to do with my weekends now?!


    • Softy says:

      You have the cutest most interesting name – I think this must be your first comment here. There is a new drama starting soon so you could check that one out- I will too- Have you heard about scent of a woman? I can tell you from firsthand experience – to get over one drama ending – you have to focus on another. Bad side is the next one will not compare to this one.


      • Alexus says:

        I totally agree with Softy here. This method works with me everytime. Now I even start a drama in midst of another ending so the withdrawl will not be too severe on a different night of the week. LOL. However Softy is absolutely right. You do end up comparing initially when a drama of this caliber is made. It will be tough but it is a good thing since the standards and the audience expectations will be that much more which in the long run is a good thing for K-drama as a whole.


        • Softy says:

          Speaking as a Korean- American, I can honestly say that the majority of the dramas I love and have on DVD are 98% American dramas. the only Korean ones I own are SKKS, YAB, and a few gong yoo movies – the other boxed sets I bought were for my sister (and I would never buy those myself cuz I don’t love or like those dramas very much) In previous years while growing up, I never watched Korean dramas at all. That is one of the main reasons why I can’t keep any Korean names straight and why i dont know how to read and write it. Korean culture was just not part of my life as I grew up. but everything changed when coffee prince came along. Was 100% proud of what Korean television did -breaking ground and making a drama that deserves acclaim. Then it happened again with SKKS, SG, BL and now CYHMH. The thing about great Korean dramas – they rarely come about, but when they do- it’s more special cuz now the list is growing. Sitting at the top of that list is this drama and I can’t wait to see what will end up knocking it down – I have a feeling it will take some time and maybe a few years. 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    im crying non stop…..

    thanks softy….


  6. Sweet says:

    Love it. I was so beautiful. I cried a lot. The funeral and Young Gu words were really touching. I even felt bad with Choi but he have what he build. To me grandma had the most sad story when I was watching the funeral the only thing I can think about was she never had all her family reunited eating like her son dream because even when she was present when that happen she didn’t know who they were. I love CDJ proposal… I love so many things it was beautiful done and I’m sad because is the end …


  7. Dear all, where can i find beautiful drama like this….consist love with ur self, family and most important thing sincerely love with your love one……this drama taught me lot to appreciate you life with the one who love you lots…beautiful and sweet drama…….beautiful song, ost, actor and most important beautiful botanical garden… to the writer, crew production and actor/actress


  8. Jewels says:

    This is a short note to say thank you SOFTY for you dedication to recapping this drama. I remember back when you first decided to recap it, you was only going to do a couple of episodes, but you fell in love instantly, and could not hold yourself back from recapping every episode.

    Thank you, it was your decision that allowed me to watch this drama. This drama is at the very top of the kdrama that I have watched over the past year and one-half. I absolutely loved everything about it, the cinematography, story, direction, actors…. what more can I say. The mirror image of young master Y on his mothers back with his arm tied with a ribbon, and years later Y carrying his mother with her arms wrapped in a ribbon brought me to tears and had me bawling. I felt like I attended the funeral, which was not rushed at all, and I was glad to see everyone who needed to be there. I was surprised that Y knew he was adopted, because throughout the entire 30 episodes we were not given that, and he loved and cherished her more than the daughter she gave birth too.

    It was a wonderful story and ending. I did not miss the kiss at all, the relationship was much more powerful, and I did not think twice about the ring – since I felt the style really fit WR – who was a very simple girl, no interested in name brand stuff, etc.

    I am going to miss this drama, but I have no qualms about rewatching it over and over again…. it is just THAT GOOD. Bravo to the writer, director,and for the best live recapper I know SOFTY.

    Thank you!!!!


    • Softy says:

      Awww so sweet of you to say but I think you deserve more credit for making the right decision to follow this drama. I really do believe CYHMH deserves to be up there with all the other great dramas – coffee prince for being so unique and quirky, skks for making sageuk seem so modern and fun, secret garden for being so magical. The more i think about it – D and W were the heart of the story and the family was the soul. Just hearing the ost makes me want to watch it all over again. Man I miss this drama so much.


  9. Jomo says:

    Once again, Softy, Ladies of RS, I bow to you in thanks for sharing your talents with us so we can enjoy these wonderful stories RIGHT AWAY! every week. We are an impatient bunch, aren’t we?
    But more than just sharing the words, you share your love and joy each episode, too.
    It is contagious, and I look forward to everything I read for every episode here.

    I also luuuurrrrrrve the community of viewers and commenters that make these shows a wonderful experience.

    I delayed watching the last two for a week. I really really really really do not want to watch the final episodes of any drama…I feel berift, as if I have to say good-bye to dear friends.
    This was a beautiful and perfect end. What I most looked forward to was the healing between Ma Roo and Oma T. I was gratified they handled it well.
    I was actually surprised Gramma didn’t get to live to see the wedding, but I understand that her time was up. Yes, I cried the most during the funeral. How Jung Bo Suk can play the evil Jo Pil Yeon, and then this loving Bong Young Kyu completely astounds me every episode.

    I will always be in love with the brothers. Their’s was the best love story, even though WR and DJ had the BEST KISSES EVER!

    But,I guess one drama has to end to make room for the next.
    Right now I am not sure what current drama will replace all my weekends of tears and ear to ear grins watching this talented crew of actors and writers. (I am watching a completed one, Life is Beautiful – all 63 episodes – and it is filling the empty space rather well.)

    Do you think you want to do Princess Man? There looks to be a lot of tears.
    YFFM isn’t rocking my socks. Feel free to drop it! 🙂

    See you at the CH recap!


  10. ztamilz says:

    I really liked Ma Roo. The actor Nam goong Min did such a fine job acting all the emotions and idiosyncrasies of the actor. What i wished for the end is that there was more of a dialouge, reunion between his adopted father and T. I think if the writer fleshed it out more, this episode would have easily been the best I have ever seen. But what do you guys think? Lets have a detailed discussion about MaRoo and Dad and T and MaRoo and their feelings and how the writers portrayed them in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Alvina says:

    I cant believe that it’s been a month since I’ve had to let this drama go. After that rushed drama season, seems like things are slow now. Waiting for my new CYHMH to capture me lol.
    A belated thank you.


  12. Vahdaneh says:

    Thanks for the Recaps ; i looked for this drama recaps in so many websites but i couldn’t find it and just then i found your’s .
    Thanks i really enjoyed it

    :)8 Qomao


  13. I wanted to thank again with my FB account , 😉 Thanks again


  14. antoniazc says:

    “There are some dramas that just speak directly to its viewers and reach a core audience to enthrall, amaze, and elevate the stakes for any future dramas -you will be hard pressed to find another that even comes close to meeting even an ounce of CYHMH’s caliber. They didn’t just set the bar too high for greatness, they made it impossible for another drama to have a fighting chance to even knock it down.”
    i couldn’t say it better
    i finished this drama last week (after marathoned it in 9 days) and i just can’t let it go… so i was avoiding reading this transcap cause it seems like it’s really the end… these days are all about CYHMH i ‘m rewatching all CDJ’s scenes, i’m screencaping, i’m watching all CYHMH’s mvs on youtube… this drama is just perfection
    best leading man, best couple, best bromance, best cast, best father, best grandma, best ending, best proposal, best friends, best photography, best kids, best acting, best kiss…best drama
    btw CDJ wins for the best smile and best dressed man (i usually don’t like korean men’s outfits… but his shirts and jeans and shoes are so pretty and he is so goodlooking <333) CDJ makes me a hardcore KJW's fan. i only watched Great Inheritance before so i have to look for all his older dramas and wait patiently for the next 🙂
    this drama is so beatiful and heartwarming it really hurts… i cried every episode and still i smiled every episode… i cry nonstop while watching the last episode and while reading this recap… and writing this reply…
    this drama makes me question about what family and love and loyalty and patience are… it makes me want to be a better person. every character is a gem even the bad ones… but CDJ is the best he never dissapointed me he never decieved he makes me so proud of him… he is so good and understanding he always forgive he always gives another chance he always hope for the best and expect the best from others… even when the people he loves don't trust him he puts a smile on his face (and what a smile) and does his best. he's so beautiful and sad… he just breaks my heart everytime
    i can't sing enough praises of him and this drama
    his love for WR is amazing… the way he looks at her… the way her eyes shines when he looks at him, the way they touch and lean and depend and trust in each other… they never quarreled, there was never a misunderstanding… they don't need to speak cause they understand each other…
    his relathionship with YG is amazing… so cute and lovely… btw Y character is amazing… best acting ever. all his scenes are great
    his relathionship with MR… really a bromance that beats all bromances… they love each other they support each other… i'm so happy MR redeems at the end cause i want him to be happy… cause YG and DJ deserved to be happy with him…
    i'm afraid this post is too long so i'm gonna stop
    you don't know how much i thanks to you for this transcaps… they make CYHMH a little more closer to my heart…. so bad there's no much info about this drama on the web… so your efforts are more valued: THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU <333333
    it's time to say goodbye but i just can't…


    • Softy says:

      when I saw your comment for this tonight I was so surprised cuz this drama ended so long ago. I am so glad you enjoyed it as much as the rest of us. I know how you feel about letting it go cuz I went through that too. I even held onto the widget and left it up just so I didn’t have to say goodbye to it. 🙂 All I can say is it gets better – the withdrawal I mean. if you havent started OB yet, maybe you should cuz it might help. OB is another gem of a drama and so far it’s about to surpass CYHMH or at least tie in being the best drama of this year for me. 🙂


      • redpinkboxes says:

        Over the past weekend, i suddenly felt like seeing my otps smile, so i went to rewatch a few scenes of CYHMH…………………. i still can’t let go of this awesome piece. Every single part of this drama is lovely.


  15. antoniazc says:

    i didn’t watch CYHMH while it was airing cause it was too long (i use to avoid even 20epis dramas) and i didn’t like how young KJW looked in the posters (i thought he was a teen) right now i’m ashamed of that, and i’m thankful i discovered KJW so i could see CYHMH… the same goes for OB, it’s too long and i don’t like the leads…The thing is i’m not ready to let go CYHMH yet and i don’t want it to be supassed by other drama… can CDJ be surpassed???? i think maybe i will try OB later cause i read so many goods comments about it
    lol i know i’m crazy. Thanks for replying!!!! 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I used to avoid long dramas too so I only saw 3 so far. This one, smile you, and OB now.all 3 family dramas are the best so later on when you are ready to move on and find the time, you should check out smile you and OB. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like anyone in OB when I started but these characters grow on you. It might be too soon for you to enjoy OB cuz CYHMH is too fresh on your mind. for now you should just savor what CYHMH meant to you and keep relishing the joy of having watched one of the best dramas around. 🙂


  16. PJupiter says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Softy for your recommendation! I finally finished it just now and you were right; I love this drama! It even tops OB and SY, which is a great feat in my eyes. It was such a riveting and touching drama! I enjoyed every minute of it despite its daunting number of episodes!


    • Softy says:

      First Fanderay then Nikesma and now you – why does everyone keep saying CYHMH is better than OB? 🙂 I feel like I am the only one who still likes OB more than this. For me Smile you is third on my top family drama list. I think it’s cuz OB has more eps or something, but I feel like I know the characters so well. Don’t get me wrong, I will always adore CYHMH but my love for OB is off the charts right now. 🙂


      • PJupiter says:

        Oops! Sorry for the late reply, Softy! I could have sworn I clicked the “notify me of follow-up comments” button…. I just saw this reply after I noticed your comment in the “Feedbacks for Comments” section after reading the latest transcap of OB. I feel so special for getting a personal response there 😉 I don’t know why CYHMH suddenly jumped up to number 1; I just think that there’s something so touching about their story and how they stayed together and fought during the tough times. I am also thrilled that both Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Jae Won received recognition for their amazing portrayals! Did you know that Jung Bo Suk (Woori and Maroo’s dad) also won an award at the recent MBC awards? 😀 Again, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll be looking forward to more from you (I am actually slowly catching up to Moon that Embraces the Sun, thanks to your rec ;D)


  17. Mia says:

    i wish there were more dramas like this, hmmm, but then again, i might really neglect my won drama, sigh~ yes you can’t have everything, but you can at least love what you have ❤
    thank you for the sharing ^^


  18. floreceann says:

    Count me in in this drama. This is one of my favorite.

    This made me realize that there is nothing wrong with people who have disabilities. In fact they are pure and kindhearted, like BW’S father and DJ. I like DJ expression, he shows it on his eyes.

    Through this drama I became interested in learning sign language.

    I really like BW’s father.


  19. jazz says:

    Seeing this review again, it makes me appreciate all the time I did used for this series. Thirty episodes is quiet a lot, but it totally worth it! I very much so recommend this! People should not shy away from it just because of the number of episodes; you will enjoy every moment of it just as I have. It one of my top drama and I wish I can go back and watch it again.


  20. Nomuna says:

    Wow, nice review. Actually, I was planning to watch this drama but it has 30 episodes (I can’t believe I once finished 63 episode long drama – Life is beautiful. It was so good) PLUS I already watched many Dong Joo x Joon Ha fanmade videos. Kkk. *blush*
    And I don’t really like Hwang Jeon Eum’s character here with that hair and all. I liked her in Giant and High Kick, I wonder why I don’t wanna watch this one becuz of her.


  21. salmawati says:

    CYHMH drama is one of my favorite korean drama….the story is good and all the actors played very well….it must be a great opportunity if i can meet the actors in person in my country Indonesia ha ha ha….


  22. D. Aya says:

    This is rather late but I have just finished watching this show and I appreciate the time and effort that you took to recap this show. I would just like to know if anyone noticed that the scene in the preview of episode 26 with drunk D singing is missing. Was it just me or did they not put that scene?


    • Softy says:

      It’s been so long since I saw this drama so I am not sure which scene you mean. are you talking about the one where he is drunk in his kitchen and his mom finds him cuz I think that one came out. If not – from what I can tell -from time to time, previews are made and shown, but when the actual episode airs, they tend to have some scenes that were edited out last minute that were already in the preview. chalk it up to human error or rushed editing, but it’s known to happen.

      I am so glad there are still people who get to enjoy this drama no matter how long ago it aired. thanks for dropping a line cuz I love hearing from fans of this show.


  23. ziren87 says:

    Hi softy…i just made a marathon watching this series…it maybe long…but its a good one…:-)


  24. jocylin 조슬린 says:

    I just wanted to say that i have never seen a drama or any piece of work that affected me the way this one did. I marathoned it out in an unspeakable 4 days. .. (Yes sleep was lost) but this drama was so worth it i could not press pause lol. As a person who knows American sign language and deaf people this drama just touched me even more! I’m very proud to say i learned some Korean sign language which for anyone who’s tried knows the ksl resources online are very limited. So I will definitely return to learn some more from mainly this episode lol but this drama just pushed passed every expectation i know. First off the relationship between dj and w … just gahhh I absolutely loved how once they got together they truly stayed 까치 (not sure if that’s right lol) unlike many Korean dramas where the entire drama seemed to be dedicated to getting the two characters together and overshadowing the entire drama this show really put the relationship in as an underlying effect that tied everything together yet while still maintaining a storyline that questions family and enlightens you to a whole other level. I don’t usually cry watching dramas and i Probably would say that 3 out of the 20+dramas I’ve viewed have made me cry. And its not that I’m heartless or anything but I’m just not a big crier. But this drama? Now this drama had me bawling my eyes out. . Especially episode 28/29 and episode 4. I’ve NEVER cried so hard watching something in my life. This drama made me rethink so many things especially in regards to family and the obstacles we face. Although the drama was a little unrealistic with cha dong joo’s ability to talk and lip read i don’t feel that it took anything away (honestly i like it a lot better than the American show switched at birth about someone who’s deaf plus the lip reading in CYHMH is better than it) erghs the withdrawals are kicking in hard!

    Anyway i loved using your website after watching each episode and understandingly this comment is about 2 years too late i just thought I’d leave one anyways! So thank you for doing this because it was so useful and i love your comments!

    Well off to find a new drama to watch that will be nowhere as amazing as this one! I actually was super hesitant on watching it as long dramas usually failed me after a few episodes and the Sumary on viki had me very sceptical but thank God i watched it anyways! I recommended it to my asl teacher (who’sgonna watch it) and my friend who sounds super excited about it! Anyways! 감사합니다!!


    • Softy says:

      Wow 4 days has got to be some kind of record. Congrats 🙂

      I remember as I translated, I kept one eye on DJ to see if he was looking at people’s lips since his character was supposed to lip read all the time, and KJW – the actor playing DJ did a pretty good job keeping that up.
      It’s funny you mentioned switched at birth cuz I used to love that show – the first season at least until it became to makjang for its own good. The story became a detriment once daphney’s mom starting drinking again and all the other soap opera plots came into play. I used to love Emmet- the kid who played the drums despite being deaf and how the show hired so many real life deaf kids. In the most recent season, the show deserved some praise for having an entire episode without any talking hardly to portray what it’s really like being deaf. On a shallow side note – the translator for daphney’s real mom (for her to direct the play) was so good looking I forgot to pay attention to the story. 🙂

      Most of my readers went on to watch OB after this. Once you’ve tackled 30 eps, 58 doesn’t seem as daunting – especially since those 58 eps will fly by. A lot of us ended up loving OB more than this if you can believe it and that’s saying a lot cuz we absolutely adored CYHMH.


  25. STM says:

    Loved:) the ending but sad about grandma’s death 😦


  26. Anonymous says:



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