You’ve fallen for me E4

Do you know what I love the most about YFFM? S’s one liners. Each time he talks to someone, he always says one line that is meaningful, genuine, or sincere which always ends up surprising the person he is talking to- and me. I bet if you add them all up, pretty soon it’s going to end up being the best declaration of love ever.
From day one, I was always drawn to this drama’s quiet moments – where there is no talking – just reactions from the characters to each other- like the coffee exchange scenes. Dramas these days rarely do that and it’s an art. If done right- it evokes more than words can express. It’s almost like a visible and tangible expression of growing love and I just can’t get enough of these scenes.
I know tonight is all about CH and YFFM, but I can’t help but feel anxious about the trailer for CYHMH that’s posted above in KDH2- was expecting more of a definitive answer for who went in to save D, but… I won’t say just in case ppl don’t want spoilers… so now I am more nervous than I was Sunday night…it’s going to be an unbearable Friday.

You’ve fallen for me E4

S watches K. K’s group says they thought they would all be on the intstrument team and K says dont ask her. she gets a call. B asks who it is and sees and says hurry and pick up cuz it’s S. K doesnt want to cuz he will only make her run another strange errand. other girl threatens to pick up so B does. B says she will pass on that info . K asks what he wanted and B says he wants a cappuccino regular size. K: what? i’m going crazy – see if I buy that. let’s hurry and go. B asks if K isnt going to buy it and K says she can just lie and say she is in class. S calls again so K whispers and lies she is in the middle of class so will you call later? S: you walk around during class. K starts to say “what are you…” then she looks around and spots him watching her. her friends wave to him. S into the phone: come back within 10 mins and dont let the foam go down.

K goes to buy the coffee and Y comes in and orders the same coffee. K says hello to her and remembers how S stared at Y.

Y and K walk together. Y asks about K’s major -gukak and the instrument K plays. Y says K doesnt have it today cuz she saw K always carrying it around. K says she only carries it when there is a performance and there is another one in the practice room. Y: did you used to know SH – director/did you used to know each other from before? K says a little cuz there was a situation. Y: I see.  

K takes his coffee but he isnt there. she stands where he was and guesses this is how he looked down.  S shows up next to her. S:what are you looking at? K: you made me go on an errand so where did you go? S: did you buy the coffee? she hands it to him and holds out her hand for the money- $2.80. he takes out his wallet and gives her $3 and waits for his change. arent you going to give me the change? K: wahhh so cheap over 20 cents. she doesnt have it so she says sorry I will give it to you later. he says he is going to charge interest. she calls him cheap again.and from now on dont make me run errands like this- it would be better to settle this with money. I will give you money so let’s act like we didnt make a bet. S:how much are you going to give me? K: how much? $5? S: if it’s a $100 I will think about it. K: how could you charge $100- wait a minute S. S turns back around and asks: can you sing well? K:what? S: never mind – if you pay back the change tm it’s 50 cents. K:what? that’s ridiculous – ya – you swindler-stop right there

T and SH meet. T takes SH to see the office SH will be using. SH says it’s ok and it’s quiet. T asks what SH is planning cuz the gukak kid (K)  has never acted before. SH says since she doesnt have acting experience it will be more fun and her expression is good.  T says that is only what SH expects but he needs to think realistically – she already auditioned but the musical is different and doesnt want to ruin the 100 anniversary show cuz of SH’s stubbornness. SH says T forgot but T ruined the show and not SH. even tho you are worried – leave it up to me – the way you are acting now is making it a little hard for me. T: just cuz you are the director dont think of doing it just your way. the person responsible is me. let’s think over what to do with KY and the gukak kid (K) more. SH tells him K’s name.

some of the mean girls talk about K and how she sang when S didnt show. other girl says these days lots of ppl can sing at lease that much in singing rooms.she says aloud for HJ to hear – it doesnt mean she (K) will get the lead role right? she asks for HJ’s opinion. HJ says it could happen as long as (K) can. other girl teases HJ must be mad and the other girl says of course cuz her (HJ’s) lead role is unstable. she worries that they might lose their spots too. K shows up and says hi to HJ. HJ: did you just try to talk to me? how funny. HJ walks away from K. the mean girl asks K what K’s relationship is with the director. K: no relationsip at all. girl: there is no relationship but he just treats you special? I’m telling you in advance but if you trust his support and act up -you’ll die. they all threaten to kill K.

SH and bud and flirty teacher show up. SH talks about the concept.  something in front of love and dream -a love story about 3 ppl. before we go into rehearsals -something will be changed for the time being – any questions. K asks : the female lead is going to be rejected. SH: in place of that she goes after her dream. is love something impressive? HJ: that’s good cuz crying over love doesnt suit me. SH: did anyone say you are the lead? HJ: if it’s not me then who is it? SH: I am going to watch rehearsals and slowly decide. (he uses an old korean saying- dont drink the soup first) mean girl asks if KY isnt going to join the rehearsal. SH: for personal reasons he wont be able to join for the time being. but he will come soon. HJ asks if SH knows that KY has stage fright. SH asks if stage fright is some incurable disease. he will show up so dont worry and just rehearse well. SH asks the flirty teacher to take over. since everyone said hi already last time she says they will start off by lightly flexing their voices/throats (light singing)-they sing what sounds like “meow” over and over. some kids suck so the teacher separates them. K is one of the poor “meow” and teacher says “now I think I know” SH looks worried

 B asks K how it was – was it fun? K says it feels like she jumped in somewhere by herself. HJ says K is suffering for jumping in without fear just cuz she sang well in singing rooms. K:what? HJ: in case you are mistaken I will say this – I dont think of you as a friend or rival. so dont talk to me just cuz you feel like it. and I told you last time – dont loiter around S. even without you i have enough headaches. K mutters:what is she saying. HJ: Lee shin likes someone you cant even compete with. so you stay out of it. K calls out her name: in case you are mistaken I will say something- I dont think of you as a friend-an Lee shin? I dont want him even if you give him to me so dont say whatever you want to me. K says to B: let’s go B. HJ is mad and B says K was cool. B says let’s go to madame goo’s and K says she isnt in the mood to hear that guy sing but B says JH is singing today so they have to go.

S is playing guitar and JH is singing that new song of his. he really has a good voice.

when K and B comes out K realizes she left behind the sheet music. B asks if K needs to go back and K says she does cuz she has to practice at night. B sees JH. she says she enjoyed his song. JH: it’s great huh? B says it’s the best. S gets a call. JH asks if B is going home and offers to take her. S picks up his phone and seems happy. he says he just finished his part time job. why? you are not hurt right? I will go right now – dont move and wait. S rides off on his bike and B says she is leaving first and rides off with JH. JH says bye to K. K calls out see you tm. K realizes she needs her sheet music.

S rides like crazy and gets the guard to unlock the door and tells him to hurry. Y says sorry and she didnt have anyone else to contact. (Y was locked in) S: you arent hurt anywhere? she shakes her head no. guard says she should have left the lights on when she is in here cuz he didnt know she was in here. she says sorry to the guard and will be more careful from next time. S: let’s go professor. they walk out together. K watches S and Y walk out together. Y gets in her car and thanks S. he tells her to call anytime and he will come right away. she tells him to be careful going home.

S goes to see his dad. the dad says it’s late and asks if anything happened. S  says no – they said he couldnt visit (visiting hours are over) so he was just sitting and was going to leave. if he is intruding…but the dad says S isnt and tells him to sit. dad: did something good happen? S smiles

K is on the phone with her dad and says she doesnt know what the director is thinking. dad: you liked doing the audition – you said it was fun. K: at that time I thought I only had to play gayageum- have to sing and dance – you know I cant do that. dad:  I do know. K: what should I do? dad: what should you do…he sees S’s mom pulling up. he says sorry and let’s talk later. she says she will call again. he watches S’s mom go in and sighs. she comes back out and sees him. she calls out his name. she asks how he came here – what about the school. he says he had something to do around here cuz of school. she say he should have called. he says he was going to but it was too late. she says have a drink with me before you go.

she asks when he is going to move up to seoul – is he going to keep living alone. he says it’s been a long time since she has been alone and asks if she doesnt think about getting remarried. she says just thinking about marriage is gross. she asks if he hasnt gone to the hospital to see S’s dad. he says no. he changes the subject and asks if she told S yet (about his dad). she says she hasnt cuz she doesnt know how and what to say. cuz of the alcoholism adn stuff. he asks if she is sure S doesnt know. mom: S wont know – that person wouldnt have told. K’s dad says S could have picked up on it. she still thinks that’s not possible.

S’s dad: so you like your professor. S nods. dad: a long time ago – I liked some girl too- she was my friend’s girlfriend. to forget her I married some other girl. but I kept thinking about her. so I stole her. S: so did you live with that person? dad: no. S: why? I dont know – that’s how I lived. S: so you were a bad guy. dad: I lived like a bad guy. you dont do that. be good to her. S: I am going to – I will be good to her.

* wait so does this mean S’s mom was K’s dad’s old girlfriend? omg that explains how he is still carrying a torch for her and why he didnt see S’s dad yet

K’s dad drives off as S rides home. his mom says -you’re coming now? you’re late. he asks who that was.  she says a friend and asks if S ate. let’s go in. S turns and looks back

K buys a cappuccino and takes it to S. he gives her money and asks for 20 cents change. she doesnt have it again and says she will give it to him later. after K leaves S sort of smiles. S watches Y walk on campus

JH: really? band members ask if S is going to do the musical. S says yes. it might be fun. JH: that’s good- I want to do that so much. guy asks if S means it – it doesnt matter with them but S hates stuff like that. other one thinks S has changed. S: that’s not it – I just think it might be fun. JH: is it cuz of K unni? S:what? other guys tease so S says that’s not it. it will never be that. guy says he heard a rumor that the director was part of a really famous couple a long time ago. JH: director hyung was in love too? other guy asks who the girl was but the kid says he doesnt know that far but wouldnt it be someone in the same department/major. one guesses theater major.

K goes to practice and mean girl says K is standing in her place and makes K move somewhere else. K asks where and stands over a bit and the girl says that is her spot too. she tells K to go over by the door.  K: is this all your spot? girl: that’s right – if you dont like it then quit. K:why should I? girl: if you came in cuz you were backed by the director and you arent that talented then you should quit. dont you think? cuz of a rock like you that rolled in…(and something about how it makes it hard for her) K:isnt it cuz you lack talent? girl: did you see with your own eyes if I have talent or not? she pushes K. K:what are you doing? did you just push me? girl: I did push you K: i am saying this clearly but you started insulting first. girl asks what K is going to do about it. K pushes the girl off her feet. the girl says K isnt showing respect to her sunbae (older person) K and the girl start fighting so HJ tells them to be quiet. K falls on HJ. HJ tells K to move off of her and K says sorry to HJ. mean girl makes the other two start fighting HJ and K.

Y comes in and asks: what is this – who is it? Y walks over to them and SH comes in and yells :what are you doing?

Y walks out and runs into T -he asks if there isnt pratice.she says something happened so it got canceled.  he asks about working on the show. she says she doesnt know yet but it seems like it will be fun. T: that’s good. do you have time on thurs-want to have dinner together?do you have an appt? Y: that’s not it. T: then let’s go together. I found a great place recently and it’s good. Y: i’m sorry I just…T doesnt let her say no and says let’s eat together and says she agreed to go (when she didnt). she finally nods yes. T: that’s good

SH is lecturing the girls while they have their arms in the air as punishment. you arent even elementary kids -(with sarcasm) you are doing well. K: you arent an elementary student director so cant we put our arms down? SH: you did stuff like an immature kid so you have to be treated like one.  HJ: this is all your fault director. SH:what? HJ: all of us auditioned for the acting part so isnt it obvious some outsider cant do this. SH asks just cuz they dont like it can they behave that way and exclude K. HJ and K speak out and say they are victims. he makes them count to a 100 for punishment – whoever doesnt is out. SH says he is going to keep watch. HJ blames K: this is all your fault. K: why is it my fault when those unnis started it. HJ says there are ppl who want to do this but cant cuz of someone like K. they put their life on the line to do this. so you go chase your own dream. hurry and count.

HJ comes out and finds bruises on her arm and says those girls have a lot of strength. S walks in. HJ asks if he ate and asks if they should go eat. he says he already ate so she keeps holding onto him asking if they should go for drinks. he starts to walk off so she asks if he knows who professor jung (Y) dated a long time ago. she and director kim were madly in love but to get her dream she threw him aside and went to NY. S:what? HJ: it’s true- the story about our musical is about professor jung Y).  it’s makes a whole lot  better sense than a girl who holds onto a guy’s neck -but she isnt a woman who is weak like you are thinking.  S: HJ -why you are always alone without friends – I think I know clearly now. S walks away. HJ:what? you dumb guy. love as much as you want unrequited and die.  

SH catches up to K on her way out. he says sarcastically- dont you look good. she says she didnt start it. SH: what is this/how can a girl look like this- he tells her to come here and he proceeds to finger comb her hair back into place, but does it funny. K: you are playing around right now arent you? SH: i’m not – try trusting me. he makes her hair look like a messy bird’s nest. she tells him to stop. Y watches them. he jokes it looks good on her and she should walk around like that from now on. he says he was joking and will do it properly. while Y watches SH and K, S comes along and watches Y. then S looks over to SH and K is walking away. SH tells her to stop getting mad cuz he was just joking.

SH is on the phone with bud. SH asks how much he was hurt and to watch over him cuz SH is leaving now. S is headed towards SH’s office. SH asks if S came to see him. S says he wants to do the musical. SH: ok that’s good- let’s talk about it later again. S: I will ask one thing. SH:what? cant we talk about it later? is it fun to make the woman you love into a joke? I think I know why professor jung (Y) left. S starts to leave so SH starts to ask – do you by any chance…but S finishes his question and says : I like her. professor jung yoo soo. S walks off. SH sort of laughs and says Y is still  popular as always

SH goes to the hospital and KY is lying there with his leg wrapped in bandage and elevated. SH asks what happened. bud says he was kidding around and  went too far. SH asks if they fought. bud says something. SH: it’s not broken? bud says thankfully it’s not -just slightly sprained. SH asks how long KY has to be like this. bud says if it’s deep it will take a month and KY can get out of the hospital in a few days. SH; then he will make it in time for the musical. but says sorry. KY doesnt speak at all

K goes and watches HJ dance. she remembers how HJ said there are kids who put their lives on the line to do this.

next day she goes to take S’s coffee but he isnt there. (yay-she is wearing a shorter skirt) she leaves his coffee where he normally stands to look out. he rides by and sees the coffee cup and goes up. she wrote on it – his name and major – and that she spit in it. she even added spitting sounds. he takes it, smiles, and drinks. (love the music here)

K goes to see SH and asks if he has a few mins. he asks if she wrote an apology note but she says no. she thinks it’s best to quit. he asks if it’s cuz she is being ostracized. K: that’s not it – I did it cuz I thought I would be playing the gukak instrument but it’s different from what I thought and there arent that many days left till gukak competition SH: if I say just play the instrument then will you do it? K: no. SH: why – cuz there is no S so it’s no fun? K: that’s not it – it just feels like I am not being fair to ppl who really want to do it. I’m sorry. she leaves

she looks up and the coffee is gone. then she sees the back of some guy so she strains to see who it is and it’s not S.

S goes in and JH runs over to him saying coffee. S holds it away from JH and says JH cant drink it. JH asks why not. JH: just one sip. S whispers: this – someone spit in it. dont drink it. JH calls S cheap/selfish. S smiles as he keeps drinking.

* that scene totally looked like JH was the puppy who wouldnt obey and S the master who has to teach his pet to behave

K plays the gayageum and wonders in her head: did he drink the coffee? what do I do if someone else drank it? I dont know. grandpa says something is wrong with the sound and tells her to pay attention/focus.

Y is training the acting group in dance and SH remembers what S said to him about turning the woman he loves into a joke. after the practice Y hears the mean girls taking – that K must have really quit- that K is afraid – isnt it great. Y asks SH if K really quit. SH starts listing things that is wrong with how Y teaches saying she lacked impact and other stuff- if you dont want to be fired you have to do better

S is sleeping and there is another basket of candy. SH takes one and sits down. SH: kids said you would be here sleeping. you said you wanted to do the show. S: yes. SH: there is a condition. follow me

SH and S go to K’s gayageum class. K looks over and SH waves at her

after class they meet. K:what’s going on. SH: do the musical. he says all she needs to do is work hard if she feels bad for the other kids who didnt get in. and that he will take responsibility. she says sorry. SH: I wasnt going to use this method. S wants to do the musical. S looks at SH. K looks at S. SH looks at S and says: I know why you want to do the musical, but K has to do it for you to do it too. K to SH: how can you say such ridiculous….SH says to S: she is your slave so you convince her well. I’ll be going. K calls out director but he is gone. S drinks his coffee. K: ya – try to convince me. S: I dont want to. K: didnt you just hear what the director said….S: whether you do it or not I’m going to do it. this might have turned out well. K:what? S: anyway – you cant beat HJ. you know it’s hopeless right? she dances even better. K: i can do it too if I practice. S: (he throws out adjectives ppl call HJ: crazy girl – habit of practicing- etc – that’s who HJ is – practicing a lot. but you….he shakes his head and sighs. K:what is that sigh for? S: I am going to do it – you do what you think. K:why? why are you suddenly wanting to do it? S: cuz there is someone I want to see. K:huh? he leaves. she repeats – someone he wants to see. she remembers him looking at Y and tells herself – no way – it’s ridiculous.

SH brings the show stuff- music sheets and script and tells KY to check it out. KY says it doesnt matter if SH does this. SH: whether it matters or not you have to check to know. I know you better than yourself – you can do this. KY says he is going to *pyunyip and SH tells him to do that – after he finishes the show. KY :why do you do whatever you want – I said I didnt want to. SH: you might be able to easily give up on yourself -but I cant – you are someone I picked. even if I have to force you – I am going to put you on stage.

SH goes and looks at necklaces

K remembers how S said he has someone he wants to see.

K goes over to her grandpa’s room and says she has something to tell him. she starts to ask if she can move the gukak competition to next time but he is snoring so she tells him to sleep

K is about to knock on SH’s door but he sneals up behind her. he asks if she decided. K: if S cant do it cuz of me that’s why…but it’s not just cuz of S- the tuition (scholarship) is a waste. he tells her to go and not to be late. she leaves and he mutters : she didnt listen to me when I told her.

when K goes in the mean girsl start again saying stuff like this is why K wont work out cuz she comes and goes when she feels like it. K says sorry. Y comes in asking if they practiced a lot. they yell yes. K cant follow along so Y tells K to watch HJ and follow her. mean girls hit and kick K. mean girl acts innocent when K said that she made K trip. Y ignores it and makes them start over from the start. SH yells at them to stop. today’s practice is over – everyone go outside and wait. didnt you hear me say get out. kids complain and blame K. Y asks if there is a reason why SH favors K only. Y: even in my eyes it looks like you are favoring that kid. SH: professor jung – just in case so I am asking -are you jealous of K? even if you do – dont be obvious-it doesnt look good.

SH takes HJ, K and the 3 mean girls to a small playhouse and tells them to come in. there are some ppl on stage singing and dancing. SH says : those ppl you see on stage are trainees who have never been on stage even once. mean girls say it’s ridiculous cuz those ppl are good. SH: even if they sweat and do their best -the chance to go on stage is like picking stars from the sky. HJ- do you think you are doing better than those ppl? do you have confidence? with the extent of your talent- you wouldnt make it here. dont show off with  talent you dont have. then he talks to main mean girl- is it hard for you to learn cuz of K? he insults her and she is more humble. then he says to K: how much longer are you going to be pushed around-you are the one who lacks the most talent – you dont want to be unfair to others who couldnt make it – dont be mistaken – the reason why I picked you -it was cuz of your potential (?total guess) -not cuz you had talent and were good. everyone listen well- you guys are still nothing -if you want to overcome that – nurture your skills-if you cause problems during practice again – I am going to end the show. if that is what you want – do as much as you want.

K waits for the bus, but doesnt get on and goes back to the dance studio to rehearse. S is singing at the cafe. HJ looks at the stage they were at earlier. Y comes in and sees K dancing- errrrr – trying to dance. KY is looking at the music sheet SH brought over. Y trains K. S rides by a necklace store. then he goes to the studio. S watches K being trained. K finally does the splits. she calls out if someone is there. Y asks if K is ok. K says she is and thanks Y. Y says it will be harder tm and to massage with cold water before K sleeps. Y says K did well. S rides off smiling

K cant move or walk next day. S rides up on his bike and looks at her. without looking at him she mutters : why dont you just pass by- why are you standing there. K asks what he is doing staring. S:should I give you a ride? K: who asked…what?

K has her arms around S’s waist as they ride up into K’s version of a children’s illustration with popping hearts. omo this is my cover shot – so going to screencap this puppy.

she is still smiling and resting her head on his back. then she opens her eyes and sees all the girls on campus staring at her. S motions for her to get off the bike. she doesnt do it so he says :get off. she jumps off and thanks him. S: do you weigh over 60 kilograms. K:what? S stretches and says: so heavy. she starts to say something back but moves quickly away from the angry looks from other girls

Y starts practice and K is much better. SH and Y exchange looks

SH takes out the box.

after work SH tells Y she did well. she says he did too. he calls out her name. SH: what I said last time was too harsh. she says she didnt know she would get that from him. he asks if she has an appt today. if she has time …he was going to offer to buy her drinks but she says sorry-she has something. he says he knew she would. he tells her to go but she calls out his name. she says she bought some wine and if it’s ok…he says that’s good and will be at her home after an hour.  Y: see you later. he drives off and she calls T. she lies that she isnt feeling well. he offers to buy her medicine. Y: it’s ok- I’m sorry – let’s eat next time. T: it cant be helped – dont worry about it. it’s ok. take care 

SH is driving and sees K trying to walk home but she is all huddled over. he offers to give her a ride but she says it’s ok cuz she can take the bus. SH: you dont look ok – get in. she says she will accept and gets in.

Y is driving home and sees S following her on his bike so she pulls over. Y: how much further are you going to follow me? stop and go. he takes out the box and hands it to her. Y: what is this? S: open it. she does and sees the necklace. he tells her to take it out so he can put it on her.  Y: it’s ok. I’ll do it later….but he takes it out.  

SH tells K to come to him if someone bothers her again cuz behind her is the director. she says if she does that she will get in more trouble. he tells her to fight alone then. K looks out the window and sees S put a necklace on Y and kiss her. K remembers hearing HJ say : S likes someone you cant even compete with so you stay out of it



K asks herself: why am I like this? is it broken? (her heart)

catharsis guy says: to be honest- Y is every male student’s ideal fantasy but she was like an ice princess and the only one who could break thru was SH


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  1. fifi says:

    i haf no idea who the guy was. except that he is yummeh 😀


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    I had no idea who he was either (I’m not at all familiar with any of his dramas and guessed he probably played small roles). Does that diminish our love for him? I think NOT 🙂

    For some reason (drama excitement perhaps?) It’s 5am and I’m awake, so maybe I’ll watch episode 28 of CYHMH (finally, eeee!). I look forward to stealthily watching YFFM today. Thanks for the caps!


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    Hate to tell you this… But I knew he could sing =) I think it was on one of those long winded 144 episode Dramas – “good day for the wind to blow” that he had to sing… Memory is kind of hazy… (it wasnt a very good drama hehe)


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    I don’t know him… but I have finally heard his singing in the recap of YFFM ep3 in DB.. and I can’t tell you how much time I listened to it… he is so good.. and he is not a professional singer?!? Can’t wait for your recap and the eng sub! Thanks so much for the quick recap always!


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      i also replayed the link dozens of times. if i’m not in the office, i could have played it a hundred times more. He has a very good voice. Love him already =)


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    Softy.He was super super cute as the boy who like the main lead in Family Honour.I swear I repeated the scene when he finally decided to like the other girl.He was sweet.In fact I might go back and watch it.

    He used to be a model.He is tall and spunky.Oh yes ‘A good day for the wind to blow.’LONG awful drama.Had Ga In (don’t know the actress real name from Boys over flowers) as the lead.He was in love with this older lady and I know the actress is like almost 50.I was like ‘what?’I was watching it live streaming no subs.

    Anyway softy I just came back from watching Heartstrings ep 3 without subs.Yes I know I can get the subs but I am not watching the show because of the lines,LOL.Besides your recap is good enough and I understand enough Korean.

    So tonight…bring it on ep 4.

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      i stopped watching City HUnter because of the suspense, I will have it end first before i resume. I can’t take the waiting for the next episodes. Unlike Lie to Me, while waiting, i think of scenarios for both the lead that are cute and lovely. It’s my last thoughts before i sleep. But City Hunter, i can’t do that, i might get nightmares, so better not kill myself with the suspense and fear for LMH and Nana =)


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      I am so bummed cuz I thought I discovered him and it turns out everyone knew him way before me- can’t wait till he has scenes with K.
      Lucky you – no need for subs anymore. Meant to ask -do you have subs for WBDS cuz that drama is freaking hard to understand without subs and it would be nice to know what is going on as I watch instead of frowning at the screen the entire time 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        Ep 1 at 92% and ep 2 at 67%.I am looking.I spot one Korean subber.Another fairly strong subber but that’s about it.That is why it’s slow.I don’t think I see softsubs?I am not sure,Ahoxan who is doing almost all the viki softsubs-is finishing Romance Town,Baby faced beauty but has Gisaeng Tales and City Hunter to do.I don’t know if he’ll pick it up.
        He is committed to my other drama Scent of a woman (he’s also doing my CYHMH which is ending) that starts next week. I have another softsub maker who is only doing Heartstrings at the moment-yes you guys know Heartstrings has softsubs right?The gadzillion questions I’ve been reading on viki.However she is in Uni.I am taking a viki break and only managing one drama Scent so trying to stay out of the loop. Remember we have Myung Wol the spy and The Princess’ Man and Protect the Boss.That’s like only 2 people with so many dramas.It’s just physically not time possible as we all work/study and are volunteers.


        • ck1Oz says:

          Whoops didn’t mean to insult the team.There are about 6 subbers I think the rest are mod subbers.In every drama you need 1 or 2 100% subbers who you can count on to complete the lines.


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Softy you have been holding out on me.
    Have you tried this? This is from someone who just came back from Seoul a few weeks ago.

    ‘We rode on the sky lift at the Seoul Grand Park above a beautiful garden . The sky lift was interesting because at each end they have these

    husky young guys whose job it is to seat you quickly, buckle you in and when its time to get off, they literally lift you off and place you to the side because the lift never stops moving!’


    • MJShinshi says:

      what this ck?, husky young guys literally lift you (meaning skinship with K-boys? 😉 ) in Seoul??? omo omo sign me up!!! LOL. I guess softy is too busy transcapping kdramas to remember to share these tidbits from Seoul 🙂

      Thank you softy for both these dramas. take care of yourself it’s almost CYHMH’s ending!! look fwd to the other show’s recap, thanks!


      • ck1Oz says:

        🙂 🙂
        Yeah softy is probably too busy.
        Softy softy another Korean subber lives near where the cousin from Coffee Prince lives.The one up the hill.She said the guys in that neighbourhood are all cute 🙂 very cute.LOL.


        • Softy says:

          Softy sees cute korean guys all day going around Seoul so I feel a little guilty that I live here and all my readers live elsewhere 🙂 if you are ever in Seoul, I will take you to see cute guys I promise.


  7. Honey says:

    Thank you


  8. kcomments says:

    Kyahhhhhh~ RT tonight….crazy lotto buahaha…..I want to sing the song “Fly me to the moon and let me be……” Next week will be the finale, I want to see the wedding…and more MOAR money!
    Princess’s Man Teaser was on tonight (will premiere after Romance Town).
    Hate to tell you, softy, I cheated, I didn’t see the whole CYHMH preview cuz I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep well haha.
    Fighting! And please take care.


  9. jae says:

    thank you softy for CH recaps! you always the fastest! (^^)p


  10. Cherry says:

    lol ur funny softy! and no did not know he could sing!!! he has the package i just want to squeel when he comes on… he has that really happy smiley eye when he smiles!!!!


  11. bella says:

    gah! I can’t wait for YFFM’s recap… Thanks for continuing to be awesome 😉


  12. teresa n says:

    he was in family honor and another drama i saw. he’s never been a lead, i think


  13. teresa n says:

    love the guy in princess’s man. follow all his dramas,he is yummy


  14. K says:

    Re the new character in TFFM/ Heartstrings (official title), I watched him in Good Day for the Wind to Blow. His character was funny but his love line was ehhh… awkward.


  15. K says:

    Re the new character in TFFM/ Heartstrings (official title), I watched him in Good Day for the Wind to Blow. His character was funny but his love line was ehhh… awkward.,


  16. K says:

    ^ Sorry for the double post guys/ girls 😦


  17. ck1Oz says:

    Here softy thanks for the recaps.I am off to read after watching the raw.If I am buzzing and my heart is racing I don’t know how you’ll feel.You always feel more than me.

    Oh god I had multiple heart attacks during ep 14.The worst was actually when YS was with his mum.I kept expecting his dad to have a sniper rifle on him.When he suddenly appeared I jumped.I had 5 min of laughter and the rest of the episode was one hit after another.Let me tell you my real job is pretty stressful but CH makes it seem like a pussycat.I know there was a reason why I can’t watch thrillers.This is worse than Face Off or any of the Bourne Identity movies.Aigoo.

    I started downloading Hearstrings 1/2 way because I need some relief after CH so I hope it’s light and fluffy.

    Oh man if the ratings for CH doesn’t go past 20% I don’t know what will make it go up.I about died thinking nothing was going to save Young Joo whatshisname at the end.


  18. blue says:

    Haha, haven’t seen CH yet, but after reading your last sentence…

    What do you mean?! I want to see Y do CPR on YJ. That would have been epic!


  19. Cherry says:

    😦 no ky today… booooo


    • Cherry says:

      opps nm!! i get what you are doing softy!!! ur recapping isn’t completed yet! lol KY is in the episode i just watched it raw. sorry!
      I think KW’s mom is the lady S’s dad was talking about since S’s dad said he was MARRIED, but still went after his best bud’s girlfriend( best bud being KW’s dad). and the scene with S’s mom and Wk’s dad, he asked her if she ever thought about REMARRYING. That would explain why Wk’s mom is not even mentioned in the drama, and why her dad has yet to visit S’s dad. I would not be too friendly to an ex-friend who has stolen my wife and which led her to abandon our child. or even stay in contact with her. thus S’s mom is not the lady S’s dad is talking about – since WK’s dad is still in contact with S’s mom and they seem to be in good terms if not ackward. Which of course would be ackward since her husband and his wife backstabbed them with each other. i am i making sense???


  20. ck1Oz says:


    That bicycle ride was the funniest thing.Night softy I will read the rest when I wake up.Thank you.


  21. Fanderay says:

    I am in love with YFFM’s characters. They don’t beat around the bush ever, which means that there is no drama just for the sake of drama (which is almost unheard of in kdramaland).

    Even though this show isn’t doing anything revolutionary or game-changing, it never really feels cliche, and I feel like I enjoy it because it’s genuinely good, and not just because it’s addictive. I feel like even the relationship between the two leads is unique. Usually the lead relationship in a drama is full of loud, dramatic, cheesy, or hilarious moments, but I feel like the scenes with S and K are subtle and nuanced in a very natural and appealing way (that is still incredibly cute, and leaves me wanting more). I guess they just feel like REAL people, instead of exaggerated caricatures of people.

    I just saw your new comments about Shin’s remarks Softy, and I completely agree. I constantly feel shocked at how much I’m loving Yong Hwa (even though I don’t love aspects of his character). I literally don’t understand how he became such a natural actor all of a sudden. It really feels like he thinks he IS the character most of the time, and that’s fantastic.

    Speaking of Shin, I’m starting to think that he knows about the connection between K’s family and his. He knew about his father with 100% certainty, and he’s now made two suspicious comments to K about wanting to hear her play again, and wondering if she can sing well. Somehow I don’t think he’s just randomly curious.

    I’m still not sure of what the connection IS, mind you. Is it possible that K was born out of wedlock, and her mom is the girl that S’s dad stole away?

    I realize this comment is becoming a novel, but oh my goodness I can’t believe the music in this show!! It’s fan-freaking-tastic! The song that S sings during the K and Y training montage was great, and adding that to his ballad, drummerboy’s ballad, the tradtional songs, KY’s song, and all the OST stuff, I can’t believe it’s only been 4 episodes.


    • vwen says:

      Thank you for your lovely transcaps, Softy! ^_^

      I was just about to comment about YFFM’s music too! I think YFFM’s starting to pick up its pace and hopefully the ratings go up as well; CH is tough competitor for good reason. I really love the music in YFFM and I am even enjoying the background music. Some might argue it’s overdone, but if they keep busting out new soundtracks every episode, I’m really going to enjoy this drama a lot. ❤

      I also agree about Shin. I LOVE his subtle and brief gestures–including his awesome smile (or smirk). Yong Hwa's acting is uneven for me, but I think he's doing alright and I can enjoy it. I'm glad he's not frowning or blank-faced 24/7. I also wonder what his confession will be like too, hopefully nothing forced or anything like that.

      P.S. That coffee scene of Shin smiling was so adorable.


  22. Zephia says:

    * for a split second I was afraid Y was going to need to do CPR on YJ

    That’s exactly what I thought LOL


  23. kcomments says:

    OMG..City Hunter with his mom epic! the actress was so good! Hope he will have Nana with him till the end (K-wrtiers, never trust them hehe).
    Episode Ratings; Naionwide/Seoul respectively,
    CH -Episode13: 18.5(1st) / 20.2(1st) Episode14: 18.3(2nd) / 20.6(1st)
    RT -Epsiode17: 9.8(11th) / 11.4(7th) Epsidoe18: 11.4(8th) / 13.3(6th)
    YFFM – not in top 20

    YFFM (Ratings ep1-3) 7.6 / 6.8 / 6.6
    for ep4, will fill in later ^^


    • kcomments says:

      YFFM (AGB) episode 4 ratings ^^


      • REBEL SOULS says:

        I really hate ratings – it seems like my fav shows always go up against giants like when YAB had to go up against – what was it – IRIS? i forgot now and even though CH isnt a huge runaway hit, even I am watching that first 🙂 so I guess I dont have the right to complain about YFFM’s low ratings. They deserve higher than it’s getting – at least above 10% would be nice.They should have aired it on mon and tues- bet it could beat Ripley and WBDS for sure. 🙂 ok well maybe not WBDS once the two main leads come on but at least Ripley.


        • Fanderay says:

          Are the YFFM ratings bad enough to hurt the show? If it gets shortened or something I’m going to be choked!

          I understand why people watch CH first because it’s definitely more exciting, and the cliffhangers are actually…well…cliffhangers, but I can’t help but feel that YFFM is a higher quality show in a lot of ways. I know that CH is higher budget, etc etc, but I have literally never seen a TV show with so many little logic flaws (dog whistles to magically pacify guard dogs is still one of my favorites). The logic problems occur on all levels too (over-arcing plot, emotions, action scenes, and all the little details). Almost all of it is a result of laziness by the production, so when I see a little show like YFFM churning out almost needlessly good music, and giving us such subtle but realistic characterizations, I can’t help but get mad at ratings (how dare people watch what they like!).

          I’m so weak…I told myself I wasn’t going to comment on this!

          I like CH more, but at least IRIS had unbelievable attention to detail in a lot of areas (they even researched obscure ammunition to use…not that I would’ve noticed without my husband). I think CH feels more Americanized than a lot of kdramas, so maybe that’s why I’m disappointed that it’s winning. I just hope YFFM survives!


          • Softy says:

            Don’t worry Fanderay, they won’t go so far as to shorten it -PK was even lower but they finished the series. I just wanted them to have higher ratings for the mood on the set and the cast and crew to feel like they are loved and hopefully encourage them to keep up the work.pretty sure when RT ends, the ratings will improve for sure. Then when CH ends, YFFM should get top ten at least. Have no idea what is replacing RT and CH – hope it wasn’t scent of a woman cuz I wanted to recap YFFM live after CH ends.


            • DranaFeva says:

              Softy Scent of a Woman is on Saturday July 23, can’t wait for that one, not sue what it will be replacing either My Love by My Side or New Tales of G. RT is being replaced by a drama starring Park Shi Hoo from Prosecutor Princess called the Princess’s Man. i guess he is obsessed with princesses


            • Fanderay says:

              I was excited to watch the Princess’s Man until I read that it’s like Romeo and Juliet, and is pretty much guaranteed to have an incredibly depressing ending. It looks good, but I think I’ll wait until it finishes airing to see if I can handle it.


            • Softy says:

              Oh good, not planning to watch PM – just saying the title bothers me – I liked him in iljimae but never even finished that drama- last time I saw him was PP, but I am not a huge fan a sageuk version of R and J. So I can recap YFFM live once CH ends.
              As for scent – crap- totally forgot it was a weekend drama. It better be good – will give it 2-3 eps to draw me in but it has to be off the charts good to make me do another weekend drama cuz I have to go to church again- haven’t been since CYHMH started.


  24. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I had not decided watch to watch and just last week I decided to follow you on YFFM. I am looking forward this week episodes. Thank you so much for your wonderful recaps and amazing hard work you do daily. YOU are Terrific!!


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