You’ve fallen for me E3

If you needed another reason to check out You’ve fallen for me – how about this face? will he do? he looks even better when he smiles, but I just wasn’t fast enough to screencap it. he sings too -not as well as Yong Hwa, but he won’t make you cringe. After the third episode, you can tell this little drama has its moments of comedy and clarity – and then some in-between stuff that makes you ask questions there are no answers for just yet. At least someone who wanted more music got her wish granted.



after the performance, K goes out and tells S that she got caught substituting for him and they have to write out an apology and go to the professor. she says from the start it was something that wouldnt have worked. he tells her while she is writing out hers- write out his. K refuses to do it . he says she is useless and rides off. she yells for him to get a flat tire on his way.

S is waiting for Y. she asks why he is here and he says “just because” – she reminds him she told him not to do this – but he says “I met my dad today-I just wanted to tell someone-I’ll be going” Y: that’s good. he thanks her and leaves

there is a meeting for the anniversary show. Y is introduced as the choreographer. SH asks the group if they should act like they dont know each other (but SH said it to Y’s face). they start talking about the show and SH is asked if he is going to change up everything and he says yes. the big guy complains they dont have enough time left before the show cuz they have to come up with a new concept. SH: to be honest I already made it -is it hard? there is a female student who dreams of being a star-to that female student – she has a male student she loves -to get her dreams to come true she leaves the guy she loves behind. there is a fire and the dream dies and she comes back. SH said all that looking at Y. T gets uncomfortable and calls out SH to speak alone. SH says they are in the middle of a meeting but T leans in and says “come out.” the big guy complains that just cuz SH came from broadway he isnt taking the professors seriously and says aloud if this is a place to date (they all seem to know there is history between SH and Y)

T asks what SH is trying to do – does he have to do that to Y? SH asks if T didnt hear what he said and starts to talk about the drama but T cuts in and says Y is having a hard time enough without SH bothering her. T: dont do anything that will hurt Y again. SH: do you like Y? T: what? SH says that Y isnt as weak as T thinks and that T doesnt know her well. SH: she is far stronger than you or me. T: dont act like you are the only one who knows Y well- 6 yrs is a long time. if you are thinking of playing around then quit right now. i will convince the (person in charge) SH says he wont quit and will do it till the end and that there is no place for T to be included

K and S are in front of the professor and he is looking over their apology letters. K says sorry for last time. S says sorry too. professor asks if the two of them are dating. K: what? professor:are you in a dating relationship.  K flatly says no – that it’s ridiculous. S says he has higher standards. professor asks why K filled in for S if she isnt dating S. professor to K: is it one sided love (unrequited love)? S smirks. K: no it’s not. professor: if you are not dating and it’s not one sided love then it wont matter. professor gives K’s letter to S to read and then gives K S’s letter. S reads aloud : she started off using an adjective to praise the professor – like honorable or something –  for substituting in the past lecture and messing up your concentration -I am really really really sorry- I am really really really feeling regretful/remorseful- from here on – I wont ever ever ever – I will really really really make sure this doesnt happen again and (something about not embarrassing the heavens ) . the professor tells K to read: there was a lesson I couldnt avoid last time -I’m sorry for not telling you myself and sending a student who isnt smart in my place to tell you….she stops and asks S:who isnt smart? S: you really really really really really really dont know? K: ya! professor asks what they are doing. he says he was going to end it with just this but it wont work. he makes them clean out a room and have it checked over by someone when they leave. S looks over at K and mouths: you’re dead

K worries how they can clean out the room by the end of the day. S: it will be hard to clean this all out alone by the end of the day. K asks what that means – why does she have to do it alone. S: did you forget? you are my slave. I will at least watch over your work. K asks how she can do this alone. S: if you dont hurry and do it – you wont be able to go home by today. she calls out his name. he looks at the clothes and thinks aloud – so this is what the acting/theater majors use -those clothes for props)

when she tries on a hat and he picks out a jester’s outfit for her to wear. she tells him to wear it but he orders her to. he makes her switch to another outfit – snow white. he makes her turn around. then another outfit.  he gets up saying it’s no fun. she trips on the hem of the dress cuz it’s too long. he asks if she is ok. the lights go off. K:what happened- lee shin- you are there right? S: i’m here – dont worry. the lights come back on. they are pretty close to each other’s faces when she calls out his name. he pulls back startled. he tells her to finish cleaning. they end and give the key back to a woman.

K asks if he really couldnt come (to class) cuz he had a lesson. he says it’s none of her business (she doesnt need to know) K: whose fault is it that I was punished just now ….S: you are the one who lost the bet -if you think it’s unfair you should have won. you have nothing else to say right? he turns to leave but she blurts out “spoiled/selfish brat”. he throws her his bike keys. since the air in the tire went out cuz of you -go and fix it. K: why is it my fault? S: yesterday you said ” go and have a flat tire”  K asks if that really happened – the flat tire. she laughs. he asks if she is having fun. she says it is fun. he tells her to fill the tire with air and leave it outside by catharsis. 

HJ asks what K is doing with S’s bike. HJ asks who K is and what K’s relationship is with S. K asks the same thing to HJ. HJ asks if K doesnt know who HJ is – she is a theater major. K: I dont know – are you a celebrity? HJ tells K to be careful cuz the bike is expensive. K: how expensive can this thing be? HJ: “this thing”do you know how much it costs? K asks how much but HJ says she doesnt need to know. it’s really expensive – also dont hang around S- even if you do -he wont look at you. HJ makes a passing remark about how K shouldnt get too close with SH too

K is mad and pumping a lot of air into the tire so the mechanic says she is strong cuz it’s not an easy task

she rides it back and falls and kicks it saying why is this expensive bike like this. she mutters she wont run another errand.

 SH goes and talks to S complimenting the performance and asking if S is a modern music major. S doesnt say anything. SH asks if S is ignoring his words. K comes in and calls out S’s name and says hello to SH. SH says he will forgive S for ignoring him. SH starts to say if you are interested in doing the 100 year anniversary show audition but S cuts him off saying he isnt interested. SH: even if you arent interested – when an adult is speaking you have to pretend to at least listen. K repeats “audition.” SH asks if she is interested but she says she isnt that much. he says if she does well she could be the female star cuz he is the director. she repeats “female star” so S smiles. she asks why S is laughing – is he making fun of her. SH agrees that is what S is doing. S says he is leaving so K throws his key at him. K: i filled it with a lot of air so be careful going and dont get another flat. S says he wants to hear her gayageum sound one more time. SH asks her is she wants to audition for real. he mentions how she could be paid so it gets her interest.

SH is walking away from his car and Y is there and calls him a “bad jerk” SH: why? so you can quit? she says he is being petty. SH: how about you? should I tell you how cruel you were? that’s why I told you to quit. she says she is going to see till the end how much lower he is going to be. I came to tell you that I wont ever quit. she turns to get in her car but he runs after her and stops her.  SH: i’m sorry for a while ago.

K tells her dad that cuz of that guy making fun/looking down on her and cuz of the money. her dad asks if that means she is going to try it. she says she doesnt know cuz she has gukak. she asks for her dad’s opinion. he thanks her for contributing to her tuition but he doesnt want her to pay attention to that and think about it. he thinks it’s good to make some memories during college. K: should I then? her dad says it’s better to go a different path to find out what she really wants. she worries about doing that and getting caught by her grandpa. he says he cant be responsible for that – cuz he is already kicked out.he says “sorry daughter” and she tells him to hang up cuz his ramen will congeal. he lies that he isnt eating ramen but she knows and says hang up. he mutters she has quick foresight. she remembers S saying how he wants to hear her gayageum sound again one more time. she smiles and plays her instrument.

K tells her group she decided and wants them to audition

the windflowers and others practice – D-10 and counts down to 9- 8-7-6-5

SH goes to visit T during his class. SH says the school got better and asks if that’s NY. T asks what’s up since SH should be busy preparing for the show. SH asks where KY is and T says the guy is on a break and is thinking of quitting school and going to some hakwon (learning institute). SH asks where it is. T asks why and guesses and says no to KY. SH asks why not cuz the kid has talent.  and T is the one who introduced SH to him. T says then and now the situation is different. T thinks the kid wont even agree to do it if SH asks. SH: what if he says he will do it.  are you going to give permission. T says ok but the kid has to pass the audition. if he auditions then it’s ok but if he doesnt – he cant be anywhere around the show.  

* I dont know SH’s friend’s character’s name but his name starts with S too and there are just too many S names in this drama – he is the guy from SG – I used to call him “cupid” so I am tempted to do that here. but I will call him bud – short for buddy for now

SH’s bud takes him to meet the kid. Bud says hi and the kid says he must not have anything to do. then SH shows his face and asks if KY’s studies are going ok. bud says he was dragged here too. SH says he is directing the 100 year anniversary show and the kid says “that’s good”. SH asks the kid to be the lead and offers to support him – you are grateful huh? KY: you must be taking medicine these days. bye. he walks out.

bud runs out after KY. SH shouts for the kid to prepare a song cuz the kid has to audition for real-something that kills. bud says it’s a great chance for KY.  and it will be easier on him if the director is in charge. KY: I said I wouldnt perform. bud: dont lie. you still want to. KY: what if I do? if I cant even get up on stage cuz I shake too much – what if I do want to?dont follow me. bud looks back at SH and shakes his head no.

bud says it’s going to be hard cuz of the scar from that time. SH: that’s why he has to do it even more. if he cant overcome that – for the rest of his life he is going to live like that feeling foolish. bud says to be honest – it’s not just the professor (T) the kids wont like it much too. if the lead guy ran off -especially HJ will want to kill him. SH asks if HJ is really that good. bud says she is really good cuz she can sing too. SH says he looks forward to seeing what will happen tm

HJ comes out and JH is waiting and tells her to get on his vespa and he will take her home. she says she told him not to appear in front of her. he says something about her being pretty. she looks at his outfit and says now he looks like a drummer. she says she is only getting on once. she complains about the ride saying it’s slower than a bike. it starts to rain so she tells him to go faster but he cant hear and thinks she is saying it’s fun. then he thinks she said “let’s go eat” so he is happier. she yells and calls him a beggar saying it’s raining but he thinks she said “let’s date.” she runs up to her steps and complains cuz she got soaked. he explains how there was no talk of rain today. she says she will kill him if she catches a cold. he gives her the choco she likes and tells her to eat it and stop getting mad. she thinks he is teasing her with it cuz she is starving. she warns for him to not show up in front of her. she throws his helmet back and goes in. he yells out for her to rest well. he says something poetic and tells her – “sleep well natasha”

HJ’s mom says the audition is tm and asks if HJ has confidence. HJ says of course. who else would be the lead role besides me. the mom says just in case since they dont know for sure should they ask her father to give his support or should the mom go meet in person and give a gift. HJ says they dont need to do stuff like that cuz her talent is enough. the mom says just in case HJ doesnt make it. HJ glares at her mom so the mom says she is scared and tells her not to fail (the audition). HJ gets on the scale and says she still has 500 grams to lose. then she sneezes. she feels her forehead for a fever.


SH asks bud if everything is ready and bud says yes-they can start when the professors come. SH tells bud to leave the stuff here for someone else to do (man the camera) and go drag KY over here if he has to.

the auditions start- crap I dont know all these majors in korean- gonna go with interpretative dance cuz that is what she is doing.

HJ’s mom says HJ has to listen to the mom cuz HJ has a fever of 39 degree celsius -how can she audition with her body like that. HJ says she can make it and wants to go. mom says the father will do everything on his own without HJ needing to audition. HJ says it wont work cuz this person (SH) wont fall for that/ wont go along with that. the mom says not to worry cuz she wil handle it. HJ says she will go and blames JH ‘calling him the “beggar” HJ almost faints

bud lies to KY to get him there.

JH is tapping and saying he is bored. since he is bored should he go and audition too. band member asks to do what and JH says “beatbox” JH starts to rap and spits on the member so the guy says dont do it. JH realizes HJ is going to audition and decides to go watch and cheer her on. member tells him not to cause trouble

S goes to see his dad and they play guitar.

JH wonders if HJ already came and went.

some girl is auditioning but T tells her to stop and that she worked hard. she offers to do something else but SH says next. she offers to do her best if they choose her but he says next

JH sticks his head in and asks if HJ unni is here. SH: HJ unni? JH:has she not come yet? when does unni come? SH: did you hurt your head by any chance? JH: no I am not hurt anywhere. T: HJ hasnt come yet so go outside. T tells the next group to start. when their music starts JH joins in saying he is a champion.

bud drags KYin and KY says wait a second and sees the poster and asks what is this. bud: if you sensed what’s going on let’s hurry and go in.  T calls the next one in and KY is pushed in front of them. SH: you acted like you werent coming but you came to audition. KY: what is this? T gets up and says the kid’s name but SH stops him. Y says to let him audition since he came all this way. SH tells him to start. T says they dont have time and to hurry. KY: I wont do it – I’m sorry.  SH calls out his name. T says bring the next one in. windflowers gets on stage. SH calls out KY’s name. if you leave like this – there are no more chances for you. this is the last chance. T tells K’s group not to pay attention and start. KY starts to leave but SH asks: do you have the confidence not to regret? T tells SH to stop wasting time. K’s group starts to play and KY sings along with his eyes shut tight. (hey I know this song – it’s from that music video about the queen who gets murdered.) when it ends, professors clap and K says “he’s impressive” T mutters why didnt he show this at the show. SH tells KY he did a great job and says the same thing to K’s group and that they can leave. a professor says something about last year’s lead. bud tells KY that he did well and the bud was touched/moved. KY tells him to get lost. bud offers to buy food or alcohol. K’s group wonders who KY is cuz he is like an art. B says she was so moved she was about to cry. K wonders how he was able to sing that song when he didnt coordinate with them. she thinks this is what ppl call (whatever you call ppl with this skill-perfect pitch?)

K texts her dad : I did the audition and it was fun. I did well to choose to do it. B asks if K wants to go with them to eat but K says she has to leave early cuz of her grandpa.

professor says they are done with the audition and more kids came than they thought. T says one hasnt come yet -Sh guesses HJ. someone says the school president’s daughter. T says she isnt the kind of kid who wouldnt show up. he gets a call. HJ’s mom says her fever was so high they had to hospitalize her and has to stay for a few days. wanted to call sooner but she was worried about the audition. the mom asks T to pay attention to it and knows that it will be hard. T agrees to handle it. someone asks if HJ is sick and T says how she has a high fever and was hospitalized. T asks what SH wants to do – have a separate audition tm. SH repeats T’s words and says if someone cant audition they cant hang around the show even. SH says he has an appt and will leave first. one by one they all leave. Y asks if T will be ok. he says he made this happen so he has to explain it well to the president’s wife.

JH is eating with K’s group. one tells him to eat slower and B stands up for him and says what’s wrong -even if he eats how much could he eat? she tells him to eat. he asks where K went and she explains that K had to go early to make dinner for the grandpa. a girl comes running in saying HJ couldnt do the audition cuz of a cold. JH hears that and repeats “a cold?” he remembers how HJ said if she catches cold -she will kill him. the owner of the cafe comes over and calls HJ a “king card” meaning she is really pretty but the girl says how HJ fixed her whole face and used to weigh 60 kilograms. JH stands up saying it’s not true. he runs out. he goes to the hospital and asks what room HJ is in

HJ is crying and her mom tells her to stop. the mom says HJ’s face will swell from crying.the mom leaves cuz she is frustrated.

JH runs in and HJ yells at him to get out. he asks if she is really sick and she says she couldnt audition cuz of him. who told you to take me home in that beggar like autobike. go and die. JH: you wanted to audition that much?

JH waits by SH’s car and asks for one more audition. JH calls him ” director hyung”  JH says HJ couldnt audition. SH asks again if JH hurt his head. JH: unni is the best! but – because of me she caught a cold and couldnt go. it’s all my fault. SH says luck/timing is talent too. JH says SH doesnt know what love is. SH: love? JH: I run really well. even if I run 100 meters I dont get out of breath but when I see unni I cant breathe. this is love! SH: that’s right it seems like love-do it well. SH drives off but JH bangs on his window yelling “director hyung”

JH chases him in his vespa. SH loses him. when he gets to his office he tells the guy to not let in a kid later who looks like he is a bit slow.

band wonders why they havent seen JH all day. one asks if S is getting lessons from somewhere. S asks if the way he plays has changed. they both say he plays better. S looks at his fingers. he gets a call. it’s JH. JH is complaining that SH isnt coming out. JH asks S for a favor and S has to do it. they have to cancel their performance at catharsis. instead they have to gather at the music department. one thinks maybe JH thinks it’s something to eat and the other one says JH isnt that dumb but the other one says JH is that dumb. S agrees JH is dumb

SH gets a note. the kid says JH just left but told him to give this note to SH. SH: he is really cute but he is crazy. kid: is there someone who isnt crazy cute. SH reads the note

K is talking to B over lunch about her grandpa and gets a call from S. she answers and asks what he wants and repeats “yangchon”

JH sneaks into HJ’s room. she asks why he is still alive. I told you to die. JH: i’ll die a little later – let’s go unni. HJ: are you crazy- go where? JH: just trust me. hurry – we dont have time.

he takes her on his bike and she asks where they are going and he tells her to hold on tight cuz he is going to go really fast. his song plays and they run. (fanderay I was right!)

JH says this is where her first performance is going to be. the Stupid is waiting to play. she says it doesnt mean anything cuz there is no one to listen and she already didnt get to audition. SH: there is someone to hear. HJ looks up at JH and calls him crazy. she takes off her robe and she is wearing hospital clothes. HJ sings. SH says she is good.

JH takes her back to the hospital. she tells him not to be mistaken that she was moved by something like this. he nods and says sorry – it’s cuz of me. she says it’s ok cuz it’s already “spilled”-she asks if he has the choco bar and he gets it out. HJ: you are like a beggar carrying this around. she starts to eat so he is happy she is eating his choco bar. she complains if he had told her in advance she would have changed clothes and her body line didnt show at all cuz the clothes she has on is baggy. cuz she went on a difficult diet. she turns and goes in and JH is happy she ate his choco bar. as she goes in she says: even if I fail (dont make the cut) I have no regrets- it was the best performance of my life. thank you. 

the list goes up for the kids who made the cut. windflowers made it. those mean girls notice that KY made it and asks if he auditioned and the other girl says bud dragged him here. then she sees that HJ made the list too. she thinks HJ is crazy cuz HJ had a fever of 39. HJ walks by and says it’s good the girls made it too. they say of course and HJ says before they graduate they should perform once. one calls HJ a bad girl.

band tells S that SH wants to see them. when they get there S wonders if this is the right place. JH says there are a lot of ppl. K’s group and all the others who were chosen are there. K wonders why S is here. B guesses stupid is going to do the show too. K reluctantly says hi to S but he turns away. JH spots HJ and asks if she got out of the hospital. she tells him to step away from her and asks what he is wearing. did he pick it up from the trash and wear it? B watches them. JH says he washed it last month. HJ: what? she tells him to get lost and steps back from him, but he steps closer. B gets mad watching HJ mistreat JH. B calls HJ a fox who is flirting with JH and K asks if that looks like flirting and B says of course.  

SH says all the kids there made the audition and will be in the 100 yr anniversary show and will be trained. S raises his hand and says they didnt audition. the teacher that hit on S says she chose S’s band cuz they need ppl to play instruments. S: we are not interested – please look for someone else. the teacher calls his name. Y walks into the room. S stops. SH says they are splitting up into teams -acting and music/instruments – with the gugak team…SH asks S: whether you do it or not stand over to the right. SH: the rest stand to the left with the acting team. K gets chosen with the actors. he says from now on she is practing with the acting team. K starts to say there is a misunderstanding but sees S staring at Y. Y stares at SH. K says to herself: what is this? this feeling -what is it?




S tells K to go get him coffee within ten mins and make sure the foam hasnt gone down

S’s band hears he is doing the show and JH wonders if S is doing it cuz of K. S:what?

K watches S and Y walking together at night

S asks if Y is hurt anywhere

S to SH: is it fun to make the woman you used to love the object of jokes/ridicule?

S to SH : I like professor jung yoon soo

K quits

SH tells K  that S wants to perform 

SH: K has to do it so you can too

K asks S:why do you want to do it all of a sudden

S kisses Y

S to K: cuz there is someone I want to see



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  24. Fanderay says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a week already! I guess time flies with no internet, which is thankfully working again (in the words of Emperor Kuzco, “I’m SOOOO Happy!”).

    I understand that YFFM is technically not the greatest show, but I completely love it anyways. I even flat-out enjoyed Yong Hwa’s acting this episode! I’m sure it’s partially because my expectations were fairly low to begin with, but I think he’s totally nailing all the little sarcastic smiles and smirks, and is actually out-acting PSH at this point. Their chemistry is excellent (as predicted) and I wish we had seen a bit more of them this episode. I thought the scene where S mentions that he wants to hear K play again was interesting. I couldn’t tell if he was sarcastic or serious (nevermind his motivation) and I sort of love that I still don’t know (K and I are equally baffled). Little scenes like that are part of what makes this show so intriguing to me.

    And yay, Softy, you were right! You really do have eagle eyes. I feel like our drummer was basically the protagonist this episode (not that I’m complaining). I really wish he liked B instead of HJ, who I think is the weakest singer/dancer on the show (not to mention that I feel the need to feed her a sandwich every time she’s on screen).

    I squealed on your behalf at all the KY goodness this episode. I quite liked his singing, even though it had a slightly odd vibe (it seemed like a mix of modern and traditional to me?). I hope my heart doesn’t get broken by too many second leads throughout this show (I’m such a sucker for them it’s pathetic). I love how “boy-next-door” KY looks, and I’m kind of hoping for a love pentagon. He seems much more viable as a love interest to K than SH does.

    I actually cracked up a little at the last scene, which was the most literal visualization of a love rectangle ever (SH looking at K, K looking at S, S looking at Y, Y looking at SH). I can’t believe S kisses Y next episode. What is he thinking???? Female second leads are evil!! What is she thinking?? He’s just a baby! Slap him faster!

    My in-laws are in town so I’m agonizing while I wait to watch CH and the last two episodes of CYHMH. I had to stealthily watch YFFM in bits and pieces throughout the day. I am tempted to do so with CYHMH but I figure it will just make me and depressed and weepy, which may seem a bit odd to others.

    Thanks again for the transcaps. You are the best!


  25. Ella says:

    thnx for the recaps!
    btw can you tell me name of the music video for the song Lee Hyun Jin sang? The one you said you knew.


    • Fanderay says:

      I think she just means the song he sings in episode 3 of YFFM. I’m sure someone will cut a video of just the song in the next day or two.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Ella the video is still posted above – look at the header and under it – KD highlights
      the video is towards the bottom of the page 🙂


      • Fanderay says:

        Ohhh….whoops, I get it now (duh). Thought you meant a MV that he actually sang in himself ^^

        Now I’m sad b/c I watched that and I feel like the original is singer is better. Oh well, he’s probably not NEARLY as good looking 😛


  26. ck1Oz says:

    I am late softy but wanted to say thanks.I was going to skip Heartstrings.Yes you heard right?I love Yong Hwa and CN Blue.I am a HUGE fan but not of his acting.However HIM above.Love him-in Family Honour,Assorted Gems and A Windy Day.For him I will start watching.

    CH ep 13 rocked.Really really rocked.Oh man the drama is so exciting.Absolutely love it to death and it’s not because of Lee Min Ho.The whole pace,style and acting just works.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Hey ck1Oz – So posting his pic was a good thing after all since I got you here 🙂 I didnt watch any of those dramas so he was brand spanky new to me-man I hope he starts to like K but I guess that would be too much if she has SH and S – wait- that’s happening on CYHMH – W has D, M, and SC after her so why not on this drama? softy’s chant *please please please make that happen drama gods*


  27. ck1Oz says:

    SOFTY.Argh,I wasn’t planning on watching Heartstrings then I read your recap and started chuckling.Aigoo…now I am donwloading ep’s all because of YOU!!

    Mummy and i was determined to not only watch CT,CYHMH,RT and Myung Wol.Now I am going to suffer every week again.Sob sob ck the drama queen


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