You’ve fallen for me E2

I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but I like You’ve fallen for me now. It’s slower paced than what I am used to, but I like that it’s about music. I blame that song at the end-total sucker for talented musicians.  For me, I choose dramas by following my instinct -a scene here and there has to resonate and make me care about the characters at one point or another. Last night, the final few minutes not only cracked the door open for me to get a glimpse of its potential, it kicked the door down. Now that’s how you get my attention 🙂   


written at 9:50pm

I am keeping both dramas. Today I noticed that not only DB, but also blue has recapped YFFM = “You’ve fallen for me” (aka Heartstrings) Like someone said on the comments, doing two dramas in one night within a few hrs is kinda nuts, but don’t you guys know me by now? If I am going to watch it live, I just thought I would post what I hear in case some of you want to understand a few key scenes while it airs so it’s like you have a live translator of sorts.  


some abbreviations, B is K’s friend, TM=traditional or classic korean music  (korean word “gukak”), and MM= modern music

K tells him she doesnt want to know. S says he heard her play too and he didnt feel anything (in his heart) even a little bit. she asks if he knows anything about (her major). S: do I have to know it? K: if you dont know then dont talk out of turn. it’s a 100 times better than your loud music. S: is it? should we make a bet on it? K: fine- let’s make one -as much as you want. S: if someone loses – he says that person has to be a servant (an do what the winner wants) for a month. K: do that – doesnt matter if it’s one or 2 months. S: will you be ok? K: if you lose dont go back on your words. S agrees and gets up to leave. K’s friend (B) heard all that. K tells her to gather the girls.

B says she wants to be his shoes even so K tells her to come to her senses cuz their pride is hanging on this problem and their professor. friends ask what K is going to play (music) and she says they have to find one. B points out if S sings everyone will fall for it. K says she already told him singing was forbidden/prohibited-this is just going to be instruments. another girl says they have a chance then. K agrees and says she cant forgive a guy who doesnt take traditional music seriously. some guy asks what they are talking about -who is not taking traditional music seriously. B tells the guy a band named Stupid with good looking guys-that guy said K’s instrument made him sleep well. the guy asks then those guys are modern music majors right? and runs off.

he goes and blabs to other kids in their major that there is a bet between tradition and modern music majors cuz they arent taking tradtional music majors seriously. K runs in and tries to downplay it and says it was just a fun bet. the guy says they have to win. for the sake of the deceased professor they cant lose. now K is motivated too and says she will do her best and wont lose to those modern music majors.

K runs into SH and he says she might have broken his ribs-is her head made of rock. she asks if his ribs are made of toothpicks then. he asks if she is mad and tells her not to frown or she will have wrinkles. she asks why he came and he explains he was going to give it to her that time but the situation wasnt right so he gives her back her scroll. she says she thought she lost it and he says if it wasnt for him she would have. SH: i found it for you so you have to be thankful. she thanks him for this and for what he did at the hospital. he starts to brag he is a busy man and asks if she knows what broadway is and that he just came from there. she says she just thought of someone. he asks who. she refers to S as some “king of something”

the drummer -JH asks what is wrong with S cuz S seems like in a bad mood and offers to get him some food. S announces in 3 days they have a competition. JH asks what and S says modern vs traditional music. member asks why suddenly. S: a challenge was given/thrown. JH asks if S really agreed to do it and other guy asks why S agreed to do it cuz he has no interest in it. other one asks if it’s the girl who sang at the benefit. S: sang? he says let’s go to class and walks off.

JH is eating uncooked ramen when natasha (HJ) comes in. he asks if she came to see him. she asks if S is here and he says S went to class. do you know S? she asks what he is going to do with that info if he knows and asks why he is here. he says he is the drummer and she asks :what?” and remembers back to how he looked during the performance and right now. she doesnt believe it’s the same guy and warns him not to hang around her. he invites her to come and watch them when they compete against traditional music majors. she warns she is going to tell on him to S for pretending to be a band member. JH: i really am the drummer tho

K tells her dad that nothing is working out cuz of that guy (S) and mentions how the two majors are battling it out. dad says how S is a bad guy for making his precious daughter sing and offers to come and give S allowance to be better to his daughter. K: what is that? he asks if S is that good looking and she makes a face. K: “like a girl he is a little pretty” and mentions his crappy personality. I dont know what others see in him to chase after him. her dad asks if he should visit her when he comes up for something but realizes it wont work out cuz that day is a weekday. her grandpa interrupts her call and she pretends she was talking to a girl friend and tells her grandpa to knock. he asks why she is talking at night and she says cuz her friend has something to say. she gets a call from a friend

someone in K’s major put up a poster insulting MM (modern music) majors so K suggest taking it down but MM are mad and calls a gathering. B says it’s too late. next MM put up a poster with stupid on it so K says they are ruined.

K and S run into each other. they side step to avoid but keep stepping to the same side. S: are you having fun? K: do you think I did it on purpose? she sees her group cheering her on. K: you didnt forget about the competition right? dont run off. he says something she shouldnt do and walks off. she mutters that she is going to make him suffer for a month.

K’s group is practing and she stops them and asks if they should do something else and B says this is their 5 th one and wants to just go with this one. but K says this is too average and says let’s look for something different.

S stops his band from practicing and the guy asks what now – what do you now like this time. S says this doesnt seem to be it -is there something other than this. JH:again? arent you hungry. other one says let’s eat and get strength but S says he isnt hungry. JH: I dont like you

SH is looking at a video of dancers and ask who directed. the guy says director kim and he is very popular.  SH says it’s ok and asks who choreographed it . the guy says someone famous but doesnt know the name. the guy says someone offered someone something and was turned down and fought over it. SH asks who said that. guy says it’s a rumor. and mentions how two professors are close. SH tells him to watch the rest and go. the guy asks where SH is going but SH says he doesnt need to know *a few names came out and I dont know any of these other characters names yet so no clue what they are talking about-sorry it was a waste of paragraph.

Y is dancing and falls again. she hears a sound so she asks :why did you come again – told you not to do this from now on. SH asks if she was waiting for someone. she asks what he is doing here at this time. he says it looks like she fell is her leg ok. she says she is and he doesnt need to worry about it. he says he heard she was going to choreograph some guy’s event and and since he might end up directing it he asks her not to do it cuz she doesnt have the talent to do it. just cuz you dance well doesnt mean you can choreograph well. she says he never saw her dance. he says since she is dancing to aovid ppl where no one can see it’s obvious without having  to watch her. he could understand if she had something to show and asks her to quit now if she doesnt want to be ridiculed. Y:what? SH: saying this for your sake. quit. she tells him to do as much as he wants cuz she will take it all. SH: how can I work with you? she asks if she has to worry about that too.(when she is in the situation he just laid out – meaning if she is that pitiful why should she worry about how he can work with her) SH holds her hand and calls her a “bad girl” (*wow could he be more of a buttwipe)

S arrives on his bike to see her sit down and cry but doesnt go in (awww- what a persistent little puppy)

K brings food and tells her grandpa she told him she would be late and to eat first – all he had to do was just set it out cuz all the side dishes were made-does is he have to make her do this now.he says of course -he has a granchild so why should he get his hands wet. she says cuz her grandpa looks down on her like this someone else does it to (S). he asks who does that. she mentions how there is a guy who looks down on TM (traditional music) and says he wasnt affected by TM. grandpa gets mad and asks who said that -did she leave him alone (meaning she needs to fight back) she mentions how she made a bet with him. grandpa says this is a war – dont think of sleep and practice/become better

gramps is drilling K saying stuff like inhale and as you  exhale -the rhythm of the (instrument) is spring summer fall winter – all four seasons are in it -and something else. he hits her with a stick for falling asleep  and not paying attention.she asks to stop cuz it’s 2am but he says she has to show that guy what the taste of TM is cuz he doesnt know. it’s a war- dont think of sleeping. her voice pleads – please grandpa let’s stop and sleep.

B asks if K is ok and K says she is and will win but she falls face down from lack of sleep.

T says it’s good that SH can do it (school’s 100 year anniversary show) but does he have time cuz he has that other event. SH says his schedule is tight and he’ll have to overwork but he thinks it will be fun cuz he thinks about when he was in school. SH says he is going to make a new program for what to do cuz he doesnt think it’s fun-the scale is too big and the story lacks. (why does this feel like Korean Glee all of a sudden). T says professors will say something cuz they thought it was already set and now will have to change it. SH says T can convince them. he says he will try but since those professors have a lot of pride they might not listen to him. SH says he is going to hold auditions so T should prepare for it. T says SH has to be sure to use someone. SH asks who. T says the university president’s daughter (HJ)

HJ is dancing and JH gets caught. she said she told him not to show up in front of her. JH: that’s why I was hiding.  cuz you said not to show up in front of you. W:how long were you there? JH: from a while ago. W: crazy. suddenly she remembers and asks:what? then you…. he nods and says he saw her fart and fan the smell away. he runs over and asks if she is sick somewhere. she tells him not to worry about it. then she asks if he has anything to eat. he asks if she is hungry and offers a bar. he says it’s good for when you dont have energy. she says she will gain weight. he says no matter how much he eats these he doesnt gain weight. she is annoyed at him and tells him to go. then she calls him back and asks for it. she eats and asks if he has more. he tells her to wait a little and he will get more. when he comes back she isnt there. he remembers he has to go compete and leaves. she is throwing up. she says she has to lose 1 kilogram more.

HJ hears some  girls talk about the news -there is a change of directors – the daughter HJ was suppose to be the lead – but now that directors have been changed – cant know how it will turn out -it’s HJ so she wont be dropped easily, even those it’s easy to dislike her she is good-HJ had plastic surgery on her entire face cuz she used to weigh over 60 kilograms and a lot of money went into fixing her face. HJ comes out and the girl asked if she was in the stall – was she throwing up cuz they heard that. HJ:why would I ? no matter how much I eat I tend not to gain weight. girl: who asked if  you tend to gain weight-just asked if you had indigestion. girl asks if HJ threw up on purpose. HJ says she didnt and only brought it up in case the girl thought so.

HJ berates herself for saying that in the bathroom. she offers to take the drinks to the professors (T’s) room cuz she was on the way. she listens at the door and hears SH say he was going to use TM and SH says doesnt it sound like fun – I am going to go see them compete with instruments in a little bit-you should watch too. SH mentions K by name and her instrument. HJ tells another girl to give the drinks to the professor.

S gets encouragement to win cuz MM’s pride is on the line. band says they feel pressure and if they lose they will be outcasts. JH comes with food and sees more and asks if he can eat it. band says yes cuz fans brought it. JH says it’s like they are celebrities. JH goes to his clothes rack and they ask if he is going to change again and to just wear what he normally does but he says he cant cuz there arent that many expensive clothes and wants to wear the nice clothes to show manners to ppl who come to see them. JH asks if they heard about TM’s professor – the one with the cancer- that she passed away. S: what? when did she pass away? JH says on the night of the benefit-after it ended she went right away to the wake. 

K gets pressured too when ppl yell for them to win cuz of TM’s pride.

T asks where Y is going. she says to the library so he tells her that TM and MM are having an instrument competition and invites her to go watch. she agrees

SH arrives first. T says a lot of ppl gathered cuz the band guy has popularity.

K’s group and S’s strut their way to the middle and K asks S:did you prepare a lot before you came? S: sorry for what happened last time. K: what is this – are you suddenly scared that you will lose? S:what? even if I didnt use any effort it’s enough to beat you. K says-is that so- I look forward to seeing how impressive your talent is.

SH whispers to K: fighting. T guesses K is the girl SH chose. Y looks over at SH and K. K waves to SH.

the guy does a coin toss to see who goes first. K chooses head. stupid win and goes first. some kid escorts the grandpa. gramps says a lot have gathered.

S’s band plays and they sound pretty good. K’s group says “what is this – they are totally cool” – “that’s what I am saying” – “did we lose?”

in the bathroom, K tells herself : it’s ok – I am the best – TM is the best. grandpa’s voice says :of course TM is the best. K thinks she imagined hearing him cuz she didnt get any sleep. she goes out and sees him. she asks how he came. he tells her not to lose. you are lee dong jun’s one and only grandchild. you have to do it.

K’s group performs. gramps yells out: K – fighting. K’s group is playing pretty well, but K’s string breaks suddenly. grandpa calls her a dummy and leaves. T says it was fun and gets up too go. HJ thinks K is no competition. there is a sticker poll where you put stickers next to the group you choose to win. S’s group has tons and K’s only a few.  K says sorry to her group cuz they worked so hard but lost cuz of her. she says sorry – will leave first. see you later. after she walks away, they say she was disappointed and was too nervous. JH comes over and says they were great – it was the first time he heard this. I think I will totally love you guys. B says she can let him hear it every day. JH: really? but onyi arent you hungry? B offers to buy. they leave. rest of the group says :what are they

K calls herself a fool, dummy, etc. gramps is sitting at the bus stop. he says that’s not even music. K: you didnt leave yet?  he says it’s loud and they are like crazy-there wasnt a single guy with senses. if the string didnt break you would have won. she is moved and says grandpa. he says that guy is exactly like me when I was younger. she asks who. he says the one who played the guitar -he is exactly like me when I was young. K: how is he like you at all? I cant even cry cuz of you. grandpa: he is exactly like me so what are you saying. K sits and pouts

JH is eating a lot. B tells him to eat slowly or he will have indigestion. he asks if she isnt going to eat her kimpap so she asks if he wants it. she thinks she saw him somewhere before and remembers when a guy ate her leftovers. she tells herself that doesnt make sense (that he is that guy) cuz he is this cool. he asks if he can order more dumpling. she checks her wallet. she tries to explain but he asks :I cant? so she says he can. order as much as you want

K wonders how she can face him tm. I’m going crazy. she remembers how he played and tells herself not to fall for it. she gets a call

S gets a text from JH. JH is caught at the restaurant. you are going to come and save me right?

K paid so B apologizes to K. he ate so well that I couldnt turn him down. K says it’s ok cuz her friend suffered today cuz of her. JH says K is an angel. K asks how much they ate cuz the owner was shocked. B says K cant even imagine how much. JH waves S over. JH says how K paid for them.she is a total angel. JH says he will take B home. she asks “really?” JH: of course you have to escort girls. B says he is cool. B says she is leaving first to K “ask S to take you home.”

K: today I lost -like we promised you can do whatever you want. S: your performance was good. if your string didnt break there is no way to know how it would have ended up.  K: of course. S: I was sorry about what happened last time. K:what? S: for not keeping my promise for the benefit. I heard about the professor. K: if I ask you the reason are you going to tell me? S: my younger sister was sick and mom was in the middle of work. it doesnt matter if you dont believe me. K: I believe you. I know it’s not your fault about what happened with the professor but if you hadnt done that….S: I am not concerned with it cuz I am the one who didnt keep his promise. since a promise is a promise I will use your services as his servant without any burden. K: if you want to. he asks where she lives. K: you dont have to take me home. S: cuz I wanted to go the opposite way. she points “that way”. S: since I dont have anything to do i can take you too. K: it’s ok. S: ok then. he leaves and she turns and looks behind.

S goes home and his mom and sis are eating ice cream. J says their mom isnt fair cuz she is eating more ice cream. the mom says it’s for her sake. there is a call and the mom tells S to eat some if he wants. the mom gets a call from her ex-husband’s wife.

the mom and that woman meet. the woman says it’s been a long time -has she been well. the mom says yes. she asks if S is growing up well. the mom says yes and asks why she wanted to meet. the woman says she has a favor to ask.

S’s teacher says she heard he did well yesterday and that she should have seen him. she asks if they should have a date some time and eat something good. he walks off without answering. she mutters he does that cuz he thinks he is cool. she calls out to eat next week.

K is hiding behind B to avoid being seen by S. he walks by and asks K: what is your phone number. K:what? other girls wonder why S wants a number from someone like K. another one says it’s the girl who plays the (her instrument) K: why do you need my number? S: I have to know so I can send you on errands or not. he grabs her phone. K: who said you could…he punches in the number and gives it back to her. B asks to know his number and so do all the other girls.

his mom remembers the other woman saying how the husband wont be able to talk cuz he did so many bad things. but even if he doesnt say anything she knows he misses S-cuz S is his only son. why wouldnt he miss S. i’m asking you as a favor – just once let him see his son.

she goes in and S’s dad is in a hospital. he says :like you said I would – I might die cuz of alcohol. mom: it was your wish – to die while drinking. dad: does he still play guitar? mom: what difference does it make? dad: you should tell him not to do music. it’s lonely. she says she will be leaving. she says she cant see him again. be well. she turns to leave but he says I’m sorry.  she cries and leaves

J goes to meet her brother. S asks why she came out cuz her stitches could break but she says she is fine and isnt sick at all. she says she is tired of being home alone all day and mom came home late too. he tells her to get on his bike.  

K and B are looking at ice cream cakes. K decides to buy one for her grandpa for suffering cuz of her sake.

K complains to B that she is ruined cuz she doesnt know how much S is going to take advantage of winning. B says should they make another bet and this time they flatten those guys out. K says it’s ok cuz it’s obvious they will lose. they watch S ride by. he backs up. J asks if he knows K. S: yes – she is my slave. J says let’s leave that pumpkin/squash like girl and hurry and go. B says there is steam coming out of K’s nose. K screams :what are those two- how could there be ppl like them.

they go home and J asks why the mom came home early after leaving. the mom asks why J went out  when she her body hasnt healed. J says she felt stuffy. S says he called her out to get some fresh air. mom tells her to be careful. J asks if her mom is sick. she says she is tired. S tells her to go lie down if she is tired. mom asks: S – cant you quit playing guitar? S:why do I have to? mom: cuz it’s hard to earn money. J says her mom works with music so she shouldnt say that. mom: that’s true. J says since the mom came home early she has to take her to school tm. S asks why she is looking at him. mom: just – was wondering when you grew up so much. she tells him to brush and sleep.

S’s mom is on the phone with K’s dad. he asks if her ex-husband is really not well. she says this time it looks like he will die. he tells her to let her ex meet her son before it’s too late. she says what right does he have to meet S now. he says it’s for S’s sake and not her ex’s (K’s dad know S’s dad by name)-let him meet while he is still alive.

as K leaves for school, her grandpa said last time he just said that to cheer her up but she has a long way to go. she says she knows and will work hard.

S calls her and tells her to fill in for his class and she tries to tell him she has a class too. he just gives his class room number and hangs up.

S asks how his mom knows that person- the person who is going to give guitar lessons. she makes up a lie that she just used to know him for short time but yesterday after talking with S she suddenly thought about that man. long time ago they used to be close so if S meets one time it will be helpful. S: but do we have to go so quickly? mom: he doesnt have much time cuz he is busy. why dont you want the lesson? S: no it’s ok I want to.

K goes to his class and calls herself crazy. she worries that he really wont show up. the professor takes roll and K answers like a guy. he calls again but K answers again. professor says wasnt MM major S a good looking guy? he asks if K is looking down on the professor right now (posing as S) K gets up and apologizes

S pulls up and asks if this is the right place. she says yes and it’s room 305. she says she will wait here cuz she will get in the way. she tells him to go and come back. he stops smiling as he walks in. (does he know?) S’s dad’s new wife sees S go in. (* S doesnt know this man is his dad yet but not sure if he suspects tho-I just called him dad cuz I dont know his name)

S knocks and goes in. the dad tells him to sit. dad: you know how to play the guitar right? S: yes. dad: play it. he asks if S wrote the song himself. S says he did. dad tells him to play it again. the dad plays too. (why is this making me want to cry)

S’s professor tells K to bring two sheets of A4 paper with something written on it (probably an apology) and bring it to him – and she has to come with S. she says yes and apologizes again.

S stares at the guitar in his room and remembers what his dad said: the guitar is my life there is nothing after that. will you come again?  S saw how his dad’s hands shook.

Later back in his own room, S looks at his own hand.

B drags K to go see S and tell him he has to write out that paper so he doesnt get in trouble by the professor again. B says hurry so they dont lose a spot. they go to that catharsis place to watch the band perform.

S sings a slow song, the one he played for his dad. wow it’s good. K watches him and starts to sway to the music and then stops -she realizes and looks up in surprise at S.


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  1. m_s says:

    woah.. thanks.. i am loving CH..


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    I read comments before how in previous post how someone comment that you didn’t like Ch before and like it now. I didn’t like it the first episode as well, and was ignoring other dramas cuz of Best Love, but so tempted to watch it again cuz everyone is saying it’s good. Just like how it goes with Dream High. How in the end we love it so much! XDDDD I still haven’t catch up with City Hunter yet, I lost my energy watching CYHMH last night (you should know why XD) and continuing now. Y (>.>;)


    • Fanderay says:

      I still don’t know if I would call it “good” overall because it is very flawed, but it at least has become very entertaining (which is arguably what’s most important). I just try to think of it as a combination of silly action man-flick and a silly cutesy chick-flick, and now it’s somehow become one of my favorite May dramas.

      You may as well give it a shot (it’s up on Viki) and see if you want to jump on the wagon. Part of it’s appeal is that it’s radically different from CYHMH (everything similar just seems so lacklustre now!).

      Btw, thanks for keeping Heartstrings Softy! We ❤ you 🙂


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      wow that is harsh – kicking out her own kids for a drama – but I bet my sister would do that too 🙂 but I dont think she is following any drama live so it’s ok.
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  7. enrc says:

    Hi, I’m a newbie here. Would you please tell me the link for Blue? I know DB is Dramabeans, and I know the link for that website. This is the first time I hear about Blue. Thanks in advance. Thank you so much for doing this recap! I appreciate all your hard work!


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    Softy.Wasn’t the washing hair scene cute?The best past is I don’t think LMH has washed anybody’s hair in a drama before right?I get the giggles just thinking of the fainting fangirls.

    One thing I learnt fast with CH-the killer makes a rom com cliffhanger so much more mild.Ep 12 is giving me stress.I mean…is he going to shot her,run her down or kidnap her?

    Aigoo…compare to the are they going to break up,he/she has cancer,the lead is leaving the country etc.CH’s cliffhanger…aigoo aigoo.My poor heart.


    • Alexus says:

      That was exactly what was going through my mind. Will it be a gun, or snatch her up and take her away. But like you said the hair washing scene was so sweet. I think LMH had a scene where he was taking care of GHS after her getting beaten up in BOF with a towel but not such a sweet scene of washing a girls long hair. Don’t forget it wasn’t just washing hair, she got a scalp massage too. That feels so awesome. Lucky gal, even if it was just acting. hehehe.


  12. Ella says:

    Thnx for the recaps!
    btw, you mentioned that other people were doing the recap of YFFM right?
    Can you tell where they are posting it?


  13. kcomments says:

    Jump in here after RT and CH, sharing TNS CH Episode 11 Ratings,
    Nationwide 17.4 (3rd) Seoul 19.5 (1st)
    I had to smile from the comments cuz they wanted you to stay healthy for CYHMH, haha.
    CH tonight, the cliffhanger! wanted to pull my hair out, so good. I have to say this drama has good camera man and music peeps too, and talk about the editing, wah…you can foresee the revenue flowing in already. LMH’s acting tonight was jaw-dropped for me, when he confronted his dad at dad’s house, and then he turned lovely dolly just like that. The back hug, wrist-grab formula get me every time. Also, props to daddy’s acting, sometimes he was too harsh but also some point there was love in his eyes as a father too. Am I the only one, LMH getting hotter every episode? Gahhhh…..
    RT tonight was good too, tho I need calculator to watch this drama, the writer played a lot with number. And the money got deposited into the bank, Finally! I lost on how much who had from what, really excited for the last episode, who will be the one gets to cash the lotto, and how much will each maid have? Or will they lose it all? I just realize the only one who is truly happy is GW, cuz he’s so honest and simply nice in the neighborhood.
    Thanks Softy, decided to just follow recaps on YFFM for now.
    Please take care for the love of CYHMH-ers, we desperately need you this Sat. ^_^


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      I saw RT E15 today and watched some of E16 too – I really love how GW fights back to his dad -there were some great lines lately- how fast are subs for this anyway? man I wish I could translate this too. curious – how many more eps are left for RT?


      • kcomments says:

        I’m telling you, RT is picking up speed! (and the ratings too) I think it’s slated for 20 episodes, so the finale will be in the same week with CH (if no extension). It would be lovely if you could tell me about the figures, cuz latest SG got 7,500,000,000 won (so many zeros in won LOL), so it’s like half of the lotto money (15 billion after tax)? I was so relieved when the maid put money in the bank, now just wait for my dear GW to do sth with the real lotto, seriously first I thought he’s a boring hero, then I love him more now.
        DB recapping this one, but normally come out on Sun, subs were quite slow too, ep13-14 came out this week. The writer is so good, you never know what will happen next, I’m stalking 1st street for now. Man, I’m worried about SG’s money cuz you don’t know what kind of money the gangster ahjussi gave her in the first place, and how lovely the gangster in this drama is! (kindness one of all kdrama to date haha).
        TNS Episode Ratings;
        CH Nationwide 18.3 (2nd) 20.5 (1st)
        RT Nationwide 10.8 (9th) 13.1 (6th) Moving up from Wed
        YFFM Nationwide 4.9 Seoul (<8.3) (first ep 6.7 and 8.7)


  14. Fanderay says:

    I’m surprised at how much I like Shin this early on. I know he’s supposed to be a jerk character, but he just seems like a big softy with a bit of sarcastic wit and coldness thrown in. He spends the majority of his time feeling bad for other people, and he even apologizes easily! Even when he’s mean to K it feels more like flirting. I’m also enjoying the fact that he is so musically talented (love the song at the end, even though I hate that he practically eats the mic). No offense to other dramaland band-leaders like Jang Geun Seuk and Kim Bum, but Yong Hwa has them beat in the singing department! His acting has definitely improved a ton too, and he successfully makes it feel like there are many facets to his character.

    I’m thinking that Y must have done something awful to SH in the past (maybe when she injured her ankle?) because he doesn’t normally act like a total asshat (besides, everything is always the female second lead’s fault!). I’m not shipping SH&K, but their interactions are super cute so far (though not as cute as our drummer boy).

    Loved the use of color in this episode too. I do a couple watercolor sketches of kdrama scenes every day (not because I’m obsessed with dramas, but because it makes me feel less guilty for being obsessed) and this show is a gold-mine of colorful stills (which is good, because those kids from CYHMH need some competition).

    Time for City Hunter. Thanks for the speedy translations!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey Fanderay, would you mind sharing your watercolor sketches – could you scan them or something – take a pic and share with us? would love to use on the posts or as my own background. will make sure to credit you of course. had a feeling you would be artistic cuz of your vivid descriptions and your writing style.


      • Fanderay says:

        My desktop computer is undergoing surgery right now, but hopefully it will be healed and ready to go this weekend (which means I can scan!).

        I’m not sure you really want any of the sketches though 😛 They’re just really quickly done in a moleskine notebook with a traveling watercolor kit, and they’re not even fully painted (I’m doing it to improve my hand/eye coordination, and not for a finished product).

        That being said, I’m happy to scan a few pages next week and you can decide if you want to do anything with them. Any requests drama-wise? CYHMH?


        • Softy says:

          Any of your favs would be great – or the dramas covered here would be good too. Thanks for sharing – let me know how you want to send it via soompi PM, email, or thru comments here at KD highlights so it doesnt get lost in regular post comments. Can’t wait to see it 🙂


  15. bella says:

    I’m glad that you saw what I saw… it’s got potential. Thanks for recapping it ^___^


  16. qasehqu says:

    thanks softy for still doing recap for YFFM….i’m totally in love with PSH acting skill in this drama…she’s so cute…yong hwa have improved a lot since YAB…and i love the ending song…i have read the lirics…and really love this song…hope u will continue recap this drama….


  17. vwen says:

    Thank you for recapping both CH and YFFM! 🙂
    Please get enough sleep and rest! I’m hoping YFFM can continue to get better after this episode. Yong Hwa’s ballad was awesome, very addicting.


    • Fanderay says:

      I’ve had the end of the episode looping on my TV for about 40 minutes now, and that song is STILL good (Is it just me, or does Yong Hwa have an incredibly complex and nuanced voice?). I liked the traditional song (pre-string-break) too. YFFM isn’t the snappiest or cleverest of shows, but it’s certainly doing a lot right ^_^


      • vwen says:

        I’ve had the song on loop on YouTube. I really like Yong Hwa’s voice–it’s unique. 😀
        Oh, and I have the answer to your question about Seo Khun and Yoon Soo’s tumultuous relationship.


        They were both lovers, but Yoon Soo broke it off to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina. Then she evidently injured her legs and gave up her dream. 😦


        • vwen says:

          *I meant Suk Hyun, sorry. ^^;


        • Fanderay says:

          Ooh, thank you! But tsk tsk, typical kdrama female! It looks like we may have a full on love-rectangle merry-go-round on our hands! Usually there’s some poor sucker that isn’t liked by anyone, but we could have this situation:
          Y likes SH (since he was the nice one in their relationship)
          SH likes K (though maybe they will just be cutely platonic)
          K likes S (it looked like she was having some serious emotional digestion while he sang)
          S likes J (I hope this is short-lived. All she does is fall a lot).


          • Fanderay says:

            Oops. You messed up a name, but I can’t even get a single letter right! Why did I type a J? Anyways….I mean S likes Y.


  18. milynnlieu says:

    Thank softy for doing Heartstrings… I love the ending song too … ! that the song made her fall for him !! and me fall all over the places .. !


  19. Fanderay says:

    I swear I’m not trying to monopolize the comments section, but I just realized how incredibly refreshing the ending to that YFFM episode was.

    I love good cliffhangers, but they’re basically used as an evil tactic to make us keep watching. How great is it that it’s only the second episode of YFFM, and our finishing hook is nothing more than a song? It makes me feel like I want to come back because something is high quality, instead of like I’m being manipulated.

    A cliffhanger only ever works once, but it seems like a ton of people were moved by Shin’s song, and it will be loved for weeks and months to come. How freaking cool is that?

    Show, I think I’ve fallen for you.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey fanderay, monopolize away to your heart’s content – there are no limits for posting comments here. Ppl are saying Junghwa wrote that last song and to tell you the truth I never even thought he had it in him to write something this good or sing it so well. Last night as I was watching, I got chills cuz it was so perfect. Like at that moment this drama told me “this is what I am about – dare you to walk away now.” I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed that his acting stays this low key and good. I hope like crazy they dont give him a crying scene anytime soon- they need to build up to it cuz the last time he cried on YAB, it was pretty painful and it wasn’t for his character. So far they are only giving him a few lines at a time and none of them that serious-that was pretty smart. If the drama keeps up this pace and tone, I am here till the end.


      • Fanderay says:

        Most of my favorite CN Blue songs are written/composed by Yong Hwa too, so I guess he’s just a talented cookie (and he’s blessed with that slightly raspy yet incredibly clear voice to boot).

        It’s a bit like Yong Hwa is playing himself. He’s definitely much better at emoting through music, just like his character.

        I love that during that whole scene K looks like she’s about to vomit romantic feelings, and I predict that when S sees HER sing he will have the same reaction.

        Like you, I’m happy with the current pace and tone, and don’t care if doesn’t get any more exciting or dramatic. I’m content to just coast along and enjoy all the pretty sights and sounds.


  20. Jomo says:

    Did I wake up from a dream and found it to be true, Softy?
    I have actual tears, I tell you, TEARS of JOY!
    You are transcapping CH, or what I call “that hour where I get to watch Lee Min Ho being cool, sweet, beautiful and OMG!!!!!!!! He KISSED HER!” time.
    I have been watching raw, or reading soompi as I go, but this is PERFECT!

    And YFFM I will watch with you, too. I have hope, yet. Shin is an interesting character as long as JYH can make his face listen to the director and writers. KY I liked immediately, loved her in the hospital scene with her professor. We need to see less of “muppet” PSH and more of the actress who can make us cry.

    Why do I always end up crying with you, Softy?

    Over the years, sharing tears.
    Reading of love and watching my screen.
    Heart break, betrayal, the crushing of dreams.
    Then kisses and hugs make up for those scenes.

    Because it is so much fun!


  21. REBEL SOULS says:

    hey Jomo 🙂 yay more friends are joining me for YFFM and CH – been rewatching that last scene of YFFM since I got home and the shocking thing is I NEVER rewatch any episodes cuz I get tired of it after playing it a million times to translate, but for some reason I am more and more drawn to this drama -it’s kinda scary. I wonder if this will continue or if that last scene of E2 was just too good for anyone to resist. time will tell I guess. wish the ratings were higher tho – it deserves more than that. as for CH, who can resist these days 🙂


    • Fanderay says:

      I don’t usually rewatch shows either, but I put YFFM on with subs while I was doing chores, and I ended up glued to the screen somehow (sorry chores. Maybe my husband will take care of you?). There were even moments when I was impressed with Yong Hwa’s acting (perhaps I’m just going crazy?). He’s adding in lots of cute little smiles and disgruntled faces that I almost don’t even catch, but they seem quite natural.

      I think that last scene was definitely the best, but I’m finding myself mesmerized by the traditional music scenes too, and enjoy pretty much everything but the Y scenes (seriously, do you just go fall and cry in the dark every single night?).

      I hope that poor ratings don’t cause this show to get cut down or anything (like Tamna Island). It definitely deserves more love (like Tamna Island!).


      • Jayne says:

        Aww….Fanderay. Can I be your friend? Haha…you sound just as head-over-heels in love with this drama as I am! I was disappointed that not many people like it and then I come here and there you are. I agree with all that you’ve said :))

        YH’s acting has gotten better. He seems to have a lot of subtle changes in expression (cute, angry, caring) that is hard to catch but it’s there nevertheless. Like Rebel Souls said, hopefully he keeps it low key throughout. It seems to fit his Lee Shin character somehow. For people who says his acting is bland….cmon, do we need another Hwang Tae Kyung character here? The last 8 mins of Ep2 has been so good. The face-changing scene outside the hospital, the guitar playing with dad and the song at the end……awesome!! Like you and Rebel Souls, I can’t seem to stop replaying the song.

        It’s been confirmed that JYH did indeed compose and write that song. I’M IN LOVE!!!!!


  22. kcomments says:

    Finished episode 2, I think this drama is still fighting to balance its tone in general, youth and melo blending in. Best scene for me is daddy-son playing guitars, few words exchanged but meant a whole lot more, the concert scene Shin-solo was awesome, last song was good. I could go with this drama just by music alone, side character didn’t appeal to me except the music director and his past love. If they could bring out the music part and add depth into it i.e Shin lost love, Ki-won’s passion in modern music vs leading on her traditional one, like in Dream High, that would bring in more range of viewers (and me). Hope everything settle in by next week. Thanks for your recap, Softy. ^_^


    • Alexus says:

      I competely agree with you. I loved the traditional aspect of Classical Korean wind and string instruments but also the contemporary rock music. Plus all the vocals on top of the relationships, it has great potential. My favorite had to be the fusion of Traditional and Rock music they did in episode 1 and of course the song at the End of episode 2 gave me total goosebumps.I love all the music they are infusing into this drama, I hope they keep it up in each episode because it really moves me deeper than anything else. I am also secretly waiting to see how Master Shin will use his 1 month reign over SlaveGirl KW??kekekeke. This will get very interesting but serioulsy I would have totally lost the bet to be his slave girl!


      • kcomments says:

        Aww…slave girl, haha! I’m looking forward to they perform together on the same stage, whether it’ ll be rock/traditional or traditional/rock fusion!


  23. myanjell says:

    i love PSH and will be with HeartStrings/YFFM till the end…
    that last song is to die for…it am completely head over heels with the tender ballad..YongHwa is such a great songwriter!!! kudos to him!!!
    i too can’t wait to see this pair have a love duet sometime soon! and like most everyone, somehow i’m loving the TM, i’m not really into the loud MM…ke ke ke..
    thanks for the recap…and i’m glad that the eng subs are coming out sooner too!!!
    i hope more audience will tune in, i didn’t like that their raking in single digit in rating!
    HS/YFFM Fighting!!!


  24. Jayne says:

    Rebel Souls,

    Thank you for recapping this. You have no idea how happy I am to know that you like YFFM so far. Lots of places I’ve gone to seems to hate it and compare it to CH. Sigh….how can it be compared to CH? It IS Lee Min Ho after all……

    Hopefully, YFFM will be compelling enough for you to continue recapping it and I can continue coming here to spazz :))


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