You’ve fallen for me E1

It took weeks later for me to finally rewatch the first episodes again and I found this scene and fell in love. The angle of his face framed in this colorful shot made my breath catch. I love how he looks in this light -half turning back wondering if he did the right thing and knowing he couldn’t help himself. So glad I finally get to show this screencap cuz it’s one of my all time favorites. 🙂 


* the names and character description on soompi is confusing so it’s hard to figure out who is who.

K came to jejudo with her grandpa “D” for a seminar . she asks for transportation fee before he goes but he only gives her $10 telling her young ppl shouldnt like cabs so much and to take the bus when she complains it’s not enough.

as she is sighseeing -she almost runs into S who is standing at the lighthouse. her grandpa calls her back to pick him up. as she turns and leaves, S takes a pic of her running off.

she runs back to D but he went to eat and she is hungry too but only has $2 left.

during his meal D gets angry over what was said and says he is going back to seoul. when she gets back to the hotel room, he is already packed and says they are going back. she begs him to eat first, but they fly back 

As K runs into class running in late, she gets called to the front. she explains about that old fashioned guitar looking thing – how you dont prepare and just play according to your heart. after she plays the teacher wakes up S who missed the performance due to his nap. teacher asks how he likes hearing her play and he replies : I dont know but it seems to help make you sleep really well. K is embarrassed.

SH gets picked up at the airport by a younger friend and SH complains about the old car saying he has an image and doesnt want to get in. he says it looks like the car is 20 yrs old. SH brags he is a broadway director. he gets a call from a hyung he knows to meet tm

K is still upset about that crack about her music being good for sleeping, but K’s friend asks her to go see someone from their school perform later who is as popular as an idol (omg his band is called “stupid.”) K says she has to go to the hospital later to show a poster for a concert to a professor. friend says if the group performs it wont be hard to sell tickets and they will be a hit. (* i think the concert is for students playing that traditional guitar thing to raise money for the hospital bill for that sick professor)

K gets there with her friends but it’s packed and there are no good seats and K realizes the group must be impressive. she gets a call from her grandpa cuz she didnt iron his hanbok for his dinner appt. she says sorry and just wear a suit for today-she promises to have it done by tonight.

K turns and sees S talking to some girl. the girl is asking him to date her. he says he doesnt want to. she asks why and if he is already dating someone else. cuz she heard he doesnt have a girlfriend. S: I cant stand ugly girls. the girl slaps him and walks off. K is shocked to have witnessed that. he stops and looks at her. she tries to stammer out an excuse that she was out there to make a call but he asks: do you want to confess (your feelings for me) too? K laughs at that and he says “never mind if you werent going to” and walks in. she calls him an arrogant something

K goes back to her friends and says she just saw the rudest guy. they ask who and she says she doesnt know, but he was out front. the band starts and she points to S and says that’s him.

S starts singing and the song lyric is “I think I must be a fool/ I must be stupid”..omg -I was never a huge fan of the MSOAN “bus” song but I prefer that one over this any day.

After the performance, K friends chase after S and her friend shoves K up front saying “she has something to say.” Before she can start, S tells her to talk to the guy behind her. the drummer asks “what is it about”

S goes to pick up his little sister, but some girls guess she is his girlfriend. she asks her brother to wish happy birthday to her friend-the chubby one. so he does and the girl freaks out. his sister gets paid $5 for it so S laughs.

K is visiting that sick professor and shows the woman the poster K and her friends made and says they even got a band to come out and play. K explains they are a popular band from school and their concert will be a hit. The woman thanks K and K tells her to hurry and get better and give them lessons cuz the professor now is scary. K says the woman has to keep her promise.

K gets home and there are broken cds on the ground. she goes in and asks why her grandpa went thru her room. he tells her to tell her dad that if he has money to waste buying those cds to send more living expenses. but she screams her dad sent them to her so why is the grandpa doing whatever he wants. he tells her not to yell at him and to go iron his clothes so he can wear it out tm. she slams his door and he says she is rude and mutters maybe he should have thrown away the CDs without her knowing instead.

K goes out and flashback to when her dad got kicked out of the home for doing music that his father didnt like. the son says what he learned all these years was for his father’s sake and not his own cuz his father puts his life on the line for traditional music. that is when his father tells him to leave and live the way he wants. the dad wanted to take K but the grandpa says she is his grandchild and wouldnt allow it and said he would raise her. K gets mad thinking about it so she goes and tells her grandpa to iron his own clothes but she chickens out when he says “what did you say?”

drummer tells S that he caused a problem and confesses that he was asked for the band to play at K’s concert. S says “you turned it down right?” the drummer says he already got paid so S tells him calmly to return the money. drummer says he already spent it- S asks how he could spend money already when he got paid yesterday. drummer explains he was hungry after their performance and those “onyis” didnt even pay that much and they went to go eat 3 servings or bacon – it wasnt even meat but the money was spent..and a few dollars are left. S asks when the concert is. drummer forgot when but asks if S is going to do it and he is happy. now he doesnt have to return the money. he yells that he loves S and runs off.

SH is asked to direct a school concert/performance. he hesitates cuz of some girl -yoon soo (Y). he runs into her on his way out ( she is the ballet instructor). the other guy says its been 6 yrs since the two of them met and wants all of them to go eat. SH says sorry but he is leaving first. the guy asks why cuz SH said he would eat and go, but SH replies looking at Y: I was going to but suddenly I lost my appetite. he says he will think about the job. Y says she has something to do and leaves too

K’s friends are talking about the band and wonder why there arent guys like that in their major. K is eating fast to go to the library to write a report cuz she didnt get to yesterday cuz of her fight with her grandpa. one girl talks about how cute the drummer was and he is eating at the next table. he is pigging out so they guess he must have starved for a few days. he comes over and asks if she is done eating -she says she is and he takes it asking if he can eat it then.

K sits across from S who is sleeping again. some girl comes over with a basket of something to eat. she writes a note. he wakes up and asks what this is. she says sorry and to eat this and work hard. he mutters he was trying to sleep in peace. K mutters under her breath: it was good that I came. the girl apologizes to S for slapping him the other time. she tells him to keep sleeping and leaves. K watches her walk away and S stares at K. S gets up to leave so K asks if he isnt going to take the basket. he tells her to eat it if she wants. she tries to explain that isnt what she meant but he leaves

she goes after him and tells him to take the basket. he tells her to keep it but she gives it to him saying it belongs to him. S: what are you? K: what are you? she calls him out for picking on ppl’s looks and asks if he is that great (to do that stuff) S: did someone say I was? K: didnt they..anyway you shouldnt judge ppl by their looks. S: you guys do it too. K:did what. S: or was our performance that great – is that why you liked it? he gives it back and says her and her friends judge by looks too. she argues that he doesnt need to hurt ppl and politely/nicely turn them down. S says he has a reason to. she asks what the reason is. S: I’m sick and tired of getting confessions a couple of times every day- someone like you would never know that. K says thru gritted teeth: why do you think I would never know that. he looks at her up and down. K: fine just say I dont know. anyway what I was saying….S: i said it before but I hate ugly girls and it’s annoying talking to you right now. K:what? S: if you understood that I can go now right? dont follow me. K: who is going to follow you-take this with you…she trips and the basket falls and she holds onto his leg. he asks if she is ok. she nods. S: are you really ok? she waves him away to leave cuz she is embarrassed. ppl think she was rejected and holding on-isnt that girl embarrassed doing that-poor thing. S tries to step away and leaves quickly. K mutters she is humiliated. (I swear that was the same music from YAB)

SH is looking thru clippings of Y -the ballerina.

Y is dancing and hurts her ankle. S shows up and says : you fell cuz you were dancing with the lights off. he sprays her injured foot. she says it’s ok and tells him to go. S: it’s not ok – not yet. he keeps spraying

drummer is sitting with yoguhurt in his hand and holds it up to the moon and says since there is no one to drink with me I am drinking alone. he drinks it like it’s soju (what an odd duck-cute but odd) he mumbles living like a poet makes you hungry – I am so hungry I think I will go crazy. something smells good. he sniffs the air – seasoned fried chicken!

he follows the smell – who is it – where are you. he looks thru doors and finds a girl dancing to britney. she asks who he is and who said he could come in. he calls her onyi and asks who she is.she asks who he is and he says he found Natasha. she asks if she looks like a foreigner to him- stop talking nonsense and leave so I can practice. he says natasha’a personality is weird but since you are pretty it’s ok. I’ll come back to meet you again. he goes off again to search for the source of the smell. she wonders if he is a crazy kid

S asks if her leg is ok. she says it’s ok and says something about how a professor shouldnt fall like that. he says even if she doesnt hide (and dance), she is really cool. she tells him to stop doing that – stop watching her secretly at the studio. and stop waiting till late at night too. and dont worry if I ate or if my leg hurts too. dont do anything at all. go and like some young girl who suits you. S: I dont want to. she says his name. S: drive safely. he rides off on his bike.

K is running with her instrument and S rides up. she asks “what -cuz I am busy” he makes a remark about how she is as strong as ever. he rides off and she yells after him that he better not be late tonight cuz he has to be there by 7pm or she will make him back 3 times more than the amount he received. he shows her his watch to remind her she is late

S goes in and gives Y the flier for the performance. he tells her to come and see it if she has time. he wont bother her so she doesnt have to worry.

flashback to when S’s bike broke down and he saw her dance thru the window at night. she fell and he went in. he asks if she is ok and she says she is and tells him to go but she cant get up. he says she must have sprained it and notices her scar on her ankle. she says dont bother about it and go. she tries to walk so he says lean on him. she cries and he watches her.

SH goes to meet a friend and the guy asks if SH met Y yet. the guy says how he couldnt stand to watch SH and Y work out cuz he felt like SH stole his madonna. the guy says how SH was dumped by Y so SH says he wasnt. the guy invites SH to watch a performance that is starting soon cuz an idol group is coming.

drummer announces to S that he is in love. other member guesses some girl bought him food again. drummer says no and the guy guesses then hamburger? drummer says no. the guy is surprised and says “she really didnt buy you anything?” drummer asks why they are asking. another member says the drummer falls in love when a girl buys him something. drummer cant believe he did that and says this time it’s for real. this time it feels like I met my natasha. members guess who that is and ask S. S says maybe it’s a singer. they have to go cuz it’s time but S says go first. he gets a call from his sister. she says she thinks she is dying. S:what? he leaves

K and her friends go up on stage. she explains that it’s a benefit concert to raise money for their professor’s medical bill and thanks them for coming. she introduces their major – what is her major called? traditional music? they start playing and the owner of the place yawns

S tells his mom that his sister went into surgery. he asks if she ate and she says she hasnt. she asks if he ate and he says he will eat when his sister comes out and that he isnt hungry. she says let’s wait. he looks at his watch -it’s 7:30. she asks if he has an appt and he says he doesnt. it’s no big deal

the audience is getting restless watching the band warm up without S. girls yell for them to start – drummer asks K what to do. girls start to guess the vocal didnt show up. other girl says she came to see him. they yell that they were tricked. K’s friend worries cuz he didnt show up. they all came to see the band. she asks K what to do. K mutters she will not let him off when she sees him. that natasha girl mutters -would S do a performance here. SH gets mad at his friend cuz he thought girls generation would be coming and says the guy tricked him. everyone chants “stupid” with 3 syllables. K gets on stage and sings. and the band now sounds ten times better than when S sang. SH seems impressed

S’s sister J gets out of surgery. S asks if she knows where she is. J opens her eyes and looks around. her mom says it will hurt later when the meds wear off so she has to endure it a little. the mom tells S to go home and wait and the mom will stay with J. S tells his sister he is leaving. his mom tells him to eat rice and not ramen.

the audience complains cuz K sang instead of S and feel tricked into coming. K and her friends apologize to the audience as they leave. drummer explains that S normally keeps his appts well so something must have happened. her friend says to K: say something cuz it’s more scary cuz you arent saying anything. K: I already knew he was that kind of guy. there is no need to feel disappointed. drummer says S isnt that kind of person. K’s friend asks why the drummer calls him “hyung”-is S older? drummer says they are the same age but hyung buys food. if anyone buys me food they are all hyung. the girl thinks that is cute. K walks off.drummer mouths :what do we do?

SH looks at K and says aloud her major and says it will be fun

K’s friend asks if she should go with K but K says it’s ok cuz she is just going to give this (the money they raised) and leave from there cuz the professor will be tired. her friend leaves. SH comes over and says her name and says the instrument looks heavy – she must be strong. K calls him ahjusshi and says she isnt in a good mood and asks him to leave. SH: I dont want to – I am in a really good mood. can we talk for a minute. she looks around sort of scared. K: you arent some kind of pervert are you? if you are going to do something strange …she hugs her instrument closer and drops something rolled up. SH: a pervert? if it’s not girl’s generation I dont even bother. I have really high standards. K:then what is it (that you want). he says he is someone’s friend. she asks why he is following her then. he asks if she sang somewhere cuz he heard her and she is good. she says cuz of some rude guy she had no choice and had to sing. did you buy one of our tickets? SH: what if I did. K: thank you. he asks if it was for her professor’s hospital bill. she says yes – I am going now to give it to her. she says her bus came. thank you for today – you will be blessed/you will receive luck. she gets on the bus. SH finds the scroll.

SH found out what the professor’s name is and goes to the hospital. the room is empty. he hears from a nurse that she passed away and was moved to the wake.

when he goes outside he sees K giving the professor’s family money and paying her respects.

he follows her as she cries.she turns and asks why he is here. he was about to give her the scroll thing back but she says : this is what happens when I do something – nothing works out well. it’s too late – the professor passed away. she bawls so he pats her head and puts his hands on her shoulder to pat it.

drummer is sleeping and wakes up and goes out to meet S. he asks what happened with S-why didnt he answer his phone – why didnt he come to school-there was trouble that night – kids wanted refunds. S: tell them we will return their money and give them this (envelope). drummer says he doesnt want to – you give it to them yourself- that onyi was really angry. S double checks K’s major. drummer says they are all mad so S should be careful esp  K. S asks him to go with him. drummer says he doesnt want to. S: i will buy you food – meat. drummer almost falls for it but says he doesnt want to. drummer says professor Kim said he/she would buy food.

S goes and looks thru door windows and finds K playing her intrument. he goes in. K: who said you could come in? S: came to return this. he drops it on the ground next to her. K:I dont need this – take it back. you think you are great dont you -cuz your face is ok/tolerable and you have some popularity so you think you are something else huh?  I heard your music too- she pats her chest and says it doesnt move me even a little so dont play around. she tosses the money back at his feet. he picks it up. S: I know how you feel-but just accept it if you are going to use it for your professor’s hospital bill. K: what?i really cant understand what is so good about someone like you to chase you around. someone like you who is rude, hapless, and detestable  -what is so great? they must not be seeing straight. get lost. dont ever show up in front of me again. she throws the money at him but he holds her wrist. S: should I let you know? why everyone is crazy chasing after a guy who is rude, hapless, and detestable.


there is a competition against K and S’s majors. K says “if you lose?” S says something about a month.

S finds out that K’s professor passed away

S’s mom asks him to stop playing the guitar

K to S: you didnt forget about the competition right? don run away

* ok I cant say I hate it but it was def strange to see Yonghwa have an attitude cuz he was super sweet on YAB-it’s like he switched roles with JGS. I love that PSH sings in this again, but omg that band name-really? stupid? what crazy band is going to call themselves that? and the age difference between all these love interests bothers me too. If S and K date I am totally onboard but her scenes with SH really bugged me and vice versa for S being such a puppy to Y.


50 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E1

  1. E^.^ says:

    City hunter is getting better n better!! Glad that u can’t take ‘ur eyes off the screen’ haha.
    Thanks for the summary!!


  2. Sara says:

    thanks for the recaps softy…don’t know about your change of heart towards City hunter..guess Lee Min Hot get to you does he…. 🙂


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Softy do whatever YOU want.You know we always support you.
    I am going to watch CH the last vid myself about now for like the 10th time.I am another one who got suckered in am now on ep 5.

    Heartstrings.Hmmm…ambivalent about it.I was editing just now.You are right.Not many lines.Simple conversations as well.Yong Hwa just kills me.I absolutely love him to death in real life.He is so charismatic.However I noticed he has really nice eyes when he is happy in real life.Him trying to be cold in ep 1…I will see how it goes.PSH runs like she did in YAB.And the same goofiness.I thought it was just YAB I didn’t realise it was her.I am torn I was going to avoid it till it’s almost done.LTM waiting killed me you see.I will see how long I will hold out.


  4. myanjell says:

    Thank you for recapping HS!!! you’re awesome…though i also love CH but I love Shin Hye more…ke ke ke…
    the last couple of minutes when YH and SH started their verbal attack…omo…you can see SH’s anger spewting out..she’s like…don’t cross with me and don’t appear in front of me ever again…
    and YH’s back comment about showing her why he has those followers…omo…
    can’t wait for tomorrow’s ep…
    by the way…Dramabeans got the First ep recap too…Yeah!!!


  5. Kierikieli says:

    Hi, it’s great if you can do both but i’m wondering are you a real human??? Don’t you need to sleep?? You just finished LTM and BL……. how do you manage your time?? Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I just want to say thank you for all your hard work 🙂


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    Heartstrings Recaps please ^^


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    Could you please recap Heartstrings Please,,
    Thank you.


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